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What is seatgeek - buy event tickets app? SeatGeek is the smartest way for fans to buy, sell and transfer tickets you can trust, no matter what you’re a fan of. Whether you’re searching for sporting events or sold out concerts, summer festivals or Broadway shows, we provide the tips and tools, like Deal Score and a Buyer Guarantee, to make your live event as memorable as possible. Find the right seats, at the right time, for the right price. After all, we’re fans, too.

Fan first
Track your favorite teams and artists to be the first to know everything you need to know
Sell or transfer tickets in just a couple taps
Get a ticket and get in with a couple of taps. Simple.

We do our best to match or beat what the other guys are offering for the same tickets
We keep our fees low so you can get tickets to the things you love without breaking the bank
Tell your friends about SeatGeek and when they buy their first tickets, you’ll both get credit toward future events.

Deal Score rates every available seat based on price, section, visibility and more
Rally provides all of the information you need to get there, get settled and get hyped, all from the same screen as your ticket
From buying and selling to tracking and transferring, get it done on any device

If something goes wrong, like your event gets canceled, we’ll give you your money back, or better
See exactly what your View From Seat will be before you sit
Search tickets with the fees already included, so you won’t be surprised when it comes time to pay for them

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Updated 17 April 2024, Wednesday
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SeatGeek - Buy Event Tickets Comments & Reviews 2024

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Horrible company policies. I had back to back terrible experiences with this company. First of all, I had purchased tickets to a concert, drove 3 hours to the concert and found out it was canceled. SeatGeek never informed me of the cancellation. I did get a refund for this one but I was very angry that they have no system in place to notify you if the event is canceled. Not even 2 weeks later I had tickets to another concert. This time I called the venue to make sure it was still on, just because I had just gone through that experience. Sure enough it had been rescheduled. I asked SeatGeek for a refund and was denied because the tickets were still valid for the rescheduled date. I am unable to attend the event on the rescheduled date. But I’m still not getting a refund. Furthermore I’m not able to sell my tickets on SeatGeek because they’re mobile tickets and they will only let you sell tickets in pdf form. I don’t really understand that policy, but what it boils down to is I’m responsible for selling them on my own as SeatGeek offered literally no help. This is a very shady company. I’m really upset that so many youtubers accept them as sponsors because I will never use them again.

Terrible Service- Stay away!. Warning: Do not use this service! In Sept 2021 I purchased tickets to a concert I planned to take my daughter to her first concert. We arrived several hours later and the tickets were never sent. Seat Geek took my money of course. But there is no way to contact them. We stood outside the concert gates for over an hour shivering in the dark as I tried to contact customer service. There is no way except email. Which they do not respond to. I finally used another ticket site, and was able to instantly download tickets. It is now November, I’ve emailed probably close to 20 times. I still have not received a refund or any help. All I receive is an auto reply stating they are experiencing greater than normal email volume. This site nearly ruined a special experience I had with my daughter. Thank goodness Stubhub is reliable. But I’m still out my money and absolutely furious for the lack of response from customer service. If you want tickets, do not use this vendor. Stay away and warn your friends. Horrible service!!!!!

Their “Buyers Guarantee” Is Crap. So I bought tickets to an event the day before because my schedule had opened up. I received an order confirmed message, however, this wasn’t the problem. This event was an all day event, and I needed an order number from the original purchase in order to get my ticket from the admissions office. I was never given this, so I was unable to get my ticket, despite over 3 HOURS WAITING OUTSIDE THE VENUE FOR THEM TO FIND IT. You would think I would get my money back considering their buyers guarantee guarantees you get your ticket before the event starts or you get a refund or exchange right? As of right now no, because they “fulfilled” the order (7 hours after I had originally filed the complaint and 1 hour before the event ended so not exactly worth even if I could get in), which I stress again, they did not because they didn’t give me the correct order number to get said ticket, so I never got into the event. If you are going to have a refund guarantee, actually guarantee your refunds when you don’t deliver the product.

Buyer Beware: Shady Business Practices. Avoid SeatGeek. I attempted to order tickets for a last minute show in Boston. After two unsuccessful attempts (order wasn’t processed / tickets weren’t transferred), I tried a third time. SeatGeek sent a confirmation email *after* the event had started, and charged my credit card the full amount of the tickets plus their normal exorbitant “processing fees”. Since I hadn’t received confirmation that transaction was successful before the start time of the even, I assumed that the transaction was not valid. But No! SeatGeek claims that this transfer and practice is entirely legitimate. So they literally think that they can transfer a ticket to an event *after* it starts, then charge you for the full amount. When I explained this to their customer service team, they expressed no empathy and simply said “too bad…we’re charging you the full amount.” I have reported SeatGeek to the Better Business Bureau…and will never use this fraudulent service again. Buyer Beware!

Beware if your event is rescheduled. I bought tickets through SeatGeek for a concert originally scheduled in July. A few days prior to the concert it was postponed until September (the artist got Covid). Anticipating that there would be a problem with my tickets (which were dated for July), I spent hours on chat with a SeatGeek rep who told me the tickets for the original date would be honored. I knew from the venue that new tickets with the rescheduled date were being sent out by email but I had no way to get one of those since the seller was a faceless person for whom I had no contact information. Of course when I showed up at the venue they said “You scalped these tickets” and they refused to honor them. Even when I showed them the long text thread from SeatGeek saying the tickets would be valid. They didn’t care. Trying to get a refund from SeatGeek and so far all I have gotten is an email saying they are “looking into the problem”. Don’t buy from this company. They will leave you “high and dry” if your concert is postponed. Update: SeatGeek stepped up and gave me a refund for my tickets. Way to stand by your pledge!

Better than StubHub. 10 years ago I bought tickets from StubHub for floor seats to a Pearl Jam show. I informed StubHub that I suspected the tux were fake because not even fan club members had received their tickets (I had tix to other shows via the fan club). StubHub said I could buy without reservation because they stand by any ticket sale. At the venue there were many StubHub signs around. It was going to be an experience. I was 7th in line with my brother to make sure we’d be on the rail when the gates opened. After waiting in line all day when they told us to get our wristbands and asked for tickets they said my tickets were fake. StubHub and security had me get out of line said there was nothing they could do. Despite showing them my correspondence with them prior to buying the tickets, etc, they said they didn’t have anything comparable and gave me tix on the 200 section. The doors opened and I was at the bar and the ticket office called me and they “reconsidered” and magically gave me floor seats. Of course I was no longer anywhere near the front and the experience was ruined. I’ve never done business with StubHub since. SeatGeek is the only reseller I will use. They have yet to let me down like their competition.

Do not get seat geek. Since SeatGeek is a third-party seller of tickets it is absurd to go through them you are way better off going through Ticketmaster I almost ruined my own experience going to the football game by putting the trust into SeatGeek. I tried to get my tickets for two weeks through emails and six phone calls and still got nothing my tickets never came I eventually had to try to call and cancel my tickets and then they said they wouldn’t want to refund my money so I went to my bank and had them refund the money by the end I had to buy other tickets at the last minute and it was an awful experience SeatGeek was unreliable their customer service was absolutely horrible they did not ever resolve an issue and basically told me in the end that they couldn’t give me myTickets because the third-party seller would not respond to their emails so if you don’t ever want this to happen to you I suggest that you buy straight from Ticketmaster

Horrible Customer Service. Didn’t receive my tickets until after the event had started, and that’s after being on the phone with customer service for almost an hour before the event. Seat Geek Rep couldn’t get a hold of the seller that was supposed to send me the tickets, so instead he kept insisting that I already had the tickets and that I was trying to rip them off. After sending screenshots of my account information and tickets page, which he insisted I do to prove I wasn’t lying, and being placed on hold numerous times, I finally received my tickets after I demanded a refund because the event had already started. When I asked for a refund it was denied because they falsely claim I had the tickets all along. I made every attempt on my part to prove I didn’t have the tickets, and followed their troubleshooting instructions carefully in hopes of having my tickets appear; it wasn’t until I asked for a refund that the tickets magically appeared on my app. Seat Geek broke the number one rule as a middle man in the service they manage, TRUST. Can’t use this service again if can’t trust them to provide your tickets in an adequate amount of time.

Do not use this company. Save yourself a lot of time, money, and stress and don’t use this company. I bought my tickets over 3 weeks ago and like the review before the website was acting like there were only two tickets left to get me to panic buy. Which I foolishly did. After buying the tickets they said I wouldn’t receive them until TWO DAYS BEFORE my concert. And that I would be forced to create an account with them. When I was trying to find them those two days before they said no need to worry, we promise you’ll have them within 24 HOURS of your concert. Was a good girl and waited until within 24 hours, still no tickets so I sent an email. Email said we’re too busy for you, you’ll have to download our app. Downloaded the app and was finally given a phone number to use. Waited on hold for half an hour before talking to a guy (who was lovely by the way and doing his best). Was on the phone with him telling me to just wait a moment for another half hour before I finally got any resolution. Literally had to be a real Karen to get any help which really ruins my mood. Moral of the story don’t use these guys, but your tickets somewhere more trustworthy where you’ll get them in a timely manner (no, seatgeek, that doesn’t mean 2 minutes before your concert starts) and not have to pay nearly as much with their sneaky tax that’s more than half the cost of your ticket. Just don’t do it to yourself.

Horrible Service. I have had the worst experience for a ticket app and I ended up having to buy off of Ticketmaster. I was trying to get tickets to Muse and Evanescence - two of my favorite bands that I not seen yet mind you - and I wanted to get the Diamond Deluxe package to get preshow and whatnot. Every time, and at this point it felt like I tried 20 times in combination of the app and website, “something was going on in the marketplace.” Every time I tried on the website - invalid address. I’m sorry, how is the house I’ve lived my ENTIRE LIFE an invalid address???? At one point I got a fraud alert on my credit card because of my constant attempts to get these tickets. I triple checked all of my info - all correct. I’ve tried seeing if I can contact customer service, but it seems like I can only get help AFTER I buy tickets. Went onto Ticketmaster to get general tickets - no issue. I know Ticketmaster needs to be broken up because of being a monopoly, but you guys need to be more helpful if you want to be healthy competition in that market.

Miserable Customer Experience. What a truly terrible experience I had to go through these previous 5 days. I bought tickets tickets to an event a few days ago and waited a day or two to follow up to understand where my tickets could be. Usually throughout most ticket exchanges I receive the ticket within 24 hours. I ended up speaking with just about 5 customer support reps where each time they let me know the issue had been “escalated”; which in reality meant they would contact the seller. The seller did not respond until today, and I was then notified there was a “Barcode glitch” with the system. “ and customer support then informed me that the seller wanted to send me the tickets through email outside of the application to which I said no for authentication reasons. I ended up asking for a refund since my group and I were over waiting around to even know if we were going to get legitimate tickets, and didn’t want to attend the event anymore. Seat Geek’s “back up team” rejected the request and their stance was “shut up and take the tickets whenever you get them later, and forget that you went through this experience.” I’m not one to get angry, but I am so put off by this experience I’ll never use this service again. Good riddance.

I DIDNT GET MY MONEY !. i bought tickets to a concert , quickly realizing that i wasn’t able to go. i asked if refunds were available , and they said it’s a final sale. So, i sold my tickets on the app. for 1/2 the price i payed. they sold , and i have both my direct deposit AND debit card set up , and its been over 24 hours and i STILL haven’t gotten my $64. i was texted that it was sold and emailed too. i’ve tried to email but when i click “contact services” the app doesn’t do anything. the “give us feedback” button isn’t doing anything either. my experience was over all really frustrating. i had called them once to find out if i could still use the tickets if they didn’t sell , and the lady on the other end was very helpful and nice. the way i called her was through an option on the tickets i had. now that i have no tickets in my possession it seems i cannot gets a hold of any customer service representative about when i will be receiving my money . it is set up like a direct deposit and i just updated my routing number and account number to make sure that wasn’t the problem and still nothing. i would think that it would be deposited into my account in a matter of hours.

Really not the best prices ! And beware parking tickets from other vendors as well through. Bought tickets from here was not a bad experience with the tickets per say but they did redirect me to Ticketmaster who where actually the ones I had to buy from on top of that they offer a different amount of parking after I purchased the tickets email after email to buy parking so I said why not better just in case so we catch the game at the end the voucher for the parking did not work and it’s been two weeks and still no refund no customer support is the worst and they have call coming out of the country the worst beware the parking tickets through SeatGeek the worst and a scam ! Follow all the instructions for there at the time the ticket was time for and still was invalid and then to get a hold of somebody they just give you the run around definitely better paying a little extra just get to the game in time then through thier website or app !

Phillies World Series tickets. I give 5 stars because I’m in love with the site, I also am going on a limb and hoping that military personnel and veterans are treated correctly fairly and can be helped out when purchasing. I lost all of the World Series games because of GovX making a mistake and I nstead of opening an email with my tickets it was a refund for my ticket purchase at the beginning of the playoffs. I am now back in Philadelphia. My military time is done and I have to be at the VA hospital every day for treatments. I purchased season tickets for the Sixers which I’ll be using your sleep when I can’t go to games. But I cannot believe is it Phillies tickets are being sold 10 times the face value, not to mention the box office don’t even give you a discount for military during the playoffs but if you go in the shop 25% off merchandise. Who knows how much time I got left on this earth Love her once I’m home to see a World Series, Now I can’t take my kids to see history because thats a years mortgage if I buy 4 tickets standing room which I can’t even do that long , but don’t become StubHub because I have enough connections in sports to take over all the agencies that are robbing people they got them where they are today. $108 yesterday if you got picked out of the raffle! Ten Times over face value, 3 Lakers tickets, three warriors tickets , make an offer

Absolutely pitiful buying experience. After waiting 5 hours in line on seatgeek to get tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, the queue line disappeared while I was 1/3 of the way through the line. I didn’t know if tickets were even still available or if the line would come back because I couldn’t see my place. No updates were provided for hours and nothing was done to fix the problem. Finally, two hours later, the line came back and I was back at the beginning despite never leaving the page. This was after 7 hours total of waiting. Many people were being booted to the back of the line hours into the wait like I was. This presale was a mess.

SEAT GEEK IS A SCAM!!! DO NOT USE THIS AP!!!!. I made payments using their Affirm service and completed payments in March 2023 for a baseball game in mid May. I read that MLB has a policy of not releasing tickets 48 hours before the event. The trip was out of town and my family and I arrived the night before and still no tickets? I attempted to contact their customer service through a chat because they did not have a phone number listed. The representative stated that there was no record of my tickets but he would conduct and investigation. At noon there was no word from Seat Geek so I made another attempt to contact via chat and was told the samething there was no record of my tickets! 4:00 pm samething no tickets. At this point I needed to drive to the stadium and purchase another set of tickets at the window. Later that night I see an email that was sent literally an hour before the event stating it was sent to the wrong email address. I attempted to get a refund from Seat Geek since the tickets didn’t arrive in a timely manner and they refused because they considered the tickets “fulfilled”!!! I looked up other complaints about Seat Geek and they have a history of double booking the same tickets to multiple customers and refusing refunds!!! Avoid using this app!!!!

Quirks. Prices are better than other apps but I’ve had two major issues. Last summer I bought 3 concert tickets in one day. For some reason, one of them gave me a problem. When I got to my first concert, I couldn’t find the email with the barcode attached. I spent 45 minutes at the box office while the show was going on before someone behind the counter finally found a way to text me the barcode so I could be allowed in. By then I had missed almost the entire opening band. For another show, I decided to prepay for parking on the app. When I did, I was not notified that payment was received or confirmed and so ended up paying twice. I called customer service twice because the first time the phone rang for half an hour and I had to give up. The next time I called it it took 50 minutes before a live person got to me. It then took another 45 minutes before the issue was resolved and she send me a link to refund the money. I’d say the app is not as user friendly as I would like. I’m sure they’re understaffed because of the pandemic.

Unreliable. Bought my tickets 6 months in advance, and a week before the event i got an email stating my tickets were recalled. I immediately contacted SeatGeek and they said they needed to contact the seller. I had to call every single day to get any information and they would say the same thing word for word “ we’re escalating the situation, rest assured we will call you back tomorrow”. Regardless that i contacted a week before the event, they did not get me the tickets that i purchased and i missed the event. After calling and calling and demanding a refund they said they were still investigating … Don’t go through seatgeek, they let unreliable people sell tickets, and take it back at anytime. They claim to have buyers guarantee but when it comes down to it and the seller takes the tickets back, you miss out and you have to fight for a refund. Save your time and frustration and just purchase more reliable. They didn’t make it right, i had to demand for a refund, and they don’t communicate with you at all, you have to call every day constantly to get the slightest information.

Worst customer experience!. Worst Customer Service Ever I purchased tickets for a Yankees game, 10 weeks in advance. The tickets were not delivered. I clicked to “accept” the tickets, but was told the tickets were be delivered within 1 week of the game. Later, during that 1 week window I tried multiple times to download the tickets, each time receiving an “error message”, saying “check back later”. 24 hours before the game, I got increasingly nervous and reached out to customer support. It was extremely hard to get ahold of them, but finally connected with someone over chat. The person was quite unresponsive and unhelpful. The person ultimately said she would reach out to the seller to “resend the link”, and promised to call me once accomplished. The next day, still not having heard from the service rep, I contacted them again. They tersely said that because I clicked to accept the tickets 9 weeks ago, they assumed I had them and thus they would help no more. Incensed, I retorted that I still did not have the tickets (for a game starting in a few hours). They refused to help! So the gladly took my money for the tickets, but then did not actually delivery the tickets. I spent nearly 3 HOURS trying to get their help, longer than the actual event likely was. I’ll never use SeakGeek again!

5 Stars until today. So I’ve bought tickets to numerous events through Seat Geek and haven’t had any problems until today. I purchased tickets for the Indianapolis 500, I got my tickets just fine, my issue is with the formatting of the tickets I had. The tickets only showed my Box, Section, and Seat. For those of you familiar with Indianapolis Motor Speedway, you’ll immediately see the problem with that. IMS is a massive facility, so there are multiple different grandstands for seating, and each grandstand uses the same box, section, and seating labels. Imagine my surprise when I get to the racetrack and can’t find my seat because I don’t even know which grandstand my seats were located in. None of the track workers were able to help me out, and as a last resort I was about to contact Seat Geek customer support, I clicked the help button and next came up an order confirmation screen, and the grandstand information was THERE. I wasted an hour of running around talking to track workers and ticketing agents to help me, I missed a lot of prerace activities such as driver intros just to find where my seats were, only for it to be hidden behind the help menu, rather than on my actual tickets. If Seat Geek can fix this formatting issue, it’d be 5 stars, but the trouble it caused me today I had to take some stars off. Hopefully someone who runs into this problem will see this review and know where to find their grandstand information.

Scammed. I purchased two tickets to a basketball game for $58 six hours prior to tip-off. I never received my tickets and had to use a different site (Ticketmaster) at the last minute and received the tickets almost instantly. First of all, it’s almost impossible to contact customer service. If you call their number, you will sit on hold for hours. I tried this the day after I was screwed over. Then I decided to email them and after hearing my case they responded: “The tickets were delivered externally to your email. Did you try to contact us before the event started? Unfortunately we will not be able to process your refund.” I did NOT in fact receive tickets in my email. How is it my fault that I never received my tickets that I purchased six hours before the game? And why should I have to follow up to get my tickets? It’s a poor service experience flat out and I won’t be using SeatGeek ever again.

Go to Ticketmaster. I’ve had the run-round from SeatGeek going on for about a year now. Originally bought tickets to see Motley Crue and bought tickets for all my friends through the app. Show got cancelled and SeatGeek gave me a credit back. Couldn’t do a refund. This was frustrating at first, but there was still another show we were interested in seeing. I went to buy the tickets through the email saying my credit had been applied and as long as I was using the same email address the credit would be applied. The credit was never applied. I called customer service and spoke to a manager who informed me there was nothing they could do, except buy tickets to another event and try to sell them. Terrible customer service. Anyways, finally get around to another show I want to see, Falling in Reverse, bought as many tickets as I could fit in my credit because of you don’t spend as much as they credit you back, the rest goes to SeatGeek. I had $550 so I bought 7 tickets. I just looked at how much 7 tickets would cost me on Ticketmaster after taxes and fees it comes out to $370 for the EXACT SAME TICKETS. GO TO TICKETMASTER!!! I’m done with SeatGeek after this transaction. Terrible customer service and unexplainable fees. Don’t waste your money.

Geo Filters Barely Exist. The only reason I’m giving more than one star is because you can have it show the price with fees included while searching, though, in my opinion, showing prices without fees for any of these service providers is pointless. The reason I give such a low rating is the horrible geo filtering abilities (or lack there of for this app). For example, I’m in Washington, DC and I have that set as the location. However, I’m still being presented with events that happen in Baltimore, Philadelphia and Richmond. They need to add a filter so you can set the mile range or something like that. When I want to see events in the city I’m in, I want to see events for just that city. Not every city within 200 miles. I also submitted requests twice to provide the feedback and see if there’s some setting I’m missing and the support team comes back with completely unrelated answers so they’re not helpful at all.

Great Website for Concert Tickets. I have bought resale tickets on all the major websites. This is by far the best site. Why? THEY ALWAYS INCLUDE THE SEAT NUMBERS ON their tickets. Vivid Seats Never does!! The other sites just include the row. As someone who attends many concerts I understand how important it is to know what seat you will be sitting in. Not all seats of a given row are of equal value. I have also found their website is easy to navigate and their prices are actually less then the other two resale sites. It is also found it easy to sell an extra ticket in their site. They also answer their phone and emails. Imagine that! Try them next time. Highly recommend.

Horrible Service (Aren’t Knowledgeable), Scammed, Buyer Guarantee never followed. I purchased this ticket on 3/1/23 and waited for 2 months. The seller cancelled the ticket transfer after trying to claim it. Never got the ticket nor the seller has the intention to ever retransfer. Chatted and called 9+ customer service and most don’t know what they are talking about, does not keep their promises, can’t provide a replacement ticket, doesn’t give or isn’t transparent with timeframe, they won’t go out their way to protect the buyer from scam sellers. Side with the seller’s side by saying “We have contacted the seller but they are not responding so we’ll have to wait until they respond for you to receive the ticket or get a refund.” Everything is dependent on the seller’s response, doesn’t consider the buyer’s situation and even insisted to wait until 2 hours before the concert for the ticket transfer (they don’t consider travel time and traffic at all). They always insist for the buyer to wait for the seller’s response.

This company doesn’t care about you. I’ve contacted this company at least 5 times about at least sending me the tickets I’ve already purchased so that I can attempt to sell them and get back even just some of the money I spent on these expensive tickets. I’m not even asking for a refund. I’m asking for the tickets that I PAID for. They refuse to send me the tickets claiming that their hands are tied until the concert nears and the seller chooses to send the tickets. So my money is essentially being held hostage and I get nothing in return. They’ve been no help even after I have asked, practically begged respectfully for the tickets so that I could sell them. I worked and saved long and hard for the tickets as a special birthday surprise for my husband but then COVID hit and they rescheduled and kept rescheduling the concert, understandably so. This company did not care that I now needed the almost $700 I paid due to the economy and the way it has affected my family. They only care about making money and don’t care for people struggling. Use literally any other app if you value what you’ve worked hard for to purchase because they will not help you if you are in need.

Wish I could give it zero stars!. BEWARE! SCAM SITE! DO NOT RECOMMEND! I purchased tickets to a show that they emailed me about thinking it was local, not realizing it was in another state. To make matters worse, I got covid and can’t go anywhere! I emailed their customer service multiple times with no reply and went on their site to try and actually talk to someone is a JOKE! I finally googled their CS number and the lady (she was nice) said that they couldn’t refund my money and I would have to TRY and resell my tickets before the show! I explained that I have covid and have to quarantine. She then said they could refund my money if I provided proof of a positive test result. I did and now I’m ONLY getting a store credit! I don’t what do deal with their site ANYMORE. I don’t recommend this to ANYONE. It’s a scam. If you have to resell your tickets, you don’t get your full amount back AND they make ANOTHER cut from YOUR purchase AND the next persons purchase, so they’re double dipping!

Never received ticket after $240. I bought tickets to a music festival for $240 and received a tracking number. The seller never actually sent the item, and I still haven’t received it even though the event was over a week ago. I contacted support, who was actually pretty quick and easily to communicate with, and they told me that they couldn’t actually do a refund for some reason… I was really confused and filed a chargeback with my bank which gave me my money. I called them back and tried to report the seller but I doubt it did anything. If you don’t get your ticket then they don’t really care so I recommends filing a chargeback with your credit card. I’m done with this app and the only reason they didn’t get 1 star is because of how good the support was at communicating. 10/10 would not recommend unless it’s a digital ticket or something that doesn’t involve another person sending you stuff. I’m going to use Ticketmaster or something else.

Stole My Money. Bot tickets to Jonas brothers a couple weeks ago and paid $623 for them. On the night of the concert I pulled up the receipt for the tickets at the gate and was turned away. ( I’ve used seat geek before and I always was able to use the app). I tried desperately calling seat geek and nothing but crickets. Because me and my daughter were right there, I ended up buying cheap seats for another $200 to get in. The next day( October 27)I called and waited on the phone for FOUR + hours when a guy named Jesus answered and told me that they had actually emailed me my tickets through Ticketmaster, I showed him a screenshot showing I never received the email nor any notice that they were delivering me my tickets through an outside service such as Ticketmaster. Jesus than told me that they’ll get onto looking into this right away and that they’ll look hard into getting me a refund. Crickets since then. I used these guys 4 times and the other 3 times were good. So, 1 in 4 times you’ll get ripped off. Their call in customer service is practically nonexistent.

Worst Customer Service Ever. I purchased some tickets for a Dodgers game. After the transaction was completed, I was notified that they where for the Vaccinated section. This was NEVER stated at any point on the initial listing. I could not use them since some members of my party where not fully vaccinated yet. Then when I tried to resell, the app would not allow me to claim them…so now I was stuck with useless tickets I purchased under false pretenses. I had to buy a whole new additional set of tickets to go see the game. I called them hoping they could reimburse me for the false bill of sale but instead I was meet with the absolute worst treatment from their customer service department. I spent hours waiting on the call line, lots of promises and then no return calls or follow up emails. I even provided screen caps as examples of their apps failure, but it fell on deaf ears. Eventually I got to a “supervisor” who was also un helpful and incredibly dismissive. They essentially told me I was lying. I found the whole experience to be incredibly unprofessional and infuriating. To sum it up they don’t notify you about COVID protocols, the app is trash and the customer service is absolute garbage. Do yourself a favor use Stubhub!

THEIFS! STAY AWAY FROM SEAT GEEK!. Originally paid $200+ for concert tickets and the show was canceled. Instead of refunding my debit card, they gave me a credit that expires after a few months so you basically lose some money by not spending all of it or have to spend even more on another concert on top of the credit to use all of it. So that’s what I did, I used the credit towards another concert and spent about $85 on top of that so almost $300 total for that concert to get canceled as well… so I get another stupid ‘credit’ that expires for the $85 extra I spent but nothing for the original $200+ so they just get to keep the money and I haven’t seen a single concert. They have terrible customer service. App always asks about your experience but they never respond. I have sent countless emails to them and have yet to receive a single response. They do not even have a phone number to call. This is the worst company I have ever spent money with and I hope you guys save your money and spend it elsewhere

Scammed through the app, have yet to receive support from anyone at SeatGeek. I purchased a one day pass to an event through the app, and shortly afterwards was notified that the seller in the app was no longer shipping me my necessary wristband. Instead, I was informed there would be an in person pick up outside the event. SeatGeek itself in this notification said “We know it may seem strange but don’t worry, the seller is a professional and has done this before!” Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, nobody showed up and SeatGeek themselves never gave me anything close to contact information or a follow up in any of the months prior and especially none on the day of. Quite literally the worst case scenario to be stranded after having already spent on parking and a long drive. After sending multiple emails, I have been given -zero- response from them and the almost $300 isn’t refunded. They don’t even have a phone number to call! Worst experience I’ve had, even overpriced Ticketmaster would be better at this rate. Stay away from any “deal” like this.

Do yourself a favor and read the reviews. When a concert came around that my daughter wanted to go to, I jumped on buying tickets bc I didn’t want them to sell out. I found just a few seats available, and they were expensive ($150ea) but I figured it was because they were about to sell out. Little did I know, I was buying a promise to get tickets once they were ACTUALLY on sale. Once they were on sale officially, I was able to buy better seats on ticketmaster for $50 each. I couldn’t get my money back from SeatGeek (I tried about an hour after buying them and realizing they weren’t “real” tickets yet) so I had to repost them for sale, but now they were worth way less and I got back a fraction of what I spent, and had to wait for almost three months to sell them. I am giving this app and website a low rating because they do not make it clear that you are buying tickets that don’t exist yet, and I have to suspect this is on purpose. The app itself seems decent, but I feel I was conned into buying tickets that weren’t on-sale yet. At minimum, the tickets should say pre-sale. I am not sure how the app appears to have a four star review when you look at the actual reviews you’ll see almost every single one is one star. Do yourself a favor and use a different ticket service. The ads they run on TV now are cringeworthy.

If there was less than 1 star option’s, I would use it. I initially bought tickets months ago. When the day of came I realized the tickets were never sent. I communicated with customer service that I never received them and I had to drive from out of town to see the concert so I didn’t want to show up empty handed. I was informed to wait until 2 hours before the show, which I did and still no tickets. After waiting on the phone for about an hour I was informed that not only did the initial tickets not show up, I wasn’t getting replacement tickets. After a back and forth I was finally given replacement tickets but when I finally showed up to the event, the seats were in a completely different area than I hoped for and nowhere near the area where I initially wanted to see the show with my daughter and sister. Our experience was completely ruined and this was my first and last time using Seat Geek. I don’t understand how I can be sold tickets that were never given to me and there weren’t any vetting process to ensure my purchase was secure. On your site it says our tickets are guaranteed after purchase. I was told you guys would pay the difference between the tickets I bought and the ones I was given but I absolutely do not believe the quality of my seats were worth what I initially purchased!

SEATGEEK still owes me over $300. Do yourself a favor and don’t download, use, think about using this app. This company is terrible. They refunded my tickets WITHOUT telling me and day of the game I was ticketless. The refund was just a store credit, I didn’t get the money back to my card (if I did this whole thing wouldn’t have been a problem). When you get refunded with SeatGeek they just issue you a store credit, and they think they are being nice by giving you an extra 10% on top of what you paid. However you can only use that store credit in one transaction. Which for our situation we needed to do two (COVID times you can’t by more than 4 tickets at once). I tried reaching out to resolve my issue but it is IMPOSSIBLE to talk to anyone there, you’ll be on hold for hours before you talk to anyone. Finally when I got through I was told that I was getting my money refunded to my card and yet I still haven’t received it. I’ve emailed them multiple times after and they have just been ignoring me. So therefore I will never use SeatGeek again and neither will anyone I know.

Tickets were cancelled on me. I was supposed to attend the Harry Styles concert tonight in Dallas, TX. My step dad surprised me with tickets the day of. We thought seat geek was a reliable company to buy tickets from and decided to purchase tickets from you guys. It was 2 hours before the concert was supposed to begin and I still hadn’t received my tickets… the app said they were still confirming my order and “were waiting for the seller to confirm the order This shouldn’t take too long”. After waiting 1.5 hours on hold for customer service the man told me that my tickets had been sold to someone else and that you guys could not help me get new tickets. Because my family chose to trust seat geek we were not able to attend the concert and we are so disappointed and heartbroken that this surprise gift did not work out. If I would have chose ANY other ticket site I could have attended my favorite artist’s concert. But because I mistakenly trusted you guys my family is devastated. I hope this never happens to anyone else and I am just so upset I couldn’t attend the concert. This is very unprofessional and is an issue that should be addressed.

3 1/2 stars isn’t an option. I’ve used SeatGeek 4 times now and the first three purchases I had zero issues. This past time I bought tickets for an NBA game and when I got to the entry gate they scanned my tickets and it kept saying “Not Found” (totally embarrassing and nerve wracking b/c I thought I got scammed). I had to call Seat Geek and talk to the help desk. After about 20 minutes or so we were finally able to get into the game (only 5 minutes left in the 1st qtr 🙄). Although my issue was ultimately resolved this was certainly disheartening to say the least, as it was mine and my son’s first ever NBA game and we ended up being late b/c of it. I will say that one thing I really like about SeatGeek is that they can show you the prices with the fees so you know exactly what you’re paying before you go through the checkout process. I’m hoping this was a one-off with the app and not a repeat thing.

Beware the “waiting for confirmation “ message. I’ve used app a number of times and it’s worked well and deals can be had. But last night trying to get last minute tix for yankee game, I made purchase on app, my credit card was immediately charged but there were no tickets. I eventually received an email saying tickets were no longer available. It took 10 minutes. I tried again for a different pair and the same thing happened. This time it was 15 minutes. I stood outside the stadium for about a half hour waiting. Couldn’t cancel order and my card was charged twice (I’m sure the charges will be reversed). The concern is the waiting. Paying over $30 PER ticket for fees should provide better, timely service. The way this went down makes me wonder if the seller tries to repost tickets at higher prices for high-demand games? Either way, I’ll use app again but this was disappointing.

Awful, awful customer service. My mom bought hockey tickets as a surprise birthday gift for my dad so he and I could go to a hockey game. The game ended up getting cancelled due to the coronavirus ): but SeatGeek sent an email saying the refunds would be distributed in about 2 weeks of when the season was cancelled... A few weeks later, I get an email saying we get a “credit” refund that only lasts for 12 months. If I would like to change this refund method I have SEVEN DAYS to contact customer service. I have contacted costumer service in every possible way. They don’t have a phone number, they have taken down their live chat, I have emailed, sent direct messages on social media, yet I still have not received a reply.. the worst costumer service I have ever seen. I don’t know how you can run a business this poorly. I had never heard of this company before my mom bought our hockey tickets and I would have NEVER used it, if I was purchasing the tickets myself/knew she was buying tickets. I definitely never will now. I just hope I will be able to get their money back in time.. only 2 more days left until my 7 day period is over ):

LOVE. I LOVE THIS I was nervous the first time a year ago but it’s completely real tickets and buyers I’ve been to 6 concerts and THEY HAVE BEEN GREAT AMAZING. Prices fluctuate most of the time depending on who you are seeing tickets are on average 70-90 dollars for the back but I’ve gotten tickets close to the stage for good prices considering. Like I got front row seats to Conan gray for 320$ and yeah that is a lot but IT WAS AFFORDABLE I THINK and I got really close to the stage at a Seventeen concert for 220$( not GA)it was so worth it I could actually see their faces in detail and even got noticed a few times it was so fun. Same thing with Ateez which was 217$ for up front and that wasn’t GA. The first time I got tickets tho they were 370$ or something for all the way in the back so that’s proof that sometimes they can be over priced but still had a great time. Will definitely be buying more tickets. I do have to say that the fees can be a little outrageous but yeah 😍

Time to find a new (different ticket app). I’ve used SeatGeek for years. Loved it. And I know the pandemic has caused the rules regarding public events to remain in flux, but Seatgeek’s customer service and handling of these situations has been trash. I had tickets canceled to a sporting event 3 days prior to the event. And the event itself was not cancelled. No explanation. No compensation. I received my exact refund but I had a friend coming into town for this event. They gave no indication there was a possibility my tickets weren’t being honored prior. In their email after the tickets were cancelled they said if my event is within three days that I can call via their customer support via the app. But there is no phone option on the app. Completely unprofessional. I feel like I’m being taken advantage of. Btw, the seats I had are now being sold for 5 times what I paid for them. Also, I had another set of tickets cancelled for later this month. And I received no refund. This company needs to get their business in order. There are other apps for tickets. I don’t need to be jerked around like this.

Misleading policies, horrible customer service. DO NOT BUY TICKETS FROM SEATGEEK. I bought tickets for an event that was rescheduled for a day earlier due to COVID, it was switched to an outdoor venue. I couldn’t attend the new date, and assumed I would get refunded because I had gotten a credit right away in 2020. Nope, found out I don’t even technically own my tickets yet, and I shouldn’t expect to receive them via email until 24-48 hours before the event. The only way to get my money back is to resell them on their marketplace, which I can’t do until I get them emailed to me… 24-48 hours before the event. Absolutely ridiculous. As soon as my event was rescheduled, I tried contacting customer service, but there is absolutely no phone number to call anywhere. I had to send them an email, then got an auto response that they are receiving a high volume of emails and will respond ASAP. Over a week later, I received ANOTHER auto-response that they are busy. I have yet to be in contact with somebody about what happens if I can’t sell the tickets I haven’t even gotten yet, and the show is in three days. I would never have ordered through them if I knew this was their policy. It’s insane that you can only access your tickets as late as 24 hours before the event, and that the buyer protection and customer service is so poor.

Much better than Ticketmaster. Thank you SeatGeek for being so easy to use. I was trying to purchase tickets for a concert on Ticketmaster and I kept getting an error when I tried to pay. After 2 hours of calls to my bank, lost seats and overall frustration I decided to try SeatGeek to get the tickets. Not only were their prices better, you don’t need to buy worthless insurance if you can’t go to the show. SeatGeek let’s you return your ticket up to 72 hours before showtime for free! Anyway, after approximately 4 minutes i had the exact seats I wanted and all is right in the world. Ticketmaster is an archaic service that should be shutdown for their ridiculously unfair business practices and virtual monopoly on the event ticket market.

Terrible Customer Service When Something Goes Wrong. I purchased two tickets for a hockey game about four hours before the game. I contacted Seat Geek about two hours before the event to let them know that I did not receive my ticket. The customer service said they are unable to contact the seller while I’m on the phone so they would call me back in 10 minutes. After 30 minutes of not hearing from them I checked again and was assured that I would get my tickets soon. Once it was 30 minutes before the game started I reached out again and was not given a clear answer on if I would receive tickets or a refund. I was told I would have to wait until the event ended to see if they were sent. Two hours into the event I received my tickets, I still don’t know if I will receive a refund as I was told they would be investigating but possibly refunding me plus giving me an extra 20% to my PayPal that I did not use.

ABSOLUTE TRASH. Hi, 0 stars if possible. Never do I ever write reviews, and here I am wasting more of my time just to call out possibly the worst customer service of all time. If for any instance, you need to get in contact with them. It is basically impossible. They will not offer a refund, even if your ticket doesn’t arrive because that’s “what their policy reads due to them being a third party vendor.” I wasted 15 hours on the phone dealing with 5 different representatives that did absolutely nothing for me. Finally got ahold of someone empathetic enough to stick his neck out to the big guns an stand up for me. NEVER USE SEATGEEK. There are always different, WAY cheaper outlets! Go to your event and scalp a ticket, it will be way cheaper with no ridiculous middle man fee!! Or simply use stubhub, because seatgeek is absolute garbage. Seatgeek is also has a heavy class action lawsuit against them currently for changing their policies during the pandemic. All they care about is money, with zero remorse for their customers/ fans. Thank you for reading. I truly hope seatgeek gets buried in the dirt and is rotting in debt for eternity.

Never sent my tickets. A month ago I bought tickets for a concert on SeatGeek. I wasn’t 100% sold on trusting SeatGeek but they claim to have a “Buyer Guarantee” and the seats were better than the ones left on Ticketmaster, so I purchased anyway, which was a huge mistake. After I bought the tickets, SeatGeek sent me a confirmation email that I would receive them 2 days before the show. On the day of the show I still didn’t have them. I called customer support and was on hold for over an hour but no one ever picked up. I sent them an email too but all I got was an automated response to call if the issue was urgent - fine with me, but again, no one picked up the phone. I had to buy last-minute tickets through Ticketmaster just so we could still go to the show and not have this whole thing be a total loss. But now I’m trying to get SeatGeek to refund me and still can’t get in contact with them. Please don’t use SeatGeek, they caused me so much unnecessary stress and now it looks like I’m just out the money I paid for the tickets I never received.

Best Ticket App I’ve used. Ive always skeptical buying tickets online since paper tickets slowly stopped being a thing. I’ve used NFL ticket exchange, Ticketmaster, stubhub, and SeatGeek for me has been the best option for a few reasons. SeatGeek has always had the lower price options when I compare the similar seats to the other ticket companies. Also, SeatGeek has lots of promo codes that get you $20 off your purchase which I use every time, and that ends up saving on the “fees” part that always gets added on. I’ve used seatgeek to buy nfl, nhl, and nhl playoff tickets. They’ve always had great on the phone customer service, and the receipt always gets emailed within the hour and the tickets show up on the app within the day. I trust them with my money and tickets more than any other company I’ve used and I hope this review helps others. Jesus loves you :)

A scam!!!. I’ve bought tickets from seat geek before and I loved it but after recommending it to a familh friend to buy concert tickets for Christmas for me my boyfriend. Since the original tickets sold old. She ordered them before Christmas and the order was confirmed. They said the tickets will be available through the axs app 3 weeks before the concert. She spent $600 dollars and the tickets weren’t sent at all we contacted seatgeek customer service and they told us they “seller”will send the tickets 4 days before the concert . After the four days nothing showed up! We contacted them 24 hours before the concert and told them where are our tickets and they said they will notify the seller to send them before the event. My friend then receives an email from seat geek stating that our event was cancelled and the tickets had been voided! Even though the event was still being put on& and seatgeek was still selling available tickets for the snow even though They told us there was nothing they could do since the event was cancelled even though it wasn’t. I had to pay out of my pocket on a different site just to get tickets before the concert. Seat geek terrible. Never buy them from unless you want to be scammed !!

Never got tickets that were purchased. I purchased tickets to a show at The Grand ole Opry, (which was a bucket list item)through seat geek. Paid $82 in extra fees. I received a confirmation email after purchasing the tickets and was informed that I would get the tickets via email when they were released by the seller. Went to support page the day before the show because I hadn’t received any tickets yet. Was told they still could be released the day of the event. Waited until 9am on show day. Still no tickets. Talked with chat support and was told that the seller had released the tickets to me but since I never got them in an email, he would notify seller and I would hear back “in a few hours”. Still no email and no tickets. Finally after a phone call to support, I was told the tickets were either in my ticketmaster account or AXS account, which I was never told. I finally found the tickets, but was never able to get them on my phone. 3 hours before the event, I still had no tickets to show at the door. I finally talked to a support person from AXS, who told me the venue should be able to see that I purchased the tickets. Thankfully the grand ole opry found where I had purchased them and issued me a lost ticket voucher which I could use for entry. Will never use Seat Geek again!

Impossible customer service. I’ve had a chain of unfortunate events with these guys and it’s extremely hard to actually get ahold of someone to address your problems. They force you to talk to a bot for a bit before you can message (not speak) to someone who works there. They don’t keep record of any of your past issues so you have to repeat the entire scenario and go through the same troubleshooting process every time instead of them understanding you’ve been over it with them already. This was common for me since one day their representative kept having connection issues and kept getting kicked from the chat. I had to re-explain to three different people just for them to not be able to help. They also will send you their number to call if you bother them enough but it’s an old number that tells you when you call that it’s their old number and refers you back to their app/website to chat. They pretty much do all they can to discourage you from contacting them since that means they have to take responsibility for their lack of customer service. As soon as I finally had my third issue resolved and was able to collect my tickets only a few days before the game, I deleted my account for good. I’ve never had issues like this with other ticket websites.

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ADD AUSTRALIAN EVENTS PLS. Such a good app but doesn’t have anything for Australia which is definitely disappointing.

No Australia!. Could you please actually listen to these reviews and either take this app down from the Australian App Store or actually add in Australian venues, thanks😁

Only USA. Only shows I’m the states. Not everyone is from there. Put shows other places in the world cause you guys aren’t the only country

No AUS. Hi, rating to be at 1 star until Australia is included. Sorry.

ACE family. The Ace family brought me here but I can't get my city in my location , pls add Australian venues.

Awesome app. Must have app

needs australian venues. pls i just wanna support david dobrik but im out here living in australia 🤧🤧

Useless if wont take aus credit cards. Totally useless, can't accept payments from people without a us or canadian credit card

They know not everywhere has five digit postcodes?. I live in australia I am in Dallas on holiday I have a credit card that everywhere else on my holiday has happily made use of for payment SeatGeek loses its mind because the postcode tied to my card has four digits Ticketmaster has higher prices but actually works as advertised.

Another Australian. Hi! Please add Australian venues.

Love this app!. Easy to use, best feature is seeing seating plan and view of stage or sporting field.

No Australia!. U guys are stupid y won’t u add Australia it’s not like there’s nothing outside of the us

Australia not included. Australia is so quiet. There is nothing going on here apparently. Fairly worthless to Australians unless travelling to USA.

USA only 😡. Roman Atwood brought me here and when I downloaded it, it’s only USA. So take this app off Australia App Store or add Australian venue and games.

NO AUSTRALIA. it’s a bit disappointing how you get YouTubers to promote it but it is only for USA people. So thank you for nothing

United States only 😡. Was so pumped to find out about an app like this, so useful it sounded. No good to me though so had to delete.

Please add Australian venues. I desperately want to take my parents to a footy game in Australia and I’m upset that there are no Australian venues. If possible, please sort something out for this to be possible.

Not for Australia. Would happily use this app if I actually could but I’m in Australia, how about make it for Australia or don’t make it accessible for us to buy on the App Store because there isn’t any point unless we’re overseas. So annoying seriously

CNG. Thanks CashNastyGaming

So dumb. Thought you could use this in Australia but you can’t. They should make this app unavailable in Australia

Only in U.S. Only available to use if you’re in America, please expand to other countries like Australia!

Add Australian Venues. This app is worthless to Australians unless they travel to the USA. Either remove the app from the Australian App Store or add Australian venues.

Yanks. Doesn't work for Australia.

bring it to australia. come on bring it to australia this isn’t fair, i see youtube videos sponsored by youse but i can’t give a good review if i can use it

USA ONLY. Title says it all

RICEGUM. 10/10 Ricegum brought me here.

Only for Americans. I’m Australian and an app like this would be so helpful but nope! Can’t use. I saw this app from a sponsored video from Ryland Adams and S U R P R I S E! Other people besides Americans watch those videos too

Love it. Awesome

So disappointing!!!. Add Australian venues or remove this from the Australian App Store.

Lol. David dobrik

No Sydney Australia venue add them now!!!. Add Sydney Australia venue how sad USA only!!

Simply Brilliant!. Highly recommend this show, amazing from start to finish. Completely mesmerising!

Only for US. Came here from David’s vlogs and Ryland’s YouTube videos, sad that it only has US but seems pretty good if you are from the US.

Amazed how bad it was. I've tried to buy tickets using this app 3 times and all 3 times I had issues. Twice I selected deals and purchased them (with my credit card debited) only to be told 'sorry your tickets are no longer available' after the purchase and with the money taken. Both times I got the money back subsequently after a few days, but it meant me wasting my time and having my money tied up while I waited for a refund- which could have been easily avoided by Seatgeek checking tickets were legitimate and available prior to advertising them on the site, not after I had bought them! The second time I got the tickets - but the app wouldn't allow me to send them to an email address to be printed (I needed paper copies for my event), they would only allow them to be printed from the app, which on an iPhone can be challenging (if you don't have a blue tooth printer). Support at Seatgeek were helpful once I contacted them, in that they sent the tickets to an email address for me that allowed me to print them, but really, surely, once I have the tickets in the app I should be able to print them easily if I need to and I shouldnt have to call customer service to do such a simple and common thing. I've used other ticket services (such as StubHub) since and not had any of the same problems. Additionally, I was told by customer service that if you are not in the US, the app and/or website often will have issues with allowing you to log in to your account - further making it harder to resolve issues and see your purchases. As I am 0 from 3, I will never use Seatgeek again and would suggest going elsewhere for such services.

USA only. Take this off the Australian App Store or actually add Australian venues 😡

No Australia. Plz get Australian events

Seatgeek. Because Brawadis said so 😊

So good!. Great!

Waist of time. Look for events in Australia and not a single thing comes up.

Worst App. what’s the point of having an app if it’s only available in one country? once again America thinking they’re the only country in the world

only US. Why is this on the Australian app store if the locations are only in the US?


🤐😡. I was brought here by David dobrik and he said it’s world wide ... why is Australia not on here

Add Australian venues please. I came from David Dobrik Channel and I was going to buy a few tickets for my friends and I but there’s no venues in Australia there only in the US. Please add Australian venues to the app.

it is USA only so don’t bother downloading if ur not in america.. it should be advertised as USA only.

Amazing app. Downloaded this app when I went to for a holiday in the USA. Used it multiple times and got tickets below face value and also got a ticket to Game 7 of the NBA finals. Process is so easy and great that there are no hidden fees!

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Great. Very helpful!

Easy Peasy!. Love the interface. Sooo easy. I never buy seats direct anymore. Always on SeatGeek.

Great app. Easy to buy tickets

SCAM. Don't use it! If you ask for return, it only returns you a prom code not money. The code only available in one year, then it will expire. This is an scam behavior.

Great. Love it

W app. This is even better than ticket master

SeatGeek review. Great app the best for event’s

Stole my money. Short story. Seat geek charged me and did not give me my tickets and are not offering a refund so they stole my money. I bought two tickets the night before a sporting event and hadn’t received them before the event. I contacted customer support and even though I paid for these tickets they tell me that I will not be able to access them and that they’ll give me a full refund. I’m kind of annoyed but whatever I’ll take the refund. They then tell me the refund is by check and takes 30 business days. Still really annoyed but at least I get a refund. I get an email today that they will not issue me a refund and that all they will give me is a promo code

Good. Good

Stole money. Didn’t refund my money back. Really bad experience.

Hi. Thank you.

Seat #. I would rate 5 star if I could see seat # and also if seat is on aisle

Just bought my first ticket!!. hopefully it works and I can actually see the concert but that’s just me being sceptical. Other than that it was super easy and I would recommend it highly

Seat geek gurshy. This app is so awesome that I used it every time and instead of using like 500 my tickets bed up becoming 100 or lower and it is. So awesome especially seeing Olivia rodrigo at the concert

Easy to use. Love the way we can see the view we will have… easy to use and safe way to keep our tickets!

Snakes. I pressed am I enjoying this app and here I am. Satanic dark pattern work. Shameful. Clearly these swine lack respect. How them can they be trusted?

Awesome. Great Eay to Buy

jidion. The only reason I installed it was for ma boi Decarcus cousins the 3

Love the discounts. Wwww

Fall 2023. Every single time I try to buy any tickets it always fails and says “we were unable to process your order.” Do not use

SCAM. This app took my money and decided to not give me any tickets to a playoff game and after that they kept cancelling my tickets and raising the price on the app for those tickets. At least I got my money back I suggest using Ticket Master or something.

Awesome. Good for events

Amazing. Seat geek is the best! so cheap and so reliable. if your buying tickets for anything a sporting event or even a concert seat geek is definitely for you.

Biggest Scam On The Planet. $3000 wasted on tickets that they didn't give me. This is the biggest scam that I've experienced in my life. Wasted tens of hours with stubhub's customer service and managers and despite their escalations, seat geek simply stole our money and couldn't provide our tickets with all the back and forth for a whole month. I flew from Canada to USA to watch the barca vs real game just to get scammed. I will never buy tickets from seat geek ever again and I will spread the word so that none of my loved ones get scammed either. They won't even refund you your money for not having tickets. God bless I was able to dispute this with Visa and get my money back. Stay away from these fraud experts.

I LOVE DAVID DOBRIK. Seat geek is an amazing app that allows you to buy tickets in literally the easiest way possible. You’ve seen them help me surprise my friends with brand new cars. So please if you ever need to buy tickets to literally anything, just click the link in my description and use the promo code DAVID for $20 off your first purchase.

Great app. I love using seat geek! The deal score is very helpful and being able to zoom in on the rows is a great feature.

Quick and easy. Bought many seats…always quick and easy!

Currency is usd only. Not sure why the app has a currency preference button when it only will display usd. As a user in Canada I have no interest in usd. Makes no sense

david dobrik. seekgeek is an amazing app that lets you buy tickets in literally the easiest way possible

Useless for Canadians. This app is useless for Canadians. MLB left StubHub and partnered with Seat Geek. That’d be great except everything is in US dollars. Hard to sell tickets in US dollars in Canada. Nobody standing outside the stadium wants to exchange their currency from Canadian to US. Thanks MLB Blue Jays. Season ticket holder…When I can’t go I’m stuck with tickets I can’t sell even cheep!

My experience. great app

App needs a lot work. If I use a browser the tickets are displayed in Canadian Dollars, but if I use the App the tickets are in US dollars, even though the APP displays Canadian as my location, not sure what exchange rate is being used, but when I converted to Canadian it was a much higher price then the browser price already in Canadian prices. I just used the browser to purchase the tickets and the APP to store the tickets

Great. Bought some raptors tickets and they are amazing at a great price so ya

Rip Off. i bought two tickets for The Chainsmokers thinking the prices were in CAD and they weren’t and so i’m wanting to get a refund and apparently you can’t??? so now i’m stuck with two tickets that cost me $320 CAD really far away from the stage when i thought i was getting a good deal. this was the first and last time i will ever be using Seat Geek. RIP OFF

David Dobrik. Thanks David Dobrik!

David $20 off first purchase. 5 stars because of David Dobrik

Best app ever. Never had to complain bout this love this app soo much

SeatGeek. I love seat geek I use it for every event I go to! 10 stars if I could

User friendly. User friendly

Best. It’s the best app to buy tickets for my favourite things

Love the app. Great app to grab MLB tickets. Just wish I could toggle between USD and CAD.

Best. The best ticket app in the game

What What. Okay pso

Best Seat App. The seating chart is superior to any other app. Its a game changer

Definitly NOT realible-zero star. i attempted to purchase tickets on two occassions prior to an event (few hours before). I didnt receive tickets and wasted time trying to sort out with seatgeek customer service, only to be finally told that the tickets are unavaible due to seller not having the tickets…(but tickets still on site). Definitly not realible

Seat geek review. Great prices and a great app overall

terrible company. will not refund anything instead give you a one time code you can use and you better use every penny because you will not be able to use the rest of your credit as well as it EXPIRES AFTER ONE YEAR THESE GUYS ARE SCAMMERSSS

Amazing app but…. Amazing app but it sucks for us Canadians as everything is in US prices not CAD

Love it for selling and buying. We have jays seasons tickets and always easy to sell and when I need tickets I can always find a great value

Big Fan. Out of all resale websites, find this to be the lesser of all evils. Great for Jays games for sure.

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Allow scammers - don’t refund tickets. I have used SeatGeek for a long time. I got scammed for a bunch of MLS tickets. I contacted them to help resolve the problem of the tickets not being transferred to me. They kept telling me it was either my fault, another ticket vendor’s problem, and it wasn’t their fault. The seller told them they transferred the tickets to me but there was no email, and I walked through all my inbox, spam and junk folders to show them the tickets weren’t sent. They just kept telling me the tickets had to have been transferred so it’s my liability. They offered no resolution or further help to find me tickets or a refund. I’ll never use them again. You shouldn’t either if you want a ticket company that backs their sales.

Horrible costumer service and false advertisement.. We bought front row tickets for a show, and they just got to us today four days before the concert, they came as general admission which is not what we paid for. We paid an extra hundred dollars (fifty per ticket) to get front row tickets. We were obviously mad so we went to costumer service to either get the tickets we paid for or our a hundred dollars back, costumer service that they couldn’t refund us even partially and that the sellers could put whatever they wanted for details even if it is false and they said that we should have known better even though there was no way to know if the seller was lying to us. Don’t buy tickets from here, especially if they are front row tickets.

Geo Filters Barely Exist. The only reason I’m giving more than one star is because you can have it show the price with fees included while searching, though, in my opinion, showing prices without fees for any of these service providers is pointless. The reason I give such a low rating is the horrible geo filtering abilities (or lack there of for this app). For example, I’m in Washington, DC and I have that set as the location. However, I’m still being presented with events that happen in Baltimore, Philadelphia and Richmond. They need to add a filter so you can set the mile range or something like that. When I want to see events in the city I’m in, I want to see events for just that city. Not every city within 200 miles. I also submitted requests twice to provide the feedback and see if there’s some setting I’m missing and the support team comes back with completely unrelated answers so they’re not helpful at all.

Double Charged - Won’t Give Refund. After receiving my monthly credit card statement, I noticed I had two charges for the same amount back to back for tickets I purchased through seat geek. As I only purchased one set of tickets, I inquired with customer service to be refund for the double charge, but I was told the representative Angel Salazar and the supervisor I spoke to, Mark, there’s nothing he could do because the event had passed. This is unacceptable, as the charge happened minutes after I made the initial purchase and was a clear case of a system error. I need to be refunded for the double charge immediately. I was treated so poorly by customer service that my company will no longer by purchasing from Seat Geek unless this is resolved quickly.

Awful customer service - took my money and ran.. Used to be far and away my favorite ticketing site, being one of the few that showed you prices with fees included. They are now at the bottom of my list. Bought two tickets to a baseball game recently but only one was ever delivered to my account. Missed the first 3 innings while I was on the phone with support before giving up and buying a replacement ticket. Spent the next few days trying to get a refund but was denied and told I must have not been able to figure out how to pull up my tickets. Customer service was extremely unhelpful and repeatedly blamed me for the mistake. The same thing actually happened two years ago and they refunded the price of my tickets by 120%. This time - nothing. Site has gone downhill so fast recently, take your money elsewhere.

Frauds. First and last time. Bought some tickets believing it to be a legit site. Got the confirmation email instantly, thought everything is fine. I happened to check my email 40 mins later and saw seatgeek had sent another email 30 mins after my purchase (10 mins before I checked my email) stating they "were unable to process the transaction. A full refund has been issued". I immediately go back to see the exact same tickets are still up for sale in plentiful quantity but of course, now the price has risen. I contact their cust service & explain everything, expecting a price match given that I have an order number and all. Talk about unwilling and unhelpful. Bottom line, go to TickPick or anyone else. Do NOT waste your time with these clowns

Do Not Use This App!. I recently bought a ticket to a college football game for over 200 dollars on Seat Geek, and the ticket never showed up. Seat geek had been sending me emails for a month saying that the ticket would be delivered within 24 hours of the game. By the day of the game, I hadn’t received the ticket so I called customer support. After 45 minutes in hold, I talked to a rep who promised they would figure out what was happening and email me back. They never did. A few hours later I waited again and talked to another rep who said “there’s nothing we can do”. I eventually bought another ticket from a different source. After the game I spent weeks trying to get a refund, and was just given the run around by a bunch of useless agents. This company is the worst. Use vivid seats or ticket master.

Reliable. I’ve been using SeatGeek for a few years now, and it has been a transformative experience. Maybe it seems to be an over exaggeration but I can get tickets for the Giants whenever I want. No hassle, no confusing tickets site, and for a reasonable deal a lot of the time. Depending on demand I can get a pair of tickets, club level, for 20-40 bucks a piece, or more or less depending how close the field I like or demand for the game. It’s all up to me and all available through the app. Tickets come to my phone directly or sometimes I have to print them out. SeatGeek is reliable every time. I’ve used other apps and I keep coming back to SeatGeek.

Show rescheduled with no date no refund. Ordered tickets for a concert for Las Vegas that I am going to. Assuming due to the coronavirus the show was “rescheduled” with no rescheduled date. I bought the tickets 4 days prior and contacted seat geek and they said the sale was final and I could resell the tickets to recoup the money. How can I resell tickets that have no reschedule date? I cannot go to whatever reschedule date it is since I live across the country and was since going to only be there for 3 days. Never have I experienced such a lack of understanding from a company, basically just over $300 out the window. They said they would look into it and emailed me back 3 days later and basically told me it’s a strict policy and they would do nothing about it. Worst experience with customer service I’ve ever had and will absolutely never use this company again, and urge others to not use this site either. If I could do negative stars I would.

Seat Geek. I have been buying Broadway tickets from Seat Geek now for a couple of years. I really like the way you can choose your seats from a map of the theater. They rate the seats taking in the location, the view, and the price to tell you if you are getting a good deal, great deal or amazing deal! And when you are looking for seats you can choose to search including the fees so you’re not shocked at check out. Seat Geek will send you notifications about any changes and you get your E tickets right away. I’d highly recommend it!!

Mobile Browser Site Does Not Show Fee. I recently was trying to compare ticket prices from StubHub and Ticketmaster for an event as I usually go with whatever is the most sensible after fees. However, on the mobile browser version of SeatGeek, it just says the ticket price with no fee. It asked for credit card information, which I entered and hit next thinking I will see the final price plus fees on the next page. This is the buying experience for most online shopping websites. I was surprised to see that my card was automatically charged and only then was I able to see the fee. I contacted live chat customer service but they parroted the same “according to our policy…”. I don’t care about a $17 fee, I care about my customer experience and they handled this situation poorly. I have screenshots of the conversation for review in case someone from SeatGeek wishes to contact me.

Not sure why the aggregate rating is 4.8. Pay attention to the 1 star ratings. There are so many of them, I’m not sure how the overall average rating is 4.8 stars. This company is criminal. I bought tickets and attempted to return them when the event was cancelled. The first time I called, I was told I would be issued a refund. When that didn’t come after 2 weeks, I called again and was told the same thing. After roughly 10 more calls and 15 more emails to customer service, I still haven’t been refunded my money. It was a lot, roughly $250. When you call, they say they will help then will transfer you endlessly, sometimes hanging up while you were on hold. I’ve had poor customer service before, but never this poor. If I hadn’t already sunk hours of my life on the phone with them, I’d sue.

Modal windows are infuriating. I opened the SeatGeek app to download my tickets for the Ravens game this weekend and I accidentally tapped the filter button, which opened the filter dialog. No problem, my mistake, so I tapped “done” to dismiss it. Tapped on my user icon in the lower right and was presented with a “enjoying SeatGeek?” modal. For those not familiar with the term, it’s a window/dialog box that *must* be interacted with. There was no discernible “close” button, just a frownie face emoji with “No” and a smiley face with “Yeah!” I made the mistake of tapping the latter button and SeatGeek immediately shuffled me over here to the AppStore to review it. This is bad UX, SeatGeek. You are already getting plenty of money from me for my season ticket plan. Now the app is getting in my way, forcing me to interact with a modal, and switching me over to the AppStore. There are other ways to nudge users to write nice things about you; this way is infuriating. Fix it.

Double Sells Your Tickets Hours Before Events!!. We purchased tickets with SeatGeek three years ago and kept them despite several postponements. The day of the concert finally arrived! We traveled all day to get to the venue to find that our tickets had been double sold - the DAY OF - the concert (while we had been traveling). SeatGeek did not spare us the curtesy of alerting us more than a day prior to the event. We had to find out via email that our tickets had been double sold while trying to get into the venue! While we were missing the concert. We then had to wait, stressed and frantically, while SeatGeek sent us new tickets that weren’t comparable to the view our previous tickets offered. The app offered no way to contact someone quickly via phone call - instead it directed us to the venue’s box office (??). SeatGeek then offered a promo refund (more money to spend on tickets through them), while gaslighting us about having had alerted us that they double sold our tickets the day of and since it was in the morning (while we were traveling) it was a reasonable amount of notice?? After that experience we will never be purchasing tickets from SeatGeek again. Be wary of this ticket provider, I would not recommend them or this app.

Scam. After buying tickets from them a couple of times, I don’t think I will ever use this app again. I live in Oregon and was buying tickets for a concert here. After I was all done checking out, I had two charges on my card for $300+ dollars. They had not only charged me for the tickets in Portland but some in LA California. I contacted them via email (considering there is no phone number) and they told me they were unable to help me at all whatsoever even though it was a glitch (as the person I was emailing with explained.) I came to this app over Ticketmaster to support some of the influencers that I follow, as I’m sure some other people are as well, only to be extremely frustrated and disappointed. I typically don’t write bad reviews but I’m now down $600 and don’t want anyone else to experience what I have.

Never received tickets. I never received the tickets I paid for. I tried to contact ahead of time but your just told that some tickets cannot be delivered until 24 hours of the 3”event. So therefor I had to wait until then. I waited and called three times. Each over 45 minutes, 2 over an hour on hold. I’ve be unable to receive any help and when someone did finally contact they said they would call back and never got back with me. This company pretty much stole my money and I can’t get in contact with any support. I do not recommend. There is pretty much no customer support for this company.

Amazing. It was pretty easy to find tickets for a Red Sox game especially on the day of the game. I was also able to find tickets a year from now for a musical that I wanted to see and it was cheap as well. This is an amazing app and I haven’t run into any difficulties at all. Maybe something to add is to constantly refresh the ticket page because I was buying a ticket and I was paying then it said it was unavailable because someone bought it so I had to pick a different set of tickets but other than that it’s been a wonderful experience so far.

Not recommended for advance ticket purchase. I highly encourage you to look elsewhere if you are looking to purchase tickets in advance. I purchased tickets nearly six weeks prior to a show and received an email stating the tickets would be delivered at least 24 hours prior to the show. I reached out to Support the day before the show to inquire the whereabouts of the tickets. Support finally sent me the tickets the hours before the show. Great. I’ve got my tickets; however, the reason why I will not use this app in the future is because the tickets sent to me were purchased by the re-seller the day of the show. Therefore, when I placed the order six weeks ago the tickets did not even exist. It seems that there is no proper vetting process for re-sellers - I wouldn’t risk it.

Parking Pass Not There. This is my first experience and absolutely horrible. A friend purchased a parking pass for an event and transferred to me. I received a text and a link. The link forces an install of the app which is fine, I get an approved message but can’t access the parking pass at the facility. Trying several times and with no success. Then spend an hour trying to contact someone. The app is the problem and no access to provide any feedback or support but here. Why would anyone waste their time with a company that doesn’t provide support for their software bugs. I got turned away from the facility which we paid a premium for and had to search for parking and pay again. I deserve a refund and someone from this company acknowledging the problem and working to understand and fix…..

I’d avoid them…. I’ve used SeatGeek for years. At times, it can be an extremely complicated ticket service for no good reason. They lost my business after buying dozens of tickets worth thousands of dollars from them when I bought a measly $80 worth of tickets, the smallest purchase I’d ever made on my account, and they never sent me the tickets for this event. They claimed they sent them to me (or rather the 3rd party did, big part of the horror of this app…), but I had absolutely nothing from them. I reviewed any emails from them and all FAQs and tips, nothing. I had 2 PEOPLE double check with me, nothing. I reached out for assistance, no response. They eventually got in contact with me, now far too late as it was literally the day of, looked at my account history, blamed me for “not getting in touch sooner”, thanked me for being a “longtime loyal customer” and then absolutely refused to give me the refund anyway. Never had a massive issue like this before, never contacted support once, overall just never made any waves, and yet they still denied a refund, even though I never got what I payed for. Super legal and legit, right? Congratulations for losing a “loyal customer” and I hope this helps others avoid this app.

Maybe better than Ticketmaster, but not by much. I thought I was getting a good deal selling my season tickets for the club we support on SeatGeek, because our club has an agreement with SeatGeek. It turns out there’s no price break and the buyer and seller are both getting fleeced by SeatGeek every time a ticket gets resold. They make a 35% spread on each resold ticket at my specific venue. That seems pretty steep, so I talked with 3 different customer service reps and none of them knew how the fees were determined or what the rate was supposed to be. You’re better off selling for face value on Craigslist or with your supporters group ticket exchange. SeatGeek marked up tickets I had priced low (I guess because they thought I priced them too low?) and they kept the difference! The app works really well at up-charging both buyers and sellers.

Seatgeek will steal your money. I was in the middle of purchasing two tickets to a concert (starting in an hour) then the purchase canceled out and I was notified the tickets weren’t available. No big deal right? I just moved on and bought two other tickets. Weeks later as I went through my credit card bill, saw that seatgeek had still charged the original two tickets - meaning I was out an additional $400 for a faulty charge. I reached out to customer service, and it was WEEKS of speaking to 5+ individuals, none of which were interested in helping me. They all insisted it was my fault, and that I should have contacted them about my first cancelled purchase instead of buying new tickets to avoid this problem. Asinine. Don’t give your money to this company - they’ll double it and tell you “it’s your fault, sorry for the inconvenience”

AVOID at all costs. Avoid purchasing tickets on SeatGeek; you will be left high and dry! Purchased 2 tickets to MLB game. Morning of game tickets were not delivered, contacted Seatgeek who repeatedly reassured me this was not unusual and there was absolutely nothing to worry about. After 45 minutes interacting with customer service, tix were received and downloaded. When we got to the gate, tickets were REJECTED, apparently sold to someone else on another site! Bottom line, SeatGeek sells tickets they do not actually have control over. The tickets you think you bought may have actually been sold on another website. Worse yet, SeatGeek DOESN’T EVEN KNOW THIS, and will continually reassure you that everything is under control and there’s no need for concern. Do yourself a favor; DO NOT use Seatgeek. Finally, it’s obvious from other reviews I’ve now read that what happened to us is not at all uncommon.

Live on the edge. I wanted to surprise my son and husband with game tickets for their birthdays seatgeek had an amazing deal on tickets I right away purchased them then I decided to look at reviews of this app and oh my they was aweful and so many bad ones some said they didn’t receive their tickets some said they didn’t get the seats they paid for so at that point I was nervous I had been ripped off well I’m so impressed with how smoothly everything went with my check in and I Infact had my seats I purchased I will definitely use them for our next game also and hope to have the same experience

Worst Customer Service Ever!. If I could give zero stars I would. We purchased some tickets the morning of an event, everything went through fine, but within ten minutes of the purchase was told our order was canceled because of a problem with our payment. Everything on our end showed the payment was success and we reached out to seat geek who said they had never received anything and that our payment was not success. After hours, spanning over a night, all we were told was to call affirm. Which they told us originally the payment was from our card and not affirm, when it was. So because of an issue we did not cause, and a delay in their response our funds are still gone and my wife and daughter have missed out on an opportunity of a lifetime. We were given no compensation.

Don’t waste your time. Got the tickets in February for a September concert of tame impala in Portland. The seller didn’t deliver the tickets and after calling their costumer service line and waiting 50 minutes to get on the phone with some 3 different times they didn’t give me tickets covered by their buyers guarantee, they offered a refund but I couldn’t use the credit they gave me to buy new tickets because #1 it couldn’t cover the amount for new tickets and #2 I couldn’t buy the only tickets available because the credit can only be used on tickets that are worth more than the credit they give you. I’ve used the app multiple times without an issue but this is complete garbage. Never again. I’ve waited 8 months for this concert and now I’m left heartbroken

Not received tickets. Asked for a refund for consistently stating tickets were not received. Said order was confirmed followed email instructions and FAQ. Then tried to contacts Seat Geek and dodged my calls twice specifically wait for a refund. Customer representative stated they had to wait for confirmation for refund. SeatGeek is just a money grabber, when can easily check tickets were not used. Literally a scam since had to use ASX app or have to use FLASH SEAT tickets, in order to receive tickets. Just go use ASX and Flash seats app over Seat Geek. Absolutely money grab company when they can not even confirm tickets were used. Word to the wise of Seat asking you used a different app. Delete Seat Geek app and just use ASX and Flash Seats app since they go through them anyway. Pretty easy to take money away difficult working with Seat Geek to get a refund. Over clearly tickets were not transferred.

Great Website for Concert Tickets. I have bought resale tickets on all the major websites. This is by far the best site. Why? THEY ALWAYS INCLUDE THE SEAT NUMBERS ON their tickets. Vivid Seats Never does!! The other sites just include the row. As someone who attends many concerts I understand how important it is to know what seat you will be sitting in. Not all seats of a given row are of equal value. I have also found their website is easy to navigate and their prices are actually less then the other two resale sites. It is also found it easy to sell an extra ticket in their site. They also answer their phone and emails. Imagine that! Try them next time. Highly recommend.

Use Ticketmaster instead. I bought tickets from SeatGeek for the first time and I regretted it. I should’ve just bought them on ticketmaster. I ended up buying my ticket and all they could tell me was the section and row. The seat number wasn’t given til 2 days before the concert. I then realized that I should’ve bought my tickets from ticketmaster. You have a better chance of getting better seats without using this app. SeatGeek is only good if you’re buying last minute tickets. If not even Ticketmaster is better because days before the concert a lot of resales tickets pop out that are affordable.

Not the smartest way to buy. Bought tickets for a game, never received the tickets now that they have some sort of 2 step ticket process. Emailed them and waited two weeks before I was told that I would not receive a refund because in their system it said that I had received them. Ask for proof of that and never received a reply back. Was told by other workers at the stadium that they’ve been receiving the same complaints all season long with SeatGeek. Their customer care number is more useful then their email assistance, their email assistance is horrible

SeatGeek. Good app! It works well with the iPhone app too but it is a little slow and slow at the same times so it doesn’t have a ton to play on it and I think it’s just too fast to use the phone and it just takes up too many time and it takes a lot longer than it needs it for the iPhone to work properly so it is oa good to use the mobile phone and it is not too hard on you to use the iPhone to use the app but you need it for the phone to use your iPad Air and you need the iPhone and you can use it on a phone to use it to work with the phone!!!!!!🤞🦃🦿

Incredibly Unclear When Tickets are Canceled. Things happen with Covid seating protocols at stadiums, so I understand why my large order was canceled. However, there isn’t a single indication my tickets were actually canceled on my account in the website or app! Only a note that “we’re still waiting on the seller for confirmation” which still pops up even though the event already happened. More importantly, the ONLY notification I received from Seatgeek that my 6 tickets to a baseball game were canceled and turned into site credit was an email titled “Here’s additional credit toward your next event on Seatgeek” with a subheading advertising 10% in additional credits. I defy you to find anyone who wouldn’t immediately assume that is a marketing email or ad. The title didn’t mention that the specific event I had tickets for was canceled and that this was an email with News and Actionable items. They saved that for the body of the email, which is why I didn’t realize what had happened until I was on the phone with MLB ticketing support an hour before the game (the canceled tickets were still appearing in my forwarded tickets section on the MLB Ballpark app). Good luck getting to someone from customer support as well, which is only available via email. I won’t be using Seatgeek again.

Disappointing, honestly. I bought tickets for the Phillies game on the app and had no issues there. I wanted to take my brothers to do something fun together before my move to another state. I received the tickets and was able to download them into my wallet app but once we got to the ballpark and paid another $25 for parking, we were denied entry because we had “already entered”. After talking to a staff at the ticket booth, we came to the conclusion that seatgeek sold our tickets to another person. We were left with two options- to spend more money for new seats or to leave and spend more money elsewhere. Seatgeek will not admit to their faults and completely robbed me of $450. These 5 star ratings are truly misleading. Will never use again or recommend to anyone else.

Do not expect any customer service. Tickets didn’t arrive on time and came in much later before an event. They were expected 24 hours in advance, but came in 6. Tickets are also not as advertised sometimes (was told this by an actual representative). Their customer service representatives will keep you on hold for HOURS (I spent close to 4-5 hours just calling them in the same day). They’ll claim they will call you back (was told on three separate occasions I’d get a call back from associates and supervisors alike, but they never did every time). I’m not sure if their representatives are dishonest about escalating your issue or if something genuinely came up. If you’re looking for any customer service, I implore you to buy your tickets elsewhere and do not expect very much here.

Time to find a new (different ticket app). I’ve used SeatGeek for years. Loved it. And I know the pandemic has caused the rules regarding public events to remain in flux, but Seatgeek’s customer service and handling of these situations has been trash. I had tickets canceled to a sporting event 3 days prior to the event. And the event itself was not cancelled. No explanation. No compensation. I received my exact refund but I had a friend coming into town for this event. They gave no indication there was a possibility my tickets weren’t being honored prior. In their email after the tickets were cancelled they said if my event is within three days that I can call via their customer support via the app. But there is no phone option on the app. Completely unprofessional. I feel like I’m being taken advantage of. Btw, the seats I had are now being sold for 5 times what I paid for them. Also, I had another set of tickets cancelled for later this month. And I received no refund. This company needs to get their business in order. There are other apps for tickets. I don’t need to be jerked around like this.

Easy way to have a ton of fun!. My fiancé and I have used SeatGeek for so many different things. I had bought tickets to see the Packers play in Indianapolis in 2020 and needless to say we didn’t get to attend that game (Covid-19). However SeatGeek gave us a 170% refund to attend a game the next season or to use in site-credit. We got to check an item off of my bucket list and see the Packers play in Green Bay from the first row! Awesome! I’ve also went to several concerts by purchasing my tickets through SeatGeek and I’ve never had a single issue. 10/10 recommend!

Horrible. If I could give zero stars, I would. I purchased baseball tickets for a June game months prior to the event, for my fiancée’s birthday. I received an “order confirmed” status after the order was placed. Almost weekly, I checked the app to see if my tickets were delivered electronically. They were not. Game day arrived and still no tickets. Their app says tickets “guaranteed” and I had nothing to worry about. Lies. I called and emailed them, and after multiple attempts, they said the seller canceled back in May due to COVID seat restrictions. However, the team lifted their restrictions at the end of May. I was never notified of the cancellation and stuck to pay a hotel room that I had also booked for the birthday present. I attempted multiple calls and emails to get reimbursed but was never contacted. Seat Geek is very untruthful in their policies.

Limited Notification Control. The app is generally intuitive to use and well-built. However, the approach to notifications is all or nothing. I receive fairly frequent notifications about events in the area that I don’t want to receive. I’d like to be able to receive notifications about the upcoming events I’ve expressed interested in or have purchased tickets for. There are no settings in the app to control which streams of notifications I will receive, so I’ve just had to turn them off. I’d greatly appreciate finer control of what notifications I’m receiving.

DON’T BUY FROM SEATGEEK. If you’re event gets cancelled they will not refund your money! I bought tickets to a Cubs game for July 4th. The event got officially cancelled the end of June. I got an email on June 30th staying they would reach out to me within 2-3 weeks so I could choose my refund option. A month later I contacted customer service because I still hadn’t heard from them. Another week goes by and I sent another email. Finally got a response after the second email and they said they sent me an email the beginning of June, never got one and I sent them a screenshot the email I received on June 30. I got a reply with they sent another email July 20 about how I wanted my refund, funny thing is I never got an email, so I sent them a screenshot of all of my emails from them. After that I haven’t heard anything back from them. They are a scam and it looks like there is already a lawsuit against them and ALOT of people out of money!

PAY ATTENTION TO THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS they are FACT!. Buyer beware- this is a bunch of scammers! My daughter purchased tickets in January to a show tomorrow night. She was just notified tonight 24 hrs prior to the concert that their tickets “are unavailable and she will be refunded 120%” however, the ticket cost has more than doubled now! We suggested they make the situation right by purchasing the tickets through Ticketmaster and sending them at once, that they should eat the difference in cost! They refused! Here we are less than 24 hrs before a concert and no tickets, tickets bought in January no longer available? No notifications at all between Jan and now were sent. I also know from other reviews here we aren’t alone, so show of hands who’s not going to FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE MANSFIELD MA tonight? WHO ALSO HAS NOT GOTTEN A REFUND????? 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬. It’s all a SCAM!

Got screwed and no help. When I tried to pay for my Yankee tickets, the app froze up at 3 attempts. After the third time the app froze, I got out of the app and purchased tickets to the same game on Gametime. No problems with Gametime, the order went through seamlessly. While I was checking my emails later that day, I found an email from Seat Geek that my order was confirmed. The order that froze the app. I immediately contacted Seat Geek customer service and they said they can not refund orders and their was nothing they can do. They said I can resell the tickets. Hope they sell and I have to go through that inconvenience. Once I resell the tickets I’m going to delete the Seat Geek app, never use them again and advise all my friends to do the same. Gametime is much user friendly and have same or better prices. No issues with them.

Scammed. I purchased two tickets to a basketball game for $58 six hours prior to tip-off. I never received my tickets and had to use a different site (Ticketmaster) at the last minute and received the tickets almost instantly. First of all, it’s almost impossible to contact customer service. If you call their number, you will sit on hold for hours. I tried this the day after I was screwed over. Then I decided to email them and after hearing my case they responded: “The tickets were delivered externally to your email. Did you try to contact us before the event started? Unfortunately we will not be able to process your refund.” I did NOT in fact receive tickets in my email. How is it my fault that I never received my tickets that I purchased six hours before the game? And why should I have to follow up to get my tickets? It’s a poor service experience flat out and I won’t be using SeatGeek ever again.

Great way to buy tickets and keep track of events. I have been using SeatGeek for a while before writing a review since I wanted to make sure it was consistent. So far I have never had any issues and all transactions have been simple and tickets delivered in a timely manner. The only time I’ve had to wait for ticket delivery have been related to restrictions on ticket vendor ( particularly AXS) but as soon as tickets are transferable they’d be in my account right away. Plus this app helps keep track of bands and I find shows of bands that I’ve been wanting to see.

Seat Geek. This is an amazing app that has cheaply and easily, get to tons of amazing concerts I wouldn’t have seen other wise. One of my favorite things about this app is that I can see where I’m going to sit. On ticket master or other apps I would not be able to see where I was sitting, but not with ticket master, going to the lengths of showing me exactly what the stage will look like and if I will have a hard time seeing the stage. Thank you Seat Geek for all of the amazing experiences that you have brought me, and definitely use this app in the future, highly recommended.

Shady refund practices, nonexistent customer service. Used SeatGeek for the first time to purchase two concert tickets. Tickets were prominently advertised as “returnable” and “no nonsense returns”. A few days after purchase I had to return tickets due to family issue, and realized fine print that tickets were “returnable” for future credit, NOT a refund. There was no email, phone, or mail option on the SeatGeek app (it only chatbot). I opened a dispute with my credit card company and the next day the SeatGeek app showed a refund was being processed, but it gave no deadline for completing the refund. Later that message disappeared completely and two months later there is no refund and my card company is refusing to charge back the merchant. Avoid this company and app unless you like shady business ness practices and having your money stolen.

Seat geek. SeatGeek is an excellent platform for finding and purchasing tickets to live events. Whether you're looking for tickets to a concert, sports game, or theater performance, SeatGeek offers a seamless and user-friendly experience. One of the standout features of SeatGeek is its intuitive search function. You can easily filter for specific events, venues, dates, and even seating sections, making it a breeze to find exactly what you're looking for. The interactive seating map is particularly useful, allowing you to see the view from different seats and make an informed decision before purchasing.

Great experience!. Seatgeek is just better for two main reasons. One is their fees are about half of the competitors, and even more importantly, they allow you to cancel your tickets up to a couple days before the event. You don’t get money back, but you’ll get full site credit for returned tickets. That’s a huge benefit in my book. Customer service is great, and responded in a really timely manner. I don’t write reviews often, but in my opinion seatgeek stands out in a crowd of online resellers, and will def use them as my ticket source going forward.

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!! Customer service is absolutely ridiculous and terrible!!!!!!! I bought a ticket for the next day but due to some sort of error or glitch, I was given a ticket for the day I bought the ticket. I contacted customer service and the agent said he would contact me before the game was supposed to start. I had to contact them an additional THREE times because the original agent never contacted me back. It ended with them saying that the issue was NOT on their end and that they could not do anything because I got a confirmation email. Then I had to buy yet ANOTHER ticket!! They didn’t even attempt to compensate me in any way, not even when I told them that I would never buy from them again and would give them horrible reviews and tell everyone I know to avoid them! They are absolutely useless!!!! And their fees are outrageous!!!!!

Cheapest tickets and least hassle around. I’ve been going to a lot of events lately. Especially football games. Nfl games are already expensive and bad habit to have but if your going to feed into then seat geek is the way to go. Before I buy I go to every ticket vendor to double check pricing and it’s minimum 100 dollars less than anywhere else which is everything to buying these type of tickets. Never had a single issue with any of my purchases. Seat geek will always have my business.

Absolutely pitiful buying experience. After waiting 5 hours in line on seatgeek to get tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, the queue line disappeared while I was 1/3 of the way through the line. I didn’t know if tickets were even still available or if the line would come back because I couldn’t see my place. No updates were provided for hours and nothing was done to fix the problem. Finally, two hours later, the line came back and I was back at the beginning despite never leaving the page. This was after 7 hours total of waiting. Many people were being booted to the back of the line hours into the wait like I was. This presale was a mess.

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Play Store com.seatgeek.SeatGeek
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

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The application SeatGeek - Buy Event Tickets was published in the category Entertainment on 11 December 2012, Tuesday and was developed by SeatGeek, Inc. [Developer ID: 582790433]. This program file size is 87.1 MB. This app has been rated by 704,023 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. SeatGeek - Buy Event Tickets - Entertainment app posted on 17 April 2024, Wednesday current version is 17.5.0 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.seatgeek.SeatGeek. Languages supported by the app:

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