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Take your Spectrum TV experience with you! With the Spectrum TV App, you can enjoy up to 250 live TV channels and up to 30,000 On Demand TV shows and movies when you're connected to your Spectrum Internet WiFi network at home. Plus, when you're on the go, enjoy up to 150 live channels and up to 20,000 On Demand titles anywhere you have an internet connection. (See note on availability below.)
Your subscription to Spectrum TV turns your device into another TV screen and lets you watch live TV and On Demand programming anywhere in your home when connected to your Spectrum Internet WiFi network. Watch movies from your bedroom, take cooking shows with you to the kitchen or catch up with the news from your breakfast table.
• Filter live TV by category, sort by channel number, network names or program titles and quickly recall recently watched channels.
• Create a personalized guide by setting favorite channels.
• Search by title, person or sports team anywhere in the app.
Depending on your service area and equipment, you can use your phone or tablet to:
• Change TV channels on your Spectrum receiver.
• Record your favorite TV shows and movies.
• Delete and modify DVR recordings individually or by series.
• Play a DVR recording on your TV (compatible DVRs only).
• Give your Spectrum receivers nicknames to help you know which one you're scheduling recordings on (go to Settings).
When you turn on Parental Controls and set a PIN, you can block shows by channel or rating. You'll need to turn on Parental Controls for each device your household uses, but the channel and rating blocks you set up apply across all devices.
• Available programming is based on your Spectrum TV subscription package and whether or not you're connected to your Spectrum Internet WiFi network at home.
• A Spectrum username and password are required. If you don't have one, you can create one at www.spectrum.net/login.
• A WiFi or cellular network connection (data charges from your carrier may apply).
• Device requirements: iPhone (4S or newer), iPad (2 or newer), or iPod touch (5th gen or newer) running iOS 9 or above.
We read your reviews and take your concerns seriously. You can send us your feedback in Settings. If you need help, please reach out to [email protected]
We make every effort to offer the same live and On Demand programming that you can watch on your TV, and we frequently add new channels. However, programming restrictions keep us from making every channel available on the Spectrum TV App. Channel availability also varies by market.

Spectrum TV App Description & Overview

The applications Spectrum TV was published in the category Entertainment on 2011-03-15 and was developed by Charter Communications. The file size is 132.80 MB. The current version is 6.33 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

● We fixed a few bugs to bring you a better TV experience.

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Spectrum TV Reviews


App freezes - won’t let me sign back in  Amvallejo  2 star

Our internet went out a couple days ago and for some reason since then, the app will not work. I tried deleting and downloading again, but it goes to an error screen when I start the app. It does not give me a sign on screen but instead an error screen that says I need a subscription to use the app (which I do). There is no place to go,to a menu. It also asked if I wanted to sign in with my slingTV subscription which I DONT have. Would appreciate a fix.


Doesn’t even merit one star  Leeb839  1 star

Absolute piece of junk. Doesn’t connect, says channel is unavailable, after restart may work for some channels but very unlikely. Complete waste of time, constant buffering, video freezes, then goes back and repeats, loses picture but sound continues. Whoever wrote this and those that approved it should be fired for incompetence


On demand not working on iOS - it has been over a week!  NYchick$$  1 star

Someone please fix it already!!! 3/8 I can’t believe spectrum hasn’t fix this yet. I can’t play On Demand on spectrum tv app. Fix it or don’t charge me for it!! Updated 3/18

Andy Cowley

Terrible performance  Andy Cowley  1 star

Now supported on Apple TV but performance is terrible. Picture freezes and low resolution are common. Totally ruined my Super Bowl experience this year. Save your money and shop elsewhere

TV and Movie Enthusiast

Great For iOS; Bad on AppleTV  TV and Movie Enthusiast  1 star

The SpectrumTV app works great on my Apple mobile devices (iPhone and iPad). Unfortunately, it is very buggy on AppleTV 4K. Why it works on iOS and not TvOS is a mystery. Sometimes there is audio and no picture when watching live TV; other times no picture or sound at all. Even when there is picture and sound, the picture breaks up. Many times there is still running audio while the picture is frozen. There are problems with buffering and freeze-ups, also. None of these issues occur while using the app on my iPhone or iPad Pro; only AppleTV. I’ve confirmed that the problem is not with my internet connection, speed, or my wireless network (both 2.4GHz and 5GHz). Also, other apps stream just fine. The fault is definitely the app only on AppleTV. I’ve even deleted and reinstalled the app on AppleTV several times with no luck. Also, my AppleTV is fully up to date. The app is totally disfunctional on AppleTV. I hope the developer looks into this and gets another update going to correct this. I cannot be the only one having this issue; and I’ve done all troubleshooting possible. As I say, the SpectrumTV app works great on iOS, just not on TvOS. I have not encountered any issues with on-demand viewing using the SpectrumTV app on AppleTV. All the issues I am encountering seem to be concerning live TV viewing only.


Zero stars  nnromano  1 star

Worst app ever. On demand literally NEVER works.

Dynamite-The Busa Dad NC

Dvr playback very unreliable  Dynamite-The Busa Dad NC  1 star

There’s always an issue with dvr playback. Very unreliable and been unable to access recorded shows from the mobile app for weeks. Call and automated system says there’s no outtage. Rep then verifies it’s a known issue after explaining no access for 3 weeks. Indicates nothing to do because there’s already a ticket (unrecognized anywhere else). 1 week later still no access with error code ICD-900. Has happened a few times in past years but never this terribly.


Buffering  lan50000  1 star

Buffering buffering I can stream YouTube Vudu Twitch no problems. This app I watch 2 minutes for it to buffer for 3.

Fan of the JASON

Completely Outrageous  Fan of the JASON  1 star

You’d think when u see or here spectrum what comes to your mind is a great cable company and and a good source of watching what u love but like every other review this app pauses every sentence a character says. I can’t enjoy it if I don’t know what they are saying or doing I’ve been interrupted to many times this is outrageous. I’ll say this now I’ll give it one more shot. If only this app could be a bit more like Netflix u don’t see Netflix buffering all the time. 😡🤨


No! Total waste of time  TJParker22  1 star

Unfortunately after reading all these terrible comments. I also agree with them all. The app doesn’t even download on my iPhone! It was already at 10 minutes and I just cancelled it. Who wants fast streaming with a company they pay to do that for them monthly.?!? Huh. Doesn’t make any sense.


Cannot use chromecast with iPhone  Zhana80  1 star

This app does not allow iPhone to cast onto tv with Chromecast. Please considering adding chromecast option for iPhone users.


Horrible, Frustrating App on Apple TV  Markrocksu  1 star

Zero buffering, digital distortion all over the place, skips ahead and back in time randomly, freezes often, and the audio may or may not be where the video has skipped to at any given time. Exiting and re-entering may fix it momentarily but it often only last seconds or maybe minutes before doing something else stupid. Every other media app I use works perfectly on the Apple TV 4th generation so what the hell Spectrum? Why even offer an app if you’re just gonna make one that seems like it’s designed to not work? Btw... I pay spectrum over $220 per month so I should expect light years better because I’m sure overpaying for it. This is a zero star app if there ever was one but it’s what should be expected from such a shady company. In North Dallas, they’re the only non-satellite provider option.


This app is totally worthless  Cybersco  1 star

Like Spectrum cable service, their streaming app is totally worthless! I have tried to use their app instead of the 12 year old set top box they provide, which provides subpar performance. As I should have figured, their streaming app is even worse!


Disappointed😐  R_b1  1 star

Intermittent buffering, picture degrading, freezing and sound from previous scenes playing after scene is over while watching on Apple TV. Very disappointed!


On demand on app never works even after their “fix”  frustratedwithTWCalways  1 star

Most titles don’t work on demand on the app.


No On Demand  aaasdfddrtf  1 star

The on demand feature of this app never works on my iPad. It’s useless.


i use that spetrump stream tv app is a complete trash  lewiselmejor1  1 star

can not be, a lot frustration.

regret switch to spectrum

Why bother?  regret switch to spectrum  1 star

If you can only watch your (paid for) channels from your home network then why bother.... it’s not mobile at all.


Needs major fixes  Emelendez104  1 star

Don’t leave the app for even a quick second to text someone because it restarts whatever you’re watching and makes you go through double the ads. Freezes constantly and it’s not a connection issue.

Bethenny Bee

Error Code with On Demand  Bethenny Bee  1 star

Please fix this app! It has always been spotty and spent a lot of time buffering, however after the last update, I cannot use the On Demand function at all. Every show I try to watch, I receive the same IOD - 9000 error code. This is not a phone issue or even an issue with my Spectrum Internet. Something is wrong within the app itself.

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