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The official YouTube Studio app makes it faster and easier to manage your YouTube channels on the go. Check out your latest stats, respond to comments, create and update your video thumbnail images and account profile pictures, and get notifications so you can stay connected from anywhere.

* Monitor channel and video performance with easy-to-use analytics
* Respond to and moderate comments
* Get notifications about important moments on your channel
* Update video details including descriptions, titles, custom thumbnail images and monetization settings
* Manage playlists
* Create and update your account profile pictures
* Search help content by voice

* Photo Library Usage: Needed to allow you to select your account profile picture and thumbnail images for your videos
* Camera Usage: Needed to allow you to update your account profile picture
* Microphone: Needed to allow you to search help content by voice

YouTube Studio App Description & Overview

The applications YouTube Studio was published in the category Photo & Video on 2014-07-13 and was developed by Google LLC. The file size is 142.27 MB. The current version is 19.19.100 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

- Routine release of bug fixes and stability improvements.

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Hmm  slimelover1575  3 star

I mean, yeah it’s a great app, but everytime I try to upload thumbnails, it doesn’t work! I verified my account, still doesn’t work! I have a greater version than iOS 9, STILL DOESNT WORK!! You guys need to work harder and make this acceptable..

wolfy productions

Fix bug  wolfy productions  2 star

I like most people got this app to improve my thumbnails. Of course no expect the bug that wouldn’t let people have the full experience. Please fix this problem soon.


This doesn’t even load thumbnails  WASUPSKSK  1 star

For me The custom thumbnails don’t even work for me even if I download everything and I sign in, is thing doesn’t even work correctly I signed already and it didn’t work at all I’m really disappointed by this


Please add this  Kbr0  5 star

You should be able to schedule your videos from this app it took me a month to get my computer fixed and my upload schedule was messed up because I couldn’t schedule it on this app and a ton of people without computers would agree.


Meh  higeez  2 star

I was so excited when I bought this app. When I clicked Custom Thumbnail this stupid little tag popped up saying how to do it and to sign in, but I was signed in! It was really frustrated.


Just OK  lobizao  2 star

This app is quite frustrating. You can do some basic stuff, but for most really useful things, it asks you to go to the desktop version, which doesn’t load on iPhones anymore for some random reason. You can’t search for comments, block users, ask for your video monetization to be reviewed. I used to solve this by going to safari, loading the desktop version of studio and doing that from there, but that’s no longer possible. Also, it doesn’t allow you to choose the notifications you get. I like getting all of them, including answers to my comments, like you can do on the desktop version, but the notifications you get here are super random. I wrote like a month ago to ask about these things, but of course they’re too busy to give a crap.


I can’t even SIGN IN  thatcat42308  1 star

So for some reason when I opened the account it said to sign in,I thought okay this is normal until when I added the account it wouldn’t let me use it what the HECK also I am just starting as a YouTuber and this is not what I need Right now

GoldLeader Xy

Good app  GoldLeader Xy  5 star



Not working  madisonkretz  1 star

It keeps telling me to download the app when I already have it.


I really like editing thumbnails and info cards! and editing my videos  hliop  5 star

So the thing I like is you can change the thumbnails to give peoples attention on getting views but I’m a small channel with 7 subscribers than more I upload then more I get subscribers and money and the most exiting thing is the play button I really want to earn that because that shine making info cards also give them attention for me getting views youtube thanks a lot if you reply to this!

star reaper63

Remove verifications  star reaper63  1 star

What’s so important about it? I don’t have my phone, maybe this app is gay

buster bike

Amazing app  buster bike  5 star

It helps edit thumbnails and much more great app


Editor?  JustgiveusAinsley  2 star

Great I can see all my stats for my channel but when I go to edit a video (title, description, thumbnail) and I press SAVE it comes up as “saving” but when I leave the app or try to go back even after pressing save countless times my changes do not get saved. The save changes button comes up with a loading bar but doesn’t take me out of the editing or save my changes at all. Poor bug.

juliet (*-*)

I want to make a custom thumbnail  juliet (*-*)  3 star



End screens and card options!!!!  JoeM09  4 star

Hey this app will be way better if it had end screen options otherwise it’s not really a YouTube studio. anyway good app!!

Bazza McKenzie

Good but lacks desktop functions  Bazza McKenzie  3 star

Gray for quick textual exits and reviewing statistics but lacks some of the superior features like community and being able to download the royalty free YouTube music to add to videos


Good ! But needs a few extra things !  missnatalie98  4 star

Great! So much easier for people who don’t have access to a computer or laptop. Only suggestion is to add YouTube Manager! That was we can add teaser cards etc and edit from the phone :)


Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  LIAMISLIT  5 star

Poooooooooooooop sub to LIaM ISLIT


Channel Vistits  Sameer👞  5 star

Please add a channel visits (how many people visited your profile) 🙏


Not getting notifications!  Batby55  1 star

It’s ok to check on how your videos are going but I don’t seem to be getting any notifications for comments.


Love it  Singlikecrazygirl  5 star

I can do some much even know my channel is a little on it is fast to up load videos love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Absolutely Love It!! But....  22lzstewart  5 star

I love the app! I’ve had it since the very beginning of my channel! I love the custom thumbnails, how easy it is to see the comments, etc! But as I watch other youtubers, I see that they have links to their channel and videos at the end of their videos! I was wondering if it is possible to add that feature to YouTube Studio? As well as set the settings once and apply it to all videos/future videos? If you can do that, that would be awesome!!

MomsFit channel by tania

Good app  MomsFit channel by tania  5 star

I definitely love this app works great ! For my channel


It didn’t work  hisjshdkshshkfh  1 star

I was making a YouTube vid and then it wouldn’t work! Aw man!

Please read 😿

Really??? -_-  Please read 😿  3 star

I tried to edit my thumbnail... BUT IT TAKES YOU TO THE APPSTORE AND DOSENT WORK!? Wow no wonder why there is some people put 3/5 or 4/5 or maybe lower. Please edit these weird instructions.. Is not “EVERYTHING” is fixed (/0,0)/


Please, Just Let us Change our Profile Picture and Banner  SomeParty  1 star

Why did you remove the feature to change your profile picture and banner? I can’t change it on YouTube Studio, on the YouTube App, on the Google Chrome app, or on the Gmail app. It’s really annoying, you’re such a big company but you can’t add a simple feature which you’ve had in the past. It’s like you removed it just to piss off people. :/


YEAH  happyPanda9  5 star



Great app  dhejdbsidbe  4 star



Why can’t I put a custom thumbnail???  YaBoiWantsToWatchAnime  4 star

I can’t put a custom thumbnail, edit it works now idk why it didn’t before


You  GaryChop  5 star

I have a YouTube channel and this app is useful for it!!! 😻😻😻

Itzlucy x

Horrible change it a lot of more people will be happier  Itzlucy x  1 star

You need to use a computer or PC or whatever but I don’t have one neither do many other people please change this 😔


Thumbnails wth!?  wpiytheqi  3 star

It’s not letting me verify my account! I do the phone text thing and then it just says error. I can’t do thumbnails or anything. Please help. My videos will suffer!


Ads????  Disgurlluvsfortnite  4 star

I’ve seen all these videos saying you need YouTube studio if you want ads on your videos and I can’t get it to work other than that it’s a great app to have if you want to grow your channel !

Celtic White Wolf

Ok I guess  Celtic White Wolf  1 star

I HATE that to can’t add cards, overlays or edit your videos like you could before. But it ok I guess for what it is


Help  CottonTailPlayz  2 star

This is ok I guess,it won’t let me verify my channel though


Thumbnails  AbigailIsPissed  3 star

Personally I’m quite upset how we have to verify our channel to get custom thumbnails, it’s an ok app.


Good  mrmamgoo  5 star

Thumbnails are ok


Where the the thumbnail at?  mateo5Damir  3 star

Please make it so the thumbnail works😭


Great  geeenee888  5 star

This app is great

Doodle Dolly

Missing some things  Doodle Dolly  3 star

It would be absolutely amazing if I could upload custom thumbnails and schedule private videos.

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