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Stream Japan's most popular anime with Crunchyroll. Watch new shows like Dr. STONE, One Piece, Black Clover, BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS, Demon Slayer, plus favorites like Dragon Ball Super, Naruto, My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, Mob Psycho 100, and hundreds more! Plus, watching on Crunchyroll helps support the creators who work to bring you awesome anime every week (Show availability varies by region).

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Crunchyroll App Description & Overview

The applications Crunchyroll was published in the category Entertainment on 2009-12-21 and was developed by Ellation, Inc.. This application file size is 69.73 MB. Crunchyroll current version is 3.5.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Optimized for iOS 13

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Advertorial    5 star

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H4LL0P01N75   5 star

😁. Love the app on my iphone. I just with there were more dubbed episodes.

Aquarian Bae   4 star

Offline option. The app is great, would love it more if they had a watch offline option

Legend Hybrid   4 star

Please add this. Hey I would greatly appreciated if you dudes could add English because it’s kinda difficult for me to keep up with what they’re saying you know what I mean


To many ads. When Im trying to watch Boruto (or any other animes) ads show up 1 after another, theres like 5 of them

owiwpwks   5 star

The best for benchwathing. It’s amazing

manuel D rosa crespo   3 star


Icebearplayz   1 star

Waste of time and almost a scam... Way too many ads. I feel like I watch more ads than I do watching the actual content. Maybe instead of 10+ ads every 8 minutes, make it 2-5 ads halfway through. Because many people including myself can’t and will not spend $7 A MONTH for getting pretty much just no ads. Maybe add a 10 dollar one time purchase just to get rid of ads or again reduce the amount for free users.

LayneeRO   5 star


spacy/_gurlllll   4 star

Too many Ads!. I’m going to tell you this is an decent app but whenever I start my anime. There is like 3-4 or even 5 ads! So I want to suggest that we can cut the advertising videos 30 second are good 2 ads are good. Some ads are also 1:00 long. It also ruins the show so it makes me lose interest whenever an ad pops up in the middle of my show! I hope this problem won’t occur in 2020!

NekoSans   1 star

Why so much ads?. I would give it a five star but there’s so much ads!!I get at least 9 - 15 ads each episode and it’s bothering me.

ssj blue goku   3 star

Crunchyroll. I’d like watching anime on this app but every time I try to watch an episode it has the loading function on the screen and I had to delete the app and reload it again because it was slow.

Ahren The Nail   4 star

4/5 read why I guess. Too many adds and the adds are repetitive otherwise good

vertlol   3 star

Premium. Hate ads

PupmastorX   2 star

Only use if your willing to spend money. Okay basically this add is very bad without premium 23 minute videos can be take forever you get about 4 ads before the show starts another 4 after the opening another 4 in the exact mid and another 4 towards the end. It makes it very difficult to enjoy the anime. But they do have great selections of anime and the app is so good with premium so only get if you have money to spend.

gosha3v   5 star

Ad problem. Please limit the ads because there’s way to much ads in one single video . I would get at least more than 7 ads per video so , please please ! Make an update & limit the ads to 3 because it’s ridiculous having more than 5 .

ifjensisj   3 star

Cons. This is unbelievable how many ads there are and when I accidentally click of the video or turn off my phone I have to go back to the video that I was watching and guess where I left off and that makes me so mad

Garrett grimes   5 star

Love. I love the app all the anime can’t get enough though I wish there was more English dubs but it’s fine I love them all anyway

Ari_katopia   5 star

Great app. This is my go-to for anime because it has almost every single anime you can think of. Also the ads aren’t that bad like some other apps.

qudvs   3 star

Love everything Expect the ads. When I watch something I rather not be forced to watch 20 ads just to watch it....I understand to maintain its funds it must do this but come one 6 to 7 adds back to back is not enjoyable at all and that just the beginning of the video...I have to say this app is amazing for the amount of anime it has I just hate the freaking over usage of ads

OceanLilBreeze :3   1 star


roseplaz   5 star

Opinion. It’s really good. You can watch anima all you want with a bit of ads, so you don’t have to watch it on YouTube

Alfred5738   4 star

Adds. I gave it four stars since there’s just too many adds and the adds are very repetitive also there’s at least 8 adds that last 30 each in every 30 minute episode.

styffyjngrrddg   4 star

English PLEASE. It’s hard for me to read and me having to read the contents makes it even harder to watch the videos because I have to pause it every time they say something, so please make the videos English.🥺

Shakira's Gaming   3 star

Ads.. You made hit oopsie

Mxmtoons   3 star

ads. less ads please, i got like none in a row

AzizaW   1 star

The ads are just too much.. Your app is really nice, but I have just one problem. THE ADS. Every single episode, about 10+ ads show up. I might delete your app. I’m okay with 0-5 ads showing up, but 10+ is out of my league. The ads are just too much. Fix it, or else your app WILL be deleted. Thank you. UPDATE: I deleted the app a while ago, but i’m downloading it back to see if there are any improvements. if the app is the same with the ad overload, then i’ll be deleting again. i’ll make another update later.

€ みく€   4 star

Review. I think there are too many adds but the rest is good!

PuppyPalaceLOL   4 star

Adds. I love how easy it is to watch anime for free, but please tone down the adds, it makes watching on this app a chore

Derpy dino1111   1 star

Wold not load!!!!!😡😡😡. It took hours to load and sooo many ads! I can’t take it!

yolothisisagoodappyo123   5 star

Adds ÓwÒ. This app is great and all but there is wayyyyyy to Mitch adds

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capellavera   1 star

Not worth your time. I downloaded this because it had a few animes I loved I couldn’t find anywhere else but as soon as I tried to log in it blocked my attempts and wouldn’t let me in. I even tried to create another account but apparently my information was incorrect?? How?? The most disappointing app I’ve ever downloaded. Also ADS. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ADS.

Gamer GURL 5   4 star

It good...... but. Crunchyroll is a great app that lets me find new and awesome anime’s to watch. However I was a bit disappointed to find they didn’t have Tokyo ghoul, or the anime Death note. Some of the episodes are missing too, like with Blue Exorcist. They only have 12 episodes, even though there is over 20. I would like that if Crunchyroll was going to show us an awesome anime, that they would give us the whole season. Another down side is the amount of ads! I would have to say crunchyroll is still my go to if other anime apps don’t have the whole season. I definitely recommend this app, these flaws are very little and the experience is still enjoyable. But please give me Death note 📝

BigCat1503   1 star

Stupid amount of ads!!. There is way too many ads! I’m just trying to watch the 5th episode of Angels of Death and I can’t! EVERYTIME I try to I get bombarded with ads, atleast 8 each time (in a row?!) I would have recommended this app if there weren’t so many ads!!!

Noobinator3.0   1 star

Ads. I have been having a problem with ads For some reason I have to watch an ad 3 times until I can keep watching and the ads run at about 4 fps And I. Can’t even load crunchyroll mow And deleting and reinstalling dosn’t fix it Also why are you trying to scam me I am trying to confirm my account and you get me to enter my credit card details and use crunchyroll premium Stop trying to scam me Why at this point you don’t even let me watch ads

Lingxiw   1 star

Ad loading. Yes, I would like to point out a recent problem with this app where the advertisements within videos keep loading and loading and consequently end up playing for far longer than they should.

missionstoolomg   2 star

No dubbed version. Crunchy roll has some good anime but they aren’t dubbed. They should really add dubbed versions for more users to use the app

evildino676767   3 star

It’s ok. Why I rate this a 3 is because that there are to many ads and you should do about 1 to 2 ad

AllannahC   2 star

I’m starting to get sick of it. This app is good for watching anime and I can live with the ads despite the ridiculous number of them. But recently the episodes just won’t load and I won’t be able to actually watch anything. No matter how many times I leave the app it just won’t work. I don’t care if the ads are still there, just please fix this.

@rememberthemorniing   1 star

WOULD BE GREAT. The range and design is great, could be a very big big app. But the fact that they play ads that you can’t skip every two minutes (no exaggeration) and 4-5 30sec ads in a row, how am I supposed to keep track of what I’m watching! The anime can’t even load properly because of the ads. I hope you guys fix this one day and I’ll come back.

Adyan.Nocolex   3 star

Make the ads shorter. Hello, could you please make the ads just a little bit shorter like 15s-30s not 1m-3m it really irritates me

GoldenMiner2   3 star

I didn’t expect this many ads. Great but every 5-10 minutes I get a repeat of the same ad around 5-6 times

najshbs   1 star

Annoying. I got 5 ads when I played the video which was expected but then I skipped 2 mins and the app crashed then when I went on the video it gave me another 5 ads which were all the same after another two mins it gave me another 5 ads honestly it’s so annoying just use anime lab cause their system is so much easier and it doesn’t give you like 100 ads If you count how many times I said ads on this review, that’s actually the average amount of ads you get in a video times 3 not even joking....

bladerboy01   5 star

Amazing !!!. So much content! I could watch these for hours! Oh wait, already am!

vel12334   5 star

Thank you. Awesome very dependable Would like to watch some anime’s in eniglish as well

Shoguneye   4 star

Love it. I really love this app because I can finally watch my anime. Thank you heaps for making this app.

M_124578936   2 star

Ads. WAYYYYY TOOOO many ads

redplays2017   2 star

It’s getting worse. When I first saw this it said 7 bucks a month and for the 14 day free subscription allowed you to not be able to afford the proper subscription next and pay for it later and without premium it’s complete and utterly trash were even with adds you can’t watch a whole anime, and seriously 6-9 adds per episode, I’d stick to AnimeLab for something somewhat better or when compared to this it seems like comparing heaven to earth and Animelab is heaven.

Duy hung bui   5 star

Great app!. Please add download function guys!!

I channel YT   4 star

Anime weebs. Whenever I want to watch Anime I use Crunchyroll because it’s soo easy to use. I would have gave it a 5 star but it’s sometimes too laggy.

Stuart nguyen lee   5 star

Best anime app ever!!!. I love Crunchyroll because it can watch great animes for free! Also the bad thing is that you can’t change the language and that there are like so much ads! It’s so annoying when there are a ton of ads and that makes me mad anyways Crunchyroll is the best app ever!

2828173   4 star

Dub??. I don't understand why you wouldn't put an English dub as optional but if that's the way you handle it then that's ok I guess :I 4/5 stars, very tasty roll

Crabbes   3 star

Adds. I love this and I would give it a high rating but there’s something wrong with it. There’s to much adds. Every time there are 5 pieces of adds that contain 4 to 3 more adds in them including the start. So I’m here to tell you that you should make it so there’s only 1 add each time. At least 2, 3 is way to much. Hope you see this. I am an anime fan so I wouldn’t want to be interrupted by 4 to 3 adds with 4 more full adds to go. So please make it to 2 or 1 add each time.

emeraldcats.   2 star

A lot of anime but too many ads. Crunchy roll is good for new anime watchers, because it has a lot of good short animes. But during the anime there are 3 ad “breaks”. The ads can range from 10seconds to 2 MINUTES! There can be 3-5 ads, I have had around 5-7 MINUTES of ads during my anime! Per ad break! That’s about 30 MINUTES of ads per anime! So so SOOO many ads! And to get rid of them u gotta buy premium!

justdalekthings   5 star

Cruchyroll on a roll. I’m not going to sugar coat the fact that the ads in the shows will give you a headache. You get so much for free that if you like anime and don’t enjoy this app your a cheapskate. Great app, much love

bassdrop135   3 star

Can’t watch sr stone. iPhone xsmax Won’t load de stone everything else works If I try and load dr stone The app send the iPhone into overdrive and very quickly heats up to burning temperature had to turn phone off and back on . It is fine for everything else but looks like I’m not watching dr stone now , if I try it try’s to turn my phone into a stone 😂🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ bad bad bug guys dangerous and costly

Jõrmangunder   3 star

too many ads. This has a lot more anime that most other apps i watch but then the ads just make this app terrible and i’m not buying premium even though i do speak english and not japanese i cope amazingly with subtitles i don’t need premium for that and then there’s ads right in front of the last like ten seconds of the show and i have to watch since i might miss something everyone’s been complaining about ads and you should listen to users for once they dint care about the new things your putting in just fix the ads the freeness of the app make people buy it and then there’s the adpocalypse

crunchyroll.lover   4 star

Ads. There are just to many ads for one episode of whatever you are watching unless you have crunchyroll premium which a lot of people cannot get like me. I currently only watch boko no hero academia but there are so many more anime’s I want to watch but when I think to watch crunchyroll I think of all the ads. But I really do love crunchyroll it is a very good app to watch all your favourite anime’s and a lot more you haven’t even heard of! I would recommend crunchyroll to anyone who loves anime <3

Fun1080   4 star

It’ good but. Way to many adds

i love it but to many afs   4 star

I love it but one problem. To many ads

Msanp1.::-   1 star

Dont use this app.. 😒. I do not appreciate how long it takes to load an episode. I have to wait to wait about 5 to 10 minutes for it to finally pop up. I was so excited to play this app but now i dislike it it. I downloaded this app to watch “How to Keep a Mummy” but its taking way to long to load. I cant watch it on Yt because it’s copyrighted.

Spxcy...   4 star

To many ads. There are to many ads its getting annoying every time i start the episode i get one ad and then after a few minutes another one but with four then there another one thats 4 ads then there another one at the end so there more then 10 ads in 1 episode!! This is really annoying but the app is nice

Storeylaraby23   3 star

Ads. I mean you get to stream all sorts of anime at like 1080p but you also watch more ads then the actual episode

Mr, moist   5 star

Great app but needs something. The app is great. But i would like to see an improvement to loading times. Most times i find that the app is buffering at most times.

Antman809   5 star

Great app, but maybe some new features?. Crunchyroll is my favourite anime app but I was thinking that you could add some new features. Like showing when the next episode is for a show, and maybe a download feature for premium users. This download feature could allow all premium users to download episodes of anime and watch them offline. It could also expire at a certain time so that if premium users ever unsubscribe, they would lose the ability to watch their anime’s offline. No matter what updates you add into this amazing app, it will always have a 5 star review from me.

Pegasuswarrior   3 star

one problem. the only problem is that once an ad plays, they never stop. it’s just ad after ad after ad. fix this.

1-10HowSloshed   4 star

Not perfect yet. If it had offline viewing this app would be prefect

Crokokskjsjja   1 star

This app is horrible. I respect everyone working on crunchy roll but I payed premium and nothing worked. It WAS A TOTAL WASTE. That’s why I stick with Funimation. It’s a streaming service I could TRUST. I didn’t get a refund! I just wanted to watch some anime...

coolkidxxmaltiplayer   1 star

Ad problem. There are to many ads for the people who can not pay, sorry but I cannot pay.

Froppy💚   4 star

Cool but.... It’s really good I do recommend, but could you please get one punch man! I came here excepting One Punch Man but you guys don’t have it! Kinda sad but whatever(ps please get one punch man)

AshleyLovesYou638   5 star

Amazing!. I get to watch my favourite anime’s when ever I want!

Tamashii Yoroi   5 star

IT’S AMAZING. It’s super easy to use, and it has all of my favourite anime.

soccergurl90   5 star

Download. You should make a setting where you can download whatever you want to watch.

😤👿😫   5 star

The perfect app for anime. Nothing could be better than Crunchyroll, although I have one concern. Why does it take so long to stream a single episode? It’s pretty time consuming especially if I want to just watch a 3 minute episode. Other than that, I totally recommend this app!

Meowcatgem123   2 star

Its ok..... It’s ok but I am on iPad and when I try to watch it says “failed to load video” and I’m kinda mad. But I like the wide range of anime you can watch. Just please fix this

Jotaro Gangstar   5 star

Crunchyroll is the best. Yare yare daze Crunchyroll is the best it has all my favourite anime easy to use and doesn’t cost much

Isaiahxmurray   5 star

If you know, you know. Crunchyroll da goat

kriptic_07   5 star

Very good with premium.... I bought premium it’s really got no ads no freezing as much and I’m not a bot supporting Crunchyroll just it’s better just I wish that is was cheaper like ( 5.99 ) that I’d pay for every month of the year and if your not willing to buy the premium I’d say delete the app just saying that it’s really good with premium🤗. And could you add other Anime’s like one punch man, school Rumble and other animes please that would be great 👍

rbtgthbtgbfrcwd s   5 star

Amazing great app. I

I.MXckend   5 star

Crunchyroll. Really good website. Just need to add more anime

yaymeyeah   1 star

Way too many adds. The show a lot of disturbing ads and they have as much ads as there is video

dhddhebr   5 star

It’s guuuuud. It’s gud I just wish that it had some “cute” children’s anime to watch like bananya or school babysitters but I understand it’s a paid thing and they already gave us lots of anime for free other than that I want the rising of the shield hero or food wars but same reasoning applies here so that’s all good but it’s selfish of me to ask of these things from a company that gives free anime

SilverGale   4 star

Add anime. I really wanted to watch hunter x hunter and demon slayer but whenever I searched up hunter x hunter nothing was found as result so can yall add hunter x hunter and demon slayer

Creepy_Cookie   3 star

It’s good. It’s good for watching anime but it will only let me watch certain anime’s or certain episodes, for example I have been trying to catch up on My Hero Acadamia but it will only let me watch till ep 13 or for some other anime’s it won’t let me watch it at all.

jagseer1995   2 star

Dubbed. All shows should also be dubbed not only subbed.

{animegod}   4 star

Good but more anime please?. Really good!!!if you get premium it’s the best anime app!but could you please add more seven deadly sins or other please...?

Katarina shadowclaw   2 star

Not working. I've been using Crunchyroll for a few months now and it worked great up until last night. Everytime I try to watch anything it takes forever for an ad to load, if it even loads that is, and then it pauses halfway through the ad. I've tried looling at the help section but it just freezes after a few seconds. Is anyone else experiencing this?

LuffyRules   2 star

Great app but lots of bugs. Premium member and this is really getting to me now, the Major problem with public wifi at the gym especially... Netflix will work fine but not Crunchyroll, oh no it will just spit messages right back at you saying something is wrong with the wifi when in reality it’s the freaking app, going to the website and it forces you to open the app, so seemingly anywhere with public access wifi points you get screwed, in which case please then let us download episodes like Netflix does because the steaming part is horrible, and even when it does work it’s slow to load episodes. Come on it’s 2019 guys!!!

dying leaves   4 star

Title. It’s a good app I like that it actually has all the episodes of what you want to watch not just the first few like Netflix. but what would be really gr8 is if you could actually download the episodes.u see I’m on the road a lot and so I can’t watch anything on those long boring road trips and you understand that it is very annoying when you stopped watching and you really want to know what comes next but instead you need to converse with you family. So if they did something about that I would be ver gr8full. :-/

Brenties99   3 star

Needs offline downloads in Canada. App would be perfect if you could download offline

UnkownPerson123098   5 star


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