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YouTube Kids [Entertainment] App Description & Overview

A video app made just for kids
YouTube Kids was created to give kids a more contained environment filled with family-friendly videos on all different topics, igniting your kids’ inner creativity and playfulness. Parents and caregivers can guide the journey as your kids discover new and exciting interests along the way. Learn more at

A safer online experience for kids
We work hard to keep the videos on YouTube Kids family-friendly and use a mix of automated filters built by our engineering teams, human review, and feedback from parents to protect our youngest users online. But no system is perfect and inappropriate videos can slip through, so we’re constantly working to improve our safeguards and offer more features to help parents create the right experience for their families.

Customize your child’s experience with Parental Controls
Limit screen time: Set a time limit for how long your kids can watch and help encourage their transition from watching to doing.
Keep up with what they watch: Simply check the watch it again page and you’ll always know what they’ve watched and the newest interests they’re exploring.
Blocking: Don’t like a video? Block the video or whole channel, and never see it again.
Flagging: You can always alert us to inappropriate content by flagging a video for review. Flagged videos are reviewed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Create individual experiences as unique as your kids
Create up to eight kid profiles, each with their own viewing preferences, video recommendations, and settings. Choose from “Approved Content Only” mode or select an age category that fits your child, “Preschool”, “Younger”, or “Older”.

Select the “Approved Content Only” mode if you want to handpick the videos, channels and/or collections that you’ve approved your child to watch. In this mode, kids won’t be able to search for videos. The “Preschool” Mode designed for kids 4 and under curates videos that promote creativity, playfulness, learning, and exploration. The “Younger” Mode allows kids 5-7 to explore their interests in a wide variety of topics including songs, cartoons, and crafts. While our “Older” Mode gives kids 8 and up the chance to search and explore additional content such as popular music and gaming videos for kids.

All kinds of videos for all kinds of kids
Our library is filled with family-friendly videos on all different topics, igniting your kids’ inner creativity and playfulness. It’s everything from their favorite shows and music to learning how to build a model volcano (or make slime ;-), and everything in between.

Other important information:
Parental setup is needed to ensure the best experience possible for your kid.
YouTube Kids contains paid ads in order to offer the app for free. Your kid may also see videos with commercial content from YouTube creators that are not paid ads.The Privacy Notice for Google Accounts managed with Family Link describes our privacy practices when your kid uses YouTube Kids with their Google Account. When your kid uses YouTube Kids without signing into their Google Account, the YouTube Kids Privacy Notice applies.

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YouTube Kids Comments & Reviews

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- No, no, and also No

I’ll be honest with you, kids YouTube=good for 1 year olds. ANYBODY older than that will hate this. Somehow, this app takes off good videos for no good reason, when I search up specific songs it somehow restricts the actual version of it and allows a “kIdZ bOp” cover of it, which frustrates me beyond belief. And it doesn’t even matter if it’s a clean song! It’ll just restrict it for no apperant reason! If you’re a parent and you don’t want your kids lookin’ at bad things this is the app for you. If for any other reason you want it, don’t do it, this is a flawed and crappy app, that could use some major improvement.

- Used to be better

When I first downloaded this for my son the app in itself was a lot easier to maintain and control. I suppose some changes after recent updates does not allow the user to clear the browsing cache anymore. I’ve gone through the settings over and over but can’t seem to find that option anymore. While my son used to watch educational, entertaining or kid friendly videos now there is nothing but homemade crap videos of mostly adults “reviewing” toys or doing some other nonsense. Since the last update I’ve had to block probably 30+ channels from the lite nonsense that comes up on the app now since I am unable to clear the cache. Please add this feature back. I really do enjoy the app for my son but having to block all the foreign channels so he doesn’t get confused and the other nonsensical channels is getting a little overwhelming.

- Really?!?

Hi I’m writing first to say it a good enough app but there are A few things I’d liked changed so first after you watch some videos it starts to delete videos off the app for example after I used this app for a while I watched danTDM but then my brother found out my second favorite YouTuber was on there but I couldn’t watch him because it had already deleted his video off the app!!!!! Then they have Series on there but like there’s say episode one of a let’s play but not the next episode!!! Why?!?! And you can’t share videos with your phone 😡 and I wish you could comment and ring a bell 🔔 but you can’t even watch the whole series!!! I’m thinking about deleting this app please fix this five stars if you do🥺 thank you for reading to the end.

- It was ok... UNTIL NOW

This app was ok and serving me well. Until recently. Any time I go on the app now, no matter how good my WiFi connesction is is, it says “oops! Couldn’t load any videos!” And when I click try again 5 million times, all the videos that normally pop up aren’t there! No recommend videos, no music videos, no learning videos, no nothing! Just the search icon and settings icon. When I search for a vid, the title text is superb small! And when I click on a vid, most of the time it just says “something went wrong. Tap to retry” and I do that multiple times, and it hardly ever works! And when it does, the title and other vids don’t even apppear! I have tried reinstalling the app, hard restarting my iPad, and going on different WiFi’s, but nothing works! All these problems have arisen in the past week, so I hope a bug fix comes out soon, but for now, IM REALLY MAD!!!!!!


1. Plz put actual songs on this app. Not just instrumental, and covers of the song. Or at least put clean versions on it!!!! 2. I KNOW, this may be a little too much to ask... but would you consider clean vines??? PLZ!!!! 3. You only have animal try not to laugh challenges. Some of us don’t find turtles very funny. 4. The 15 second cartoon musical that plays when you open the app is beautiful, It really is, but sometimes, I don’t want to watch dinosaurs dancing to bad music. 5. plz allow US to make our OWN albums, like a music album, or a DIY one so you could find your favorite videos without looking them up every time, and, so we have our own playlist of music we like. Plz do this.

- Great for kids but needs screen lock

We have 2 kids a 7 and 3 year old. And I like how they each can have a profile that parents are able to control what content they are allowed to see. My 7 year old does a good job sticking to her shows but my 3 year old is figuring out how to go into the other profile. And will be very touchy so constantly keeps switching back and forth from show to show and it gets annoying. Please add a screen lock so that way they can’t get out of full screen when a show is put on. Even with guided access they are able to get out of full screen. If you could take this into consideration it would be great. Thank you

- Removed/disappointed

I used to like this app for my child and have recently deleted it. However it needs a better blocking and monitoring system. Such as blocking a certain type of video genre. Also just anybody can create videos. There are videos that are talking about suicide, sexual activity indirectly (with doll toys movement) and creepy images. Who is agreeing to these videos of even being on here? How is this ever okay for kids? It’s sickening! I have blocked more than hundreds of videos but the same type always pops up. I used to like it because it would show short clips of regular tv shows but when it gets to random people who are creating videos I have to sit there and watch listen and monitor it.(which when I’m trying to get things around the house done that’s impossible! Parents please be mindful of what your kids are watching!

- Not a bad app for Kids

This is generally for kids, and has many family friendly videos, except there are those that get to this kids app that curse or even do things that are inappropriate for children. But I hope that they fix that sooner or later, to be completely honest this has been great for my 3 year old niece and nephew. They have gotten a lot more creative with their toys and started to talk and help one another, even counting from 1-20 and can easily say the colors which for me was kind of fascinating. So I’ll rate this a 4.9 for me until they sort out the good videos and the bad ones. 😁

- Parental Control

You are able to go in and block certain things and report them as well, but my 4 year old love watching LOL Dolls and some things would pop in such as the “naughty kids” are her words. These kids pull pranks on each other and their parents. Such as putting window cleaner in each other’s water, bullying pranks, etc. we would block and report them as not appropriate for other kids to watch and they would pop back in as a different language or name. They did delete some Peppa Pig being murdered videos, but again would pop up in different languages. Learning videos are great, but being able to control every single thing that may pop in is impossible. I would recommend downloading apps that are strictly learning apps for that age group.

- For ages 0-12!?!

I agree with the idea of having just kids content on a different app. I respect the idea that children should not be exposed to inappropriate things but this gets different for ages 10-12. The experience for them is terrible and most of the videos that they are watching at this point may have a few swears and they can not be found. YouTubers like ninja and markiplayer are not there which kids enjoy. They need to be more flexible on the age because kids are not going to only play any to have access to bad toy reviewers and not what they actually enjoy. This app should be more directed towards ages 3-8 or 9. Kids at that point are exposed to more swears and want to branch out to some of these other YouTubers that may swear.

- Good App

I like this app. I mean I love Minecraft so there is a ton of Minecraft videos you can watch. Like Ldahadowlady,Dantdm, And Popularmmos. Those are people that don’t curse. I mean everyones got to have some concerns about this app my concerns are some videos I watch I enjoy until a curse word pops up. Um, there are kids watching these videos. My 2 year old cousin watch’s this app. Sometimes she put on a inappropriate video on like monster school. Parents don’t let your kids watch monster school. It has Sexual Contact in there. Like I said search up Minecraft videos and when I first saw monster school I thought it would be kid friendly, but wow I was wrong. I just want the company of ytks to delite some videos.


I am a parent of a 12 year old and a 14 year old and my first impressions were HORRIBLE. There was no gamers or vloggers which I think is dumb. There is only “family friendly” you tubers. I searched for unspeakablegaming and all that popped up was a hot wheels challenge with Preston. If it were an option I would rate this app 0 stars. If you are an overprotective parent I would recommend this app to you in a heartbeat, but if you like your kids than GET RID OF THIS APP. I owned it for less than 15 minutes. Also change parental controls because to access parental section you need to type in the answer to something like “what is 5x5” and this is plain STUPID because kids are learning multiplication in the 2nd grade. At least make it like “what is 473 divided by 252”, so to conclude, I would not recommend this app to anyone who is not a overprotective parent.


It’s a good app but my son is trying to learn English so I don’t want him watching videos in other languages. It’s incredibly counterproductive. It would be super helpful if I could choose a language for his recommended videos. Right now I have to manually block every non-English channel that pops up in my son’s recommended videos and there are SO MANY. He also gets upset when I do it, because he’s interested in the vids. His algorithm is really working against me. Surely I’m not the only one with this issue?? I tried looking through settings but as far as I can tell it’s not a thing currently. If that changes I will update my review. I usually don’t leave reviews but this is driving me crazy. Please fix it.

- Good app! But.....

This app is really good and I spent a lot of time on it but one problem is that I try searching for people and literally all that comes Up is 1 video that is related to it, I WANT THE WHOLE CHANNEL NOT 1 VIDEO FROM THE CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!!! I try searching my favorite youtuber piper rockelle and all that comes up is 1 video from her, WHAT KIND OF APP DOES THAT??????? Another thing is I get it you want to make this a kid friendly app but kids don't always have to be 4 or 5 years old, some kids are 12 ,9 and they don't have what they wanna watch??? Oh btw I know you see these reviews but you don't answer them on purpose! Look don't get me wrong I love this app but really please fix this! Thank you!😬🙏🏻


Okay So I Read some Comments and I Feel So BAD For These Childs That Are Being Brain washed. Also I Would Watch Gachaverse Or Gacha Studio Nightcore. BUT YOU TOOK IT OFF I don’t Know what’s wrong With Them.I am 14 years Old when I was like 10 Or Twelve . My little Brother Was Watching These Videos He WAS SCREAMING It’s Supposed To be FAMIlY FRIENDLY He Said “Sis I don’t wanna Die!” I Was Crepped Out . I was like “what do you mean?” He said Something about momo. I Said “Who’s Momo?” He Said She was a scary lady . I like Scary Stuff but not when It scares Little Children’s After I Texted My friend Who’s Momo If She Know’d She Said She was a lady with big eyes and black hair she sent me a photo I Was So Terrible. She looks So weird . Some videos ARE FAMILY FRIENDLY THAT’S I LIKE TO HEAR. Please Take Off these Videos!

- When I had this app and not normal you tube I did not like it but now.......

When I had this app I did not like it because it has baby stuff on it and my sister could not find non baby vids and so she watched the baby stuff on it and my perinatal caught her watching them and took this app away from her so pls make it not have a lot of baby shows. But now that I got normal you tube I realize that this app is for younger kids. But if you have over protective parents like I have and get this app for kids older than 8 it gets annoying it toke me a long time to convince my perints to get me normal you tube. So pls make it have less baby Chantal’s like Ryan’s toys review because that’s very very very annoying and his Channel is everywhere.

- Good for children and little ones

This is good for people that are under 13 and it has so many to explore but some children say that people don’t post dram a lot on this app then the original but I think they just want more of the Same Channel I think that’s fine but I think you should explore channels every single day to have more than just the same channel every single day and it’s good bc they don’t subscribe and they don’t like bc little ones and children under 13 shouldn’t be giving money to random people that have enough money to live there life From : A parent


This app is amazing. The app NEVER has glitches or bugs! On top of that they have many features! Now parents, this is perfect because it has only family friendly content! It can be for all kids! From toddlers to pre-teens they will love it! You can use it signed out or make a account for your kid(s)! You can also have multiple accounts! Now it’s very easy to sign in because you just put your child(rens) name and select the age group so they know what content category your kid can watch! They have gaming, hiho kids, and SO much more! I truly recommend this and I hope it helped! :)

- Monitoring !!

The people behind this app really need to be monitoring what’s being put up for kids to watch. Don’t get me wrong, this is a GOOD app, had it for about 2-ish Years now and it is educational etc, but knowing and seeing inappropriate videos being disguised as colorful “friendly” cartoons really worry me just as it would any parent. Don’t have to go through EVERY video but if somethings inappropriate(Guns/Gun hand movement/Drugs/self harm, ETC!), stop it from getting posted up, shared, or shown. Help reassure that this app is still safe and kid friendly for our kids. Kids are sponges. We don’t need them picking up anything that will be a danger to them or anyone. Thank you in advance.

- Good app... but

There are WAY to many baby things like what about pre-teens?? There are sooooo many adds I can’t even get through a video! Every 10 seconds here comes a dang on add like bruh! I would also watch the language on here because this App is specifically made for younger viewers and this does not have the content younger viewers should be watching. Like yes, they do have papa patroll and pepa pig and whatever but what if they see a app like play dirty truth or dare or idk there probably ganna click on it cause they never heard of it isn’t that what all kids do. So please for the younger younger viewers you need to watch the language and content if u want this to remain younger viewers only. Other than that it’s a ok app. I somewhat recommend it.

- Why!!!??

Ok reasons why I hate this app first your removing perfectly fine content and keeping THE BAD CONTENT and very low lookout for hackers like MO MO trying to kill child’s there being brainwashed!!!!FBI DO SOMETHING there could be another hacker with your low level lookout standers A CHILD COULD DIE BECAUSE OF YOUR APP delete it please I don’t want this DARN APP TO GET A CHILD KILLED this is serious I think you removed the mo mo thing but I’m still scared to let my child on becuase you don’t keep much of a lookout for hackers ok and one more thing about keeping the bad content you see there’s a game called YANDERE SIM and it’s on you tube kids it has ALOT OF KILLING and then perfectly good videos that my child loves gets REMOVED FIX NOW for example gacha life got completely removed it was perfectly fine so please put gacha life on again

- A wonderful app for kids

I like this app very much because of how well it made and secured for kids. You can control what they are watching and make sure they are safe online. Only thing I wish is that the update the amount of videos that they have released for somethings, for instance cocomelon doesn’t have its new releases on YT kids. It only has it on regular YT. Also recently YT kids won't let me cast long or new videos on to my TV using chrome cast by Google. I don't know why but all I know is that it is not a problem with my device, because YT works, it's only YT kids that won't work.

- Dis da best app

I’ve been watching this app for a really long time. I’ve been watching popularmmos, dantdm, stampylonghead, eathan gamer tv, brick builder, Alf ( a lego builder), lego Minecraft animations, and dinosaur shows. I am already 10 and I been watching on this app starting from when I was 4 til now. I can’t stop watching shows on yt kids. Every morning I will wake up and get my Crome book computer 💻, my moms phone or my dads just to watch shows on yt kids. I am addicted to this app and I can’t stop watching all the shows that I like. I would highly recommend this to all ages but you might to change some of the videos to a more kid friendly videos Otherwise, really good app

- Hmm

Let’s get this straight, this app is cool and all but it’s not to much of a kid friendly app I mean there was a video on this app where a grown woman and man in costumes pulled down their pants and started having sex. Now there is also a lot of you tube videos where the you tuber cusses so if you don’t want your child to learn cuss words on this non kid app the go ahead but I suggest you delete this. But one thing is my sisters are obsessed with this app because it’s got like Ryan’s toy review and stuff like that but we put on parenting controls because like I was talking about the videos on here are like 50% good and 50% bad. But yeah I can say this app is good and all but just beware to your kids about some of the stuff just in case parents😁

- Pregnancy

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of children videos with pregnant cartoon characters! I have a three and Nine that’s using your kid friendly site. I don’t quite understand why that type of content is appropriate and easy to access for children! I’m requesting an investigation into to the developers and what they view as child appropriate. I’m sure a lot of mothers also share my concern. Please remove anything that involves SEX from your KID APPROPRIATE page! PREGNANCY IS A DIRECT RESULT OF SEXUAL ACTIVITY! This may appear that you condone lewd acts against children by pedophiles who may be trying to attract the interest of children. Parents should be the one to teach their children about pregnancy and sex when it’s appropriate not Kids You tube.

- This is amazing. Samantha Jones your biggest fan sb737

It’s is nice in all but if you cant watch this or that it my be on it’s so here is a warning if you don’t what you kids watching stuff you don’t what them to watch don’t get it for them but over all it’s is good and there is not so many bad parts in sb737 and don’t for get to subscribe to sb737 I am his biggest fan if you see this sb737 to let you know I am you biggest fan I watch you each day no no matter what you are one of my favorite you tudes and I made a world on Minecraft for us but I need to fixs it first so yaaay love you vides


Everything is amazing, but, there is a group called the Little Club with many channels and they ALL NEED TO BE TAKEN DOWN. They are meant for ‘kids’ and even little kids but include very inappropriate content including, blood, horror, extreme injury (getting run over, falling off roller coasters, etc.), and even death. It needs to be take down NOW. I know a four year old that watches this. It’s no wonder they’re starting to be a bit freaky. I am extremely worried for all kids out there. Please please PLEASE take all of these channels down!!! P.S. They have an entire series of ‘Little Carley’ being trapped in an asylum. If that doesn’t shout ‘inappropriate’, I don’t know what does.

- Great app for parents with kids, but has a major bug

It’s hard to explain, since it’s usually the way a child swipes that causes this bug. On the home/main screen, if you start swiping random directions, sometimes the screen with transition a portion off and part of the next screen starts to slide over and then it gets stuck. At this point, the app is hung and there is nothing else to do, but restart the app. Happens every time and I’m sure I’m not the only one experiencing this. As you can imagine with little kids, this becomes a pain when they are swiping back and forth and suddenly trigger this hang up and then I have to constantly hard reset the app to fix it. Please fix this bug since this app definitely deserves more stars.

- I like the app but…

The app is really good but the music is annoying and it has some bugs. Bugs- * sometimes when I tap a video it does absolute nothing * sometimes when I tap a video it just shows a blank screen * sometimes when I search for things some of the keys don’t work * I know that when you are watching and you tap it to make the video larger you are supposed to not be able to pause but o would like to be able to pause while doing that. Anyway, there is a bug where (even when your not in the big screen thing) you can’t pause it so I had to get out of the app to pause and hope that when I got back I would be able to start where I left off. * when I tap on the video that is next it doesn’t work. I don’t know if that is supposed to happen but I don’t like it. There is a way to get to the next video (with a button) but it is still annoying I would like to add one more thing- I wish there was a way to subscribe to a Channel or like a video

- I feel like king

You can set it so you have only a certain amount of time so your kids are not on it all day instead of having to get a different app are you have to do is set password So you can control how much time your kids have you can also make it for older kids and there’s no bad words you can also subscribe with parents permission you can block videos or report them if there something wrong with them which is a very rare case and if you have it on toddler mode that won’t happen so it’s very good for kids under eaight.

- This app was not made for all ages...

I have been using this app for 2 years, because my mom thought it would be more appropriate for my age, even though I was in grade school... When I first got the app, it said that it was for all ages, but clearly, it was lying right to our faces. When I saw the content of the app, I told my mom that this is for babies, and I want to use real YT. She thought I was lying... So I had to use this dumb app anyway. They removed all of my favorite channels that were all appropriate for my age, and I usually bump into inappropriate content like adult toy review, cursing, and middle fingers in the air. This is getting off my phone. Now, my mom is letting me use yt with restricted mode. One more thing, the passcode option on restricting the search engine is not full proof. Some little kids can read numbers.

- Probz

To start off it’s a awsome app but, it doesn’t have my fave YouTubed Clare sihobion and there was a very inappropriate video I stumbled upon the thumbnail was amazing,it was a guy laughing and the computer said F A I L S like that big and bold when I clicked on the video thought there was A.L.O.T of nude pe0ple witch was very bad for a tween at the time one of a girls whole body and another one of a little boys buttock I also accidentally clicked on another vid by the same guy and it was “are you dirty or not” now of course i went to my nana RIGHT away I mean what does dirty mean and how would he know if I need to take a shower? Another reason this app is a problem is because my little brothers friend lets call her Emma has a little sister named let’s call her Lani who watches and uses this app until one day she was putting up the middle finger!!! She’s only 4!😱😬

- Good!

I love that there’s an app that I can trust with my toddler. Although he is always accidentally touching lock and bring up the password screen which he does not know how to change. I would love it if the lock was moved somewhere else. Maybe on top instead of the bottom. Also I would love if there was a way that I can select different stations as favorite and therefore it would play mostly those videos because I will find him looking at weird stations and sometimes at other languages i wouldn’t even mind paying for this options. So maybe a language option would also be nice.

- Great app!

This is a great app to help parents keep their kids on a safe track. Yes it has some kinks/quirks as most do but overall it mostly does what I need it to. Thanks for helping to keep our kids safe and helping the parents out in this technology overloaded society! Technology can be a great thing and it can also be a big hindrance and dangerous at times. I'd like to be able to search and add my own recommended channels to their devices. I'm sure I haven't messed with it enough to figure it all out. I thought I saw a way to do that before. ?? And block certain channels too.

- Stop hating this app, Very good app

This app is very good it does what it says and that’s good. People say there’s a lot of ads but in the app description it says the reason there are ads is to keep the app free and for the people that’s says it’s bad because it’s for babies and definitely not for tweens, the tweens/tween parents who got this app should’ve check the age recommendation 0-5 year olds not older kids like tweens. There is the problem with the once in a while bad video but the video recommenders aren't perfect and can't guarantee every video so that's what the report/block feature is for. Now stop everyone please stop hating and read the description!

- It’s pretty good but needs some updates

My little cousin uses this app all of the time! (She’s 2) Unfortunately a lot of the time I find her watching something totally random! There’s lots of great content on here but there’s also some non “kid friendly” content. What would really make the app easier to use is if they made one app for 5 and under and one for 6 and over, that way there’s plenty of educational content for the little ones. But if that’s not possible, could you make it easier for parents to control what’s on the home page? Right now it’s way to easy for them to click on some scary and weird video! Thank you, please take my suggestions into consideration.

- Not as safe as it should be

This is a great app that needs to be safer. We all want to be able to trust content on apps designed for children. Sadly after a year of use, I have stopped trusting this one. I have two children who frequently use this app - one with the home screen set on “preschool” the other on the next age group up. Both have recently come to me reporting inappropriate content. The videos my preschooler has come across appear to be intentionally created to frighten and are obviously labeled in a misleading way. A “scary flying shark hunting children in the dark” with bloody teeth is the one that finally prompted this review (although I could cite many more. There are a lot of fun things on YTK that we love watching, but it has recently not become worth the risk.

- Why are you giving me baby shows?

Remember when I wrote a review about the baby shows? Well I did! The baby shows don’t have anything to do with what I’m watching. I know you’re you’re keeping every kid safe online but there are older kids and teenagers watching your videos and they don’t like them. Can you add older kids shows to the Up Next section not baby shows unless they are little kids or older kids who like baby shows. Please fix my problem and I promise you 5 stars like in my first 3 reviews. Love, Tanneabustamante P.S I still love your app

- The new update is terrible

I’ve just updated this app to 4.5, and I’m not impressed at all. For one thing, the design is so messy and all over the place in this new update. That just might be my OCD, but it’s just plain annoying. And the other thing I’m upset about is that you have to do something in the parents settings to be able to search videos now, and I have no idea where those settings are, or how to use them. Over all I really hate the new update and wish I could put it back to normal. I used to watch videos on this app all the time, but I probably won’t use it often anymore. Please take this into consideration, and put out another update that turns everything back to normal soon. Thank you. I rate this one star, due to this new, horrid, confusing and quite messy update.

- Great App. Little Suggestion.

Yt Kids is a great app. A great idea. But there is just a few things I think would make it better. I think kids should be able to like and dislike videos. It would be great for suggestions and recommended videos, to know exactly what the kid is into. Another is suggestion is that you add comments. If you filter out cuss words (like Roblox, PopJam, etc.), it won’t be a problem. And because the profile pictures are chose from ones in the app, there is no personal information shared. Great app overall! Thanks for reading.

- You can control what your kids watch!

I deleted YT kids from all my devices a few months ago when all the viral videos came out. I recently added it back to my phone for instances where I was desperate to distract my toddler (during her breathing treatments) and I watched the videos with her. I was going through the settings and found that you can pre-approve videos or channels and totally control exactly what they watch! Now she doesn’t have access to those weird toy review videos. It’s not as time consuming as it sounds. Thanks YT kids for making is safer!!

- It’s a really great app

I rate this app 5 stars because its a kid friendly app and I really like and I use it every single day but I really want more videos added like more videos from gaming channels and we also need more BTS Videos and we also need an option we’re we can subscribe to channels so we can get notified when a new video is up over all the app is amazing and it doesn’t show ads at all that’s what I really like about it oh we also need more miraculous lady bug episodes English dub instead of Korean dub without subtitles and that’s it I really love this app 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

- Please make a mode for older kids..

Before I can say anything else.. the “sign in” thing is awful. I’m not sure what’s going on with it, but it won’t let me sign in for my kid without refusing my passwords. All of them. It’s weird that I can sign in anywhere else with these passwords, but not this app. Another thing is that I don’t allow my child to have social media or safari of any kind, even though they’re older. So could you make a mode where we could put in things for older kids? Nothing inappropriate, and it would have to be verified by the parent before they could be on this mode, but it would just filter out things made just for the little kids. Thanks! ( also my kid was telling me that one of them had the B word in it but she doesn’t remember which one )

- This is a great update

*Edit* I just found the ability to block a channel from the video. Maybe it was always there, maybe not. Happy to find this either way. I think most every parent has wanted the ability to block videos or channels. Well done and thank you. My only pieces of feedback are that we should be able to block a channel from a video rather than having to search for the channel and then block it. Also, it would be nice to be able to unblock at the channel/station level rather than "unblock all".

- Great App

I like everything about it, but I think you should ask these things listed: 1. The like and dislike button. You should add this so I can dislike and like videos so I remember I didn’t like it, but able to see it. 2. The subscribe button. I don’t see the subscribe button in a lot of videos and I suggest you adding it to all videos so I can subscribe to my favorite channels and support them. 3. Categories. I think you should add more categories so I don’t have to search a lot. Thank you for reading and I hope you improved.

- I love this app

I love this app because it is child friendly and only you tubers who are kids show up and again I love this app it does not have any inappropriate videos for kids who ever made this app thank you for making and I think you should get this app for your kids or child thank you again for the people who made this app and that is why you should get this app for your child or children that is all I have to say so just get this app if you do your child would Iike it and you to you will be happy that you got it bye now

- Good

I would really recommend it for everybody it’s a really nice app but it is having a problem where it says it can’t load any videos I refresh it and refresh it and refresh and it’s still won’t work. I don’t know what to do. I wish you could put where you can like videos I gave it four stars I would give you five but because of this problem it takes away star .again I would really recommend it to very young or older viewers. I hope when you get the app it does not act the same way it did for me. Sincerely:Kenley 10 years old 🙂. Fix the bug 🕷😵!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Hate it

It’s very annoying. First off can the intro be skippable? I don’t want to see it every time I’m trying to watch something. Speaking of which, there is nothing age appropriate for me to watch! I don’t mean the content is inappropriate I mean the content is bad. I said I was 9 and what do I get? A bunch of child like videos. But don’t get me wrong I do find good videos but seriously, when I go to their channel literally half there content isn’t there! As if their channel was inappropriate! And if it is so inappropriate you might as well just take all the awesome kid friendly great videos off and make this app for 1-4 year olds. I honestly thought this app would have all the videos with no inappropriate content and no cussing. But no. Please fix this or I won’t have anything to watch.

- No language filter

My child speaks English but every video that plays is in any other language other than English. If your child clicks a video that is not in their native language it will just continue to show all videos in that language and the more non English videos they watch the worse it gets until no videos are in their native language at all. It makes the app pretty much useless. I have to constantly reset their view history because clicking on even one video in another language will ruin the suggested videos queue. They should really have some kind of language filter. I don’t see this issue at all even a little bit with the regular you tube app. Very annoying.

- Hello 👋 can you read this plz

I’m 10 and I say this app is pretty good yes I was a little bit spooked by the Momo thing but I looked it up and I couldn’t find it on there so that’s good good job but there’s one thing I need to say .......I wish there was more of Minecraft videos! because when I look up Minecraft I can only find this annoying guy who hates five nights at Freddy’s and I love that game so I disapprove like can you get some more Minecraft videos for me to watch like DanTDM for example he’s cool I guess I would just like more Minecraft videos please instead of that annoying person thank you! 💝💝💖💝🍕🎊

AirBNB 🎁

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- Good for kids!

I meant to make it 4.5. The only bad thing is it might have videos blocked in your country, I am not sure because I don’t look at videos blocked in my country (Australia). No swearing, but words like stupid are used a fair bit. If a child swears to the Siri Dictation it will bleep it out like this-(first letter)*(however many letters before the last one)(last letter). This is very good for kids to watch funny videos or videos from games such as Minecraft!

- Great but needs just a few improvements

I love this app it’s kid friendly and you can put in your age so they know what is good and what people your age shouldn’t be seeing at the moment but I would love it if they made a few improvements 💖 well number one is maybe do some more complicated questions for example some five year olds might try to do something on the app like rate it and to rate it you have to answer things like 9x6=? But I happen to know a five year old who has this app who knows what that equals so that’s number one number two is the app lags a lot and it can get really frustrating with a child coming into you 24/7 and complaining about the lags but other than those two things it’s a great safe app for all kids from any age group but maybe you guys could work on those small problems if you don’t it’s not like I’ll delete the app or anything it’s amazing to have and I definitely recommend downloading this one have a nice day! 😊

- It’s ok but one big problem!

My daughter has been watching YT kids for years now but one problem that continues to frustrate me is videos in other languages constantly pop up and if I don’t keep my eye on her she ends up just watching videos in another language and it’s pretty much pointless and not education at all since she has no clue what there saying, I find my self having to block video after video after video, Disappointing but other then that it’s ok keeps her entertained when I’ve been busy doing stuff around the place.

- Love it

Love the app and both my kids use it. The only problem I have is the placement of the parents only padlock. My kids are always accidentally touching it cause it's placed over videos and it's very frustrating because they just want to watch without calling me to exit from that screen. If that could be moved to a different part of the screen that'll be awesome

- I mean it’s okay -I guess

But when I wanna watch something like gacha studio it won’t show the one I want and it will only work on a certain internet but other than that I enjoy it but I don’t think you should have to log in all the time and I certainly think that it could load a little quicker and you should be able to have list of all the music videos and better music videos but I love love love the app so thankyou for making it but this is just my opinion

- Amazing! Just one problem.

This app is great for kids! My 5 year old little brother loves watching educational videos on it. The qualities are good, variety of different channels, and good system! Just one problem. My brother wants to watch his favourite channel, Babyteeth4 (Jillian & Addie) is not on this app. We keep trying to find their channel, but there’s no sight of it. Basically what I’m saying is, if you added a few more channels, you’d get a 5 star review. Thank you for reading this, bye now! 💞

- Needs some additions

This app works pretty well since the last update. But it needs some additional features to make it 5star. It needs a way to block certain channels (some channels are just complete junk), a way to choose what offline videos/content are being downloaded (instead of it being chosen at random) and a way to play “offline” or downloaded content only. The people who made this app have done a fantastic job so far, just hoping the updates keep rolling out :)

- Great but variety

This app is awesome been using it for over a year now and haven’t come across anything remotely inappropriate. However, a few videos by Alivia dandrea (who is completely clean) were taken off which is disappointing. It would also be good to see more videos up from different you tubers (e.g. I couldn’t find ANY Paige Mackenzie videos or many others) other than that amazing app would definitely recommend to everyone.

- Great app!!!❤️

I love the app so much for my kids to use. They have great filters, and no comment section. But I hope that you can subscribe on some channels. Because every time that my kids are logging out the app, the home page changes and they really like to watch the same thing on a certain channel.. I hope that you'll have this on your next update

- Nephew loves it but...

So I got this for when I’m watching my nephew. He loves all the shows on it so far, one problem though, is there a way you could add in a lock screen feature. Something to stop kids from changing the video constantly? He is only just past 1 year old and is continually hitting the iPad to change the video, usually only watching a video for 5-10 seconds before skipping to the next and so on.

- Very happy. Good and safe for kids.

I love everything about this app. Very safe for younger kids. You can left them unattended while watching this. You can block the video or channel what you don't want your kid to watch. There is only one thing which need to change and that is super annoying music when you open the app. Please do something about it.

- Not a wide enough selection

This app its pretty good but its small selection of videos is a bit frustrating. Every time I search up something, it never gives me what I want they only have wide selections of things of four and under year olds other than that, this app is VERY good I will rate it 5 stars

- Kids love it but needs focus

The format is excellent for short attention spans! My kid loves bouncing from one thing to the next - I don’t think he has watched the end of a single video! It would be great to set some boundaries to this such as; blocking some junk channels, there are lots of these and blocking channels that are subtle advertising. It’s great that the kids have exposure to different languages but some control would be awesome. Great job and keep on improving!

- Continually asks to setup profiles

Keeps asking the parent to create a profile for their children. Even after you have created a profile for your children, it will sign them out and ask you to create a profile again! You can’t just sign them into their profile, you have to go through the painful process of creating their profile time and time again. If you have a generated password that you don’t store on your child’s device this drives you to uninstalling this app.

- This app is awful

I was using this app for my child she’s 11 she put in her age and the app only had baby videos which was not fun for her she wanted to listen to some fun music so she typed music and only childish music came up also we sent a complaint saying that one of her favourite YouTubers which was child friendly was not allowed on the app but then after we asked for that request even less videos of her popped up. This is quite disappointing and for the next week and a half she had to watch childish videos about three-year-olds opening up toys and baby shark

- Only great with parental controls - make sure you curate a safe educational experience

There is so much commercial, tracky or unsuitable content, but if you are willing to spend a bit of time, you can find some amazing educational content that you can preselect with parental control so your children can only watch what you’ve chosen in advance. Then you can safely leave them to navigate for a set time.

- Juno's is the best

I love it so much it makes me happy and makes me want to party and be able to see them all in one day and I'm so proud of you for the best things you have done in the world so much love you are my best friend ever almost so so proud of you for all the things you did in the years to make things for this thanks.

- I love this app ❤️❤️❤️🥳🥳🤩

I love this app so much you can explore all over this app. 🥳And it is so so so fun and kid friendly.😊 But there’s one thing it always says that it can’t download any videos and when I click try again it doesn’t work and it takes for ages for me to fix it. 😤But other then that it’s great 🤗

- Amazing! Recommend and get it!

There are really good video's. And the great thing I love about it is if u say like something inoprpit the it will say "sorry I don't think that is appropriate for u to watch 👍" which is really good if u have 3 or 4 year olds and other people who are young so the last thing im going to say is I LOVE IT REALLY! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

- Hi

I am still working on the new contract and will be there tomorrow morning to get the kids to work in today and then we will have to do a couple of days later this week and will have a little time with him tomorrow night and will have a few minutes before the kids come in tomorrow and will be home tomorrow and then will come over tomorrow to get my car back in and then will come get it at my office or

- The best

it's great app because there's no ads I can see what videos are you watching another timer on and that is great because then they will get off on whatever time I sent it to. I think you should get it it's a great app and you can set up the settings it has a passcode so it's nice and safe

- Ok

There are good things that I like about this app, but 1 thing that I want to change. That it works without internet so you can watch it any time anywhere. Everything else is going ok . Keep updating this app and there will more chance of people downloading this app. Keep it up!

- Eh

I can’t watch normal YT, but I know for sure that the Norris Nuts and LPS Emily are not inappropriate.😡 How are they not appropriate when a lady saying s#!t is! Please fix it! Also, can we get more videos meant for older kids? I know the whole older kids profile thing but it starts you off with baby vids anyway!? Also, don’t read the four or five reviews they show you straight up, they are just trusting to cover up how bad it really is. Also, I was just watching a “The elite (with dolls!)| the selection story” and a doll called Maree said “ hey, I’m still a b!#@h”. Which is absolutely and utterly disgusting! I’ve tried blocking it but it says you need to create an actual account. I believe that all these problems could be resolved by more monitoring, and actually reading your responses.

- Awesome

thanks for everything you have put on this app it helps my kid learn and fun at the same time if i could i would come and meet the creators in person and give them all chocolate she just wants to watch it all day and she teaches me the baby shark song and dance and the baby monkey song and dance

- Can there be a way to request a chanel be added please

i love this concept of this ap my only qualm is that there are a few chanels my kids want to watch but cant on here but theres no way fpr me to add or request them to be reviewed and added that would be an amazing addition

- Well it's okay but...

This is okay for children but there are ( not trying to swear) but there are a few swear words that kids don't understand and sometimes say out loud to other people, and could get in trouble 😕. This is okay but watch out for what your child might be watching ( you know, hearing bad words while watching). BYE 🤗!

- Problem as teen parent

So I am a 17 year old mother who is trying to sign my 2 year old into this app and when I try to sign in with my age I am told you can only get in if you’re a parent? I know I can just lie about my age when logging in but it is kind of sad to think that this app isn’t supporting teen parents. Other than this it is a great app and it is very safe for kids.

- Great app. Easy to use and seamless connectivity

Have been using his for a little while now and has been working great. Even my 18 month little girl has learnt how to find and watch vids. Connection to her Sony TV is seamless and fast. Great content too that keeps her entertained. Love it

- Language

Love the app but it would be great if you could set it to a certain language/country, my son keeps pressing on videos where they speak russian or mandarin and he’s still learning english. He has started to use certain words from different language videos it’s quite frustrating...

- Pretty Good

Some kids only have this app because their parents make them, so could we have a little more variety? Like, maybe make a 13 and up section, and even if nobody uses it, what’s it gonna do? You may as well. I know I would definitely use it. Otherwise it’s pretty alright

- Great potential, too many hidden ads and product placement

Some fantastic content and reasonable controls but for the difficulty in blocking the product placement/advertisement type channels where opening packaged toys etc is disguised as imaginative play. Please make it easy for parents to immediately block this type of content rather than individual channels!

- Love this app!

Love the parental control on this app. I can select exactly what my children can see. but it would be great if there was a way to favourite Chanel’s and shows so we don’t have to scroll through trying to find them every time

- Please screen better

Was such a good app until my son picked up a very bad word from a clip he was watching. Something to do with a skeleton. Also have heard about inappropriate imagery being shown to kids, luckily we haven't seen that yet. But due to these factors we have deleted the app and ask that you screen your clips and videos better. Otherwise the idea of yt kids is great, could be much better executed though.

- KidsTube good, but improvements needed

I’d like to be able to switch off certain categories that aren’t age appropriate and/or don’t fit in with our family values and beliefs. Ultimately, I monitor heavily. In future if these improvements don’t happen, will stop using KidsTube. Ie, want to switch off all Halloween themes and content. Don’t try to force people to participate - we simply will SWITCH OFF.

- Awesome but a request

Hi I am bell Jonson and I love this app, but a couple of things . In the older kids section can you put more videos and that u can choose a specific age for content and lots videos that I watch have swearing in it I am 11 but I even don’t want swearing in my videos that I watch! Thanks! Bell Jonson

- Review

I love it. It is educational for under 15s and very good. Problem is... I was once trying to find a video on SisVsBro but only few came up and it was the same for their gaming videos. I couldn't find all of them or the one I needed. But it is still very good.

- Best game ever

Thank you for creating this game I love watching the videos 😁😁 I love 💕 to go on this app everyday and watch new videos and I love how the app has the videos l have watch in the past if I haven’t finished them thank you for creating yet kids !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this app

- Great but it needs a update

It would be great if the app did not need internet also sometimes it does not load any videos so I would really appreciate it if you changed those thing!

- Timer feature is useless

My young son quickly worked out how to remove the timer feature without a password. All he had to do was exit the app by pressing the home key then double tap the home key and swipe the app up to close it. When the app is reopened the timer is gone and the access is unlimited.

- AMAZING! 🤩😉🤩

This app is perfect for kids to customise their videos and profiles. There’s nothing available inappropriate at all! You can get up to 5 kids profiles and it’s just plain amazing! I recommend this app hugely 100 out of 10!

- I love this app

It's a great app for kids causing a watch kids shows all day and all night so maybe you could put something more like an oh I know dream work TV mount are you whatever's that I don't know all that stuff

- Its really good

I think it’s a really fun to watch all your favorite videos but I think you Shouldn’t have to put in all you details to right a comment or to subscribe it’s A little bit annoying.

- Great option for keeping kids entertained and learning

My daughter loves this app. She can access whatever she wants more or less whenever she wants. The only thing is I can't see where to create a "Favourites" list. It would be good if this were possible.

- Language Setting

There is no option as to what you would like to watch like if you want all english nursery rhymes. So many languages are popping up. Another thing, no options as to what you would like to watch, there should be an option if you want to appear the halloween theme or christmas theme, etc..


I second a review about MOMO you must do something Since This person or people with there MOMO are putting young children in danger how did this happen I am not a young child but MOMO gave me and my friends nightmares for weeks on end FIX THIS NOW OR YOU WILL LOSE A LOT OF CUSTOMERS TRUST ME A LOT OF I AM ON TO IT

- I love it

Thank you for creating this I love it and the person who’s review title which is this app is awful stop for saying that anyway I love it I’m 7 years old and thank you for making this:).

- Super trash

This is the most trashy thing ever it is so trash that you need several landfills to hold it all! The restrictions are over the top they have whole channels blocked but when someone completely copy and pastes a bit of a video of one of those blocked channels they do NOTHING everything on it is for 4 year olds who can’t tell the difference between trash and QUALITY CONTENT. But that’s not even the worst part have I mentioned THAT YOU CANT CHANGE THE RESTRICTIONS! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

- There’s a bug that needs fixing...

So my kids are loving this app. It keeps them entertained and it keeps them safe from the web, but all through last week and today the app keeps saying “couldn’t load any videos.” So can you please fix this? Thanks

- Review

Olivia loves all the active things on here she enjoys all the shows dancing singing pranks tricks and all the amazing shows on this app people in the world should make more apps like thank you so much for making this


This app is sooooooo good it is great because you can give your kids an account of their favourite videos and you can subscribe to channels you can also make a time limit to how Long they can play the app 💗💗💗💗💖💖💖😋😜

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- Great for kids

I love this because it definitely kid friendly and free! It doesn't show any inappropriate videos in the search which is the main reason why I love it!

- Update

Since the app was updated it says it's not available in my region. It had been working perfectly for months until this update. And when I click to visit the site, there's no options there to fix it! My child and I are very disappointed!

- Used to be much better

Obviously the people who update this app don't have kids. Who puts ad's on a kids app? My kid loses it. I'll gladly pay if you loose the ads before videos.

- No longer working

After working perfectly for months, after the most recent update YouTube Kids no longer works in our region. The website states the only place it is unavailable is Quebec. We live in Ontario. My child has been upset every since this has happened that she is unable to watch her shows. It's a great shame this has happened and we hope it will be fixed ASAP with another update.

- Kids YouTube

This app is great

- Canada, but screw Quebec

Make it available in Quebec and I’ll consider giving it a fair rating. Unfair it’s not in Quebec so you get an unfair rating.

- I live in Quebec

I live in quebec and it doesn’t work


Why u buy me this all I see is toddlers with troll hair and Ryan’s toy review 🤢🤮

- Inappropriate content

Hello google, You filter must have a bug or something because there is perfect videos and about half way some inappropriate content plays. please fix!

- This sucks

This is huge pile of crap why is this so bad YouTube is so fliping better

- Crap

I hate this app because when you select older you get baby shows! >:(

- Unavailable

Ridiculous not to be available for children!

- Great

My kids use this everyday and love it

- Too babyish

I downloaded this app when I was 5 and it treats you like you are a 2 year old and I want parents to make kids not let them watch the stupid videos of YouTube Kids and let kids watch YouTube PS the videos are not made by actual people...

- Amazing!

Perfect for my Nine year old! YouTube is not good for my child, but this is so good, now she is less fussy and loves this app! Please download this for your child! Definitely download this!

- It does not work

It used to work my kid telled me that when she opens the app it says “oops couldn’t load any videos” and she quits

- no.

this is not for “kid(s)”. why? because all i see is TODDLERS playing with boring toys, and stupid ryan playing with his tOyS. it’s super boring nOT MAde for children. VERY DUMB AND STUPID.

- (Spinning spinning spinning spinning spinning)

Just keeps on spinning and spinning I tried to watch a video please please please fix this I’ve been using this for about seven years now and this is the only thing that not working :(

- Stopped working

If I could give this zero stars I would. Without warning this has stopped working. Deleted then reinstalled the app without success. Don’t waste your time.

- Make something without ads

Don’t put ads in a child’s app. Kids just wanna watch the show but you are doing it I’m disappointed 😔

- YouTube kids

because all the videos

- A kids opinion on this app

This app is ok but isn’t that great for older kids. The reason is because there isn’t enough content for older kids. I have to watch the same things twice or more. It’s quite annoying. But I still use it because it’s a good time waster and is sometimes enjoyable I can find still some good stuff to watch! But please add more stuff to enjoy. Once there is more content on the app I will increase my review. That is all! :D

- Ew. Just ew

I’m 9/12 and this is what I have to say: I’d give 0 stars if I could 1. It got ads 2. THERE’S ONLY BABY SHOWS ON THERE And 3. I put my YouTube channel on made for kids and it says it shows up in YouTube kids IT FRICKIN DOESNT I WANT MY BROTHER TO BE ABLE TO WATCH MY VIDEOS

- Ok idea but it just sucks

I get why parents like the app but kids hate it I’m an 11 year old and I’ve been forced to use this app since I was 9 I get why like 3 year olds would like this but I set it for my age and peppa pig still shows up so I recommend real YouTube thank you for ur time


I am 9 years old and I was watching YouTube for about a year and my WORST mom ever said I have to delete YouTube and get this stupid app so I begged her so much and she still said NO, When I put 9-12 It’s like you are getting babysit because there no 3:00 am challenges and five nights at Freddys 4 vids you should remove YouTube kids because it a waste of time for all kids or add stuff from youtube to youtube kids

- Love YouTube kids!

It is so good for children! No Adds!

- Good

I love my kids love it. Really good app so far. I’m loving it.❤️❤️❤️❤️

- uhe


- Awesome

My kids love YouTube kids

- How i came a sonic fan of power

Life is beautiful in your eyes life and power

- Hallel


- Nolan

Nolan is a great man

- Awesome app

My little sis loves ♥♥♥ this app she always uses it she is 1 year old 5 stars for this app ★★★★★

- Hi

it is so god for my kids thank you so much 😊

- Not available in my region

My kids loved this... now it says not available in my region when I click it says Quebec well I’m in Ontario in Niagara Falls not even near there. So what’s your excuse? Seems like this happens to everyone! Please fix the issue

- Everything’s wrong

I can’t do anything the only thing I can watch is one thing and when I search something that’s what comes up one thing I’m losing it somebody fix this app

- Bad😡

I give this app one star because there are bad videos so don’t get this!

- 🤬🤬🤬

DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!! Me and my daughter are after seeing so many inappropriate videos regarding alcohol, drugs, and sexual references from all sorts of knock off Disney or Nickelodeon channels. Regardless if we report them or not, they still turn up. My kids are after stumbling upon horrible videos. You may be familiar with this one; Don’t hug me, I’m scared. When my child saw this she was traumatized, and couldn’t sleep well for about 4 days. Nonetheless, I can still see it on this app. There are other complaints my children make about this app, as well. They can’t share videos with their friends, and often can’t find what they are looking for. I believe that monitoring what your kids watch on REAL YouTube is safer than counting on this app.

- Oh My Gosh

Thank you for making this app! My brother always used to use YouTube and thanks to google LLC... it’s the best app ever!!!

- ❤︎❤︎❤︎𝐼 𝑙𝑜𝑣𝑒 𝑖𝑡 ❤︎❤︎❤︎

A awsome app but can you do comments please that would be a good update

- So happy and so good

When my kids go onto this app I hear them laughing because of so many good and funny videos I love that I hear them playing with each other after they watch these videos. The app is so good I even started watching it myself lol

- No swears

I'm so happy that my children aren't learning any swears I hope everyone else agrees

- Bad

Screw you Take this app down and read a book

- Just for kids

No inappropriate stuff so you don’t have to worry

- It good

The app is good my kid is

- I love this

I’m really thank this app it is really good my child loves it she is in preschool and enjoying all the videos on YouTube it is really hard to find somthing my daughter likes but on kids YouTube I can find anything right away she loves everything I really thank this app I really appreciate it! Thank you

- My opinion(the opinion of a kid)

Hi! All the parents who rated this say it’s great! But I’m ten years old and I’ve used normal YouTube for everything until now. I’m sorry but I hate this YouTube kids. I think that this app should be for ages 7 and under. Older kids aren’t stupid enough too watch inappropriate stuff on normal YouTube so they shouldn’t need this.

- YT Kids

I love yt kids because you can still have you tube but it is safe

- Sucks

I tried watching kreekcraft does not work.

- Love it

I love that theres no ads and my son enjoys it. Its easy to find videos your looking for

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- I love this app!

As a parent, you want to be able to control what your children watch. With this App, you can do just that! Limit the types of shows or channels your child accesses, turn off the search button so they can’t search whatever they want, on top of that you can time how long they’re on the app. It locks the child out of it according to the time you allow. You could also block certain videos or channels all together. I finally have a peace knowing that my child isn’t watching inappropriate videos!

- Love it!

I have had this game since I was 7 it’s so cool and you get to have your own picture, you get to watch amazing videos when you watch a video it goes in the thing that says watch again. So you can watch it multiple times if you want! And also I think everyday or every time you watch a video some new videos pop up, when you’re finished watching that. I think right now you should get it. Since there is no bad stuff on here I thing you should change the age to 3+ but 4+ is good enough. I LOVE THIS APP SOOOOO MUCH!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Why I put three stars

This app is pretty good but the thing is, is that when I try to watch shows that would be on tv I can’t watch full episodes and when the episode gets broken up into different videos they don’t put them part after part an example is that you would click on a show and like I said the shows would be split up into parts/videos so you would click on a show and the next video most likely will not be the same as the episode you clicked on.

- Nice app but crash’s and it’s for 4 yrs

I use these app a lot but ever time I use my beats headphones and Press that search button I get this glitchy sound and some times it crashes and (not that the app is Not doing what it supposed to) it’s mainly for 4to6 years old I wish that you guys can have section where what age videos you want to watch(with parents permission of course) please can you do that and I don’t mean Younger or older I mean actually choose your age and one more thing stop taking away videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Needs a fix

So it needs a fix because I have a favorite sport baseball and like there’s like only 2 baseball videos witch Is Olympic baseball I wanna watch little league because I play little league 2. I reccomend you guys add a comment section so you can comment but it’s only yt kids comments and the channel will the comments on the video also on the comments you can only type words that are appropriate for children if somebody types a cuss word yt kids will say oops you can’t say this word try again! So yeah I hope to get a response

- To kiddish

So first of all let’s talk about your app. It’s just dumb. And dose an app really need an intro? And wen I put it on the older kid setting all I get ( music ) is frick’n kids bop!!! It’s annoying chose kids bob is way to clean just make more older things, and if I search something up like my favorite song ransom ( by lil Tecca )it said it on the search bar but you don’t get it! And if their is no video on it then it show a cat in a parachute ( which is dumb) . But my last complaint on music is WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO NIGHT CORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was my favorite music thing I know poof, its gone! Oh and how come the music that’s not kids bob is the BLEEPING haschak sisters! Please finishallllll thes problems oh and all the problems withe the app I did not mention, I agree with almos eeeeeeeevry one out the reading this🤬

- Nothing but trash

My son has been using this app for some time and it use to be really good. I felt like I was safe letting him watch things on here. The more I let him watch though the less appealing it became. There’s compilations of videos that just repeat the same things over and over again and has no educational value. Tried to delete and block these things and he finds other stuff that is just like it. He has definitely learned some bad behaviors and throws tantrums now. Now I’ve heard some talk about some inappropriate things that will pop up on what seems like an innocent child video. After this review I am deleting this app. There Seems like there is no filtering from the developers. This app has turned into nothing but trash!!! 👎🏼👋🏼✌🏼

- Needs to be an option where parent can handpick

Although this app has come a long way and I appreciate the block option and now that humans actually go through the videos to make sure they are kid safe. I would really like an option to only have certain channels accessible to her like super simple kids and cocomelon and other educational channels. I really don’t want her watching toys being thrown into water or endless hours of egg opening or someone playing with toys or play dough. And kids are going to pick that stuff through no fault of their own, they don’t have self control. And as many channels as I block there are so many to take its place. So I hope this feature comes soon.

- Ok

First of all, why are there curse words in the videos? How can kids be subject to this which many reviews say. Plus, if you have older kids who know what the words mean they’re going to say “The people don’t say nice things”. So for the little kids, tons of baby content. How can older kids find their fav shows? I mean there are great videos for older kids but the baby content are the only things appropriate for kids. There are other videos of people killing characters from Disney movies! What? They should all be blocked

- Great app highly recommended

I think this app this great and the fact that you can manage your kids screen time on in and the things they watch on it is great but I complain that for the kids that are 8-12 they should be allowed to watch Fortnite videos because Fortnite is one on the most popular game and the fact that you can only watch kid dancing to the Fortnite dances and you only get one video about bowser playing fortnite that kind of throws a kid that likes Fortnite off I hope you guys consider this and otherwise I love this app!

- Ok love this app a few problems though

Ok, so this app. I don’t get the monitoring systems. Like I looked up JoJo Siwa and it came up with two episodes of her?! She is literally meant for children! Same with music. Like instead of watching the actual music video I’ll get this stupid knockoff that doesn’t even sound good. Pretty good app though, just too restrictive. Not very many ads, but one more thing. I could look up something like Taylor Swift or whatever and it would come up with one or two of her songs and then Miranda Sings or cool hairstyles or whatever fix that please! Thanks for reading!

- I love it

Older people think it’s kiddish and it’s not I’m almost eight and I love it my mom and dad do to my dad he loves to watch silly things with me and my brothers and half brothers it’s amazing so much fun also my baby brother loves it it has a lot of shows and silly things and it’s just awesome my baby brother is 3 and he’s adiccted to it and my half brothers are 16 and 18 they love it too and there’s some Totorials and I love them and I’m not really in to like I don’t know sitting around and do nothing it’s so nice to see my brothers be happy and I don’t know why it’s just amazing

- Stop saying fake stuff about this app!

Okay, I’ve seen a few reviews about this app but, honestly some of them aren’t even true! MrsAva10, the moment you actually download the app, it lets you choose what age, and you’ll have to be able to be a parent because of that. (Didn’t make much sense but okay) SlwStevens, yes you may be grammatically correct but, at least you technically get an answer. Narwhal31, that’s technically not true. YT Kids videos don’t drop “BaD wOrDs!” Plus there’s a search bar for what you wanna watch 😐

- Ugh

Hello everyone and first of all i wanna say i have never seen Momo on this thing but if she is ignore it and keep your children away from her. Don’t let your kids listen to whoever is behind this completely sick character. Kids, she isn’t real. Her picture is just a creepy Chinese statue that got distorted. Don’t be scared and forget about her. Next up, Yt, do you seriously have the nerve to show kids the subscribers of channels and not let them subscribe? Also, the small selection of channels you have is boringggg! No PBG? No flamingo? (Even though i’m now banned from watching him idc cause he is hilarious and other people should watch him.) Anyway please monitor your channels and vids incase Momo sneaks in. The End

- Love this

I’m a ten year old and I love this app it’s all appropriate and nothing inappropriate which is great this app has nursery rhymes all the way to slime videos I have never had a issue with this app I give this a 4 out of 5 the only bad thing about this app is that there is a parent lock and your children might know there times tables and they can get into the parent lock and set a password where to your parents can’t get in the parent lock unless your child tells you the password overall this is a amazing app.

- Kid crack that makes TV look educational

The algorithm pushing recommended videos will keep your kids clicking for hours and hours. The videos seem harmless but often feature super rich families playing the with the latest toys, the latest clothes, the latest amusement parks. It’s not healthy and you’ll seem an impact on your kids. Watching hours of kids opening Christmas kids ends up warping their perceptions and desires. Had to delete. The app is fantastic at what it does, but unlike tv your kids are in full control of the remote and an algorithm bringing up video after video. I started blocking channels and videos but there is always a new recommendation. My kids loooove it but I had to give it up. Save yourself the trouble, don’t download

- While it is about google account, but listen to me!!!!!

Please, if you do not want to get busy while your child have online classes, then don’t give your child a child account! If you do, then your child can’t finish homeworks regularly, it is all because of YT Kids, see. If your child have HWs on SeeSaw, or Google Classes, teachers might assigned on YouTubes, but online or offline, once your child (or you, if you guys are both on child account) hit the YT button, it will pop up a window say to use YT Kids, but please don’t hit it! On YT Kids, you know, not all the YT videos will go on YT Kids, so you will probably can’t find what your teacher want your child to visit, or you need to create a non-child account in order to do it. Thank you for reading.

- Add a lock video screen

It’s a good app I just wish that they can add a lock video screen for they can’t change the video I have a 1 year old that keeps on changing the video because he doesn’t like the videos that pop up so he keeps on skipping and then he goes way to far and goes to a different channel and starts getting upset and I wish that they can lock the screen for he doesn’t skip the video and they should put a password for adults for they can change the video

- It's good for the most part

Pros 1. I like how there is bunch of selection of videos 2. I like how my favorite youtubers are on there Con's 1. The intro is too long can you please YTK take this into consideration to change it maybe like 5 or 7 seconds??? 2. Most of the videos are ok but some of them I came across to people swearing and other things, I report the videos everytime I see something inappropriate. One video I came across them talking about the birds and the bees I blocked the video obviously because I just don't think it was right to have that kind of stuff on YTK 3 .I am scared of MoMo hacking into YTK and seeing her in a video. Although it hasn't happened to me I am still scared and worried. Please take this into consideration and try to make YTK better for the world PS also I like to watch series of videos for Sims 4 or Minecraft and there is no play list button and there aren't all of the videos can you please add more of that ? Thanks! 🙂

- Drives. me. INSANE.

My siblings all use this app, and so do I. Somehow, you block good videos,and let annoying spoiled little kids toy reviews on! It also allows TONS of videos of kids TEACHING other kids things, and for some reasons the voices are annoying and squeaky. You do realize the kids family is being slowly driven insane by annoying videos that are let through, please consider everyone’s slowly disappearing sanity. Overall, this app is decent, and only 3 stars cause the algorithm filters good videos and allows other annoying videos that teach kids to act as annoying as the kids they see on screen 😑

- This is awesome but too childish

I like this app. No I love this app it gives my a chance to bond with my toddler couscous n but im almost a teen (tween) and I would like something that at least doesn't curse. Yes there is age restriction but it doesn’t help at all there is not many entertainment opinions were I live I can’t go to the park because of the weather and it’s so dangerous that everyone has to bring pepper spray to go to the supermarket. I don’t think this review will make a new app but I’m just saying it’s an idea. I’m just trying to keep my innocence

- I Like it, but there’s something I don’t like.

YTK is a pretty good app, but the videos from channels I like aren’t showing and there innocent! But still they didn’t appear. And yes, I understand that this app is mostly for 4-8 year olds, also there’s some creepy/inappropriate content that shows up, which probably makes most people angry. While reading other reviews, I felt more aware of YTK. And you’re app is great but some people want content for older kids. And there’s content that should not be shown. Please delete those creepy/inappropriate videos. Good luck and happy 2020!

- Need preferred language filter

I like the ability to block certain videos but would also like to be able to set to be shown only videos in a certain language. We are a bi-lingual household and would like the ability to set to show videos in our preferred languages. We have a daughter with a language disorder and too much exposure to a language outside the ones spoken in our house hurts her progress. Would also like to block videos that contain certain keywords such as “Peppa Pig”

- Language barrier and momo

Personally the only problem I had was my 2 year old started watching a bunch of foreign videos on accident. Which isn’t a race thing, it’s just that I wish there was an option for her to only view English/Spanish videos instead of for instance, Arabic or Chinese. She needs to learn English words. Maybe a little Spanish. Aside from that, I deleted the app because of all the stories of creepy things getting through the filters. Momo for example. I personally never saw anything strange, when the story surfaced I monitored her videos but it’s still terrifying and don’t want to take a chance.

- Scary content

They don't do a good job of monitoring content before it is uploaded. I have had to block and report multiple videos and channels due to inappropriate images. Anything from scary clowns to the joker from batman trying to kidnap babies from strollers, no joke! Some videos are very innocent and appropriate for toddlers, however, they are mixed in with the the ridiculously in inappropriate ones. Be sure to monitor what your child is watching closely and block the whole channel if anything disturbing comes on. I would gladly pay for this app if they reviewed videos before they allowed these people to just upload whatever they wanted!

- Google Please read this

Hello Google this is Alyssa I’m 11 years old and this “yt kids” app is the worst they have a selection for 3-5 year olds this is very retarded Bc when I started using the app it had one of my favorite YouTubers when I turned 11 all of the content that I liked was gone like can Google please set up a section for 11-14 Year olds? This would help a lot for kids my age and older ages as well who have no other options of watching videos THEY LIKE!! Can you set up like a thing for older kids like when they want to watch other content besides 3 year old stuff? Basically I have a suggestion for older kids content! There could be a verification so the older kids can ether have a parental unit sign into there google account or have the child make an account! I just think this would help with more satisfaction for kids my age not being able to watch what they like -written by Alyssa (aka) Lynn_Wolfy

- Too many bugs and glitches! 😡😡😡

My daughter has loved this app and I was really happy when they added options to block videos and later the ability to block channels. But for the last couple of weeks, I have been unable to block anything. I’m just receiving errors and can find no help, explanation, nor solution. I tried deleting and reinstalling to find there’s a bunch of new cosmetic updates, but still errors in blocking. The recommended videos are now totally random and not based on previous history. I’m not sure why a 3 year old would want to see NFL or NBA clips or “scary day care” videos. They need to fix this, but in the meantime I just have to delete the app and hear her cry about why she can’t find it. SMH

- Love it

Any age I tryed all of them are the age they 7 Im 7 years old but parents this good I tryed Seven It was of age my mom said so 9 and older totally good I went on it was for seven year olds 9 year olds and 13 year olds I tryed all 3 trust me Even tho I’m seven This is more then yt kids this is appropriate for all ages I’m in 2nd grade but I know its like you imagination in real life Even adults playing games It never had a KSU’s word yea adds but those adds grow more imagination they make kids happy even when there too sad To be happy it’s is good

- Lack of control

This app is advertising that parents have control of everything, so how come we can't control the volume of the app music. We have to crank up the volume to hear the videos, but like everything backwards in programs today the music is too loud. My kid likes the music, but I'd like to control the volume please! Also It was too easy for my kid to change the settings password, and the timer is a joke. And why do some harmless videos by regular Youtubers like Stampy Cat not shown in the video list? This app needs more work. Update in addition to the music volume control for the app’s music why is there no history for parents to review what their kids have watched?

- Please read.

Hi, I love this app it dose a lot but it needs a section for older kids and there is stuff that I do not like please make when I ripe in ‘gacha’ nothing comes up and I loved this song and it got removed I’m not to mad about it getting removed because stuff get more popular than it so yeah but please read this other then that I love it great idea! Adult Yt has some things that are not to good for kids LOL! And if you could make it wear you can sucscribe and like that would be awsome and add the Yt people that you like that would be awsome please add some of these that would be great! :) :D!

- Big mistake

I was checking out some of the videos, when I found one I wanted to watch. As I was watching, I heard something BAD. the video said a bad word. I replayed it to see if I heard correctly, and I did. The video said the D-word. It might not sound to bad, but what if a 2 year old heard it and started saying it. Other than that it is a great app, but I have something else, why would you not put all the videos made by appropriate youtubers? Also why did you get rid of all the good asmr and satisfying videos, it is SO annoying. I still like the app though.

- Read it!

This app is really good I know some people think it’s bad because inappropriate stuff but that only happens whit your age they ask u your age u need to put your real age for me my age was 11 so I put that and there was stuff that I was interested in same whit younger kids soo that may be why because of you put that your 15 there will be 15yearold stuff in there that are a little bit inappropriate for your age will come up soo check your kids account 😂pleas and stop thinking that this is a trash app!

- Absolutely impeccable

My 18 year old son loves this app. Every time I go in his fort he is on it. I am also very happy that you can set a time limit. Instead of just telling him to get off (which hurts his feelings because he thinks I’m mad) it will just kick him off after the small amount of 13 hours I have allowed for him. He even asked if this app could be the theme of his next birthday party 😂. I told him yes. So a special thanks to the designers of this app. You have changed my sons life for the best.

- App problem

It's been happening often, and my phone is fully updated & YT Kids app is the only one this happens with. When opening app and on main screen it doesn't allow to clicks videos therefore i have to close down app and re open once again. Another issue is when using the app watching videos sometimes the choices for '' next video '' disappears and can't click on anything more and have to go to home screen to watch anything else. I feel like it has its glitches but other than those problems it's a good app you can't block certain things you don't want your kids watching which is a nice feature

- Why did they make voice search harder for kids?

The old voice search was easier for young children to use. The new one has an extra button press that makes it hard for kids to figure out. There’s also a ton of channels of adults dressing up like Disney characters and advertising products at your kids without declaring they are being paid to do the videos. Isn’t that illegal? Unfortunately Google doesn’t seem to want parents to block channels, so I can find no good way other than blocking individual videos. I pay for Premium, so this is really disappointing.

- Most of the videos are for toddlers and babies. Please fix

There is nearly anything thing to watch but baby stuff. Plus must of the videos for the channels aren’t even there. Kyle Exum is one of my favourite youtubers who posts kids stuff and he is not even on there. Certain channels when I click on them I only see one or two videos. This app literally restricts your child for almost everything but baby stuff. Even if you have on the older kids setting you are still seeing baby things. I love Brooklyn and Bailey and they have child friendly content but most of they’re things aren’t there. Please put videos for older kids on this app instead of videos for babies and toddlers. Also the music. Pls put more music options. Literally all I can listen to is kids bop and I’m very srry to all you fans out there but I just don’t like their music and I’m not trying to hate it’s just how I feel. The next thing is the intro. Omg pls put an option to turn it off. I am an older kid and the intro is very annoying. I am very sorry it’s just my opinion. Thank you for your time

- Good but not recommend for toddlers or kids below the age of 9!

I like this app only because I am 10. I don’t recommend this for littler kids because I have found inappropriate language in some of the videos. Parents keep in mind that you should create a profile for your kid so you can keep track of how much they watch and what they watch. There is a parental control option of the Pre-school setting the elementary school setting and the middle school setting. Over all I like this app but think about what I said before you download this app.

- Why did you mess with the app

I’ve had this app for my daughter who loved it. It was easy for her to open the app and find what videos she wanted to watch. But then all of a sudden this week it starts lagging. After the lagging then came the app having to be completely shut down then reopened to work again. Then boom today it just stopped working all together. The frustration it caused because my one year old could watch her string of learning videos she’s used to watching is what made me actually write this review. Before anyone suggests I disconnected the WiFi and went straight off my internet still not working I’ve already deleted the app and cleared everything before doing it still nothing

- Very very kid friendly

Other people say that it’s too kid friendly, but you can change that. Thank you for whoever made this app! I used to have you tube, but I am too young for it. Their is many videos with bad words. You tube kids is extremely kid friendly, and it’s really fun to use. The sound effects and music are really fun! The videos are fun to watch! And if you think the videos are too young for you, you can enter your age and it’ll adjust! Please download you tube kids!

- Absolutely love it

When i downloaded this app i didn’t know that my two year old son was going to fall in love with it... it’s easy to navigate... so he nows know how to all on his own and it gives him a Choice of multiple videos to watch that falls within his age limit... never saw it suggest any other videos that not what he usually watches so I’m assuming it remembers the videos he watches and stays within the same age range... he love it thank you... parents also try PBS app... that’s a great one as well

- Inexcusable to allow self harm and violence

No more you tube or you tube kids for our entire family! In a day where technology has the ability to block me from posting my own videos because a copyrighted song is in the background, I find it unbelievable that you don’t have the technology to block violence and self harm videos on you tube kids. You don’t have scanning abilities to search for that death face that keeps popping up? Do you not have enough staff to keep an eye out for this? I am outraged that this material is being allowed and our young children are being exposed to violence and being taught how to commit suicide. Enough is enough. Shut your site down until this can be addressed.

- Good but should be remade

This app is suppose to be for kids but it seems more like stuff for baby’s. if something is made buy non baby appealing you tubers it is not even there it needs stuff that kids from ages 4-7 years will also like. It is not as bad as all the hate comments say that give 1-2 star reviews but it does need some work like stuff sometimes does not get taken down but it is not appropriate for baby’s or kids it sometimes has adult content and according to other reviews sometimes things with curse words get in videos that’s why it need to be updated or remade. 😃👍🏻

- Censorship

When I search for Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, or even Mormonism I get all sorts of results for my child. When I search for atheism I get nothing even with the most liberal of settings. How is my child supposed to learn more about the world around him/her and the people in it if things like this don’t pop up? It’s okay for religious content to be on there but content about the lack of religion not being there just kind of irks me. I want my child to view all steps that people take in the world and come to a belief based on logical and factual evidence. Science videos are on there so that’s good but this really feels like an attempt at censorship. I don’t know wether it is or isn’t but I’d like to see it fixed in the next version update

- Dunno how to feel

Ok I have had this app for two years and I must say, I have came across some bad things. I came across romance stuff where people where making out. I also came across drug references. I like to watch lps, (lps popular, lps sweetheart) and yadayadayada. I made a profile and made it to where I could see older content. But when I chose not to, I could see lps nude, lps making out, lps growing up and dying and having kids. I don’t think little kids should watch that! My 4 year old brother watches this app and he COULD come across it! So please google just check the content u are putting on there 😡

- Why I like Yt kids

I like YT kids because it has a safe experience for your kid! You can block any videos you don’t want them to watch, No inappropriate videos, I love this app it is very safe, I started using this app because my They were watching very inappropriate videos, And because of them being able to click on bad links and being able to comment , But this app wont let you comment on any videos! This is an amazing app I highly recommend it.

- So great for kids

So I gave it a four because I wish you could have a free update of being able to watch without WiFi I mean otherwise than this it is a super great app it is wonderful for kids you can set the age so they can watch appropriate videos for there age and there are some really cool videos feamed videos like for Halloween videos and I think it is a really great app I mean 😃it’s just so fun otherwise than the WiFi it is not glitchy at all at least for me but it is just so fun and cute for kids I don’t know what to say!!!

- Dioni can’t find grammarpolis videos!

I have a 7 year old named Dioni and she has an google account she could use. I like her watching all of her favorite videos. But she can’t find a Grammarpolis video. Not even all of them! She searched for noun town but, she couldn’t find it. She searched grammarpolis but, she could not find more. I suggest you, Google, put more videos that are kid-friendly and she could find it in no time. I will make that a five star soon as you put more kid-friendly videos. And one more thing is she can’t make videos! Please add more stuff and I will make this a five star! Love, Jessica And Dion

- Definitely a 1 star rating

This app has way too many issues and glitches which is definitely DISTURBING! This has gotten way to inappropriate for young children under the age of 6 and the app says its for 4➕ but this seems like 10➕. Honestly this should be removed from the App Store ASAP OR instead of it saying the app for children 4➕ it could say 8➕ , that would be a lot better for younger kids you download the app so they know there could stuff that isn’t for their age. It wouldn’t hurt to add slightly small changes to make the app a more appropriate app for kids. Thank you and please take my suggestions into consideration, thanks😉

- Great, but...

So, I’m a kid and I love this app; but sometimes if u want to search some things, what you want to search or something similar to what u want to search comes up. Oki so One time i wanted to watch Jessi Vii’s funny videos. So I saw some Jessi Vii suggestions and clicked, but then it said, “Try Searching For Something Else!” Seriously!? I mean what would you put the suggestions if it’s not even valid!? It doesn’t make sense! I want to search for BTS, put all I see is Jimmy Fallon, Ariana Grande, and Billie Eilish! Like what the hell! Delete if it gets too irritating. 😞 #disappointed

- It’s alright I guess

I mean I like how it’s safe for kids and all, but just saying: Can this app have a offline button? I mean sounds really great to me, watching episodes of whatever you want to wherever you are. I’m pretty sure we would all like that. I don’t like the annoying music or whenever you watch a episode or something, it stays on the same recommendation. Also the intro when I enter the app is annoying and stupid😤🙄😡. So Developers if you read this please, please, please add a offline button, without making anyone pay for it. Overall the app is pretty good. 😑😬🙂

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David Lepofsky

@ETFOeducators @Teacher14050099 @etfopresident @TorontoStar With school resuming Monday, parents of students with disabilities need practical tips on how to overcome the many disability barriers in distance education facing their kids. this video helps! #accessibility #SpecialEducation #OntEd

I fight for mi gente! Join me tovarisch.

Colt Clark and the Quarantine Kids play "Let's Work Together" via @YouTube

TXT Charts 💫

Fastest 4th generation group MVs to reach 3 MILLION likes on Youtube: #1 TXT “CROWN” — 6 days #2 TXT “Blue Hour” — 67 days #3 Stray Kids “Back Door” — 68 days (@TXT_members @TXT_bighit)

David Lepofsky

@RaymondChoPC With school resuming Monday, parents of students with disabilities need practical tips on how to overcome the many disability barriers in distance education facing their kids. this video helps! #accessibility #SpecialEducation #OntEd

David Lepofsky

,@SFLecce With school resuming Monday, parents of students with disabilities need practical tips on how to overcome the many disability barriers in distance education facing their kids. this video helps! #accessibility #SpecialEducation #OntEd

Dha First Lady

Why Do Kids Go On YouTube To Watch Other People Play Games 🥴 Like Bruh Get That Shit off The Tv && Go Play Ya Own Game

glenn haley

Colt Clark and the Quarantine Kids play "Gimme Shelter" via @YouTube


Colt Clark and the Quarantine Kids play "Gimme Shelter" via @YouTube


Has anyone tried this ChordBuddy guitar instrument? Realise that it's only meant as a training tool, and will probably horrify guitar purists, but wonder if beginners have found it a useful starting point? Or useful when getting kids started? #guitars

Hannah Grieco

Me: I don't think it's cool for parents to make YouTube videos with their kids just so they can be famous. 7yo: Well some parents play with their kids and do fun stuff. You wouldn't understand.

glenn haley

Colt Clark and the Quarantine Kids play "I Won't Back Down" via @YouTube




ripped pants is an important ep bc it teaches kids the importance of not overdoing a joke☝️🏿 also this scene just makes me laugh

Shelagh vegan

@iliveasnatalie @wef What complete bullshit. Been vegan for 25 years, so are my kids, I renovate houses for a living. All debunked with Game Changers:

Daily Express Reviews

Today's 10 Products in Mother - Kids - Baby Category on aliexpress - 202... by @YouTube

YouTube Kids 5.42.2 Screenshots & Images

YouTube Kids iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

YouTube Kids iphone images
YouTube Kids iphone images
YouTube Kids iphone images
YouTube Kids iphone images
YouTube Kids iphone images

YouTube Kids (Version 5.42.2) Install & Download

The applications YouTube Kids was published in the category Entertainment on 2015-02-23 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 240.36 MB. YouTube Kids - Entertainment app posted on 2020-12-07 current version is 5.42.2 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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