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Stream Japan's most popular anime with Crunchyroll. Watch new shows like Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, The Ancient Magus' Bride, and Dragon Ball Super, plus favorites like Attack on Titan, Cowboy Bebop, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and hundreds more! Plus, watching Crunchyroll's licensed content supports the creators who work to bring you awesome anime every week (Show availability varies by region).

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Crunchyroll App Description & Overview

The applications Crunchyroll was published in the category Entertainment on 2009-12-21 and was developed by Ellation, Inc.. The file size is 70.46 MB. The current version is 3.4.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes and behind-the-scenes improvements.

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Crunchyroll Reviews


Ugh  dirtydustytryflin::  3 star

I would give a better review, if the ads didn’t mess it up

Early Lollipop

Blackout!  Early Lollipop  1 star

I don’t mind watching adds with a free version of anything, but the show NEEDS to start back up without any problems. So far I can’t get through a FULL episode of ANYTHING without the screen turning black. The only thing you can do is to delete the app and restart it ( which I have done for the 15th time in two days). If this is the developer’s plan to get you to pay for premium, it’s not working. There is no way I am paying for premium when I could get another app for free. If I bought the premium, it’s rewarding bad behavior.


Crashes and logout  Corneliuos  3 star

I love the content. So no problem there. The problem is the app frequently crashes and the latest version 3.4.1 logs you out every single day. You have to continuously enter your user and password to use it. It was not like this in the previous version. So I am still trying to find what BUG was fixed. I think a Bug was added.


Crunchyroll  flukierchief  1 star

Why my screen going black every time an ad plays? The screen just stays black and I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app 100 times and nothing works. Pulse there is too many ads and when you skid ads and just ads more. Kills experience. Other than that it’s cool.


Great! !!  ThatRandy  5 star

I love this but it lags a bit


Needs maintenance  yeezus201  4 star

The video won’t load after a second ad break


Read the reviews first  st.dilf  1 star

Downloaded the app. Read the reviews. Promptly deleted the app before opening after seeing all the ad complaints. The last thing we need is more garbage thrown at us.


Pretty bad selection/UI is all right  sf18B  2 star

The selection is small for sure and the UI navigation is clunky only using it for my phone for now but it still has some sauce


The Black Screen of Death!!!  BlackScreenHtr  2 star

I loved this app at the very beginning but it slowly went downhill. I now get this thing where my screen goes black and I can’t do anything about it! Pls fix this.


Zero star rating  Techton06  1 star

The worst thing about this app is that all the things work fine at first, then all of a sudden you are having to restart the app to watch the same 5 commercials all over again. But then it doesn’t load so you have to do it again and again and again. Before you know it you’ve spent more time watching a black screen than watching anime. FIX YOUR APP


WHERE ISH MA TOKYO GHOUL?!  GreenTeaCookies  3 star

I loooooove the app, it’s just that it’s missing some of my favourite anime’s like Tokyo ghoul....I really hoped that i could watch some more seasons of TG on crunchyroll but it’s not even there! I hope you’ll add it in some day so I can watch it.


Nty  crunchyfail  1 star

This app is hot trash, video turning black after ads and never returning. Then to hear you are also increasing the price of premium. Stay away


Full screen mode  Samer21247  4 star

I’ve been a premium member for a while and I would like to see a full screen option please.. that would make it 5 stars 🙃


I'm anoyed  krispyfriedchickenxD  2 star



New problem  no_ching  1 star

When I press on an anime it shows the loading icon but never loads


Crunchyroll will not let me cancel my membership  htmldrum  1 star

I am currently trying to cancel my subscription and Crunchyroll has billed me using details that are on file after I canceled my subscription through Apple. They have my Paypal and 2 credit cards and have charged me against my will and will not let me delete my payment methods.


Black screen  Sonic50056  1 star

I’m having problems with this app currently. I try to play an episode of an anime. It loads and bam a black screen!! Not even an advertisement. I double checked. Not my end. Also when it does decide to play. I can’t skip the ads or the black screen will happen. So if there’s any way to fix it. Than please do. (I know how to fix it btw. One ad before. One ad on the middle. One ad on the end. Not like one ad then 15 through the video!!! That’s why the black screen happens. Stupid ads!! Just get rid of the ads entirely. I wanna watch my anime for free with no restrictions and black screens. I don’t wanna buy premium anyway just to fix a stupid bug. I just wanna watch season 3 of sword art online!!)


Ironic  spicelord101  1 star

I could definitely load 5 adds in a row but it couldn’t load the show

Cancerous Moth

honestly pretty bad  Cancerous Moth  1 star

It might work for a few minutes but then it’ll go pitch black like whattttt, in one ad period there were 6 ads! like pfffff

Ghost Of A Rose

Opinion  Ghost Of A Rose  1 star

This app gives you like 6 adds each episode and takes forever to load after each add. Will also randomly black out.


Pauses at commercial.... Forever  ErnestEChan  1 star

Latest update pauses at commercial and then blanks screen and never comes back 🙄


On going iOS issues make app useless on Apple devices  cattigereyes  1 star

I can not use this app on my iPad and iPhone 7 it’s got a video resource error every video after the commercials play! Apple allows a non functional on the App Store. 3/24/2019 no video play again as it’s been for months!


Server problems  SEMPAIUWUCHAN  2 star

It would be much higher if it wasn’t down all the time but


Logout problem  Ramacokner  4 star

Listen I love the app and I’ve been a premium user for a long time, but recently I’ve ran into this bug where I leave the app open and then I press the home button or close my phone and not return to the app it logs me out. Even after fully closing the app if I return I’m logged out. It’s not a huge problem but it’s just getting kinda annoying.


It’s over all ok  melodianchan  3 star

App can freeze sometimes and work slowly .

great nickname i have

A good place  great nickname i have  5 star

There are a lot of complaints but I like it it’s simple easy and nice to watch


Dogshit😂😂😂  AWZS_TuBe  1 star

The app freezes every time an ad begins to play

bts review

it’s really good but a few issues  bts review  3 star

when there’s suppose to be an ad it turns to a black screen and then i have to re open the app and try again. but most of the time it’s pretty good there’s not to many ads or issues.


Really should fix crashes  bryanboo01  1 star

I got this app a little while ago for the first few days, great.But after a while the app kept crashing every time an ad went on. Now I can’t even watch an episode. I can’t pay a monthly subscription so I use the free versions of apps. Really wish they would fix this bug.

Larry Fisher II

Good content, terrible app  Larry Fisher II  2 star

I actually have a subscription but it’s difficult for me to watch content because I click on episodes to watch and the app either freezes or just crashes. Very annoying and makes it difficult to go back and watch episodes

Alfred lee Nicoll

I moved to the middle of the episode and then got into an endless add hole  Alfred lee Nicoll  1 star

Kill me


Favourite anime app but one problem  Fololololdkwiskdkwkxkdk  5 star

The best anime watching app but i cant find One Piece on it even thought it is in one of the pictures.


Great for anime, definitely worth the pay  eat1more  3 star

The app is buggy and needs alot of work, can help if needs be


My opinion on crunchyroll  Melanie😍😘  3 star

The app is ok but they could stop looping ads


Help??  yobabezaintyours  2 star

I have just downloaded it and I can’t even open it It keeps saying “ERROR, the operation couldn’t be completed. Software caused connection abort” And “Request failed bad getaway (502)” Someone explain and pls fix this I wanna watch my shows pls Thank you.


Tis grand  Olivia🤪  1 star

It was grand for a while but lately it’s been really buggy. Every time there’s an ad which is literally every 5 seconds the screen goes black like the ad is unable to play itself.


Bad  Aiiajimimwcdimdwcijedc  1 star

To watch the shows you have to buy the membership because if not the second ad will play over and over again. If this is a bug please fix it


Less ads  Re:Noice  2 star

Less ads would be nice.

big man q

To many ads  big man q  5 star

Get rid of the ads but great app.


ADS ADS ADS  🌹Erika🌹  1 star

If I accidentally go out of what I’m watching it loses its place so then I skip ahead to where I was get an ad then another and I think just after this ad I’ll get to watch it but no the ads keep on going and I don’t want to watch what I already had again there’s just TOO much ADS. When I say way too much ads I MEAN it

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