Xbox [Entertainment] App Description & Overview

The Xbox app brings together your friends, games, and accomplishments from across your devices. Stay connected to your gaming community on the go, control your Xbox One from the app, and buy new games from the store. With your gaming life all in one place, the Xbox app keeps you connected to the games and gamers that matter most.

On the go:
• Share game captures with friends and across social networks
• Join Xbox Live Clubs to interact with like-minded gamers
• Use Looking for Group (LFG) to find a party to play a game
• Stay connected with multi-user conversations in Group Messaging
• See what friends are up to on Xbox Live
• Post updates and game clips to Activity Feed
• Watch and interact with game content
• Buy games from the store

With an Xbox One:
• Use the app to navigate using your device’s keyboard and touch
• Use the app as a media controller for your Xbox One (play, pause, etc)

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Xbox Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This update includes bug fixes and performance improvements.

Xbox Comments & Reviews

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- Why I think we should change our name a 3rd time

Ok so I like Xbox and its a nice and very good app to text on and learn about other people feed. I also like how y’all fix bug problems and other thing like that. But I don’t like how we can’t change our name I have 3 reasons why. 1: is that java can changes there name only after 30 days but ya we can’t. 2: is that I believe that every problem should be solved by a 3rd time like when you are little for example 10 you can change it and when your like 16 you can change it and last but least 20 you can also change it as well. I believe that all humans across the world should get a third chance of doing so 3: is that wnf you made a mistake and like you didn’t check it is all your fault that you did it but wnf it lags out and it just changed to you didn’t want to you will be disappointed. This is my opinion why I think we should change my name a 3rd time thank you for reading

- Good concept, but incredibly broken.

The Xbox app is amazing the first time you see it. You can access you account on the go and do so many things. However, the app’s downfalls become apparent very soon. First of all, you need a wifi connection to access the app, it will not work with cellular data. So, the whole aspect of xbox on the go is completely thrown out of the window. Secondly, you’ll be very luck if you can actually use the app. For at least one week out of the month the app just doesn’t work. You try to launch it, but you are met with either a blank green screen or a n infinite loading wheel. I’ve tried restarting, redownloading, and even costumer support, but nothing can fix it. Over time it will just fix itself and one day you’ll try to launch the app and it will just work for no reason just as suddenly as it stopped working. My final issue it the built in keyboard. Xbox has a wonderful system that detects the keyboard on your xbox and allows you to type on your phone. This is great for multiplayer games with a chat system. However, like the app itself this feature is very spotty. Sometimes the keyboard on the app will just stop popping up and it won’t ever pop up for the next week to month. Then it will just magically fix itself again. There are also tons of little bugs that litter that app that at sometimes, makes the app completely unusable. The Xbox app definitely doesn’t deserver the 4.7 out of 5 that it currently has.

- Reporting Two Bugs

I’ve been trying to use this app for the three months but it’s a serious problem. The app has a bug where it won’t launch and you’ll be stuck with an infinite loading circle on your screen. After restarting the app well over fifty times it has refused to work so I tried reinstalling it and that didn’t work either. My second problem is that the party chat continuously cuts in and out making it incredibly difficult to communicate with people because I have ask them repeatedly what they said. I have a brand new IPhone XR so it’s not my iPhone. My internet is fine and I’ve even tried it with my mobile data and it still won’t work. I even had my friend try it too and he says it cuts in and out. Even when I unplug my head phones from my phone it still won’t make a sound until a few minutes later. Please fix this bug, it was working perfectly until a few weeks ago. You try to add new updates and try to make do more things but it shouldn’t need too. Your console is perfectly fine and your app was fine until you screwed it up. I love your console but there’s no need to try and battle with PS4 anymore. At this point its based on personal preference of the consumer and not whether the console runs faster or not. If they want a faster console then they can get the S or the X or the New one when it comes out. Stop trying to make change it. This app doesn’t deserve a 4.7 rating because it has so many huge bugs


There is a bug with the Xbox Phone App after the most recent update that was rolled out. While talking in party chat on the Xbox Phone App the sound will randomly cut out on one or more people in the party with you. You can still see that those people are talking, you just can’t hear them, and I have also confirmed that those people can hear you even though you can not hear them. It is not an internet issue as it happens to me whether I am on the wifi or (disconnecting from wifi and) using my phone data. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, still did not fix my problem. Own a brand new iphone 11 I got for christmas and using the headphones that came with, so it isn’t that my phone/headphones are super old or anything. This was not a problem until the most recent update for the app a few weeks ago. This is as inconvenient as it gets for someone who relies on the xbox phone app to talk with friends in party chat while we play, and is so frustrating that i have almost had to stop playing xbox entirelt. To add to my frustrations i am running out of time to play EA access and Gamepass free trials with my friends because of this, and i know xbox is going to give me zero compensation for this. Strongly considering selling my xbox because of this situation if it doesnt get fixed SOON.

- Xbox One App is..... okay?!

I started using the Xbox App because I wanted to try out the Remote Feature on it and it was pretty good and all being able to move on the screen and things like that, but then it became useless to me I obviously use a controller now and using the remote would just be for fun or no reason at all, but here is something they should add, being able to see your controller battery and maybe headset battery if you have a wireless one like myself. It would be that feature that would be useful for people who might not have a charger or then just wanting to know what it’s at because they could buy batteries or they could buy things that would be based off of that feature. The app sometimes is buggy and won’t let me get in but usually it’s pretty good, I don’t use the Xbox App too much because theirs usually nothing interesting I’d need to see on it, but that’s just my opinion so whatever you guys use it for would be good and all but I don’t see myself using that much, but for the people who do use it i will give this a 4 star but if that feature got added I will gladly change my rating

- Been done but a giant bug for Xbox app users

So,Me and my friends use the Xbox app all to the in order to change our profile picture lately but every time I go to change it and upload the picture I get an error saying we cannot upload “anything right now” please try again later. And that has been going on for a week and you haven’t heard about the problem either the error is just at my side and not anyone else who has the Xbox app. But I do advise I can say that can you please try to figure out what’s wrong and why we can’t change our profile pictures to the custom ones I recently just stayed up till 3:00 making a profile picture just to get The holy grale of my first error on the app. And I have a very stable internet connection and should have no problem doing anything WiFi related. If Xbox support or any Microsoft management read this report please try to get this done I know your dealing with a Xbox error we’re it shows everyone offline sometimes but once you fix that problem can you please consider on fixing this. Thank you for your time.

- So many bugs

To start off I have tried to figure out how to contact Xbox about this by using the app support button next to download, it does not bring you somewhere to report an actual bug and is very difficult to navigate. 1. The biggest issue that is occurring right now is that party’s and Voice chats WILL NOT WORK they won’t even let you open them and just say “Something went wrong” this is highly annoying and I’ve signed in and out and uninstalled and reinstalled, Xbox app is what I use as an alternative to using a mic since the mic on your headsets decide to stop working in the early months of purchasing. The app is also connected to my console and disconnecting and reconnecting did not work 2. Second biggest bug which everyone has been having issues with for months yet you have not fixed it is where in the party people can still hear you but you are unable to hear them. Most of the time if it’s a party of let’s say four. You can hear one person at a time and every couple of minutes it allows audio of the next person to come through but shuts the other person off. The other half of the time you can’t hear a single person. Please fix this as you’ve been made aware of this for months and is ridiculous.

- Does some things reliably; some things rarely.

You can always see who’s online from your friends list, and what they’re playing. Messaging works well too. However; the ONE THING the app is absolutely advantageous over a controller for accessing your console with - does not work consistently. The on screen keyboard, lets you type quickly on your phone - much faster than using a controller. When it works, this feature is extremely convenient, letting you input text to your Xbox or games in time spans you never could without the app. But good freakn’ luck getting the keyboard on the app to come up when you have an on-screen keyboard on your console. It’ll work sometimes, and other times you can pull up the keyboard on your Xbox again and again and again - to have the app do nothing. Which, needless to say - is very frustrating. To have such a convenient feature work intermittently and be completely unusable at other times is maddening. If that singular function worked reliably, I would say this is a magnificent app. But right now; it just doesn’t.

- Rating five star so people can see.

The xbox app is a good idea. You can message your friends, look at yours or other clips, and join a party. But it is really bugged and they need to fix the lag when you watch clips. It’s very annoying watching someone’s clip and then it freezes but the clip is still going. And it take a long time to load a clip. In my opinion, xbox needs to allow an option when you watch a clip, you can change the quality to make it run smoother at least. At this point, xbox really disappointed me with the whole xbox industry when it comes to games. It’s like they don’t care about the app. In my view at least. Messaging in xbox also has some bug. It says I have a message but I really don’t and when I do see one and I open it and back out, it still says that there is a message.

- Great app... just a suggestion.

I love using this app when i am away from home to view clips, read and respond to messages but there is one thing i believe would be an amazing addition to the app. We all know the xbox one was designed to be the ultimate home console for both games an media, but how about security? I know the xbox ones kinnect was discontinued however it could regain some popularity with the ability to view what the kinnect sees when you are away from home. I just recently adopted a puppy and currently am looking into security cameras for the house so i can check up on my boy when im away from home. It would be an amazing feature to be able to open the app and see whats going on in my livingroom. I doubt this idea would be implemented however if it was, i believe a lot of people will want to get their hands on the kinnect again. Aside from my suggestion, i love the app and if this idea is considered and applied, i would change my rating from 4 stars to 5.

- I spend alot of time on this app but somethings stand to be improved.

I enjoy most aspects of the app except for two things. The store and playing your clips. I find it really inconsistent when you’re watching clips you have recorded. Sometime the clip will run from start to finish without interruption and other times it struggles with 5 seconds in. I have a decent connection and I find that even when i’m using LTE it still struggles to play smoothly. My biggest problem however is the store. I wish it was better about showing new games that have released. As apposed to showing the most popular games which it does. I know I can search specific game but i’m looking for those gems and I cannot find them if the store only shows the fortnites and the fifas of the worlds. I know the phone app shouldn’t be the place for discovery but anything is better than what they currently have. Including the dlc tab which is usually just occupied with mutiple dlc of the same game. Other than my complaints I like this app very much.

- The App NEVER works!

I really wish they would fix this app. I have a relatively new iPhone, and yet the app is always slow, and constantly glitching out. Sometimes wont load anything, almost never loads my messages, it will notify me about an invite several minutes after actually receiving one, and recently it stopped allowing me to save my captures. I tried saving a clip two different ways multiple times and it never showed up in my album. Not sure if thats an issue with iPhone but I doubt it since I’m trying to save it through Xbox’s App. Also, if I try to join a party chat on my phone through the app it doesn’t pick up my voice. I can hear the party but they can’t hear me, which doesn’t make any sense to me because I’ve played with people before who used the app as their replacement mic and it let them talk so why not let me talk?? It’s honestly all very confusing and frustrating, I have never had more issues and let downs with an app than this one. I just deleted it and redownloaded it and I’m really hoping that fixes any if not all of these issues...

- Messaging Issue

I absolutely love this app; I’m able to play with my friends, view clips easily, see who’s online and what they’re playing, and the messaging aspect was great... until it wasn’t. I wasn’t getting notifications even though they were on, and it was stuck on the last time I texted this person so I had to refresh it every couple of minutes. That’s not even the worst part unfortunately. Now, my messages won’t send and all my conversations are gone: they won’t even load and I can’t talk to my friends! This is the only way I can talk to most of my friends so I’m upset to be out of contact with them. I have tried to reset my phone, and even deleted and redownloaded the app, but none of it worked. I really love this app and would love to give it five stars, but I can’t if there is a barrier of communication in the way. I hope you guys can get this fixed efficiently and hopefully stop this problem from occurring in the future.

- Works as well as it should

The app offers a lot of useful capabilities that I find very useful in my play. Everything works well enough that I have little problems when utilizing its functions. Some bugs are present, but everything has its kinks. These bugs are often fixed by simply restarting the app, or in a few cases restarting the Xbox it’s linked to. Anyone that plays Xbox should probably have this app, seeing as it’s both free and rather useful. The ability to see and respond to messages, even if you aren’t on your Xbox is a great ability. The ability to tell which friends are online by going into the app or having it send you a notification of when they get online is also a favorite of mine. And the ability to type and copy & paste with your phone makes sending messages and inputting commands a breeze. I recommend this to any Xbox user, there’s really no reason to not have it as far as I know. Great work, Microsoft.

- Convenient - Update

I love this app! It has all the essentials for an on the go gamer. There's only one small issue that I've noticed and compared to the rest of the amazing features, it's a relatively small gripe. Nonetheless, the messaging system within the app works wonderfully but it also contains the only thing that bugs me. It's very time consuming to cleanup or delete old messages. Having to slide left and delete them all individually takes quite a while if you receive messages frequently. Also the difference in text color between a new message and a message marked as "read" is so subtle that it becomes difficult to locate unread messages when trying to cleanup notifications. My suggestions: Install a feature that will let the user select multiple messages at a time and delete them or mark as read. Change the color of the font on new messages and read messages to something more drastic. Perhaps a green text for new messages and white text for read messages. Overall, as I stated in the beginning, I love this app! And I believe updating the messaging system will only increase my enjoyment and ease of use for everyone. Cheers! PS - I pre-installed Destiny 2 with this app and I'm waiting patiently to regain my Light when the clock hits midnight! Xbox, the best place to play Destiny 2 hands down! Console exclusives don't hold a candle to our community. Find me in the EDZ, guardians. Gamer tag: Surelok

- Ran into many problems

I love this app, but it doesn’t deserve its rating that it currently has. One is that you need internet to just connect to the app. Which even then just makes the app glitchy. Another reason is that you can’t customize your own profile picture anymore. I read articles that explain that there is a bug that you guys can’t really fix and that you are working on it. I get that, but it’s been 6 weeks...? I just find that annoying. And when you don’t have internet with the Xbox app and you watch clips it gets all glitchy, it freezes on one point of the screen. Another problem I ran into while using this app is when you delete to many clips it just says you don’t have any. Then you need to exit the app and go back in, you should just be able to delete the clips you want without any problems. But if you are planning on fixing the app for once please fix these things, I think it would make the Xbox community really happy if you just fixed what we asked for, you want the 5 star rating right?

- Buggiest App Created by Microsoft Ever!

The app breaks down and has to be completely restarted EVERY time you receive a phone call or an alarm goes off on your phone. The app breaks down and has to be restarted even if you choose to ignore a phone call you receive! I literally NEVER write reviews but this application has been SO INCREDIBLY buggy I felt I had to give feedback. This is hands down the worst product I’ve ever used that is produced by Microsoft. The application also randomly shifts between using the speaker mode and using the hands-on mode when talking to people using the Xbox app making it incredibly frustrating when you are in the middle of a game trying to hear your teammate and all of a sudden your teammates voices are cut down to a whisper because your xbox app messed up again. Bottom line, I got this app to be able to talk to my friends on Xbox live without a mic, and if you are trying to use the application for the same thing be prepared to deal with a lot of frustration. My advice, don’t use the app and just go buy a mic and save yourself hours of frustration dealing with one of the world’s buggiest apps. Yeah

- Pages don’t load, hard to search

5/28/2: can now remote download properly but pages still don’t load 90% of the time. Have to either constantly refresh the app or close completely & reopen. It is also rather frustrating trying to search for games as the Search area is only on 1 page of the Store. Why not make it always at the top to make it easier to find things we may buy from you? Mainly, the Store is just very poorly put together but the rest of the app seems helpful when it’s not randomly closing itself (which it just did). 9/5/19: in my experiences with the app over the past 4-6 months game pages take an exceptionally long time to load (internet speeds of 110 down/12 up) & I cannot remotely download games to my Xbox One S. I have tried numerous times to set up my Home Xbox to allow it, ensured all settings were as they should be and still nothing. I’ve reached out to their support twitter account but as the same issue is happening with the Games Pass app. In my experience, very disappointed...

- Awesome app, just can’t upload profile pictures anymore😤

It’s an awesome app to use to keep up with stuff on your profile but just recently I have been having a problem where I go to change my profile pic and when I change the current pic to the one that I want on my phone it says to upload then I upload it but then it say error it’s not able to be uploaded right now try again later. So I try later and even the next day and it still won’t work. And if your saying I change my profile pic to much I don’t I’ve only changed it 3 times in the past to years. And I’m on an iPhone XR and my internet is fine but some people are already experiencing this bug so please Microsoft... please fix this. I’d love to have the ability to change my profile pic back please. Other than that the app is above average so it would be 5 stars but there are some minor bugs like the one I discussed.👍🏻

- Its been almost 9 months guys, c’mon.

I have brought this issue up not once, but twice before and this is the third time I am bringing it up. The screen recording. For the love of god please find a way to fix this. I have a YT channel named “ShisnoGaming” and all of my videos from about 7 months ago to today don’t have any game audio in the clips because I have had to record them off of the website from my mobile device. I have to do this because every time I screen record off of this app, the screen goes black and no audio plays. PLEASE FIX THIS. I was able to get audio from this app when it worked and I dont know why it does not anymore. I currently cant afford a capture card so this is my only option. I want my game audio back so bad! Other than this problem, this is a great app and very convenient for usage so thats why my review is four stars. Please fix this problem as soon as possible!

- It’s a really cool app but needs to be fixed up a little bit

I really enjoy this app, you can view your game clips and share them, upload them, save them, and message through Xbox so much easier and all it’s really great and useful but one main thing that I hope gets fixed really soon, is a bug with parties. Imagine how annoying it is, you are in the middle of a game you are talking to your friends laughing then all of a sudden, you can’t hear them anymore, you look down on your phone (because that’s what you are using for the party) and your Xbox app restarted itself and it keeps happening, over and over. It gets really annoying. Friends have to keep inviting me over and over in the middle of their games because my Xbox app keeps restarting itself in mid conversation. So that’s my main thing but besides that’s it’s a really useful app and if you have Xbox I do recommend you get this.

- Voice party chat unusable,App keeps quitting.

Ever since the update, the app will quit for no reason while I’m using it. So I go back into the app and after about 30 secs or so, it quits again. It continues to do this I stop using the app all together. The party chat is worse. After numerous attempts of trying to get it to work, you can talk for no more than about 3 minutes…And the app just suddenly quits for zero reason. This just happened to me 3 separate times. I used to use the voice chat once in a while, and never really had any issues. If I did they weren’t to this extent of not being able to even USE the voice chat. Highly disappointed. UPDATE: Since the most recent update, things are still the same. The app quits out of nowhere EVERY TIME I use it. I can use it for probably around 30 or so seconds. Also, when I looked up a game to see info/pricing on it, it shows ZERO info..just a white blank screen, other than the cover art. I hate this app with a passion, and I have no use for it now because its basic functions don’t work anymore.

- Minecraft problems

OMG I LOVE THE GAME MINECRAFT!!! But as soon as they connected with xbox NOTHING has been working. I signed up for an account so that i could play with friends while in shelter in place but i can NEVER join their worlds and its so annoying. So its like this: We are playing together and then all of a sudden we get disconnected and we tried deleting the app, restarting my phone, refreshing, and everything. IT IS SOOO ANNOYING and we spend like half an hour trying to get on the game with each other and then within 10 minutes we get disconnected. Also it is soo hard to set up an account. And I don’t think this is a Minecraft problem because everything was working UNTIL i made an xbox account. Please fix your problems. OH and ALSO don’t let me forget ANOTHER problem. Yes another problem!!!! When on Minecraft it says they aren’t playing in their worlds and xbox says they are I never know if they really are and it is just so confusing and I really wish Minecraft would just stay separate from Xbox. Sorry for all the reasons why I don’t like this app but their all true.

- Store Section Still Doesn’t Show Sale Games

The Microsoft Store portion is essentially useless for people who prefer to browse the games that are on sale each week. The only sale games it shows are the Games with Gold ones, which represent only a very small fraction of the sale priced games under “Deals” each week and it never includes the biggest deals and best games. Microsoft has good sales on digital games but they strongly deter you from using the app to buy them with the poor design. The big winner in this programming fail are Sony and Nintendo. I check all 3 digital stores each week and buy the games that are the lowest price. Since sony and nintendo actually have a deals section Microsoft has lost out on at least several thousand dollars just from me over the last few years when I bought games from their competitors. Had this app actually shown the Deals I would have definitely bought many of those games on Xbox One - especially since my PS hard drives (both external and internal) are nearly full because the PSN store sales are easy to view.

- Been using this for a year and still glitched

I’ve done reviews before and the same people issues are there. Messages from friends come up on my screen with the complete message for all to see. Doesn’t matter if it’s locked or not. So have have to set my phone notifications to not preview at all which therefore requires me to open up the app every time a I a generalized “Xbox notification” on my iPhone. Why can it go back to beeping with a discreet “ you gave a message from John Doe gamer tag”? That was the best way but it’s been a year. Next the app starts to randomly show all my friends offline whenever it wants to when I know do a fact they are on the app. Also we use to have time stamps for when a message came through the app now I have no idea when it was sent if I don’t hear the first and only beep. They do a lot of updates and such but I just want basic message functioning cuz that my main reason for using the app.

- Few problems but Wonderful overall

Recently they came out with an update that has changed this app for the better. They allowed people to join parties on the go. This app is wonderful I love it so much. If I had one wish , it would be for the app to have a feature to (if you Xbox is on a connected to WiFi ) stream it to your phone and connect your controller to your phone maybe using a assesorie(even if you have to be on the same WiFi’s I want it😂 but if you don’t OMG I WOULD LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH) this is probably close to impossible but I have hope to the future . I thought they could never add joining parties to the app , they did . Let’s see what happens in the future (please launch the update idea I have I will go to the store buy the wire and connect my controller to my phone turn my Xbox on from school and play during lunch 😂)

- Opinion and a Thankful person.

Great app maybe can you guys add a feature with Google Chromecast so I can show my friend my recorded game play on big screen from my iPhone Xbox App ! But if you can’t I understand I lf you can from The Xbox app I understand if not I even understand . I just though if that ti Day my opinion don’t count much but today my nephew came over and i didn’t want to connect my Xbox to my tV room screen because then I’ll Have to move it but I did though how about if the Xbox app had an option where I can send my recorded plays to my to without my Xbox that’s so cool To have just because I sniped 4 people back to back on fortnite I want to show off lol but anyway Xbox app as is its awesome that’s for such engaging experience couldn’t or have not not met such experiences with a console ! Thank you for being first to me and best !

- Awesome app but 2 problems

I can’t change my gamerpic and it has shown this EVERY SINGLE DAY I try to do this and it’s so annoying. Ik that even with Covid-19 going around, my internet has been pretty good but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t get to change the smallest things. Please fix this bug when you get the chance. I also didn’t write this review to explain my problems. Xbox app is so awesome. I love how Microsoft made it because it is so helpful to me and all of my family that has it. And just one more thing before I finish this, there is this weird glitch that made it so when I go to one of my friends profiles to look at how many friends they have or something like that and it blackouts my friends list and it takes like 30 seconds to fix. Pls fix this glitch. Thx for your time Microsoft.

- Helpful but full of problems

I’ve been using the Xbox app for years and it works most of the time, but now that there are no longer any ways to have multiple accounts signed in at the same time and to switch between accounts you need to sign out and then type on your email and password every time you switch rather than just clicking on the account you want to sign into. I currently can’t even use the app because I signed into an account that was locked and I couldn’t remember the password or enough of the account information to have the password changed. I don’t care about recovering the account at all, if I could I’d just delete the account. The biggest problem is that I can’t sign out of the locked account because it’s locked and I need to be signed into an account in order to sign into an account. So this app is basically now just a way to remember that I can’t sign in and can’t sign out.

- Ups and downs

This app is a great companion to the Xbox allowing you to type on your Xbox from your phone, but some drawbacks to that is it doesnt always stay connected to the Xbox for some reason. Also something is lost to see updated is making it a lot easier to look at screenshots and video as that either takes forever to load or never loads at all. I’d like to be able to clean up my storage of my clips and screenshots so I can upload more stuff from my Xbox and this app would be a great place to be able to do that. Also as another reviewer wrote, it doesn’t always sync messages completely so that the app is as updated as the Xbox, even when the Xbox is on and connnected to the app, which I find very strange. But other than that I like the rest of the functionality. Hopefully this will get read by the developers and these issues can get updated.

- Helpful App for Xbox Gamers

It’s a very helpful app to gamers who play on Xbox. I don’t actual have an Xbox console, and I play on my iPad. I play Minecraft 75% of the time I’m gaming, and I have a lot of great friends who love to play Minecraft with me too. My friend recommended this app so we could call each other and stay connected. It’s really helpful for knowing when your friends are on, what they’re up too, and for communicating. I recommend it for those who would like to stay connected with friends when gaming. Only problem I have with this app is every time I want to see comments on something like a post, image, or video clip in the Activity Feed, it always says “Something went wrong. Please try again later.” I don’t know why, but I haven’t been able to see any comments. I’m giving this app a four star rating but besides the comments glitch, this is a very useful app!

- Good App, but experiencing problems

Personally, I don’t think the idea is bad, and I think it’s a good way for all Microsoft users to communicate. However, I’ve had many instances where I’ve been really annoyed. For Example, after a couple days of playing, my account always gets locked because there was “detected activity that violates the Microsoft services agreement”. I checked the Microsoft services, and I didn’t break any of them. The only thing I use the app for is so that I can play Minecraft with my friends and on servers but it just locked me out. I’ve made an account three times and all three times it’s done this. Now why didn’t I just unlock it? It asked for a phone number, to which I don’t believe is required to make an account. And even if it was, why couldn’t it be sent to my email? Isn’t that how you activate the account in the first place? Maybe all these things are personal but they’re annoying problems.

- App crashes whenever I sign into account

So I’ve been using this app for awhile but over the past couple weeks whenever I went to send a message to someone it says this feature can’t be accessed because my privacy settings prevent this from happening so I couldn’t find anything to change in my privacy settings so I tried to delete the app and sign back in and low and behold it worked. So for about a day everything was working normal but then the other day it signed me out for no reason and now whenever I try to sign back in the app crashes. Here’s the catch. I have another Xbox account that I can sign into totally fine and it works fine, but my main Xbox account whenever I try to sign in it doesn’t work. I would really appreciate it if this could be looked at it. It is very annoying. But all in all when working properly the app is great

- Remote feature

App works great for screen shots and game captures, to see other Feeds. I mostly use the app for its Xbox remote feature, where it mimics a Xbox controller. The Remote feature is good, I use it a lot for when I’m watching movies, Netflix, tv, etc. However, I’m on an iPhone XS, and the pause and scroll buttons are at the bottom the screen near the home bar. On iPhone XS there is no home button, so there’s a bar at the bottom of the screen that you drag up to go home. The pause and scroll buttons are right where that bar is, and I can never use them. Instead I have to tap the A button, and swipe screen by screen in 30sec increments until I get to a scene I’m trying to see in a movie. It would be nice if the pause and scroll buttons were slightly higher away from the edges of screens so they don’t interfere with a slide home feature like on iPhone XS.

- Nearly a perfect app!

I’ve read many reviews about people having bug/glitch issues, and I can say I’ve never, even since before Xbox One came out, had issues running this app on my iPhone 6. The only thing I would make an adjustment to, is purchasing Xbox 360 backward compatible games. For those that don’t know, we can’t do it through the app. I love to constantly look through Games with Gold (when I’m away from my Xbox, such as at work) every week and on the reset days (1st and 16th of every month) to see what’s free/discounted, and I just wish that I could buy and start downloads for the Xbox 360 games without always needing to go to Xbox’s website. Besides that, again I love this app and I’ve been using it for about 4 years now. Keep up the good work Microsoft!

- Terrible

For the most part it works okay. For the captures, adding friends, looking at profiles, it’s great. However when you get to the party aspect of it it is hot garbage. I have to use my phone to join parties because I don’t have a headset or non Apple Headphones right now and it’s terrible. I can’t hear half the conversation, it takes forever for it to even connect to my phone, my mic will randomly stop working, when new people join the party half the time it says they’re disconnected when they’re not and you can’t hear them when it’s like that. I have to leave and join back several times while playing and it’s very annoying. The icing on the cake was the fact that while I was trying to join earlier it said I needed to update the app to use parties but my app doesn’t need updating. I reset my phone and everything and it was still saying that. Fix your app please for the love of god Xbox. I would really like to be able to enjoy talking to my friends.

- Really confused

I was excited to try this out, but now I am baffled. I frequently use the Xbox console companion app on my laptop to stream from my console and I expected this app would do the same on my phone. Instead, all the console feature seems to do is let me use my phone as a controller, which is pretty clumsy and fairly useless. What has me confused the most are screenshots depicting a phone connected to a controller and with the home screen in view like it is streaming. Could it be that I need this device to enable streaming? Not sure, but it wouldn’t make sense anyway. Controllers can already connect to an iPhone via Bluetooth. That said, just like the PC version of the app, the requirement to be on the same network as the console is a severe limitation. I’ve already worked around this by setting up my own VPN so I can play on the go with my laptop, but that shouldn’t be a necessary requirement. Regardless, this version of it on iPhone seems not to deliver on its promises.

- It’s ok..

So I recently downloaded this to see what you can do and it was nice at first. I was pretty excited when I first opened this up. I looked around, used my phone as a remote and etc. I had trouble logging on my account because I have a pass key. Likewise, I have no clue what I’m doing when I’m trying to type the RT, LT, etc. buttons. It was very cool but then I tried to see if you can play games or something, I totally lost interest. I just don’t get how this really works. You can’t play games with your phone, many of the controller buttons are missing making account access hard and other issues. Totally wastes the term “Xbox in the go.” Like what are you supposed to even use it for? Just media I guess. Also when my Xbox is connected, it doesn’t let me even push the play button on a game. Wow, this app is kinda bland. But overall it’s ok.

- Horrible performance

Terrible app. If you’re using your phone as a mic with this app, prepare to be extremely annoyed and frustrated constantly. When in an Xbox Live party, I cannot go a full day without the app crashing at least 5 different times. Doesn’t matter if you’re not using any other apps and all other apps are closed, it will still crash. If you want to rejoin the party, you’ll need to fully quit the app and restarted it... several times. Sometimes i will have to close the app and restart it 4 times or more just for it to let me rejoin the party I was in before it crashed. The app doesn’t sync your party to the Xbox, so on the Xbox menu it says you’re not in a party. This is frustrating when you accidentally invite someone to a party instead of a game on the console, because it will make you leave the party on the app and place you in a party by yourself on the console. You’d think with the billions of dollars Microsoft has they’d be able to design an app that’s at least mediocre

- Necessary, useful, and important app

Microsoft’s Xbox “Smartglass” app for the Xbox One is an incredible addition to any Xbox owner’s media management collection. The app can be used to control most functions on the Xbox, similar to the Apple remote app for the Apple TV. The app also displays information about specific content while it’s playing, as well as social information regarding your Friends’ online statuses. While this app is a useful and convenient tool for managing and running apps on your console, the user interface, while clean, runs slowly. The menu transition animations feel weighted, and seem to hold quick and learned app maneuvers back. I wish that the developers would either quicken the transition animations back-and-forth, or add a toggle to remove the feature all together. Besides that, the app is great and should be an addition to any Xbox One owner.

- Very dissatisfied.

At first everything seemed fine with the app, until it kept denying my email when I tried to sign in. I was using the same email address I used with every other device. I triple-checked to see if it was the right one, and it was. Yet the app still would not take my email. In fact, I even made a new email to see if it would let me in. And even after that, it still wouldn’t work. I was looking forward to using this app. Perhaps a bug? Glitch? This really frustrates me. I made sure that I was using the correct email, and yet it would still not verify my email. Very dissatisfied with this app. Not to mention that one of the largest gaming companies worldwide created it. I was expecting a smooth flawless app that I could use to manage my Xbox account. And it wouldn’t even let me sign in. I know I’m not the only one having this issue. I bet others are as frustrated as me. Microsoft, please fix this error. Or at least respond to my review for instructions. Thank you for your time.

- Issue?

I love the Xbox app and had no issues so far, but nowadays it seems as if when I log out and log into my other account everything gets messed up. Whether it's me getting messages from one account when I'm on the other, or it refuses to fully log into the account forcing me to close the app and re-log in. Another thing is that no matter if I'm on wifi or on my data, it can't show any of the sections: friends, clubs, etc. Even when I refresh it a bunch of times, close the app or login back in. It will just say "try again later", so I'm not sure if it's just on my end or what. But it's been getting really annoying seeing that. Other than than great app but it would be better if I knew why these issues keep happening.

- Privacy issue

*update* Changed from 1 star to 4 stars because it appears you can no longer see that people are in a party when they are appearing offline. Yay! The only other bug I notice is that when someone adds me as a friend the notification stays up on my activity alerts tab for several days instead of going away when I click on it. Not a big deal tho. Thanks for the update! No complaints until a recent update which made it possible for people to see that I’m online and who I’m in party chat with even though I always appear offline. It completely defeats the purpose of appearing offline and brings up a privacy issue for me. I appear offline for a reason and absolutely hate that they made it possible for others to see when I’m online through the app and who I’m in a party with.

- Messaging errors

I would’ve gave the app a 5*, but it kept sending me notifications of my old messages with friends. It kept blowing up my phone and the messages won’t even show up. I have to keep refreshing all the time. I noticed the app be deleting all the old messages which is alright, I guess, but I didn’t want it to be deleted. Though, that’s really just not the problem. It doesn’t update on what people are playing on. Saying that they’re offline even though they are online. Those are just my 3 problems with the app. Hopefully it gets fixed because I’m really tired of the app spamming me old messages. I did delete the app and reinstalled it, but the same thing kept happing. Anyways, hopefully anyone reads this if they’re having the same problem. I use IOS if anyone is wondering. Thank you.

- Useful. Also to the Developers...

I’ve greatly enjoyed this app it’s useful and makes things simple. The new party feature was ingenious seriously love it. However, as an Xbox connoisseur and a diehard gamer their is something I feel would really make this app a must have for all Xbox gamers. Of course I’m talking about a download percentage tracker. Everyone who plays current gen games knows how big a digital game is, so most of us do something while it downloads. It’s would be great if we could be doing something or go somewhere and simply need to open the app and check the download percentage. That way you could start playing your new game the second it’s done downloading. Anyway that’s something to think about but for now the app is great keep up the good work Devs.


This app used to work smoothly, but now, as of late, the app itself, as well as every page within it takes an unreasonably long time to load. I’m so frustrated that I’ve even recorded the load duration, and it’s average comes out around 2 minutes. That may not seem like much, but when you sit there and watch that little circle go round and round for 160 seconds when it should only take a few, it starts to wear on your patience. On top of all that waiting, any time a page actually manages to load up, it’s no good. When I look for clubs through certain games the app kicks me out. If I search for a profile or attempt to glance at my activity, it kicks me out. I have the iPhone 7 with 50GB of storage, of which I’m only using 29 gigs. Whenever I go into the Xbox app I make sure to clear any cache I have on my device, and clear any other cookies and or tabs I might have open, so this app should NOT be timing out, nor should it take a century and a half to load. I chose to rate this Xbox app one star in the hopes of gaining the developers attention. I grew up on PlayStation, but turned to Xbox in my teens and have been a loyal customer ever since, but too often are Xbox consumers’ questions, comments, and concerns ignored by the company. Please, take some time to look into the app. Investigate and do your best to resolve these issues. Thank you for reading my review, I genuinely appreciate your consideration.

- App is fine but could be fixed I bit

So the Xbox app has a lot to offer but sometimes when you try to send messages the screen for message doesn’t work also it is annoying that you have to turn off you ringer or turn on do not disturb every time you play on the Xbox because say someone send a message or a party invite the both the Xbox and your phone make a noise and if you have someone like you work calling you when you are playing with you ringer off or do not disturb on then you do not get the call but I would say that if they added more power to the Xbox remote then this app would be basically perfect for anyone wanting another way of checking up on what is new with the Xbox and your friends on the Xbox also someone please fix the messages problem a soon as possible thanks

- Good

So what happened was I was playing with the app to join my friends party. I exited the app for a bit and when I opened the app, it showed that everything wasn’t able to connect. It said all my friends were offline and couldn’t show any party details. So I tried reloading it a couple times and even powered off my phone just to see if it would work but it didn’t. So I deleted the app and re-downloaded it. Then I had a whole new problem. Once I finished logging in it showed the loading spinner. I waited 5 minutes and closed the tab to restart it. I tried again and it still didn’t work. The same problem is happening to my friend. Maybe it could be from the rain. But if you have any suggestions or recommendations or any solutions or the source of the problem I would greatly appreciate it.

- Lots of bugs and missing basic features

Viewing video captures is super slow and sharing them is very buggy. Sharing works correctly maybe 25% of the time, all other times the app throws up an error. Wish I could trim video clips in the app. The Recent Players search doesn't work at all, so when I meet people I have a hard time finding them to send a friend request. Even if I know their gamertag, the Recent Players search can't find them! Unacceptable. The store in the app is terrible: hard to find what you want and harder to buy it. Don't you want my money, Microsoft? Microsoft: PLEASE fix this app. Please make it do the normal, standard things players want to do. I don't care about "Trending" in my feed, until you fix the social functionality of the app this app is NOT a social network so stop pretending it is. I don't care about a "Welcome" tab because I've been with you for 12 years. Let me find new friends! Let me share my proudest moments and edit them! Let me BUY THINGS FROM YOU. Please.

- Bugs: the app

Amazingly, the app has bugs that have persisted through several updates. The friends list won’t load, going to profile settings tells you access is restricted and good luck getting anything to load. If this app were advertised as a giant bug, it’d get a full five stars, outstanding realism of bugs. Despite all that, it has some good features especially party chat and messaging. You can even buy canes and push the download to your Xbox when it decides to load. While that’s good, what good is it really when it doesn’t work? Sometimes I can only get it to work but signing out and signing back in. Yeah I can’t find the sign out sometimes, I think it’s in profile settings. Jokes on me I guess since I can’t access profile setting because I don’t have permissions to my account. Fix all that, I’ll change my review back to five stars guaranteed.

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- Great companion to the console. Needs refinement

This app is very useful when managing the multitude of tasks that would normally require you to push the Xbox button on your controller and manage tasks with a pop-up overlaid sub menu. 2 things to be amended and I would give 5 stars. First the resolution of the app doesn’t fit the entire screen for my iPad Pro so it’s not taking advantage of the full screen. Second is when setting up an LFG, the tags that you can normally choose from when setting up via xbox aren’t there. There are no suggestions, it’s completely blank. Otherwise I’m a very frequent user of this app and have it open pretty much every time I’m using my console. Thanks and keep up the great work!

- Uhh it’s okay?

The app itself I would say is good, gives you similar or even the same content and freedom the Xbox itself would although it does have a few bugs like mine always tends to crash when I get out of the app and try to get back in while in a party. Like just a simple tap of the home button, my iPad is band new and I barely filled up any storage so I don’t really understand the issue. But I’d probably give 4 stars if it didn’t always crash on me and oh I don’t know if I just can’t find it but when you receive a party request and don’t press it in time there’s no going back into it no nothing. But something is wrong with my app I have the most resent update, at least I think? I updated it 6 days ago, yet it’s still telling me to “update for latest version of parties” and isn’t allowing me to update but that’s all.. this app is a little all over the place Toodles! ^^

- I use it a lot but there are so many things wrong

So I use this app every day very, very often but the app is just so slow. Similar to another review I saw it’s not possible to change your profile picture to something in your photo album because it says not able to upload photo at the moment. Also saving clips can be very slow and sometimes there’s this bug where it’s not possible to save clips and there’s nothing I can do to fix that. Finally when doing everything I have realised there a delay to do pretty much anything I do on the app. Ok so even though there are a lot of negatives there are also a lot of positives and that’s why I’m giving it 3/5 star rating. I would give it a 4 if they actually solved the bugs and I’d give a 5 if they fixed all the bugs in general. Overall good app if u have patience.

- My pfp is broken

The app is good and all but I changed my profile picture and it says it can't show it because it's apparently "inappropriate" when there was nothing wrong with it. It keeps saying "Sorry we can't upload the picture at the moment, try again later" and I've literally been waiting 6 months and it still keeps saying it. I've tried restarting the app and deleting it and re downloading it but it still says the same thing over and over. If you need my xbox it's Antorth and could you please help me it would mean a lot

- Missing features

In previous updates you were able to type through the Xbox app (I could type on my phone and it would appear on my Xbox) but recently this feature doesn’t exist or is broken. I find this an issue because I often have to input things into the games I play like writing something or copy and pasting something, I have tried this feature on multiple applications with no results. This could just be an issue with the application/ game I am using. Aside from this ‘broken/ missing feature’ the app works to amazing standards. I can stay in touch with Xbox live while on the go which is handy. I just don’t find the app as useful without this single feature.

- Help.

So I love this app. But lately it’s been making me sign into a kids version of it or something. When I enter Minecraft, I can5 see anyone’s chat. When I go into peoples profiles it says something like, You can’t do this because of the way your account has been set up and you can fix this on the Xbox website. And I did that! But it still does it! And to be honest I’m starting to loose hope due to how many times this has happened. It also puts my profile pic to a default one, I tried changing it but it says that’s for adult accounts only! And I have done it before! I hope it gets fixed, because I can’t deal with it anymore.

- Possibly the best console app EVER

It's much easier for texting your friends that have an Xbox instead of going on the Xbox just go open up the app sign in then text them. Also you can see pretty much every thing you can see on the home screen. The app also lets you get a Custom pic for your profile. It's pretty good but I which you could do that with your background a custom background instead of downloading media player and getting pictures of your computer putting them in a USB then sticking that in the Xbox.

- Great

It helps me get messages through faster, I can see my friends on it I can see what my friends post, my issue with this is on the console, this is the only way i could get a message to Xbox, on the console, I changed my name, I did not work and I lost the money, I bought rocket league, it was not downloading, I go back to the rocket ledge page, it says I have not bought it, I think you should just make it you pay on the console not get sent to pc for it to be accepted by Microsoft, change that on the actual Xbox

- Great app but needs a tiny fix 🤏

The xbox app is great and easy to use but it suddenly won’t let me change my profile picture to one that’s like on my camera roll, I haven’t tried the in-app pictures, I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app and logging in and out and when I try to change it, it comes up with “try again later” so I thought that if I sent a review that you guys would hopefully see this and try to fix it.. it would be great if you could :)

- A disappointed customer

I really enjoyed using the app for messaging and checking achievements but since up to about a month ago the app is not usable at all. I ran into a problem with not being able to use nearly any features such as messaging ect. I looked on forums to try and fix it which only worked once and hasn’t worked since. I logged out of the app and can no longer log back into the app at all. Even have deleted the app multiple times to see if that fixed the problem but still doesn’t. All my the features work on other devices but this since the last month. Very disappointed

- Most unreliable app i’ve had to deal with

This app has terrible reliability when connecting to the xbox and has so many issues that haven’t been fixed its not funny. Streaming videos fails half the time, tv guide information doesn’t show up. Even the tv and AV control doesnt work if the Xbox is in the TV App. Lastly, there is still no option to turn on the xbox only without turning on my AV and TV. Why is there not already an option to turn on the xbox only without turning on the TV? This is pointless if i have to turn the TV off after i remotely turn it on. This is typical Microsoft having the functionality but being too lazy/ to implement it in a meaningful way

- The app is pretty good

I love the Xbox app it is so essential but I have a few issues no.1 being when I’m in a party chat through the app it attends to crash and it just gets annoying having to quit the app and relaunch it and start another party chat and no.2 being that I can’t change my profile picture it just keeps on saying try again later then I will and it will say the same thing.... but other than that the app is great and highly recommended it ✌🏾

- Microsoft Solitaire Collection IOS

Hi, I have had this game on both my laptops Windows 10 and my new iPad for 2 months, no problems. I also upgraded to premium on both devises, no problems. This week I can no longer play the game on my Ipad. When I open it up it tells me to connect to the internet which is always on. It then tells me to try on XBox which I downloaded but again it tells me I have no internet connection which I have checked and rechecked. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks David

- Update/ install/ Download progress

Great app but should have a feature where we can see how far along our downloads/ updates or installations are from completing. Would be handy instead of having to turn the console on and off just to get an idea on how far through it is. Also make it so we can pause or cancel updates etc. on our consoles whilst they are on instant on if that’s possible Other than that it’s a great app. And if you could do that I’d definitely come back and re rate it 5 stars.

- It’s awesome

I would like to be able to see my party, like whose in it, I’d like to be able to kick from the app as well I think that would be a nice feature to add, and also I’d like to be able to view the messages that get sent to the party but other then that I love being able to accept and decline people who are interested in my looking for post, messaging friends, and seeing my feed. It’s made it a lot easier to access my friends and messages while still playing

- Good app but some store problems

The app is very useful. I particularly use the Store and the Gold page. Very useful to be able to check on the Games with Gold and if they were were purchased or obtained before. One issue is that the reported autorenewal date for my gold subscription displayed as the 16th of June but renews on the 2nd. This happened before and after the renewal. Unfortunately the store pages sometimes take a very long time to load and then are almost instantaneous at others.

- Make the App Useful Again

So many pointless features, very little to help you use your Xbox. I’d love to see more interactive features in this app that actually complement the console a lot more. For example, I should have better control of movies and content. It’d be awesome if I could scroll through a list of titles (or even search) on my phone app, select what to watch, then have it play on the Xbox. While it’s playing, I should have the ability to view information about what I’m watching on the app, maybe even share what I’m watching with others. While something is playing, there needs to be contextual controls for media playback, not just the standard controller buttons. I need play, pause, rewind, skip etc. In games I’d love to see more functionality too, let me see menus or hud features, chat console, game stats or whatever. As the app is right now, it just doesn’t add much value.

- A major problem

I recently changed accounts and when I tried to log into my new account in Xbox live it was still on my old account even after I reloaded it! I feel like there should be a settings button in a top corner with the option to “switch account” then you sign in to your new account and yeah. You should really include this feature in your new update, I feel like if you do you won’t get as many problems popping up on live support.

- App not responding

The app is great when it works. I’ve been having a issue for the last week where it won’t load. If I un install it and re install it it works for five minuets or so then can’t load anything. I find it useful to message friends when playing game as it’s quicker and easier to open and reply to messages and to see who’s online on what games before I jump on. But lately it hasn’t been working and I don’t know why. Has anyone else come across this issue?

- A small problem... Please fix!

This app is amazing and easy to find everything you want, however, I have recently come across a problem. The app logged me out one day and when I tried getting back into it, it says that there was a problem and to try again later, I tried it later and it didn’t work, I tried reinstalling it and I tried adding my account again onto it, still nothing. Please fix this because I really need it! Thanks.

- Hi there are better things

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- Annoyed

I’ve had to delete this app like 8 times now just to use it. It keeps telling me something went wrong, it will crash all of a sudden and when I get a message, the message will not load at all. After the message doesn’t load it will disable me from viewing anything and say something about my privacy’s settings will not let me. Every time I view my settings, they are fine and there isn’t anything wrong with them, especially to the point where I can’t message people or view anything. My phone is up to date and this app is good when it is working.

- App’s decent, BUT

The app’s great, but recently (roughly three weeks ago), I lost the ability to be able to change my display pic for the app and Xbox system itself through the app. I can change it to an avatar, and change the avatar, but for no reason, I’ve lost the ability to actually choose an actual picture from my Camera Roll and set it as my profile picture. This has persisted throughout the last couple of updates and bug fixes.

- App keeps bugging out

I have previously used this app and it was great, everything worked very well. However recently I have started to use it again and every other day the app stops allowing me to use the party feature. It keeps telling me that it has to do with my privacy settings but I have checked them multiple times and there is no reason why the app should be working one day but not working the next. I have to keep deleting and redone loading the app to get it to work... is very frustrating. Until this is fixed, the review will stay at 2 stars.

- View games tab?

This app is almost perfect except for the fact that there isn’t a tab to view your games. In case you want to show your friends what you’ve got and compare the games together. Or just checking if you are missing a game from your collection. There probably already is one and I’m sounding pretty dumb right now so if there is maybe put it in the main bar at the top of the screen

- Very well done, but need improvement

I find Xbox App to be very useful especially because my headphone jack on my Xbox controller is broken. However I have found that when an internet change occurs, the Xbox App stops working and stays on a white loading screen. This may only be on my current device which is an IPhone 6. It would be nice for this to be fixed. Despite this it is really easy to use and it has everything that you would need in an Xbox App.

- Fairly decent app, 1 major issue

The app is very useful for messaging when on the go and ect but you aren’t able to accept party invites, so the party must either be joinable or you have to invite everyone if for some reason you can’t join, which is another issue. This can be a rather annoying bug as having to invite everyone to a party with the same people just so you can join is irritating.

- Don’t even download it

Unless you don’t have any sort of headset I wouldn’t download this app. It constantly has problems such as not being able to join parties, you can’t see your friends list, you can’t access invites from the app, it says you have unopened messages that you’ve already opened and the list goes on. I don’t know what Microsoft were thinking when they uploaded this to the App Store because I’d expect this quality out of something from 2003. In my opinion it needs to be removed from the App Store until it’s fixed or have a major update rather than them updating the Xbox home screen.

- Poor communication

The party feature is horrible, you have to create a party or hope your friends party is joinable if you want to talk via voice. Getting invited to parties takes forever to go through to your app and everytime I’m in a party it kicks me out or disconnects everyone and sometimes when someone joins the party it doesn’t show them and you can’t hear them, also when it does show it views them as “disconnected”. Just please give us a fast and reliable party feature and can you add all your friends parties in the party section like it makes sense to do that. Thank you for reading. Update. The worst app ever!!!

- The gametag

Okay so everything seems great and all but like, I have tried multiple times to change my gametag, doing what it says to do, but it keeps coming up with (can’t change it at this moment) not in those exact works though, why???? I want to change it. Oh and the first time I tried naming the gametag it didn’t let me change the name and I didn’t even basically submit the name before it forced me to use the name it had already given me. All I wanted was to play on the minecraft severs, with a good name.

- Broken or Missing Features

Alright, I know everyone has said it, but add messaging again. It doesn’t work anymore and it gets annoying when you have to turn on the Xbox just to say something really quick. Also, since I have been moderating a few of my friends groups, along with mine, when I try to set ‘games we like to play’, it just straight up crashes, saving everything but the games I chose. Please fix this, because my friends are lazy and count on me for moderating and stuff.

- App Is unusable - keeps crashing

The app once upon a time was perfect, but now for some reason I can only use the app for about 30 seconds before it crashes. Every time. I don’t know what is causing this problem, I am using an iPhone X and I have the latest update for the app and my phone. I even tried deleting and reinstalling the app but it did not fix the problem which makes me believe that there is an issue with the app itself. Devs, please get back to me and let me know what is happening as I cannot find any sort of support for the Xbox Phone app.

- Yikes

This app should be good, but falls short continuously. For about two days now I haven’t been able to log in to it due to some mysterious error. Previously, when I have been logged in, it’s had issues syncing messages from my console to the app; it’s crashed mid-conversation and then not allowed me to continue “because my privacy settings won’t allow it”? As if I’d made a sudden change? There are many unexplainable things that make trying to use this app in conjunction with my online gaming a nightmare. Please, for the love of god, fix it. It’s been months.

- This app is fanstastic

Xbox one smart glass is very useful to check up on with iPhone or iPad and purchase games over it you. Can see a message to friend like going on skype on xboxone talk to friend and up date on xbox is getting better track up you games you can turn on Xbox one via the App very useful went on you look smart glass look went your. Down load games 🎮and 💨fantasic app to users

- Wake up! We need a bug fix!

So this good and overall and i mainly use this for voice chat with my friends. I don’t have a mic for my xbox one so i use my ipad mic. To save battery when i am in voice chats i turn my ipad off but now it makes me leave the voice chat and close the app and say “Something went wrong, Please try again later”. So i try a gain later and it happens again and again. You need to fix this! I am over it! I am not buying a whole new mic for my xbox if i can use my ipad so FIX THIS RIGHT AWAY!

- Help me pls!

Hi, I love this app cause I can control my Minecarft Account but there’s been a problem, I deleted the app for more space and I’ve got it back after getting Minecarft backs and that stuff but it won’t let me sign in, there’s a problem with my account it saids but I’ve been signed in on my Minecarft the entire time, it’s a different account it’s trying to sign me into because it’s my old account that’s no longer available it’s trying to sign me into and it’s not letting change the account over! Please help me!

- Its ok

This app is great for communicating with all off your friends and you are able to get all of your messages through, but recently this app crashed and now its saying all of my friends are offline when they aren’t. I also have this app downloaded on another device and i cannot report the bug for some reason. You also can’t change your gamertag after you have changed it before, but otherwise this app is good for messaging and broadcasting your games.

- Kinda Broken

So when I am writing this review there is a bug that I can not change my profile picture to a custom one. It says something like “Sorry, we can’t upload the picture at the moment. Try again in a little while.” And it’s been saying that for 2 whole days now and I tried it out on my phone ( because I was already doing it on my iPad) and it said the exact same thing. So please if you see this please fix the bug, that will be grate thanks.

- Needs a fix

The app itself is pretty good but, when I’m in a party it shows that the other party member is talking but no sound is coming out. At first I thought it was my phone or it was hit person on the other end but after doing some testing I found out that it’s only doing it with this app. Some sort of update to fix this problem is very much needed. He cuts out almost every second word...

- I like it but.....

I use the Xbox app all the time. It’s much easier to send messages, search someone up, view clips than on the Xbox itself. Here’s the problem tho, when iOS 12 came out, I have lost the ability to screen record the clip on the app, the screen just turns black. A fix to this would be great or if not, an option to save the clip to camera roll, thx for everything!

- A Deserving 1 Star

Microsoft, you need to fix cyber bullies on Xbox Live. There is one scammer, whom I messaged telling them to stop and they reported me, resulting in a 1 day communications ban. The next day, for the same reason, I was banned for a week. This needs to be stopped and the scammer, pbxz, needs to be banned. I now cannot speak with my friends for a week, because I tried to make the Xbox community a better place.

- Great but needs an update!

Really need to be able to download your own clips onto your phone without having to go through dodgy websites that leave you with viruses, you can do it with captures but not game clips which is annoying. Other than this... great app and highly recommend it to gamers who like to be highly involved with there games. Thanks Xbox !!

- Update bug

It’s a great app but the new update is bugged at least for me. Every time I go into party it says I need to update it but when I go to update it, it says there is no update and now I can’t talk to my friends because of this bug, please try to fix this, even though you guys might not have the power to, and thank you if you can.

- Why won’t this work

Why does the app every time I load it say that there’s nothing there and when I go to friends it also says there’s nothing here and for whatever reason I can’t change my profile picture. It stopped working before the last update the new update came out and it started working again and now it doesn’t work what’s going on.

- Doesn’t actually load or open

I have an iPhone this is my only form of being in a party and for some reason the app doesn’t load anymore it will sit on a white screen “loading” but never actually open the app properly please fix this as it’s seriously the only way some people can be in a party.

- Almost perfect

For me one of the apps most useful features is the on screen keyboard that allows me to type messages faster. It works intermittently and doesn’t always appear when I’m trying to use it. This can be frustrating when if I’m trying to reply to people between games or send a quick message to a teammate. If it weren’t for this it’d be a 10/10 for me.

- Great app

Love the app, awesome to message friends quickly and search things and just have a scroll on some game clubs, also like screen recording some of my game clips, but lately the sound has been out of sync with the game play of my clips, would really like this to be resolved, I’m deleting and re downloading now to see if it helps.

- Why hasn’t this been fixed

I haven’t been able to join some parties on my Xbox app due to it not being updated to the current update. But there has not been an update and I haven’t been able to join some people. This also makes things harder for me because I can join post groups, etc. always used to be able to but now I can’t :(

- Profile picture not working

Can’t change my profile picture I think it’s mean a month, I’ve been trying to change it on my iPad but still doesn’t work, I have deleted the game and installed it again and it still doesn’t work could you pls fix it?

- Terrible app

This app has been crashing continuously. Even after reinstalling the app & resetting my phone completely to factory new I have had the worst experience with this app which has so much potential. The PS App is so much more smoother and I think this app needs to be thrown out and rebuilt from the ground up again. I have contacted Xbox myself and they say that there are no issues which is stupid because there is and they make their consumers look so dumb over the phone. This app has been terrible since I first got it, fix it or delete it.

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- Great App

Love the user friendly interface, always room for improvement

- New feature Idea not really a review

I feel like there should be a feature that lets you view what percentage your game that’s downloading is at on the app and notifies your phone when your game is done downloading

- Just a review bro

5 stars coz I am lazy

- Party

When am in a party i won’t be able to hear anything for a couple of minutes and other times I won’t go through

- App keeps crashing

It won’t let me sign in and when I do it crashes the app

- Horrible

This app is just awful. It crashes way too much, when you join a party it will not works for about 1 minute then it crashes, and on top of all that, there are these painfully slow transitions between the horribly designed interface

- Crashing

It won’t let me sign in anymore I go to put in the info and the app crashes

- Boff

Le système de messagerie fonctionne tres mal

- Great, but cuts out

Everything about the app is great, except it’s ruined by the fact that party chat goes completely quiet at random times for no apparent reason. Massive issue

- Poor party chat

It keeps cutting out

- Bug need fixing!!

Hi I use this app a lot and recently from the last two updates. The app well not allow me to upload my own gamer pic anymore. I keep getting a error message saying try again later. Keeps saying that every time I re-try over and over. Could you look into this please! Thanks! :) I use iPhone 11 if that helps for software.

- Update killed it

Literally can’t even open app

- :(

i was randomly logged out of my account out of no where. My account was xXM00NCHILDXc. Please give my account back

- Great


- Awesome

It’s awesome that’s all

- Party flunk.

I can’t join party’s with my phone.. it keeps sayin “update the lastet version of this app” but there’s no update for it💆‍♂️

- I can’t sign in. please help!!

So I signed out so my friend could sign in and check his stuff. And after I tried to sign back in I couldn’t because I accidentally made a typo and it’s not letting me click “Typo in your email address? CLICK HERE” and it’s not letting me click “Click Here” so I can’t fix the typo I made! I will give it a 5 star when I can sign in to Xbox app.

- Please

Please take down the maintenance and let us change our gamerpics again, ITS BEEN FOUR MONTHS!!

- Gamer pic

Tried to change gamer pic for a week now and it hasn’t worked, keeps saying try again, plz fix this

- Trash

Fix your app I’ve been trying to change my profile picture for weeks now and y’all app doesn’t let me 🤦‍♂️

- Audio

Can I get audio from Xbox to my phone ?

- Unwanted content in feed.

I don’t enjoy if I block someone, that their group posting content is still in my feed.

- Fix parties please

I used this app all the time, and although, yes. It crashed after awhile, that was easy to ignore. But now, not only does it crash, the party calls also cut the other person off at points and it’s super annoying having to get them to constantly repeat themselves. Please fix this issue. Thank you.

- Nuh uh

Keeps crashing. Keeps saying update your app when it’s already updated. Bugs out after I spend a long time in a party, cmon man

- Garbage

I would give this app 0 stars but it won’t let me. The app keeps freezing and crashing after having any interaction. The communication aspect doesn’t work which is one of its most important pieces. How to you make a extremely well engineered console with tons of coding but can’t make a simple app to chat on. I hope you take this review and attempt to fix the problems.

- Invitation box?

Hey I’m temporarily using the Xbox app to talk to my friends and I can’t join party’s through my phone cause you can’t get invited to party’s on the mobile app so this makes it hard to play games with your friends and not have to worry about Communication every 10 seconds thank you <3

- Very Very helpful app but one persisting problem

One problem I have had 1 to many encounters with was join parties with non friended people. I always came across error code 100 pop ups and I’ve looked around to see what was causing it but to no avail I’ve only found forum posts saying that they can’t find out what is causing it. I’ve messed with my privacy settings to see if I had some how set it so could not vocalize with other players but everything was clear. I would personally suggest this problem be looked into

- Crashes after June update

The application used to work normally until latest update as it started to crash when multitask with other application. I’m using it on iphone Xs. MS, please fix this

- Crashes

Cashed when I try to go on the app

- Crashing

It’s crashing everytime I open the app. It was fine a few weeks ago idk what happened but pls fix this

- Nice app

The settings always reset though

- Xbox is good


- You get one star for being annoying

The app is great. I use it all the time. But I hate being asked all the time if I want to rate it. So you get one star.

- Glitch out

Every time I go into the app, it shuts down

- Voice chat won’t let me hear

The voice chat doesn’t let me hear my party and they can’t hear me so annoying 😡😤😡😤🤬

- Voice Chat and Party’s

Hello Xbox! If you are reading this please fix this bug I’m going to talk about now. When I join a Party or a Voice Chat with my friend sometimes my Friends mic cuts out. This is very annoying so if you could fix this that would be great. Thank you!

- what the hell

the app is fine but I can’t log in to any account it just says error try again later, so it’s useless

- Mmmm

Its a glitchy, toxic app. If you download DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY INFO as the people here are not who they seem, i speak from experience.

- Sorry

Sorry but I have a ps4 not Xbox so sorry pls forgive me

- Trying to fix email

I can’t fix the typo in my email address, and I can’t make a new account. I just want to open a server in Minecraft man. Every time I try to press the [fix it here] “link” it never works, and it doesn’t do anything at all. Why is it there if it doesn’t do anything? What can I do to fix this error?

- Crappy consistency

Won't let me join a lot of parties. Ruins my mood

- It does Xbox things I guess

But I need to be home for it to work fully and can’t read game reviews on the store from the app. You’ll take my money but won’t tell me why (example) FIFA 2020, a AAAA title, has only 2/5 stars. I don’t use it for much because the app isn’t useful for much, now the controller feature is acting up. Hardly useful for anything at all now, really. Hard to justify having it on my phone taking up a 1/4gb just to sit there and not work.

- Feedback?

I honestly think it’s really good nothing wrong expect that error code 1 keeps happening to me and my friends it dosent let me or her join each other party’s :(

- Degueu

Je rentre dans lapp je veu me connecter et sa marche pas sa me dit qu’il y’a un probleme et je peu rien faire

- Friends list

So it’s been forever and you guys still haven’t fixed the problem where it doesn’t show peoples friends list. How lazy must you guys be. Actually quite sad it hasn’t been fixed it.

- Me

I want to be doctor hoot 😡

- I’ve never, EVER, had a WORSE sign in experience.

This Xbox account stuff has caused me a horrible headache. I have never, EVER, had a worse experience just trying to sign in, not once in my life. There’s no way in hell I can answer these stupid questions it asks me for an account I’ve had since grade 5, and I don’t see an option just just make a new account or even to just let me use another account anywhere. I don’t understand why my password and a verification code sent to the very email I’m trying to sign into isn’t enough to just sign in. I’ve never had a more unpleasant experience trying to sign into an email account in my entire life. I wouldn’t recommend trying to sign in after a while if you don’t have literally every single piece of information you’ve ever put onto your account, and lots of time to utterly waste, and maybe some migraine medications.

- It’s a awesome app

I can make plans with my friends and look at pics will I’m downloading a game

- Why

it doesn't let me log in, whenever i sign it it says “Something went wrong - (yZAQ8cRCuz+IwjZ+.2.1) and i kept checking my account and nothing was wrong with it

- This app is trash

This is trash and i love it

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- Awesome how can you do it?

First of all the Xbox Console is the best to use of it but then you get BETTER features to go with on your phone. You can change your avatar, color, gamer pic, name, bio, location and motto. You can even text your friends if your on a drive or a different area when your not using your Xbox, to watch broadcasts tell your friends start one! You may follow, donate and chat in a nice way example giving sparks or saying nice things and in the home area for the app you will see daily/recent pictures your friends took earlier as in new things! Why is the app so great? I'm not even sure myself, Xbox/Microsoft is just great! But the controller is a little not as good the PS4 control the RT/R2 LT/L2 RB/R1 LB/L1 PS4's button of those are smoother so to me the controls a bit better.

- For the most part great, missing some key features

For the most part this app is a great addition to extend the overall ability to use your Xbox for instance if you don’t want to kill your battery on the controller from watching movies and videos or if you are in a chat group this app works great, or if you are gaming and need to chat with your team. The cons of this is when you are using this as a remote you are very very very limited to what you can do. It more often than not will disconnect you and you won’t be able to reconnect from time to time. The reason behind giving this only 4 stars is because of the limited mobility of the control system. As it functions at the basics only. If you can add the ability for us to enter our passcodes via the app, that would be amazing and very helpful.

- Too Many Bugs. Fix your app Microsoft

The app used to be fine with only minor bugs but after the most recent update there have been too many bugs that make the app unbearable to use. When you are in a party occasion all party audio will cut out anywhere from 10 seconds to 10 minutes. Xbox parties crash frequently. Mic and party audio will stop working if you watch a clip while in a party. App crashes randomly every now and then. Clips skip frames while playing. VERY LONG delay when receiving invitations (you get an invitation almost immediate on an Xbox but on this app it takes several minutes). Xbox party audio sometimes gets extremely loud or quiet without even changing the volume on your device. Difficult to accept invitations while using the application. App often crashes when accepting party invitations. I really don’t understand how Microsoft, a company that makes over $100 BILLION a year, can’t even make a simple app work properly. Terrible application

- I’m highly disgusted with Microsoft

So I am logged onto my account on the Xbox app which is awesome! However, why can’t I log onto my new Xbox one with the same name? I created an alternative email since I no longer have the phone number to the account, ( I was 6 when I got the account on the original Xbox 360) now I set the alternative email in February on the 10th; I now have to wait 30 day till the 11th of March. Not bad, I just have to wait a day to access my account right? Wrong! I again have to wait an additional 30 days to get back onto my account. I’ve called Microsoft support and tried to explain this to them; they tell me that they cannot do anything even though I’m logged onto the name on my phone and Xbox 360 and have 100% access. Microsoft can’t do anything because of the system, why not? I’ve spent over $1,000 of my earnings on that name and now I can’t get back onto it. Outrageous. In my opinion you’d be better off getting a wii or gameboy. Horrible app and horrible “systems”

- The best system out there

Xbox has the best games. Very smooth Online game play. You can’t compare the other console to Xbox, why you ask, The social community is the best, link up with online friends to play multiple player or play duels on campaign mode. Even if you rather play solo, the graphics are amazing, and there are so many different game to choose from, even the throwbacks from XBOX 360. I really like meeting new friends with common interest in gaming. You won’t find another game console that has such easy way to manage your accounts, or settings, personalize your Xbox main screens to fit what you like, and how you want to play. XBOX success is that they listen to there customers, and not just give customers what they thing they want.

- Pretty good but needs work.

Please stop making my controller disconnect when I am using the app. Also please allow either a separate chat party on the app, separate from the xbox party, enabling 2 parties at the same time or change the settings so that when you invite someone to a party on the app they join the party on the xbox instead of the party in the app or allow both options. Also please create the option to choose to join a party from the app which places you in the party on the xbox instead of the party in the app, as well as the choice to join the party in the app on your phone. Also please allow the option to switch back and forth. Also please create a history on the xbox and in the app so you can go back to where you were before, both with parties and games/apps/menus.

- Mostly great

I really like being able to see who is doing what without having to turn my console on; this lets me know if I even want to do so. And I like being able to buy games and push them to my console. Being able to send messages is also very handy. The down side that has me writing this review, however, has to do with notifications. You can get notifications for some useful things, like getting a new message or a change to an LFG you created/subscribed to. But while you can get a notification that a friend has started streaming (I couldn't care any less), you _can't_ get a notification that a friend has posted an LFG. Seems to me that if a friend is looking for people to play with, you'd like to know about that more than if they just want to show you what they're playing.

- YoGurT

Hi, I would like a small update to the Xbox app, I would want it to be so that when you err off the app and get onto another game, or turn off your phone, please make the app give you a small notification for if you would want to leave a party, (a party that you are in on the Xbox app), or make it so the app would just keep on going with the party or chat that you are in, because I want to play games with my friend, but I don’t want to leave the party, because every time I play a different game the Xbox app always leaves the party, or chat, so please make t so that the Xbox app does not leave the party, or chat, so I can play a different game on my phone while talking with multiple people, on the Xbox app, ok, byeeeee.

- Good unless your trying to talk to people

I have the misfortune of not having to use this app in order to talk to people on xbox. It’s pretty good in most other aspects, but if you’re trying to talk to people and join a party through the app it can become a pain. Sometimes when you attempt to join parties it will just crash the app, if you receive an invite while using the app it will also sometimes crash the app. This can be very annoying as even restarting my phone won’t help the issue sometimes and I have to wait until it resolves itself. It would be reckless to say that this is major hindrance to my every day use, but when it does happen, I normally have to spend 20 mins or more figuring out how to fix it or ways around it. This is my only major quarrel with this app however, and it hasn’t given me any other issues.

- Fix your console

Your console has some problems. I can’t count how many times that I’ve had problems, game issues, and just overall bad experiences with the system. I’m a busy guy and nothing is more frustrating then coming home after a long day at work, or just getting back from the gym, then having the console completely shut down. Sometimes a game will crash right before I get the chance to save. I understand that some games may just be ports from pc but, I don’t think that’s an excuse for it to happen with almost every game I play. Being someone who has played many games, I think your games should be thoroughly tested before ever even entering the Xbox store. Countless times have I been disappointed by games that I would love to play, Only after spending my money on that game. I pay for Xbox live, the game pass, and occasionally I will buy a game. I don’t think it’s fair for me, or anyone else, to not get their money’s worth. I have an Xbox one S. Thank you.

- Amazing but...

This app is one of the best app I’ve ever used. Easy access to everything on the go. Very responsive, and very easy to follow menu like the friends button to see what your friends are doing. Message them. See what’s happening in the clubs you’re in. But there is an issue going on that almost every feature I use in the app says that I need a adult account which has never happened before when I tried to change the gamer pic or something like that. So I go to my Xbox to change the pic which is slightly hard but I was fine with it until it also said I needed an adult account. I don’t know what’s happening as it spread across from my phone to my Xbox. I was hoping for it to disappear for over 5 months, but I still can’t change my picture. Please, if you’re able to fix this then please do. Otherwise it’s a amazing app.

- Don’t be fooled by this apps ratings

The app is complete garbage. In fact garbage has more use than this app. This app crashes more than drunk drivers. This app is slower than frozen syrup. This app literally can not do a single thing right at all. Wanna watch your clips, expect it to freeze/crash/and if youre really lucky you can watch a bit of the clip before it has to pretend to buffer even though you have 300 mb/s internet 🥰🥰. The app just crashed on me twice just trying to voice chat with my friend, which keep in mind has never worked at all on the Xbox app. all I can say is everything that Xbox did for this entire generation including this garbage app is the reason I’m going to get a ps5. The ONLY reason I’ll get a Xbox this gen is if you guys get rid of Gold and simply make online free. If not I truly hope Xbox fails as a brand and burns in the depths of hell bc they truly do not give a single 🙊 about making a proper current gen product. Xbox you’re 10 years behind

- It’s been a good app...until now

I have had this app for a very long time and it is a good app to use with your Xbox. However, lately my app has experienced many different bugs. The two that come to mind are when I go to see if my friends are online through my app and everyone appears offline no matter what. The second one that comes to mind is one that REALLY drives me crazy. This bug occurs when you try and upload one of your photos as your profile picture and the app says that they “can’t upload anything right now, please try again in a little while” and even when I wait an hour the same thing happens. This bug has been happening for the past few weeks and still hasn’t been fixed. I enjoy using this app because it is very helpful, but now there are just too many bugs that myself and others have been experiencing. Please Microsoft, fix these bugs!

- Very Broken even after updates

It can be an amazing app when it works. Which it rarely does. So many issues with the party and “privacy settings” and etc. I’ll name them all so hopefully they will be fixed (or not). One issue, when I get a call the app usually disconnects after which is understandable, what isn’t is when I try to join back only for it to kick me out and say that there was “something wrong”. And also ANOTHER PROBLEM I JUST HAD is when I got a phone call and came back, I couldn’t even join back to the Xbox party and ALSO I CANNOT USE ANY SOCIAL FEATURES BECAUSE OF PRIVACY SETTINGS NEEDING TO BE CHANGED! Another thing which is the worst is when I try to join a party, the app crashes and when I get an invite or ANY NOTIFICATION from the Xbox app while using it, the app closes out. And that’s what I experienced always. And hopefully HOPEFULLY it will get fixed.

- Decent

I use to use Xbox app for talking with my friends because I didn’t have a mic there wasn’t really any bugs or anything,Then I got a mic and all I use Xbox app for is getting my clips to my phone I’ve never seen any bugs with saving the clips to the phone, So Xbox app is decent then out of nowhere there was bunch of bugs and one thing yay really annoys me is that you can’t change your profile pic hopefully they fix that why I’m writing the review on it because I’ve Beene checking on the updates and today it said it update 2 days ago so I went to check if the profile pics were working and they still don’t. so I’m kind of disappointed at Xbox. One another thing is that there a glitch on capturing clips on Xbox I don’t know if you guys fix that but it you can it would much apreciated because I’m a content creator in instagram 😐


This app is terrible! First I create an account. I don’t have an Xbox but I do it because I want to play Minecraft online. It won’t let me change the gamer tag. So then I create a new account. I leave the app and it won’t let me sign it in on Minecraft. New account, can’t play any online games. New account, finally it works and I have a nice gametag and stuff. I leave the app. Come back 2 months later. Guess what? It signed me out. I tried to sign in again but the password wouldn’t work. Reset the password. Tried to login again but it said I had to use a browser. So I did but I couldn’t do anything it wouldn’t let me login. Made ANOTHER NEW ACCOUNT. before I saved the account to instant login on the app. So I go on the app to sign into my new acc but because it has another acc saved I can’t. And I can’t login to the saved acc. So I delete the app and redownload it. Same problem. NOW IL SWITCHING DEVICES TO SEE IF I CAN DO ANYTHING. WHY DO YOU THINK I GOT A PS4 INSTEAD OF YOUR STUPID XBOX. STEP IT UP!

- Crashes all the time.

I really like this app when it works. I use it primarily as a remote for my Xbox One so that I don’t run down the batteries. If I leave the app open and lock my phone when I unlock it the app has crashed, no big deal I just close it and open it again and it connects right back up. However today I opened the app cold and nothing. I go to use the remote feature, open the remote and tap the A button section and nothing. Doesn’t respond to anything. I closed the app and opened it multiple times still the same thing. I went ahead and uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and still nothing. It seems like a pretty basic feature to get this to work on an iPhone 8. The only thing I can think of is that I updated my OS to 12.4.1 yesterday and that seems to be when the trouble started.

- So close to being amazing

So like over a year ago maybe 2 years ago there was a update. I think around the same time you added “invite to voice chat”. Well when I use this feature and even when I use normal party chat through the app, it cuts out voices. Like I see that they’re talking but I’ll only catch the end of the sentences. I was hoping you guys could please fix this because there was moments Id walk home from work just talking to my friends on there and catch everything they’d say and vice versa. It also seems like they complain more about the way I sound since that update as well, if you could take a look at that. Anyways I do love this app, its super convenient and I would really appreciate if you guys fixed these bugs, THANK YOU!

- Miltiple problems

The app is delayed in general. When you choose a game and press done on the menu to look for clubs it kicks you out of the app. When someone invites you to a party from a group post after they confirmed you, it says you’re unable to join their party. When someone invites you to their party it takes a minute or so for the invite to reach my app, and I timed it after I got the invite on my console, so it couldn’t of been connection problems. When you choose to join that invite most times it doesn’t let you join. When you try to invite someone to a party, it starts a one on one voice chat. You have to go into the party menu, start a party, and then go to their profile to invite them to the current party, being careful not to hit the option above that, that takes you off the party and starts a one on one voice chat. I seriously don’t understand what the recent update was supposed to do. 🤷🏽‍♂️

- Problems connecting to Xbox

I’ve had this app for a long time and I really enjoy it. It’s much faster to send messages on here if you’re in the middle of an online game that can’t pause and a friend messages you. It’s more convenient. However, lately I haven’t been able to use the in-app remote on my app, which makes it so much easier when I get home from a long day at work and don’t feel like turning my Xbox remote on, choosing a show to watch on Netflix, and turning the remote off. It’s a quick and easy way to choose a show remote-free. I’ve tried putting in the IP address, made sure it was on the same network, and I went to the settings and the app connectibility and everything should be working but it’s not. I’d really appreciate it if you address the problem and fix it. I will then leave a 5 star rating once my app works as a remote again. Thank you.

- Decent, with some bad bugs here and there.

Overall, this app isn’t “horrible”, but it still has major flaws that make it a very annoying app to work with. For example: One minute I’m able to start a party, change my profile picture, change my bio, change my name, and what not, and the next minute I CAN’T. I’m not sure what the issue is with these bugs because it seems no matter how much they “update” this app, it still has the exact same problems, so really all I can say in conclusion is, just fix the main issues, stop worrying about FODDER Xbox Avatars, that 9 time’s out of 10 NO ONE IS GONNA USE, and stop worrying about upping the values/amount of money people have to pay for games, passes, and what not. Focus on what’s most important, which is the community, and keeping your app functional, instead of things that’ll get your entire company canceled.

- Bugs... but overall okay

I appreciate the connivence of being able to access the social features and the basic remote but my main complaint is the lack of the keyboard actually working. I’ve tried re-installing the app and restarting the console but even though it worked briefly when I first connected to the Xbox the keyboard doesn’t pop up anymore. There should be an option to input text from your phone manually, like a button to you can press in the remote section. I mean honestly typing on the keyboard is the only truly inconvenient thing to do on the Xbox. Looking through highlights and achievements and the likes are all easily done, but typing is something that can’t be improved too much UI wise on the console itself, which is why this used to be useful. Please fix this.

- Great app

Works great and has a lot of content you can browse while your watching tv or playing a game. Also doubles your phone as a remote wich can be very useful when watching a movie or tv. 5 stars..... fast foward 2 years later this app continues to stay relevant and very useful/fun. I constantly find myself viewing my in game clips or those of friends while watching tv and also browsing the store for new games and content I may be interested in. I also like that I receive messages from friends even tho my system is off and I'm not home allowing me to respond and coordinate a co op session for later on. I'm still really happy with this app after over 2 years of use my review remains at 5 stars!

- Needs some fixing

So I have some friends that have their own Xbox so we talk and play together but when I am away I use the app to chat and message to them but this app crashes a lot when I am in a party with my friends but also sometimes when I want to text my friends the app says access to feature blocked and it is very annoying, even now it crashes so much when I am messaging them and then leaving the app and opening it again so it delays me like 20 seconds although I would say that the uses that this app provides is enough to say this app is worth it with its features to talk to others, message, look at the activity feed, and troll my sister with the Xbox remote build in overall good app feature wise but crashes a ton

- Great app but still needs a few things

I love this app it’s very helpful and really the only time I ever like looking in activity feed is which this app but I still think it needs a few things to make it even better like I want to be able to look at all the different sales and games without having to search every single game individuals and if you update the store part of the app it would be awsome and the other thing is I want to be able to see me and my friends games without having to check achievements other than that this app is amazing and if you have a Microsoft account then use it it’s good for seeing who’s online without booting up your Xbox

- customer support is really bad

so. will admit a few weeks ago i did get into a fight with a couple of people, but this guy started it by sayin i sucked at the game that i was playing (cod). i told to get lost and he kept saying how i should uninstall and a few light insults until he wrote a few very disturbing things that i will not repeat. i had enough and gave him a few light insults back. i reported him but please, i doubt they would do anything. i thought that when i reported him. after this happened, about 3ish weeks later i see a message from msoft. they banned me for 1 day. so this guy starts this conversation, insults me, makes me feel offended, and yes i did block him but the 2 bad words a say make me get banned. i try contacting customer support but of course i get the guy that barely talks and tells me to go away. and i forgot to mention the ban was on my ----- birthday ,1 day ban. could have been any day within 3 weeks and i still would have been p. but putting it on my birthday makes me feel offended. so great job microsoft. i'm done with your crappyness. i hope your next xbox gets a delayed release and fails. thanks for ruining my birthday. i'm also done with live. i already got a playstation 4. and btw, i was a paying customer from 2007 xbox 360 but i know nobody cares. i'm sure msoft is not even going to read this just like c support.

- It’s great but a few things

Ok, I LOVE this app. It’s a great way to chat with other people, find out what games ya’ll like, it’s just really fun. Although, there are a few like, bugs that almost ruin it for me. The clubs, I can make clubs, but I can only do the description. If I try changing the icon for it, it won’t work, same for the background. And if I try to add games I like, it just crashes. I can change the color and add descriptions to them, but that’s it. It’d really be nice if it were fixed lol. Also one suggestion, for the profile, I guess I get a little tired of just the background colors. I feel like it be cooler if we had more colors, or could use photos from the camera. Thank you for making such a great app thoughhhh~~

- It’s honestly a great app but..

Really don’t get me wrong it is a great app and all but there’s something that’s honestly been bothering me. About the Gamertag’s something that’s been bothering me. Alright so when I first signed in, they gave me a default ( or available gamertag ) and I changed the gamertag to fit my preference ( when I logged in again it has been changed back to the default. And it says that I have already used my gamertag change thing and I have to purchase a new one. Now let me just say on the app it says that I my gamertag that I set for myself and not the default but on other games it’s not the one I made for myself it’s the default one provided. Sorry if this was any waste of time, it’s honestly something that has been bothering me.

- Amazing app!

This app is great! It has many features such as checking to see who is online, checking activity feed, and even messaging friends on the Xbox from my phone! There is though some features I would want to see added soon. First is saving screenshots or clips to camera roll. I take tons of screenshots and clips on xbox and I want to share them, but all I can do is share it to activity feed. I’d love to see that added to it and many would use it. Second is watching broadcasts from your phone. That would be amazing to watch my friends broadcast while away! It would be really cool if you guys added that hopefully it is not to hard to add them! This app overall is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone that uses Xbox!👍

- Great app, but has room for improvement

So I really do like this app because I am able to see who is online and chat with other people through it. Using the keyboard with the controller is ridiculously harder than just pulling up the app and shooting someone a message, especially when replying to messages during the game. The ability to view my Captures is also nice. The one thing I can’t figure out is why can’t I share from the app directly to Facebook?! This is a simple add on that everyone else has and uses, and as Facebook is the #1 social media outlet, it seriously goes without saying. Either provide a way to share directly to Facebook, or allow me to upload to OneDrive from the app so that I can share to Facebook from OneDrive.

- Love it, but.

I absolutely love this app! I’ve had this app for the longest time now and I have to say it’s come a long way. It offers you so many things however I does have its downfalls. I’ve read the reviews from other people and I have to say that I haven’t been experiencing any of it except for not being able to change my gamer picture. I also want to add that if your a PlayStation lover I’m not going to hate on you just don’t download this app just so that your able to put a review saying that this app is trash, that nothing works on it, you should just buy a PlayStation. Honestly it’s childish and pointless. I’ve read reviews on both the Xbox and PlayStation apps have problems that need fixing theirs no way around it.

- Where's the events calendar?

Listen, this app is solid in general. But as a lover of online gaming, this app is terrible for staying informed and seeing what's coming up in the games that I love and play. As an example, I was out of town for most of the Star Wars battlefront 2 beta, and on Monday figured I had missed my chance to play. It sure would have been great to get a heads up that the beta was actually extended 2 extra days. Instead I find out from my buddy after it's over, which just makes me angrier. I was on my Xbox and never saw anything suggesting the beta had been extended and all it would have taken is a better Xbox mobile app to notify me that I had two more days to play.

- Great App, use everyday.. 1 problem

I love the xbox app and have used it everyday with and without the xbox being on. The one problem that I have been having off an on is the keyboard when typing on the xbox. The keyboard only appears some of the time when attempting to type on the xbox. I love the feature of typing through other devices to type faster on xbox but sadly it is hit or miss on whether it will work or not. This may be due to something I am doing so if anyone has a comment please let me know(if that is possible). I am connected to the same network as my xbox and i can use the controller but not the keyboard when it is supposed to pop up, thank you.

- Xbox party complications

I love the Xbox app and everything about it, everything is there where I need it to be. Although, there is one problem I have. Whenever I am in a party with my friends, it says for them that I have left the party, but for me I am still in it. The thing is they cannot hear me and I can't hear them. This happens extremely often and each time I have to restart the Xbox app and rejoin. I have to restart the app because whenever I try to join back the party, it always said you are no longer in this party, which doesn't make any sense. I use the Xbox app so I am able to communicate with people while I get a new mic and this is very troubling for me. I really hope this issue gets resolved soon and thank you.

- New update terrible.

I put 5 stars because it is a great app and I’ve been using it for years. But this new update is terrible. I hate how the messages have been split into requests and messages. If you’re going to do that, at least give the option of receiving notifications when you get a request. I’ve gone to sleep and woke up in the morning and I have no notifications, then halfway through the day I’ll randomly check and have 9 requests that I missed out on. I would love if y’all would give the option in settings to keep them all together or at least allow notifications for message requests. Thanks and I hope y’all read this.


This is an amazing app, yet there seems to be two incredibly annoying bugs about it. When you’re in a party call everyone will suddenly cut out for a few seconds randomly, and the only way I can prevent this is having headphones connected. Second, my profile picture, I can’t change it because I get a pop up that says something along the lines of “sorry we can’t change your profile picture right now, please try again in a little while”. I find this very annoying since my current profile picture was a joke and I can’t take it down without using the profile pictures provided.

- Not Bad, but the Most Useful Function is Buried

I think that the remote is the most useful function of the app. However, if your Xbox is not already on, you have to go through the menu and tap 5 or 6 options to turn on the Xbox. I think it would be very useful to provide an option to have the remote be right in the menu or on the home screen and be able to power on the Xbox in 1 or 2 taps. Also, as another reviewer has said, the remote is super finicky. Sometimes it just refuses to see the Xbox. Nothing has changed about my network. WiFi is on. Xbox is wired to the router. Just won’t see it. And, no matter what you do, restart the phone, restart the Xbox, kill the app half a dozen times, it just won’t connect. Anyway, an improved remote would make the app much more useful.

- Good second resort, but 3 bugs

When I don’t have a mic that I can use to talk through party chat, my plan b is to use the app, and it works well, but it gets really difficult at times because of... 1. Sometimes, it doesn’t show anything in the friends page, as if I’m not signed in. It’s really quick to fix by just going to a random page then back to friends or restarting the app, but it gets annoying time to time. 2. In certain games, communication is one of the most important things you need to win, or just to talk, but you can’t do that when the app decides to stop and take a bite of his Hot Pocket. After talking for about 30 min - 1h, the app does just that, so what I’m trying to say is; one of you people that work for Microsoft, if you see this, hold the Hot Pocket over the app’s mouth and fix the prob. 3. Most of the time, the app simply just yeets out of existence (closes the app on itself). This happens either when #2 happens, and I go back into the app to join back, or it just happens when I simply go in. If you could actually take the feedback into recognition, like the sonic movie, it could be amazing!

- Xbox App

Love the app. Great to see who is on and when. Also great to pop in via party chat to say what’s up to friends at work. Can be a bit buggy at times but the last update seems to have fixed most of the “clunky” feeling; the app flows better now. The one thing I’ve wished that they would change since I downloaded the app ages ago is the friends list. If games have a long title, you can’t see what activity they’re doing. “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 playing....” playing what? Multiplayer? Zombies? Blackout? Sometimes I just check to see what my friends are doing so I know if I should hop on. Maybe implement a section when I click on a friend to show, again, what they’re doing currently. Great, useful app nonetheless.

- Always Crashes Hardly Works Properly

I’ll be honest, this app is like the Xbox network it has way too many chat and voice connectivity issues. The app crashes frequently. I’ve had to at one time close the app 15 times in less than 5 minutes just to get it to work only for it to crash again. Microsoft should have plenty of capabilities of fixing these issues that have reoccurred over several years I just don’t understand why these issues haven’t been addressed. Other than the consistency of the same bugs for the last several years, on both console and the app I would say the app has everything you would expect and more, if only they could fix the issues it would be one of the most leading apps out there hands down but since these above issues I’m rating it honestly.


when I tried to log in , I made a typo when entering my email. When I pressed next before getting to the password part.. it said I needed to verify the email.. but remember I made an error when typing the email.. there’s an option to “tap here to fix it” if you make a mistake.. but it won’t let me press the line to go back and fix it! (I’m not sure if this makes sense) I even deleted the app and redone loaded it thinking into let me re-log in.. but whenever I press log in it goes straight to the same screen where it says verify the email I put and it still won’t let me press the line to go back and fix the email !! WHAT DO I DO

- there are some problems

The app has been being weird for awhile. Along with some other similar issues, it won’t let me save my “real name”. Also, when I went to change my gamertag to “tessofthevoid” it wouldn’t let me. The name isn’t taken, and as far as I can tell there is nothing “inappropriate” about it. It’s shorter than the current gamertag I have now, so what’s up with that? It also wouldn’t let me do “KanashiKitsune” for whatever reason either. This shows you can upload or share captures and stuff... but how do I do it? There is literally no possible way and it’s not fair. I am on an IPhone SE with this app, I do not one any sort of Xbox or Xbox games. But I needed the app for Minecraft Pocket Edition. So can you make it so I can upload stuff with out a console? 🤨

- A good concept, with many problems

I love the app and I’ve been using it since it was called smartglass, I use it as an alternative for parties because I don’t own a real mic. however the app crashes a lot and microsoft changed the feature of inviting people to parties and now you can invite people to a “voice chat” and removed the “invite to party” button all together, which is just a redundant and unnecessary function because it puts you in a completely different voice call than the original party. The friends list doesn’t always show up, leading me to have to close and reopen the app constantly, and that’s if the app didn’t crash on you already. In conclusion, this app is mediocre at best, but it would be great to see actual improvements rather than meaningless updates that do nothing for its users.

- Please review this..

This app was good for me, I used it a lot and it was nice for chatting with your friends. Then the updates started happening.. at first when I joined party’s with my friends I would be able to chat normally.. now when I join a party it kicks me out after maybe 10-15 minutes. It was fine because it wasn’t much work to join back in. But then another update happened... this update made the app worse then it already was, when I join a party it immediately kicks me out of it, it just says try again later. Guess what? 24 hours later still doesn’t work.. this app was really enjoyable until these “bug fixes” so I’m rating 2 stars, if a developer does respond to this don’t tell me to turn off my phone and turn it back on, maybe just fix the bug instead of avoiding it?

- Infestation of Bugs

I hate the xbox app so much. It used to be reliable and handy now it’s just frustrating. The recent players list is inaccurate, I always have to go on the actual recent players guide with my controller which defeats the purpose of the app. The volume on game captures is buggy and not in sync with your actual phone volume. I can hardly ever search anybody and find their profile through the app because of whatever reason even though I literally copy and paste the gamertag yet it’s still unable to find the player. The messaging system is very crappy too, i’ve had to reply to conversations with the xbox control because the conversation doesn’t show up on my app even after refreshing/restarting it!! The only way to open the conversation is by tapping on the message notification that goes to the phone. Terrible app at the moment please fix it.

- Only 1 thing missing

I love everything about this companion app, its the entire xbox interface in a compact fast app with a sleek easy to use design and it even has a built in controller! But....the only thing missing is the ability to save videos straight from the app to your phone's photo library. I can do it for screenshot but not for video clips. I have to go on my PC xbox app, download the clip, change the name, find the file on my hard drive, email it to myself, go to my phone's email app, open the email, download the file to my phone then save the video from there...I can't tell if it's being compressed through all that but it takes a good chunk of time just to show my friends a 20 sec clip

- What happen ???

The Xbox app use to be GREAT had minor issues like disconnecting from the party and was very easy to switch back and forth between my accounts BUT this recent update that changed so much really ruined this app for me !!! Now when u sign out and wanna switch accounts u have to enter all information over and over again as opposed to it already being there like in previous versions also with the party chat it’s now a voice chat type feature and ppl voice don’t come out the speaker like how it used to now u have to put the phone to your head or get headphones or wait until the voices finally start coming out the speaker again I just wish you guys would stop fixing stuff that’s not broken cause at this point your just adding problems instead of making the app better

- Why?

The Xbox app is amazing, you can talk and text friends on other platforms like say you are on an apple phone and your friend has a Samsung you can’t really text but with this you can I like that feature. The thing I don’t like is why can’t you use your Xbox controller for the app? It makes a lot of sense like people buy and Xbox controller just to play mobile games with controllers like Minecraft, terraria... and then when you think you can get the full Xbox experience on the app. *DOOOD REALLY* Is what comes to my mind when I don’t have the normal Xbox screen but instead the Xbox app screen. Maybe you could change it to where you can switch the screen in settings but for now I don’t really use it.

- One X

You know it worked really well with my Xbox one but once I upgraded to the One X, it’s kinda sucked. Sure it connects once the Xbox is on but the app won’t connect to my Xbox once it’s off. I can’t fire it up if the app won’t connect to it. Done all the troubleshooting techniques but still won’t connect at times even when the Xbox is on and on same network. Even entering the IP address manually won’t work. It’s like i have to do “set up as new” every time I open my app. Still a semi useful app but just wished it worked with my One X like it did with the Xbox One, that’s all. Status update....App doesn’t allow me to turn my One X on at all. No matter how many times I try, it won’t connect. If I turn on the Xbox then the app will work, well some functions. Just want to app to mainly turn my One X on but it doesn’t. Please fix this issue!

- Party glitches

For the start i will say the concept and idea for another way for people to talk was an amazing idea ,but when it comes to actually being in the party and talking to others it fails. When you try to join a party that is made from a group post it tells you that you need the latest update to be able to join ,but when you go check it shows your on the latest update. Also when your in a party you can talk to others you can not hear then. You can see the circle get bigger showing that they are talking but you will hear nothing on your side. When your in a party it will some times glitch out and say that you have left but you can hear everyone and they can hear you. This one is not that much of an issue but just wanted to point that out for you.

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It's Origami Reyn Time ☻

@EllipseEnt @PhantomsReturn This is more of a subjective tweet then objective. Since we all have different tastes in gaming. For me it’ll be... Nintendo > Sony > Xbox


@StatelyStag398 When gta 5 came out on Xbox one and the ps4 on 18th November 2014 a year later in 2015 was the last update for last gen if which is a very big if if Xbox one and ps4 are near reaching their limit 4 gta 5 online updates it could make it 2022 on Xbox one and ps4

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@Xbox charisma baby!

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I'm in the running to win an #XboxOne copy of Nexomon and Shotgun Farmers.

Atom 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FUT Trader

anyone else staying on PS4 or Xbox One all year rather than upgrading to PS5?

Ameya Shetty

@DannyStabb @kidsmoove @SAINTROBERT10 no cuz their salt WE Chose an Xbox

Andy Hunt

Cannot tell you how much it winds me up that when you put a new game into an Xbox that’s connected to the internet it disregards the disc entirely and downloads the full version from the store. But if I disconnect from the network it installs the disc and updates when I reconnect

Shawn murray

@NoLimits916 @justenholstein @darthrahul @BenjiSales That's not true they said the storage type without any OS on it is 825 for PS5 it'll be less with storage added on to it that 500 number is for original and 360 games all Xbox one games because it's the same architecture is backwards compatible it's the same x86-64


Aright, here we go LIVE with some ranked #halo5 followed with some RPG action in #dragonageorigins then likely finish the night off with some pant shitting fun in #deadspace2 only on #twitch @TZA_Twitch @UGtwitchTV @gamingcreatorsn @ImLiveRT @StreamSups #goodvibes #xbox


@IGN @GameStop @Kotaku @Polygon Why isn't this being reported about? This happened in US also. #IGN #Gamestop #Kotaku #Polygon #XboxSeriesX #xbox #XboxAllAccess #XboxSeriesXpreorder

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@Superflyt56 Yes, on October 1, Xbox and PC players can access the Survival mode.

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@Xbox Health plays a big part in staying alive

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@Xbox I can last longer with health


Neth’s How To Video on Xbox Series X Cold Storage

Gavin Logan

@TheSacredTurf I don’t really care either way but generally I’m more interested in PS exclusives than Xbox, at least in the past. Microsoft buying Bethesda made me wonder if that’ll change though, so I’m just waiting a wee while before I pick one.

Xbox 2006.624.124 Screenshots & Images

Xbox iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

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Xbox iphone images
Xbox iphone images
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Xbox ipad images
Xbox ipad images
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Xbox (Version 2006.624.124) Install & Download

The applications Xbox was published in the category Entertainment on 2013-11-19 and was developed by Microsoft Corporation [Developer ID: 298856275]. This application file size is 174.99 MB. Xbox - Entertainment posted on 2020-07-07 current version is 2006.624.124 and works well on IOS 10.3 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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