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Steam Mobile App Description & Overview

What is steam mobile app? With the free Steam Mobile App, you can take Steam with you anywhere. Buy PC games and get the latest game and community news - while protecting your Steam account.

Shop Steam
Browse the Steam catalog of PC games from your phone. Never miss a sale again.

Steam Guard
Protect your Steam account and make sign in faster with two-factor authentication.
• Two-factor authentication to ensure you’re the only one with access to your account
• QR code sign in - Scan a QR code to sign into Steam instead of entering a password or…
• Sign in confirmation - Confirm your regular Steam sign ins with simple “approve” or “deny”

Library & Remote downloads
The new Library view makes it easy to view game content, discussions, guides, support, and more. Plus you can manage game downloads and updates to your PC from your phone.

Trade and Market Confirmations
Speed up item trades and sales by using your phone to confirm them.

• A personalized News feed based on your Library with the latest news, events, and content updates direct from publishers and game developers.
• Customizable Steam notifications: wishlist, sales, comments, trades, discussions, friend requests, and more.
• Access to the entire Steam Community - discussions, groups, guides, Market, Workshop, broadcasts, and more.
• Access to your friends, friend activity, groups, screenshots, inventory, wallet, and more.
• Authorized Devices - Manage access to the devices your account has signed in
• An improved Store browsing experience for mobile screens
• Support for using multiple Steam accounts in the app
• Support for customizing your app's main tabs

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App Name Steam Mobile
Category Entertainment
Updated 27 February 2023, Monday
File Size 36.41 MB

Steam Mobile Comments & Reviews 2023

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I miss the old UI. The app is now confusing on where the basic tabs are, and on top of that some of my actions aren’t responding. Trying to view my friends list is a hassle and then going to friends activity…forget it. I hate to be that person to complain and give no ideas how to make it better, but I didn’t have any issues with the last UI and they just made it confusing. At least for me. I will definitely change when I feel it’s improved.

App is usable again!. Congrats to the steam mobile devs for finally getting this out there. A major improvement upon the last version. Will still need some time to see if it’s perfect but right now it does everything I need flawlessly. 10/10 would update again

The Attention!. Thank you for finally giving this app some attention. This app is an important part of your eco system. A feature that I have always wanted: being able to download and play purchased soundtracks in this app. Like a music app for purchased soundtracks. The only reason I never buy soundtracks is because I don’t know how to listen to them. I buy them and they sit on my computer and that is not desirable, convincing or practical. Please consider the soundtrack feature. Thanks for updating the app. I hope this is only the beginning of your journey to make this app great!

steam is great but the app is trash. My husband use the steam all the time I decided I wanted to try it. I downloaded the app and proceeded to try to do my date of birth it wouldn’t roll around to the right here and you couldn’t see where anything was it was just one big chaotic mess my husband said it’s best to just play steam on the desktop but in my opinion if you have an app please have the airport properly and at least answer people if they’re trying to get support through the app. I recommend using steam on the desktop.

Adding a phone number for 2fa and PayPal is garbage. Xbox and PlayStation have entering 2fa and PayPal be the easiest thing on the planet. Valve has made it beyond miserable just to do the basic features. They have my phone number but I still can’t set up 2fa via mobile and PayPal on the app NEVER works. Instead I’ve got this Steam Guard that could not be anymore confusing. Why can’t Valve just spend some money and hire competent coders for a better app & mobile system. I’m sure my problems are nonexistent on a full blown windows pc but I don’t have one of those. Just like tinkering on the Deck, I’ll have to scour the ends of the earth to resolve these mobile & app issues. Be better

EDIT: Good redesign. I have replaced my previous negative 2 star review with this new four star review thanks to the redesign, which has greatly improved the app. However, we shouldn't need a dedicated two factor authentication app just for steam. I would want this app just for it's library perusing/ store browsing features, but OTP Auth is already a technology with a generalized format that can be used in multiple password managers. Please integrate with wha everyone else is using so that we can have a less disrupted experience logging into steam.

Good but needs fixing. I like the simplicity of it plus being able to customize the lower tabs however majority of times I use it to view sales I click on a game and it just sends you to the top of the list again instead of showing you the game's page details. That hasn't been fixed for months now. Makes it harder for me to want to use the mobile app since the desktop web page doesn't have this problem.

Finally an improvement!. While I'm glad the app is finally updated I feel it's still flawed in some ways. I like the direction you guys are heading but I still feel the UI is a bit cluttered, quite easy to get lost for a second... especially when the first thing you open to is the QR Scanner. While I can see the probable reason for it being done that way, I was kind of confused and lost at first.. maybe that's just because I'm used to the old app layout.. lol. I also feel the store page is a bit cluttered and crammed.. feels like you guys just tried to make the desktop store page shrink to fit a phone's resolution. It'd be nice to see a more mobile friendly, less crammed store page.. Reduce recommended, new and promoted content. Compartmentalize games a bit better, behind genre specific tabs/buttons that lead to pages that'll infinitely scroll. "New and trending" "Top Sellers" "Popular Up and coming"... these are all high traffic tabs that should be at the top of the store page amongst the genre specific buttons I had mentioned earlier. I feel as though I had to scroll too far to find these things, someone may lose interest or become overwhelmed by the amount of clutter on the page to find the things they're looking for.. Try to deviate from the desktop store and go for a more mobile friendly aesthetic. Please push updates more frequently!!!!!

New layout is bad. Every clear button has been replaced with a vague icon with multiple unnecessarily nested menus. The built-in chat was also fully removed and instead made an entire separate app for some reason? They could have just added all the technical improvements WITHOUT sacrificing usability of the app. Now this app is on-par with other shoddy companion apps people only have and use for authentication. Edit: They finally added landscape orientation for tablets, so raising review score

Finally, A New Era. At last, the Steam mobile app has been updated. Long have we awaited this newly refreshed interface, graduating from its old, archaic roots. It appears as a breath of fresh air, though it still lacks efficient accessibility in some ways. If only we were able to access our closest of friends and our conversations with them from the bottom bar. The update has been a grandiose evolution, yet the masses still crave more.

Making an account. Doesn’t have any option to make an account only sign in and going to the website doesn’t help either because after you put in your email and verify it, it still asks you to sign in with your account name and password but it never gives you the option make one in the first place and now it says that “this email is already in use” so now i’m basically locked out of the app since there’s no where to make and actual account.

Vast improvement. This is my favorite way to use the store now. It actually works decently. You’ve set the bar pretty low all these years to be fair. I’m kinda sad that the pc and steam deck versions of the store are an abysmal experience that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. It’s kinda weird that the mobile app would work better than the real versions.

No support. So my account started to get hacked from Russia per steam email I went to my computer logged into steam. Not from the email off my phone but straight from steam website. After that I got a email from steam saying my password has successfully been updated. Great but then when I try to login it won’t except either the new or old passwords. It locked me out and says I have to contact steam. 1 day later no response from steam and they have made it impossible to contact them. My account still lets me access the recovery and lets me change the pad and confirms that the new password was excepted but then nothing still says wrong password. Can someone help me figure out how to get them to respond?

Great app, but also pretty broken. I love the idea of being able to access Steam from my phone when I’m not home, and it’s convenient if I don’t have access to my PC. Overall, it’s a great app to use when I’m away, but this app also has quite a few flaws. The user interface is kinda buggy and slow, kind of feels like a website on a console. Whenever I add funds to my wallet, I usually have to restart the app for them to appear, even through the payment has been processed. There aren’t a lot of problems in the app, but when there are, it’s pretty annoying. Besides the cons, this app is very nice to use and gives a great user experience when it works.

Finally. It’s not perfect and there’s still work to do, but they finally updated this app after years of neglect. I can finally do normal stuff like make a purchase on my phone. Keep going and don’t listen to shortsighted children who can’t see past a month into the future

Steam Mobile 3.0 ??. All good on paper but on my iPhone 6 the app is not even fullscreen I have a tiny image of the app in the middle of the screen reason of why I cannot type codes or press buttons because they are all stacked all on top of each other, sort of like the iphone Apps on iPad.. is very weird and wonkey, I dont want to fully delete the app and reinstall it because I dont want to lose my accounts (or better the steam guard codes) getting banned and what not, so pretty please fix the app, thank you!

Looks better but isn’t. The new interface looks better so that’s good I guess? To be honest, who cares what it looks like when it still doesn’t function that well? It was a bad app before that people, in general, only used for messaging but the new interface actually makes messaging even harder thus making an almost useless app even more useless. Steam has been around for a long time and I still can’t think of something that is this unfriendly to the user. Steam on PC doesn’t even work that great but this app is really bad.

The new version adds much needed features but…. I really like a lot of the new features added in the recent overhaul, being able to redeem codes in the app itself is a huge plus. That said, it’s clear this update was not made with iPads in mind, there’s no support for Landscape orientation. There are major issues with the search function too, typing into the bar doesn’t offer suggestions and tapping return just clears the bar without taking you into a search page. This means i cannot actually search the store within the app. Which, given that this is a storefront first and foremost, is a major problem. With those issues fixed, this is a 5-star app easy. But until then, i can only give it a 3. Please fix this soon! EDIT: landscape support has been added and makes the app much more functional but the search bar still does not work at all, this needs to be fixed asap

Not an app problem. Been trying to contact you guys about your terrible download speed for updates on games. So, I check my download speed and it’s 811 mbps. Also weird enough my upload speed was over 900. So it was weird when I was trying to update a game and it maintained 5 or so mbps. Isn’t that funny? Oh wait, not funny, it was more sad. Oh and yah I followed all the “helpful tips” you people provided which definitely did not help. Idk just something you all should consider and fix. It’s definitely you and not me 🤷🏼

Felt like I was pulling teeth. To be honest I tried creating an account 5 times before trying on my phone where it went through and said my captcha has an issue. Before while signing up on the computer again my captcha after doing it correct multiple times was still an issue. The app is glitchy and to be honest the rave behind it as a first time downloaded who had so many issues I won’t download it again tbh

Cannot Buy Using PayPal. One would think Steam would want to make it possible, if not actually easy, to buy games using its app, but you would be wrong. I tend to use PayPal to purchase things online so that every website and its brother doesn’t have my credit card info, but attempting to use PayPal from the app does not work at all: It just opens a webpage in Safari (I also tried Forefox) that is completely empty except for a PayPal banner at the top. Good job Steam!

PayPal authorization not working. Fix your PayPal login authorization so I can purchase things on mobile instead of my PC and I will change the rating. Right now when it tells me to log in to PayPal via the PayPal button it brings me to a page that just says PayPal at the top and doesn’t load no matter what settings I put on my browser or the app. Works fine on PC. Guess I will have to remember to save my login info on PC again when I get the time, doesn’t change that it shouldn’t block me from using PayPal on the app…

Great but needs work.. Using it is a blast but! Its having some problems. Whenever I try to add a game to my wishlist or go to the games store page, it refuses to take me there. Wondering if Steam themselves even use their own app because this is a major issue and needs fixing asap. This could cost someone to lose out on a last minute sale if away from your PC device Deck or Laptop/Desktop.

Too buggy. Seems poorly optimized, this app frequently stalls and freezes on me. Especially for running on an iPhone 13. Very frustrating. For example, I literally just clicked on a link in safari to a steam forum discussion, which took me straight to this app. However the app would not load the actual discussion. It just froze as a blank page. I tried this multiple times with the same result. I literally had to uninstall this app so I could even view the forum since it kept opening this app automatically. Steam, you’re a multi-billion dollar company, why does you’re app run worse than the ones from even new startups? Come on!!

Could use more features. The desktop app is way better in my option. But having this on go is alright. The app could use more features like loading into store and seeing steam achievements maybe even seeing the cards. Feel like settings could be it’s own tab. Customize tabs would be a good feature. I would like to see my library of games built into the app. Having more access to download a game would be great. I have seen with PlayStation sort of. Just some recommendations but I wish it was a little bit better.

Unstable update. The new app broke since day one locked me out of my account and after a restore I couldn’t use the community market for a month. Since the upcoming updates it’s been slowly fixed there are still a bunch of bugs that cause the app to either crash or become unresponsive. I have to constantly kill the app and to get it to work. Pretty annoying. I’m slowly moving away from this platform. Towards more polished experiences. Meaning somewhere else.

I was disappointed. Honestly, I’ve seen a TON of videos showing great games and how great this app is! And it looked amazing! So I tried downloading it. I snapped and was disappointed. It wouldn’t even let me CREATE AN ACCOUNT. I tried tons of passwords and usernames and nothing worked! There is no edit button so I can’t go back to see if there’s a “create account” button or something. So I deleted it and retried, opens it from app, and just about everything more! My own PHONE saved the account but I still couldn’t even create an account! There was a sign in. That’s it. I couldn’t acces or do ANYTHING AT ALL. I didn’t even give the dang app a experience!!!! Please fix this.

Notifications wont ever load.. When the app updated for the first time I was able to see my notifications just fine, and this lasted for about a week. But after this week, I haven't been able to load my notifications ever. Ive tried different wifi networks, different parts of my house, different places in general (i.e. the park, a donut shop, etc [all using their wifi]) but nothing ever makes the notifications load. What's frustrating about this is the app will send a push notification saying that I have a new trade offer, but I can't go to the notifications tab to see it. I have to manually go to my trade offers to be able to see it.

They actually listen!. I wrote a review over the recent update, which heavily improved the UI into a much cleaner experience, but also removed landscape mode, which made using the app on iPad a bit of a pain. They wasted no time in implementing yet another update, now adding landscape support for tablets. I can’t give this anything other than a 5 star review now. I love the interface, and the fact that they’re quick to fix things instead of leaving it broken is a massive plus.

New update massively improves things. Some things I’ve noticed: The app crashes whenever you hide notifications in the notification tab When you click store, then free games, it has an oval icon with tags that run over and past it I don’t think there’s a way to see my library as I have put my games in folders on the Steam desktop app Community market does not seem to work, gives message “The market is unavailable for the following reason(s): Steam is having trouble using your browser’s cookie. To remove this restriction…”

An update that improves the Ui of the app but breaks everything else. It’s nice that the app *looks* prettier but it’s just that, looks. The functionality of the app is in all cases worse than before. For example the wishlist button works exactly 1 time before you have to force close the app and reopen it… how does a massive company like valve miss something so incredibly simple?? Smh the lack of effort and quality control is clear everywhere you look lately lol.

A bug doesn’t allow me to see any kind of game. There is a Bug that every time I look for a game and touch anyone it doesn't let me see that game, I look for the shape on either side and it's still the same, many updates have passed and it's still the same. It's annoying to have to go to Google to be able to see or search for the games, they must fix it as soon as possible. Excuse me for my English, I am using a translator.

This app is horrible…other than verification. I’ve never had issues with the verification side of this, so that’s a plus. But if you want to use the app for literally any other function, it is not usable in my experience. The app is incredibly unintuitive, and has been made somehow worse than it was before. I can’t tap of friend’s profiles, I can’t open games within the store if I search them, and the community tab has been made worse than it was. Maybe for other people the new update made the app better, but for my phone it made an already mediocre app unusable (other than the verification, that works great).

Horrible navigation, not user friendly at all. Somehow it's worse than the old app. Navigation through the app is almost impossible. You get stuck and it loads stuff that you don't even click (example: after browsing something on the community page, pressing friend activity doesn't load what it's supposed to and just keeps it on whatever the last community page was). It's like this through the entire app. While it looks better (not even that great), it performs way less and hardly works.

Long Awaited Update. I’m glad that Steam finally decided to update their mobile app after 2 years. I’ve been waiting for this update for some time. The old app was clunky and had issues. This new update is definitely a step in the right direction. Hopefully Steam continues to push updates regularly for this version of the app.

Steam Can’t Sign in Due to Poor or No Connection. I was in the middle of posting screenshots on Steam on my PC when Steam suddenly can’t due to no connection. I tried logging off and then logging in, but now it can’t log in because there’s no connection. This is ridiculous because I have full Wi-Fi on my computer. I tried restarting it and tried to sign into Steam again, but still nothing. All I ask is that this issue is resolved ASAP so that I can still finish posting screenshots and access other features of Steam.

Valve can do much better. I’m unable to even watch the videos previewing the games, it’s just a black screen... Go to genres and it’s a terrible menu system which blocks half of the options when you scroll. It’s been broken since the app came out. Does anybody at valve use this on an iPhone? It’s crazy that I’ve personally bought 2000+ games from them and they still have the one of the worst iOS apps in the store. They made half life and counter strike but completely negated both with this abomination of an app. And now that it has been updated it’s somehow even worse.

Very polished, but a couple issues. The majority of the bugs that used to exist in this new app have been patched, which gives this new app a very polished experience. There is still one bug which kind of translates into 2, which is the scaling of UI elements. For people who use larger on screen text for accessibility or have a smaller screen size, the app just breaks. Buttons to accept Steam Guard confirmations don’t fit on the screen and the app can’t be properly used. Landscape mode also works on phones, even though it really should only work on iPads. If you try to tilt your phone sideways on the Steam Guard screen, things get crazy. And the notch blocks things as well. I also wish the video player would be fixed too, you have to tap where you think the unmute button is, and then tap to go fullscreen, but you just get a black window. You then have to close the video and re enter it repeatedly until it works in fullscreen, which is very aggravating. This is on iOS 15 on an iPhone 12.

Update ruined the app. I am not a big fan of the updated UI for the app. It’s too cluttered, and finding stuff is more difficult than it should be, but that’s the least of the problems with the update. Now when I check notifications, the app constantly sends me to the wrong pages, and the app also crashes a lot now, so I’ve had to stop using the app and now I have to use Steam on a mobile web browser. It’s very obvious to me that this update is not finished and was not tested before going live, so please, at least fix the issues with the crashing, and the glitches.

A fixable step backwards. This new update focus on showing store content face on, but complicates usage on your account content. Previous version was a breeze to navigate from your inventory, library, friend list, store, etc. Now it is not. Either working it to simplify back the interface while keeping the new features or please add classic interface back as an option. I am hating this one so far…

Great Improvement. The UI and the experience overall has greatly improved, complete with some security and customization options. There are some issues, but the app is usable and convenient, and i bet whatever hiccups are still left will be ironed out with time.

An underwhelming experience. It has come far from the days of just messaging people or opening up steam pages and crashing, so I thought with this new update it might be able to breath new air into the app. I was half right, the update/overhaul to the UI and some needed QOL of changes such as not crashing anytime I do something have been helpful and while the UI feels cleaner and less clunky; I cannot say the same for its navigation experience. Often times I will be wanting to wishlist or buy games and the icons simply won’t register being clicked and it isn’t very clear that clicking on a title vs clicking on the thumbnail will warrant a different result. Search bar is mediocre, often clicking multiple links within the app confuses it and can result in certain processes not loading and requiring a hard reset. In conclusion the app has lots of potential but as of now it’s a 6/10 from me.

Cleaner Layout But A Big Step Backward For iPads. Just what it says in the headline, folks. The layout and fonts are updated and cleaner, but with the new update, the app no longer recognizes landscape as a viable orientation. For those of us with keyboard cases, especially, this ruins the app for use on Steam Forums, or even comfortably while we have our iPads set up as “second devices” next to our main work computers or workstations. Please, Valve - bring back landscape functionality!

Terrible, yet what I’ve expected from Valve. This company has had steam mobile for at least 8 or 9 years now and it was broken the entire time. You couldn’t change your profile picture, your name, messages would resend nonstop, you’d lose connection literally nonstop, then valve decides they’re going to make two separate apps and you have to download them both. And guess what? Same issues! Can’t change your profile pic, can’t change your name, messages resend, connection loses constantly. Valve is laughably bad at making apps, they haven’t figured out how to do it in 9 years and they never will.

It wasn’t worked on properly. كI'm browsing a very weak website. The menus are not allocated for ease of navigation. Steam mobile application is full of errors. It must be fixed. It is very annoying when browsing with a patient outlet when using it. I had to delete it. In fact, it is not comparable to the computer version. It must work on lists, navigation and tires in the second. It There’s cutting and delaying something really annoying, even a single rating star doesn’t deserve it unfortunately

The best thing that gives this five stars. A lot of people don’t like this app for some reason. But this small little detail perfects the app. The reason why is Fez is in the picture! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Fez is the best game on Steam, yet no one’s heard of it. I won’t bore you with it, but I have to say great job Steam! I also saw a sliver of Portal 2 in there as well. And I was thinking to congratulate you. But the thing is, Portal was an amazing game series made by Valve. Valve made steam. So Valve, if you’re reading this… MAKE A PORTAL 3 ALREADY YOU DID IT WITH HALF LIFE ITS PORTAL’S TURN

Terrible Customer Service. I understand the refund policy is within 14 days and less than 2 hours played. I just had ACL reconstruction surgery and had family over to check on me. During this time a game I just purchased finished downloading and sat on the main menu for over 4 hours. I played 30 minutes of character setup and the tutorial to find out this game wasn’t as expected. I explained the situation in the refund request, and subsequently 4 others, which were declined. I cannot believe any company would not take exception in this scenario, especially for a loyal customer wanting to exchange said game for another. This company does not care about their customers at all. I will use another platform to pass time during my recovery.

3.0 was long overdue!. Holy molly what a change update 3.0 has brought to this app. It looks modern, feels snappy, and is incredibly simple compared to the mess the app was before. I didn’t realize (probably more like I didn’t care) the state the app was in before, it did its job and for me that was good enough but now looking back it was a nightmare compared to what’s there now. Only thing I’ll miss is the messaging part being apart of the main app.

Was a great app until this new “improved” version. I loved having the Steam app on my phone. I could easily check which friends are online, send and receive chat messages, steam guard two factor,browse the store, purchase games, and remote install games all in one, single, intuitive app. Now this trash juice wants me to install a whole other app just to check my messages??? Oh hellllllll no. It takes a lot for me to install a company’s app on my phone. Absolutely no way I am installing multiple apps to keep the same functionality that I’ve had for years in a single app. Uninstalling this after years of use soon as I’m finished this review.

The app feels out of date.. For an app that’s supposed to be for convenience and ease of use, it lacks in that department. Most apps nowadays usually off it as a helping hand on the side if you’re in a browser especially on a mobile device where sometimes seeing everything is key. Another issue is being able to use the store. Why does the app redirect you to a site that doesn’t even load completely especially if you’re trying to use PayPal as a form of payment? They have an app now so if people have that app and this app is directing them to either a site that won’t even load or something worse then how can I trust the app?

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Must I log in. I’d love be to browse the store. But I have to log in. So I’ll just delete the app and browse the website I guess. Weird

.. 🤬🤬🤬🤬I can’t get fnaf or poppy playtimeAnd I am furiousBut are you are but that’s not it now my mum has have to pay money which I effing hate

not horrible. fixed the locked portrait and the look, but its still slow and clunky

New look, same broken mess. If you launch the app in landscape orientation, product search flat out doesn’t work. A lot of the time tapping Wishlist takes you to the page of the last product you were looking at, and you have to close and reopen the app to restore correct functionality. I could easily go on; there are just so many glaring bugs like this. Absolutely disgraceful for a company with such a huge user base.

Garbage. I wanted to connect to geometry dash so I tried to login but it said I had to sign in even though I didn’t even have an account!

horrible. Huge step down from the old, completely functional version. Terrible update, would give zero if I could.

It’s amazing. It’s amazing I love the new updates but just doesn’t work on iPads but I don’t used a iPad anyways!

Cannot complete purchase. Tried purchasing games as a gift for people over Christmas some 3 months ago and now today. The PayPal button takes me off the app and just shows a yellow banner saying PayPal. Cannot complete purchases please fix

Trading now issuing bans on this app?. After 3 trades and a market listing, i get the following message when trying to access my inventory: You've made too many requests recently. Please wait and try your request again later. Why is this even a thing? this renders the app somewhat useless for me.

Landscape is back!. Revising review, it’s much better now. Appreciate the fix, Valve!

Fixing what wasn’t broken. The new update literally just made the app worse, stripping chat out into an entirely seperate app for literally no discernible reason. And making the UI annoying to navigate with its current implementation

Forced to install and use now useless app. This app is now only on my phone for 2 Factor Authentication It used to be useful as it had chat and friend integration. Now it does not, which makes this app completely useless to me other than 2FA I will never install the separate chat app and thank you to whoever the brain dead individual(s) who thought it was a good idea to split a key functionality out of what was once a useful phone app I used to use on almost a daily basis. You people won at complete and utter stupidity!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡

Great breath of fresh air. What a great breath of fresh air the new app is - finally Steam has decided to be merciful of mobile users and fix their app! New app is great; responsive, consistent with PC, and fixes the sign on issues of the previous app. Well done devs!

Horrible update. Seriously the format and everything doesn’t work, the way it was before was far better, I can’t search for games as it literally just doesn’t work when I enter what I typed, the no landscape option is absolutely horrible. Trying to figure out a completely new layout is just annoyingly unnecessary, please just upgrade the app by taking this abhorrent update down and rethinking what it is the app really needs.

No keyboard. No matter where I click, including search bar, no keyboard comes up. To register my mobile I had to write it in a different app and it Jen copy and paste it in.

It’s good now.. They’ve refreshed and redesigned this app ALOT. Now it’s much faster and overall better to use with a new look.

Reinvent the wheel. App worked fine before update and UI overhaul, now it just crashes all the time and doesn’t work

They Broke It. This app is terrible now. Slow, clunky, broken.

Garbage. I can log in in all my devices instead of this garbage app. Even I reseted my password and the same result.

Bugged. Love the ability to add funds from the app into Steam Wallet. Except it’s bugged right now. I click on add funds and literally nothing happens. Please fix.

Useless. On iphone it works for about 5 minutes before you need to close the app down and restart it because it glitches out and is unresponsive. Its worse than before they updated it

Super buggy. Needs some major work. Super buggy. Won’t even let me approve sign in requests

Absolute garbage. The Steam app was bad before, but this new update (3.2) is something else. Chat's been stripped out of the app, several buttons only work once - if at all, parts of the screen are cut off and landscape mode - the one thing that barely made the app usable on a phone - is completely gone now. If you have a tablet or a very large phone, the app might be tolerable, but if not, everything is completely oversized to the point of illegibility. A lot of text in the app loo... lik.. thi... with no way to expand it and the app ignores both iOS's text size setting and Safari's website zoom setting. The Steam website's "view desktop website" setting is absent from the app, too (although that's also useless without the ability zoom the screen in/out). I recommend only using this app as an authenticator and sticking with the desktop client or a regular web browser for anything else.

No landscape mode. Why are so many apps being released currently with no capability to rotate to landscape? With the release of the new app, we are stuck in portrait mode. Landscape mode gives me easier access to the keyboard, allows me to use my iPad stand, and provides a more comfortable view for most apps. I’m an app developer myself. Providing flexibility in layout is important. Being stuck in portrait mode stinks. Please fix it.

Great app but. I love this app but please add the ability to add custom artwork for steam library

Bad. I try to sign in for the first time and I can’t even sign in because I need an existing account which I don’t have

Great update. Finally the mobile app gets an update. It’s well designed, easy to navigate and for what the app is intended to do (Library and Store management) it’s great.

No more chat. Why the hell do I need a seperate app to chat now? The store improvement is great but no chat is a big step backwards.

Sigh Valve.... You absolutely botched this app into oblivion. I can't even open searched games in the store. It just glitched the list back to the top. So I can't even buy games from my mobile app while away from my PC. And there is so many other bugs and issues plaguing this app. Absolutely terrible experience, we never asked for this "new" broken version...

Hate it won’t let me play any games. So I click on play game and then it takes me to the screen the screen says got steam and I say yes I got steam and it just stays on that screen it won’t let me in the game

Useless. This app is so bad, it wouldn’t even let me type the correct characters in to verify my account. They were pressing properly on my phone but the app wasn’t registering the correct input. Deleted.

4 and a half stars but 2 possible really good features…. 2 things pls Valve, 1) pls make it so that you can save your steam replay as like a PDF file or something like that. 2) please add like a cloud gaming thing so that on the steam app (or another one) you can like use like the Xbox cloud gaming thing, because t for STEAM. Thank you, and overall, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1/2⭐️

Complete and utter Junk. Try again, Valve. Epic Fail.. What’s the use in the app if you can’t search anything and open the page for the game ou’re looking at? Total trash. I do love the service Steam provides in terms of being a store, but this is basic stuff Valve, come on. Also the buttons on the bottom of the app screen have no accessibility labels so they’re utterly useless to those with a screen reader. You have failed, it’s junk, burn and start again. You lose,. I don’t like being harsh, but this really is basic, simple stuff here. If you can’t get this right, you get roasted from me.

Lacks landscape mode. The removal to view the app in landscape has essentially killed the app for me. Looks like I’ll only be using the app for the Authenticator. A real shame since before the new updated redesign I actually used the app a lot to browse the steam store and to make purchases.

Notifications. The app is a huge step up from what it was like before. It works pretty well but with the exceptions of a lot of bugs and a bit laggy. One thing to note is that the notifications don’t work, I have push notifications enabled in settings and turned on what I want to get notified but I don’t actually get the notifications on my phone, only in app. Otherwise the features on the app are really useful just needs improvements fixing the bugs.

Hate the update. I guess I found out why the old app was around so long… Really dislike the new app. Aside from my personal hatred of the new Steam Guard (no I don’t want to scan a QR!!), the app is buggy and broken. Every time I use the app I discover another thing broken. Given the app is a glorified browser for the steam website I don’t know how there are so many problems.

One feature missing…. Would love to see the ability to look at my games based on the categories I made. Having over 300 games makes it hard to scroll through. Categorising makes looking through them much easier than scrolling down through one massively long list.

Garbage. Freezes and gets stuck on my iPhone 13 Pro Max. Tapping an item on my wish list doesn’t take me the to store page. This app is hot trash and the developers clearly don’t know how to make an app that works.

Latest version cannot see wish list. It now says cannot connect to steam server when I try to view my wish list. But can view games in the steam store

I can’t do anything!. It won’t let me play any games even free ones! What a waste of time

Cant create an account. I downloaded the app and it takes me to the sign in page and there is no option to create an account

Needs updates. Please bring back messaging people,this new update is difficult to learn as now the ability to chat has been removed

Steam more like sceam. This is a scam if you had a computer you would’ve just went on computer to play but on mobile you need to waste hundreds of dollars for a computer so you can just play on computer and make steam make you forget all about your mobile device it’s…a…scaaaama…don’t download this if you have a computer just use it

Instant crash under iOS 11. Just updated to latest version that claims to support iOS11 and above and it just instantly crashes on launch. Unusable.

not for iPad. The latest version changes from a landscape view to portrait. Not great for large iPads.

App is rabbish. The app is garbage, You can’t sign in too many robot checks

New update. While the new update visually looks good, the app functions more as a store now than the social app I once used it for. The decision to separate chat into its own app is not a good one. Why can’t they both be integrated into one app? The friends tab in the new update is hard to find and difficult to use, with the mini profile appearing halfway off the screen. Needing two apps to do what I only needed one app to do in the past is incredibly frustrating.

Worst ever. I had bought a 25$ funds to my account but it did not go through

1 step work, 2 steps broken. First positive about this latest version is the store page looks new and accessible. Now the negative Last version I was able to open the game pages through the list of new releases and upcoming games now this feature doesn't even work. Every time I'm on the games list and tap on any game to access the game page it would just refresh the games list and does nothing. This has been a problem for awhile now and still on this version and even on PC. Every time I want to rate a review helpful or not Steam would give me a process 13 error which is the most annoying thing that's been on Steam for a long time now.

Great!. Massive improvement well done devs :)

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Absolute garbage. Old app was working fine, why remove steam chat and force people to download a separate app? Trash.

Nice revamp. Steam catches up on its century with QR code sign in. Despite some reviews, friends list and friends activity are still there if you take more than two minutes to explore what the app has to offer. Only four stars as I ended with 140+ notifications and there’s no way to delete them all; you have to do it one by one. Pretty tedious and annoying. Fix this and get five stars.

No landscape orientation?. Difficult to use on a iPad with a keyboard. Back to the web version :(

New UI. The new UI is overcomplicated. Should have just left it alone.

Finally updated. Finally updated and works so much better now.

Ou est passé le mode paysage?. Pour l'utilisation que j'en fait, la nouvelle interface semble bien à première vue. Mais pourquoi avoir retiré le mode paysage sur iPad? Je sais pas pour les autres mais moi je suis toujours en mode paysage, je trouve ça tellement plus pratique...

pls add friend chat back. it was a great app until it updated to the point where steam separated chat. now its basically facebook messenger and its stupid... revert back or die

oh my god. the last app was buggy but this new update is even WORSE. it’s so buggy im crying and farting right now update: looks like some bugs are fixed

add the friend chat back. Add the friend chat back

Accessibility: text size. Cannot progress, select buttons, or use any UI with my accessibility settings on iPhone (large print). App is useless unless I decrease my access settings and I cannot read it otherwise. Please review.

Update killed it. New update requiring a different worse app to use messenger has made me uninstall both as they have become tedious and no longer convenient

Improved but still bad. I have to download another app to chat??

No landscape on a mobile app. Bad decision to not have screen rotate. I guess the developer feels landscape isn't needed for tablets and phones? Not sure about others out there but I'm sad to see the old version gone. New version is a bit prettier but seems much less functional and awkward to use.

good app. Almost the same as PC steam

New Update Ruined It. Not sure who approved the new update but besides looking fancier it’s far inferior to the old one. Why would I want another app to use a feature I had on this app previously lol…

Ruined for no reason. The newest update overhauled a lot of things, it looks a bit nicer and organized, but nothing works anymore. I can't view my home page and attempting to Search results in the app automatically deleting letters as fast as I can type them. There now seems to be no reason to use this anymore since I mostly used it to look up and check out new games or recommended games when I have free time away from my PC

New update sucks. Why you gotta take out the friend chat that's the stupidest idea anyone had for this update, and if you say just download the chat app shut up, there was nothing wrong with how it was before, add the friend chat back.

Bad Redesign. The new redesign is so much worse. The old one was similar to the desktop app and was easy to navigate. The one is slow and confusing. Please change it back

Eek. I deemed the latest update a massive security risk to my account and have uninstalled it for the moment. Being able to circumvent my account name and password using a QR code is not what I want and require from this app. Bonus uhoh: they got rid of the chat function, forcing you to need a secondary app to access it.

Busted. Not sure what the point of having a search bar is if it doesn't work. Leaving the app and coming back to it turns it into a phone layout for some reason. Sometimes the pages just don't load and tell me there's connection errors even though I can load the Steam website just fine. I'm glad *something* is being done for this app, but I wish that it was functional enough to use instead of the website.

The wroest login experience. Cannot log in after update the app. The re-authentication is so confusing and never works. After I chose Move Authenticator, I received a code. After I entered the code, the app showed me a 6 digits code and then automatically showed another page which asking me to enter a 5 digits code, or Move Authenticator again! I never adds games to wish list after I cannot in the Steam app. Saving me money. “Best app ever”

Get me a developer response. Bro I just downloaded and it keeps making me verify that I’m a human and it’s not letting me get an account if I can’t get help I’ll raise my rating :(

So stupid!!. Try to log in, it sends code, code is received but keyboard will not show in app and is impossible to enter code!! Idiots!!

Horrible. Absolutely horrible. I don’t have or use a pc anymore and recently wanted to look into buying the steam deck so I thought I’d update my profile and look into things. So I decided to go in and edit things and dear lord there are so many bugs. You can’t remove people from groups or your friends list, it just doesn’t work. or delete reviews (some reviews got deleted and some just said error) slow and buggy is making it so difficult to use

Ok ok we’re going somewhere!. My last review title was “So awful that it’s embarrassing.” I’m glad the iOS app is getting some dev love. I understand that you don’t expect it to be a huge driver for sales but it’s important to have a full suite for a platform like Steam.

Would to use this app.. So steam one of the best sites to buy games. Sadly they SENT ME ABOUT 6 gmails with a code. Make me re-change my password on my steam about about 3 times. The code they sent me wasn’t even right. It’s just frustrating to do this over and over agin.

IPad support for steam app missing?. What the heck did you do to steam app. The old one worked fine. Now new steam app only work in phone mode. As in I have hold my iPad Air like phone which is annoying. Where iPad support (wide screen support) The old steam app worked fine and had wide screen support for steam app on IOS. Not impressed with new app. Old one work better!!!!

New update 🤮. New steam update is way to over complicated! Glitches switching between friends and inventory tabs constantly. And separate app for chat is lame!

Uninstall and use browser. The new version are portait mode only… for ipad is annoying and we feel we go back to 2016. Come on we are in 2022, is basic.

Steam Guard sucks now. Before it was super simple. Now it allows QR, which, would be great. However it literally never works. It also just breaks the regular sign-in even if you don’t use QR.

New version is so low…. New version is so low Valve dropped the limbo bar in the lowest sub-sub-sub-basement of heck and then grabbed a spoon to start digging. I have this for two reasons: Authenticator and Chat. The app has to access my iPhone 13 camera to get a QR code that it can NEVER identify, so then I have to resort to a code it tells me it doesn’t want me to use. And now there is a separate app for chat, so it is completely missing! Never opening the app except for the Authenticator ever again.

Not the improvement that was promised. This new and improved app is only new, they completely dropped the ball one this one. It’s slow, screen refresh is usually corrupted, authenticator doesn’t work 1/2 the time and chat was removed… this release looks like a step backwards.

Steam rework. This steam rework completely changed this app, before it was unusable and had a bad rep. This app is very helpful and looks good

Unbelievable the amount of bugs and problems. So many connection issues and they dont even help you well with it they just blame it on you. They constantly have server issues it just shows who they really are. This app is 2 stars it says alot. I wish there was another platform besides steam. Because steam is made by literally idiots. Brainless wonders who don’t even know what they’re doing. Theres so much more. -10 stars bro completely stupid.

No Landscape Mode, No Chat. No landscape mode, chat is removed and in a different app. Couldn’t log in for days. This suuuuuucks

No Landscape? Really?. Unclear why there isn’t a landscape mode; That’s like UX 101 for designing iPad apps. Just plain lazy. Why download the app when I can just view the full website through Safari instead if it doesn’t even have a landscape option.

Glad it’s finally decent. Still a little slow but it’s been massively improved recently, nice to see.

Way to break what works. Recent update of this app has recently broken its use with any early version phones and OS of earlier generation phones. Way to alienate your consumer base like Overwatch did

Amazing facelift!. Since the revamp, the steam app is so much easier on the eyes. It’s nice to be able to easily navigate the steam app now:)

Why did they wreck the app?. They completely broke the app, it’s now incredibly slow and ugly, I can’t make sense of this nor even want to, forget it. They even took the chat function out!! What moronic executive decided this was a good plan, jeez.

Unusable. Garbage since the latest update. I would give negative stars if possible for splitting chat to a separate app.

No Landscape!?. Love the new look on and it works great on my phone but without landscape mode this is completely unusable on my iPad. Who’s using their tablet in portrait mode!?

Useless. The app use toNickname be useful, but it’s worthless in this iteration. 1. I use my iPad with a keyboard, so with no landscape view I can’t use it. 2. The SEARCH function doesn’t work. Type anything, even apps in my library, and it does NOTHING! Garbage!

Chat on a new app?. Bring the chat back to the original Steam app. I don’t want 2 apps for some basic feature.

Nice design, but virtually unusable. I use steam community a lot, and this update pretty much broke all mobile interaction with it. It seems like everything just takes longer to load between screens / pages, and then pages will sometimes just fail to load for unknown reasons. Notifications for comments on workshop items are the big one for me though. I seem to get some but not all. I’ll check my phone, see nothing, then check my desktop later and find a comment that’s been there all day. I think this redesign needed a bit more time in the over before going public.

Landscape has arrived. Much improved update!

friend chat back. need friend chat back. Don't understand why you separated it

Nice downgrade valve!. People: Steam Chat App is so useless! Valve: Alright let’s downgrade Steam App and remove chat feature so Steam Chat App will become more useful.

Steam Guard. Why do I have to install this garbage just to use Steam Guard. I do not want, or intend to use Steam on my phone. Please make a separate app for Steam Guard.

New change broke app on older phones. The new UI breaks on older phones / software (my phone isn’t updated to the latest IOS due to its age.) Which has removed my ability to access my steam mobile authenticator. If you have an older phone, DO NOT UPDATE!

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Update locks you out. So the new update looks nice and clean but the issue with the update is it has logged me out and I have mobile authentication on my steam app. So when trying to log in I cannot. Tried to do the text verification and it says it was requested from a different IP address and now won’t let me log in. Thanks for the update but maybe next time think of a way not to lock us out of our accounts maybe?

Mobile. I love steam but I wish you can play steam games on mobile without steam link, just like the App Store, and also theirs this game called poppy playtime chapter 1, it free on steam but cost $2 on App Store, so if you were to make it more accessible to mobile Steam I think steam would be better, but overall great app nice job!

Broken. App worked great before the latest update. Now when you are in the steam store on the app, I can’t even open a game to check it out. It gives the loading bar but then nothing. Having to try and check out games I potentially want to purchase by back dooring through google searches.

Meh. Sure it looks better now but that’s it. I have many notification alerts in the app but when I click on them it says they were wrong. When I click on friend activity(activity feed) it just goes to my friends list. If I wanted my friends list I would’ve click on….wait for it….the friends list

Are they not using this app. Literally safari works better than this app on iPhone 13 Pro Max with iOS 16. I can expand any section in top games, special etc and it just keep refreshing never going to the game you click on. I just feel like those working on this clearly are not users of the app themselves or else it would be working better than a simple browser on the same device.

Hugely disappointed!!. The worst thing is that I couldn’t even use this app. Steam guards in an email to me to verify my account, and I can’t even get any type of keyboard or anything to work to type in the numbers or letters necessary to get the app to work, so this is absolutely useless out for me. The sad thing is when I went to explore this, I found out I wasn’t the only person that had this issue.

About Time!. After many years, the Steam mobile app FINALLY got the modern overhaul it so desperately needed for the past decade. Valve is known to put off things at times (Looking at you, HL3) but it looks like they can finally check the mobile app off their list.

Update improved everything. Before the recent update it was a clunky mess but now everything seems so much more user friendly. The library and store are much more easy to navigate.

Disorganized interface, often non-functional. Well, they updated & messed up a clean clear interface. Can no longer access my profile in-app. Total regression of an update. Don’t update if you can avoid it. Edit : Newest version 3.2.7 now has the store search entries redirect back to the search, meaning you can't click them & actually go to the store page for a game via the search. Great job guys! 🤦‍♂️

Was great. Before the update yesterday, I used this app daily. It was very helpful and the UI was easy to navigate. But since the update the app seems more confusing. I don’t know why you removed the chat. Yes I do have the steam chat app, but having the chat in the main app was so convenient. I don’t really see a benefit in the update.

Best update ever compared to the old version. I really like the design and new features with the newer updated I hope you will continue bringing new features

My review. If you buy a game but don’t like it or it doesn’t work you get a refund almost immediately it has a lot of pc games that I don’t know where else to find

Not what i want any more. Got this for the chat bit of the app, its been removed and made into its own app for some stupid reason so this app is useless to me now as that was the only reason i used it. Shame the poor devs hard work on remodeling the app is going to go to waste now cause some fool thought chat should be removed for its own app… did one app not harvest enough of our data for you greedy fools? Time to uninstall this i guess

A step up, but such a ways to go. This app version is better, but many sales and such dont fit on the screen, basically rendering mobile viewing useless still. Id spend a lot more money if I could see the sales on my phone.

Wow. I can’t even believe they finally changed the whole layout from this app but still buggy hopefully they keep updating frequently and improving and not once a year. Could be better but I liked

Worked good until it stopped. Steam worked great and purchased many games on sale while on lunch at work. Now if I try to open a game page, it refeshes the game list and I have to find the game again. After shear immediate frustration, I forget which cheap game I wanted to but. Im over this crappy app. Started happening a few weeks ago and missed a lot of opportunities to purchase games on sale because of it. What a waste of a good app.

Bad customer service. Been using the platform for nearly 20 years since they launched steam when I was 12. Spent thousands. Some scammer got the best of me when I was in a bad state of mind and steam refuses to do anything. 40 years and thousand spent and all I get is a generic copy and paste of their policy then a “stop opening tickets we won’t reply” Great, would have bought thousands more on your platform but now you won’t get another penny. Ever again.

Version 3.0 and up are a total joke!. Prior to the release of version 3.0, it was possible to do almost anything from the app that could be done from a PC. But 3.0 (and up) completely removed all that functionality. The app is virtually useless now. You can’t do anything with it. Oh, wait. With the exception of buying games. You can still do that, of course. Because that’s what it’s all about, right? What a joke.

Old version was better. Absolutely no reason to separate the main app and the chat. Just extra clutter for my home screen. When clicking on links outside the app most of the time they don’t load in the app and I have to force restart the app. Overall the apps are very slow.

Keep up the support!. It’s been wonderful to see Valve regularly updating the Steam app again after two years of no support. Please keep up the updates!

v3.0 is exactly what this app should be. 6 years since the v2.0 release and 2 years since the last minor update, Valve have finally given this app the massive facelift it needed. Previously it was clunky and hard to navigate. Now things are laid out much better and its easier to get to what you want. Thanks Valve! P.S. when can we expect HL3?

Dissapointed. I second LameLefty’s review. How can you call this an improvement when you remove a vital component of what makes the app usable to people who use keyboard cases. I will change my rating if this is corrected. I just don’t understand who make these nonsensical decisions. Remember you improve upon a good by gradually adding good features, not by removing the good features.

Bring back chat. How can you update an app and remove a core component of it - chat. An update is supposed to improve a product, not make it worse. Why do I need two apps to do the same thing that the previous app did? That sounds like a serious downgrade to me. Please rollback the app to the old version or add chat to the new app. The only reason I have the app now is for the MFA function. At this point I am considering just removing MFA and uninstalling it all together.

Steam mobile is modern!. Valve have done it again, they’ve made their product so much better than it was before. Thank you for your amazing efforts and making the mobile app much more usable!

Time sensitive notifications. Great update but sign in notifications doesn’t arrive automatically and are provided in the next summary. You should use time sensitive notifications for better experience.

Wow! What a redesign. Just opened up the app after updating it and it’s beautiful. Before it felt like this forgotten app who's only purpose was to serve as steamguard with some other minor functionality. Definitely worth getting now. My hat is off to the engineers and designers who made this change!

Updating my review. Steam finally updated their app so that it doesn’t look like something that was created when the smartphone first launched. They actually made it worth using, and the new interface is very sleek!

Barely functions. Finally after over a DECADE of waiting for an update… all we get is a facelift. It barely functions, but at least we can watch videos now! … if you can even get to the page of the product. Half the time attempting to go to a game does nothing but show a tiny loading bar flash across the top for a few seconds… before doing nothing. This app needs a MAJOR overhaul. I actually prefer the old app. While it couldn’t play videos at all, at least it worked!

good but has bugs. Great app, really useful for tracking game downloads. My only issues are : Laggy often, remote download doesnt work, when you load the first tab again and tap search before it fully loads or sometimes after it loads, it crashes to springboard

Worth having after the major update. The most recent update makes this app worth having, in my opinion. It’s cleaner, faster, and way more useful.

Like the new look!. I always thought the original Steam app layout was tedious and hard to navigate as a new comer but so far I look the look and layout of this one! Will update if I dislike it or love it!

Great update, but seriously needs landscape support. I love the new look and it finally feels modern. My only criticism at this time is the lack of landscape support. Browsing on an iPad that’s propped up with a Smart Cover or Smart Folio is, as you might guess…unusable.

Can't even shop using this app. I just updated this and unfortunately the store pages need a lot of work. I can't scroll search results at all, without the app selecting a random game or placing a blank gray screen in your face-and that's just if the store page loads. I am pretty surprised the most important part of Steam services doesn't work on this app given the fact that no one really wanted three separate apps for Steam.

Huge Improvements!. QR Login and an easier method for account recovery that avoids losing access to the Authenticator are huge quality of life improvements! I am excited to see further improvements - hopefully I can give this 5 stars someday soon

Revamped. The newest update has been a game changer. Like others have said the mobile app has been difficult to use for years but now it has finally reached a point where it’s enjoyable to use. So happy they have revamped the app. It’s feels very similar to the desktop app.

Glitchy app. This app is surprisingly poor in terms of layout and usability. The horizontal sliders tend to jump and extra slide, causing some titles to get skipped while browsing. The single column listing has text overflow problems, causing the game's price to be covered. No swipe capability and reliance on a annoyingly small back button. This thing needs some work.

No keyboard popping up. Since the latest update, the app is much more fluid and user friendly in my opinion. Only problem I’ve seen is that the keyboard never pops up when you need it to. I can’t search for any games because of this. If that were fixed it’d be good.

I honestly don’t understand why people hate it. This app is really nice. I get notifications for when my wishlisted games go on sale, I can check my store credit, and I can browse the store from the comfort of my couch. I really don’t get the 3 > star rating. What more do you need?

What an utter sack of garbage. 1. Tap the store tab. 2. Search for anything. Doesn't really matter what. 3. Tap on any of the results. Again, doesn’t matter. 4. Blink as a blue loading progress bar appears in the top left of the screen, then disappears again without actually navigating to the title that was tapped on. How on earth does a company the size of Valve release something so fundamentally broken? It’s on a fixed platform with a very small number of possible screen size & performance differences, so how does an essential feature of the app make it all the way through testing to release in a completely busted state? Maybe Valve should give up their day jobs and pivot to something new. Maybe games development?

Its a great app and all but... I wish that when you were to purchase an app that you can play on your phone normally is able to be played on the phone. For example, btd6 is an app you can play on pc and on phone. Since i purchased btd6 on my pc i cant play in my phone

Searching Titles. When typing a genre in the search bar a list of games will pop up. When you tap a game to view it just refreshes the screen and goes back to the top of the list instead of opening the game’s store page. Can’t view games unless you know what you’re looking for. You can type the game in the search bar and tap the suggested game that comes up that’s about it

Chat’s gone, replaced with companion app. I don’t understand why this choice was made, the chat already worked. Imagine if Discord removed the ability to text your friends, and then made a second app for mobile that only allows you to text your friends. I primarily use this app to log into Steam, and to chat with my friends, now I need to download a second app - first world problems I know, but man convenience comes at a price nowadays.

Not happy. I have an iPad and I cannot play the game that I just purchased. The rest of my family plays together, but they have laptops or desktops and this doesn’t seem to be an issue for them. I just spent money on a game only to be told I need a PC desktop to download it?? And it seems that I can’t just play it without downloading it even with a stable internet connection.

Missing Chat Feature. It’s nice to have a more modern interface and be able to use Face ID for security prompts, but why remove the ability to chat and create a separate app for it? I’d give this 5 stars if that wasn’t the case, hopefully it’s added back into a single app in the future.

So slow since the big update it’s unusable. Opening a Steam game link from a browser takes as long as 10 seconds to load in the Steam app. Sometimes it doesn’t load at all. You have no idea what’s going to be the case without sitting there and waiting. Needless to say, being unable even to open game pages in this app for the purpose of wishlisting makes it unfit for the App Store. I’m deleting and using the browser site until Steam reverts to the earlier app or figures out what they’re doing here.

Better, but still buggy. It’s much better than it was, but it is still buggy when trying to view some the games details pages.

Finally. For a long time we’ve waited for some sort of an update & it arrived it’s really well made, maybe sometimes confusing to navigate but its 100X better from the older one. I hope steam keeps pushing in this amazing direction!

update feels unfinished. This new update feels like beta software. There is something to be said for updating an app to feel more modern but this goes too far. When functionality is removed rather than improved it’s a step backwards not forwards. Example: Old app: on launch: start on friends list page. New app: Start on one of a limited number of start pages, then clicks to friends page. Why?

Not a user-friendly update. This app had been great for so long because of its simplicity. It was so easy to access my own profile page as well as my friends.’ Now, when I navigate to my friends list (which is now a couple more taps), and tap on a friend’s name, the app will do nothing for several taps. It is so much harder for my friends’ profiles to load. I think this new update overcomplicated what was once such a simple, practical app. I wish I never updated!

Almost great. Liked the new design and the app seems to run better but adding funds to my wallet doesn’t work. I click the add funds button and nothing happens even after a restart.

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Steam Mobile Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of Steam Mobile app? Can you share your complaints, experiences or thoughts about the application with Valve and people?

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Steam Mobile 3.2.7 Apps Screenshots & Images

Steam Mobile iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 3.2.7
Play Store com.valvesoftware.Steam
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

Steam Mobile (Versiyon 3.2.7) Install & Download

The applications Steam Mobile was published in the category Entertainment on 2012-01-26 and was developed by Valve [Developer ID: 495369751]. This program file size is 36.41 MB. This app has been rated by 1,635 users and has a rating of 2.7 out of 5. Steam Mobile - Entertainment app posted on 2023-02-27 current version is 3.2.7 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.valvesoftware.Steam. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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Steam Mobile App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Changes and fixes in this version: - Fixed a performance issue during app startup - Fixed an issue when using some payment providers - Fixed menu link to the chat app not always working correctly - Fixed the "add funds" button not working correctly - Added new notifications: updates to help requests and async turn - Improved error messaging for trade confirmations - Improved store search input usability

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Find this site the customer service details of Steam Mobile. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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