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GifJif - Custom Gif Creator App Description & Overview

What is gifjif - custom gif creator app? Our biggest update ever. GifJif now has over 15,000 GIFs, including all of your favorite clips, memes and videos. Add your face to any GIF in our library, and create hilarious viral content in seconds. For 99 cents, you get access to our full GIF library, custom faces and unlimited creations.

For $1.99 a month (or $19.99 annually), you can now access GifJif Pro. GifJif Pro is a must have for any social media user or content creator.

Included in your GifJif Pro subscription:
-Add text to faces
-A new “Favorites” section to save your favorite GIFs
-A new face tracing tool that makes it easy to cut perfect faces
-Meme GIFs
-Remove/Edit the GifJif Watermark

You can now have Photoshop at the palm of your hands! Happy GIF-ing!

GifJif Pro is a subscription. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless canceled within 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can cancel anytime with your iTunes account settings. Any unused portion of a free trial will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription. Manage your subscription in account settings after purchase.

GifJif Pro Privacy Policy -

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App Name GifJif - Custom Gif Creator
Category Entertainment
Updated 21 March 2020, Saturday
File Size 30.64 MB

GifJif - Custom Gif Creator Comments & Reviews 2024

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needs IPAD version/ crashes/ only 3 back ground removal ????. -so much better so much for iPad users like myself if we had full screen. -app will crash when attempting to move around zoomed image. -i truly don’t understand stand why background removal is limited to 3 uses per day for a pro user??? -after i make a custom face if i don’t have the full image on screen it will crop out the parts not on the screen even though they are selected - when it all works it’s great and saves me a lot of time and i use it a lot for my hobbie

Need more Gifs. Cool app but need more Gifs, doesn’t have near the amount from Giphy or at least the option to add GIFs. I like the app cause you can cut faces and add to it which makes it a lot of fun. App can be buggy at times, I’ve had to crash quite a bit. The interface could also use an upgrade to make it more intuitive as far as searching, perhaps a drop down category area. Mainly it’s just buggy and would freeze. Hopefully that gets remedied.

Great app. Awesome app, created tons of laughs with my friends . Customers service is super nice and helpful. They uploaded a suggested gif in less than 24 hours!

My Friends and Co-workers thing I’m a tech wizard. This app is amazing! It’s so easy to upload a face/logo/word onto a gif and get a huge laugh is almost any situation. Having the ability to add a face to the app that is saved and able to be used for future gifs allows me to make gifs in the matter of seconds! I have also uploaded my own gifs to the app that has made me a hero in the company message boards! :)

It’s very good. I use these on my sales team to celebrate wins and make people laugh. My only issue is that when I upload gifs sometimes it takes forever to get approved. So if I get a creative idea I have to wait an unknown amount of time to find out if it will pass for the moderators. I wish this was either faster or more transparent. Otherwise this is such a great app!

Money grab if purchased pro previously?. Somewhere along the lines, a monthly subscription has no been added... this, after being a longtime supporter and paying for the premium app way in the beginning. Long term supporters should get credit, not screwed over with having to buy a monthly payment.

Great app with room for improvement. The app is hilarious but I see a lot of improvements. It’s difficult to find a lot of gifs because the only way they can be found is by gif name. It would be helpful to put tags or keywords on gifs, also the ability to add favorites or be able to search for gifs filtered by how many people you can edit in to the gif as well. Just some thoughts to improve because I like the app a lot

Awesome. Highly recommend this app. My only complaint is that I am having issues uploading to Facebook via the Facebook app so that I can post the gifs on my friends page. It takes me to mobile and I can only upload to my own page. I work around that by just posting the link. No biggie. Still give it a solid 4 with that 1 nitpick.

Awesome!. This app is amazing. Hours of fun in text chains with friends. My only wish is that it had more search filters. There are gifs that accept 6 faces, but they are hard to find. Absolutely recommend!!!

The app is AMAZING. This app is amazing! AND their staff is even more amazing! They do such a great job not only putting out top quality content but also top tier customer service!! Thank you all for the services you provide!

Help!. I purchased this app to be able to change the watermark, and when I switched phones, it’s forcing me to re-purchase. Please contact me with a fix, a 5/5 rating because I love the app, but need this fixed. Thanks!

Doesn’t work for iPhone XS. Just downloaded this for iPhone XS Max. It will only show a screen to select images but as soon as I click on anything it’s constant loading which never happens.

Great App for social media fun. It makes it so easy to add faces to gifs without using a PC. They have a large selection of gifs to use and lots of pre made faces. My only complaint is it’s not very easy to search through the available gifs, the keywords don’t work very well, I’d prefer categories or allowing me link my gif finder from my Apple keyboard to find more.

Best gif app out. Unreal app in order to edit gifs. Easy to use and the team that works for them is as responsive as it gets. The interface on the website to submit your own works well and they make it as easy as possible. Five stars all around.

Upload gif. This app is incredible. So much fun. I’d love to be able to upload my own videos to change the faces on. Is this possible?

(Suggestions). This is a great app. But it would amazing if we were able to have the ability to edit gifs we have saved in our files as well. Instead of only being limited to what’s available in the searches of the app.

Great app. The app allows for some awesome face crop and more. I decide to leave a review because of how fast and helpful the team behind this project is. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Deez Nuts NFT👀 Thank you❗️🥜🤙

Great fun. Just started working with this. The only problem thus far is I can’t get it to let me take a photo. I choose that option and nothing happens. There’s no problem though if I choose a photo from my camera roll. Large 👍🏽 selection of funny animated gifs.

Where has this app been hiding all my life?. I’ve already made myself LOL multiple times and I downloaded the app 30 minutes ago. Literally the ONLY thing that would make this better is being able to submit gifs.

The best in the business. 5 out of 5 stars Works with ease. Always has the up to date gifs, and the creators are interactive, they are always willing to help if you are looking for something or need something added. I highly recommend and it makes my twitter experience 10 times better

I love GifJif. I use GifJif to send birthday greetings to friends and family. The feedback is always “how did you do that?”or “you made my day” or “this is awesome!” Great app and so easy to use.

Essential App. Absolutely love this app and how easy it makes adding faces to gifs. Only gripe is the lack of being able to submit gifs from my iPhone like you can on the website.

Love this app!. I am hooked on GifJif. - so simple, yet so brilliant. I usually do not write app reviews, but after a day of my friends and I going back and forth with hilarious GifJif exchanges, a 5-star review felt apt.

Best GIF App Ever!. This is the best app you will ever download. I use it daily to make the best GIFs. The whole process of cutting faces and creating GIFs couldn’t be easier. 5 out of 5!

Gif editor at its best. This app just upped my gif game! Really easy to use and I’m adding custom faces to all my gifs now. The controls are easy and intuitive. And if a gif isn’t in the app, super easy process to upload on their site.

Upset over my acct. payment. UPDATE: Devs quick response and I was able to get my paid app working on my second phone. Thank you. 5 stars for sure. Great app. Funny results all the time. A must have. I have two iPhones. One for work and one for pleasure. Both utilize the same Apple ID. I paid for the app to have the meme effect enabled. It worked on one phone and it asks me to pay on the other. That is some BS if you ask me. Devs any help would. Be great.

Best in the GIF game .... This App allows amateurs to look like professionals. There isn't a person alive who doesn't want to throw their friend's head on someone else's body for some laughs. Basically, this App makes dreams come true.

Where has this been all my life!?. Want to get a quick response from you friends or celebrate an epic moment? Get this app and you won't be able to put it down!

Paid for no watermark. I downloaded the app and bought the $9.99 feature to remove the watermark. My daughter accidentally deleted the app. I figured, no problem, I’ll just download it again and have it still. Nope. Downloaded and find out that the feature I already bought is telling me to pay $9.99 once again. I thought if I bought it, I’ll have it forever? What gives?

No more then 3 backgrounds remover. I upgraded to pro I thought I could use the background remover as many times as a want but to be limited to just 3 in 24hrs is kinder pointless for something that should be unlimited after the upgrade

New section of GifJif not working.. Any reason why? When I click new the app freezes.

Done Right!. If you and your friends hate laughing....this isn’t the app for you. But if you don’t take yourself too seriously, and you’d like a quick and easy way to share a laugh, sign up. Don’t overthink it, it’s social media done right.

Best App I’ve Ever Bought. I’ve had for around a year now, and still use it regularly. Whether you use it for chats with friends or for social media, this is an app you need to get. So happy I discovered this!

Fun app. This is a great app to create those quick funny gifs on the fly. Easy to use and the team is very quick to support in adding new gifs.

Still great. I’ve been using it for a while, and it serves its purpose well. Perfect for trash talking group chats. Though, I would love an area for suggestions.

Question for developer:. When is sound going be added?

Great service. Customer service fast to respond custom upload requests. Enjoying this app so far!

Need more gifs. This app is great, always good for a laugh. Would be much better if there was more of a selection. A lot of times I can’t find gifs that I’ve seen in other gif apps and when I search certain things nothing comes up.

Will we be able to upload gifs and videos soon. Rated 4 out of 5 because I’ve been looking for an app like this for a while and this one works perfectly. The only thing I would ask- well 2 things- is that they allow for a facial expression change and also the uploading of our own gifs and videos to alter and then download. This app is a game changer and it would be even greater with that addition.

Amazing customer service. This app works flawlessly and the customer service when wanting to add a new gif is hands down the best I’ve ever seen! Thanks GifJif!!!

Good app. This app is good but it freezes a lot. It freezes almost every time I go to the new gif screen. I wish there was a option to add gifs to the app that would put it over the top!

LOVE this thing. This app is hilarious - and it works extremely well. Can save your friends faces or use the trending faces app provides. Gif catalog is huge - can always find the funniest!

Game Changer. Complete fun. Amazing ease of use and an incredibly good time. Easily layer faces onto your favorite gifs. The layering of the faces sometimes over lap. There could be more layering detail in the future I’d hope. But definitely the best app for having fun and editing gifs. For the value, free is incredible and the subscription adds a couple nice touches and loads of possibilities in the future

Fix your app. New section won’t work. Keeps loading and freezes the app every time.

I've been looking and looooooking. I've been looking for an app just like this forever! This is the first one I could find that did it. The only thing I would love to see, is a few more options like uploading my own original GIFs and editing features.

Simply Remarkable. GifJif is a truly amazing app. It lets me become the star of my group chats. I feel invincible with this app and I’ll be using it every chance I get. My kids will be using GifJif and there kids will be using GifJif and so on, you get the point. Thank you GifJif team, whomever you are. - Garry Potter

Freezes. Freezes frequently

Amazing app.... This app has been amazing. The developer has added new features and has continuously improved the app to assure the ease of its use. You can submit your own gifs and there’s an instant background removal tool that helps! I wouldn’t go to any other app to make memes or gifs.... this one takes the cake!

Endless entertainment!!! I’ve had this app for a few years now, and I still use it all the time!. Not sure what the basic app costs (I think it was $2-$3 a few years ago when i bought it), but it was the best money I’ve ever spent. I don’t pay for any extra subscriptions, but I mostly use the custom heads of all my friends to post dumb stuff in our group chat. F’ing hilarious! Super easy to use too.

Need Able to Search GIFs. I like this app I think it’s great! The only thing I’d have to say about this is that you can’t search a lot of gifs it would be better if you can search all the gifs like if you were using google to search gifs or something like on GroupMe. Hopefully they update something like this.

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Misleading. Has a button labelled ‘Add sound’. When clicked this prompts you to buy the pro version. Once purchased it says sound isn’t available yet. Very misleading. Don’t bother.

Great concept but buggy. This is an awesome idea. I downloaded and purchased the full version when it launched but there were barely any updates. With the latest one it crashes a lot when a gif is downloading... Four times in a row now. Lastly, it really needs a favourite gif feature just so you can tag some for later. I've often wanted to use a gif only for it to be too hard to find again later...

Waste of money. Do not buy! App freezes when searching for gifs!

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Pixelated. The gif get pixelated after the face insertion is completed

Meh. Should be a option to add your own gifs, the selection is pretty weak. Especially paying for something like this.

App asking to charge again for watermark removal. Had to reload app onto phone, now its asking me to repurchase the watermark removal purchase. What do I do?

Best 1.39$ I’ve ever spent. This app is amazing. I use it all the time to add heads of my NFTs onto gifs. 10/10 could not recommend higher.

Stop working. II Patull

Hidden in app purchases. Its all cool, until you pay $2 for an app and then to remove that whatermark you gotta pay $2 per month extra. You should mention this before i pay $2. Cause now its a total waste. Just gonna stick to photoshop.

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Like the app, but don’t love it yet.. This app is a blast. But the app is constantly crashing. I hope an update to address this bug will be coming soon. I will update my review when it does.

Potential, but.... Where are the "4500+" gifs you say you have? Cuz they're not there.. Browse function is extremely limited. And the search needs broadening: Google and Giphy search. Also should be able to upload or paste gif from URL. Please update this paid app.

Buy it. Worth every single penny

Great app. Been using for years. Great app and the developers might even put a gif you like on there if you DM on twitter

Increase GIFs. You buy the app and then subscribe, but still are limited to creating 3 custom Heads per day….why?? Great app, but frustrating policy’s

Would be 5 stars if. The gifs were longer or could be imported from Giphy and other sources. I'm sure there's too much work to identifying faces to allow the import to work, but if we could get 15-20sec gifs this would be amazing.

Wow.... There are no words to describe the amount of laughter ive had using this app I would easily have paid $10 if i knew it was this good WOW

Bang for your buck. What a wonderful app. I’ve had a lot of fun at other people’s expense with it. Very well done

Cool App. Really cool App very fun can approve tremendously but it’s worth every penny so far , can use a better gif search engine to make a more extensive amount.

Bravo. This app is the best $.99 I’ve spend since double backing all my groceries at Whole Foods last week.

Funny App. Great app to get a laugh during a group chat!!! Easy to use.

The best. No contest best in the business. Answer me on Twitter all the time, and they always put in gifs for me!

Awesome!. Being able toCustomize faces makes this app 5 stars for me

Fantastic. Simple. Fast. Just what I need. JifGif is honestly perfect. Use it for twitter like 10 times a week (slight hyperbole, but still). Would strongly recommend.

Paid app lacks content. Application works well. But for the price of all the add one much more content is expected

This rules. So fun and so easy to use. They add new features all the time.

Update?. Great and easy to use. Will there ever be an update to add your own gif or video?

Great app!. My only complaint is I wish I could upload new gifs to the app from the app.

No sound. I’ve paid for Pro with sound 3 months ago and still no sound They say it’s harder than they thought and will available soon When is soon

Love this app. Love love love this app, I sent in a request to add a gif & it was up so fast!!!

Waiting. I’ve been waiting for this app for years! Truly amazing.

A+++. I’ve had this app for 5 minutes and it’s been the best 5 minutes of my life. Apologies to my girlfriend 😂😂😂

Tiny pinpoint terrible. Horrible app. You get a pin tip to outline a face. It’ll take you an hour to outline and then fill in the face with that tiny tip. No fill, no tip size options. No option to save a face in progress and go back and continue on it. No settings! No information. No tools. Nothing.

Best app IN THE GAME!!. most fun app and when I requested one gif they should use, they got right back to me and uploaded it, best app ever!

I enjoy the app a lot but pro isn’t working at all. Just bought the annual subscription and the background cutter doesn’t even work..

Awesome Stuff. I always have fun with this app. The trending pages contains funny and relevant Gifs. I love the mixture of movies, politics, and sports!

Freezes. This app freezes a lot on my phone! It freezes and then kicks me out of the app. I try and go back in and type in the search bar and it freezes again.

App keeps crashing. App keeps crashing. Very frustrating. Also, there has to be an easier way to trace new heads. Has to be a way to connect dots or something or to just have an easier way to reconnect what you’ve already traced. Could be better.

Great app! Just missing one thing. This app is great, but the only thing I wish you could do is upload your own gifs. So many good gifs out there that aren’t available in your library yet

I love this app. Easy and a whole lot of fun to use!

Customization. We need to be able to create or import gifs. There isn’t enough selection

Great buy!. Edit: Thanks for the response. It helped.

Best Gif App period. The best. Accessible. Easy to use. Fun interaction. Don’t be the one person who doesn’t have it downloaded.

How do you get your own face. Tell me now

Add videos. Awesome. Would like to see the ability to add your own videos

Getting better. Glad you guys added Facebook option. I wish we could upload our own gifs

Crash. Lately the app keeps crashing when I try to save a gif. Anyway to fix this??

Glitches!. What’s up with the glitches and the app freezing up! Paid money for this fix it!

Gif-tastic. Once you start you can't stop. You'll be the envy of all your friends.

Best app OAT. This is the best app ever. The 1 minor criticism I have is there should be folders for the custom faces I make so I don't have to scroll through 100+. Thanks!

Limited gifs. The app is cool and all but u are very limited on gifs u can search for ,,, I searched cotton candy and only got one,, where as if I do it on the GIPHY app I get a ton of them ,,, it would be nice to be able to get more results ,,,

Best money I’ve ever spent on an app. 10/10 app - but best money I’ve ever spent

Favorite App.. One of my favorite apps BY FAR. I have built a twitter following from hilarious Bills related GIFs.

Wow. This app changed my life. I’m the funniest man in my group chat. Coincidentally I’m also the most annoying.

Unrelenting fun!. Very fun app, great variety of options. Bought the package and it was money well spent.

Fire App!!. This app is fire!! Just the app I needed to give people a visual of what I am saying and thinking. This app gets me!

All it’s missing is more gifs. Such an easy app to use. All I hope for is potential integration with GIPHY so we can have unlimited resources.

GifJif rules. This app keeps me and the group chat howling. An essential part of keeping me sane during quarantine. Five stars. Would recommend. Ps. May the App Store gods make this the ten thousandth review

Deceiving on watermark. I thought I would be able to add my own gifs save in my photos but i wasn’t. Also, it’s deceiving to pay for the app and have to pay additional to have watermark removed.

Elon Musk this app. This app is so amazing yet so dumb at the same time. the search just drives me crazy trying to find the right word to fit what i’m looking for. Most of the time it comes up with the misspelled versions of what you are looking for.

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GifJif - Custom Gif Creator 3.02 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the GifJif - Custom Gif Creator app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Max Shaw and other users?

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GifJif - Custom Gif Creator 3.02 Apps Screenshots & Images

GifJif - Custom Gif Creator iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $0.99
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 3.02
Play Store JIFF.GifJiff
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

GifJif - Custom Gif Creator (Versiyon 3.02) Install & Download

The application GifJif - Custom Gif Creator was published in the category Entertainment on 04 February 2016, Thursday and was developed by Max Shaw [Developer ID: 394383871]. This program file size is 30.64 MB. This app has been rated by 12,328 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. GifJif - Custom Gif Creator - Entertainment app posted on 21 March 2020, Saturday current version is 3.02 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: JIFF.GifJiff. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
Other Apps from Max Shaw Developer
GifJif - Custom Gif Creator App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Fixed bug where app would freeze when searching began - Custom faces are now sorted by most recent

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