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Microsoft Excel [Productivity] App Description & Overview

Microsoft Excel, the spreadsheet app, lets you create, view, edit, and share your files quickly and easily. Manage spreadsheets, tables and workbooks attached to email messages from your phone with this powerful productivity app.

Work in data analysis, accounting, auditing, or other fields confidently with anyone, anywhere. Quickly graph the most complex formulas, charts and tables with amazing features.

Review spreadsheets and run data analysis on the go. Customize tables and spreadsheets the way you want with robust formatting tools and great features. The productivity app lets you build your spreadsheet to meet your specific needs.

Get the complete Microsoft Office experience when you sign in with your Microsoft 365 subscription. Create templates, edit spreadsheets, organize charts and share with ease when you download Microsoft Excel.

Tables & Spreadsheets: Create, Calculate and Analyze
• Jump-start your budget, task list, accounting, or financial analysis with Excel’s modern templates.
• Quickly graph with familiar formulas to run calculations and analyze your data.
• Rich productivity features and formatting options make your workbook easier to read and use.
• Use Cards View to easily see and manage spreadsheets.

Productivity App: Review, Edit, and Work Anywhere
• Review your Excel files from any device.
• Edit sheets and data or update your task list from anywhere.
• Spreadsheet features like sort and filter columns help focus your reviews.
• Create, duplicate, hide, and unhide sheets easily.

Data Analysis
• Analyze data using common charts and graphs.
• Use spreadsheet features like add and edit chart labels to highlight key insights in your data.
• Pie chart maker: create charts and graphs from your data.

Finance: Budgeting & Accounting
• Use agile spreadsheets and charts to help manage budgets.
• Familiar tools to help you drill down to your exact finance needs.
• Calculate tax estimates, personal finances and more.

Draw and Annotate with Ink
• Make notes, highlight your worksheet, create shapes, or write equations using the draw tab feature in Excel on devices with touch capabilities.

Sharing made easy
• Share your files with a few taps to quickly invite others to edit, view, or leave comments directly in your workbooks.
• Copy the content of your worksheet in the body of an email message with its format intact or attach or copy a link to your workbook for other sharing options.

Download Microsoft Excel and get the best way to create, organize and manage data and spreadsheets from your iPhone or iPad.

To create or edit documents, sign in with a free Microsoft account on devices with a screen size smaller than 10.1 inches.
Unlock the full Microsoft Office experience with a qualifying Microsoft 365 subscription for your phone, tablet, PC, and Mac.

Monthly Microsoft 365 subscriptions purchased from the app will be charged to your App Store account and will automatically renew within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period unless auto-renewal is disabled beforehand. You can manage your subscriptions in your App Store account settings.

This app is provided by either Microsoft or a third-party app publisher and is subject to a separate privacy statement and terms and conditions. Data provided through the use of this store and this app may be accessible to Microsoft or the third-party app publisher, as applicable, and transferred to, stored, and processed in the United States or any other country where Microsoft or the app publisher and their affiliates or service providers maintain facilities.

Please refer to the Microsoft Software License Terms for Microsoft 365. See “License Agreement” link under Information. By installing the app, you agree to these terms and conditions.

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Microsoft Excel Comments & Reviews

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- Seriously slow on the latest iPad Pro

I am using an iPad Pro 256GB Wifi + Cellular version and I am extremely disappointed on the speed and features of the app. Not sure if the app or iPad Pro is to blame but the vlookup, match functions are just not working as gracefully as it should be. Each time I input a number, it would take 5 seconds to return the correct values and it is just not acceptable on an advanced device like the iPad Pro. I have to admit that my spreadsheet has over 50,000 of rows, 30+ columns and 10+ spreadsheets but there are no macros and images used at all. And for anyone who relies on Excel to process this huge amount of data, this is just a very common scale of a spreadsheet, not to mention it is only 10MB. Either Apple or Mircosoft seriously needs to look into resolving this issue or there’s just no point of having this powerful application on the iPad.

- Why do I suddenly need a Office 360 subscription??

I like being able to access my excel files from my iPhone. Works great for simple editing and updating. But suddenly I can not edit an excel file that I had created on my laptop and had been able to edit it on my iPhone before. It opens read only and when I try to save it to another name or location it does not allow it because I now must have an Office 360 subscription. I never had one to begin with. I have a one drive account, but that does not get me around this. WHY do I suddenly need an Office 360 subscription? It’s MY file; I created it OUTSIDE of this iPhone app. WHY are you holding me hostage? I can’t find an explanation for why this happened and why I now need the subscription. Google Sheets seems to work just fine and I am now using that instead. Are other Office apps going to do the same thing to me? Incidentally, if you get stuck by this, I finally got around not being able to write the file anywhere by mailing the file to myself from inside the app and then I opened it with Google Sheets.

- Good when it’s working

I love being able to use Excel on my iPad Pro as it’s super easy to make adjustments on the go. I’ve got Office 365 and my documents are stored on OneDrive so I’m usually able to make changes and it shows up on my other devices. However at least once a week the app seems to forget my password and all my documents stop syncing. I have to sign in again and then it overwrites any changes I’ve made on my iPad since it decided to stop syncing. OneDrive has been doing weird stuff like this on all my laptops, desktops and tablets over the past few years. In fact the last time OneDrive seemed to be problem free was back when it was called SkyDrive. Hopefully Microsoft gets things figured out eventually. If not I’ll probably just switch over to Google Docs when my 365 subscription ends.

- iPad Pro 10.5 to iPad Pro 12.9 told 365 only $.99/mo WRONG!

My 10.5 Pro which I’ve been using for years was lost. I was deciding between the 10.5 & the 12.9 Pro. I told Apple Sales person that I mainly work in excel on a daily basis. I was told that I might find the 12.9” a Big improvement. I would have to purchase 365 to be able to update my spreadsheets but that it only costs $ .99 per month. I didn’t like the change that the upgrade would cause but purchased a 12.9 for over $100. Once at home I find that the 365 app cost 6.99/month or $84/yr. I should not have trusted the Apple sales agent and checked before purchase but dang, why should I have to. I certainly can afford the $84 but it’s the principal. I can afford it but I hate greed! I’m taking back the 12.9” and purchasing the 10.5” Pro which I was doing just fine with. Sometimes it’s the little things that count.

- So far, so good

I consider myself an advanced Excel user and was skeptical of the limitations that would be imposed by the iPad version, but I have been pleasantly surprised so far. I have just started using the iPad version but have not yet encountered any major limitations for the activities I use 90% of the time. The cell borders options are not as complete as in the PC version, but that’s a cosmetic thing I can live with. The program integrates fantastically with the cloud, and all updates are immediately available on other devices. Very convenient to use the iPad for quick additions to a sheet, without having to go to my desktop computer, boot it up, do my work, and copy it to a thumb drive or email it to myself. This is easy to get used to...

- Don’t use this if you need it to work...

I use excel to track my business miles on my iPad while I’m out in the field, and it seems like at least 3-5 times a week I have to completely uninstall and reinstall the app because it stops being able to open any files. It just says something went wrong and the file can’t be opened. I’m able to open the file on my phone and computer, it’s just this version of the app that has this problem. The first few times it happened I tried resetting the device and clearing any app cache I could get access to, but the only thing that would fix it was completely reinstalling. This is not a small app to be downloading several times per week over cellular... If it weren’t the only app capable of handling the specific formulas included in this spreadsheet I would definitely be using Google Sheets or Open Office instead... If you need a general use spreadsheet app I highly recommend looking at one of those instead to avoid this persistent pain in the neck...

- Some of the iOS limitations are puzzling

Overall, I’m very happy to have the convenience of using Excel on my iPad. I’m not a very sophisticated user, so the stripped down version is mostly workable for me. That said, some functions don’t seem to be present at all, and it’s puzzling why they aren’t included in the iOS version. I keep getting a ‘circular reference’ error in one spreadsheet, for instance, and can find no way to locate it using the iOS app. I finally went to my PC to resolve the error. Since all of Microsoft’s dubious ‘help’ seems to refer to the PC version, looking up ‘how to’ information can be an exercise in frustration. If there’s a chart that tells you which functions aren’t included in the app., it should be prominently displayed so as to avoid the many wasted minutes looking for something that just isn’t there.

- You will lose your work!!! Don’t buy

Bought the subscription to Office 365 because I wanted to use Microsoft Excel. First 2 projects I worked on went fine. My 3rd project was a huge one (a $800 fee for me). I worked on it for 6 hours when suddenly my work vanished ... disappeared right in front my eyes! I tried everything, but I could not get the document back. Came to the realization that while the “auto-save” feature was “on”, the app was not saving any of the work!! The Microsoft cloud had nothing! Made a quick research and found that this type of complaint has been posted by others going back to 2014!!! What??? IT HAS NOT BEEN FIXED??!! Clients have had the same 2 bad experiences (failure by the auto-save and the document disappearing) AND MICROSOFT HAS NOT ADDRESSED THIS ISSUE. So, despite buying the iPad Pro intending to use Excel, I now will have to buy a Window base laptop. Grrrrrrrrrr.

- Miserable app

I have 30+ years experience using the desktop version of MS Excel on Windows based PCs. Consider myself fairly proficient. iOS version on iPad looks like, but does not function like, Windows desktop version. First, it appears to be web based so there is serious lag time between attempting to make changes and seeing your attempt appear on-screen. Second, I have spent last ten minutes attempting to copy three adjacent cells (two with numbers and third with formula adding them together) then pasting them into several rows directly below them. Highlight the three cells, long press then tap Copy, highlight group of cells below, long press then tap Paste and what happens? Those three Copied cells are not Pasted but instead one cell shows contents of last item (a cell description) I Copied from a website. Tried four times, same result. Very frustrating. Shame on me for expecting a Microsoft app to work well on an Apple operating system. Guess I need to learn how to use Numbers.

- Love me some Excel

Okay so, I’m an MS Office girl from way back. From websites to databases, you name it, I loved every little bit Office could offer. But then I got an iPhone, and I found myself straying to other apps compatible with my newfound iPhone love. I tried Office for iPhone, but at that time, the two designs just didn’t work well together. But recently I’ve needed to work with Office and I gave the iOS version another go. All I can say is Hallelujah, y’all!!! Microsoft has worked out all the kinks, and my two tech-loves can coexist at last! Oh , and not for nothing, I recently got an iPad Pro 10.5 with an Apple Pencil, and OMG, y’all!! I’m in database-formatting-outline-creating Heaven!!! Give Office for iOS another try- you’ll be happy you did.

- Love Excel, despise recent changes

At one time I would have given 5 stars as Excel is one of my favorite programs. But some recent changes have made this app almost unusable for me. I'd rather turn on my computer and wait to use that Excel instead of the app. If I try to scroll up and down with the key pad open, it usually closes the keypad on me. Opening it again every time is a pain. When I enter a number in a column and hit return, the keypad automatically reverts back to the text keys instead of the numbers. If you are entering numbers in a column, chances are you will want to keep entering numbers. Having it go back to text every time is obnoxious and totally a waste of time! If I select a cell with my finger, it is basically impossible to then select an adjacent cell. I need to tap one away from the one I actually need first and then go back.

- Please FIX the apple pencil support

It’s great, not having to carry around my macbook pro and use excel for work on the iPad. I’ve gotten used to and actually prefer to use Excel on iPad for a quick project. However, after the update for Apple Pencil 2, program does not respond upon opening sheets, switching tabs, etc when you are using the apple pencil unless you tap on the Draw tab, and tap again on Home tab. It wasn’t doing that before the update. This does not make for smooth, quick work process, having to switch back and forth. I talked to the Tech Support about this, and was told that basically it is what it is now and that I’d have to wait for MS to fix this issue. Sooner than later would be great. Also, if there is a way that allows multiple sheets open at the same time, that’d be wonderful, but one can only dream.

- Simple necessary tasks missing!

Nothing is more frustrating than using an app that is a shell of itself. Especially when it comes to simple tasks. I had excel spreadsheets on my PC that I had generated and each one I created a logo and title in the header. These headers aren’t generally seen while using excel but are available to edit and use through a menu on a PC. Now I use an iPad Pro solely (PC died) and there is no menu or method to change headers on all of my excel files I have previously made. My spreadsheets are useless because I can’t change a header in their iOS app versions. And I am a Microsoft 365 user/payer. I called support and asked where I could give feedback on this to get someone to look at it and change it and they told me I only could go to a PC to give feedback on this. They didn’t have a method in a browser on an iPad! That’s crazy messed up! Microsoft, are you listening, why are these simple and necessary features not available?

- Love Excel but having issues on IPad

I am having issues with this application on my IPad. I can not use the application at all. Also, this application logs me out of Office 365 from time to time and I can’t access my files. Then when I try to log back on I have issues and it wont let me. This only happens on occasion. I am now logged in to Office 365. The real issue now is, I can not even use this application. When I first open the application it tries to open the last document I worked on. The issue is that it wont open it. It just keeps the pop up that says attempting to open and will not do anything. When I try to cancel it, it then pops up attempting to cancel and won’t. My application is no longer working on my IPad due to this. I’ve tried to turn the IPad off. Stop and start the application. I don’t know what to do.

- Enjoying this App

This App has been a consistently great experience for me to use. I haven’t yet come across the problems others have, however, I use it for basic things like inventories and logs, so I may not be using it to the extent others are. I also really appreciate reading the reviews that have complaints and see the developers’ responses to these important reviews. The developers are quick to make the fixes, almost every week it seems, and I think that makes not only for a great App but for wanting to stick with an App (and their company) because you’re getting awesome service. Thanks, again!!!

- RMD Excel

I'm very happy now. The earlier version not so much, but now I'm very happy. I've been a Microsoft user for 30 years. I totally love Excel. I've used it for work, keep as checkbook, travel expenses, on and on. My title was Constructed Manager, of multi-million to billion dollar projects. I've got 4 college degrees. Love Excel. However anyone can make use of this program and love it. This current version is the very best to use on Apple ISO products and very easy to use. It's just a matter of experimenting and before you know it your an expert. Enjoy! 02Aug16 The improvement continue to make Excel better and better. I've been using Excel on my own Microsoft computer for many years and I continue to find more uses and simpler way of doing things. This App is continuing to evolve making everything simpler and more fun to use. I strongly suggest to try it if you haven't before. 04FEB17 This App has completely gone down hill. A very simple thing to do is format a column of numbers. Ex: Dates, Dollars. Well....if anyone figures out how please let me know without having to write a very time consuming formula. That is the only method I could fine. When this App first came out, one (1) Tap set the cell or the column format. Now? Forget it.

- Not nearly as functional as it needs to be - Dropbox compatibility

I’ve been using this Excel for iPad/iOS app since about the time it came out. This is probably the case with all the Microsoft Office for iPad/iOS apps, but I’m experiencing this right now with Excel, so I’ll call it out here. Just about all my work is on Dropbox. Excel automatically tries to open the previous thing that I was working on. And if it gets hung up—Excel basically doesn’t open because it can’t figure out how to open a file that’s in my Dropbox. I’m down to the point that I’m just opening my old Excel files in Google Drive, because at least Google Drive lets me edit, and I can save my old stuff as an Excel file if Excel for iPad ever gets its act together. I’m finding the Dropbox functionality really dreadful, and am happy to talk to someone at Microsoft about it. I want to use Office products, but this weird situation is driving me bats.

- It’s a great app except for one major annoying thing

I use the app daily for work and in my personal life. I have one major gripe with it though. I’m not very tech savvy so please forgive my basic way of explaining. The top green bar/menu (while a sheet is open) with the arrow to go back to the list of books, the undo button, font, search and share is not constantly available. It’s there when you open the sheet. Then it’s hidden. Sometimes it comes back when you press the green arrow and other times it’s just gone, with no way to get it back. Unless I close the app completely and restart it. I really wish this section was more user friendly. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but I can’t seem to find another way to have it shown. Thanks for letting me vent.

- Functional but one issue

I am a professional mariner who uses this app to run spreadsheets that assist me in navigating and handling cargo. They essentially act as custom calculators with the convenience of my phone. Implementation of excel into the smartphone format is great. I build the spreadsheet on my computer and transfer it to my phone. I like the dedicated number keypad. I do not at all like how I am regularly unable to “edit” read, use, my spreadsheet without internet! It is saved to my phone, but the hokey subscription requirement of connecting to the internet or locking up my spreadsheets completely castrates this app’s usefulness. I cannot rely on it when I need it most, at sea out of the range of any internet services. You seriously need to fix this fault. Make me pay for it if you have to, but for goodness sake not everyone has reliable access to internet. You are killing those users’ loyalty to Microsoft. I go for months without internet access. If you have options for us and we just don’t know about it, please do better to advertise it. Great app. But useless because you regularly lock me out of it!

- Can’t update on Unlimited ATT and Verizon plans

I will no longer use Wifi - the artificial limits on download are about to make me delete your LARGE App. I have a case at Apple and of course they blame you and the carrier - the support agent agrees it is “Stupid”. I wonder why it’s okay to stream Gigs of a baseball game or a movie but downloading an app that is Broken is a NO NO. MS NOT that differentiating these days. Same for other MS apps. I like Outlook but LookOUT to be gone too. And since I own the company that buys 365 and Azure gone is a BIG gone. Tick. Tick, tick. I’m sure that you are now aware I can let other users know all is well in a few days or so, therefore rating will go to a deserved location. As my I always say, “ when it doesn’t make sense it is about the Cents. Let’s use some common sense, and worry less about the small cents. Ready set GO! - drdave

- When able to open, very useful.

This app is great if I can open it. At least twice a week I attempt to open the app and it freezes, giving me a message saying it is trying to open the document. I tapped the cancel option and nothing changes other than a different message saying it’s trying to cancel. I close the app and try again multiple times with no success. I end up having to delete the app, then reinstall it to get it working again. But without fail have to go through all of this again in the next couple of days. I’m not one to post negative reviews very often, but this has been going on for about a year now. I drive for my job and need to track my mileage. Excel is my preferred method.

- Almost like the desktop version... almost

The iPad version of Excel has a good foundation, but unfortunately it lacks features that you only see in the desktop version. For me personally, the most important feature that they left out of the iPad version is that you are not allowed to create “notes” (what they used to call “comments” in pre-2019 versions.) Yes that’s right, you can create notes for any cell in the 2019 Excel desktop version, but somehow this feature is unavailable in the iOS version. Microsoft, if you are reading this, please add the ability to write notes to individual cells in Excel for iOS! Even the Mac version of Excel has this ability! Come on Microsoft, please make your products more consistent across all platforms!

- Simply intuitive without loss of functionality

When excel was first released there was a last of comprehensive instruction, each command proving a dos CMD ascus direction on how to input the function. While lacking any description of the functions use(s) and the possible commands that could be coupled or integrated design a program or automate your projects to a higher degree of accuracy, providing ideas how to optimize and expedite your results. Excel has extremely extrapolated it’s capabilities, created an interface that’s user friendly, and with each iteration they’ve been gradually improving their product! Highly recommend!!!!

- Great/needs work

Hello, hope someone reads this and respond. Outstanding program that has fulfilled my greatest expectations when working as designed. For that, please don’t change a thing. Unfortunately there have been situations where a file refuses to open or close. It simply spin for as long as I allow resulting in my uninstalling and reinstalling the program. I know of no other to way to shut it down. Unfortunately in doing so I lost a very important file that I’ve been unsuccessful in recovering. I’ve been unsuccessful in getting help from anyone to recover the lost data 365 or anyone. HELP!!!!

- Great App but never buy it from Apple Store!!

Microsoft Office 365 Personal is a must for almost everyone at work. Unfortunately it did not work when purchased from Apple Store. The year subscription purchased did now work after a few months and Apple just said it could not do anything about it, since the issue needed to solved by the developer, ie, Microsoft. Microsoft was very nice to assist me, but could not recognize the purchases from Apple Store. I ended up losing the money used to purchase from Apple Store and purchasing a new subscription from Microsoft that worked fine. If both Apple and Microsoft, huge companies, can not process the purchases and exchange information, the end consumer is the one paying the price twice. Great customer service from Microsoft, poor service from Apple.

- Need instructions to be helpful. Could use the app a lot more if I knew what I was doing.

I would like to know which would be good to make a list of my bills in and follow through with the monthly changes on that. Then there’s things just add on their own or don’t add when I would like. There’s also the fact that some of us pay monthly a subscription for Microsoft office and they could at least be decent enough to send us a book on the apps. I’m not talking, wait stop what you’re doing, go out of the app and watch a video. I want a genuine piece of paper inside books or booklets that says, Word, Excel, One Note and instructions with each. I also don’t want one note to keep closing on me or to lose info that I typed. It’s too much to ask, I know, but do continue taking my money each month and sometimes twice a month, why? I don’t know why?

- Too basic

I bought an iPad Pro thinking I could replace everything that I previously used a laptop for; however, this is the one app that doesn’t have enough functionality to meet that need. I use Excel for some pretty basic needs, but I’ve found some key features are missing. Two biggies I’ve found so far: I can’t manage drop-down lists (i.e. data validation lists) and I can’t sort by specified columns within a range. That means that I have to email myself the file to my work laptop (since I no longer use a personal laptop) in order to update a drop-down list or do some relatively simple sorting, and then email it back to myself so I continue using it on my iPad or iPhone. Please add a little more functionality, or I will not be renewing my Office 365 subscription.

- Excel app

It'd be good to be able to size rows and columns in this app from an iPhone, but being able to use it even to just edit a file is great! The first iPhone 8 I bought never quite did Microsoft Office apps the way it should have. That phone didn’t keep Excel open long enough to enter data tracking medications over an hour. Repeated log outs and sign ins were required. This iPhone 8 handles Excel much better. It stays logged in. Whether it’s due to MO improvements or iPhone 8’s changes isn’t clear, but they work together much better now. The first iPhone 8 had issues in other areas as well.

- Excel Mobile version with connectivity to laptop

I have always liked excel. This version with cloud save is great. I can use on iPad and it looks and feels like laptop version. I have spreadsheets I need both places. I can create a bookmark on my windows explorer and then click a button to open on the laptop excel vs. using the web browser version which I don't like as much. Magic - genuine compatibility and cloud storage. Love that most functionality free since I paid for license on laptop. Well done by Microsoft to serve and retain customers. I had started to use numbers but have since stopped.

- Perfect for on the Fly

Don’t get me wrong there are definitely limitations with it being on mobile, some limitations even that I don’t think would be too hard to implement over time. That said though for what excel on mobile does offer it is very worth it. Whether I’m making moderate changes to an existing workbook or creating a new one before finalizing it on windows 10 (usually because of the limitations on mobile), it is very user friendly and allows everything needed to create a basic workbook. It still has room for improvement which is my reason for only giving 4 stars but in the end it’s a very good mobile adaptation.

- iPad to iPad Pro upgrades beware

I’ve been using this app for quite some time with my hotmail account. Generally, the compatibility with excel’s more robust desktop and web app has been good but for quirks (keyboard is too large in non-landscape, etc). Minor stuff. I recently upgraded to a iPad Pro and was unpleasantly surprised that I have to get a 365 license to do what I did before on my regular iPad for free. $6.99 a month is NOT worth using this app. It took some time to figure out that was the problem considering I had a regular office version for Mac. I’d give it 1 stars for this but I think the functionality is generally great and better than Numbers. It’s just unfortunate that they don’t make that clear. At $2.99 a month, I might consider but that’s just way out of line for usage.

- MS Office Apps Really Are Better

I am an avid Apple fan, and try to use Apple gear and software wherever possible. I have tried to use the iWork suite and make it work for my needs, but Microsoft has been working on the Office suite for so long that it just works better, even on Apple gear. It’s just more compatible with what everybody else is using for document creation, and collaboration is intuitive and functional. Even Office for Mac is comparable to Office for Windows now. Sorry, Apple, I will continue to advocate for your gear (because it is better) but I will advocate for MS Office. * Except Keynote! Keynote is way better than Power Point

- I lost hours of work

I am using this app in connection with the files app on my iPad Pro newest generation. Multiple times now I had the same problem. I’m working on a spreadsheet for hours with auto save on. Then I close, the current file, go into the file picker of the app, choose the same file again and it’s all gone... everything. Just lost. The file is back to the original before I started editing. Nothing I can do. I check the same file on the Apple file app, also the original. It’s like closing the file lead to all the data loss. I read on forums online that the same thing is happening to other people. This is a KNOWEN BUG! and why is this app still available without a fix. How is this even allowed? Hours of work are gone. Who is gonna replace them? Is Microsoft going to pay me for my losses?

- I pad version

I have been using the Excel app on my I pad for a few years now and have a love hate relationship with it. Love the spread sheet capabilities, but sometimes I need the grid lines and cannot for the life of me get them to print. Tried everything that they recommend , but not luck. Sometimes, I make a spread sheet and can't print part of the sheet, especially if the address is in blue, so I have to go in and change it to black and even then, it sometimes doesn't work unless I e mail it to myself and then print. They should send some updates that actually work.

- You killed my spreadsheet!

The new comment feature RUINED my previous notes. I used to be able to edit them at will. Now because they have all been converted to these “threaded comments”, for one they take forever to open up when you tap on them and I cant edit them. Ive had this particularly useful spreadsheet that Ive used for years and now its almost no good to me. I was on online with tech support for 2 hours trying to see if there was a way to reconvert them back to simple notes. It turns out I have to use the my laptop and redo the entire spreadsheet to re-add all my notes. I cant even find the “add note feature” on my iPad version. I am not happy at all with this comment thread feature!!

- Microsoft Corporation is Retarded

I don’t care what this is, the app. All I care about is hating on Microsoft. Maybe they don’t make things, but when something is made, they infect it with Microsoft and then make it crappy and stupid. I once had Minecraft on my PC. Always have owned it, until I wanted to play it. Then it told me to buy it, AGAIN, for 30 more dollars. Then I redone loaded the new Modern Warfare, it originally costed 100$ or 60$ or something like that. To me, that’s a lot of money, same with 30$. I’m only - what? Thirteen. I got onto the new Modern Warfare after having to reinstall it 3 times because I thought it was glitched, then it said I could only play the stupid game mode - Warzone. So if you want to kill Microsoft with me before it makes you re-buy all of your games, then join me, we must eliminate and terminate Microsoft. For the better.

- Entering formulas?

Seems like a great idea to be able to open and edit your Excel files on your phone or iPad. I've been using Excel for about a quarter century and never had that did I survive? Unfortunately, there is something squirrelly about the far as I can tell, there is no way to actually enter formulas into a sheet. I can see formulas entered on the sheet when I built it on my desktop, but no way exists (as far as I can figure out) to enter the formula bar and type something. The store describes "in-app purchases," so maybe you have to pay to get edit capability. In any event, view-only is still useful to me so two stars. Fix the implementation and make it possible to tap in the formula bar and type, and it becomes 4.5 or 5.

- Excel - great tool

Great tool for just about every project. First used Excel at Rockwell on a 1984 Macintosh; Rockwell upgraded to Macintosh Plus the next year. If my memory is accurate both Mac’s had Excel and Word plus one or 2 other programs that are now part of MS Office. I was lucky to have a visionary VP at Rockwell (technically North American Rockwell) who ultimately eliminated the entire word processor department so, we, as technical writers, were able to create and produce our own modification manuals (Space Shuttle upgrades and modifications). Excel was my favorite because it was easy to integrate formulas, perform calculations and copy-paste results into Word; thereby producing our own document. IMB was running MS Dos and Windows was Microsoft’s competition against the easy to use drop and drag Macintosh Plus. But both computers used Excel. I still use Excel in my own business as do my employees. Early experience has made Excel all the more valuable - this remains true 35 years later. Brian Peter McNamara, CFP, MST

- You have broken it utility in last version

I have been using Excel for 15 years, and 5 years on iPhone and iPad. I add data copied from Word, Outlook or Apple Mail into spreadsheets on a daily basis. I have been using the paste button in the FX field or inside a cell. Now, I cannot find the Paste function in either place when I hold down my finger. Occasionally I can past over a whole cell when the blue corners appear, but probably only 1:5 times—and each attempt forces me to go back to the original document and copy data again. This is especially true when I am copying multi line addresses, as when the blue corner paste function works, I make 4-5 cells of data, instead of the single cell with multiple lines as before. PLEASE FIX THIS SOON so I don’t have to go back to Numbers my data editing.

- Need more different types of Agenda template

There still some bugs needs to be fix such as codes charters in excel s are causes some speed issues for the OS 13 and more on the IPhone and IPAD. .We also need more agendas template with vibrant new colors, update types of Agenda with cells with date, attendee, the main topic, subtopics and minutes matching the agenda that one share in Office Note . Office Note needs a whole lot up dates . I wish I could work fo Microsoft in the Office 365 departments, I would move the company more in the 21 century and also the company stocks would jump up 75%more

- Pros n cons

Having a pre setup to only have to plug info into is nice...however.. Not being able it to copy and save as another document after I’d made major changes without fore knowledge of this was extremely frustrating and caused an additional hour of work to recreate a doc in manag my money sample...additionally, I could not then get the pie chart to translate the newer simply disappeared ...I used excel for years and had been absent it for approximately five years and so rusty in memory of summing and formulas..having a tutorial would be extremely beneficial..the more comfortable people are with your product, the more inclined they will be to purchase the full program since this is apparently only the carrot and not the actual program

- Beautiful, but lacking function

I am using Excel on iPad Pro 12.9. For certain basic features, which I would normally right-click then select “Format Cells” to access, there seems to be no equivalent functionality on the iPad version yet. For example, with a column of dates all in different formats, I can’t simply highlight all of them and change them to the same MM/DD/YYYY style at once. The same is true of currency formatting, etc. I also do not see any “paste link” functionality which would allow multiple Excel sheets to talk to one another and update my cells automatically as I input data. Styling borders without a “Format Cells”-like option is painstaking.

- Solid B-

I use the app consistently for accounting class but it crashes every five minutes. It takes a minute to reopen every time so I get behind. That being said, it does work well to generate formulas—though if you don’t already know excel, you may have problems. That’s the main reason I use it instead of doing manual math and handwriting all of my notes - the formulas error-proof the math. Needs a feature to increase or decrease indentations within a cell. Sometimes it will do it on its own, which makes everything inconsistent.

- Problems since last update

I use this app everyday. When you use the app, you can pin your regularly used worksheets to the top of your recent list. However, since the last update, after you make changes to your worksheet and save/close the worksheet, it is no longer pinned to the top and you’ll have to find it again and re-pin it. If you are changing between multiple worksheets that can (and is) quite tedious (and annoying). I’m not sure if this happens in other Microsoft for iOS apps, I haven’t tried. The only support you get is via the paid route or hopefully through their message boards (good luck). Otherwise it’s a good app.

- Bugs and design flaw frustration

I love Excel! Love it! THIS, is bordering on unusable. More frustrating than anything because of the amount of bugs in this version. Half the screen disappears, for no reason, once every minutes and a half. The formula suggestions are defaulted to “insert” so when you type a formula the suggestions disappear. If it was just those things alone, 3-stars. BUT the design flaw is inexcusable. The pen functionality...... is garbage. Whoever, Engineer/Designer/Project Manger, decided that the pen is only useful for drawing, IN EXCEL!?!?, should be flogged! I get the ability to draw with a pen, sure, makes sense, but AUTO DEFAULTS to “draw”, the moment the pen touches the screen, with an inability to turn it off, is nothing short of incompetence. Very unhappy.

- Time Sheets for Entertainment Labor.

This app is great. All the features work just like the full featured computer version. It allows for our leads in the field, to fill in the time sheets via their phones. For example outdoor events don’t always have a production office or for the first day or two hasn’t been established. Being able to do the work on your phone makes for a easy day. Imagine trying to set up a computer on a road case then tether to the Internet just to fill out time sheets n save to company Dropbox ?!!! This app is a win win.

- Good but not good enough to do serious work

Even with a keyboard, entering data is a pain. To fill, for example, you have to first click the first cell so that the menu shows and then select it. Then, you have to use your finger to drag the box to encompass the cells that you want to fill. To enter data into the cell, you have to click the FX window. The on screen keyboard is puts an undo button as part of the space bar. I can’t count the number of times that I have pressed the undo side of the space bar and undid all my work of the previous 5 minutes.

- Loved this app - before the update.

My Excel app has stopped functioning at least 12 times in the last week. I use it multiple times a day, and after about 3 uses it now will not open at all until I delete and reinstall the app from my phone. The bug fixes from the last update have completely backfired. This would be a 5 star app for me if the last update did not completely obliterate meaningful functionality. Happy to re-review in the event they expedite and push through another update, but the significantly decreased usability has left me irritated, especially considering I pay for a subscription and for the extent to which I use the app in my day to day. I hoped updating my iOS software would alleviate the problem, but that is not the case.

- Meh, it works

I find it quite frustrating that a software giant like Microsoft can’t iron out a few bugs a bit better.. make certain things more user friendly.. I frequently am signed out and have to sign back into my Microsoft account. This wouldn’t be that big of a deal if they would utilize Touch ID or Face ID, but they don’t.. or even allow my phone to remember the username/password to log in more quickly, but they don’t. Then when I have to switch apps to check my password reminders, come back and the keyboard won’t even pop up for the password field so I have to go back and start over again

- Avoid This App

Avoid this app at all costs. I’ve had nothing but problems with the App failing to recognize my subscription. I purchased the subscription through the Apple App Store. Everything worked fine for about 10 days. Then, the app stopped recognizing my subscription. I was on chat with Microsoft tech support for about 1.5 hours; they said the problem was on Apple’s end. So, I tried Apple support. After about 45 minutes with them, they were basically only able to verify that my subscription was active and valid, but couldn’t explain why the Microsoft system wouldn’t recognize it. They said that I should contact Microsoft! Totally useless support on the part of both parties. I honestly expected more from Apple tech support.

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- Quirky, slow, frustrating

I’ve used Google Sheets for years until our organisation decided Office 365 was a better option. I have to say the features of Excel online are weak and frustrating compared to Google Sheets. You can’t do multiple conditional formatting of cells automatically. I run Zapier automations adding rows into Excel and now I can’t automate the colour based on the text value of the new row.. that’s frustrating. If I hand colour a cell, them copy it to Excel offline, colour formatting is lost - like what’s that issue? I hate the copy and paste option when copying formulas as values, there is not right click option to do so, meaning I have to go to the menu and choose the paste values option. Excel online is slower than Google Sheets, crashes a lot and does not function in the same way as Sheets. All in all, Billy Gates and his team have a lot of work to make Excel as good as Google Sheets

- Please fix filter options

Previously I loved using the app as it helped tremendously with my line of work of quoting on the spot using the filter function. Since it has been updated to the latest version, that seems to have stopped and whenever i attempt to use the filter option, i have to wait at least 5mins for it to register the first letter of the word I am typing and this continues on, either that or the whole app freezes and shuts down. It might seem minor, but the filter option is the difference between doing business efficiently or wasting valuable company time by having to rely on a desktop, which does not work for my line of work as I am on the road and rely on the IPad as my main work station. Please fix as my company is currently looking at other options that are more compatible with IPad for efficient use. It used go work fine and filter on large files easily without any delay or lag, but since the update, it has made things much more challenging.

- Almost as powerful as the desktop version

I find Excel for iOS to be easy to use and nearly as capable as the desktop version for most of the things I tend to do in Excel. One thing I find annoying is the lack of an equivalent for ‘Paste Special’ - mostly I want to paste into cells as plain text, rather than HTML. Working around this is frustrating and adds extra time and effort. It would be great if a long press on a cell brought up a ‘Paste as text’ option, along with the other options.

- Poor cousin of the desktop version

This version on iPad Pro is just a crippled version of the desktop version. If Apple and Microsoft wish to promote productivity through this device and the software then they had better get busy and fix this software. I am busy at my desktop. I am mobile with my iPad. By way of an example. Data pulled from the internet does not update on the iPad version. To use this data I have to update on a PC first then use on the iPad after that. Even in that scenario I am not live and I am dependant on another device. Many other features available on the desktop version are not available on the iPad version. You, the developers know what they are. Fix it. In the mean time I am seriously considering migration to a Surface Pro as this device is only a pretender when it comes to productivity. Sad really. The device has serious capacity hamstrung by software developers and this includes you too Apple.

- Conditional Formatting???

Very similar to the desktop version although not as quick. Running on an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil @ generic keyboard. All common “short cuts”, eg. Cut, copy, paste, bold, italics, underline, cell boarders & formatting, fill down & fill right, no longer work as on the Windows desktop version. This slows things down tremendously!! There was also a glitch with subscription not being recognized 2 months after purchased full version. Other thing I’ve noticed is switching between sheets the pencil always seems to want to draw instead of scrolling! Like OOPS!! Then again when you WANT to draw you can only draw on certain sheets in the one excel workbook!! Not good enough!! 😡 Grrr I’ve also noticed an omitted (or I can’t find) “conditional formatting” option - where you can Flagg a cell value that is outside set parameters. Eg change cell color, text formatting. I could always do this on the desktop version. This is essential when looking at large data tables of ballistic information as a security measure for safety reasons. PLEASE ADD THE “CONDITIONAL FORMATTING” FEATURE!!! Thank you. Otherwise this a reasonable app, some work is still needed though to truly streamline it.

- Problem with formatting

I subscribe to Office 365 and have been using Word and Excel on my iPad for over three years. Both these have problem during all these years and Microsoft has failed to fix these: 1. The minute you click on the number/date/currency formatting button, the whole thing becomes 100 times slower. It is impossible to use Excel after that. This problem has been there for as long as I have been using Excel on iPad and that is a minuscule period of only three years. Perhaps Microsoft will surely fix this problem by end of the century. 2. Editing Word document in Word on iPad is impossible. This is worst then Excel. The whole thing is so slow that it is impossible to use it. This problem has been there for as long as I have been using Excel on iPad and that is a minuscule period of only three years. Perhaps Microsoft will surely fix this problem by end of the century.

- Supports OpenDocument Formats!

Having read in a third-party review that Microsoft Excel supports the OpenDocument Formats, such as OpenDocument Sheet (“.ods”), I decided to take Microsoft Excel for a spin... And much to my surprise, OpenDocument Format files do in fact open, perfectly! As someone that is not a big fan of Microsoft or their privacy policies, I don’t like the fact that OpenDocument Format files will only open if the “analyze content” setting is enabled in Microsoft Excel’s privacy settings... But given how few applications in Apple’s App Store support these common formats, it’s a small price to pay I guess. A star is removed because of the privacy concerns noted above, but otherwise, Microsoft Excel comes highly recommended - especially to users of the OpenDocument Formats.

- For iPad Pro software, could be better

I love using excel and its awesome, but when it comes to higher end things like statistics it works on a very basic level. I always thought of Microsoft as the go to for office apps but I’ve been disappointed. The app doesn’t feature multiple actions which are available on a pc and it’s sad. I can’t even do a basic Custom error bar value change for statistics. With all the powerful things iPhones and iPads are doing these days, Microsoft you can do better than this honestly. You mention that it can work on data analysis in the app description but you fail to mention how basic it is. Microsoft please do better, i know you can.

- Pay the same amount for your subscription but get p*ss all features on iPad

Honestly, it makes me so angry to find that I can’t do my schoolwork or bring home work to the iPad version of excel because half the features are gone, or impossible to find because the icons have changed significantly and all of the menus have changed - after having had all of these features available on my previous MacBook (and under the same subscription). Conditional formatting, gone. Formula wizard, gone. Locking/protection functions on cells and sheets? Can’t find. Probably doesn’t exist. The Review tab now only has ‘Comment’ and ‘Add Comment’. Go have a look on your Windows OS Excel (or even a Mac Laptop) and see how many of those existing features are GONE. Can’t wait for my subscription to end so I can just move over to Mac products. I don’t even like Apple that much, but now I hate Microsoft. Every time I google a feature for any Microsoft product (i.e. SharePoint) all I find are forums with 1. People asking for missing features, 2. A Microsoft rep explaining that they’re working on it, and then 3. Shutting down the thread and not updating it or delivering said feature for years.

- Excel is good but Dropbox and another problem

I love having excel on my iPad. It has good features but misses some from the desktop version but that is understandable. However I use Dropbox to store my spreadsheets and sometimes get the messages , it can’t update or it is locked my an other user so I have to create a new version. This is annoying and frustrating as I need to sort the versions out on my desk top and often have updates missing. Another weird thing is sometimes selecting a filter on dates excel closes. This is the only field I have this problem with.

- Consistently glitchy and frustrating

Following Microsoft’s seemingly consistent approach to bugging its software for use on Apple products this app has finally frustrated me to the point of writing a review and I never write reviews, especially negative ones. But using it each day for my exercise plan is driving me nuts. Please with all your expertise can you make it work properly MS?

- Subscriptions

I have used excel probably since it was first released. I know how to use it and use it a lot for personal projects. I loved the convenience of using it on my iPad. I was concerned that I couldn’t access my files when I upgraded my iPad and after much searching found that now that my iPad was larger than 10.1”, I have just bought an 11” pro, I had to pay a monthly subscription to continue using excel in the exact same way I had on a smaller screen. In upgrading my iPad I have not suddenly become a business or decided to use the program in any professional manner, more to do with my eyesight. Very sad to give excel a 1 star review as I love the program but as I’m no longer able to use it, that’s what it gets.

- Keeps crashing

Every time I try to open the app on my new iPad it crashes. All I see is the loading screen for 5 seconds then it shuts off. I’ve deleted the app then reinstalled, I’ve looked for updates for both the iOS & app. Nothing is working to fix it. I can’t view ANY spreadsheets. Please help?

- Latest update causing app to crash

It updated earlier this week and now when I try to open an spreadsheet it says it's thinking about it and then screen goes black and then back to home screen..... very annoying as I can't access anything

- Spinning Wheels

Using the app between home and on the road. I’ll work on a new sheet at home (Windows desktop) and save and close, yep no worries. Then hop in the car, try open the new sheet but the IOS app automatically wants to open the last sheet used. If you try and cancel the launch the progress wheel just spins indefinitely. Closing the app and restarting doesn’t help. End up deleting the entire application and reloading. Total waste of time and mobile data. Otherwise it’s a great app. Boom

- Simone

Hello I am loving this Microsoft software. The only thing is making insert items easier. I wish it was similar to the old google excel. But I am overall happy with how easy it is to use and love that I can do it on my IPad and transfer to my computer too.

- Poor offline capability

One of the great advantages of portable devices is being able to work offline. Not being able to open documents when not on line (even when they have been saved to the device as an offline file) unless they have been “pre opened” destroys that capability.

- Update renders app useless

I use this app multiple times a day and has worked without any real problem. Now with the latest update it just sits there ‘attempting to open file’ then if I cancel it gets stuck ‘attempting to close file’. Only work around is to delete and re install the app but that only fixes it for 24 hours at best then stuck unable to open files again. Latest update made this app nothing but a storage consuming icon as the app itself doesn’t work...

- Works great most of the time

Most of the time it works great but the last few months when I go into the app excel will try to open up a document. It won’t be able to open it and will sit there with the thinking wheel going and I can’t cancel it. I had to close the app down. Sometimes even this won’t work and I have to delete the app and reload it.

- Don’t want to constantly have to sign in

Not sure why you changed it but previously one could open Excel on iPhone and iPad multiple times. Now you seem to want a sign in too often.

- Usually great but needs more features

Is good for on the go but needs more accessibility like being able to unlock a locked worksheet. Also after the most recent update my files are not opening. It says it’s opening from most recent download but they will not open and when I hit cancel the app crashes!!!

- Need to fix

I’ve been using this app for about a year now it’s been really great however in the past few days I am unable to load any of my invoices it still stays working on it even after an hour this app will get a five star what’s this bug is fixed

- Update ruined app

Really disappointed in this app it won’t open my documents it just sits there saying it’s trying to open it from one drive. Ever since I updated it I can’t open anything

- Cripple ware marketing

I have a legitimate Windows office licence, but not 365. The iPad apps used to let me save, but no more. I am signed in, but it keeps asking for an Office 365 licence. Microsoft is returning to the bad old days, the prices are too high for the licence to operate the ipad client, and there are enough other options that i don’t need to put up with this sort of stuff. The irony is it will cost them sales in future. Since I have to use other things on iPad, I will do the same on laptop.

- Thoughts about the software

Would be much better if this is a stand slone software, meaning, I don’t have to renew the permission to use it..Pay fo the software ONCE, and have the right to use it without renewal of the right to use it!!!!

- Excel on Ios systems

Far too many features are not available any mire or are not working properly in all cases. I use both Ios and windows versions because of my work. There is no reasons that the features on windows couldn’t work the same on Ios and Ios features on windows.

- Great sharing app

Obviously not too fast to use on a phone as it is on a computer as difficult to type but awesome tool to share information.

- Typical Microsoft

The previous version worked fine and yet Microsoft insist on ‘upgrading’ their product to be slow and non user friendly. Instead of bug fixing their own product they are asking the user to do it for them with a smiley face or frowny face. I just wish numbers and pages would step up a little more so I could just get rid of Microsoft altogether. My paperwork driven business has been significantly slowed.

- Best app!!

I love this app. I can still be productive on my phone and update my budget or other excel spreadsheets as I go wherever I am. I don’t need to wait to be in front of a computer. It does everything, it’s amazing.

- Good but!

This app is very handy but it still doesn’t work seamlessly with a server. You can import with a file browsing app and then export but if someone else is working on the same file then when you upload it it erases there editing. Good if only you use the server but for a company it’s got a way to go.

- Usable but Limited

This app is great for looking at existing spreadsheets on your phone. However, trying to edit a spreadsheet on your phone soon becomes frustrating. It is far more limited than the desktop version (eg try doing a custom date-and-time). Another frustration is: what do we call this thing? Since it is just called “Excel”, it makes it difficult to search for solutions - invariably you get unhelpful desktop results. There seems to be very little support online anyway, which indicates to me that not many people are using it (to edit at least).

- Just got worse

Honestly it was pretty fine before the whole updating thing happened. It just got more confusing and it just automatically rounds up your numbers and there’s a % at the end of every single thing. It is so annoying and I don’t like Excel anymore

- 2.6.1 Fixed

Wow quick response from MS Development. Version 2.6.1 gives fix for crash issue trying to open files from Dropbox on non IOS 11 iPhone. Excel back to working a treat!

- Just another money grab

Loaded Excel off the App Store - after reading the reviews, only to find that the app does nothing other than display a file. BUT, Microsoft is so helpful, in that they, kindly display a message stating I can make this a usable App by simply taking out a monthly subscription. - WOW!!! Really! This is what it has come down to? Misleading people, so you can get them into a position to subscribe to your cloud based programs.

- Asa good as

As good as desktop for most easy sheets as long as you know where to find everything! I couldn’t work out how to calculate until I found out I could switch between menu tabs like desktop version.

- Works reasonably well but no privacy controls

The app works as advertised - with one mighty drawback. For some reason Microsoft has decided to track the files I open and not give me any way of stopping that. I literally have no idea why excel would 'recommend' a spreadsheet or how it decides what to 'recommend'. In any case I want productivity, not social media. This isn't restricted to iOS either. Open a spreadsheet on your iPad and anyone standing by your desk at work will see that file being 'recommended' on your desktop. This insane behavior cannot be overridden or switched off.

- Gets stuck opening files

After a period of use it will get stuck opening a file, just sits loading and even cancelling doesn’t help (just goes to the hilarious cancel loading screen) Only fix I have found is to delete and reload the app Also why does it need to open the last file I used when I’m trying to open a different file?

- Unable to sign in

What’s the point of purchasing a subscription when none of the apps even let you sign in? Every time I type in my email address instead of letting me type in a password, it automatically jumps to a create new account and tells me that my email address is already registered. Obviously I’m already registered, I want to sign in not create account!

- Very nice, solid, reliable.

I’ve used Excel for many years and this is a nice solid reliable subset of Excel that I can use anywhere. It works like I expect it to and is as reliable as I have come expect. Very nice.

- I use this app regularly on my iPhone and iPad. Keep the features rolling

I like the app and I also like that MS keeps adding extra functionality in the updates

- Hard to use

Excel is ok for business but the format is so hard to use and complicated. I have now deleted this app and found many other apps much better than this such as google sheets and numbers. Please make this easier to use. Also how do you make all the the boxes in a normal spreadsheet the same size?? p.s. I’m a newbie at this

- Uneducated but enjoying so far

I’m getting there slowly but am really enjoying my experience with Excel Creating schedules is easy and so valuable using on my phone Richard

- What happened ?

No idea what’s going on with this app, but it’s totally unusable at the moment. Not only does it keep saying I’m not signed in, when I am, there is a delayed reaction to anything I try to do. This is ridiculous, I can’t work effectively with a 5 second delay on every keystroke. If it continues, I will certainly have to rethink my subscription. This app used to be really good, what happened ?

- Great app

Lots of the same functions as the desktop program and quite easy to use

- Numbers is Better

Nowhere near as user friendly as Apple Numbers. Unfortunately my financial planner can’t use Numbers, which is the only reason I use Excel. If you’re a native Excel user though, you’ll probably find this app to be really good. Cautiously recommend it.

- Superb for keeping track of expenses

Having it on the phone means that I can do the expenses any time and avoids me having to log things later

- Still no progress

After introducing Excel on iPad for so many years, updates to better functionality is still extremely poor. Many functions available on the desktop or laptop versions are still missing. One would have thought these guys could have got their act together by now 👎

- No longer useable!

I’ve been using Microsoft Excel for iPad for years but it will no longer allow me to edit my spreadsheets unless I now subscribe to Microsoft 365! Very disappointing that such a big name developer can just decide that purchasers can no longer use the product they’ve paid for, without now also purchasing another product.

- Deleting files

It won’t let me delete files i no longer need. I followed the prompts to ensure they are deleted on all of my other apps and still wont allow me to delete them...

- Bye bye

Had used this for quite a while as the basic free pack, but after the last update it insists I have to pay for a subscription and I can no longer edit files I’ve had for a couple of years. My only response to that was to cut & paste my docs to rival software and delete all three of these now useless Microsoft products.

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- Excel!!!!!!!

Always my favourite. The most perfect, polished, intuitive and infinitely deep program I use on a regular basis.

- Okay

Works great when it works. It tells me to sign up but I already have. I can't edit documents but when I checked my subscription it goes until mid-August. I removed a star yet again as excel isn’t working again. It’s reset after reset. Instead of having excel do thousands of tasks poorly how about making it do 100s very well. Added $1 to the monthly subscription. It’s not worth it. Cancelled renewal.

- Crashing

The app used to be quite good but for the past month, it keeps crashing every time one switch to another app. Please fix!

- “Exploding” spreadsheet

More frequently than annoying, while I’m working on a spreadsheet when I move the mouse the spreadsheet zooms up to a very high magnification. Typically I view my sheets at 150%, but when the unintentional zoom happens it’s not unusual for the sheet to go above 225%. I acknowledge that my hand movement on the mouse might be the trigger but this zooming is not consistent with every time I move the mouse. What can do to eliminate this annoying and frustrating zooming?

- Useful

It is very awesome I use it for organizing my sheep records works great love it use it all the time very handy very organized very useful love all the sweet features I like it because it is green like a John Deere which is my favourite brand of tractor

- Limited functionality

Microsoft offers limited functionality for this product in iPadOS, iOS and macOS. K think that is by design, as they try to muscle users to their inferior operating systems. I won’t give in and support an inferior, buggy, OS just so I can use excel. I’d rather switch spreadsheet programs.

- Love Excel but GLITCHES

Excel Spreadsheets don’t download from One Drive or get stuck in the loading que. Needs to be fixed!

- Dropbox not working with it

Just updated and now I cannot connect to my Dropbox files from the app. Keeps saying network not connected, although I can go into my Dropbox app and open the same files there. Won’t even let me add it as a place again. Please fix. Otherwise, it is great.

- Not easy to locate apps

I hate to use this store but what can I do? This is the only one.

- Crashes daily

Nearly every day it crashes on my phone and I have to delete the app and redownload it again so it works again.

- Love the convenience

So great having Excel on the go without lugging around my laptop.

- Obviously a great choice

Excel is obviously the best choice for anyone.

- Waste of money

They hold your paid spreadsheets hostage, when you don’t renew.

- Year 2020!!! Doesn’t support Google Drive!! And 365 version only!!!!

Doesn’t let you sign in to your 2019 or whatever edition, 365 only!! One star!

- Trackpad/mouse support

This review is for ALL Microsoft Office apps (word, excel, OneNote, etc...) I SPENT HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS FOR A KEYBOARD WITH TRACKPAD, AND YOU”RE TELLING ME THAT IT DOESNT SUPPORT/WORK ON MICROSOFT APPS? My trackpad allows me to point and click, whatever on all other apps, except for Microsoft ones. It only shows up as a grey circle, and doesn’t let me click or select specific words. Please fix this problem ASAP or I’m cancelling my Office 365 subscription and moving to iCloud/APple. Bye.

- Connexion!

C’est quoi l’idée tout à coup de devoir se créer un compte pour modifier nos documents!!

- Requires subscription!!!

Requires Office 365 account sign in to edit. A useless app for many users!

- Disappointing - rate ZERO stars

I have been using this app for several years but can no longer create lists and track small stats on iPad without a thank you!! Very disappointing that for minor personal use, MS now requires subscription.

- Great

Best spreadsheet of them all

- Forces a subscription.

Worked great on my 5th gen iPad. Now I have a 7th gen and ms wants my money for a subscription. Bye bye ms.

- Documents not opening

Documents not opening, other than that great app when works

- Excel is amazing

I love how accurate it can be when used correctly! Thank you!

- Worst app

By a landslide, the most impossible app to use. It never works and it’s impossible to figure out

- Limited mobile usefulness

I use google drive for my cloud storage solution and Excel will not let you grab a file in google drive. Very annoying.

- Excel iPad and iPhone

iPad app is well featured, definitely 5 stars and easy to use, iPhone has drop down menus and is more work.

- No thanks for asking✨✨

Warning * might cause depression *

- Menu

I love this I was it to do you menu’s

- Good stuff

It’s good stuff

- Rip off

I paid almost $100.00 for it. Now all my data is gone and they want $7.99 a month.

- Excel’s review

I think it’s really a good app to use most in business. And also in a school work. It works really well. Thanks.

- Bien mais à améliorer

L’application fonctionne bien, mais une optimisation devrait être faite afin que le menu et les fonctionnalités ressemblent davantage à l’application de bureau de la suite Office. Pour plusieurs fonctionnalités, il est très difficile de s’y retrouver (souvent impossible) et il est généralement nécessaire de poursuivre sur l’application de bureau de la suite Office.

- Good

Nice but it did glitch some times

- Absolutely the worst app

Wish I could give this app a negative star! This is the single most ineffective program on my iPad. I am trying to make some changes to an excel spreadsheet and tapping into cells doesn’t work most of the time, you can’t copy and paste easily, you can’t change any page margins and its very finicky and unresponsive. The worst app in the app store!

- Excel

Where can i found solver option on mobile excel app

- Keeps on crashing

Please fix

- Beats Sheets

As with the desktop Excel, the mobile (iOS) version beats the pants off Google Sheets. To be expected — one is a free (or near) rip-off of the other. Still amazed how Google was “allowed” to wholesale copy Excel and its functionality, right down to formula/function names, and peddle Sheets as its own. (Maybe Google pays Microsoft royalties of some kind that I overlooked reading about...)

- Great app

Easy to use👍

- Collapse in the latest version on iPad

When I double tap the Apple Pencil switching from eraser to pen, the excel will collapse and quit. iPad 12.9 2018 latest system version. Please fix it. It is really annoying.

- Waist of time

If you are only planning to use Excel on an iOS device don’t waste your money, this is a pathetically stripped our version of Excel. Numbers for iOS will do everything everything Excel for iOS and it’s free.

- Love Excel!!!

What a great app, it never glitches like the other spreadsheet programs I’ve used, good format, GET RIGHT NOW😁

- Really hate this stupid auto-load garbage

Why not just have the app automatically go to a “recently opened” section instead of making us wait (at times a ridiculous amount of time) for the last opened spreadsheet to load, just to cancel it and load another spreadsheet. Please get rid of this super annoying “feature”, it honestly makes excel so much worse.

- Practise makes perfect

Need to try this product, read and exercise drills and you would find it useful and practical As marketed I can modify my work on the fly where I left it. I recommend it along with Microsoft 365n as a package.

- Good


- Keeps crashing

I tried Excel on my iPad for the first time today and after 15 minutes of data entry, the application kept crashing every 15 seconds and loosing my last entry. This very frustrating and I can not work this way.

- Old

Antiquated, laggy performance and poor functionality. Do not recommend.

- Updates always break something

As of today May 7, 2020 two things aren't working for me that used to. Paste special stopped working several months ago. I also can't paste normal then click on the little popup icon to change the type of paste, which used to work several versions back. Fill is acting up now. Before today when I tried fill it would work if you just wanted to repeat the same value. If you selected several sequential cells then filled, instead of continuing the sequence as it should, it would just repeat the same cells over and over. If I selected one cell it would copy that one. Today if I select one cell and fill it fills the following cells as a sequence. If you have a copy that works turn off auto updates to save your sanity!

- Intéressant mais manque les macros

C’est intéressant d’utiliser Excel sur la tablette mais je ne peux pas utiliser les classeurs que j’ai créé qui ont des macros. C’est réellement un manque

- Too many features missing

I hate I can’t find so many features in the office suite for iPhone/iPad. Many of the cell functions in excel and also the inability to save the file in a different format (csv for example)

- Rather use Excel 2 from 90’s

Really disappointed.

- Missing a feature since last update

Paste special no longer works on mobile, please fix.

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- Great, but....

I’ve written glowing reviews of Excel before because it is a great program, and I’ve been using it successfully for years!! I love it! That being said, I’m having some issues since the latest “bug fix.” It won’t open on my iPhone 8 Plus, and when I cancel opening, it just spins and never opens. I’ve also tried launching it from my OneDrive without any luck. My laptop version is working fine, but mobile- not so much. Hope the team will look into this. Apparently another bug........

- Stuck in “Downloading”

I never ever ever write reviews for any apps because it’s a waste of my valuable time, but this one is the kicker. I have all my finances and activities for the year in spreadsheets and very often I find mysef in the need of having to uninstall and re-install the app because it would get stuck in “Downloading” and when I hit cancel, it would remain stuck in “Attempting to cancel”. The app in general is great, but how would you rate an app that you can’t even open? (Let alone the fact I pay Office 360 yearly).

- Excel

I use excel to keep track of my bills. Excel works on my iPhone and my old iPad that crashed. I bought the iPad Pro 12.9 and it will not you edit without getting a subscription, this is non-sense. I paid for Microsoft Office for my laptop. Don't feel like I need to pay for it again just to update 7 to 8 bills per month. I do my main work on my laptop when needed. Love the app but not the price for a little work to be don't twice a month. Giving one star until something changes.

- Sometimes it doesn’t load or show changes on other devices; logout via iOS settings if it does

I did a ton of editing on my phone, then when I go back home to edit on my PC, the changes were not saved. Check my phone and the workbook can’t load, it just simply hangs. After restarting the app and turning the phone on and off, I figured out that you can reset your logout for the app: Go to your phone settings, search for “Excel”, scroll down and click “Reset Excel”, click “Delete Sign-In Credentials”, log back in on the Excel app—workbook with the newest update is loaded; check on PC and iPad and its updated too. Irritating because I thought I had a few hours of work lost.

- New iPad Pro user now require subscription??

VERY DISAPPOINTED - a BIG fail with upgrade and new to iPad Pro users. I just upgraded to a 11” iPad Pro from an older iPad Air. I now require a $6.99 per month subscription of OFFICE 365 to EDIT and update my file. This is retail blackmail. Tried to reinstall an old version but could not. I have been using Microsoft excel for many years now and did not need any subscription until now. Will now have to see about google sheets which is FREE. A productivity let down with Microsoft. This is how you are losing customers. Sadly disappointed coz I love Microsoft excel. Note I can still edit on my iPhone and older iPad Air - but that’s besides the point of my UPGRADE to an iPad Pro. I thought I would have greater efficiencies and I do except here.

- Saving doesn’t work properly

I have noticed since there does not seem to be a way to actually save and exit a file, it doesn’t always save correctly in Microsoft cloud. Or sometimes if i try to save a document I’m working on as a different file, it seems to be that i can ONLY access it from my iPad. It does not show on other devices that the folder is shared with. If i go look for the file in Microsoft cloud, it shows like it’s more in a pending status. I can’t rename it, move it or delete it. It also says that it is zero kilobytes, so nothing is in the file, just a name but i can access the file WITH data in the document if i go through recent files in Excel only.

- Great App and so worth the price

I love the Microsoft suite and I use it everyday. I seem to use Excel on my iPhone and Word on my iPad. I recently started using my Mac to make revisions on the files that I created on my devices. But I’m using Pages and Numbers which I believe are not the same as the Microsoft apps do it’s so hard to know how to use them. But I’m pretty good with knowing how to use the MS apps on my devices and I love them. I think it’s so worth the annual price that I pay and I would recommend at least Word and Excel for crafters.

- Huge Bug

Don’t move off the app without save your work first. Microsoft cares more about checking to see if you have an Office365 license than saving/preserving your work! When trying to create a simple worksheet that I was cutting and pasting to from a web page, when I got back less than a minute later, excel reset itself and then opened up the last thing I had open that had been saved! I lost everything I had done! Why would this happen? The only reason why it would not remain open is the same reason it takes so long to open a Word document in Windows... because it has to check to make sure you have a valid license... even if you had opened up Word not just 30 seconds ago!

- Love!!

LOVE the iPad app! It makes everything so accessible and easy to learn on. People who aren’t fluent in Excel will probably do just as well or even better than people who are when learning how to use this version. There are some annoying things when it comes to using the app in landscape vs portrait mode (sometimes buttons merge when switching to portrait that just don’t really make sense to merge) but other than that, I’m a grateful that such a necessary tool is free through the App Store.

- Almost as functional as the computer version

I used to teach excel in computer science at the University of New Mexico. I had a hard time believing a phone app could be as powerful as the excel program on computers. You’d be surprised how much you can do from a phone app. It has formulas, charts, tables, and can even suggest numerical data such as averages when you select groups of data. It has a scanner where you can take a picture of a chart and it imports the data to a chart. Great product.

- Clumsy and can’t print

If you’ve ever used real excell you’ll find this extremely clumsy . It’ll drop off the name of the column if you change width, even drops number off. We have a brand new business printer with air print, this won’t print. Says it’s not in a format that will print. It’s a simple spreadsheet of book I buy not a bunch of complicated formulas and it’s still awful. It is the only choice however and it’s 10$ a month. It’s a ripoff but if I pad pro is your computer it’s the best you can do and accept you cannot get a hard copy. I just cancelled the ridiculous subscription because if I can’t even get hard copy it’s useless to me bye. I did what the directions said so I sure as #@#% better not get charged.

- Really Good

I been having microsoft excel for months and years and basically now i have the subscription its the same thing even though you dont have he subscription its still gonna work i tried it without the subscription and it still worked for me and i am still happy about it and its really good all of it and basically they changed their excel logo and it looks nice and better and basically i am happy with it i dont care what people say its more better

- Excel using one drive

I find excel to be a great program, used it sense 1984 or 5 . About one year ago stopped using drop box and used one drive instead. Over this last year I have had three critical errors and had to go back to old copy in drop box, to recover. In late July had another major problem, not sure how I caused it but it was un recoverable. Had to go back to dropbox again took over eight hour to recoup! I now only use Drop box work between iphone ipad lap top and desk top and have had know errors what so ever. Excel makes good spread sheet now works with all the above but there one drive is atrocious.

- Infuriating “smart” editing help

As much as I appreciate the effort put into this mobile app, the fact they do not let you put the cursor where you need it when editing formulas makes it worse than useless when you are in a hurry. “When you are in a hurry” is the main time you use a mobile app. Editing should be simple and direct, and the speed with which the cursor can be placed accurately is the only help that matters. So based on this clear logic, one star.

- Bug with the latest “bug fix” update!!

Since I updated the app, it gets stuck trying to open the last file I was looking at. I have to delete the app and reload it in order for it to start working again. I use this app hundreds of times a day, so this is SUPER ANNOYING. Other than that, I love this app. As I said before I use it all the time. It helps me keep organized with my finances and budgeting, ticket sales for my business, mailing and membership lists, and schedules. I love that with keeping my files in my Dropbox, I can look at and edit the files from several devices.

- Time to Migrate from Microsoft

I've been using Microsoft Onedrive to edit and create excel files online via my browser on my laptop for years. A couple years ago I started editing and creating on my 9.7" iPad. Worked amazing. No Office 365 subscription needed. Now I've upgraded to an older 10.5" iPad Pro and I can no longer do ANYTHING without an Office 365 subscription on the 10.5" iPad. I can still edit and create on my laptop with my browser and on the 9.7" iPad... so why not the 10.5" iPad? I'm the same user, doing the same exact type of things... yet for some reason Microsoft deems usage on the 10.5" iPad to require a premium. Nice way to fracture your user base. Time to find another solution that I can actually USE!

- Can’t give 5 stars

I like the app, can’t give it five stars yet. I only use it to keep up with my monthly spending. So, I have only one main complaint that effect me and that might be because of One Drive. When loading the work sheet I’m using just hangs up and doesn’t load. Next, can also be the work sheet I use for my expense and the way the formulas are set up. When I enter a new amount in a new row it automatically duplicates the amount in the hold column. So to get around the problem I have to enter a number in a row without using a = sign so that it doesn’t repeat in the column.

- The last update really bad

It is unable to sync with the Dropbox app so i can’t access files in my dropbox cloud. It is really hard to believe to experience this kind of issue from one of the world’s leading corporations because this issue should have been caught and fixed by the developers. Very naive mistake that happened unnecessarily due to their lack of attention! P.S. The issue was swiftly resolved in a day so I can access my Dropbox cloud again. Thank you!

- Broken again!

This is now the second time that an update to Excel has prevented me from actually using the app. Whenever I open Excel it gets stuck in a loop trying to load a file from my OneDrive. If I hit “cancel” it gets stuck trying to cancel the download. The only way to fix it is to delete the app and reinstall, after which it only works a few times before the issue starts again. Normally I’d just grin and bear it since I use Excel for finances, but they already had this issue earlier this year, fixed it, and then somehow with the most recent update reintroduced it. We should all learn from our mistakes and not keep making them. If Microsoft can’t, then I might have to.

- Needs customization settings

It automatically opens the last file you used and is very slow to cancel the operation. It also has an obnoxious message when you try to cancel it opening saying, “Attempting to Cancel.” Attempting??? Make this a setting for those of us who use more than one spreadsheet. It also has to load everything again almost every time you switch apps. If you close the app or even lock your phone/iPad for a bit, it has to reload the worksheet again and often doesn’t save your previous work.

- Microsoft office products perform poorly!!!

I purchased Microsoft office package for my iPad and I also purchased Microsoft office package for my Mac (desktop). Microsoft office products have performed so poorly, I’ve had to repurchase both packages. Finally, I have given up on using Microsoft office products on any of my apple products. Microsoft customer service is almost as bad as the products, someone from India tried to charge me, even after I told him it was brand new. I had just purchased the software 3 days previously. Hopefully Microsoft will improve their products and customer service, I feel like I’ve been robbed. I don’t want to think of Microsoft asa thief, but as of right now Microsoft has stolen money and time from me.

- Great APP Version, but . . .

The cut/paste functions are cumbersome and it is nearly impossible to use if you have a sheet blown up for enlargement. The inability to have more than one sheet open at a time makes referencing one sheet, to complete another one, hard and time-consuming. The “Save A Copy” function works great as described but is a poor substitute for “Save As”, which would make it easier to complete a “Master” sheet and then save it under another name to preserve the “Master”. Otherwise this is a functional, but lite version of the best SS program ever written.

- Great app

I am a story writer and when I’m at loss for a character I use an excel randomizer that I created on my computer. With looks, personality, quirks, weaknesses, random words and more. I like how I can just save it on my cloud and open it up on my phone whenever I have inspiration and am not near my computer. I just wish there was an easier way to randomize (like using f9 on the computer). I always end up clicking on the cell that has the random formula and press return.

- Dropbox Loading Screen Freeze

Not sure what happened the last 4 weeks. Excel connected fine with Dropbox, now gets stuck loading a page I've been using for over a year with no issues. Both apps are updated, and I can go through Dropbox to export the sheet into Excel and it works. But doesn't upload back to Dropbox so not a good option. Hope it can be fixed. Did this on iOS 12 and now iOS 13.

- Not a real mobile app

Pretty much useless as a mobile app unless you have pristine internet access. DO NOT WORK ON AN IMPORTANT DOCUMENT WITHOUT PRISTINE INTERNET!!!. The office 365 file sharing protection feature will lock your changes out even if your not sharing the document with anyone. Once that happens your pretty much stuck with saving as a copy. Once you get to a DESKTOP computer you can delete the original file and rename the copy to the original. I don't understand why smart developers don’t understand that fast internet isn’t everywhere in the world. Hotel internet is slow and internet isn’t even available on airplanes. This shouldn’t be a problem for as long as it has been.

- Auto save and cannot edit spreadsheets

Due to the latest craze for auto save the security of a protected device is at risk. This is particularly true because there is no way to unprotect and protect and edit when updates are made. There is also no clear way to close a file when done working on it and moving to another. Creates instability of vital information since spreadsheet are sheer data without any true guide to their accuracy as you may find in a word document. I find this very disconcerting.

- Still just a glorified excel READER

You can’t create or edit documents and expect to be able to do anything with them. You can’t reliably print them; if you create a spreadsheet on your iPad, don’t expect to be able to open it on your desktop...or even back on your iPad again because for some reason it STILL saves into corrupted files. Only work around is to open in apple’s FREE numbers app and resave it there. Also don’t expect any kind of formatting to carry over between the iPad app and’ll need to reformat all of your cells still. Juvenile app that’s only good for reading your already created spreadsheets.

- Office 365 worth the cost

I have used office for many years. Once I bought an iPad Pro I could no long edit word or excel files. I was upset and switched to numbers and pages. Those were both inadequate so I decided to buy office 365. It was a great decision, I can edit my files anywhere and with 1Tb of OneDrive storage included I can store all my files and photos in one place. I would recommend Excel and Word to anyone who needs a word processor or to create a spread sheet.

- Needs work

There should be more templates, but mostly god on my phone and my iPad I open up excel and it’ll try to open my last document for 1,000 years. I literally have to delete and re download excel every time this happens which is like once every two days. I have an iPhone XR and a 2018 iPad - this shouldn’t be happening. I’m tired of trying to pull up a spreadsheet quick and then I have to fumble around to get it. Doesn’t look good.

- Options disappeared from tool bar

The recent changes have screwed up. I have to use search to find most options. The tool bar no longer shows the options. Macros don’t behave the same and broken. Had to spend a lot of time fixing things that broke as a result of update. Wish you guys provide an easier way to go back yo previous release. Thought excel 365 was a stable product. It seems Microsoft is going back to its bad behavior of breaking things after a release. Quality control and testing needs improvement.

- I want to learn more about EXCEL

It’s a very useful TOOL 🛰 it guides you throughout the app. It teaches you how to use it step by step how to create templates for what you need so it’s also very convenient. If you create a template for your daily expenses • ex: what you expend by priority laid out for you by how much of what’s important you expend. •ex: TIME•EATING•exercising•WORKING• How much I expend in...A DAY -A WEEK- A- MONTH A -YEAR A -DECADE -2 DECADES...of what I care about. That is how I measure my life. And “not for nothing. But” this app really helps me accomplish that.

- Cursor keys gone?

Did you really take away the left and right cursor keys or is that IOS11 doing it? I just tried rotating the phone and they are gone in this editor too so it must be the OS. One of the hardest things to do when editing a long formula is getting the cursor in correct position to add or delete something. The one saving grace was if you turned the iPhone sideways the extended keyboard shows with left/right cursor movement keys. These allowed precise placement of the cursor. After I updated to ios11 they are missing. Instead there is just blank wasted space on either side of the keyboard. Without those cursor keys the best you can do most of the time with fat fingers is get within a few characters to the right of the position and backspace away good characters that you have to replace after the edit.

- Big problem fix this bug

When I write something and then when i want to click on the backward button for closing or saving the changes suddenly that option is going to be disappearing and when I scroll down a lot and or clicking on other menus that option becomes appear or sometimes it’s not going to be shown its a very big problem please solve it soon

- Heed the warnings!

You will lose your work!! In my case, 6 months worth was lost, only to be followed up with 3-4 hrs, getting NOWHERE with Microsoft tech support. Outrageous! Files created on my laptop, only modified on the Excel app on my iphone, were all unrecoverable and completely gone when the excel app was inadvertently deleted from my phone... the files were initially created and were saved in multiple locations, OUTSIDE OF EXCEL APP...! Why then were they accessible for deletion simply by forgetting to lock my screen when I put my phone in my pocket which caused the accidental deletion of the excel app??!? Not the Office 365, just excel. Nightmare...ongoing nightmare!!

- Use mostly for invoices

I use this mostly for invoices, does a good job saves everything, I wanttto use a costume LEGO but not really able too but that’s no big deal, I wish it had an auto save so I don’t have to keep typing up new invoices with my info, rather just click on a new invoices my info is already on there with a lego and name, just have to type the sale and job and what’s been done, yeah if only it can do that, instead of going back to an old one and editing it all the time

- Great User Interface

I have used Excel on a PC for many years. I was skeptical that the iOS app would be useful as there are so many features and functions that require menu pics using a mouse on the PC platform. I am pleased to report that Microsoft did an outstanding job on the user interface for this version of their tool. It is easy to use and provides all of the features that I regularly use.

- Good Luck

I have been using Excel on PC for over a decade on a professional level, I have no idea what the hell im doing on IPAD. I haven’t been able to do any work. My IPAD I purchased to be more productive has limited me to be a worthless unproductive piece of crap. My only contribution to my workplace is making burnt crappy coffee in an attempt to get myself fired so that they can hire someone who was smart enough to not mix Microsoft and IOS. This is likely sabotage(make it impossible so that we all need to buy windows stuff). I haven’t been able to find the answers to the user interface online either. So I love my $1300 paperweight.

- Excell cannot get the new updated file

Saved a file in Excel on the 14th to Dropbox. Updated the file on home PC on the 15th and then again on the 16th. Try to read it in on the 17th, see the old 14th version. Tried "Discard changes", tried double-tapping on the app and shutting it down - more than once. I opened the new file in Dropbox, it is the right version; told it to open that file in Excel, but Excel opens the old version. Did that twice. Be real sure of what versions Excel shows you.

- They broke it auto save doesn’t work

Nothing more frustrating than the auto save doesn’t work and neither does the save when closing the application you’re working on. So basically if you spend a few hours on a spreadsheet and close it thinking it’s now saved. It’s not. Fix this or I’ll forever leave and finally just go to numbers. Fed up with untested bs from Microsoft! Seriously you think you’ll ever fix this very bad flaw! It just never saves. Yet every freaking time I have to go between screens the app closes and reopens. Yet did it save? Hell no. What a waste. What are you all doing at megalasoft? Because your software bug fixes are laughable!

- Linking cells from spreadsheet to spreadsheet

I have used the excel and word app for years; have enjoyed it except for one continuous problem. I can’t Link cells from one spreadsheet to another as the app doesn’t support this function. Need my Microsoft Surface to get the full functionality of Excel. I would love to be able to accomplish this function. I have commented on this issue for years and have gotten either no response or, obviously, no update including this function. Rather disappointing!

- It doesn’t sync to OneDrive

I was very excited that I could continue my work from PC to my iPad Pro away from my desk. The functions were pretty much comparable and I don’t see any missing functions for what I need. doesn’t sync back to OneDrive. I spent a few hours trying to figure out, the PC version didn’t have my changes on iPad and my iPad still have the new changes but didn’t upload to Onedrive. I tried to save it several times and I should have Save a Copy but I didn’t. Finally, I tried to open the Onedrive version on my ipad and I lost all my work on IPad. This is very disappointing and I don’t think I will use this app again.

- A more basic version of Excel.

Yes, this is a more basic version of Excel than what you might find on Windows, but for many people it has everything they need. Plus there are more features being added all the time. Split screen screen and slide-over are working great, glad to see that functionality added. But we still need multi-document support to work on two or more files simultaneously. Thanks to the devs for continuous enhancements and bug fixes.

- Started crashing a lot after a recent update.

Generally fine, and it's nice to be able to work on spreadsheets on desktop or mobile, but after a recent update it just crashes regularly now, especially if I turn the screen off with it still in the foreground. Less than a minute and when I turn it back on, it has to reload itself, and then my spreadsheet. It also forgets where I was, and goes back to wherever my last edit was. I do this enough that this problem has become enough to make me move to a different spreadsheet app.

- Pretty good, but still missing important element

So, I have a 2019 iMac 27”, a 2019 iPad Pro 12.9”, an iPhone 10s Max, and another iPhone for work. I like integrating data and excel programs with each device, so that updates are saved in iCloud storage. I would like to know when/if iPad OS will support Macros specifically. Also, will it be possible to operate the desktop version on iPad OS? I feel like their are productivity limitations with the current version on iPad OS. Overall, I believe it is a great app!! Just looking for consistency.

- Great to have the familiar tools on my phone

It is so nice to have the familiar Microsoft tools on my phone. Excel does not run macro's which is a drawback. But the major problem is that with a recent update whenever I close the app with a document open it is unable to reopen the document when I reload the app at a later date. The reload never times out and I am unable to cancel the reload. This renders the app useless. Even after killing the app and restarting my phone it still tries to reload the document that it cannot load. Only way to fix it is to uninstall the app and then reinstall it from the App Store. This app is useless to me now.

- Can’t edit on new iPad Pro without subscription

So it seems that you cannot edit anything on an iPad Pro unless you own an Office365 subscription... but works fine on smaller iPads and iPhones... this is so cheap. It worked perfectly on my older iPad and everything else, it’s just the iPad Pro that doesn’t. I work for a non-profit and they have paid for Office 2019 on the Work PCs, and I have always been able to work with the iPad on location when traveling (which is why I bought the big iPad) but now I can’t. Please just allow me to edit a few files a month then.

- VisiCalc of 2019

At the beginning of the computer revolution there was a killer app and it was VisiCalc, the first successful spreadsheet. Business owners bought personal computers just to be able to run the spreadsheet. When GUI was widespread, Excel became the norm. Together with Winword it dominated the market for killer apps of the PC era. Now we are in the cloud era, and excel is no more. New apps are available for our mobile smartphones, which became the indispensable tool for business professionals. Cloud based apps, with access to our online accounts in a new paradigm of workflow. It’s laudable that Microsoft tries to fix the old business software for the modern technologies, but it’s like an old version learning new tricks.

- Microsoft Sets the Standard

I’ve used MS Office for years. Last spring, my laptop died and I had to use Numbers on a Mac for a few months. FINALLY replaced my laptop and I’m back to Excel, this time using Office 365. I’m a total nerd, and I love having the ability to access all my spreadsheets on my phone! The functionality and features of Excel are available in no other program on the market. Microsoft absolutely sets the standard!

- Layout could be better for iPhone, works fine

I love Excel and use it often, usually on my computer. It’s nice to be able to edit the workbooks I have on my computer uploaded to onedrive, on my phone when I’m not nearby. It has all the functionality I usually need, although the layout is a little cramped and I wish I could customize it. I understand as it’s hard to fit all that functionality on a tiny iPhone screen, but it does the job.

- Working on an Apple platform

Normally I use numbers to do spreadsheets on an Apple tablet or MacBook. Occasionally I use Excel when people I’m working with doesn’t have numbers. I can find it difficult to add/delete multiple rows and columns at a time on my tablet and so easy on my Mac. I wouldn’t call myself a novice or an expert when it comes to spreadsheets. Copying and adding or deleting columns or rows should not take long, but can be tedious if you have to copy, paste, add or delete one at a time.

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Continued performance improvements to Excel in Microsoft 365... #techcommunity

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cody: can i tell you something i’m excited about.. i followed a girl on tik tok...she makes videos about things you can do on microsoft excel EXCEL I LOVE EXCEL I LOVE EXCEL me:

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Hands-On Machine Learning with Microsoft Excel 2019: Build complete data analysis flows, from data collection to visualization #datascience #ad

Jorge Castañeda ☁ #MSIgnite

Continued performance improvements to Excel in Microsoft 365: time to take another look #MVPBuzz

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Continued performance improvements to Excel in Microsoft 365: time to take another look

get yo BOOTS and yo COAT

Apparently, I don’t know shit about Microsoft Excel 😂

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Microsoft Excel Data Analysis and Business Modeling 💽 Master business modeling and analysis techniques with Microsoft Excel 2019 and Office 365 and transform data into bottom-line results. #Microsoft #Excel #DataAnalysis #BusinessModeling

Microsoft Excel 2.41.1 Screenshots & Images

Microsoft Excel iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Microsoft Excel iphone images
Microsoft Excel iphone images
Microsoft Excel iphone images
Microsoft Excel iphone images
Microsoft Excel iphone images
Microsoft Excel ipad images
Microsoft Excel ipad images
Microsoft Excel ipad images
Microsoft Excel ipad images
Microsoft Excel ipad images
Microsoft Excel Productivity application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Microsoft Excel Productivity application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Microsoft Excel (Version 2.41.1) Install & Download

The applications Microsoft Excel was published in the category Productivity on 2014-03-27 and was developed by Microsoft Corporation [Developer ID: 298856275]. This application file size is 258.02 MB. Microsoft Excel - Productivity posted on 2020-09-19 current version is 2.41.1 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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