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Stream Japan's most popular anime with Crunchyroll. Watch new shows like My Hero Academia, Dr. STONE, HAIKYU!!, Food Wars!, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, plus favorites like Black Clover, One Piece, Naruto Shippuden, Hunter x Hunter, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and hundreds more! Plus, watching on Crunchyroll helps support the creators who work to bring you awesome anime every week (Show availability varies by region).

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With Crunchyroll Premium, you get:
- No ads
- New episodes one hour after airing in Japan
- Watch on Apple TV, Xbox, PS4, Roku – pretty much any internet-connected screen

Become a Premium user with in-app purchasing and auto-pay each month.

In-App Purchase information:
- Subscribe to Premium for only $7.99 per month (amount in USD in US App Store)
- Your iTunes Account will automatically be charged after you confirm your subscription
- The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your billing period. You can manage subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to Account Settings after purchase
- Your iTunes Account will be charged $7.99 monthly for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period
- A current subscription cannot be cancelled during an active subscription period
- You can find our Privacy Policy at and Terms of Service at

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Crunchyroll Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We’ve rebuilt and redesigned our app to provide you a superior user experience with it. We’ve made finding your next anime series much easier with a new home screen with curated collections and recommendations tailored to you! We’ve also improved the Watchlist experience, and we’ve enhanced the app’s search and browsing capabilities! To top it all off, we have upgraded our video player and Chromecast experience to make anime watching more enjoyable and reliable. *Solved an issue of users being logged out and fixed some bugs.

Crunchyroll Comments & Reviews

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- A lot of premium that I can’t watch

I wanted to watch this anime but all episodes where premiums pls make less premium episodes 😢

- Hardly any dub,too many ads

I love to draw while I’m watching anime but it’s IMPOSSIBLE to do when the only option is sub, there are also a LOT of ads a lot of the time I’ll get 3-5 ads in a row and they play the same ads over and over It has a good library of anime’s but if they had a limit on how many ads per episode and had more dubbed then I would be ecstatic

- 😢

It won't download on my device

- Everything is paid

This isnt free at all unbelievable amount of ads and u need premium to watch anything good

- :/

once the new update that changed the ui it wiped my browse history and that’s where all my watch later animes were. It’s partly my fault but could’ve given me a warning you know.

- Recent update

The recent update sucks. Don’t get me wrong the rework is definitely nice, but there are so many bugs. I keep getting logged out of my account and I cant seem to get back into my account. No error messages pop up, nothing.

- Fix

The app is really good but every time I play anime or dragon ball super it tells me to close the application and I did that 10 times and still nothing happened

- Too much ads.

I’m sorry, but there is just an unnecessarily amount of ads. As a very, very quick-tempered person, may I just say that this “ad issue” annoyed me very much ? Multiple ads have popped up and I found myself exiting the app and now I’m deciding if I should delete it because it has wasted my time. I do NOT recommend this to anyone who’s quick-tempered or gets annoyed easily. I’m just impatient and only wait a certain amount of time before I leave it. Can the developer(s) of this app fix this ? I just find it as a waste of time. If there wasn’t as much ads maybe I would’ve given Crunchyroll more stars.

- Crunchyroll wish list

Add a pay with (debit card) option and I will buy a subscription for the rest of my life!!

- Anime

When I checked your preview the anime’s I saw in the preview wasn’t in the app I checked and most anime wasn’t their pls add

- App opening

Since the last update, I can't even open the app:( It brings up the logo with the orange background and then the app closes on me..

- Please update

I have been using this app for a couple of months now but with the new update it's just annoying I need to log in every time I close the app and I try to cast in my tv and it's crazy suddenly just stop playing and just log me out from the app it's really frustrating when you're watching something and it's not my wifi because it's not just in my phone.

- Please bring back the old Crunchyroll

So i opened the app in my phone, it loads...then it loads... been 10 minutes and still loading... then it said check my wifi i tried it in netflix works just fine i tested in youtube works fine too tried in Crunchyroll didn’t work unlike the first one (before this update) it works just fine so bring back the old one. :<

- Fail update

The new update is not good

- I lost my account

So when I was trying to watch some anime on my crunchyroll account I realized that my account is gone my bro was trying to watch anime but he couldn’t fix this.

- Some weeb

let me get straight to the point...when i first got Crunchyroll it was really good..but now i’m having problems it keeps signing me out for now reason and it also takes forever to load!!

- Doesn’t work

After updating it crashes n not working

- Why won’t it stay on my account?

I have used Crunchyroll for a while now and it worked fine, but with the new update it doesn’t stay on my account. I have premium, but it always asks me to log in. It’s really annoying, and I don’t know why it does that

- Problem

From this update all of my watch time have been reset and I can’t even get new watch time the orange that shows up when you watch the just disappear it makes me sad how I watched so much anime on this app and that orange bar gave me like proof that I watched this now I can’t even find where I was if I close the episode it just breaks my heart how 1000 of hours of anime just gone I hope you can fix this glitch and give me back my watch time.

- Audio

Hi I really like it but can you add an option where you can change the audio? I wanna watch my hero academia but it is in Japanese! Please read this

- Apple TV

Crunchyroll app on my Apple TV refuses to play any anime at all. Loads it all up, and then I press play on the episode, and it says “an error occurred loading this content. Try again later” but it’s been like this for days. Fix this now please. It’s been glitchy on my phone too, since I now have to use the app on my phone to throw to the tv to be able to watch it, and even then.. sometimes the subs don’t show up on the screen, I open the app and it boots me out and I have to sign in again. You need to update these ASAP please. I’ll change my review to a good one when you guys actually get this fixed.

- Waaaaaaaaaah~~!

I mean I just got it... I think it’s great and all but please add Danganronpa :<

- too many ads

crap ton of ads, ruins the experience

- Amazing

I love this app even tho u have to pay for premium it’s totally worth it I definitely recommend it to any anime enthusiasts.

- Can't open the app with new version

The app opens and just shuts off

- 5 ads to play an episode, are you serious?

Don’t bother downloading. 5 ads to load the show then another ad shows up every few minutes. Unwatchable and useless.

- This is not ok

I can’t even watch, I watch one ad and then I’m stuck at a loading screen and can’t do anything about it.

- Bruh

I find it stupid how literally most of the popular anime’s r mainly premium and all the ads aswell I don’t even find any anime’s interesting cause I can’t watch the anime’s I want

- Some anime are missing in my Crunchyroll

Some anime’s are missing in my Crunchyroll my crunchy roll dosent have my hero academia or demon slayer I feel like I don’t have much options for anime’s because they’re missing. Am I doing something wrong? Or do o just have to change something?

- Very good just one thing

All I want for this is the English Dub for any show that has one otherwise Great

- Toooooooooo many ads!

There are way too many ads! Half of my time goes by from watching ads instead of watching the anime the only reason I’m watching an anime using this app is because for some reason I can’t hear the sound of a video in safari

- change it back

i liked the old version better, change it back :/

- why?

ok the app has everything but why you got to buy premium to watch animes? I can’t even watch a single episode on crunchy >:/

- Help

I love the app but every time I try to load the app it crashes I even tried deleting it a reinstalling it but it didn't help so I rebooted my iPad still didn't work if you know anything about it please help

- Bad

Since this new update I have a hard time connecting and the app crashes at almost every add

- i swear someone needs to fix this

I’m not kidding, i’m crying right now because i paid the membership right? Right after i check to see if i can watch the premium episodes, i can’t. It says to buy the premium BUT I JUST DID! This happened to me twice now!! I swear who ever created crunchyroll is ripping me off. $22 wasted. And it is hard to get that kind of money for me..

- Waste

Most of the good anime’s are blocked because of premium but when your buying it, more anime’s isn’t a perk for getting premium so technically this is false advertising.


E. X. P. E. N. S. I. V. E ehehehe i’m broke

- The ads and premium membership

I had the premium membership but it still had ads,it also said that I didn’t have a membership, but other than that it’s pretty good

- Airplay no longer works full screen

Good but after the new update AirPlay no longer makes the video full screen on the tv

- It was 5 stars until a few days ago

It was 5 stars with the subscription a few days ago. Since the update, you have to press more things to watch a video and expand it to full screen instead of it doing it automatically like it used to. Going back to the episode list is more steps. Everything just seems to require more steps. Screen time out also no longer kicks in so if you fall asleep or walk away and forget, whether you payed it or not, the screen stays on for hours until you close the app. That’s not superior, it’s not an improvement. I would uninstall this update and go back to the previous if I could.

- I can’t even log in

I love your services but I can’t even log into my account currently

- bring back the old version

the update is fine. just put the subtitles back within the video not under it. it’s so annoying.


Why are you showing shows that you can’t even watch

- Awesome

This app is awesome. Let’s you watch some of the best anime in the best quality for free with some adds in between each episode but you’ll get used to it.the only flaw is the new upgrade/version, it’s complicated I mean I just wanna watch anime.

- I can't even open the app without me getting kicked out!

Its in the title you stupid baboon bastards


Too much Ads

- New update missing features

I can’t see the reviews for shows anymore. Please add that back.

- Fix your buffer system

Jesus I could go on for hours with how bad it is I can’t get through 1 minute without it having to fricking buffer fix your SYSTEM! I do like the selections of anime on the app but seriously the buffering happens every 30 seconds.

- Love it but there’s a glitch

Every time I go into Crunchyroll it says cannot connect to Crunchyroll then logs me out of my account it is really annoying having to log in to my account every time I want to watch anime

- No English dub

I love crunchy roll been for a couple of weeks but there is no English dub which annoys me but i still love it and if they get English dub that would be awesome

- Subtitle locking and watchlist errors

Yes, I would like to point out a recent problem with this app where the video player sometimes has connection issues with the Crunchyroll servers, and when it does connect, you can’t switch between subtitles while the video is playing anymore. And also, the watchlist can’t be displayed properly recently, namely, with certain shows not showing in the watchlist at all. Is there any way that these recurring issues can be resolved?

- Could you make this app be able to connect to Facebook

Please make this connect and sign in with Facebook please I hate being logged out

- There are too many adds

There are too many ADDS

- Wtf

Okay so, before the new update I had no problems at all, however with this new update, it made me sign in every time I opened the app. Then when I opened some episodes there wasn’t subtitles, then I go into settings and says subtitles off which I couldn’t change. The only way i could fix it was by exiting out of the episode or app completely. Which then caused me to sign back in. Then it progressed to say there’s nothing in my watch list (which I know is false). Now, nothing is loading at all for me, it says error: let’s try this one more time with feeling or Dang!: we couldn’t connect to crunchyroll try again. Let me tell you I’ve pressed the try again/retry button so many times and nothing is loading, I’ve deleted the app twice and downloaded, still the same issue. I’m quite disappointed as I pay for a subscription and this is how the app runs, at first I was like it’s not a big deal. However now that my app isn’t working at all, it’s making me frustrated.

- Good app but ads

Please don’t give me ads. I understand all of the anime’s are free to watch and all but the ads are very irritating and they come in groups of 3 ads each time they show up, and I watch around 9 ads every episode and the ads aren’t very short either. It’s also the same ads over and over again of the same product which I have already decided if I want or don’t want and I won’t purchase something for a second time. The app itself is great so I would recommend this if you would want to watch a show on it or look for some new animes, but please do something about the ads. There is like so many ads it almost makes the episode impossible to watch without being able to process what’s going on having ads pop in every minute or so.

- Keeps logging me out

Every time I use the app I have to re log in and it’s getting annoying

- Slow laggy

Ever since I updated the app in may the loading time and app startup has been taking ages and to top it off its draining my battery like never before. I will note that the new look is great.

- Would be 5 stars if...

We could watch konosuba and overlord in Aus 🤷🏻‍♀️

- Amazing but,

please add the year of the release of the anime at the preview.

- Why I love Crunchyroll

This app is amazing because you can watch SO MANY different anime’s on here but although they don’t have some of the anime’s I would like to watch its still an amazing app THANK YOU CRUNCHYROLL FOR EVERYTHING YOU’RE DOING

- This

Has to many ads

- Ads

Honestly, the app isn’t that bad. Provides high quality videos but the only problem are the ads. Way too many. There’s 1 when you click on the episode, then 1+ minute of ads after the opening, 1+ minute after the middle, and occasionally I have to watch through another 1 minute of ads just to see a small cutscene at the end.

- Terrible service and waste of money

Your large library doesn’t mean a thing if it’s not accessible and your “servers are currently not available” far too often. I pay a subscription to this and you can’t even keep your servers up. What kind of novice kids do you have working there and what infrastructure have you built out if paddlepop sticks to run this dumpster fire off? 100% would NOT recommend.

- Don’t use app

There are too many ads, you will get at least 5 each episode just use Anime Lab.

- Can be better

There are WAYYYYY too many ads! It doesn’t motivate me to watch more and more!! Of course put ads just not nine or more PER EPISODE!! It can get extrememly annoying!! But overall is really good quality and would recommend just a few to many ads that all 😊

- Ads or series

I don’t know what I am watching. Am I watching ads or anime. Too much ads!

- Keeps Crashing

Recently after the new update that was made the app no longer functions. I have been using the app for months and nothing like this has happened and it also can't be my internet which has been functioning normally for the past few weeks. I don't understand why it keeps crashing whenever I for example look at a new season of a show or just click on something. Please fix this or I'll have to delete the app!

- The new update doesn’t show the subs

The new update’s layout is good. But it doesn’t project the subs when I use Air Play. Please fix this! 😭 Also, if you could include the date when the series started or ongoing just like Netflix, that’ll be great.

- Great Update!!!!

New Crunchyroll update is so nice and smooth. Before this update Crunchyroll was quite glitchy, but they really did a good job on this update. Black background to look more like an app as well as a better layout. I have Crunchyroll premium which I feel like is much more worth my money now as well considering how much I watch anime on it now.

- hi

can there be movies in Crunchyroll pls and free because i dont want to pay

- Ripoff

Don't pay for the app ever its useless and a ripoff. Basically the free version on premium just makes you feel like a fool because they make u pay for it. The video quality and the audio clarity was so shoddy it physically annoyed me to keep looking at it. The customer support on any of the devices is terrible and damn I can’t I is it this enough. Man what a ripoff.

- Great asf


- The widest anime list there is

This is the best app to watch anime ever!Theres so much to pick from only thing is less ads and better app design otherwise this app is pretty perfect

- Offline Playback Please!

And picture in picture please!

- My opinion on this app

I really love this app because it gives me a chance to watch things I wasn’t able to watch before but I just really hate the adds specially when I can’t skip them but I can’t get premium anyway i personally love this app

- Loving the new app design !!!! ❤️👍

Incredible new design really simple and modern, I wonder when will this happen to the other devices like my ps4 🤔

- Ads...

Omg, I spend more time watching ads than I do shows. I would pay for a subscription but that doesn’t work either and tech support, rather than trying to fix the problem, suggested I just try a different way. Great, thanks very much...


omg i can’t believe i found this app i’m soooo happy about this eeeeek!!!!! i don’t care about the ads i mean yeah it might be a bit annoying but like i got 4 more seasons of haikyuu that went on netflix and the amount of amazing anime that’s on this is shockingly amazing so imma give you 5 stars but i wish i could give u more! THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS LEGENDARY APP!!!!!

- Great, but......

This app is amazing for people who like anime but it does come with A LOT of ads, otherwise this is one of the best apps for people who want to sit down, relax and watch their favourite Anime.

- Great appp

I love this app

- Nanatsu no taiza

Absolutely waste of time trying to read their manga they don’t even have full collections anyone who sees their false advertising don’t buy it I wasted 10$ on a premium membership and they only have chapter 1 of seven deadly sins manga and skip straight to chapter 294 biggest waste of money I ever spent

- Amazing app but...

The ADS I swear to god I love this app but my hatred for ads makes it unbearable. I’m okay with one or two ads at the start and finish and maybe even a midroll ad. BUT TEN???!! NANI??!?!?!!

- Love you guys

You got all the best anime that I wanted to watch Thanks


Its getting to the point that its making me irritated because i only get to watch for a few minutes of the episode and then I have to watch so many ads are u freakin KIDDING ME like the most ads so far I have watched was FRICKIN 7 ADS!!!!! and then another few minutes I can watch of the episode and then another frickin 5 ads and its even more annoying that u make the ads of the app of yourself WE ARE FREAKIN IN YOUR APP!!! AND IF YOUR TELLING US THAT WE SHOULD WATCH THIS ANIME WE CAN FIND THAT OURSELVES YOU DON’T HAVE TO TELL US And its sucking all the enjoyment of watching the anime in your app, there should only be 1 ad per break SO YOU NEED TO FIX THIS RIDICULOUS AD PROBLEM CUZ I HAVE BEEN RAGING LIKE KACCHAN!!!!!!!!

- To many Ads

I’ve been using Crunchyroll for like a year just in case if they update it so it doesn’t show as many ads but nothings happened so I’ll write this review. In every episode they show 10 ADS 10!!!!! I get it that they can’t stream all of this for free but at least lower the ads to like 2 or 3 and the other thing is when I’m watching something the ads are all about the same thing!!! How is that good for the people that make the ads. The ads that people make are supposed to make the viewer want to buy the thing or do whatever,making them watch the same ad over and over is going to make them not want to buy it or whatever! So Crunchyroll you really aren’t doing a good job for the ads so these are my to options. If you still want to show the same ads make it 2 or 3 per video. If you want to keep the 10 ads make them different ads so there might be something I want to buy! If I keep on seeing ads like how your doing it now I’ll just use Adblock I don’t like using it because I want the application to get some money you know and if you tell me to just get premium then you should get yourself checked because it’s $10 a month and when you think of it like that it’s not a lot but when you thing of it $120 A YEAR that’s a lot. That’s all I have to say

- So many adds

This app is great however not even 10 seconds in to the anime 100 adds start to play and then I spend a hour watching add😑😑

- Give us free anime

Why is it not dubbed

- My hero academia

I love it so much but it is very hard to find all the season 2,3 and 4 for my hero academia. So can you help me with that?

- A few problems

Honestly I have a few problems. For 1 to meany adds 2 don’t give the option to watch the English dub for on going shows! 3 not enough classic anime! So I’m kinda disappointed

- Three stars!

I like the game but the ads are to much,

- It’s good but too many ads

I get that it needs ads. But getting the same ad 3 or 4 times in one show is a bit much.

- This is a great app👌👍🏻

The all is great but their is so much ads

- Good

The app is really useful for finding what you want to watch but it needs more English dubbed show

- Good app, but no Chinese available

In the section for languages, both simplified and traditional Chinese were listed, however no where to be found in the App itself, so which part was error? The listing or the app?

- English Dub?

I ADORE this app and all of its shows My favourite will always be My Hero Academia the only thing is in a feature update maybe add an English dubbed version because unfortunately I don’t understand Japanese well... So I’m suggest an English Dubbed section! Please and Thank you!🙂

- Too many ads

This app it’s pretty good but there are way too many ads, I feel like every 5 seconds there’s about 10 ads playing.

- Please don’t use this app

I have been using this app for about month now, and most of the experience was bad. Firstly there is way to much ads, there one at the beginning, 3 after the intro, 3 mid way and 3 at the end. This is to much ad. Most of the times the ads are laggy and glitchy, they keep freezing and when I either close the app or close the video I have to watch all the ads all over again.

- Need some fixes

It’s all great and all but there are some adds and the adds keeps on going for 10 min and it’s kinda annoying and u have to wait a lot

- Ok

I loved the shows, but there is to much ads for me

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- App finally looking beautiful FUNCTIONALITY IS CRAP!


- Nice redesign

The redesign is nice so you get a 👍

- Crashing with the new update!!!

The latest update is crap!!! All I get is the opening orange logo screen before it crashes. I’ve tried to open it a ton of times but I never get past the start-up logo. I’ve reinstalled and rebooted but nothing helps.

- Awful since new update

It always logs me out now every time

- The Commercial Lengths

I get that you’d have to pay to get rid of the ads but the their a bit too long. It takes like, 2 minutes for a commercial to end..

- New Update: May 27/2020

Version 4.0 is everything I wanted! Thanks for working hard and living with our expectations developers! I hope you guys can progress more and more to make this app more flexible in many ways. For now, I am giving 4.5 Stars just because it still need lots of progress.

- Laggy ads

Ads last a little long if you ain’t doing something else with watching anime but most importantly the ads are laggy if you don’t have the newest device.But I do enjoy how it doesn’t have dubs like funimation.

- Design

Wow just wow. Beautifully redesigned app. Speechless.

- To much premium

There’s not enough anime for me to watch because most of it’s premium and I don’t want have to pay 10$ to see it

- Naruto shipudden

It’s was good to watch in but pls put dubbed episodes for shows like that I still have int finished the whole thing cause it’s on Japanese pls fix

- Bugs

The new interface is good but there are so many annoying bugs and the app feels less responsive and slow now. Please fix

- Too many ads

The ads wasted so many of my time. The ads plays 3 times per episode and doesn’t give any button to stop, quit or skip. And ads also contain viruses and send watcher to some stupid websites.

- Bad update

New update is so bad

- Nouvelle MAJ

La nouvelle maj est nul. Maintenant meme si l'anime n'as pas de sous-titre en français il te le propose alors que avant t'avais juste a changer de langue dans les parametres pour y avoir acces. C'est une perte de temps car tu es obliger de rentrer dans la page de l'anime pour verifier si il est bien sous titré. De plus la page des animes mis a jour a été supprimé. A part sa l'application est tres bien.

- The ads

You know what, I get it, I’m using your service for free so I get it if you play 1 or two ads at certain points. But 4 unskippable ads every like 8-10 minutes??? For real??

- Disappointed

I downloaded this app not that long ago and I was pretty happy with the anime options but then I looked up “the seven deadly sins” and nothing showed up I’m very disappointed because it’s a pretty popular show and you don’t have it so I’d you could add it that would be great! Other then that I’m fine with this app

- Worst App

So many ads you cant even watch anything, one of the worst app of all time


this app worked alright when i didnt pay for premium, but now that i finally convinced myself to pay for it buffers like crazy! :( im just a bit disappointed

- Good app if you glitch it

Ya I glitch so there’s no add

- Pas bon

Il y a environs 10 annonce par episode puis on peut même pas regarder du anime en anglais ou en français il l’on juste en japonais

- Great

Amazing app no issues at all

- Plz update it

It’s fine but when I try to watch some shows barley any of them have English dub and there are a lot of commercials so three stars

- It’s good I recommend

I personally think that this app is amazing. I got a lot of adds I’m the beginning but after about 3 hours of watching it I had no adds on there. I totally recommend this app just be aware that there will be adds for the beginning (maybe. It was like that for me though) Only for a little and then watch anything you want. I feel like that if your watching the same show for a while then it stops the adds. But there is always the same adds and there is always like 6 or 7 in a row which I think that, that’s a little extra but other wise I rate this app a 4 stars because there is really good quality and I am able to watch all the anime shows I want. I recommend you to get this app :)

- Underwhelming.

Soooo why can I only watch one episode of the series I want to watch??? I need premium to watch the episodes other wise other than the first episode they’re all locked. I get that you have to make money but there isn’t even an option to watch ads to see the episode. If you add an option for ads you’ll still make money.

- Best app ever!

This is the best app I have ever found I highly recommend this app and to buy premium too!

- Great but.....

I love Somme anime but all the good anime is premium and the adds in the middle of Somme super scene break the pleasure


If u don’t mind lots of ads then this is definitely for u. Crunchyroll has tons of anime u can watch. On crunchyroll u can’t. Watch everything but u can watch most of the stuff unless u have premium Once again if u don’t mind ads this is for u

- Beat thing happening during quarantine

Best thing ever but to many adds I wish they were only at the beginning and the end

- Nice

I be loving it

- Ads

You have to many ads pls remove them

- Amazing but...

I love it I get to watch the anime’s I want but I get over 12 ADDS IN ONE EPSODE ITS SO ANNOYING can you make the adds have like 2 adds or get rid of them!! For gods sake GET RIDE OF THE ADDS ITS SO ANNOYING Make it cheaper or get ride of the god damn adds!!!

- Amazing

It was amazing I luv it

- About the account

Why when i login my real account they say incorrect login information?

- Adddddddddddds

There’s a lot of adds

- Ads and why are the best shows not dubbed?

This app has lots of anime sure but it’s not worth using because of how many ads it gives you. Also WHY are the best shows not DUBBED!! I may have been fine with watching the ads if the shows that I was watching were DUBBED.

- I. Love u Crunchyroll


- 0 star

You can’t watch anything it just stays black

- 0 star

You can’t watch anything it just stays black

- I don’t suggest it.

I just joined the app and I wanted to watch haikyu. It said it was locked which really poses me off I want to watch it so badly why does it have to be locked? I don’t know how to unlock it to?

- Love the app but too much ads

I love the app and incompletely understand that ur advertising ur shows and little figurine but maybe lower the number of ads a bit? No mean to be picky

- You need premium for so many things

I wanted to watch a new ainme darling in the franxx and of course the whole show is for premium and tons of ads so many shows you need to get premium for very annoying

- B

Can’t even log in

- Unable to creat an account

Ive tried to make an account multiple times but it said “failed” and some number but like why? Um? Please fix it! Because you’re going to loose customers like me who actually want to get premium and PAY to watch YOUR anime

- Advertising

Please, for the love of god, stop spamming us with ads. I would watch crunchy roll more than youtube if the advertisement amounts were the same. I dont care if i cant skip an ad if the ad is only 15 seconds long and wont repeat itself 3 times before i can watch the intro of an anime, only to be berated with the same ad on repeat for 2 minutes again. I also wish there was a progress bar on the ads if were gonna keep the television worthy ad breaks. Most of the ads i encounter are crunchyroll ads anyways. I feel like thats the only problem with this app. Other than that my only real issue is subscription price. Maybe drop that a little.



- just why

k i love the app really do but umm why do we have to have premuim just to watch the anime we wanna watch why not just let us watch it instead of having to pay honestly pls fix this along with the error which gives u an error saying sorry couldnt load which then makes the anime my wanna watch non watch able honestly pls just fix this

- Pay

Il faut payer pour tout

- Ads that never ends

Too many ads

- Good but....

It gave me a glitch thing where I have two of the app, I love streaming on this but can you fix this and get rid of the second app?

- Commercials

There are soooooo many. Like, a stupid amount.

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- This is so annoying


- Ads

When I started using this app I was very excited and expected about one or two ads at the start but ended up getting 5 ads and I am not very happy. I used to use AnimeLab which doesn’t have everything but only gives one or two ads at the start.

- Worst app to cast

I have used multiple streaming apps via my phone one thing that stood out with this app was its inability to cast without having a chromecast or Apple TV being an intermediary. Also the lack of smart tv compatibility is dragging this down. Especially compared to Animelab. I have been facing so many bugs while trying to watch. Video buffers while using app and starts off in the middle of the episode just to name a few. Please fix this soon or I will drop my subscription and stick to using animelab and other services.

- Ads

The ads need to calm down. There are wayyy to many ads. I wouldn’t mind having 2 ads in a row but 5 ads? Overall this is a great app. But please. The ads need to stop.

- Hmmmm ok

It needs dub for the people that would like to here The characters instead of reading the subtitles or learning the actual language



- What??

I love Crunchyroll and are a avid fan of anime, however I cannot make an account! Every time I try it says “incorrect login information” even though I’m not logging in I’m trying to make an account . Help services have been no help and ive deleted and re installed several times, please help me I am not happy 😕😖

- Good and bad

I’m just starting to really like anima but I don’t speak Japanese and there is no way to put it on English

- Great but needs improvements

I LOVE anime so I love this app! But the only thing is that I think you should make it so you no if your in season 1 or 2 Or am I dumb and don't no how to do that? 😂😅 Thanks!

- There is no English

No English

- where the english dub??

Its good and all but where is the english dub?

- Damn

Good quality but tooooooo many commercials

- More dubs please

Needs more English dubs and menu’s/ui could use some work

- Hi


- It bad but good

The good thing is that it has all the anime’s to watch but the bad thing is that THE ADS ARE TOOOOOO LONG

- Rip off!

Why do I need to watch a heap of ads if I am paying for a subscription? I can’t bring it up on Apple TV as I get a black screen. I can’t log into the account even as it does not accept my iTunes email. A rip off!

- Nice collection, but....

Too many dubs, not enough subs. Just turned me off most of the selections.

- It freezes!!!

It’s a good app to watch your favourite anime or even just to find something to watch when your out of stuff to freezes like 1-2x a day where no matter how many times you open and close the app it won’t play...the only solution you have to uninstall and reinstall the whole app not that it’s to big to DL but the hassle of going through it everyday even 2x a day like today and it’s only afternoon where I’m at...FIX THIS SHIT! Seriously I am only here paying monthly because I don’t want the hassle of going online and trying to close all the advertisements...but if this goes on... Oh and one more pause it and after 5secs it plays by itself...and not just once this happens every time...what gives Crunchyroll? More like CrunchyTROLLololol

- Good but

It’s a good anime app to watch but why so many adds I have to wait 5 adds its kind of annoying. :)

- No good

Only download this app if you are gonna purchase. Otherwise you won’t get to watch it without having to watch the ad non stop for 5 times and it happens through out.

- Paid subscriber but still gets ads

Good anime selection so paid the membership. Works fine in apple tv, but i switch to phone and i get ads.

- A good app but

I really enjoy using Crunchyroll but having 5 ads per ad brake is a lot! On average you get 20-25 ads per episode! I get that they need to make money but this is ridiculous. As a person who cannot buy subscriptions this is really unfair, so myself and a lot of people really want less ads because 20-25 ads per EPISODE is crazy!

- I want to love it but I can’t

There’s like 15 adds I gave up on Crunchyroll and went to anime lab it was much better than crunchyroll but my fav vids r on crunchy roll 😞😞 crunchyroll if you’re readying this pls make the adds sooo like 10 seconds we can skip

- Great but so many adds

I personally love this app and it’s my go to for anime but the amount of adds is ridiculous and ruins the experience

- Crunchyroll is the best

It’s very entertaining

- Beware

Downloaded a free trial, content was ok but not good enough to have a subscription. Didn’t use it after the first couple days only to realise months later that I was being charged for it. Went from free trial to raping my bank account 👍

- It is very good though but there was no demon slayer season 2 or even a Tokyo ghoul :(

Demon slayer season 2 and Tokyo ghoul

- very nice app

but can you put a casting option so we can all wartch in big screen. tia

- Crunchy decent or not

Pretty good anime wish there were better tho and THE ADS ARE FRUSTRATING AND YOU DONT GET THE ENTIRE SERIES

- Its alright but way too many ads

Every few minutes about 4 or 5 ads play back to back and its an issue that needs to be fixed.



- Experience

Love the app but maybe dont put like 20 adds in almost every episode and when you make adds dont repeat the same one over and over again

- Great app

Hello, i have crunchyroll premium and love this app but have a few suggestions Can you please add a “skip intro” button? This would be really helpful and 2 please add a place where we can ask for new anime/recommend new ones as i would love to watch nisekoi on here rather than on anime lab. Thankyou!

- Spam

I was watching crunchy roll on my computer and a will smith movie ad from crunchyroll came on and I thought it would be like any other we but it kept replaying and wouldn’t stop u til I logged out of the email and went on a different one and hour later..the ads have been addressed and yet you haven’t done anything about it, and you definitely get enough money from ads than you get people who have premium

- ...

Wish it was free because I’m broke :p

- Great App but ads!

I would be watching my fav anime then I’ll see an ad! It’s really annoying please make a membership for no ads!

- Essential for one’s sanity!

Some days, especially of late, you need to just watch something purely escapist and Crunchyroll hits the mark. I prefer the ‘slice of life’ genre as I am interested in Japanese culture more than fantasy stuff. If I feel really down or hyper stimulated I watch an episode of one of my favourite SOL series such as ‘Non Non Biyori’ or ‘Kitsune’ (LOVE the beautiful sport of Kyudo!). And I love the funny little shorts like ‘Wooster’ and ‘Bananyas’. Thank you Crunchyroll! Thank you Japan and stay happy and healthy x

- Great range of Anime to watch from but,

The amount of ads I have to watch in between an episode takes ages. Normally there would be 17-19 minutes of anime screen time before the credits but, it ended up taking me almost 30 minutes to finish a single episode (took me 26 minutes to finish an episode of Naruto). However, Crunchyroll is still a great site and app to use to binge your favorite shows.

- Miss A

Great App. Would be great if it had the functionality to skip the intro but so far it’s been great!

- JoJo Bizzare adventure

When I was watching the English dub it said deadly queen but the actual name is killer queen so please fix that

- Pretty good

I love this app but the adds just kill my battery & waste my internet

- It’s okay but..

1. 5 ads before you can watch the series/movie again!? 2.Reading subtitles! 3.No English dubs! If all those things could be fixed id be very happy! I wish they had “A certain magical index 3” on Netflix but sadly not so I have to watch it on here. Please fix the ads and stuff! 😣

- Amazing app... but needs some tweaking

I love this app so much, and I can finally watch any anime I want at anytime, but I do think it needs some work.... I mean there are just to meany adds, please at least give me 1 or 2 adds not 5!

- I like Crunchyroll but....

I love Crunchyroll a lot but I don’t like all the ads of more anime, it annoys me. And I get about 3 to 4 ads and it’s so annoying to me.

- Add Tokyo ghoul

Do it put Tokyo ghoul

- Worst apps

You’re better off finding another app to watch anime. Ads after ads, 5,6,10 ads coming up one after another for every 5mins you watched. I would give 0 stars if possible.

- Membership

Can’t you make the premium membership payment yearly? It would make it a lot easier for some people to commit to rather than paying monthly

- Way too many ads

I got this app because it has some anime’s that I couldn’t find on my usual streaming app and I understand that they need to make revenue but there are way too many ads, sometimes I end up having to sit through 5 30 second long ads in a row just to start an episode and there are like three ad breaks per episode. Unless there is a specific anime you want to watch I would recommend using something else

- 2020 where is offline viewing

It is the year 2020 nearly all apps have offline viewing. When is this feature going to come?

- Everything’s great except

Everything’s great the sound is amazing the film quality except, I would love it if you would put in an English dubbed option that you can turn on or off for videos. Cause I don’t understand the language and it’s hard to read at the speed of the audio and for how long the subtitles are up, if you could do that that would be great, thanks!

- Want more Anime

I noticed you do not include One Piece in you archive

- A waste of time

This app is a total screw up the episodes are incomplete and it doesn't load most times... A very shameful waste

- Crunchyroll: Netflix for Anime

The App has a god amount of anime available but not enough, plus it needs an overlapping screen feature that allows you to navigate your phone without stopping the show. Also pausing stops the streaming instead of letting later parts buffer.

- Availability of anime in Nigeria

I love the app but could you please make some anime available in certain countries like Nigeria. I want to be able to watch one piece, bleach my hero academia and so many other shows here

- The content the app has is great but...

The amount of ads on Crunchyroll is absolutely ridiculous. It is impossible to enjoy any anime without paying for premium. There are so many ads in between videos. I just watched FIVE ads in one break. I really don’t understand how this hasn’t been fixed yet. Please fix Crunchyroll

- Lost

I can ever find the anime I am looking for

- Ads problem

Too much God forsaken Ads ones

- ⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️

I downloaded this game more than five times but I couldn’t even know how the app works ,it shows me,the internet connection appears to be off-line

- Fantastic screening but ads in my way😡.

Cool app but can you remove the ads for free? 😫...... I mean it’s just so frustratingly annoying to see an ad pup up like every 7mins of the way. Don’t get me wrong cause it’s a great app but “PLS” do consider removing the ads 🤪😁.

- Region Block

I love crunchyroll but please drop the regional block thanks

- Voice language change

I love the anime’s and all but please can u make them speak English

- Tokyo Ghoul

Can you put Tokyo Ghoul

- Ad problem


- Demon slayer

Demon slayer is not there

- Ads problem

To much ads makes one unable to enjoy the movies but they got latest and old ones that why I give them 2 stars rating

- Crunchy roll good

This is the best app I've ever witnessed

@HanamiDangos @crunchyroll_es Buenos Días❤ Qué tal estáis

@YuriChelinka @ChitoSchan @Crunchyroll_fr J'ai pas aimé 🙃

@hobby_consolas: Si te priva el anime... ¡Tienes que conocer Crunchyroll! Explicamos qué es y cómo funciona esta plataforma de streaming…

@ReZero_En: More Information About Re:ZERO Season 2 to be Announced on June 11! ✨ More:

@_namori_fan_ @Crunchyroll Watch it till episode 6 at least My boy ishigami best boy

@ReZero_En: More Information About Re:ZERO Season 2 to be Announced on June 11! ✨ More:

@Crunchyroll Deadman wonderland and the whole railgun, magical index and accelerator series

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Crunchyroll 4.0.1 Screenshots & Images

Crunchyroll iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Crunchyroll iphone images
Crunchyroll iphone images
Crunchyroll iphone images
Crunchyroll iphone images
Crunchyroll iphone images
Crunchyroll ipad images
Crunchyroll ipad images
Crunchyroll ipad images
Crunchyroll ipad images
Crunchyroll ipad images
Crunchyroll Entertainment application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Crunchyroll Entertainment application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Crunchyroll (Version 4.0.1) Install & Download

The applications Crunchyroll was published in the category Entertainment on 2009-12-21 and was developed by Ellation, Inc. [Developer ID: 329913457]. This application file size is 166.98 MB. Crunchyroll - Entertainment posted on 2020-06-03 current version is 4.0.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Crunchyroll Advisories: Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Frequent/Intense Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes

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