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Authenticator App App Description & Overview

What is authenticator app app? Authenticator App store and generate secure two-factor authentication codes for your online accounts on your device.

- Secure & Private
All data stored in Authenticator is always encrypted, even when it's stored in iCloud to ensure that you are the only one who can access your data.

- Encrypted Backup:
In Authenticator, you can always make a secure encrypted backup, in case you lose your device or switch to a new one.

- Synchronization Across all Devices:
With Authenticator all your accounts will automatically synchronize across all Apple devices, even on your Apple Watch.

- Widget:
Access your 2FA codes even faster, directly from your Home Screen with the Authenticator widget.

- Offline:
Authenticator generates secure codes even offline, this will allow you to authenticate securely even when your device is in airplane mode.

- Multi Import
You can import your accounts easily and securely from Google Authenticator, Password Managers and Files.

- Native Experience
Native experience on all Apple devices. Data Sync, Gestures, Widgets, Dark Mode and more!

- All Popular Accounts:
We support the most popular services including Facebook, Coinbase, Amazon, Gmail, Instagram, Roblox and thousands of other providers. We also support 8-digit tokens.

- And many, many other features!
We constantly improve our app, don't hesitate to contact us at to request a missing feature or an improvement.

* In order to use Authenticator App you need to purchase the Authenticator App Premium which is an annual subscription. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase and auto-renews at the same price unless disabled in iTunes Account Settings at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your subscription can be managed in your iTunes Account Settings. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription.

Terms of Service:

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App Name Authenticator App
Category Productivity
Updated 13 April 2024, Saturday
File Size 124.09 MB

Authenticator App Comments & Reviews 2024

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Awesome App!. So happy there's finally an autenticator app that syncs and you don't lose your info when you upgrade your phone! There were some initial bugs that I noted when I first downloaded, but the developer fixed them with the next update!

2FA App for laptop. Does what it is design for and makes my life so much more efficient working with multi factor authentication. Good work team!

Works. Simply works. Quick & easy to access right from the desktop when you need it all in the same place.

works flawlessly. I got this because of apple watch support, and that alone works great! You do need to make sure apple watch is connected to iPhone via bluetooth to ensure new items sync. Authenticator app on watch doesn't sync new items via WIFI / cellular, alone. I wish that would be fixed. Otherwise this app is amazing.

Support fixed problem with M2 Mac. When I upgraded to an M2 MacBook Pro, Authenticator would not launch. I emailed support and they provided a Terminal command which fixed the problem. Now I am back in business. I really like the having an easy to use desktop app which syncs with my phone, although I rarely use the iPhone version since the desktop app is so much more convenient. Other than this upgrade issue, it has always worked great.

Exactly what I was looking for. This app is exactly what I was looking for: the ability to manage and sync authenticator codes with absolute security and without a lot of unnecessary fluff and requirements (like having to tie the account to a phone number). The interface is clean and intuitive. I've reviewed a bunch of authenticator apps and haven't found anything else that's comparable.

Can't log-into app on multiple devices.. Kind of pointless to not be able to log into the app on any other devices other than one, i have it on my mcbook pro but cant use it on my macbook air nor iphone nor ipad. dont recommend.

Excellent app. Never had an issue with this app, love the screen capture feature. works great

Danger! Very damaging. Installed on up-to-date Mac. Set up Authenticator password. Copied, pasted, compared, and verified password. Set up many accounts. Worked great for three days. Then wouldn't accept my password. Now I am locked out of all my most important websites and accounts. I wote to author, pleading for help, but no answer. My web services refuse to unlock my accounts. They say I need to close my accounts and start new ones. I must move funds, establish new relationship with companies. Beware!

Easy to Use. It just works and is seemless across devices. Wish my poor desktop could use ;(

Works well but too Pricey. If it were $29 for life, I'd consider it but annually it's too much. The free version is too limited.

Support is Professional and Outstanding. I needed help with using the App in a way I hadn't before and the support was immediate, profession and outstanding. I was able to do what I needed to do and use it with all my browsers. Super job!

Remove the nag bar please. There is no way to get rid of the nag bar if one does not want to sync the logins to iCloud

Terrbile. Confusing, no real set up instructions.

Best in Class. This MFA app is so fantastic that I immediately became a premium user. Their support, should you ever need it, is super helpful. But the app is lightweight and just simply works. Thanks to the devs for nailing it!

Great but... Autofill rarely works. Great app but I have found the new autofill function doesnt work on most websites. This includes sites that have icon support. 5 stars once this is fixed.

Seems to work as advertised. Imported a few accounts successfully from another authenticator app.

Not working with Apple M2 MacBook Air. The app does not launch with my MacBook Air M2 running Ventura (any version). Launching the app just produces a short "blink" on the screen. No process is running in Activity Monitor. The Safari extension works but can't pair since the app does not launch. This has been reported to the app author before, still not fixed.

Much better than Google Auth in every way!!. no more worrying about losing your phone and losing access to everything!!

new computer. when i upgraded to a new Macbook, Authenticator did not work. I emailed support, expecting a black hole, but to my surprise, someone got back to me within 30 minutes, and gave me a terminal command that would reset the app. Great support,.. thanks.

Resistance Throughout; Resistance Wins Out — Trust. Be Patient.. Put consisely, as I seem to be on a time crunch, the transition from the universal keychain/operating systems we are bred into (e.g. Apple, Microsoft, and now Google, I think) towards the adaptation of Authenticator Application/Softwares protocols was SUUUPPPEEEERRRRR bark [rough]; however, it was this resistance that the operating system and the software had any opporunity to 'meet': It would seem the surface level principles — that many of us glance over without a second (and-or possibly first) thought, may have been integral to the findings [PROFICIENCY, PERSISTENCY, TENACITY] the software a chance to illustrate its core principles, and demonstate its worth: Purchase the premium version; Its overqualified.

Reliable. Love the ability to keep current across different platforms

Great app. I like the flexibility of having this app unlock MFA tokens with touch.

Can't live without it. I love that I can sync this accross my multiple devices via iCloud. It does it do seamlessly.

Very good, love the sync.. Extremely useful to have the app on Mac, iPhone and Aplpe Watch. I wish there were folders, though.

Magnificent. This app has everything I ever wanted on an authenticator app. Great job.

Surprisingly Smooth and Apple-esk!!. I am very surprised with how well integrated this app is within the Apple ecosystem; I love that my 2FA accounts are backed up on iCloud and synced across all of my Apple devices. Super, super, super cool!!!

Nice app, the price though. Its a nice app and all but even with the extra "Features" the developer states its not really worth $10 a year. $10 or even $20 perpetual sure but yearly not so much. Looking at Step Two which is perpetual but no import for Google and I have over 20 accounts.

Great 2FA authentication app. Easy to use and to add 2FA items. The synchronization function makes it great for multiple device access.

BEST 2FA & MFA app IMO 😍. Have used several different 2FA/MFA apps and also browser extensions in the past. This app has been the best for me personally. The only things I hope that will be changed in newer updates is the ability to have all the accounts listed in the widget on macOS. At the moment, I can only see 3 accounts, but that doesn't change my rating as the app does exactly as it was designed to do and function and I'm sure more features will be added. I want to thank the developer especially as this has helped me in so many ways.

Most amazing app I've ever used!. This app revolutionized my view of authentatication apps. I absolutely love how everything syncs across all of the devices on your Apple ID, including Macs (which is huge for me). Great app!

Bad Update. Update: Newest update fixed crashing issue. App crashes after update. No longer works at all. PLEASE FIX ASAP !!!

I would rather use Authy. This application only allows you to add two accounts before forcing you to upgrade to their paid option. Completely useless as I can use Authy authenticator or any other authenticator and add unlimited accounts. If I didn't need this for work, I would've deleted by now.

Great. works perfectly

Great product. Works great. Backups have been solid and all of my accounts come right back as I move to new phone and laptops. No issues at all.

Basically Perfect. Works every time, without delay. Syncs with all my devices.

Not the Microsoft App. I think it is pretty deceitful to name your app the same as the Microsoft app, and that your app is returned in the search results specific for "Microsoft Corporation". A decent app but I have no desire to pay $10/year for something I get for free from MS. I'll just use my phone...

I've tried them all..... I have tried pretty much every authenticator app and this is by far the best. Ever lose your phone or have to get a replacement from Apple under AppleCare and you lose all your codes? It's a royal pain in the a**... With this app you have everything backed up to iCloud or on your computer or iPad so you never have to deal with that nightmare. Quit thinking about, just get the app and thank me later...

The only authenticator you need. Super simple, super clean, super secure, and syncs to all devices via iCloud (never get hardware locked out of your accounts!). This is literally the only authenticator app you need. Highly recommended

Works Great & Great Customer Service Support. Had an issue when I tried to subscribe. I reached out via an email request and got a quick response. They were very helpful and had me going in no time!

seems to do the job well. I like it better than the other similar apps becasue it is easy to set up and very responsive!

Seems like a great app. Just started using it, but it's really simple to setup and I like that I can have my 2FA codes accessible from anywhere (desktop, laptop, phone)

Very intuitive and simple to use. Good option if you are looking for a way to keep a backup of you OTP.

Wonderful app. you don't have to use your phone anymore. I really recommand it.

Clean, Powerful and Complete. Having tried many authenticator apps, I can safely say I've found the one.

Really enjoy this app over others.. Price is well for this app, but the UI is easier for me than other apps, which is why I got this app instead.

Best authenticator available. I particularly enjoy the sync feature. I've got OTP accounts that I need to access both on my Mac and my phone, and it is incredibly valuable to be able to sync the codes across devices.

Too complicated. You can't just use a Safari plugin, you have to open a desktop app. Syncing with icloud is confusing. There seems to be no way just to back up the data as a text file. And you have to pay for it.

No option to unlock from apple watch. there's no option for me to utilize that feature under Settings. bummer because I was looking forward to it

Price, price, price.... $30/year or free (for only 2 accounts that don't sync with other devices) is an incredibly poor pricing structure. The free option does very little toward making the online world more secure and undermines the problem your app is trying to solve. $30/year for this functionality, competing against the big names like Google, Microsoft, and Apple is far too high an annual cost. The app looks and works great, but your pricing model makes it *very* easy to set aside in favor of any of the alternatives.

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Why. It doesn’t give me unlimited amount of Authenticator

Glitchy. It’s glitchy almost feels dodge

🤬. i cancelled the subscription so the money didn’t get taken but the app was playing up so now they have taken money because this stupid app wouldn’t let me cancel 🤬

Please help. I’m not getting any notifications to reset an account i need to log into, i sent the 6 digit code to this app but it didn’t workkkkk helppppp

Can’t get into the app. I have lost my password and I can’t use the app , no way to recover or reset my password . I have subscription which I can’t cancel now as I can’t get onto the app

Great app!. I went looking for a new authenticator because the previous one I was using was not being updated. This little guy rose to the top. Been using it for a few months now and I haven’t been disappointed. Does everything it says on the tin and does it well. Highly recommended:

cant recover. cannot recover my discord account its really not good for business if you make people pay to get their accounts back like seriously i cant get my account back its so annoying!

Terrible. I had authenticators for 2 games, came on here to get my code and the 2 games I had set up have been removed, useless

Beats SMS. It's just working! It’s a simple, easy to use app that provides you with the security you need to protect your accounts. In addition, it allows for the addition of new accounts easily. It’s a must have that can be used flexibly in many instances! A good, stable app; highly recommended !

Problem. I cannot get this app to work

Waiting. Wait for the E contacr

Worth the money. Makes it so much better having this on the computer and not having to use my phone as well. The syncing is so good, and you can have it on your menu bar and widgets! Exactly what i was looking for (only downside is its basically useless if you dont pay, but its still super cheap!) Perfect!!!!

awesome. literally the best authenticator app thanks

Unusable. Absolutely ridiculous

It’s horrible, do not recommend. A simple app requires you to get a 14.99 subscription just for a couple of uses

Waste of time. What a waste of a download it says free but you can’t even use it you can’t sync anything without paying the $7.99 a month subscription wast of time !!!

K Ff Inhesgv d div Ff fs. It’s insanity Jarvis

Subscription Price jumps almost 100%!!!!!. Was just about to purchase yearly subscription but noticed almost 100% increase from when the developer of the app in April was justifying $7.99 to another reviewer. Before you (developer) try to justify this 81.61% increase in a mater off couple of months, it is no way acceptable I’m sorry. To almost double ($15) the price, you’ve lost me. As for the so called free app won’t even allow you to export more than 2 accounts only, which you deliberately exclude. Don’t Recommend this app. Deleted. Update: Response to developer. A good coffee ☕️ for $15 is way too high hence the price for your app. A “guarantee”? There has been many promises broken by many people guaranteeing things and no one can be given the benefit of the doubt when they say “guarantee” unless it’s on paper I’m sorry. New and old users having different prices of almost double the price doesn’t sit well either. The more reason not to purchase this app. Thank you for your response nevertheless. Never the less and no real justification.

Love this App. I’m quite ignorant when it comes to computers etc. but with the help of their service department I have set up this Authenticator to use with a password manager. I’m very happy with the result and performance. Stan

Absolutely Rubbish. This just adds another complicated layer of bs to a system that was working just fine. If something is working ok leave it the fxxk alone . And now we get charge subscription fees

Amazing app!. This app works very well, I love the synchronisation feature, if I forgot my phone I can still access my codes from my Mac!

Great. this product is great, works well, qr scanner is amazing and it is clean and easy access especially with access to widgets.

Good. Good

Garbage. Only 2 acc?

The Best Authenticator on Earth. The Best Authenticator on Earth is at your fingertips, this one!

Worth every cent. As a general rule I do’t like free apps - the old adage if you’re not paying for the product, you are the product rings loudly in my ears every time I see something “FREE”. This is especially true when it comes to anything security based; paying for apps so they are not incentivised to sell your data or passwords or whatever else is a good idea, at least IMO. For $14.99 a year I get a great app that syncs across all my apple devices, easily allows me to incorporate 2FA on every possible app or log-in and has an incredible support team - if you are serious about security but don’t think it should be a hassle to be secure, then this is the app for you.

It don’t work!. What I said.

No windows for sync. I subsricbed then cancelled. I saw the Edge extension and just assumed it was supported but needs a mac to install the base program. Amazing on the iPhone though.

dont waste ur time getting this. i had this and u can only have two accs, wasted my time

CYA. DONT DO IT, if you lose you’re phone you’re screwed trying to get in again

All Round excellent. Works very well and the desktop APP comes in very handy

Very good. I have downloaded this app to sync my account with Apple Watch and it works perfectly. I’m very happy that I found this Authenticator. The 7$ of year totally worth it.

Awsome. This is a really good app!!

Hassle Free. Using this app is Stress free in many ways. I will recommend this diffinately

Best ap. Works well, saves time and cloud back up is the best

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Works as described. Can’t unsubscribe.. Downloaded the app to use once. 3 day free trial. Then there’s no option to cancel. So they charge you a monthly amount. Waste of money. Look into it before you download.

Automatic subscription. Don’t download it!!! Downloaded the app for trial only, but it automatically subscribed to premium with no option to cancel the subscription. The support says to cancel it from the Apple ID, but there is no option to cancel this subscription there, only to update the plan. In Apple ID it is said to cancel it from the application website..which send you again to the Apple ID….

Doesn’t work, no support by email — beware. I paid for the subscription and followed all the docs but the codes won’t sync to my Mac as advertised. I reached out to support and nobody got back to me.

Scammed. I wanted to try for free but when I selected try for free it brought up a payment and my finger was on the scan so it went through right away! Why would a payment come up when I select try for free? Doesn’t make sense!

Tricked me into premium. App fools you into grabbing premium and then doesn’t have an easy way to cancel!

This made me feel distrust…. NOTE:I don’t completely blame anyone, this sort of works so make sure to read all of this to understand. You should be ashamed of what this could’ve caused. I only made it so it works for a minute, a few days, perhaps weeks, later, it didn’t work. My dad afterwards got Microsoft Authenticator, it worked just fine as this used to. If my ROBLOX account got hacked and this started to happen, you’d be to blame. Hope this can lead to like Microsoft Authenticator. A few months later, I decided to write this, if needed, I’ll come back. But as of now, I feel distrusted by your work, even apps. Thanks for reading Developers if you see this. I hope this wasn’t too rude, but, I think this might help, I don’t know. As of what I know, more negative reviews are more likely to be ignored no matter what, especially when there is no nice stuff afterwards.

Beer Authenticator around. Always works the best

It’s good. I like it and it works well

Wont let me cancel premium. I’ve tried to cancel my premium subscription. I’ve emailed them and everything. They never answered and still charged my card

Excellent Support. I use Authenticator on 3 devices but had trouble syncing my iPhone with the other 2. I didn’t want to have to start over if I couldn’t sync all devices. Somehow my passwords to the app got mixed up. One email to support and they quickly showed me the solution. I didn’t lose anything. Well worth the subscription fee.

Can’t even use it. This app sucks you can’t even use it cmon do better you money hungry losers

H. Just here for gta 5

Finally, the best 2fa app. It’s really the best. Mac, iOS, iPad and Apple Watch. iCloud sync and even widget. I 100% recommend this app. 👌

Great app. Well deserved the 5 stars.

Why won’t the codes work?. I’m Trying to put a code in to verify me into one of my accounts for something and none of the codes generated work and neither do the back ups I’m going to contact service help-

Amazing.. This app works like a charm. It’s encrypted with a password, and it has never failed on me so far. 100% recommended to anyone looking for alternatives to Google Authenticator.

Where is the help / setup etc - not apparent where ther is anything. Can I do ZERP stars!

Unable to sign in. Not enjoying this app as it does not send me a verification code

Sucks. I can’t even get a code don’t know where to find them and no help at all

Has worked a couple of times maybe. Every time I get a message to use Authenticator, I open it up and there are a few things listed and like two are counting down, but the app asking me to use it does not appear. I don’t get it. I always have to go back to the app and select log on with a different method, choose send text and that always works of course. I’ve found this app to be nothing but frustrating and never useful. I would love support to respond with a reason that this is happening, but I won’t hold my breath.

As people already said. It's wayyy better than google authenticator

Authentic stir. Great

worked, then didnt. dunno it its just crypto or the auth app. grrr

I love this app!. I don’t know why this app have bad reviews, because it’s amazing. Looks like someone is trying to low the rating. Fantastic, multiple device support, I use this app on my Watch, iPhone and even Mac work’s perfectly. The support is even better fast response and they even added the missing icon I have asked. Recommend!

!!!. I Like This Because I Can Do This Without Google From My Macbook!

This app is horrible. This app made me pay 20 dollars for a subscription when I didn’t subscribe or do any of that. Don’t download this app unless you are ready to PAY!

The sync feature accross devices is a no-brainer!. Just the right app I was looking for!

Code isn’t working for me. I’m pretty sure I lost my ps4 account, trash authenticator

Taking money from me every month with no way to cancel. This 2FA is a money grab

Be Carefull !!!. The app charged me for annual subscription even though I opted for free trial. It steals your money without letting you know.

Un bon gestionnaire de jeton 2fa. Un bon gestionnaire de jeton, l'interface est belle et propre. Merveilleux, on peut l'ouvrir avec face-id ou touch-id. On peut voir nos jetons sur notre montre. Quelques petits problème ici et là. Mais de loin la meilleur app que j'ai vu et on est pas obligé d'installer un produit de Google.

Grr. Should have to pay for this

Really good app. Even tho it is a really good app, simple deleting and re installing the app delete the saved vaults, the vaults don’t even have a log in option, and the backup options costs money. I lost my discord account to this :(

Great app. Highly recommended for backups and cross-device 2FAs

It the best app. It has help me so much

Forgets Saved Codes. Backup turned on and forgot all saved logins when moving to new device. Permanently locked out of several accounts now.

Super responsive support. Had an issue when upgrading from an intel to an M2 macbook. Sent an email and got a response in less than 5 minutes, quickly solving my issue. Great app. Works perfect on my Mac, iPhone, and Apple Watch.

Reel Apple App. very freindley user and very handy

great!. great!

Complicates things!. If you lost your phone or its uncharged, forget it you are screw! I cliked on the "can't use my mobile app" and they send me to an option : we send you a code on your app!!! Some times i reaaally need to communicate or see my notes from school for an exam and it locked me! i hate it

Does what it is suppose to. Have set it up on my Mac, iPad and iPhone via iCloud.

Good for people that only have 1 account. You can literally only make 1 account, anymore and if will prompt you to get premium.

Absolutely needs a "Snap to menu bar" feature. This is a great app, but it's missing an important feature. I use multiple desktops and displays, and I find it inconvenient that the Authenticator UI acts like a normal window instead of a fixed menu bar dropdown. When opening Authenticator in the menu bar, very often it will switch back to a previous desktop I had open and this is very unintuitive. Please add an option to make this app snap to the menu bar and act like a dropdown instead of a normal window!

Makes things easy and safe. I'm really glad to have this app. It makes things so easy for authentication needs. It's been a year now and I'd reccommend to family and friends without hesitation.

Absolutely Perfect. This is easily the best the app-based authentecator app out there (yes, including those from Google and Microsoft). It works just as you'd expect on every Apple device. It even has this cool feature where you can scan a QR code on screen on your Mac! Super minor feature request: Since I'm already subscribed, it'd be great if iCloud sync turned on automatically when setting up a new device (that said, nice touch with the Welcome Back prompt)

Fun and easy to understand… nice App !!!!. Tan

life saver. Who ever built this is a life saver. I had to wipe myt mac top get unwanted stuff off and this saved my passwords. LOVE IT!!!

Bad customer service. I’m locked out of my instagram account and no matter how many times I have entered a code for instagram each time says please check your security code and try again. What security code??

Needs to be open, no background or menubar.. So far it works like a charm, the syncing is great. If it would work in the background as a service and be in the menu bar by the clock, that would be best. Why do I need to open an app, login and then have it on my desktop... It's an authenticator. Sometimes I need it, sometimes I don't. When I do, it's time sensitive.

Easy to use. Simple to lock into twitch quick :3

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Pretty good so far. Pretty good so far

This company is a scamer. I never authorized them to charge my credit card for a renewal after the trial period. Fortunately my credit card was not updated. THERE IS NOIT A PHONE TO CALL. AUTHENTICATOR APP BELONS TO SCAMERS, AND APPLE DOES NOT HAVE AN EYE ON THEM

WHAT DO I EVEN USE THIS FOR??. so.... do i have to PAY to back things up?!?! what the h*ll is the point of this app if i have to pay $9.99 a MONTH to back things up?

Premium worth its weight in Gold. The App is very user friendly and does a great job of providing the keys without any delays, hang time, freezes or bugs of any kind. I have used it extensively for over a year on all of my most important accounts. The vaults are also easy to maintain and organize. All of this with 1st Class Customer Service, particularly Vanessa!

Great to use. Not bad

Really good, problems with restoring purchase (FIXED). Really well designed, nice widgets and features. Only knock on it is that I seem to be having problems restoring the Pro version subscription on my iPad after purchasing it on my iPhone. It just says: “something went wrong, please try again.” If this issue is fixed, it’s a perfect app! Edit: Problem resolved in the newest update, thanks dev!

Horrible useless app. Horrible useless app. Call me, for more explanination. IF you are intrested!

TOO MUCH. I am locked out of several apps. Can't fix it. I am a Veteran and cannot access my Veteran accounts with Veterans Affairs and DFAS!!!

nice app. helps alot with my money accounts

Great app. Fully functional and convient.

No refund. Authenticator was wrong app - signed up and there is no way to stop purchase or get refund of the $10. Beware this is NOT the google or microsoft auth app. It's a third party app.

Not a bad app…. This app is nice It works well doesn’t spam me with ads and it’s pretty cool with the finger scan lock instead of typing the password in everytime, having other people next to you see you type your password in although the only thing I don’t like about it is that you can only add two apps for 2fa after that I had to upgrade and when I deleted one 2fa account it didn’t let me re add it without paying to get it added on… that’s my only issue and my last question is why doesn’t the app maker respond to any of these reviews I checked another 2fa app reviews and the creator of the app was interacting with there customers responding to reviews and taking in consideration of problems people had. An app that has the feature to be able to talk to someone about your problem is the best vs one that doesn’t give you any information on weather the issue would be fixed or kept that way… still a good app don’t get me wrong I just stated my experience with the app…

Hmm.... I was fooled into believing that Authenticator was an official Microsoft app.

Simple, Convenient, Invaluable.. I have been using this app for over two years now as a Premium subscriber. It’s worth it’s weight in gold. I initially signed on simply because I wanted to use an authenticator app on my Apple Watch that could easily sync with my phone. That alone makes the subscription worth it. But there have been a number of times I needed to sign into another device, replace a device, etc., and the account sync option makes this product so much better than having to export and import QR codes to and from devices I want to use.

Poor and expensive. Unstable and very expensive for what it provides!

Better than the Rest!. I have used several other 2FA apps but none have matched the functionally and convenience of the Authenticator app. Love having the ability to sort all of your entries (nobody else offers that, that I know of). Having over 100 (both Business and Personal) 2FA codes set up, this feature alone is worth the price of admission. Keep up the great work!

Everyone else is a @#$!. Am I the only one tired of giving up everything on my devices to who knows who. This is the only Authenticator I’ve found that, what it does take, it claims to not link to you. Compare them, they’re detestable, immoral, and simply loathsome. Thank you for letting me purchase something and not have you make ‘a little on the side’ after the sale… oh and it works great as well LOL

No user infromation. It is not obvious how to use the app and there are no help files available. I will now try to fona danother app for this purpose.

Great App!. This has be a great app! And sync's across all my Apple devices.

Beware. This app is not "symantec vip access", though it appears when symantec vip access is searched.

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well done keep up the good work. well don e the good work

EXTREMELY UNCLEAR DESCRIPTIONS FOR THE UPGRADED VERSION & THE FREE VERSION. NEED ASSISTANCE ASAP.. I'm quite frustrated because I need to use an authenticator app and this was the only app with a substancial amount of downloads & reviews. I download this "free" app just to be led to a payment option to upgrade, but there is NOT any information or list explaining the advantages of upgrading and what's not included on the free version of the app.... PLUS, to get to the free version there's a discomforting sales tactic as the link to continue without upgrading/paying that reads "STAY UNPROTECTED" like WHAT? The ENTIRE purpose of this app is to PROTECT my apps & passwords so why would I download it if it's literally stating it won't protect me...? PLEASE clarify the properties that the Upgraded version has that the Free version does not, as well as a list of properties that the free version WILL provide for me. It's honestly quite mind boggling that I have to PAY for app & account security for my Macbook... not everyone has the pretty penny to blow on overpriced subscriptions every month, I don't care if it's $4- I can't afford it. I am REQUIRED to use some sort of Authentication App for work so I'm really stuck right now because I fear taking a chance with the other free apps considering the POOR ratings or >100 ratings/downloads to research from. I could care less if it was any other type of app but this is for the sole purpose of SECURITY.... Why would I download a possible fraudulent app and why doesn't Apple desipher hacker apps before releasing them to the public to download. I just need to get into my accounts so can this developer contact me ASAP before I lose my job due to inability to follow simple instructions...thanks.

A must for Mac users. Great Mac/iOS integration. Makes entering OTP's a breeze.

Great alternative for 2FA. I was looking for an alternative to Microsoft authenticator app after I had security issues with my iOS app unable to restore after someone stole my iCloud backup and accounts... This app gets you the basic features of what you need for an authentication app for iOS or a few extras for $4.99 for an entire year of premium subscription! Very reasonable for any app's premium features. I do wish the developers would take note that a few accessibility friendly features would be much appreciated by those who need them. Like maybe choice of a few select themes with distinct colors more readable to the eye, option for bold print menus, better organized features in the settings (ie. Removal of descriptions of each menu item in settings, or the option to do so, to condense making it easier to see and read... OR integrate the advanced settings --All 2 of them-- into the regular settings menu...). Thanks for an overall decent app!

It's great.. It would be more great if it didn't pester me to write a review.


Great, until you want to leave. We’d hate for something to eh.. happen to your accounts. You know what I’m sayin? $50/yr and we’ll make sure it doesn’t come to that. I completed the year subscription a couple months ago, and am now wanting to consolidate my accounts elsewhere. The company makes it easy to import your data from any other 2FA service, but there isn’t any documentation on exporting your data to another service. This with the reminder that my data is unprotected every time I open the app feels wrong. During the devs sandboxing and development, I could see this being overlooked. But when pushing to UAT and Production, it doesn’t make sense. Either due diligence on full user flows wasn’t done (red flag for a security app), or worse yet, they intended to force customers to stay.. moving their hands from their keyboards to your back pocket.

Security Security. Great app for security

Does it sync to watch? Doesn’t seem to. I was setting this up and liked the desktop app but I added in my MFA codes and they sync from phone to PC. But there’s a watch option and even uninstalling and reinstalling, adding removing to the watch, both the widget and the watch app never sync my codes over. I’d pay for this if that worked but it doesn’t seem to. I might just stay with my free Microsoft Authenticator app then unless it would just start syncing but after about 6 hours, nothing has changed. 2 days left in trial and then uninstalling. Desktop Mac app was nice though

Infuriating app!. Recently my phone was broken completely and I had to get a new device. I log in on the app I paid for on my new iPhone to use it to get into my social media accounts. Low and behold the app DELETED THE INFORMATION and now I’m locked out of my big social media accounts! May not sound important but I’m an influencer this is my business how I make my INCOME!! I tried contacting the app to have them help me recover said “codes” or whatever and no reply no way to reach them! I’m losing out on THOUSANDS of $$$ because of some dumb app I paid $50 for!!!! This should be illegal!

I’ve been looking for this app!!. This is the app I’ve been needing -never again will I lose all of my 2FA if I lose my phone. Ran into a small issue getting the premium account synced from both my iPhone and Mac, but found that you’re “start over” beta feature made it easy to understand and choose the same vault between both devices. Great work!!

Annoying they keep asking me to rate them. Interupts my workflow

Great Implementation!. This implemenation is really great!

for thanks. very good and thanks for this app

kt. easy to import

Horrible. This is a horrible

Didn’t work and charged me twice. I had to have an authenticator app so I used this one. I could never get it to let me in to my Facebook page. Facebook kept saying the codes it sent weren’t correct. When I finally gave up and tried to cancel my subscription just now I see that there are two! I’m being charged twice for an app that I can’t use. I’m going to write the company. I’m giving two stars because I think it works on my Instagram. But it has to work on both as my store is connected to both accounts. I wish it had worked.

Awful. one of the least helpful apps of all time.

Pleased With This App. I was on a hunt a week ago to find a 2FA app that would specifically work on my Watch. A quick search found this app and I see why! It works great not only for my iPhone but on my Watch. I no longer need to use my phone to enter 2FA codes as they appear right on my Watch display - pretty darn awesome! Also, the Support team is very responsive with answering questions. Wished I had discovered this app much sooner. Keep up the great work!

awseme app for macboook. great easy to use app

Free version onlyl supports 2 accounts. Which is nuts. This app should clealy state is charges a subscription to be useful, and that it costs $15 per year.

Good App. This application really do the job.

the widget shows wrong number. the widget is correct at first, but later it shows wrong number and you have to restart the system or re-add the widget in the notification center

way too complicated. I am the most intelligent, but am not stupid. This is way too complicated for me

LOVE. Really like this. One of my essentials.

Outrageous False Advertising!. It is outrageous for this application to show up as Microsoft Authenticator! It is no such thing and NOT a Microsoft product. I deleted it before it finished downloading. You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves for such blatent false advertising!

reasonable. Good

Review. Good

Authenticator APP causes Hotmail recovery problems!. I hate this app. The 2 step verification leads to going in a vicious cirlcle when trying to recover my hotmail account! A grand DISSAPPOINTMENT! Locked out and cant access authenticator numbers!!

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 3.26.1
Play Store com.2stable.2fa
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

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The application Authenticator App was published in the category Productivity on 18 November 2020, Wednesday and was developed by 2Stable [Developer ID: 1534145511]. This program file size is 124.09 MB. This app has been rated by 17,012 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Authenticator App - Productivity app posted on 13 April 2024, Saturday current version is 3.26.1 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.2stable.2fa. Languages supported by the app:

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Authenticator App App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Fixed a bug on the Subscription Screen. If you love our app, don't forget to rate us! Your positive feedback makes our day.

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