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Whiteout Survival Game Description & Overview

What is whiteout survival app? Whiteout Survival is a survival strategy game to center on a glacial apocalypse theme. Fascinating mechanics and intricate details await you to explore!

The catastrophic decline in global temperatures has wreaked havoc on human society. Those who have made it out of their crumbling homes are now faced with a new set of challenges: vicious blizzards, ferocious beasts, and opportunistic bandits looking to prey on their despair.

As the head of the last city in these icy wastes, you are the only hope for humanity's continued existence. Can you successfully guide the survivors through the ordeal of adapting to the hostile environment and re-establishing civilization? The time for you to rise to the occasion is now!

[Special Features]


Assign your survivors to specialized roles such as hunter, cook, woodcutter, and many more. Keep an eye on their health and happiness and treat them promptly in case they get ill!

[Strategic Gameplay]


There are still countless usable resources scattered across the ice field, but you are not alone in this knowledge. The vicious beasts and other capable chiefs are eyeing them as well... War is inevitable, and you must do whatever it takes to overcome the obstacles and make the resources yours!


Fight for the title of the Strongest with millions of other gamers from around the world. Stake your claim to the throne and establish your dominion over the frozen wastes in this test of your strategic and intellectual prowess!


Find strength in numbers! Create or join an alliance and dominate the battlefield with allies at your side!


Recruit heroes of different talents and abilities for a better fighting chance against the dreadful frost!


Make the most of your heroes' skills and battle it out with other chiefs to win rare items and infinite glory! Take your city to the top of the rankings and prove your mettle to the globe!


The glacial catastrophe has wiped out all forms of technology. Start again from scratch and rebuild a system of technology! Whoever controls the most advanced technologies rules the world!

Whiteout Survival is a free-to-play strategy mobile game. You may also choose to purchase in-game items with real money to speed up your game progress, but this is never necessary for you to enjoy this game!

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App Name Whiteout Survival
Category Games
Updated 28 March 2024, Thursday
File Size 647.22 MB

Whiteout Survival Comments & Reviews 2024

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Spend hours hitting “Upgrade”. If you want to spend hours endlessly hitting “Upgrade” and watching automatic “battles” whilst there’s absolutely no ACTUAL snow digging and active tree harvesting like their deceptive game ad reveals, play this. Hours to Level 7 and nothing but more responsibilities to hit “Upgrade” to no end on things, this is a game for someone who thrives off of exciting graphics and feel-good achievements that require nothing more than scrolling the screen for numorous activities to try, all just to “Collect” and further hit the “Upgrade” button on buildings. What another mobile game waste of time. Good graphics, entertaining beginning, but gameplay is Meh. I’m 4 decades old and believe me you’d probably feel more satisfied playing Zelda or something where it’s not endless repetitive jargon that fuels you via serotonin & dopamine explosive visual boosters. 👎

Avoid This Game at All Costs!. If you are considering installing this game, I strongly advise against it. The development of this game fosters an emotionally predatory and toxic environment that is detrimental to the overall player experience. The game mechanics allow an unfair advantage to those who spend exorbitant amounts of money, creating an atmosphere where players who cannot afford to spend such sums are subject to bullying, harassment, and targeted attacks on their accounts. Furthermore, the customer service for this game is virtually non-existent. Reports of abhorrent player behavior and threats go unresolved, and in-game issues related to purchased items and gameplay problems are met with generic responses that provide no meaningful assistance. In light of these issues, I urge potential players to seek alternative gaming experiences that prioritize fairness, respect, and enjoyable gameplay. This game's detrimental impact on its players far outweighs any potential entertainment value it may offer.

Amazing. Of course it’s not like the ads (just like every other mobile game), but the actual gameplay is really fun and addictive. Not pay to win at all— I’ve never spent any money in this game yet I’m still close in power to my alliance members who have spent money. If you dedicate your time to this and know the strategies to progress then you’re set. Plus it’s fun learning all that stuff. There’s so much to do in this game and it’s super easy to log on and quickly accomplish all the daily tasks. Most games get boring after a while but I’ve been playing for months straight and I’ve still been logging in 99% of those days when I can. Definitely recommend.

Not worth the time. These adds for the game - makes this game look really fun and awesome to play, it’s a trap to get you into a false game where there’s no fast improvement unless you are spending your real cash. I thought I’d give this type of game a chance once I downloaded it and saw it was nothing like the adds for this game, I played for close to 8 months before I got burnt out on the game, and I don’t have any immediate plans on returning to this game. The map that I was set to start out on (you don’t have a choice of which map you start on) is one of the hardest maps (so I’ve been told by other players on the map). All the bigger clans/teams will completely destroy your city/base and anyone else in your clan especially if your in a smaller clan and asking them to stop just makes it happen more often, making it almost impossible to grow your base to where it’s strong enough to last an attack but before your strong enough for that it will take you weeks/months to build up your base awhile your under attack and having to rebuild your base. So honestly this game is a joke and definitely not worth the time or the hassle of playing/downloading the game in the first place I wish I never had that’s for sure

Misleading ads. The game itself is pretty nice and simple city/army building type game. The obvious need to spend money to stay relevant in clan fights or territory disputes hinders the long term playability of the game. It’s a good strategy for monetization but leaves those playing casually at an extreme disadvantage. The plot is pretty interesting for about 2-3 hours but the plot just seems to be a glorified tutorial after that its pretty dead in the water. The advertisements for the game have absolutely nothing to do with the actual gameplay. More people will play your game for a longer period of time if you just advertise the actual game. If you advertise the actual gameplay and see downloads drop, then obviously the game isn’t as great as the fake gameplay you feed us on social platforms.

I ❤️ this game. Where do I begin? I love this game. It’s like really fun. I like how the the people that you’re playing as they like tell you what you need to upgrade and stuff and I like how they just give you your feedback to like upgrade your city and stuff because I’ve been playing this for about a week now I saw ad for and it’s super fun. I really like this game. It is the best I think you should get it, one thing that I do not like is that they do not give you like a lot of like information as like what I have been seeing if like how they like how you upgrade and stuff. Anyway, I really liked this game and I think you should get it too. I think you might want to do a little research first though because I still am trying to figure out how to like do a lot of stuff. It’s also a lot of clicky games.

WARNING: Absolutely horrible customer support. Be very cautious about spending money in this game. As many players can attest to, this game’s customer support is basically nonexistent. The in game support chat is useless. If they respond to you at all, it will be several days later, and what you’ll get is a generic response and apology for your “inconvenience”, followed by a flat refusal to do anything other than “forward your suggestion to the development team”. They even had the nerve to end their message with “We’re here to help”, directly below their refusal to help! If you lose an item, even due to a fault in the game’s system, there is nothing they will do to help, so please keep that in mind before you spend any money in game. To the developers: if you want people to spend money on this game, then make sure that your support staff can and will offer actual support, and not just a token response.

DO NOT BUY THE GAME. This game is complete garbage. It’s flooded with micro transactions and racists. It’s completely pay to win. If you don’t spend money you will literally lose all of your progress. There is no way to stop an attack. At the moment, my entire state is harassing me. I was at 10 million power. Players that have 50 million power have attacked me non stop. I have been attacked over 200 times times. I reached out to support to move states and support literally said to just delete the game and make a new character. All because I uploaded my real picture so I’m being targeted for being black. Do not play this game. The developers are racist for condoning this behavior. On top of that, the most powerful player in the state can impose restrictions on me slowing down my progress. Which makes it impossible to play. Update after developer responded: Don’t bother reporting people. They don’t care. Nothing happens you you are forced to stay and play. The president of the state can reduce your defenses and open you up for attack. The game is a joke. I’ve uninstalled it already. This game is not friendly towards African Americans. Don’t download it. Stay away.

Best strategy game I played in a while…. This is the best strategy game I played on iPhone in a long while! I got hooked on it for at least two weeks and still going strong! Best part is that there is no ads to watch (other than advertising their own packages). My only concern is that new players like me are not warned that whatever “benefits” they purchase using IRL are tied NOT to the whole game, but only to one character in this game. And you can have up to two characters per “state” with the number of states continuously increasing (it’s around 70 now, right?). So, choose wisely where you buy your packs as it is best to only have one or two characters, and not jump between 20 different ones… Great game nonetheless, give it a try!

Developers Are Not Responsive. Hello, I have been part of this community for over 6 months now. I have purchased in this game thousands of dollars to strengthen my chief and my city. During these past 3 months I have been accused of refunding packs which led the White Out Survival Team to BAN me from the game. In order for me to continue playing I would have to repurchase refund packs, but the thing is I did not refund anything. I would purchase these refund packs to continue playing, but then couple days after it would say that they detected more packs being refunded which led to me purchasing more then 5 times back to back. I called my Goldman Sachs bank, explained the situation, they reviewed my profile and concluded that I did not refund anything. They shockingly recommended me to refund all the purchases for this game because in their eyes it looks as if these game developers are stealing funds by claiming I am refunding their standard packs. They also told me to contact the App developers via email and using their website, however, after 2 weeks I have not received any response from them. These App Developers do not care about their loyal customers and I recommend you not purchase anything and play for free. Thank you for reading and God bless.

Someone please help me (read the review I’m begging you). I have been playing for several weeks and I absolutely love this game to pieces. I have spent money and everything. I have put a lot of time into this game and I really don’t want to have to throw it away. After a few weeks of playing, this random guy started harassing me and calling me names, as well as harassing the alliance I’m in. It has not been just a few scouts or an in game war. He is spamming me and has said vile things to me. I’ll be honest, I retaliated because I had no idea what else to do. It has been going on for a while and Century Games has done nothing, even though I’ve provided more than enough proof and reached out countless time. It seems like they don’t care. This is a last attempt to get some attention on the situation. I’m running out of places to go to ask for help. Please just do something about it. I love this game so much and I really don’t want to have to give it up, although I may have to soon for the sake of my safety.

Perfect!. This game probably the game I played the most for the past week and a half. This game is some of the best survival games out there and hear me out on this one. The problem with all the other ones that I played (for example Rise of Kingdom or State of Survival) is that you have to wait some time to get a quest or side quest or just something to do but, this game you don’t. You instantly get a side quest or quest to do and I mean INSTANTLY! I played for an week or a two and I am playing this game more often than Roblox (my most favorite game)! Also, the beginning is really easy since the tutorial is fast and easy to learn. I recommend this game to someone who is looking for a strategy and survival game.

P2w. I liked the game for the 1st part, like upgrading and stuff, i had 182k troops t8, not too op, i am chilling then next thing i see is “i don’t know” (player) zero bases like without a scratch, this also made some of my friends i have invited break up, this game has only taught me, money makes friends, and if you dont spend your left out the back door. And im not joking abt that, because i never spent a dime on the game yet, just sheer hard work and effort, now all that goes out the window when all alliances either kick you out for “low might” or outright kill you, take all your rss, kill your troops, insulting to a whole new level. Basically if i had to say, if you have 10k then basically you already won the game, nothing you can do, and if there is a thing called “happiness” in the game, i do not see it, (spend your money get better rewards, no spending will just make you regret your chances of acually getting the game)

Just wanted a relaxing game to play!. I usually never post reviews but this game is unbelievable! Firstly, I have spent hours upon hours of playing building up everything I have. When I downloaded the game I was not aware that this was something where you had to participate with others (being in an alliance). I never joined one and was attacked constantly because it takes 6 days in order to receive an 8-hr shield. Just 1. I’m an adult and just wanted something to play on my downtime. I wasn’t aware that the other ppl in this game made it their entire lives. The game isn’t even the main problem. You should be able to opt out of the alliance play. There’s plenty to do and it’s not necessary. If this would’ve been shown in the ad I saw, I wouldn’t have downloaded it in the first place. I had a ton of fun until 2 weeks worth of work basically ended with two minutes because some rando I don’t even know, possibly a child; attacked me and completely wiped me out! Don’t waste your time unless you like playing a game with complete strangers. There’s a reason that most of the ppl on there are children which I also didn’t know when downloading this game!

Fun Until its Not. I have to say I put a lot of time, effort and money into this game. I had alot of fun and I made it very far, however it was all taken away in one event while I slept. The game has castle events where if you participate you have the potential of loosing alot of troops and if your in certain areas of the map it makes you participate even if your not online. I was asleep and this event was happening and let’s just say I lost almost 10 million in power because my troops were completely wiped out and I couldn’t do anything because I slept. I deleted this game shortly afterwards because I didn’t feel like spending weeks of my life trying to rebuild my troops. Like I said this game is fun and very addicting until it’s not. It would have been one thing if I chose to sacrifice 3/4 of my army for the event but I didn’t even get that choice. Shame on this game for not having limits on that sort of losses.

Takes your money zero support. Their in game support is horrid. They have in game payment issues and you don’t get your purchase. Show proof of purchase, proof that you didn’t get the in game purchase message, even messaged as soon as the glitch happened and they still insist that you got what you purchased. Oh AND I was double charged for everything on that day. They refuse to refund or give me my purchase. Granted it’s only $12 but still. Horrible customer service. As for the game itself I like it. It’s extremely redundant. Same in game activities every few weeks. So once you have them memorized you don’t even have to pay to play and be big. Boring at its best after a while with the long build times. If you like in game socials this is fine to fill that void. Otherwise it’s not engaging at all keep moving along.

Way too Serious. I have been playing the game for about 6 months. At first it was great, I was looking for a strategy game and it gave that. From there joining an alliance wasn't bad, until we ended up as a "farm" for PIT (State 549) and our leader didn't want to help out so I was running all the tech, building banners, etc. In other words, I was doing all the work. Great! When I finally approached the R5, and said basically, I am done and left the alliance, she had Whales from the main alliance go and burn my city, everything I worked for, healing for days, all my resources stolen. This game is nothing more than paid bullying. Developers need to stop allowing for paid bullies to pick on non-paid accounts, this is what kills an alliance and state. When accounts grow expotenially, those who don't have excess of thousands of dollars suffer at the hands of the power hungry. There needs to be set in place gaming rules that do not allow 50mil to attack smaller members. Burning people who leave your alliance and your "alliance power falls" is not necessary, in fact, it shows a lack of integrity with the players. This gaming enviornment is just like Call of Duty, toxic and developers need to look at ways that either speed up non-paying members so they can compete or limit the Whales ability to bully smaller players.

Great game, poor management. The game is legitimately very fun. Cool style, addictive gameplay mechanics, fun chat to engage with, and no ads! But…. If you want to be competitive, like top 10 on your server it can cost literally thousands of dollars per month. The power divide is uncapped as well so anyone who spends obscene amounts of money could obliterate anyone on the server’s troops and resources with no repercussions whatsoever. Nobody will be able to even fractionally damage them, so hope you don’t join a server with an I’ll tempered big spender. If you don’t spend money to begin with, you’ll likely not be able to join an alliance that can actually gain territory or resources to compete in events. And if you do spend money, you run the risk of being in a state that will die in a matter of weeks due to such strong players that all the weaker ones will quit and new ones have no opportunity. So have fun but definitely a play at your own risk type of game.

Enjoyable to play as PVE. I try a lot of this style, and in the end inevitability, some large player comes and attacks my base constantly, driving me off the game. As a F2P player it’s important to be able to go slow, build up your base and troops. I’ve found that, at least the realm I’m on, alliances make pacts not to beat up players unless it’s a sanctioned event. That makes this game super enjoyable for me because I prefer PVE to PVP. Also, there’s always something to do and the devs seem to add new things at a good pace. Plus lots of group alliance events to get involved in although the time difference is a challenge, esp as there are a lot of people all across the continents seemingly playing.

Hmm good so far.. The game seems interesting up to the first 4th or 5th chapter of base missions they give you. I like the exploration fights and what I think will be collecting more heros to fight with (can we get a zoom in option and enemy info). However honestly when the game asked if I wanted to review I said sure but I really haven’t seen enough of this game yet. That being said I’m not a huge fan of games that at somepoint throw you into a server overworld where PvP against other players city’s is more or less mandatory like so many other games out there. But At first glance I like this games art style and it’s take on a survival base builder so far, but in good conscious I can’t give it more then 3 stars but it may be a solid 4 stars. Thanks for making this game devs and to the players Good Luck and Have Fun.

Unresponsive support team. I have been accused by the game that I have had an unauthorized or to many refunds. As stated from inside the game so I have a soft ban unless I purchase “3” items to make up for that price, but as stated to them I messaged Apple about what happened, my little one was messing on my tablet and purchased many things on the game, and Apple therefore responded and accepted my refund and took it, I am in no way responsible when it comes to this refund, all direct messages need to be directed to Apple if you feel I have any affiliation to this refund, Apple decided and deemed it was necessary and if any inquiries are needed they should be directed there. I did enjoy this game but then it was taken away from me and the only way to legitimately play now is to buy my way back into it? This needs fixed asap. I’ve tried multiple times to get a hold of the support team but no response.

Good Game! But Has Issues. I love this game, don't get me wrong. I've never been one for these types of games, but this is addicting, and the international social aspect is really fun! That said, I do have issues with it. 1) it's very much a PAY-TO-WIN game. There are players on every server that can dish out the money, and you will not catch up to them if you don't do the same. It makes servers move faster than they need to. It's also kind of demotivating while also making you want to spend. 2) IT NEEDS RESOURCE SHARING! Resources, boosts, anything are so hard to get as a non-spender, and the servers move too fast for you to catch up. They need to implement the ability to share resources and stuff. In my opinion, it doesn't matter who is using them since they got paid for it anyway. A lot of players I know share this sentiment.

Annoying flaws. Im not one to write reviews on every single app I download but because I actually like this one Im going to take the time to. I like the game but it has a lot of flaws. I hate how long it takes for things to upgrade or for research time. I shouldn’t have to wait two weeks in order to upgrade something especially when I have to upgrade certain things before I can upgrade something else. I have a decent amount of patience but this always seems to irk my nerves after a few days. I also hate with the event called alliance mobilization how I have to wait for them to get to a specific point in order for me to get the personal rewards I earned. My personal rewards should not depend on the alliance rewards. Also in the side missions you have to complete certain missions before it moves on to missions which you already completed in order to receive the rewards. Change this please I really like the game before I started to notice all these things I like this game but I will uninstall once my patience runs out.

pay to win.. this game is so fun, which is what makes it so frustrating that it’s all pay to win. Once you start getting up to a higher furnace in the 20s, you’re completely stuck for days trying to gather enough to upgrade it. The growth rate significantly slows down and upgrades take days-weeks for absolutely no reason other than the devs wanting money from your impatience. Even if you do shovel out money, it’s never enough. You completely feel dissatisfied with how fast it all goes and wonder why you spent the money in the first place. There are some players who spend hundreds of dollars to surpass everyone else. And I’m not kidding when I say HUNDREDS of dollars. The devs are money grabbers, 100%. If you don’t want to break your bank, I suggest leaving this game alone. It took me 6 server hops to realize this.

Decent game. It’s a fun game to play at first when starting in a new state but the older the state gets it gets harder to compete with other pay to play players. I get that’s most games but sometimes it does get frustrating. But to offset that you can join higher level alliances which will offer you protection. Aside from that I mostly pray for free and can check in from time to time keep upgrading my city and getting stronger. They have events happening all the time which keeps the game from getting boring. I enjoy the chat is always active so it really feels like a community. I wish there was some more farming/ mini game activities that are always active like the arena it would make the game a bit more fun and it would be cool to earn some gear ect from it. Overall I recommend it it’s a nice phone game. Also if you don’t want to pay you don’t have too.

Misleading ads and pay-to-survive. The ads for this game show a fun and interesting player digging through snow to find resources and helpers. Then you download the game and it's some city builder. At first I thought that was weird, but the city building was kind of fun and there are no good city builders on mobile, so I actually got hooked. Then the game randomly throws you into some silly massive online multiplayer game for seemingly no reason at all. Where you are attacked by players way higher level than you who steal all your resources and there is nothing you can do about it unless you spend money. There is no choice in regards to this. You HAVE to play the multiplayer. Game would be much better if it allowed people to just play alone and build their city and battle against the CPU when they felt like it. I don't want to have to be on this game 24/7 just to make sure I'm not going to get my **** pushed in by someone who has been playing longer than I have.

Need a Message Reporting System. Update: I followed the steps provided fun the developer in the comment to this review and the only message received from support is that they have a backlog. I am submitting a request to cancel my account. The process is difficult and we will see if they are at least able to do this. I enjoy this game for its strategy elements and events. Iam still playing but in my state the world chat is vile. People say racist and all around awful things that are not game related and there is no clear way to report a player or a message. Some of these situations involve threats of sexual assault, violence, and general harm out of game which should not be tolerated. Nothing has been directed towards me because I stay out of world chat but I have definitely seen it daily and the only efficient way to take of this is to blacklist someone which protects you from seeing them but doesn’t protect others. The developer should create a way to report messages easily in the chat rooms. Also too much pay to play but the dev probably likes that honestly. There are always a few people who steamroll everything and everyone.

Good, but could be better.. I’ve been playing this game daily for 3 weeks and I’m starting to get bored. I actually don’t mind the daily grind of training troops, upgrading buildings, daily goals, alliance quests, etc. but there’s just not much else to do besides those things. Progression is super slow at this point. I basically just go on to upgrade/train (which takes a day or more at this point) and then go play something else.. It was great in the beginning when you discovered new things and had more quests. Maybe more stuff could be added in the future? Also the alliance system needs work. Most members haven’t been active in several days or weeks. It’s too easy for high level alliances to bully lower levels.

Too many rude and demeaning players. The building aspect was fun. And joining an alliance and some of the events were fun - but honestly there are a lot of d-bags playing. There’s plenty of other reviews that go into more details about the nastiness that can take place in the chat. I didn’t realize when I downloaded out that it was a war game, but I figured it out pretty quickly. That’s fine, I found my own little space to play and just skipped the war part - except I would be just constantly harassed for not partaking in war events or even better - being harassed for not attacking the “right” way. I tried a couple different alliances and it was the same after awhile in all of them. They are super clique-y and there are people who are on a power trip (it’s just a game my dudes - calm yourself down). I didn’t join the game to make new friends. Im an adult and have all the friends in real life that I need. I just enjoying playing games in my down time to relax. The brothers in arms events were the last straw that made me delete the app (and I did spend money in game to increase power and what not) but it’s just not fun when you can’t even do your daily mission list without being attacked.

Lots of clicking. I have been playing this game for a while and really enjoy it. It’s fun and has lots of strategy options. I do spend money on it at times, but that is not necessary. My only complaint is that you have to click a lot. Pet adventure is an example. Click to enter the enclosure, then to find the adventures, then to open an adventure, then to claim the completed adventure, then again to claim the completed adventure, then again to acknowledge the reward, then again to acknowledge the rewards plus another click if there is an alliance share. Claiming your alliance share requires you to click the icon for them, then click claim, then click claim again, then click to acknowledge the reward and then again to exit. The lighthouse intel is similar with way way to many clicks.

Better than expected!. I am obsessed with this game. The dumb, cheesy ad that piqued my interest doesn’t do this game justice. It’s so much more fun than I thought it would be, and it’s really easy to get into. I love everything about it. As you get higher in power and start growing in your alliance, it does get a bit pay-to-win-ish. Obviously, the people who are able to pour a bunch of money into this game are going to be a lot more powerful and they’re gonna grow a lot faster. That’s the only sucky part of getting into the more competitive side of the alliances - knowing that you’ll never be able to beat the ones who can pay for packs and stuff. Regardless, I still love it and play it everyday!

Needs balance for lower tier (free to play) players. Fun game. At first. Until you get wiped multiple times by players who spend a ton of money to get upgrades at a rate you can never match. Just had 3 groups of players in State 88 attack everyone in our clan because…they wanted to force the chief they didn’t like out and dictate who we could vote in. Pure bullying and tyrannical abuse of power. Until the devs figure out how to balance this issue, players are at the mercy of bullies. Clan members are deleting the game and no longer playing because of this. This game would be so much fun if the devs did something besides tell you to purchase and use shields all the time. Doesn’t work when you have other things to do in your life and the DTM, DTU, 711 gang come by and burn your clan when you’re at work and your shield runs out.

Unfair game. There is a flaw in this game that needs to be addressed. I’ve been told many times by other players in my state along with whiteout survival support that “this is a war game.” Yes I am aware this is a war game, but I find it unfair that while being a level 22 furnace with 9 million power, that a level 30 furnace with more than 100 million power is allowed to attack me and it’s not just once for resources, no because I had no resources nor troops since I had them hidden in another member’s city that was bubbled. Being attacked 10 times when you have nothing isn’t war, it is harassment, it is bullying. This game is not fun, friendly or a safe place at all. Unless you are in the top 10 alliances you have no chance and will always be targeted and not allowed to grow. I also shouldn’t need to be moving to different states to find peace. Some people like myself just want to enjoy the events you offer and have fun but we cannot when bullying and harassment is allowed in the game.

Cost. I’ve been playing this game for several months. And yes, I do spend money on the game. There is absolutely no way that the cost is the same for everyone all around. I have a friend in Malaysia, who, in order to buy the same pack that I would buy will cost him three times as much. There is not one Korean alliance that isn’t maxed out to the max within just a few weeks. So clearly there’s something screwy going on there. I’ve stopped spending money on the game because it is clear to see that the cost is not the same. There’s not equality in the game like they pretend. You’ll get a message from time to time saying that the cost has been adjusted but it’s just more expensive for those people who cost they have adjusted. I need to understand how Third World countries seem to be dominating the game.

Fun but needs improvement. This game is fun i like 90% of it but it needs more balance in pvp pertaining to events and the arena. Why in the arena a player in 1-10th place can attack you when your in 100+ place in the leaderboard? With a huge point difference in the scale they use (300+ difference) when you loose you loose 1-5 points while winning grants 5-10 points. The scale of that shouldnt let someone with that huge of a point difference to hit you just for an “easy” win. In the events dont allow servers to go against each other if one server has more advanced stuff say for an example the fire crystal age vs a server that doesnt have fire age crystal yet. That makes it to where the maxed out everything player from both servers will be significantly different in power/stats so there is no battle it is just one sided slaughter even if you spend money to advance the person with the fire crystal age server will have the advantage every time. Please balance these combat issues in pvp cause it isnt fun for anyone except for the players that has a higher server age.

F2P Friendly. So I’ve made 2 accounts on this game so far, in the first one I spent money, albeit less than 10 dollars but found that it really didn’t have an effect, just quality of life like March queues etc. Unless you’re spending hundreds of dollars I think it’s a pretty fair playing field. On my second account, I haven’t spend a dime and am in the #1 alliance winning every event and I can personally crush every player, paying for SSR heroes really isn’t worth it unless you’re willing to invest hundreds to max them out. At the end of the day, it’s the troops you train for free in this game that give you the most power unlike other similar games in this genre. Very fun, balanced, events like Foundry Battles and Frostfire mine make it worth playing, please make them more frequent!

Another P2W trash. Let me just begin with saying that I am currently in a top alliance for my server and I played this game for a decent time now. It is just like any other “collect resources, build an army” type of game, minimal differences. Now let’s talk about some pros and cons. Pros It’s fun (mostly being friends with people in the alliance) The game is generous with gems to buy extra building queues or to speed up upgrades Yep that’s about it Cons With each update or event, the gap between F2P and P2W people increase dramatically. Permanent boost for speed, training, construction, etc etc is only unlocked though real $. You can get an event where the rewards are useless in the beginning, but the last one is super good. Guess what? To get enough points for the last reward, you NEED to make a purchase, otherwise there is no way to reach those points. You will fall behind very hard and very fast if you don’t spend money. For example, I was on par with another player before they spend some money on this game. Now, they are at 40 million power while I’m around 17 million The generosity with gems is there for a reason. You can not buy anything good with them, so they are pretty much just useless. Yeah so pretty much every “fun” event that they make is P2W THAT event. I wouldn’t bother wasting your time with this trash of a game

FLASE ADVERTISING. Oh man, false advertising, where do I even start? It's like a big no-no, you know? It's not just about being misleading or dishonest, it's way more than that. It's about trust, about keeping your word. When a company uses false advertising, they're basically breaking that trust. You see, when we buy something, we're not just buying the product, we're buying the promise that it's going to do what it says it will. And when that doesn't happen, it's not just disappointing, it's downright frustrating. Plus, it's not fair to the other companies who are being honest and straight-up with their customers. They're doing their best, playing by the rules, and then these other guys come in with their flashy false claims and steal the show. It's not cool, not cool at all. And let's not forget about the impact on us, the consumers. We end up wasting our hard-earned money on something that doesn't deliver. So yeah, false advertising is BAD. It's bad for trust, it's bad for business, and it's bad for us consumers.

WOS fraud charges - Warning -Is this happening to others. I do enjoy the game but… I got possible fraud alert from my financial institution…. I have no idea how WOS did this…. They charged my in game purchases to three separate financial institutions…. My iPhone and apple charges set up for PayPal (which is a pass thru and goes to my USAA checking acct/debt card) this is ok but how did the charge my USAA credit card and my Ameris Bank checking/debit card. WOS does not respond to my messages. And they won’t unlock my acct until I buy some more in game packs (this would mean re-linking to a financial institution). I have the 2 other financial institution acct listed in my iPhone but not directly attached to WOS those 2 accounts were the ones that were also charged. Did they put a Trojan horse and somehow get into my iPhone and get the other 2 accounts? I called Apple and all they see each just the WOS to PayPal and no other charges? I am always so careful and I am hoping the financial institutions will refund the charges. I will now have to close these accounts and set up new ones. I have so much of my life set up on autopay that everything will get messed up… pay check, insurance payments, rent, etc. Anyone having problems - Everyone pease check all of you financial accounts.

5⭐️. I love this game. The beginning was easy and fast. It is fun to watch your city start from nothing and grow. As you progress there’s more and more to unlock and upgrade. I’m in the later stages of the game now, and it still has me hooked as if I started yesterday. I love how unlike CoC the upgrades only take hours instead of days/weeks. There is always something to do and you won’t be disappointed if this is your style of game. I’ve played many similar games such as RoK and this game tops them all. My only suggestion would be to improve graphics and visuals, however I am a PC gamer so my expectations are high haha. The graphics and visuals now are still very good for a mobile game. 5/5 star rating. To the devs, keep up the good work, and please listen to your community’s suggestions and feedback unlike other game devs.

Meh. If you wanna drop some money in to the game you can get to a level to compete with those that have millions more in attack power than you. The map that people or on in the server is big and you have players scout far out and just attack multiple low level settlements at a time. If you’re looking for something you can play from time to time casually, not really the game as PVP is on after a point and not opt in. Gets to the point where task take hours then potentially days, while you get constant push for paid content and notifications of players scouting and attacking your base. You become a farming point for those that have stuck months or money in to the game and is really only worth it if you’re looking to do the same. They could easily resolve if they would set it up to put you in lobbies with people of a similar-ish power level. I would delete the account, but the form asks for a bunch of information that you have to go to other screens for, and I can’t seem to find one of their asks for deleting it. The game can’t pull your information from its own game and simply states “please tell us more”. Just gonna delete the game and abandon the settlement as they likely make it hard to delete for hopes you would come back, or to keep their currently registered player counts up.

Disappointment. -Bad things •too pay to win •boing not enough interesting content • not first person • Horrible graphics • not consistent Advertisement (note in advertisement for the game. Is something completely different than what the gameplay offers to appeal people so they wanna download to be met with disappointment and then have the game uninstall it immediately lol that’s why you have to be consistent. Whatever that’s in an advertisement. That’s what I’m suspecting to see the gameplay as or if you’re going to has something like that at least make it work, but you sure one thing in the advertisement and game. Please complete different things. The only thing missing is the color scheme the theme of the snow.) • Highly unbalanced • Lack of interesting story or purpose • it takes very long to do progress the game pacing horrible very bad who is going to wait a couple hours just to upgrade one building that’s very very inept -Good things • in game you never see advertisements from companies -In conclusion This game is not the kind of game that is the worthy of wasting your time with? Specially when you know you can go on your much more fun games. Or instead of playing some video games for kids you can work on your self development and maybe reach your goals be successful. Hey it’s your choice. Your life you make that decision for yourself 🤔

Gamer beware. I’ve had a decent time playing this game until one day I noticed they had illegally charge my credit card through Apple play. I tried to discuss it with someone but there was no help so I disputed the charges on my credit card with the credit company. After doing this the game staff locked out my game and would allow me to play anymore until they received money from me that was returned due to there illegal deduction. They also wiped out a lot of the progress on my game. Today I will be deleting this game. Hope you have better luck then I do and don’t care if someone steals from you. To make matters worse now that’s it’s been a few weeks since deleting the game I’m getting messages from the developers of the game sending me the same generic response as when I tried to resolve the issue while in game. Now I have to worry about being harassed ?? Trust me there many other ethical games to choose from if your a gamer

Addicted! But I have a question…. I’m loving playing this game. It’s a great strategy game. I’ve played many, but this one keeps me coming back quite a few times. Upgrading is pretty easy. The characters are silly and adorable. The alliances could be better though. Most of the “join” alliance leaders haven’t played in days & so have most of the players. Like 3 out of 54 alliance members. Very frustrating! But most of the players I have met are very nice and helpful. Exploration is challenging sometimes and so are the arenas. You have to make a few adjustments on the players you use in the arena. I do have one question. Is it possible for me to have more time on the Rookie’s Growth event? I’m so close but I only have 3 hours left and I’m running out of time. Please give me a little more time?

Fraud. My account is being accessed by someone else and I’ve tried to use the “contact us” about account deletion. This is after I went to delete the account myself and even though I put in every piece of information correctly that they ask for it says “Tell us more!” It’s been 5 hours and their “15 minute” response time has been 5 hours so far and I’m still waiting. No that’s not how that works. Delete my account asap. This company has shoddy security, and they don’t seem to want to lose their “active player” numbers. I’ve only had this game for 2 days also, so that didn’t take long. I will be contacting Apple for a solution since they don’t seem to consider the matter important enough. Funny that you WILL NOT let me delete my account when you’re tracking my email. Selling data much? Update: I DID follow the “in game” procedure to delete my account and it continuously asks “Please provide more information!” So what else do you suggest genius? I also contacted support who never responded back in over 2 hours

Great Game. The game is absolutely entertaining but you end up running into a lot of big money spending players who bully every player into doing what they say or they zero your city’s and it takes months to get everything back. The game has been updated many times since I started playing 221 days ago. Now I stopped & deleted the game because when you finally get everything maxed out and can start working on the items that take 20 plus days to upgrade the game developers add more content and now I’m at the point where unless I’m willing to spend $800-$2,000 a month in upgrade packages I will not be able to compete with 0 alliances in the game so with this being the case & them adding new content to upgrade & purchases every month along with the creepy out of control unmanaged profoundly explicit conversations in world chat & private messages game has become a money grab & not a fun everyday play like it was when the state started. The newer states consist of old state players that spend $5,000 to max out everything right away to start this process of bullying & control over the states again. Do the newest player will be lost & bullied away from wanting to continue play.

F2p vs P2P. I constantly logged in for 42 days in a row, it tells you on the consecutive log in days. I had research and buildings going constantly and had amassed an army. I constantly competed in the non payed events and did well to almost always get the max prize. The game was a lot of fun, watching your city expand and taking down bosses. The downside was a player who had spent real money, my guess in the thousands, came and nearly 0’d me (killed all of my units) while I barely scratched his. I lost 30k and he lost around 1k tops. He had top gear, top heroes and charms on his gear. All unavailable to the f2p side. This completely killed the game to me, along with the daily “deals” shoved in your face. Or pay to play events that were constantly running. I’m all for paying for speed ups in a game, or cosmetics, but I would run from this game and save your time and money. They won’t be able to maintain a player base large enough to enjoy when only the “whales” of the game will be able to truly play.

Great game. I have two players… one that I pay to play big and one to grow without pay… you do not need to pay to play. That’s one of my favorite things about the game. A lot depends on your states set up and the people playing in each server. I would highly recommend this game to anyone. I got my husband hooked. Yes, levels begin to take more time but every person goes through it and it’s easy to collect things without spending a dime. If you play you should definitely be in discord for tips. I never had discord before this game but the complexity makes it a must. The characters are fun and the play is very customizable. It’s not an idle game… if you have 5 minutes to spare in a day to play it might not be for you. It’s as addictive as WOW so be prepared. Also, it’s pretty. I’ve been playing since October 2023 and I haven’t stopped and don’t plan to any day soon. Side note - it has been a bit glitchy the past two days, not sure if that’s due to a new upgrade.

Fun but not what I wanted. After seeing ads for this game, where the player would go out and collect resources and build camp, I decided to download it. Although NONE of that was offered in the game, it was still kinda fun. You get to automate buildings for resources, build a community, and send out explorers with an interesting enough battle system. All of the fun came to a halt when I was forced to join an alliance. This feature should not be necessary for progress. They alliance system is clunky at best and unless you want to start your own, be prepared to deal with a massive amount of petty, power hungry leaders that just want to boss you around for their own build. If you don’t follow their rules or just want to play casually, they will kick you out and you’re left again with no progress. Not worth the effort. Not worth the time until they make it playable without alliances.

✨AMAZING✨. I got this game today, because I’ve seen it everywhere on ads, I’ve even play the game on the ad and, I can’t lie it’s amazing! I thought this would have more ads and you would have to pay to have fun but, no you don’t! J thought this would get really boring after a while, but NO! I definitely recommend playing this game, for people who are thinking if they want it or not, get it! It’s super fun, easy to play but also competitive, challenging, and it even has NO ads! The only thing I think needs to be fixed/changed, is how long it takes to load. It could take almost 2 and a half minutes to load to do something. Other than that I really think you should play it! Have fun!!

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Player threats. Player got attacked during SVS and then threatened players through private message that he hopes their families get cancer. This is the response from the online support one week later. Screenshots and over six known complaints against this user. Suffice to say I immediately deleted my account because of this. The user had an account that clearly had spent money, so obviously they won’t ban paying customers“ We have muted this player for 3 day, and we will continue to pay attention to this player after the mute ends.”

Loved it but. It would be really cool if you could have an individual profile for each survivor, so you’d know who was sick, what their happiness was at, etc. For sick survivors especially I think it would be really useful to move them around eg from the shelters to the infirmary

Not what the ad said. The the hell was is this, this is nothing like the ad says. If I see an ad of a game, I expect it to be the same, they weren’t the same at all. I don’t want to hear the ads only show a little bit of the game. Tell me how the ad is the same as the game and because the was u play on the ad and how u actually play is very different.

What is the point?. If you love an inane endless click fest that requires very little thought, then this ‘game’ is for you. There is no skill required, no strategy needed, just keep on clicking to get rid of the red dots. Gets a star from me for the graphics. There are better strategy games out there that have clear purpose. This one has not yet figured out what it’s trying to be.

Can’t Stop!!. I love this game. The graphics and the online chats to work together as a team. The only thing that would be great that I think should be available in the game is within each alliance, members should be able to share resources with in the alliance, that way we can build and assists in helping each other. Other than that the game is great.

Good game at start but massive Pay to Win. I was searching for a new survival/adventure game to grind on. This was not it. It’s a complete rip-off of Frostpunk. This app is full of in-game promotions that they throw in your face. Very unpleasant experience. After a couple weeks of investing your time, the progression becomes near impossible unless you pay to play. What’s worse, once you do pay and the transaction doesn’t go through, customer support is non-existent and takes over 5 days for each REPLY. Ticket/Enquiry is still unresolved as I’ve waited over a week for a response.

Amazing but the troops. I Love this game! It has great graphics, there’s always events going on and the people are really nice! I only started playing about 3 weeks ago and I though it would be hard to get power but now I’m already at 4.7m power!! I’ve been playing it daily and never got bored!! My alliance NKD has to be the most outgoing alliance I’ve ever been in! If any NKD’s is reading this, LOVE YOU GUYS!!! I really enjoy playing this but I do have one thing bothering and it seems like some of my fellow alliance members agree too. It’s about the troop training. Getting troops is quite hard for me, I have a suggestion for the next update. You know how when your in an alliance when you need help speeding buildings and you send a alliance help button. I was hoping if you could do the same for troop training, it’ll be quicker and people can reach higher ranks quickly. But apart from that keep up the good work!! -ṮħēĀḻpħābēṯ

Great game. It’s my first online game and I’m really into it. Great graphics, a real team environment. Rewards are always great! You can still play without paying $$$k on it.

Misleading advertising, pointless clicker. I have spent numerous hours on this game and upgraded my furnace to level 11. At no point has the game been like the ad, which is why i downloaded it in the first place. There is no skill or even luck required to play it - it is entirely on rails and all you do is click on the buttons that are prescribed for you. I have seen multiple people say the same thing in the reviews and I’ve no doubt this review will be met with the comment that the ad only shows a fraction of the actual gameplay, but I can assure you that the main way this game is marketed is fraudulent, and unless you want to play a boring idle clicker where you have almost no control and are stuck in a time-wasting loop, this game isn’t for you. I have played a lot of dodgy games but this one takes the cake.

Suggestion box. I like to game, but I think the suggestion box is annoying to manage with everything else in the game. Just get rid of it please

Good game but you need to help me with this. When I go to level up stuff like a sickbed from the clinic can you make a feature where it automatically upgrades max like where you need resources (I do) for the whole thing you can just purchase it then boom, you can upgrade the clinic to level 5 or something if there’s a setting where I can do this please let me know

Great but one major flaw. I love this game, however the events aren’t on every server and it seems that the same servers miss out every time. I’m on server #503 and we don’t have any of these updates they’ve written about. Halloween has been and gone and we never got that event. Pets? Don’t have that either. Constantly missing out is enough to make me quit the game honestly.

World chat is a huge problem.. The game is great overall. I have enjoyed my time playing and joining alliances. What I did not like is that there are a large amount of creeps, racists and out right rude people. The world chat is dominated by a group of particular people that make it very hard to engage with others. They like to stalk other players and attack them in groups - even though they aren’t apart of the same alliances. The world chat has unfortunately ruined the game for me after grinding for days and spending money, I think it’s maybe time I retire this game.

Great great great great great great great great great game. It’s superrr fun and it’s one of the funniest survival games ever and one of the best I’ve played. This game has a mix of everything it’s great as a survival game plus there’s a fightin part that is so good and overall it’s a great game!!!

Good game. I love the game engaging and addictive and fun the only problem I have is the graphics you should make like for very good graphics you pay some money for it

good game which is fun. The game is fun and the graphics looks attractive. This game has a good game play and lots of missions keep you playing. I met a lot of friends by my alliance as well.

Exploitative, deceptive, and boring. Ads don’t reflect actual gameplay: it’s just the same old final fantasy style “build your kingdom then attack other players on a world map” gameplay. Don’t bother. You’ve seen this game before: Repetitive and with minimal creative engagement on the part of the player, with a very cluttered interface and reward systems geared to make you spend as much time online per day as possible, and to spend money on nonsense.

Can’t stand this game. I mean the graphics and visuals are great, but it’s just too many prizes to collect, too many red dots and alerts to check up on. I find myself logging in completely lost as to what I’m meant to do. It’s just so boring. The people are nice though, but the gameplay is so boring! I was wanting to just play it casually because it’s really chill and the folk are nice to chat to.. but dang, I can’t stand how boring this game is! The pvp is not competitive enough. The pve is just rallying on a monster which gets boring after like the 3rd day. Then there’s the buffs and events that basically reward you for just being online 24/7. I honestly wouldn’t call this a game. It’s got city builder skin with pvp and pve features but there’s seriously no actual gameplay content. It’s heavily reminiscent of games like Lords Mobile with a million different in game currencies. If you are looking for a mindless game with a bit of everything but not much actual game, then sure… give this a try. But my god I can’t stand how boring this game is. I give it 2 stars… simply because the app seems to work well and the graphics are nice. That’s it.

Tired of ads nothing like the game. There should be some sort of law against totally misleading ads that are nothing like the game. If I could give zero stars I would. If you can make the ad good, make the game like the ad. Don’t bait and switch. I’ll wait for your half assed dev response telling me to join the discord server to learn to play the game. Such automated responses are lazy and show the dev has no regard for its user base. Hopefully you get virtually instant deletes from all your users you bait and switch, and eventually fade into the background noise that is the App Store. Well done wasting more money on your ads than you do the game.

White out survival is great. The game could be fun if you were to commit in the settlement that your making, grinding, powering through getting put into ranks, playing with others and forming Alliances also battles, but mostly a farming game😊

Bullies ruin unless you spend big. The game was fun (state 172) until a bully who obviously spent up big started destroying everyone who wouldn’t agree to his every whim. Wiped out whole clans when just one member insulted him just so he could feel powerful. Pathetic. The developers do nothing when it’s reported. Just ask for screenshots and then maybe mute him in world chat. So people end up leaving and the server dies.

Good Game. I absolutely love this game i’ve been playing it for a few days now and im addicted theres so much to do and the visuals are really good and the best part about it there has not been a single ad since i’ve started playing wow

Terrible, just terrible. I saw the advertising for this game, me having adhd downloaded it thinking I would be using a vacuum to remove snow and collect coal to build a village but yeah no false advertising, maybe if you want people to play your asscheek games make them like you advertise them, complete rip-off of frost punk you should all be ashamed of yourselves. And build your white empire??????? Go out in public and scream that at the top of your lungs and see what happens, not sure how it’s okay to say that in an ad either. Absolutely Hornswoggled by your stupidity

Was fun until lvl7 then the P2x mechanics kicked in. Stick to FrostPunk if you want a true single player experience and not a poor clone. It descents quickly into the P2P, P2W, PvP mechanics. Plus the UI is so busy it’s annoying trying to respond to items that don’t require attention, taking focus off actually playing the game. Shame really but waiting for Frozen City to turn out the same.

Pay to Win. Game starts out as a good free to play game but becomes more apparent as your state and server ages that the game is pay to win. Those that spend money snowballs and gets everything including event rewards. Maybe make it more friendly for those that just wants to play without paying?

Zero percent in common with ads. Fun game in its own right but actually not at all like the ads, more a build your city and fight others than any actually running around as a character and doing things

Money grab with horrible customer service. You have to pay to be able to compete in any of way. I did pay a fair bit as I was having fun at first but now I am having issues I am trying to sort out because I am changing phones and customer support doesn’t care at all. Seems like they make enough money from suckers like me that they don’t care if they lose you or expect you to start again and pay more money. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME.

Dopamine builder - pay for your EGO!. Ok, got somehow to F30 without paying a dime and....NO PAY-NO PLAY! Hmm, ok. Unless YOU want to FILL YOUR EGO in real life and want to spend your money or your children's savings, then this game is not worth your time. [YOU will need to spend lots and I mean lots of your hard earned CASH -> '$dollares$', from real life and invested into this "virtual wannabe reality"]. Ok, about the game - loops, bottlenecks, micro transactions and ENDLESS clicks...etc... all in order for you to spend to progress. Not real knowledge or strategy needed and game mechanics are really based on dollars, HOW MUCH YOU SPEND, that good you are. Big spenders, they call them whales-lol, sorry to say but, sad losers. Best from the previous reviews: "all you need to do is just click on the buttons which are prescribed for you" and totally agree to that statement. Money and time waster. Great graphics though, that's about all that is to this game.

Sssssssooooooooooo fun 🤩 🤩😀😇😆😃🥹😁🙂☺️❤️😊🙃😄🥰😍😘🍔🌭🥖🍳🥨🍕🌈🐌🍝🧈🥞🥞🍛🍱🐩. So ive seen the add a million times so I decided to try the game and I am addicted it is so fun, there are no adds, you get to build an empire and fight to I have been playing this game for 3 hours strait and I’m not bored at all. Please get this game to experience this with me

Don’t waste your time / money. I spent money on the game and spend a lot of time everyday for 2 weeks donating resources every time I was on to my alliance only to make a mistake by attacking someone resources that was 10m power and my alliance leader made it seem I purposely went looking for this other person / alliance and then be attacked by him and his alliance non stop and then the alliance Leader demoted me from R4 - R1 then kicked me out and repeatedly attacked me all night and day . I uninstalled the game due to made up rules people and people just being toxic

Yes another base game. You know the rules, you’ve played it before. But this one has enough people and enough mechanics to keep it interesting. Working with your guild really let’s you level quick.

This game is a money grab. This game has no content for players who have reached level 30 and maxed out everything unlocked all buildings after level 30 there are more levels sure but it just is making stuff stronger not unlocking anything new the game is unbalanced as the person with more money wins allways nothing to do to beat them people are spending upwards of 40k on the states I play in it’s a joke very much pay 2 win

Good game except for cheating and bullies- don’t bother playing. I was enjoying this game until I saw my whole alliance wiped out by at least one person from an alliance that is so powerful that nobody can get close to them and they attack anyone with a much lower power level like their power level is in the millions( due to cheating) and they’re attacking people who might only be in the 10s of thousands or hundreds of thousands and cheat to be top of the ladder in every event. The same one I saw wipe out my alliance( I didn’t get wiped out as I saw that they had scouted me so put up a shield to stop it) was then taking out other alliances and even this morning was still taking out alliances. People have no chance of building up their towns when these bullies and cheats come and steal everything you’ve built up then destroy your town. Don’t waste your time, you don’t stand a chance against these bullies and cheats and developers etc do nothing to stop them.

Shame on the developers for predatory game design.. Games like these are insidious and predatory. They're marketed as 'free' fun until players are cornered into a choice: lose progress or pay up. This pay-to-play model creates an unfair playing field, and the game's 24/7 nature fosters addiction. These games are designed to manipulate dopamine levels, a tactic that's particularly devious when aimed at children. It's akin to gambling, but targeted at a younger audience—a practice that's not only unethical but should be criminalized. The inability to play offline only intensifies the constant pressure to spend within the game. Shame on the game developers for not offering a straightforward purchase option and the freedom to play offline. You're operating on a level lower than casinos.

This looks like a copy with few minor tweaks. If you look at frozen city which came out before this it’s practically the same with a few new additions or changes to make it seem different but they’re also identical. It’s a good game but after furnace 10-11 it just becomes upgrade this small group buildings with increasing timers. No real end goal or major expansion after that it just comes to a crashing halt makes every furnace upgrade feel worthless after expanding the city as much as you can. I will say they don’t depend on pay to win all too much compared to others but I cant ignore it copying system and ideas from various other more popular games which have don’t them better. In all honesty it feels rushed like a small amount of hero’s to choose and play with. I get it’s a new games I shouldn’t be picky but I am and will be.

Perfect game.. This game is basically a copy of Frozen City, but made 500x better. really i pressed w everything, every single feature in this game is perfectly made. love it ❤️

Whiteout Survival. Ok, the games fun and all like it’s really addictive, but the thing is at some point in the building phrase on like your 4th day of playing, it’ll start saying “buy a construction queue” and you have to pay like $6. And well it’s nothing in the ads on TikTok and you can build machines just no like paying or anything .

Bullying and gambling at it's worst. 🚨🚨WARNING!!! 🚨🚨 - I am currently waiting my refund requests before reaching out to Australia Competition and Consumer Commission and eSafety commissioner for purchases immediately stolen by two "top 10 / NAP 10" alliances who wouldn't surprise me if they are affiliated with the game devs, followed by further bullying in chat and private messages. Also recorded video screens of the company selling "lootboxes and loot spins" in AU with age classification 4+. Do NOT let you or your family play this cyberbullying / gambling game!!

Really good but some things don’t make any sense. Was having a good time with the game but on day 4 some rookie challenges unlock that you would have spent limited resources to complete during the first 3 days. (Research tech, upgrade hero skills etc). Now I don’t have the resources to complete more to make it count and the previously completed work doesn’t count towards the mission. A little outdated and sneaky in my opinion

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. Worst customer service I have ever seen For a simple request to unlink email I have been back and forth with them for over a week now at one stage they asked me for 3 different months of purchase history when I had only been playing the game for 2 They take 2 days to reply to anything and it’s pretty much the same reply also

Fun for awhile but I got slapped in the face by some guys wallet.. Fun game. Built myself an alliance we grew got to 98th. Got invited to a much bigger group 9th on the leaderboard joined them good. The issue arose when the objectives unlocked to be thought over. 9th place didn’t get a single of 12 objectives got obliterated. That was fine. A minor objective opened up and a guy joined our direct competition for it and single handedly defeated our whole alliance. Game is too pay to win. I don’t see the point in playing anymore. I went and checked the stats me (800th) 4.5 mill 100th 6.5mill 50th 7.5 mill 15th 11 mill 1st 42 mill (an individual) My whole alliance got destroyed because of one guy with 8 mill just joined our opponent (from a higher team). Kinda ruined it for me.

Your sincerely young game play. This game is really fun. Recommend getting in one 10 minutes I have done good for my small city and having a lot of fun.😁😍

improvement. this game is super fun and really engaging, I haven’t stopped playing since i started. the only thing that would make it 5 stars is if after we’ve fulfilled a request from the suggestion box, we could delete it or the system would to make way for the news one and so we can stay on top of what we need to do. otherwise, absolutely love the game!

Can’t change states. The game is really good overall just one thing that annoys me is that my friend and I play this game together and we’re in different states. I’m in state 610 and my friend is in state 580. We wanted to join the same alliance but we can’t do that because of the fact that we are not in the same state. Other then that the game is 9/10 just you could make some things easier to click. The first game that I actually liked that was a tycoon ish game with pvp. Please let us change states. Thanks

Confusing & nothing like advertised. It’s more of random tapping to do anything in the game with no real strategy. It’s NOTHING like what’s advertised so no clue why they have those ads. There’s an overload of panels and features which makes gameplay confusing. Not sure what the actual point is of it. A lot of paid extras as well so players who pay will overpower you in seconds if you choose free play

Racism, sexism and pay2win!. This game was fun at first but it took a turn for the worse. The Korean side of the community are extremely racist and sexiest in world chat. Plus the pay2win players make the game such a pain to play. They spend their whole pay check on this game then spam message you asking why you’re bad sprinkled in with some racist comments. My best advice is to not download WoS and this is coming from a FC3 player. Deleted the game and haven’t looked back.

It’s another decent base builder. Like the title says it’s another decent base builder, it flows nicely from each activity eventually leading in to clans, building up your army and battling other players. While the hero system and using them to do a arena pvp is cool, I don’t think this game really offers anything unique compared to other games and it doesn’t need too. It does its job as a base builder/pvp game. Note I didn’t play this to end game content so I may be miss informed and could be missing a really big part of the game, however I don’t feel like it’s drawn me in enough to waste my time to see if there Is anything.

Misleading marketing. It is not what the advert shows. Basically a Clash of Clans / Call of Dragons guild steam roller. If you like either of those games or that genre then you’ll be happy enough here. If not, don’t be fooled by the ads! It does not have that gameplay so gets 2 stars for being misleading.

Poor customer support. In an attempt to delete my account there is a questionnaire that asks the date I started playing. I was unsure of the date so asked customer support to provide it for me, they wouldn’t provide the date and I cannot delete my account without knowing it. Happy to take peoples money but no support for people who don’t want to play anymore. Save your time and energy on something else. Will never play another century game.

Good game except for getting left out, bullied and pressured. I was getting hooked up on this game but players and alliances got intense. Got pressured to power up really high within a time limit. I can never compete with other players who spend a lot of money or those who are online almost 24/7 to reach power level 2 to 3 M in a short time. When their expectations were not met, got kicked out from alliance many times. And after I got kicked out, my city was often attacked by members of my previous alliances. I played every day but can’t be online all the time becoz I have real life responsibilities as well. I play games to relax my mind and release stress. Not to add more.

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Too expensive to progress. This game ( as many similars in the past recent years) is only enjoyable if you invest on it and and I’m talking of spending thousand dollars. -If you want to upgrade your heroes ? $$$ - upgrade equipment? $$$ - enjoying events ? $$$ - moving on the map ? $$$ Like, what’s even the point to play anymore if I feel that I have to ruin myself to have a glance of what that game could offer ? You can’t progress fairly into it if you choose to play only with what the game offers “freely” That game is still on the spot since it’s brand new but would die soon. That’s madly expensive for no reason.

Terrible. Nothing like the ads

Pay to win game full of bullies. this is completely an adult game, targeted for toxic people who would pay to win instead of actual strategy. There is absolutely no place of strategy in this game since the main functionalities contains features you need to buy with actual money. Do not let your kids play this. Note: Unlike some of the fake reviews, there is no storyline in this game. And the devs will delete your account if you report abusive behaviours from someone who had spent a lot of money in the game.

Keep looking. P2W game. They literally have quests that are ‘give us your money.’ Upgrade times are insane and if you’re not giving them your money regularly, then there isn’t much to do and no hope of progressing or even feeling like you’re progressing. Otherwise, a decent time waster.

.. Game is biased towards other countries. Once you join you will realize. Rather spend your time in fair and equal play with other games.

Run. Game is trash. Packs everywhere, spent 3.7k then quit after 2 weeks of playing. Literally every event in this game is asking you to buy some packs.

Not a fan!. Normally I would personally enjoy games like this one, fun tasks to complete while upgrading a base. This game however is nothing like the ads present it as. Most TikTok’s ads are this exact same way, and if they were like the ads show you, games would be way more fun! I strongly do not recommend this game as many before me have deleted it in the same day it was downloaded.

This game is the worst kind of trash. Full of predatory tactics. Praying on people regardless of how little they have. No warning of the super addictive nature and strategies employed to entice people into spending more and more and more. This game is a cookie cutter of a game you already played but with a different theme only here as the flavour of the month, throwing imaginary gifts to make you feel like 4.99 is no big deal, then 9.99, then 19.99. Stay away, mega mega red flag.

Pay to play junk. Just another pay to play junk where you can play for a couple of days to become a farm fit some pay to win guy, there is no real strategy or game it’s just a way to get you to out spend other pay to players. I know developers don’t actually care if people enjoy their games as long as people will give them money

One minor complaint. The game needs more chapter missions! Storyline is what sets this game apart from titles like Rise of Kingdoms!

Ad lied. Nothing like the add. You just press "build" and "upgrade" over and over, then wait and do it all over again. This isn’t even a game.

P2W. Sad, just another pay 2 win game. Can’t compete with any whales. Can’t compete with events unless your spending a couple hundred dollars. It’s repetitive trash & very unbalanced. How can a 80million power player attack a 10million player?? Wish I never downloaded

Nah. Gameplay wasn’t like the ads that I seen and the game is 100% PvP focused. Not fun. And then they give canned copy and pasted responses about bringing in more innovative gameplay. How about you don’t lie in your ads?

Fake ads. Why can’t games be like the ads if I see a ad and it looks like something I’m going to want to play then I get into the game and it’s nothing like it or just a small part I’m not going to play maybe advertise what the main part of the game is.

Game Punishes You. I contacted support as a boost that I purchased was not taking affect. When questioning why the boost didn’t give me anything they told me it did take effect and that me not seeing any boost, despite my purchase, was completely normal and that they use a special calculation tool, they are not able to disclose to me, to come up with how the percentages will translate to my account. When I’m purchasing a boost, I’m expecting the value that’s explained in the description of the purchase to match that. Not a 0% boost, its a waste of money for me and misleading by them. Apple granted me a refund after showing them screen recordings and photos since Whiteout Survival did not. After they refunded my purchase, Whiteout survival detected it and banned my account. Now I am unable to log in unless I make more purchases from them for nothing in return but 100 Meat!

If you came here from the Instagram ads, this review is for you. I downloaded the game so you don’t have to. Some Instagram ads advertise the game as a manual resource collecting kind of game, which isn’t accurate to the actual gameplay. It starts off as a story-based game for the first few levels (I’d say until you hit Level 9?) … Characters are voiced, lots of cool stuff, there’s even a global chat option. It’s a good game to play to pass time, but the higher you level up, the more the game relies on your alliance with other players and your army’s defenses. It’s really just a war and alliance game. The NA server is a hellfire of entitled 30 year olds. I enjoyed the story, but it loses its charm the longer you play it. If you like rallying against other players then this game is probably for you.

Review2. I love it. It’s fun relaxing to play etc. But I play on a old phone so it crashes when I do certain things I’ll tell what they are Exploring aka battling npcs Interacting with buildings etc so please fix this

Best game in my phone!. Fantastic game! Fun and fairly addictive. Clear tutorial for new players, lots of missions and actions need to be completed. All characters are cute, I will collect all of them!!!:D

Frostpunk rip off. Just look at the privacy settings and ask yourself if a lame ripoff of a top tier game like frost punk, is worth giving up all your info for a Pay 2 Win game!? Do the math and stop giving away your privacy and data!

Terrible community. My advice don’t play this game if you want to have a fun experience with a nice group because if you start an alliance yourself and a state vs state event comes up the top 20 alliances will gang up on you since you’re considered a liability to them. Don’t waste your time this games community is more toxic then league

Mr. The game is play is great. The downside is that the top 10 or 15 groups team up and decide the rules. If you banner or city hit when it’s not an event then you are attacked. One person even put a (real money) bounty on another player

Don’t waste your time. A game where incels with no life raid you and your Allie’s for hours straight. Pay to win. Wasted 4 days playing this before realizing how bad this game is. I had never rated or written a review for a game on the App Store, but I felt obligated to write one for this game. So don’t be like me, don’t waste your time 😘

Heavy p2p. It’s a heavy pay to play or you’ll keep losing everything

Big spenders and bullies. This game would be a great game but there are too many massive spenders and the bullying on the states is horrible. Too much racism and hate. Too bad the game could be really great if they had monitors on the states to stop this kind of stuff from happening.

Not like the ads. The trend of false advertising has to stop.

P2w game. Basically a p2w game. Everyone got the same set of heroes. For orange color, they give you one and you master it. The other orange (SSR) ones, you have to pay for them. Eventually whoever pay more to get the fragment or the paid heroes win

Dupe Charges. I've been charged twice for in app purchases and have disputed it two different times - once in January, and Apple had to refund, and again now in April. Provided proof to the customer support in app and they never ended up responding to my response regarding multiple charges. I eventually got a refund from Apple and now the game is saying I've requested "too many illegal refunds". They're not illegal, and the app is restricting me from playing further unless I purchase "empty" packs worth the amount I requested in refund. Not just for the two recent today, but also from way back in January. I'm done, and making others aware to not purchase anything in app if you're going to play. It was a great game up until this, and the customer service support received has made the decision to remove the app.

Not responding. I have a refund approved by google play but support is not responding. disappointed, cod or Rise are better games.

Definitely not like the adds. It’s a base builder game if you want to play a better one, just play Clash of clans

Misleading advertisement. I downloaded this game solely for the fact I thought it was a completely different game and I was truly disappointed. Aren’t there laws and stuff about false adverts? Thought for sure there was… The game is not for me. Too much waiting around. Stop false advertising!

No support from Dev’s. If you want to play a game where player’s say they will r*pe you, k1ll you, drop the N word, want to urinate in your mouth and let farm animals have at it - the. this is the game for you. All of the comments reported to the Dev’s along with screen shots, and the response was too bad. Great game for the toxic minded.

Review. They make it very difficult to delete your account , I’ve tried for over a month.

Dissappointing. This game is clearly designed to maximize in app purchases rather than to maximize the player experience.

Scam and Fraud; support is horrible.. UPDATE 13th Nov 2023: Received an “Illegal Ban Notice” and the developer is using EXTORTION to not even use my account after spending $100s on buying packs. No mediation process, no we received a claim just out right ban. This comes a few days after the games Alliance Championship system failed to issue/mail rewards. This game company is a SCAM and does not care for its customers. I would give it negative stars if the AppStore would permit. 😡 The game is good, but there has been a lot of connection issues and server lag that has not been addressed promptly. Game support is horrible in every sense of the meaning. Slow to respond, slow to get your request completed, conflicting information even when the initial request is provided. There is no quick and easy method to either delete an account or to unlink/unbind from any of the social media or backup options provided. Game support does not conform to Apple’s guideline that users data belongs to the user and if the user wants any of those linked backup options deleted your request is treated with hesitation. One would believe that a quick toggle or option to delete backup data and to unlink/unbind would be provided but nope Game Support and Developer feels the need to play “Gate Keeper” and prolong a simple request. With iCloud if a customer wants to delete backed-up data from apps and services with Apple the process is simple and straightforward not with this Game Company. I highly encourage new member not to download this game or even use its backup options until the customer or game player is provided more control over their user data. Game Player Beware!

Game sucks. You move quick and can succeed but as soon as you get over 2 mil power your constantly attacked, as someone who works a full time job I can commit to hours on this game just to protect myself. Unless you have no life don’t even download it.

Great game. So far I’m really enjoying this game easy to play and lots of helpful prompts if you get stuck!

Wrong advertisement. It’s completely different from what you see in their ad. It’s not what they advertise.

Nothing like the ads. The ads look so fun but the actual game is nothing like them

Do not play!!! waste of time. I’m in state #72 and it’s ruled by Hrz they became over powered and just camp lower people killing you over and over all your hard work gone because you can’t defend against someone who has 20 mill more power then you. There is free 8 hr shields but you need to be on to refresh and only get 5 of them so won’t keep you protected long. The game developers need to change things so your not able to attack people unless they are close to your power like within 5 million or it’s completely unfair I enjoyed the actual game play but what’s the point of playing if people with 80 million more power then you can come attack you for no reason destroy your city take your resources and kill your troops that took weeks to make.

Good game to kill time. I’ve been playing for 11 days and its a great way to kill time and fun to play. The game always keeps you busy with new events every day or second day.

Terrible waste of time and money. Game started out strong and good and fun. Eventually it turns into lots of in game friends quitting because of feeling defeated. Leaders of states take advantage of abusing multiple accounts to monitor alliances and players to avoid confrontations. Seeing your every move real time. If an opposing alliance can watch what your are doing all the time, if makes it difficult to play against them. People think that if they spend enough money that they can compete, we if your enemy is able to watch where you are and what your are attacking, it makes it really easy to counter with garrisons or sheild. In 70 days i have watched a lot of high level, heavily invested people just up and quit because it becomes no longer fun to compete against cheaters when you are an honest player. So sad this happens because it could have been fun. Castle battle is broken too. Bunch of whales you can’t compete against because of the $5,000 + dollars they ha

Nap Konyin. OhOuuui

Great game. Not quite like the ADs and playable ADs but still wildly addicting and fun. There is a lot to do and you get a lot of stuff. I’m my opinion, it is a “pay to win” type of game but, you can do just fine without paying anything.

To much data use for all phones. To much data usage for all phones sad as it’s a great game

Not like the ads. Another fake game with false gameplay ads. I thought it was a game to plow and collect resources or something like that and it ended up being a typical town building crap game. Uninstalling…

False advertising. I have never seen an add that actually depicts this game accurately. It’s all bait and switch with exciting ads that look nothing like the actual game. Complete false advertising.

Lies. Fake adds to get you to download then it’s a completely different game when you do!

Fake adds. The adds you see for this game arnt even of the actually game play

Scam. I downloaded the game January 15th paid for something to allow me to build 2 things at once 3,99$ Anyways haven’t touched the game since that day boom 6,99$ random charge to my account January 25th by this game beware

Not great for iPad. There are many games available of this type, and while this one looked promising, I’m not going to spend time on a game that doesn’t fit my device properly.

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For starters:. This is a great game, i personally think it was inspired by other games, but every good game is like this game aka they are all almost the same, but like 70% of this game has so many new mechanics and it’s so easy to do, no need to wait forever for a upgrade, everything is a good price, and there are so many surprises, even when your board there is so much to do! There is a suggestion box where your survivors rate your city, it could be good or bad, and you can click on it and upgrade that building to make them happy! This game is so good you should play

Meh. Same old thing. Game plays smooth and graphics are good so gave it 2 stars instead of 1 but nothing at all new from any other in the genre besides the snow which very quickly is a non event. No real strategy element, game is on rails with everyone doing exact same things just at different paces and the only way to be competitive late game is to pay a bunch. Even then it doesn’t make it more enjoyable. Losing/ taking territory and even alliance HQs is very easy and even when we got large the only real thing to do was attack the weaker alliances with outcome known which is dumb and pointless but there was no benefit or reason to attack similar strength alliances so why bother. As said it’s same ole thing you’ve played a million times with same outcomes so I’d say it’s a pass.

Not the same game as the ads. This game is NOT the same game as the adds, very disappointing and not very fun. I honestly hate my life because of the game. I wake up every morning to a terrible day (except Fridays), and I go to school to do terrible things 😢, this game has only added to the sadness because of how unsatisfied it’s left me. I am unsatisfied and disappointed and disgusted with this terrible game. This has been the worst part of 2023 and it will most likely carry into the new year and beginning of 2024. I am in utter disbelief at how bad this game is, and when I die I hope my soul can be left to rest, even though deep down I know that I will never be truly complete because of how underwhelming this game has made my already sad existence. All in all 10/10 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍!

Don’t trust the ads! 😂. I love this game, I’ve been playing for almost a year but I keep seeing ads for it that are nothing like the game! 😂 It can be a very chill gather resources build strength type of game depending on the server you are in but there are a lot of toxic players who take the game too seriously. Definitely need a strong will to continue playing because people say some really out of pocket stuff on world chat! I’ve been told to kms for asking a question about an event in world. People get very violent too. For me it is just fun to do my little daily tasks and collect the new heroes but some people spend their life savings on this game and act like they are actual warlords.

Very similar to Game of War- Excellent strategy. The game play and structure is exactly like Game of War from 7-10 years ago. That being said, it was and still is one of the best strategy game structures around. It keeps the player engaged, interacting with others and a lot to do. I love the new snowy whiteout theme and the new features. I took off one star because like Game of War, this is a pay to play game. I realize developers need to make money, and I'm ok with that to a point. Hopefully, we won't see whiteout survival Super Bowl ads- we all know how much those cost.

PTW GAME. I understand most games like this are ptw but within less than two weeks the top three players were more than double the power of 4th place and everyone else and they are burning and destroying the entire state more than 75% of the state has quit and its a brand new state and the developers obviously don’t care either especially since this is the response they give "Dear Chief, sorry for the bad gaming experience. Player versus Player is part of the experience that the game provides. You may raise your power through Hero Garrison, Troop Training, Gear Upgrades. Please join our Discord community and survive the glacial apocalypse with chiefs from all over the word!" All they want is for you to spend everything you have on here just so someone can zero you and make you waste your money its not worth it

Alright- but….. New to the game, but…. I am a former player of Rise of Kingdoms and wow- talk about a knock off lol. The games are incredibly similar. I was a pay to win player and had years of fun playing ROK. I like the idea of the game, but there are two things that need to change IMO. The only way to get steel in the game is to play the campaign mode- after you progress a bit- it is very hard to get enough resources to progress. Kind of a dud idea imo. But that’s where pay to win players have the advantage. Secondly- sending troops onto the map is WAY to basic. You have to have a certain item or spend gems to recall a march/attack. SO LAME. So lame. Secondly, there is no directing or holding troops on the map. You can’t attack other players troops that are marching (unlike rise of kingdoms) and you can only select things to attack or reinforce- there is no in between. I would like to see that changed. All in all- if you like Rise of Kingdoms- or that style of game- this game is a cheesy knock off in a way. For all I know- everything I said is false- I’ve only been playing a week or so.

Absolute scam. I have tried for over a week to delete my account. Just so everyone knows, you do not have access to your information. You will need to ask them (absolutely incompetent) to delete it for you. In order for them to do that, they conveniently (for them) ask you for a bunch of information you will not have. Like what exact date did you start playing the game. Like, WHAT? Who knows that. This is such a dishonest scam of a company. They won’t tell you how/where to get the various information they require. Good luck interfacing with their “Support” function. What an oxymoron. Buyer beware. Make no mistake, maintaining and selling your information is their whole business model. The actual game is their “necessary evil” that they reluctantly, and poorly keep up with to take advantage of you.

Great Game But. I like the game I like the concept but it has one issue that I can see you buy something that says it cost $9 and the game turns around and charges you $16 this is considered theft where I’m from it’s against the law as well I can’t recommend this game to anyone willing to spend hard earned money to buy stuff for the enjoyment of the game and I won’t continue to play this game till my money has been sent back to the card they charged This is a reply to the dev below I did contact the game developer in the game as well as on the website I even sent pictures and proof of payment and what I received and bought I’ve gotten no response you are the first person to respond either way I’ve moved on I’m not spending money on a game when I cannot even get a response from a human

SUPPORT LIES AND STEALS DONT DOWNLOAD. Their app is super buggy, and they take away your rewards constantly. If you reach out to support they ask you to take screenshots and then they don’t answer for days at a time and then they say that there are nor no abnormalities. To give you an example the workers are supposed to start work at 7 AM. I showed them a screenshot of them walking to work at 10:12 AM when they finish work at 12 PM. This means when my app isn’t open, it is not functioning off-line like it is meant to which is leading survivors to die, which is an incredibly frustrating experience. All I get told us to join a group, but when I join a group, they all told me to reach out to support this team of developers is. And everyone of their games as such.

Don’t play, save yourself time.. This game is the WORST game I have ever played. It allows individuals/alliances wayyy above your power level to attack you and you can’t do anything about it. When they attack you, it levels you down. Which means people starting out can’t really grow. This game is only for those who started when it came out, who have all the power. Save your self the time, get a better game. There are many out there. This needs more regulations for PVP. They have responded to other people who have rated it, telling them how to get more power but it’s impossible unless you want to spend money. I have been playing games like this for over 15 years. It’s impossible when these huge alliances with 200,000,000 plus power are attacking you and you only have 4,000,000.

Whiteout Survival. It’s a pretty decent game. My problem is why do I have a shield if I can’t use it? I’m being attacked over and over again. My hospital is down to zero and I’m still being attacked! I try and use a shield and it says you can’t use a shield in times of war tell me where that makes sense! I should be able to stop and attack her if I see them coming instead I’m sitting watching them, decimate my city over and over again and I’ve never attacked any of these people, but I have to pay money to try to get my hospital healed. And I still can’t use a shield, it makes no sense to me. Why have a shield if I can’t use it!? Is a useless feature so now I’m down to zero and trying to use cash, but that is exactly what you had intended. it’s wrong and unfair and I won’t be playing and I will make sure I tell all my friends about this feature.

New Favorite Game. Thank you to whatever game I was playing previously that gave me an ad for this game because I instantly fell in love with it. I’ve played multiple other games like this with similar game mechanics and what not, but something is different about this one. Whiteout Survival, unlike others, has a unique storyline and beautiful gameplay. I love how we get to upgrade elements within the buildings as well, something you almost never see in other games. It shouldn’t be surprising that there are elements of this game that you can pay for, but it is not entirely pay-for-play, and is fairly manageable without.

Clash Clone. It’s pretty normal by now to expect it, but I figure I would mention it anyway: if you are looking to play a game like the ads this is not it. This is a build and upgrade your city, pay or wait, PvP successor to clash of clans. It is fun, it has more to do, but eventually you are put on a treadmill to open/upgrade heroes for resource gathering and PvP. From loot boxes. You can join alliances to better help protect yourself, but it is not what you would expect from the ads. I will say if you enjoyed clash you may find this interesting. You do not have the freedom on what to build where, but this does create a sort of “upgrade and improve” fun. For me the luster wore off rather quickly. You are pretty limited in expansion of your town by your heroes, and I do not care to fork over tons of money for the top tier OP ones. Give it a shot if you wouldn’t mind systems that are gated behind purchasing. There are team did a great job with this. It’s beautiful but essentially another carbon copied cash grab.

Love the game but….. The game is addicting and fun to play with friends. The issues I have are: how much of a pain it is to get steel! U get soooo little and they give u very little options to gain steel so it keeps u waiting forever and keeps you from advancing further. They need to give more or make another option to gain it like mining it…. They don’t give u an option to upgrade more than two things at a time and it takes a very long time to upgrade your buildings which starts to make the game boring since you have to wait forever…. And It’s stupid that they don’t let you change your profile pic freely. U have to wait days to make any changes.

It’s awesome and thrilling game, but I think it can be more.. When I first played it, I was a bit skeptical but it almost took a way all my expectations and predictions in for a survival strategy game, however when I reached a certain level it became a bit dull and predictable. I was disappointed that it didn’t give me the choice to keep it strictly survival or keep it as a sort of story mode survival strategy. The game has a potential and I can’t wait the next update has in store, I think it could be the next big thing. For example, the next update could focus on adding more territories to the player’s city to grow the population and it’s resources.

It’s a good game stop listening to all these Imbeciles ... The game is fun don’t listen to all the whiners in the review that don’t wanna put in the time and effort it’s a good game, not so “pay to win” anything. Ofc there’s micro transactions as any other game needs to make money and events they you could pay for but it’s not all required necessarily. Play at your own pace and put in the time to check it every now and then and trust me you’ll move up I have yet to have a complaint just grind and put in the time and you’ll move up

Yay! Another of the same game. I feel like there’s no original games anymore. This game is just like other games where you start out building your city/town. Around level 5 you realize that you have to join an alliance, you’ll be attacked by enemies and your resources plundered, if you spend real money you will lose real money, and you get to rebuild. Eventually your alliance will want you to join another chat app (line, discord, WhatsApp…) because chatting via the in game world chats, alliance chats, whisper chats, and messages isn’t enough. Honestly, this game feels very similar to Evony The Kings Return, but without the suggestive in game dialogue and graphics (although- this game does let players upload any photo for an avatar and is less restrictive, so the chat boards can be often be inappropriate). Overall, this game is pretty much regurgitated garbage.

A Great Game.. I rarely write reviews on games, because most of the games I install, I usually delete within a day or two. This game though is really fun! Like, I play this game daily. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I don’t really like the design part of the game, like you don’t really have a choice of what your building, or outside materials (such as trees and landscaping) looks like. I also wish there were more like problems in the game, like a ambush or something else like that, (even natural disasters). Another thing that would be pretty cool is if the weather changed (like spring, summer, fall). In all I really recommend this game! It’s really enjoyable and entertaining.

Review. I wanted to make a suggestion..I think there should be a cap to who you can attack to prevent the top ten alliances from running over everyone who stand no chance..example if your alliance has 100mill in power there should be a buffer of like 500k up or down on who you can attack to prevent top ten alliances from steamrolling everyone and gives the little alliances chance to grow and actually enjoy the game..also think the facilities should have a cap on alliance power that can occupy..there should be separate facilities for range of alliance power again so top ten alliances are not taking everything and lower alliance have a chance to experience new things..

Major pay to win issues. Overall it’s a fun and challenging game. Until… you are raided over and over again by people who are max level and they constantly destroy your progress and alliance. It only takes one high level to destroy an entire alliance, they teleport in and teleport out once they are done. The only way they can be so over powered is by spending so much money for n the game they have gotten boosts to make themselves max level because you cannot do it without paying. It wouldn’t be much of a problem if there was a balance to make up the level difference, but they can just repeatedly crush your troops and steal your resources. There needs to be a level cap to prevent low level attacks or something because now instead of the game being fun I just log in to see my base on fire and things destroyed. Not fun anymore….

Now what?. This is a fun game to start, but turns basic just like all the rest out there. You get to a certain level and realize who the p2w players are. Everyone has the same “heroes” and there are no advantages in grouping certain heroes with each other. If you’re high enough you get gear for them, usually grey, green or blue. If your lucky purple. The p2w players have orange and have evolved their heroes to the fullest. So your guild takes some land and gets close to pyramids to attack them for bonuses, yay. That is if a p2w guild doesn’t push you out of the way. Well then now what? Log on, train troops, research, donate, gather and well that’s it. Nothing fancy here.

This game made unauthorized charges!!. I’d give this game 0 stars if I could. This game made several unauthorized charges to my card on file. When I requested a refund from the App Store, the game’s customer support decided to strong-arm me into spending money by withholding vital game features until spending money on their game. When I told them I didn’t authorize any charges, they told me it was my fault. I responded that it was the game that charged my account. They refused to accept responsibility or remove the game restrictions. If you want a game that will charge your card on file with unauthorized charges, play away. If you don’t appreciate theft, then don’t play this game. Update: They want me to reach out to them? Ha! I already tried that and they blamed the unauthorized purchases on me, as I’ve already stated. Worst. Game. Ever!!!!

55 yo woman obsessed with a video game. I never thought I could become addicted to a video game. Sure, I played the occasional Candy Crush and farming adventures, but this is wholly different. I wish I could rearrange my real-life obligations around this game! LOL There is no blood or gore. One thing that sets it apart is the alliances. I found one that is very active. The players are very interactive through chat, and we have become a virtual family. There is also an excellent and active Discord channel that is helpful, but the advice and training I have received from team mates far exceeds any other source. The Whiteout Survival wiki is awesome, too. Try this game out. I bet you’ll love it.

Not a free to play game. The game is free to play but you will never win in this game when people are paying money advance ahead of you and win. The packs are also cheaper in China and various others country so it’s not fair to everyone. The time zone is also benefit the Chinese players as well so if you are not in UTC time, you are out of luck. They also focus more on players who spend more money, and have their own vip rep to banned and muted players that the whale didn’t like in the game. So even if you don’t use foul language, you will get muted bc pay players report your comment. They will also never tell you the reason why, just basically “trust” that they did an “investigation” before doing so. Be warn, don’t waste money and time. Play or not play but def not something for you to play long term.

Great graphics and gameplay BUT Not F2P. If your looking for a game to casually play and pass time with this is not the game for you. Don't get me wrong it has amazing soundtracks and graphics however apart from that you are greeted with constant bombardment of ads to purchase in game development packs as well as when you log in to the game right off the tutorial phase. You are heavily under powder or behind from events and updates if you don't plan to use any money. And if you do spend some money you are greeted with timer packs right away and deals to spend more to gain extra items to help your development. TLDR if you don't have the money to spend right off the bat your heavily behind against everyone who does pay money to play.

Problem's in game. Hi everyone, before installing this game you have to know that you might face some or a lot of racism in game, and if you are a big spender the game will let you get away with it. Me and a lot of players have faced racism in game. when we talked to the game support all they did was mute the player and when the mute period was over things when back to how it was. That is not acceptable, players want to have a good time playing the game and competing. I didn't enjoy this game, the behavior of some players were very disgusting and they didn't get punished for it, just because you are privileged for having money doesn't mean that you can be racist. When we left the server to go to another one, a player from the racist alliance followed us to the new server just make our experience in game even worst then what is was on.

Great visually, can be super toxic. (Another pay to win game). This is probably more the result of the game type than the game. I have no issue with the developers generating revenue, they’re a business here to make money. But it always devolves into what ever jerk/ bully is willing to drop lots of money on packs and the goes forward to make the game experiences horrible for everyone who isn’t willing or not able to spend that same level of money. Perhaps if more skill was incorporated into the game to win events or level up it would be different/ better. As it is now you may want to avoid if you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend so you don’t continually have everything you worked for erased.

❤️. New Favorite Game Thank you to whatever game I was playing previously that gave me an ad for this game because I instantly fell in love with it. I’ve played multiple other games like this with similar game mechanics and what not, but something is different about this one. Whiteout Survival, unlike others, has a unique storyline and beautiful gameplay. I love how we get to upgrade elements within the buildings as well, something you almost never see in other games. It shouldn’t be surprising that there are elements of this game that you can pay for, but it is not entirely pay-for-play, and is fairly manageable without.

Resource Sharing Period. I just read through the reviews and agree we need to be able to share resources among friends and allies. We can kill and plunder but why can’t we share? I have two character accounts on the same server/state. I spent a lot of money on my first character and refuse to dish out that kind of money for my second. Through trial and error and just being more strategic I was able to rant up to 2.6M in power in just over a week verse my stalled out 3.9M on my PayToWin. So I honestly see no reason to pony up so much money when I can’t even share resources or help my other character in any way except joining the same alliance which I think is a bit dumb to do. New experiences and friends on both alliances and I like it that way. Definitely should look into resource sharing on the next update. Also I hate the new furnace 🤣🤣 The old one fit the steam punk ice age setting, just no. Lol Love the game definitely want to give a 5 star

I guess it’s OK to kill time and waste money. Game gets pretty boring after a while. Repetitive and not much new content. I do not believe this game is for any age below 15 (if that). It should be for an adult audience due to the “World Chat”, “Alliance Chat”, and “Private Messages”. Be prepared to get harassed, sexual remarks, and unwanted drama which makes it toxic at times. There really isn’t anything strategic about this game. This game does give you items/resources to power up somewhat, but not enough to be “powerful”. This game is geared towards people spending their REAL LIFE money to progress at a “faster pace”. This game gives you no formal warning(s) before MUTING you or BANNING you. Not sure I’d like to spend money in a game where someone can file a complaint and get you “muted” in chat or banned. This game creates different states (servers) every other week if not less. People drop from the game like flies making it a dead game except for the daily players. I would not let my child play this game. Download something else. This game needs more content, more players and less states, ban/mute warnings, basically more fun and thought should be added.

Great game. Honestly this is one of the best games I’ve played on a phone. There Is lots to do but u never feel to forced or guided. There is a lot to achieve and the rewards are genuinely “rewarding”. my only gripe is after 15+ epic recruitments I would expect to get a “full” character instead of just multiple shards. I feel like it would be more in line with the cost of recruitments to get a character every 10-13 recruitments. This change would likely increase the amount people spent towards recruitments because the reward would remain fresher in out minds and the incentive for recruitments would be much higher. Anyways this is a great game and is hours of free fun!

New Favorite Game. Thank you to whatever game I was playing previously that gave me an ad for this game because I instantly fell in love with it. I’ve played multiple other games like this with similar game mechanics and what not, but something is different about this one. Whiteout Survival, unlike others, has a unique storyline and beautiful gameplay. I love how we get to upgrade elements within the buildings as well, something you almost never see in other games. It shouldn’t be surprising that there are elements of this game that you can pay for, but it is not entirely pay-for-play, and is fairly manageable without.

100% Pay to Win with horrible timing and support. If you are looking for a game that is 100% pay to win this is it. Be prepared to easily spend hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars if you want a shot of holding your own in battles. Every event, battle timing, and practically all interactions are designed to get you to spend more and more money. Go ahead, spend a couple thousand dollars to prep for the next big battle then find yourself stuck for 2+ months with nothing to upgrade because the unlock timings are poor. Have an issue or complaint? Take it to support and maybe, just maybe they will respond back to you in a week. I wish I was the only person with this problem but hop in, talk to players who have been playing for a few months and they will tell you just how bad it really is.

I only ask for one thing. Well it’s been a good amount of time playing the game and I have to say please increase the ways you can get f2p mythic gears PLEASE I have played multiple f2p accounts doing better then the last each time learning the ways of free to play and I have to say the main way I got mythic gears was from arena but it actually takes a few months just to get one hero mythic gear and this is really annoying considering other players at this point have max mythic gear and for the rest of the game, you just have to be willing to spend countless hours to be the top f2p.

Maybe you should add more stuff to the game. I love this game and it’s very great it’s that I got all of the buildings and I got bored because I wanted to be a lot bigger so yeah. I love this game and I like how developers made it like your own city. I like how you can change you name for 400 diamonds and change your name for 2 days. I would love you to add more space and more buildings like a catapult it would be fun and maybe you. Can add buildings on water that would be cool. I really love the game and I like how I can name my self remen and have a ramen 😅✌️peace and I love the game.

Not recemmand for new users(This is not a casual game!). I been playing this game for 6 more month and spending thousands of dollars already, but I still can’t chase the big power players, it feels like without the money you are just npc of the game, all the big events you needs to follow the rules that big power players made to win, because u need those rallies from big players, as I been spending many time and money everyday I can’t feels even a bit of achievement. All the new content push u to spends more and more money in and didn’t get what you expected, like I said if u enjoy being control by others and you like to become npc fine just join this game, then you can feels what’s like pay to become npc in others peoples game. I am exhausted when I saw the new content coming out this game is no more an causal game anymore.

Good Game…but. Overall this is a great game. I am in a wonderful alliance, that being said I ran across an alliance in my game play that openly threatened to “find where I live and physically harm me.” So I checked out their alliance, and their motto states “we are racist and hate LGBT.” As a member of both communities this is disgusting and the players should be banned from the game. To make things worse, if I teleport, somehow this group always finds me and teleports to harass me. The developers are welcome to contact me; as I don’t think this is the kind of “alliance” motto or play that they should allow. Otherwise, I am happy with the game.

Wish it was like the ads. Good game. Only giving it 3 stars because it’s nothing like the ads. I downloaded this game thinking it was another game I can play when I’m bored on the toilet, but no it’s another defense pvp game where you have to deal with the people who spend a lot of money in the game to be further ahead than you. What’s worst is this game doesn’t even have a mini-game where you at least get to play what’s on the ads. So if you’re looking for a game where you melt snow to put in the fire this isn’t it. Instead it’s another ripoff of every other castle building game there is on the AppStore that cash grabs any chance it can get.

It’s pretty good. I really enjoy it, I play it with some friends I used to play Dino Wars and state of Survival with. If you liked those you will like this. It is nothing like the previews you see, that needs to be noted. Also, they brag about auto hunt being a thing but you have to do a monthly “pay” to have access to it, it should be free for all to use. It also gets stuck at 80% on the loading screen and a few friends get locked out of their accounts all together for no reason what so ever. Other then that it has a ton of PVE and PVP stuff in it, like I said I really enjoy it, doesn’t merit a 5 star if you ask me for the reasons I just stated.

Starts fun but a year later and it’s all the same. First you should know that if you are coming here for a game off the ad, it’s nothing like what you see. The game play is nothing like the ad. I really enjoyed the beginning building my little city and all the missions. I also enjoy my alliance. I’ve been playing for a while now and it’s honestly getting boring. It takes forever to get materials to upgrade unless you’re willing to pay quite a bit of money. It’s also the same things over and over. The bear hunt, crazy Joe, foundry, sun castle, server war, and frost fire OVER and OVER and OVER. I’ve honestly slowed down playing and foresee being completely over it soon. Hopefully they’ll do something new to keep the interest.

Good game but…. I’ve been playing the game for a few months now. I do like the game for the most part but I do have a couple issues with it. First is the length of time it takes to update your furnace. I’m at level 26 that took two weeks to update. The lengthy wait periods slow the game down so much. My second issue is the fact that there are some events that require you to purchase packs using real money in order to fully complete the event and receive the full prize. That part is wrong, I appreciate the fact that the developers need money and I’ve purchased packs for the mere reason of wanting to but to make it so that it becomes a requirement to win events. Just wrong.

Fav game currently. I really like this game, the progression is really nice, and for the most part there is always something you can do so you don't have to wait to play the game. But what's great is that there is no adds, not even optional ones. The alliances in this game that you can make are also great. One thing I would like to see in the future is bigger buttons on the top of the screen, for example, the survivors menu. Whenever I need to open that menu up it takes a couple of tries because of how small it is, so if it was bigger I think it would be a lot easier to use. But apart from that everything about this game is great.

Download it. Amazingly good.. Honestly, I’ve played so many of these types of games and this takes the cake by a LONGSHOT! Not only is it very generous when it comes to items like speedups and materials for upgrades, the amount of mini games that it provides keeps you so engaged. Tips: Keep playing - the more you play the better the better it gets. Save your diamonds - They give you a ton but you’ll need them in the last few levels Join an alliance - Self explanatory but every time you or some one in your alliance buys something from the store you get an alliance gift. Dope mechanic

Not entirely what advertised. The game is fun and very addictive but once what once you get into the groove of things and reach a certain level its a bit tiresome and boring from doing the same tasks every time you play. The advertisements made it seem more of a survival game but once you reach lvl 10 that goes out of the window and it becomes about alliances and if you’re not in one you’ll probably get attacked every turn. And even if you’re in one, if you’re not willing to spend a dollar you’ll probably never be acknowledged due to lower rankings. As of now, I have officially been online for 30 days….and 30 is my limit.

Very addicting don’t normally write reviews. It’s addicting you don’t feel like you have to pay to play though some offers you receive could help you or are worth it, very easy game, but not too easy where you feel like your just clicking a screen to advance. So far I really have no complaints except the ads that were for the game are not exactly true but honestly it didn’t matter I thought I would just be playing the game here and there but now if I have an opportunity to play, I play…. And kinda won’t put my phone down.

The aspects in the game are very changeable and the game is kind of pay to win. Whiteout Survival is a fun Survival game at the start and don't get me wrong I love the game and I am addicted to it even after all these changes after playing the game for a week but it deserves only 4 stars since the game changes a lot over time because the more power you get the less reliant you have to be on resource production and it kind of takes away from that "survival" aspect of the game. The game also is a little pay to win because people will pay a lot of money and then you can never catch up to them in power unless you pay money, never the less I am free to play and I still am somewhat up there in the leaderboards. Overall awesome game and could use some improvements!

Just another group mob game. 1st off I really did like the game itself, the graphics, story, characters, etc… even if it is NOTHING like the ads!! What gets it one star is the absolute dislike of being mobbed by players that are 50x my strength from the other side of the map!! Destroying, stealing, ruining all of my time building, etc… having my settlement relocated several times away from my group, forcing me to buy a relocation thing so I can mov back! It’s absolutely ridiculous and honestly makes me hate the game!! I just want to play the game, build my settlement, and have fun! Instead I am ambushed and am constantly losing everything!! I’m not paying all this money like these other players have done to get top rated items, people, etc! Why can’t there be a version that is NOT playing along with others!? Why can’t we have a NON-mob mentality version!!

Money grab. I had fun with the game been playing for almost 3 months now,my problem with it is the events,if you want to get a permanent skin you have to do an even where your competing against after 1000 other people in your “state” but the top 10 spots are the only ones that get the permanent skin the only way to get number one spot is to do event tasks or buy packs to get more points which is what the majority of people do making it impossible to get the skin so what’s the point of playing it’s always the same 10 people,and id be fine spending maybe 5 10 dollars but the last event I put nearly 30 dollars into and didn’t even get close makes me not even want to play the game tbh being as a new event takes place almost weekly you expect people to spend more than 30 dollars a week on this game ridiculous

So disappointed I uninstalled. Note my 5 stars for graphics and play. I was so enjoying this game 5 days in. From the graphics and figuring all the tons of bonuses to collect, powering up the characters and building my city, it was both relaxing and fun. Then…….someone scouted and attacked me as a newbie player. Im not interested in alliances and chatting with anyone and this game is obviously extremely dependent on this. I uninstalled. If you ever come out with a version that is more like minecraft and single player with no alliances but in your theme, Id love to play it.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.16.2
Play Store com.gof.global
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

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The application Whiteout Survival was published in the category Games on 12 February 2023, Sunday and was developed by Century Games Pte. Ltd. [Developer ID: 1540548141]. This program file size is 647.22 MB. This app has been rated by 126,666 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Whiteout Survival - Games app posted on 28 March 2024, Thursday current version is 1.16.2 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.gof.global. Languages supported by the app:

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Whiteout Survival Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

[New Content] 1. New event: Colorful Easter. The annual Easter festival is here, yet the Rainbow Paints used to paint Easter Eggs are scattered across the Tundra. Please collect these Rainbow Paints and paint Easter Eggs to brighten up this Easter with the most dazzling colors. Enjoy Easter-exclusive missions and rewards, and don’t miss out on Easter-exclusive Skins, Emotes, and more! 2. New feature: Canyon Clash. The explorers have discovered a Frozen Citadel in the canyon. There are mysterious, undeciphered texts that seem to hold the key to saving the world. To claim exclusive ownership of the Frozen Citadel, three alliances meet head-on with their elite troops, ready for an epic battle. Who will stand as the final winner in this contest of honor, wealth, and ancient secret? 3. New Pet: Snow Ape. The town’s growth and your increasing skill in beast taming gives you enough experience to tame a larger beast! Go out into the Wilderness to capture one! [Optimization & Adjustment] 1. Self-private chat: You can now make notes by sending messages to yourselves. 2. Friend alias: Set aliases for your friends to better manage and identify your friends. 3. Chat search: The private chat list now has a search function that helps you find the right conversation quickly. 4. Pet Auto Refine: Upgrading Pets is now more efficient with this new feature. 5. Alliance label limit adjustment: Increased the limit to 10 labels to meet more customization needs. 6. Foundry Battle optimization: Added the function to send voting notifications and battle request invites to multiple members at one time and voted members will be able to identify members who have voted for the same time slot. 7. New items in Skin Shop: Fantasy Mushroom Avatar Frame and Nameplate. 8. New Emote: Use the new free Emote— Roll A Die—to make chatting more fun! 9. Tundra Adventure’s rule adjustment: During State Transfer, you will be able to keep your Adventure Coins if Tundra Adventure is ongoing in your target State. 10. Hero Gear Enhancement optimization: You can now hold the “Quick Select” button for a more convenient experience. 11. Alliance Vote improvement: Increased the max voting options to 10. 12. Optimized XI Tier Helios Troop: Helios Infantry, Lancer, Marksman now has improved stats. 13. Fixed existing bugs to ensure a more stable and smooth gaming experience for you.

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