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What is afk journey app? Step into Esperia, a fantasy world full of magic—a lone seed of life meandering among the sea of stars. And on Esperia, it took root. As the river of time flowed, the once all-powerful gods fell. As the seed grew, each branch sprouted leaves, which became the races of Esperia.
You will play as the legendary mage Merlin and experience strategically tactical battles. It's time to dive into an unexplored world and embark on a journey to unlock a hidden mystery together with the heroes of Esperia.

Remember, only you can guide heroes to pull the sword from the stone and learn the truth about the world.

Explore Ethereal World
Lead the Six Factions to their Destiny
• Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of a magical storybook, where you can singlehandedly explore the world. From the shining fields of Golden Wheatshire to the luminous beauty of the Dark Forest, from the Remnant Peaks to the Vaduso Mountains, journey through the wondrously diverse landscapes of Esperia.
• Form bonds with the heroes of the Six Factions on your journey. You are Merlin. Be their guide and help them become who they were meant to be.

Master Battlefield Strategies
Conquer Each Challenge with Precision
• A hex battle map allows players to freely assemble their hero lineup and strategically position them. Choose between a bold strategy centered around a powerful main damage dealer or a more balanced team. Witness different outcomes as you experiment with various hero formations, creating an engaging and unpredictable gameplay experience in this fantasy adventure.
• Heroes come with three distinct skills, with the ultimate skill requiring manual release. You must time your attack at the right moment to disrupt enemy actions and seize command of the battle.
• Various battle maps offer different challenges. Woodland battlefields offer strategic cover with obstacle walls, and clearings favor rapid assaults. Embrace the distinct strategies that allow differing tactics to thrive.
• Master the use of flamethrowers, landmines, and other mechanisms to triumph against your enemies. Skillfully arrange your heroes, strategically utilizing isolating walls to turn the tide and reverse the course of battle.

Collect Epic Heroes
Customize Your Formations for Victory
• Join our open beta and discover 46 heroes from all six factions. Witness the Lightbearers, who carry the pride of humanity. Watch the Wilders flourish at the heart of their forest. Observe how the Maulers survive against all odds through strength alone. The Graveborn legions are amassing, and the eternal clash between the Celestials and the Hypogeans continues. — All are waiting for you in Esperia.
• Choose from the six commonly-used RPG classes to create different lineups and adapt to various battle scenarios.

Acquire Resources Effortlessly
Upgrade Your Equipment with a Simple Tap
• Say goodbye to grinding for resources. Collect rewards effortlessly with our auto-battle and AFK features. Continue gathering resources even while you're sleeping.
• Level up and share equipment across all heroes. After upgrading your team, new heroes can share experience instantly and be played right away. Dive into the crafting system, where old equipment can be directly disassembled for resources. No need for tedious grinding. Level up now!
AFK Journey provides all heroes for free upon release. New heroes after release are not included.

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App Name AFK Journey
Category Games
Updated 13 April 2024, Saturday
File Size 1.32 GB

AFK Journey Comments & Reviews 2024

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Stunning art and animation!! An instant classic.. This game and the team working on it are brilliant. I know them for consistently creating beautiful games that are fun to play, not too grindy, with great story and community. Studios like this are rare and should be supported and appreciated to the MAX! I highly recommend this game! I really enjoy all the characters and story. There are unique game design choices that just make sense and make the game so much more fun to play. Thank you to all the developers, artists, and staff for making this masterpiece possible.

Creeps and vulgar language. I don’t typically write about stuff like this, but there’s just been a lot of inappropriate and creepy stuff happening in the public chat, and it just making me uncomfortable. Idk, how old these people are, but most of them seem to be men. In these comments, these men talk in grave detail about how the woman body is disgusting, and their preference in men and how they like to be pleasured. They also encourage other people to degrade them, since that seems to be a kink, and report and block people who call them out. There’s also people who, don’t participate, but make light of the joke and almost treat it as if it’s a tv show. Please, creator, put more effort into blocking these people, cause it didn’t matter how many times my friends and I reported, they were still online, being disgusting. Children are also in this app, and we don’t know if they have other means of communication with them.

Pretty, but that’s it. It seems to actually be a well-constructed game, but alas it is ultimately no different than any other “free” game. It is designed to get you to spend money; any you would need to spend way more than it is actually worth to be able to play effectively. It’s a broken business model that exploits the players and only benefits the developers. But it won’t stop because too many people with more money than sense buy into the system, and the developers can make much more money with much less effort (most games nowadays are just clones of other games) doing it this way. I think I’ll go read a book, that I bought, and actually own.

The best mobile game I have ever played so far. I have gotten into mobile games since 2018, playing a lot of gotcha games, spending money on many. This is by far the best mobile game I have ever played. It doesn’t take too long to complete daily tasks, very user friendly, non-demanding plays. The devs really took time not to make mistakes of every gotcha games I have played. I am thankful I am not forced into gruesome gear farming. That alone is a game changer for me. I was so burned out from gear farming of every gotcha games. Awaken Chaos Era was by far the worst I have played. And AFK Journey is everything opposite.

Good, not great (chat not for kids). The game is easy to understand and play. It also has nice graphics and a decent storyline. Though, it also has its problems: preregistration reward wait time (154 days), game crashing (got worse recently), tons of pay to win players, hard to get purple powder (needed to level up max lvl), and hard to continue story (beating miasma/boss to get to next map). It’s okay in the beginning but it quickly gets harder and harder. Enemy lvls go up quick on each map and it’s hard to beat afk stages. Also, the chat rooms are awful- not only to they crash the game more but there are no moderators, so people say a lot of inappropriate stuff (keep your kids out of it). By that I mean people joking about rap3, CP, grooming, terrorist events, fat shaming, etc. Some of those people aren’t joking, most are but they are sick for joking about that stuff. Reporting basically does nothing but you can block people or switch chat rooms.

Things to add + problems. This app is absolutely amazing! Beautiful graphics, good storyline, etc. but I would like if you added a way to add friends from different servers, co-op, and a report option, I was having a normal day playing. I accidentally pressed on chat, which brought me to world that, and two users were being racist and accusing someone of being a pedo, asking for pictures, number, etc. idk if it’s true or not but yeah. Also the mute button doesn’t work so even if you try to mute them it doesn’t work. That’s all! Thank you for reading!

Wow I’m impressed. This game is pretty great. It does an excellent job of balancing Idle gameplay and actual gameplay, which is quite tricky, many afk games amount to wait for number to get big.(grammatically incoherent sentence, sorry) The fact that a game this new goes this hard is very promising as it’s starting at a point of quality that many games can never reach. It’s fun to casually explore the world The battle grid layout is fun, pretty easy to grasp, and has depth (another tricky balance; adding depth while still making it approachable to new players) The art style is beautiful and the kind of style that is timeless. The music feels nostalgic, so it’s soothing The gotcha mechanics are there but in a way that doesn’t push the players to spend wads of cash or else no fun; but rather in a way that allows people who want to spend money to do so. Oh and there’s lore/story I am still early in it but I am eager to see where it goes. In conclusion the game bangs and it is still young

Meh?. I wanted to give this game a shot after seeing how much was being put into it, but I was immediately put off by how there was an in game reward for going through with a full download. My experience was hurt from there. I like that they made a more complex battle system, but what does it matter when everything can be auto’d and it usually comes down to which number is bigger? While yes only having to level up 5 characters is nice, what’s the point of slowing down the upgrade rate to show off special skills when everyone else is automatically upgraded? What’s the point of an armor system when you effectively equip armor to a class concept and not a character? What’s the point of random fancier ult animations when all it does is slow you down if auto battling? My feelings are overall mixed, but while others might enjoy it just… don’t waste your money on it.

Amazing game!. I can’t express how much I love this game. It is so aesthetically pleasing and all the characters designs are great! And the mechanics? Super simple and easy! And don’t get me started on how good the rewards are. I usually don’t write reviews but I just had to this time because the game is that good! I also love how you can explore and customize your characters to your liking. So, if you like that sort of thing and you like relaxing games, this is definitely the game for you. I can’t recommend it enough. :)

Translation problem and screen freeze. They have a problem that I'm playing as normal but I enter the banner or something else freezes the screen without any sense and I have to restart the application to fix the problem. Translation problems. I am an adventurer who likes to read a lot of stories and I have seen that some characters in the world are in Chinese and I have the language in Spanish, some notes are also in Chinese. And other more things are in Spanish but suddenly there is a word in Chinese I hope they fix that is a great game. And the device I use is iPhone 15 pro Max.

Audio issues. This game would be an easy 5 stars if I weren’t for the following issues: first, the audio is not intelligent and keeps playing even when I have music/podcasts from a different app playing. It should automatically turn off when external audio is playing and turn back on otherwise. Extremely bothersome to go into settings and change it each time. So, because I listen to music/podcasts often, I’ve just begrudgingly turned the game’s master volume off. But every time I exit the game, or lock my phone while on the game, it automatically pauses whatever I’m listening to. This weird auto pause also happens when first opening the game if it’s not already running in the background. Why??? Please fix.

Better than Arena!!!. This game is a lot more new player friendly, it has good character designs and story. One of my personal favorite features is the level system for your characters, I love the concept of having to get the character multiple times to make them stronger since everybody pretty much shares levels; it makes it easier to hold onto level-up resources. People should really give this game a try!!! Would recommend!!!

I am not a mobile gamer. Don’t get me wrong, I am a gamer. But most mobile games can’t keep my attention long enough to stop me from turning my pc. I have literally not stopped thinking about this game since I found it. Thank god I found it on a Friday so I’ve had all weekend to no life it. Amazing visuals, fantastic voice acting, enticing mechanics that keep me wanting to play, from arenas to labyrinths, I can’t get enough! Massive shoutout to the developers, you knocked it out of the park.

This game takes breath away. I usually play games on my phone but never have I ever invested as much time and enjoyed playing with a game on my phone like this you can pet animals and more there quest and I don’t struggle trying to figure what I need and basic mechanics to play this game are easy to learn I just kind of want fishing I really like the design of characters I love artwork and more the only thing I would want would be to help enhance this game if this is the standard for games other developers should take notes

Definitely worth the wait!. The ads may be like every other cringe mobile game add, but don't let those fool you. Ive been playing since release and honestly I find it absolutely ADORABLE and entertaining. Its easy to collect new characters, and offers plenty of log-in rewards to do so as well. Unlike AFK Arena where most beginner characters don't get special treatment or are lacking, you start off with a good selection and theres already cute costumes for some characters. As a fan of the franchise, I can only say it gets better from here.

Strategy afk game!. This game is actually genuinely very fun, it reminds me a lot of Genshin impact with some elements, which makes the game really fun. The combat is really cool also. With the traditional afk style, they also have like a fire emblem type map where you choose where you ult, it’s awesome!! I also love how the game rewards you with exploring, getting chests for just roaming the towns they created. You also get rewarded by the percentage you’ve unlocked of the town. I actually really like where this is going and I hope this game gets even better!!

Easily a banger. This game cements this company as my favorite mobile game developer. I love the afk format and the combat, while not the most engaging, is still definitely enjoyable. To have all the dialogue, at least that I’ve heard so far, be voiced even for minor characters is something that I would expect from a triple A game priced at $70 not something on the App Store for free. However, my main complaint has to be the micro transactions. I’m fine with them and understand there necessity for being in the game, but the pricing of them in this game seems to be more hostile even compared to AFK Arena. For some items, the price will be just barely above the lowest priced bundle of in-game currency, so you’ll either have to purchase two of the lower priced one or go for a more expensive bundle, which for some reason the game actually explicitly recommends. I hope going forward they can tone down the micro transactions.

Whales/P2W. I feel like people want to be high up with the ranks, and you sort of lose the competitiveness when people spend hundreds of dollars to whale on this game, which makes it feel impossible to even reach top 100. It was fun and i did well for the first couple of days on my server and then suddenly someone spends a bunch of money and does 8759k dmg while the f2p people only do 1 mil at most, makes me feel inferior and i stopped playing because i felt no need to compete with people who are overleveled compared to the f2p people. overall the game looks good though, not for me who isnt willing to spend money to be high in the ranks though

Decent. Gameplay: For PvE pretty brain dead but I haven’t done any PvP yet. What it does do well is give you that monkey brain neuron boosting satisfaction when clearing waves. Story: Haven’t gotten that far can’t really say. What I will say is that surprisingly this game is fully voiced which has made me want to play it out of respect for a free mobile game that isn’t lazy. How will it hurt your wallet: So far the game has really been dishing out gems, I got 1000 for just filling out a survey. Plus you find tons through completing quests. Horny level: 5/10, we’ve seen the TikTok ads, the females are definitely well endowed. But it’s not a game I would be embarrassed to play in public, of course that depends on the person so see how you feel. Maybe avoid global chat though, English 12 I’m talking about you. Overall worth some time when you’re sitting alone with nothing else to do, or waiting somewhere or maybe you’re just bored. I’ve found myself going out of my way to play it sometimes. I’m not a big mobile game guy but this game surprised me with the amount of effort that was clearly put into it. Definitely worth a try at least.

Super cute + worth the wait !!. I’ve played the game for a little bit and I really enjoy it!! The style is unique and the characters are interesting with a nice variety. It’s super easy to collect the characters so very F2P friendly with lots of log in rewards to wish with. I really only have two complaints one being character customization. At the beginning you can pick what your characters looks like and you only have two body types that are basically the same for both male and female. Please add bigger bodied characters!! There’s only 4 skin tones and little hair variety add lighter and darker skin tones with hair like dreads and braids to have more inclusion. My second complaint would be the voices they sound kinda bored when they speak but also it’s grainy and glitchy. Overall though it’s a great game though would recommend!!

Needs a few adjustments. The game is pretty fun, I enjoy the grind aspect and am excited to see new cosmetics and heroes in the future. There are some aspects that need attention like the voice acting/editing (I play with sound off but if I decided to play on pc I would be very annoyed) and some more accessibility options are needed, for example larger text options would be great. These are things I can understand since the game is so new but what I don’t understand is the lack of diversity in the character creator. I do feel like on release there should be more than two natural skin color options and a few more hair types. Other things I get can take a little time but I would like to see added in later such as more color options for hair and eyes, as well as different body types. If I do see some improvement in diversity I will gladly bring up my rating.

Anther one. Update: So I erased my first review to give an updated one. I still feel the story line isn’t deep and the characters you are using don’t get much story at all, but my major complaint is that this is another pay to play. So far I’m still able to play and get along fine but if you get sucked in and really want to be strong or get the best characters then start spending that money people! I prefer games that make you grind to grow, and don’t take advantage of people’s addictive gaming nature. Now to the good points. This game does draw you in. I do find myself playing for quite awhile trying to upgrade characters, equipment, etc. The character designs are really cool. The world map design and music is nice also. I see why people like it, but I’ll be interested to see how things progress if you don’t spend money.

Best I’ve played in a long time. I must download and delete 10 games a day. This one is so fun, so well crafted and so beautiful to play. I love the fact you can let the dialogue auto play and not have to click next. I love that it’s one button to auto goto the next mission, and all the little hidden treasures around a massive map. I’ll update after about 10 hours of gameplay but this is my favorite game right now. A huge thank you to those who devoted so much of their time in crafting this wonderful game. Thank you guys so much keep up the great work.

Great Genshin Alternative. I used to love playing Genshin Impact (F2P), but the storylines got boring quickly, the rewards/ascensions were too difficult to obtain, and there was honestly too much content to understand when coming back from a playing break. AFK fixes those problems - the storyline is definitely similar to Genshin in some ways, but it’s still new and unique. The fighting mechanic in AFK is much more strategy based than fighting ability based, which I really like. The characters are cute and relatively easy (but still challenging) to build. Really excited about this game! My only negative would be that the graphics aren’t super sharp on ipad, but still a pretty world!

Beautiful Game with a Flaw that gives it 2 stars.. Gorgeous game that feels really well made on many aspects. Very comfy and nice to play casually. The big issue I’m facing is the account linking. It keeps telling me I’m signed in on a guest account even though I have both Apple and G-Mail linked. Every time I press those two options again, it just gives me an error saying “That account is already linked”. Whenever I try to sign into the game on another device to play on my existing account, it gives me the same “That account is already linked” error and just forces me to start a new account on that device. Once this really annoying issue is addressed, this game would definitely earn a much higher rating and review.

Why is this so addicting?!?!. I don’t normally make reviews however I felt this game needed some attention. I personally didn’t care for AFK Arena and was hesitant to try this but a YouTuber I watch recommended it so I gave it a shot and man am I glad I did! So much to do, extremely F2P friendly, and the art style is so great! The game is super polished and I always have the want to keep grinding my units to get stronger. This isn’t a corporate cash grab like many are believing it to be. For real go check it out!

Great game, meh voice acting. I love the game in general, the ambience, the music, and all of the visuals are amazing. The play style is fun, the battles are frequent, and the levelling system is quick. The characters have interesting designs and the backgrounds are lovely. The only thing I dislike about the game is the voices. The voices don’t feel right to me, and that could just be a me thing, but most of the voices, even the characters that are supposed to look and act more villainous seem to have softer voices. This could just be me being petty, but it’s my opinion. I’ve been playing for a while, and I love the game still, it’s just the hero essence. I don’t get nearly enough nearly as quickly as I feel like I should. I’m trying to level my characters and I have two of them to level 110 before I can even evolve the other three to 101.

Gameplay is nice, but other aspects need work. This game has very high potential, but coming from a writer’s standpoint, I need to offer critique. Storytelling- The story is good! But it’s the way it’s told that is the issue. The story is very spoonfed, and leaves the player no chance to use their head, leaving a very dull experience. A lot of information given can in fact be inferred with context clues, rather than it being right there. The dialogue has the same issue, and leads to unrealistic and awkward interactions. For example, Atandra’s “I am Atandra, an exile.” No person would open with saying that they’re an exile. That is information someone tells you after a lot of interaction. Character design- The characters are cute, but I wish there were more body types and diversity. Sure, there are dark skinned characters like Atandra, but they’re portrayed in very skimpy, tribal clothing. If you added just one or three other dark skinned characters, things would be a little better. I also have issue with the grugglins being portrayed in tribes, which is often associated with natives and the stereotype that they’re “feral”. Voice acting- The voice acting is cute! But, sometimes the inflection makes things sound disingenuous and dull. All in all, the game has very good potential, and if those minor details were fixed, it would be so much better!

This game is so fun 🤩. As you can tell by the title this game is SUPER fun you get to go on your own journey and help people and battle monsters/bad guys. Though there is one thing that is not very fun about this game whenever you level up you get to go to the dark lake but it’s locked for a while. While you’re waiting for it to be unlocked if you already battled almost all the unlocked monsters/bad guys you have absolutely nothing to do during that time! So if you are reading this DON’T BATTLE ALL THE MONSTERS BEFORE YOU UNLOCK THE DARK LAKE!!!!! Other than that I think it is a great game

Body customization is kinda pointless…. Look, I don’t expect it to be super detailed down to the point we get to decide how many freckles we have and where we put them- But there’s little to no difference between the body type A and B option. I understand that rigging and modeling is hard, and you’d likely have to remake a ton of assets…. But there needs to be a bigger contrast between the shoulders and/or hips being slightly wider. They should’ve just left out the body custom option all together and left it at facial features and outfits. Or at least make the difference’s more noticeable- Offer different body types similar to some of the characters that are in game maybe.

Good game but NO moderation. It’s yet another idle type p2w type game but that’s pretty much all there is anymore anyway. I do like the open world pve aspect though. Overall I do love the game, but it has some pretty bad lag and force closing problems right now. Hopefully they’ll deal with this when they update as it’s just been released…if they do I’ll update my review as well. The reason I took off another star is that user names, avatars, and chat in general have no moderation. People can say all of the most awful and disgusting things they want with no consequence. There is a report button but it seems to do nothing. You can block people, but there are so many that I’m sure my block list will get full soon and it shouldn’t have to be this way. As it is now I just have to mute the channels, which I don’t want to have to do in the first place…but that resets itself every time you reopen the game, throwing you back into the cesspool.

It’s good I guess. Hello, as someone who has played afk arena as well this game is kinda mediocre. Not my cup of tea. I will say chippy is absolutely annoying, like genshin impact paimon levels annoying. I couldn’t get past the first part because I lost interest REALLY FAST. It’s fine I guess I mean others might like it more. Honestly the only character that I actually wanted was that jester dude because he looks really cool. But I mean the wishing system is alright the quality is good and the animation is okay. It’s just all kinda meh. I mean if they add liberta then maybe I’ll play the whole thing and make this 5 stars just sayingggggg

This game is everything I hoped!. From Afk Arena to this feels like a breath of fresh air. The arwork is a 10/10, gameplay feels nice, the strategy aspect is still there. Everything feel perfect. My only dislikes are you cant stargaze with diamonds and the endgame seems a little barren. It is very early in the game so its not a complaint just hopes of a ton of content like Afk Arena. I wanna have alot to do and hard challenges for the future so please lilith add a ton events like you did with the previous game and make the cele/hypo a lil more accessible. They feel unnecessarily expensive to buy outright.

SO FUN I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. When I first saw the ad, I was very excited for it to come out The ad was amazing not like other ones that say it was like this when it was not and it’s very fun to the point where I hope it never ends. I really highly recommend this for anyone who likes role-plays or action or anything like that because I’m one of those person and I really like this game, this is might be my most became in the world, yes and you’re welcome for such a good review AFK Journey you deserve it and I’m a nice person☺️

I want to love it, but…. The graphics are beautiful. The gameplay loop thus far has been fun. The characters are interesting. The fact that so much of it has actual voice acting is amazing. HOWEVER, the game overheats my phone and crashes about every 5-10 minutes. I am running on the lowest settings possible, and still can barely play. That’s not to mention that the game, when fully unpacked, takes up FIVE GIGS OF SPACE. If game devs could stop using PC-adjacent software as a benchmark for their PHONE GAME, that would be great. I would like to be able to actually play this PHONE game ON MY PHONE without singing my fingers or crashing every five minutes 😑 At the very least make the low-end options actually viable to use on older or lower-end devices.

Stunning and Unique Fantasy RPG. AFK Journey is a stunning fantasy rpg! Out of all of the gatcha games I have played, this game is the most unique. The visuals and gameplay are very distinct and the storyline is interesting thus far. The open world co-op styled features are exactly what I was looking for and the vast exploration makes the world of Esperia feel alive. I managed to collect a wide variety of characters and obtain progress quickly! The rewards are abundant when you first start playing but I feel it slows later on. My interest has lessened. Yet, I always find myself coming back to play it each day to savor that bit of progress I get while AFK!!

An overall great game. I’ve played AFK Arena for a few years now, I really enjoy the art style and the character designs. I was so hyped when they announced AFK Journey (I saw on TikTok). I’m really enjoying the game so far. It exceeds my expectations and is wonderfully designed for a mobile game. My only complaints is that I can’t move my character to a new server without creating a new player character. I found put yesterday that my sister also plays this game and I want to play with her. Unfortunately I’ve made too much progress in my main to restart. (I have a legendary Vala and an Elite Silvina) And I don’t want to risk losing them to start over. I know its not losing them but you get it. I am really hoping they have a way to change servers without starting over, or adding friends from other servers. I don’t even mind if we have to pay diamonds to swap servers I just want to play with my sister with my main character. Please help. At least think about it? Please 😭

Overall, very fun enjoyable game. But a few problems…. So, I started this game a few days ago and so far, it’s been quite nice, I love the character designs, the story has been interesting, it hasn’t been extremely difficult, and has been an enjoyable experience so far. The only thing is.. the game is quite buggy and slow at times. I can understand this because it’s a large online game, but the main issue is it keeps crashing. I can play for around a total of 10-15 minutes before the game closes out on me, or it just stops and freezes and I have to close the app and restart, So far it’s hasn’t done anything too drastic, like removing my progress, but it does get annoying. And despite what I’ve done to try and help the game move along better, like getting rid of stuff and updating my device, it doesn’t help much. I can completely understand if the game developers aren’t able to do anything, and I applaud them on their work, but I would like to see if there’s anything that can be done about the game crashing and see if there’s a possible fix or make it better at least.

Lots of potential!. I've recently delved into AFK Journey on iOS, and it's been a visually stunning and enjoyable experience thus far. The painterly graphics are captivating, complemented by engaging cutscenes and colorful animations that keep me hooked. However, I find the gameplay mechanics during combat to be lacking dynamism and involvement, which detracts from the overall experience. Adding a clearer perspective that focuses on the party, or giving us direct access to battle as the characters, could greatly enhance the visual appeal and immersion during fights. Introducing controller compatibility along with these mechanics would also be a welcome addition. Additionally, the vertical format on mobile devices feels somewhat limiting for an open-world game. Having the option to play in landscape mode, similar to PC users, would be fantastic, catering to players like myself who prefer that orientation. Despite these minor drawbacks, AFK Journey is a great new game with potential for improvement.

Yet another afk gacha. Standard afk 5-unit gacha game w/ some RPG & exploration elements added. Those elements are more tedious than interesting, and you need to participate. Enhancing the level of afk rewards is a chore and you’ll probably end up setting some units up then using auto-battle instead of sitting there and proceeding from one to the next. All in all, not a horrible addition to the genre but it’s honestly already saturated. I’m giving it a single star, though, because I stockpiled and used tokens to get an S-level unit — I got a unit I already have but didn’t receive the token that would let me ascend that unit. If I can’t trust your game in this manner then there’s no way I’m going to throw more money at you, and it’s not even worth my time as f2p in case other things just simply don’t work.

It’s a really great AFK Game. I liked the AFK Arena series when it first started, but I fell off of it and stopped since it was an idle game that I just lost interest in. Then here comes this game that has excellent 3D graphics, a whole lot of content to enjoy, and you could pretty much get all the beginning characters for free just by logging in. I don’t know how I will fair in the long run, but for right now, I am really enjoying the game so far and I would recommend a play through for new comers looking into it.

Addicted!!!. Lilith once again blows me away with their games- Second day since release, and I’m already absorbed in the world of AFK Journey. There are a few connections issues here and there, but that’s to be expected of an online game. My only wish is that more characters are added, and odds for unique, non-acorn characters be improved. LG’s biggest strengths have always been the character designs- I downloaded this game almost entirely based on the characters. The same was true for Dislyte, and LG always brings their A-Game. As with their past games, I’m sure the character list will increase exponentially. Really, this game has something for every gamer.

Over-priced Pay to Win. Fun gameplay, beautiful visuals, mediocre storyline. Overall, very enjoyable game at first. Initially you will accelerate the storyline quickly, receive lots of freebies, and grow your heroes rapidly. However, within day four or five you’ll hit a wall. Progress will slow dramatically, freebies dry up, and it will take days of grinding to advance your heroes even slightly. The addict you to the growth and acceleration then yank it away so you’re more tempted to pay real money to keep the rapid acceleration going. Not a bad strategy and I typically don’t mind supporting devs for fun games. However, the packages are extremely overpriced. The $1-$10 packages get you very useless or limited returns. Only when you’re willing to pay $30-$50 do you start getting meaningful stuff. Even then, you’d need to purchase several to keep growing your hero base and to keep advancing the heroes you have. You could easily spend hundreds of dollars and still not get the heroes out advancement you want. Think about it… hundreds of dollars… for a mobile game. An otherwise stunning game, ruined by greed.

Great!!! But one thing. So far I’m really enjoying this game. It looks so good and I’m really diggin what they’ve done with allowing us to have our own character in the series. The music is great and I love the looks of the characters, only problem I have for the game is that I mostly get more of hamsters in my hero pulls then the actual heroes themselves. I kinda also don’t like that our character can’t fight alongside our party either. It would’ve been so awesome if we had our own attacks and what not

All the things !!. I’ve been playing since release and i must say it’s a very exciting game. They made it so all characters are viable in the game and you have access to all of them. Equipment grinding is no longer a thing because they all share, tank set applies to all tanks etc.. I’ve never been one to listen to storylines but this one is pretty cool and the voices are great. My only gripe is the “honor duel” which seems very wonky. It’s rng based but the preset groups to choose from in the beginning will either get you absolutely destroyed or barely make it.. not sure but they should look into it. other than that i will be playing this for the rest of the year for sure.!!!!!

Probably the best AFKRPG out there.. Yeah. It really is. Because it has actual gameplay. It’s not just boring menus where you get your afk rewards, upgrade your units, spin the gambling machine, and repeat for about 30 mins until you get bored. There’s a world to explore. Secrets to find. And it’s actually, truly, really fun. One thing I think could be improved is the voice acting. The quality of the audio is shoddy at best, and super crunchy at worst, and some of the delivery is pretty flat. But overall, it’s one tiny problem in a massive, amazing game.

This irked me…. So- the game is beautiful, don’t get me wrong. However, I have a pet peeve with games like this that hit me again with this game, and it stems from years of world of Warcraft and other RPG’s. And that is unlocking PURPLE AND ORANGE/YELLOW characters within my first hour of playing the game!!!! What is the point of giving me end game characters at the beginning when I should be slowly progressing and enjoying my climb to the top?!? Now I’m level 8, joined by who I can only assume is the god of nature and a little boy who’s the son of the wealthiest man in the land (excuse my possible lack of knowledge over his family history) who are both ‘end game’ yellow characters that turn every fight into a hack and slash battle that’s over in a few seconds. What’s frustrating is that I see this in other games too, and I’m tired of it. Please end this… I don’t want a daedric sword as I’m exploring my first dungeon in Skyrim, I just want a little steel dagger that makes me go, “aww it’s not a sword, but it’s better than my current iron sword… soo… hmm guess I’ll be trying out daggers for a bit…”

BE CAREFUL OF SERVERS. Were you looking forward to playing this game with friends? If yes, BE CAREFUL of what server you start the game on. The game does NOT warn you that servers are permanent and doesn’t even give you the option to pick which server you play on first launch- it’s a small, easily missable menu on the very first screen. If you pick a different server from your friends you will not be able to add them or join their guilds. After speaking with support over discord you also cannot be refunded for any purchases you make if you try and switch over to a new server. This feels predatory! No other mobile game has ever blocked me from adding friends that live in my region like this before. Will not be playing until this is addressed. I was excited for a month to play with friends and now I would have to lose hours of progress and IRL money to do that.

Poor customer support service and failure to compensate. You guys used to compensate for error battles but when it happened too much you guys got greedy and refused to compensate for the amount of time and effort I wasted. “The battle result for the client and server differs” does not sound like my problem it’s your problem, I completed the battle fairly with the heroes I had, not my problem that your servers did not have that result! I spent money on the game and to know that that’s all you guys care about is disgusting! Your customer service agents sounds lazy and probably uses AI to reply, we are still human. I was looking forward to this game, used to play afk arena aswell before, but you guys killed it for me. 👎🏼

Exceptional!. As I write this review I’d like to point out I’ve gotten past level 100 on my characters, one mythic + hero and a mythic. The developers did incredibly well with this game from its characters, strategy, lore, in game- events to the seamless transitions from one interface to another. Most of all, I do believe they consider the community a lot and have done their share of R&D about what similar games of the same genre are/aren’t doing right. There’s lots to do and on the same breath, it’s a game designed to be put down, as in there’s only so much leveling and grinding you can do in a day but believe me when I say it’s plenty. Do research on the heroes you wanna invest time on. It seems the main quest here is to solidify a team of 5 that you wanna continue upgrading to mythic/supreme quality. Spend resources wisely and happy hunting :) PS I can’t wait to see how this develops in the near and far future!

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Average. Very boring campaign. Fun enough combat.

So far so great. I loved AFK Arena, and this is just more content in the world I love. It still feels like Esperia, but more lore heavy. I love the new characters, and I can’t wait to see some of my favourites from the original added in (give me Silas, Baden, and Thane pls). Not to mention the game is amazing to look at. The art style is a perfect recreation of the original, while still being new and fresh and visually interesting. I love how much it’s adding to what I already know about this world.

silly. great game. horrible skin tone options. amazing character designs. cant say silly.

Welcome offer? 800% value? Hahaha. Thought I’d give this a try as it was advertised everywhere and is new. Normally with these games the welcome offers are by far the best value. Then seen the prices… $160 (aud) for a damn welcome offer that is supposed to be 800% value? Yes, no thanks I’ll stop now. That just shows how much money this game is going to cost you with how ridiculous there prices are on WELCOME offers……. A top hero of your choice, 70 summons and some diamonds is in your opinion worth $1280? Just imagine how much they going to charge down the line when these offers supposed to be the best value you’ll get. Ridiculous.

I love it sooo much. The graphics are so awesome and the character customisation omg love itttt

Meh. Bit disappointed at the amount of OG characters added into the game, amount of customisation for ur own character is very minimal too. 4 skin tones n 2 body types (non of which are plus sized). Might stick to the older game AFK arena.

Great game, can’t play with friends. Game is enjoyable but if you don’t have the same sever as a friend then there is no way to play with them without starting a whole new character and grinding again. Kinda silly

Well done but gacha approach. Can’t you just make a game without predatory micro transactions?

Great game. I have been enjoying this game with amazing animation and many other features

This game is so awesome. Thanks to publisher very much

Beautiful. Afk journey is one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever played.

No real difference to afk Arena. Same as afk arena nothing really new. Dont waste your time much better games to spend your time on.

Just started !. Love the game, storyline and it’s aesthetic so far :) Just one thing… It may be lag or because I’m on an iPad, but when I attempt to press something it presses something else above or below…

AMAZING. The games graphics are amazing and it doesn’t take lots of time to download. It is very fun and creative to. Great for all ages

Hm... I was really excited for this game to come out but the limited character customisation features, like the skin colour or even the body types. I can see a lot of mistakes with the voice acting lining up with the lines at the bottom, along with the voice acting sounding a bit off/dull/less effort. This company has made multiple games, especially popular ones that would’ve earned them a lot of money. So they could’ve used that for better voice acting and more customise features, because I find it hard to get into the story when the voice acting just sounds quite not good…

AFKJ has grown on me. I was originally very upset that I couldn't delete my account. However, the game has grown on me and proven very enjoyable. I have now uninstalled HSR instead.

…. The skin tone options are awful. Why are the dark/tanned skin options literally just grey?

Loving it! (April 2024). So far this game has been so much fun!! So much support to earn things in game so doesn’t feel pay to win at all! Highly recommend :)

💎. really generous with gifts and rewards. gameplay is fun and for fans of afk arena; lots of familiar faces :)

Pretty addictive and the visuals are solid. Just started playing and I enjoy the game visuals, UI and different rewards you get whether you play or AFK.

W game. Such a good rpg game

Launch is already better than Diablo immortal. I mean that’s a low bar to beat, but still… Pretty decent UI. Combat sorta reminds me of that old DeNa game blood brothers. First impressions about monetisation is that it’s pretty f2p friendly, but time will tell. Overall, if you’re looking for a fun RPG that doesn’t require too much effort, this is for you.

Great!!!. Ive had this game for two days and i already love it!! It combines zelda and genshin impact and i just think its great overall. plis theres no ads

Servers. Disappoint servers are not linked

Perfection is key. Creates time and space and way of being able to rest. Thank you, but my time is nearly up.

AFK into short animated stories on YouTube??. AFK world is awesome, and I’d love to see more short/long type videos. I’d love to learn more about characters and the world more in depth.

It take to long for it to download 😡. It’s ok

Great game!. So well thought out! The aesthetics are so pretty and makes the map fun to explore. You can opt out of fighting while walking around which is a huge plus. I play on a 5th gen which because of RAM issue likely does mean it crashes after battles sometimes but not nearly as often as some of the other rpgs I have played and it doesn't take up a lot of storage. Big props to the whole team because everything from aesthetics to UI and all the workings just mesh! Cute OCs! We will see what happens as I unlock more but so far it's working alright! Nice!

Great game but world chat is insane. The game is fantastic. I’m really enjoying playing it! But there definitely needs to be “trigger” words in world chats that get people automatically banned & deleted from the game. The world chat is crazy & I’ve seen a lot of sexual & disrespectful comments. Please put more rules in place for world chat. We need auto banning for certain words. Plus reporting someone 5 times a day isn’t enough. I reported 5 people in 20 seconds. The only downside to the game is that.

Good but the gacha system is a bit too unfair. Coming from an afk arena player and avid gacha player. I have to say that needing 60 for a guaranteed s class on normal pull is a bit too high especially with the costs per 10 pull. I think it’s just me but I have been needing to go to the full 60 for the past 3 epic heroes which is abit unfair as you can get a guaranteed epic in 40 for the select banner? Which makes 0 sense. Please add some changes or atleast make it like afk arena with 30 for guaranteed

Please add korean. Please add korean

FUN!. Good game and fun! Has crashed a few times but definitely has potential to be something good!

Awesome game!!. Awesome game! Good foundation to something can just build better and better!! Please add more character customisation and MMO aspects You have done so well with the UI and world.

Fun game. 3 days in, lots of progress. Free to play. Enjoying it.

Can’t start the game. I preordered the game and installed it but when I try loading the main menu it’s a black screen

Decent but held back by greed.. Good game and reasonable gameplay but it might not last long as the general community seems to be strongly opposed the the Extremely overpriced in game transactions. I’m taking $150 for 30 pulls and a generic hero, that’s not at all worth it. I could buy another game with 100hours of gameplay for that value, but here that gets me maybe 10mins of dopamine as I look over my small increase to overall power. Publisher needs to value their products within the bounds of the game and not inflate the value of small non existent products for money, or this games going to be left with the few whales that are willing to waste cash on nothing.

Awesome but a bit laggy. Ok this game is good and I preordered it but very laggy

Pros and Cons. Love the art style and story. Great stuff. Don’t really like the skin tone options and lag.

The game looks good. The game looks good in the trailers and seems good in the reviews but then it takes 5 hours to download on a new gen iPad I think this was just a me problem but like why?

5 stars. A very fun gane

Good. It is a fun and expansive open world game in one of my personal favourite universes lithith and fairlight have made one hell of a banger

Doesn’t work. Was really excited for the game but when I click on it, the screen just goes black.

Sound not working. I checked settings the sound was on but it’s not working

good. good

Amazing. Even better than afk arena

Where. Where do I get my 200+ pulls😔

To much busy work. Bloated game with poor progression design. Worst of all is constantly forcing me to upgrade or equip gear or some other task I would do eventually it it give me zero agency. These developers like to insult there player base so I will have to tell anyone and everyone that this game is archaic of early mobile games.

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Where’s the game?. I played for an hour, 55 minutes of that time was clicking rewards from menus and clicking on though their hundred different monetization plans. Is there a game here or is menu clicking for rewards the actual game?

gets boring after a few days. after playing for 3 days, i ran out of things to do besides honor duel...

AFK wow. Amazing

Very good. At first I though that it would be a boring afk game, but not, I had very good graphics and a good history!

Exceptional. I’ve seen quite a few trailers and updates about this game (especially around the end of the early beta) and the insurmountable potential this game has. It’s not often that you have voice actors during games of this type (at least in my experience), a majority of which deliver a solid experience (with only a few exceptions). Gameplay is fun, very glad that you can simply turn on AFK battling whereas other games would only allow this feature through micro-transactions. Building on this, there are several quality of life changes that make this game more relaxing to play (each characters have their own token sets, levels can be transferred between characters, gear can be shared with those of the same class, etc.). The feel of the game may give the impression of a generalized fantasy experience, the team behind this game has still managed to capture a unique experience of the genre within this world they have constructed. Though I’ve only recently sunk my teeth into this game, I look forward as to what more it has to offer!

Boring. Same characters as their other games, you’d think it’d be interesting and engaging. It’s not. Gameplay is super lite auto tactics and it’s boring, animations are not great and the art style overall doesn’t light up well with the frame rate so things look muted and jaggy. It’s very much just pushing micro transactions constantly without giving much back in terms of fun or beauty.

Writing is unusual. I enjoy this game, don’t get me wrong but yhe dialogue sometimes feels awkward. Sometimes they feel similar to what I’ve seen on wattpads made by middle schoolers. It’s very directional with the voice acting suffering due to it. I think the art and animation are good, but as a whole it’s just lacking in some areas.

I love it!. I honestly really love this game, the look to it and the animation style is beautiful. Me and my friends adore it and I can't wait to be able to play cross server!! Should be a soon update:) I highly recommend it as it is stress free and a simple and fun game.

Fun. It’s a fun game especially to start. Simple gameplay. Interested to see how it is at later levels. Also need to get sound working without headset.

Trash. Played for 5 minutes, was doing the forced recruitment when the screen went white and froze

Alyxlyx123’s Review. The game looks good, but when I literally go to play it, the game stays on a black screens 24/7/365. So I have no choice but to give this review a *drum roll* a 1/5 star rating.

Having fun. What I’ve played so far has been fun with decent story. Hope this game evolves for the better as it has real potential. I’m game market place doesn’t feel scaled right with cost reward structure but other, other than that few UI issues but dev is aware and expected for a new game. Leveling and progression are caped by experience and materials for advancement frequently leading to longer idle times in the story

Amazing!. Gorgeous art and beautiful character design. Unfortunately as of now there is no Japanese VA like in the Beta.

Fun and interesting. A mobile game that’s actually engaging and an interesting play

The Best!. This game is like the best game I ever played the graphics are amazing the character Art it great as we and the voice actings are really good too.

Jajajagd. Pretty art, world, and design interesting gameplay meh voice acting

Fun thanks. Fantastic! Like I’m on an isekai adventure. Ty

Very good!. The only AFK game I actually enjoy and don’t quit after a few hours of playing! Not bombarded with Ads either!

Fun, but…. The game is fun, I like the story and open world but like always, you will get stuck, you won’t be able to get good characters without spending money, the pulls are the same as afk arena. They are doing the same thing as afk arena it starts off good, and then they only focus on whales… enjoy the story line but if your trying to pvp, get wrecked by whales. Ps : all games made by this company will always be pay to win. Lol 3 stars for good art, story line, and being able to get codes/ free stuff when they fix a bug or something.

Bug. I really love that game but now when i open it, its just black everywhere and dont wanna load. I even try to réinstalle the game but it those the same thing. :(

The usual AFK. The usual P2W AFK type of game. The draw rate is horrible. And it requires way too many resources to upgrade your hero. You need to draw at least the same hero 10 times

Addicting game. I hope there will be a way to join other servers.

It’s okay so far. Need something to feel unique

Absolutely adore this game. It’s so calming and interesting to play, it’s very engaging but at the same time I don’t have to sit at my computer and grind for levels and materials for hours, the voice acting, art style, game mechanics and the different kinds of strategy battles that you can experience are out of this world, after coming from afk arena, this is a lovely game. Keep up the good work!

Good Game. Good game fun to play so far


What a journey!. Great passive game. Lots of rewards in early game. Must try.

Enjoyable. The visual style and character design are top notch

To read this review, please pay $4.99. What has mobile gaming become? I don’t remember it being this bad prior to pandemic. Do you want to see 5 different packs you can buy for 1000%-5000% bonuses? Do you want to see value of 3200% for your money? Do you want 2 different battle passes along with a progression battle pass and a growth battle pass? Then this game is perfect for you, just keep paying money and the game will autoplay for you. You don’t even need to move, just click on the map and it will automove for you. Besides the constant bombardment to buy stuff and the auto battle, what are you even doing? Big number go up, brain happy. Pay more money, see more numbers, brain mega happy. Be 3200% happier by giving them more money. There are plenty other games to try and you can do waaaaaay better with your money than this game lol. I wrote this review to make me want to quit and I will, the game is addicting if you don’t think too hard about it, but so is gambling and this is pretty much that.

Could be good. If the game didn’t steal your progress from you. Spent a while beating some difficult levels. Finally got through them and as soon as I completed the last boss, got a message saying they couldn’t verify my battle logs and sent me back at least an hour in progress. Completely unacceptable.

Bomb game. Game da boom boom

Huge pay to win. Like always huge pay to win avoid this kind of game !

Pretty, fun, & f2p friendly. Have been playing this game for a week now, the visuals are stunning and the story is good. It’s also really f2p friendly; most people I’ve met on there are f2p and are doing pretty well, including me. Idk why there’s people waffling in the reviews about it being p2w… just say you don’t have the patience to play🤷 yes, I’ve hit a wall many times while playing, but I found it was easy to bounce back from. However, keep in mind that I’m playing the game during its release era, so I could just be doing well as a f2p due to the benefits it throws at new players during the release period. Don’t know if it’ll be the same for future new f2p players. My criticisms are that - the game can be more open world (with things like swimming, not getting stuck in certain places, climbing, fishing, etc. that can be added), - battles aren’t actually that AFK and require attention as you progress - auto battle has delays for the ults - more side quests / side stories should be added b/c once you hit a wall & can’t progress through the story or AFK stages & have done all the battle modes, it’s like “well.. what now?” - we should be able to add friends cross-servers. it’s ridiculous how we can’t add people if we’re not in the same server - co-op isn’t actually co-op. you just borrow other users’ characters or fight their battles for them via proxy and vice-versa

Great!. Nice so far! The artstyle is gorgeous and I love all the lore, super interesting!

I love this game!!. Its really good and i love the art/graphics! The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is because i think maybe there should be a bit more representation, it would be nice to have more than 4 skin tines and 2 body types if possible ! Other wise this game is so beautiful i looove it!

Exactly like genshin impact. While the game if enjoyable I’m honestly quite surprised on how many big similarities there are between this game and genshin. They could’ve been more creative with the bosses and monsters which are extactly like the ones from genshin. But overall good game.

Another p2w. Don’t get me wrong the game in itself is good and I think way better level game content then his big brother afk arena but just has is big brother it’s filled with micro transaction to the brim. Good content but pretty sure at some point in the future the difficulty will be too much and I won’t have a choice but to pay if I want to advance in the game. 1/5 p2w game are ruining the phone game industry

VALEN NEEDA LET ME HIITTTTT. im fr a freak just lmk

pretty decent. it’s pretty good haven’t got a single ad not super pay to win feels like the devs care about our experience more them the money

Good for couple hours. Unless you’re willing to spend hundreds of dollars this game dies very fast. With almost no side quests you end up waiting 3 days to level up for 10 min of game play then you have to wait again. At least add lots of side quests so f2p players can do something while waiting for days.

Gets my 15 Pro Max hot. Love the game so far but gets the phone real hot with slightly better graphics. Hope there is going to be optimization in the future.

行. 把x

W. Wwwwww

Pay wall. You only get 1 week of pulls due to daily gifts. After that you hit the pay wall.

Lol. It’s a true beautiful game, very addictive. Never ever review a game before but this one made me. The storyline’s just like any other anime “isekai like”. There’s a lot characters to explore their skills, graphics really are focused. In-app purchased but why not because the game itself worths a lot more than a free to have.

Amazing game!. But there is an issue when tapping something. ill click one thing and another thing will select. a little annoying but i’m sure it’ll be fixed soon

Best game i played. This game is so fun and has good graphics

Incredibly boring and p2w. Micro transactions crazy.. The rate of pulling a legendary is literally 0. And you need 3000 to pull in the limited rate up. 40 pulls guaranteed to get one, means 12000 diamonds for 1 legendary. And you will need 2 of the copies to ascend 1 to the next tier. Which makes no sense in 2024. Basically you will need at least 5 or 7 copies of any legendary to be able to play it. Otherwise they r trash. Its pay to win heavy game guys. Plus the art style isnt anything new in 2024, and the late stage of games looks like crab. Every 5 mission it will power cap you and you will have to afk 2 or 3 days to keep playing, or get you wallet ready. The story is boring and even the English in this game makes no sense.

Nice game when not crashing. Love the graphics and story. However the continuous crashing was enough to stop me from playing.

It’s genuinely good. Look I know gotcha games are iffy when it come to the fairness in pulls however the people who make the afk games are good at their jobs ive been playing for barely a day and have two legendary characters. Oh and the character design are absolutely fantastic they all have such cool designs and the art style it’s always pretty with the afk games

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Much as I want to play this game…. My iPad is old hat; AFK Journey requires an iPad 11 for the full experience…but mine is a 6th gen =( I tried to play it, but it kept freezing and crashing on me. Not the games fault but my old hardware Still, for the brief time I played it, it was a enjoyable experience, one I hope to continue once I get better hardware, as I’ve been a long time follower of AFK Arena since 2019 =)

Crashes other games.. When I downloaded this on my computer, it was really fun! But I tried to play another game afterwards, specifically Overwatch 2, it would crash my game. My screen would turn black and my mouse wouldn’t move. I thought there was something wrong with my computer, but when I experimented and deleted AFK Journey from my computer, Overwatch started working again. Im sorry, but I can’t download your game if it’s going to interfere with other ones. It’s a good game, too.

Great game. Enjoy every aspect of the game Only issue is like every other game over the last few years it is over monetize I have no problem spending to support a game its a free download and a lot of time and money was invested to create the product But nothing I have seen seems to equal the amount I would spend to increase my enjoyment of the game developers need to find a balance between cost and reward to balance out profits versus players loyalty

Wow…. I rarely if ever leave feedback for anything unless I’m either A.) extremely dissatisfied or B.) overwhelmingly happy. And this game leaves me beyond overwhelmingly happy. The creators have put out the type of game I’ve been waiting for a very long time to exist. This is absolutely phenomenal. I highly recommend everyone give it a try, even if you don’t think it’s your style. You might be pleasantly surprised. 5 stars!

Strategy limited. I give credit to beautiful graphics which drew me to this game. Characters and story are also interesting enough, although nothing special in this genre. Biggest downside is that strategy is extremely limited. It gets boring fast to do auto battles, wait to acquire rewards, level up slowly, all to do more auto battles with slightly higher numbers. Puzzles and skill tests are so simple there is no point.

Honest review from experienced player. I’ve played all these games. It’s beautiful. It’s fun. The characters are cool. The content is there but man is this game expensive. The packs are crazy and there are a ton of hard locks on the game that you can’t get past so you’re essentially stuck until you improve your team. I’ve spent a little and still find myself behind the 8 ball. I’d say as F2P you’re gonna be extremely frustrated. With that said it’s still a fun idle game to check out.

Fun til a point. There are plenty of summons and activities til you get to around afk lvl 225 then the game comes to a screeching halt. All you resonance characters have to be within 10 lvls of each other 2000+ materials to increase lvl cap that’s what you earn from 23hrs of afk time so 5 days to get all Your Resonance characters up just 10 lvls and the ways to earn summon materials comes to a halt with that. Need 8 of the same characters summons to upgrade at this point lucky to get a 10x a week.

Boring, weeks without updates, P2W gacha. This game is not a full gacha, so don’t get hung up on that tag in the title. The gacha itself is misleading and lame for such an overhyped game like this marketing trash heap. They advertise 3% S rank pulls but myself and the subreddit community prove that is completely false. Do not expect to pull the newest units when they say 3% rate. It is below 1%. As for the lame story and gameplay, it is as generic as could be. I skip past every conversation and you will soon do the same. Voice acting is trash, relying on single short phrases with some kiddie voices.

Great!. Really cute art style, and just plain Fun! Only complaint so far is that target are obscured often during battle for targeting special abilities, but “auto-cast” takes care of that, even though I am wildly against ANY auto-anything in games. (Feels to me like you’re not really playing) ALSO, I can pet cats but not dogs in town. BOO! Also would love to see a canine hero! Would LOVE a Bull Terrier knight or Druid!! (HINT HINT!)

genuinely enjoyable!. This is my first time writing a review but like.. I just started playing this release, it’s genuinely so fun. the style is gorgeous and the character designs are amazing. i love the open world aspect and basically everything about this game! One thing i really want is a different language voice over like Japanese or Korean. I played like the original afk arena and it really enjoyed that style too, but i feel like the open world and then amount of character customization is amazing.

I could good heroes so easily. I get good heroes so easily it’s super fun and also hard. I love the exception of this game and I love who made this and I just want to know that I love that you put your heart and soul and sit with us and actually very good but sometimes the animations can glitch a little bit, and you don’t have to change it because it’s ALREADY good😘⚡️⚡️⚡️❤️‍🔥

Og from afk arena. Beautifully designed characters and story, and very fun to pass time with, but definitely meant for quite high-power and processing mobile devices. Extremely laggy unless using the lowest graphics possible, sadly. I don’t mind bad graphics, but it may be very important to others. I love the tie-ins from AFK arena and how many elements are taken from there, but despite this, it still is a game that can stand on it’s own and is well orchestrated.

Great game. For a newer gamer I heard it was good but after playing the gacha is fair and seems balanced, the rewards they give just for playing are great, the gameplay is unique, battles are different but fun, and the visuals are amazing. For a afk game it’s one of the better ones and being able to see people move around in the maps in real time is a nice feature.

Great Game Hindered by Bugs. So far the game has been a lot of fun, but I’ve run into a bug where upon completing certain battles, namely in the Arcane Labyrinth, it tells me that the battle result data doesn’t match the data on the servers or something to that effect. Restarting the game, uninstalling, waiting a day, nothing has fixed it thus far and it’s permanently slowing my account progress. If this error were to happen on a required portion of a story battle then you would be genuinely hard locked out of progressing through the game. Hope they fix their server issues and compensate players for this cause it’s really frustrating.

Definitely worth a try. I preordered the game and that was the best decision ever. It makes RPG games so much more simple, definitely would recommend if you like games like Genshin, Honkai Star rail, etc. It’s fun having different challenges that aren’t to complex. Overall, I think the game is worth a try and I hope to see more improvements as time goes on.

Awesome!. I found this game before its release on a TikTok ad and I have to say it’s great! If you’re a fan of gatcha and team building this is the game for you, it also as an interesting story to it and a different playstyle. So if you want something fresh and new you should try this out! I also like the gatcha system because of the fact it tells you how many pulls until you’re guaranteed!

BEYOND expectations. coming from a long-time AFK Arena player, this game absolutely crushed its release! it’s beautiful, it’s entertaining, and most of my favorite AFKA characters made their appearance in the sequel. one specific thing i will highlight is the level resonation system, how characters automatically match the levels of your team. thank you for blessing us with this gorgeous game, devs. i’m excited to see what’s to come!!!

Has potential. This game is great so far and I quickly got addicted to playing until getting blocked,, having to get to a certain level to continue the storyline is getting lowkey annoying. Also, if these are real voice actors please credit them and TAKE OUT WORLD CHAT!! Absolutely no reason for it, just take it out its filled with absolute weirdos. Overall, it’s great but still needs a lot of work especially with the dialogue not matching the characters and using the wrong pronouns for the main character.

Best AFK Game. They literally took all of the greatest things from AFK Arena, improved them, added some more content and gave us this master piece. For a game whose business concept is a money grab. This is THE BEST one to get. It has a story, amazing character with their fascinating art work, and getting a decent starting team is very simple. Definitely a game worth playing.

First time of playing it and loved it!. When I was watching YouTube’s videos and afk journey ads were popping up on my screen and I thought it would be boring but no you can get 30 pulls If you download the full set to the game and your super lucky to get a 5 stars and I would recommend if you like turned base game like dislyte, honkai star rail, and even this game too!

My new silly little game. The graphics, cinematics, storytelling and characters are to die for. I am obsessed with the dialogue and voice acting to the point I don’t skip past the scenes. Beautiful and so well done! I do wish there was a visual confirmation to target selection in battle. This would make it easier to control outcomes especially when playing half AFK. Which is the whole appeal! The open world.. amazing. Interactions with other players is a nice touch but the in game world chat is the typical spammy locker room as all of these types of games are. Muting everything but guild chat is a must. Progression is easy and straight forward. I hope there are more events and customizations outside of paid items. Even though I will likely pay for them because the game is that good.

Just download and play. Now when it comes to mobile games I’ve always stayed away from games that have “AFK” in the name. They’re just not my kinda games and tbh I don’t know why I downloaded this game but, I am so happy I did! I can’t stop playing! The gameplay, the art design, the storyline are all so amazing. I didn’t understand the hype until I actually played it myself. You just have to download and see for yourself

Pretty Graphics. This game has really pretty graphics, which are reminiscent of water color paintings. I enjoy it a lot! The game play so far is nice, probably my favorite AFK game I’ve played so far. The characters are all fun and well designed. I like that we get to customize a character and it’s a mix of a multiplayer game and AFK game- it’s fun to see everyone running around. The only thing is I hope in the future we get more customization options.

Need the arena characters, cross server friends. Games great: amazing art, story, gameplay. Since it just started, in the future I hope to see side events that would feature more of the afk arena heroes, or even the main event. I know Gavus Eugene Lucilla and Liberta just got added to the other game but I already want to see them here as well😭. ALSO NEED TO BE ABLE ADD FRIENDS ACROSS SERVER

Fix bugs ASAP. I love this game and would rate it 5 stars but there are some issues. The game will just stop working at random times, mostly when I click a button. I do know that bugs are going to happen in any game, but I’ve barely been able to go 5 minutes without a freeze. Please fix these bugs immediately so that me and other players can have a better afk journey experience.

$ Mobile Games $. Overall, the concept of the game is fun, addicting and I will keep playing even though the progress has come to a screeching halt. It’s definitely got the “gotcha” mobile tactics on getting your money. Gives you a lot in the beginning, gets you hooked and pulls the rug out from under you on progression and it comes screeching to a very small creep. Add that progression creep with the AFK loot you need to progress and it becomes a game where if you don’t pay to progress faster than prepare to only log in once a day for no more than an hour to complete everything and then come back 24 hours later. It’s got that classic if you don’t pay, you will just eventually stop logging in because progress just goes to slow and you’ll eventually just forget the game and move on. Will have its niche following and support to keep the game going though. It’s definitely good enough for that.

Please Like this and get attention !!!. this game is amazing it really is for what it is !! I could leave a detailed review but others will do that… that aside GAME DEVS PLEASE continue any path forward with optional CO -OP in any content moving forward … please no solo content of course the content would be solo optional at the same time, ofc additional solo content is still content but I would just love if for the most part most of the content would be achievable with or without friends.

Its Amazing But…. The game is excellent in every single aspect. From the designs all the way to voice overs were just amazing. But when it came to the friend request I was confused. For some backstory, I’ve been telling my friend about this game for a while and she finally decided downloaded it. I really wanted to be friends with her in the game but it turns she’s in a different server. I tried looking online to see how to change your sever but nothing came up. Any tips? *We both live in the same Country.

Surprisingly Good!. I go into every mobile game assuming it’s going to be gimmicky and cheaply made. This is surprisingly well polished and enjoyable to play. Great voice acting, animations, artwork, music, and afk gameplay. I don’t feel like I have to pay to play. I find myself sitting and enjoying the hard work the developers have put into this game. If you are looking for an actual decent game to play on mobile you have found it.

So far in playing the game. I love how this is set up it’s really simple in getting characters and the game mechanics aren’t that hard to learn I have another game from this company so already knew when I seen this on the App Store it was going to be good definitely a game to check out. It’s highly entertaining and the AFK part of it is really good unlike some other afk games

A made game… but not at first. They really went out of their way to make a great game but drip-feed the information. I know that front loading all of the features at launch can be daunting but I felt like the tutorial was way too delayed and was confused for a while. That said, it’s well put together and almost designed to keep you… NOT AFK. There is a LOT to do. Almost too much! But a lot of people would see that as a plus.

just wow. I loved AFK arena and played for a long time. I eventually just moved onto other games but when I saw ads for this game I was so excited to get back into the AFK series. I’ve only played this game for a few hours and I must say I am absolutely blown away at how amazing and well made this game is. I cannot wait to see what more is in store as I continue to play.

Genuinely great!. Honestly I love it. I spent all day playing it, which now has got my head and eyes hurting. Personally, I really love the visuals and the story/plot is really entertaining. I do wish that the monsters/enemies respawned so I can fight them again to help level up my allies while not in the AFK stage. My only complaint is the bugs, but I know those will likely get fixed soon

Great!. I got it because I thought it was super cool. The art is very nice as well. I love how the story is going so far and how you can design your character. My only problem is that when my character has a cutsean I have the black hair and the darkest skin. But my eyebrows turn orange for some reason. I haven’t encountered any other problems but so far great!

Great RPG!. The world of Esperia is beautiful, and the graphics are both cute and well made. As it is a new app, there are things being altered and changed quite a lot, but I’ve never experienced any problems. The worst thing that happened to me was that when my iPad was low on battery it would crash, but I’m not sure it was this app’s fault. (I have a really old iPad.) Keep up the good work, Lilith!

Relaxing. I haven’t played long enough to know much details as the other, so I’ll update this review later on. But I want to say that compared to every other gacha games I’ve played it’s very relaxing and soothing to the mind. I was very stressed before playing for a while and when I started this game it very much soothed my mind, the environment, the storytelling so far and the characters. It has been all so good 👌🏻 will update once I put more time in!

Incredible journey - best of both worlds. As the title says, this is a beautiful marriage between the original idea of AFK gameplay, mixed with something I can only compare to a Nintendo Switch adventure game mixed into one overall enjoyable experience. While I’m at work, I can play the AFK matches, and when I have a little more time, I can play the full adventure on either iOS or PC. Amazing experience and looking forward to more!

A Mobile Game With Care!. Based on the tutorial of the game alone it’s obvious how much care and effort was put into the making of this game! Character customization, voice acting, and cutscenes with an immersive story as well! Not even Raid Shadow Legends can do that! I hope this game sticks around for a long time and the developers continue to add on and care about it.

Honestly really good. I used to play the old game, and I really enjoyed it for a long time until I grew out of it. The two main reasons I stopped playing is because the community was so toxic and the game was really boring after a certain level. The new game is honestly really exciting and fun to play, and I genuinely enjoy it!! Would recommend.

Definitely Impressed. I’ve played many a many a phone game, from angry birds to Honkai: Starrail and lemme tell you that this game does it all right. The characters, the art, the gameplay, the ease of access, the story and especially I mean especially the little details they put into the game. I played the moment it came out and I’ve been on it for a straight hour. It’s fun, interactive and definitely worth your time if your a fan of mobile games at all.

Addicting. AFK arena was already a pretty fun game but after a while it just became a thing where you don’t wanna log on everyday. This game though whenever i remember it i just have to log on. The animations and characters are so good to look at. Even the gameplay and movement which some people might not like is really good and you just don’t get bored

As a roleplay game lover this is a good game!. I really like roleplay games but for a while I haven't been able to find a game that has a good story or a game that doesn't take forever to get into the story but this game got into the story and it didn't take forever! It also has great character designs and the voice acting I also love the powers and how easy everything is to control personaly if you like an adventure game or roleplay game with a good plot this is the game for you

Charming. It’s a charming, wonderful game. It’s very F2P (Free to Play) friendly so far, and the characters are charming, as well as the MC (Main Character/Player Character). You end up wanting to learn a lot more about “Merlin.” I recommend it, it keeps me more invested in the story then other mobile games I’ve played and the character design is great. Especially great if you’ve played AFK Arena ^^

excellent story & visuals! but... AFK Journey has actually exceeded my expectations. The sounds and visuals are satisfying, and the voice acting is excellent! I enjoy being able to explore the world and feel appropriately rewarded for doing so. However.. despite their generosity by gifting all heroes to those that log in consistently, I do find that the packs and bundles and individual items available for purchase too pricey. I would definitely be more willing to spend money if they came down in price. Overall a wonderful game!

Fun so far but…. Been playing for a few hours and I’m enjoying it so far! Was a bit confused by all the different systems but got used to it pretty quickly. One thing I’ve noticed (why 4/5) is that loading times are pretty long. Like when creating your character and switching looks or when closing and reopening the game. Hopefully this will get better in the future.

Pre registration gifts. Hello, I am loving this game so far. The graphics are amazing and the soundtrack is very lovely. I pre registered and was told I would get them in the game when the game finally came out. It is out and I’ve been playing for awhile now but I cannot find the mail icon to get my Pre-Registration rewards. I’m hoping game dev can help me! Also keep up the awesome work!!

Great Game, both aesthetically and gameplay wise. I’ve only come a few hours into the game so I’m not sure about the specifics/ whether it gets too Grindy late game, but I’ve been heavily enjoying it right now, the artstyle is really nice and the character designs are awesome (please add more mature women they have my heart in a chokehold 🙏😭), overall very enjoyable experience

A great afk story game for people of all ages!. Not just your average afk game but an afk game with beautiful graphics music and story telling elements. Normally I would get bored with afk games so quickly but the open world aspect of this game keeps me coming back to it and exploring new places and enemies daily! Looking forward to diving deeper into the game and see just how far the story goes!

Great Game, Why the AI Voiceover??. Loved and played afk arena for over 2 years. AFKJ takes all the great parts of the original while further optimizing the experience. I hope eventually they get real voice actors to do the voicevers. I understand needing to cut costs, but most of the lines sound so dead I had to turn it off. I love voice acting in story based games like this, as it really brings things to life. Having it be done by AI almost cheapens the whole experience, and I’d rather it not be there at all than be half-done.

Amazing.. This game is awesome. The story so far is amazing, I really enjoy the gacha system, the animation for attacks and the quality of the world around you in game is great. (If your graphics aren't good, go into settings and change them, my game started out on the lowest but it goes a lot higher.) The only thing I have to complain about is the voicing. It's just a little low quality, but I think it actually adds to the game. Overall great!

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 1.1.138
Play Store com.farlightgames.igame.ios
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

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The application AFK Journey was published in the category Games on 27 March 2024, Wednesday and was developed by Farlight Games [Developer ID: 1605558679]. This program file size is 1.32 GB. This app has been rated by 34,291 users and has a rating of 4.9 out of 5. AFK Journey - Games app posted on 13 April 2024, Saturday current version is 1.1.138 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.farlightgames.igame.ios. Languages supported by the app:

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AFK Journey Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Major Updates 1. The Trial of Abyss becomes available on the 18th day following the server launch. You can unlock this feature by completing all current AFK stages and the Main Quest - The Last Leg. Prepare to challenge up to 300 stages and earn valuable rewards, including Stellar Crystals! 2. Added Cross-Server Friends feature, allowing you to engage in Synergy Battles, Proxy Battles, and challenges against Corrupt Creatures alongside players from other servers. The maximum number of friends you can add has been increased from 40 to 60 to support this feature. 3. Adjusted Primal Lord kill rewards and time requirements based on each server's kill progress. The time limit required for the highest-tier kill reward has been extended from 5 to 8 days. 4. Experience Optimizations 5. Combat Mechanics Adjustments 6. Bug Fixes

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