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Take your Spectrum TV experience with you! With the Spectrum TV App, you can enjoy up to 250 live TV channels and up to 30,000 On Demand TV shows and movies when you're connected to your Spectrum Internet WiFi network at home. Plus, when you're on the go, enjoy up to 150 live channels and up to 20,000 On Demand titles anywhere you have an internet connection. (See note on availability below.)
Your subscription to Spectrum TV turns your device into another TV screen and lets you watch live TV and On Demand programming anywhere in your home when connected to your Spectrum Internet WiFi network. Watch movies from your bedroom, take cooking shows with you to the kitchen or catch up with the news from your breakfast table.
• Filter live TV by category, sort by channel number, network names or program titles and quickly recall recently watched channels.
• Create a personalized guide by setting favorite channels.
• Search by title, person or sports team anywhere in the app.
Depending on your service area and equipment, you can use your phone or tablet to:
• Change TV channels on your Spectrum receiver.
• Record your favorite TV shows and movies.
• Delete and modify DVR recordings individually or by series.
• Play a DVR recording on your TV (compatible DVRs only).
• Give your Spectrum receivers nicknames to help you know which one you're scheduling recordings on (go to Settings).
When you turn on Parental Controls and set a PIN, you can block shows by channel or rating. You'll need to turn on Parental Controls for each device your household uses, but the channel and rating blocks you set up apply across all devices.
• Available programming is based on your Spectrum TV subscription package and whether or not you're connected to your Spectrum Internet WiFi network at home.
• A Spectrum username and password are required. If you don't have one, you can create one at www.spectrum.net/login.
• A WiFi or cellular network connection (data charges from your carrier may apply).
• Device requirements: iPhone (4S or newer), iPad (2 or newer), or iPod touch (5th gen or newer) running iOS 9 or above.
We read your reviews and take your concerns seriously. You can send us your feedback in Settings. If you need help, please reach out to [email protected]
We make every effort to offer the same live and On Demand programming that you can watch on your TV, and we frequently add new channels. However, programming restrictions keep us from making every channel available on the Spectrum TV App. Channel availability also varies by market.

Spectrum TV App Description & Overview

The applications Spectrum TV was published in the category Entertainment on 2011-03-15 and was developed by Charter Communications. The file size is 124.74 MB. The current version is 6.29 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

Key Features
•We made some improvements to bring you a better TV-watching experience.
•We fixed a bug that affected bookmarks for some On Demand titles.

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Spectrum TV Reviews


Connect to Home Wifi  Vilicles  2 star

After working more or less flawlessly for the past year, the app now prompts me to “connect to home wifi”. I’m already connected to home wifi. I even hard-wired my AppleTV directly into my modem and it still told me I wasn’t connected to Spectrum Internet. Not sure what happened, but hoping this will get fixed quickly. Not happy that this app is essentially useless for reasons outside of my control.


Awful, simply awful  JamesWWIII  1 star

Thought the customer service from Spectrum couldn’t get worse, then I used this lousy excuse of a mobile app for a couple years. It functions like a team of monkeys banging away at a keyboard wrote the code. I’ve never used an app that essentially works at random, when it feels like it. This waste of bytes is basically useless. Congrats, Spectrum...just when we think you can’t lower the bar any further you prove us wrong.


HORRIBLE!!!!  iPhoneFreakazoid  1 star

Apple TV app is horrible! The play streaming is bad. Buffering, buffering, buffering... 😑🤦🏽‍♂️ Fix please!!!

Robert Q

Can’t even watch a football game  Robert Q  1 star

I can’t even watch a football game without it getting all pixelated.play reviews forget it. 😤😬😤


Worst app ever  Peid13  1 star

This app is atrocious. It barely connects and the picture is so blurry you can’t tell what is happening. If you like listening to TV on the radio, this app is for you because you’ll never see a thing. Wish you could rate it 0 stars.

Duane Cochran

Picture is never clear  Duane Cochran  1 star

Every time I open this app, it’s blocky for a few minutes. Then it clears up. For about 20 seconds. Then it goes blocky again. You’re a multi million dollar company. Fix your crap of an app. Stop being such a joke.


Tells me I’m not on home WiFi  thefish185  1 star

Tells me I’m not on home WiFi when I am, and connected to spectrum’s box that I pay for each month! I call the help number, they reset my box and nothing happens, except for me having to reset my WiFi network and password. Waste of my time and failure to provide the service I pay for!


Apple TV 4K app is HORRIBLE....  rjsuperduty  1 star

We have a mix of Samsung tv’s Apple TV 4k’s and roku’s as well as various iOS devices. Less issue on the iOS devices however the video quality on roku and Apple TV are horrible! I dealt with the issue on roku but I thought there would be better integration with the Apple TV. My expectations were high for Apple TV as I didn’t expect Apple to allow such fanfare and then have such a disappointing experience. Video quality is the number 1 issue. I have 400/20 spectrum internet. All other video services work perfectly however most prime time shows in the spectrum app are simply unwatchable. Then there is the guide.... wasted space on the screen, channel numbers may or may not show up, the initial top banner at app start is not intuitive and opposite to what occurs on every other app in the Apple TV environment. If it’s at the top of the screen... swipe UP to get rid of it... not DOWN... most channels only come through at 720 versus 1080... and NOTHING is 4K. So then, what is the point of advertising Apple TV 4K when NOTHING is in 4K. Of course, the app can’t keep up with 720 bit rates... so clearly it wouldn’t on a 4K stream... Just so disappointing... this should have been 10 fold better out of the gate....


Constant buffering and can’t use unless in home WiFi range for local  itfactorat  2 star

I guess I get not being able to watch local stations unless you are in home WiFi range because of the idiots that run the major networks. Like sure, let’s limit how people can watch stuff, yeah that should help us out in the future. This is why people are cutting the cord. The only reason I still watch regular tv is for live sports. To the buffering... guys it’s 2019 and YOU are providing the actual internet I’m using. It’s pretty much a closed system. The fact that it buffers constantly just blows my mind. I have 300 down, how is that not enough bandwidth??? I would assume it’s because you guys just don’t get it... I’m not giving it one star because you did actually spend a little time on the UI.


Awesome App!!!  patjlynch  5 star

This app works great! I can watch any channel anywhere in or near my home and when traveling I get my premium channels. I never have issues so don’t listen to negative reviews and try it yourself! Trust me the app works great!


Google home  dilloncadenr  5 star

I love your app but why can’t you make it compatible with google home so I can watch in my room


Says I need my home WIFI  Tuggusone  1 star

Won’t let me watch at home!!!! Says I need my home WIFI and I’m on it!!!!! Grrrr



Doesn't work and they won't fix. Don't bother loading this app. Terrible customer service.


Fix the app  nicholas0004  1 star

I hate using this instead of my Roku because whenever you pause a show, and your screen turns off. It restarts the dang show or movie. And when it’s on demand that’s awful because you can’t skip or fast forward. So you have to sit through 30 minutes of a show you just watched. Please fix this.


The tune function for the tv barely ever works!  Rqureshi  1 star

It hardly ever works! It’ll work for a good three days then wont work for a month! Fix that


No service, no support  Lookelsewhere  1 star

This app is the worst. I have a Roku and for the past week just kept kicking me out and it kept playing a repeat loop every minute or so then it just stopped altogether and tells me I have to connect to spectrum internet to use and of course I am connected to spectrum internet, all other streaming apps work. Call spectrum and basically told they can report it to the engineers but they have no idea what the error means. Time Warner was light years better. Even my box has issues and delays. And the support team has never heard of the error codes, makes very little sense. Time for a different service.


Could be much better  Ashliemo  1 star

Would like to watch the movie I rent on any device.....never works like it should like now.... can’t see what’s on or turn to that channel with my device.... bad enough it’s always a outage but dang


Doesn't work  LinnySmit  1 star

The update says you fixed a bug but you must have gotten a new one because it is blacking out half the channels and then it crashes

Just want monopoly!

Horrible.  Just want monopoly!  1 star

Save the space on your HDD for something else, like anything but spectrum. Works about 60% of the time in Samsung tv, BEVER works on iPhone


What a complete disappointment  NYCNYCNYCNYC  1 star

When I pay $250 a month for Spectrum cable at home and then constantly travel for work, I’m notified by the app that unless I am on my home WiFi, I can only watch a selection of mostly useless channels with no AirPlay support or access to recordings that are on my DVR at home (which is another additional charge I pay for). Why? Licensing restriction? I call BS on that. When we’re already paying for a full cable subscription, what does it matter where I am (in the US) when I want to watch it?! The one good thing this app does is GIVE PEOPLE A GREAT REASON TO FINALLY CUT THE CORD AND JUST PAY MUCH LESS FOR YOUTUBE TV OR ONE OF THE OTHER MANY SERVICES THAT LET’S YOU WATCH WHATEVER YOU WANT ON YOUR DEVICE WITH CLOUD DVR.

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