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What is call of dragons app? War Pets have arrived in Call of Dragons! Capture ferocious beasts in a vast 3.88m sq km map, and train them up to fight alongside you!

【Capture War Pets】
Subdue ferocious beasts and deploy them alongside powerful fantasy armies!

【Train War Pets】
Interact with your War Pet to increase their Affection Level. Strengthen them by feeding them, regenerating them, or inheriting Skills. Your War Pet will be an indespensible member of your forces!

【Summon Behemoths】
Team up with your allies to take on gigantic Behemoths, then summon them in combat to dominate the battlefield!

【Freedom To Fight】
Take advantage of truly 3D terrain to create your strategy, command flying legions to traverse mountains and rivers, and unleash powerful combat skills to lead your allies to victory in huge-scale fantasy warfare!

【An Immersive Fantasy World】
Recruit Elven maidens, mighty Orcs, powerful frost mages, and countless other magical heroes. Journey to the mystical Firefly Tree, the daunting Frozen Spires, and other fantastic wonders, and enjoy a vast fantasy world like nothing you've ever seen before.

*****Game Features*****

【Purify War Pets, Then Fight Beside Them】
Simple-hearted Bears, stubborn Lizards, aloof Rocs, and mischievous Faedrakes– they're all waiting to become your new best friend! Purify them to bring them under your command, then deploy them alongside vast fantasy armies. Train them up to strengthen their powers and turn your magical companion into a devastating weapon!

【Hunt and Tame Behemoths】
The land of Tamaris is infested with Behemoths—giant ancient beasts like Hydras, Thunder Rocs, and mighty and terrifying Dragons. Stand shoulder to shoulder with your allies to bring them to heel, then train them to become your secret weapon. Then, in your hour of need, deploy Behemoths to crush your enemies!

【Heal Units for Free】
Wounded units can be healed automatically without consuming any resources. Wage war, challenge other players, and fight to your heart's content! Enjoy the thrill of the battlefield without worrying about your stockpiles. Your path to conquest begins now!

【Countless Fantastic Creatures】
The land of Tamaris is filled with many fantastic races: noble Elves, mighty Orcs, wily Satyrs, wise Treants, majestic Forest Eagles and otherworldly Celestials. Each of these races can join your forces and lead them to victory. Meanwhile, Hydras, Giant Bears, Thunder Rocs and other terrifying creatures lie in wait...

【Powerful Hero Skills】
Assign mighty heroes to lead your forces, and train them up to use powerful abilities that allow them to turn invisible, charge across the battlefield in an instant, or unleash devastating AoE attacks! Master the battlefield, then strike at a critical moment to turn the tide of battle and claim victory!

【3D Terrain & Flying Legions】
Take advantage of rich and varied 3D terrain to carry out rapid assaults, defend your position, and unleash air raids to crush the enemy with strategy. Deploy flying legions across canyons, deserts, rivers, and mountains to deliver a devastating blow!

【Expand, Exploit, Explore, & Exterminate】
The prosperity of the kingdom is in your hands. Upgrade buildings and technologies, train troops, gather resources, expand your territory, and prove that you are worthy to rule Tamaris!

If you encounter any issues during the game, you can send us feedback via the in-game Customer Service Center.
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App Name Call of Dragons
Category Games
Updated 11 April 2024, Thursday
File Size 2.35 GB

Call of Dragons Comments & Reviews 2024

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Great game. The best game I’ve played so far. But it comes with problem for people that work, this game needs full attention for hours at a time specially when trying to defeat a behemoths or open the pass. Only if they would too change it where you just sent out your troop kind of like building. Also there over 50 alliance but don’t mater every big spender join in one alliance so need for pushing power or grind they will win at the end of the season so we just go back to farming. I wish there more fighting involve but every alliance wants to team up so we farm ones again and when is time to open the pass no one fights we all just join the bigger alliance so we go back to farming. Also if your one of the top 5 alliance that made it it’s going to take about 2 hours just to prepare and get everyone set up to attack a behemoth at a specific time or get kicked out of the clan for not participating at their specific time. (How to fix sent troops to attack behemoths like building and don’t allow all big spenders join together it kills the game from the start. ) if they can fix This issue this game is a 5 start. And best game that has ever came out on phone by far.

Fun game but bugs lose things you buy. Fun game but the engineers do not have good reporting on items / things you buy and gain in the game. After updates sometimes items and other things you have bought or accumulated will disappear. The VIP support for spending players will ask for screenshots of the items before you lost them. Even with these screenshots; you will wait half a season to get things back by then the damage is already done. Like losing troops during a war from an update; or losing buffs etc. Fun game that I invested a large amount of money and time into; but definitely make sure you take a screenshot of all your stuff every night. 10-15 screenshots a day gets tiring… Edit: As you can see by developer response to this post; they will ask for screenshots of items that their bugs deleted. That’s right; screenshots of items that are gone at this point. Genius! You pay money; they lose your items during botched updates; and now you are responsible for going into a Time Machine and taking pictures of things that no longer exist… no thanks. I’ll spend my money else where.

Pay to win garbage. All the best features like controlling a dragon is literally only for the top alliances. One person can control it too. The ads are crazy misleading. The big pvp events only hold 20 people per alliance and happen once in a blue moon. If you are not spending crazy money then you will not be competitive no matter how skilled you are. Just click the reward for +800% value and get the dopamine hits and hey 1$ for starter pack then few dollars here then few dollars every day to more. Literally have this like 3 pack of daily deals to purchase. Those are no where near enough though. Good luck competing with some rich power hungry dudes thinking they are gods gift to gaming and we should respect him. Another pay to compete, pay a fortune to win trash game. It is designed to be as addictive as possible. Stay away for your mental health and wallet.

Bot Farms. I would like to start by say the game is a lot of fun with great mechanics and has beautiful graphics. Unfortunately, in server 45 (I imagine this is a common case) there were two major groups competing for the dragon. Group A did not have bot farms, while group B did. Group A was winning in zone 2, pushed out group B. They were both able to get into zone 3 in different areas. However, group B after given enough time, has at least 5 bot farms in zone 1 to essentially have unlimited resources for resource healing troops. Allowing them to continually fight with full strength. Which allowed Group B to roll over Group A as soon as they met in zone 3. It is unfortunate that bot farms have such an impact. Developers should add a captcha log in/ anti bot software to help combat this. It won’t be good for the long term health of the game if players can’t compete due to bots.

Pay to win scum. I’ve played many games that do have a pay to win aspect to them. But in those games you could at least pay less or nothing and still grind to be slightly competitive. Not this game. Unless your prepared to drop a minimum of a grand, I you won’t even be a blip on the map. There is no opportunity for skill or strategy. If you don’t pay, you don’t matter. I paid more than I would have wanted to hoping to at least stay slightly competitive and still can’t even scratch the surface of the ridiculous whales. Not worth your time, energy, or money. There are other games out there with equal graphics, design, and story line that have more immersive play and opportunities for everyone regardless of how many times they run their credit card. DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS GAME.

Love this game!. I’ve been playing this game nonstop for almost 4 days now and I’m already getting at 500k power. The progression is really good and overall game has a great feel. A awesome feature is that at the beginning of the game you have three options to choose from. Orks, humans, and elves. It’s not overwhelming, just choose what you like. Lots of purchases you can make but it’s not vital. I’ve played completely for free so far and am already decently powerful. It’s basically rise of kingdoms except fantasy. You can see that they are modeling the game off of rise of kingdoms, but I honestly don’t care as I think this game is better because of the fantasy setting. This game is great and definitely would recommend! (Ork is best😉)

Needs geo-locked regions. This is a great game but because servers are worldwide, clans benefit from stacking people from one time zone/country, and then completely destroying other clans while that clan is asleep. This game would be a 6/5 if they could make servers that are specific to Europe, the Americas, and East Asia, but right now you basically just wake up to find out that a Korean or Vietnamese clan has demolished a ton of stuff from your clan, and your clan can’t do it back because your players are active/awake at different times because you didn’t only recruit people from one time zone/country. If servers weren’t worldwide, this game would truly be amazing.

Real Review, Real Person.. I enjoyed the concept and set up of this game, the graphics are great, even the story line for the heroes was great. However, the Devs will not let you switch servers, at all. And after you reach level 12, you cannot even switch to another region within your server. They claim this is to prevent players from selling accounts or giving people access to their accounts - however, jokes on you Devs, players are finding other ways to sell accounts and give access to accounts that players gave up on. I had several people approach me offering to give me access to higher level player accounts, what comes with them, and even how to access them. I never accepted, but selling accounts and giving access to other peoples accounts is still happening, even though you claim preventing region hopping and server hopping stop this - clearly it hasn’t. Bully clans - typical in any war game - there’s war and enjoying the game, which is different from an entire clan harassing and bullying you for no reason - being bullied you should be allowed to switch regions or servers. Otherwise I would’ve given a 5 star review.

Great game, amazing QOL integrations. The sequel to Rise of Kingdoms or something like that from what I’ve heard, is very good. I have personally never played RoK but call of dragons is still super fun, fast paced, seasonal strategy game. I love how many speed ups you get just naturally through playing. I’ve spent only a dollar on the beginners package and I’m still in a contributive state to ward and behemoth raids. However, this game is very very pay to win with the only restriction on pay to win players is how much they can use their heroes to attack other players. But with that being the only downside I don’t think that’s too bad. It’s still playable for free to play/ small spenders. However, the biggest brag about this game is like to talk about is the quality of life mechanics they have in just the regular chat and mail system. Integrated in chat system is an auto translator. How cool is that. You don’t have to try to figure out which characters people use to understand different languages. Not only that but you can copy messages in game. You can send photos in chat. You can set individualized profile pictures and have profile walls. You can have contacts. Group chats. I think as long as I’ve been playing mobile games, all of these things are borderline unheard of or the games that do have these kind of systems don’t do them nearly as well as call of dragons. Well done call of dragons team. 👍

Good Game & Great Potential:. I rarely do a review of a game let alone a meaningful one, but this game deserves it. It has amazing graphics, a lot of attention to detail has been done with the aspects of the game that are here so far. It definitely pops out in comparison to other similar games and exceeds them. That being said, there’s definitely some things that should be added or tweaked in the game, alliance notifications online or offline, notifying rallies on behemoths, attacks or defenses on territories. Alliances messages would be great as well, pull everyone together for specific times and places. Without things to notify me like when an alliance upgrade is available or rally starts to join. These things keep people opening the game again :)

Great game but some worries. I’be been playing rise of kingdoms for some years now and I was excited when I heard they were making a new game. I initially thought it would be a similar game within the same genre but barely any similarities at all. The game has some differences when it comes to commanders and pace of game. The tutorial is practically the same when it comes to both games. The ui is clean but looks the same just different colors. If this game plays out like I expect it too (exactly like rok) i’d much rather just play rok. Besides those doubts I have great expectations with this great game.

Overall a lot of fun , one thing. I understand that the option to buy keeps the game alive but let’s all be honest there are whales (massive spenders) a f2p server would be awesome . I’ve heard this request a lot in the world chat and thought about it , instead of buying a healing pack after losing the fight , you just lose the fight and have to use your resources you farm for to bring them back and only that . At the end of the day it turns into who can spend the most to win a battle .I’ll keep playing my server 33 but if a f2p only server comes out I’d definitely start another on that . But if you don’t mind spending and want a good experience with alot of people this is a good mmo ,

P2W. Be warned, the Developers only want your money and don’t care about anything else. I played multiple servers through 3 different seasons over the course of 7 months, not one server was balanced after the new season started. P2W ruins the fun with this game. Developers are getting paid so why should they care. The server chat is spammed with bots trying to sell gems, devs don’t do anything about it. Absolutely ridiculous that a new server could have 20+ million power players within the first 20 days. My first character is on season 3, the highest individual power level on that server is over 200 million. After the first season, it turns into power hungry clan/grouping that takes over the entire map/zone, then it becomes FarmVille3.0. I like the war aspect of the game, but P2W will kill this game.

Potential dulled by greed. I am currently playing and do enjoy the game, mostly. Game balance falls apart when P2W is the goal. An alliance of all tier 4 troops is stymied by one tier 5 march. It is a P2W account. We had between 10-1 and 15-1 odds and failed to severely damage him. We had to use a behemoth and still lost most of our troops. In all honesty, I quit spending extra money because the amount I would have to spend is out of reach of the average player. Until they fix the imbalance any non-P2W and some P2W who do not spend excessively will get frustrated and possibly rage quit. When the Tier 5 P2W shows up, I turn off the game and walk away. I could switch to a P2W club but i don’t believe in supporting greed. I’ll keep playing because I am in a fun alliance. I could have suggested the game whole heartedly except for the imbalance. If you want to be successful be ready to spend LOTS of money or suffer defeat and moments of ire at the game imbalance. Or, be like me, quit spending and simply port your city to safety and walk away from an imperfect game when tier 5 troops are involved.

Server money cap. Been playing since the game opened. Aside from all the unbearable dialog, I play games for fun not to read books or I’d read a book, the graphics, gameplay are great. Issues: game at first makes you think you are fighting a great threat, threat has nothing to do with the mobs in game, they are static unless triggered by attack, you can walk right through them, unless you are raiding then there is an aggro zone. The threat are players, specifically whales. Like every game in existence you get those 10%ers who have loads of cash to spend, what do they do, they flex and not on their own counterparts because that’s just nutty, fighting your own strength or level, why? When you can ruin the game for casual players isn’t that better, I mean I wake up everyday and look to pick on the less fortunate, don’t we all?! So why oh why haven’t developers designed money caps on servers to keep the game fresh and fair for everyone? Make a server for whales, you spend over “x” amount of money you get planted on a server for the rich and lonely. Keep the game clean and fair, people will be willing to spend more when they are having fun; or the rich will try to out spend their counterparts for power, win win.

Good game. I been playing this game for a few months now it’s a very good game I love it they did a lot better then rise of kingdoms yes the game is new and still has bugs like a lot of us noticing lags in the game and when our troops March they get stuck behind citys for hours until you notice it. Whales are a bit issue in the game new server is made within 1 hour in the new server there a whale with 10mil power just picking on weak alliances and players like put them in a whale server if they gonna spend over 300 bucks on the game. Another issue is the alliances they got over 100 members with “whales” and there alliance power already 500mil within a month that isn’t fair to the entire server at all. Yes it a good game I will continue playing it just between the lag and those bugs and issue I think all players can vouch they need fixed.

Must play game!. I’ve been enjoying this game for about a month now and within that experience I’ve had a great time with the game. Call of Dragons really shines in the combat, it’s fun and interactive. The way you can go to war with 100 legions at a time, fighting for a pass or behemoth is really fun and the gameplay is surprisingly smooth. There also isn’t a set time your alliance can be at war, which is really cool. Technically you could be at war for the whole season which is just so much fun. My only complaint is the hero preset log is a little wonky. If you have a hero out in the field it won’t save that one to the file. Also, it should save the artifacts for the specific preset. If there’s already a hero in the field that interrupts that preset it should just notify you so you can adjust accordingly.

Botched New season (and it hasn’t even started). Thoroughly enjoyed season one (even though it lasted a couple weeks more than it should have, but the way the new season has been explained to us by the developers, it looks like they are content with losing several mid to lower level players (spenders), as long as they can keep their big spenders engaged. I will go from being upper middle class to peasant material with the only real way to be able to partake in all the content being to drop major $$$$. Otherwise, my season will be farming on the skirts and trying not to become a merit farm. Ideally, it would be nice to have been grouped with similar power players, or to have had the option to be put on a server with a much lower spending cap, to promote equitable play. But, I realize the game exists to make money and they have chosen their desired path. IMO it’s a short sighted and will lead to a mass exodus.

Game unplayable and recommend not to download.. Season 1 was ok and getting used to the game but now with the new season they reset all our tech and heroes. It’s impossible to rebuild because as soon as you try to gather any resources, you’re instantly killed by whale alliances. The devs for this game didn’t think through game play at all. Hey have no idea how to balance a game so that lower players can develop. At the moment this game is garbage. If you’re a new player sucked in by their ads and want to download, I can guarantee that you’ll be frustrated within a week. Big players will just beat you down for some game currency called merits and you will never be able to build up your city or armies. If you don’t believe me just read all the other recent reviews and see how negative it got.

Fun game, toxic community. Was having a ton of fun in this game until I joined an alliance. I joined a small alliance that was just starting out and growing. When we finally saved enough resource to build our fortress multiple higher level alliances began attacking our builders even though we built our alliance far from them. Once we managed to get a fortress built the built their territory all the way to us and attacked our fortress in like a day. The alliance was over 50 mil stronger than us and wouldn’t even let us go gather resources without being attacked. If we left our towns to gather stuff or fight darklings they would attack us. Preventing us from completely playing the game at all. None of our members were able to take on even their weakest member. This game has a lot of fun aspects but unless you are in a top tier alliance be prepared to get bullied. Our alliance leader was demanded to join the attacking alliance and had a list of demands including changing our clan tag and not getting any of their resources. Unless the game studio addresses these issues I do not see a bright future for Call of Dragons.

This game is worth every moment.. The sheer and utter detail in each facet of this game, the landscape, the map, the way the map is alive with the enemies and alliances and the grandeur of it all, all the story bits, the wonders to explore and things to see, the literate beauty of the writing in each description and story and lore piece in the game and interactions with the characters, it makes me feel as if this is the PERFECT mobile game ever. Nothing has kept my interest this long that was a free game, and all other games disappoint me now because of this. Call of Dragons literally is like a paid game, barely shows you any microtransactions, doesnt require ads, it is literally a paid game in free form with freedom to enjoy it. And I enjoy it, so much. Don’t listen to those who say against this game. I disliked rise of kingdoms, but they took that style of game and ran with it and made a TRIPLE AAA LEVEL APP. And I mean good triple aaa, not some nonsense. I love this game.

Do not play this game highly recommended. I lost my account because customer care is super super super bad in this game you will never get your account unbind when you want to get unbind they provide zero service to unbind your account and they make so many excuses every day give you only 120 seconds to talk then they never answer your messages and keep wasting your time I lost 15 days and they keep giving excuses 120 seconds talk and they ghost …. Make sure if you playing the game invest money make sure think 100 times what email to link to account why because it cant be unlink once you link it … poor poor customer care this game has Do not think about investing unless you 1000% sure about playing it and bind your email thank you my account is stolen lost $6k do not end up like me thank you

Pretty good but one suggestion. I didn’t think much of this game due to the ads (I don’t think they are very good at showing what the game is actually like and even make it seem worse than it actually is but thats a discussion for another time) but I’ve actually had a really good time playing so far, I love the alliance I’ve joined and was surprised that their is actual strategy in this game. That being said I think the game suffers from not being able to see who is online and who isn’t. If a tower is being attacked it would help a lot to see who is online and who isn’t. It feels weird that this isn’t already in the game considering how much teamwork and strategy can be used. Aside from that I’d say it’s a good game and a really good mobile game.

Be careful. This is the inly game i know that you pay for things and tbey take those paid things away every season! You pay for them and to keep an even playing filed they delete whatever you buy! If you buy the season pass and get CP bags for heros to continue fighting they take them! If you do the dumb trail they have and spend your gems in the extra glass for a bad hero.. they take them aeay as well! Its literally roberry! They do this to every palyer! So if i spend my 20 bucks adn im awarded something for spending said money.. they take it away every season! There is something wrong with that and apple and goigle need to fix it! Other than that the game is fun but stop taking my ish!

Would be fun except for pay-for-players determined to ruin it. I have been playing for a while now and during the first “Season,” it was mostly enjoyable—a few annoying people and lack of helpful documentation held me back at first, but by and large it was fun. Now there’s a new “Season” and the game is nothing but frustration. EVERYTHING is much harder to accomplish, and having all of the heroes reset to peons was frustrating. But none of that compares to the unending onslaught of “whale” players who seem to find their pleasure in repeatedly annihilating everything, everywhere, all at once. Even being in a big alliance makes no difference, as the malcontents simply mount wave after wave of attacks with seemingly infinite resources and astronomically-high (like 8 times higher levels) heroes. Having to waste the limited hospital healing power every day because the “whales” attack my city (which I thought wasn’t supposed to be possible if you’re in an alliance and its territory?) is off-putting to say the least. I can’t build up heroes that are forever stuck in hospital, and alliance members can’t help because they, too, are constantly getting wiped out. I don’t have the ability to move away from the aggressively hostile players, so I’m considering just quitting since the game is not fun any more.

Disappointing. I play Rise Of Kingdoms 2-3 hours a day. It’s my favorite game and so I assumed the new game would be an improvement. The simplicity of the original was what was so fun about it. Call of Dragons tried so hard with the graphics and gameplay but overall it’s just kind of too much. It’s so overstimulated and there is always something moving on the screen. I just can’t see myself wanting to improve in this game. If you want and exciting community building game, just download Rise of Kingdoms. I’m not a hater. I’ve spent a lot of time and money on the original game. It’s just this new game is had so much potential and is just a copy and paste of ROK with annoying cutscenes and meh graphics. I think that as the game grows it will improve. This is a new game and so I’m sure it will become better but I don’t want the devs to stop focusing on the og game.

Boring, repetitive and pointless. I was f2p and played awhile grinding out to nearly 17 million, and though there are some good points to the game, the artwork and some events, the rest is as the title describes. I've been lucky to have been part of several good alliances over the months and free from toxic whales (because it is a horribly unbalanced game). But the grind became too much and no matter how much you leveled heroes and artifacts you never got ahead. It's like the lines at theme parks always promising the reward just around the corner only to see yet another longer line just passed it (45 days to upgrade tech, and that was mid-level). Then end of each season they take away hard earned gains (though, to their credit, only reduced heroes to lvl 30 this past season instead of to Ivl 1; but made leveling harder) Reply to devs: Thank you but why would I waste my time since you haven’t addressed those already listed

Such a good game but need minor improvements. This game is so good i have been playing for a little now and I’m definitely stuck to it, but theres some minor things they need to add/fix. 1.There is not enough heroes. Theres only 24 heroes and most of them you get early game. 2.I don't think theres enough villages/camps when you search in the mist most of the time they come back with nothing or like some supplies.3. Sometimes for me it just randomly logs me out (might be my wifi idk). Overall though this is a good game and should definitely try it.

Boring Waste of Time & Money. Played for a couple of months. Season 1. Really wanted to like this game. Compelling story line but because that is only a very small part of the game it won’t hold anyone’s interest for long. This appears to be a game for either the very young or the unemployed. I’m in the east coast US & the 3 alliances I’ve been in all schedule alliance events or attacks during my business hours roughly 90% of the time then complain that not enough players are joining the events. I’d like to try another server to see if it would be a better fit but you can’t leave. Quitting the game is then the only option. I’ve never seen a war game give less rewards or less items for purchased packages. Devs really lost me on this one. I don’t mind spending money on a game but devs need to reward me for that. I’ve played other war games. I know what other devs have done. Epic fail here. After I get off work there’s not much to do other than farm. Don’t mind the grind to initially build my city but when farming is the only thing to do, I’m out. The server I was in was dominated by 1 large alliance which also makes it extremely boring. Never understood why the whales like to be in the same alliance. If I had endless amounts of time to become a whale, I’d want to fight other whales. Not pick off farms or new players. Weak move. If you want to spend a lot of money for absolutely no return or reason, this is your game.

Great game but….. Ok so there is a TON to do in this game…lots of things you can do without spending a dime on. Great story, great generals. Now the but….TOO MANY LITTLE RED NOTIFICATION NUMBeRs! It’s like they sent out a survey and people said they liked the feeling of having to clear out hundreds of notifications. Seriously…you log in and at a minimum I have 75+ notifications to clear out….then as I’m clearing them out, I get more that pop up in three different menu locations….it’s ridiculous. And of course you have to hunt them all down because 50% of them have a trivial amount of resources attached. So in conclusion…if you can get over the HUGE waste of time clearing out these notifications are…it’s a pretty good game. If the devs do actually read this please god make a universal button to collect/delete all notifications and people will spend more time playing the game and not getting bored clearing out notifications

Good game but horrid update. Love the game and story it has but there is now a huge problem… since the merge of some servers, people are being forced into leaving their alliances to join the alliances that have higher power because of pay to win players. Starting everything out from zero against these pay to win players are so stressful! When we were finally able to get on the game again not even an hour later, multiple alliances who are most likely have at most half pay to win players had taken up most of the territory, going after the ones that are free to play and so on. I love certain things about this update but it’s absolutely horrid with the rest, I love my alliance and don’t want to leave but we are being forced into a corner and most likely are going to have to join the main alliance against us. Edit: changed 2 star to 1, it’s getting to the point of this game is no longer fun, it stressful and sad, whoever thought merging pay to win with free to play servers didn’t think that idea through at all! if you thought that doing that was going to make others pay y’all money to survive, y’all are sorely mistaken. It’s going to make you loose people playing the game and go to something else

The End of My Time Paying Call of Dragons. I have played this game for just about a year now. During my year of experience, I started three different accounts. On all three of my accounts, iv made it to season two. I thought maybe if I grinded my heart out, with the experience gained in the two prior accounts, I’d be able to keep up and half way compete. I even invested $75+ (very wisely I might add). After playing hours every day, and spending a ton of money on the video game, season two has NOTHING I can do. Meaning, I don’t have enough power to get into any decent alliance. Even after spending a ton of money, I don’t even get to participate in any behemoths in season two. The cold reality is the developers value the money they make off people trying to keep up with the crowd more than their player base. They have great storytelling and game dynamics, but there’s no way a 9 year old is going to be able to have the money to even dream of being competitive, especially in season 2. Season 1 is fun, but season two is full of people with big pockets and no consideration. So unless pointlessly building a city is fun to you, just save your time and money.

Why this game is so fun. Hi this game deserves five stars because it’s all about strategy just like Strike Force but this is a lot funner now trying to get into the reason why I gave a five star because I just need a break from summer sometimes and school and I download this game when I was five but it wasn’t so fun but now I download it when I was 10 and now it is awesome why I think this game is so fun now this game is so fun because it’s because you have like strength and people judge you by your strength in so many ads I don’t love of this game because the ads are fun to watch and they’re good fast enough and they are cool with no lag and I can’t play with my mom because you’ll get better than me five star review thank you for making this game goodbye.🫶⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💯💯💯

Rise of kingdoms killer. To be honest i did not expect much from this game at all. But i decided I would give it a chance and ever since i downloaded that game i was immediately hooked. As a person who has spent years on rise of kingdoms and loved it i did not think it could be topped until now. I have played so much of this game and just been blown away completely the graphics,story,factions,missions and just the overall gameplay. After further comparisons that i have made i am confident that this stunning game will be the end of rise of kingdoms entirely.

The game is fun but there is a big issue. I’ve played since season 1, I’ve enjoyed the game a lot but the big problem is this game increasingly is less F2P friendly. I’ve invested some in the game but this problem is getting worse by the season especially seeing leaks on T1 season. The devs need to add balance and fairness for F2P because many players and some spenders have flat out quit because they are forced into spending or suffering in the game and it’s not fair grounds. If the devs took consideration into this they absolutely need to work on a better system to where F2P actually has fun. Because the spenders always dominate and they spend hundreds if not thousands on the game. If the made the game more balanced for F2P this would bring in more players, and like any game if people truly enjoy it they’ll put investment into it. But the game will lose money technically speaking because forcing players to spend in order to enjoy the game leads to them quitting because they aren’t having fun when some guy who invested to T5 is farming everything and making it impossible for F2P to thrive. I can guarantee that if devs fixed it they’d gain significantly more profit and popularity.

Omg the is story. This is one the of the best clash of clans style games I have every played and I love it. It is way better than clash because it doesn’t start you off with ridiculous 8-12 hour wait times right off the bat but eases you in. It also has a story mode which I have been wanting in these games for so long. This game is way better than rise of kingdoms and is a great sequel despite being less popular so i am putting this review so people purchase the game. This is amazing and incredibly full with never a dull moment where you stop playing for days at a time like in clash because there is always a battle or chests or cards you can be unlocking and playing. Hope more characters get added soon!

Great Game!. Idc what any of the critics say this game is absolutely fire! There is literally so much u can do and so many ways to get power and upgrade ur commanders! I’ve only had it for a couple hours and already hitting 100k! If u love strategy and a game to keep u busy this is one of them! Not a single thing bad about this game yet and I just absolutely love it. I love that there is a story mode to keep u busy when ur waiting for things to upgrade and ur troops to train. I came from rise of kingdoms and saw they helped with another game and needed to try it and in my opinion it’s way better and there’s way more to do!!! I’m not bored of the game and I can keep playing for hours at a time! Thanks for ur time just wanted to say great game overall

Very rewarding f2p game that you can spend. Maybe pay to win but definitely not pay to play you can have fun for free the story is awesome.. only thing I ask is that we can get legendary scouts.. sometimes when we click on upgrades it just zooms out the map… very minor and happens little … I have so much fun on this game it’s very live and guild is fun to be apart of I love how champions have different abilities I think you guys missed the mark because we should be able to also select which ability we want them to use in PVP or a mode where we can put all of the champions powers to use as a separate game mode maybe add it to the call of dragons game mode… very fun download now I play all day lol I keep checking on town and want it to grow I’m at 14 power currently

Walmart ROK. I wanted to be one of the first to review this game if you’ve played rise of kingdoms don’t even download this. Here’s my reason why, ranged commanders like the magic type you pretty much have access to hitting any target that’s not targeting you and killing before they have a chance to react and on top of that trying to use infantry will ultimately get you swarmed and killed by ranged attacks. This seems like a boo hoo skill issue but I tell you it’s to OP there’s no way to fight someone evenly matched in power and commanders as you if they hit you well in advance. My other complaint is building on the outside of buildings to be picked off one by one, I don’t want to build territory so vulnerable if I send troops to build and go offline I could easily log back on dead and our building stopped even without a rival alliance touching our tower seems a little one sided of battles. Take my advice please playing this game will cost you tons of money in healing down the road or upgrading just to keep up with big spenders even worse than ROk I can at least play that game as a low spender

A masterpiece. This game is absolutely amazing it became one of my favorites BUT there are too many PvP Characters and magic characters here are the problems 1: way to many PvP Characters. there is more PvP than anything else I think half of the characters is just a PvP character i fighting another player ISN’T something thats gonna happen everytime so stop adding PvP characters and add other type of characters like engineering or gathering and peacekeeping and garrison and rally characters instead of adding too many PvP characters 2: add more different types of characters like infantry characters and marksman characters and Calvary characters and overall characters please!. Thanks for this Rise of Kingdoms Fantasy game!

I love it 😻. To be honest am totally new to this game. I just saw the promotions and immediately got the pre registration. Today I woke up with the game in my IPHONE and being playing it since. I love the graphics,the story so far and I just have to say that I spent like and hour in the game with full brightness and volume and my phone didn’t even blink and I swear my phone never never never got hot and I just think it has to be mentioned because other games do heat the phone 📱 Love the game, the story and the graphics. I started building my place and for now I love it 👍🎉🎮🕹️

Balance Servers. I am all for having a dominate group, but my personal experience is terrible. The top 10 alliances in my server are all one clan. There is no excitement and has just become a farming simulator because nothing can be done. I would like the option to switch kingdoms or kingdoms should combine when the map becomes too stagnant. It really just kills the whole exciting aspect. I know that this game is compared to Rise of Kingdoms and in many ways it is similar, but it does not have to be a copy paste. A lot of the regions are not balanced that you start in, northern part of the map has low resources and bottom has high. It would be nice to see a universal pass be opened up maybe a week after the alliances claim their pass so that smaller groups may travel through. This could also bring more to the story mode aspect and give us more to do. The dragon trail is a fun addition but I would like to see solo boss fights similar to the behemoths that the alliances face together. All levels are based on power and not as much on strategy. This could also help players practice their behemoth fights before doing a mass clan size battle. I hope this review is taken seriously. The game is very boring at the moment in kingdom 51. Nobody likes a farming simulator.

Support is completely useless. The game sends surveys to be completed for game rewards, but the process used by the devs to verify their completion is broken and doesn’ work. The last survey I completed was a google form and after not getting any sort of notification or reward I reached out support who’s only possible resolution was to request a screenshot, which I didn’t have. Instead, I shared the name, last name and email that was used to complete the google form and asked to verify my response that was since those details needed to be provided during the survey. Support, in its amazing resolution strategy, choses to ignore those details and simply requests screenshots without any explanation, clarification or alternative route. If the support team is too lazy to verify my submission or give a coherent response just say so and stop wasting my time.

Before you spend a dime. I’ve liked this game and have spent to much. But, I was thinking I work hard and if this brings joy and peace then I’ll spend and do as a please. There’s a lot worse to throw your money to in this world. I just found out that this game has “season resets.” You might think that means new content and you just keep progressing. No, you lose all hero progression except stars. All policy research that’s you’ve done and several more things. So, I’m stead of adding new content they reward you for how much progression you’ve made per season. The only way to progress a lot is to spend money. More you spend the more rewards at the end of the season you get just to reset. If you want all you had guess what, spend some more. It’s ridiculous. DO NOT SPEND A DIME UNLESS YOU ARE OKAY WITH JUST LOSING MONEY…….

Game good, lying bad. I enjoy the game, but I play many a fremuim game. Other games frequently run ads for call of dragons, and these ads are the most bogus fake gameplay nonsense I’ve ever seen, how’d you get 60 million power? I have the elf girl legendary, shhhhhhadddddup. Insulting to anyone who played the game for 5 minutes. Talking about her abilities out of context so they sound lit with the fakest of tower defense gameplay. The game has something cool going for it, when alliances fight there can be like 60 squads on the feild at once and it’s fun and rivals Eve online or other games like that. But the developers clearly don’t play the game, don’t like the game and think they need to lie. I think it’s a game w no passion, dead mojo, the company dosent know why it’s good, I’ve never seen one positive feature advertised. Only lies 😔. Despite having ground about 1.5 million power, no small feat lvl 3 units all around yada yada, I cannot in good conscience continue. Goodbye call of dragons. RIP dawn of titans. Long live nothing.

Great game! Needs tweaks. I have been playing the game for about a week now. And I have been addicted since. It’s interactive, customizable, and you never run out of things to do. Over all a great game and have recommended it to my friends. However, there are a lot of flaws that the developers are trying to fix but taking the wrong approach. They just sent out a “memo” in the game telling people about the server reset coming soon. And I think that is a good idea, resetting the server is a good way to hinder super alliances with over 100 people in them. (personal city growth won’t be affected, but hero lvl, artifact lvl, alliance, etc… will be reset/wiped) But the problem is they will just join the same alliance as soon as the wipe happens. Making the small alliances have to start over with their maybe 20-23 people while the super alliances have a 50ish member head start when it comes to donations, fighting, etc. A tweak that I think NEEDS to happen is drastically drop the max number of people able to be in an alliance. (40-50, just an example) This will do 2 things. It will force super alliances to select people they want to keep. And 2, the more important one. It will force there to be more alliances in the region and force more battles. Which is half of the game. The super alliances are sucking the fun out of half the game, bullying little alliances into doing what they want.

Don’t waste your time or money.. For starters the graphics are well designed and the start of the gameplay is great to pull you in. However, once the game actually starts things take literal hours of your day to make. It’s not a huge issue until guilds come into play. There will always be terrible players that exploit where they can. Guilds will recruit members then begin building up technologies and buildings and raiding. All these actions require resources and troops from all members, as they should. The issue then arises when the guild leaders get what they want from those they recruited and kickem all to the curb. There is no safety net for those that spent countless hours and/or money on resources and troops. The game devoloper has no interest in removing these sort of exploits. Not to mention the amount of guilds recruiting doing this. Along with the amount of cash grabs the game throws at a player. This issue has appened twice to me since I’ve started the game. I’m the span of 4 days. It’s just not a game worth diving hours into especially with all these Toxic players.

Don’t waste you time and money. I have played since launch. As a long time RoK player I was exited to try this game and got hooked right away. I am not a big spender but very active in game. In the recent changes for season 2+ developers made significant changes to game mechanics for elixer (free healing) that makes it impossible to sustain even the smallest amount of pvp without significant recovery time. To make matters even worse they significantly increased troop capacity. Both of these changes heavily favor big spenders and give them even further advantage against low spenders and free to play. Even pve content is balanced in favor of the big spenders. Season 2+ behemoths are far too strong for most players to even have a chance at participating in the content. I would not recommend this game unless developers make some significant changes.

Why do this to us???. Why must you make ads that never end forcing me to restart my phone. Ads that open the App Store against my will. Please stop doing this to us. Please. Just make a good game. Maybe this is a good game. Maybe the next I will spend hundreds on. I’m a pay to win player. Sadly I will not even try this game. Because you forced open my App Store. You violated me. I spend a lot. 10k on state of survival alone. But you forced open my App Store…. EDIT: since this review I have had normal ads from this app. I have also seen refreshing 8 second ads regularly. That is a welcome change. There has also been a generic dev response. I will leave this review as is while I do as the asked on contact and circle back to update this review…. As I said refreshing 8 second ads are to be commended and credit for that.

I think I have a HACKER PROBLEM. Yes by what it is called I think I got a hacked. So basically this is what happened. I made an alliance for me and my brother called Black Plague so me and my brother did some things and I get on 2 days later to find out 2 people joined and I’m not leader anymore for some reason! Im just a kid why am I so unlucky? Fix this please! Give me back my alliance please help! This is player Plague Doctor just so you know. Please🙏🏻 fix this please. Otherwise this is a very good game and I will give the game 5 stars if this can be fixed. And when I said I was unlucky I mean it! I was banned for no reason in another game. Please make my day better by at least responding to this message please.

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Just like rise of kingdoms but better. This game is really good the graphics are really good for a mobile game would recommend

It was fun, now deleted.. Game was fun, but now boring without paying money. The world is now imbalanced due to one league having majority of control and new players struggle to get established as the long term players will always be stronger. Prepare to have you farmers and gathers targeted by stronger players and there is nothing you can do but pay money to try to get to a level power rating. I am disappointed that the game developers condone this behaviour and allow it to continue to happen. To be honest I do not think the developers even as they are making money so why have a good game? I have now deleted the game as I have better things to spend my money than a pay to win game with no regulation of the stronger players.

How I Feel About The Game. It’s a great game but we need more heroes that are stronger.

Waste of money.. Was an ok game. You have your regular megalomaniac keyboard warriors who spend heaps of money to be something they’re not in real life and screw the game for everyone else. Then you finally build yourself up to something and the developers decide to do a big game restart and take all your power off you, you lose all your army might , they disband your alliance and throw in a realm with all those megalomaniacs that spend way to much money but this time you can’t defend yourself. Do not spend money in this game, you may as well just mail it in an envelope to the developers because you won’t see it again. True scam game.

Same old game. Same old game. Build a base on a big map. Get stomped by other bases and alliances that spend money or loads of time. Same old same old. Don’t waste your time.

Lame. Games just a clone of other games with little to no real gaming value just a woke journey with stupid characters and caustic clans it’s your typical run of the mill big wallet smash game ..hard pass

Cash game. Pay to win. Pretty much pay to win entirely. Gems u get in game are only good for speeding up and can’t use to purchase items. You have to spend real $$$ to buy special items. Also clearly reading the reviews staff don’t even pay attention to what players are saying. Just copy paste replies that don’t even match the review.

Want to recommend it…but…. For players - Giving it two stars as I like a lot that was done, but ultimately the game is frustrating and futile to a more casual player. The Alliances are currently largely broken with no real caps on their size to promote real challenge, just get big and intimidate the rest so everyone joins a steam-roller that boots you if you’re not at a certain power (eg: spending money to boost your power). Not much fun there! For the devs - Lot of hard work went into this game, but I can see it failing without changes. A possible solution devs. Make an option not to do PVP (can’t be flattened by some alliance for no good reason) for those who are not interested in that aspect of the game (story mode, battling PVE darkilings). The game is currently aimed at 2% of the player base, who are the flighty ones that will leave when something shiny catches their eye, time to diversify a bit :)

Better than ROK. This game is similar in a lot of ways to ROK which is great but oh the graphics are sooooooo good 👍🏼 recommend for everyone

This is the best. This is my favourite game and I Can’t stop playing it

A game worth investing in. This game allows you to experience a wonderful narrative with amazing voice acting with the bonus of a base building aspect. It’s as if they added story to Clash of Clans, or similar game. The action sequences and unique characters makes for a interesting time when playing and almost creates and emotional attachment to them. All together a great game with well balanced story and gameplay.

Call of Dragons 🐉. The best game of the year!!!

False Bans. Game picks up false bans. Customer service is rude and useless. Do not waste your money on this game

Really?. You are going to reset a huge amount of game specific items, and disband alliances at each seasonal turn? Good gawd…what do you think that will do to your player base? I’m out. Particularly with the significant effort it takes to make an Alliance work in the first place…

DO NOT MAKE AN ALLIANCE. About 23 hours ago I made an alliance 23 hours later I am now not an alliance leader because this game thinks we are all robot and think that we don’t have to eat sleep go to school or work but or LIVE they want to play all day all night so WHAT THE HECK but this game is fun I guess

Dialogue skip option please. Great game

Game delete account when you top up. game cant loggin when you top up, so risky

Over complicated. I find the game has way too many mechanics. And you are introduced so over 20+ things at the very beginning. It is too much to manage in one upfront hit.

Update idea. Come be a part of our colony in the colourful region of sofrostia [WOV]

An improved upon rise of kingdoms. The has addressed the problems in rise of kingdoms and has built a game that can make you love playing it. While there are problems, such as still being a game that has in store purchases, but the game makes it up by allowing easy and seem less transition into levelling up. Most of all the characters have story and personality, where the voices make them feel alive, although not all are voiced. Still, unlike rise of kingdoms, this game provides a story and characters that you can invest in. Personally I like the angelic beings and their view on mortal beings.

Fun, slick and elegant.. Good graphics, typical empire building game, but done nicely. Has some single player story elements.

The dictatorship of the game. I love the game itself, it’s brilliant. I really enjoyed that but the players ruin it. The expectation to spend most of your day or a lot of cash just to be included ruins the game. If you don’t do pretty much commit your everyday life to the alliance then you’re not good enough. It ruined the game for me and I uninstalled it

Good. Would like to see different looks to different level tier of troops.

Amazing!. Game crashes on old devices such as the iPhone 6, 5/5 would download again 👍

I think it’s a fun a fantastic game but the players ruined the game. I think the devs have a great game and they have done a good job in making a interesting a fun game, with a couple of things I don’t like but you take the good with the bad. I have played for most of season 1 and won’t be returning to season 2. My problem with the game is the players and pay to win being a huge problem, let’s start with the players unfortunately no one follow rules like a role playing game should be I understand not everyone will follow the rules but it seems like people don’t care at all and do what ever which leads to my main point is the pay to win absolutely killed the game for me and the sever I’m in. I don’t know about other severs but there 2 clans with pay to win players absolutely to strong to deal with and those clans won the map got the BIG DRAGON and own everything and every clan in the sever made an alliance with them which is like why play the game at all if people can pay and become so strong that no one can do anything. The clan is in most nearly everyone gave up and other clans also gave up because they where to strong, it felt like what’s the point no one could match them they had a strong hold they literally did anything they want and none could do anything. I understand the game is free but they has to be another way to make money because I can’t see the game lasting long sorry :(

Super P2w with nice graphics. At first glance game is amazing. So many options, strategies, combinations. Great graphics with nice main story, hero voices, land to explore and side stories. Then you realise how BIG p2w it is with the worst type game - you need to be online all the time. You get 4kk power without boosts… who cares when enemies are 10kk plus and one (!) their legion can kill your entire army composed of 4 legions and 4 different unit types with 8 heroes. And his legion didn’t loose even half of his HP. So if you are OK of spending your dollars/euros/yuans/whatever everyday then this game is for you.

Great game. Could you guys possibly add an option to skip the cutscenes/dialog

The only reason that this game is so bad. Not really a good game because it doesn’t let you do anything but it has very good heroes

The best game ever made. You will love this game it is the best

Pets aren’t working properly. Pets can’t be levelled as no hearts can be collected. I’m not the only person having this problem & support aren’t bothering to reply to 2 messages sent to them. It’s an ok game other than that but if support aren’t going to respond within a few hours then I’m going to rethink about continuing to play

Top game. Amazing the best game of this platform by fare the freedom you get on the open map and the graphics attached to a grate store line makes this miles above the rest keep up the good work you are on a winner

Amazing!. I only just started with my brother and it is so fun, we love it and think more people should play

Storyline. Please provide a way to turn off or skip the storyline’s. I just want to play the game, I don’t want to read a book just to give myself a relaxing 30mins of gameplay that’s considerably chewed up by a storyline if I decide to do quests.

Fun game but too p2w. I think this game is really fun and the combat is probably the highlight of it. However to have any chance of being competitive you need to be spending atleast $100 a week. I have decided to quit this game after getting all the way through season 1 and now in season1+ I see this game is not for me. The devs claim that the season reset helps low spenders compete with whales but in fact it makes the gap between the 2 greater. If the devs made servers that atleast had a pay cap to limit how much players can spend a week, that would really make the game alot more enjoyable.

Poor game. I’ve tried to delete the game via what they have asked but the amount of information you need to give them is beyond ridiculous and when you put details in they refuse to delete your account I highly recommend you avoid using this game and not download at all

reskinned ROK. The graphics are great but it’s literally the same game, same sound effects even. C- for creativity.

Bring back the union feature. Bring back the alliance union feature plsssssss

Disappointing customer service and buggy game. For a team with experience on larger and well known games, I would think there are a lot less bugs in game and better customer service! The bugs had massive negative impacts to both free to play and players that paid, no wonder the community died! Play at your risk if you don’t mind losing time!

They ban your account with rubbish reason. At the beginning, I thought the game was good. So I kept playing for a month without purchasing anything inside the app. Then one day they just ban your account saying that you used some scripting applications without any proof. I sent them my iOS screen time as a proof and they just repeating the same saying. So don't wait time and money on this fxxking game.

Alliances need a change. The game is fun and all but it would be better if everyone could join alliances no matter the level, region or faction. That would make a huge difference so thanks.

Great. Great I just started and I already have 2 legendaries

First even kingdom Builder I played. This game has got me hooked very additive and an awesome community of players.

Good overall game. Would have 5 stars if didn’t fake the adds and also I like it because it quite easy to get resources and also there is lots of helpful people around the game as soon as I started someone helped me by inviting me to there alliance and telling me lots of tips lending me resources and being overall helpful I recommend this to people who are bored because u can make friends have lots of fun just a chill nice game to play if ur bored also I like how you can have all the hero’s like if u pick the orca u can still have both the other legion leaders recommend playing this wonderfull game lots of effort put into it and if u could make an offline version 5 stars no cap I would give 10 stars if was possible if there was an offline version

Incorrect purchase amount on offers in games. It was going good until you charged me nearly $15 dollars in aud for an offer you were advertising as $9.99

My subzero account linked to my old cracked iphone please help me. Hello call of dragons crew I want to get my account back from 208 sbd my names subzero and I have new iphone since my old iPhone is cracked and now I can’t get into it on my new iPhone so what can I do please help asap

Best game ever!. This game is the best I’ve ever played. It has beautiful graphics, easy to play. Social. For me, better than any other game I’ve played.

PvP for fun with in alliance. Please add a way of PvP with in an alliance for fun, lots of people in the game wants a duel between people since it is fun to watch. I suggest make it an alliance building like an arena or like a new tab like dragon trail, either way, make it a costume room and can have fights like 1v1, 5v5, 10v10 or even 100v100, and make it not affect actual troops like dragon trail, it will be very fun for people to be able to duel and fight without worrying when they’re in the same alliance, it will attract more people and some people may even create tournaments since it doesn’t affect the actual map, I really think this will attract more people to play this game and make it more popular.

Wow. Honestly the best mobile game ever, the graphics are great, the storyline is amazing. Would give 6 stars if I could

Love. This game is top quality I love it

Call of Dragons. It’s great game, love playing it, It is very social so you don’t get lonely playing.

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Tons of Cheaters. The game says they are against cheaters, but the do not do anything against Bots, simulators, etc. so, set up your Bluestacks, and cheat away. Also customer service is terrible! Tons of toxic chat and when reported, they don't do a thing.

Gamers Beware!. I don’t think I’ve seen a game make it so difficult to delete an account on. Discord isn’t much help and their in game support is terrible. Games not bad but there request to delete accounts and in game support is just terrible, dropping down to a one for such a terrible experience. Gamers beware!!!!

My game reset on me….. The game was lots of fun. Until it rest on me somehow. I’m not sure what happened but I didn’t do it. I’m so disappointed

Fun but heavy P2W. The game is really fun but locked behind heavy P2W. It can be worth it if you enjoy planning far ahead in the future but only under certain conditions. If these conditions don’t bother you, have fun with the game :D The Gap between players that PAY and F2P is really BIG - and when I say “pay”, I mean absurd amounts of money, it makes no sense how this is normal… Anecdote : We were reaching the end of the “season” as they call it and we had to face another kingdom of players and these players were heavy P2W and it was the most unsatisfying and disappointing loss ever. It was people who 💰 payed 💰 versus casual players. It was unfair how the company allows their game to create these huge GAPS between players so early in the game. No skill, no strategy, it was DISGUSTING. (They had players spending 5000$ and more. Some rare ones spending 1000$ and more A DAY) Anyways, the conditions: - The game has 4 units, Cavalry, Infantry, Archers and mages. As a casual player and even a low spender: you can only play mages. Archers as a second option but still not recommended. Forget playing what you want unless it was mages or maybe archers to begin with - You need to do heavy research on EVERYTHING. What to do and how to plan your account for the future, long term. Again, the gap between Casual players and P2W is HEAVY. If you fall behind, you will get punished severely. - if you manage to pull through and this doesn’t bother you, the game is fun but wasted in greedy monetization. Have fun trying to catch up to players who spend 5k and more to be level 99 the first few weeks. If you’re just looking for short term fun games or a game that you play casually without a care in the world, stay away 😂 Last note: Time will tell if the company will help more casual players or make this game unplayable for casuals, one things for sure though, it’s too late for them to lock players for progressing too fast with heavy amounts of money. Right now (2024), it’s…. “Fun” but not really.

Good but needs more. It’s fun but I find there needs to be more you can do like some little feature nothing much just a little more content also scouts and upgrading could be faster.

Fun but Pay2Win. the game is really fun and enjoyable but there is an argument that its a bit too pay to win. Hopefully this changes in the future but overall its a really good game.

Amazing. The game has such incredible detail

Why?. I can’t delete my account and start over

Holy Moly Macaroni!. This game is BONKERS!! My 35 year old son (who is doing just fine in the basement HAHA!) plays this game with his boyfriend 24/7 NO BUENO!!

Love it. It start like ROK but it gets better

Unprofessional. Developers can just ban someone and tell them they cheated not providing proof at all. Destroying a player’s reputation and the whole alliance. They cant provide proof and they dont want to apologize and send compensation. I dont think it is good to start investing into the game knowing this can happen to anyone. Hope they can fix this so people wont lose interest.

Ruthless system. UNINSTALLED. ZERO STARS IF I COULD. offline for 12 hours after spending 1500 PAID gems to create an alliance, and my ownership transferred to someone else. SCAM SYSTEM. It's like they expect us not to have a life outside the game or we lose money.

Pay2Win - Free2Lose. The game is actually impressive in its story, dialogue and balance. The behemoth raids are really fun and the game focuses heavily on a social environment which is really cool. However, if you have endless cash to spend, you’ll be unstoppable. This is a massive deal breaker, I put a small amount of money into the game and am just absolutely overshadowed by any competition that spent more. It’s honestly pathetic how blatant these companies are with their money grabs. Pay to win sucks

Beautiful Fairy Tale. I’m enjoying the game and the graphics very much so far. I wish it would be easier to level up and less necessary to buy things consistently to grow. Hopefully not a pay to play……The storyline been fantastic. Still I’m fairly new so I’ll see what a few months brings.

Bad customer support. I enjoy playing this game. However, the most recent release has a bug that caused me GEMs, when I explained the bug with the customer support team, they refused to listen, nor addressing the issue and told me nothing can be done. About the bug: I have the “use GEM notification” enabled. During interaction with a new feature, it did not appear at all and I ended up using some without realizing. The notification SHOULD ALWAYS appear before I start using GEMs!

Game is great p2w is not. This game has so much potential to be something amazing that could rival all the best games out there but whoever is making decisions for the games development and player satisfaction just makes it about spending money which is a real shame if you find yourself just wanting to be f2p or spend 20$-40$? and think your gonna have fun think again this game rewards high spender so much that even if you played for 6-12 months you still wouldn’t catch up because the gap gets just that big and only grows and don’t even get me started on the amount of time you need to be on this game to stay relevant with other players the game is designed so you have to keep playing with no breaks or other players surpass you and you become useless and have to start over on another server I highly recommend staying far away from this game I could go on and on about about this game the good and the bad but at the end of the day it’s just a game and this one is not worth my time and probably not yours either.

Les voix. Sont atrocent

Good game. It would be nice if there was a delete option so a player can delete a game on a server they don’t play on any more that option would be nice to have

Loads of fun. Fun and well made for all ages

Pay 2 Win. Just another pay 2 win game

Its ayes. I recommend good game

False ads. This game is not as it appears in the ads. It looks like some kind of Diablo two dungeon crawler game like that but it’s a game that’s more like rise of kingdoms. False advertising is getting really annoying because this has a problem in the entire industry somebody needs to sue. The people that use source your third-party ads out to so they stop making ads that are not for the games that you’re trying to sell, this is a joke

5 stars by fakes. Painful long movie to begin, game play nothing like advertised, stupid build and mine game asking for your personal info and pay to play. The high ratings are clearly posted by fake accounts to garnish downloads.

Could be a good game. But it’s not. So many talking smack in chat, on a p2w game. Where’s the strategy if you can teleport your city? Everyone ends up with the same army in the end.

amazing game. wow!

A truly Pay To Play/Win/Enjoy the game. Today is Feb 1, 2024. I have played since the game release. My watch tower is at level 19. Rally drum is at level 17. With this speed (no paying for gems), it takes 2-3 years to reach level 25 to have an attempt at tier 5 unit. I spent like $50 in this game so far. What a waste of money.

Heavily pay to win. If you dont pay in this game you cant do much

Accurate review. Alright, all these reviews seem skewed so here: This is a real time strategy game, mobile, which are always going to be pay2win it’s the dominant structure. If you get lucky with whales who are diplomatic, then you will have fun for a while, most-likely. Combat system is not as basic as whiteout survival or State of survival, with ability to move troops freely from a deployed position via swiping. Also beast and boss fights are much more interactive in this game than others, in which all you ever do is set rallies and heal, wait for reports and do it again. You need to be moving at certain times and attacking at certain times within ROC or you’ll die instantly. That is one great part it remains interactive for all players that can get into a powerful alliance. Your welcome.

I love this game. This game is next level

Great game. Easy to make progress easy to lose some time while playing highly recommend

Blue Eyed Samurai. Great game

Very developed very complete alliance experience. Great game with incredible visuals very in depth storyline and wonderful voice and music.

Pay2win garbage. Gameplay is great. Honestly you won’t find another game like this unless you install wow on your pc. But that doesn’t justify having to spend 1000’s of dollars to compete with whales that have nothing better to do with their time. The game is completely filled with drama and if you aren’t spending money you aren’t gonna make it anywhere fun or important in this game. You will never get the dragon or anything cool. Good luck. You have been warned.

Competitive mode. it would be really nice to add a competitive mode to this game with why not cash prize rewards this could make this game more and more attractive otherwise it's a very good game I recommend

amazingly cool. Most coolest game in ever…. Having a great time…..

Bad customer service.. You should be able to delete your account. There is no good reason not to provide an easy option to delete an account and any connection to your email/social media.

Great game. Game just launched but it is so far flawless, I’m sure there will only be better things added like the wars etc. addicted and it’s only day 1. Also 1st comment :P

Great Game!. Although Pay2Win overall, this game has great story, characters, and gameplay. They give you a ton of free items to make it fun even if you don’t want to put any physical money into it. I also really appreciate how they give you incentives for updating and other free daily/weekly/challenge items. There’s a ton to do in this game and is really enjoyable to play. Yes, wait times can be long sometimes but it’s a great game to play for an hour or so and then put it down to pick it back up later on. Great work!

Utter garbage. Don’t waste your time with this nonsense, literally convinced the developers on this are mentally challenged baboons, except that’s insulting to mentally challenged baboons. A trained dolphin could fart out a better game and better art too. All around terrible.

Cut & Paste of Lord Mobile. Same thing, same redondant crap with funnier graphics.

Love the game. Love the game I just wish you could turn off the chat. Sometimes the drama of the game just ruins the whole experience. I love the leveling up aspect and I get community is supposed to happen but you can get that from helping out if you want to just do that just give the ability to hide the chat at least so you don’t have to see it. I have 2 accounts at around 3 million power and both times I’ve had to stop due to the people in my kingdom are just so negative it ruins enjoyment of the game and honestly your life.

Meh. Nothing special.

great. It's great but it needs more interactive events like vs, war, pvp etc. Otherwise it might be boring.

My Call of Dragons review. I really like the game it’s super fun it’s just really hard to start it first because of the Torio is so long

P2W. Another pay 2 win game. You can’t win at all, only whale alliances who have p2w players can win. 1 extra star for being creative in luring ppl in the game.

The only way I could see. The first time you have

Amazing. This is so good so far!

The game has very dumb aspects. If you are not protected by items or allies you will get steamrolled by bigger people and to get into big alliances you need to be powerful which mean you have to pay… I just kept getting attacked by people with over 8 million power and I have 1.5 million

Cost a lot of money. Pay to win,Pay too much to win! Deleted :)

Lords Mobile but worse. 0 stars

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F2p RoK. This game is basically the same thing as RoK, BUT, there are some major differences. Graphics: 1000x better than RoK, not even a comparison, it may make your phone hot if you don’t have a newer model. Alliances: Much better rewards and straight forward strategy. Easy to learn and very tight communities. F2p aspect: Very easy to gain power and you don’t even have to spend a penny. There are so many heroes and they are way more powerful than in RoK. Army training is easy and you get a ton of speed ups. PvP: since this is almost a remake of RoK, the PvP has only gotten better. Now in the early stage there is no need for it, but it we get tense when all territory is unlocked. I would rate this game 10/10 and RoK 8.5/10 This game has stopped me from playing RoK since it came out on the 28th of March. It’s amazing and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a game like this.

Good combat system. I enjoy the combat system. Find yourself an alliance that is coordinated and you’ll get the whole combat experience. You have the ability to last a long time in wars and whales do not have as much influence as they do in RoK. I have spent money on this game and I plan to continue spending. The community I am in is rewarding. You get out of this game what you put in; money, time, and effort.

Amazing | Engaging | Addicting - The 3. My first review on the App Store simply because I never had an app or game that ever warranted a review. I’m changing that today with this. This game is highly addictive and incredibly thought out. I love the story surrounding every hero. I want to see more of that! I really enjoyed the alliance mechanic and helping of others. Especially enjoyed the mechanics behind PVP and combat. You really can’t go wrong with this game it’s a city builder like any other but at its core is player but it’s not profit. There are paid aspects of the game, but they are very very very cheap and readily available, nothing major pay to win. The single thing that sold me onto this game was the amount of development onto the voice lines, the character, the personality, and the emotion behind the heroes. You really feel with them you grow with them and that’s really cool.

Must play game 10/10. First off I’ve been a fan of role playing as a child and I’ve played rise of kingdoms a lot and I figured I’d played this game since it just came out and ever since I’ve played it has been what I was looking for because rise of kingdom started getting stale but now I have even more enjoyment because of Lilith and I bet that the next game that they put out will be even better. Thanks for reading you should play this game.

Call Of Greed. Want to play the game as intended spend 10k in the first month, spend any less and you won’t matter. This game is riddled with exploitative gambling your better hitting up a casino at least there you have a chance. Also the single most toxic player base made up of the absolute worst people in society spending money in exchange for the ability to torment others. Imagine playing league of legends with the most toxic people you can remember and then do it for months with no escape. This game and all games by Lilith(or whatever name they’re hiding under now) are quite literally hellspawn. You have been warned.

Started off great but…. I took a break from games like this because the p2w aspect made it rough. This game sucked me in being fairly new. I still couldn’t keep up with the whales but at least there was balance. Enough F2P players balanced out against the pay to win. Then the server merge was announced and my balanced server got thrown in with 2 major servers that make our strongest whales look like minnows. If the server matching doesn’t become more balanced, I will yet again be walking away. Dev’s you put together an awesome game, please fix the matching process to keep it fair for everyone. This recent development could potentially cost you 90% of the server I’m in. Don’t let it happen!

It’s okay.. It’s very much pay to play. But some aspects of it had still been fun. It was a nice two or three day game to play while I waited for a few other games to open up. Overall 2/3 for my experience with it. Some things in it had been a bit tedious and annoying. I think that the account deletion should not require your phone model, or your receipt number for your first purchase. I think just maybe make that easier and not a 15 day wait time. The game is littered with abandoned cities, and no way for us to remove our own city if we wanted to stop playing. So it does look rather full but the game did just come out, so that probably was an aspect of it. But it feels empty.

Fun game. The game itself is fun. Great story content and mechanics however you have to grind daily or you will fall behind. Seasonal reset meant to keep things even is a bit annoying and doesn’t do that. If you don’t play several hours a day you will fall behind and there is no way to catch up. And if you do not get into a team in the large alliance for the server, the last 3 weeks you can’t do anything because you will be killed as soon as you leave your city. You can’t take a break and come back either…. You will have to start a new character.

Just another whale game. Idk what the developer situation is, it says makers of RoK but this is not Lilith… anyway, the game is just another cash grab for whales. Gameplay is identical to RoK albeit with better graphics. If you’re free to play, you will be crushed by whales. Most people will quit within a few weeks, and even the whales will eventually get bored despite all the money they spent… just like RoK. If you’re looking for a great social strategy game, I’d recommend Albion Online, EVE, or even Crusader Kings. Don’t waste your money on a game where the guy who spent more than you is gonna steamroll you, cuz there will always be that guy… and your progress will be deleted between seasons anyway.

Good game. The game is amazing the graphics are amazing especially for the elf hall and other things are amazing with the amount of detail they put down in it but one thing I would change is behemoth every time I see a behemoth battle they are easily captured I would change that by allowing the behemoth to attack where most players are in it’s space so they wouldn’t capture it so easily everyone mostly uses mages or archers no other kind that’s why I think you should make it more harder to get behemoth

great game but there is some bug and glitch need to be fixed. COD is similar to ROK in play style, there are new ones like Behemoth can be tamed to help alliance. I just played this game within 1 hour since this game was released but I had seen a bug that make me feel very unpleasant that when I play in 30 minutes, the game will say "the game have updated" after I start the game again my progress have restarted and force me to do again. I know this game just released but pls fix this bug

amazing game. It’s Awsome I’ve been playing for a while and it’s not just game that you get bored after you complete it you can restart and have even more fun. That game is competitive and will keep you wanting to play it’s really fun and I’ve enjoyed it over my time playing it and I recommend you download it and try it yourself and I promise you something in it will bring you some fun

Good beginning. This game is very fun and addictive. My only two problems is that you can’t migrate servers, I want to play with a friend but can’t because we are in different servers. My other pet peeve is that we alliance leaders can’t see last online or our members to see if they have been inactive, very annoying trying to remember that. Other than that I like it a lot more than Rise of Kingdoms.

Amazing game. Really fun, engaging strategy game with a huge player base! Don’t be a meta slave, play what you want and have fun, joining a active guild is essential to this game so don’t settle for inactive players! Only qualm after playing since release is the story is a bit long, clicking through every story scene takes minutes and makes it draining to create alt accounts because I have to do it all over again. Other then that amazing!!

0 customer service. Hope you never run into a problem in the game you’ll never hear from customer service. They decided to pull the dragon avatar frame from the alliance’s that beat it fair and square because some other server cheated. Server 66 beat the elite dragon the right way in under 8mins and our avatars were stripped because some other server used an exploit. Customer service is absolutely never available so hope you never run into any issue in the game ever, live chat doesn’t respond neither does Facebook or their email. With as much money infused into this game in a month you would think they would have someone available to speak with!

Great Game, Wrong age classification. Is a great addicting game, having a lot of fun, beautiful graphics, awesomely design good story, I really love the concept of this game. However this game is not 9 years plus, all people are adults and almost everyone spent money ones super much than others, is not the environment for 9+ a lot of time stress in the game brings out the not very good part of a lot of people. Sever time zone should be fix a little bit depend on the time zone do you live if the events are not while you are sleeping are when you are at works. Great frame with space to improvement.

Customer support will not help. Customer support will cater to anyone that is a payer that has put almost 40,000 USD into the game they can get you chat banned in minutes and once you’re chat banned you cannot do ANYTHING after which customer support will completely ignore you and if you are not a big enough payer none of your reports will even be looked at. Once someone has paid as much as a car there is nothing you can do to fight them, and customer support will not care what they do in game or what they say. This game is beyond pay to win, and the devs will not only neglect to answer you if you aren’t a big enough payer there are a completely different set of rules for you and them.

Beware if you’re a low spender. I do want to say I really enjoyed the newer concepts in this game to differentiate it from some of the other similar games I’ve played. But it’s definitely pay to win. There are armies of t5 troops within 10 -12 days of the server being active. Even in ROK there was some chance of getting to the main temple without encountering t5 troops. Other than that a good concept but unless you luck into a good guild with excellent diplomacy to avoid fighting t5 troops before most people have t3 or t4 troops do not play

Disappointing. This game was awesome for the first 3 days. Then just like every game like this all the Pay to win players bully everyone else just trying to enjoy the game for fun. I understand this is a war game but the text harassment and threats along with bullying any alliance that wants to keep it chill is not how you keep players. I know this won’t change anything because developers only care about the money from the bullies than the rest of the people just trying to play the game. Again this was less then a week in. No one (unless paying) has the chance to do anything but quit or be bullied.

Nothing like advertised. I knew it was too good to be true. It has flashy colorful well don’t graphics, an engaging storyline. I even purchased legendary heroes and all of the extras you receive. But as usual, it’s just another strategy game where you take teeny tiny groups to march to another area and get a resource, scout, or attack. Ok I could deal with that. But where’s the cool combat scenes and graphics? Not once so far have I seen any battle that is like what’s advertised. Again teeny little characters that fire arrows, spells, or hit with a weapon. Even zoomed it’s nothing impressive. Lost interest fast. And if you don’t connect with others online, more of a solo player here. Why even bother? The amount of notifications is a second career! Another major reason I quit. I have a job and a spouse, this game you can’t just pick up and play. No you need to check every little notification because there is some crumb of a resource to collect. Looks beautiful, but another carbon copy strategy game that doesn’t play t all like they advertise. Feels fraudulent to me in some ways.

Quality of life changes. The select all button for legions needs to be bigger or isolated just a tad bit more. Perhaps push the legion icons a millimeter from the edge of the screen so the button can be made a little bigger. I’m not the only one who has had hard times pressing the select all button, and in this type of game where micromanaging is important and which a lot of players play on mobile devices this needs to be improved.

Don’t listen to the reviews. The people you see, leaving reviews, saying another cash grab game is all false, of course like all games you’re gonna have players who spend more money than others, but I’ve been playing this game. Completely free to play from the start and I can compete with people who spend money with my alliance by my side, I definitely have the grind hotter than others that spend money but I compete with the best

Why would u do that!!!. Look the game was perfect it was fun at the start when I started playing then I stopped playing I came back and there was a new chapter and new stuff I kept playing then everything was good and new but then they made everything so hard like the bad guys the dark whatever were so hard and I barely even did damage so yeah the game was getting hard I could barely even make progress so yeah they kind of rigged the game plus they took my progress away some of it not all but my commanders were lvl 1 it was fine but they made like getting more lvls harder since u couldn’t get much since u couldn’t defeat lvl 5 npcs so getting lvls was super hard since u could only fight level 3 and 4 so they rigged the game.

So Much Fun! But Has Some Bad Stuff. This game is so fun you can recruit hero’s, and you get to send them where you want them to go. Then you can make them fight monster and the story mode is so awesome it has adventures and the characters have different story’s about there life, but the down grade is that most of the good hero’s you have to pay for them because you can just buy them or you get gold keys but they cost 600 ruby in the game and 600 is expensive. But in conclusion this game is fun but it has some things that are not that fair.

Title. They did it right. They had the advantage of being late into the genre & from someone who plays them constantly they nailed it, taking fun aspects and mechanics a game typically only has a handful of and making theirs a hodge podge of fun game play, entertaining voice acting (mucho cool) interesting story line & a feasible way to progress free to play. All this game needs is people as committed to its upkeep as it’s creation. Gotta wait and see but it’s a banger so far, have plenty to do before burnout even without future updates and events

Love the game, BUT. I love this game. I used to play GOW many years ago, and this game has taken the idea and made it so much better. I love the heroes and the storylines, even clearing the mist and discovering the villages and camps. My ONLY complaint about the game is the rewards for the events. Maybe offer 5-10 tiered rewards with better rewards. The r&d event had 100 gems and a 3 hr speed as a final reward, which is laughable. And having more hero specific events for hero tokens. The game is fantastic, otherwise. Just need better rewards for events

DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Unless you pay, hundreds/thousands even, don’t bother. All the whales group together and bully the entire server with no F2P advantage or buffs to even up the odds. One group will run everyone leaving you rendered defenseless forcing every powerful player go to the same group. This game is a complete cash grab and his 100% P2W. Nothing but Vietnamese people so there’s a huge language barrier, and several of the players are racist towards the minorities, which are Americans in this game. Inconsistent bans, my 1st ban muted was longer than 24 hrs and went straight to permanent mute, which I wasn’t even offending anyone. I was talking about myself, using the numbers to make profane words. Such as g33k. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!

Love!!. Absolutely amazing game, been obsessed with it all day! I love the simulator and tycoon type feel but also the exploration, fantasy, combat type feel. It mixes very well and the options with alliances and the story line is just wonderful. The only thing that makes me upset is the building times they reach up to like multiple days and I just wanna keep upgrading without spending gems but that’s the only thing I could give input on.

Do not start this game. Do not play this game. Do not get involved way to deep into it. They say it’s easy to play. (And yes granted you will have fun in the very beginning) But be forewarned: this game is pay to play. Or you cannot advance enough or be apart of anything or war. The whales will push you out —-and yet the developers have said they have tried to reset the seasons and saying you will be able to be on the same level and be able to compete is not the case at all. Do NOT expect to be able to play beyond just farming and sort of growing without paying to really play this game and being apart of mega-alliances and politics. Game would have extreme potential just they made the mechanics of it enough for pay only.

Don’t give this app any money. Their customer service is terrible. When you point out a major flaw in their game, instead of making it right and giving you minor in game elixirs to make up for it, all they say is we will consider making changes in the future. I spent money on this game and will not again until they prove to me that their customer service is similar to other for profit businesses that actually want to make money. Also, when fighting dark creatures, it will end the battle for no reason and make you waste Cp. it’s unfortunate because I like the game but customer service is so bad that they don’t deserve money.

Fun but pay to win if you want to be competitive. Game is fun Free to play but you can only progress so quickly. If you are looking to be competitive you have to be pay to win. There are a crazy amount of whales in the game that are overpowered once you get close to middle of game. Still a fun game but if you aren’t planning on spending hundreds or thousands of dollars I would hold off on spending money as it will not help progress you that much .

Terrible game. I had the game for like 3 days. Joined an alliance the first day. Woke up next day to play and i was kicked from alliance for being inactive for less than 24hrs. Literally sleep and work at most 16-18 hrs and so i said ill create my own alliance so i cant get kicked right? Wrong! Woke up literally 14hrs later to play the game and somehow the system has transferred my alliance to someone else in my alliance that didnt pay 1500 gems and now im out my alliance and my gems all in less then 24hrs. Apparently this game dont want you to sleep or work so i had to delete. Waist of time and no developer has rectified the situation! Terrible game and i had high hopes but thats just trash that the system boots you from something you pay for in less then 24hrs

Pay to play. Very much pay to play. Your faction can spend four days leveling up getting stronger getting people building your central fortress and some team that started a day ago will pay to get all that stuff in five hours. I logged off for Easter to spend time with family. Lodged back in our fortress was gone and a team that wasn’t there the day before had heroes so strong my army of 20,000 stood for about 3 seconds. So if you don’t invest you will not win our last much longer than a week. It’s a beautiful game though.

Unacceptably pay-to-win. If you didn’t have to stand by and get steam rolled by big spenders, this game would be a lot of fun. I spent a little (trying to pace myself to see if the game is any good), reached city level 12, and am the player with the most power in my alliance. Unfortunately, another alliance with a bunch of big spenders has come knocking, and it’s not even worth sending units out to fight them. If you can dump huge amounts of money into this, it will be fun and this game is for you. If u want a good gaming experience for under $100, get something for your PlayStation.

Game very addicting but a few players are taking the fun for most of us out of the game. Game very addicting but developers are purposely letting a few top players control the entire game by sharing the account. The top account in war against us has been on for 72 hours straight and admitted in general chat to tag teaming the account on the same device. This game was great before this happened. About 10% of the players in our alliance have stopped playing the game and are asking for their monthly subscription $ to be returned. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great game, even spending money on it but this has taken the fun out of playing when a few players, sharing accounts can take over the entire server.

Activity. So I started this game not to long ago cause I saw many adds for it and I do like games like this and I was pretty active as much as I could possibly be, so I decided to start a clan/ guild for chill players I didn’t want super hardcore players I wanted to be chill and game with people casually I did this in the afternoon and when I got home later that night my brand new guild wasn’t mine anymore when I was looking into why I wasn’t the leader anymore it was because I was inactive for to long like are you serious?? Ok well great I love games like this but apparently if you are inactive for longer then 5 hours your lose you clan to another member in the clan and that’s that.

War Pets are horribly designed and misleading. This game would be great, but the war pet feature is horribly designed and customer service refuses to help. I’ve spent many hours on this game. Decided to make my legendary war pet with great stats stronger. I bought several skills from the pet talent store. One skill was the upgraded version of the talent painbloom. Naturally, I thought upgrading the talent meant I could overwrite it. Nope. So now I have a talentless pet and I wasted all of my skills i bought in the pet store. I contacted customer service to help since this was so misleading. They said they couldn’t help me at all. Extremely disappointed.

Greedy and Awful war pets update. The war pets update was the worst thing to happen to the game. When it comes to war pet skill inheritance, it says skills from the original pet (pet to be consumed) will be transferred to the new pet, then the original pet will be lost. What actually happens is, the original pets skills OVERWRITE all of the inheriting pet’s skills. There is no way to simply add one skill from one pet to another, that original pet’s 1 skill will overwrite ANY number of skills on the inheriting pet. The game doesn’t inform you of this (it’s actively misleading) or warn you of this interaction. So any money spent on skills is completely wasted when you mistakenly try to inherit one skill, and end up losing everything you paid for.

GOOD GAME, BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. I got a charge for an in game pack that I never purchased and not even that but I never even received the items that I was supposed to get from the pack. After I got a refund for the pack they took MY ITEMS and I’m f2p so I grinded for all of my items and it’s detrimental that they took it. My gem count is in the negative along with my keys. I contacted customer service several times to help figure something out and they have never gotten back to me. The game is great and I’ve been playing since day one but I’m not gonna be robbed and I’d rather quit playing now then wait and let something similar happen again. Very disappointed in customer service.

Great idea for a game, but devs are money hungry. The pvp, pve, and farming in the game are actually fun. As seasons progress new champions come out changing the meta and how you can combine champions together to create strong combos. The issue is you can spend thousands of dollars and only be mediocre at this game. There are whales that spend fortunes on this game that you will never be able to catch up. Later into the season all new champs are gems only which you must buy. It’s a pay to win game 99%. A game company needs to make a game like this without the p2w concept and I can see them doing well.

Rich players only. Guys, those are the same developers in other games where they designed to unlimited amount of money spent on game. Players spent 5k-10k in a week. Where rest of us ftp and partly ftp and ptw it took us 2-3 years. It took rich players to max everything within a month. They updated more and are only made available to the rich. They couldn’t build separate servers to divide the rich and ftp/small time spenders. Let the rich rip each other throat with their money. None of us want to be a part of that. We do appreciate fun and work hard at building alliances and marches so on. I played this game and have not spent a dime. Don’t support the developers anymore. They don’t listen to anything but their money scheme ideas with the rich. Karma is real ;)

Best Game Ever!!. Been playing so far for a week very interesting and always keeps me coming back for more, I remember playing “Rise of kingdoms” back in the day but it’s definitely more interesting has a good story line with quests and it’s been fun and easy to upgrade and gain power quickly kingdom shields still lasting and thankfully I don’t have any aggressive players around me, I can get my supplies in peace.

Fun, but not unless you plan to spend A LOT!. I didn’t want to rush to write a review because I knew it would only be a matter of time and boy was I correct! The issue? WHALES! Already on my server, the largest alliance farms our tiny alliance all day, all night, non stop for merits. They just stand there in our territory, we can’t do a thing, we cannot come out of our castles because we get mowed down. Can’t farm for resources, we get mowed down. Read this again, they JUST STAND THERE waiting for us to come out! You can add up the power of the second and third largest alliances and they are still lower than them and we are just sheep for the lions. DO NOT PLAY unless you plan on spending A LOT OF CASH!

The game is ok. The commanders and the story line in game are great in my opinion, but it seems like the developers do not want it to be a war game they make it so hard for you to build into other zone’s and join other alliances. My current city hall lv is 25 and I have a 24 hr cool down before I can move my city to another location if I switch alliances. If invade another zone from your starting zone (Z1 )you are limited to where you can drop towers and take objectives in that zone if you also want to enter Z2 from that invaded zone . The only reason I did not give this game a 1 star is because of the commanders and story line !

Needs a little bit improvement. This is my second city that I have made. This is what I have noticed that might need a provement when you’re sending out troops there should be one button that you push and it will send out the same group every time I don’t like having to pick the people over and over again.

No Longer Fun. COD has a lot of potential and was fun but as many reviewers have already pointed out the game is dominated by the pay to play whale super alliances that roll anyone and everyone. Other alliances trying to keep up are forced to only recruit other high pay players and those players who try to not spend too much have few options to progress in the game. COD has now become primarily a farming game with minimal progression unless you’re willing to spend big bucks. Even “energy” for simple npc battles is so limited it lasts 5 min then back to farming. Very frustrating experience.

Pretty good game. I think that the game is really well designed and I’ve been playing it for about a week now with 250k power. The reason why I’m giving a four star is because I want to start a new account and I did everything I could and found out that there isn’t anything that you can do to delete your account and restart. I am requesting and hoping that on one update you change it so I will be able to delete my account easily.

Reset feature is a bad idea. I like the idea of resetting so that people cant run the server however, by doing this your going to lose a lot of players simply because they don’t want to research or develop their entire guild all over again. From a marketing stand point I don’t understand this idea. I’ve spoken to members of my guild and my server and unanimously we have come to the conclusion that this is a bad idea for a otherwise really flawless rts. You guys really need to work with the idea and tweak it because it’s to much.

Review. To many whales that pay to play. When you sell power to people that are willing to buy it whether to decrease build times etc. I shouldn’t have to deal with someone over 2.5 mil because they spent a lot of money on this game when I’m F2P. Anyone that doesn’t spend you get smashed by ones that do. I’m positive this was expected otherwise in game spending wouldn’t be there. You can respond with how you’ll “ look into it” and no I’m not going through the hassle of messaging a player that spent way to much money to advance themselves while I’m scrapping just to get to level 6 Honorary club after 2 weeks. No thanks not enough motivation for me to keep playing when the game was designed this way.

Must Read ASAP. Started playing this game for the first time and was doing everything to build my things up, then the game gave me and options to make a purchase for a better character. I did that and then kept playing the game got my city to level 4 and the game asked me to link the game. So I did and the then it started me completely over to the beginning of a whole new game and I lost everything. Then try to get help from support and nothing came from that after 45 minutes of wasting my time. So I don’t know how many people has had the problem, but just think they are making a $1 off everyone and don’t care about helping you fix the games mistakes.

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Call of Dragons 1.0.2417 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the Call of Dragons app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Farlight Games and other users?

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 9+ years and older
Current Version 1.0.2417
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

Call of Dragons (Versiyon 1.0.2417) Install & Download

The application Call of Dragons was published in the category Games on 28 March 2023, Tuesday and was developed by Farlight Games [Developer ID: 1605558679]. This program file size is 2.35 GB. This app has been rated by 27,469 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Call of Dragons - Games app posted on 11 April 2024, Thursday current version is 1.0.2417 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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Call of Dragons Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

1. Season B2 "Frozen Fury" is Coming! After completing Season T1, players will begin a whole new Season! 1) Brand-new Season Policies, allowing you to formulate your own unique strategy. 2) Season Talents are back! Whether you want to focus on melee attacks, ranged combat, or building an impenetrable defense, all-new paths to battlefield supremacy await you in the new Season! 2. A Smoother Route to Prosperity 1) New Heroes: —Added the Legendary Hero Zayda (Marksman, PvP, Mobility), available from the Lucky Spin and Wheel of Destiny events. —Added the Legendary Hero Maggrat (Marksman, Garrison, Precision), available from the Wheel of Destiny and Strongest Lord events. 2) New Artifacts: —Added the Legendary Artifact Gilded Crossbow (Marksman, PvP, Assault), available from the Forge of Light and Riches of the Forest events. 3) Improved War Pet training process and features: —You can now upgrade the Star Ratings of your War Pet's Skills by consuming Skill Cards. This applies to both Talent Skills and Common Skills. —You can obtain Talent Skill Cards by releasing War Pets. —Each time you release a War Pet, you will receive a Skill Card for 1 of that War Pet's Skills. If the War Pet has no Skills, you will receive a random item. —You no longer have to spend Skill Cards to unlock a War Pet's existing Skill slots. —War Pets themselves no longer need to be upgraded. However, you can reroll your War Pet's attributes through regeneration. —Added an Auto-Regeneration feature, saving you time and effort. —There is no longer an option to attack Beasts. You can now capture War Pets by dragging your Legion to them. —Improved information display for War Pet training. You can now see recommended Skills for your War Pet on the Skills page, and see previews of effects for upgraded War Pet Skills through information displayed in the Tales section. —You can purchase a limited number of 1-Star War Pet Skill Cards at the Pet Exchange. Make sure to plan your purchases carefully. —Expanded capacity for War Pet Skill Cards, allowing you to better plan your War Pets' training process. —You can now obtain Books of Taming through the War Pet gift draw page. —You will no longer obtain Pet Tokens by petting your War Pet. However, you can obtain more Pet Tokens by cleaning up your Pet Sanctuary. The amount of Pet Tokens you can receive from your Pet Sanctuary each day remains unchanged. —Increased the number of slots in your Pet Enclosure. You now start with 5 more slots. 15 more slots can now be unlocked by using items. 3. An Even Richer Combat Experience! 1) Adjusted rules for deducting Command Points. CP will only be deducted upon successfully defeating enemy units. If you fail to defeat the enemy, no CP will be deducted, and you will receive no rewards. 2) Upon entering battle, AoE Skills will no longer deal damage to Dark Forces who are not in combat with you, preventing you from accidentally targeting units outside of combat. 3) Improved Simple Mode: —Added a button to enable and disable Simple Mode in Settings→General. —Significantly improved frame rate for Simple Mode displays, making intense combat situations smoother.

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Find on this site the customer service details of Call of Dragons. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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