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Meet your Google Assistant. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help.

Find answers and get things done while on-the-go with the help of your Google Assistant. Remind yourself to stop by the store, pull up your travel photos to show a friend, or make a dinner reservation.

With the Assistant app, you can:
- Make quick phone calls (e.g. "Call Mom.")
- Send text messages (e.g. "Text my bestie.")
- Email your boss (e.g. "Here is the latest TPS report.")
- Set reminders (e.g. "Remind me to buy a birthday gift for Sarah.")
- Set calendar events (e.g. "Set a calendar event for dinner with Charlie tomorrow from 7-9.")
- Play music (e.g. "Play jazz music on YouTube.")
- Navigate places (e.g. "Get me directions home.")
- Weather information (e.g. "Do I need an umbrella today?")

*Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Google Assistant App Description & Overview

The applications Google Assistant was published in the category Utilities on 2017-05-18 and was developed by Google LLC. The file size is 212.08 MB. The current version is 1.6.2408 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

We've updated the app to bring you the best Assistant experience. This release contains bug fixes and stability improvements.

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Google Assistant Reviews


Music  CutePandaSoundcloud  1 star

I am trying to put a song that I want but it keeps changing


I hope this app have Cantonese language.  ddddgvvjbbjbbdazgbcbjj  5 star

I hope this app have Cantonese language.


Ít ứng dụng có thể mở lên  trinhluongtb  4 star

Lệnh mở ứng dụng (đã được cài) thì G.A lại mở web


Falls short of the Android version  jordanvancampen  3 star

Marking reminders as done from the app is beyong broken. I always get an error when trying to do so.


Recurring reminders bug  happy_symptom  2 star

Even after I delete them it still reminds me. Every. Day.

New update failed

Can’t use mic in app  New update failed  1 star

I can not give the app directions by voice. It only pics up 1 or 2 words.

mun Hamza

Other languages  mun Hamza  3 star

Didn’t support Arabic language


Crashes  wequtren  2 star

Does not give up to date information Then stalls or crashes Keep having to uninstall then reinstall


Bugs  GoodLieYoung  2 star

Cannot use Google assistant with my Bose quiet comfort 2 headphones. Whenever I go to my headphones settings within the assistant the screen keeps flickering. Already sent feedback but the diagnostic data should be sent to you automatically withput me having to do part of your work. App is useless for me right now.


Needs better integration with other Google apps.  Landden  4 star

It needs better integration with other Google apps like 'Tasks' or 'Keep'.


No voice options  Clickalick  1 star

It would be cool to have a male voice or even better, a gender neutral voice. Also I don’t need ‘turning on the lamp’ when I can see the lamp is turned on. Pretty basic stuff you would think.

genuisess pros dudes

Thanks  genuisess pros dudes  5 star

It is really helpful to many things and instead of typing the big question I can just speak and it tells me many jokes


Suggestions for future versions  smcisaac  4 star

For the iOS version the app may benefit from a ‘complication’ so people can easily use the assistant with the Apple Watch. Also, would like to see accessibility of ones ‘lists’ within the app, as loading outside the app seems to get blocked. Not sure if other people would like it but perhaps emergency notifications (eg flooding, storms, bushfires) based on location, pushed to the user in emergencies. Yes it hopefully wouldn’t be triggered often but imagine google assistant and google home saving lives!


WON’T WORK WITH QC 35’s  nickcraig223  1 star

This is one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever had to deal with. I have literally tried every single thing you can think of. Eracing and reinstalling the apps multiple times, deleting the Bluetooth history or memory from the QC35’s even making a new Google account, powering down my phone countless times and all it says is “Open the Google assistant app on your phone and try that button again” PLEASE HELP MEEEE


I think it’s rubbish  Cazz58  1 star

I can’t play music, can’t listen to radio because I don’t use the apps it wants me to use and pay for. The two main reasons I wanted it. I’m going to smash it. It’s useless to me.


Siri shortcut doesn’t work.  !slop!  3 star

If you set the Siri shortcut to “okay google” or “hey google” it will not work. Siri will just laugh at you. But as far as VAs go I couldn’t find anything that google assistant can do that Siri can’t, accept she has a ton more answers for random questions (nice touch). I’ll continue to use Siri only coz it obviously works a lot more seamlessly with iPhones, or any apple products for that matter. Thanks for sharing tho google.


This version is unusable  pmcc87  1 star

It continually asks me to sign in and I’m unable to do anything. Usually it works very well and I have no problems with other google services


Keeps trying to do better by doing the same.  Chester2234  1 star

Deleted this ap after 3 minutes. Didn’t get one single query right.


No Location  Raven393  3 star

Doesn’t seem to be able to access your current location making any location based questions almost useless


Useless  Poida121  1 star

Useless, doesn’t listen or comply


Unable to use  木旺旺  4 star

I used Google Assistant on Android, and I know it's great, but this time I didn't respond when I used it on the iPhone. No matter what I said or typed, it didn't react. It seems that there is no internet connection, but my YouTube and Google can use it normally. This is a good voice assistant, I hope to solve this problem.


🤤it’s so happy you support Simplified Chinese finally!  阿微的号  5 star

Please support Simp Chinese in Android ASAP!


Use it everyday, but wish it had more  Eandcoen  4 star

I really love the Google assistant and it would be a dream come true if it could be my default assistant. However, I feel like this app could give me some more info on my day or some more controls over my household. Also, the really weird interfere for googling something though this app makes me never Google through it anymore. Also, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DARK MODE!? I want dark mode in every app, and I was so excited when we got it here! Please bring it back! Anyway I really do love the Google assistant, just wish this app gave me a bit more.

Christine J l

It makes me feel great when I'm bored  Christine J l  5 star



Security  allinforit  2 star

Need to make it more secure. A log in with the app maybe. People can hack your internet and access your google home. Until this is done I am unwilling to purchase more google home items (camera, thermostat).

See Ya!

Voice not working anymore.  See Ya!  1 star

As of today neither Google Home or Google Assistant react to voice commands. I see them effect the icon (movement as I speak), but both apps only follow keyboard commands. Voice works on other Apple apps. Rebooted apps and iPhone.


It is really bad  Elithecomputerguy  1 star

I have to say ”ok google” two times in order to work it never works on single time i am not happy


На Русском языке Такое же Г... как и сири  dims65  1 star

Так же ищет в интернете всякую чушь как и сири , тупая железяка.

Dev John

Why use this when you got good ol’ Siri  Dev John  1 star

Siri is way better than this because you can activate with voice, this is more of for androids


No good on IOS  NIKMODY  2 star

Stupid iOS restrictions that’s why I can’t use this great app. On iOS from any page like I can on androids On iOS I’ve to go to a page where google asst. is app. Is placed making it totally useless on iOS but performs great on Android platform


Good assistant but needs better integration with iOS  Cearbhall  3 star

Google’s assistant is perhaps the most capable at the moment. However the app loses a couple of stars as its widget doesn’t serve any purpose other than launching the app, and its notifications for subscriptions need to provide actual useful information rather than reminding you what your subscription is and forcing you to launch the app to get the info. In the meantime, switch off the widget and mute notifications. They’re not worth system resources or your attention.

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