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Connect. Discover. Control.

Stay connected to your gaming friends and the games you love to play, wherever you go with PlayStation App. See who's online, voice chat and send messages, and discover deals on PS Store.

Connect with friends
• See who's online and what games they're playing.
• Voice chat and send messages to your PSN friends, hang out online, and plan your next multiplayer session.
• View other players' profiles and trophy collections.

Discover new games and the latest news
• Shop for new releases, pre-order games, and check out the latest deals and discounts on PlayStation Store.
• Get your daily fix of gaming news from the world of PlayStation.
• Stay up to date with notifications and invitations on your phone lock screen.

Control your console wherever you are
• Download games and add-ons to your console, so they're ready when you are.
• Manage your PS5 console storage if you run out of space while downloading.
• Get ready to play with quick sign-in and remote game launch on your PS5 console.

Account for PlayStation Network required to use this app.

PlayStation terms of service are viewable at

Some features require PS5 or PS4 console.

Content available on PS App may vary by country/region. Some titles shown above may not be available in your country/region.

“PlayStation”, “PlayStation Family Mark”, “PS5”, and “PS4” are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

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PlayStation App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This update includes fixes and performance improvements.

PlayStation App Comments & Reviews

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- New app looks good

I’m really liking the new look. Especially the resolution upgrade. Everything just looks way better. Definitely next gen release worthy. Only request is that we can make the photos and videos full screen, when viewing the game pages. And make it so that iPads can view the app in landscape mode please. Thank you for all of your time and work with these upgrades. =) Ps. Please bring back wishlist as well. I actually used that frequently for games I planned on getting. Couldn’t buy them all at once so I used the list and bought them when I was ready. And it’s easier during sales to just go to my wishlist and say hey, those games I wanted are on sale. Versus searching for them one by one. Please and thank you 😊

- Great new update BUT...

I love the brand new UI, a completely renovated look, easy accessible to what I need and where I need it except, I feel like you guys missed out HUGELY on the Capture Gallery. This was that one feature I was looking forward to ever since I made the switch to Playstation. As of right now I can edit and share captured screenshots/videos exclusively only on the console itself and nowhere else. I'd understand if editing would have to be done on the console but sharing clips from my library/profile should be an option on the app! Especially with the new PS5 coming out it'd be a great addition to the PS app to be able to seamlessly share our content/trophies etc. to any social media or be able to forward to our friends. Except there's only one option and that too on console, which is Twitter. It's really sad to see how much Playstation emphasizes on 'Sharing' to the point where there's a dedicated button on the controller for it, yet no support on the app itself. It still has the basic most features the last PS App did, but this time it was just revamped with a nice and clean look. I'm hoping that changes once the PS5 is officially released but I'd love to see a sharing/editing feature integrated within the app. I know it's 100% possible and definitely can be done. Overall, great work on the app so far. Hope I'm heard and can expect something out of it in the near future!

- Update glitches invites on PS4

This new update is pretty bad, has added a number of issues in the PS4 system, as well as not being able to add people to your friends list from the invites you receive. It’s extremely annoying, and I’m almost wondering if it would be easier to switch to XBOX. I’ve been an avid ps fan since the ps1, have had every system available. Now it seems like they don’t care about the people playing anymore, or people who stream. Why can’t we use remote play to play from our PS4 and stream the gameplay as a secondary screen to a PC or Mac, to then use things like OBS. Instead you have to connect your controller to the pc, yet be under the same network. Why have the lag when you could just have the controller connected directly to the PS4 pro and stream from the computer without the lag? What’s up with these issues? I’ve contacted Sony support for the PS4 and have gotten the messaging system ended as soon as I ask any question. It’s seeming extremely dishonorable what SONY has done in the past 6-7 years. I’ve even offered to buy the M.A.G. Streams back to create a new game comparable with the PS4-ps5, with no luck, no contact information, and absolutely rude feedback from SONY.

- wonderful update, but having an issue...

after just recently switching to the ps4 after a long time of my buggy ps3, i’m still new to not only ps4 but also the ps app. the app is useful don’t get me wrong and the update was really nice but as a gamer who’s always on/in a voice chat the update is kind of annoying. i’ve seen a couple other people have the same problem and i really suggest you fix this for people who like to use wireless gear. my problem is that i don’t own any wired headsets, and in order to do my voice chatting from my phone it needs that. i know, i can just go to my nearest store and get a decent wired headset but it’s a waste of money if i spend all this money on wireless gear just for it not to be compatible with playstation. on a good note, the UI is way easier. i used to have a lot of trouble on the older version and often some features wouldn’t even work. (such as buying games) luckily this update is better. and now since we can link our consoles it’s 10x as easier for me to get games since at times of the year i’m across the country from my ps4.

- Looks great, buuut pretty disappointed

1st, there is no wishlist. I don’t know why the felt like this feature was unnecessary. Having a wishlist actually got me to spend MORE money. Now if there’s a game I’ve been waiting to go on sale, I just have to remember which game it was in the first place and scroll through all the deals to probably not find it anyways. It was a nice way to have a list of all the games I thought looked interesting that I might pick up someday. But nope. It’s already hard to find indie games on here so if you come across one you might pick up, you’d better write it down somewhere. Makes me think they want to make it harder to get deals so they can get people to pay full price more often. 2nd, it’s glitchy. I’ve put 3 games in my cart, but when I try to pull up the cart it’s just a blank screen. Like nothing on it. In conclusion, it looks nice. It’s easier to scroll through. But I don’t really think they have the consumer as the priority right now. It seems more like they care about the look and pushing the Triple A titles. I hope there are updates that make improvements because PlayStation has always been my go to.

- Literally can’t play because I did nothing

So today I was going to hop on the ps4 and it said to sign into PlayStation network and that wasn’t very confusing because it happens all the time. So I tried putting in my password because my email thing was already in and I entered it and it said it was wrong. I got confused because that was my password. I tried other passwords before I got my current one. I typed all the passwords I had before and none of them worked. That was until I tried one more time and it said that I had got my account suspended for 1 week because apparently someone reported me and I got suspended. Now I do play severs on Minecraft, but one in particular is the hive where just build is on that server and I don’t build inappropriate things like other people, but sometimes I play duos and my teammates do put very disgusting things and because we build on the same little area and after everyone votes who’s is the best, I think people actually think I built the disgusting things my teammates build rather then them and I literally don’t do anything bad and I have no idea what I did wrong and hopefully I don’t get this ever again

- 1 step forward 2 steps back...

The app has potential, but now it’s missing so much. The ability to post things from your phone to the What’s New section and the fact that the What’s New section is completely gone (no bueno) being able to comment and like your friends achievements or posts is what made the PS app stand out on top of any other gaming app that’s out there. Messages being intergrated into the app and the fact that you can actually buy things off the PSN are both welcomed changes, but all the accessibility that was in the original app needs to return. Profile customization, themes, I personally enjoyed the fact that close friends or family could see your actual picture with the Avatar made it so much more personal. If those changes are to occur I would not just recommend this app, but if you have a PlayStation, you NEED this app. As of now though the app is just...meh*...hope to see these changes in the future, but this is a decent start.

- Not as good as it used to be!

The app itself has grown as far as U.I. For example, the Playstation Store is now easier to navigate and find, such as most everything in the app, but I give it such a low rating because, for me, the past version of this app had two really important features that kept me using this app often. The first feature is the where it allows you to turn on and off your PlayStation while connected to the same Wi-Fi as your PlayStation. I used to always do this when I was too lazy to get up and turn it off while I was laying in bed on my phone, but now this feature is gone. Not only this, but another feature with the ability to text other players and friends is gone as well. They have another app for these features, but it would be such an inconvenience to download two different apps to do the same thing you used to be able to do in one app, and thus this justifies my rating of the app. One star for one feature plus one extra star for the importance of the features.

- Good UI but voice chat annoys me

To start this review I love the UI and features the new update has, and I think it was a lot better compared to the one one. my problem comes when I try to join a voice chat on my phone. I have tried multiple times to use a wireless headset connected to my phone in order to use the voice chat feature but the app doesn't seem to support that function so I'm forced to use earbuds or my speaker in order to talk to someone on the voice chat. I find this incredibly annoying that the app, which is made for phones in order to be easy to use, does not let me use the audio device of my choice to communicate via voice chat. I don't think I should have to be forced to use specifically earbuds on the app when I prefer to use my Bluetooth headphones which have better audio quality. It would be nice for the voice chat feature to be more accessible when it comes to what audio devices you can use with it.

- Looks great but missing key features

The new UI is great. Navigation is smooth, and it’s fairly easy to get around. However, I just skipped the PS Store Black Friday sale because of this app. Why? No Wish List. And no filters in the store. I am new to PlayStation (lifelong gamer elsewhere), and I did hours (HOURS) of research on the best PS-exclusives when I got my console last year. I added all the ones that interested me to the wish list, and that wish list is how I buy games. I previously opened my app, looked at my list, and boom. After spending the last 20 minutes trying to find the Wish List, I realized it simply wasn’t there. I don’t want to spend any more of my day scrolling through countless games, with no easy way (that I can ascertain) to filter games or find a wish list. Please bring back the wish list, and please add easy-to-use filters on the store. Side note- the app seems like a great place to edit and share screenshots and such, but again, no easy way to do so. So much is so right; it can be much better.

- Not a bad app but needs improvements

This app is good but it needs improvements like if someone invites you to a party, and you don’t have a mic to connect to your controller. This is a repeating problem, but with my suggestion. It’s to add a function of joining your friends party or heck even having a function even having a mic setting and yet you can’t use it. Here’s another improvement that I suggest, Make sure that if you get an invite to the party, you can actually join the party and chat not giving us the option to get a mic. No doing that., just makes it a waste of time. Do the most good thing and do it. Don’t leave the people without mics. Make sure that they get the best gift from you Sony. Do these improvements and you won’t have a BAD rating. That’s why I’m giving Sony and the PlayStation app, a 3.5 stars. If you do these improvements I’ll even give you a 5.5 out of 5 for making the best app. So without furthermore I bid you a farewell.

- 🤔

The PlayStation app has lots of good features and helps me know when to play on PC or PlayStation. The big problem is that for user that doesn’t use the PlayStation app very often I often find myself signed out of the PlayStation app every update! Is insanely frustrating because I would love to be able to talk with people that are messaging me through my phone instead of having to turn on the PlayStation but I have to sign in again and again and sometimes my password doesn’t even want to work on here. The worst part about the app is that it’s separated from the other two core features of PSN! Communities and messages are both part of separate apps where as with Discord there are no separate apps for different features. Even Xbox is better than PS in this area. The PlayStation app needs to be turned into one app not three, And the app needs to calm down with its security settings. I’m not hosting a US nuke control server via PlayStation... or am I?

- Needs some work.

I would have started at 4 stars and then given you 5, but I felt like you wouldn’t fix what I’m asking for. I think the UI is pretty good and works fine on iPhone X and I have few issues with it. BUT, there are 2 things I REALLY want changed and I don’t know if I’m alone here, but I think they would make the experience a lot better. 1.) On the PSN feature of the app, it is confusing to navigate. The part that is confusing is the back button. It is too hard to find and the X button kicks you out of PSN leaving you to start all over. This is annoying esp if you are shopping. 2.) I use the PS Communities app ALOT and I like to post photos. Offline! It would be nice if I could access my photo gallery from my phone, even if it meant being hooked up to WiFi and being in the vicinity of my PS4. Now, is that asking too much? If not, please change this. Thank you!

- A nice change but a few steps backwards

A nice change for sure as the old app was getting a little outdated. Pluses - Interface looks really nice and organized well. Setup is easy and overall a nice update from the previous app. Minuses - Portrait mode on the iPad has been removed. This is a big bummer as using an iPad Pro 12.9 in portrait mode for browsing and typing is a awkward. Not sure why that feature was removed. All iPad apps should support both orientations. Also, they removed the ability to add favorites from the online store. This was a great feature as you could essentially add a bookmark to a game or games you may want to purchase in the future. On the Nintendo Switch not only can you favorite games but they’ll let you know when those games go on sale, which is really nice. Overall a nice start but needs some improvement to make it really great.

- Poor quality

When I first started using the PlayStation app it worked very well because I would only use it to check which of my friends were online when I was away. Now however I want to be able to look at what I have clipped on my PlayStation to be able to show people. But sadly that is not a feature on the PlayStation app. Another thing is that PlayStation makes 5 different apps (messages, second screen, vue, the actual PlayStation app and communities) when all these could just be one app. On top of this is have 3 of the above apps and every time there is a update I have to log back in on all 3 apps and go through 3 different spam tests which are just downright annoying. Finally when I go to access the PlayStation store I am taken to a website that for the most part is hard to work and confusing. In the end until Sony makes a better app that works well on iPhones and is all one big app I and many other users will be forced have limited use.

- This app is really great

We need to be able to change our background cover like the last version and we need also need a better security improvement we can’t rely on 2 step verification because what if your phone is off and you can’t get in into your account? Which is cool but we need more options like be able to send codes to our email I think that is easier than sending codes to a text messages and we need an authentication app like Microsoft have to protect our PlayStation network account I just think we need better security for our account and make our account more safer we need more options not just sending codes to our cell phones we need our emails as a 2 step verification as well.

- Review Update

Update: Love the new update and pretty much fixed everything I had mentioned expect the streaming stuff which doesn’t matter cause I have the twitch app. Great UI, I’m very surprised by the new update. Old Review: The app design is great and all but the fact that the psn store is not built in is horrible, instead it directs you to the psn website in safari. I would like to purchase content from the app not log in to the website and buy games or dlc, makes no sense. Also the live from playstation feature can at least send you to the twitch, and ustream apps instead of the website. It would also be great to integrate ps3 and psvita content if they add a built in psn store. If they just fix those things I would give this app 5 stars.

- ( iOS 14 ) widget compatibility

Should update this app a bit more for the iOS14 , to have such widget on hand to be able to wake PS4-PS5 on your rush of getting home and quickly able to reach your buddies via widget to get ready to “ Assemble “ With Avengers ; or talk smack to settle a bet you already lost but tryna redeem yourself in MK11 ... and also , turn to “ Rest Mode “ when you’re already half way out the door to go pickup your girl from the mall where you silently left her ,at that one girly store ; just to get home and quickly watch some “ Powers “ ( Sony original series ) and to make sure your PS5 Pre - Order wasn’t canceled via email 😂 .. be great to just see visual progress of downloads / updates , while your away is awesome ..

- Good but not perfect

Only thing the feed lacks is having people’s game clips saved and being able to download those clips from the app to our phone which is what Xbox allows and does. If it did that or could be added that would be great. Hopefully when the PS5 comes out the trophy system will improve showing progression, like when u got to get 10 of something have a meter, or say the amount I collected, so u know ur progress. Steam and Xbox both do this and that would be a cool add on which would affect this app as well. Also making messages and ps app one app would be nice. I hated that when Facebook did it and not a fan of having multiple apps to keep up with. Other than that, great job and I’m liking everything else that’s being done thanks PS peeps for the good times.

- (Updated) Worked okay at first, completely bugged now

Update: This app basically listened to me and many other who also made suggestions. As I said before, this app needs to be similar to the Xbox app but I believe they made a huge improvement beyond my expectations I have to say, it’s easy to use, clean, smooth, no more bugs, and an excellent app in general This app was working fine, even though it had its moments where it signs you out many times, now I can't even sign in anymore, i tap sign in, loads, and does not do anything. I believe they need to look at the Xbox app as a great example of a console app for your phone, everything is very clean and easy to function.

- A Great Start

Finally, we can see who's online, add and message PSN friends, and control PS4 directly over the network. I would give this app 5 stars but there are two things I'd like to see before I do. First, it would be great if the app were universal and had an iPad-specific user interface. As of right now, it runs on an iPad but only as a "blown up" version of the iPhone app. Second, it should make use of push notifications for messages. Right now, the only way to know if you've received any messages is to manually start the app and check. If they add these two things, I'll change it to a 5-star review. UPDATE: This app used to be decent. Now, I have to sign in over and over and over again anytime I try to go to Family Management. If it weren’t for 1Password being able to fill in my login details quickly, this would be absolutely intolerable.

- Bruh

Have any of you people played the Empire City Night stage on Sonic Unleashed? Or the Eggman Empire Stage in that game? Of course in order to play Sonic Unleashed, you need to have a PlayStation Now subscription, right? I’m just playing on any stage and it always, EVERY SINGLE FRICKING STAGE, INCLUDING THE WEREHOG STAGES, it kicks me off because of my internet. I have perfectly, smooth, internet at my house(It’s AT&T internet, so I don’t if that’s the problem, I’m only 12). One moment it’s fine, 1080p 60fps, then it goes down to like 240p and less than, like 20fps. Again it might just be my internet but please look into it and try to see if anything can be fixed. This app is amazing by the way.

- Sony secretly disabling ”Players you may know”

The ”players you may know” functionality is no longer working, at least for me, both when using my ps4 & ps app in Europe. It used to always suggest around 40 people I might know but all of a sudden they all disappeared and now I’m hearing there isn’t anyone I might know. My guess is it has either something to do with the GDPR regulations being rolled out or with Facebook being under fire recently over privacy concerns (I’m assuming the ”Players you might know” feature worked using Facebook’s API in some way, and it’s now blocked) and having to bend on some policies to the European Union. It’s ridiculous a useful feature like that could go through I could best describe as a dark-deprecation in some regions and players aren’t informed it’s happening. It makes PSN and this app worse. Sony Twitter support wasn’t helpful at all and was elusive in their answers when asked about this. Shame.

- I like it but...

I like the app overall design. I love the fact that Sony put the messages back into the app. I’m pretty sure there are share features missing but from my view, the two things that are missing is 1.) Quick Reply and 2.) iOS 14 widgets. It would be nice to see that if get a notification from the ps app from one of my friends asking me if I wanna join them in the chat room or a message asking if I’m going to play online today instead of going into the app I’d be able to quickly reply from the lock screen simply by long pressing the notification and responding from there. Also, it would be nice to glance at a ps app widget getting such information as messages inbox, who’s online and my trophies.

- Won't allow me to sign in

I downloaded the PlayStation app because I recently switched from Microsoft to Sony. Since that day I have had a number of consistent issues. The first issue was my home screen on my system has a huge lag. This lag was so bad that it would freeze my system. After that Sony was going through a number of service issues. One of which it didn't allow me login to my account. I digitally downloaded all of my games so now I can't access any of my games because My account is linked to games. Then this whole time this app won't allow me to sign in but I can sign in on the web browser.🤷🏿‍♂️ so I have a few problems with Sony for the moment. They did fix the network issues but the app still won't allow me to sign in. The are you a robot prompt just keeps spinning. So the sign in button will not highlight. Please fix this issue I don't really like Microsoft.

- Playstation app review

Overall, the interface of the app is significantly better. It is much easier to navigate to different aspects of the PSN - friends online, messages, notifications, trophies, etc. There are some downsides to the new version of the app. There are aspects that have been lost from the previous version: 1) Trophy Review sorting: users can no longer organize trophy comparisons by date earned, rarity, & other aspects. This aspect of the previous version was awesome for users that enjoy trophy comparisons. 2) Trophy display (Plats): Plat trophies are no longer displayed by game titles. 3) Trophy display (totals): Users can no longer go further into a game's trophy breakdown to view total trophies for a game (i.e. 55/47 trophies collected -> 0/1 gold, 9/9 silver, 35/36 bronze, etc.) 3) Automatic updates to information: users, on many occasions, now have to pull down on a section to initiate an update. The previous version of the app did this automatically. 4) Recent notifications by user: Users can no longer review all recent notifications for a user by going to their PSN profile in the app. In the previous version, all recent activities were listed at the bottom of a given profile. - Ron

- Well developed (mostly)

This app features a great GUI. It’s sleek. It’s fun. Until it’s not. I love seeing what my friends are playing and comparing our trophies. I also love shopping through the mobile store. However, the PS Store function is literally a web browser in an app. I wish it features the same incredible interface as the rest of the app. It feels like it was added on at the end instead of built with the first draft of the app. Oh! One other thing I’d love to see is the library of games I own. I almost exclusively buy digital games now. The app should have a place where those titles are kept. Then I can remote download from there instead of needing to search through the PS Store to find the game I’m thinking of.

- A functioning back button

The app has a lot of issues. Some of issues can easily be fixed. I develop and work in apps for a living. Perhaps you should consider reaching out to professionals to improve apps functionality. Back button once in the store does not function as expected (do you have QE team??). This is a serious flaw. App store kart sometimes is not in sync with games selected. Buggy purchasing function. Overall end to end is buggy. It can be fixed or improved if Sony gave this light of day and invested in making the experience better. Until then, I am not recommending this app. What is the point of have 2 apps, one for messaging friends and other for shopping. Can this be packaged as one app. Xbox app is really well organized and functionality is really a good experience. Take a leaf from that page.

- I don’t like the new update of this app nor do I like the new PS4 update

I don’t like the PS4 app update because we can’t change our profiles background anymore and I’m sad about it. And when I tried to change my settings it would always say “connection time out” and that’s annoyinggggggg. Also I hate the PS4 update because I hate the fact that we can’t create parties as we used to. I have alots of questions for PS4. A)Why don’t you make some thing that shows people’s there deleted photos or videos because someone in my household deleted my video memories and I can’t get them back 🙁. B) every time I try to download something or update something it always takes hours or days for it to finish. I know my Wi-Fi slow but does it have to matter? Because I would try to ask my parents could be by faster Internet but for some reason they won’t. These are just my opinions.

- Love the new app, but wish it had a few features

I’m really happy with this new app update. There are only a few changes that I would suggest. For the UI I wish you could swipe to go back rather than having to hit the arrow at the bottom of the page. Sometimes that arrow gets hidden and you have to scroll aways just for it to appear again and you go back a page. Some other cool additions would be the ability to see how long you’ve played each game. Maybe like a play log sorta thing like other consoles have had. I know the Playstation tracks that info because they let me know in emails which games were my longest played but it’d be nice if I could see that in the app as well.

- Honestly the PS Messenger App was way better.

Only use I have for a PlayStation app was to quickly view and reply to my messages, and the PS Messenger was perfect the way it was. Now that it’s been integrated into this app I’m forced to use this instead and boy is it a downgrade. Way slower than the last app, everything is grey and less visually appealing, the app absolutely refuses to send me a push notification when I get a message, can’t go horizontal mode, can’t zoom in on images, and my biggest problem with it? The messages don’t automatically load like the PS Messenger app. I’ll have a message open talking to a buddy while we’re playing and I’ll see on my TV screen they sent me a message, but it doesn’t pop up on my phone. I have to go back a page and click on the message every time to see the new message pop up, It’s very annoying. Honestly I hate this new app, I miss PS Messenger.

- It honestly gets worst

The app isn’t bad by any means but does require a major upgrade, one to where users can message friends within the app and turn your PlayStation on when not connected to the same WiFi when allowed by the ps4 user and iPhone which would be convenient when wanting to turn it on prior to getting home. What makes this app bad though is the layout what is it like seriously. The layout is plain out trash make it more new and something the users will actually want to click on and use. The app has some convenience but I’d had a better layout it would still be on my phone. That is really all just a few updates to how the app looks the make it smoother and better, also fix a few errors within the app and it has the potential to be a 5 star.

- Bad Update

The functionality of the app was degraded for a fancy new UI instead. Notifications don’t show like they’re supposed to and the messaging is a lot slower than the original, independent, PS Messages app... which brings up another point, the unintelligent decision to shut down the independent messaging app which was a much better system than the one in place now. I have a friend who is unable to talk that is now hindered by the slowness of using messages through PS App and would rather exit the game just to send a message. Good job PlayStation, you know exactly how to mess up things instead of making it better. People may not like my opinion about PlayStation, but I don’t care... I have factual evidence of PlayStation being a terrible, greedy company that spits in their fans face. Just be aware people, this app is terrible and doesn’t work in its current condition.

- Terrible App that used to be good

This app at one time was pretty good but it seems now to be more of a pain than it’s worth when using the PSN Store. Every time I go to purchase a game I have to go through a ridiculous process of signing in on my own phone that I’ve done this a 100 times with 2 step verification and put the CVV in on a verified card that I’ve used many times!!! I just bought 2 games today that I had to put in my password 3 times, then CVV and then password a 4th time before it would complete the transaction!!! Exactly what do they think is happening?!?! Someone stole my phone, bought 2 cheap games and is downloading them to my PS4 so they can’t play them?! Or maybe they stole my PS4 too. I have bought 100’s of games over 10+ years with PSN. They really need to get their stuff together!!! 😡

- Notifications have become ADS

I want to keep push notifications on to handle friend requests but now I get push notifications on my phone every day that say “you have a notification,” then when you go into it, it’s just a new banner in the feed. They are sending notifications now to advertise a sale or new game instead of when something actually happens. I’ll see the ads when I go into the app, so give me an actual reason to go into the app instead of click bait ways like “you have a notification,” and then there’s nothing. Make your communities better, make messaging better! Let me make a 10-sec video to send to people! Upgrade this thing! It’s also SUUPPER slow, so please fix that before you add stuff.

- The app works but is SERIOUSLY cumbersome

It doesn’t remember your password. It doesn’t even recognize it as an area to use iCloud Keychain. Then when you go on the Store, it brings up an overlaying page as if you’ve just entered a browser. I hate that stuff. Is it too much to ask an 80 billion dollar company to design a simple and functional playstation app? Literally. Look it up. Their whole company is worth almost 80 billion dollars and they can’t figure out a decent companion app design, while literally thousands of other smaller companies have fantastically well-designed apps to go with their products. At least the app works and isn’t completely broken. But seriously, I can’t believe we have to put up with this primitive app design in 2020.

- PlayStation App

I have been a PlayStation fan since the very begin I am a brand loyalist and one of the most knowledgeable gamers from the early 90’s. My only complaint is that the remote play option doesn’t offer a separate screen option for playing multiplayer... while I’m playing with a friend who is on my PlayStation why should my remote play be split screen? Also I wish PlayStation has backwards compatibility... other then those to things the system and all its components controller and options and extras and apps work perfectly and offer me the best service for my dollar! I’ll always be a Sony Guy for life!!!

- Not as good as it used to be.

While the app has become easier to navigate I feel it’s because a lot of things were removed. For starters the messenger feature that was built into the app was great, now I need a whole other app for that. Second (and personally not that important to me) why can’t I turn my PlayStation on with my phone when connected to WiFi? Lastly what really bothers me is that now when I go into the ps store through the app I can’t buy or rent movies through it. That was so convenient for when I’m out and about and wanted to see what new movies were out on PlayStation. Now I’d rather just go to redbox. Like I said earlier they succeeded in making it look better but everything the app can do the console itself does better. I personally am deleting the app. Waste of memory.

- Good enough but can be better!

I’m going to start with saying the application is fine. It’s good, but it can be better! Why PlayStation’s own mobile apps are separate from each other? Why is there a PS app, PS Messages, PS Community, PS…etc.? Why can’t all those be in one app like the Xbox app? Why are the chats in a separate app?! They should be in this same app! Even when I enter the PSN store from the app, it has to open an in-app browser. I also want to see who from my friends list has this or that game that I’m checking out on the store and which trophies they unlocked from said game and if I can compare them to my profile. The Xbox app has all that in a better way. As a gamer, we dislike using mobile apps when gaming, especially with online MP & CO-OP. If we have to, at least give us an application that has all features in one app. I have the Xbox app and have tried it. It’s excellent! PlayStation’s app is just good. That’s it. It can be better tho. All I’m saying is just look at the Xbox app, do what they do by combining all the PlayStation apps into one app. Thank you!

- Absolutely clean and user friendly!!!

I know that many people will continue to criticize this app regardless of how many updates come out, but they can not deny the fact that the last update is one the best that this app has had so far. The new updates removes all the clutter and unnecessary junk that plagued the old updates and it also greatly improves the loading speeds. The UI is much more friendly since all the shortcuts are on the bottom; In addition, the app runs much smoother than before. The PlayStation app is finally feeling like the app that it should have been!

- Great app. Needs improvement.

It’s a great easy to use app but there are some issues. Being able to access the basic features of my PS4 wherever is nice and all but there are some questionable choices here. Like messages being a separate feature. But one thing that I can’t ignore is HTML being used for pretty much everything. I’m sure there’s some perfectly understandable reason for doing this but it just doesn’t work for me. Whenever I’m going to go check out a free game I can feel the built in web browser about to collapse under it’s own weight. In fact. Any other time a developer has done this it’s been the same thing. It’s just broken. Rest of the app is fine and responsive though.

- More features needed!

Add more features such as checking your PS4’s download queue, or checking how much storage is remaining. You could also make the PS Store native in the app instead of having it load as a web version in the app. Having the ability to purchase a game in the app and making it download to your PlayStation remotely would be amazing. While this is already possible, you have to use the PlayStation store website and it doesn’t work half the time, the status doesn’t update in time and error messages are never shown, making the user believe that everything is going alright. Adding these features is going to make this app much better and provide a much better experience.

- Fix The Sign In Issues, Put All Apps in one App

This app is absolutely horrible, I am asked to sign in almost everytime I open the app or every third time I use the app. The Xbox app has you sign in once and you’re good. It’s annoying being repeatedly asked for my login as it should have it memorized and at least work well enough to not ask me to sign in all the time. Secondly Sony needs to find a way to put all the apps in one, it’s almost laughable that Microsoft/Xbox managed to pull off their app so well while Sony is over here looking like a joke with their app/apps. Please fix the issue it’s extremely annoying. The convenience is nowhere to be found. I never write reviews on an app but I feel my voice needs to be heard on this issue as I seen others complaining about the same thing. Sony, listen to your customers.


I don’t get why this app and the messages app always seem to fail to send notifications just randomly. It’ll work for a few weeks and then suddenly it won’t and I’ll turn on my console and see I somehow got 5 notifications while it was off but none went to the app. I don’t get why Sony system apps have this issue no matter how often they update. This error occurs at least once a month. This isn’t a problem with apps that have less than 1% Sony’s development budget, so how is this still happening? iOS fully updated on an iPhone 11. There’s just no reason at all. This is on you, Sony. People can’t use your apps properly and then they lose faith in your ability to deliver solid products. Get the little things right at least.

- Better… But Not By Much

I’ve been waiting for over a year for something like this — one app with trophies, the PS store, AND messaging — but when it finally comes along, it figures that it would fall short. First of all, I can no longer edit my profile like I could in the old app. Instead it opens a link to my profile on Sony’s website, not even the Playstation site, which- why? And it doesn’t even display my full profile anymore! And here’s yet another app which ditches landscape mode for portrait only in favor of bad design. Lastly, the coolest features are only available for the PS5 and who knows when I’ll be able to buy one of those? At least I can still download games to my PS4 with this.

- Ps4 banner

The old app before the update allowed users to change the banner on their profile I can still change my profile pic from my phone but can no longer change the banner. I would really like to see that feature added back now I have to manually change it from my PlayStation which my not be a be a big deal but I can not get the banner I want from my photos. It would just be a quality of life improvement for people wanting to personalize their profile exactly how that want it I’m not sure why it’s not a feature anymore.

- Great app but needs work on one thing

Whenever somebody in the “party messages” say something it picks and choose when it wants to notify you, which it’s just a number badge in the corner of the app. No sound or anything you have to open the app and refresh the feed. It will let you know all day long when your invited to a game, sound and badge but not messages. Do I need to download “PlayStation messages” again to stay up to date with my friends with messages? cause with this PlayStation app and it’s multi feature with messaging I don’t see why I would need to. Still a great app and User interface. Just please fix 🤞

- Needs some improvements

I just got a PS4 four days ago, and the last time I heard of this app was before two of the most important features are gone. Now I have already read another review talking about the same thing, but I was even more disappointed because now I need to get out of my bed, turn off the PS4 and go back to bed (the feature on question is that you can turn off your PS4 from your phone if they’re connected to the same WiFi), and I need to keep on switching between the apps (the feature in question is being able to send msgs from this app, but now there is a different app for this). So I hope they add at least the feature where I can turn off my PS4 from my phone, because that would make life so much easier.

- New feature idea

A new feature idea that I think is needed is the ability to view your capture gallery to see everything you’ve saved from your gameplay. I think it is needed because if someone wants to show someone their gameplay and they don’t have their PlayStation with them and if they are in a car they can’t really show them unless you had this option you will be able to view the gameplay you’ve saved and be able to show your friends a cool clip, general gameplay, etc. If you guys are able to add this feature it would be greatly appreciated thank you.

- October 2020 Update

When you combine two apps, you shouldn’t lose some key features, like finding recent players, where did that go?? Not being able to see something as simple as “recent players” is a fail on your end. The UI is nice and smooth, easy to get used to, but why is there still no support for LFG (Looking for Groups) on the platform. Come on Sony, why should we be pushed to other outlets to find other PlayStation members who want to team up. I shouldn’t have to go to Discord or Reddit to team up with people. It should be right at my fingertips or on my Console. LFG has been available on Xbox for quite some time now, please stop leaving out tools that bring us together as players.

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- Great app but a few polite suggestions

This app is great, nothing wrong with it at all! Shows you your active friends, clean design, games, trophies, all the works. However I would LOVE to see it more integrated with PlayStation features such as seeing the progression of updates so you didn’t have to wake the PS up from rest mode all the time, remote connection and basic feature control, and perhaps the status of your PS. It’d also be so good if we could share video clips from the PS straight to the App for easy saving and sharing of our clips! And perhaps a cleaner transition to the PS store for buying games and add-ons. Thank you for reading, I’d be thrilled to see these features added :)

- Handy app

Pulling the communities(Dropping support) app is a huge disappointment to me, currently “Communities” App is still showing in PS App and App Store for some reason? The whole idea of this PS App is for convenience of faster usability of our consoles/accounts as trying use a dual shock controller for text input all the time is a inconvenience plus too we don’t always have access to console. In my view I don’t thing Sony has worked enough for the best user experience both here and on the console, they both don’t look well polished.

- A sad, pathetic joke - Now even worse

The new app is, to put it mildly, pathetic. Purely apart from the fact that they’ve stripped even more functionality from the app so that it now shows virtually nothing, it now appears that Sony have, once again, forgotten that there’s a thing called an “iPad” that works really well in landscape mode. Which this app doesn’t. NOTE FOR ALL NEW USERS WHO THINK THIS APP IS GOOD: Once upon a time, Sony had a PS4 app that worked reasonably well. Not perfectly, but reasonably well. Note that I said “A PS4 app”. Yes, ONE app that did everything. Then some moron decided that they would split it into two apps. Then three apps. Then four apps. And none of them are of any use. To get part of what you got in a SINGLE app, you now have to switch between four apps. ALL of which forget that you’ve used them before and force you to sign in again. With two factor authentication. Which fails two times out of three. Yes, I said PART of what you got in the single app. All four together have LESS functionality than the single app had. Personally, I think one star is being pretty generous. Put it back as a single, usable app and you might actually show that you care a tiny bit “for the players” instead of “for the payers”

- What the hell?

While reincorporating PS Messages, this new redesign completely obfuscated or flat-out removed general PSN account and store functionality. Where is my wishlist? What’s my wallet balance? Why are store tiles untitled—and how am I meant to guess the difference between these 3 identical ones with different (or sometimes the same!) prices?? Why aren’t there rating stars, let alone reviews, on store listings? Why don’t my trophies appear when viewing a “Played” game? Why FOR THE LOVE OF GOD can I not even make trailer videos FULL SCREEN, let alone push them via AirPlay? Why do most store list pages not have any (or only poor) sort or filtering options? How can I find new people near me (or even just in my country)? Why did Sony bother with this abysmally poor UX of an app rewrite? (bonus question: why is “Second Screen” still a separate app?)

- Worst navigation

Hi guys I am really frustrated with the game navigation and slowness of this app and console, I don’t know what design of app is in background but it’s clearly legacy The messaging social side of the things like is all secondary or later chit chat All I want is as a user first and most important I should be able to view browse games fast and see game play video fast,some games have some don’t , make decision pay move on. In as less time as yesterday Add more filters a-z z-a by date that’s it ? Even in ps4 pro when I start browsing games it’s just become slow and laggy going back and forth, god forbid if have to scroll up or down after 20-30 titles It’s so time consuming I hope you guys fix this ASAP You are throwing data in bulk at user without faster way of consuming it Your app should be the primary source of information , it’s like there is fixed set of games coming up or under some category but rest of them are lost and no way a user can get to know about them fast so only way Is to do internet search and then filter on Sony app or console what’s the point ? Ok Thanks in advance

- Best app ever

It shows you everything you need and if you have downloaded apps like ps4 messages or ps4 remote play it can automatically switch you across to Those apps it has the PlayStation store my account settings it shows me when my friends are online and I can text them to amazing app it’s got everything you will need one of my favourite things is being able to play my ps4 through my mobile device thank you for this great app good job :)

- “The network connection has been lost”

I am unable to open the app! When I first installed the PlayStation app, it worked fine. But for some reason, it has stopped working, and both this app and the messages app does not open. I am, for some reason, getting PlayStation notifications for invites and such, but when I attempt to open the app, the following message appears: “The network connection has been lost”. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times, but it still refuses to open. Please help! Would definitely give 5 stars if this gets fixed! :D

- PLEASE add landscape support for iPad

I think the app is mostly fine as is but it’s a huge inconvenience to constantly switch to portrait mode just to write my friends a message. I’m used to always having my iPad in the landscape orientation and the PS Messages app luckily supported that option. Can’t say the same for this app, though. It’s especially a pain because I am now forced to use this app over PS Messages so I can’t just go back.

- Quite unique layout

I really like the aesthetic with minimal Ui clutter, it provides users with a feel of a more modern and 2020’ish app which is good. I have one demand if that’s okay this app is just missing a downloads tab for the ps5/4 when paired with the app so it’s much easier to see if there’s updates or downloads, thank you for reading this if you did anyways “Play Has No Limits!”.

- A complete failure of an app

When it works it was still clunky and inefficient (the way you accessed the store felt like logging in twice - which many times needed to be done for real). However biggest gripe is that apart from sporadic periods of working, the app almost never opens on my iPhone 6s+ or iPad Pro (9.7). All updated with latest iOS. What a joke... for all the money we pay for PSN plus you would think they could work out a stable app. Also the error messages that come up don’t appear on any online error log. Wonderful.

- Just needs another feature

The ps app is generally a really well made PlayStation companion, you can check your notifications, discounts in the store and what your friends are playing. It’s just missing that one feature, the ability to watch your saved replays and view your screenshot, please add this Sony, so I can just watch my sick gameplays on the go and not need to hop on the PS4 inorder to see it, thanks.

- More features

the app itself is really good. I love the set up and the way it’s all set out. But I do think they should bring a new feature to the app.. “clips!” we should be able to access any photos or videos we have captured on the PlayStation. Xbox has this feature and I definitely think play station should too.

- Please fix the Back button

On the whole it’s not a bad app, but with the ‘Back’ button inoperable it is a nightmare to use. The operation of just adding the handful of PS Plus games to cart takes three times the clicks it should because after adding each game to the cart you need to return to the main menu for PS plus, click on free games again. It used to work so not sure what’s happened - I’d give it 4 stars if this worked as it used to. Edit - 8 months on and still no fix for the back button when browsing PS store through the app. Come on developers!!

- PS Store browser

The back button doesn’t work anymore, if you press a game to look at you can’t go back to the previous page. Very annoying especially when trying to add the PS plus monthly games to the cart, you have to go back to the page from the start and can’t just go back and forth and add all the games to the cart. Please fix the back button, it used to work a few months ago.

- Internet problems

Hi PlayStation idk y ur internet service keeps going down but for anyone out there buying a console don’t buy PlayStation seriously learn to fix ur network or some people probably need to be fired from the job because it’s ridiculous and annoying fingers cross u guys aren’t lazy idiots and actually read this I couldn’t play with my friend because if ur lazy asses I hate people on this community bad service and when people report a message and it’s not even bad u guys still ban it that’s a poor service I think all of u should be fired not kidding

- No way to view clips/screenshots

I’ve been through all PlayStation apps and haven’t seen this and honestly the amount of times I’ve wanted to show people clips without access to my psn profile is annoying, it’s such a simple thing and yet it’s something many people would appreciate and yet it doesn’t exist, please find a way to do this because it would make many people happy

- Amazing

This app is amazing. I can see when my friends are on, what theyre playing and do all the things you can do on the actual console accept one thing: joining a party. I could have some headphones plugged in and join my friends party from my ipad. This would be an amazing feature that would make this app so much better

- No landscape and not able to purchase in app

IPad usage without landscape is not good, safari is better.. Also I can't purchase anything, says I need to complete in web browser but safari also doesn't work so I have to add to cart then complete the PayPal purchase on the ps4.. Could be so much better, fix these then the app has use but at the moment it's not better than the browser experience which a dedicated app should be.

- It works, please make a sharefactory app

IT WOULD MAKE IT SO MUCH EASIER IF YOU COULD MAKE A SHAREfactory App to edit linked to ps4 so you could save and work on projects wherever and save your clips easier. Also I recommend getting the PlayStation messages unless your changing your personal profile picture.

- PS4 app

I had the app set up with my account for a awhile and one time I tried to open the app and my account wasn’t signed in i put in the wrong email on accident and now someone else’s account is showing up and I can’t quit out of it or anything and I used one of my emails so someone else is using that? Now I can’t use the app because it has another account and I can’t quit out there is no “this is not me” button which I recommend

- Great app

But with one flaw that I’ve noticed. Trophy progression doesn’t sync up to the app from any of my consoles. Deleting and then reloading the app is the only way I’ve figured out how to update it. Besides that, great UI, it’s clean, well thought out. Having the ability to know when games have finished downloading on my ps5 is wonderful!

- Great but needs access to saved replays

This app is great, it has multiple things that are very handy, but there is one feature that needs to be added, the feature is so I can view my saved replays and screenshots because it’s easier to share them with friends at school. Otherwise it is a great app.

- Great but it needs one more thing

This is a great app it’s reliable and easy to use but it needs a section where I can see what my downloads are on for my PS4 because I’m not always home and plus maybe a play and pause function for then. Thank you, keep up the great work

- Good app but needs new features

I really like this app as it tells me when my friends are playing. But, I think it would really help if you were able to see your clips on the app instead of just on the actual ps4. Like the xbox app. they can see their clips on their phone and i think it would be a much better app if you added clips.

- Good but....

It’s much better than before but when someone sends a screenshot of gameplay you cannot zoom in and it won’t go into landscape when you turn the phone so you have to download the photo to your photos then switch apps just so you can see it. Fixing that would be a great improvement for ease of use

- What is this for again?

Can't use my phone as a remote for video applications, and I can't download update files to my phone on free wifi and then sync to my playstation via Bluetooth when I get home. Every feature it used to have is being offloaded into a seperate app. The few things this app can do are slow and clunky enough to warrant just using the website. You're falling behind and overcomplicating when you should be competing and streamlining..

- I like it

The app gives me a central location to access my account and the PS store, plus see friends and activities. I can’t link the app with Facebook though - says there’s too many redirects when it tries to bring up the Facebook login... please fix this and I’ll give 5 stars

- Needs gallery option

The app is amazing and useful but it would be even better if we had the ability to go through our capture gallery through the app... I can’t be the only person that requests this right?

- Can’t sign in

Seriously I can’t even sign into my account and it keeps saying that the password is incorrect even when it isn’t, also when I try and get the password reset by email, no email is sent and when it is sent to my phone number and I try to reset it, it just says that the connection to the server has times out, please fix this.

- More notifications

I love how the app tells you about invites but can you please add the option to have notifications when our friends are online like on the PS4 instead of trying to reset the friends list. It would be a big help.

- Amazing

I love the app it helps me keep up with everything only problem for me is that the back button for PlayStation store does not appear only for me please fix, only works after refreshing it

- Glitching

Since I upgraded to IOS 14 the app crashes on launch and you have to launch it multiple times. Some time it also comes with a weird error when logging in. But overall without all of the glitches it’s a great app

- Good update, but no wish list?

Looks a lot cleaner and easier to navigate than the old app. The ‘Wish list’ function seems to have disappeared though, which I found very useful for keeping all my desired games in the one list. Would be happy to see that back again!


overall this app is amazing it has everything you need to make sure you keep up with your ps4 needed i would like to add a notification when downloaded things are done but still very good

- Fix purchasing

Overall a convenient app. Just need to fix the back button so that I don’t need to continuously go back to the main page. Further, it’s quite annoying that I can’t complete any purchases within the app itself, and need to open Safari any time I want to do so. Please fix

- Zoom on photos

With the app and messaging you can’t zoom in on pictures anymore , now you have to DL a pic that a mates sent them look at then delete it , be nice if you could just zoom in on pics in the app , other than that app works ok

- Can’t even sign in

I couldn’t use psmessages so I opened this app on my iPhone 6 and hit sign in only to be left looking at the same screen. Why I suddenly had to sign in again god only knows. They have put too many functions into this app now and it’ll be too complicated to navigate. Put back the psmessages app which I was using daily. You can keep this one.

- Great service but.....

Hurry up with the cross platform as I have both ps4, psVr and Xbox1 and I buy games for both consoles so I can play online with friends and family. I’ve always been a ps kinda guy and would love to trade my Xbox for more ps4 games

- PlayStation App

the app is overall good, sometimes have problems but is usually very reliable. Easy to find out when friends are online and everything needed :)

- Good app but missing one thing

I think they need to add notifications for when friends go on like what they have on the actual PlayStation instead of getting on and checking or having them message you

- Fix it

Yo what is going on? I can’t open the PlayStation app or The Ps Messages app for some reason it’s says connection has been lost in the ps messages and some error C8 something on the PlayStation if this is fixed I’ll give a 5 stars. Also I still get notifications on my phone for some reason even tho I’m not logged in??

- Awesome app

Helps gamers communicate about strategy in the game, or friends to talk and have fun, easy to use and has all updates and news as you open the app, I like it highly recommend this app. 👍

- Great companion application!

This app is great for when you are away from your Playstation but I would like to get notifications when my friends go online. I hope to see this feature implemented in the future.

- Webpage in an App template

This app has so many good features. But it can’t keep you signed in, like EVERY other app can. It asks to ‘Continue as Me’ then asks me to sign in for the millionth time. Clicking on anything loads up some other webpage with information. And the rest actually just takes you to an into Safari. It’s just clunky and feels like it’s 2005 again when WebApps were a thing. With new features like remote play and the PlayStation Store etc, the amount of money they make from PS Subscriptions these days, why can’t Sony just get someone else to make an AP with a fantastic UI. Also, let people put TV apps on their PlayStation Home Screen, seriously Sony it’s 2019. Please make some changes.

- messy

new design is clunky and messy. trying too hard to copy the xbox app without fully copying it. I have a badge notification constantly stuck on my app logo when there’s no notifications to open. I’ve tried deleting the app and the notification still won’t go away. bring back the old look/function...!

- The old apps functioned better.

This new combined app never seems to be able to connect to the server to carry out changes to display pic. Also it constantly has the little red notifications on the app but when I open the app there is nothing that I can find and the little red notifications won’t disappear!!!

- Decent App

The app has gotten better over time but still lacks fluidity and functionality, take the Xbox app for example. It incorporates all of its functions into one app, also making the ps store built in rather than an online opening link would be much better.

- Party chat option

I really think the only thing this app needs is party chat like you can be in a party with your friends while your on ur phone

- Thoughts

Should make an app where you can see your clips that are saved in your ps4 on your phone through a app or something. Would be nice to just show people your clips when you’re out instead of recording it to them when you get home

- Mostly good

This app is mostly good in terms of features available. What it really needs is a way to download video clips and screenshots straight from the app to your phone. Xbox has this on their app and it’s amazing. Hope this gets implemented soon otherwise I don’t actually use the app haha.

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- Mobile Party Chat

I think adding a mobile party chat through the PlayStation app would be awesome

- 4stars

Great app but I think it would be better if you didn’t have to download other apps to do simple things like messaging

- Removed features

The store is a bit basic now. The removal of the whishlist is a bummer. Other than that, its a better take than the new xbox app for sure...

- Can’t open

I tried to open the app multiple times but it keeps saying an error has occurred please fix this.

- No landscape mode

I NEVER use my ipad in portrait mode so I consider it unacceptable that an app does not support landscape mode . Please fix this !

- Eh

The problem with all the PlayStation apps is that you have to constant resign into PSN. It’s incredibly obnoxious and makes it pointless to use them over just opening up your PS4. The design of this app is also pretty bad, and it runs poorly.

- PS4 app

It is really good but I just want if you could see ur uploads from sharefactory that’s it but overall it’s really good with notifications profiles and everything

- Missing wishlists and game/achievement sorting/filtering options

The new PS5 app feels very archaic and out of touch. It is missing the following: - No wishlist functionality - No ability to sort/filter games and achievements - PS3 & Vita games have been removed from our library!! (Should still be able to see digital purchases and filter by PS3/vita, 100s of games gone) - App doesn’t notify you when new PS Plus games are and when available. - Remote play should be same app instead of needing to install a different app. Accessibility - Backbutton is hard to see, gets lost in on screen elements - Toggles are hard to tell if on or off.

- Fix your app

This app is broken on my iPhone 12 its stuck at the sign in screen, when you press sign in nothing happens 😕

- Meh

They shouldn’t have changed the app, I can’t even look at my wishlist now, and its so clunky. Also I can’t look at the Black Friday deals, the screen goes white and the app crashes

- Looks pretty, not nearly as useful

New version loses a ton of features, no easy way to do account management, assumes you only have one console, no camera for redeeming codes, no easy access to family management

- This is getting stupid!

I don’t know what you guys did with the update, but every time I try to use the camera, the app crashes! And now I can’t even use the other original app to upload a picture. I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but I’m getting miffed. You need to fix this problem, ASAP, yo. How am I to upload jokes if I can’t use the camera?

- New change sucks

I don’t like how you can’t see who you played before. it’s stupid! The change was unnecessary! I liked how ps4 was before it tells you everything!!! !!!! Now it’s all about purchases and THEM making money . They shouldn’t have changed it in my opinion

- Reduced functionality

This app is an absolute downgrade having had key features removed as opposed to improved: 1) PS newsfeed - no way to review friends’ game activities on phone anymore. 2) trophy compare 3) easy format to review games where players have obtained platinum trophies

- Can’t Buy Games

Overall the app looks great aesthetically. However any game I attempt to buy keeps giving me an error saying unable to add to cart. Running latest version of iOS.

- Decent but want a recording app

Just want to be able to save clips and access them on the app like my friends can on Xbox, instead of having to upload it to YouTube or something like that

- this update is wack

first of all, what happend to being able to change your cover image? Secondly, viewing profiles arent as detailed as before. Putting in messaging in the app doesnt make up for the fact that this update sucks

- Horrific Confusing UI Experience

There was nothing wrong with the old app layout, same with the old web store. This new system is ugly, cluttered, and (intentionally?) confusingly laid out. It’s very difficult to search for and specific content in. Worst of all, I can’t find a shopping cart or wish list option anywhere. Also, WHERE IS MY PS3 and VITA CONTENT?!? It seems specifically designed for browsing and impulse buys.

- Worried for the future of the platform.

The removal of PSP, PS3 and PSVita games from the ps store and the library has me weary about the future of my PlayStation backlog. While I’m happy to finally have a catalogue beyond the awful “download list” their omission seems to only herald the inevitable removal of my PS4 backlog. It is ironic that these legacy platforms have been axed since this app has a truly ugly 2006 aesthetic that could have launched beside the PS3.

- UI

Like the new Ui of app it much simpler than previous app just want sony to add ps3 support as well along side with ps4

- No landscape view for iPad

New update is overall good. But there’s no landscape view for iPad! My iPad is pretty much always in landscape orientation. Please fix this as soon as possible.

- It’s GREAT

I love this app so much it make it so easy to see if my friends are on or to see if there’s a new game in the Ps Store

- suspended

got suspended of off ps4 for no reason

- It’s ok

You can’t watch clips. Also you should be able to join party’s and stuff if your on a phone.

- Bad

Xbox has a way better app can not even watch my capture u guys are way behind xbox its sad i don’t get it how u can’t follow

- Useless

No chat, no landscape mode on ipad.

- Good but needs landscape view on IPad

Adding landscape view on Ipad would make this 5 stars.

- Good start to update but now I can’t even sign in

The interface revamp and look was a great start with the release of the PS5 but with the latest update from a few days ago I can’t even sign in on any of my devices. Click login and just refreshes the main page for me to click login again about 100 times before I give up.

- Change Cover Photo??

Where tf is the cover photo functionality!? I primarily used the old app to use photos saved on my devices for my cover photos & now this new app doesn't have it for some stupid reason?! PS: I was forced to update the PS App today 'cause Sony signed me out of the old PS Messages app & won't allow me to log back in, with an error message popping up...

- Ps5 update

Around ps5 coming the app got a big update to change the interface but now u can’t select info about games cause it just says something is missing.

- Multiple logins

This should definitely be available Already. If the systems allows us to have multiple credentials, why the app limits it? It is Anouilh if you want to do Something for as specific account and need to logout and login! Please, make it available.


• Doesn’t run well on the iPad Pro • Can’t turn to landscape mode on iPad • if you try to upload a photo to a conversation from your library, the preview is black and it doesn’t wor • on the iPhone, trying to upload a photo uploads the same previous photo twice Underdeveloped app. give is the old messages application, at least that one worked.

- last month update was amazing

i deleted the app a while ago and got i back just now, the update from a month ago that i am now just seeing is amazing

- Can’t zoom in on shared group pictures

App doesn’t allow me to zoom in on group shared images and when I turn my phone the app doesn’t respond by showing the image in fullscreen.

- PlayStation

Adding a PlayStation clips app would be awesome

- Very Futuristic !! Must have for ps owner

Amazing experience so far! Highly recommend!

- Access to video clips??

The app overall is great I just wish there was a feature that would allow people to have access to their video clips through this app like the Xbox app does. For people that prefer to edit videos on mobile it would be way more convenient because of the different features we can’t use on the standard application. But other than that I’m very happy with the app and will continue to use it!

- Feature Request

It would be awesome if we were able to watch our friends play their games through play-share on our phones!

- Harder to navigate

Are there no more filtering options??? I’m not going to endlessly scroll to find what stuff.

- Pretty but notifications won’t clear

I love the new design and that they merged the messaging into the same app, but it’s driving me insane that the badge notifications aren’t clearing even after going in and opening my party invites for the day. Still has the notification bubble on the app icon and it won’t leave!

- Help

Won’t let me connect. Says linked to console. Love this app for messages when it was working. Please fix ASAP

- NEED A community OPTION!

I love this app but they need to add a feature so you can use community’s internet the app

- Great app!

It’s a great app in general just it sometimes says going undergoing maintenance even when there’s no update required but overall great app!

- after upgrade no longer to buy games from app

I want to give 0 star

- Worst update ever

This app used to be functional ans easy tu use. Now it’s just garbage, useless.

- The new update is missing great features

My watch list is gone, trying to add to my library the new ps plus game is not intuitive. The previous major upgrade was more intuitive and had better user experience, I don’t understand how changing tiles design will affect the functionality, specially if it already existed.


I want the app to be horizontal on my iPad and it doesn’t work. First world problem of course but would recommend it so future tablets/computers could use the app better. Other than that the app is super easy to link to PlayStation and manage your games and downloads.

- Slow, glitchy, notification bug

It’s embarrassing that Sony, a Fortune 500 company that is world renowned for multimedia - televisions, movies, game consoles, sound systems, computers - releases a mess of an app. Fix the stupid notification bug. It keeps saying I have unread messages when I don’t.

- ???

It’s a really good app but so laggy and crashes when I try to open it plz fix

- Keep getting notification badges even though there’s no reason for them to be there.

I open the app and it clears the notifications, 30 minutes later says I got 3 new ones even though I definitely do not. Please fix

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- This app has access to everything but is missing something...

This app is very useful when you're not home. I feel that as someone who spends a lot of my free time on PS4, there are the times that I am away from my console. I feel that just like many apps that have this feature I feel that the PS App and PS Messages need this too: dark mode. I feel that it will improve the overall user experience that comes with PS App and PS Messages. I would really love to see this feature come around soon and I think a lot of people would say the same. Still a pretty great app.

- Good Start to an Update, But...

I think the integration of messaging and the UI look very nice with the new update! HOWEVER, I have 2 main problems: 1. Someone mentioned this before, but the back buttons are so convoluted. I’m not sure who’s idea it was to put the back button in a different place for every part you pull up, but it makes the app more confusing than it needs to be. Bad UX for this reason. 2. Notifications are whack right now. I get a message from a friend, I click on messages in the top left, check it, and respond. The notification badge does *not* go away. Sometimes I can get it to go away by refreshing both the messages AND the notification menu in-app, but that’s if I’m lucky. I’m not sure if it’s an app problem, but I’ve checked my notification settings and nothing seems off there. I don’t like to have outstanding badges/notifications on my phone (it causes a lot of anxiety for me, thinking that something is unattended), so this is the biggest complaint I have as it’s incredibly frustrating. So please iron out the kinks—then it will be great!

- Good but needs a little more

Overall enjoy the app, but there’s an issue with the games library missing several purchased games. Also would like to see a feature added where you click on a game in your library, it will take you right to your trophy information for that game like the old app used to. Right now, when you click on games in your library, it takes you to the game info page instead. I’d also like to see other features in future iterations, like videos on how to get a specific trophy, similar to how the PS5 does it. Same videos, just accessible from the phone app.


I like this app because it’s the perfect thing to communicate with your friends if you’re not on your PlayStation 4 and also you still could have access to anything like your profile and privacy settings trophies and you could check which friends of yours are online and which are not and you could add people even if you’re not on your PlayStation 4 and the reason I like this app is because it’s just like if your on your PlayStation 4 so I thank the PlayStation for this really good app

- Great app except...

Ok it’s a good app just it stinks for older phones and with the NEW update it is even more junky, you can’t use the new messages feature and when the messages feature works like it DID I can’t use it because it says “Announcements! We changed messages and put messages into PlayStation App. Download here today!” Or something like that. I also feel like the producers or whatever missed out on the capture gallery; Ok maybe it’s because if your account is on more than one PS4 it has different pictures in different galleries, I get it but I feel like everything else works on my phone so why not PS4?

- Basic things are dysfunctional...

I love my PlayStation, but the app is just messed up. For example, I’m in the car on a two hour drive and saw some good deals on the PS store. So I figured I’d buy some new games to come home to. I proceed to the checkout and select my payment method(my debt card information was already put in). So I go to pay and it asks for the CVV. I go ahead and type it in, but apparently it was wrong... I looked everything over and made sure I hade everything correct, but it was still wrong. So instead of buying some good games that are on sale I have to miss out because a basic tool doesn’t work. You’d think that’d be the most important thing any company would capitalize on also since it’s a source of getting money.

- One Feature

I believe the gallery of screenshots and recordings from your actual PlayStation account should be added to this PlayStation app, and maybe a shareable button to share your gameplays on more platforms of social media. This is mostly because it could be an efficient way to get to your gallery than actually going on your console just to retrieve what you wanted to see and everyone has their phone on them but not their PlayStations :) if this feature is already added, just let me know where I can find it. Sorry I don't have very valid reasons... I just really want this feature

- Super fraudulent... watch out!

It will only approve your payment details if above a certain amount. I live in two different countries, tried two different region’s profiles. 3 different payment methods on each(and I buy stuff online all the time) and it kept declining until I made my amount higher. ALSO has super false advertising to the MAX. You won’t be able to get the packages they offer if it’s too “cheap” in example : 14 day free trial. (After my paypal account was successfully linked AND a bank card. It kept denying purchase) Also their web app and phone app is horrible. It keeps lagging, throws errors, their bad security measures makes everything such a hassle. What exactly do PSN’s programmers do all day??? - Think of ways to scam and definitely don’t update their user experience is what I think.

- Bug Fixes And Update Ideas

Playstation needs to figure out why the app is so incredibly buggy and it doesn’t have anywhere to the amount of options you have on the playstation. You cant properly search for someone because 200 of the same names pop up when im looking for something there should be FILTERS if i was to look for someones gamertag in specific i shouldnt be spammed with all these irrelevant names of random people that most of the tome dont match up with what i am searching. And implementing a way for you to delete MASS amounts of friends would also help out everyone. Remote play should be connected straight to the playstation instead of a computer and they should minimize the lag. Capture gallery should go up to the servers and be able to save to your phone.

- Poor decision making on New UI design

- Adding in Messages is great and all but the UI is awful, especially on smaller phones. So much wasted space at the top with the gigantic header that needs to be swiped up everytime to make smaller and on the bottom with that useless empty space under the input box. - The Messages/Friends icons should be in the main menubar at the bottom of the Home screen since for many users these will be the main reason for opening the app most of the time. Putting them up top means stretching your thumb every time. - The notification bell icon does not update if you go into the Message and read it without clicking the bell. it only goes away if you actually click on the bell itself.

- To be honest, here’s what I think.

This app is awesome, I use it if I have to go on vacation or if I’m away from my PS4, this app let me search the store and download games when I’m away, this app is pretty legit, but here’s one thing I have to say: One time all the features were combined, but, they turned into separate apps, i’m not complaining. (i’m just saying most people are talking about it and I want to talk about this as well) Hey, at least I can see Games when I’m gone, this app is pretty much a must buy if you’re going on vacation, you should download the app first before downloading the second apps, therefore this app is amazing.

- iPad App Portrait Mode Only?

Overall the latest update has been a welcome resource for buying games and initiating downloads since they bricked the use of the PlayStation website in Safari over a year ago. I’ve been using the app on my iPhone without any issues, so I decided to go ahead and install it on my iPad, but on iPad it only works in Portrait mode — it does not rotate when the iPad is in landscape orientation. Has Sony not seen how people use their iPads? Almost every case with a built-in stand or method of propping the iPad up does so in Landscape orientation. Please, Sony, just let the app rotate! Taking my iPad out of it’s case whenever I want to use your app is a silly requirement.

- New Update

Like the new update. The UI looks really nice and has easy navigation. Really like the trophies section and how it tells me how many trophies I have out of what is available. However, I absolutely HATE the fact that I can’t access screenshots through it anymore. Uploading them to Twitter would be annoying and spammy to my followers that care nothing about video games. I don’t want them to have to scroll by the 20 pictures I took during my last gaming session. Please add the upload to app feature back. That way I can at least upload them privately for my own use.

- Wow. Just wow.

Not a fan of being forced into using an app that works worse than the original. The ps messages app was fine for its purpose but to message in an app, we now must use this app which is just not a great app for messaging. I can’t zoom in on pics unless I download the pic first. I have my alerts turned on but rarely ever actually get the notification. There are 2 ways to find your messages and either will mark as unread until you open it in that version. Then, on the alert side, it disappears if you back out of it so then you have to switch to the messages list anyway! It also doesn’t update with new messages when you’re in the app so if you’re actually having a conversation, you have to get out of it to refresh. Ridiculous.

- If only...

Here’s the thing, the only thing that works is the home page of the app. After that, if you try to see other pages (I.e. friends, notifications, requests) and after waiting for 3-5 minutes just to hope it loads, it will say it can’t load and that an error has happened. I thought it was my internet or service but I was wrong, the app just doesn’t work. It looks pretty, it’ll send you phone notifications that someone messaged you or sent you a request, but it won’t work. Plus I find it ridiculous that you have to download 4 different PlayStation apps for your phone. This terrible one, an app to access your messages on your PlayStation, and so on. It’s stupid and wastes your storage. I wouldn’t recommend this app for you or anyone else.

- Beautiful UI & UX Overhaul

The love story every PlayStation player hoped for - the marriage of the PlayStation app and PS Messages app! Plus, the addition of voice chat, enhancing the omni-platform social experience to level with today’s status quo. While the access to the PS store, my game library and messages is great, I’m still wondering. Will we ever be able to view content captured in game and saved on the PS4/PS5, and will we ever be able to share video captured in game on the PS4/PS5? I would love to send clutch game clips to my friends or study video clips to improve my game (Send via PS messages, download to mobile device, share clip via messenger app, etc.)

- Great

I love the app, you can do a lot on here from seeing who’s online to checking if that new game’s price dropped yet. One thing they should add in my opinion is to check/download/pause your downloads. This could be very useful because many times I go on my ps4, hoping I updated a game, and unfortunately seeing that it didn’t. Also a lot of times I turn my ps4 into rest mode for it to go faster, and of course I don’t know how long it needs to take. I turn it back on and the download meter’s moved an inch. I would really appreciate if you would add this to the app. The PlayStation app is near perfect.

- It’s gotten so much better over the years.

I’ve been using this app for years. This app has had a lot of improvements over the years and it now works very efficiently and is incredibly user friendly. Highly Recommend to anyone that keeps up to date with the PS Network in general. You can download games to your PlayStation from your phone (very cool feature). The only downside is if you want to read and or respond to your messages on PS Network, you will have to get their separate messenger app. The Messenger app works well also. Recommend to any daily gamer that plays on PS4.

- Needs Update

App is easy to use and simple just like most people like. But I give it two stars for the simple fact I’m running a IPhone X and when people are online it’s all kind of jumbled up or smashed together one on another. You can still see who is Online just because how it’s separated by title of Online and offline, but it’s not a pretty site. The app moves fast no lag nor do I have app closure problems as well. So I’m a visual person, once that is fixed you will have a 5 Star app. OH! Almost forgot, and please bring back the feature of turning your PS4 on or off via the app. I used to use this all the time when I was coming home and downstairs I could already have my PS4 on waiting for me.

- I enjoy the app except for three things

For one, the app doesn’t show you which hidden trophy a friend has earned on the news feed. For example, my friend earned a hidden trophy on The Last of Us Remastered and I don’t know which one even though I have the platinum for this game. Secondly, after selecting a game in a friend’s trophy list, it shows us our own trophies instead of theirs! Thirdly, I would like to see my trophy list without the games I’ve hidden so that so I can see my trophy list as it appears to other players. If these three things changed the app would be much better.

- Update

The app so far has been far good, it has been great. But the app could be even better by updating that app, by adding in a feature where you can look at all of your saved clips and pictures from your PS4. Most of the time when you want to show your friend a cool clip u have to be on the PS4 then record it on your phone. With adding a feature where the PlayStation community can show clips and pictures to there friends through the phone would be very useful. This will draw more people to PlayStation and also downloading the app, hopefully the Sony can add this feature which will really benefit the community.

- Seriously?!? How do you guys remove a feature from the app??

Now there’s no way to update my cover photo that’s on my PS4 profile. Before I was easily able to change my cover photo to an image I had saved on my phone. Now there’s no way to do this anywhere in the app!! I love the new look of the app, and have always thought a separate message app was pointless. But to find a way to give us less access to things we already had? Smh. My whole experience with Sony during this pandemic has made me want to switch to Xbox. It seems they care a lot more about their customers. I have been with Sony since the PS1. But all they seem to care about is money. I can’t even have the few little features I actually enjoyed before.

- Messages deleted

I do not like the interface with the way things slide up and down it’s very confusing and hard to get out when you want to click into it and the messages are there and disappear and show nothing so there are a lot of glitches and I do not like the message integration it was better as a separate app! Fix this app so that the messages can be in a separate category that’s not blended with everything ...such as parties or friends I really do not like the user interface is too complicated when I try to click one thing the wrong thing pops out and I do not like it please change it back this is just an absolutely awful app I will give 5 stars to a revision change it back to how it was

- Great app just one more thing to make it 5stars

This app it great for a lot of stuff to text on your phone or tablet without being at your PlayStation but it does need 2 things to make this a 5Star app. First allow us to be in party’s and just chat with friends without having to be at our PlayStation. The next one is to please please let us view our clips/ show our clips to one another on the app that would be so helpful and cool because you can interact more with the online players. THANKS For reading and I hope this can get put into the app thanks👍

- Update

The new update looks great, it has lots of potential. I have had a problem with being able to message new people. I can't start a new message group with someone who is not my friend. Also, it tells me I'll have an invite from "5 minutes ago" that was actually from the night before. Great look, just slightly buggy. Also if we could see our clips and screenshots that would be dope✌🏻 Update: I consistently have 2 unread notifications that will not go away no matter what I do. I also don't get all my notifications.

- The messages groups and notifications rarely work (UPDATE: Still don’t work)

“Hey look, there is a notification about a new message in a group, but this app says “can’t load your party list, try again later”” For the new update, ‘later’ usually means once a day for about an hour, then it’s broken again with notifications that can’t be viewed or cleared. UPDATE: When one message comes in, app shows anywhere between 6-63 messages unread. Then when you click the notification and read the message, the notification still shows the same number of messages unread. Sony butchered the party system on PlayStation, I guess it shouldn’t shock me the new app is worse for messages than the old one.

- Please add this

Hello, I love this app. I love that I can keep up with things without having to turn my ps4 pro on but there is one thing I want added (and if it is here please tell me how to open it). Could you please add the screenshot and screen recordings on here? I would love to have them on my phone too so I can show them to my friends next to me and stuff, not all of my friends have ps4’s and some have parents who won’t let them leave the house. So please add this so I can show my friends and other things too. Thank you for your time and have a great day!

- Does not ever open on the first try

Every time I open the app after a day of not using it I will get the blue loading screen and nothing else happens. It does not matter if I wait 5 seconds or 30 seconds. Without fail, if I close out of the app and launch it again, it opens almost immediately. I don’t know why it takes two tries to launch the app but if this bug were fixed this would be a five star app all day. I have no other complaints.

- needs something good

Dont get me wrong this app is very useful and helpful for me because everything is easier for me but, they need to add a selection where you can save your clips and videos. because my cousin has an Xbox and his clips go straight to the Xbox game and he shows me cod clips that he recorded and i wanted to know if you can see the clips through your phone but you can’t. this is why i give this app 4 Stars because i cant check my clips through the app. If you could check them i would have given this app a 5 stars

- It was good for awhile.

I’ve been using this app for a couple of years now. It worked fine. Although there were times where I would be signed out and would had to sign back in. No biggie. Lately, I’ve been trying to use it but I’ve been getting this message “An error has occurred.” Keep in mind that I’m using a brand new phone and I’ve been going back to the App Store everyday to check for new updates. Unfortunately, it’s been about a week and I’m still getting that message and haven’t been able to use it at all. Only app that works that is related to it is the PS messages app. I have no idea what’s going on but I hope it’ll be resolved soon.

- Good to have but needs work

I love having an app to access my PSN account to make changes etc, but it feels like it’s just the mobile website contained in an app, which I might as well just access through a browser. Biggest issue is the UI set up. The PS “button” feels unnecessary when there could just be a separate page to access the same list of options. The store and store search options need a lot of help. Really just feels like a buggy mobile site, and the search function is very limited. I really appreciate that PlayStation is trying integrate smartphone use with their console, but it really just needs to be updated and streamlined.

- New feature required

This is a good app for messaging single or multiple users in one message. I have been using it for years and use it on a daily basis. Some may complain about the breakup of the different aspects of previous versions, but it is better this way (IMO). The one option I have always wanted was the ability to not only add new recipients to a group message, but also to be able to remove individuals from a group message. If you are just wanting an app that is a messaging app, this is the one for you.

- App used to be great

I like the new ui update but it’s literally took away so many features. I liked that on the psn app when I got to my profile or others profile I was able to see their background. I felt like I was really on my console even thought I was on my phone. I don’t like that you guys took away the activities, friends list, followers list. I feel that those should still be on here. The new ui is more confusing than the old one. I feel I should be able to choose if I want the old version or the new one because I would choose the old one over this new one.

- Simple

Plain and simple to use. Granted I only use it to redeem the monthly PlayStation games without having to sign into my computer or PlayStation 4. I’m giving only four stars right now as I’m not too familiar with the new UI. But once I get used it I’ll change it to five stars. I enjoyed the app interface prior to the recent update and really like how everything is there for you to pick what you want to do. Wanna post something? No problem. See what your friends are up to? You got it. Check out the latest free games for PS Plus users? Hell yeah!

- Where is the activity feed?!? What’s new?!?

The only reason I used this app was to have access to my capture gallery. I had to upload the screenshots that I wanted to the feed, since there is no direct access to the capture gallery outside of the console (also, annoying). I feel like at this point, having access to the capture gallery should be a no brainer. I have no idea why you developers chose to remove that feature, or chose to not give us access to the capture gallery via app, but I am very annoyed by this update. Now I have to an even more alternative to have access to my if my first was wasn’t tedious enough.

- Great app but..

This a a great app, your able to see which friends of yours are on pan and what they are playing. You can go into the psn store and purchase games and set them to download but if could change it in anyway it would be to add a feature to where if you're downloading a game and away from the tv or not at home at the time you could check on the progress of the download. I have to switch over to my PlayStation to see how far along the download is. It would be awesome to be able to see it from your phone

- Makes Everything Easier

There’ll be times where I’ll be in the middle of a game, either online or single-player, and having all three PS apps (Messaging, PS App, Communities) makes it super convenient to check things and message back quickly rather than having to go through the trouble of stopping in the middle of your gaming to check on your console. Everything is easier to access: profiles, trophies, messages, this app practically does it all. 10/10.

- still needs fixing

why is there like 5 different apps when you could literally combine everything into one simple app and make it less complicated? i don’t like xbox but xbox definitely has the better app in my opinion. this app needs a lot of fixing. and it needs to have a playstation store within the app, i don’t want to app to go to safari and look up playstation store to access it. ALSO playstation store online needs an update. it’s always looked the same, change it up a bit, it’s not very smooth or pleasing to the eye. Like xbox we should have an option to join a party from our app AND messaging should have a better look.

- It’s a very helpful app but needs some changes

I can get notifications or see what friends are online and make account changes but I think the notifications should allow you to see download progress if you are not on your ps4 or confirm updates from your phone that would make it a lot easier when I’m away from home. Also a idea I have that would make it more convenient is if you could join ps4 party’s on your phone as if you were in a group phone call. But over all it’s a helpful app.

- PS4 is Great!! I love my PS4!

So, I was originally on Xbox and I was getting tired to pay 60 dollars a year for the Xbox live thing. So, I switched over to Playstation4 and things changed. I was twice as good in the PlayStation and yeah! It’s not as interactive as the Xbox app, but still very good and it gets the job done. I rate my score a 5/5 because it really good and I have no issues of playing around with the app. If you guys are looking for a good game console, definitely the Ps4 is a good buy for the price, I also have the PS4 slim 1TB version.

- Works intermittently

One day the app will open and run like a champ. Then it will give me an error message for the next 6 weeks. I work out of town and on the road a lot so I enjoyed being able to purchase a game and be able to come home to a new game. Now with all the “updates” done to this app, I can almost always count on it to fail. On the off chance it successfully opens and runs as intended I thoroughly enjoy the app and all its qualities. I have force closed the app, deleted cleared and reinstalled, and nothing seems to work. Maybe when the ps5 launches we will get an update that takes us all one step ahead instead of 2 steps back.

- Great app

The PlayStation app is amazing and has almost everything I want. That is why I have it a 4 star. The one thing that I would like to see in the future is having the video/screen shots from the users gallery accessible from this app. I know many times where I wanted to show my friends this amazing clip I have but I cannot because it is not available to me other than on my PlayStation or if I download it and wait 30 minuets. This isn’t a need but if would be a great accessory to this app if it would be included in the future.

- Ok

So I’m not sure if this is a bug or by design but I can’t get the app to go into landscape, it just stays in portrait mode. This would be fine on a phone but it makes switching between the messaging app, community app and this one very awkward on an iPad. I’ll be responding to a message in landscape then go to check something on the this app and I’ll have to put down my controller, pick up the iPad and turn it on its side because the app is only displayed in portrait. Having to do this over and over gets annoying. Aside from this it works great in a phone scenario and I do like the new PS button.

- Even the bugs are inconsistent, just like the app

For a company that makes millions every year having a buggy mess of a app on the App Store just boggles my mind. I’m trying to make a PURCHASE. I’m trying to GIVE YOU MONEY and is asking for my CVV number and it’s telling me it’s incorrect. Really? What’s the point of having the app on my phone if I can’t download a game right now so when I get home is available?? I thought it had this purpose in mind when Sony decided to make this app. And don’t get me started on the PS messaging app. I send a reply to my group only to find out later that it actually didn’t send my message. How hard is to make a funcional app Sony? You full of bling!

- Wish this was on the app

I wish you could see the people’s gamer tags from previous games or lobby’s for instance I was was playing Grand Theft Auto and the game lagged out but me and another player were having fun so I wanted to add them but I’m not sure what there gamer tag was so now I can’t add them and I’m bummed because we were having a great time but the I thing every thing else besides that is great and useful please make this a option because this has happened to me manny times and I’m sure it’s happened to others as well

- Features from the PlayStation 4 console

There is one feature I’d like to see come to the PlayStation app that is from the current generation console such as if you have your phone synced to your PlayStation via the app connecting to the console if you do even when your PS4 is turned off to notify you when your friends go online and offline on the app other than feature the app is the most useful app for those who are PlayStation gamers and want to use the app.

- Great Ideas, Poor Execution. (Stripped Features)

First of all, it’s really nice for them to have created this app to being with. It has a ton of great features! That being said, not only is the optimization of the app as a whole, terrible; They have stripped features that were previous available. The worst offender of these is the omission of the messaging app within the main app. They seem to think they need to separate the two but in reality, they just want more revenue from downloads so they split the two features in different apps. Dumb decision. I’m also rating low because a lot of the buttons writhing the store section of the app straight up don’t work. I cannot use the search function at all. Even if I convert it to desktop mode, the search bar never shows up. Please fix this or I’ll just remove the app altogether. This used to be such a great app and almost necessary to own as a ps4 owner. Now it’s a hot fart on a humid day. Please fix the issues addressed and try a little harder next time.

- It serves it’s purpose...

While the app provides an easy way to see who’s online, as well as make purchases or start downloads to your PlayStation, it feels very clunky, and very slow. I think with a few updates and a little more feedback it could be improved, especially in the PS Store, maybe add and “add to cart” button in the search menu, so you don’t have to enter, add to cart, and then back out. Another idea could be an “add all to cart” button, this could make picking up the PS + free games much easier on the app.

- Removed a RELEVANT feature?!

One of the best features of the app was seeing who is in a friend’s party/game session. How could you just update and remove that feature expecting this to be an “upgraded” app experience. You took off the one thing I downloaded it for. How can I get an old version instead of deleting the app altogether? Also... can you input an option to switch between accounts? I’m sure I am not the only person active on more than one account. It would definitely save a lot of time and make the app just a bit more convenient, but please... PLEASE bring back the party viewing option. If I want to purchase said game, I would use the PS Store feature within the app.

- Won’t keep me signed in

I used to be able to just grab the ipad, open the app and go straight to the playstation store in under 20 seconds. Now the app is always asking me to log in and taking a long time to process the login and reload. It has become slower than booting the laptop and going to the store via browser. Via browser also keeps me signed in so no login delays. I hardly use the app anymore since its a pain to get up and running. I’ll keep checking, but until it keeps me logged in, I won’t be using the app unless I have no other options.

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PlayStation App 20.11.1 Screenshots & Images

PlayStation App iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

PlayStation App iphone images
PlayStation App iphone images
PlayStation App iphone images
PlayStation App iphone images
PlayStation App iphone images
PlayStation App iphone images

PlayStation App (Version 20.11.1) Install & Download

The applications PlayStation App was published in the category Entertainment on 2013-11-13 and was developed by PlayStation Mobile Inc. [Developer ID: 912472174]. This application file size is 48.34 MB. PlayStation App - Entertainment app posted on 2020-12-10 current version is 20.11.1 and works well on IOS 12.2 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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