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What is google earth app? Explore the whole world from above with satellite imagery, 3D terrain of the entire globe, and 3D buildings in hundreds of cities around the world.

Zoom to your house or anywhere else then dive in for a 360° perspective with Street View. See the world from a new point of view with Voyager, a collection of guided tours from BBC Earth, NASA, National Geographic, and more. And now, visualize the immersive maps and stories you've created with Google Earth on web on your mobile device.

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Google Earth Version 9.17531 October 2022

This version includes bug fixes. Recently added features: - Added Apple Pencil support to the measure tool..

Google Earth Comments & Reviews 2022

- It’s Great! but needs some fixes and updating

I have been using the Google Earth engine for about 2 years now and I have absolutely loved the app, but there are some wacky things to fix. I am writing this review about the new update, as I was scrolling around the small town I live at (Elko, NV) I was very unsatisfied about the new street view update, there were new images of the towns streets but there was so much a mix of images from years back that are still not updated and they make me very uncomfortable and I don’t understand why you can’t update the whole town in the same day. I know 3Ding buildings on Earth can be difficult but why can’t a town of 21,000 people be in 3D? I think it would be nice to have new images of my small town in 3D, the imagery and the time lapses of this app are great and I Am in love with them but please fix things I mention in this review and try updating more often.

- Google earth

Google earth I’d like to be able to see updated pictures of not only cities but also the outdoors even if I was charged for this app I wouldn’t mind . I give google earth a four star mainly because I can see a satellite picture of the outdoors and see what it used to look like on my iPhone even if the image shows 2022 I know it is an older image because we visit this area quite ofen we still use this site for a variety of reasons one being whether certain land is public or private gated or not on certain image’s land shows drought when it is actually full of water I’ve been seeing this same image for over 7 year’s . The picture of cities gets updated but the land pictures remain the same as the original image google earth could be so much better if everything was updated when new images are loaded . May 23rd 2022 thank God the pictures where finally updated including A1 one of our favorite fishing reservoirs 15k acres everything is underwater as it should be than you google earth !

- Not Even Basic App Comforts (2020 iPad Pro)

It takes a lot of disappointment for me to write reviews but this app is just so flat. It’s like they took what they were in the process of developing years ago and just threw it up without even looking at it for a quick review. I am terrible at geography and thought this would help me with a class I’m taking but I was mistaken. You can’t adjust any type of visual settings so if you zoom too far in on, say, China, you get a million different location names in English and Chinese and you can’t even see the land under all the text. Also, it would be really enjoyable (and easier on my old lady eyes) to be able to make borders bold or different colors or even cut out a region to view it individually. It is absolutely impossible to tell one country/state from the next with the impossibly thin tan line separating everything that, oh yea, is the same color that is used for most of the landscape. What a mess. Overall really great concept but what I’m gathering from other reviews, the app particularly for iPad is super low quality compared to others. I now know that if I had a desktop I’d be able to look at the moon and mars so I feel really gypped now. And yes, even though I didn’t pay anything I still feel shortchanged.

- Recommended for geography nerds

This is a great app and I'd recommend getting it. Unfortunately, the whole world isn't 3d, but that makes sense for multiple reasons. For one, most of the non-3d areas are random countryside's or small towns, which makes sense, as it would take so much effort to turn a tiny little town in the middle of Canada to 3d, and it's not worth it. For two, places like China, Russia, and North Korea obviously aren't 3d because those countries dont give us permission to analyze there country at every angle thousands of times (for good reason). Overall, it's amazing, and I fully recommend it to any geography or history nerd. One thing that would be cool is adding a function where you could change the time of day. For example, you could set it to midnight setting, and everything would be dark and windows would be glowing. I don't know how the Google satellites work, so it might not even be possible to add a day/night setting with our current technology. Anyway, that's my review!

- Nothing but bugs nowadays

This app means a lot to me. It lets me explore the world in a way that isn’t possible for me in real life, allowing me to zoom in and experience places all over the world which I may never get to visit in person. I’ve spent hours just scrolling around the planet, tracing meandering rivers and gliding over mountain ranges. It has made me see our planet in a whole new light, opening my eyes to all the beauty that it holds. However, as of late this app has been nothing but glitches and bugs. Every single time I open the app something goes wrong. Either the image quality will be so bad that the entire globe looks pixely even when fully zoomed out, or whole chunks of it will be black, or else it won’t display any locations or any other labeling. I can’t go for more than a half hour without something glitching out, and so far there seems to be no acknowledgement of these issues from Google. It’s unfortunate that Google is seemingly neglecting such a great app. I think it could be a great educational tool for people of any age group, but its potential is being squandered.

- Detail Update Please

Ive been a fan of google earth for a long time now. I recall that the first images used to allow the bottom of the ocean exploration with a smooth transition from land to sea. With the new updates and imagery, a lot of detail has been removed. I used to remember looking at land masses and seeing the trees and roads but the current images are now blurry blobs. Also the area surrounding and encompassing Antarctica is severely pathetic. We the people want the details and the Truth. Why is it that there are photoshop cuts and cloud clips, that are covering up detail of the landscape? Please fire the photoshop team and tell it like it is. What good is exploring the planet in virtual format if all you get is blurred images to hide those detail? I don’t use Google Earth much any more because it is a joke now. It makes me sad that all the big corporations want to keep people in the dark, never sharing what they find. Who are you to make that judgment on all of the population. What gives you the rite to hide valuable discoveries from us? And why? It just makes me sad that you were not raised with the truth and so you find ways to cover it up :(

- Deep night exploration

Once, on a blue moon night, I learned of a park that existed in New York. It looked small, so I sensed it would not be easy to find. However, I was aware that Mother and I were soon to travel to NYC to have ourselves a ball, so after a long time, I decided to travel to my favorite place: Google Earth. I entered in my desired location, and was transported to a lovely street containing rows of beautiful old brownstones, and many foliage. It took me forever to actually find this park, but eventually I did and decided I would do everything it took to go there. So I did, and I went there successfully, thanks to Google Earth showing me what streets to go on. Thank you. In the past I have also went to North Korea, Michigan, Illinois, Chautauqua, my own home, my friend’s home, and many other scintillating locations. I have traversed all over the world and become a beast mode hiker, thanks to this company. YOU HAVE LED ME TO THE PARK. THANKS BROSKI.

- Couple updates please?

When I first found out about this was in first grade. My teacher has iPads and he has one for each of us. And there lied, Google Maps. I would love it! I would search up my name, my house, etc. so like a year later I decided to get it. A Little disappointed because their hasn’t been an update. Like I would now because my dad built a padio. And my friends house wasn’t built until 2019. And it hasn’t had an update since 3 years. I would LOVE for an update on the world. And, also please make it so you can see everything in real life when you want to see like a mall or something. Because I wanted to see what Ariana Grande’s house looks like but I couldn’t because she lived in like a town and I couldn’t go down this road. So I would like for you to do these things. It will probably take a while for you do go around the world (no duh).

- Sorry to say but.. a few kinks..

So I had and deleted one and a half year ago because I didn’t rlly think I would need it. So earlier yesterday ( today’s yesterday) I was getting bored and so I got this app again and I had to get the older version. So idk if that is related to this but.. every time I try to “ walk “ in the streets it lets me go little ways but then it stops working and takes me to my home screen :( Is it related to old version of google earth or maybe because I don’t have latest version of iPad? Could it be because my iPad is like five years old or is it just something that needs a bug fix update? Or can you not fix? I totally understand if you cannot fix though because I know you all work hard reading reviews and trying to fix any problems anyone has. Thx for all your hard work guys! Me appreciates it. Sincerely, INFO UNAVAILABLE

- Hey I just wanna say something about this app

Unfortunately people lately have been saying there’s many glitches and strange things found on this app (and I agree) but since then there hasn’t been a SINGLE glitch or bug or strange thing that I have ever seen on this app known as google earth or google maps (whatever) but I just don’t understand what the point of these bugs and glitches are. Many people have found these kinds of bugs but I just don’t get where they came from and why this app has a lot of bugs and glitches. I don’t Know maybe something really is wrong with this app. Well good thing those glitches are fixed because I would be terrified if I saw a glitch. Because usually bugs and glitches on this App are usually very disturbing and I agree with them. Otherwise this app is great and I hope u like it too :)

- Out of Focus Garbage

I can’t express my disappointment enough!! I’m rating this one star because there is no zero to pick. Today’s Google Earth is a former shadow of itself in terms of image quality and resolution. I was a huge fan of the application a decade ago, but had not used it in quite a while. I just got a new iPad and installed it to take a nostalgic walk down memory lane, and I almost threw up. Most apps make an effort to improve over time, but this one has managed to regress. It has become a piece of out-of-focus garbage. I was so looking forward to visually traveling to another part of the world while we are under COVID restrictions and flying over a city and its streets I once knew so well, but all I found was a distorted mess compared to my former virtual visits. The graphics of streets and buildings are a bad cubic Minecraft experience. Can you use the app for middle school geography? Yes. But for really studying topography and detail? Don’t waste your time. Google Earth has lost its mojo in a major way.

- Fix the time differences

I’ve always LOVED this app. Being able to explore places I’ve always wanted to go without having to get off the couch. But, I’ve noticed a problem and to be completely honest I can’t seem to find a reason why the people in charge can’t or won’t fix these problems. First problem is the blurred areas. Certain places I’ve looked at in the past were completely clear and I was always able to zoom in almost to the point of being able to read street signs. Now y’all have started blurring our a LOT of different details and to be honest it makes the app a lot less appealing and more useless than useful. Problem #2. The seasonal overlapping... now this happens on my GPS when I use it with satellite overlay. BUT, once I’ve zoomed in to a certain point it all clears up and the picture is as it should be according to the season. I’m a HUGE history fanatic so I’m constantly looking for ruins and remnants of the past in places most people can easily get to. But when I start noticing that the picture refuses to clear up and focus and the fine and important details are now blurred. It makes me ask why. Which also causes me to look for answers. Which has also given me no other choice but to contact certain people to hack into certain satellites so I can get the answers i need. 🙃

- Love it, but does have some issues.

This app is really amazing, but there is a few things I have issues with. First, it is really outdated. Many of the pictures are from early 2000’s and a lot of stuff has been added to some places since then. Also, it can be really laggy, glitchy, and I do feel like such an impressively complex company such as Google has the tools to fix the lag, but chooses not to. I do however, really love it. For example, I love to write and draw, and this app allows me to use 3D imagery to study the places in which my stories may be set. It is also such a fun thing to use when bored, I love to just go to random places I will probably never be able to visit in reality. Overall, I do enjoy it very much, and would throughly recommend.

- SO COOLLLL but...

Sooooo I really love google maps, I love searching for places ive been and searching for them on google earth! But since it hasn’t been updated lately, when I look at my town- (it’s not really a town it’s smaller) It’s only 2 houses and a bunch of grass. Also other places aren’t updated for 2022. So what I suggest is- maybe updated the views every year? Because my small town has been like this for maybe more than year, and it still hasn’t been updated! And some churches I looked for aren’t updated either! My school and other schools look like they did about 3 years ago! So could you please update? Maybe update every year so that it’s better? That’d be great! Please respond back if you wanna! :)

- Really great!

Oh, man. I use this app far more than I’d like to admit. When I’m planning out mountaineering routes and backcountry ski trips, Google Earth proves shockingly useful. I would never use Google Earth in place of a detailed topo map, but there’s something revelatory about being able to fly around a 3-D image of your objective and view it from different angles. In fact, it’s this usefulness that makes me occasionally frustrated with it. The reliance on data signal makes it an unreliable friend in the backcountry. I wish (like with Google Maps) there were some way to save certain areas to my phone so that I could consult a 3-D rendering of the terrain in which I’m currently route-finding, rather than just taking a ton of screenshots.

- Slow, very, very slow updates

“Okay. Guys we got the data in for the whole world! Now we can sit on our butts for years and years and never have to update it”...said the boss at google earth a decade ago. I know it is free, but I have State Farm road atlases with the picture of a 1953 Buick on the cover that has more up to date maps than Google earth! Those were also free! Their competition is buying new images like crazy and have current maps/terrain. Perhaps GE just isn’t in the game any more and are letting this program wither and die when more folks like me discover it is full of ancient artifacts instead of a current set of images. I’m in the hinterlands of the fly over in the USA...Denver Colorado. Doubt if the GE staff can spell it let alone find it on their own program. The images I deal with are from three to seven YEARS old. Streets, many buildings, power lines, pipelines, public facilities have been built and in place for years in the suburban areas of this city. There are much more current images in Tibet and South America, Do not use this app if you are expecting to get current images. It is poor for that. One feature that might be helpful is to have a streamlined method to report obsolete images, or offer the ability to purchase new images of specific areas if Google cannot afford to update your area of interest.

- It’s great but…

This is a good app but it has some things I’d like to change as in like not all things are available and you don’t really get to go inside buildings if I could I would update this to where we are now and have all streets recorded,if we can’t have this possible because there is some protective lanes, well I know we can’t but,I would like most streets to be recorded. Either way this is a very good app I do suggest you get it there’s no ads or anything it’s not better than Google maps but I would suggest Google maps if you want specific street views, in specifically because there is some things in the world that I would tweak, as in, there’s not just two continents! But overall it is a very good app. 😊

- Destination to Destination

I’ve used this app for near a decade. Previously I could type a city to city (near or close to those cities center) and see a driving route, without, putting in an exact address and get the driving time and get a close estimated miles. This now has been lost, what a shame. One needs to complete address’s on both ends in order to now get that driving and miles information. I would again like too be able to select just a city to city and get that information to adjust my driving and time required for a trip. Overall it is still a valued tool. However, little things lost as this, degrades a once positive app to a “So-So”.

- Will not load/open

Using an iPad Pro google earth is stuck on the welcome screen and does not go any further. Clicked on the app support tab in the App Store and it takes you to a help forum for windows google earth Pro help. Useless for apple products. Really a shame googles so disorganized or just doesn’t care about low revenue users UPDATE: several hours later the app loaded as expected. Program ran fine, would be nice to have current or near current maps and photos, most data I saw was more than 3 yrs old. I’m thinking the startup/loading issue was not an app problem but a temporary google server issue they resolved. Still no troubleshooting info for Apple mobile users (at least none I could find) even with the issues, Google Earth is the best (free) global mapping app money can buy for the iPhone/iPad.

- Great search!!!!

Ok so I had seen this on my friends school iPads and I got it on mine too. Lila said it takes you wherever you search. And it did. I told my dad all about it on the way home from school. So when we got in the garage, dad said “I can download it on your iPad.” And I said yes and he downloaded it. I loved it! I found our house, the ocean, tiny islands in the ocean, and much much more (like 3 mile island)! Alright so this game is good for searching up places you want to go to or track or something else. Or like me, just want to see the world at home. One day, when I move out of home, I will see the world. Ok so bye I have nothing else to say. Sooo…. Imma kid and imma go now bye 😁.

- Looks Awful

I think what this app is doing is really cool with the whole see different places thing which is why I’m giving this 2 stars instead of 1. It looks horrendous, unless you are using street view, everything looks terrible, it looks like someone threw up after eating Taco Bell. And most of the time things you want to view aren’t on the street so you can’t even use street view. In my neighborhood I wanted to look at my school because it was remodeled in 2012 and I started going there in 2013 so I never got to see what it looked like before. My neighborhood pictures were from 2011 so the school wasn’t remodeled yet. So I went and looked and because it’s a school, there was no street view for what I wanted to see. All you could see was the front of the school. So I tried zooming in and low and behold. It looked so terrible. Don’t get this app

- Updates

I just want to say that I wish all the maps update there City New York has not updated london San Francisco losngls and more the building don’t change New York 3D buildings Are in 2018 this year it should be 2019 so as rest of the world 3D city and it’s not live and no upadates of the building years we have to wait and Washington DC has no 3 d buildings and I’m looking at the same 3D building in New York for a year or more and it should have live maps and the loading you get shots cause far away it dose not load so google earth please make New York City have new 3D building cause the time New York takes place in is 2018 so now the 3D buildings should be 2019 by now so google earth update the 3D city’s more ok

- Update Photos

This is a very good app. I like being able to see different places around the world. One thing I would like to suggest is that you update your photos every once and a while. I know that you had to take tons of photos from all around the world in order to create this app, and that couldn’t have been easy, but construction and landscapes are changing, and places look different now. When I search my address, it comes up with a photo from years ago. We have greatly improved the way our house and yard look since then and I’m sure other people have too, so I just think it would be nice if you update your pictures every few years. Thanks!

- A little out-dated

So, overall, really great app. I’m able to look at where I live, in the neighborhood. I love the street view as well. Theres only two things I would change about it. Ok, first of all, cmon. Like, those graphics man! Once, I was lookin at water pouring out of an inflatable pool (wow great time to take a picture Mr. Satellite XD) and it had corners and points and it almost looked like a rectangle...Secondly, it’s too out-dated. I’m literally looking at something from a year like 2014 when I’m almost in 2021! Overall, great app, just those two things and I would put in five stars. P.S. I know you guys don’t read these stupid reviews, but seriously, please give the app an update.

- most used app on my phone 💗

yes, you heard that right. Google Earth is a great way to explore new places when you’re at home, especially during the pandemic. it’s a great way to explore places that you probably will never go to. my only suggestion is a night version, because I would really like to see different places at night, especially Milwaukee, Wisconsin. but I won’t take a star off of this app since you would have to drive around the whole world to give us a night version. however, it is something you should consider. You should also update the street map because it’s old and it’s from 2018 and I live in a growing neighborhood.

- I will be forever grateful

So today my mom is going to go to Jalapeño in my city so we can get a burrito because their burritos are good. So I looked up where Jalapeño is in my city and I memorized that spot. I am also in the mood for a smoothie and looked up Tropical Smoothie Cafe because their Bahama Mama is one of my favorite smoothies. I looked up both of them to see if they were even remotely near each other because if they were, I could get a smoothie. It turns out they’re right next to each other! Google Earth helped me figure out if I could get a smoothie and I am forever thankful for that. Now every time my mom goes out to Jalapeño I have a decent chance of her saying yes to getting tropical smoothie.

- Future is Here.

Not only 5-star app for iOS platform, but also for later viewing in Virtual Reality. Using the Insta360 camera, I can upload 360 photospheres to Google Earth/Streetview via the Google Streetview app. In the end, using the Google Earth App to view not just google content, but updated content by google users makes for an incredible end-user experience. This is also a 5-star review for the Google Earth program available in the Oculus App Store (free). Using a VR platform (e.g., Oculus Rift S), you can literally “walk” down a street with a 360 degree view as you go. Incredible technology. Future is here - check out the app in virtual reality if you have the opportunity.

- Desperately needs an update with better features.

Decent, but is lacking major useful features such as; • Save Pinned Location, that you can custom label • User Guide! Explaining each and every function! -From the upper right hand symbols (domino, measurement, etc.). -What each icon over buildings mean (speaking of; there is an error when tapping the icon to get information. A ‘no internet connection’ pops up. Maybe it’s not an error but lack of info on that place?) -In addition to the icon explanation; add the colour of it. Ex: the fork & spoon being orange, dot being grey, shopping bag being blue, etc. I ask that you PLEASE keep these suggestions in mind. I’m not sure if updates still occur or if the app is still being monitored by the creators. I implore these features to be made at some point. I believe it’ll boost the ratings this app gets. That said! Do not rush to get the updates done and out immediately, otherwise a major bug/error may happen. Take time and update at your speed. One at a time or as a bundle. Pardon the wall of text and if I seemed commanding, it was not at all my intention! Just my own thoughts and opinion. Thank you for reading. Sincerely; Anastasia |aka| Haka

- You can not travel without Google——-

especially if you are motoring somewhere and need a hotel, restaurant, or medical help. The Maps app is enormously helpful because in addition to the video depictions, the aural directions allow you to listen to the driving directions and watch the road. The Earth app is a fantastic aerial view of your route and/or destination, which then allows you to simply go to maps and enter the address. You can enter enroute information requests for hotels and gas stations or just about anything you want or need. It is very intuitive, is GPS synch’d, and will get you un-lost in a jiffy. You simply can not go anywhere without this app.

- Excellent app

This app is made for a geography lover. It is an absolutely fantastic app. This app allows for some very high resolution images of buildings photographed from space. It also has voyager and knowledge cards which help you learn so much. It also has a random location button which can take you anywhere in the world. Finally, the best part is the measure feature. This thing is amazing. I have learned so much about the scale and true size of things using this. Additionally, Google Earth shows the Earth in it’s true spherical shape. This lets you see truly how much bigger or smaller things are than what you thought. Would give it 6 stars if I could.

- Too much editing of world by Google

Many cars removed from streets and parking lots, advertising placed on trucks and other advertising deleted - we see only what Google puts on them…and where did all the people go??? Doesn't anyone notice that Google edits all the “photographs” from space to delete certain material they deem offensive? Why is the handicap rail by my sidewalk offensive; yes it was deleted - the bush was planted after the rail and it is there (and one side of the rail is evident (they were both put in the same day and after the bush.). And I know the truck in one parking lot, and that is not what the ad says on it…and yes, that is the truck - it has an assigned space. I know Google makes a lot of money, and needs more - but shouldn’t there be a warning that this product is “for entertainment only” and that photographs have been altered.

- Love it, Crashes Often

Google earth is one of my favorite apps. I love exploring the world through street view and the 3D perspective. But I am growing increasingly infuriated by the frequency of crashes! I run the app on my iPad and I’d say about eighty percent of the time I use it, the app crashes every few minutes. Just closes completely. Restarting my device usually does nothing, and at this point I’m thinking it must be the app not me. I really hope google can fix the issues though because it is truly one of the most important apps in my opinion because of its ability to expand your worldview, especially in our home bound lives in COVID era.

- I like it but there needs to be more 3d

I thinks the app is pretty good. I’ve been using it for about a year now, and I have fun measuring the countries. But there are just some things that need to change. First of all, the cities. Not all the cities are in 3d. This needs to change, because large cities like Moscow and Shanghai are literally flat. Second of all, the highways. If you look in Apple or Google maps, there are highways in almost every country. But here in Earth, highways are scarce outside of the US. Why? There should be highways everywhere else. So if this review gets to you, don’t just ignore it. Read it and make these changes.

- Great game to look at the world with!

I rate this app a 5 star! It’s a great game to zoom in at the world sometimes I even see cars on parking lots! I also love how everything is 3D. Sometimes I even search up where my house is sometimes, I like to see if there’s anything new, like me playing outside. Sometimes I even just zoom in on random places like ant artica or Paris. Sometimes I even see people on the map! It’s a really cool app and please make more of these maps! Also- whoever might be reading this try zooming in on lake Harriet. The lake should have an airplane in it or maybe the wing. I assume they took out the airplane but accidentally left the wing in the lake.

- You should download this app

I have been on this app for about 3 years and I really like it. If you want to see more places on earth then you will love this app. The only thing wrong with it is that the pictures are years old, but besides that this is a awesome app. It has street views. You could type your address on the search bar and depending on how new your house is you could see your house. You can even go inside the White House with street view you can’t go everywhere in the White House but it’s still really cool going in the White House and seeing pictures in their. You can see anywhere on earth.

- Needs update

The latest version provides imagery that is at least three years old. We built our home three years and this lstest version still shows our lot as undeveloped. Some history: the USG developedcwhat we now know as Google Earth. When that satellite imagery was declassified the government GAVE the program, dara and all, to Google AT NO COST. Google made its initial fortune on a free gift from Uncle Sam. One would think Google could do a better job updating Google Earth using the massive profits it earned from a free gift from the USG - that is, WE TAXPAYERS gifted this to Google. Don't get me wrong - as a former USG satellite photo analyst I love Google Earth. But Google…please do the right thing re us Tax Payers and update OUR program. Thanks.

- Questions

I’m not here to review this app but to question a writer. I just read a review titled I found some scary stuff. I read the review and then looked at the date that posted on. The Date was April 1 in other words April Fools’ Day so I had a few questions. Question 1. Was the review an April fools day prank? Question 2. What did you look up to find these scary things? If this is a prank why would you think of that out of all things because people in America see that and that scare some people that scared my brother that scared me so I just wanted to encourage you not to do that anymore! I think the app is good in some occasions I think that the app needs to be updated because I looked at my address and it was just a big pile of dirt so that was when they were building it I know the house is very new but it was a literal pile of dirt I think they need to update the app to make it better! Everything else I think is great so overall I think it is a great app!!!

- Perfect for calling the police

So recently I got my phone stolen so I went on find my phone found out the location and then searched it on google earth and now I have exact location and definitions of what it looks like and if you are saying why could you just tell them where it is in the first place well that’s because that was the last location where it was located at so I bet it is his or hers house and I could send the police pictures for some extra hard cold evidence so thank you for creating this beautiful app. I give it five stars

- Great but every once in a while, it gets blurry satelite views.[IOS REVIEW]

Used this App for a while now, throughout that time, I encountered some bugs I was not satisfied with, these bugs would either make your globe not even earth anymore, what I mean by that is no color besides stars and a bright blue background, the other bug would blur regions from far view and in close view the blur is worse. even uninstalling and installing again these bugs are stubborn. I wish this bug could be fixed. But issues aside, use the App. its pretty great to use for geographical purposes.

- Timetravel feature needed + ocean map

I really like google Earth, but I would love to see a time travel feature where you can see what has changed over the decades: buildings, roads, environment, etc. Also, I think the next step should definitely be mapping the oceans; you will have work for centuries, honestly. Lastly, I want to see higher resolution imaging. One thing that I currently like is the 3D feature especially when you first tap it and the camera does a cyclical camera pan; that's awesome! Although, I would like this to be available from multiple zoom levels. Also, how about quick-zoom level buttons: 1x, 2, 5x, 10x or altitude ranges. Google + Wikipedia would make a powerful resource for information ;)

- Google earth

I recommend all people getting it because it’s useful for everyone you can see any address with it I request without it doesn’t go to desert but with it comfortable find your way especially if you are familiar with coordinates of a point you can save points with x-y-z and always save in your phone like global positionally system or gps civil engineer can plan road or railroad install on this app and specify place of bridge and culvert and can use it daily of coarse it has many abilities that when use it then understand all I hope all consumers appreciate it and I wish success all producers this app

- Blacked out screen

For the past few weeks, when I click on the google earth app, the icons come up but the rest of the screen is black. Also, when I tap the go to location, it stays black and sometimes it acts like it is going to the location for a brief second before going to black once again and will repeat that every few seconds. I love the app and use it when I need to go to street view to see the exact location I want to look at but I can’t do that if the app keeps acting up. Please fix the issue. I went to my phone carrier and they ran a diagnostic and things checked out and said they couldn’t do anything with the app.

- Great App...Has issues

UPDATE: They need to change the timeline so we can see historical dates; only seeing back to 1985 is not historical. Plus, better quality images, so many when zoomed in are still poor quality/blurry. And STOP blocking some images that are not gov’t sensitive. I really enjoy this app. I use it for various things. I wish Google would STOP blocking images that aren’t too secret, it’s annoying and not their place to do so. Also, when I click on some blue spots to view street view, they don’t load, but state “No street view available here. Tap a location highlighted in blue to enter street view.” But that’s what I’d just done. Please fix these.

- I am I guess I could read it a like five star

The reason why I read the five star is because I love traveling the world single world see what it looks like it’s so cool that you get to see it first from online and maybe travel there someday but it’s also cool that is 3-D so it makes it more of a listing to make it seem like it actually did right now not so the fact is people waiting here for stars in do you starving to Sturgeon wanna start that their opinion but they’re being real with that will be ratings because that this happened that bad so chill

- Good on a desktop, bad on mobile

I love using google earth to explore the world from the comfort of home so I can get an idea of which countries I want to add to my bucket list of places to visit, and the desktop version is perfect for that. But the mobile version is not very touch accurate. If two places are close together, they tend to overlap on the screen. And you tap on one to see photos of it or read about it, it inevitably thinks you’re tapping on the other no matter how much you try to angle your finger toward the place you’re actually trying to see. Which is extremely frustrating. You need the precision of a mouse curser for any sort of enjoyable experience on this application because it optimized well for a mobile, touchscreen experience.

- Please update your satellite images

I really like most of the features on this app. I really do. I think being able to measure from one place to another is wonderful. I think street view was a phenomenal idea. My major problem however has got to be the old satellite imagery. Some of the images used for street view are very old. I swear I found one that dated back to 2009. And most of the environment has changed making the old street view useless and incorrect. I lived in an area where they did construction and made new houses by them 3-4 years ago. Those houses are still yet to appear on the satellite imagery. Which really bugs me.

- To Busy to understand Not user friendly

For a traveler it shows way to much information and distracts you from using it like a map. That is to get around. I would turn off everything. I do not need to know where every gas station is or food store. I can get that from searching on Google Search. This way will not clutter up your screen. The map itself is good, except when you need to find a location. It will show you everything. This is good to use at night alone when thinking of where you want to go and what to see. But using it on the go is really aggravating. Use the map in Google Search for directions. But use Google Earth for a wide over view.

- Still bugs to work out...

Google Earth is a remarkable app in so many ways, but it still has some bugs that limit its usefulness. For example, if you are using an iPad in horizontal mode, the app has a glitch that causes the onscreen keyboard to display only half the keys when you are trying to search for a location, making it impossible to input the location. Still, it is a great tool for exploring both the region where you live and, particularly in the context of all the travel restrictions associated with the pandemic, countries and cities that you can’t visit right now but might want to see someday!

- Great App!

I believe this app is easily accessible for apple users as it is already on your device. I find this helpful because you do not have to take extra steps to download the app. The navigators voice corresponds with your siri voice which you can change. I overall like this app because it also is very easy to understand the audible directions. Also, it easily allows you to change routes and see the current traffic. I also like the appearance of the app! I would definitely recommend this app to a friend.

- Needs better offline visibility

Certain map/gps apps require a strong data signal to use them for travel. Being built into a smart phone makes sense in those cases. However, when downloading a third party app, I would hope for a more robust app that would allow usage, even in poor signal areas. You know, situations that require a map when cell signal is low or non existent? My family and I go for car rides every weekend and go out back roads into rural and desolate areas to see what we can see. Too often we have no or very limited cell signal and the native app can’t do anything for us. I reinstalled GE thinking it would pick up the slack but I just found out that without signal, it’s useless. It doesn’t want to load in unless there’s strong signal or WiFi connected. We would get lost with this! What’s the point? I remember when map/gps apps were more robust and had enough built in data that you didn’t need cell data to use them. With phone storage capacity on the rise, companies shouldn’t be afraid anymore to make a larger app that can be used standalone.

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- Review please read!

Google earth maps and stuff is great with all its features but there is one thing I would like to see added back in that was there before. When I was younger and had an older (not much older tho) version of google earth I was able to go off track.. like get off the roads-walk around on the beach-and even on mountains.. but OFF ALL ROADS there was no limit, I could cross the ocean even. When I was younger I also was able to go to SeaWorld in google earth and walk around the rides, even under them, I could go anywhere! I played around sea world like that and it was so fun! I was very disappointed when I found you have to now stay on roads, please fix this and turn Google earth back, I would really appreciate it! Good app tho, please add it back! 😁😊😊🥺😜🤩 Thankyou, From Jess

- After many years, still lacks basic information

The reason I give this app only 1 star is because Google is a gigantic company, capable of way better, and this product has been around many years and yet still lacks extremely basic functionality ... one such function in particular being the ability to add topographical altitude lines to maps. This is an extremely useful function, it’s one of the oldest mapping functions that exists, it’s been done on printed maps for I don’t know how many decades or centuries, and if one of the biggest tech companies on the planet can’t get that done with ease, then I think their only possible honest excuse is this: “we don’t want to give the general public certain useful information, because this app is not about empowering people, it’s about making money and keeping the public dumbed down and under control”, because no other excuse would make any sense at all, and yet even this excuse makes no sense since you’ve included latitude and longitude, so what possible other excuse could you have? Pull your heads out of your clackers Google, it’s a basic map function and it doesn’t appear to be in any of your products available to the general public, yet you program vastly more complex functions, so why not give us this extremely basic piece of data? How many years do you need to program something this simple? I’m seriously unimpressed. Smartest guys in the room, my ... ... and grrr.

- Outdated and poor interaction

I live on the outskirts of a major city and our house has not been updated in about a decade . When I check your schedule it says “ Illawarra area” this year . The “ Illawarra area “ is huge and parts of the illawarra are updated almost every 12 months . Our street isn’t off the beaten track , in fact we are in the fastest growing area of the Illawarra , yet homes in our street which are very well established , some even on their first overhaul renovation since being built are still showing vacant blocks of land on your Google Earth app . Considering many finance companies and tradespeople use your app to do remote quotes and evaluations I find it poor form for you to have our homes looking like they did 10 years ago . I’ve tried leaving comments on your page , I tried reporting issue , I’ve tried everything but you guys just don’t respond or acknowledge my communications . So now it’s just frustrating and has left me of poor opinion of your app . It’s useless to me . I’ve read your forums , following the advice from your superusers just leaves everyone coming back in a big circle to the same result which is , “ sit and wait and hope they’ll be around one day .. OR go out and take a pic and try to upload it ... yeah na , sorry . Maybe when you realise that Kanahooka Australia 2530 is part of Earth then maybe I’ll consider coming back . Even Apple frequent the area more than you .

- Please improve

We are currently on a road trip and we had been planning our trip using google earth. However now that we are on the road with no laptop, the google earth app does not allow us to add locations to our projects. And when trying to use it via a safari browser on our phones, our only option is to download the app. It would be really helpful if an app update could include the feature where we are able to add pins and locations to a project, change the colour and icons of pins etc (exactly the same as when using google earth on a laptop).

- The developers should be fired

Google Earth used to be good in that the satellite top down view’s image quality used to be actual real satellite pictures stitched together. The newest updates has given way to “fancy” 3D viewing even in satellite top down view (where it should be default 2D). The application of persistent computer generated 3D layering by google earth means when zooming into anything further than about 10KM (or zoom in on a particular area more than say 4 city blocks in area size using NYC for example) would result in a computer generated 3D image merged with or act as an overlay on top of the actual satellite imagery. E.g. The top of a tree when viewing in satellite mode or 2D top down view now looks like a tree out of sim city even if you’ve only zoomed to say an area size of a city block. The end effect is if you wanted to explore a city block from top down (not street view), google has sacrificed using real satellite imagery with some sort of combined satellite + computer generated 3D rendering which makes everything looks like a bad attempt at some sort of google earth VR demo.... Maybe that’s where they are planning to take google earth hence the persistent 3D rendering in google earth regardless of viewing mode or highest quality selected in app settings. Clearing cache etc. do not work either.

- VR please

Can u add a vr mode and make it so you don’t need a controller if this is already a thing than I’m sorry but if it ain’t than just imagine being anywhere you want if your home sick or you really wanted to go somewhere but couldn’t afford to fly where.. especially due to covid and the boarders being closed☹️ than all of a sudden you discover that google earth just got a new update that you can go anywhere you want thanks to virtual reality (VR) please add this update to google earth I think it would be really cool and everyone would appreciate it thank you for taking the time in reading my suggestion

- Update of the world

This app is amazing but it has one problem. All the places are old, could you try and update this app to what the world looks like right now (2019). The park in adelaide (Roy Marten Park) is fully built but when i look it up it is still renovating. If the updates of what the world would look like right now that would be 5 stars from me. If it is hard to make these changes u could make the changes every year? At least please make the google earth app seem like there is always a camera there and that it keeps up to date with the world. Thank you 😌

- Google earth

I give his app 4 stars because google earth is lots of fun. You can go anywhere really just with this app you have a lot of amazing destinations. Like imagine you wanted to go to japan and you couldn’t well you could just go on this app and boom you arrived in japan. In google earth there are also lots of great features that you can use like 3D! Mode you can look at something from a amazing angle.

- Few Changes??

I love google earth but there could be a few changes tho. I’m not saying “it’s a bad game” when it’s not. Google earth Should go on very new roads but it’s still worth it so… Get google earth right now. I should say right now it could be downloading some new roads. But the main bit…. Explore!! It has lot’s of cool thing to be checking out like the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building. So check this World Exploring App and make sure it gets a 5 or 4 star rating.

- Not exactly the best

This app is great and all but it needs an update because everything is a bit foggy and well yeah it’s like two years ago photos so it’s not exactly the best because say something used to have solar panels and then they take them away you can just see photos from two years ago and they still have the solar panels so that’s been really annoying because am I am building a house at riddles Creek and it had a picture of the house being built but it’s already built

- I love this app it is really fun just to explore but I think

The explorer should be like a human like not a real one just one in the app to like explore streets and stuff so you and can walk around because it’s Kinda annoying the way we have it now because it’s not that accurate where we want it To go!! Please do so it would really be a help!! Thanks so much!! Have a good day!

- An easy-coded suggestion

Hi! So, I was thinking... Wouldn’t it be cool if you could pinpoint locations and save them? That way, you could visit them instead of going through your search history or typing the address. It could be like a blue marker that signified a location, then you could easily find locations. Thank you, this is an amazing app. Kind Regards, Milo Cilo

- Longtitude

In the settings on the app, is longtitude really a word? Also, if I search a for a place and then realise I’ve put in the wrong address by say just one number or letter eg if I typed 142 instead of 143, I can’t click on the wrong address and hold down my finger to highlight and delete the wrong number and type in the right number. I have to type the whole address again. Otherwise I love Google Earth

- Thanks for new update!

Thank you for the update in space...I like the new stars and now I’ve gotten back into my interest in space! But I have one issue with it, can we go to other planets? Can we even go to the moon? Can we even go to the sun? Please tell me if these features are in this app because I would love to go to the other objects in space.

- Joseph pippo

Nice to see different parts of the world, from the comfort of your lounge chair, It would be nice if they gave access to the military satellites,with live feed, but the government of the work, decided to give us this little taste of what is out there, thanks! Imagine going back to I was in school, and having a smart phone, I’d would of been called a sorcerer.

- Google earth

So google earth isn’t the worst game but is definitely not the best game! It needs a big update or something, but I do like how this app contains many ways how to look at something. But it does get a little old after awhile. I am not certain if there is a way to see everything that’s is new, because when I went to look at something it looked completely different when I went to it. SO MAYBE UPDATE IT!!!!

- Update

Great app, but instead of adding bug fixes in the updates you could spend your time updating it each year, because I go to places I’ve been to and go “there’s meant to be something there, isn’t there?” Then I go again and I’m like” google earth needs to be updated!” What’s really annoying is seeing a satellite image in summer for one paddock and another in the middle of winter. Please update this way and I will re-download google earth

- Out of date

The satellite image of our town is 5 years out of date. The street view about the same. I don’t expect that you would go to the expense of updating street views often but at least you could pull the latest satellite images. Makes it very hard to view a place you may be going to visit only to find the actual area has been dramatically changed. Sort of makes the app useless???

- Good and kinda laggy

I really like this but once I wanted to go to Tahiti I spawned there and I spawned UNDERGROUND and then I clicked the compass and I was all black and it looked like I’m inside a black sphere so please fix it and it’s good for looking at old houses past and once I spawn nearby a tortured dinghy and the photo takers legs were chopped of and looked half invisible and

- Would definitely give 5 stars if this was updated regularly

This used to be an amazing program which was updated regularly but seems like it doesn’t get updated at all definitely worth downloading but just needs to be updated at least once a year not once every 5 years happy to give 5 stars when this app and satellites pictures are updated


One line: Don’t get it. It’s alright, until you find that when you zoom out there are patches of the literal earth missing. Then you try to zoom in somewhere to try and look at a road, maybe, then find out that it is so blurry you can’t even make out a jet plane if it was parked where you were looking. I get that satellite images aren’t the greatest, but come on. You can do better than that!

- Please turn back

When I was younger I had so much fun I but now u have to stay on the road can u turn back please I could go in volcanos and larva and I caught 3 robbers with it so can u please turn back I really want to explore stuff and places I can’t go to 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰🥰🥺🥺🥺🥺 please turn back form Bay

- Google earth needs to have an update!

Google earth is a great app but it hasn’t been updated in about 10, 15 years. Since my house was built around 5 years ago and I’m not able to show my friends so they can find it when they visit. You also can’t go off of the roads anymore like you used to so. Google earth please update this app! -Kalea

- Very good but

There is a glitchy area in Chania, Crete, Greece. It’s really blurry and it’s rainbow colors and when I went to street view, everything looks normal. And there are a few more like the one in Russia and a few other places. So could you please try to fix it? Also I love this app, it’s great.

- Excellent but can be improved

It’s a free app and I actually use it. Would like to see an option to save searches for quick access (in the actual app but computer). Places I live/lived, favourite holiday destinations etc. Also would like to see VR improved. (And please please make an app for the Oculus Quest 2).

- Needs updated street view and satellite view

1 Example of outdated street and satellite view: the latest street view of the Hampton park shops still is from 2018. The old building has been demolished. Same with the satellite view. This is 1 example of how you are still not helping us see what the world looks like TODAY (JANUARY 2020).

- Please can you do more updates on streets and placesP

If you could make like updates on street view because I would like to see my house that was just build a few moths ago in street view if you could that would make me happy :)

- 2.5 metre in accuracy.

May I suggest as a cyber security professional, you allow users to pin point their exact location for security. I am relying on accuracy of my location for National security. You are 2.5 metres out! If I share my location, I need to have faith in it’s precise accuracy!

- What happened to mars and the moon?

4 years ago, I used this and I could go and look at mars. I mean, the photos weren’t as detailed, but I could look at the stars and our Moon plus, I could also see planet Mars. What the heck happened? P.S. also, could you update your photos. Thnx

- Google Earth.

Fantastic,but old maps 2 years old(Perth)I've had solar panels on my roof 2 years now,but not on google maps,also former house 4 years old still has old shed in garden, should have swimming pool. Still no change. What’s going on.....?.. Latest upload = can now measure distance. Ha ha how do you fit a mouse on this !!!!!!!!! I’m stumped,?

- Mwh

I keyed into have a look at the Google map as you I was saying was of at least 10 years ago it’s not really up-to-date the grass is grown out the trees are bigger than the view I was looking for it is all green grass now it’s a shame with your technology today that we don’t have a more up-to-date view of what is happening I enjoy using Google maps from MWH

- Silly question

Does google earth get updated at all? Current areas are showing up as they were, give or take 15 years ago… Besides this small comment, it is crazy to see what we can accomplish these days …

- Please do this

Google can you pls make everything 3d and also can you add a time selector because the street view shows the past time because now it’s 2018 I will love google earth if this was added

- Like

I like google earth but please can you update the street view pics, have had solar panels on my roof since about 2010 and there are new housing developments in the area but street views show about 2009 roughly era where as looking down is updated, would nice be updated all round re photos

- Update it please

Who ever goes around in the car and maps this map out needs to do it again because it is very out dated. Please, please redo the map so that it is current and up to date. Other then that problem it is good the image is great and the street names are always right, so that is good 👍.

- Good app but...

I really like this app but it’s annoying sometimes because if you try to use street view and you click on the blue dot sometimes it says that there’s no street view available when I’m clearly clicking on the dot.

- Found something creepy

I was searching for places until I found a plane is the middle of the sea you need to check it out

- Google earth is the bestest app

I downloaded this app a few ekes ago and needless to say it’s amazing, it’s like a mixture of google maps and a globe. Takes you anywhere in the world virtually, handy for schoolwork and geography

- Amazing quality

They way that google actually made the photos that they took of every street is amazing and how perfectly you can see everything

- Needs bug fix, pls read

This app would have gotten a full 5 stars though it has a problem .When I search a place sometimes I can’t see because there is a white spot and when you look into it it goes black. Could u pls fix his bug

- Keeps crashing

The app keeps crashing no matter how many times I delete it and refresh it. Very outdated. Our house hasn’t been updated in over 8 years, satellite image is also at least 2-3 years old which means when I go to use the measure app for upcoming renovations for the exterior, I can’t measure it due to extensions made more than 2 years ago which don’t show.

- Needs to be updated...

Hey creator!, I have a problem 😥the world needs to be updated it’s 2020 right now and I can’t even see my new house it was built 10 months ago and I can see it so can you pls update!🤩

- Google Earth review 1

Hi Google, I love Google Earth but can you please add historical images and places that google earth lets you look at multiple years back on iOS? Also, can you make access to more roads such as the newer ones? When will a new version be out?

- What’s Happening?

Google Earth is a great app. I’d rate it 5 stars...on a computer. I use an iPad mini 3, and when I go into the app, it loads and loads but it just doesn’t show anything on the screen. I’ve tried everything but it just won’t budge. How do I get past this?

- Hello

We love this google earth app it has cool new features and is fun for everyone to use,you should down load it because if you download it your life will become easier and better

- Update

The images I can see are not the most updated ones, probably a few years old. Would help more if you could update the images more frequently or even go real-time. That would be awesome!

- I saw one of the cars today

I saw one today and I assumed that there redoing google earth and updating it which is a good thing to do because I can see my house fully renovated and you can to!!! Thanks google


ok yes its all good and great but the pictures are from YEARS ago. but can you update the photos to 2019 because it shows buildings that are in the process of getting built etc, When Now they are already built and have changed

- 3D perspective looks squashed

Whats up with the 3D view, everything looks squashed or partial 3D? Some of the capitals or major or important sites are ok. Some places with fake graphics over top map location Im expecting SIM City game buses and cars to be moving on roads......not sure this is “improving app”

- Great work

A lot of people dislike this app because it has bugs and lack of 3D models and stuff blah blah blah but I think you guys have done an exceptional job with this app and no-one seems to understand how hard it is making an interactive WORLD MAP!!!! GREAT JOB! LOVE THE APP!!!!!!

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- Fsj British Columbia needs update

We need n update for fsj British Columbia last time it was updated it was 4 or 5 years ago

- Ok

Its ok, but can you please update ontario? Its been a while

- Update it

Update this so we can see what everything looks like in either 2019 or 2020

- ???

Its lit

- Amazing! And it’s Ok!

This is an “OK” and “Awesome” App!, It helps me if Its the Right place or not! 😋

- Google earth

You really need to update this more often with the changes that happen regularly

- No historical imagery on mobile/web/updated versions

Get your ducks in a row Google, I'm tired of losing features. Historical imagery should have been integrated on mobile devices (any tablet at least) a long time ago.

- Works okay

Can’t figure out how to do measurements, pc version has so much more and easier to use

- Palestine

Palestine exist!!!

- :]

I think it’s amazing! U should add info about the place thow that would be cool

- Update images!

Come on....these images are old! We put a pool in 3-4 years ago and cleared our property - but according to Google Earth, nope.

- Help.

Usually works fine. But suddenly the earth is blurred and street view is refusing to work?

- Yay

Now I can go to Switzerland without having to leave the house during the coronavirus. Also my house is gone on Google Street View

- Love

Look on snap map then go one here and find out your crushes address and stalk them. Bam

- Poor Border Visability

Why are all borders so difficult to see? A cynic would call this deliberate.

- Update!!!!

Northern Alberta Canada needs to be updated!!!!

- Absolute garbage

Slow and extremely old view of the street. Huge difference between the desktop and mobile versions. This is pure garbage


I have had to delete and re install this app like 15 times because sometimes when I open it it’s just a white ball…. Why?

- 😎

this app is so useful for school projects and it’s fun to just look around the world, i recommend getting it😎😎

- update please

i would like a update of 2022 please because i wanna buy a big piece of land and see what i will have on my land

- Nut

I have autism and this is awesome 🥜

- Not bad

For a free app they did a great job

- We need a new update as well

Come google what’s wrong with u guys we need a new update now it’s been the same for a while now I wanna see a new update of the land U guys make millions of dollars and can’t even make a simple update on ur maps

- False information

Do not falsify geography ... its name is Palestine, not Israel. This application telling false geographic information

- Bad google

Where is Palestine

- 0 star

0 star , why you put bad pictures for Gaza in Phalastain, you are Biased to Israel, 🇵🇸🇾🇪

- It’s 2021 update the app

Way too outdated


I use it for homework UwU

- great but um

It’s 100% a 5-Star app, the problem is when I see my old house I see a wooden deck. Come ON! We took that old clunk out five years ago.

- Something creepy in the app

I searched cartoon cat then I saw the place not the picture then I searched cartoon dog then I saw the picture even the place

- Great

To see what happened 3-4 yrs. ago🤦‍♂️

- To good

This is to cool

- This is very nice!

I like it when you can see places you have never been to!🌍🌏🌎🌏🌍🌏🌎 But can you maybe update British Columbia?

- Winter photos?

The winter photography of central and northern Ontario make this app useless!

- Good, hasn’t been updated.

It’s good but British Columbia hasn’t been updated in 5 years.

- Kinda

Nice place to live actually

- Pretty Good

It pretty good but I really needs to me updated only complaint

- 3D wasn’t great

Wouldn’t exactly call it 3D but it was really cool other wise

- Great app but....

Needs an update!!! Everything needs to be 3D especially Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia and more countries that are 2D right now.

- Needs lots of work

Google Earth needs to be debugged. I can’t tell you how annoying it is when the find my location button doesn’t work. It displays my location from when I opened the app and will not update my location when I press the button. Plus, it is an absolute huge battery hog. I dropped from 40% to 5% in 10 minutes. Not even! Also, the map, even when on WiFi and LTE, still requires 30-45 seconds for the street view to buffer. Now, a recommendation for you is that it should also set it up so that it syncs with maps so that all your places from google maps, are visible on google earth. Overall though, very powerful application and it just barely gets the job done. If your going to publish an app, do it right. These bugs have been here for a months. At the time, I had hoped that there was an update to fix it. Still waiting for that update!!!

- Recycling

Works for 3 days then doesn’t load anything in. Re downloading it is the only way to fix.

- I like it

I do like the app but there are some downsides. It is difficult to navigate and sometimes you don’t get the perspective points that you want, but over all very helpful!!

- Review Rating

Not very user friendly. Doesn’t always send you to the exact address.

- Pretty good

You guys need a new update of the earth it’s all old we got new stuff now and stuff changed

- Update needed

For a 5 star rating, how about doing a recent update over the city of Calgary? Your current maps are 4 and possibly 5 years old. A lot has changed since. Thank you.

- Their is no street view in India

Garbage !!!!

- Ok

You really need an update! I can see a car in front of my mom and dads house that they haven’t had for years! And picture quality isn’t very good

- No layers

The Google Earth app for iPad though very good does not have a sidebar with the rich access to layers of info that is available on the Mac and Windows app. Any work arounds?

- Update !!!!

Quebec needs to be updated. Moved to Cowansville QC two years ago and we are still living in a huge sandpit, how disappointing !

- Travel in bed

Unbelievable how someone could find any complaint with this.

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Google Earth 9.175 Screenshots & Images

Google Earth iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Google Earth iphone images
Google Earth iphone images
Google Earth iphone images
Google Earth iphone images
Google Earth iphone images
Google Earth Travel application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Google Earth (Version 9.175) Install & Download

The applications Google Earth was published in the category Travel on 2008-10-27 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 249.62 MB. Google Earth - Travel app posted on 2022-10-31 current version is 9.175 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: