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Take your PlayStation experience with you wherever you go! Stay connected to your gaming friends and the games you love to play, see who's online, and discover the latest titles on PlayStation Store.

With PlayStation App, you can:
• See which of your friends are online and what they're playing.
• Receive notifications, game alerts, and invitations.
• Customize your profile.
• View progress and compare trophies.
• Keep up with the latest activities from your friends and profiles you're following.
• Get games and add-ons at PlayStation Store, and push them to your PS4 so they're ready when you get home.

A Sony Entertainment Network account is required to use this app.
A PS4 is required to use some of this app's features.

Use of this app is governed by the license agreement at the following URL: (

PlayStation App App Description & Overview

The applications PlayStation App was published in the category Entertainment on 2013-11-13 and was developed by PlayStation Mobile Inc.. The file size is 47.61 MB. The current version is 18.12.1 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

This update includes fixes and performance improvements.

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PlayStation App Reviews


good app  Zyad_alharby  5 star

good app


Great but not the best  asdfswfvhcdyjibdgbdijv🎃👎☝️🤛  4 star

I LOVE this app because it keeps me updated with my friends, but it doesn’t have much to do in it. Maybe you can add a editing feature where you can edit your videos and post them.


Always malfunctions  shafeter  2 star

UI is great but there's always an error launching the app . It's only this app that gives me issues

A random name that works

Unusable and disappointing  A random name that works  1 star

Did you even test this app. Just downloaded the app and I went to sign into psn and the keyboard on the phones didn’t work so I couldn’t sign into psn or use the app.


Add game clips  Alexmint32  5 star

It’s a good app but it would be even better if they added game clips or captures so we can see our game clips we saved

Thug fizzle

Wont even work now  Thug fizzle  3 star

I jus updated it a week ago and never had an issue with it until This update now it wont even open amd keeps erroing out

omar kittaneh

Pretty good  omar kittaneh  5 star

Pretty good app especially knowing who is active and when was their last activity


Bad  Heffy123  3 star

Xbox app is way better u can watch clips and talk


Profile deletion  TrevorM285  2 star

I have tried multiple times to delete the profile off of this because it is the wrong profile name and I would like to delete it but I can’t figure out how if I can please help


Unusable  JacobMcNally  1 star

Here's on the experience is now: you're prompted to continue as your username, same as always. But then you're prompted to login to all of Sony services with a united username and password ? Can't remember yours? That's a problem. Try to reset, server times out. I guess Sony was not pleased with their website being buggy, but had to put that to the app. At this point, you're relegated to using your PlayStation for any purchases. Don't waste your time.


Can’t even login  Bamblett  1 star

I try and type but it just keeps going down

dixie nourmos

Another feature  dixie nourmos  3 star

Make a tab where u can see all your clips that u have saved from your ps4.Xbox have it so why can we

xd RyanRazzer

Not being able to change my Online ID name  xd RyanRazzer  2 star

Hey it’s dumb that you can’t change your Online ID once you set it because what if you got a nickname from your X girlfriend and now you what to change it


The Connection to the Server Timed Out.  xKikayx  3 star

I'm having the server issue on the PS APP and PS Messages. I can't sign in my account anymore. :( Been using them for 2 years til this happened :/ please fix them..

Cool Guy 73

No way to view clips/screenshots  Cool Guy 73  3 star

I’ve been through all PlayStation apps and haven’t seen this and honestly the amount of times I’ve wanted to show people clips without access to my psn profile is annoying, it’s such a simple thing and yet it’s something many people would appreciate and yet it doesn’t exist, please find a way to do this because it would make many people happy


More features please  onewhite  3 star

Not a bad app, but could be so much more. The ability to remotely monitor our PS4 systems would be great. Check what we have installed remotely, manage applications and games (delete, etc). Also the ability to check our download queue would be handy.


Plz add party chat  UR MUMMYS HOLE  4 star

Just do it for mobile my dudes


WANT REMOTE PLAY ON iOS!!!  Lahmy88  1 star

Feature request: WANT REMOTE PLAY ON iOS!!!


Do any sony PS apps actually work  madsbrah  1 star

Doesn’t work and is a very poor excuse for an app. The whole concept of this app is Poitiers as well.


Can you please help me,  Srgzdgrsb  1 star

My playstation is doing this dum thing called safe mode for some reason,and the only choice I have is to restart,but won’t all the games and stuff I bought be gone,which is a waist of money,if this happens,please help me


HELP ME  bg1314  1 star

Everytime I install the app I keep getting error codes SOMEONE HELP ME OUT


It’s good but  Yvngg_king  5 star

It’s str8 but if y’all could add the option to watch ur clips from the app it would be a lot better


Gallery  DJTF-Kid  5 star

I think you guys should make it an option to where we could see our clips from the app and download them to our camera gallery !


UI needs to be updated.  cecil001  1 star

I use the app for friends and the PS Store when I’m out of town. I don’t know what else this app does, but it’s difficult enough navigating those two portions of the app. The store on the app is only marginally better than the actual PS store website. I just gave up trying to navigate the Holiday Sale 2018 and know I missed out, or they missed out on sales. This app is a sad necessity for people who are away from their system for long periods of time. Please update the store. You get more of my money.


Awesome app!  ResideN7slave-X-  5 star

I like in the PlayStation store you can have and manage a “wishlist”. The wishlist is great for when games are on sale, all your favs discounted and no need to search for them once you’ve added them

King Jax

Great but room for improvement  King Jax  4 star

Love this app but wish everything was all in one app. I hate switching them just to have to login to do something. Wish there was a dark mode (at least a PS Blue) for the message app since it gets so bright. Would really like to see an all in one app sometime this year. All in all PS is the best.🤙👍


PlayStation  Tough99  2 star

Please fix the servers.


Buying movies from app is impossible  Poopiehead4  1 star

I think it’s dumb you can purchase games but not rent or buy movies please fix ASAP.


Joining a party  sn448s  5 star

I hope to add anew ability(joining party and speak by phone) for playstation network costumer.

a guy who reviews stuff

Biggest joke ever  a guy who reviews stuff  1 star

I just bought an Xbox. After dealing with this terrible app that keeps getting split apart, it was an absolute joy using the singular Xbox app. It is fast, it works, it is comprehensive, and I can even join parties from my phone. The PlayStation app is a complete and utter joke. It barely works. It lags. Sony can’t even manage to put all of the functionality into one app, splitting it up into several. It is constantly making me sign in again. I swear to god, every third time I open the app I have to sign in. I have had to sign into the Xbox app exactly one time. Basically, Sony doesn’t know how to make an app. You might not think that’s a big deal, but think about it. If they can’t manage this, how well do you think they’re managing other things like security? Probably not well. Originally I got the Xbox only for backwards compatibility, but after seeing how many things Xbox does better than PlayStation, I am switching over entirely.


Not working  Aukill  1 star

All Playstation apps haven’t been working for a while now... Getting error Ca201.1 ... Sony please fix this

Mega face

Useless at the minute. Fix now!  Mega face  1 star

Cannot log into account, crashes with constant errors. Unable to login with my vita or ps3 because can’t login to create password. Absolutely useless and needs to be fixed ASAP

username: scout9118

It’s so Handy  username: scout9118  5 star

Just the way you can see who is online and what’s new is very handy in my opinion “handy as in good , Not handicapped “ anyway I think for every PlayStation owner this app should be essential, also the messaging app is very good also


Great  Stevo_1984  5 star

Very handy for notifications


Connection to server timed out  Roughneckkirby  1 star

Can't even log in, thanks!


Amazing app but..  TG492  5 star

I love the app! I have all my ps goodness at my fingertips and I can see who is online at any moment but I keep having one problem. The app keeps on logging me out of my psplus account when I want to buy something on the store and so I have to log in again and again which is a real pain if I don’t have credit because it sends you a verification code to your phone via text and you don’t receive it because you don’t have credit. Otherwise it’s an amazing app and I would highly recommend it!


Not working  Rebex15  1 star

This ps app and messaging app both refuse to let me log in and is lagging every time I try to type my information it’s so frustrating and there is no solution for this anywhere

Ben Kanisz

Cant log in  Ben Kanisz  1 star

I can’t log in to my PSN after I type in my g-mail and password it’s just crashes Someone help 😣


Bad? No, worse.  Al_7979  1 star

Have to go trough ridiculous terms and conditions, privacy etc and then search function doesn’t work. Useless


Okay  Professorpeculiar  3 star

It’s grand and a little helpful but I KEEP having to type in my goddamn password way too much

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