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Google Slides [Productivity] App Description & Overview

Create, edit, and collaborate with others on presentations from your iPod, iPhone, or iPad with the free Google Slides app. With Google Slides you can:

* Create new presentations or edit any that were created on the web or on another device
* Share presentations and work together with others in the same presentation at the same time
* Get stuff done anytime -- even without an internet connection
* Add and rearrange slides, format text and shapes, and more
* Present right from your device
* Never worry about losing your work -- everything is automatically saved as you type
* Present slides to video calls - scheduled meetings will automatically appear
* Open, edit, and save PowerPoint files

Permissions Notice
Camera: This is used for camera mode in video calls and to insert images taken with the camera.
Microphone: This is used to transmit audio in video calls.
Photos: This is used to access photos under the control of Photos Application to let the users pick images to insert into slides.

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* Bug fixes and performance improvements

Google Slides Comments & Reviews

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- Multiple photo uploads at a time would make it better.

I use google slides for all of my classroom presentations. I also have my students use google slides to keep track of the artwork like a ongoing portfolio. The app makes it easy to drop single photos into the slide show without having to download photos or email them to yourself first. My only complaint about the app is that you cannot upload more than one photo at a time from your camera roll. I take a lot of photos of artwork for my students and shuffling through hundreds of photos to get to things I took months ago can take a long time-it would be so helpful to be able to click on several photos at a time. I do the majority of my editing of my slides on a computer, I could edit from my phone but it is easier to fine tune things on a full computer. I primarily use the app to transfer the photos to my slides.

- Good, Could be Better.

Well I’ve always enjoyed writing little books and things like that, but you see the problem with google slides is, well this is kind of hard to say but it doesn't represent something you would use as to write or draw due to bugs and things like that, im sure with all these little new updates etc. they will be fixed, but it just doesn't seem that way really, all the updates say bugs fixed and improvements and it really just seems like a throw off, I keep getting suggestions and auto correct from slides that are wrong and are up to me to fix, my pictures really don't seem to feel like uploading themselves and these problems have really been bugging me and i’m sure many other people can agree with this claim. anyways this rating was mostly complains but the app isn’t all that bad, of course like everything, it has it’s ups and downs, but it really is a great way to write and do things like homework and etc, with online school right around the corner im sure it will be useful. Thank you for reading my little rating, I hope it helps you.

- Why I began to hate Google Slides

Google slides is easy to use and it’s a great app...when you don’t have to upload photos. I’m a middle school student who had to start school online because of COVID-19, and it’s been very stressful. You see, since I’m not in class physically, my science teacher (and other teachers) assigned me something called a “Digital Notebook”. It’s where you upload photos of your work from a sheet of paper or a notebook on to the digital notebook slides. But that’s the problem. Whenever I try to upload a photo, it just shows this triangle with a exclamation sign in it (in other words the warning sign or the sign that says something went wrong). Uploading photos used to work before, but now the photos don’t want to show! My teacher thinks I’m not doing my work when it’s just Google Slides acting stupid! I tried putting the photos using my computer, but the photos won’t show inside my Google Drive, which infuriates me more. Even if I try to discuss what’s going on, my teacher might think I’m just putting excuses and she’ll give me a big fat 0. And you want to know why? BECAUSE GOOGLE SLIDES IS A FREAKING STUPID APP THAT CAUSED ME TO FAIL!!!!

- Transitions and Backgrounds

I honestly prefer Google products over most Microsoft, and Slides is a definite win, especially after seeing a mobile app. I took my iPad to school, prepared for the presentation, and I tapped around, seeing what all they had. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we have the “theme” option, but what about backgrounds? It’s kinda tiring looking up images, dragging them into slides, making it full size, sending to the back, and not helping your team all at once. Please add the “background” option. Also, since I begun Slides, I always tried my best to use my best format, honest opinion, and make them as interesting as possible. However, after looking around, I found I still couldn’t find yet another option- transitions. While yes, I agree that we need more, newer ones, we also need— well, the basic options on mobile. I can see them on my iPad during present, but I can’t find it. (If it’s there, please respond where.) Other than those, I’d say 5 stars! *****

- Fun app just a few problems…

I have this app at school and at home, but there are a few problems. This is my favorite G suite app, but on mobile devices it won’t let me put backgrounds, I always have to put a gradient on the text, and stretch it. I also have friends that can’t spell so please let Grammarly in this suite. I’m very tired of correcting them :(. The font Pacifico is fine but on mobile it says it doesn’t work, so please fix that because it’s working fine. For images there’s a bug in the built in browser the images look cursed. The only images that work are the LGBTQ+ flags. Me, and my zoo partner Jason have to copy and paste images it’s so fun but annoying in the built in browser put better images. We needed red foxes but the foxes are costumes on the built in browser. The projects are done but I just wanted to say this.

- Love it, but it can use some improvements.

I’m a teacher, and with this distance learning, I have been relying heavily on Google Slides to help me make interactive assignments. I just got off of Zoom with a student, whom I was trying to help for an hour because she said she couldn’t complete her work on Google Slides. I pulled the exact same assignment up on my iPad, and I discovered that I couldn’t type anything on the slide. My qwerty keyboard never appeared when I clicked on a text box nor when I created a text box. I have a keyboard set up to my iPad, which I discovered I could use to type on the document, but my student doesn’t, and she doesn’t know how to complete her assignment because of this. If this is a glitch or a fluke, can you please fix it? If we were just looking in the wrong place, please let me know so I can help my student. I don’t want this to be the norm when I assign work to my students.

- Great! But...

I love this app. I use it on desktop first and it worked beautifully and I was really happy. I made a bunch of stuff whether I needed to or not. We get free time sometimes, so I’d normally go on slides and make something random. I was really happy, again, so downloaded it on my iPad at home. Again, worked amazing and I was happy. But the but comes in here. I downloaded on my iPhone and there are a few glitches. It just got me to my home screen mid type and I just lost a bunch of my progress. And I can’t move a small text box, I have to expand it one way and shrink the other. I’d appreciate if these small glitches are fixed, and it’s a little picky. But all in all, I recommend this to anyone and I love it!🦄

- This is good!

Okay, so this is probably because my phone is full of crap, but it took FØREVER for the app to download. So if your phone is full of crap like mine, grab some chips, you’re gonna have to wait a life span. Anyway, I was trying to get on Slides because I left early from school, and I wanted to help my group with our research project. So I went to Drive to get on the project. But Drive told me I had to download another app to get on. And, why? They should all be on Drive instead of having to download all the apps for your documents and PDFs. So(After waiting forever) I got in the app and got on the slide. Some critical reviews said, “Oh it has glitches.” And they might have, but I got in and everything worked. No bugs. I could type, and everything was just fine. This is good! I recommend it.

- Amazing!!!😁

I love and prefer google apps over the Microsoft versions. Google slides and docs are much better than word!!! Although word has more options the google format is simpler. It is easier to share document and edit them with google. When ever o use word o have issues sending my work to friends and colleagues. But not with google it works every time! It also tells you if you type in the wrong email do you don’t have to worry about sending your work to a random person. You can also choose what the people you send your work to are aloud to edit!! In conclusion LOVE google it’s performance is flawless I highly recommend it!!!😀😀😀

- A student’s view of Google Slides

I rate this app 5 stars, but I’m a student, so I use apps like this all the time. When I found this app, I was kind of confused of what to do. After getting to play around with this app, I got used to it and I was enjoying it very much. I used it so much, whenever we needed it in school, so my teacher was becoming proud for me having my own device and using it ahead of time so I didn’t need to do it with the rest of the class and I had lots of free time. It’s all because my best friend recommended it to me. And she wouldn’t have found out about it If it weren’t have been made so, thanks for all the hard work on this app!

- Forces the shapes.

Ok so i am a kid using my parent’s device, but right now we have corona and such. Because of that we use google slides and stuff more often for school, but what I absolutely HATE is the automatic pre-place. I’m putting in shapes for tests and it gives me a red line going down, forcing my shape into the same position my old shape is in. Dude, I’m just trying to do this and it just automatically forces it to go there. if you fix this it would be sooo much easier to use google slides. But, overall the app is great and sometimes puts my photos automatically large which helps a lot. The pictures and the way you can place them are good too, along with the text boxes. If you read this, thanks and i hope you can fix this problem I am having soon. :)

- Present music from this era

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- I love it!

This is such an amazing thing to use especially now since we are forced to do online school and most professors are putting us in groups so we don’t go through the semester alone. I like how everyone can use it and how simple it is to follow. All I wish is that there were more template options like powerpoint and if they did suggestions for the different slide when you add a picture like on powerpoint. This would be such an amazing tool and for that very reason, i know more people chose powerpoint and don’t mind putting in extra communication with their groups because of the lack of options with themes. This would truly put it over the top and then i’d give 5 stars

- This is awesome, but it needs one more thing...

This is my honest review of Google Slides. (and the other document creators by Google) I started using all of google's document creators on my computer, and finally decided to try out the mobile versions of them. All of them work pretty much the same when it comes to settings and customization. The one thing that really needs to be added is options for page setup. None of the mobile apps allow you to change the size and color of the page you're making, and that's a true disappointment. Other than that, Google Slides and all the other productivity programs from Google are great and easy to use!

- Student

This app is awesome,I use it all the time . If I could rate this app more than five stars I would . This app is so easy to work with it saves everything you do, it’s easy to put anything on it such as chart , screenshots , pictures , and images . I’m a student so , of course I have to use this app for all my work , and I’m not ashamed of it. At first I didn’t know how but use it , but I figured it out quickly. The other google apps such as google docs , and google drive are also so great . I use those too . I am absolutely in love with this app so much it is just hard to explain . Best app ever!!!!!!!!

- PLEASE change its very confusing...

I like google slides, but I just can’t seem to find out how to change the background of my slides. It’s very confusing, and when I went to the help button it did nothing and wasn’t helpful. It says “To hold down on the bottom and go to the top right by the three dots, but the three little dots said nothing about changing my background.” There was no tab THAT SAID CHANGE BACKGROUND. Like WHY CAN”T YOU JUST MAKE A TAB THAT SAYS BACKGROUND. On another note , WHERE can find out how to change the size on the text box. Like why would I want the SMALLEST BOX IN THE WORLD. One more thing why do have have to either take a photo or have one saved in my camera roll. Like on the computer you can just search up pictures, like that would save more time and SPACE. -Lana

- My Review…

Hello this is my review! google slides is a great app on both phones and computers. I honestly think that computers are better to use this app because of all the other options, on phones you have a little but can’t do a lot of things you can do on would be great if there was all of options on phones if there are I don’t know how to get them! Sadly you can’t use emojis on google slides which I’d like to be changed to “ you can use emojis on google slides! Now you can express in emojis!” Well I think that’s it! Thanks for reading!

- Pie charts :(

I looooveee google slides! But, I would love to be able to add a pie chart easier. Right now, I’m doing a project on religions in America, and I need to add a pie chart to show percentages. The pie chart just says “points earned” and I cannot find one single way to change that to say “religions in the usa.” It’s kind of frustrating, because now I have to go to a website just to make a pie chart. Absurd. The mobile version is not even close to being as good as the version on chromebooks at school. I do like the perks of not having to save it, as it saves on its own. But adding charts could be easier, like maybe being able to change it in the app instead of having to go to google sheets.

- Worst app I’ve ever used, 0 stars

I would give this a negative 100 stars if I could. I absolutely hate the website and the app. It deletes your text and you can’t get it back. The back arrow doesn’t do anything and hits makes the problem worse. I’m a pretty tech savvy person, but google slides is one of the most poorly designed apps/websites. It randomly changes slides when you’re typing and then messes up that slide. I have been forced to use google slides on multiple occasions and I have hated every second I’ve used it. It doesn’t let you copy and paste words over a certain limit and does it tell you when it cuts off whatever you’re pasting? Nope! It just doesn’t tell you and leaves you thinking that a PowerPoint type website could actually copy and paste things successfully.

- Love it, but I wish there were a couple more features

Gotta admit, I frickin love google slides. I love fiddling around with it and making movie via it and just having fun, I also use it for school and projects a lot. I love it, but it needs to have things like voiceovers like adobe because that enables you to do so much more, I understand google slides is supposed to be a simpler version but it really needs more. I always would love more transition options, and things like that. Over all I 100% recommend google slide to beginners but people who want more professional Presentations should probably use adobe or PowerPoint. 8/10

- Highly recommend

I love using all of your products such as google docs, slides, and more, but there is one problem. That is the use of backgrounds aren’t very good. It shows great pictures, although when I equip it, it looks like it had been ran over. Other than that, great app, if you are reading this I want to let you know you are beautiful, amazing, smart, and no matter what anyone says, don’t let their words hurt you. They’re probably jealous of how amazing you are. Anyways, highly recommended!

- Display and user friendly-ness

I prefer the computer version because when I held my phone horizontally (left and right) I couldn’t see the whole text box. This caused a little bit of an issue because I couldn’t see how what I was writing at the time went with what I had written before. It also took me a minute to figure out how to edit. And, to that extent, it felt a little extra that I had to install this app to edit instead of just simply doing it from Google Drive like you can on a computer. I hope in the future that I can simply delete all the other apps (drive, docs, etc), and simply do it from drive.

- Used to hate it but now I love it!

So basically I couldn’t figure out how to do things when I wanted to. Now, I’ve played around with it a couple times and it’s gone through multiple updates since I first started using it and hating it. I couldn’t do everything I wanted to and now I’m good. If you’ve ever used Keynote, everything is in similar places to that. I prefer Slides over Keynote though because I think it can do more and you can always access it anywhere and work on it.

- Great app, could have some improvements, but still great!

It’s a really good app, and I use it in school, but it only has the things you have to have in a presentation. It lacks the amount of transitions, and there’s no animation. Also, the app can’t display different types of font other than the main font. Still, it’s a wonderful and useful app, and it probably saved me sometimes on occasions when I need a presentation at the last second, and the ability of having multiple people work on one presentation all at once is amazing and convenient. Great app!

- Great app but one thing....

I love this app! It is absolutely fantastic when you have a project for school or work when you don’t have access to a computer all the time. One suggestion would be to make getting out of present mode easier. I am on an apple iPad and can not find a logical, sensible way to get out of my slides. Other than this small flaw I have not found any others in this wonderful app. If this changes I will be happy and will be satisfied with the workings of this ‘lifesaver’ app.

- Soooooo usfull

I use this app like like every day and I really really really like it and I I am going to put five stars on this review because everyone says it's super good and I agree and also I really like how you can change the font and share slide with other people. Are use a slide or all the time and no one ever can stop me from doing that I love I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it pain spect I can't believe the reading is 4.7 it should be five point five

- A Review Worth Reading:

On Google Slides I could so so much. I could make things only I could do at my chrome book at school, but when I left it behind, that was it. But the Google Slides app on my iPad let me be able to access my slides an even talk to my friends, from my house. It opened up a whole knew worlds for me just on a computer screen. I strongly suggest that you get this app pronto, you can create wonderful slides that are full of facts, or could just be for talking and messing around.

- Good Product

This product is an amazing mobile adaptation of the website version. I think that the company did a great job in making this. I have only one complaint, and it isn’t a huge one. I understand that most of the tools won’t be able to transfer, but if there is a way, I would like to see more of the tools that are on the website when I am unable to use a computer/chromebook. Other than that, there are no complaints and it is an awesome product that you don’t even have to put money into.

- Wow!

Wowie, this app helps so much! I use it for school and much more! I love it because you can just put how many pictures you want and it’s so simple! When my teacher explained it to me, I was AMAZED and I was so EXCITED!!! When we got to do our slides I went crazy with pictures. My teacher got a little upset but it was still really fun. And I loved changing the font and color of the text! It’s just absolutely amazing! Google can do outstanding things. Also sorry if my grammar was bad I’m only in third grade.

- Such an awesome app

This google slide app is the absolute best and it just does not get any easier or better. There are tons of wonderful designs that will make your final product look very professional and authentic. I would definitely recommend for anyone to use this app I do not have any complaints everything is perfect and on point. This does exactly what it is supposed to do and it is just overall an really excellent app. Try it you won’t be disappointed I guarantee it!

- Awful, awful, AWFUL controls! Nothing like the online version

I use Google Slides online all the time for my schoolwork so I assumed this would be very similar, but it is not! I don’t have access to even half the controls available online, and the layout is horrendous. I can’t find what I need to and the amount of time it takes me to do simple things is so frustrating!! I can’t even change the background color of a slide!! I am very, very disappointed in this app, but for technical reasons (which are also Google’s fault) I am forced to use it to complete my assignment! I hope my grade doesn’t suffer because of its poor features and almost unusable design! Google, you’ve really done poorly.

- Amazing!

From a kid, this is great. It’s very clean, easy to understand, and visually pleasing. I want to be a writer when I grow up, and I love worldbuilding, so I decided to use this to make an entire oligarchic government with my friends. It turned out amazing. The comment feature is very useful for the thing I’m doing. The animation thing isn’t that useful or professional, but it’s still cool and aesthetically pleasing.I don’t think there’s anything I could add to this unless I was making my own app for the government thing.

- This is an amazing app

This app I have been using for 3 years and I’m loving it it is a fun and easy way to give presentations. You can upload photos, videos, and more there are many ways to work with this app. It is an awesome app for your children’s presentations and they can turn it in nice and neat. There is this thing called grammarly that helps your child spell really good and gives them correct punctuation, spacing, and a lot more. I suggest that you download this app and you will love it 😍

- Quizzes galore

I am the quizmaster for a couple of organizations. I put my questions on slides, and my answers on the slide that follows the question. It works very well. I also like the fact that I can convert the slides to PowerPoint layout so I can send the document from my iPad to my windows laptop. Once on the laptop I can put the document on a thumb drive which is then connected to the large TV for presentation to the audience, and I can use the remote control to step through the slides.

- Good but...

I got this app because I was trying to earn money this summer, and this helped me make perfect flyers for it! Then I saw that I was able to get it on my phone and I was so excited! But then when I went to go edit one of my sentences that I made on the computer, it wouldn’t let me type! :( I tried tapping it and I also tried some other random buttons and also turning my phone sideways but it still wouldn’t let me type! I don’t know if I’m missing something or if I’m just really dumb. I hope that it works soon. :(

- It’s More Than Mediocre

From confusing to find animations to not so trendy templates, this app gets the job done but that’s about it. I’ve never really liked it’s sister Google Docs, so when I started to regularly use Slides, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Fonts are ordinary and boring, I can spend an hour to find the best one for the job. The group sharing is nice, the main reason why I still use this app. After five or so years of using this thing called Google Slides I still do, and you should too. It’s more than mediocre.

- Good app, some problems

Google slides is an excellent presentation platform, very clean and professional, easy to use (online), and google drive is very reliable. However, I did find some problems using the app. It is very hard to edit, and the size of the slides in the app is very small. Like the google docs app, google slides has some bugs and performance issues. At the end of the day, google slides is an excellent platform, and the app gets the job done, but don’t count on the app if you want to do good quality work on your presentation.

- Amazing

Google Slides works amazing, but the one thing missing is the sliding animations when you open slides, edit text, etc. [😂] It’s great for on the go editing, and those times when you forgot your speaker notes for a presentation, or forgot your presentation entirely. Plus, it has some features of Google Drive in it if you think about it, so it’s a two in one package! And, it works on iPod?! This is a MUST HAVE. You can easily uninstall and reinstall it for any use. Love this <3


I like google slides and would have nothing against them except they TOOK AWAY COPY AND PASTE! To use it you have to select the text box and then when you copy it copies all the text in the text box and when you paste it replaces all the text in the text box! So you can’t select the text you want and copy or paste just that anymore! I used to use google slides all the time mostly for school but since their recent update where they took away copy and paste I don’t use it anymore! Copy and paste was an incredibly useful feature and they just took it away!!!! There was no reason to take away copy and paste!!!

- Amazing app

I use this app all the time for school projects but just one little thing I would like to have... I think there should be a transition between slides that is optional. For example: instead of it just blinking to the next slide there should be some type of animated transition. Me personally, I think it would be cool and add more interest when I present my slide show. Overall great app! I would really appreciate if you took this into consideration!

- Not anywhere close to being as good as the website version

The app version of Google Slides is not anywhere close to being as good as the website version. Transitions, animations, and the ability to insert videos are not available. The app is a good mobile alternative to the website, but it is lacking many features. There is also a setting that can be turned on that allows your slideshow to be accessed offline. This setting is good for presenting your slideshow without internet, but don’t make any edit’s in this mode because they will not be saved. When using google docs, it’s best to use a compute.

- App has less functions than on the web browser

Having the Google Slides app is theoretically convenient; however, performance is limited! I am unable to add animations to my slides, nor edit the transparency on images. It is frustrating during the editing process, especially when your presentation needs it! I tried to find a solution by opening slides on my iPad’s browser instead, which worked the first time, but now it takes me automatically to the app! No option to opt out/stay on the browser! Please fix this!


Google slides is great for our school we do our book projects, presentation, and even just for notes. This is just a great app there are no bugs or anything it works just great. The only thing i ever get annoyed with is when you try to insert pictures it doesn't always have the best options but thats not their job anyways so just import one from google. You should totally get this app though it is easy to learn and very helpful!😁😁

- Good app, but needs improvements

Having Google slides on my iPad is a great utility and I use it often, but there is definitely some room for improvement. I would like to have all of the features in the online version, such as word art, audio, and video. They are not accessible via the app, but if I go to the website they are available. As previously said, I really do enjoy using this app because it helps me with presentations, but I do wish to see those features added soon!

- Amazing for school work!!!

This app has helped me so much when it comes to school projects, assignments, or just anything that has to do with school. I hope this app will never stop because I have no idea what I would do without it but I'm just glad I only have to wonder. It's just that things are different when I use the app on my iPad compared to using it on a computer, I just wish the app was the same no matter what electronic device I use but other than that, this app is fantastic😊

- Great presentations from anywhere

I love the convenience of Google Slides because I can complete projects from the computer or en route from my phone. Easy sharing with others and has nice templates - although I stick with one for consistency. My son now has the google platform in his elementary school so he can edit or create projects while sitting on the couch with an iPad. Truly the most convenient slide show presentation software around.

- Saved me in a pinch multiple times

Not a dulled down version of the slides program full availability to edit and perfect mobile format very easy to use and never a headache with sign in issues or switching between accounts. Google understands this is a program to change a slide here or there on your way to the meeting not create a whole presentation, it’s quick easy and simple without restricting accessibility.

- Pictures didn’t upload correctly?

Usually it works great but this last week I uploaded pictures from my phone onto an assignment and they had fully uploaded, then after I turned the assignment in they had dissappeared. I lost points on this assignment so i went to check it on my chromebook and it had indeed dissappeared, until I opened it up on my phone and they suddenly reappeared. Now it’s showing on the chromebook but the version history says it was added today so I will likely not get my grade back. This caused me to lose points in a class so one star I’m infuriated we are relying on this app for schoolwork and it doesn’t even work all the time.

- I love this app

In my class we use this app all the time so I decided to try it on my iPhone. And when I opened it, there were some differences but, a lot of things made it easier, and more fun! I rate Google Slides 5 stars out of 5 stars because of how well this works! And it is soooo fun. If you don’t already, YOU and your FRIENDS must download this app and share it with a bunch of other people. Thanks for taking the time to read my review!!!

- Great when all else fails

I thought using this mobile app would be a nightmare. I lost my laptop charger and had a major presentation due in 2 days and began panicking. Obviously it's inconvenient to have to do a project on an iPhone and I really expected the worst. The format, layout, and functionality of the app is incredible though. I had a very positive experience and my presentation came out great! Easy to use, not too touchy, and great layout.

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- The future of slides is here ...

... with this powerful online (and offline) PowerPoint replacement. It's easy yet powerful and allows for collaboration and sharing at its core by integrating fully into Google Drive. The Mac version is even more powerful and the seamless integration between the two makes working on and presenting from iOS devices a breeze. Google software rocks! I just wish I could present without having to be online!

- Good work google... but

I started off really liking slides the features are great and presentation styles are awesome but... there is a really bad glitch, two actually the first one is where you go in to slides it randomly has that selection of choices where it says cancel, undo or redo and if you press any of the buttons you cannot type again and you have to go out of the slide and back in, the second glitch is where random people join your slide some of the names who joined my slide where, turtle muddle captain awesome Ben brown and a couple more people. Overall the app is pretty good I would recommend it to others as well, Anonymous :)

- Glitchy - very frustrating

Overall the app is pretty good. It has some nice features and is easy to use. One thing that is very frustrating is that it can be very glitchy. Sometime the app will freeze so I will go out of it and reload it (making sure I’ve saved my work) and then when I go back in the app some of the work I just created is lost. Also when I am typing a long paragraph into a slide, the keyboard typing is very delayed so most of the time I can’t remember what I’ve typed and have to wait for that app and keyboard to catch up. So my main complaint with this app is the glitching and delays.

- Amazing just one thing

Now, this is an outstanding app I would just request 1 thing... make it so when you go to insert link there’s a “Randomise” button pressing the button let’s you choose which slides you want to be randomised this would really help on my Rock Paper Scissors map and I don’t want to download any links for an add on because I don’t want any virus

- More features

I think what would put Google Slides as well as the rest of the group (Docs and Excel) ahead of other competitors would be more features available like on the website version that is accessible on computers. I’m not able to put any transitions which is becoming increasingly important in my studies personally. Seeing I don’t have a computer to access further features, I am thinking of reverting back to PowerPoint by Office to be able to access this further accessibility with features

- Awesome... But...

I use this amazing and rather powerful slide creating tool for most of my assignments at school. Its pretty effective and really dipped with simplicity but undercut with elegance and... well... awesomeness! I'm only 12 but I think this app would do soooooo much better if a video option was added. Come on, we need to add videos! Anyways, thanks Google, and I can assure you that this app is continuously being appreciatively used by many people like me today. Bye!

- My review for you

This is sooo good I’m really happy it helps me so much good job make a picture tab get new colours because the colours are boring get new ones good job high five well down good job have fun get new colours please they are super boring I want new and brighter colours to do stuff with because you guys have really ugly colours and get new fun stuff please I love puppy’s get new colours please huidswcdcsw

- It’s amazing but...

I love that you can choose from different images and templates and there's just so many aid to do! I just have one little tiny problem... when I search something, someone's it doesn't come up and I get annoyed because I want to add that thing but it's not there. 🙁 But otherwise it's really good to have!

- Can’t change theme or slide master making this completely useless

I can’t change theme or slides master using the version available for iPad Pro , making this completely useless. Google please add this function or let us use the online version directly please

- Amazing ❗️😍😍😍😍😍

I love this app so much! You can write stories you can put photos on there you can pretty much do everything! This is the best app ever ever ever ever so good! I am never deleting this app because it is the best I will never find an app better than this one ever ever ever.

- It’s good, but could be improved significantly

I use it for my school work. There are a few problems with it though. One is that there isnt many tools, text font options or themes for me to use. And second is that when it auto-corrects a word, if i put a ., an exclamation mark or and punctuation after it, it deletes the last letter, which EXTREMELY IRRITATING! PLEASE FIX THAT GOOGLE!

- Epic

This app proved itself useful for online learning. Now because of coronavirus in nsw we can choose to stay home. I am lazy, so I chose to stay home. This makes it extremely easy to access slides to do the activities. Thanks for this amazing app

- Good but..

It's a great app which has along of things to do, but, can you make and option where you can do things without it trying to correct you, eg. I try to move some text but it trys to put in the guideline things and I can't move it freely without the text moving from side to side trying to move in the right spot.

- Yeah....

Yes this app is amazing but I wouldn’t recommend using it on iPad. And I just don’t like how you change the stetting for iPad an computers like can’t they just have the same settings, because on the iPad or iPhone you can’t do certain things like you can on a computer or laptop 💻

- I love Google Slides!

Guys, Google Slides is absolutely excellent! You must download it! It is awesome, there is transitions, designing, you can make it move you can add pictures... It’s like Google Docs but moving. You must buy it, it’s awesome so come on, it doesn’t even cost you money! 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

- Good Work Google

I have just recently became aware of this program and use it for TAFE at least twice a week its great could use a few more features but all in all a great program and is handy how it shows up across all my devices once signed in and dose not lag !! Good work Google

- Great work: keep it up.

This app is the best that google made apart from chrome. The only suggestion is that you make it so you can make personal slides where other people can’t edit it.

- Deleted a slides presentation

I was on google drive, making every neat and in folders, and I go back to google slides to work on something and it’s gone? It never existed? It’s not even in the bin? Nothing comes up when I search for it. Until this “glitch” is fixed, I suggest finding an alternative. This has happened before. I have had to spend ages making things all over again due to this, not just on google slides.

- I really love this app

I realy love this app because you can do it with other people and friends. I have done a lot of things on this app. Most of the things I do is animal things. I love horses and I usually do horse things. Horses are amazing. Horses horses horses horses horses horses

- One SMALL problem

When I add a new slide link to a different slide I go on the link but then it says get app I go onto AppStore and it says Update and I was in slides like 2 seconds ago and nothing is updated! Which is pretty annoying but otherwise thiss is an amazing app

- Slides

I have the Same glitches with warhawk77 and 1 more. I can’t seem to put in most emojis and yesterday I could. What is that about? But besides from all that nonsense slides is great! It has helped me out so much. Thank you!

- This app is amazing 🤩

I’ve been using this app since home isolation for my iPad. It has really been amazing for doing my school work. I recommend it highly. It is the best app yet. (That isn’t a video game 🎮😉)

- Cool

I think it’s a great app but for school I have to finish some assignments and I first got classroom on my iPad, then I had to get drive and finally I had to get slides!! I would rather use my computer but iPad is faster to access. Please can we just use it on one app

- I use it for school

I write reviews for some games,but this is the first one I ever done educating. This app I have been using for ages. Its the best. Go check out google docs!! It’s good for writing long story’s or essays I think?

- A Teeny Tiny Suggestion

Just like in Google Docs, I wish you can use Google itself to search things inside the app and place them.

- My review

This app is amazing! I use it all the time for my assignments. Can you please add a word count. For my assignments in need to have a certain amount of words, but when I use google slides, I cannot find how many words I have wrote. Please add this.

- Amazing but could be better

Maybe have more effects and features in the slides but overall good

- Report/suggestion

I love slides but i really wanted to add a video and we were finding it impossible to add one. If there is a possibility that put a video on a iPad on a slide presentation plz make it simple and easy! PLZ.

- Great

Great app I love it on my laptop as I can use it in the browser, I think it is awesome. But something like the auto designer in power point would be helpful

- Good and bad

Great idea, really easy to do group work on, design ideas are fantastic, and love that you add extras like word art and pictures. However I found it difficult to cut and paste my info from a word document into the slides, information wouldn't sit nicely on the page

- Why?!

When I was making my project I noticed that people would randomly join, and not viewers like I set it to be people named Anonymous: Mink, Turtle, wolverine, Dingo, llama, jackalop, Camel, python and the person would come back every 5-10 min as one of those animals. This is happening to everyday please help!!

- Awesome!

I really enjoy slides I’m now using it a lot on my school projects. The good thing is it allows you to share it with people and you get to choose what they!

- How helpful this app is

This app really helps with getting work done, say if I need to finish off a Japan information text the app is right there to help me

- A good review

This app has helped me a lot with school but there’s just one thing that annoys me the fact that all apps like this don’t have a dark theme

- Pretty Good

Liking Slides, feedback wold be to add word count in. This would be appreciated. It would also be nice to have some more original designs for the format

- It’s amazing

There is nothing wrong about google slide I love using it for my school and homework it helps me do work and it has good features

- Great for school

I use this for school work and my teachers also recommend it and teach their lessons with Sadie. Highly recommend great app😁

- Is this even fun more fun on computer

This was free but you can do less things then computer you can’t change the transition and that makes me sad I have to do some school work on this so google fix this

- Wow!

I can’t believe that this app can make your prevention amazing I hope to see more great improvements in the future pls add a neon format next time x

- From Sarah

I love it because it helps me a lot and I could of never finished my projects without this app Love from sarah

- Pretty bad on iPad Pro

This app hardly ever shows up in my recently used apps. When using Command+Tab this app rarely appears. When copying elements of slideshows into other apps, the app crashes and fails to copy the item. The app is essential to my workflow since I need to use slideshows shared through Google Classroom and it rarely works as I need it to.

- Mobile mode for writing/typing

It’s hard to navigate with it only in desktop mode

- Fonts and Tool Bar

I just don’t get it with Google slides mobile version. The tool bar (The one that you select the fonts, bold, etc) is pretty much useless. The fonts and colors are not there! Please fix this developer, and that would be enormously helpful in my life!

- Love it

Helpful for school work and easy to use, definitely recommend this to everyone who needs to do work assignments or just fun!

- Easy to use

Made my and other’s lives so much easier.

- Incredible

I love this app! So amazing and helpful can do anything for any projects, presentations, performances etc great work love this app 😊

- Good job

It works perfectly not having any trouble at all.

- All google apps

I hate the fact that for some of the google apps it is 17+ age limit so sometimes I hate google products and programs

- it’s okay

this app is okay I mean there could be more features but I guess it’s alright

- Great!!!

This app was very good. The quality,the amount it gives you so it is very good for an apple device😋😋

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- Awesome

Awesome app for presentations and school project. Great job Google. A well managed app and easy to use 👏

- ❤️❤️❤️

It’s AMAZING because it helps me do my school at home on my iPad too

- Great app

It's so easy to use with quite a range of functions. Love it!

- The best

Great app using for university it is awesome. Just wish their were transitions like PowerPoint

- I love it but. . .

I always use google slides but when it’s on an iPad it’s a whole different story, it’s slow and deleted most of my work. Please fix this in the nearing future.

- Great

Great for school

- Lovin it!

Hi! I’m in Grade 5 and this is really helpful for school presentations! I will always use this app.

- Decent

I think this is a decent app, although the phone version doesn’t have much access to things. It’s good for “on-the-go” work, but when you’re at home, I prefer PC version.

- Please make more like the computer version

I use google slides all the time for school presentations but one thing I absolutely hate about this app is the fact that i can never add animations to the slides. I always have to sign on to a computer to finish and its a huge inconvenience because i use an iPad for my everyday use. I think it would be much more easier for me and others to get animations on the app version Thanks

- Unusable

Constantly crashes, loads extremely slowly, doesn’t play powerpoints properly. Overall useless app, would not recommend.

- ❤️

Works Great!

- Nice

So good 😃😃😃😃😃

- Yes sir

It’s lit

- 😄 AMAZING! 😄

Great for school projects!

- Pretty good

I am a grade 4 student and I always use your app, it’s just when I search up my work it doesn’t usually pop up and it’s a bit difficult to find my work

- If you have no other option...

Definitely not worth the stars it has received. Mostly terrible, but so many of us are forced to use it so we may as well get used to substandard presentations.

- The best

I love it ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💖💗💞💘💕

- Amazing

Google slides is amazing with a five star because I go to school and this is so simple and easy to use and I’ve been using google slides for three years now


I am in university and I use this app sooooooo much it is great for anything even my younger sister in 3 grade uses it it is so helpful! Thx goggle!!!



- i love its amazing just pls make it on ipad easyer

its good

- Awesome

I had to ask someone how to do the background though

- Amazing

I put one star because I want. But the app is good

- I love this app

This is my teachers favorite thing for school projects me to I love this app so much it’s good for presentations

- its okay

pc better

- Love it google all the way


- Great and app but....

This is a very useful app and i will use it for presentation, but when ever y use it on a different device such as a phone or a tablet Google Slides is very limited. I don’t seem to have other problems with Google Slides, I just hope that tiny problem will be fixed.

- Eva

Love it but to laggy

- Great App But

Its A Great App! Good For School BUT It Takes Too Much Stoarge Ngl😬✋

- Nudes

There were nudes

- Videos??

Why cant we add videos anymore

- Wicked app

This app is so much better and easier to use than Microsoft PowerPoint. Wicked app!

- 😡

Won’t open on my one with the news up date

- Loving it!!!!

It’s great for school or making power points . It’s also great for organizing


Please! I need custom colours on my iPad it would make my review a 5 out of 5

- Google slides for Ipad need improvement

Recently my family bought me and Ipad Pro instead of a computer for my school work. This is my first presentation working with google slides on ipad and I can’t say I love it. There are all sorts of glitches where I can’t seem to click on certain things like the bold or underline button with the trackpad. To the bad placement of all the functions such as insert and more. I would love if you guys could fix this. I think in the next little while many people like me will be buying an ipad instead of a computer for school.


This app is so good omg it helps so much when I’m in the car doing my work thank u I get A+ now Much love ❤️

- Needs Improvement

Can be quite laggy, While i am making a doc. Needs better display. I wish there was dark mode to make it a little easier on the eyes.

- Please fix this

It keeps deleting all of my work and now I have to redo my whole project thanks google. ):

- Love this

This is very helpful for making presentations and you should download it.

- this is good

it’s good because I said so

- Problème with iPads

So I use then it is soo slow I can’t move anything or stuff like that,sometimes it shuts down

- Amazing

This is amazing so good for school and really helps kids!

- Great

Great but, it is better on pc sooo lol and I just wanna say “Steve he said a bad language word” idk bye

- Free

I love it because its free, and this app has lots of options. It helps me with my schoolwork.

- I Really like it but

It not really download on my iPad because All of my lags gone wrong

- LOVE THIS✨❤️👏🥳🥳🥳🥳

I am pretty sure that alot of people have this app all ready but if you don’t GET IT.ITS sooooo useful for kids that have to do homework or just for some good old fun(if you enjoy doing work for fun)

- I won’t work unless I get google privacy

I absolutely hate that or does that now I can’t us the app

- Transtions

Just add transitions to the mobile app

- I love it but

It keeps kicking me off the app and lagging although it’s an amazing app!

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- Life Savor for Hardcore Procrastinator

If there wasn’t an mobile app version of Google slides, I wouldn’t have been able to put together my last minute presentation slide for class. There was only 10 minutes left until it was my turn to present and I didn’t have a computer with me at the time. The app didn’t lag and I was able to put it everything together to obtain an A on the presentation! :D

- Poor substitute for the online version.

This app is a poor man’s version of the online google slides. I have been using the online version for about 2 weeks and I have been able to find everything I need quickly. Mostly because it looks similar to every other document editor out there (thank you Word). But I am working with the app because I only brought my iPad home and the app is NOTHING like the online version. All the drop down menus are gone. And I can’t find a simple duplicate slide button. Google doesn’t want you using apple products so they make the app version clunky or does it work this way on a google phone too?

- Awesome but needs work online

I was going on google slides to work on something for my presentation for school the next day, when I kept pressing go to google slides. It would load but I would stay in the same page, I even shut if the device and did it again, but it didn’t help at all. So I’m downloading the app, I hope it won’t do the same thing. The app is great though, and helps me with my slides, that’s the only flaw I’ve come across. Besides that I love the app!!

- A little confusing where to find everything but still works

This app really is a good one for my students to do presentations on and other things, but they are having troubles when they do it on iPads. The buttons are tiny and confusing to figure it out so they would rather use the computer version. But since are school always is using the computers we have to do it on iPads. If you could make the buttons a little bit less confusing and larger that would be a big help.

- Please add animations to the app version!!!

I love Google slides for interactive individualized work for my students. It is very annoying, though to be unable to edit my slideshows with the same level of detail as I do on my desktop computer at school when using my iPad at home. We teachers spend a lot of our own time and money for our students, and adding details like transitions and animations even when using mobile apps would really help to show the hard work we put in around the clock.

- Awesome!!

I downloaded this app a while ago and use it all the time, so I decided to write a review! You see, I want to be an author and a teacher when I grow up, so this app can let my create any type of story I want!! It’s so fun and easy, and you can chose a theme, change the font, and the color of the text! This app is fun to mess around with and see what else you can do! I highly recommend this app if you are like me.

- One little thing...

Ok, yeah. Google slides is great. I usually use it on my chrome book at school for assignments. And if it’s dead, I just use my iPad. But there’s one tiiiiiiiny little thing... I was working on a reading class project, and the thing is, IPad/IPhone can’t port over videos. I mean, aren’t those the devices we record with the most? It would make more sense if we could actually put our videos on there. I still love google slides anyways. 3 stars tho because of how many video difficulties I had even on my home computer.

- Google slides

I can’t explain how happy I am to have google drive docs and most of all slides. In google doc’s all you write is story’s I like to make story’s but in slides you can write story’s but to make the story interesting you can put in pictures and shapes and it’s super duper fun. In conclusion I want to say thank you so much for making google sheets it makes me very happy I'm always steeling my moms phone to go on google sheets or docs. Thank you!

- Google Slides

Given that most PowerPoint presentations are too large to transmit via email, this is the very best solution to sharing presentations I have found. You can share editing privileges, share with multiple people, and send copy to sell if need be. Works seamlessly. A must have tool if you are missing functionality of being able to share presentations. And so far, it’s free from Google.

- This is good I love this

Ok so I love this and I know you guys do to but this is a work in progress congratulations to the owner there is more people to have a five star than a one star I do all of my stores in it and I read it to my brother he loves my stores and so will you after you get it wow it’s like only one person don’t like it still work in progress!it even was invented 2010 when I was born no buts this is so good good job guys!

- Google Slides

I use this app a LOT for distance Learning but I can’t add backgrounds with the new update but it’s is super helpful for me. So if you do need help making projects and presentations This is the app to download for sure. All my students use this app for lots of reasons you can work without WiFi too. That was really helpful at home because I have kids that use a lot of WiFi. All teachers and students download this app for real. It helps so much for me.

- Google slides opinion

So through this app it comes with many features but something I dislike about it is when I use the search bar for insert images the pictures never match my search and are random. So I just open another tab and use google and copy and paste. But other than that this app is great and free also super useful for school projects !

- Amazing but.....

So I got this app great for school work and organizing stuff. However I also do it on my phone, and i am doing slides about me and my best friend. So while I was doing it and typing I noticed that there was a plus sign so I clicked on it. Then it said images so I clicked on it and it showed all of my photos. So I picked on it went on the slide I made a new slide then this window popped up and said photo Is not available please try again later. So please fix it!

- Good but not great

The iOS app version of Google Slides is still quite a bit more challenging to use than the web version. Once it catches or passes the web version, it deserves five stars for convenience. For example, just changing the name of a presentation and moving it is an awful lot of clicks and/or searching. Not intuitive. Other aspects of the app are pretty good, such as the text and object formatting options, and theme-consistent "suggested" formatting colors, shapes, and sizes.

- Great app

This app is a wonderful app! It is filled with different styles of slides, and great tips and icons to help your google slide presentation 10 tines more better! This app is fun and easy to use when doing said presentation. I wrote about toys for preschoolers and they loved it! Even the parents wanted to know about the google slide app. Also for parents, this app is everything but inappropriate. As in it does not show pornography, sex, etc. I love it! Ughh yes

- 6th grader

As a 6th grader, we have lots of projects and homework. On google slides, everything saved my life. I just have a few disregards. 1. You can’t change the font, font size, or font color. 2. You can’t add a graph from excel. Sometimes our teacher would give us a project where a chart from excel is a must, and the project is due online. I have to draw the graph and hand it in separately. 3. It is very difficult to add a background and make it go to the bat. This is upsetting because we once did a baseball project and had to add our logo from hand drawn to PowerPoint. I tried to push the background to the back but doing the background itself took me at least an hour. I am not trying to throw any hate to the owners and co owners of google slides, but as a student who frequently uses this app, I truly recommend that you make these slight changes!

- Google Slides Review

Google Slides is an excellent app. It can be used for school or work, on your computer or phone wherever and whenever. I really like it because it is really simple to use especially for those who aren't good with technology. Even without advanced knowledge it allows you to create an easy, well put together presentation with texts, titles, and illustrations. Perfect for everyday use.

- Amazing for school

I am going into 5th grade and I love Google slides. Google slides helps me do school and work and do projects!! If you are reading this i just figured out it it a little hard to type in slides so if there could be an updated so I can see the text box and be able to type that would be great. Best app in the world because I make presentation a myself and I have a lot of fun with it. Georgia

- Honestly one of the best!

Google slides are great for students like me, I got a recommendation from a friend that google slides is better for presentations than PowerPoint! I decided to give it a try and it made things so much easier for me, although I would wish that it would have a background option (it gets tiring dragging pictures and whatnot) but either than that it’s a great app to use.

- Google drive- student certificate doc

If choose student certificate for instance, user should have access to a few good examples or samples with different design and sample content documents. Then after selecting a student certificate, in a few words describe best practices to create your own student certificate document. Even better-allow intuitive suggestions while creating a student certificate .

- Amazing from a students view

I use this app for everything it is easy to move stuff around and type. I like using this because it is easy and fun to work with also you can share it with people so if me and my classmates are working and it’s time to stop but we didn’t finish we can go back at home and work with each other.

- Bug

I am satisfied that I could use my device instead of my laptop for this app. However, there’s something with this.... First, I check the slides of what teacher gave me on my laptop. Lastly, when try to check it on my phone, the work that my teacher gave me is not there. I wonder this is a bug, could you please fix this error?

- Google is number one!

Google, you’ve done well to make your stuff compatible anywhere. I trust your products because they are reliable, easy to use, and very smart. And you even went the extra mile to create a browser! In my understanding, you have all that is needed to satisfy anyone’s need for a easy and useful browsing and editing tool.

- Helpfull but some suggestions

This app helps me a lot to be doing my work, but the problem for me is that whatever I can do on my computer, i cant on my phone. Like for example, I want to add transitions to my presentation to make it look more interesting but like i need to use my computer, which isn’t working, so that is technically my complaint. I don’t know about other people but yeah this is a huge suggestion that a lot of my friends and relatives are complaining about.

- Amazing!

Google Slides is THE best presentation app ever created. They have features when going from slide to slide that adds glamour to the presentation. Google Slides is also easy to use I could’ve never asked to anything as good as google slides. Google slides has helped me a countless number of times when I have to do a presentation at the last minute. I admire every single part of google slides.

- Great, but mobile version is...

I loved using google slides on google classroom. It was effective and efficient. But that was on laptop and i am a little disappointed with the mobile version and the mobile version is not really that effective and efficient, or at least not as effective and efficient it os on laptop. I was disappointed with the mobile version and really recommend the laptop, pc, and computer! 😔

- First time user review

I have been making a slide show for an upcoming class presentation. I really like how my photos were accessible through Google photos and could be integrated into my slides. I was also able to use it on each device which was cool. This allowed me to work on my presentation anytime I wanted without having to sit at my computer. I have an iPad, iPhone, Chromebook and laptop they all worked seamlessly.

- Amazing

Great app to use if you are having an upcoming presentation. For: •Work, meetings. •School, a huge assignment. •Reports, or just for fun. You can use google slides for almost anything. You can: •Insert pictures, adjust them, search for them on the web while still on that tab. •Change word fonts, decorate. •Checks for spelling errors, right click and they got the right word for you. •Insert charts, make your own, and make it into a picture and insert it in. •Work with other people, change their permissions, suggesting, commenting, editing roles for anyone, and use the chat if you wanna message them when your distant. Truly significant. Helped lots of people. Even me. -Sincerley, a really proud user.

- Google Slides

I use google slides for school a lot. To make presentations, or to do work my teacher assigns on google slides. I adore all the features, it has everything I need. I always have this excitement when I have to make a slideshow with google slides. It’s truly great, and I don’t find anything wrong with it. Although I do wish more fonts worked on mobile.

- This is an awesome app

Google slides is an awesome app. It allows you to create presentations and be able to work on school homework. I highly recommend you getting this app. It also will allow to work with from anywhere you are. But make sure it’s the people you know not the people that you have no clue about who they are. So, why not get it. 😉

- Google slides is amazing ❤️

Google slides is useful/helpful for school projects, assignments and other school related things as well as activities and presentations. The only thing I would change is google slides on mobile it’s not that great and should be sorted out differently but other than that, I recommend google slides for school use or just fun use!

- Great except for uploading

Google slides is a great tool to use when you’re uploading pictures straight from the internet, but my art teacher wants me to upload pictures from my drive. That would be fine if I was using google docs since it’s compatible, However slides isn’t and it refuses to work. It makes it nearly impossible to get work done on time and when it is turned in there’s always something wrong with my slides. I have used slides for years but ever since I’ve become and online student (due to COVID-19) it’s been so much more difficult

- An Honest Review

I’ve tried to access the mobile Google Slides, Docs, Sheets, etc, but Google went crazy. No matter I did, it wouldn’t let me do anything on their mobile sites without downloading the app. 😑 So I was forced to download the app which is awesome and works great. The reason I’m annoyed is that I don’t like being forced into things and hey, I don’t think anyone does.

- Hmm There is a problem with the photos

This app is great overall, but when I upload photos into my slide (on mobile), it just doesn’t work! I have to delete the slot and upload. When I upload a photo it says “select more” or “keep current selection” I always chose “select more”, but I have to do that four times in order for the photo to upload.

- Junk!

Will not load or keeps crashing. I first tried using the app it continually crashed. I searched to see if the problem was on my end. I found that if your drive storage is almost full this could be an issue. Mine was at 77%. I created a new google account. This has no used storage, since slides do not use storage. Now the slides will not load. Either fix your app, or allow me to open it in web browser. Web browser will not let me in without crashing either. It is the traveling world now. We do not use laptops like before.

- Handy for kids

This app is easy to use and handy for elementary middle school kids for their online presentations!!! Even personally, slides is a great app to use if you need to make a slide show quickly! I normally make slideshow just for fun, because it is an fint to choose a background and just make a random story to go with the slideshow!! Hope you guys consider using google slides! You won’t be disappointed!

- Absolutely what i was looking for 👀🙄😏😀😍🤓

This app is a amazing it was absolutely perfect, and its easy to work on. This app is convenient to access, is easy to create slides, and has a group work feature(you can work on group slides collaboratively). If you are looking for an app where you can work together on presentations for free, this is the essential app to get 😃😆🤣😻!!!

- It’s amazing!

So on my iPad it was harder than computer but it still worked. It’s just like being on computer. I had a slide due to show my class and I tried slides out and it worked cause my brother was in the computer. It takes a little bit of time to get used to but rlly good app! Especially for work and school

- This is 2020 right?

My sons homework is a lot in PowerPoint. Except I do not own it. I convert over to google slide and go to edit and no draw function? There are things to underline and circle. I’m seriously puzzled and yes I checked again and it is the year 2020. Sooo, by now there should be a very basic function to draw. I can draw in apple keynote. I know it’s possible to draw in PowerPoint. All I can do is shake my head in disbelief as I delete google slides.I just read you have to use an online version in your internet browser and you will get a very, very basic draw function?!?!?!?

- Backgrounds

I know that I’m being picky but I wish that you could use your own background like on computer but instead you have to place an image put it in the box and place the text and most of the time it doesn’t go on top of the image so you spend 2 hours trying to get it on top but on pc you just click background. But other than that great app

- Meh, I have seen better

I am so into stuff like keynote, and I thought that this would be interesting. It is, but it’s much better on a laptop or computer rather than a tablet or phone. They have much more options to chose from on a computer. On a tablet or phone, you can barley do anything compared to the access you have on a computer. It kinda stinks. That should make them both versions the same so that you have the same access on both a computer or mobile device. 😕

- Good app but problems

Pretty good app, simple, easy to understand, great for any presentations. But I think the iOS app should be able to have transitions. Also, when you try to move text boxes around, they don’t move. It’s really hard to move stuff around. If you need to make a presentation quickly use keynote but if you need to create a long, detailed, precise work, this app is pretty great for that.

- My app doesn’t work.

Ok so my google slides app will not work. It’s only showing up slides from 6th-7th grade for me and it’s getting very frustrating. I need to work on a slide before it’s due so I have extra time and there are no slides on my app. But, at school on the computer are all there I spoke to my computer teacher to see what was wrong and he said he was having the same problem. I have been trying to get to this slide for days now and it’s getting annoying. Please fix this it would be wonderful.

- Extremely convenient

I'm quite a busy person and I'm assigned work for class but during the afternoon I get quite busy. I can work from my laptop and from my phone anytime. It has been very convenient working offline too when needed. I get significantly much more done thanks to this app just as well as Google Slides.

- Slides Share Easily

I've been using Google Slides for a few years for group presentations. The sharing is instantaneous and smooth. I find adding images is a bit of a puzzle at times due to formatting or moving from one device to another. If I takes time with uploading or cut and paste it all works out. Thanks!

- Good app

I use google slides mostly on my personal chrome book and I’ve always thought it was easy to use . I had to get it on my phone because of online school. The picture part to move it and resize it is amazing the writing on it is amazing. The only reason I gave it a 4 star is because I haven’t used all of the features so therefore I don’t know it’s full rating.

- Google’s approach to these databases are key!

This full access (without charge) is beyond amazing and everything from its functionality to its seamless connectivity along all platforms google provides allowing maximum productivity and efficiency. I use Google Docs, Slides, and Spreadsheets along with google drive on a daily basis for both school and works amazing!!!

- It’s okay

I have used Slides a lot. Good app, but I don’t like the fact that it doesn’t have many capabilities that the computer version does. I mean I know it’s an app for a mobile device, but still I feel like it should have more than it does. Overall it does work well, but if you edit on your computer then present on your iPad or other device, the presentation tends to lag.

- Amazing, but 1 problem

This app is amazing. It works perfectly. It can run slides with no flaws. Well, 1 flaw. Sometimes when you are scrolling through slides, it crashes. It can crash for many reasons, such as clicking on another slide, presenting, putting pictures, and even tapping on the screen anywhere. If you could fix this, I would give it 5 stars.

- My review as a student

As a student I am often swamped with homework, so most of my projects I have to do are done during the night hours. It is really straining on the eyes to look at the bright white background of google slides. I know this question has probably been asked before but how hard is it to get a night mode? It would be so nice to not have that strain on yours eyes at night.

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Miss Janice Henderson

@jillwith3 @OttawaMaryJ @rollforlearning Yeah it’s a google slides/ Microsoft PPT add on. Which means almost anyone can use it, and actually a couple of my gr 3s made their own PearDecks. We’ve... had to have chats about not signing up as a teacher, mind you...😆 but... they’re engaged? They LOVE PearDeck.

🎯#Great Teachers never stop learning!🚀

Are you ready for back to school on Monday! Do you need a great warm up back to school activity that is non-academic to start the day? The try this slide deck! Lots of fun activities to transition back to school on the first day back. Enjoy!


one thing i never liked is bitches who talk shit behind a screen but when you ask her to pull up you don’t get a text back . don’t make me email you . Or make a google slides cause baby I’ll find you & dog the fuck outta u . Don’t talk shit & think it’s all sweet .


Sometimes internet connection is not available for students during remote learning. Google has a way that students can still work on Docs, Sheets, and Slides and that is by enabling their assignments to be able to be accessed offline. There are three ways to do this #GoogleEDU


@chicklets_1999 @OttawaMaryJ @rollforlearning So then google slides? I can do that easy enough.


who wants to confess to me over google slides

Rosanna Montoute

Top story: 18 Interactive Phonics and Sight Words Google Slides - WeAreTeachers , see more


alyssa confessed to faer crush on GOOGLE SLIDES

Ricky Rutledge

Check out the Top ESL story: American Dream Menu - Google Slides , see more


@OLimpossible @FitzKris10 @Sflecce I’ll prob have to use my own iPad. I’m hoping to work at school. For Grade 1, google slides activities? Project them in google meets? Can you do that? Doing 225 minutes seems like such a LONG time to be on. I know it’s not necessarily me yakking all the time. Equipment?


@NMItalia11 @FitzKris10 @Sflecce Same here. Hours making google slides. Insane and hideous to do during holidays. #FireLecce


@TTChelps Hello TTC, happy holidays, since I miss riding your system, I used my art skills to create some signs of it in Google slides. What are your words on this?


Would like to file a new antitrust case about Google making you save images to Keep if trying to copy them from a google doc/slides you created

Fariz Darari

Yes, put that learning Python programming as your 2021 resolution! And here's my present for you: FREE 121 slides of Basic Python Programming covering from Hello, world! to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)! Link:

Miss Janice Henderson

@samuel_shinde PearDeck is your FRIEND. It’s an add on for google slides or Microsoft PPT so you can make things interactive

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Google Slides iphone images
Google Slides iphone images
Google Slides iphone images
Google Slides iphone images

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The applications Google Slides was published in the category Productivity on 2014-08-26 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 223.42 MB. Google Slides - Productivity app posted on 2020-12-14 current version is 1.2020.49201 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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