iOvilus [Entertainment] App Description & Overview

The iOvilus is based on the same method of

ITC communications as the highly controversial

The iOvilus produces speech based on

changes to sensors on the Iphone.

Simply the Idea is that an outside force

can effect a change and register a response.

Instrumental Trans Communications

ITC Is not new however the methods

used to try and achieve it are changing greatly.

The iOvilus is simple to use, start the app

Listen to what is said. Remember that the

Environment drives the output of iOvilus

Using a 2048 word dictionary to promote ITC


This device doesn't use random generators

For Questions or the History of this device

please go to

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iOvilus Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Improved log files and support for ipods using iOS 7.0 and higher Bug Fix .... Settings changes are now saved. Log file format has changed to a comma delimited format.

iOvilus Comments & Reviews

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- Algorithm

If you do update this app, you might want to adjust the algorithm to spit out words more often. Believers may not mind the wait for an answer to a question, but for people using this as an impromptu ridiculous story machine much like MadLibs, my attention span would be appeased if words came out a bit faster.

- This app is no joke

I had to delete it because things got very weird very fast. I kept getting the words “daddy”, “bible”, “wheat”, “prayer”. This was strange because recently my father was discussing the “the wheat from the tares” bible verse. It then said my late grandmother’s nickname which is extremely specific. After a while it proceded with saying “water, bacon, legion”... I thought this was random, until it hit me like a ton of bricks. In the Bible when Jesus spoke to the possessed man, He asked the the demon his name. “Legion for we are many” is what he responded with. The demons begged Jesus not to be sent away and asked if they could posses a heard of pigs nearby. They jumped from the man to the heard of pigs. The pigs ran to a lake and drowned themselves. Bacon, water, legion. It mentioned legion several times. I deleted it because right after this it said, “yourself and threat”. I took that as a cue that I needed to let this app go. Play at your own risk.

- Crazy weird

I don’t know if this app is a hoax, it just kept saying random in related words but there’s something that kinda made me freak out and by kinda I mean a lot, so I have been needing a scare lately so I dowloaded that board game to contact spirits and I was asking it’s name and it said she was a girl named jean anyway I said goodbye cause it got a little boring but I go to this app next and the first words it says after I get on was goodbye jean, made me a little freaked out so I waited and then it said bunny and hockey which I have one of those you bunny animals that when you push it’s side it makes an angry face with sharp teeth and on top of that it was sitting next to a bobble head of a hockey player, so I left and haven’t been back on since

- play at your own risk

this game is no joke me and my friend thought it was and we were talking to this guy ron, we were by an abandoned train track that no one goes to. So we just thought someone had to die there, but a random truck drove past us and we were spooked and we started to walk towards our house, but that truck turned around and when we were running this app said Dive and right as he said that my friend fell and she’s now at the hospital. She broke her collarbone, i’m just saying that’s a big coincidence

- Ovilus app

Downloaded this app despite the many low reviews it has for repeating the same words... But figured for $2 bucks, no big and I’d just get it, and mess around with it and see.... Well, I’ve now downloaded the app 3 times and it still doesn’t work right. There is NO audio from the app. It displays words, BUT you have to read them, it does NOT say them out loud. This must be a glitch because it’s useless with saying the word. And I’ve downloaded it 3 times trying to get it to work. I’d like a refund for this crap, because it doesn’t even work! So, not only did it display the same words everyone said it would, there is NO audio. This app is terrible.

- Rachel

This app is the real deal. As a believer of the paranormal I tried it out. I took it to the cemetery and when I went to my aunt’s grave it said November. She died in November. When I started the car it said engine. It also said words I didn’t know like legion. Well a legion is a demon in the Bible. It became obvious that demons we’re trying to communicate so I deleted the app.

- I believe this works

I’m watching Ghost Adventures and it was talking about what was going on during the show. I go to put my iPhone 7plus on my leather couch and it says, “Leather.” I feel that someone needs to really pay attention to their surroundings because it describes surroundings it’s around.

- Holy crap

Ok so it mentions really freaky things like where tf I live. Fr I live on a island and if u don’t believe me search up kentisland. Any way it mentions how my cousin just cut her finger cuz it said cousin bled island knife. So I am like this is dump I put phone on charge and go to the kitchen and there it was right in front of me my cousin cuts her self cutting up salad. Omg


I paid for this app cause the internet said it could be legit... well my friend and I used it for 2 sessions in different locations one night, and the second session gave LITERALLY the same exact words as the first session in LITERALLY the same exact order. So yeah, this is objectively a scam. I’m going to try to get a refund even though it’s only $2 because this is ridiculous. I’ve seen other people saying the words they got..... they’re the same as what we got. Knit, wheat, prayer, etc... bull crap

- Amazing App!!!!

This app definitely works and is the real deal!!! I communicated with family members, and had people come through who I didn't know. I for sure recommend downloading this app if you want to speak with the other side.

- This is totally real!

when i uaed it once, a voice came through of someone who recebtly died. Said his name also. The voice even asked for my mom by name! Not joking! My mom was his nurse at the time of death. Use this app if u want to talk to the dead.

- Something breaks after each update.

I found this app interesting, as I live in an active area. Plenty came through. However, each update of this app seems to break a feature. The latest one, prevents you from sending your logs via email.

- Still Crashes!!!

Right as I press the power button it instantly crashes the app. I have to newest iOS update so that's no it. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it and it still crashes. I love iovulus very much and have been using it for years. Please fix this glitch or please explain how to fix. Also I'm so glad to see this app got an update I just wish I could use it without crashing.

- Has some issues

I really like this app...voice is kind of creepy. But in the last year I’ve had to keep reinstalling it bc you can’t get it to turn on. Very disappointed bc I paid fir this app. Please offer an update to fix this bug. My father passed away suddenly 3 weeks ago & I would like to try & talk to him using this!

- Crashes

I LOVE this app. It's interesting, and fun to be on... but I haven't been able to go on it since around December. The second I click the power button, it closes me out back to my home screen. Please fix it, and I'll definitely change my review because this is a wonderful app!

- Cannot use with voice over since the new update

Are use this app a lot before the last update. Since the last update, voiceover will not read the start button. There is no way for me to know how to turn oculus on. None of the buttons are labeled. Could you please fix this issue so I could use the app again? I enjoyed it very much before the update.

- Bugs

I waited almost 3 months for this update, and it still does not work. This is so sad because I love this app but I have been unable to use it since December. Please don't take 3 months to put out an update again. I miss using this app so much

- Dave you’re money to buy the real ovilus

Okay so it kept repeating words. Also I don’t think it’s the real one. Dave your money and buy the real ovilus. This is just for entertainment I think. Honestly they should change it to “ Just for fun”. Bascislly only use for it is to scare your friends. ThaTs it. Nothing more. It’s an joke. Might have more luck with an spirit box.

- Until I read one review above I believed... same exact words she got

I was going to give this app at least a 3 UNTIL I READ THE ABOVE!!! I got all the same freaking words!

- Crap

It says it doesn’t have a dictionary algorithm but that’s seems hard to believe. It says the same words over and over again. I’ve had this app on my phone installed and uninstalled for the past year and no matter where I am it says the same thing. What a joke.

- Random Word Generator

When changing the “sensitivity” setting essentially just changing how fast or slow the random words appear. This app is useless and should NOT be used as a research device. This is for entertainment strictly regardless of what the creators say. This is not reliable and is not what it claims to be. Thank you.

- Really good but I have a question

Amazing app but it keeps saying telepathy to me every time I use it at least once what does it mean?

- It would’ve been great if it would’ve worked

The first time I used it, it seemed ok. But now every time I use it, it’s repetitive b.s. it would not answered ANY of my questions. I’ve been in this field for 30 years. I'm sure Im jaded, but I truly gave it a lot of chance.

- Crashes on IPod 5

I own the real original box. Works great phonetic mode. This version continuously crashes as soon as opens. Redown loaded it several times over last year to if fixed. No it still not working.

- Scam: Random Repetitive Words

I used this sitting in the back yard of a family barbecue and many times in haunted locations at night with the same result. Regardless of location, it spit out the same words. Silly waste of time and money.

- Database app

This app says the same thing you can’t say it don’t. Does it start with knit, legion it’s everywhere I go even in a car saying the same thing I power it off then on and guess wat comes up bacon and the same words

- Don’t Bother

Every time I turn the app on it gives me the same words that were said when I closed the app previously. I’ll buy the real thing. I know my parents are in my house and I just want to know why.

- App crashes constantly

I used to love the app, and recommended it often. Now the app does nothing but crash when you try and start it. It’s been a year and no fix in sight. Fix the app please.

- Same words

I used this app probably 20 times over a month and it says the same 5 words over and over (measure legion spring bacon hundred) no matter the location or questions asked.

- It works

I tried it works

- Great app.

This is a great app but could you please update your app to support iOS 13’s dark mode. Thanks.

- Nope. Big vocabulary, same 10 words.

The same words over and over again days and weeks apart. Some words repeat in same session. Funny saw the same words in app screen shot example. I would pass. Dozens of occurrences of these words: PRAYER, BACON, AGENT, TELEPATHY, LEGION, THREAT, YOURSELF.

- Nothing is happening

Is there anything I can do to get a refund from you? This app is not what I expected.

- Garbage

This does not work. It just spits out a bunch of words. I am in the most UN-Haunted house, and it gave me 20 words within just a few minutes. Save your money. I have a paper weight that is more useful!

- Fake

It says the same words over and over again that I have read in other reviews. There are some great ghost hunting apps but this is not one of them.

- Idaho

Seems to generate typical “scary words” like “ghost, legion, devil, banshee, threat” that must be purely for effect. I was not asking questions so these types of words were not in response to any prompting. I didn’t have the volume on the microphone on.

- Update please

Update for 5 stars

- Fake

This app is completely fake. It shows me the same exact cycle of the same words each time I use it. A waste of money.

- Save your money, this is a joke.

Unless you just want to try to freak out some friends, don't waste your time on this. It's not even worth a dollar.

- It's fake

It shows the same words over and over and they make no sense at all especially to what I'm asking.

- Fake!

It's so fake it keeps repeating same words over the period of 1 month. I want a refund, what a waste of time.

- Good app

Works well

- No audio

You have to read words. There is no sound whatsoever.

- Fake fake fake.

It plays the same words no matter where I am. Waste of money! I want a refund!

- Will not stay on

As soon as you cut it on it completely closes the app

- Refund

Super disappointed in this app. Was a waste of time and money. How can I get a refund?

- Random words

Just says random words to induce fear... as soon as turned it on I got a bunch of words such a legion, hundred, fear...

- Crap

I could have taken that dollar and got a cold drink... the words are random..

- Bs

This is giving same words as demo words what a crappy app

- Bacon, Telepathy, Threat

Familiar? Lol same words repeated over and over. Don’t waste you’re money. Fake

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- Update

Thanks for the update so we can now see the words. Very much appreciated. Keep up the good work :)


So I was doing a ghost hunt by myself at a place called cockatoo island last night and this morning when the device said drag so I said drag what it instnelty said shoes so then I relized the prisoners that use to live there back in the day had ball and chains around there legs so that’s why the guards said drag shoes

- Pretty cool but

Make it run in the background So it keeps recording while we are not looking at it

- Bs

Terrible and don't waste Ur money

- Freakish

I downloaded this App on a verbal feedback from a friend and yes wow it said some pretty Amazing things it would never have known definately worth more than priced if your curious yes for sure get it I love it and you will too. Use it in a quiete environment and see the results for yourself Eerie Stuff. Might be hard to understand but in a quiete spot listen carefully and be shocked have fun and good luck don't use if your not prepared to be shocked Weird! But Works.

- Best ghost app out there

One of the only apps that actually work for spirit communication. I have some Haunted dolls at home and they said all their names through the app and would also tell me what I was holding and what I was thinking. Love this app!

- Awesome

Don't expect it to work right away give it time to get used to it but when it does it's mind blowing

- Great

Use it with pure intent and the results will astonish you

- It works well for me and my friends . Very creepy sometimes , and funny

But it's all up to you ... And what you believe ... Personally I love it ....

- Satanic Aussie

Fake another rip off ghost detector do not let it fool you. None of these apps actually work

- Dickson

Fake at its best

- Do not buy just a scam for cash

The ones says this is great has ties with company to boosting ratings, doesn't work. Random messages "Sarah ant dog hat what the F???? Waste of time, if I could give 0 I would

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- Interesting Device

Never heard of an Ovilus before, and since you can't get one imported into Canada this is the next best thing (I guess). Works on my iTouch, and is chattier and more receptive.. Hmmm... then Ghost Radar? Would be nice if it could log the words or a transcrpt to play back later though.

- Curious

It almost always comes up with relevant words. Don’t understand what jitter buffer or sample mean though in settings

- Meh

The app gave maybe one or two words that were relevant, other than that there’s no intelligent responses. It basically seems that it’s just shooting out random words with no rhyme or reason. I’d say don’t waste your money. It might be okay to use for fun but don’t expect any results.

- It does as advertised!

This works quite well! Sometimes I get relevant responses to questions or situations I am in. However, the EMF environment in the room triggers certain words frequently like “bacon” “knit” “legion” “wheat” “hundred”, but getting words which are significant outside of those consistent ones makes for great speculation and synchronicities.

- Don't waste your money!

This app is nothing more than a word generator game. The more you interact with it, it shows more words, don't talk you get nothing. I want my money back!!!!!!!!!!!

- Blah

There is no rhyme or reason to the words that come out. Needs perhaps a phonetic option instead of just dictionary.

- OMG it works?

Just bought this 2 mins go with my friend! I asked it who's here it said angel,behind,safe and then my name Steven! No one calls me Steven lol not even my family Our hair just stood up!

- Good

Not sure if this is actually connection with spirits. Answers are not significant to question. All in all, I think this is a nice app to play around with. :)

- Results

If you're looking for results you need this The only thing I can ask for this app Is a update for it To give it all the new modes digital dowsing gave the new one That would be nice i've been a paranormal investigator for very long time and I gotten quite a view results using this app.from afterlife investigations Muskoka on Facebook

- What the hell

After I bought it, they decided to add the word log! So now I have to buy it again to have the word log! Dammit, I want an update!

- Great app!!!!

Can you please update though and for another app can you make a ghost box some how yousing white noise or scanning diffrent frequencies. but update please :) and add phonetic mode Please add phonetic mode

- Ugh

It just spits out random words, they don't make any sense at all. Terrible.

- Interesting.

I've done a lot of research on such an item. I wish I could get the real device but the websites state that the item is no longer made. I hope to obtain an Ovilus 2 when they are released. For now I will happily settle with this. The only problem I appear to have is I can't turn it from dictionary to the other method. Update please.

- Quite entertaining!

Just used it for the first time and this is what it said...demon,possible,hurt,gate...I hope it's generating random words!!! Lol!!

- Do Not Buy!

After a lot of research, I found you should not use this because you are dealing with forces that you should not be dealing with.

- Boooooooo

This is crap.. dont waste your money. Go out and buy an emf and ghost box if your interested in ghost hunting. Ghost Radar is a better app. Me of all people should have had success. My parents are dead and I communicate through evp. This is a scam.

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- Fun if you want to scare yourself 👻

I downloaded this app for fun and didn't really expect much from it. Not gonna lie, most of the time it seems to just say random words. However, there have been more than a few instances where it said things that ACCURATELY related to the situation or people in the room. It's said my name and a friends name quite a few times followed by disturbing words. Probably nothing more than a coincidence but definitely fun if you want to freak yourself out lol. Also, the male robot voice that reads the words is creepy and adds to the whole effect. Real or not, it's definitely a scary app and fun if you're into paranormal stuff.

- Random central

Random words spit out from nothing.

- Dumb

The thing repeats the same words. Bacon, prayer, telepathy, wheat, legion...and a couple others. Really stupid

- ???

Every time I start the app is closes

- Pretty stupid

I get ‘bacon’ and ‘knit’ over and over. Whatever!

- This App Is Incredibly Accurate It’s Scares Me!

I don’t even know if I should share my experience because it’s just so messed up. This App BLEW MY MIND!! We found a dead female body floating in my backyard development pond the other day. Yes I was on news and everything. They’re still investigating to determine if it was suicide, accident or foul play. This happened literally 10 yards from my back patio. We made a nice memorial for her along the grassy bank of the pond with flowers, candles, a cross and things of that nature. Last night I took the iOvilus App to where we found her body and I started asking it specific questions. I really didn’t expect much as I thought this was strictly an entertainment App. Wholly “words I can’t say on here”!! It was throwing words at me every 3 seconds! Words that told a story about what “could” have happened to her. I could copy and paste the entire log but it’s pretty darn long. Here’s a more than a dozen or so key words that it said and it blew me away! Decompose - Water - Creek - Grassy - Bank- Murder - 5 - AM - Crawling - Threat - Prayer - Telepathy - Fear - Spring - Flowers - Knife (someone said they found a knife in the grass at the crime scene and found stab wounds on the victim) Man - Push - Rage - Stomach - Attack - Mommy - Cotton - (She was wearing a light cotton hoodie) Grass - Lake - Follow - Malevolent - Dope - Winds - Gravity - Sorry - Soul - Chant - Bury - Teen - Important - Capital S - Several Names That I Won’t Mention - Often - Cry - Phone - Astral - Threat (said several times) Eye - Beg - Stones - Fear - Under - Slain - Water - Hidden - Human - Moist - Momma - Tremor - Face - (wounds to her face) - Law - Fury - Mist - Morning - Yank - Push - Disembodied - Person - Sink - Demon - Earthen - Witch - Fall - Discovered - Moss - Water - Pray - Reveal - Hope - Nose - Justice - Purified - Leg - Levitation - Crawl and Push (said several times) - Afraid - Drag - Shock - Threat - Drunk. I could go on and on because the list is incredibly long of what appears to be accuracy! I’m no detective, but all of these random words seem to tell a story. The App may or may not work for you but this is just to mind blowing to ignore. It was worth the money for sure:)) I rarely write reviews and sorry this is so long but how could I not write one about my insane experience?

- App works! Do not download!

I thought it would be a funny app and interesting to have. The app grabbed ahold of something quickly. My husband snapped a picture of me and my kids because he thought it would be funny to post on Facebook we were talking to spirits. In the picture we noticed something was not right... my face was not my face. Then we freaked out a bit. My husband snapped another picture in our living room and instead of a orb or a shadow we got a full face and body. We dropped everything and left the house quickly. The catholic church we went to claims it is something with the app so we should contact our phone company. I don’t know what we let in. So be warned! I deleted the app and have to say that something I said off that app worked. FYI there is another dimension we saw it so please be careful. We have small children and I hope I used enough sage out of my cabinet like that show I saw in my house enough to get rid of it. Everyone thinks the app on my phone made the pictures on my husbands phone and know one believes. I want to say that is completely messed up and thanks for no help from our local churches however, I do believe in God and I my family does have faith. Maybe one day we will share our picture but until then we are just crazy I guess. Just want to say I got no sleep to the maker of the app. Thanks.

- Not sure WHAT to think

Ok so my first time using it this is what happened. I used it on 6/13 (bought it on 6/12) at a park about 1 mile from where i live. Anyways I was talking with my wife on the phone (my app is on the ipod touch) said "woman" Wife"....( i didn’t even know it said this until i looked at the screen)i went on to talk about dinner and it said "Dinner"....about 5 min pass and somehow we got in an argument about what to have it immediately said "angry" "fight" "loud" "mad" "stop" all in a row. There is no way all the words could be random. I was talking about dinner with my wife and it picked up on all of that. It even knew what street i lived on as i was driving home. Whats weird is I used this thing most of the day today (6/14) and i did not get this type of interaction again. However ,there are double doors to my bedroom and as i approached them it said "Double" "doors" then "sleep" "mattress" ( as it was my bedroom). It does say alot of random stuff but im telling you the 2 experiences i have had were quite interesting. Its worth experimenting with some more.

- It works Well, Sp00key though!

I recommend it to whomever needs to talk to there loved ones from the beyond. It says my name when it knows who I am, usually grandma comes up and it will not stop until she has said her say. Then it says my mothers name quite frequently but she's alive & it says she's alive. Then it brings up my uncles on my dads side of the family. What will happen is that my uncle Larry will say write; I get a pen & paper and he gives me a message for his family up North. It also says stuff about my other uncle Gregg who is alive that stuff is written down for him too. I have pages and pages of stuff. For those of you who get womens names are not in tune with the afterlife. You're not dowsing properly. You must either think or ask it if there's a message for you or a loved one. Plus you have a choice, to tell it you're not in the mood and nothing will bother you. But if you want it, again you must inquire to what you want. IT DOES WORK! I do however get this little girl that comes to me cause she used to live around here until she was abused, raped & killed and they can't find her body. It's been almost 2 years. She tells me where she is at but I'm not familiar with the area. Thanks Digital Dowsing... This has really put a relief to things that go bump in the night. Another way to get action for you is to get acquainted with your own Spirit Guides. If you need to know more, write a review & I'll respond with my Eee Male.

- Interesting possibilities

At first I thought the iOvilus was just showing me random words. Then as I gave it more time, and responded to it's choice of words, I began to realise that its responses were too related to my questions and activities to be coincidence. Last night on a road trip alone I left it running and was really impressed at the conversations I was having with it and how observant it was of my surroundings. While approaching King City, CA it said, "Exit King" just as I was passing the first exit. I also noticed every time I was just starting to pull up a mountain grade or hill it would say "Push". Every time. All night. This morning I injured my left ring finger and put a bandaid on it. When I first turned on iOvilus it said, "Injury Left Finger" I was astonished, and asked who it was. The reply was even more astonishing. It was "Derrick Walker" an old friend who recently passed, I had not seen in years. Altho I've been impressed, I still do better recording EVP's the conventional way. That's why I only gave it 4 out of 5 stars.

- Be patient, it works!!!

I'm like a lot of other people out there. Curious of the afterlife. I've seen similar devices being used on popular Ghost Hunting shows and figured, what the heck. You have to be patient, ask questions that require real answers (not basic yes or no questions) and understand that where there is one spirit, there are usually many spirit. Imagine you are phone call with many of your friends all at once. If everybody is speaking all at the same time, it's hard to follow just one conversation. But if you are patient and ask spirit to kindly speak one at a time, you most likely will be able to follow along with what they are saying. Just last night, I asked for some kind of proof that I was actually communicating with spirit and not just a game, and it said "Chris, Husband" - that is my husband's name and he was right next to me sleeping. Do you know the odds of that actually happening? Slim to none

- Not impressed

I tried it. It was $1.99 so I thought whatever. It spits out random words. Seems very automated to me. Especially because I would turn it on and leave it lay and the pattern of words were almost the same 3 days in a row. You can see it in the log that keeps track of them. I just think any logical adult who takes this type of subject seriously knows the risk they're taking when they download something off of iTunes to assist in paranormal research. I knew what I was getting myself into so I wasn't and am not upset about it being how can I say, fake. Not trying to insult the app just stating the truth. If your serious about this type of work you know where to obtain the real tools that you need to do the job. For the record I do believe in the paranormal and that is why I can say this app is crap. Buy a song or game and avoid these types of apps. But It was a fun idea at first. No stars from me. Actually iTunes made me give it at least one star before I could submit this so... Lol.

- Amazing (:

For a project in school my friend and I decided to team up and go ghost hunting with a paranormal group. Strange project, I know, but it was so much fun. I discovered this app from the paranormal group we worked with for the project. They use the app as one of their devices when ghost hunting. We even got evidence from the investigation we did at a historical hotel of something saying "family" and then the iOvilus going off saying "children". I didn't expect the app to actually work, but maybe there is something to it. Sometimes it will say things that completely make sense, for example, It was snowing outside and I turned it on and it said "freezing" right away. Whether you want to use it seriously or just for fun it is a very entertaining app.

- Same words

Within 2 minutes of purchasing and using this app it repeated the same 8-10 words (including names) over and over and over. Turned it off for a while. Turned it back says another new set of words over and over and over. Do this again...same thing. Do I believe it was someone or something trying to communicate with me? No. I know this is for fun...because it can't possibly be real...but I wish I hadn't wasted my money. How can we get a list of this supposed 1,000 word dictionary? How are these words coming out if random generators aren't used? I guess I'm not understanding how this works. Sadly, I will be removing it from my iPhone. Also got the emFX...not impressed with that either. Not trying to be insulting, just stating how I feel. Maybe a free version would be nice to give people an idea of what it is supposed to do. But then again.......

- cool, better than ghost radar

got this app a week ago- the first time i used it - the first words it said was "friend" "Mark" - my bestest friend mark died a few years ago! then i placed it out of sight and was reading an mag article about the royal family and upcoming birth and how william was excited about being a dad. the app said "charles" "kate" "daddy". the next day i was watching tv - and app said "chris" - 2 mins later - the tv showed the name chris. then it said my name, "mother " and both my parents names! my mother died several years ago! then it said "jackie" - couldnt figure it out- had a brain bloop - jackie was my mothers favorite dog who died 15 years ago! i totally believed that was my mother communicating- also - this is a new phone and is not billed under my name - i never texted or said these names around this phone for it to have picked it up any other way. also the phone said a friends name who came to visit this weekend. totally better than ghost app, which just comes out with nonsensical words- love this app!


I started off thinking it was going to be a simple app where you ask questions and get answers. But that wasn't the case. I asked a simple question as where are you and suddenly my floor started creaking. And a couple minutes the floorboards broke and a portal opened up. My phone responded "down here" and when I stepped on it, I fell down like the scene from Alice in wonderland. It was amazing! It was a whole new world! I quickly went out and went to my local church. I prayed and prayed for hours and even went to confession. The priest gave me a odd look. He said to go to a therapist. So, I went to a therapist and got my house blessed. This was a crazy experience. I hope my story will be passed on from generation to generation so everybody knows NOT to get this app. LISTEN TO MY TITLE!!!

- This program works!!!

At home I get some hits. Different words come up once in a while. One time I was in the bathroom and I was playing with this app. All the sudden it started naming different things in the bathroom. Sink towel shower water. All without other words. I thought that was neat. I haven't had another experience like that. Until the other day I went to a convalescent hospital to visit grandparents. I was bored and I turned off the sound and just sat there with the program running. Oh my gosh. Word after word was flying into Obvilous. I wish there was a way to copy everything or email it out. At home or work I get little hits.

- Oh man

I had my doubts after reading negative reviews but decided to purchase it anyways. I was sitting at the dinning room table turned it on and it said "table". Soon after my wife's phone got a text message and I handed her the phone then the iovilus said "took". Then the iovilus said daddy, I have three children. Before I downloaded this app I heard in my kitchen a dis-embodied voice which was a female. Then the iovilus said "Mira". Then it said "human" and "control". Soon after I turned off the iovilus then grabbed my xbox controller to change the movie.....weird. Must have for spirit communications.

- I tested this app for a while, and it was not as good as the ghost radar app.

It would randomly say words that made no sense. There were no directions on how to use the device, what to expect from the device. It was sold with no understanding of the product to the novice user. That makes the device frustrating to users. I hope in the future, they take the time to write up some directions and expectations of its use. Like how it works? What are principal’s that make it work? Can the Iphone cause false words or readings? You see at a $1.99 if a million people bought it the developer will have made just under 2 million dollars, and if the science behind it is phony, then all of us who bought it, will have egg on our face.

- Could be better

Having used Ghost Radar with fantastic results, I am disappointed with this application. This application does not allow the "words" to be saved with a date and time, nor does it allow email capability to capture the information for later use when going back through an investigation or back up with evps or words spoken during a specific time. It also doesnot show the LEVEL or degree of contact - such as a small anomoly to a strong sense of presence. Also, the dictionary is lacking. I would really like for the developers to work with what is good about the application and inprove its usefulness.

- Scare the crap out of me!

Idk if this apps work or not, but there's has been some weird stuff going at my work place. Until I finally decided to buy this app, first thing I ask was "are you a ghost or a demon" I let it sit there at the desk for 3 min. Then all sudden it goes demon I was kinda freak at that moment. All sudden it says "car, alarm!" before I knew it my remote car starter was going crazy, and then I ran outside to see my own car alarm starting. Fake or not idk; I'm a skeptic, but after using this app. It kinda makes me a believer on the other side.

- Used in The Possessed SyFy Channel

Saw the hand held version on SyFy in the paranormal film "The Possessed". It was pretty scary and a breakthrough paranormal device. I was definitely Spooked. Have waited for this to be on Iphone for a while. I don't think it is as good and pro-accurate as the hardware version used in the film, The Possessed but may find the Iphone app useful. For pro spirit hunters, you may want to stick to it's predecessor the Ovilus hand held hardware unit or the Paranormal Puck. This app is a good start for the price. The updates should get it closer to the real thing.

- Scary Good!

Bill Chappell has definitely created an intriguing app. that seems to hit more than it misses. There are many rambling words that come out; thus I wonder if this just has a random program/dictionary. But, it does hit on some things when in operation. Luckily for all of us; Bill is always trying to improve his products and I'm guessing that he is already working on an update that will make this app. even better. (larger dictionary/vocabulary?) A definite buy and very entertaining.

- WOW!

I have been looking at reviews of this app and most people said that it just "spits out random words" Well I tried this app myself and it was spitting out random words that didnt make any sense... But i left my ipod sitting on my kitchen table and about 20-30 mins after, i asked questions and everytime it would say a word that had to do with the question! This is an amazing app, and the cool thing that i found out is that the guy who made this app, he also made the real Ovilus Device! SUPER COOL!


this app is soo cool/creepy. a few minutes ago when i was playing around with the app, it said "Karen" (my name is Kara which is also a nickname for Karen) and "eat" (i just had some Taco Bell), and that's not the first time this app has done something cool/creepy some times it'll spit out some random words, or at least random to me, but there has been several times (most of the time) where it just sits there and says nothing .. that's how it was when it said my name and what i just did

- Love it!!

I've been a paranormal investigator since 1988. Back in the day I used a 35mm camera, compass, recorder and flashlight. That being said I've had many different pieces of equipment and this ovilus works. For example in Gettysburg I get words and info pertaining to battle. At the eastern state penn words pertaining to be locked up and crimes. In cemeteries names of graves I'm looking at. Private investigations again very helpful tool. So I highly recommend this for serious investigators. So def not a waste of money.

- A little freaked out

I'm at work and I heard about the iOvilus from the Podcast for Darkness Radio. I decided to download it just for fun. I plugged my headphones in to listen and two of my co-workers were talking. The iOvilus said right away....Debbie....Sandy....Red....The two co-workers who were talking are Debbie and Sandy and I'm wearing a red sweatshirt....Then it said....Learning...Teacher...Bible....and I work at a catholic college. It's CRAZY! There's got to be something to it, but the fact that it said my co-workers actual names is a little weird.

- 5 Stars

This App is jaw dropping! I was so amazed by how accurate it was. The first time I used this I was at a cemetery. When we neared the veterans' section, it started saying things related to the military. This app was giving the names, first, middle and last of those graves we stood near! 5 Stars! My only complaint is that there needs to be a volume setting as it is difficult to hear without outside amplification. Aside from that it was dead on. No pun intended.

- Not a bad app but.......

I like this app alot, sometimes I get two voices talking at the same time.. that's scary. But I would love for you to make it easier to understand the words spoken, also have it where it list the words spoken on the Date you used it... I would like to find out what it is saying to me.. Close but needs some more updates... Gave it a 4.. hopefully you will listen to your customers.... Thanks Updates would be great too!!

- Works Fine/4th gen iPod touch 5.0

I have yet to notice a problem with the IPod touch 4th gen. and newer, with iOS5.0. The device gets five stars from me solely because I have not found a way to manipulate the device and "force" words. I'm not saying it is real, but after following some research on Bill Chappell, I trust he is not working us over,,, for $2.00? People with the real Ovilus say the same thing as those with the mobile version...

- Waste

I was interested in the ovilus because of the show Ghost Adventures and found this app in looking for one. This has nothing but random garble with airplane mode on or off. It doesn't work, and I really don't see how anything on the other side could use it, or even figure it out if it was usable. I was excited to try it out, but it really doesnt do anything. The other reviewers who say they've had their name said, I'd like to know how many random words they went through to finally hear something of relevance (which can be attributed to coincidence) .. I would like to try a real ovilus someday, so for those considering this app, it doesn't work.


I have a 3G phone all updates. But it has been dropped and has slight damage. Problem at random nights this app starts up and starts running words in long strings meaning zip to me. When I turn it on no words at all if our dogs are in same room. That has been proven time after time. Once the dogs have left the room, us shooing them out, the words start up once again. Any idea what's going on?


Do not count this ghost hunting tool out due to it being an iPhone app! It's really great to use while investigating paranormal locations. I have gotten very consistent and correct evidence that ties in with locational history. Think about this: a ghost can manipulate any type of energy, even an iPhone's plus an iPhone can be manipulated to pick up EMF readings and the microphone can pick up things our human ears can't hear just like a digital recorder. GREAT APP!

- Another great tool from Digital Dowsing

I used the iOvilus in an investigation tonight in addition to the original hardware version and have been very pleased so far. Hopefully Bill will add a feature to display the actual word being spoken and also a logging feature would be very helpful. Great alternative if you missed out on the original which is no longer being produced. At 1.99 it is a steal.

- Not to bad

Had this for years and years have used it on some paranormal hunts had some good and bad results. Sometimes there are just things this thing shouldn't know and it does, I investigated a cotton mill once that was supposedly haunted by a little girl Sure enough this things comes out with water,wheel,mill,girl some other good hits but some misses. All around it is worth keeping!

- The best paranormal app!

I've been a paranormal investigator for 8 years and I will tell you that this is the best app I have ever used during a paranormal investigation. I have been to locations where a war was faught and the iovilus would say words that would refer to that area or the battle that was fought there. This is a must have for anyone interested in the paranormal. Digital Dowsing LLC two thumbs up, keep up the good work.

- Creepy

Went on a ghost tour in Minneapolis downloaded to see if this would work. We were standing by pictures and the word picture appeared. My brother had this too the name Walter appeared. The tour guide asked if Walter was with us and turn on the flashlight, whoa and behold the flashlight lit up. Also I was standing next to my dad and his name appeared then a few words down it said father. So yes I am a believer of this app.

- A Must-Have ITC App 

I'm a long-time fan of Digital Dowsing products and couldn't be happier that iPhone/iPod apps are now a part of the line-up. Got some impressive results with my first run including, "Mad, mad, grandma, hi". My initials are MAD and I'm very close with my grandmother on the other side.  Of course, I got lots of random words that had no apparent relevance but did find the greeting extremely intriguing as well as the word "cat" being spoken just as my  came in the room and sat next to me. When I asked if people in spirit could use this app to communicate, I got a response of, "yes, energy". There were other appropriate responses but this gives an example of the possibilities. Well worth the  in my opinion

- Did you just hear that ripping sound...?

That was the sound of you being ripped off as you eagerly await the download of your very own Ovilus!!!!! Yes, iOvilus, from the makers of the Ovilus I. Production of the physical devices stopped, and for good reason! With the IPhone's built-in laser micrometer, chronometer accurate to within one millionth of a second, and enough hard memory to compute the math needed to detect and quantify paraphysical fluctuation, who needs to pay $300 for an actual Ovilus I? Standby... what's this? The iPhone doesn't contain that hardware? It can't see quantum particles?! Then, what does this app do....? Better go buy an actual Ovilus.... Ha!!!

- Wow factor!

First time I downloaded this program I was stunned... It said my name, my boyfriends name and my mothers name... It went on with some crazy babbling, but all it kept saying was my name... Is there a way to access the dictionary? Its there, but I dont think it has a purpose? Cant find out any info, but then again my mother is running around the house looking for ghosts to communicate with lol.


Update fixed crash with IOS 5. Thanks to iovilus for rapid fix. Love this app but wish they would upgrade dictionary and create new separate session list for each new day. Then would be perfect app for ghost hunt. I would pay higher price for expanded app with better options but still best app out there of this variety.

- This is pretty cool!

I have been watching Ghost Adventures and GHI for a while, but Ghost Adventures use this type of tool a lot. I think it is pretty cool. The app is awesome. But I am not sure how it completely works. But I have been getting a lot of words. They come pretty steady at times. No direct answers to questions, but it is cool to just let run and see what comes up.

- Don't buy.

Even read the disclaimer for the app, this app is simply not reliable for talking to spirits. It is spitting out random words programmed into the program based on changes in the Energy, which changes little, but constantly in your general area. Therefore, the app will always be spitting out words. Not real folks

- Not Legit

I belong to a paranormal group. We go on several investigations and enjoy trying out controversial equipment. Among our equipment we have the Ovilus III. This app is suppose to work the same as the Ovilus III. During an investigation I put them next to each other. While the Ovilus III never went off, this app kept going off every few seconds. It spit out random words that had no connection to the situation. We also tried to do a session with the app running. It was annoying and kept going off. It interrupted several times and we ended up turning it off. Not legit.

- Strange stuff

I like the creepy but so I got this app and it said three words a second ago in my room that were definately that it said body happened and casket and the name charles and the name rebecca I don't know what its talking about but i don't like the way it sounds good app though its definately a five star that was not random its interesting and worth the buy

- Scam

This software really turned me off to the people in the paranormal community. After reading all of the reviews, I can see that customers are experiencing the same words as me. It regularly displays words that seem to be randomly generated in different time intervals. I think the manufacture notices a chance to get what little profit they can from people who want to explore something they're interested in. People like this hinder any advancement with paranormal science, and thinking. My advice, save the $2 for a fun game. Support artist, and developers, who want you to have a good time.

- Please fix this!

Since iOS 5 came out I haven't been able to use this at all. I turn it on, it says one word (which doesn't even show up on the screen like they used to)then crashes every single time. Please update this so me and everyone else can continue using it.

- What!!!

OMG GREAT JOB YOU GUYS!!! ITS SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE LAST UPDATE. IT WOULD BE NICE TO LOG THE WORDS FOR FURTHER REVIEW AND HIGHER VOLUME. OTHER THAN THAT ITS GREAT. THIS WAS MY LAST REVIEW: I hate the new voice!!! I can't understand what it's saying now. I'm in a paranormal group and actually use this app on every case. Love the other fixes. Any way you can use the old voice with the new fixes? And where is the word on the screen. That would rock!! Help

- You gotta luv this!!

Man I love this. I used this if my ghosty friends came for visit and understand their action. If I don't have them I'll living boredom. We talk hour and hours...this gave them happiness and me. My ghost is a killer and I like him because he told me he was sorry for what he did was wrong so I know he really mean it.

- Amazingly scary

Ok so i went to this mansion with my dad to do a plumbing job and i used the app wen we pulled up front and the device said JOB, WORK it scard me to death then when we met with the man i was still running the device and it said england and as the began to talk he had a deep english accent i was like omg this app is worth your money

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iOvilus iOV 2.1.3 Screenshots & Images

iOvilus iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

iOvilus iphone images
iOvilus iphone images
iOvilus iphone images
iOvilus iphone images
iOvilus iphone images

iOvilus (Version iOV 2.1.3) Install & Download

The applications iOvilus was published in the category Entertainment on 2009-10-16 and was developed by Digital Dowsing LLC [Developer ID: 334264409]. This application file size is 9.49 MB. iOvilus - Entertainment app posted on 2017-03-09 current version is iOV 2.1.3 and works well on IOS 7.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.digitaldowsing.iOvilus

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