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TV Cast Pro for Google Cast App Description & Overview

What is tv cast pro for google cast app? Watch web-videos, online-movies, livestreams and live-tv shows and your personal photos, videos & music by using Google Cast on your Sony TV, Vizio SmartCast TV, Philips TV, Sharp TV, Toshiba TV, Chromecast, Nexus Player or Nvidia Shield gaming console. Enjoy the show on your big screen.

With Video & TV Cast you can browse through the web and stream any online video on your Google Cast enabled device (movies, tv shows, sports, music and more). Just navigate to your favorite website and send the embedded video with a single tap to your TV or gaming console. The discovered video will be shown below the browser. A tap on the video link will send it to your Google Cast enabled device immediately. Streaming personal media from your device is also supported.

* The app only works with devices with Google Cast or Chromecast built-in, like Vizio TV, Toshiba TV, Sony TV, Philips TV, Sharp TV, Chromecast 1+2+Ultra, Nexus Player, Nvidia Shield gaming console

* iTunes movies, Flash video and DRM protected videos like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, DirecTV, Xfinity, HBO now are not supported!

* The app streams only the video part of a website and not the whole website content (No screen or tab mirroring!).

* Sometimes it is necessary to play the video on your iPad or iPhone first before it gets discovered by the app for streaming.

* If a specific video does not cast, please check our FAQ. If that does not help, please give us a chance to help you by dropping a mail to instead of leaving a negative comment on the App Store. We will try to add support for your video as soon as possible.


* Remote Playbar: A remote control that allows you to fast forward or rewind videos while browsing. It syncs across all your iPads & iPhones that are connected to the same Chromecast. So your video can be controlled by different users in the same room.

* Personal Media: Cast unlimited personal photos, videos and music directly from your device or from cloud services like iCloud and Dropbox.

* Ad-Blocker + No Sponsoring Ads: The Pro app version has no ads and the Ad-Blocker blocks ads & popups on most websites that you visit. You can update, enable/disable ad-blocking at any time in the settings.

* Bookmarks: Save unlimited website bookmarks. Synchronize and transfer them between different TV Cast apps and iOS devices by using backup and restore via iCloud.

* Subtitles: Display subtitles & closed captions on TV.

* Change Homepage: Set your personal homepage in the settings.


We want to say thank you for all your great support and kindly invite you to honestly rate our app. This helps us to keep up our app development and support for you. Please do not trust other apps that ask you for 5-star ratings in exchange for premium upgrades. This is against good developer ethics and also against Apple guidelines.

If you have any feedback, feature requests or other request, please notify us at

Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated with Google, Sony, Philips, Vizio, Sharp, Asus, Nvidia or one of their products and trademarks.

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App Name TV Cast Pro for Google Cast
Category Photo & Video
Updated 23 July 2023, Sunday
File Size 39.1 MB

TV Cast Pro for Google Cast Comments & Reviews 2023

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Eat to use. Downloaded, found the video I wanted, and cast it to my chrome cast TV in less than five minutes

Perfect!. Just bought a new TV and needed to have access to some Apps that I did not have on the TV. I was considering buying another Roku stick, but this app is a game changer and easy to use.

False advertising. I downloaded and paid for this app so that I could play videos from my iPhone, as it says it can do. However when I go to videos it says that I have 0 videos and doesn’t allow me any other options. Pretty ridiculous that they would advertise such a thing yet it does not do the simple acts in which it promotes. Trash. Do not recommend...

It doesn’t cast the video.. I have the pro version and I want to watch an on demand video from my son’s soccer games. The app keeps playing a commercial over and over again and I can’t watch my video. This even happens on live games too. Very frustrating.

Does the job but I’m not impressed. Would like the ability to change the quality of the video. For $7 I’d expect more control over the video than a simple scrubbing bar.

Finally!!. About time there was an app like this that actually works!

Takes a little effort to learn but works well. You need to spend a little bit of time working through the short videos to understand functions but the app works extremely well. Also, customer support responds quickly and is helpful. Very good value for the low cost.

Good app. I like to be able to put my own movies on the tv. Browser is ok too.

Not worth the money!!. Is not worth the money. We can’t share everything, it wanted us to buy an additional app to pull our iCloud videos.

Google cast works so far!. I hope no body tried to change this app?

Don’t!. Complete waste... what was free and open source weeks ago is now fee for use. When more people are relying on streaming it’s sad to see people take advantage of that. What worked last week now doesn’t cause everything has to be connected to google home. If you don’t... no joy! Thanks for nothing!

Does not cast FACEBOOK VIDEOS. So disappointed I was trying to watch my daughter perform in another state and the app would not cast the video. After purchasing this and believing it would work I was left so disappointed I really wanted to watch my daughters performance on my tv. Fix this!!!

Does not seem to work on iphone 11. Says it can not play video trying to get support but can’t locate Facebook messenger either

Trash app. It makes you buy useless upgrades that don’t even work in the first place. Truly a waste of money and effort.

Scam.. I paid the 6.99 just to enable my iPhone X to cast a simple video from a website. I can’t tell you how challenging this was to try and figure out with this app. Essentially the app does not mirror to your phone at all (more on that later). To get a video to play from this app, I had to change the designated homepage of the app to the web address of my video.. this was the ONLY way to get the video to play on TV. Then of course I couldn’t get it to play twice. Overall - very frustrating experience. You would think this should be as simple as “mirror my phone on the TV”. Nope - apparently to do that you need to pay for another app from these folks for 3.99. Can you say - “scam”. Hello people isn’t that what I just paid 6.99 to be able to do!!!!

Beat Chromecast app created. Very underrated in the more popular but not informative tech reviews. This app successfully created a better cast app that is also user friendly than google m

Love it but so difficult at time. Is hard to connect

Could not cast m3u8 videos from a website. I bought this app so I could stream a live telecast from a website but it would not cast. I have reported the video and will update this review if they manage to fix it. For now though, it’s useless to me.

Works a treat. I love how this simply works with any embedded video online👍🏼keep up the good work

No commercials, excellent prime rate and choice picture size.. When you cast from the web directly you get many commercials. However using this application you ge NONE. Just as important you receive updates regularly to assure it continues.. Full movie can be without commercial interruption. Cast screen size options are plentiful as a result you get the best picture size and frame rate.

Only way that works for iPad to Chromecast. Love this app, bid fan!

This app is trash for IPNONES. Terrible choice to consider if you’re trying to control your phone to tv. I say if it isn’t Roku friendly then don’t even waste your time & money on it!!!! WAIST OF TIME WAIST OF MONEY!

Have a glitch. I’m having issues with this app it doesn’t always work with my google photos it try’s to load up and then it locks up and I have to use my other tv cast c and wait for the down load wish you could fix that problem

Lousy. Worthless, useless, waste of time and money. I’m getting a refund ang dumping this worthless app. You can’t do screen mirroring without another app and guess what it’s only $2.99 more. So this $9.99 app is not even good for a boat anchor.

Huge disappointment. This app is junk!! Don’t waste your money. Very difficult to use and setup. I never could get mine to even work. Finally got my connected. Video pauses plus the picture quality is poor. Definitely not in 4K like Apple TV. I wouldn’t spend money on this one!!

My chrome doesn’t stream like it used to!. My chrome cast used to work perfectly. Now streaming is spotty, and it’s constantly disconnecting after I watch a video. Starting to become a real pain.

Don’t waste your money!!!. Didn’t work, kept saying retrieving movie and when it did work for about 3 seconds, it would start buffering all over again and movie would never play.

Great tool. It is a very good app or tool to use with smart tv and useful to watch Internet Tv programs, great.

Too much going on. You cannot enjoy this app because you are constantly having to fix, enable, disable something.

Does not work, no instruction that I can find, complete frustration.. Worthless waste of time and money, does nothing for Netflix or any app on my ipad.

Not working. When casting a video it starts to lag and buffer every time now

Waste of money. This application does not work it’s full of gibberish and you can’t even get a refund if you wanted to. Stay away from this app all it does is cause you headaches. It’s so hard to get support from both Apple and the developers of this application.

Samt. Very useful app. Enjoying. The clarity is good. This app is for every thing and everyone

Can’t get the stupid thing to ever work anymore.. Can’t get the stupid thing to ever work anymore.

One star. I have no idea how to make this application work. There is no support for me to figure it out either Also keeps taking $5 out of my account about every week

Great app. So much better than watching anything on my phone

Automatic discovery is unreliable. “No google cast device discovered” It works if I do factory reset to my tv and the best day it fails again. Bring back the old version where I could enter the up address manually.

Doesn’t work. Why does this app exist? I paid $6.99 for it to cast to my Samsung tv and it doesn’t work! I was trying to cast an Apple TV movie to it. It could only cast from the web or your personal files. So of course I logged into Apple TV in the web browser instead of the app (annoying) and it didn’t work at all. It even had a note “add this to the problem list before reviewing in the app so we can fix it” Truth if the matter is that the only reason that little pop-up note was created to exist is because this has happened to that many other people, and is that much of an issue! What are y’all actually “fixing??” Nothing.

It didn’t work at all. It did not allow me to connect to my tv. I’d like to return it but there is no option to.

Doesn’t ever work. Nice to purchase an app that doesn’t even work. If I could give this 0 stars I would. Video always pops up and then gives an error and says it couldn’t load. Trash!

I need my money back. Useless. It’s a gateway to spending more money. Once you get, you discover it is really just a pass through to more “add ons” Better off throwing 7 dollars down the drain. At least it might clean the pipes some. This does nothing.

Total Crap. Connects but doesn’t show my videos or photos. Does nothing. Give me a refund. Waste of money and time. This type of app should troubleshoot itself during setup. No one to contact, no instant support, almost seems like a scam. The five star reviews must be fake.

Google cast. Pro version is better

Booo. Terrible user interface. Very confusing. If you want to watch one movie you have to do 13 steps and it still won’t work

WASTE OF MONEY. Horrible, don’t get it. It doesn’t work for crap. I even “upgraded” to the mirror app for another $4 bucks. Still wouldn’t work, I would’ve been better off throwing my $10 bucks into the toilet!!!

How can I queue videos. I would like to know if a queuing feature is in the works

Never could connect!. $10 down the drain. Tried to connect a Hisense TV with chromecast built in and never could get it to work.

Impressed.. I bought this and, at first, its didn't work. Then I bought Chromecast and plugged it in to my tv. I was just about to delete this app but decided to open it one last time before deletion and as soon as I opened it, my television with the chromecast installed, turned on and it works pretty good!

CC OPTION. All is good with this app. I’ve purchased the bundle to stream on TV’s at friends houses and other places. Seamless performance and easy to use. The only feature makes the apps even better is the option to enable captions and subtitles from browser. Please work on it and the app will be more useful. Thank you

Rip off. There is a charge to get the app. Then it requires an additional hidden charge to get sound. Also it only shows a small video projection rather than full screen projection. Do not get ripped off with this ridiculous app!

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Best. Best app to stream to your tv. No ads on YouTube !

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Waste of money!. Absolute waste of money it won’t work with iPhone

Too hard to set up. A

Don’t waste your money. It’s just… doesn’t cast. Never should have paid money for it. Don’t get

Terrible app. Not intuitive. Unable to use the app. Tried to request a refund.

Not intuitive. Too hard to set up and have to pay separately for each function

Its too difficult to use doesn’t work for me. Very unhappy with the results Expensive app then it didn’t work!! Don’t recommend this Be very careful before choosing this !!!

Waste of Time and Money!. Wish I had of read others reviews before I purchased this useless app:(

TV cast only by name. Doesn’t work or cast iPhone to TV

Terrible app doesn’t work. Don’t waste your money on this.

Works as intended.. Would recommend, no dramas so far :)

Unbearable to use. Constantly freezes making it impossible to watch shows. Very frustrating considering I spent around $15 how do I request a refund?

Watching movies. Ít ít good for watching the movies

Doesn’t work!. Minus 5 stars! Waste of money & a waste of time. Not worth anythinf.

Won’t play. Bought the highest one to try and get it to play with no luck....

Awful awful useless app. What a total waste of money. Never worked. Even to do the one useful thing (screen mirror) is an add on at extra cost. This does not work.

Impossible. Wow what a clumsy convoluted app. I can’t get to first base - give up

Awful. Doesn’t work. Will not connect to my tv. I have tried everything and watched a bunch of videos on how to.

Great app to have. I can now watch all of my YouTube music on the big screen. It’s just like being there

Don’t purchase. Paid $10.99 for an app that doesn’t work. Don’t bother downloading.

Awesome. Great app easy to use. I’ve had no trouble

Rubbish. Doesn’t work

.. What a waste of money!

Does not work. Used to work but now does not. Very buggy

Not working as expected. Not working as expected - no videos showing in personal media - waste of money

Waste of money. First of all we wasted money on a new Somy TV that won’t support apple tv & lots of other streaming services. This app looked like it would help stream other tv as it was advertised on sony. $15 later the app only lets you stream your own files or the web. Complete waste or money.

Doesn’t work!. Do not waste your money.

Doesn’t work very well. Very confusing

Waste of money. I deleted it after a half hour of trying to get it to stream from my iPad to my tv. Nothing was working, none of the shows i tried to stream were “available”. Waste of time and money. Can i get a refund?

Ads. All I get is the adverts. I can’t cast the TV shows to my TV

not casting my streaming. please refund because it’s not casting my google streaming

Rubbish. This is rubbish it just doesn’t work. No amount of messing about is worth the pain you will endure trying to cast from your iPhone to your Sony Bravia. Don’t bother

Did not work at all. Followed all the instructions carefully and tried to connect initially on TV cast for Sony but it did not work, then it told me to click on the link to the google cast which would not work either on my television and was charged for two apps within the space of 5 mins..due to the large amount of the same smart televisions in my apartment tower I was unsuccessful..could you please refund me on both these apps immediately.

Built in adblocker, straight forward, works. Works seamlessly with my blaupunkt device to turn my 15 year old plasma tv into a smart tv, and now I can watch stuff on streaming websites with ease. Highly recommend!

Good but not all time. Usually it worked perfectly but some days I don’t know why but it can’t find my chromecast

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Full refund. App is a total waster of money.

Sick as Flow. So easy

User friendly. Satisfied with this app’s usability with chromecast although sometimes when streaming from a website there are interruptions requiring a disconnect and reconnect. Overall I am happy with how this app functions.

Chromecast G. I stream to and watch Movies 🎥 and TV 📺 free to my Chromecast Device and watch 👀. As simple as that👍😊.

Best yet in the market but needs improvements. Sometimes it’s so irritating the videos keeps loading n loading and the so many ad pop ups and please make the browsing better and add more controls

Good not Great. I’m glad that there’s an app that allows me the cast in bedded movies for my pages into my chrome cast but also I have the pro version and there are still ads are the main app when you open it up which kind of bother me if I spend $10 I don’t want to see ads. This app needs a novice or easy version for people with lesser tech skills not as user friendly.

Do not buy. The description says it works for Sony tv’s and it doesn’t. Don’t fall for this false advertisement I spent the 9.99 plus tax on it and currently waiting to hear back about a refund

Waste of money. Dosent work and then they charge you extra in app

Doesnt work. Does not work paid for nothing

The best cast. The best cast solutions

Does not work. I want my money back!!

Does not work with Emby on IPad. Waste of money

Not Worth. The app is not worth once you download this app they will ask you to download another 6$ app to screen mirror from the phone. Wastage of money.

It worked for 48 seconds then kept uploading forever. It simply didn’t work

Garbage app. garbage just waist your money don't down load it very bad

Crap. Worst app yet. Does not work to cast video from my iPhone to my Google chrome cast. Don’t waste your time. I want a refund

Terrible. Worst chrome cast app out there. Had a ton of stress setting this up as it kept wanting me to download other apps to work with this one. Don’t buy this

Super appli. J’aimerai qu’il y ai la possibilité d’avancer de quelques secondes, mais j’adore cette application!

Garbage. It’s garbage.

Can’t access videos on my phone. Expensive app that won’t access any of my phone videos

Super app. Cette application nous donne la possibilité de contrôler ce qui se passe sur le téléviseur.... c' est parfait

Malfunction. With some days but most days it doesn’t.

Anger123533. Will not connect to my new TV. Just wasted $10

Total waste. Don’t bother with this app

10$ for a very basic service for an iPad. Not working so far, I have been trying for half and hour. It doesn’t seem to work with apps. Very dispointing.

Chrome cast. -The cast works good stops the pop up's -It's great to able to control the functions of the chrome cast -Nothing beats the pro

Life saver!. Thank youu!

Waste of money!. Save your money and buy an HDMI that connects to your phone! It won’t connect and when it does the sound is choppy and no video shows up

Garbage. Don’t get ripped off - you donNOT need this app to Chromecast!

Are people stupid?. Lots of negative reviews…. I’m guessing they are not tech savvy, and probably an issue with using the websites they are trying to cast from. The only time I have issues is if I’m casting from a less than legitimate streaming site, which has nothing to do with this app… this app has been a great work around Netflix and other streamers that HATE their customers. Kudos to the developers of this app.

Alright, one problem. Works fine, except sometimes it skips parts of the video then after a minute or two it goes back, and then skips to different parts and then to somewhere that’s already played. Like if I open the video and the one on tv that’s casted, even if the time is the same the one on tv is at a different part. This doesn’t always happen but does very often. Is there some way to fix it?

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Doesn’t work. Don’t purchase. It doesn’t work.

Terrible garbage app. I shouldn’t have to pay $7 and then download/buy add-one to use it💀

Can’t cast anything. This app was a waste of money. You can only cast things from the app itself, not from Netflix or other apps

Doesn’t work. Sony XBR-55X810C TV. Trying to cast to Sony from iPad = no luck. Just wasted $7

Doesn’t work. Starts to play and the. Glitches. Waste of money. Should have known better.

Doesn’t work... waste of money. Don’t waste you’re money, doesn’t work for crap!

Crap. I bought the set thinking I would be able to Mirror-cast, even the pro series is crap & I will never buy an LG TV. BS OS!!..!.!!!

Movie. To bad you have to download all the Apps just to run the movies

Just bought this app and it does not work. Waste of money, don’t buy.. Beware, don’t buy this app is trash. It does not work.

Useless. Video not loading properly 😡

TV Cast. Doesn’t work. Kept trying to get me to buy more apps.

Please refund my purchase, did not work and very confusing. Refund my purchase please.

Horrible. Worst app I’ve ever purchased would not work, never connected and was unable to setup to the tv

Not working and after selecting photos app demanding access to ALL photos.. PIAsprin app. Pain In The Aspirin that is

Does not work!. Paid the $6.99 for the app and got it on my phone and my tv but it still won’t work! Very frustrating and disappointing

Poor. Downloaded this to stream particular websites to tv and all it does is connect nothing ever streams. Not worth it.

Excellent. Works great’

Awful. Doesn’t work for the advertised use

Doesn’t work. I’ve paid for the app multiple times and I have never once been able to cast a program to my TV

Doesn’t work. Waste of money

I want my money back. This app only casts from the web browser, not from apps like Instagram. Buyer beware.

Don’t buy. You can’t play long video only short video

Chromcast. Easy to use xoxo

Terrible app. Does not work!. Hangs when trying to send anything to the shield device. Followed directions and it just hangs.

Never works. Never works

False advertisement. It only mirrors versions and photos not other apps you have on your phone! Refund 👎🏾

Total crap and waste of money. This was a rip off. Doesn’t work with iPad or iPhone.

Don’t waste your money. This app doesn’t work and I paid $6.99 in hopes that it did. Worst purchase ever and I regret spending the money 😡

Does work. Try over and overindulge doesn’t work

Trash. Doesn’t even work. Waste of money that I can’t even get back.

Piece of junk. Stops every 5 minutes and interrupts the video playback

Not intuitive and unable to cast the video i want to watch. I bought the app to watch a series but unable to cast it. I would rather have my refund

Does not work at all!. Just bought this. Does not work.

Scam. This app WILL NOT mirror your iPhone to your television. Please read very carefully-there is another app within this app which you will have to download and pay for.

No sound. No sound and not very intuitive

Works about 10% of the time. Would not waste your money.

Waste. Did not function at all for purpose

Don’t do it. Huge scam doesn’t work

Doesn’t work. Waste of time. Should be easy.. Don’t buy

Useless. I have tried over and over to get this to work it will not stream to my tv!!I want my money back!!

How can I cancel. Please let me know in how I can cancel my subscription?

This is the worst tv casting app I have ever used in my life. This is a horrible app

Don’t Watch Soccer With This App. You spend more time recasting the link than watching any sports. Why did I have to pay for this?

Zero Stars. It is not finding my older Sony TV while the TV is fully updated and it’s telling me to download this app. They are not connecting.

Can’t get it to work. Thus far I have only been able to cast once and then there was no volume on the TV.

Joke. This app is a freaking joke do not buy it. It is a waste of space, time and money

Doesn’t work. Hate this app. It does not work on my Sony Tv an I bought the Pro so it would. Ugh!

Not working. Too many different apps and this one won’t connect to my Sony.

Great!. Truly is “the best movie stream browser app”

Doesn’t work. Doesn’t work

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TV Cast Pro for Google Cast Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the TV Cast Pro for Google Cast app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Kraus Und Karnath GbR 2Kit Consulting and other users?

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TV Cast Pro for Google Cast 3.5 Apps Screenshots & Images

TV Cast Pro for Google Cast iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $6.99
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 3.5
Play Store de.2kit.cast-browser-nexus-player-pro
Compatibility iOS 9.0 or later

TV Cast Pro for Google Cast (Versiyon 3.5) Install & Download

The application TV Cast Pro for Google Cast was published in the category Photo & Video on 28 July 2016, Thursday and was developed by Kraus Und Karnath GbR 2Kit Consulting [Developer ID: 477998014]. This program file size is 39.1 MB. This app has been rated by 2,142 users and has a rating of 3.9 out of 5. TV Cast Pro for Google Cast - Photo & Video app posted on 23 July 2023, Sunday current version is 3.5 and works well on iOS 9.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: de.2kit.cast-browser-nexus-player-pro. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
Other Apps from Kraus Und Karnath GbR 2Kit Consulting Developer
TV Cast Pro for Google Cast App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Bug fixes

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