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Explore the whole world from above with satellite imagery, 3D buildings in hundreds of cities, and 3D terrain of the entire globe.

Zoom to your house or anywhere else, then dive in for a 360° perspective with Street View. Set off on a unique adventure by rolling the dice and hopping between random locations. And see the world from a new point of view with Voyager guided tours from BBC Earth, NASA, National Geographic, and more.

Google Earth App Description & Overview

The applications Google Earth was published in the category Travel on 2008-10-27 and was developed by Google LLC. The file size is 208.88 MB. The current version is 9.2.45 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

New in this version:
- Bugfixes

Recently added features:
- Added a setting in the Map Style panel to disable 3D buildings and potentially expose newer imagery.
- Added support for 2018 iPad Pro.

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Google Earth Reviews


Hasn’t been updated in years  J-Zizzy  1 star

I looked up my house and I was very disappointed those pictures were taken years ago


Update this  Jra200421  1 star

The earth is flat u need to change it from a globe


GREAT APP  crodriguez89  5 star

Great app! runs very smooth on iPad pro, tho images may be outdated for some areas, it is still very useful for us at work, we load our library of KML files and one feature we would like to see for the mobile version is to be able to share within the KML file as in the pro version for desktop that way we dont have to constantly switch between mobile or desktop. Please add this feature it will really help us with our productivity!!!

NetherBolt 2020

Good but needs some updating  NetherBolt 2020  4 star

This app is good but the street view and the 3d view need to be updated. Other than that it’s fine.


Not working??  mrsessy  1 star

I use this app everyday for business, then the last update won’t even open the app anymore iPhone 7s? Opens app then kicks me out any answers?


I LOVE THIS APP!  kiki_gucci129  1 star

This app is so amazing.I can almost anything on here,and search places that I wanna see! Really good app!!!


New Imagery  ghyuiopjgewdfbbnhf  1 star

I was looking for are house and it was not there

the carozza

Great but needs new pictures  the carozza  4 star

My mom got a trampoline in my backyard and it doesn’t have it and there was a tornado in my neighborhood that made a wreck ,so I think it needs new photos .


Quits  Sandiawho  1 star

Can’t get this to load in iOS 12


Not that great  ngjxsd  1 star

For me, the app keeps glitching and sometimes in another place even though I put all the information in and it was correct.


Number facts  Sorsha💝  5 star



Needs a new update  [email protected]@[email protected]  1 star

I thought this app would good to use if you wanted to see places to see new things but it’s been years since it’s last update google needs to see this and start updating this once a year I’m quite upset with you google


Has potential  Gavpas  2 star

Very pixilated when viewed in on satellite images which are 6 years old even with their new and wonderful update Update maps and sort out picture quality

Ice king2.0

IT IS AMAZING  Ice king2.0  4 star

When I downloaded this app I searched a few other countries then I had a idea I tried to find my house but it took me a few minutes IT WORKED but the only problem is that it showed how when i first bought it but it was STILL AWESOME

Cam Shepherd

Ok but needs update  Cam Shepherd  3 star

My house is 4 years old and it’s not on there


Not much good  Robilliard  1 star

My home town, Melton, Victoria, Australia, is just a big blur. How can I get help to fix this. Other places are brilliant, very clear. And here we are, 2017, four years later, and my home town is still blurred. There also doesn't seem to be a way of deleting search history. 18/09/17 Now there is the delete function, but these maps are SERIOUSLY outdated. Not worth bothering with. And here we are 2019, and my house is still a blur.

Sample and hold

Amazing  Sample and hold  5 star


Landmark data

Historical view  Landmark data  1 star

Does Google Earth allow me to see what a landmark looked like 10-20years ago? If not, what app should I use?

brooklyn bazinga

Meh  brooklyn bazinga  4 star

Wasn’t very good but it helped my grandpa show me where he was from and explored the world !


Needs More 3D Buildings  HunterLargo  4 star

Needs More 3D Buildings In China: Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, Shenzhen, and everywhere else India: Mumbai, New Delhi and everywhere else Congo: Brazzaville DR Congo: Kinshasa UAE: Dubai, Abu Dhabi Egypt: Port Said, Cairo, Suez Morocco: Rabat, Casablanca Tunisia: None (Tunis removed because of the new 3d imagery in tunis and sfax) Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur Australia: Darwin, Sydney(thanks for the sydney cbd upda- wait, it just had new 3d imagery in early february, then today it just disappears? Please bring it back google) Libya: Tripoli Algeria: Algiers Saudi Arabia: Riyadh Kazakhstan: Astana Russia: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Sevastopol, Omsk, Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Yakutsk, Krasnoyarsk, everywhere else Moldova: Chisinau Ukraine: Kiev, Donetsk, Sevastopol, Everywhere else Belarus: Minsk Lithuania: Vilnius, Klaipeda Latvia: Riga Estonia: Tallinn Turkey: Istanbul, Ankara Make Sure The New Update With 3D Buildings In All Of Those Cities Comes Before January 14, 2020 (day that windows 7 ends support). thank you for reading, Google. also you need to return the 3d imagery for sydney’s CBD. Please

yobi one

😒  yobi one  1 star

It’s not working

Chris Spurlock

I Love!  Chris Spurlock  5 star

I Love Google Earth, along with other Google apps!


Crashing  intheair75227  5 star

Keeps closing out


Awesome google  giiraffee  5 star

Love this program for years now good job this probably took a lot of work and collaboration.


Google Earth...😁😬  GodLovesYou:)  2 star

Google Earth is really fun and cool. You can explore anything you want to! I have even gone into the Great Barrier Reef before. It's AMAZING. But it also needs updating. When I go to my house for example, on google earth my backyard is the same as it was in 2014. We'll, that was 5 years ago and my backyard had changed a lot. Also, I have been trying to find my friends house, and I found it but they weren't moved in yet!!! Google Earth, PLEASE UPDATE!!! I BEED AN UPDATE!!😭 they really need to update it, but otherwise it's an awesome app!!😄😐


No Ground Level View  GP|13  1 star

This app would be great if they allowed a ‘ground level view’ option. This feature was available in the older Google Earth mobile app and is available in the desktop version. The data is there... how hard can it be? Update: 4 years later... still no ground level view.


Needs work  trouble1979  2 star

I think its awesome that we even have something like google earth but if your gonna have it dont make it to wear it like....(teases you) for ex you wanna zoom in the ocean when you do its so blury cant see nothing and if you didnt know what you were zooming in on you wouldnt know it was water.


Crash  drtlaundry  1 star

fix it the gaddamit app keeps crashing

John cea. jeje

Best app ever  John cea. jeje  5 star

I just love it


Correct address  207h  1 star

Please correct our address to 207 S Hendrix St ,Imboden,Arkansas 72434 you have it listed as 207 N Hendrix on the map. This has caused a tremendous problem in receiving our mail for over 3 years. The United Postal Service and also 911 has tried to get this corrected . So I am asking you to do so to help solve this problem. Thank you!

Jack plays Fifa

Google earth  Jack plays Fifa  1 star

Bad app absolutely TERRIBLE!!!!!!💩👎🇺🇾🇹🇳🇬🇧🇪🇸🇵🇲🇸🇭🇷🇼🇸🇳🇬🇸🇫🇲🇳🇦🇾🇹🇳🇬 It barely works


Update!  becca778  1 star

There’s no street view of where I live in Ireland, a lot of places in Ireland actually. Quite disappointing as it’s the only reason I downloaded the app, everything else I can just do on google maps. Deleted


Needs update  Shireshite  3 star

The maps here in Ireland haven’t been updated since 2009 so everything is out of date. The street view is brilliant but seriously the maps need updating! Over all would recommend.

Star #18

OMG  Star #18  5 star

So I was bored and looked up Freddy Fazbears pizza found out it was a real place my heart skipped a beat btw so good


KHamburger?!?!  cleo250110  3 star

Is it just me or are the words KHamburger in front of every text on this app? V confusing 😆not sure what the differences are yet but it looks ok except for the text issues.


What did you do?  Lambe69  1 star

What did you do to the latest version? It's terrible and difficult to use!!!! The last version was perfect and one of my favourite apps. This version doesn't work!!!!!


NEEDS. UPDATE  leeb214  3 star

When I go to my house which is probably the first thing everyone does when they get the app ,the view from the street has not. Been updated in 8 years I live in stamullen co Meath ireland and I'm sure a lot of people share my pain please fix otherwise good


Bugs on iOS 10.3.1 iPad mini 4  MadFlo  3 star

Keeps bugging, street view doesn't work and it is very unclear as to how to save a location. Needs improvement and or update!

Elder of the mushrooms

This app needs to be updated  Elder of the mushrooms  4 star

It won't work with future iOS updates.


Its gud  MrDarius125  1 star


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