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What is iovilus app? The iOvilus is based on the same method of

ITC communications as the highly controversial

The iOvilus produces speech based on

changes to sensors on the Iphone.

Simply the Idea is that an outside force

can effect a change and register a response.

Instrumental Trans Communications

ITC Is not new however the methods

used to try and achieve it are changing greatly.

The iOvilus is simple to use, start the app

Listen to what is said. Remember that the

Environment drives the output of iOvilus

Using a 2048 word dictionary to promote ITC


This device doesn't use random generators

For Questions or the History of this device

please go to

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IOvilus Customer Service, Editor Notes:

IOvilus Version iOV 2.1.309 March 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. Improved log files and support for ipods using iOS 7.0 and higher Bug Fix .... Settings changes are now saved. Log file format has changed to a comma delimited format..

IOvilus Comments & Reviews 2022

- Not sure yet...

So, the first time I used this it was on a snowy day. The 2nd word it said was snow. I rationalized that easily enough. The next day I turned it on in the car. I didn’t have the radio on, it was just me, and silent. I took a sip of my Diet Coke and the thing said “drank.” Thought that was odd. Just a crazy coincidence? Today I was walking through the hospital and the thing listed this: machine, sip, casket, mistake, silent, Ben, and prop. Usually I just get wheat, telepathy, incubus, prayer. I noticed the words change when I’m in a different location. Not sure so I gave it 3 stars.

- This app is no joke

I had to delete it because things got very weird very fast. I kept getting the words “daddy”, “bible”, “wheat”, “prayer”. This was strange because recently my father was discussing the “the wheat from the tares” bible verse. It then said my late grandmother’s nickname which is extremely specific. After a while it proceded with saying “water, bacon, legion”... I thought this was random, until it hit me like a ton of bricks. In the Bible when Jesus spoke to the possessed man, He asked the the demon his name. “Legion for we are many” is what he responded with. The demons begged Jesus not to be sent away and asked if they could posses a heard of pigs nearby. They jumped from the man to the heard of pigs. The pigs ran to a lake and drowned themselves. Bacon, water, legion. It mentioned legion several times. I deleted it because right after this it said, “yourself and threat”. I took that as a cue that I needed to let this app go. Play at your own risk.

- Crazy weird

I don’t know if this app is a hoax, it just kept saying random in related words but there’s something that kinda made me freak out and by kinda I mean a lot, so I have been needing a scare lately so I dowloaded that board game to contact spirits and I was asking it’s name and it said she was a girl named jean anyway I said goodbye cause it got a little boring but I go to this app next and the first words it says after I get on was goodbye jean, made me a little freaked out so I waited and then it said bunny and hockey which I have one of those you bunny animals that when you push it’s side it makes an angry face with sharp teeth and on top of that it was sitting next to a bobble head of a hockey player, so I left and haven’t been back on since

- Ouija Board

I downloaded this app half in jest but the other half being genuinely serious because I was wondering if I could get in contact with a spirit. My bf think’s I’m tripping and what not. But I decided to do a little bit of exploring of our hotel room and kid you not I found a Ouija Board above our microwave. I finally let the hotel staff know about it and when I came back upstairs to our room, I wanted to see if it would pick up on anything. And after a few words. It said “threat” “hundred” and I was like “who?” And it said “yourself” like- nah trust me. This app is legit

- Interesting

So I’ve used this a few times just to see if it works, mostly irrelevant words. However today I was in a super old building and the owner said he swears he heard someone moving around in the back room. He thought it was just a homeless man who frequents the area. He left so I turned on this app. I set my phone down with app open, picked up a few tools was using and took them to my truck. I come back in and there were two words : Tools, Remove. Not gonna lie it made my hair stand up!

- Excellent

I work at an elderly home where we have had many deaths sometimes at night I use this while I’m on my breaks and I will use it in different areas and I have gotten different results it really works I also use it in my home that is over 100 years old and have gotten many different results this works just make sure two say goodbye and close out your sessions before you end it so that the spirits leave.

- play at your own risk

this game is no joke me and my friend thought it was and we were talking to this guy ron, we were by an abandoned train track that no one goes to. So we just thought someone had to die there, but a random truck drove past us and we were spooked and we started to walk towards our house, but that truck turned around and when we were running this app said Dive and right as he said that my friend fell and she’s now at the hospital. She broke her collarbone, i’m just saying that’s a big coincidence

- All about timing

I had many interesting moments with the app. Most of the time, it just spew out words that doesn’t make sense, but there are moments when spirits actually comes through. Recently, It gave out the last name and time of someone passed away. Once it mentioned of a metal hill, and at the time the town I lived in a town which was known for mining iron. It had its unique moments. I wouldn’t rule out this app just yet. I have had this app for years. Patience is a virtue.

- Ovilus app

Downloaded this app despite the many low reviews it has for repeating the same words... But figured for $2 bucks, no big and I’d just get it, and mess around with it and see.... Well, I’ve now downloaded the app 3 times and it still doesn’t work right. There is NO audio from the app. It displays words, BUT you have to read them, it does NOT say them out loud. This must be a glitch because it’s useless with saying the word. And I’ve downloaded it 3 times trying to get it to work. I’d like a refund for this crap, because it doesn’t even work! So, not only did it display the same words everyone said it would, there is NO audio. This app is terrible.

- It Definitely Works

I turned it on while I was driving. It was quiet. I had just finished prayer a few minutes before. As I was driving, I scratched the bridge of my nose and took a drink of water. Almost immediately, the first three words were in this order: nose, drank, and prayer. In my prayer previous to turning the ovilus on, I thanked Jesus for being “the good shepherd”. The fourth word was “shepherd”. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

- Algorithm

If you do update this app, you might want to adjust the algorithm to spit out words more often. Believers may not mind the wait for an answer to a question, but for people using this as an impromptu ridiculous story machine much like MadLibs, my attention span would be appeased if words came out a bit faster.

- After life Tablet

This is not a hoax . After using it for a year with mediocre results I realized there’s a learning curve for them . Finally I made contact with an intelligent spirit and was able to carry a conversation that made sense . The additional words added really helped . Mine called the Ouvilus an afterlife tablet . Your not gonna be blown away everytime it takes patience .

- It Works

I have stories too long to list here. But it works. My brother passed and proved several ways that he was communicating to me and my other brothers thru this app. This all happened before he was laid to rest at the funeral. Names were given and events were referenced. My only complaint is the red text on black/gray background. Very hard to read. Please change it IOvilus.

- Crazy Weird

I don’t know why this app only gets 2.8. For me this thing works scary accurate. It was repeating things I was doing, answered questions directly, there was words that didn’t make sense so I looked them up online and it freaked me out a bit. I would recommend. This app is too much of a coincidence to be generated.

- Rachel

This app is the real deal. As a believer of the paranormal I tried it out. I took it to the cemetery and when I went to my aunt’s grave it said November. She died in November. When I started the car it said engine. It also said words I didn’t know like legion. Well a legion is a demon in the Bible. It became obvious that demons we’re trying to communicate so I deleted the app.

- Holy crap

Ok so it mentions really freaky things like where tf I live. Fr I live on a island and if u don’t believe me search up kentisland. Any way it mentions how my cousin just cut her finger cuz it said cousin bled island knife. So I am like this is dump I put phone on charge and go to the kitchen and there it was right in front of me my cousin cuts her self cutting up salad. Omg

- I believe this works

I’m watching Ghost Adventures and it was talking about what was going on during the show. I go to put my iPhone 7plus on my leather couch and it says, “Leather.” I feel that someone needs to really pay attention to their surroundings because it describes surroundings it’s around.


I paid for this app cause the internet said it could be legit... well my friend and I used it for 2 sessions in different locations one night, and the second session gave LITERALLY the same exact words as the first session in LITERALLY the same exact order. So yeah, this is objectively a scam. I’m going to try to get a refund even though it’s only $2 because this is ridiculous. I’ve seen other people saying the words they got..... they’re the same as what we got. Knit, wheat, prayer, etc... bull crap

- Fake

Not REAL. Reading these other reviews and I’ve come to the realization that this app spits out the same words in pretty much the same order to everyone. It constantly says legion, wheat, prayer, knit, spring and drank. If you keep reading the reviews, you will see that other people get these words constantly too. I haven’t been able to get a direct or intelligent or even somewhat relevant response since buying it.

- Amazing App!!!!

This app definitely works and is the real deal!!! I communicated with family members, and had people come through who I didn't know. I for sure recommend downloading this app if you want to speak with the other side.

- This is totally real!

when i uaed it once, a voice came through of someone who recebtly died. Said his name also. The voice even asked for my mom by name! Not joking! My mom was his nurse at the time of death. Use this app if u want to talk to the dead.

- Something breaks after each update.

I found this app interesting, as I live in an active area. Plenty came through. However, each update of this app seems to break a feature. The latest one, prevents you from sending your logs via email.

- Still Crashes!!!

Right as I press the power button it instantly crashes the app. I have to newest iOS update so that's no it. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it and it still crashes. I love iovulus very much and have been using it for years. Please fix this glitch or please explain how to fix. Also I'm so glad to see this app got an update I just wish I could use it without crashing.

- Ok so far

My first time using this device. It seems to repeat the same words, “threat, brass, wheat, legion, prayer, farmers, yank, yes and spring”, and I’m not sure why. I haven’t asked any questions and I’m not sure if what I’m hearing even means anything. Just that these same words keep coming up so I’m a bit skeptical.

- Repeats the same dark words

As others have reviewed, loves to say the word Legion I guess to freak you out. No thanks I have enough activity in my place but I don’t need to be freaked out! However I recently used tar water and everything seems to have stopped and it is still saying legion. I don’t need to hear this crap so I’m deleting. Don’t let this app freak you out!

- IOvilus

I’ve used this app many years in fact I used it this morning in the cemetery, I love it hands down it’s been my #1 app

- Has some issues

I really like this app...voice is kind of creepy. But in the last year I’ve had to keep reinstalling it bc you can’t get it to turn on. Very disappointed bc I paid fir this app. Please offer an update to fix this bug. My father passed away suddenly 3 weeks ago & I would like to try & talk to him using this!

- Cannot use with voice over since the new update

Are use this app a lot before the last update. Since the last update, voiceover will not read the start button. There is no way for me to know how to turn oculus on. None of the buttons are labeled. Could you please fix this issue so I could use the app again? I enjoyed it very much before the update.

- It’s the same words for everyone

Guys, it’s just an app. “Knit, prayer, bacon, wheat, legion, shoes, spring, husband, measure, strange, geek, agent, French, yourself, teletapthy, Spring, details, fear…” Same words for everyone all the time. Chill out lol.

- Crashes

I LOVE this app. It's interesting, and fun to be on... but I haven't been able to go on it since around December. The second I click the power button, it closes me out back to my home screen. Please fix it, and I'll definitely change my review because this is a wonderful app!

- Doesn’t work anymore

I have used this and owned for a couple of year now and it was great. Now I can’t even get it to come on. I tap the icon and it comes on and turns right back off. What is the problem with this. Very disappointed because it worked so well.

- Dave you’re money to buy the real ovilus

Okay so it kept repeating words. Also I don’t think it’s the real one. Dave your money and buy the real ovilus. This is just for entertainment I think. Honestly they should change it to “ Just for fun”. Bascislly only use for it is to scare your friends. ThaTs it. Nothing more. It’s an joke. Might have more luck with an spirit box.

- Bugs

I waited almost 3 months for this update, and it still does not work. This is so sad because I love this app but I have been unable to use it since December. Please don't take 3 months to put out an update again. I miss using this app so much

- Crap

It says it doesn’t have a dictionary algorithm but that’s seems hard to believe. It says the same words over and over again. I’ve had this app on my phone installed and uninstalled for the past year and no matter where I am it says the same thing. What a joke.

- Complete Waste of Time

I didn’t expect it to be real but I thought it would at least be interesting. There was no voice and the words that were displayed were meaningless and unrelated to anything in my environment or to questions I asked.

- Random Word Generator

When changing the “sensitivity” setting essentially just changing how fast or slow the random words appear. This app is useless and should NOT be used as a research device. This is for entertainment strictly regardless of what the creators say. This is not reliable and is not what it claims to be. Thank you.

- Really good but I have a question

Amazing app but it keeps saying telepathy to me every time I use it at least once what does it mean?

- 100% freaked out

I have 2 crucifixes in my house and it said “prayer object” and I now have just caught a light anomaly on camera.... yup my house haunted...

- Not real

This is fake as s*^t, just pops off random words. If you want something that is for entertainment and not real than go ahead and get this. But if your looking for something real, it’s not this app.

- It would’ve been great if it would’ve worked

The first time I used it, it seemed ok. But now every time I use it, it’s repetitive b.s. it would not answered ANY of my questions. I’ve been in this field for 30 years. I'm sure Im jaded, but I truly gave it a lot of chance.

- Don’t Bother

Every time I turn the app on it gives me the same words that were said when I closed the app previously. I’ll buy the real thing. I know my parents are in my house and I just want to know why.

- It’s not working.

Every time I try to use it and click the main button, it immediately takes me back to my Home Screen. Designer, please fix and get back to me.

- Crashes on IPod 5

I own the real original box. Works great phonetic mode. This version continuously crashes as soon as opens. Redown loaded it several times over last year to if fixed. No it still not working.

- Scam: Random Repetitive Words

I used this sitting in the back yard of a family barbecue and many times in haunted locations at night with the same result. Regardless of location, it spit out the same words. Silly waste of time and money.

- Database app

This app says the same thing you can’t say it don’t. Does it start with knit, legion it’s everywhere I go even in a car saying the same thing I power it off then on and guess wat comes up bacon and the same words

- 🤦🏻‍♂️ wheat, Legion…..same words that everyone else is reporting.

Guess this app is just another word generator. I have all of the same words as a previous reviewer who had such a great story about the demon Legion. Duped again…

- Same words

I used this app probably 20 times over a month and it says the same 5 words over and over (measure legion spring bacon hundred) no matter the location or questions asked.

- App crashes constantly

I used to love the app, and recommended it often. Now the app does nothing but crash when you try and start it. It’s been a year and no fix in sight. Fix the app please.

- Same words over and over. Waste of money.

Constantly says Legion ,prayer ,wheat, bacon, strange ,shoes ,agent ,and hundred. That is. I also get Libya thrown in ALOT. Just the same words. Waste of money. Can’t even use it for the scare factor.

- It works

I tried it works

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- Iovulous disappointing

I purchased this app very excited because I knew of the developer. Yes I get words come up but the same ones every time out. Sadly I Would not recommend purchasing this app.


So I was doing a ghost hunt by myself at a place called cockatoo island last night and this morning when the device said drag so I said drag what it instnelty said shoes so then I relized the prisoners that use to live there back in the day had ball and chains around there legs so that’s why the guards said drag shoes

- Update

Thanks for the update so we can now see the words. Very much appreciated. Keep up the good work :)


I have deleted this app 4 times and then down loaded it again and it’s sill not working I’m being charged for it but it isn’t working what a rip off and u can’t send a message cause they’ve made it so u can’t

- Total rip off

Like others have reported, it spits out the same series of words with the occasional new one. All non-sensical. Not sentences. Absolute rubbish.

- Same words

For entertainment purposes only. It’s just the same words (drag, prayer, prop, cell, sell and many more) randomised.

- Bs

Terrible and don't waste Ur money

- Freakish

I downloaded this App on a verbal feedback from a friend and yes wow it said some pretty Amazing things it would never have known definately worth more than priced if your curious yes for sure get it I love it and you will too. Use it in a quiete environment and see the results for yourself Eerie Stuff. Might be hard to understand but in a quiete spot listen carefully and be shocked have fun and good luck don't use if your not prepared to be shocked Weird! But Works.

- Best ghost app out there

One of the only apps that actually work for spirit communication. I have some Haunted dolls at home and they said all their names through the app and would also tell me what I was holding and what I was thinking. Love this app!

- Awesome

Don't expect it to work right away give it time to get used to it but when it does it's mind blowing

- Satanic Aussie

Fake another rip off ghost detector do not let it fool you. None of these apps actually work

- Great

Use it with pure intent and the results will astonish you

- Dickson

Fake at its best

- Do not buy just a scam for cash

The ones says this is great has ties with company to boosting ratings, doesn't work. Random messages "Sarah ant dog hat what the F???? Waste of time, if I could give 0 I would

- It works well for me and my friends . Very creepy sometimes , and funny

But it's all up to you ... And what you believe ... Personally I love it ....

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- Interesting Device

Never heard of an Ovilus before, and since you can't get one imported into Canada this is the next best thing (I guess). Works on my iTouch, and is chattier and more receptive.. Hmmm... then Ghost Radar? Would be nice if it could log the words or a transcrpt to play back later though.

- Amazing but..

This app actually works. However it crashes only on my iPod 5th gen when I hit the "power" button to turn it on can there be a fix?

- Crap

I paid for this app and it kept giving me the same words. Bacon wheat hundred come and like ten others that were the same every time I played it. Not worth the money. If I could give it a zero rating I would.

- I’m scared to re-download the app

I used this app for a good while until one day I noticed that it was more responsive during witching hour as opposed to in the day when it would just cycle through the same 5 to 10 words and it would always say bacon legion and agent. But one day I jokingly asked back when it said agent oh what like FBI agent and it said yes and last winter after witching hour was over it got weird and creepy and the app told me to raise my camera to my face like a selfie and when I did it immediately threatened to kill me and then a week later I broke my arm... haven’t touched the damn app since. I also used to get the word succubus a lot and felt weird at night and one morning I woke up with a very precise pattern scratched into the top of my right hand, and it looked like either a cat scratch or idk, but it looked like the shifter gear pattern like an h with an extra line... |-|-|

- Don’t waste your money

This is probably one of the worst purchases I’ve ever made. I feel like I got ripped off

- Meh

The app gave maybe one or two words that were relevant, other than that there’s no intelligent responses. It basically seems that it’s just shooting out random words with no rhyme or reason. I’d say don’t waste your money. It might be okay to use for fun but don’t expect any results.

- It does as advertised!

This works quite well! Sometimes I get relevant responses to questions or situations I am in. However, the EMF environment in the room triggers certain words frequently like “bacon” “knit” “legion” “wheat” “hundred”, but getting words which are significant outside of those consistent ones makes for great speculation and synchronicities.

- Don't waste your money!

This app is nothing more than a word generator game. The more you interact with it, it shows more words, don't talk you get nothing. I want my money back!!!!!!!!!!!

- Blah

There is no rhyme or reason to the words that come out. Needs perhaps a phonetic option instead of just dictionary.

- OMG it works?

Just bought this 2 mins go with my friend! I asked it who's here it said angel,behind,safe and then my name Steven! No one calls me Steven lol not even my family Our hair just stood up!

- Good

Not sure if this is actually connection with spirits. Answers are not significant to question. All in all, I think this is a nice app to play around with. :)

- Results

If you're looking for results you need this The only thing I can ask for this app Is a update for it To give it all the new modes digital dowsing gave the new one That would be nice i've been a paranormal investigator for very long time and I gotten quite a view results using this app.from afterlife investigations Muskoka on Facebook

- What the hell

After I bought it, they decided to add the word log! So now I have to buy it again to have the word log! Dammit, I want an update!

- Great app!!!!

Can you please update though and for another app can you make a ghost box some how yousing white noise or scanning diffrent frequencies. but update please :) and add phonetic mode Please add phonetic mode

- Ugh

It just spits out random words, they don't make any sense at all. Terrible.

- Interesting.

I've done a lot of research on such an item. I wish I could get the real device but the websites state that the item is no longer made. I hope to obtain an Ovilus 2 when they are released. For now I will happily settle with this. The only problem I appear to have is I can't turn it from dictionary to the other method. Update please.

- Quite entertaining!

Just used it for the first time and this is what it said...demon,possible,hurt,gate...I hope it's generating random words!!! Lol!!

- Do Not Buy!

After a lot of research, I found you should not use this because you are dealing with forces that you should not be dealing with.

- Boooooooo

This is crap.. dont waste your money. Go out and buy an emf and ghost box if your interested in ghost hunting. Ghost Radar is a better app. Me of all people should have had success. My parents are dead and I communicate through evp. This is a scam.

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The applications IOvilus was published in the category Entertainment on 2009-10-16 and was developed by Digital Dowsing LLC [Developer ID: 334264409]. This application file size is 9.53 MB. IOvilus - Entertainment app posted on 2017-03-09 current version is iOV 2.1.3 and works well on IOS 7.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.digitaldowsing.iOvilus