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Stream Japan's most popular anime with Crunchyroll. Watch new shows like Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, The Ancient Magus' Bride, and Dragon Ball Super, plus favorites like Attack on Titan, Cowboy Bebop, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and hundreds more! Plus, watching Crunchyroll's licensed content supports the creators who work to bring you awesome anime every week (Show availability varies by region).

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Crunchyroll App Description & Overview

The applications Crunchyroll was published in the category Entertainment on 2009-12-21 and was developed by Ellation, Inc.. The file size is 70.46 MB. The current version is 3.4.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes and behind-the-scenes improvements.

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Crunchyroll Reviews


JoJo!  Stoneman1335  4 star



Always close  BlackLírio  3 star

The app is good, but always when I will creat a count or add In the list the app close


Crunchyroll app  donnatyler1!  1 star

The Crunchyroll app on my phone works fine but on my PlayStation nothing loads my que is gone my history is gone the anime doesn’t show up in the feed at all and I can’t search for anything... I am paying for the premium service and nothing works unless it’s on my phone...


Crunchy roll is dope  TheClassyBunny_YT  4 star

Crunchy roll is awesome comes with all the anime you could think of and it’s got that fan service if you now what I mean, but they don’t have dubs but if your true to the anime way and don’t dishonor the famary your all good with that but for me the occasional dub is nice 4 stars.

Kill mii 2

Amazing quality, but...  Kill mii 2  3 star

I get to binge my anime!....not. When I get an ad, after it closes, the SAME ad will appear RIGHT AFTER IT. This cycle continues, and I don’t even get back to watching the anime! Please fix this!


Stop with the ads and add School Days  PoeticProphett  3 star

There’s waaaaaaaay more ads in the episodes than footage of the actual episodes. I would’ve given it at least four stars but the adds repeatedly do the same ads over and over. That gets me super frustrated. Please put 3 ads on each episode of anime. Also please put in School Days because I can’t find it anywhere on the app. Thank you.

op main character

Ads  op main character  1 star

Just kept getting nonstop ads no matter what I tried to watch.


Really🤨f  LunarXxplayzxXroblox  1 star

Bruh I can’t watch anything without an add for GOD SAKE outta somebody needs to take out an add I can’t even watch “Yuri on ice” without an add of yes and ps the add repeatedly repeats over and over FOR GOD SAKE AND I REALLY LIKE CRUNCHYROLL WITHOUT THE ADDS!!!!!!!!!!!!


To many adds  espinals  3 star

I love the anime and everything else just that it has to many adds I can’t even watch it in peace


Worst app  NEED HELP PLZ READ  1 star

Their is so many ads it’s so annoying you guys don’t deserve anything


Stuck in a endless ad loop  IFZD  1 star

The video and sound quality is fine it just I get stuck in a seemingly endless ad loop


Too many ads  🅢🅔🅘  2 star

I only downloaded crunchy roll because the app I mainly use doesn't have the anime I want to watch. Crunchy roll isn't that bad, but there's a major difference when it comes to ads. The app I mainly use will show only one ad at a time which would probably last a minute or so, but crunchy roll shows around 5 short ads at once. It just makes it feel like the ads go for longer and it's quite irritating when you think you're about to watch the anime, but oh look, here's another ad. People with premium aren't complaining and would just say to buy premium. But some people don't want to spend money on this stuff. I'm not surprised if crunchy roll is losing viewership, once I've finished watching the anime I want to watch then I'm deleting this app and going back to animelab.

Mighty angus

Please fix your ad glitches  Mighty angus  2 star

Please fix them


Infinite Looping Ads  ReviewMcReview  1 star

Highly recommend not watching on your phone; only watch on the desktop and even then that’s with an ad blocker! I opened Re:Zero to watch bits and pieces. Every time I opened an ep, I was greeted with an ad - acceptable considering they provide this service without charging a subscription. I skipped to the middle of the ep and was greeted with another ad - another acceptable move as I skipped a large chunk. But you can guess my annoyance when I was greeted with ANOTHER ad and ANOTHER ad and ANOTHER!! I skipped at least 6 ads but the ads kept coming and coming! I restarted the app but the same thing happened again. App deleted. I’ll stick with watching on the desktop with ad blocker on.


Reduce the ads  DiscordSniper0001  1 star

Way too many ads I watch over a thousand ads just eating dragon ball super at least thirty ads an episode when they should have maybe two ads a the start two in the intermission most anime put in for them and two at the end.


Bad..  animemangagirl7  2 star

This app is bad cuz when i whatch it for about three mins infinity adds come up and they dont stop..... so i cant watch it...


Ads  AuZZie-Radish  1 star

To many ads in free version it’s awful

Cookie :O

This is very sort..bc I’m lazy  Cookie :O  4 star

Ok! So I really LOVE the app it’s just wonderful! has so many ads and there’s a bug 🐛 we’re if there’s an ad it straight away would show 5 more ads after that!😩 Another thing is that I bought the membership🤑 thing and no ads but I tried it and it says it doesn’t says to try later but nope 👎


:(  Loveya04  2 star

i’ve already ordered and payed for premium but everytime i go on the app it doesn’t work. feels like a scam man :((


Too many ads!!  DrunkDolphin  3 star

The only reason I’ve downloaded this app is because they have season 3 of the show I watch.. but I cannot enjoy it as there are 5 ADS every 5 minutes I swear , please limit the ads for non members


If I could give it zero stars, I would  Damahriah  1 star

I didn’t even have it downloaded that long and I already hated it! I was trying to watch episode one of a show and not even five minutes in, it already had the ads! I don’t mind watching ads, but it was an endless loop of the same ads!


Cant even search anime  YouAreGayPhaggot  2 star

Rewinding multiple times takes too long to load Cant search for anime in the bar— I literally know it is there. I press the recently searched item and it won’t show up. Heres a hint: special characters and spaces don’t register. And the titles are all case sensitive. HEY PEOPLE ARE SAYING STUFF AND REVIEWS DONT GET ANSWERED Upping the membership when the app hasn’t shown any improvement. This is ridiculous. Your hubris will be the end of you.


{Untitled}  ixXDiamondBossXxi  5 star



Can’t watch anything  animedweebo  2 star

I got this app hoping I could watch anime for free and you can but if you don’t have a membership adds will keep coming on while watching a show and one time adds kept going for 30 min. straight! If the app could fix that it would be so much easier!


Crunchyroll premium  talia2678  1 star

It will not let me pay for Crunchyroll premium with my ITunes account. It keeps saying it cannot connect to iTunes and when I didn’t have enough money on my account it was like insignificant credit. Now that I have money on my account it won’t let me pay for it through iTunes. I’ve read a lot of people’s reviews online for Crunchyroll, saying now that there is a new Apple TV or something like that and, it won’t let them watch it or pay for premium anymore. Whether they had a credit card or they were paying through iTunes like I am trying to do. So when are they going to fix this? I’m sick and tired of seeing ads when I am trying to watch something.


Issues with bugs  tetoj  3 star

Great place to get your favs but the app is constantly experiencing bugs and as soon as they get rid of one the app will start experiencing another


Loved It  COWMSNDJAMX  5 star

Loved the app! It was great! The only thing is that the amount of ads is horrendous. Like holy moly! So if you could cut down the amount of ads, then I’d personally recommend this for every person on the earth. But unless you have a lot of free time where you can watch these ads, your out of luck


Ads on this are SOOO ANNOYING  Ametheyn_Ghost_Hunter  4 star

Ok so every time I try watching ONE episode I get like 50-100 ads 6 seconds each but heir so annoying cuz their only freaking REDFIN and I hate Redfin at this point their stupid ads are so freaking annoying it like Frick off!!! I wouldn’t suggest this app unless your ready to deal with 50-100 ads per episode!! Like if your seeing this Crunchy-roll stop with the ads this is why a lot of people dislike this app. On the bright side the anime’s are good and they have all the videos you want to watch unlike any other app or unlike YouTube which only have about 5-10 episodes then they stop. That’s one bright side I look to. I rage ever time a app comes up like it’s ad after ad after ad every time!! Please fix this Crunchyroll! Thanks and I hope everyone else can get past this I’m just impatient and dislike waiting..


Very slow  Estevez504  1 star

It will not load on my phone at all even with WiFi but other apps like Netflix and Hulu will please fix or I will cancel my premium membership

h ugymxkg gn fxblhfxluv k v

Stop it  h ugymxkg gn fxblhfxluv k v  3 star

To many adds


Good  MadBull360  4 star

Not all anime is on this so add up onto it and way to many adds , so chill down on dem adds and add more anime too plz :)


Ads  Para0202  2 star

So many ads sometimes thy would glitch out and make me watch the same ad over and over for like 5-9 times until I restart the app


Too many ads  Coolchic8  2 star

I got 11 adds in the space of a 22 minutes episode.


-  johnnytwk  1 star

This app needs to stop showing so much advertisements it’s so annoying anytime they pop up

Alfred lee Nicoll

Fix this bug please  Alfred lee Nicoll  3 star

I watch one add and then the whole episode crashes so I restart the app then I watch my video and crashes -repeats again


Only works for the first few episodes!  niphgdd  1 star

Worked fine for the first but now nothing only ads load!!!


Brilliant  AllNicknamesaretakenxd  5 star

I love your app I can’t Stop Watching Naruto Shippuden Thank You


Favourite anime app but one problem  Fololololdkwiskdkwkxkdk  5 star

The best anime watching app but i cant find One Piece on it even thought it is in one of the pictures.


Great for anime, definitely worth the pay  eat1more  5 star

The app is buggy and needs alot of work, can help if needs be


My opinion on crunchyroll  Melanie😍😘  3 star

The app is ok but they could stop looping ads

Crunchyroll Comments

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