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Braintoss App Description & Overview

What is braintoss app? Whenever you have a thought that you don't want to lose - speak, snap or scribble it into the Braintoss app and it will be sent to your inbox for later use.

• Capture your To-do’s in one click
• Empty your brain on the spot
• Quickly capture when on the move
• Voice memos easily captured
• Capture inspiring slides, receipts or business cards
• Use Share to capture websites, screen shots or (Whatsapp) messages

Braintoss works with: Evernote, Trello, Todoist, Dropbox, Things, Microsoft To Do and other apps that allow input via email.

And if you have a Ford car with SYNC3 you can use Braintoss on the road.

If you enjoy using Braintoss, please leave us a nice review. We'd really appreciate it.

Happy braintossing :)

"Braintoss has changed my life… I don't like it, I love it!" - Howard Stern on his daily SiriusXM show

"Just got best capture tool I've found for iPhone: Smartly simple design by 10yr GTDer." - Awesome praise from GTD guru David Allen via Twitter.

"At last something I actually use to remember those ideas or suggested films and books. Two touches and it is in your inbox and you can happily forget. Happy forgetting is the best!" - by Robert R Johnson

"Too bad I can't take it with me under the shower, that's where I have my best epiphanies!" - by Marc-Jan van Laake

"Just got a tip about a great practical app from a friend. Braintoss. Handy app." - by Dutch TV personality Jack van Gelder via twitter

Use Braintoss to capture stuff and send it to your inbox with one tap:
• for any thought/idea/task
• for Images
• for Business Cards
• for QR Codes
• for receipts

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App Name Braintoss
Category Productivity
Updated 15 September 2022, Thursday
File Size 63.91 MB

Braintoss Comments & Reviews 2024

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Excellent App. Great product. Amazing results great way to remember everything.

Unable to send the recorded message from watch app!!. Please fix this!

First review ever. I don’t review apps. I have never reviewed an app. But after hearing Howard stern mention this I gave it a try. WOW! This app is great for anyone who is busy and absent minded. I coach and run several youth sports teams and receive text and calls all day. It’s so easy to open app. Send message and BAM it’s emailed to me. I would give it 6 stars if I could. Thank you Braintoss. I will recommend this to everyone ! Bill

This WAS a great app. I’ve used this app in my GTD workflow for years. With the latest iPhone upgrades and a new iPhone XS, the app gets stuck on the in the voice recording screen. Swiping up to get out of it does nothing. A big strength of this app was its ease of entry and ease of exit to make collection quick and painless. That’s no longer the case. So, I’m off to find another “record and send” app. I hope there is one as good as Braintoss used to be.

Fantosstic. Very useful little app! I love that it directly sends stuff to my inbox; that functionality makes this one a keeper. Also: Kudos for the clean and inviting design. A couple of requests: 1. Camera: please give it a little more functionality. It has zoom, which is nice, but I'd also really like flash and front cam. 2. Please change the audio output format to mp3. The problem with wav is that I can't directly listen to it in gmail, I have to download it first.

Awesome app. Braintoss is an amazing app it is in my dock because I use it all the time. I use it in combination with my OmniFocus email address to send myself tasks faster than I can do with the OmniFocus app. You only need to set the email address once and Braintoss will do the rest for you. It even transcribes audio.

Simple to use. I use this app with Evernote. Very convenient when I have to send an idea or reminder quickly and directly to my Evernote inbox.

Microsoft To-Do “Integration”. Microsoft To-Do integration only works if you use a Microsoft email account or a custom domain hosted by Microsoft. Edit: I know it’s not the developers “fault”, but to advertise it as a feature with no disclaimer that it isn’t available to all users is misleading.

I love this app. It works great on my iPhone. I have had it for many years wit n problems. Tried it out n my iPad mini and it would not work at all.

K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple, Stupid!. The best thing about and number one appeal of this app is its simplicity. It has one function, to quickly capture ideas and pictures and send them to an email address. I for one am glad it isn’t loaded down with untested and unreliable features, and instead does what it does quickly and dependably. IF you were to venture to add another feature, I would hope for it to be document capture, ie converting a snap to PDF before sending. But if you only kept doing what you were doing and kept this app reliable and speedy, I’d be perfectly satisfied with that as well.

Need iPad and multi image capability. I rely on brain Ross daily and love it. I send notes to my inbox ask the time to get them off my brain and onto my computer for future tasks. I wish I could send multiple images and they really need an iPad version! For an Apple recommended app there really should be an iPad landscape mode.

App failed on the second day. The audio option doesn’t work, like others have stated the speech to text translation is terrible. The text and photo options worked on the first day, but no longer send to my inbox. It’s probably for the best anyway, it’s not like it is extremely difficult to email a picture or message to myself using my iPhone, and I can put a title in the subject field so that I know what the picture I’m sending myself is, which you cannot do with the Brain Toss app. Looks like good old Howie and his GTD gang swindled me out of a couple more shekels.

Ok app. In theory this app should be great. When it works it is. I’ve had messages go through days later when i forgot about them. Needs to be worked out. I lowered my stars for this app. Don't know why I still use it.

Way more than a Recorder!. I've had several recorders and have deleted them all. This one is amazing! I love how it sends it to your email. Very well thought out. Thank you developer. Beautiful job!

Super useful and well designed. This is an awesome app. It's definitely one of the most useful apps I have and the latest update is great. The app just keeps getting better.

Privacy nightmare. Read the privacy statement: Everything - EVERYTHING - you send over this app is stored on their servers. Just mull on that, and when you’re done, you’ll no doubt delete the app.

Voice recognition needs work. Great app in theory. The voice recognition is horrible though. I get to my email and have to think hard about what I actually wanted to remind myself about. It would be great if they could improve on that part since it’s basically the point of the whole thing.

Used to be good. Now it’s buggy. This app used to be good. Now it has constant issues with sending your notes to your email accounts. I always get “not connected to the internet” errors when trying to send the notes to my email. But I’m connected to the internet. All the other apps on my phone are connected. For some reason Braintoss won’t connect.

Sends all by itself!. I had 47 Braintoss emails at one time, with no input from me. Came from my Note 10 Plus 5G. Turned that phone off. Next, received another 30 Braintoss emails from my iPhone 11Pro Max. All recordings, all from an idle phone of two formats! Used this app frequently, but now uninstalled. What is the issue?

Game-changing!. I’ve been experimenting for months trying to find a good system for collecting the loose thoughts that pop into my head, with little success. I had settled for a while on just keeping a note on my phone where i jotted all of them down, but i only ever thought to open that note when i was adding something to it (and then would see all the miscellaneous loose ends i hadn’t yet resolved, which was stressful to say the least). I heard about Braintoss on David Allen’s episode of the Tim Ferriss Show, and downloaded it in a quiet hope that it would be the answer to my organisational prayers. Lo and behold, it’s been exactly that! The app has an appealing minimalist interface and is super easy/quick to use, which is a must for any app of this type. I toss thoughts into it the moment they arise and then immediately let go of them from my mind, knowing that they’ll be waiting and ready for processing when i do my email batching the following day. Braintoss has cleared up so much clutter from my brain and from my life, and for that it’s been well worth the price of admission! Thank you Braintoss 😄

Can't live without. I absolutely love it app. Works flawlessly. Love that I can sit on a plane without wifi and jot down tons of audio and text notes and they are all delivered when connection available.

Great app but …. Great app but the dictation transcription is horrendous! If you’re using iOS you’re better off selecting note then using the the keyboard mic for dictation & transcription instead of the in-app dictation & transcription unless you just want to record your voice (and don’t care what the transcription says cuz believe me, it won’t even be close to what you dictated). But for my purposes I just want the text I don’t really need to send myself the audio. Don’t get me wrong though. I love the app and I use it all the time to dump my brain like David Allen recommends for GTD. I trust it to send my reminders directly to Evernote for sorting later so I can get stuff off my mind. Just don’t rely on the app’s translation technology cuz you’ll be quite disappointed!

Shady stuff going on here.... Look at “all reviews” and sort by most recent to get a feel for how people are currently experiencing the app. Released a new version to reset their star count maybe? On Twitter they say something about erroneous mailchimp charges. Then someone reports their main Braintoss site is hacked. Then we all start getting old messages re-sent to us. In their terms of service they claim old messages are vaporized after two weeks. They say it’s a glitch with that version of the app, but it’s hard for me to believe them with so much other shady stuff going on. I would recommend avoiding this app until they tell us what exactly is going on.

Finally!. I have wanted to be able to set up a shortcut to send emails to myself with reminders because my inbox is my to do list and I send a few of these emails a day - this does exactly that. So simple!

Does not allow default address change. I accidentally typed in the wrong email when I set up the account which automatically got set as the default. The app allows one to add another email address but does not let one change the original default address. A change of address can be made before sending each message but I often forget that step and simply press send and therefore never receive the message

1st loved. Now hate.. I just dictated into brain toss extremely important copy for my business. And then brain toss stopped. That’s been happening a lot lately. I do not know why the screen just inexplicably goes away. And whatever I’ve dictated disappears. Now my copy is gone and it was really really important to capture. So I can’t trust Braintoss anymore. I’m Back to sending emails to myself. Braintoss made that easier to do than with emails. But now that I can’t trust it I can’t use it anymore. Very disappointed.

terrific. i love this app. saved me a bunch of times. recommend!

DOESN’T WORK. Please don’t waste your time on this. Most of the main functionalities don’t work, tried to contact the support but no use.

Braintoss is a fantastic tool.. This app is awesome. I use it for capturing thoughts quickly on the go. It is a much more reliable ubiquitous capture tool than Siri. I use it with my OmniFocus Mail Drop email address, and everything goes straight to my OmniFocus In Box. It even has a proximity sensor so when I'm driving I can capture thoughts without even looking at the phone. I just put the phone up to my ear and start talking.

Needs update to iPhone X. This is a very useful utility but it hasn’t been updated for a while, making me worry that the developer dropped support in it. I hope it will be updated latest phones.

I love this app!. Works great. I send task ideas and anything I need to process right to my task manager (via email). Speak slowly and the voice to text works - not perfect but good enough. One tap turns on record, the second tap sends it along.

Indispensable functionality burdened by a dated interface. The simplicity and functionality of this app is easily 5 stars and top of the store. This app fills the need that so many of us mistakenly grab far more complicated apps, but usually come back to braintoss for sheer simplicity and not having to manage yet another inbox. My one complaint is that the user experience on new devices is poor. I love that they have Apple Watch integration but the apps UI is still using low res iPhone5 assets. Since there is no high res assets the app looks and feels kludgy on new phones. The keyboard is even differently sized and looking in this app which really throws me off when typing on the blurry letterboxed interface running on my iPhone Xs I find it locks up a lot while I am typing longer notes enough to need to wait for it to catch up a sentence or two to make sure I’ve not gone off the rails and am typing something I won’t be able to decipher later.

Not reliable. I purchased this app was happy to use it but after 3 hours it quit working it will not send emails no pictures nothing it was dead went to the help page did everything they recommended nothing I wrote a ticket no response there is no telephone support now I got an app that I paid and does not work.

Developer Abandoned?. Last update 10 months ago. I find the concept and the app to be great, but it’s very buggy. Sometimes the app never sends the mail, it just stays queued forever. Sometimes the app registers emails have been sent, but they never show up. Have tried all the troubleshooting techniques suggested to no avail. Has the developer abandoned keeping this current with the latest iOS?

Updated -Lives in my dock as perfect capture tool. UPDATE - I initially left a negative review for this app as it ceased functioning less than two days after purchase. However, that appears to have been a small glitch and it resumed working the next day and has had zero problems since then and does precisely what it promises to do. This is a simple app and therein lies its beauty. It literally does one thing - capture your thoughts and get them out of your head and into your trusted system. I generally use it for text though it does pictures and voice as well. It now lives in my dock and I use it 12-15x each day. What I really like is that you simply use it then get on with your life - you could open an app like Todoist (which syncs with it perfectly) but then you would be sorting and filtering and potentially distracted. This is the equivalent of a notecard that you jot things down on that will never get lost and will be sitting in your email when you want to find it. Updating to five stars (Nov 2020).

Watch App works perfectly. The old version of the watch app was buggy and unreliable. The new version works perfectly, making this an essential productivity tool on the iPhone and the Apple Watch.

Really love this app!. Use it everyday. Great way to keep my ideas safe on the go.

Apple Watch stopped working. I LOVED this app and used it daily. An update removed the watch app and now I have no use for this. It was a key part of my time management system. I was able to dictate a task to my watch and it would show up in my to-do list. Now I have to use Quick Notes in OneNote, which I don’t like near as much. Disappointed. I really loved Braintoss but only got about two months of value out of it. :(

Simple and effective!. The one inbox I can always count on myself checking is my email inbox. So dumping my ideas there for proper sorting later has helped my productivity greatly! I downloaded as per the recommendation of David Allen. One suggestion, though. Please create a sidebar widget or third party integration with Siri! That would make it perfect!

I use it all day, every day!. I don't know how I lived without this app before! I read about it last week in the Guardian (google Guardian Braintoss, the article is called "How to Get Stuff Done (And Maybe Change the World Too.) Basically the point of the article is that you should put your to do items in your email inbox, which is already most people's dashboard for getting things done. I actually use Evernote as my main to do list, but frequently email myself while on the go with things to add to my Evernote list. Also, sometimes things are more immediate (such as an errand I need to run while out and about) for my Evernote list. Anyway, whether you already email to do items to yourself or want to start that habit, Brain Toss is perfect! I literally have used it every day, many times per day, since downloading it less than a week ago. Another great thing for those of us who email ourselves - no need to worry about being tired and accidentally emailing our to-do item to another contact, something I've done multiple times! Also, as a writer, I find braintoss perfect for those little ideas that come to me throughout the day. I think it's great for creative people. Requested feature: I would absolutely go insane with happiness if a voice-to-text feature was added! (You can do voice now, but it arrives as a voice message.) Anyway, A+ app. I cannot live without it!

Downgrading my review. I have loved this app for a long time and considered it one of the most useful apps I’ve purchased, but I’ve recently come to have serious doubts about its reliability. Recently, I’ve been receiving emails of things I sent myself via Braintoss weeks and maybe even months ago. This concerns me because I often use Braintoss as a “fire and forget” tool so that I can send thoughts, websites, etc to myself and forget about them with the confidence they’ll be in my inbox. When things are showing up weeks and months later, it makes me wonder what other things have I sent that are still somewhere out there in limbo?

Game changer. This is the perfect app if you subscribe to the GTD method and need something to easily capture all of your stray thoughts or things you need to do. This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.

No Glances/Complication?. What's the point of having it on your watch if you can't have it as a complication or at least in glances for quick access. Ideas come quickly and it would be nice to be able to record them quickly. Otherwise, this is just another note-taking app. Nothing special.

Such a great help. I have been using this app on a regular bases quite some time but really truly started appreciating it just before, during and after our recent move. So much things that you need to think or be reminded of with no means to write down because no pen or note pad to be found in the disorganized piled up boxes strewn around the house. So thank you Braintoss for helping keep the important notes at hand! Great app!

Simple, elegant inbox. Toss those random to-do's, reminders, shower moments... into your inbox or Things and clear your brain for more important tasks. Voice, note or picture. The perfect capture tool for bullet journal or to do apps! 10 stars!

Best app. I love this. Helps me keep my thoughts organized!

Good App. I have not found any other app that comes close to being ubiquitous capture tool.

This a great app. But I wish you could store pics and view all pics created right in the app, like a visual album task list..App Store surprisingly lacking in this type of app..braintoss does this by using email but would also be nice to have dedicated app to that function

THANK YOU BRAINTOSS. I use this app all the time! All creative ideas and things to do, are now remembered and DONE. Thanks to this easy, user friendly & super efficient App!

Great Idea, but needs work. The overall idea of Braintoss is awesome. As soon as I heard about it from a GTD podcast I downloaded the app. Basic review, does the app work; yes, you can quickly record a voice note which will be emailed to you for action/filing/etc. Where the app needs major help is; 1) the voice dictation is pretty terrible and comical at times. I’ve yet to record one voice message where the dictation is correct. They developer should really just remove that function until it’s corrected because it degrades the value of the app. 2) the UI of the app is SUPER outdated; looks like it’s running on iOS6 or something. A revamp of the UI would be nice and the ability to add it as a widget in the quick search section would be amazing. Little tweaks would make this app unstoppable.

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New version. The update deleted my email addresses and I had some difficulty trying to paste them in again. This is a problem for complicated email forwarding addresses like Trello’s. Overall though, Braintoss does one thing and does it well. I use it every day.

Could not live without this app. This is one of those wonderful apps that perform an important task and it does it without fuss. It just works perfectly. I live out of my email Inbox, so I use Braintoss many times a day to quickly shoot a reminder into my Inbox. While I mostly use Notes I also use Photos and Voice. I also use it when I wake up during the night with an idea or thought that needs to be quickly captured. With BT it is done in a flash. The developer has also been receptive to enhancements that continue to enhance this terrific app. Very much part of my key set of apps.

Elegant & efficient. Great to have a simple tool to email txt voice & photo to my inbox

Great idea but.... Voice transcription doesn't even come close to being correct.

Daily life. I could not live without this app

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Do not subscribe. You will be unable to cancel. Not showing up on my subscription list. Unable to cancel. No response from from developer as to how I can cancel.

Solid app. App works well but needs to be updated for new screen sizes

Best GTD capture tool!. I heard about Braintoss on the podcast Tim Ferris where he interviews David Allen (GTD creator). This app is exactly what I have been looking for! Note capturing apps are either too slow (Evernote), too complicated when you just want a quick voice note, or photo capture (Omni focus) or too limited (Things). A snappy dedicated app for quick capture is exactly the tool for the job. Thank you!!

Back to being great!. Voice dictation being transcribed is back, bringing back this really great feature to Braintoss! Thanks for the update! Would get 5 stars out if me if the UI was also built to work properly in ipad vs just the blown up phone app.

Don’t waste your money. Don’t bother. Doesn’t send voice, email or photos. Save your money, move on. Follow up! Looks like its working now. Support responded to my review and fixed the issues So far, so good. If it works as advertised, I’ll be happy...

Howard stern. Howard stern mentioned this app It’s been really great for quick lists and reminders Plus the creators are approachable and helpful

Lifesaver. I’m a teacher and I use this almost daily, especially during my long commute. I can send thoughts about the day’s classes, to-do lists, lesson ideas. I owe a cookie to the colleague who recommended it to me!

Plz make a widget!!. I saw that you are working on this, but this is a no brainer for you guys! I love the app and would love to have a widget.

App doesn’t work. This app has not worked for me. I’ve followed Braintoss’ troubleshooting guidelines and have written to Braintoss twice. Braintoss - please refund my purchase. This app isn’t worth the few dollars, unless you want to pay to be frustrated and not receive any response from Braintoss.

Where is the widget?. Needs a widget

Incomplete Messages. Very disappointed as I've just recently downloaded this app. Voice transcription only sends part of the message and then ends it with ellipses (...). This makes the voice feature useless and was the reason I paid for the app.

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What happened?. Love this app but after the update last week every toss I send is stuck in the queue and won't go to my email. Happy to change the review to 5 star if I can get help.

Quickly Capture Important Stuff. Quickly captures text, voice, or photos to a default email address or other email addresses that you can specify in a list. Perks: Voice messages are transcribed. You get the text of the voice message and the voice message itself. To counter the request for immediate transcription I might note, this is a quick entry app and transcription occurs off-line, which means, the voice has to be sent out and the text sent back. It is the same idea that Siri does not work without an internet. Also, emails have the location where the text, voice message, or photo was captured. Bug: May not work to send voice or photo messages to the primary (default) email address. It will however send voice or photo messages to that same email address when it is selected as a second email address. —> Update 12/30/15: Resolved the problem sending to primary email address. It works now. Be careful not to make mistakes in this address! Annoyances: Display of long email fields is cut off and editing is cumbersome. The yellow background is either cute or glaring depending on your mood (which argues for a user preference setting).

Because Howard Said So.... Honestly, I was always looking for an app like this. Howard Stern should be paid for the referral if this app is blowing up.

Bababooey to you all. Tatatoothy highly recommended this app and since he is the techno beaver, it was a no brained

Doesn’t work. Great idea But it doesn’t work

Indispensable capture tool. I heard about this app a couple of years ago on the GTD podcast, and I’ve used it ever since. What a great idea: take a voice memo, quick text note, or even a picture and send it straight to your email inbox, where you’ll never forget the note you made to yourself again. I use this app constantly throughout the day and would frankly be lost without it. I recommend it to everyone I know.

Don’t Waste Your Money. Great idea but it doesn’t work. Won’t deliver email and there is no support.

Email function does not work. Emails with my saved notes do not get sent. It’s not a filtering issue, checked all of the steps they ask you to take if this is happening. App simply does not work as advertised. Would like a refund.

Joke. Didn’t work. Waste of money. So sad. I was so looking forward to this.

Not working as intended. The voice-to-text email feature doesn’t work. Watched a 3 min demo before downloading and its main feature doesn’t even work. Waste of time and money.

Misleadingly claims to work with other apps (like Evernote, Trello, etc.).. Despite what the description claims, there is no meaningful sense in which this app “works with” the other apps it mentions, like trello, wunderlist, or Evernote. I assumed it would let me jot a note and send it to an Evernote folder or trello board, but it doesn’t. It can only email what it captures. The developers should remove the clearly misleading mention of functionality with other apps.

Considerable lag in receiving mail. Agree with another reviewer. It is easier to just open your mail app and do the same - add picture, voice or type message

Messages not sending, show in queue. Junk. Waste of money

Worthless. Worked once now tells me email is queued up but never a sends to me.

Great GTD tool. Love the ability to dump a quick thought, pic, etc into my email inbox for later. I'm forgetting fewer things b/c of this app.

Was good but now.... Suddenly sending all my old braintoss’s. Mailbox is flooded!

Stopped sending. I am a outside salesman who uses this every day. After my customer visit I dictate the conversation I had with them which then gets typed into an note and then I send it to my email to copy and paste into Salesforce. For some reason the app stopped sending the notes. They are all sitting in the history folder is cute and no matter what I do they will not send. Please fix.

Doesn't send to email ----update!!!!. I tried two different email addresses and could not send to either one. I found my messages in history on the app though so I'm good with that and have three stars because I'm still able to get a message Update Deleted app, reinstalled and it is working now!!! Update to update, Only works part of the time. I'm guessing it goes to their server and something is wrong.

Disappointed no Apple Watch component. This app used to be a wonderful tool in my workflow until they pulled the Apple Watch functionality. Back to Drafts I go. Do disappointing.

Best Capture App. A GTD Essential. Absolute best capture app available. If you cultivate the habit of capturing thoughts as soon as you have them, this is the app for you. Works great with Evernote and Omnifocus.

MP3 Files not working. Converts short spoken messages to text, but the mp3 file sent to your email doesn’t playback. Good idea, but please work out the kinks!

Best App....period!. Love this app. I've made it mandatory for all my direct reports to use it -- they love it. So simplistic but so useful.

Just Doesn’t Work. Tried using this many times over a year ago on Android. Messages constantly getting Queued and or sending but not arriving. Gave it some time and am now on iOS. Paid for the app again with high hopes...immediately the test message and my first message are queued. Having to manage the queue, resend, etc is obv not the point of this app, could just send a normal email at that point. Wanted it to work, disappointing.

Transcribe feature stinks !. Why can’t they improve transcripts??? Booooo !!!!

Buggy. I love the idea but braintoss cuts off my voice memos after maybe a second or two. When I revive the cutoff voice memos there is no sound. There was sound the first two or three attempts but even though I recorded from maybe a foot from my iphones microphone, it sounded like I was recording from across the room.

Useless. So hearing a rave review I paid for the app. Messages sent show as queued and messages in the queue doing nothing.......

Can’t get email notifications to work. Can’t get notifications to work so it’s useless to me

Don’t waste your $$$. I heard Howard Stern talking about it so I wanted to try it. I have had four messages sitting in my queue for days. I cannot find anything under the FAQs or any where else about what to do. Great concept HORRIBLE execution!

No Apple Watch, I’m out.. It was so well-suited for use on the watch- I only really used it there. Now useless (for me.) Can’t recommend it for its most obvious strong point now, so won’t.

Bring back the Apple Watch!!. Great simple app and does what it does well. Pleeeeeease bring back support for Apple Watch!!!

Great idea, flawed execution. It would be super useful if the microphone would accurately pick up what you say. I have a string of emails with gibberish as subjects. Almost as quickly as using this app, I can open an email and send it to myself talking through my iPhone mic.

Horrible For Outlook. Don’t waste the money if you plan to use with a work email as firewalls block access. I love the developer response... If you mentioned potential firewall concerns in your description maybe I wouldn’t have wasted my money on your app. That’s how your to blame...

Simply does not work. DON’T BUY! LISTEN TO THE CURRENT REVIEWS!!!! Should have listened to other reviews. Record a message and it just sits in the queue to be sent. Does not send. The excuse of “oh Howard Stern blew up our capacity” should not be valid. Get at your own peril.

Could be great, but. It was working fantastically until 2/27/20. Now all messages are stuck in que. I have to agree with the others that the support is horrible. It’s only $2 but at this point just want my money back on principle. Fix it and I’ll be a happy user again.

Emails. They are not going through not in spam or junk. I need help

Not working. When will the app be back up??

Zero stars. Waste of money. Zero support.

Perfect. Incredibly useful app. Incredibly simple to use. Incredibly reliable. I LOVE THIS APP. If you are a GTDer, this thing is perfect.

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Language English
Price $2.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 8.1.1
Play Store com.braintoss.braintoss
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

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The application Braintoss was published in the category Productivity on 09 January 2013, Wednesday and was developed by Braintoss B.V. [Developer ID: 576226039]. This program file size is 63.91 MB. This app has been rated by 38 users and has a rating of 3.7 out of 5. Braintoss - Productivity app posted on 15 September 2022, Thursday current version is 8.1.1 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.braintoss.braintoss. Languages supported by the app:

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Braintoss App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Bug fixes

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Find on this site the customer service details of Braintoss. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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