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What is blower app? "It blows air!", CNN --- Unlock the new mind-blowing feature on your iPhone, iPod and iPad: Blow out candle or lighter flames, let flames dance to the music beat, or control flames with your voice! Knocked Ellen Degeneres right out of her chair during her TV talkshow! Blower uses secret hardware features of your iOS device, check below for the blowing power of your specific model.

• "It blows air!" , CNN
• Knocked Ellen Degeneres right out of her chair during her TV talkshow!
• "a one-of-a-kind application that pushes the iPhone’s functionality and awesomeness even further",

• Ranked overall #1 in 20+ countries
• 40+ YouTube movies of users all around the world
• "This is both totally stupid and incredibly brilliant", youtube comment by "mambokurtz"

Try it yourself and be amazed... Start your Blower and feel the air flowing from the speaker opening. Fun party trick examples:

• BLOW mode: blow out candles and lighter flames
• BEAT mode: let flames dance to the music beat, or control flames with your voice!
• GUN mode: let flames shiver with automatic gun mode
• Touch the blower rotor: drive it yourself and see the sparks
• Birthday iMessage Stickerpack

Curious? Watch the blower in action on, or search for "iPhone blower" on YouTube.
Have fun,


For maximum blowing power, remove protective covers/casings that could block the air flow, and ensure no dust has accumulated in your speaker opening. You can verify the cool air flow by holding the speaker opening close to your mouth. When blowing out candles, don't burn your device!

IPHONE: ◉◉◉◉◉

IPAD PRO: ◉◉◉◉◉

IPAD: ◉◉◉



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App Name Blower
Category Entertainment
Updated 14 June 2020, Sunday
File Size 83.59 MB

Blower Comments & Reviews 2023

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Don’t waste your money. This app does not blow out your candles. I just tried 10 seconds ago and the candles burned my phone up a little. So that being said don’t buy this app.

Works. It really works

The reason it is blowing air. It’s is blowing air but it will blow up your speakers be cause that air is from the speakers going crazy DO NOT RECCOMEND

Get It Now!. 100% worth the money and it is really fun

Works really good. It’s really work. Take the phone from the cover and make sure the bottom speaker is not dusted and clean.

Don’t use with airpods. Just don’t

Lesson learned.... Note to self and or anyone with this app... DO NOT USE IT WITH HEADPHONES CONNECTED 🤣🤣🤣 unless you want hearing damage lol

Cool game. The game is fun but It dows not blow air, it makes sound force. That’s why it makes that sound.

It saved my house!. Here’s how the story goes, a battery that I had started smoking and could’ve been a potential fire hazard so I open the Blower app and blew on it. The battery stopped smoking so I went to go throw it away. It saved my house!

Not worth it, doesn’t do what it says. Definitely don’t buy this, it produces enough air/ wind to make a piece of paper move an inch.

Don’t buy this junk. I downloaded this because I had a little money left but It turns out that it doesn’t blow any air out. It is also very noisy!!

KarimsKicks FOLLOW MY IG FOR SNEAKERS. It was actually worth it was fun for a few mins and then I realize it made my speakers on my iPhone sound way better it kinda cleans it out it was worth it to be honest my speakers brand new

Blew my mind. This is actually really freaking cool

Almost works. I bought this because “ Why not?” I mean, it almost works. Does what it says but not good. Don’t spend your money because it might work, that’s what I thought and now I’m disappointed.

Super cool. This app is really worth the money and great for anyone

Great!. I absolutely love this app! No im not a robot but the app works as said, no less.

Not worth a buy.. Yes, it does blow air, but not a lot. It’ll blow enough to move paper, or move the fire on the top of a candle, but not a lot. Still, it’s not worth a buy.

Headphone warning JFC. YO how about a volume warning? It automatically turns your volume to max no matter what you set it to. I had my headphones still enabled on accident and nearly blew my eardrums.

It works really well.. if your speakers aren’t filled with gunk.. This app works really well! I’m not sure what the negative comments are talking about. I’m using an iPhone XS. My phone stays in a waterproof/dustproof case. I took my phone out of the case (because the vents on the case have a lot of lint buildup) and this app works perfectly! I tried it on one of those typical long reach butane lighters and it put the flame out no problem. Be sure to turn up the volume.. It’s a really neat app if your speakers are clean! (If they’re not, use sticky-tack to pull out the gunk.. it’s what Apple uses to clean them out).

Worst. It’s the biggest waste of money

Actually Works. Unlike the old joke lighter apps this one does actually work. Worth $2 easily just for the amusement factor.

Speaker damage.. Cool concept, older models of phone will experience damage after a couple uses. Don’t use this app for anything other than 20 second bar tricks. Your speakers will thank you.

Fixes phone. If you ever get water in your speaker try this app and it will blow the water out of your speakers

A real good blow. Wife quite not doing it anymore well this app will do it like she used too, remember those days under the bleachers in high school this app gives you all that and more with the simple purchase of 1.99 it’ll have your wife asking you why you spend so much more time in the bathroom

Blower. Works amazing

5 stars. This works well to blow out a candle you have to move the phone up and down until it blows out I tried and it worked

It works. Takes water out of speaker in an emergency

So good. This app is so good I even used it on my birthday I like how there is no subscription

Broke bottom left speaker on two separate phones!. I used this on my iPhone 8 and the bottom left speaker stopped working I assumed it was just old and didn’t bother me too much. Used this again in my brand new iPhone14 and the bottom left speaker is no longer working. It works.. but it will break your speakers!

This blows tiny amounts of air!. This app does not blow out candles! Biggest waste of money ever, it hardly blows at all!!!

IMPORTANT. If you noticed that the app makes noise from both speakers you are right to change this go to settings ➡️ Accessibility ➡️ Audio/Visual then slide the balance bar to switch between speakers(make sure to change back at the end) I also really like the different designs.

this app completely blows... blew out my lighter no problem

This is the coolest app.. It really works and I love the sound science behind it.

Saved my phone. Dropped my phone in water yesterday and it was fully submerged, my speaker wasn’t working. I turned on the blower app and all the water blew out of my phone and fixed my speaker!

incredible. it works every time

Blows air. Not enough for a candle.. I can put the speaker up to my ear and feel air. Although, it’s a very light breeze. And not enough to blow out a candle. I have an iPhone XR, but I don’t know if it is because of the model.

Memories of the good old days. Remember those old lighter apps, or those flashlight apps? If you had an iPhone or iPad back in 2010 I’m sure you do. This app is very reminiscent of those days. Good fun and does work (take off your case)

Ai. It actually works well but for me I had to use the speakerphone

Doesn’t work/can’t feel it. I thought this was good but I took off my case and nothing came out. I even shook my phone. Waste of $2 and definitely can’t put out a candle. (I have the iPhone 11)

When bored get. Ok this may look fake but i was at my friends b day and i hot this as a joke and it actually worked

Amazing so cool. I never thought would be able to do something so crazy with my PHONE it’s not a fan it’s my phone I was able to blow around little bits of paper which sounds unimpressive hit it’s my phone who expected that absolutely amazing the only thing wrong is it costs two dolla

The negative comments is because you don’t know how to use it. When you are using it ( ear speaker on your phone) I was trying to you my speakers on the lower part of the phone, and it wasn’t working

AMAZING APP. My house was on fire due to improper use of my Elon musk flame thrower so I went to the App Store, spent .99 cents, waited to download and turned it on. It worked so unbelievably well that all four fireman that came by my house proceeded to download it as well to make their jobs easier. Would have paid triple... even double.

App. I recommend to not get the app it barley works and when I tried it melted my phone case

AMAZING APP. IT BLOWS AIR! Somehow, the noise makes the air blow. I watched a non-sponsored video. It works the best on the iPhone.

saved my life. put out my house fire in seconds

Do not get. It is a scam does not actually blow air it only blows out the candle with sound frequency and it took forever for the candle to go out DO NOT GET

Great but one problem. It doesn’t blow out a candle, but otherwise you can still feel it and fun fact it doesn’t blow air, it’s actually the vibration so yeah

IT SAVED MY LIFE. My house was burning down but thanks to this $2 app I could blow all the fire away

Bruh. I can’t believe I spent 2 dollars on candles go bye bye with my phone

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I have iPhone 10s and it works. I thought that people in the vids were just using their mouths to blow it out but they aren’t. I’m definitely going to refund it cuz it’s basically a useless app but it actually does work.

It does what it says it does lol. Why

It doesn't work. It does not work. Don't waste the time or money

Annoying. It doesn't blow air it's just and annoying sound that hurts my ears

Blows nothing. What a crock.. Save your money.

50/50. Although yes the app does work and it has amazed multiple people in my family and some friends it does not offer $1 of content There's games that are free that offer more then this app So although it works I think it should be free :)

What a WASTE. A complete waste of $3. it doesn’t do anything! Not even a candle, I got no wind what so ever.That is a tota waste. I am so disappointed with my purchase, do NOT buy this as it doesn’t do a single god damn thing. I can’t get my money back! Horrible

It actually works. Omg

It Works!. It does work you can't really feel it but it blows out a candle!

BOOOOOOOOOO. This app does not BLOW ANYTHING. Doesn't do anything, just makes some weird noise. Do not buy this. FInal Warning. This is a scam. DO NOT BUY. I would give 0 out of 5 stars if I could.

Unbelivable, it works.. It is real air,

Dosn't work.... It just simply does not work, It blows your speakers instead =(

Brilliant!. It blew out my bic lighter with no trouble! Hah! What a fun app. Tottally worth the price. Don't be a stinge - it's the best $1.19 you'll spend all month

A bit useful. It works well but blows candles a little bit weak

Do not get this app!!!!. Useless... I mean, it does work but it's useless. Save your money lol


This is so awsome!!!. I thought it was another prank app but it really works :).

Rip off!. I downloaded this and it crashes when I switch the on button. I want my money back!!

These people are wrong, it does work.... This app does indeed "blow" air, it's just not very useful. It can blow out candles, moves crumbs and other very small things and you can see the effect perfectly when placed near smoke. You can feel it too, but you need to have your finger almost covering the speaker. It just plays a specific tone through the speaker, which should have the same effect with any small speaker. It's just a gimic, up to you whether it's worth dropping $1.19 on or not.

USELESS !!. What a rip off! this is useless and false advertising

Definitly works. Works, but don't expect it to create a storm, it only does what it says it will

It works confusingly. I tried it and it really works I’m happy!! And it not just the noise coz I put music on full volume and it wouldn’t blow out great app.

Do not buy. Its a waste of money! It doesn't even work! Im really disappointed

Useless. Yeah it blows air...just. The noise is more annoying than what it's worth. Deleting this now


Useless. Useless not worth a cent!!!


Bad as hell!. It doesnt even work! It just makes a REALLY irritating noise that doesnt even blow out a candle. I dont reccomend this app.WASTE OF MONEY!!!!💵

Works. Works.. But not very strong

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It works. It work perfectly on a iPhone 13 haven’t tried a candle but it does blow air

Terrible. Whatever you do do not buy this app it just makes a really annoying noise it's absolutely crap

FAIL. dont work for itouch

Barely works plus damaging for speakers. This app uses your speakers and mazes them out to blow a bit of air but it's dangerous for your speakers do not use

Lol best waste of money ever😂😂!!!. It actually friken works like no joke at all I luv it!!!! Plus the effects on the screen when you put your hand on the screen is really kewl!!!

Cool. Ca marche vraiment

Ciao!. funziona su iPhone4S? Mi dispiace sono italiano :) Rispondi

Tres ordinair. L'air qui sort est quasi inexistante

Waste of money. Barely works

It works!. I saw this app in Gizmodo and had to try it out for myself. I'm glad to report that the app does work. The app loses one point for not being free.

It sucks. This is the worst app ever it dosent even work worst waste of money

Blows everything!. It's great it blow everything I hoped it would and the only thing is an update for blower to give it more features and abilities. Thanks alot bye:)

420Blaze. No, it does not work; a waste of $0.99. Alright? So don't buy it, or if you want to waste $0.99... BUY IT! See, this app is a representation of false advertising. A law suit is coming your way.

Loud. Not terrible but wish it specified that it is loud. I was hoping to be able to use it at work. It does work though.

.. Don’t spend your money on it it doesn't worth

Feathers. Really.. This program can't even blow a feather off of a table. It does blow BITS of feathers, but... really... feathers? I was expecting a touch more.

Pretty Good. It blows the candle but not fully out Device: Iphone X

Annoyingly long wait. The curtain animation takes way to long when switching to the info screen and back. Not fun, just annoying.

Barley work. If you have dollars to spend its ok but def not whort it

Waste of money. Waste of money does nothing

No. It don't work for iPad mini 😭

Horrible. This app doesn't even deserve a star this is an outrage it's a hot summers day and I just wanted some air but noooooo complete waste I do not approve!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOT POWERFUL AT ALL!!!. It wasn't very good. I have an iPhone 5S which is the most powerful, but I could barely even feel the air. Would not recommend.

my thoughts. I have an iPod touch 4 it's great if you have the right device if you're curious what device has the most airflow check the chart before buying this app😐

A hilarious joke. It's funny that they say it works, it's a dollar and it's fake!

0/10 DOES NOT WORK. I have an IPhone 5s, and I feel no air! Doesn't even blow a single strand of hair! I also had my grandma scream at me because it was so LOUD and ANNOYING! This is a waste of money and I don't care what the trailer shows!

Lame Gimmick. This app works by playing a super loud hi pitch sound out of ur speaker. The frequency of the sound screaming out of ur little speaker hole causes the air to vibrate and 'blow'. I could barely feel it on my lips and i seriously doubt it could do much of anything to a candle. Most importantly, you'll feel like you just wasted your money. If u need a portable tool that blows air, i assure u your lungs will work thousands of times better than this gimmicky overpriced app.

Do not buy this app!!!. Don't buy this app for iPod touch because it is not working

Epic. This actually works

Works as advertised on iPhone 4. Some people need to adjust their ridiculous expectations. Despite what some claim, this app really works. *Obviously* it is NOT going to blow much BUT it is actually enough to blow out a tea light. It is a very cool way to demonstrate how sound waves. If this is the sort of thing that fascinates you, this app is well worth it. Warning - I am guessing that this app may damage your iPhone's speaker after prolonged use.

Blows out candles! :). It really does work but if you taste the air it doesn't taste very good... I also started feeling bad and am not sure if it's safe to eat.

Does not work on iPhone 4. It does not do what it is meant to do with an iPhone 4. I could not even blow dust, much less herbs or a candle... The only way I could put this app to use is to annoy others with the high pitch sound it generates. Don't waste your money.

Worked. It worked for me but maybe not for some people?

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Genius. Yes, the amount of air is little. Yes, the sound is annoying. YES, THEY WANT YOU TO PAY FOR IT! And now that all the ignorant have left, this is truly a genius app, such use of a speaker is incredible, I did not really try it anywhere, but you can actually feel the air there. May not really be worth a buck, but it's still fun and incredible, so if you're looking for something new, I'd definitely recommend this.

Not bad!. Make sure you clean all the gunk out of your speaker holes before trying to use this. I had about two years of dead skin, grease and who knows what else in there I had to remove LOL! I blew all my herbs away!!!!!!

Works fine!. I was a little skepticle at first, but it works just as advertised. Though the breeze is faint, I have blown out candles with it!

Don’t get this app. Broke my speaker with this.

Fun for a buck. It's the kind of thing I find funny and novel. No, it won't shake the world, but it's good for a laugh. It depends on tr kind of people you hang around. It's innocent ya know. Some reviewers seem so jaded! It's just a cool toy! I like it.

Does what it says!. Yes! The app works. The sound lets off vibrations, which extinguishes the flame, or blows the herbs across the table. However, it doesn't make sense that it's 99 cents. I would gladly except making it free, and putting adds on the bottom. But if you're going to a party, and you need an icebreaker, sure. Get the app. Why not? (P.S: The air comes out the speakers, so make sure that they're clean!)

A novelty, nothing more. I don't know what people expect from this app. Yes, I can now blow dust around at about the same wind speed as a gecko fart, but other than that its useless. It's a novelty, nothing more. I laugh at the people that bought this expecting to be able to use it for something...

💯. Bro get this app ong

Good but. It’s really cool but it’s over priced

Holy wow. This app is the dumbest app I have ever purchased. There is no air coming out of my phone, even on high volume. This just has an annoying sound mixed with no purpose and is NOT worth .99 cents. People please save your money and buy something such as doodle jump, a worth while app. This app would be fun if it did blow air, wasn't so annoying and was free. If it did blow air, we could all put it back into the creator or this application's head, where there is an abundant supply that we could blow. Please don't but.

Worth every penny. Downloaded the app and immediately went to the kitchen to grab a lighter. It blew it out. Exactly what I was expecting. Made me laugh instantly, who wouldn't pay a dollar to laugh? Genius marketing. I have tipped bad waitresses more than a dollar. Completely worth it!

iPhone 4. After the latest update, it works on my new iPhone 4. Don't expect to blow the socks off of a fish, but it will blow out a lighter if it's not set to generate a two inch flame. It impressed my coworkers. Regardless, it's a pretty cool trick to show off to a group of drunk people at a bar. Who the heck thinks of these things? I want to know how the developer even came up with such a concept. In short, it's underwhelming, but if you think about it, it's a cell phone, and what this app does is amazing.

This is total bull crap. My birthday is coming up soon and wanted to see if this would actually blow out candles. I saw some people rated 5 stars and was like yeah this would be good for my bday..... peoples don’t by this it is a SCAM just tried it right now and didn’t even do anything. Now I’m just laughing because it’s so trash and it’s unbelievable that people would rate this 5 freaking stars! Qneo should make games that actually don’t scam you people for goodness sake. I am going to delete the game from my iPad now and act like I never spent a useless dollar on the app

Awesome App!. Great App. Works just as advertised. For those of you with bad reviews get half a brain, use something called common sense and come to the realization that an iPhone cannot turn into a leaf blower. And in response to the comment on Nov 21, the turbine spins the right way. Do some reading on how turbines work then comment. Great job developers, very neat idea.

It's fun byeahhhh. For 99 cents hell I bought it. I was not expecting anything to blow me away but this app is so cool because the iPhone is just not supposed to do this. I blew out a lighter and it was cool just because an iPhone did it. Good buy and a good conversation piece

Yes, it works.. Yep, this app works. How? By blaring noise through your speakers. Sound waves move through the air like a physical object. It's the same as a loud speaker where you can feel the vibration. This app isn't amazing, however, as any app will do this if it emits a loud sound and your volume is maxed out. You can't really feel the air blowing however, and you have to hold your device frighteningly close to any flame to extinguish it. It's alright for a gimmick, but I and anyone I showed was more irritated by the loud buzzing whine it let out than we were interested in the air output.

Really Works!. Very nice and simple! I actually tried it on a big candle and it works! Although this should be free, give it a go.

Not worth it, doesn’t do what it says. Definitely don’t buy this, it produces enough air/ wind to make a piece of paper move an inch.

Saved my phone!. My phone got dropped in the toilet an the speaker didn't work. This app shot water out my speaker and restored it back to working order. A great app!

It works. I tried it and it easily blew out a question and removed all my doubts. And they can't get rid of the sound cuz that's what makes it work

Does not work and makes phone heat up!. THIS DOES NOT WORK DO NOT BUY

Awsome. This app is amazing its a work of nature i wish i could give it 10 stars. It works i put a lighter up to it and it bloow the fire back and burnt my hand it works very good

No good. This is waist of 2 dollars

Blower. Works amazing

very good app. i love air‼️

I bought this just to see what the fuss was about between the 1 star and 5 star people.. This app is an absolute brilliant use of sound waves. Fantastic and creative!! Useless in practical day to day life but very amusing to show friends. Now know what the fuss is all about so buy it at your own risk. I think the amusement will be worth the .99 but for others looking to be cooled during a hot day will be let down.

It works. The app actually works but don't download it with high expectations, since it uses the speaker's sound to "move the air", don't expect it to work like an actual fan, you can actually feel the air but it is really subtle, however it works just like it does in the videos, if you put it close to the flame (extremely close) it'll slowly put it out.

great. awesome

Does exactly what they say!. It does exactly what it says it does, it will blow out a candle and a match. For those who gave it a low rating, read the information provided before buying.

This app is a must have!!!!!. My friend junior bonner told me about this amazing app, and it's easily the best app in the store. I literally deleted everything else on my phone cause all I need is blower- real air!

Best blowie 🥹. yeah

Bad. Upset

First, it didn't work but now works with update! :). It didn't work for me first with my iPhone 5 for the not really supported version but now it supports iPhone 5 with maximum power! Yay!

bruh.. tell me why i tried it on a candle and it worked.😰💻

Great. Not exactly practical, but a great party trick. It works surprisingly well. I don’t know why other people don’t think it worked but it did for me. I could blow pieces if paper around.

review. it blows

Great app for showing off your iPhone to all your friends.. Great app for showing off your iPhone to all your friends.

Biggest mistake of my life. Destroys phone. I got this iPhone 4S last Christmas and I've taken very good care of it! I use a otter box and have never dropped my phone nor given it shock in any way! I downloaded this app and used it and it worked!! After 30 minutes after use however, my speakers went completely out. I have talked to apple and they told me there is nothing I can do besides pay to have them fixed :( just a warning to save others from my predicament. There should at least be a warning.

Awesome!. Even though it makes a LOUD beeping noise, it really does make air. And to all you people who keep complaining about the noise, there's no other way to make it like a fan. It's not like there's an actual FAN inside the phone. I used it to blow out the candles on my bday cake, and throw some spilled salt into the trash can. Hopefully in the future someone can figure out a way to make it a fan without noise, but the point is THIS ONE WORKS.

Not worth it. Doesn’t even work. Not worth the money!!!

Hillarious!. Come on, people, this is FUNNY! Now quit pretending the purpose is supposed to be anything useful and rating it because it's not. By the way, you do have to read the instructions that state you must turn the volume up ALL THE WAY. Cause that's where it gets its 'blow' power--from the tiny speakers that blast sound energy--not an actual 'flow' of air. If you do this it'll "blow" the house down at the next birthday party!

Curious App, should be free.. The sound it makes is fun to play with, other than that it's nothing substantial. If you've got money to waste and think this sounds interesting like I did, go for it. Otherwise move along.

It works but barley... It really blows a little bit of air out enough to push around some specs of paper but disappointingly not strong enough to blow out a lighter UNLESS you get extremely close to the flame with your phone but it is a pretty cool app I don’t have any complaints with it functionality or appearance it seems all good although the older version look with the switch was a bit cooler in my opinion maybe you could add another choice which would be that older look

Wish it would cost more!. This app is too cheap for the amount of luxury it provides to my life. I am so blessed to have found such a commodity. I am pregnant. I was jogging in a marathon and almost passed out. The fan app helped me come to my senses and saved my child. I wish I could support this app even more. Please add in-app purchases and ads.

It's great!. It's a great app, my phone puts out a flame greatly. You also think its crap because you guys either drop your phones to much or you are just trying to get your money back.

So cool it really works!. Come on guys it's not going to cool you off on a hot day but it does blow out candles and push pieces of paper around. Super cool to show friends and family. Keep up the good work!

Didn't work for Me. I've got an IPhone 7. And according to the little chart below the 7 is supposed to work really well. So I figured yeah sure I'll get it because I'm bored and apparently have the bad habit of wasting money on stuff I know probably won't work. It's almost impossible to detect. I've taken my case off, everything but it just doesn't do much for me. (Oh yeah, and that *secret software* mess.) Yeah total lie. It uses you're speaker. It won't even let you turn the sound down without letting go turn it off. So if you don't want to waste you're money. Just get a loud song and play it at full volume. It actually works better than the app.

This blows tiny amounts of air!. This app does not blow out candles! Biggest waste of money ever, it hardly blows at all!!!

No. Won’t blow out a Bic. Fun to play worth the money.

Your all idiots. This app is excellent and it works perfectly on iPhone 4 (try taking your case off as it blocks the air flow which is caused by sound). Outstanding app.

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Language English
Price $1.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 5.0.2
Play Store net.qneo.Blower
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

Blower (Versiyon 5.0.2) Install & Download

The application Blower was published in the category Entertainment on 14 November 2009, Saturday and was developed by Qneo [Developer ID: 319839998]. This program file size is 83.59 MB. This app has been rated by 1,013 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Blower - Entertainment app posted on 14 June 2020, Sunday current version is 5.0.2 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: net.qneo.Blower. Languages supported by the app:

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Best Paid Entertainment Apps List
App Name Released
Pocket Visions Tarot 22 April 2022
Baby Ultrasound spoof 18 July 2016
Ghost Science M3 28 March 2018
Akinator VIP 07 December 2011
Alien10 13 October 2020

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Top Free App List
App Name Released
Twitter 09 October 2009
Google 12 February 2019
SHEIN - Online Fashion 19 May 2014
TikTok 02 April 2014
Wizz - Make new friends 24 February 2019

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Top Paid App List
App Name Released
Goblin Tools 31 May 2023
Farming Simulator 23 Mobile 23 May 2023
Paprika Recipe Manager 3 15 November 2017
Bloons TD 5 15 November 2012
Geometry Dash 13 August 2013

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