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What is akinator vip app? Akinator can read your mind and tell you what character you are thinking of, just by asking a few questions. Think of a real or fictional character and Akinator will try to guess who it is.
Will you dare challenge the genie? And what about other themes like movies, animals…?

Akinator lets you to create your own user account. It will record the Aki Awards you've won, the accessories you've unlocked and your Genizs' balance. They will follow you everywhere now, even if you change your mobile device.

Akinator is getting stronger and stronger... The genie has increased his knowledge, and now you have the opportunity to also challenge him on movies and animals!
Will you manage to defeat Akinator?

Akinator invites you to think outside the box. As you know, he likes to guess characters and to take on difficult challenges. To do that, make him guess forgotten characters who have not been played for a very long time and you may win the best Aki Awards.

Challenge the other players on the leaderboards to prove who the best is. You may write your name on the Last Super Awards board or on the Hall of Fame.

Each day, try to find the 5 mysterious characters and win some additional and specific Aki Awards. Complete the full Daily Challenge and earn the Gold Daily Challenge Aki Award, one of the most prestigious Aki Awards.

Using Geniz, you can unlock and play with new backgrounds and customize your genie to your liking. The genie will turn into a vampire, a cowboy or a disco man. Unleash your creativity by mixing 12 hats and 13 clothes to create your ideal combination.

Main features:
-16 languages (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, Korean, Hebrew, Polish, Indonesian and Dutch)
-Get 2 additional themes: Movies and Animals
-Aki Awards Board to get an overview of your collection
-Hall of Fame with both current and previous ranking
-Last super awards for Black, Platinum and Gold Aki Awards
-Daily Challenges Board
-Add magic by proposing a photo or some questions
-Customize your genie by combining different hats and clothes
-The sensitive content filter
-Video recording feature in-game

Follow the genie on:
-Facebook @officialakinator
-Twitter @akinator_team
-Instagram @akinatorgenieapp

Genie’s tips:
-Akinator requires an Internet connection to use his magic lamp. Turn on Wifi or be sure to have a data plan.
-Don’t forget to scroll down the list to find and select your language

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How to contact Akinator VIP (Elokence)?
Find this site the customer service details of Akinator VIP. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/484090401/akinator-vip/contact

Akinator VIP Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Akinator VIP Version 8.921 November 2022

Minor bugs fixed.

Akinator VIP Comments & Reviews 2023

- Great product but needs improvement

I love this game, but there are a few things that need to really be looked at. One: random logging out, this program will randomly log players out during questions. Sometimes if the player log back in he or she can finish the game but most of the time he or she hast to start over. To: as a blind player of this game, all the buttons are not labeled properly so the voiceover screen reader app for Apple products does not read everything. Sometimes the questions that you are asked are repeated, just worded differently. New category suggestions: books, movies and TV shows, Music, geography, and historical events

- Game hates its own players

My brother told me about this game, said it was fun. I was busy playing Skyrim when I downloaded it on my phone. So I start guessing characters from the game, all is good, I get some gold medals, and even a black one. Then, when I try to guess Wujeeta from Riffen Docks, I get some other argonian, but I said yes because the is literally nothing to distinguish them differently. Then I get a message saying that I “answered randomly and this is your first warning”. I get upset because it wasn’t true, and I also have no clue as to what I did, my character is quite specific to land on her randomly would be extremely difficult. So then I try again, same character, and this time I actually land on her, and guess what? Another “rejected Ali award”. But this time, the game wants to be funny, and knock me down from 23 to 1895 in the ranking. I have not owned this game for even thirty minutes yet, I literally only have 9 medals, but I will not play a game that punishes it’s players for playing the game right. It was fun up to that point. My advice if you still want to play, don’t guess characters that other people wouldn’t think of, otherwise the game will think your cheating.

- Doesn’t ask the right questions

My biggest problem with Akinator is that he never asks the correct questions, and the only way to help change the questions is by making it guess the character which you can’t do if the character has simulator traits to another. I tried many times to get him to guess Leon from the new released game Brawl Stars yet it keeps guessing characters from sub way surfers or other games like that. And the game makes it so ONLY if Akinator is correct on his first guess you get the coins so I always click yes unless it’s a character I guessed before and sometimes something pops up that says “cheat” and I will lose points or something if I keep saying yes to people which makes me think sometimes it knows what my character is but it gives me another random character to see if I’ll say yes to it. It still is a good game but they need to fix some things. Maybe make it so if Akinator isn’t correct and he needs another chance you still can get coins for him not guessing your character the first time.

- I wish the prank my friends option was still here!

I love this app, and have played it since I was very young! It always was a fun game to play with family and friends to see if the Genie could guess characters we thought of. I got a new phone over Christmas and forgot about this app until I saw it on the App Store again! I immediately downloaded, thinking it would be fun to play again. I remembered about the Prank your Friends option, where you could make something pop up as a friend to freak them out a little. I wanted to do this to one of my friends, but I soon realized the option had been removed! I was very upset to see that this game mode was no longer available, which was a huge part of the fun! Overall, this is a great app, but I would appreciate it more if this game mode was put back in the game. Maybe I missed it somewhere, but this is the only reason for my 3 star review, and if it is added back to the game, it will be a 5 star game for sure!! Thank you, game-reviewer17

- I don’t know what happened

So I used to find this game enjoyable and pretty decent; however, the game has some issues it needs to fix. The bar at the bottom of the screen is supposed to show how close Akinator is to guessing a question, but now the bar jumps forward all the way from 1/3 of the way all the way to the end, and he gets the answer very, very wrong. Another issue is the errors, I literally can’t even play the game anymore because every single round, I get an error and it cuts off my progress. I’ve been trying for about 30 minutes to get Akinator to guess a character, but he keeps guessing the same things and asking the same questions. I even memorized the patterns to which his guesses are. It’s ridiculous. TLDR; The game cuts me off with errors, is repetitive, and jumps to conclusions too fast. Please fix the problems, thank you.

- Needs more polish

The interface reminds me of how apps looked on the iPhone 3G. There needs to be more information, like showing how many questions he asked to find the answer, like the website does. Also making more fanfare if you stump him, or at least showing a screen confirming he was stumped, and showing you results. The index works really well, and is surprisingly fun. For movies, there really needs to be clear distinction between asking about a character, versus asking about an actor. Saying, “has your character appeared in comedies,” is different than saying, “is the movie your character is in a comedy.” Asking, “was your character in Grown Ups?” And then asking if the character is married can be obnoxiously confusing because I don’t know if your asking about the actual fictional character or the actor.

- Issues

I really enjoy the gameplay of this app, and I’m often surprised by what it is able to guess. However, the app could use some serious work. One major issue is that the user is punished for the AI’s inability to guess a character the first time around. You lose the reward you would get for guessing an obscure character because it has similarities to a more well known character. The app is also weirdly militant about “cheating”. Basically if it thinks you are just selecting random answers, it will give you a fake answer, then berate you if you choose yes on it. What led to me writing this review (something I basically have never done before) was having the character I was legitimately thinking of come up as this fake answer. Berating people for answering truthfully and playing the game is not a good way to retain users.

- Love it, but needs improvement.

For one I just wanna start out by saying I've loved this game for year's but I think there could be improvement. I think there should be a way to guess songs and words. It would also be really cool to see an 18+ plus/adult mode so it's more fun to play with a partner. Not just available to everyone but you verify your age so more spicy objects and guesses are available. I also think an event mode where you can guess famous places and maybe one for holidays and special occasions such as Valentine's day. Not to mention a autocomplete guesses mode from Google searches would be amazing. Other then those things it's extremely fun :)

- Good time, but guys…

I’m generally a pretty big fan of this app. It’s a fun time-sink by yourself, or with friends. Basically a hyper-focused 20 Questions. My main tiff with it is the weird little competitive anti-Family Feud thing it’s got going with it. It’s actually pretty fun getting a rare character, and getting a medal for that. That being said, I hate how you only will get the medal if Akinator guesses it in the first round, and sometimes the questions are just too vague. I don’t know how you would get around that, but that fact is the main reason I don’t give this app a full five stars.

- Cheating sistem

I have played this game since the beginning. Before it was very fun, but now you can’t play peacefully because you need to be careful to whom you choose because the game says that it was a trap and it gets you down in the ranking. Many times you get a character and for not losing the points you say yes. This would not happen if you could say no and continue and can earn the points, but after clicking continue you can’t gain points. Sometimes you have spent a lot of time getting a character and when it finally appears the game says it was a trap because of “random answers” this is UNFAIR because sometimes you choose a wrong answer just because you don’t remember how the character looked. I really loved this game, but this new “cheating” system is totally uncalled for.

- 2 big problems

I love Akinator and I have for years, but the phone version has two big problems. I think the award system is a great idea and give reason to play more and more but it’s very annoying when you’re going for a harder to guess character and I don’t get the award because the Akinator guesses someone different. The other problem is a lot of the time a question will load for about 30 seconds then kicks me out of the session and I have to completely restart. Other than that it’s a great game and I’m still impressed on how many characters the Akinator can really guess.

- This is an amazing app. But...

I love Akinator with all my heart. But my deepest hatred is duplicates. I’m trying to get William Carrier (Hockey Player) Bit the questions it gives me always makes it think I’m going for James Neal (Another Hockey Player) I’ve gotten James Neal at least 20 times now trying to get my character and it’s frustrating because it’s not my fault the game gives me the same questions. So please just make it so when you get a character you can’t get it again (Only on that account) Thanks a lot! :)

- Absolutely so addicting

When I first heard about this game people are saying that it can read your mind and I didn’t believe it at first but later when I started playing it it was amazing and I showed it to my grandparents and my parents and they were guessing random characters and movies and stuff like that and they got like all the actors in old movie TV shows and stuff like that right and he guessed it this is an amazing app and I definitely recommend it


I recently started playing this game again and I immediately noticed something wrong. I thought of a character, the bot asked a few questions and it successfully guessed my character. However, when I said that it was my character, the game had told me that it wasn’t my character and that I had cheated, as if the game was telling me what I was or wasn’t thinking. I tried at least 10 more times with the same result; It guessed the same character, then tells me that I was wrong. I don’t think I could have made it any easier for the bot to guess my character, which it did, but then to tell me that wasn’t what I was thinking? This cheating system needs to be ended or at least fixed.

- Good, but I have a few suggestions

I think there should be a better system for cheaters that “farm” characters and steal from people that actually tried to guess them. Also maybe a better way for akinator to ask the right questions and the way submitted ‘magic’ is used and that kind of stuff. Though I think the most important is the anti cheat system. I don’t know what happens if you get caught from it but it needs a better way to catch them, idk

- It's a game

The game is great because you have child lock choice for young kids. ( I don't use it because it limits the questions and makes it harder for akinator to guess your person, but it's a good thing to have on the game) it also tries to trick you into cheating there is punishment for that so I highly advise you not to cheat. The only kink is that if it can't guess your person on its first round, then you get no reward. I think overall though, it was worth 2$

- Kinda annoyed

So I’ve had this game for awhile and over the past few times I’ve used it, I’d be answering questions and after I answered one it would load and I’d wait then it would say “There was a technical problem. Tap to retry” so I would and it would start over. Yeah sure it’s not annoying if it happens one time but this is almost every game and I’ve deleted the app, redownloaded it, I checked for an update, I signed in, and nothing has worked. It’s starting to upset me considering I payed money for this. I cant even get through one full game without it saying that.

- Good for a while, then went downhill

I loved this game when I first started playing it. It was so fun to see if he could really guess what you’re thinking. Then you figure out that you want to find people he might not guess or that other people may not have picked. The problem with that is he starts trying to catch you “cheating” which takes points away. I’ve only done that once and now it does it to me every time and I can’t even get a single character to work. So frustrating!! Please fix this! I can’t even play the game now.

- It kept saying I was cheating

So I thought the game was pretty good tell I was in a round doing pretty good because I had just won a black but then it said I cheated and said it wouldn't take away any points but would keep an eye on me so I continue playing but then literally the the next character I did right after that it said I was cheating and took away so many points and then literally the next character after that it said I was cheating again and took away even more points and I never cheated!!! It Literally showed nowhere that anyone had done that character it wasn't one of the characters that they showed that someone got so how could I have cheated!!!!!!

- Loved it, until the system thought I was cheating

I recently won a black award, highest award in the game, so then I went to play another match, I had a character, yet the program guessed incorrectly, thus I decided to take what they system gave me and continue. I was given an alert saying that I was being watched by some person to make sure I didn’t cheat or guess randomly. Now whenever I get an answer I have to say no because they are testing if I am lying. WHAT GARBAGE IS THIS! I just want to play my game, and make use of a hiccup in the system. Now it is annoying to try and guess characters. Thanks for making a good game a pain to play

- Excited at first...

Bought this app today after trying the free version. I liked the free version, but it kept saying “technical error” and sending me back to the home page. I thought paying for the app would eliminate the errors, but unfortunately it did not. Kind of disappointed considering I paid for it. Overall I like the app but just annoyed because of all the errors.

- Only goes for really obvious answers

Akinator will guess your character if you have a weak imagination. If you think of someone who is popular but wouldn’t normally immediately think of, akinator won’t ask the right questions to get the right result. It may get it on its 2nd or 3rd guess, but only if you get it to guess the first time does it actually credit you. It assumes you aren’t giving the right answers instead if it asking the right questions. Still sort of cool though how it can guess based off simple questions. That’s why it’s a 2/5 and not a 1/5.

- Great for spending time

Fantastic when you're stuck somewhere where you can't concentrate on anything serious, but need to kill time. I, too, think you should get points for beating him, though, or at least the ability to add your character when it happens (now, you have to play the character a second time to add a photo and a question).

- Good game with one annoying flaw

It’s a really fun game with a cool ranking system except for the “cheating” system. I was thinking of a person but I didn’t know much about him so I answered to the best of my ability and I reached the end and it showed the guy I was thinking of so I hit yes to say it was my person. But apparently it said I was “cheating” and I didn’t actually think of him. So my points dropped to 8 and my place to 1008 even though I have more awards than the 2nd place person. Fix this horrible system!!!!

- Akinator

I love this game because I like magic tricks .and it’s cool Like a magic trick my friend thinks it’s creepy because you are like reading our mind I got my brother hooked up on the game he loves it now he will play it every day he will not stop playing the game it’s just like a tinny bit creepy my friend also will play it all the time I do too play it a lot but I just want to tell you I love this game.

- Creepy don’t download

Me and my friend were on our iPads FaceTiming and playing the game on our phones. We were spamming until my friend froze. I asked her what happened and she sent me a photo. This part is not suitable for anybody that gets scared easily. It said my NAME and it had a real photo of me. We both could tell that it was recent so she told me to look around my room. We don’t like scary stuff so we pretended it was the “phone”. Im 10 and this is a violation of my privacy and is not aloud. Please fix this now. Also the picture wasn’t in my camera roll.

- Not As Good As It Used to Be

I remember this game from a few years ago. It was really fun and impressive. It seemed like it used to start with very broad questions and slowly narrow down to more specific questions. Now the questions are all over the place, and the questions pop up more than once. It’s still fun, but if I had to go back in time to the moment before I paid $3.99, I would do just that and stop myself.

- Do not buy in current state

Used to be fun to open this app, but recently they’ve implemented strategies to stop players from cheating and discovering black awards. However, some very detailed characters are being rejected and factual information is discredited because of players exploiting the games lie discovery mechanism. So basically the anti cheat algorithm has failed and now my good characters that would normally yield a gold or greater reward are now being forcefully unverified. This being in effect will furthermore prevent me from opening the app again until I see that the developers have fixed this issue.

- Super Fun App—one annoying bug

First of all, i just want to compliment you on a fun application. I giggle with glee when it guesses what I think is an obscure character. However, i have stumped it twice now and when it asks me to put the name of the character in the text box...THERE IS NO TEXT BOX!!! Most recently i was thinking of Hugo from The Jeffersons. I’ll give you a bonus star for a text box on the app!

- I love it!

I got akinator when it came out for 0.99 and I thought I got ripped off when the free one came out. But all the things that you can do in akinator VIP makes me feel good about my purchase! I recommend it and I think you should try it! I love to give feedback so people see if it is a good purchase, especially when the app is for some money!

- Horrible algorithms.

Horrible algorithms. Your cheating detector is horribly inaccurate whenever it measures a character that isn’t blatantly obvious. Just because one idiot put in answers years ago does not mean they were correct. Fact check your information, and don’t tell me I’m cheating when the person who shows up IS THE PERSON I WAS TRYING TO GET. Also, plenty of incorrect information about people I personally know. Would never have paid for this app today, maybe 10 years ago it was cool but not anymore. Pathetic.

- Wish to see more

Akinator, without a doubt, is a fun game to play, especially when you want to waste time. But I wish Akinator could include other professional industries and universities just like the online version, which has a little of EVERYTHING, that most of us would love to see.

- Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol this game is absolutely perfect and I love it and it lets me kill time when I’m waiting on something but there is one thing about it that I think got removed,the inopropiate questions like is you’re character a porn star?or is you’re character bisexual?i don’t know😐either way it’s a great game and fun!hope you guys have a great day:)bye!!!lololololol

- What Happened Aki?

This app used to actually be pretty fun. I would have to wrack my brain thinking of the most obscure characters or people I could and it would still guess it 9 times out of 10. I don’t know what happened, but it seems to me that Aki can’t guess it these days unless it shows up in today’s most popular culture. Thinking of Dagney Taggert from the prolific novel “Atlas Shrugged”? Too bad, he guessed the teen girl from “Divergent”, despite the question “Are they older than 18?” Being answered “yes”. Aki used to be a challenge. Now it’s just a Can You Spot for this year’s Pop Culture Review.

- Validity Test

Honestly? This is crap. A validity test every single game? Just give me the correct answer and move on. This game used to be a lot better, and while I am glad that the character database has been updated, I don’t appreciate constantly being accused of cheating. I believe giving two stars was generous in this instance, and I might be convinced to give more stars if the validity test feature is fixed to only happen every once in a while like originally stated instead of every game played.

- Use to be one of my favs

This game use to be one of my favs. Then I don’t know if it was from an update or what. But now it only looks for real people and not fictional. Even when you answer no it is not real the questions asked thereafter still apply to a real person. Don’t know what the developers did but I liked the previous version a lot better. At least you could make it guess a whole lot more characters.

- Time waster and fun until

I was having fun and it's a good time waster if you're waiting for an appointment or trying to get out of your head. I didn't like the ads so I paid a bit and now it keeps freezing. Only way to cure this is to restart. The fame gets stuck on the dots and I have waited for the game to pop up another question but it will just pop up three dots, never moving on. Please update and fix. Thanks

- Fun but Trouble recording scores

This game is fun but it has trouble recording the scores. I have gotten gold on here but it says I have not. I also have many other scores that are not recorded you also can not add questions right now. I don’t know if it’s my new IPhone 10 or the app. Hopefully this can be fixed soon as the game is a lot of fun and helps me think.

- It stopped working

It no longer allows correct answers. It has up to 5 traps before reaching the character I was trying to get the game to guess. When it reaches the character, the name is missing. The only thing it shows is the picture (if there is one) and where the character is from. This all started after finding Black award characters. This happened both on iPhone and iPad.

- The Genie that jumps to the wrong conclusions

For the most part the game is good at figuring out your character but other times it will jump to random conclusions right out of nowhere so yay you beat him. However beating the genie is not the goal the goal is trying to get the genie to guess your character but have it be obscure enough that nobody else has tried to use it recently this can lead to some issues. Also if the genie guesses right but is actually a trap he will accuse you of cheating and knock your rank down.

- Idiot developers

I was playing the game with my daughters, having a grand old time. All of a sudden, my youngest daughter answers a series of questions that lead us to seemingly to a dead end. Instead of the game just admitting to failure, the Akinator pops up with a picture of the Momo meme, terrifying two little girls and infuriating their father. I don’t know what kind of jerk thinks that’s cute, but it’s not. The game developers ought to be ashamed of themselves. I’ve spent most of my evening trying to convince these girls Momo isn’t coming out of the closet to get them.

- Frequent Technical Problems

Fun game. But it crashes and you can’t fix it. Even if you delete it and reinstall it, still won’t work. Frustrating. I gave it up for a couple years because it wouldn’t work. Now it’s doing it again. What is wrong with Elokence?


The game constantly logs me out. It logs me out in the middle of a game, or after I finish a game. When it happens mid-game, the award ends up being leveled down if I try it again after signing in. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling it but that didn’t do anything. It’s a pretty vital issue and ruins the enjoyment of the game. It seems pretty recent as there’s only one other review addressing this.

- Great entertainment app

I love this app. It’s wonderful entertainment when you’re alone or with friends. Also, seems very interesting from an artificial intelligence standpoint. The app maker is definitely building a database of cultural knowledge and figuring out how to use it.

- Same old questions

This app is stuck on asking the same questions over and over again. It seems obsessed with characters from South Korea or from India. If it can find out the character is American, it will waste another of the 30 questions I’m allowed by asking again if my character is American. This is getting boring. If I tell it the character is NOT of Italian origin, it will still wrongly answer the character is Frank Sinatra.

- Became worse over last two updates

This app was great before the last two updates. It had worked perfectly every time I had used it but now it doesn’t work at all. These last two updates had ruined this app that was fun to use but now makes it pointless since it repeats the questions half the time.

- Was great until...

This was a lot of fun up until today, when suddenly Akinator became obsessed with my world. It asked the same 15 questions, and insists that it is a character that I haven’t added to MyWorld. I’ve tried for fictional and real people. Nothing. I tried updating, closing and reopening, restarting my phone. I don’t want to remove it or I’ll lose my hard earned black ratings. Please fix this bug, if it is on your end.

- Needs some fixing

This game is really fun but I needs some bug fixes. The main thing is I am on iPhone idk if that has anything to do with what is happening, but it some doesn’t let you open it you click on it, it starts loading a then it closes I would like that fixed.

- They somehow ruined Akinator

They changed the system and kept making the same questions appear every time. No matter how many combinations of answers I give, there are some characters who Akinator cannot guess on his first try (i.e. Spirit who loves Surprises). Because of this, some characters with black medals cannot be obtained because you can only get the medal if Akinator guesses it on his first try.

- Used to be better

This has been a fantastic game and I’ve been playing for years. Recently a “cheating” system was implemented to try and stop random answers from getting high ranks. There are quite a few characters I’ll try and play but I don’t know much about, and this system decides that I’m cheating. It’s dropped my rank and keeps trying to “trap” me every time I play. Honestly it’s just not fun anymore.

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- Doesn’t give me my aki award

I downloaded this game about 4 yrs ago and it was fantastic it guessed my characters correctly almost every time and it was quite enjoyable to get black or platinum awards. Then today when I was playing and THREE TIMES it rejected giving me the aki awards saying that I did not think of this character. AND HOW DO U EVEN KNOW WHAT IM THINKING? ITS GOOD AND ALL BEING A MIND READER, BUT TELLING ME WHAT I THINK? I am EXTREMELY upset as I had a good feeling about all of my characters and was hoping to get another platinum or black award. If this problem is not fixed I will lower my rating.

- Expanding the Concept

First off, I downloaded this game a couple years ago and I thought it was an extremely underrated app with a concept that I was hoping to see grow into other apps/games franchises. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case as time went on. I really hope that someone can pick up this concept again and make into something bigger and more advanced! Really good app though 8/10, great for passing time and the replay ability of it is up to the user.

- Ego-nator

As another reviewer has noted, Akinator has a bit of an ego when he can't solve a character. He crashes. The app itself it great and it's uncanny how good his guesses usually are but I've been able to stump him with 2 names that are well known for certain roles but not hugely famous. Multiple attempts at both and he always crashes. Takes away from a lot of the fun of the game if you can't beat it!!

- Great concept poor communication

I purchased this app in 2012 and loved it however recently it won’t let me login as it says my account hasn’t been activated however I never received an activation email, there isn’t an option to resend it, and I haven’t heard back from the team I emailed so I’m missing out on all my previous data. Very disappointed in the lack of communication.

- Ranking rejected spite me trying to get a particular character.

I don’t know what sets off your system, but I reached in my mind for the most obscure. characters from micro webseires and lost cartoons I could think of, after getting one, it kept saying my awnser: where too random, spite the fact most of them where pressing no. The app in itself is fine, but this ranked system is a bit broken.

- Lost the plot!!

The game was brilliant when it first came out, but in a desperate attempt to monetise it and make it more catchy, they’ve ruined it. The whole point is to try and beat the Akinator Genie, yet the game now rewards you for when the genie gets it first go. Yet simultaneously it also rewards rarer and harder characters; it’s terribly contradictory! The algorithm itself gets very confused after about 3 or 4 failed guesses too, asking questions you’ve answered multiple times before too. I really hope the developers put the time in to clean up the app, get rid of all the unnecessary nonsense, and just get back to the only thing that made this app distinctive and unique; trying to stump the genie.

- Incredible

How did he read my mind?

- How did he read my mind :0


- Version

It doesnt find out the character after update

- What hapend to backgrounds?!?

I sent all my mouney on backgrounds and now they are gone and replaced with whatever the new background is suppose to be

- No longer good

Was good when I first got this, years ago. But now it is really inaccurate.

- It’s pretty good

Its pretty good

- Awesome app 👍

Love this game

- Hensly


- Please


- Great!!

He gets it in like ten questions! I LOVE IT! I really like how it has probably, probably not and don't know - not only yes and no which makes it easier to answer. I did Madame Rosmerta from Harry Potter who is mentioned in like two of the books and he got it!! I (with my family help) try to think of some really difficult people and he gets it!! It's really engaging. I love how it is set out and tells you how many times he gets it right out of how many times you play. Definitely recommend it. I wouldn't change anything, just maybe the pictures of the characters - but I can do that myself! 😃 It's great

- Alright but no perfect

It was better before the update. It asks again questions that i asked. Its repetitive and some questions are not clear in explanation. Very easy to get answered in obvious and famous characters. Sometimes get close. But not harder ones. Just prefering that the questions were answered better before the update. Tried same questions before after but if it answered 100% now it is like 80%. Anyways would like if the category and search reference to characters worldwide would be great. Of course its hard to get every character but to satisfy us, the questions and search should be improved. Anyways a good game.

- Very impressive!

There's a website similar to this so I knew what to expect, but this app is far more accurate and correct! I'm amazed by how well it guesses my character. I was sure it would never guess Chef Sakai from "The Iron Chef" or the Map from "Dora the Explorer", but yep, it sure did! 😮 Worth the money because it's one of those apps that you always fire up when bored, and then end up with an amazed smile on your face and swearing in astonishment. 😊

- Would love a irrelevant button

Would love a irrelevant button. I feel like some questions are a bit hard to answer and pressing the don't know button all the time doesn't properly tell the information and may be confusing and harder to guess for the game because its like you told the wrong information. Other than this great game and absolutely love it.


This app is AMAZING! Is there a character that u know of and no one that u know has ever heard of them? Well guess what! I bet u that the akinator has heard of it! It's amazing! Within a few guesses this genie can guess exactly who u are thinking about! This app is definitely worth the money! It is by far my favorite game and I strongly recommend this game to EVERYONE! Thanks for this amazing app! Keep up that good work! 👍👏👌

- Amazing game

This game is unbelievable! I give it the most obscure characters, people, animals from all types of media, books, whatever and it still manages it to get it!!!! There may be a time where it needs a second guess, but it will take NO time at all to get it!! Hands down one if the best apps I've played so far!!! Going to keep playing now...

- Not so accurate.

Takes a long time to guess anyone who isn't an actor or a sports star. Worked much better in Europe than here. Is that because the servers are filled with Australian "stars" or because Australians are just dull people? Doesn't learn very quickly. For instance, knowing that my character is male precludes the possibility of them being female so stop asking their gender. And if I've told you the character lives in Australia don't ask 4 times if they live in the USA.

- My rating for this app

I think this is the best app cause u can do anyone and it will guess it I would so get this app it's the best try it u would love it as much as I do give it a try and try to do you and your family members and it will guess it it feels like it can actually really read your mind

- Rip off

This is the second time I've bought this , I have had it on my phone for quite a while and recently stopped working ... So they've released again and charged for the same product just different background images .. Not happy

- Spectacular

amazing guessed everything I could possibly think of Characters from books,movies, t.v series,people that play those characters absolutely awesome. A great family game. Also no annoying adds that pop up!! Thanks :). I recommend this to everyone!!

- Great

Great app, still feels quite surprising each time it gets it right, especially after only several questions sometimes. Would be good if the app displayed the total number of questions it used at the summary page at the end.

- Amazing

This is brilliant fun - I am guessing it searches multiple search engines to narrow down your guesses - but it's amazing how accurate it gets your answers - and clearly the more people you search for makes it easier for others guesses. Fantastic fun

- Amazing Assumptions

This game is absolutely hilarious but is also kinda creepy. I mean it guesses whom/what you are thinking of by asking you a series of questions. This game is very entertaining, but I wish there were different modes in the game like, how atkinator could guess your favourite colour or animal or something like that. But overall this game is really cool. 👌🏻

- Fun app!

This is so much fun! But the questions can be improve I reckon coz sometime it ask repetitive question. The accuracy is quite good but sometime if the character that you think of has many character that similar to it, most likely it's not gonna get it right. Overall I definitely recommended this app!

- Must Download!!!

I keep trying to think of something that would be impossible to guess but I just can't he keeps getting everything!!! Great game and really entertaining for when you have friends over

- Just Amazing

I think that this app is just absolutely fantabulous. He always gets my singers actors and super Heros correct. He also gets the characters from halo reach such as Kat. Whoever made this app is an expert. I think this app should belong on everyone's iPod/ iPhone. I rate this app 10 out of 10

- It's good

Well another review from demon army games and man when i was looking for a entertainment on my phone anikator popped up on the screen I thought this looks fun so I bought it and I regret nothing this is one of the most entertaining things that I've ever played. well there is my review see you guys soon demon leader out

- Akinator

This is an amazing game! Anyone who has ever played it would totally recommend it, I know I have. Akinator can guess the most obscure characters, like 4 instance I was thinking of the character of Samuel Leverman a male actor that features in the television hit of Dance Academy, and to my surprise, akinator knew who he was!

- Crazy, clever app!

Guesses every single one and makes you try to think of people he might not guess... And then guesses them correctly... It's so crazy how he gets it, since there are so many hardly known people that he will still get... Just WOW !

- Amazing App

This app is unbelievable! I always play it and try to outwit him but I never can and I won't give up! It is great to play by yourself or with friends and I definitely recommend it to anyone, the full version is worth the purchase

- Akinator

It's a great app, and me and my school friends play it all the time. Sure, there are times when it doesn't work, or crashes suddenly, but we still love the genie! Btw, you just scroll down the language selection, and English is the last one.

- Akinator

This game is really cool and freaky at the same time because you could think of a character as old as the hills and it will end up getting it right, it is really worth paying for!!!!!

- Omg....bizarre!!

This app has to be on the top list of favourites! I've asked some really difficult ones and it still manages to work it out...over such simple questions! Definitely something worth trying!


I bought this game this very day of writing this review. I have probably played it like 20 times (very rough count) and now it is not responding to me pressing the "play button." I was just about to show my family the game when this glitch or whatever you call it decided to come and annoy me. Please fix the bug or glitch please! I want to be able to actually play the game!

- When it asks that one question and you know it has you

I've tried to trick it. Really, I have, but short of lying there doesn't seem to be a way to beat it! (And even then maybe not!)

- Ultimate Party Game!

Akinator is incredible! It is absolutely worth the money. But recently, my app has been crashing a lot. When he's almost guessed your character, it crashes. A little dissappointing but is still my favourite. 😊

- Its Great...but

It needs to not require wifi access... Other than that... Its cool! PLEASE PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ MAKE IT AN OFLINE GAME! And he kinda says, for example, "I Have guessed 13 out of 13 games played", well i have played alot more than 13 times so he only counts the ones that he gets right, plz fix that.

- Wow, I'm impressed

I'm impressed how accurate this is, 5 from 5 correct so far! The language option needs work, languages scrolled slowly and I ended up with everything in Turkish! A year later and I'm still amazed, I have beaten him a few times too :)

- Just awesome

Simply amazing how this app can deduce any character you think of. Some obscure ones can take a few more questions but it's really quite entertaining and I definitely recommend it :3

- Very addictive

An excellent app. It's amazing how quickly he comes up with the correct answer, no matter how random the character is you are thinking. Definitely worth buying and recommending.

- It's alright but...

I'm annoyed at how I'm not getting awards because the genie guesses it wrong the first time. Despite me answering consistently, it often jumps to conclusions and when it finally gets the characters right I'd "win" a black award but it'll say something along the lines of "you need to win on the first guess to get this". Pretty disappointing. It was entertaining for a little while but when you come across this feature the awe of having it guess your character and the satisfaction of being rewarded gets sucked right out. Would show it to others, but at this point would not recommend they buy it for themselves...

- It's good but..

Needs the internet to properly work, and it fails to start up sometimes, but once you are in it, it works better than the original 20 questions

- Intriguing (v2.2)

Answer the questions accurately and it is spot on. Have stumped it once only so far with a highly obscure anime character that is in a brand new tv series currently running at the time of this review.

- Awesome

It's totally awesome!!!! I have bet it once when I was thinking of Sandara from 2ne1! But honestly that was the only time. It's worth $1.99 and I think everyone should have it!!! Here is a poem for this app, Roses are red, Violets are blue, This app is awesome, Why don't you get it to!!!!!!

- Amazing!!!

This actually works I'm surprised that it gets every thing I think of correct it is a must get,it is worth the $2.00 I love this app I definitely recommend and also a great time waster

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- A girl?

Fun game but let’s get on board with the fact that females over 18 years old are no longer “girls”. It’s tripping the game up.

- Bruh

I was playing the game and I was trying to get a character I had just gotten an Black aki and i was spam clicking the no yes button because it froze but when it unfroze I had a message on my screen with the aki award Joker and I was banned from the ranks. Please unban me I messed up

- Good game but needs major improvement

It's nearly impossible for Akinator to guess multiple characters with similar characteristics because it always guesses the same character the first time no matter what. And this can be frustrating when trying to get Aki awards. Why does he always guess so early? It usually guesses before barely having any information about the character leading him to always guess the same characters. Why does he repeat questions that he already asks? Not just once but sometimes multiple times per session? If I identify my character as female or blonde or whatever then that is exactly what my character is, there is no need for it to be asking the exact same questions over and over again especially when it could be asking me additional interrogative questions to decipher my character. And why does it seem to use the exact same pattern of questioning? If I'm looking for similar characters it will always ask the same questions in pretty much the same order before guessing the same character it guessed earlier, and by similar I mean it can be something as trivial as being from the same tv show and having the same colour hair colour. Akinator will also sometimes seem to ignore my answers given and present me with a character having characteristics I clearly answered my character as not having. For example answering that my character does not have red hair only to have a red-haired character be guessed. Akinator seems to have a specific well of characters that he can draw from which he guesses always on the first try and it makes guessing obscure characters nearly impossible. Seems like a huge flaw for a character guessing game. It also has a habit of freezing/glitching/and/or crashing mid session. Some of these problems have been around since the beginning of Akinator so I'm not sure if they'll ever be addressed or if you're even capable of actually fixing them. However the game could be worlds better and more enjoyable if these crucial flaws were fixed.

- Great app

I’ve seen this app since I was a kid and it’s always been fun to play it

- eh

it's a good game. but i've grown out of it. i feel bad that my mother paid for it and i don't play much anymore so can i get my money back, please?

- Suddenly stopped working

I love the game, but all of a sudden it has stopped working. It says network error no matter what I do. It won’t let me log in or play any of the game??

- fix ittttt

Guessing waaay to early on characters with similar characteristics and it will only ever guess that character. super annoying when trying to get awards.

- Good


- Great idea, slow and buggy implementation

The pros are already listed elsewhere. This is a fun timekiller in theory. But on practice, it has very annoying problems: - Extremely frustrating lag times of up to 5-10 seconds between every question. - Random game crashes/timeouts. - Sometimes wrongly accuses you of cheating due to buggy algorithm. - Worst of all: Makes a wrong guess when there are still multiple viable answers left. There’s nothing more frustrating than missing out on a rare award because Akinator persistently makes the wrong guess, even though you answered every question correctly, rather than ask some additional questions until only one correct answer remains.

- Thinks I’m cheating. I’m not.

I’m 55 and have better things to do than try to cheat a children’s game. Am answering as sincerely as I know how (most recently re Thor) and it calls me a cheat and says it will punish me. In a game I’ve paid for? I’m not in the mood for abuse at the end of the day, no thank you. sometimes Thor is fit, recently he looked fat, how do you answer besides don’t know?

- I’m surprised

I don’t know how but Akinator is so good. He guessed everything right. I was thinking of no one and he even guessed that right. How is he so good❓

- Fun

I’d give it 5 stars but when it guesses wrong and you go back to try different answers that may have tripped him up it still gives you the same answer! So frustrating! And right now there’s a bug that is changing the language selected and when it wants me to enter the name of what I was trying to guess it’s a blank page and I can’t enter it. I’ll never stop playing but GRRR!!

- The ads are ruining it

This game used to be incredible, I’dve given its 5 stars but now every time you get something rare it wants you to watch an ad?! That’s so stupid. Just do ads that are across the bottom or top of the screen and don’t affect gameplay like many other games. It’s stupid I have to watch an ad because I’m good at the game.

- No award

I guessed a character from a tv show and it said I got a black Aki award but when I looked on the leaderboard it only showed the two I had before . Besides this love the game

- Freaky

This game guesses it every time

- Good game

It's a good game but it needs updates on it and what's the VIP for

- Would rate it zero stars if I could

You pay like 8 bucks for the EXACT SAME VERSION! And the worst part is...if you just press random things it thinks your cheating and completely takes away ALL your coins!! Plus if you do cheat it doesn’t even let you play anymore. SO BAD!

- Amazing

Omg😱 he actually reads your mind 100%

- Do not buy this crap game

This game is nothing like the F Ing video u can not put your family or other people you know in it

- Best game ever! 😃

This game is awesome and fun.Akinator find everyone!😃😃😃😆😆

- Works well

Very consistent almost always works sometimes he guesses wrong but if u let him guess agin he usually (99%) get it right

- Lots of technical errors

It freezes a lot and it gets me out in the middle on the game saying that an error occurred.

- Why does it keep crashing

It’s a fun game but when it gets passed question 15 it starts to slow down and says there’s errors...so I never get to really play it...my WiFi is fine because other apps work perfectly but it’s just akinator. I tried refreshing it over and over but it’s no use

- Please remove my world

Every other time it guesses a character it says i bet this character is related to you.its not even good at it when you get random guy it doesn't do it but Hilter and Stalin I BET THERE RELATED.the least you can do is make a button to turn it off heck just make it so you still get the akiki award but,it gives you the option

- Great

Fun app, hard to outsmart even if your character is pretty hard.

- Cheats?

This game is really fun and i have playing it for a while, but recently when i try to make it guess a character it says i cheated? Im not sure why because i haven't been.. and it cant grasp that people with similar characteristics are not the same people. It needs work, but its pretty fun.

- Exploitation éhontée

La nouvelle version payante offre moins que la précédente qui était gratuite !

- A good game, with “game-breaking” issues

Whenever I play Akinator, the game also has “technical issues” forcing me to quit the “guessing session”. This is extremely frustrating as I cannot play the game. Whatever this is, it needs to be fixed ASAP. PS. This bug occurs whenever the genie is in the “frustrated” animation, maybe this has something to do with it?

- Always a My World character

I begun playing again and not one time out of 30 was it a My World character

- Fan of the older

I like it, I can challenge the very knowledge of the Internet.

- Has swearing

We were playing this and we did a person, it guessed something with swearing.

- keeps crashing

crashes after every round

- V.I.P?

What's the difference between this one and the other app

- Down side

It doesn't guess everything like half of the things you think of

- Recording

Doesn't work well

- He found all my waifus.


- The game is not the smartest

Nanners beat the game on video on YouTube.

- Awesome game but the update...

The update for some reason made the game unable to open or update properly.

- Gotten worse

It will ask me if its a girl ill say yes itl ask me if its a boy later on. ill say it from a originally from videogame he will ask if they are from a book. i will say yes they are blonde he will guess someone with black hair

- Really nice

This is a super fun app, recomend if you have a couple if dollars you dont really need

- Best App Ever

This is the best app ever i reccomend it to everyone like it is. Like akinator can read minds or something

- Awesome!!

It's so good I recommend it to everyone it's very fun to do with someone.

- Great

Its good i jyst wish you didnt need wifi

- Akiniator

Never been wrong must get this app

- genius, magic! READS MY MIND!!'

can't believe it he guesses like he in my head bro.

- Creepy

Its creepy it guessed right!!

- Wow


- Awesome!!

Feels like magic, its soooo cool!!

- Quelle base de données!

Tout simplement frustrant et addictif, pas moyen de le prendre en défaut!

- Waste of $

Never correctly answers the first time, so no points...Literally pointless.

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Akinator VIP 8.9 Screenshots & Images

Akinator VIP iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Akinator VIP iphone images
Akinator VIP iphone images
Akinator VIP iphone images
Akinator VIP iphone images
Akinator VIP iphone images
Akinator VIP iphone images
Akinator VIP iphone images
Akinator VIP iphone images
Akinator VIP iphone images

Akinator VIP (Version 8.9) Install & Download

The applications Akinator VIP was published in the category Entertainment on 2011-12-07 and was developed by Elokence [Developer ID: 484090404]. This application file size is 139.11 MB. Akinator VIP - Entertainment app posted on 2022-11-21 current version is 8.9 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.elokence.akinator