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The iOvilus is based on the same method of

ITC communications as the highly controversial

The iOvilus produces speech based on

changes to sensors on the Iphone.

Simply the Idea is that an outside force

can effect a change and register a response.

Instrumental Trans Communications

ITC Is not new however the methods

used to try and achieve it are changing greatly.

The iOvilus is simple to use, start the app

Listen to what is said. Remember that the

Environment drives the output of iOvilus

Using a 2048 word dictionary to promote ITC


This device doesn't use random generators

For Questions or the History of this device

please go to

iOvilus App Description & Overview

The applications iOvilus was published in the category Entertainment on 2009-10-16 and was developed by Digital Dowsing LLC. The file size is 9.49 MB. The current version is iOV 2.1.3 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

Improved log files and support for ipods using iOS 7.0 and higher
Bug Fix .... Settings changes are now saved. Log file format has changed
to a comma delimited format.

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Great app  cpatt2017  5 star

I love this amazing app but I really need my money back please

idaho Spudster

Idaho  idaho Spudster  1 star

Seems to generate typical “scary words” like “ghost, legion, devil, banshee, threat” that must be purely for effect. I was not asking questions so these types of words were not in response to any prompting. I didn’t have the volume on the microphone on.

Hunter Kaine

Something breaks after each update.  Hunter Kaine  3 star

I found this app interesting, as I live in an active area. Plenty came through. However, each update of this app seems to break a feature. The latest one, prevents you from sending your logs via email.


This App Is Incredibly Accurate It’s Scares Me!  SheDrivesZ  5 star

I don’t even know if I should share my experience because it’s just so messed up. This App BLEW MY MIND!! We found a dead female body floating in my backyard development pond the other day. Yes I was on news and everything. They’re still investigating to determine if it was suicide, accident or foul play. This happened literally 10 yards from my back patio. We made a nice memorial for her along the grassy bank of the pond with flowers, candles, a cross and things of that nature. Last night I took the iOvilus App to where we found her body and I started asking it specific questions. I really didn’t expect much as I thought this was strictly an entertainment App. Wholly “words I can’t say on here”!! It was throwing words at me every 3 seconds! Words that told a story about what “could” have happened to her. I could copy and paste the entire log but it’s pretty darn long. Here’s a more than a dozen or so key words that it said and it blew me away! Decompose - Water - Creek - Grassy - Bank- Murder - 5 - AM - Crawling - Threat - Prayer - Telepathy - Fear - Spring - Flowers - Knife (someone said they found a knife in the grass at the crime scene and found stab wounds on the victim) Man - Push - Rage - Stomach - Attack - Mommy - Cotton - (She was wearing a light cotton hoodie) Grass - Lake - Follow - Malevolent - Dope - Winds - Gravity - Sorry - Soul - Chant - Bury - Teen - Important - Capital S - Several Names That I Won’t Mention - Often - Cry - Phone - Astral - Threat (said several times) Eye - Beg - Stones - Fear - Under - Slain - Water - Hidden - Human - Moist - Momma - Tremor - Face - (wounds to her face) - Law - Fury - Mist - Morning - Yank - Push - Disembodied - Person - Sink - Demon - Earthen - Witch - Fall - Discovered - Moss - Water - Pray - Reveal - Hope - Nose - Justice - Purified - Leg - Levitation - Crawl and Push (said several times) - Afraid - Drag - Shock - Threat - Drunk. I could go on and on because the list is incredibly long of what appears to be accuracy! I’m no detective, but all of these random words seem to tell a story. The App may or may not work for you but this is just to mind blowing to ignore. It was worth the money for sure:)) I rarely write reviews and sorry this is so long but how could I not write one about my insane experience?


Has some issues  Hurrihottie  2 star

I really like this app...voice is kind of creepy. But in the last year I’ve had to keep reinstalling it bc you can’t get it to turn on. Very disappointed bc I paid fir this app. Please offer an update to fix this bug. My father passed away suddenly 3 weeks ago & I would like to try & talk to him using this!


Truly remarkable.  Sh266549  5 star

To cut to the chase—the first time I used the app, I put my phone on my great uncle’s WWI helmet, painted with a map of France. The Ovilus said WAR FEAR FRENCH My sister used the app at my late Grandmothers house last night (2.15.2019) and got intelligent and specific responses to the questions she asked. Unusual names and items were mentioned and it was eerily clear that my Gram herself was communicating with them. My sister and my mom were dumbstruck and freaked out. And a little teary too. I listened to the whole thing over the phone and was freaking out with them. Amazing. Thank you for this fascinating tool, Bill.


Crashes on IPod 5  Iphotoghosts  1 star

I own the real original box. Works great phonetic mode. This version continuously crashes as soon as opens. Redown loaded it several times over last year to if fixed. No it still not working.


Bs  wyldvamp  1 star

This is giving same words as demo words what a crappy app


App crashes constantly  IllicitDreams  1 star

I used to love the app, and recommended it often. Now the app does nothing but crash when you try and start it. It’s been a year and no fix in sight. Fix the app please.


I believe this works  PinoyPhotog  5 star

I’m watching Ghost Adventures and it was talking about what was going on during the show. I go to put my iPhone 7plus on my leather couch and it says, “Leather.” I feel that someone needs to really pay attention to their surroundings because it describes surroundings it’s around.


Best ghost app out there  Stephb1534  5 star

One of the only apps that actually work for spirit communication. I have some Haunted dolls at home and they said all their names through the app and would also tell me what I was holding and what I was thinking. Love this app!

D Dickson

Dickson  D Dickson  1 star

Fake at its best

Satanic Aussie

Satanic Aussie  Satanic Aussie  1 star

Fake another rip off ghost detector do not let it fool you. None of these apps actually work

Lomack 187

Do not buy just a scam for cash  Lomack 187  1 star

The ones says this is great has ties with company to boosting ratings, doesn't work. Random messages "Sarah ant dog hat what the F???? Waste of time, if I could give 0 I would

Monkey Octopus

Great  Monkey Octopus  5 star

Use it with pure intent and the results will astonish you


Awesome  Callkthulu  5 star

Don't expect it to work right away give it time to get used to it but when it does it's mind blowing


It works well for me and my friends . Very creepy sometimes , and funny  tad76  5 star

But it's all up to you ... And what you believe ... Personally I love it ....


Update  Kimcal  4 star

Thanks for the update so we can now see the words. Very much appreciated. Keep up the good work :)


Freakish  Rainbowinme  5 star

I downloaded this App on a verbal feedback from a friend and yes wow it said some pretty Amazing things it would never have known definately worth more than priced if your curious yes for sure get it I love it and you will too. Use it in a quiete environment and see the results for yourself Eerie Stuff. Might be hard to understand but in a quiete spot listen carefully and be shocked have fun and good luck don't use if your not prepared to be shocked Weird! But Works.


Best App out there made by the best in the business  Rogodogo  5 star

Made by the best ghost equipment engineer in the field. It really works if you know how and what it does. Simply the best on the market and I use it during my investigations all the time.

Mona Parker

CREEPY DON'T GET IT  Mona Parker  2 star

I started off thinking it was going to be a simple app where you ask questions and get answers. But that wasn't the case. I asked a simple question as where are you and suddenly my floor started creaking. And a couple minutes the floorboards broke and a portal opened up. My phone responded "down here" and when I stepped on it, I fell down like the scene from Alice in wonderland. It was amazing! It was a whole new world! I quickly went out and went to my local church. I prayed and prayed for hours and even went to confession. The priest gave me a odd look. He said to go to a therapist. So, I went to a therapist and got my house blessed. This was a crazy experience. I hope my story will be passed on from generation to generation so everybody knows NOT to get this app. LISTEN TO MY TITLE!!!

Marianne Quinn

Love it!!  Marianne Quinn  5 star

I've been a paranormal investigator since 1988. Back in the day I used a 35mm camera, compass, recorder and flashlight. That being said I've had many different pieces of equipment and this ovilus works. For example in Gettysburg I get words and info pertaining to battle. At the eastern state penn words pertaining to be locked up and crimes. In cemeteries names of graves I'm looking at. Private investigations again very helpful tool. So I highly recommend this for serious investigators. So def not a waste of money.


A waste of money  Mellod76  1 star

Don't buy, it just ramble of words that don't make sense.


Be patient, it works!!!  GhostEnthusiest  5 star

I'm like a lot of other people out there. Curious of the afterlife. I've seen similar devices being used on popular Ghost Hunting shows and figured, what the heck. You have to be patient, ask questions that require real answers (not basic yes or no questions) and understand that where there is one spirit, there are usually many spirit. Imagine you are phone call with many of your friends all at once. If everybody is speaking all at the same time, it's hard to follow just one conversation. But if you are patient and ask spirit to kindly speak one at a time, you most likely will be able to follow along with what they are saying. Just last night, I asked for some kind of proof that I was actually communicating with spirit and not just a game, and it said "Chris, Husband" - that is my husband's name and he was right next to me sleeping. Do you know the odds of that actually happening? Slim to none


Fun if you want to scare yourself 👻  jess1921xx  3 star

I downloaded this app for fun and didn't really expect much from it. Not gonna lie, most of the time it seems to just say random words. However, there have been more than a few instances where it said things that ACCURATELY related to the situation or people in the room. It's said my name and a friends name quite a few times followed by disturbing words. Probably nothing more than a coincidence but definitely fun if you want to freak yourself out lol. Also, the male robot voice that reads the words is creepy and adds to the whole effect. Real or not, it's definitely a scary app and fun if you're into paranormal stuff.


Update!  StrayCats001  2 star

Update for iPhone 6s iOS 9 and make compatibility with ovilus 5 since its on its way


Move on!  Jalshara  1 star

This thing is a joke! It spits out random words before I even ask a question! In 15 minutes it spit out a total of 50 words (I wrote them down) and the words didn't even make any sort of sense. Ex. (in order): shape, forward, took, drift, how, chain, cake, ah, alone, etc. Keep your money in your pocket ppl.

Ghost Apocalypse

Works like a charm  Ghost Apocalypse  5 star

Works just like the real one


Did you just hear that ripping sound...?  SavUtheTrouble  1 star

That was the sound of you being ripped off as you eagerly await the download of your very own Ovilus!!!!! Yes, iOvilus, from the makers of the Ovilus I. Production of the physical devices stopped, and for good reason! With the IPhone's built-in laser micrometer, chronometer accurate to within one millionth of a second, and enough hard memory to compute the math needed to detect and quantify paraphysical fluctuation, who needs to pay $300 for an actual Ovilus I? Standby... what's this? The iPhone doesn't contain that hardware? It can't see quantum particles?! Then, what does this app do....? Better go buy an actual Ovilus.... Ha!!!

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