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Google Assistant [Utilities] App Description & Overview

Meet your Google Assistant. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help.

Find answers and get things done while on-the-go with the help of your Google Assistant. Remind yourself to stop by the store, pull up your travel photos to show a friend, or make a dinner reservation.

With the Assistant app, you can:
- Make quick phone calls (e.g. "Call Mom.")
- Send text messages (e.g. "Text my bestie.")
- Email your boss (e.g. "Here is the latest TPS report.")
- Set reminders (e.g. "Remind me to buy a birthday gift for Sarah.")
- Set calendar events (e.g. "Set a calendar event for dinner with Charlie tomorrow from 7-9.")
- Play music (e.g. "Play jazz music on YouTube.")
- Navigate places (e.g. "Get me directions home.")
- Weather information (e.g. "Do I need an umbrella today?")

*Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Google Assistant Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We've updated the app to bring you the best Assistant experience. This release contains bug fixes and stability improvements.

Google Assistant Comments & Reviews

- I love it so much more than Siri

For the user that wants it to tell your daily reminders or your whole week at once you can easily add it in your routines. It’s as easy as saying “good morning” and it tells your events for the day. It will send texts and play music and read you the news and tell you if there’s traffic on your normal commute all with one command “I’m up or Good morning”. You can even tell the app that you are on your way home and it will text whomever you have it set up to and or broadcast to the speakers in your house to let everyone know that you you are indeed leaving work. It is so much easier than telling Siri to text each person and telling her 4-5 times just to get “one task done”. Even dinner is ready and it broadcasts to the kids rooms or phones just set it up. This is A+++

- What went wrong.

I had an iPhone 6s and I used this app with my fossil watch and it worked great. I got my text messages and phones calls and reminders and all. But then something went wrong with this app. I did an update and then it stopped working. I was no longer getting my text messages. Everything else was working fine. So I removed the app and then downloaded it again hoping it would work and it did not not. So then I thought maybe it was my phone because it was an older iPhone and the app was updated maybe there were some changes and my phone just was not getting it due to being old. So I upgraded my I phone to an iPhone XS Max hoping it would work. Excited to get the app downloaded and updated and set up my watch to my new phone and nothing. Still no text messages. I was very disappointed. I just don’t understand what went wrong if it was working fine before. Please go back and check to see what you did a few updates ago that changed to not receiving text messages any more. With every update I have hope that I will get my text messages again and still nothing no text messages coming in. That is the only thing that is missing from this app update and I don’t know why or what happened to stop receiving text messages. Please bring back the text messages so I can use this app again with my I phone.

- Lists

Overall the app is great, but I live off of my lists. I wish you could customize them a little bit more. With the grocery list a lot of times the items fall under the incorrect category. Even when they are named correctly. Just a small thing but irritating when at the grocery store having to scroll through the list over and over again to make sure that I’m not leaving an area of the market just to find an item on my list as I get towards the end of my shopping. Would be nice if you could pull/rearrange The categories according to what you would like to see first. (Example: when I walk through my grocery store the order is; vegetables and fruit, bakery, meat, dry goods, cereals and breakfast, baking, snacks, dairy, frozen.) I personally would like it better if I could rearrange the categories according to my walk through the grocery store. It would just be less stopping and scrolling in the isles. And I wish it wouldn’t allow me to duplicate items. Sometimes you forget that you already added bananas to the list… We have an Alexa as well and she says that it’s already on the list and does not add any duplicates. Again, I really do like the app it’s just personal preference from features that I appreciated from other apps and some feedback.

- Needs improvement

While i think it works fine there are interactions that I don’t like. For example, having to say “hey google” every time. I’d much rather just be able to say “Google, turn on the lights”. Also many times I will say “hey google” and wait to see if the devices heard but they never have any feed back, like “yes?” Or “how may help?”. Adding these makes it feel less like I’m just talking to myself and more natural. And when it hears the command it always should repeat it back such as “Okay, turning on the lights”. Also the app has a significant delay in communicating with devices. It needs to be sped up a bit. Also not being able to use the app while my phone is locked is a huge down fall. I currently have a shortcut set up so I don’t even have to touch my iphone. Simply say “hey Siri” “turn off the lights” and through the shortcut in the iPhone it communicates with google assistant and is the equivalent of saying “hey google turn off the lights”. However it currently only works when my iPhone is unlocked. If it isn’t the command either fails or ask me to unlock the iPhone which defeats the purpose it all.

- Does NOT work well with Xbox One X

I downloaded this app because it advertised that you could connect to an Xbox console and use voice commands through your phone to do everything from turning it on to open apps for you. First problem I had is that it doesn’t open the proper game you ask for, for example : “Xbox open Call of Duty Modern Warfare” rather than trying to open the new 2019 Modern Warfare it tries to open the original game Call of Duty 4 for Xbox 360. Second problem I had was even following all of the instructions of putting instant on so you can turn on or off the console from the app it does not work at all. Third problem I had was that it takes anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes for the console and the app to communicate, for example: “Xbox open Netflix” nothing happens for 5 minutes and after you have already opened the app it causes the entire app to restart and kicks you out of whatever you were doing. Overall one of my least favorite google applications to date. Love my google home mini and every other google product I’ve bought has worked great, but this apps usability even compared to the google home app has been nothing but issues on my Xbox or IPhone X

- Has Potential but Falls Short for iPhone 6 Plus

Does not have the ability to wake from sleep when plugged into my car which means that I have to wake Siri to open the Google Assistant App while driving my car. Does not have the ability to silence my phone or take it off of silence because it is an iPhone. The only time it is useful is in the morning when I click on the microphone and say, “Good morning Google.” At that time it follows the routine. I have gone over every setting and it does not provide the hands free usage which makes it useless. When I ask for it to tell me the weather or traffic, it pulls up the websites. It is no better than Siri in any way and is actually deficient because I can use Siri hands free while driving. I can wake Siri with, “Hey Siri,” while it is plugged in and can tell it to send text messages, read text messages, open apps like music, notepad, etc. Because I use Google for most things, I was looking forward to the Google Assistant but rarely use it and am likely to delete it.

- Siri who?

seriously, google assistant is way batter than Siri and Alexa. shes so helpful and has so much personality which is kinda ironic for a bot. shes fun and i love her use of emojis and sound effects. the only thing i would suggest is that google gives her a name or nickname, like how Siri and Alexa have. when you ask “whats your name?” or “what can i call you?” she simply says that her name is Google Assistant. i have tried asking if i could change it or give her one but its not something they allow you to do. i feel like she should have an actual name (because saying “Google Assistant” is a bit inconvenient and i'm sure everyone else would agree) otherwise we should have the option to give her a nickname just like we’re given the option to tell her to “call me ___” or “my name is ___”

- Could be improved

This app is almost perfect, I really enjoy Google Assistant so much more than Siri or Alexa, the interface is clean and easy to use, and I actually enjoy using the app and find it fun. However when I ask Google what’s on my calendar, it does not list everything that’s on my Google Calendar, just the things that I have entered through Google Assistant. (For example, if I create an event through the Calendar app, the Assistant does not read or recognize it). I also wish that there was a way for Google Assistant to list all events and reminders when asking about my day. I have to ask separately “what are my events this week” and then “what are my reminders this week”. If there was a way to see everything at once that would be great. All in all, this app is the best personal assistant I’ve used so far and I highly recommend it.

- Way better than siri

I recently needed to do some projects and used Siri it get information hands free, however I found out that it is very limited and only reads info from Wikipedia, I can barely even show some pics! Then I got this app, and I'm impressed by Google answer to siri. The "ok, Google" feature works 99% of the time for my horrible accent and the voice is very cheerful and fluent. Its ironic that a 3rd party application does better than what Siri can do. Information is usually on pint and the new connecting with Chromecast is very useful. This app a nessacity is all iphones and should be kapt in the iPhone dock. Theres is literally nothing wrong with this pp for me other than the fact that accessing it is harder than Siri. This app and gboard is perfect t combination for your iphone.

- Better than Siri

I find the Google Assistant to be way better that Apple’s native solution that is Siri. I think it has more to do with how the information is packaged. Most of the time, the Assistant gives me something from the web, á la Siri, but instead of giving me the oft-repeated and annoying line “Here’s what I found on the web for...”, the Assistant gives me the result in a similar manner to the Top Stories feature on Google Search. I also use the 3rd-party integration much more than I ever have with Siri. My biggest problem with the Assistant is not exclusive to Google’s AI, (I have this complaint about Siri and Amazon’s Alexa as well) but nevertheless, there’s a discoverablity problem. As the Assistant is in an uncanny valley of intelligence, I’m not entirely sure of everything I can do at any given time. I think Google is at a good place of addressing this problem.

- Goodbye Siri, Hello Google Assistant! 😄

I have a iPhone, and at first when I never knew that I could get this app, I thought Siri was..okay. She never really understood much, normally responded with “I’m not sure I understand” and blah blah blah. But my friend told me about this app. First day using it and I’ve fallen in love. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you can play games like Freeze Dance and others, it tells WAY better jokes, and it is funny! My favorite is that it responds to emojis. On Siri, if you type a “😃” it says “I’m not sure I understand” or “I can search the web for that”. But with this, it actually says “🙂” back! This app is truly awesome, to whoever is reading this, ignore those bad reviews. This is an HONEST REVIEW, I love this app so much!

- Calendars!

This app could REVOLUTIONIZE how I use my phone and automate my home. But, my work uses Outlook and thus I need to use outlook calendars and events and this app just won’t handle that. It also won’t sync with any iCloud calendars. It only works with its Google calendar which is absurd seeing how even the Google Calendar app will work with all other calendars. But because this app drives the Google nest hub and will only work with one calendar form, that means I cannot use it for my nest display, or my “Hey Google”, or my Google routines. I still have Siri around, but I don’t have a hub and screen for Siri! I have the Google hub and screen, but my calendars won’t work. I hate everything. We are well into the new century, we can figure this one out. Either Google makes an app that reads app calendars for their hub, or Apple actually makes a hub. I don’t care who does what. Just somebody fix it.

- Needs to be iPad Native

Google Assistant is really nice to have on my iPhone and iPad. It does some things better than Siri, some things worse... mainly it’s more fun but less useful than Siri, but that’s mainly due to lack of system integration. My main complaint with this app is that it doesn’t run native on iPad. Seriously, at this point what excuse does an app have not to run native on iPad?? Apple has made it extremely easy to scale apps up for the bigger screen and higher resolution, and for an app with as simple of an interface as Google Assistant it would be rather easy to make it run beautifully at fullscreen on iPad using UIKit and AutoLayout. They could also optimize it for SplitView rather easily as well, which would be extremely helpful when multitasking. I hope they get on that, because it would make this app so much better!

- Better than Siri, but needs work

I find Google assistant to be much much better than siri when compared side by side, but it still could be improved upon. There appears to be no way to edit text if the voice recognition gets a qurstion wrong. You have to either repeat the question a few times until it gets it right or type it in manually. If it is just having a problem recognizing one part of a long question, having to type the whole question manually is frustrating. It would be much better to just have an option to edit the one word the speech recognition got wrong. This is annoying, and is soemthing siri does better. This is a total Siri killer.

- Amazing! But...

I love the google assistant! It’s great! However it would be even better if it had a hot word on iPhone. As of right now it only works in the app but it would be awesome if it worked outside the app. But it shouldn’t be ok google because the original google app uses that and they would conflict. It would be cool if it was something like “hi google” or “google assistant” and so on. But over all, this is the best ai experience I’ve come across. It’s useful, open, takes advantage of the google search engine, user friendly, unique, and has a slight charm and an almost a human personality and realistic interface.

- Problem with Response

Today’s response was perfect, however, normally (98% of the time) when I request this selection (which I particularly enjoy), there is a problem. I make the request, there is a positive response from google but it never makes the connection. I wait and wait and then I repeat it all with the same response and again wait and wait and finally it will sometimes connect. Sometimes I give up and make a different selection but don’t feel this should be necessary. I also had trouble with one of your smaller round “auxiliaries”. It would only play one song from any of my Pandora selection and then turned off. I got so exasperated with it, I finally threw it out! No, I never replaced it. Hope this helps.

- 5 stars 1 request

I’ve put 5 stars here because I think the assistant app is great. I have only one request....that they figure out how to let you change the reminder alert tones. It’s very convenient and quick to voice command a reminder for any time any date (even if it’s a year in the future, but the only alert tone available when you get your reminder is a 1 second chirp and it only chirps once. Pretty easy to not hear it. Please update the app so there are more reminder alert time options including repeat alert after 2 minutes. THANKS!

- Unreliable, but has potential.

I take eye drops twice a day, a need to keep my eyes closed to absorb the drops for 5 minutes. I start off with “hey google, set timer to 5 minutes”, and it works well some times, giving me a “ding, ding, ding, ding, ding” when done. However, after 3 to 5 days, is stops responding when the timer pops. The only solution, so far, after an hour chatting with Google support, is to delete the app and re-download and install. I’ve been through 6 iterations of this cycle. Siri is dumb, compared to GA, but it works consistently with timers. I’m done with you, GA; I’ll try Cortana or Alexa.

- Fun app

I downloaded Google Assistant app almost by accident. I didn’t even really start using it, it started using me. Started giving reminders for stuff it shouldn’t even know. But after clicking on to it a couple of times it got to point where I was on it daily to multiple times a day. How it has all the information it has is amazing. I’ve been reminded of birthdays and payments that were due and numerous other things. Sometimes it is a life saver. Reminding me of birthdays, anniversaries and more. I really enjoy the daily fun facts and jokes. I highly recommend it.

- I can’t believe how this assistant isn’t worth a zip

First off this assistant Is worthless and I don’t understand how anyone gets any kind of help other than the stupid erroneous repetitive answers constantly given. At least Siri is honest and only knows how to respond with “I don’t know” to everything. Ask a straight forward question and get such stupid answers so far from the main topic of the question is just not acceptable. In a way it’s a good thing it’s a stupid bot because I would not stop till I found it to prevent it from causing anger and frustration ever again to anyone else. Better yet it’s not necessary to throw your phone against the wall. Freakin ridiculous!! If your looking for a good test to determine your anger and frustration level I strongly recommend getting assists you’ll find out real quick.

- Assistant is the best.

I love the app, because it is accessible to the blind and the visually impaired community I also like the fact that you can also make it reed some random stories to you, that way you can come up with some crazy ideas, and even going to some amazing adventures with the assistant as well. There are no issues here to be found whatsoever I will continue to love the app as much as possible, thank you guys for your service and please continue to make the app officially accessible to make some new improvements into the future, thank you.

- HELP!!!!

I love this app so much, I truly do! I use it for many thing such as work, cooking, knowledge, and sometimes even for fun, but there's a problem...A GIANT ONE I can't seem to ask it some sertain thing, for it'll say "Sorry I can not do this at the momment please get started so that I can get more information to help you" then it brings me to this thing and it has a button that says "Get Started" I honestly really REALLY want to "Get Started" but it won't let me. I've tried so many times and pressed it so many times, but it still won't let me do it. I have even tried resetting my device, checked my settings, updated to the newest version, and I've even tried going to the Apple store. This is how much I really want this to work PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON, HELPPP MEEE!!

- Google Home is Awesome!

I think a lot of people go into these systems with crazy high expectations or set their system up backwards, like buying cameras and the a smart home system and then are disappointed something doesn’t work the way they wanted. For our current level of technology, I have been VERY pleased with what all Google Home has to offer. The Google Assistant is there to remind me of upcoming appointment, researching topics, music...etc. I intend to get my mother a couple of smart bulbs so that she can start utilizing hers for better security when she comes home.

- The best Assistant

Even before I had an IPhone, the google assistant to me was pretty great, the fact that it had games, and a variety of sets of things it can do aside from setting alarms, checking the calendar, the nearest restaurant, google maps and stuff, it was a whole bright amazing experience. But then after I started using an iPhone, I discovered more reason to love the google assistant even more, to the point that I am even downloading it on my iPhone right now because it’s way better. Massive Thanks to google for this assistant, I have Zero complaints. Peace

- Come on Google. Still no 3D Touch option for voice search on launch...?

The only reason I use Cortana over Google Assistant (and even Siri): Google Assistant still doesn't have the option to enable voice search/microphone on launch. I know you can say "Okay Google" but that's just an uncessaey step in my opinion. It's probably because Google hates Apple. Really though this lacked feature needs to change. The lack of a quick Google voice search upon laughing the application or a quick 3D Touch limits it's potential and functional abilities. Atleast Cortana can be launched with voice search/command right away. Although they're smarter than Siri, saying "Hey Cortana" or "OK Google" gets old. Sometimes when I’m in a hurry it's nice to quickly launch Siri or Cortana and get an response right away. I don't always want to Type to Assistant... (And correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Google Assistang once offered than slowly removed the voice search as a 3D Touch Option for Google Assistant, shortly after the application became available.)

- Stop Spiting each other Apple & Google

The application itself works great and I’d use it so much more than I do, if Apple didn’t restrict the use of Google apps on their devices - especially wearables. Once there is a decent wearable market, I’m jumping ship from the iPhone and iWatch (I like them well enough on their own, but I need my virtual assistant to see my diary and calendar and nothing can unseat Gmail and Google Calendar as the best). In short, stop fighting with each other Apple and Google - I want to be able to use my Google apps easily on my Apple devices.

- Needs improvement

Hello, I would like to start off by saying that I have the google home as well. Truthfully the google assistant could use bug fixes/improvements on the fact that it cannot respond and or process multiple sentences at once (ex. Would be asking it multiple questions in one sentence.) Also can’t define government descriptions . Such as (ex. Policies or laws.) last but not least is the hassle of always having it plugged in. It isn’t portable. Billion dollar company but won’t listen to what the people want. Smh lastly is the display on the google assistant app. I think it should display porous of why you're describing or little-handwritten examples or drawings. That is all. Peace out🧐

- Frustrating

The worst part is not being able to delete their stupid default “Routines”. Or at least give me the ability to disable them and hide them from view. Really annoying having to go in to each one and remove all the actions just to make them obsolete. Yet I still have them cluttering up the interface. It’s also very frustrating to need so many different Google apps. Why do I need Home and Assistant just to get some smart plugs to turn on and off. And then I need the Nest App to control the thermostat. What a clunky way to make things “smart”. Google needs to streamline all this for iPhone users. Of course, this problem would easily be solved if Apple wasn’t so stingy with its licensing, allowing for more third party hardware folks to incorporate HomeKit.


It has everything from games to work. Google assistant can do legit anything u ask her/him and definitely eat more than Siri. Goggle Assistant actually has an answer for anything u say. It’s the most entertaining and helpful app ever. Too lazy to get up and turn on the AC? Google assistant has it under control. Need a new background of a waterfall? Google Assistant will load you up. Bored? Google Assistant got a bunch of games and riddles up her/his sleeve for you to enjoy. Every single person in the world needs this app. I highly recommend it more than anything!

- Ever Evolving Google Assistant

If you understand how to use Google Assistant to its’ full capacity, you will be impressed with what it can do. I find no competition out there. It is a learner AI, so part of ur interaction/relationship is your own responsibility how it develops. Like anything else, the more you use it, the better you both get. If you wan to bark orders, expect not to grow just the same as any human relationship you are rude to. I love it and look forward to developing and learning all its capable of doing with me. Bravo Google Team!! Much apprech of you efforts.

- Other than a lack of live support, it is the best, and almost perfect

A recent update caused issues with Routines, which could not be addressed through live support because Google does not offer that for this service. However, after three weeks, the issue has been fixed with the most recent update (which does not acknowledge the bug), returning this to the best digital assistant on the market. If Apple allowed native integration (or even remapping of the power button to summon this app), I would never use Siri. Once an equivalent of Alexa’s Brief Mode has been added, it will be worth five stars.

- Lots of promise--some bugs

Very much enjoy using this app. It replaced Siri on my phone for many tasks, including sending text messages (voice language recognition is much better). Nonetheless, some buggy app behavior forced me to abandon it for the time being. Most annoying in my case was a bug interrupting music etc everytime I was on Bluetooth in my car. Assistant's voice would break in with something along the lines of, "Sorry, I'm not able to do that right now, you can do that on your phone." Over and over. Once I removed the app, this behavior stopped. I'll wait for a few more updates before trying this out again.

- Latest update still doesn’t work

Requires a daily reinstall. App will open, but touch is unresponsive. Only uninstall will work. I depend on this app for everything around my home. iPhone 12 pro. I wish I could replicate the steps or send a bug report, but the app doesn’t register as unresponsive. Just won’t accept touch input and I can’t do voice commands. I tried to circumvent listening to news via the google home app, but it sends me to the assistant app, which just remains frozen. Seems to most regularly happen after connecting to the Bluetooth in my car, or pairing to a non google Bluetooth speaker. Other than that, completely unresponsive until a reinstall. All permissions are enabled. Would love to send a log file to help.

- Brenda Judy.

I love this app I know I am going to be able to get my Facebook page back from Facebook messenger page. I also like the idea of the new help for me as I am 80yrs old and I have no one else to help me with anything else I appreciate you sharing this with hopefully more confidence in my life as well as I do need help with this I hope you have a good day my friends thank you for letting me join this weekend I hope you have a good day god’s blessings for all of you .. Signed by Brenda Judith McCurdy

- Use it everyday, but wish it had more

I really love the Google assistant and it would be a dream come true if it could be my default assistant. However, I feel like this app could give me some more info on my day or some more controls over my household. Also, the really weird interfere for googling something though this app makes me never Google through it anymore. Also, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DARK MODE!? I want dark mode in every app, and I was so excited when we got it here! Please bring it back! Anyway I really do love the Google assistant, just wish this app gave me a bit more.

- Almost perfect...

I have the date of birth of my siblings on google contacts. Most of my family’s information is on their contact page (birthday, addresses, relatives, nicknames etc.) and an issue I’ve always had is that google assistant doesn’t really take in contacts information. This feature would definitely be helpful but by default this should be disabled (prompt to access contacts) because it’s other peoples information. I hope this feature is taken into consideration and other than that the app works fantastically!

- Great Alternative to Siri

This is my go to when Siri isn’t functioning properly. I love that it provides a Snapshot of upcoming bills, events, ETA for my route to work, etc. The only things I’d recommend is creating a Snapshot shortcut on the Google app or even as a standalone or a widget for the Snapshot feature and also adjust the settings for Google to be an automatic default assistant for text messages whenever Siri is malfunctioning so that the assistant can send hands free texts and allow the user to be safe if driving or be able to perform whatever it is they need to do.

- Good, but restricted by apple.

I love Google assistant. I use it in my home for home control, alarms, questions, etc... However the app on iPhone is restricting. You have to go through steps of opening it like a normal app (I know that's just an Apple thing) but what gets me is reminders and directions. I'll use my Google home to set reminders to do something but my iPhone will not pop up with that reminder at the location or time I chose. Likewise, when I ask for directions it says "I sent them to your phone" but nothing ever come through. I use to be able to get reminders and such on my iPhone but they do not come through anymore like they are supposed to.

- Response and answers

Google is sometimes not responding to what I say or not giving me answers to questions that I ask.. other then that google is great... On that note there is one more problem and that is with google play, google will only play 2 or 3 songs and it stops and has been doing it for over 5 months now... wish this would get fixed...I love using google in my truck to play my music and at home .... It don’t make a difference where I am

- long as it works

I absolutely love this app, but far too often it seems to be kind of frozen when I first started so I have to close it and then re-open it and then it works, and it seems to need a lot of data for some reason which doesn’t really make sense since all it really does is a Google search and that should not take much brain power from the phone. It may have to do with how I have an iPhone, and sadly google and Apple aren’t friends, so us customers have to pay the price of their squabbling

- List is harder to use after update

Catch up one of the primary things are use Assistant for is my grocery list. Prior to the last update it was easy to use and easy to find but I cannot open it from the main screen any longer I seem to have to use voice commands in the grocery store and checking off items is hard to do and added more steps and frustrates me every time I try to bring it up the rest of the app I would give five stars but since this is one of the primary things are use it is becoming harder and harder to use with each update

- No longer allows results to launch in Safari

I found myself cheating on Siri. GA was so much smarter - granted, not as pretty. She was so much better at making me happy with search results, but then she changed; she got complacent and lost her train of thought. She used to let me take what she gave me and go over to Safari to dig deeper and save searches. But then she changed. Total bait and switch. It’s like some Chrome user didn’t like that Safari was able to play along, so she gave in to them and now she’s just no good to me. I hope you come around GA. I hope you come to realize the error of your ways.

- Siri has no purpose anymore

When I first got this app, I loved it. I never had a google home or anything, but I guarantee this is better. Like, everything in one place. I love it SO much. This app is probably my favorite now, because it is so organized and easy to use. Plus, if u want to talk to Siri you have to activate it, and do all that stuff that will waste your time. I can find dinner recipes, translate, and do all that stuff. I know I might sound like an ad, but I’m just telling u the truth.

- Better than anything

Well i think it is better than any thing because google assistant has got me through every single morning when i got it i didnt know what it was then a few days later i was just like omg this is really helpful to use and it was so werth the try and i was so excited that day i got it because it alerts me about everything i need to know so i think that you should test out google assistant and see what works for you

- Needs a lot of work

Way better than Siri for all the functions that Siri does ... search, texting, etc. I wish they would stop redesigning the entire UI every couple releases though. But when it comes to Google Home integration it’s awful. Buggy. Crashes when editing Routines. Cannot even create new Routines. Very little works as designed in terms of home automation or integration. Don’t know why this app comes up when I choose ‘More Settings’ in Google Home app. More awful app integration from Google. Guess I’ll wait to see when or if Google fixes the millions of bugs that make their product only function at about 5%. Do better.

- Frustrated

I have 3 nest minis. Very glitchy; does not learn. In fact, device gets dumber as we move on. It will suddenly stop recognizing lights, fans, washer/dryer, or even me... then a week later, start recognizing them again. I got so tired of resetting devices that I stopped and just let the minis glitch like they do for a few weeks. It will stop playing music at random, change our speaker set up at its own accord, skip songs on its own or just randomly stop playing. I’m very frustrated with the google nest minis because they do NOT perform. They struggle. Also, google will randomly talk to me as if I asked it something. Weird stuff sometimes

- I deleted this app and I somehow still have it

I got this app but it proved to be useless. So, I deleted it. But now after almost a year, I’m still getting requests for updates, and I still have it as one of my apps in settings. I have to admit it is kind of creepy that it still shows up. I don’t even have it on my home screen! I highly recommend making sure this is an app you really want or need. Because if you get it, then your not satisfied with it, you delete it, and you still have it, it might take up storage or just keep on saying you have an update for it. So I hope the same thing doesn’t happen to you but I can’t guarantee that it is or isn’t going to happen to you.

- Way better than Siri

much more accurate and more proactive at answering. Instead of directing you to the web and clicking links for the answer (hard to do while driving and a hassle overall) google assistant quite often tells you the answer. I would rather use the assistant my iPhone came with, but I just don’t feel it has improved in years. I would never buy any smart home product powered by Siri because of this.

- Great App

After using the assistant I’ve become more intrigued to use it over Apple, even though I’m all Apple. I’ve been using both for my home lights, electrical plugs and find the google assistant has even more features than I thought, I keep finding new ways to control the things I already have like my car I can now just say start my car and it does. Truly an app for daily use and most of all it’s user friendly.

- Ok Google Shortcut not working I'm going crazy

I downloaded this app and loved the shortcut. It was my favorite part of this app and recently it stopped working and not even the updates fix it. Trust me when I say I've tried everything to get this to work and nothing. I am going to uninstall and I won't recommended it to anyone. Why? Because if you claim that an app does something across all ios devices then it should work. The point of the app is to make things as seamless as possible and it's not doing that for me so I'm done I'm so frustrated because I really did enjoy the feature so much. I delete the shortcut, the app, the language, sign out of gmail, use different gmail. Nothing!

TransferWise 💸

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- Suggestions for future versions

For the iOS version the app may benefit from a ‘complication’ so people can easily use the assistant with the Apple Watch. Also, would like to see accessibility of ones ‘lists’ within the app, as loading outside the app seems to get blocked. Not sure if other people would like it but perhaps emergency notifications (eg flooding, storms, bushfires) based on location, pushed to the user in emergencies. Yes it hopefully wouldn’t be triggered often but imagine google assistant and google home saving lives!

- An awesome app

This wonderful app helps me everyday. To sending messages, checking the weather and playing music. There is nothing impossible for ‘the google assistant’. It is voice activated, and very compatible. It is free and helpful, who wouldn't want a small little helper everyday. The questions that you ask there is always an answer. It is very accurate and fast, there are many possibilities of the great thing that happen when you download Google assistant. This app deserves the best. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 5 stars

- Excellent with Google home

My house is fitted with multiple google homes and I adore its features. However knowing I can now turn lights, tvs, music etc on via this app when I’m away makes it even better. I also enjoy sustains my shopping list from anywhere in the house to google home and then accessing it via this app. I could go on for ever about how user friendly it is. I have not experienced any major issues so far so have given 5 stars.

- Very good app

Google is smarter than Siri. But she says she likes skateboarding and surfing and she says that she sleeps and she says she is learning new facts about lots of things, but she says that she loves me so please download this app right now and do not be mean to her like Siri. Because google is much smarter than Siri so download this app now from the App Store and have fun with google and google might not understand what you are saying so so if you need help she will be there

- My experience with google assistant

I find this is nothing like Siri and google assistant acts like another person that is always there for you. I would recommend this to everyone and google assistant can do a lot of things that other help systems can’t do.

- EVERYTHINGG IS GOOD except for one small bug

This is a great app, except that, everytime i open the app it automatically thinks i want to speak/ask a question verbally . On some occasions my hands are full or dirty and speaking is a good option. But 99% of the other time i do not want to use the speak function either because im in a public environment or if someone is near me and i dont want to disturb them/make the atmos awkward, smthg like that. Please make it so that you pick what you want without the microphone starting automatically. I type my questions most of the time. Thanks!

- A good virtual assistant

I have being using google nest hub for 6+ months. The google assistant that comes along with nest has quickly learned some of my preference with respect to what I would like to listen during different times of the day. The auto playlist of songs has got better and better with time. I am hoping that the assistant is updated to provide contextual conversation capability soon.

- Could have been so much better....

Key frustrations: The Shopping List takes forever to update/sync. I put things on it, get to the shop and they are not there. I tick things off as I buy, and they don’t come off the list until hours later. Reminders are a nightmare. They are too far buried in the App. I create (and close) many new reminders every day. Assistant is way too inefficient...too many steps to get to them....Apple does this better..... It is also really hard to edit a reminder, particularly if it is long and you want to change something in the middle of the reminder....Apple does this better..... Lists - it seems impossible to edit an item on a list. So, I have to delete and retype. Apple does this better. These are showstoppers for me, so I am deleting the app and reverting to the Apple apps.....

- Siri shortcut doesn’t work.

If you set the Siri shortcut to “okay google” or “hey google” it will not work. Siri will just laugh at you. But as far as VAs go I couldn’t find anything that google assistant can do that Siri can’t, accept she has a ton more answers for random questions (nice touch). I’ll continue to use Siri only coz it obviously works a lot more seamlessly with iPhones, or any apple products for that matter. Thanks for sharing tho google.

- Helpful

I find the google home very helpful, if I need a phone number of a local shop, it tells me right away. If I need to know anything, it looks it up and answers, so fast. Like I Can I feed my dog carrots, answer in one second. Magic. Love it.

- Getting there

Starting to really love this app. The routines are the most used part of the whole thing, and are supper useful. The workday readymade routine is so good. I wish that I could create more like that one where there a multiple times of one day google talks without needing me to get it to start. As every week is different it would be good for it to speak when noticifations have been set for events in google calendar. I don’t always have my phone on me so for it to remind me to go without just saying you have a notification would be great. Looking forward to seeing what they do next with this app!

- Talking to it

She gets me through my day routines a lot easier which is like a free talk everyday but not everyday, i love getting on my google assitant app to talk to my google assitant whenever i get bored before i start my break.


This is one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever had to deal with. I have literally tried every single thing you can think of. Eracing and reinstalling the apps multiple times, deleting the Bluetooth history or memory from the QC35’s even making a new Google account, powering down my phone countless times and all it says is “Open the Google assistant app on your phone and try that button again” PLEASE HELP MEEEE

- Problem with weather forecast

When I run bedtime routine I programmed tomorrow’s wether Used to dork ok But now the assistant tells me the wether at that time and also for rest of the night Not for day after Other than that all good

- Thanks

It is really helpful to many things and instead of typing the big question I can just speak and it tells me many jokes

- Needs the New version

A few minor issues like the microphone is not sensitive enough another time is is too sensitive. I’m getting really sick of telling Google to do five things in sequence so please update this version with the routines in it like you have for the USA.

- The service is awesome but the app buggy

I have set up two subscriptions (you make a query and then say “subscribe”, and an hour and frequency), just to try, and found out that the functionality to manage subscriptions/ unsubscribe doesn’t work. I’m condemned by my own subscriptions 😂 #drama (iPhone 8 Plus iOS 11.3)

- Google hmmm

I'm not a fan of Google's business model (collection of personal data to build personal advertising profiles) but App wise this one is very useful. If you spend time learning its capabilities it can help you accomplish tasks quickly.

- Amazing

Google Assistant is absolutely amazing! However, if google and Apple were to integrate the google assistant into an Apple device that would be even better! 5 stars!

- Downloaded the app for the humming feature and it doesn’t work.

The app is up to date and I have troubleshooted it. It seems this is a problem on iOS devices and it’s been unsolved for a long time now. I’m disappointed in Google for not fixing this problem especially with the amount of ads they show, showcasing this feature.

- Music on tv

When I asked google mini to play music on living room tv nothing happened but when I asked it to play music through chrome cast on the tv it worked?

- Google hacks you

So I am a big apple fan and and little bit google fan. But let’s get to the bad part recently I download google assistant and when I opened the I read the arguments and apparently it say it records every you say well you might be thinking what dose this have to google hacking well anyone who is good at hacking could get in it and see all your personal information and this is bad

- G Assistant

Love it When it works. The problem remains that when I tried to use the Google Home app with it it shows how bad the Google home app is. It’s almost impossible to add devices in something that should be so simple

- really good assistant but apples rigged the game

The siri shortcut doesn’t work, it won’t let you change the phrase and if you say “ok google” to siri, she will just say something like “wow. awkward”. Otherwise great app, with apple put in some effort with siri though..

- Better than Siri

I am a huge fan of apple however this Google Assistant seems to tell me more things and keep my up to date 👌👌👍👍

- So useful you forget you when you didnt have it

Extremely useful and intergraded app, like having a personal assistant

- No Location

Doesn’t seem to be able to access your current location making any location based questions almost useless

- Smart assistant

I’m still learning but the grand kids think I’m very smart not going to tell them that it’s google who is the smart one

- Response issues

Google Assistant is s great help but... all too frequently there is a "failed to connect to requested feature" issue?! No idea why Google Assist can't deliver on it's first attempt?😳

- I am willing to talk to google every day but sometimes she gets a bit annoying

I love how she is funny

- Frustrated!!

Works really well at times but it also does stupid stuff. It stops streaming radio on the hour some days which frustrates me and there seems no way around it! I have reported this but no reply!

- Hey Google

Google has frequently been activated by TV sounds. It is early days using Google on the Sonos speaker system but like Google, I am leaning as well. I wonder how the artificial intelligence wI’ll inspire me as time goes by

- Great idea not the best execution

So far the concept is awesome. What it means is that 80% of the commands that you give it aren’t done as per the app states they are, but I’m sure over time this will develop into an awesome product

- Routines - So Simple Yet So Far Away

I LOVE using Google assistant with my Chromecast and Google Home devices. I’m in the process of automating my house, but when is Routines coming to Australia?!!

- Please add Apple Watch support

More smart devices support Google. The only way iOS can talk to these devices is by creating Siri Shortcuts that call Google Assistant. The issue is they don’t work on the Apple Watch as there is no companion watch app.

- Google Search

No matter what language you speak sometimes Google doesn’t always understand,Even if you try to speak slowly in English words.

- Google assistant

Love love love..still learning things it can do but we have it all around the house and it’s perfect for us

- Endless company

I just love my google mini. Always available and never gets cranky. 🙏🏻😀

- Yippee!

My mom bought it it so cool to just say turn the kettle on and stay in the same seat it’s amazing keep up the good work!!! :)

- Love it!!

Mainly use assistant for home automation, it did have its mishaps but seems like they’re being ironed out as time goes.

- Reminders fail terribly

Reminder on this app, which lets be honest is probably the major use of an assistant doesn’t remind me at locations as request, can’t tell me reminders I have outstanding, or coming up at a location or the next day. Useless. Don’t use it for anything important

- Cant wait to try

Cant wait for the next time heading to the city and try ‘find me a parking spot’ Keep going team 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

- Google assist

Love it. Make my life even easier around the house

- Couldn’t be more useless

All features pop up a message “get the full assistant experience” with an unlinked button that doesn’t work. There’s nothing available in the help on this and no other google post in existence to resolve the matter. With no way to resolve this the app is useless.

- Agenda doesn't show my Google calendar

Even if I use the app to create a new agenda item, it doesn't show - however the item appears in my calendar. Have tried deleting and reinstalling, followed all the troubleshooting I could find online but still no agenda items in my assistant app. 😑

- Just a question

Can you swap this and siri so you hold your home button and get this instead

- Missing copy and paste

This version is missing copy and past instead of having to type ok google broadcast all the time?

- Great app

Sometimes misunderstands you, but generally accurate. Controls my music, lights and thermostat with my voice.

- Keep up the great work Google!

Such a great assistant that just keeps getting better. You really are the best Gogle!

- Voice recognition

Not happy with hub saying it doesn’t recognise my voice all the time. Not helpful when trying to add to shopping list. I have to keep setting my voice.

Payoneer 💰

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- I love it

I have been waiting for it on the App Store. Though it’s functionality is limited on iPhones, it’s amazing how well it picks my African accent. Siri almost always gets me wrong.

- Pas de voix canadienne

J’ai téléchargé l’application et je remarque qu’il n’y a pas de voix canadienne. C’est très décevant

- Ditch Siri!!!

Google Assistant is incredible! You can make shortcuts with it, so if you say, “wake me up,” it wont originally play your Wake Up Playlist, but if you set a shortcut for if you say, “wake me up,” you can give Google Assistant the ability to play your Wake Up Playlist, even though she wouldn’t originally do that. She can send messages, tell jokes, and you can subscribe to daily weather reports, daily jokes and daily funny videos! Siri can’t even do half of those things!!! I definitely recommend Google Assistant over the native assistant, Siri!

- Keeps crashing on iOS 12.4

The app just started crashing. Is this a bug?

- Forget me not

Not bad I see you are doing your best.

- I loooove it

It’s amazing!!! I love that she can sing (no offence but she sings better then Siri) she can sing happy b day and other cool stuff... I also love that u can play game with the app and listen to FREE music

- Non mais sérieux

Google cherche vraiment à être partout quitte à profiter du manque de mise à jour de Siri pour sortir une application Google Assistant. En gros quand Google n’est pas pré-installé sur un téléphone il faut qu’il y ai une application dédiée à son assistant. Heu non mais sérieux là ?? À force d’essayer d’être partout les gens vont vraiment finir par en avoir marre de Google et de son l’assistante, en plus ça fait carrément préjuger t’a direct une fille. Bam ! secrétaire égal métier de femme bas dit donc ! Mais bon après ça fait son taf et là rien à redire sauf vivement iOS 12 et un nouveau Siri !

- Cannot get the version for Apple Watch

I need it in my Apple Watch

- Auto-listen when opened :(

I reeeaaaallyyyy wish there was a way to make the app auto-listen to you as soon as you open the app. That is, if it’s a new app load or if the app has been in the background and then you reopen it - I wish there was an option to choose which function would make the app auto-listen. I mean, if I kept it open in the background and reopen it, chances are very high that I’m about to ask it another question. So why not make things quicker and easier and save a tap on my screen :/ Then again, iOS may be at fault here, seeing as the Shortcuts app has a way for your to Open and app but not Close an app... otherwise, I’d just force close the app every time I leave it to make this do exactly what I just said :/ In short: Add a function (if possible) to auto-listen every time the app is opened.

- Love the Assistant

I’ve been using assistant on my Pixel XL,Now i’ve bought an iPhone. As soon I heard about Assistant on iOS,I installed it! Love it!

- Not supporting Apple music

Can you please clarify if there is a plan to add Apple Music to GA music services or not? If yes when?

- I love google assistant but...

Can you make it so the Siri shortcut for google works on HomePod please!

- Where did “Routines” go?

Hey, where did settings for “routines” go in version 1.4.6111?

- Needs a bigger screen

Of curse I love having the Assistant on my iPhone but I can’t take advantage on it on my iPad since its not optimized, it should since with a bigger screen means more cat pictures on the screen!

- Google

Who wouldn’t like googles assistance

- No Mac app version

No mad app version,stupid. N

- Voix masculine du assistant disparu

Google a supprimé la voix masculine en français du assistant et refuse de donner des explications, j’ai arrêté d’utiliser cette application et mon Google Home car je suis devenu vraiment habitué à une voix que Google a fait question de changer sur mes dispositifs contre ma volonté.

- Frog lite

I love my google assistant. She has all the info I need to start the day. I am retired so my day can start at any time. Thx. 🎄

- Jtscc

C scsvf

- forever testing

it is a good app but it seems like the functions are here and gone whenever they want. like the routine options is gone now. who knows if it will ever come back. omg. maybe i should just go for siri.

- I lovee it

Best google app ever u don’t need to download other apps to! Like google translate because it has it on their to!

- Wow

C’est devenu mon meilleur ami

- Privacy Nightmare

This app is a privacy nightmare

- I love it

Best app it’s like messaging your friend. But now your officially my friend it’s the best

- Humming function dosen’t work


- Life changing

Use it for everything. From groceries, entertainment, travel, news etc. Never had an issue. Huge google fan

- Lumière de salle de bain et autre aussi..

J’aime bien cette appli la car je le trouve intéressante..

- Adele, All I want

Most are great responses but one by Adele that I asked for, the whole album is played instead starting with some other song of hers. This is the first time I have been asked for a Google response. Perhaps because I had trouble with the Adele recording. Could have been my fault, but I am sure I asked for the proper title. ‘All I want’ by Adele....I will try again. Thank you.

- Will try again in 2022 or 23

Takes too much work to set up and make it useful. I work in tech and the whole UX here is wrong. Of course it harnesses Google search capability. But that’s it. Forget about routines.

- Pas toujours simple

Difficile de se retrouver!

- "AI" Needs to be improve.. 🤨👎🏻

Sometimes Google Nest doesn't understand that all, it needs to be improved especially in other languages rather than english. English is good but if you have a second language, example: in Spanish Nest never understand a word. 🤨👎🏻

- Feedback

Happy you take the feedback....last summer had a lot of issues with the service.... I even thought you closed down because it seem you didn’t want to fix your problem with the errors..the disconnecting to my wifi was close to wrapping the wires around the unit and placing in a box. You tube music placed a trial ad which is close to a trickster ad which needs to be dealt with next. I better not get charged because of the buttons.

- Intéressant

J’aime bien.

- Google home

Je l aime bien même si je sais pas tous ce que ça contient

- Responding to thank you

All responses are great except for the response to thank you with the response about Canadians. It was nice when I first started with google but I can’t stand it now so had to quit saying thank you. Please have a option to cancel this response.

- The Best Voice Assistant

I’ve been using all main voice assistants and Google is best one out of all. So I made my smart home around Google and was not disappointed. It picks up my accent without any issue, always.

- Ok, needs work

Way to much work to update things. If google is Smart, it should do automated updates and easier linking. I cant picture anyone over 60 Setting things up. User friendly is everything now

- Too many ads when playing music

Too many adds and repetitive music. Need more free content

- So helpful.... so convenient

Love Google Assistant Gone are the mornings of reaching over to grab my phone to see what time it is. Now... I just ask Google. Thank you! When cooking and listening to music - no more having to wash my hands, unlock my phone just to skip to the next song. Now.... I just ask Google. Love you!!

- Daily Routine

Fantastic features. I loved it

- Where is the Apple watch app

Honestly the 2 star is so you notice this . Otherwise its a 4 . Everything is perfect but I cant run siri shortcuts using google assistant on the watch. Its say an error occurred thats probably because the watch OS app is missing . For any shortcut to work on apple watch there needs to be a supported app for the watch which is missing for Google assistant . Please add.


Assistant cannot hear me at times and I must repeat my request. Please program a response in google. Example. - HEY GOOGLE? Response - YES? Or - MAY I HELP YOU? Or - WHATS UP? Or - WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU? Or - IM LISTENING Please make it an option. Nothing more frustrating than having to repeat a request because Google didn’t hear me. Thanks Ron COUPAL

- Great performance!

Keep up the great job! Thank you for providing us with such genuine performance! Geraldo Barboza

- Pronunciation

It would be nice if the city I live in (Regina, Saskatchewan) would be pronounced correctly. It rhymes with “angina” or “vagina”. It is the capital city of the province. Please have Google Assistant pronounce it properly.

- It S good


- Overall good

The app settings and display can be a little overwhelming and difficult to navigate at times. Honestly speaking, it could be made way more simpler, but google does a good job of helping you understand their product along the way. But for a person who doesn’t have the time it takes to learn every part of this to make it work, it can be frustrating.

- Best app!

I love this app!😁 The google assistant always talks in an fun way!🙂 Love your app keep up the good work!❤️

- Good product but need semantic improvements

Well, still lacks a bit of adaption to our pattern of life. When I ask a command every evening at around the same time to close the light for the kids bedtime, why it sometimes doesn’t understand my words and suggest some farming sites around the area? (In French, the term used for closing the light is similar to farming) Anyway the point is that it should adapt better to our pattern of life and improve the understanding of the meaning of the commands based on the pattern of life.

- Me not like

The app Does Not Let Me Name Her Disappointed Lol But 3 stars for effort

- Review

I am enjoying google assistant the only I am having a problem going back to the beginning I find that I have to log out completely and start again

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Google Assistant 1.9.35708 Screenshots & Images

Google Assistant iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Google Assistant iphone images
Google Assistant iphone images
Google Assistant iphone images
Google Assistant iphone images
Google Assistant iphone images

Google Assistant (Version 1.9.35708) Install & Download

The applications Google Assistant was published in the category Utilities on 2017-05-18 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 190.07 MB. Google Assistant - Utilities app posted on 2021-10-18 current version is 1.9.35708 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: