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Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks are known as one company, Spectrum. The My Spectrum app offers a fast and convenient way to pay your Spectrum bill and manage your account from anywhere, with an updated look to reflect our new company.

We're working toward a single, enhanced app experience for all Spectrum customers. If you’re currently using the My TWC app and haven't been asked to use My Spectrum, you can continue using My TWC. We’ll let you know when it’s time to switch to the My Spectrum app.

Soon, every Spectrum customer will have the same experience when managing accounts, paying bills, troubleshooting equipment and more.

My Spectrum App Description & Overview

The applications My Spectrum was published in the category Utilities on 2014-12-17 and was developed by Charter Communications. The file size is 116.78 MB. The current version is 7.5.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

• We’ve heard your feedback and have fixed an issue that prevented some people from accessing billing statements after entering the correct Security Code.

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My Spectrum Reviews

DJ Kryptonite SDM

New App is a joke  DJ Kryptonite SDM  5 star

New App is a joke at least the old TWC had a great app to combat the terrible service smh.


Easy pay bills  texasteksdfw  5 star

No complaint, and easy to login with Touch ID option


Love this!  Fergalicious13  5 star

Very convenient. Thank you!


Worthless App Ever!  LJ411  1 star

When I had TimeWarner I could troubleshoot with their app if I had issues with my WiFi. This is nothing but an app to go paperless billing! I’m paying through the nose for speedy wifi and I’m fed up with constant slow internet! Fix the issue please! I shouldn’t even give you a star!

T-Mobile app needs

TWC  T-Mobile app needs  4 star

Great app easy to use and also nice layout but can't update my phone number and other information and would be much simpler than calling


Spectrum Streaming Service  GCrxsi  4 star

I like the feature, but sometimes we cannot watch due to service shutting down and re-inputting user and password to watch service. With so many passwords it difficult to remember. Thanks,


Simply the worst company I ever had to deal with  khorasani  1 star

If you thinking you’re dealing with one company you are very wrong. spectrum is simply multiple different companies without a unified system. Waisted two weekends speaking with clueless people.


Fox  wenchel60  3 star

Add Fox News to the line up instead of cnn. Not everyone wants cnn. A choice would be good


⬇️  BReid56  1 star

I’m getting tired of no volume during commercials. Speaking Spanish on HBO ch 511 and on paramount channel. To record is a slow process. Streaming is in my future


All over poor  lah1345  1 star

I went without a cable box to try to save money on my second tv line. It seems to go down a lot and since the tv is in my office, I use it all day. Frustrating when your internet is spectrum too, I call and basically get it is what it is. I pay way too much for the same duplicate channels as well. Also, the app is not helpful. I went to pay my bill, the previous and new bill are together and I accidentally paid both, had to call and now I have to wait to put all of the money back and then pay the last months due bill after my full refund. Of course, that takes 3 days to refund. It’s so stressful.

twc much better

App  twc much better  1 star

Your app stinks. I liked the twc app so much better. You can not do anything on this app.

DD Von Cordes

App Needs A Lot of Work  DD Von Cordes  1 star

This app never works! It’ll tell me how much I owe, but it won’t let me pay my bill. What’s the point in that! We can no longer access our equipment to troubleshoot or reset from the app, so basically this app is useless. Please please please bring back the Spectrum/TWC app format/features!!

maria jose perez rallas

TWC  maria jose perez rallas  1 star

The worst app I try every app of spectrum / TWC can’t sing in my account

london 512

Easy pay  london 512  5 star

Very convenient when it comes to paying my bill.. I can pay my bill on my couch or in my bed !!


Issues ever since it switched to this app  Korchaos  1 star

Long story short, since this new app Spectrum can’t seem to get their payments correct. Had trouble last month and this month they still haven’t found where my payment went and claim I haven’t paid when they’ve had my money for well over a week.


Might be time for a change  AU Al  2 star

Why does my bill keep going up? Every couple of months my bill goes up. You advertise no contract and it seems that is to your advantage because every couple of months you jack up the bill. You advertise great service and rates for new customers but for long time customers who pay their bill every month the costs continue to rise while the service deteriorates. My tv reception is spotty some channels pixelate at random times. Sometimes the DVR fails to record. The TV guide regularly has channels that say to be announced for days at a time. The D V Rs are technicality obsolete. I have three and combined they do not compare with the one my daughter has from another provider. technology advances regularly but your equipment does not. The phone system has limited capacity to block numbers while the program on my cell can block hundreds. Fortunately I don’t have your cell service. The internet service is underpowered. My house is 60 feet long and my WiFi modem is in the den at one end while my bedroom is at the other end connected by an open hall running the full house length. I use to get reception for my iPad in my bedroom but now it will not reach 60 feet. I have no service from WiFi for my cell or iPad in my bedroom Also I constantly get messages that my connections speeds are too slow to run the app. Months ago a service man told me our lines to the house were improperly installed and they were going to be changed in a couple of weeks. That never happened. For all of this I get charged more and more. It use to be just under 200, last month 220 and this month 240. I am a senior on a fixed income and cannot afford much more of your premium rates for less than premium service. If it were not such a hassle to change services and accounts I would have changed months ago. I know I can do better with a different provider And it seems you are doing everything in your power to make that happen. You are lucky I gave you two stars. It is probably more than you deserve.


Bye  BandwagonR  1 star

I’m switching


Not working  don0te  1 star

I can’t make a payment it’s frozen would not activate functions when choosing a payment


Internet issues  BNC1922  1 star

My internet has been out for hours


A good start  sulzer5rlb90  4 star

Hopefully one can manage services like adding cloud DVR from the App in the future.

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