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This is the new Google Earth.

Gain a new perspective of the world as you explore the globe with a swipe of your finger.

Fly through landmarks and cities like London, Tokyo and Rome in stunning 3D, then dive in to experience them first hand with Street View. See the world from a new point of view with Voyager, which brings you one-of-a-kind experiences from Sesame Street, BBC Earth, NASA and more.

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The applications Google Earth was published in the category Travel on 2008-10-27 and was developed by Google, Inc.. The file size is 165.25 MB. The current version is 9.1.8 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

See the world through another's eyes with the new Photos layer
The new Photos layer—available from the menu—enables you to explore user-contributed photos from every corner of the globe, right on the map.

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Keeps crashing  BobbyGaudet  1 star

This app won’t even load. On the initial load screen, it has the little animated circle that says it is thinking, then the screen just goes black. I tried restarting the app and then my phone, nothing worked. I went to leave feedback through the App Store and was directed to the google earth web page, which then directed me to the app to make feedback. How the hell am I supposed to leave feedback in the app if the app won’t open!?!? You have forced my hand, as my only choice now is a bad review. Idiots


What did you do?  Rdnervn  1 star

I just updated my google earth and this is a mess! It can't find my address and the resolution is a total bust. How do I get the five star app back?


cannot open Kml  babykeeper  1 star

Can NOT open kml now!!!!! Why???it is ok before.

Will & Mask

Serious breach of this app  Will & Mask  1 star

On the download page for this app, THIS GOOGLE EARTH APP, which I linked to through the ‘purchased’ tab in the App Store, THIS APP is titled: “$ {BUNDLE_DISPLAY...” - I don’t know what the whole title is because I would be a moron to download this to my new phone. Sad.


Good  Lexistar1235  5 star

It’s good. No problems and it’s easy to just type in an address and look at the house or building you are trying to look at. It hasn’t updated it’s pictures in a while though so if your looking for a new specific thing it won’t show up


👌👌👌👌👌  DamagedClow  5 star


Lightning Lady

New update crashes  Lightning Lady  1 star

It shows the world, but as soon as I zoom in, it crashes...every single time! I have even rebooted, but to no avail. I could really use this for updates on the fires in Napa, with the KML overlays, but had to use a site on the Internet instead. Please fix the crashing!!


Toggle for 3D!!!  Ikeman12356  3 star

This was a very useful app until we were forced to see the 3D rendering. 3D rendering slashes overall image quality enough to make the app functionally useless for me. 3D is a nice little feature for viewing city scapes or scenic landmarks but is simply too cluttering for general maps. Unless an option is added to completely toggle off 3D rendering (not the pitiful 3D/2D button that leaves rendering but changes viewing perspective) I will be using other services instead of this PREVIOUSLY spectacular app.


A little old but it’s good  Kool_K34  4 star

It’s good just everything’s old

M chef M

Constant crash  M chef M  1 star

Cannot do anything productive on this app. Tried on my iphone and iPad with the same results. Just keeps crashing. Emptied cache, removed “flying” features, help reduce the demand on the App. Still keeps crashing


Mikael Berberian MikaelBerberyan 3 star

@Actualidad: Alrededor de 400 misteriosas estructuras de piedra han sido descubiertos gracias a las imágenes de Google Earth …


Jenny Dahl Bakken jennydb91 3 star

@MetroUK: Archaeologist spots hundreds of mysterious, ancient stone structures on Google Earth


I Heart AdamLambert ModestyChild 3 star

@MetroUK: Archaeologist spots hundreds of mysterious, ancient stone structures on Google Earth


Image history  Aliabdulaziz  4 star

We need image history like the desktop version please.

Evil EJ

Search History Update  Evil EJ  5 star

Thank you for adding a Clear Search History in the settings section.


Maps are outdated  Danoli77  2 star

Could be a great app but they fail so hard. The maps are years outdated and getting to your current location is not easy or intuitive.


One job  bewickwren  1 star

The only thing I need google earth to do is show where I am in real time when I load a polygon to it. It used to, not anymore. I have to manually update my position as I move around 😒

Moshe Tuvia

Updates added additions doesn't make the previous super great App better.  Moshe Tuvia  1 star

Now it's not a even a good App. I super enjoyed the app and would use it to especially look at areas mentioned in the News which I may not have had a clue to where on earth it was (literally). I also liked zooming in and seeing what the places looked like. However I don't enjoy it after the update. The image isn't nearly as clear. I don't need all the travel type info nor highlights. I'm most likely looking at the area because I've already been informed of information which makes the area a interest to me. This added informational addition just causes clutter and gets in the way. Please revert back to the previous Google Earth.


Revolutionary  JackyJohnny123456789  5 star

This app is revolutionary in the world of 3d mapping


ios11 update plz thx  lleenjgfo  5 star



No layers.......  Balgernon  1 star

Where are boundaries, photos, lakes, poi's, parks, businesses, specific place names, land feature names, etc., etc....?


No more 'Ground Level View'  GP|13  1 star

With this forced upgrade, you're unable to zoom in and view at ground level. That was my favorite feature and helped with planning my photographic shoots. This isn't an upgrade, it's a downgrade. Updated 19/9/2017: still no ground level view option.


Crap  restling  1 star

Horrible update with cartoon like resolution. Old version was much better. Add a timeline, like the desk top version, and fix the graphics.

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