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Whiteout Survival Game Description & Overview

What is whiteout survival app? Whiteout Survival is a survival strategy game to center on a glacial apocalypse theme. Fascinating mechanics and intricate details await you to explore!

The catastrophic decline in global temperatures has wreaked havoc on human society. Those who have made it out of their crumbling homes are now faced with a new set of challenges: vicious blizzards, ferocious beasts, and opportunistic bandits looking to prey on their despair.

As the head of the last city in these icy wastes, you are the only hope for humanity's continued existence. Can you successfully guide the survivors through the ordeal of adapting to the hostile environment and re-establishing civilization? The time for you to rise to the occasion is now!

[Special Features]


Assign your survivors to specialized roles such as hunter, cook, woodcutter, and many more. Keep an eye on their health and happiness and treat them promptly in case they get ill!

[Strategic Gameplay]


There are still countless usable resources scattered across the ice field, but you are not alone in this knowledge. The vicious beasts and other capable chiefs are eyeing them as well... War is inevitable, and you must do whatever it takes to overcome the obstacles and make the resources yours!


Fight for the title of the Strongest with millions of other gamers from around the world. Stake your claim to the throne and establish your dominion over the frozen wastes in this test of your strategic and intellectual prowess!


Find strength in numbers! Create or join an alliance and dominate the battlefield with allies at your side!


Recruit heroes of different talents and abilities for a better fighting chance against the dreadful frost!


Make the most of your heroes' skills and battle it out with other chiefs to win rare items and infinite glory! Take your city to the top of the rankings and prove your mettle to the globe!


The glacial catastrophe has wiped out all forms of technology. Start again from scratch and rebuild a system of technology! Whoever controls the most advanced technologies rules the world!

Whiteout Survival is a free-to-play strategy mobile game. You may also choose to purchase in-game items with real money to speed up your game progress, but this is never necessary for you to enjoy this game!

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App Name Whiteout Survival
Category Games
Updated 20 November 2023, Monday
File Size 577.97 MB

Whiteout Survival Comments & Reviews 2023

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For starters:. This is a great game, i personally think it was inspired by other games, but every good game is like this game aka they are all almost the same, but like 70% of this game has so many new mechanics and it’s so easy to do, no need to wait forever for a upgrade, everything is a good price, and there are so many surprises, even when your board there is so much to do! There is a suggestion box where your survivors rate your city, it could be good or bad, and you can click on it and upgrade that building to make them happy! This game is so good you should play

Got to lvl 13 before p2w kicked in. Don’t kid yourself, all fort games are designed to force you dual-wield credit cards and pins you with other dualies to max you out. Got a day worth fun before the game wanted all my credit cards. Remember the thousands you drop for the advantage will become obsolete in a couple weeks tops before you’re expected to max out another card. Play responsibly…

Problem's in game. Hi everyone, before installing this game you have to know that you might face some or a lot of racism in game, and if you are a big spender the game will let you get away with it. Me and a lot of players have faced racism in game. when we talked to the game support all they did was mute the player and when the mute period was over things when back to how it was. That is not acceptable, players want to have a good time playing the game and competing. I didn't enjoy this game, the behavior of some players were very disgusting and they didn't get punished for it, just because you are privileged for having money doesn't mean that you can be racist. When we left the server to go to another one, a player from the racist alliance followed us to the new server just make our experience in game even worst then what is was on.

Pay to Win. This game would be much better without the pay to win aspects. It gets 2 stars for being very fun, but once you get to furnace 7, you figure out that the majority of people dump their paychecks into this game. You can pay for instant build, instant troop, and also buy all the resources you need. A free user will NEVER be able to compete with a pay user. For a free to play user to hit 1 million power, it takes probably 3-4 days of constant playing. For a pay user, you can hit that in a couple hours by putting $150 in the game. I wish they’d create a separate game game world that doesn’t have the pay to progress features. It would bring more strategy to the game because players couldn’t instantly build anymore and they have to use their troops and resources wisely.

Very addicting don’t normally write reviews. It’s addicting you don’t feel like you have to pay to play though some offers you receive could help you or are worth it, very easy game, but not too easy where you feel like your just clicking a screen to advance. So far I really have no complaints except the ads that were for the game are not exactly true but honestly it didn’t matter I thought I would just be playing the game here and there but now if I have an opportunity to play, I play…. And kinda won’t put my phone down.

Great game. Honestly this is one of the best games I’ve played on a phone. There Is lots to do but u never feel to forced or guided. There is a lot to achieve and the rewards are genuinely “rewarding”. my only gripe is after 15+ epic recruitments I would expect to get a “full” character instead of just multiple shards. I feel like it would be more in line with the cost of recruitments to get a character every 10-13 recruitments. This change would likely increase the amount people spent towards recruitments because the reward would remain fresher in out minds and the incentive for recruitments would be much higher. Anyways this is a great game and is hours of free fun!

Pointless. Nothing like what was advertised. There is no skill needed and no real gameplay, just pushing buttons to upgrade things. Endlessly upgrading. Not fun, not challenging, just a waste of time. In response to the developer’s response… No, the ad is NOTHING like the game. If you think people will like to do the things in your ad, then just make a game like that! I’ll never understand it. And it’s not that I didn’t play the game long enough, I played for several days and had my forge up to level 6. Nothing ever changed. All you do in the game is upgrade things.

Fun…until pay-2-play players destroy you. Actually this a fun game, especially if you find the right alliance for you. No need to drop a lot of cash to do well. The problem is when you end up in a server or state where you have a group of pay-2-play players who drop hundreds or even thousands on the game and are massively over powered. 212M power level. And when these players decide they want to wipe your alliance for any petty reason they can think of…the developers do absolutely nothing to attempt to balance the game. They tell you to shield up forever (which doesn’t protect your alliance buildings from repeatedly getting wiped) or they say start all over. If they can come up with some feature to balance the game this game would be great. Until then, it’s just chance and I hope you get a good server without a bunch of bullying players.

Good Game! But Has Issues. I love this game, don't get me wrong. I've never been one for these types of games, but this is addicting, and the international social aspect is really fun! That said, I do have issues with it. 1) it's very much a PAY-TO-WIN game. There are players on every server that can dish out the money, and you will not catch up to them if you don't do the same. It makes servers move faster than they need to. It's also kind of demotivating while also making you want to spend. 2) IT NEEDS RESOURCE SHARING! Resources, boosts, anything are so hard to get as a non-spender, and the servers move too fast for you to catch up. They need to implement the ability to share resources and stuff. In my opinion, it doesn't matter who is using them since they got paid for it anyway. A lot of players I know share this sentiment.

Great visually, can be super toxic. (Another pay to win game). This is probably more the result of the game type than the game. I have no issue with the developers generating revenue, they’re a business here to make money. But it always devolves into what ever jerk/ bully is willing to drop lots of money on packs and the goes forward to make the game experiences horrible for everyone who isn’t willing or not able to spend that same level of money. Perhaps if more skill was incorporated into the game to win events or level up it would be different/ better. As it is now you may want to avoid if you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend so you don’t continually have everything you worked for erased.

New Favorite Game. Thank you to whatever game I was playing previously that gave me an ad for this game because I instantly fell in love with it. I’ve played multiple other games like this with similar game mechanics and what not, but something is different about this one. Whiteout Survival, unlike others, has a unique storyline and beautiful gameplay. I love how we get to upgrade elements within the buildings as well, something you almost never see in other games. It shouldn’t be surprising that there are elements of this game that you can pay for, but it is not entirely pay-for-play, and is fairly manageable without.

Beautiful Masterpiece. The best themed strategy game. Gameplay is absolutely addictive, tons of events to keep you and other alliances engaged. Gorgeous graphics and visuals, it looks so real. I’ve been playing this game religiously and can’t put it down. I am super hyped for future heroes and updates along the way. Thank you for this beautiful masterpiece of a game. Suggestion: Maybe add base decorations and a way to personalize your city.

Fav game currently. I really like this game, the progression is really nice, and for the most part there is always something you can do so you don't have to wait to play the game. But what's great is that there is no adds, not even optional ones. The alliances in this game that you can make are also great. One thing I would like to see in the future is bigger buttons on the top of the screen, for example, the survivors menu. Whenever I need to open that menu up it takes a couple of tries because of how small it is, so if it was bigger I think it would be a lot easier to use. But apart from that everything about this game is great.

Someone please help me (read the review I’m begging you). I have been playing for several weeks and I absolutely love this game to pieces. I have spent money and everything. I have put a lot of time into this game and I really don’t want to have to throw it away. After a few weeks of playing, this random guy started harassing me and calling me names, as well as harassing the alliance I’m in. It has not been just a few scouts or an in game war. He is spamming me and has said vile things to me. I’ll be honest, I retaliated because I had no idea what else to do. It has been going on for a while and Century Games has done nothing, even though I’ve provided more than enough proof and reached out countless time. It seems like they don’t care. This is a last attempt to get some attention on the situation. I’m running out of places to go to ask for help. Please just do something about it. I love this game so much and I really don’t want to have to give it up, although I may have to soon for the sake of my safety.

Hands down the best RTS/SLG game right now!. This game does so many things right! Amazing beginner events that are obtainable without crazy amounts of money needing to be spent right off the bat, plenty of stamina restoring items, great graphics, fast gathering, on-the-spot scout reports, friendly players, easy to learn and hard to put down! I HIGHLY suggest trying it! Oh, and it’s in portrait mode, which is the best orientation for these games, so huge props for that!

It’s enjoyable to play but some improvements desired. Pros: -The game progression is feasible to keep up with -it’s interactive, and if you play often enough, you will be able to keep up and survive. Cons: - you have to pay for shields using diamonds and if you’re not a frequent player that can be kind of costly to keep up with. The one thing I hope would change: If you have an excess of resources due to how long it takes to build/progress. I wish I had the option to control where my resources go. I don’t see why we can’t exchange resources within our alliance. Often the smaller players are just trying to build and unable to protect themselves. If I am not on to help protect, I should be able to at least help them rebuild with some resources.

Fun but,. Ive been obsessed with this game. However, not knowing how to level up your heroes just right or not being able to gather all the resources is difficult. THIS IS A PAY TO PLAY GAME. you can’t not spend money and do near as well as the other players. You get stuck at some points because of it. I like this game, it’s full of strategy and community.

Serious Upgrade. Game needs a serious upgrade. Some of my buildings are already maxed out, the survivors that are unhappy I can’t do anything about because the shelter and cooking area are already maxed out. I have 4 resting survivors I can’t assign anywhere and it’s starting to be boring. I can only upgrade the furnace, work stations and a few other buildings. When you see a survivor is unhappy from the suggestion box you should be allowed to fix whatever is wrong. I see on some it doesn’t allow the option to make the survivor happier.

Decent Game but terrible management. Game does not follow their own terms of service. In one state we had two different instances of inappropriate behavior towards other players and the game developers did nothing even when contacted. The game play is fun but each state is run by one alliance (against terms of service) and the game becomes pointless when played this way. Each state is simply alliance, alliance1, alliance2 etc. Kind of sad. It had great potential. Threats of physical violence from other players, not just in game violence, threatening physical harm, to individuals, and anti LGBTQ in chat constantly. I hope they clean it up.

Wants to be Frostpunk, but isn’t. The claim of “first-ever survival strategy game to center on a glacial apocalypse theme” is blatantly false. Frostpunk did it years before and IMO, did it much better. That said, if you don’t have any of the platforms Frostpunk is available on (PC, PlayStation, XBox, Mac, and I think even Switch has it now) then this could serve as an acceptable substitute. Or if you’re one of those folks who just has to have multiplayer going on and competing against other people, then that’s the one thing this app provides that FP doesn’t. Have fun.

Wish it was like the ads. Good game. Only giving it 3 stars because it’s nothing like the ads. I downloaded this game thinking it was another game I can play when I’m bored on the toilet, but no it’s another defense pvp game where you have to deal with the people who spend a lot of money in the game to be further ahead than you. What’s worst is this game doesn’t even have a mini-game where you at least get to play what’s on the ads. So if you’re looking for a game where you melt snow to put in the fire this isn’t it. Instead it’s another ripoff of every other castle building game there is on the AppStore that cash grabs any chance it can get.

I’m sorry.. I thought my Account was deleted because I deleted the game, when your app wouldn’t updateing for some reason. I thought I linked my account on facebook. but I looked at my facebook account and I guess not. I hope this will replace my other comment and no one else will see it. if not I’m sorry to whoever read it, please disregard it. And while on the subject PLEASE LINK YOU ACCOUNT, LIKING IT FACEBOOK, OR FOLLOWING ON DISCORD DOESN'T AUTOMATICALLY LINK THEM!!

Too serious. I am always up for a good strategic game. The initial game play and development of your town was a lot of fun. I was enjoying my game play up until the task of joining an alliance was at hand. I had went through quite a few alliances. Not for lack of participating, but just dealing with the alliance leaders and some teammates. Certain players get power hungry and it’s like dealing with a bunch of kids on a play ground. I haven’t been subject to the treatment. Viewing the way they talked to the other teammates and just how serious they were taking things was a major turn off for me. Don’t get me wrong, I am an avid gamer and believe that if you are a part of a team communication is let. But I am not a fan of the people who peeled in high school or are push overs in real life coming onto a game to boss people around in an inefficient manner that doesn’t help alliance development. I should have just kept playing but not joined an alliance or just started my own. I just got turned off from the game play because of it. Other than that it’s a good game to play. If you enjoy it I would suggest start your own alliance to continue to enjoy it.

Good game but time consuming. It’s a good game, but everything takes too long as far as upgrade once you get above level 18 everything takes five days as far as embassy and furnace and it’s so time consuming and you can’t really do anything in the meantime and then re-search starts getting ridiculous. Taking over 3 to five days to complete one thing. If it didn’t take so long for upgrades, and everything else again would be great.

Addicted! But I have a question…. I’m loving playing this game. It’s a great strategy game. I’ve played many, but this one keeps me coming back quite a few times. Upgrading is pretty easy. The characters are silly and adorable. The alliances could be better though. Most of the “join” alliance leaders haven’t played in days & so have most of the players. Like 3 out of 54 alliance members. Very frustrating! But most of the players I have met are very nice and helpful. Exploration is challenging sometimes and so are the arenas. You have to make a few adjustments on the players you use in the arena. I do have one question. Is it possible for me to have more time on the Rookie’s Growth event? I’m so close but I only have 3 hours left and I’m running out of time. Please give me a little more time?

Disappointment. -Bad things •too pay to win •boing not enough interesting content • not first person • Horrible graphics • not consistent Advertisement (note in advertisement for the game. Is something completely different than what the gameplay offers to appeal people so they wanna download to be met with disappointment and then have the game uninstall it immediately lol that’s why you have to be consistent. Whatever that’s in an advertisement. That’s what I’m suspecting to see the gameplay as or if you’re going to has something like that at least make it work, but you sure one thing in the advertisement and game. Please complete different things. The only thing missing is the color scheme the theme of the snow.) • Highly unbalanced • Lack of interesting story or purpose • it takes very long to do progress the game pacing horrible very bad who is going to wait a couple hours just to upgrade one building that’s very very inept -Good things • in game you never see advertisements from companies -In conclusion This game is not the kind of game that is the worthy of wasting your time with? Specially when you know you can go on your much more fun games. Or instead of playing some video games for kids you can work on your self development and maybe reach your goals be successful. Hey it’s your choice. Your life you make that decision for yourself 🤔

Not entirely what advertised. The game is fun and very addictive but once what once you get into the groove of things and reach a certain level its a bit tiresome and boring from doing the same tasks every time you play. The advertisements made it seem more of a survival game but once you reach lvl 10 that goes out of the window and it becomes about alliances and if you’re not in one you’ll probably get attacked every turn. And even if you’re in one, if you’re not willing to spend a dollar you’ll probably never be acknowledged due to lower rankings. As of now, I have officially been online for 30 days….and 30 is my limit.

Very similar to Game of War- Excellent strategy. The game play and structure is exactly like Game of War from 7-10 years ago. That being said, it was and still is one of the best strategy game structures around. It keeps the player engaged, interacting with others and a lot to do. I love the new snowy whiteout theme and the new features. I took off one star because like Game of War, this is a pay to play game. I realize developers need to make money, and I'm ok with that to a point. Hopefully, we won't see whiteout survival Super Bowl ads- we all know how much those cost.

Do Not Download!. I downloaded this game about 3 weeks ago. Within 2 hours, I realized it was exactly like another game (S.O.S.), which I will never play again. Too much crap and responsibility. I looked into deleting my account. 3 weeks later. Here I still sit hostage. The form for deletion of an account is ridiculous. Stating this game being too much like another I choose not to play, apparently is not a good enough response and it asks for more info. The customer service team is, well, derelict in their responsibility. I mean why make it so hard to delete an account? Why hold a user HOSTAGE. Do they think the user will eventually play? I want OUT. simple, right?

New Favorite Game. Thank you to whatever game I was playing previously that gave me an ad for this game because I instantly fell in love with it. I’ve played multiple other games like this with similar game mechanics and what not, but something is different about this one. Whiteout Survival, unlike others, has a unique storyline and beautiful gameplay. I love how we get to upgrade elements within the buildings as well, something you almost never see in other games. It shouldn’t be surprising that there are elements of this game that you can pay for, but it is not entirely pay-for-play, and is fairly manageable without.

Extremely addictive. I love this game, I’m not usually able to stick with games like this but I’m actively playing daily. One problem that I’ve been noticing is that every survivor that works at the nursing station eventually will start saying negative comments. I trade out the workers every so often because of it. Only place it happens at.

Awesome game and have one recommendation. One of the best games ive played. I did a review in-game for you guys but forgot to leave a recommendation that i think would be helpful. I think that it would be awesome to have more than 8 shelters so we can have more people in our town. This would make the experience much more enjoyable

Resources. My clan is strong but we can’t go any further because all of the big alliances have taken all of the iron farms we are not able to make a trade with any of the clans maybe make it where it’s easier to get iron farms per clan made Other than that the game is quite entertaining

Top tier game BUT.... This game is the best game that I have on my phone the graphics are the best📈 plus no adds! However, when you check the recminened poster board it's always at like 60 to 70 percent and it's alwys hard to stay at a higher one I think you should change that and make it a little easier to get to a higher tier just saying. But overall I think this is the best game on my phone and I hope you can try to change it. 😃👍

Just boring. Okay so I’ve been playing this game for a while now. And I think it’s big problem is it has no identity. It’s trying to be too many things at once. It’s not really a survival city builder. Its not really strong in PVP. And after you get through the rush of the first few days of upgrades. It slows down to a halt. There is plenty of stuff to do, but it’s pretty boring. Just click here attack that. Then click here upgrade that, but nothing really feels fun or like you’re accomplishing anything. It’s a game that tries to be a lot of different things but then seems to fall flat on all of them

Now what?. This is a fun game to start, but turns basic just like all the rest out there. You get to a certain level and realize who the p2w players are. Everyone has the same “heroes” and there are no advantages in grouping certain heroes with each other. If you’re high enough you get gear for them, usually grey, green or blue. If your lucky purple. The p2w players have orange and have evolved their heroes to the fullest. So your guild takes some land and gets close to pyramids to attack them for bonuses, yay. That is if a p2w guild doesn’t push you out of the way. Well then now what? Log on, train troops, research, donate, gather and well that’s it. Nothing fancy here.

Amazing, one problem. I love the game and it’s just my first week. But I have one issue. I suggested this game to my sister since I love it. But whenever I try to add her to my alliance or friends list it says, “ Chief ID Not found” and “Alliance not found” or something like that. Please fix this or if I am doing something wrong please tell me. Love the game though!😃😀😃

Major pay to win issues. Overall it’s a fun and challenging game. Until… you are raided over and over again by people who are max level and they constantly destroy your progress and alliance. It only takes one high level to destroy an entire alliance, they teleport in and teleport out once they are done. The only way they can be so over powered is by spending so much money for n the game they have gotten boosts to make themselves max level because you cannot do it without paying. It wouldn’t be much of a problem if there was a balance to make up the level difference, but they can just repeatedly crush your troops and steal your resources. There needs to be a level cap to prevent low level attacks or something because now instead of the game being fun I just log in to see my base on fire and things destroyed. Not fun anymore….

Rush. I built everything up. The survivors were not happy and complain a lot. You don’t get enough items like that to even try upgrading anything. FYI, I have two parties in a group. I sent one out and the other I could not send out because they’re training, which got me confused. I thought training was new soldiers, not soldiers I already had for the past 2-3 days. If you have the money to pay, you’re good. It just upsetting that I really like this game and this is what they do to people who don’t want to pay.

It’s exciting!. You have to survive by building and upgrading everything, you explore and find supplies this game is amazing! Only a few remain in this icy world and you have to find them, help them survive, and as I said before build everything to survive and fight off bears and other animals. Oh and the story is perfect people talk and you hear them! The graphics are wonderful too.

Loving this game except for one thing. This is a great survival base building game with many great features although my only problem with it is that I can’t put my discord anywhere without it getting censored. Why is this because it would be nice to have a discord for my members so we can coordinate events better.

The top 1% get rewarded. Currently 4.5million power, an event started and thought I’d try really hard to get some nice reward… and after all the effort I put in 5 days of doing various stuff. I got 300 overall and I was thinking ok cool so I’ll probably get something for being in the top 500 bracket. But nope you get nothing. Only the top 100 players (who usually buy everything) get any kind of reward haha Next event, only guild leaders and there posse can participate. Haha yeah I’m done, you guys took $10 bucks from me and it was fun while it lasted. But there’s no future in a game that doesn’t reward or let casual players participate.

Fun game to play!. I play a few games like this and I have to say the style and progression in White Out is nice. Understanding how the hero’s work is easy as well as building your troops. I spent 5 dollars on purchases and have managed to get great use out of it considering the time I’ve put into the game. If you like mobile games of this genre you’ll love this one!!!

Needs room for growth. It’s a cool game but after awhile it’s the same thing. The houses and clinic only max out at level 10, which means you never get over 32 survivors. It seems like it’s more room for other buildings or something extra to look forward too. Also the construction rate to upgrade buildings is long!! I’m at over a week IRL to upgrade my furnace. Regardless at this point it’s pretty repetitive and probably will delete soon.

The aspects in the game are very changeable and the game is kind of pay to win. Whiteout Survival is a fun Survival game at the start and don't get me wrong I love the game and I am addicted to it even after all these changes after playing the game for a week but it deserves only 4 stars since the game changes a lot over time because the more power you get the less reliant you have to be on resource production and it kind of takes away from that "survival" aspect of the game. The game also is a little pay to win because people will pay a lot of money and then you can never catch up to them in power unless you pay money, never the less I am free to play and I still am somewhat up there in the leaderboards. Overall awesome game and could use some improvements!

Best strategy game I played in a while…. This is the best strategy game I played on iPhone in a long while! I got hooked on it for at least two weeks and still going strong! Best part is that there is no ads to watch (other than advertising their own packages). My only concern is that new players like me are not warned that whatever “benefits” they purchase using IRL are tied NOT to the whole game, but only to one character in this game. And you can have up to two characters per “state” with the number of states continuously increasing (it’s around 70 now, right?). So, choose wisely where you buy your packs as it is best to only have one or two characters, and not jump between 20 different ones… Great game nonetheless, give it a try!

It’s awesome and thrilling game, but I think it can be more.. When I first played it, I was a bit skeptical but it almost took a way all my expectations and predictions in for a survival strategy game, however when I reached a certain level it became a bit dull and predictable. I was disappointed that it didn’t give me the choice to keep it strictly survival or keep it as a sort of story mode survival strategy. The game has a potential and I can’t wait the next update has in store, I think it could be the next big thing. For example, the next update could focus on adding more territories to the player’s city to grow the population and it’s resources.

Great potential but…. The game is great when you start. You level up and such, go into an Alliance. Then BAM, are served a NAP 10, that protects the top alliances. It’s dumb, top stays too, while the small alliances stay small. You don’t attack, which seems like the point of a survival game. Only the elite - and the people willing to dish out cash make it to the top. Literally the top alliances all hold hands, and no one is fighting or earning top spot. So it became boring after 3 weeks of play. Once you get to a certain level, attacking is essential, but everyone is protected somehow. Like, what?

Keep Going!. Always been a fan of these games. They have done rather well with this one. Usually by the time I reach a higher level, I get bored and delete it. This one’s allowed you to continue ftp for weeks! Resources aren’t too difficult to come by, diamonds and other rarities are reasonable obtainable. Over all it’s fantastic. I do wish there was a way to send alliance members resources to help out. Also, if we could max upgrade as an option too. Especially for features in resource buildings.

Discord. I really liked playing this game up until the point I joined and alliance and kept getting asked about discord! For those of us that don’t have a discord or don’t desire to have one, we shouldn’t be kicked out of the alliance for it! That is the only reason I gave the game 4 stars instead of 5! I uninstalled the game because if I can’t join an alliance without being kicked out for that reason, I would rather not play!

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P2W. Gl against the Whales

This looks like a copy with few minor tweaks. If you look at frozen city which came out before this it’s practically the same with a few new additions or changes to make it seem different but they’re also identical. It’s a good game but after furnace 10-11 it just becomes upgrade this small group buildings with increasing timers. No real end goal or major expansion after that it just comes to a crashing halt makes every furnace upgrade feel worthless after expanding the city as much as you can. I will say they don’t depend on pay to win all too much compared to others but I cant ignore it copying system and ideas from various other more popular games which have don’t them better. In all honesty it feels rushed like a small amount of hero’s to choose and play with. I get it’s a new games I shouldn’t be picky but I am and will be.

Definitely NOT pay to play.. ..

Good game except for cheating and bullies- don’t bother playing. I was enjoying this game until I saw my whole alliance wiped out by at least one person from an alliance that is so powerful that nobody can get close to them and they attack anyone with a much lower power level like their power level is in the millions( due to cheating) and they’re attacking people who might only be in the 10s of thousands or hundreds of thousands and cheat to be top of the ladder in every event. The same one I saw wipe out my alliance( I didn’t get wiped out as I saw that they had scouted me so put up a shield to stop it) was then taking out other alliances and even this morning was still taking out alliances. People have no chance of building up their towns when these bullies and cheats come and steal everything you’ve built up then destroy your town. Don’t waste your time, you don’t stand a chance against these bullies and cheats and developers etc do nothing to stop them.

Good. Entertaining

Was fun until lvl7 then the P2x mechanics kicked in. Stick to FrostPunk if you want a true single player experience and not a poor clone. It descents quickly into the P2P, P2W, PvP mechanics. Plus the UI is so busy it’s annoying trying to respond to items that don’t require attention, taking focus off actually playing the game. Shame really but waiting for Frozen City to turn out the same.

Great Game!. I absolutely love this game and is becoming addicted. Though I do feel it took a bit of “inspiration” from Rise Of Kingdoms.

improvement. this game is super fun and really engaging, I haven’t stopped playing since i started. the only thing that would make it 5 stars is if after we’ve fulfilled a request from the suggestion box, we could delete it or the system would to make way for the news one and so we can stay on top of what we need to do. otherwise, absolutely love the game!

Eh. Not exactly as the add but it’s a pretty fun game overall still

Can’t play. Can’t even play it

Don’t waste your time / money. I spent money on the game and spend a lot of time everyday for 2 weeks donating resources every time I was on to my alliance only to make a mistake by attacking someone resources that was 10m power and my alliance leader made it seem I purposely went looking for this other person / alliance and then be attacked by him and his alliance non stop and then the alliance Leader demoted me from R4 - R1 then kicked me out and repeatedly attacked me all night and day . I uninstalled the game due to made up rules people and people just being toxic

good game which is fun. The game is fun and the graphics looks attractive. This game has a good game play and lots of missions keep you playing. I met a lot of friends by my alliance as well.

Good game. Good game

Be very careful with purchases. Purchasing the Daily Worship pack doesn’t cost the advertised $7.99. It costs $34.95, they just don’t make that at all clear. I’ve been now charged twice $34.95 for two of these packs under the pretence of being charged $7.99 per purchase. Uninstalled this app due to shady business practices.

Gg. Great game and seemingly community to

Literally Frostpunk :/. If you have steam go check out Frostpunk guys Much better than this rip off No offence developers but like cmon man

Yet another clone.. This is just another Mobile Strike/Lords Mobile clone pretending to be FrozenCity which in and of it self is trying to be FrostPunk. But it takes a long time to show what kind of game it really is. Almost like it’s trying to hide it.

👌🏻. Very good game

Goofy ahh game. False advertising and Sean ugly af

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One minor complaint. The game needs more chapter missions! Storyline is what sets this game apart from titles like Rise of Kingdoms!

False charges. I’ve had to deal with multiple false charges from this app. Be careful.

A good little game. Fun

Heavy p2p. It’s a heavy pay to play or you’ll keep losing everything

Great strategy game. Great strategy game. Less greedy than similar one. There is ways to play for free if you are patient but you will get destroy by big spenders. There is no such thing as free gaming and it’s fine with me. One last Thing, please make an IPad version that scale properly. This game deserve a try.

good concept, pay to play. I love the concept of the game, I wish it was less pay to play though.

Underrated. Best game ever. Been playing this game since December

Great game. Great game really love it, the only thing that lacks is a landscape mode so I can put my iPad sideways!!! It makes playing a lot better!

Super fun. Great game! I had to uninstall cuz it was taking too much of my time, that’s how good it was haha 😂

10/10. 10/10

HOLY MOLY. For the past couple of months I’ve been looking for a game to play and this one has fitted perfectly. The music, the journeys, and the animations are extremely well done. I recommend to everyone that’s currently looking for a game!

Great game. So far I’m really enjoying this game easy to play and lots of helpful prompts if you get stuck!

Omg. Too muck reload lag for iphon 13!!

Fantastic Game. This is what Frozen City should be - fantastic game where you can either play free or pay to play to advance quicker but not as ridiculous as Frozen City. Great job!!!!

Wow. Very cool game 😁

Damn red dots. Fun game just like the other except the damn red dots. Yes it helps you to teach you thing’s but there needs to be an option to turn them off. Yes i know my research is idle. Yes i’m upgrading to be able to upgrade research center to be able to research for example would give 5 stars if this was fixed.

Great. Very good game! Lots of fun

Fun. Getting there

Good game to kill time. I’ve been playing for 11 days and its a great way to kill time and fun to play. The game always keeps you busy with new events every day or second day.

Does not fit well on the iPad screen. I really wanted to play this game, but although the pictures show the game landscape, it only plays in portrait mode, it doesn't fit well on the iPad.

New update. I can not open the game since downloading the newest update!

Not great for iPad. There are many games available of this type, and while this one looked promising, I’m not going to spend time on a game that doesn’t fit my device properly.

Update Locks Game. Update button cycles to App Store and back to update screen, even after update is complete on App Store. Update: Fixed now. Thanks

Good games. Very good game

Best Game. C’ est le meilleur jeu du monde

Best game in my phone!. Fantastic game! Fun and fairly addictive. Clear tutorial for new players, lots of missions and actions need to be completed. All characters are cute, I will collect all of them!!!:D

Pay to win. Heavily pay to win, there’s really not much strategizing involve, game is fun but someone who started an hour ago can overtake someone who started a month ago just by paying a small amount of money

P2w game. Basically a p2w game. Everyone got the same set of heroes. For orange color, they give you one and you master it. The other orange (SSR) ones, you have to pay for them. Eventually whoever pay more to get the fragment or the paid heroes win

No crossplay. Disappointed that it doesn’t allow crossplay. Can’t join alliance with spouse.

Great Game!. This game is quite fun. It has a similar play through as some other popular games, but has a unique twist to it. The game is very new so there is a lot of potential for growth and improvement. Dev’s seem adamant towards improvement and love the community Good game

Perfect. Perfect game!

Game night. Best game ever!!!

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Fun but you have to pay to SURVIVE. It’s a fun game until you get a little ways into it, then all of the upgrades take days to complete. The top alliances are all at peace with each other and just pick on everyone that’s not close to being a threat to them. If you want to be able to SURVIVE you HAVE to PAY to stay alive. Take this as you will.

Sr man. The first thing I thought of is how much you could make in a week and how many hours you could spend in a month and how many days you would be working on it for the rest of your life

Racist players. Leveled up pretty quick…clan had no clue how to advance the clan looked for another clan o the world chat and got be rated because everyone was only looking for their race or language. Seemed like a prison chat. Not inviting. Quickly called out because I said the only race is the human race. Sad because the game did have things going for it but needed a lot of changes, but what do I know I play games for a living.

Snowy weather game. This game is honestly very good I just got in not even an hour ago and I love it take my word for it and download the game but it may be hard but you’ll get the hang of it in 10 minutes 😍⬇️!Download now!⬇️😍 Whiteout Survival

Had potential but not what I expected. I played all of 3 days, thinking it was a new unique survival strategy rpg and quickly realized it’s literally just another boring and redundant gacha game. The Tiers, alliances, and open world deploy features are so played out. Disappointing considering it has good game art which initially attracted me as a player. Devs should consider making an actual rpg survival game and let go of this yawn fest Last Fortress style game format.

How is this legal? You should be sued.. This is a complete and utter cheap rip off and cash grab of frostpunk. It’s a watered down, terrible version that wishes it was bigger than it was. I hope they end up suing you for it. I’m surprised no one’s really noticing in the reviews that this is an exact clone of “FrostPunk”. If you want to play a game like this, don’t download this app, buy frostpunk on your computer. Yes frostpunk costs money, but it’ll cost you less than this pay to win knock off. Deleted the app after this review.

Level 20 then bust. This game is very fun at first but with only a handful of characters, you end up battling against the same line up and it then comes down to who has bought more items. Either come up with more characters or more ways to enhance the gameplay without paying for it. Will probably end up deleting this one as well which is disappointing.

ENJOYING EVERY FACET OF THIS GAME!. I have been playing this for a few days and unlike other survival games, this fits the best for my needs. The graphics are so detailed and there are many modes to venture forth and not get bored. You don’t have to spend money to advance. At least not yet so hopefully it stays this way. Thank you dev team!

Suggestion. Would there be an update coming up so that we could move our existing characters to another state with out making a new character.

Fun at first. It’s a really fun game at first and there is a lot to do and a lot of upgrading but by furnace level 15 there is great difficulty with acquiring resources. I played games like State of Survival and Warpath which didn’t have these issues. There needs to be better and easier ways to get resources other than farming a farm for 4 hours only to get 1/32 of the materials needed to upgrade a training facility.

Unable to play. When it works this game is super fun. I even made an in game purchase. But right after that the game literally will not let me log in. It just stops at 80% or 99% and never loads. It started to work again for two days then stopped. Haven’t been able to get in for the past week now. Anyways the game is fun just very buggy.

Love the game but. The game is starting to become boring after you upgrade you’re furnace to lvl 13. You do the same repetitive tasks over and over. Train troops. Upgrade buildings. It’s the same thing when it comes to alliance. The only thing to do in an alliance is rally’s when the world is as big as it is. Seems like more of the focus was designing the world and not the actual gameplay. There is literally nothing to do. Nothing.

Blatant COPPA violation. This game is rated 4+, but it includes online player-to-player chat functions that (as far as I can tell) cannot be disabled. How can this game be considered safe for a 4 year old if they can chat with strangers? Isn’t this a massive COPPA violation, that the game doesn’t ask about player age when you first start playing? I asked about this in the in-game support chat several days ago, but have yet to receive any response.

Good game ,but…... This game is a really good game. It always has you doing something and I like it a lot and I would give it a five star if it had a better battles in my opinion every battle feels like the same thing, but that really is the only negative to this game!

It's ok but... Why do people die of starvation when there is food? Almost always there's food, they eat, but not all of them eat. I feel this is a glitch. If there is enough food for everyone then there shouldn't be people dying of starvation. I lost one this morning, who died, and there was plenty of meals.

A fun diversion. For those who have played Frostpunk, there is no denying the inspiration behind this game. However, it stands one in its own right with a good mix of city building, amassing power and grinding for XP. Plus it is far more forgiving than the other. I am enjoying the game and recommend you give it a shot.

4th day, love it 😍. I love this game so much! It's fun, I get to socialize with people from all walks of life and make friends. We started an alliance and it took off within a couple of hours!....only thing I wanna asks is to please include colored avatars pls, for beginners. I feel like am passing 😂

Fun game but the players aren’t. If you enjoy being invited into alliances that ask for constant donations then kick you once they have milked you dry, this is the game for you! Honestly, it was fun enough for a game of this type, but you have to pay money to be competitive, players range from cutthroat to cruel, and there are no systems of protection against exploitative alliances. Support won’t do anything about it either. It’s Darwinian Capitalism at its finest. Pass.

Great until the update. With the recent update my game blocks me from playing with the update screen like you’d expect. But when I click update it sends me to the AppStore where I would expect to see an update button but there is no button to be found. So I am blocked from playing the game.

Letting everyone get harassed. Love this game, been playing it everyday for months, I’ve happily spent a bunch of money on it, but I’m going to ask for a refund and quit because other players are out of control and just ruining the game for everyone else. They are forcing other players to have to pay for shields or they’ll Completely burn your city and keep you from being able to advance, which isn’t part of the game.

The type of game I've been looking for!!. I love how you rarely run out of things to do in this game!! It's kinda hectic but also entertaining. It has a storyline and levels. It's the game I've been looking for for forever!!

This app is awesome but negative for one thing…. I love playing this game, but there’s one thing that I hate: a lack of notifications. It’s frustrating when someone attacks me, and I don’t receive any notifications. My friend and I are considering leaving this game unless you guys fix the notification issues.

Idk…. Survivors are always angry about something. They even complain about things that are fully upgraded and can’t be any better than they are. Just never satisfied..kind of takes away from the experience, and the suggestion box itself. I have over 10 M food and all buildings upgraded and yet people still complain.

apple can preapprove apps and public later. Now your game finished server update and asks for apps update to continue, but updated version of apps is not ready on iOS App Store yet. Either you didn’t use the pre-approve function on iOS App Store or you set the public date without considering time zone.

It’s fun. The first time I played this game I thought it was a game with bad graphics and a lot of adds but no had 1 had in time I played it and great graphics it’s very is to upgrade your house and the other stuff it hard a lot more fun stuff but I have not unlocked it

Great game. I normally don’t like these kind of games. I’ve tried so very hard to even get into them. This one came along and this is a whole different story itself great gameplay, good graphics and fun vocals download now join us in a great mobile game.

Good time killer. Honestly like the gameplay it’s very user friendly set up gaining resources is easy so far the rewards return is good as well making progression easy and fast honestly I like this game definitely can’t wait to grow my city

An ok time-killer. +1 star for not being outright terrible, +2 stars for being decent, +1 star for the voice acting and storyline. One thing that it does remind me of a lot is Frostpunk. A bunch of people traveling find a spot to build and build a city around a powerful heat Source, my thoughts are that this game is inspired by that one but I am unsure.

The only thing. I’m going back in a minute I have a couple things I have left for the house I will call them in the next few days to let you guys in on what I’m going through I have a bunch of stuff to do

Whiteout survival. The concept of the game is good, the biggest down fall to this game is. The rewards from events are not nearly worth the time effort or money spent. You get very to little back as rewards. This is the only main issue I see with this game. They do not give back proper rewards for events.

Another mindless tapping game. No challenge, don’t need to use your brain, just tap tap tap and keep upgrading endlessly, and getting “rewards” (free resources) endlessly. Only bottleneck in progress is the build cue and the only way to resolve that is… you guessed it, by purchase. I don’t mind Pauly. For a game that actually challenges me. But hi don’t wanna pay to progress in a game that other wise has no challenge.

Good game, lots to build on. Just started playing this game about a week ago and im already up to level 22 furnace. There are some juggernauts dropping hundreds of dollars that are way stronger but I have yet to see population killing. Cool and unique events with lots to build upon, look forward to seeing the updates.

Complete pay to win. Completely just pay to win garbage. There aren’t any protections from players that are way higher than you, so as soon as my barrier went down, I immediately started getting constantly farmed by players in the top clan who clearly pay, have heroes filled to the brim with legendary gear (which I don’t have any of, because you only unlock gear at lvl 15) and could constantly just raze me over and over with no reason to stop. Garbage game

Surprisingly fun. I’m generally not a fan of civilization games, but I quite liked this one. You’ve got fun characters, a very nice town to build, and the one thing I like the most is that it directs you to the next objective, so you never feel aimless! Very well-designed game.

Fantastic Game!. I’ve been playing for a bit now, and the game is perfect but there’s only one thing i want to do, and that’s change the state i’m in. If there’s any way you could add a thing which allows players to change states that would be amazing!

Dalaney. It’s really fun and you meet a lot of interesting players it’s just kinda hard at first and it takes pretty long to upgrade some things but other than that it is fun

Can’t Relocate. You got friends playing this and wanna move states to join them? Haha FORGET ABOUT IT. Thanks for having me waste 6 hours building up my hero’s and settlement just for me to figure out I CANT EVEN RELOCATE. Me and my friend where trying for 20 minutes to get me into his alliance and there’s legit no way to teleport to other states. I got no option where I started,I can’t even teleport out you have to remake an entire new account. Utter garbage.

Omg 😆. This game is so addicting!🤩 And it had 0 ads so far I have seen!🥹😆 But behind a great and addicting game is a bad side.😭😤 What I mean about that is, the game gets boring for me🥱, not trying to be harsh, but make some updates!🤩 Keep us entertained! Again im not trying to be rude. Except for that, amazing game! Have a great day/night!🥰

Arabic Text. The game is pleasant overall, but there is a problem with writing in Arabic; it switches the placement of words and even moves the beginning of the text to the end of the sentence, and there is a problem if you write in Arabic using Arabic-(Indic) numerals.

Read this before you play!. This is one of my favorite games i have ever played! This is so Free to play friendly in my opinion. I love the theme. Definitely would recommend at least trying it out

Another copy of a good game. I saw the ad and thought “ok this looks fun”, but as usual the ad is nothing like the game, and was basically the same game as Frostpunk, they didn’t even bother to think of different names for some buildings just took it right out of frostpunk. Why even bother making the game if there is another better version of the one you’re making? And why lie on the ad? If they don’t play it long enough to buy anything what do you get from it?

Amazing!. So far, I faced no issues. I’m a few days into the game and I totally love it! Its addicting. I really love how the game includes a storyline, it makes it better! As far as I am now into the game, I faced NO ads. We all have opinions, but I truly love this game!

Good game so far. I kind a like this game and how it’s not boring and takes much effort like many games like this. I’m liking the story so far and I believe this game would would be a good source of entertainment.

Disappointed. I love this game and am at a level 15 but this maintenance messed everything up. I start the game it says to update takes me to the App Store and it only gives the option to open app and when you press on it, it takes you back to the screen to update it. I’m frustrated I’ve connected with my alliance and I’m having game withdrawals please fix this so I can play.

Nothing at all like ads… surprised?. Downloaded and played several days… all I did was level up buildings, workshops, etc. to keep ‘survivors’ from grumbling. Gameplay is NOTHING like the ad shows. That being said, it wasn’t all that bad, but still not what I had been interested in playing - so after several days of click, click, click… delete. Hey, devs… here is an idea, make the ad into its own game!

I didn’t expect this game to be this fun. I don’t usually write reviews but this game is very underrated. You can talk to people too. The town development is also really fun. There’s so much to do. I’ve had it for 5 days and I’m still learning what things are. Really impressed!

Love. I enjoy this game more than I thought i would! The only thing I’m having issues with is the chair profile. I can’t figure out if you can change that character or if you’re stuck with the guy. Cause I’d prefer to have a female chief.

The game is amazing.. Thank you for this game, and I just have a suggestion that I hope you add, which is adding time in the format of 12 hours, it will be a new and beautiful addition. Thank you

Profile pictures. Game is great, only issue my alliance and I are having is trying to figure out why profile pictures have a 3 day cool down period. Our reviews failed and then proceeded to say we can’t try again for 3 days! The pictures have 0 to do with the game so not understanding why a “cool down” is needed. If someone uploads to many have a set limit to how ever many a day.

I like it a lot.. It is a fun and addictive time-waster that keeps you entertained with its simple gameplay, vibrant graphics, and endless content. A must-have for those looking for quick and enjoyable gaming experiences. 5/5!

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Whiteout Survival 1.12.1 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the Whiteout Survival app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Century Games Pte. Ltd. and other users?

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Whiteout Survival 1.12.1 Games Screenshots & Images

Whiteout Survival iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.12.1
Play Store com.gof.global
Compatibility iOS 10.0 or later

Whiteout Survival (Versiyon 1.12.1) Install & Download

The application Whiteout Survival was published in the category Games on 12 February 2023, Sunday and was developed by Century Games Pte. Ltd. [Developer ID: 1540548141]. This program file size is 577.97 MB. This app has been rated by 83,463 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Whiteout Survival - Games app posted on 20 November 2023, Monday current version is 1.12.1 and works well on iOS 10.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.gof.global. Languages supported by the app:

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Whiteout Survival Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

[New Content] 1. New Event: Thanksgiving Feast The tables are set, the curtains are drawn, and the feast is on! Participate in the Thanksgiving events for tons of rewards, including exclusive skins and emotes! [Optimizations & Adjustments] 1. Improved visual clarity with icons indicating attackers and defenders in Arena battle reports. 2. Added a cooldown to Server Megaphones. 3. Streamlined the reward collection process in the Fishing Guide. 4. Added a "Use All" button to hero recruitment. 5. Improved visibility of unregistered members in Alliance Championship. 6. Added indicators to show whether members have signed up for the Legion's battle time in Foundry Battle. 7. Increased the number of auto hunting queues to three.

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