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What is tiktok app? TikTok is THE destination for mobile videos. On TikTok, short-form videos are exciting, spontaneous, and genuine. Whether you’re a sports fanatic, a pet enthusiast, or just looking for a laugh, there’s something for everyone on TikTok. All you have to do is watch, engage with what you like, skip what you don’t, and you’ll find an endless stream of short videos that feel personalized just for you. From your morning coffee to your afternoon errands, TikTok has the videos that are guaranteed to make your day.

We make it easy for you to discover and create your own original videos by providing easy-to-use tools to view and capture your daily moments. Take your videos to the next level with special effects, filters, music, and more.

■ Watch endless amount of videos customized specifically for you
A personalized video feed based on what you watch, like, and share. TikTok offers you real, interesting, and fun videos that will make your day.

■ Explore videos, just one scroll away
Watch all types of videos, from Comedy, Gaming, DIY, Food, Sports, Memes, and Pets, to Oddly Satisfying, ASMR, and everything in between.

■ Pause recording multiple times in one video
Pause and resume your video with just a tap. Shoot as many times as you need.

■ Be entertained and inspired by a global community of creators
Millions of creators are on TikTok showcasing their incredible skills and everyday life. Let yourself be inspired.

■ Add your favorite music or sound to your videos for free
Easily edit your videos with millions of free music clips and sounds. We curate music and sound playlists for you with the hottest tracks in every genre, including Hip Hop, Edm, Pop, Rock, Rap, and Country, and the most viral original sounds.

■ Express yourself with creative effects
Unlock tons of filters, effects, and AR objects to take your videos to the next level.

■ Edit your own videos
Our integrated editing tools allow you to easily trim, cut, merge and duplicate video clips without leaving the app.

■ Obtain access to LIVE benefits to better interact with hosts!
Choose from one-month subscription or auto-renewal subscription to enjoy special LIVE benefits (currently only available in limited regions)

If you subscribe via Apple, payment will be charged to App Store Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period at the rate of the selected plan. Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be managed by going to Account Settings after purchase.

Terms of Service —

Privacy Policy —

* Any feedback? Contact us at https://www.tiktok.com/legal/report/feedback or tweet us @tiktok_us

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App Name TikTok
Category Entertainment
Updated 26 July 2023, Wednesday
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TikTok Comments & Reviews 2023

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Honestly helped my mental health. This might sound silly but the FYP really is for YOU. Once I realized I was in a bad headspace and started working on myself as a person all together, I got on positive side of tiktok. So many down to earth people making content that not only helps me but others. So many comments “I needed this today” I know most people see tiktok as some dancing joking app but it genuinely has helped me feel less alone, gave me more ideas to further myself mentally, emotionally, spiritually. I feel more in touch with my true self than I ever have and I am honestly so grateful for this platform. The fact I am able to see every day people just like me talk about their vulnerable moments and that I am able to share content that I create. Yes it can be hard sometimes to get off the app because there is so much content that is wonderful to see but I believe there is an option to put a limit for yourself so you don’t spend too much of your day on here. I never thought I’d be writing a review for any app but I really do wanna put it out there this app is not just for jokes or dancing, although if you’re interested in that stuff I’m positive it’s on there for you. There’s something for everyone on Tiktok regardless of who you are.

Oh no. The moderation system. It’s broken!. I’ve been on TikTok since 2019 and it has its ups and downs. I had a some videos go viral which is pretty cool, but the algorithm is so unpredictable sometimes that most of my content is barely seen even with the use of trends and huge amounts of effort. My biggest complaint though is how broken the moderation system is. It’s unusually strict and even unpredictable. Even when I follow guidelines I still get content taken down, which is confusing and frustrating. On other platforms such as Twitter, Insta, etc., I have never gotten any of my content taken down or flagged ever. I’ve had several TikToks taken down for unknown reasons and the reasons listed are usually vague or wildly incorrect. For example, I used a fake animal prop and it was taken down for “violence” even though I made a disclaimer in the video stating it was a prop and no actual animals were harmed. Despite this, my appeal got rejected so I emailed customer service, which itself is a whole other headache to deal with. It took them WEEKS to respond and all they did was give me a generic response to click the appeal link, which I already told them that I did. It’s as if they didn’t read the actual email at all. Overall, I feel like I have to walk on eggshells now when I post content. It takes the joy out of it. TikTok, if you’re actually reading this, PLEASE fix this. You are literally hurting the community’s content creators.

I spend 13 hours a day on this app. I never do reviews for apps, but I must for this one because I’ve never been more entertained and worse more time on a single individual app like I have TikTok!! It’s jus so fun and entertaining, so many dif kinda people on there si everything is hand made for every single person to find similar interest to their own and each account holder/tik tok user has their for you page, which are page(s) curated to each individuals interest etc; I must say the curation and accuracy of the algorithm of this app is right up their with Twitter; but I’d say even better/high than Twitter. Twitter gets pretty repetitive, that’s why I love tik tok; TikTok is always showing brand-new stuff all the time and doesn’t repeat interests!! Such as for; it doesn’t repeat anything you’ve liked or interacted with, even the ads are new every time but you will have your occasional “oh I’ve seen this one before” ad! AD; not video!! Video is always brand new never seen before, content is always updated and curated to you personally daily!! I love this app I could on & on; Long sorry short; this app never misses; you’ve got your favorite personal interest; updated daily with a humongous variety; top tier comedy on this platform too; it’s the main social platform these days. 10/10

Amazing (buttttt). I would give this 5 because I love tiktok I love being able to talk to my friends to share videos to post & see my views and likes to know that I’m doing just okay to see my feed back to know that what I’m doing is right and I’m not alone but there’s are some bad parts about being a tiktoker or well me a gachatoker so let’s get into the bad parts there’s a lot of hate that comes with posting a lot of stuff you have to do and then you over think what are you doing wrong to get so much hate what are you doing right to have so much support & if your like me you don’t think you deserve so much you think your videos are cringe when a lot of people says you aren’t when you wanna do a face reveal but tiktok makes you so insecure there are videos with the sound “this you, this you?” And people exposing there haters like what and now you got a lot of people like me addicted, sleep deprived, and just feeling horrible & you also let women twerk, be naked, be in a bikini, breastfeed, there boobs out and apparently this is a children’s app yes nothing is wrong with breastfeeding if this was an adult app cause it’s just showing a mothers Journey but there are 10-15 year olds seeing this that is very inappropriate if you ask me and you ban people for no reason if anything ban those people also TOO MANY UPDATES like just no they are so bad like please stop updating the app thank you<3

Please help solve this issue. Hi, before I start with what happened on a live I would love to say that this app is great I have seen tons of stuff that makes me feel happy and I have gotten so much love and support but there are some haters out there and that is what this complain is about. I was on a live watching this girl do some nails on a other girl but then I said the nails were thick and that my dog has nails long but I was exaggerating and I did tell them that. Now I didn’t know what I was saying was harmful but then this girl said get out of here and called me young and the creator of the live said or did nothing. Then everyone in the live I mean EVERYONE was attacking me and saying I was young and saying to leave and get out and still the creator did nothing but do the same as them I got blocked and I wasn’t able comment sorry. No I’m not proud of the way I acted but what im extremely mad about is that I got blocked but people were saying mean stuff that violated the community guidelines and they didn’t get blocked or nothing but I did I find this completely wrong I reported them on TikTok and now I’m sending a review of my experience that came from TikTok. Please if you can do something make the creators apologize including me and I will do better if you would like account names I will for sure do that I don’t have evidence I’m hoping you guys could see what happened on that live. If you need any more information I can for sure do that. Thank you so much!

Love TikTok!. Oh, I absolutely love this app. I don’t think I have ever had an app that has made me cry, bust out laughing. Be aware of things going on around the world being so connected to so many people and I’m not afraid of anything personal that I haven’t chose to share getting breached or stolen from me I feel tick-tock is a secure app. I’ve seen so much good things come out of the TikTok app just the camaraderie the coming together of everyone if I’m having a very busy or stressful day this is my way to download I can get on here. Scroll through my search algorithm shows me the things I want to see I have the option for not saying something by saying not interested and it doesn’t show up on my feed which I love, unlike Facebook or meta-anytime somebody that I am connected to like somethings are showing up in my feed. It’s so annoying it’s nothing but ads anymore. TikTok is not TikTok is a happy place. It’s a place that you can just be yourself you can share what you’re feeling share the things you like the things you love and just be connected. It’s just a way to get away from the day today stresses when you want to download just have a laugh or maybe even cry I hope this upstairs up I hope there’s no censorship with it. I think that TikTok has done a wonderful job.

my opinion on Roblox... My opinion on Roblox is is that it’s alright. Just needs to be fixed a bit, I really like Roblox because you can make a ton of new friends and it’s great, but some people can leak your address and find out where you live. That’s the dangerous thing about it. Something I don’t appreciate is that you can say “hi” or “hey” and still get banned, I don’t appreciate that. I once have said “ hello “ to a friend I have met online and got banned for 3 days. Roblox is a pretty good game but can also damage your vision. I’m not trying to act like a pick me but I assume you should wear glasses. I give Roblox 4 stars because of all of the issues. Another issue that probably all the robloxians hate is when Roblox will randomly have an issue, unexpectedly. You can be playing something and it will kick u out and u have to sign back into your account. This needs to be fixed. The good thing about Roblox is that it is very fun , and u can have a blast on this app. I really like Roblox but not the issues. Roblox is a very nice app and me and my friends will be on it a couple hours of the day, whenever we are bored. I also like that there are a ton of mini games to choose from. Games like royale high , adopt me , Bloxburg , put a finger down , the mimic , and ALOT more. I think you should download the app if you shouldn’t , but please.. be careful.

Amen to the tic toc. This screen media has helped me stay in touch be aware of the state of the world and enable me to watch the season of Christs return, yes the prophecy s are being poured out and wisdom is available to those who ask in the name of Jesus Repent the kingdom of heaven is at hand, God said in the beginning, let there be light this is a duality and means that Jesus submits he is that light of the world spoken in the beginning to be the office of Savior. Amen. See the gospel has the truth’s available to anyone who calls on the name of Jesus. Don’t wait till it is too late seek the lord ask and see. Salvation is a free gift ask Christ to wash your sin away and you get eternal life it’s that simple. Let’s not war let’s not fight, there is no need , let’s sell trade vacation enjoy life there is cameras everywhere watching no need to commit crime let’s eat the foods of other countries tolerate others and understand their cultures and the difficulty’s that accompany each continent, it’s a state of mind pride comes before a fall , extortion stealing murder….. has a high price of punishment let’s live together sell buy trade and enjoy rejoice Jesus is the Christ and he’s coming back not as a lamb but the lion king of kings for his second coming - second miracle illustration of second coming first miracle illustrates first coming for salvation. The wine the blood

Good platform. This is a very good platform that could create something for everyones participation, prerogative actions or likes on what they cud or wud do for this platform for both parties TikTok n followers that is creating positivity vibes and could give a person a chance to join regardless of race and sex ,good form to express motivational acts that everyone could understand and make something big out of the sources of each individual to whatever endeavors they get in life in the coming future 😃👌❤️.spreading kindness love ,awareness to each n everyone that is human😃and inviting everyone to be of what ,when ,where and how-they wanted to be in pursuing the actions in their future goodwill to life they are having at the present time in this world ….thank you TikTok for these experience that u gave me to achieve and access this platform to exceed the capability of doing a positive manner for myself n others lives . That I would say it’s awesome to be a member of this community that encourages the goodness of each other with the help of another other lol 😆 did I say it right ? In short I’m aware that I’m satisfied and enjoying TikTok everyday,everytime every seconds and everywhere in my own life😃😉😉🫠🫠but I just don’t know yet on how to get compensated doing this here 🤨.but most honestly of all I’m just happy on expressing my inner feelings with TikTok .again I shall say thank you TikTok 🙏👍😃…

Good app, but somethings could change. Overall Tiktok is a really good app in general, however there are just some minor bugs that are pretty annoying. For example sometimes the audio just starts glitching and sounding staticky if you’re recording a video. Another thing is that recently my videos have been delayed after i post them. So i would assume it’s airpods delay however all my videos are delayed now and that’s including ones i posted months ago. Also there are a few things that could make the app better like, when you stitch a video instead of the audio not carrying over, you can have a choice on whether you want to continue it or not. I feel that it would be more efficient and a lot easier if you want to finish an old transition you posted or anything else you might need. I also personally liked the old drafts layout, but it’s fine as is. Another problem is when you’re watching a video and a text or something may be covered by a profile or the caption or anything else on the side, it’s hard to see or read anything so I feel there should be a feature where you can swipe to the left and all those buttons would go away sort of like how it is on a live stream. That’s all I have for now, but Tiktok is a really fun and enjoyable app.

TikTok, The Last Frontier. Upsides: The app allows ppl to find community with likeminded people from all over the world. Allows you to earn your audience, and build your reputation through producing good content frequently. Over all, there is a very positive vibe on TikTok compared to other social media platforms, and the users seem to keep each other in check when it comes to being negative and bullying. It’s more entertaining and many times more informative than tv. It gives you a window into real peoples worlds as well, as opposed to Hollywood scripted scenes and scenarios. There are so many creative people out there freely sharing their art forms, and helping each other out, it’s beautiful to see. Downside: TikTok needs to build in a better reporting and appeal system. The current system has been weaponized to attack people simply because of opposing views. (I’ve seen people organize mass reporting parties for TikTok on Twitter.) Which isn’t fair to people who are working hard to make good clean content that happens to rub another group the wrong way. It can cause their videos to be removed their accounts to be limited or banned unjustly. Meanwhile very problematic content and malicious predatory behavior seems hard to get under control. I suggest more human discernment, deeper investigations into reports, and possibly repercussions for users who abuse the reporting system.

Stellar. This app is not only fun , inspirational and educational it allows any and everyone to express yourself in so many unique and artistic ways; plus is spreads all kinds of life changing , helping and healing post I have so much fun watching the videosand also making your own. To be honest this app may change peoples lives because you know you are not alone when it comes to almost ANYTHING. Heck! What this app brings to the world may even save a life or many. I think tik tik took the time to see how we as human beings who are all different try getting certain things out online secretly or wide open bc it is easy when we are behind a screen and as expected responses piled in and this became a true safe haven for anyone and it helped me see that I am not alone and we can no matter how hard things may get someone has shared success so a lot of emptiness fear and don’t became HOPE and now and this is a feeling but also my own knowledge that I have a perfect strangers attention support and guidance as to how they do things. I think whomever created tik tik had an amazing soul and is fighting for peace and equality but instead is giving us a safe place to be whoever we want to be and that changed social media forever. 🫶🫶🫶 Put jeopardy on repeat bc it is gonna be pretty impossible to surpass. This is just my review . Let me see yours z🫶🫶🫶

Font racists nude and cyberbulling. I HATE YOU ALL RACISTS DONT GET REPORTED CAUSE IT DOESNT VIOLATE OUR *GUIDELINES OR SOMETHING* THE FONT IS SO UGLY GET RID OF IT +you get banned for no reason and people mocking chinese people is normalized there and they dont get banned and there and people almost naked and you dont ban them but you ban people that literally didnt do anything also the people there are mostly disguting and there are too many bots and when i reports them it says no violation i reported someone saying ching chong and people slanting there eyes saying chinese people be like if you want to download for your child please dont if she posts art maybe people will say art lore and that is bullying people drawings saying OMG I FOUND THE ORIGINAL and people say in the comments your arts looks horrible i hate everyone i hope they all learn a lesson people location gets leaked alot of scammers and some jumpscares when your trying to watch a cute video not good for kids keep it away from it also the “sigmas” men are better when they see a news artical A CHILD LITERALLY GET R..*ped and says skill issue and alot of people says to childeren kys search it up what it means the people are disguting there are pedos but the app itself is good if you arent at the wrong side of tiktok and most people are also nice and i dont mean all people are like this cause alot of people are just gross just check what your child is watching and then its good

People are amazing. I discovered TikTok during quarantine…. At first I watched “funny videos” about puppies. But it very quickly became a tool to learn. Political events, BLM, covid etc. I feel like it was the first time I could understand and see what people were actually going through. It helped me navigate my emotions and figure out how I could contribute to the world… our country…. My neighbors. It’s taught me what truth looks like and how untruthful the powers that be are. My grout lines are immaculate, I fixed my dryer, learned a ton of new recipes,learned that I’m not the only one fascinated with zit popping. I watched soooo many people become their creative selves, become stronger, teach and most importantly grow. I believe that TikTok has created a true sense of community….at least the start of one. I’m still bothered that the mediators take down content from creators simply because haters report it. There has got to be a better way for you guys to see what true bullying is. Please don’t silence the people that are trying to make the world better, educate us and respectfully show us our truth….science based truth…. Historical truth…. Social truth. They are the ones that will make this world a better place for all of us…. And the earth. I am so thankful for the platform.❤️🌞🌎

Thank you. I’m a U.S. citizen. Your app has lead us to having real time news not restricted by guidelines of a network. We also are able to learn so much from simple cooking or something as intense as cultural issues in different areas of the US. My country is using your platform as a test similar to the over turning of roe vs wade to gain momentum on silencing the country and keep us from gathering and fighting back. I think that’s why most horrible laws have been passed statewide because it would rarely hit news in other areas of the country. My feeling with the history of how extremist tend to try to win is to eliminate communication within our country from one citizen to the other from state to state. That’s why they are going after you guys literally biggest and best communication app for speed of process but if they win they’ll be able to go after all. In that they will shut down total communication everywhere for Americans other than that our government will be able to crumble what’s left of our country. We are basically being stripped of our freedoms left and right. Hopefully you can get a word in edgewise but uneducated children always are always the loudest. Keep up the good work and don’t give up there’s a majority of a country sitting with our fingers crossed. With great respect, Charity Lee

its good but the banning videos that aren’t even breaking the community guidelines. i’ve had tiktok since it was called musically, it’s amazing and I love posting videos on it. The people on it are amazing but the thing about it is that i’ve posten my kitten on it with a little happy song, and it gotten taken down for “child safety” it’s literally a kitten? i don’t understand it. I’ve seen literal naked women on this app and my videos get taken down because of a kitten?! seriously? i’ve also posted a tiktok here recently of me and my sister doing a transition video of us getting ready for the day and it has gotten taken down. Now my account is on a risk of getting permanently banned. This is so stupid, i really do not understand it. Other than that it’s an amazing app, but still fix that. I’ve sent an appeal but they said they couldn’t do anything about it and that i did break the community guidelines. Please stop banning my accounts because of this, i've seen so many worse things that or against minor safety but apparently a kitten is worse than a literal human organ? i do not understand it! please fix this. It just happened again, it was a roblox story with my friends, it was taken down for minor safety and harassment and bullying. It was about how many words you have, seriously? fix this. I already have an account warning for stupid stuff like this. My tiktok account is Jxd3nz, if this happens again i’m deleting this app.

Fun but could use improvements. I enjoy this app on my free time, I don’t like how it gets switched in the live and then it’s on a continuing cycle of watching live videos. I can’t stand that if I wanted to watch live, I can click on live and watch live but I don’t enjoy watching the live, so I don’t appreciate it jumping to live in getting stuck on it. Also, I don’t like how when I click I’m not interested on a video it keeps showing the same content, Creator, or the same content. I don’t appreciate how many ads have been popping up lately. I understand the ads here and there to keep the Apple live. I totally get that I’m for that but there has been so many. More than there ever was. And when I click, I’m not interested yet they still show up. I find that frustrating. I dislike how many children are on this app yet they’re strippers basically half naked, showing their dance routines.. there’s still so much inappropriate content for a child to watch and when you report a video where it contact creator, I wish they would look into it more and see what is best for the people viewing it not there guidelines because I feel the guidelines are quite as accurate as a contact that’s being put out there so if it’s inappropriate it’s inappropriate and I wish they would take that into consideration, instead of finding no violation in it.

I love it<3. Tiktok is literally one of the best+most used apps. I love the way you can make tiktoks and get many likes on them but there are just some problems that need to be fixed. First, people being inappropriate. They need to fix these inappropriate videos just because everyone wants to scroll through tiktoks seeing normal videos and then coming up to one like these. Second, shadowbanning. I have been shadow banned ever since I posted a day after one of my most liked videos. I’m getting only likes from my followers and I’m on the fyp but only getting views. Third, tiktok glitches. My friend made a video and almost the whole video kept on having these grey things that made the video have no potential. She got likes but the video was full of the tiktok glitch. I just want you to fix these things not trying to be rude but just want to have a better experience without having these problems. I also have a good side about tiktok that is just amazing. Tiktok is so amazing and literally you can record ANYTHING without having trouble. You can search up anything you want even stuff you don’t know and it will pop up. I love the music people make and I love how you can favorite videos, songs, etc. Thank you tiktok for being a great app. Just the problems are kind of irritating but not the songs and videos that I see. Thank you<3

Great app but I have a suggestion/issue. I enjoy using TikTok I’m already at 4K and it is fun to use but the issue is and Ik it may be a need sometimes but I want unfollowing to not be a thing anymore it takes away a lot of confidence for me to be able to make videos and I’m being unfollowed for no reason even if I post or if I say I’m taking a break and when I say I’m taking a break bc somethings going on I’m being serious and people unfollowing me for it makes me feel like they don’t care that something’s going on.I am really tired of it and it makes me feel like I’m not good enough anymore and if I lose enough confidence I’ll end up not being able to make videos for other people anymore. I don’t even make offensive videos or anything I hate it when I reload my page my followers went down once or twice and there isn’t even a reason why I need to be unfollowed and it does honestly make me upset I really hope it’ll stop being a thing I like entertaining people but if they keep unfollowing it’ll take away confidence and there won’t be anything new on my page. :/ but otherwise fun to use I would recommend getting if you are bored but beware time flies by really fast when using so if you have somewhere to go I would be careful lol 😅.

Drafts Button. I love this app. I think it’s a great way to connect with people of similar interests and create a unifying experience for everyone. I’ve always thought of the app as very easy to use and accessible to all people (especially with the captions added to the app), but the new update that caused the drafts button to shrink has been a big problem to many creators. People are fond of their privacy, yet they still love the idea of making videos. This leads to many creators making little cringy videos that they would then just save to their drafts to post later or to just save the sound. Many have that muscle memory of just automatically clicking the middle of the drafts button, but because of this new update, they have been accidentally posting their drafts. Not only is this a nuisance to mentally check every time that you are not posting a draft, but it can be very compromising to creators who need videos to be only saved in their drafts, away from their followers. These people would be minors or others who are uncomfortable with their face being public, Islamic women who like making videos with their hair but cannot show their hair to the public for religious reasons, and others who make videos for themselves and not for the public eye. This new update has caused a lot of frustration in the community and as an enjoyer of this app, I, and the whole community, would please like it if the drafts button was changed to its original size.

Thoughts. I love watching TIKTOK It is very enjoyable to me. I don’t participate in lots of plat forms but I enjoy watching. The ones I d participate in is always fun. We have some very nice people on here and lots of very rud ones also. I am on here to met people from all over and love to watch the different things such cooking, giving advice, make up, doing, hair, and just have fun. Their are plenty of things to watch so if you don’t like something that you see just scroll on by. That is what I can’t understand is why many people can’t understand that. My favorite thing to watch is the elderly people who are having dementia . It is sad but very interesting how their mind works and how the caregivers can handle them. They are so cute and blessed to have family to take care of them. I would like to thank the makers of TicTok for having this so we can have something to enjoy. I am a widower and I watch this instead of TV and get so much enjoyment out of it. Their a few things that seem a little unfair at times but I don’t know the whole story so I can’t know who is right or wrong. There are so very riska things on here but I just watch what I want and keep scrolling. Thanks again for giving us some entertainment that we can enjoy. Silent watcher

So Frustrating/Rigged. I Love this App for many reasons, one of them being my ability to creat art! But I have been on the app since it was Musically (over 4 years now). I’m Almost Positive that the app is rigged to only push sexually explicit content, already famous people’s content, or people who have money to pay for their content to be pushed. The app is high school popularity in virtual form. There are so many deserving creators that go unseen on the app including me. I have practically worked two full time jobs trying to create original content that actually means something & constantly go unseen on the FYP, & cannot build my account! No matter how many tips & tricks you follow on this app you won’t go anywhere unless you can meet TikTok’s popularity standards! At this point it makes me wanna rid of the app all together & bring all my friends & family that joined because of my referral with me! Big accounts get bigger for doing nothing while small creators work their back sides off to wow people just to find out Tiktok is never gonna let any of your content go viral. Doesn’t matter how inspirational, kind, or creative it is! If you are drop dead beautiful, have money, or post half naked stuff. Tiktok will not push your content. I have wasted three years & I highly suggest no one else starts if your time and energy matter to you! Luck of the draw my a$$$

Depends. So personally I think it’s a really great and functional app, but there are some downsides which is why it’s a 3 star review. My friends repost video that they relate to or that are funny, but some are really serious. They repost BAD mental health videos and just knowing your friends are going through something similar, putting on a smile when they’re really not okay. And getting exposed to that kind of content ruins your own mental health. Also seeing depressing videos make others people relate and get sucked into this whole other world where they thing their ugly, everyone hates them, their not good enough, basically no self love whatsoever. I personally have learned about new things that have harmed myself. For example eating disorders, I have a eating disorder now because of tiktok/social media because they make you belive you have to be skinny, have an hourglass body, have clear skin, smooth skin, pretty hair, EVERYTHING. I also would like to say I learned about sh which is self harm and now I have it because once you get exposed to it you tend to get sucked into wanting to do it, then a few seconds later boom I have a bunch of red marks in my arms, would buy clothes to fit in even when I hated wearing them. Tiktok made me hate the way I look. So yes it is toxic if you get pulled into this type of situation. But other then that it’s good!! You can learn life hacks, cooking and much more!!

Social Work student here!. For all of the hype that surrounds TikTok, it is an incredibly interesting app that plays a major role in the life of most adolescents today. It can create unique spaces of community on the app, and provide content for people to talk about, share, and bond over outside the app itself. However, from my own experience, I would rate the app a 3 out of 5. The fact that the For You page provides a constant stream of new content is a brilliant design choice to get people to spend longer on the app, it can often feel like the user does not have agency over what they are seeing. Additionally, fears about being on a different ‘side’ of TikTok than peers could be a source of stress or concern for some adolescents, adding to potential mental health effects social media can have. Most of the design of the app is intuitive once the user has been on it for a little bit, and while the privacy settings are not front-and-center, they are available so that adolescents can have the content that they view tailored somewhat to not include inappropriate content and to promote healthy app usage, but allowing a parent to have potential control over being able to extend time using the app must feel like an invasion of their privacy. However, without an external source of monitoring, it can be very easy for adolescents, as well as adults, to become compulsive TikTok users who only find sporadic joy from the content they watch.

TikTok. Writing this review I feel bad giving only 3 stars, considering I’m literally obsessed with this app, but there are some major problems (in my opinion) with it. First of all, the app is addicting. I’ve lost so many hours watching TikTok that I could’ve been studying, sleeping, etcetera. I know it’s partially my fault, but I still think more can be done to prevent users from staying on the app for long periods of time. The second thing is about updates. I have multiple TikTok accounts. Every account has a different version of updates. I am also always behind on new updates because of this. When I go on the app store most of the time it reads “open” instead of “update”. I’m very frustrated when I can’t participate in trends because I’m still stuck with a version that is 2 months behind all of my friends. I understand the app isn’t perfect but if there’s an update it should be available to all users at the same time. I know that my phone isn’t the problem, as other users have experienced the same thing as me. Other than this and the fact that I can’t stay off of it, TikTok is a great app and sometimes can be very uplifting and kind. The app allows you to express your creativity and learn to do things you would’ve never thought you would need to know. I believe if these two things could be improved, then TikTok will be the perfect app for people to use as a way to get involved and be their true selves.

This is for you if you are considering downloading tt. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1st off, you can learn so many new things. Also, you can search up any questions and the answer will pop up. (Most of the time) 1 tip for if you are going to get the app is ONLY LIKE THINGS YOU WANT TO SEE AGAIN. If you like a video about a “lucky sound” or a “please like to help my dog out with his cancer” if you end up liking multiple videos like that, it’s going to be your whole fyp. (For you page) and soon, your going to get sick of that and you won’t be able to watch any exiting videos and stuff like that. Just make sure you only like videos that you want to see again. If your stuck in the situation where your whole fyp is “do this lucky sound or get bad luck. Do it. My dog d!3d” just go in the search bar and search something that you want to see. Anyway, TikTok is an amazing app. If you are underage for it, I am not sure you should download it. It can ruin your entire inoccent childhood. You can come across things that could possibly scar you for life, or give you ideas that could scar you for life.❤️🥳⭐️⭐️🤩😻😔😻😔🧸😡😔🧸⭐️😡😻🙏🥳⭐️🪼💤🐥😭🥪🥪⭐️⭐️🤑🪼😅 Also if you are underage, you might not want to post your face. Tt might take down ur acc. Tt is fun to watch and if you are the perfect age, it’s perfect! Have a fun time on tik tok, enjoy! 😊😁🤪

SUGGESTIONS !! PLEASE READ. okay like can you please make an option where you can select followers and remove them? i have recently gone private because i now want to lay low and keep everything to myself. i have over 1000, i want to keep about 20 and it’s hard to go one by one and tap each one and remove them. another suggestion that goes along with this one is for when you want to go private, there should be a feature/question that’s like “do you want to keep all your followers? yes / no” and if someone picks no, there would be a list of all the followers and the person can select the ones they want to keep or remove. this would be a LOT easier. also i want to unlink my number to an account, so i could use it for another. it’s so dumb, you know that feature you recently added where you can hop on to another account without having to logout, kind of the instagram one, why cant i connect my phone number there? please please !! let there be an option to delete all your videos at once. i don’t understand, like two years ago tiktok deleted all of my old videos and now they’re back? i don’t want to have to delete them manually!! please make an option to delete all your videos at once or a select multiple option as well.

Great for content creators but….. Great platform to grow on. Their algorithm works well to reach audiences that want to follow and like your content but… their review process is very annoying. I do motorcycle content (@_OtherAdam_) safety content and funny skits but they seem to hate motorcycles and always flag my videos. My last video didn’t even have a reason, it just said community guidelines. I have tested their review process and I guess it depends on the person that gets to see judge your video and their views. For example it’s as if my videos often fall on the desk of a reviewer that hates motorcycles so they are just inclined to deamplify my video. So when I upload the same video twice. One will get removed because someone who reviewed it thought it was dangerous and the other one will go viral because someone reviewed it and didn’t feel it was dangerous. I’ve been dealing with this for 2 years on TikTok and have 230k followers so I’ve had time to come up with these conclusions. It has to be the only explanation since their customer service is non existent and you’re completely unable to get a hold of anyone regarding a issue. Other then that, it’s a great platform for going viral and most likely the best place to start if you want to be a content creator. TikTok please fix your review process. It’s terrible.

TikTok following procedures. You could be so kind to take down a searchBar on top of all my videos to me that looks absolutely horrible so you can’t see any of my writing it covers it all up not a good idea I don’t know who thought it was but it looks horrible to meYou can please make me happy and takeGet down I don’t want to cancel my subscription but if it doesn’t come down then And I need you guys to give me some more room for followers I can’t get any more followers I’m at my limit and I cannot advance myself because of this work hard in my contentAnd I’m very disappointed in this that I can’t move up and I watch other people move up fast every day thousand so please help me out soon as possible I don’t want to quit this because I work too hard for where I am so please help me you can’t do anything for me then I’m gonna have to quit it I’ve been asking for this very nicely because it interrupts with the titles that I put up and I think it’s a nuisance on there if somebody needs to share something or look up something they don’t have to look it up in my video, you would make my day if you took it down because it’s very saddening. Every time I put a video up and the title. And it goes through that search bar and remember it’s because us that you’re working. 😔😔😔😔😔😔

Great app. Tiktok is a very famous app and has entertaining content that you can find on your fyp. There are some videos that aren’t appropriate for kids under the age of 11, but in order to fix this, you can restrict time limits and what videos they can see. If your kid is super addicted to tiktok, or is on the app 24/7, deleting the app or account is not the solution. This has happened to me once, on accident. I thought tiktok was deleted and I was really sad because tiktok was my favorite app and I watched it a lot and made many videos on my account. Parents, don’t delete their accounts or apps. Don’t go farther then that. If you go on tiktok settings, you can set time limits and restrictions and you can set it to where your kid can see videos appropriate for THEIR age. Don’t scroll through your kids phone, even I they look worried or guilty that your scrolling on it, they are not always doing something bad in it or inappropriate things. Sometimes they are just nervous you’ll delete the app or account, or lose their online friendships. You can also download tiktok so you can see what your kid posts, and gain them a new follower ! Anyway, the tiktok app is amazing and you can make many friends on this app and express your feelings and post about your life, or maybe gaming! Overall, I love tiktok and this app is amazing!

Disgusting. Tiktok Is disgusting they are allowing children to be exploited by their family. They are allowing a child to be groomed by the internet. And though they have nothing to do with it. They need to ban the accounts with children in them period. These children have no idea what their families are truly doing to them. As in the wren Eleanor situation, she has no idea what her mother is putting online. Shes just 3 years old and is having fun being filmed. She has no idea there are creeps on the internet saving her videos and doing who knows what with them. Just as the other kids on tiktok and instagram and really any kind of social media app, have no idea what the comments mean. There are ppl saying they are gonna kidnap a child. They are literally grooming children, and tiktok is allowing it. They love to ban just dancing videos (ones of adults), but when it comes to a child getting groomed by predators on the internet they are no where to be found?! It’s honestly disgusting these accounts are still up. And for any mother or father who runs across this, please i am begging you take your children off social media. Their lives need to be private until they are old enough to even understand what the concept of internet means, meaning a 6 year old is NOT old enough for the internet, any kid under 13 just shouldn't be on the internet. And even 13 year olds don't need to post themselves, there are predators please protect your children.

And getting banned. I keep getting banned for no reason on this app and I’m getting sick of tired of it I want just a regular account that gets abuse I don’t want no banding processes in my account I hate how my account gets banned every single time I make a new account and now I can’t even make a new account what should I do I ran out of resources and I just don’t know what to do I wish the banding thing was never there so I can just have a normal TickTock account I know it’s there for safety reasons that TickTock has a band button or a record button but people are using it for a vantage to make people get banned for no reason it’s a good app that I read it a 4 i’m just saying like the band in the report button thing is not good just don’t report people for no reason report people if they’re doing bad things or abusing or something like that i’m not trying to do anything to TikTok I would just like them to do something with the band and important but and help me get my account back this band button got me banned four times and I’m getting sick of tired of people banding people for no reason it’s just not fair I feel like they’re just jealous of our followers and it’s getting on my nerves how people just keep banding us we shouldn’t be banned for this I know I’m 12 but like I would just like to not have my account banned by people that think it’s funny

The app is astounding, but.... I love TikTok; it is one of my favorite apps. However, TikTok randomly asked me to confirm my age, for some reason (which wouldn’t normally bother me because I had already confirmed it before), so I confirmed my age. I put in my real date of birth (I’m 13 years old) and TikTok made my account private, made it to where people are unable to duet, stitch, or download my videos, and I can neither send nor receive messages. I completely understand that TikTok doesn’t want young children to get access to the app and post videos with their face or make unintelligent choices, but I have not done anything against TikTok’s policies or spread any negative energy. I am unable to send videos and messages to my friends or receive videos and messages from my friends. This has also happened to one of my old friends; someone reported him for being under the age limit (he is 13 years old) and TikTok private’s his account. I completely understand if you want people who are 13 years of age or younger to have privacy and not share personal information, but it doesn’t make sense that there are only some people (around 13 years old) that are being forced to have their accounts private’s when others do not also have to go through this. Thank you for taking the time to read this (I will change my star-rating to a 5/5 stars if this issue is fixed).

Tik tok is the best social media app period!!!. Tik tok is so authentic to the point that it started to make Instagram look bad. Everyone on Instagram always tries to be perfect and fit into society so they can be accepted and not feel alone or like a misfit. Whereas TikTok shows the REAL side. People looking however they looking. Saying whatever they feeling with out out it becoming an unsafe social environment(aka bullying etc). It’s a safe place for me to have fun laugh and share the joy with my family and friends. additionally it’s even more informative than any other social media platform for example at first I was a little confused about what is going on between Ukraine and Russia and Instagram mislead me into thinking America was going into war with Russia through memes, videos etc however I was able to learn more than I ever did through 30 second accurate and precise tik tok videos and even help my friends understand better and correct any misconceptions. I feel as though social media needs more of the real side to people instead of creating a false narrative of what we as regular human beings should abide by in order to be considered apart of the norm I can only speak for myself but I feel as though a lot of people would relate Peace and love

YES. It’s perfect ✨ there are some people who DJ cosplay, people who do history, people who do science things! There’s lots of fun stuff, my mom is on the burlesque side of tiktok, she doesn’t go on it a lot but I think some things make her happy which makes me happy! So, there is one disappointing thing, that is live’s. You can’t go live unless your sixteen and have 1000 followers. And sometimes if you see someone’s profile which is live and you click on it, it has already ended. Also there are adds but you can scroll away from them so I don’t think they’re a big deal. There are people from all over the world and make lots of different types of content, it’s so easy to watch a lot of tiktok but you can’t sit at on your phone forever lol. It used to be a struggle to get off of tiktok because I was addicted but I’ve gotten over that struggle. Oh, there’s another thing I find annoying, every once in a while there will be a video made by tiktok and it’s things like “hold up, you’ve been scrolling for way to long” etc. and they can get annoying. That’s pretty much it. There’s emo tiktok there’s slime tiktok there’s gacha tiktok there’s plant tiktok there’s animal tiktok etc. HAVE FUN WATCHING IF YOU DECIDE TO GET TIKTOK!!! Have a great day/night/afternoon/morning!! BYEEE

Honest opinion. Hello, not that my name matters but my name is Keeley and this is my first ever time reviewing something but I just thought maybe it will catch someone’s eye and maybe help them. When joining this app, you will experience creative, honest, funny, and tons of different videos. You like the videos you like lost and it creates a for you page for you. But, it will never create a comment section for you. So, there will never ever be a comment section where everyone is nice to each other. You will experience hatred, hate speech, online cyber bullying, and more. I ask whoever is reading this because they’re scrolling for fun or they want to actually know what it is like to have the app. There is hatred, and it is social media. Every social media is full of it and might effect you in a way you won’t even realize. Tiktok is an amazing app, because it requires age restrictions to keep children safe, it requires a lot of safety so kids don’t get hurt. But, if you’re a mother looking at reviews to see if it’s safe for you child, then do not let them get it. Because you shouldn’t have to look through a review to see if a SOCIAL MEDIA app is good for them, because it is not. There are also videos on here that don’t belong on here. It is not kid or even adult friendly sometimes. I’m going to end the review here because I just kind of thought it would help, if anyone sees this. I’ll add onto it later, good bye and good luck! - 2022

my review personally.. I love tiktok bro, I spent everyday scrolling. But what annoys me sm. Is when i try to make a tiktok and it says access to camera and microphone, but when I go to settings I don’t have the camera or microphone to access it. So I can’t make videos/save videos. And as well is when I report something that has a girl actually breastfeeding with her shirt halfway down and you can see. They don’t take it down. They take down videos that are not against the community guidelines like harassment/nudity/etc. they don’t take that down they take down fun/no problem/not against anything/ etc. they need to get better community guidelines and more let’s say stricter, on videos. I got banned on my account for being underage. Although I know that’s against community guidelines your really worrying about kids underage more than videos that have nudity/harassment/gore/etc. I don’t think I’m your problem, plus I’m pretty sure you should change the age to at least 10+ What is great ———————- Is that tiktok never gets boring for me and I think the best decision was to make a “repost” button. I’ve reposted sm videos that I relate to. There’s not a lot that’s great, I just like watching videos like (GRWM’s) aka (get ready with me) videos, and story’s that people post, and many things. The videos are the main point of the app. And it’s great.

Unfair enforcement of rules and notification suggestion. I’ve had tik tok for over a year now and have racked up a good amount of accounts I follow. I hardly ever get notifications for the accounts I want to stay in touch with. I suggest making push notifications more customizable as in being able to get all new video notifications from certain accounts. This would also help content creators as well because it would allow their content to be seen more. We are all struggling in this pandemic and I feel this would be a great help for smaller creators in the creator fund. Another problem is how you enforce your rules. I’ve seen countless high follower count, young, fit women showing off more than what should be shown, as there are children on this app, while smaller creators are having their videos taken down with showing less than what the more popular creators are showing off. It is completely unfair and unjust. On one of the pages I follow, one of their videos was taken down for nudity, with showing an appropriate one-piece swimsuit, while there are other videos with much more shown off are still up. If you are going to be strict about the rules at least apply them to ALL creators and not just the smaller creators please.

I love tiktok. Hi my name on tiktok is mosthated_vee34 and I am so in love with this app only thing I have a big problem with is the fact we get banned for things we really didn’t do and blocked and I really feel it’s not fair the community guidelines are kinda destroying people pages because it’s people like me who work hard to build they page and keep being blocked and banned for no reason the kids and the adults who act like kids and the fake pages are taking over and it’s hurting and affecting a lot of great creators like myself I feel like banning people pages should not be a option especially when we over 10k followers we work hard to build our pages and we don’t intentionally try to hurt or harm anyone but then people really say a lot of mean things to us when we are live I had people wish death on my kids and me call me trans sexual and I’m a girl and we not suppose to defend our peace or ourselves but they can come on our live and say rude and mean things to us I have been blocked for someone calling me the N word and it really hurts cause I wanna turn this into a career and I’m being held back by fake pages and crazy rude people please help us creators who are there for what it is have some type of peace other than that I love it thumbs up

Community guidelines.. I enjoy scrolling though TikTok. It’s fun and gives me something to do. But I enjoy posting edits I create. I had posted a video, with a single photo of a gun. It took it down for “minor safety” for this I understand. As I look young for my age. And you could not see my dad. But in the state I live in I am above age l have been shooting with my dad for about 2 years now. And have posted a few videos with me shooting. After this video got taken down I reposted it. And made another one with me shooting and that only. This was in December 2021. It has not been taken down since. Then 2 days ago I got I made another video with me and my friend. And got taken down for “minor safety” now both my friend and my dad suggested that it was due to the last 2 photos being in our bathing suits. And I agreed. Although I had zoomed in for that reason. To where it almost looks like a regular shirt or a tank top. I ended up getting temporarily banned from posting. I then saw I could post again. And so I reposted the video. It got taken down again. I can’t post till tomorrow. I plan on reposting it. If it gets taken down again I’ll repost it again. I’m not going to take down my art because “TikTok says shoulders are not allowed” this isn’t elementary. So stop. I still enjoy TikTok but this is getting annoying. I hope TikTok can fix their community guidelines.

Problems with the size of comments in Tik Tok.. Hello dear employees, workers of Tik-Tok. I really like your application, that is, it is in fact quite optimized and in general everything is pretty good. But the only thing I (and not only me) has a very annoying problem. It's so terrible that it probably ruins everything. Sorry right away. So, let me tell you about the problem. From the title, you may already understand what it is about. About the maximum allowable comment size on TikTok. It's rather...small. And this infuriates us all so much that any desire to communicate with other Tik Tok users disappears altogether. I would like to lengthen my thought that I want to put in the “Comments” tab in two or even three separate texts. And this is all due to the fact that in one comment it is not possible to even let in one thought. I and your audience would be very happy if you would allow us to write in the "comments" section a little more text. I understand that part of the small text size is probably due to the fact that someone might start spamming comments with more characters. But understand - no one needs it now. Seriously. You added more characters to the video description, but you completely forgot about the comments. So I would be very happy for you to review my review already somewhere where Tik Tok can be optimized. Thanks a lot. Bob.

I amOk with it. I wish tiktok wouldn’t suppress my videos so mcun. Ppl report me and most are all restored I’m am trying to word my replies better but those restored violations are still counted and because of that I can’t get certain features and other things. I’m viewed as a mean or bad person when I’m not. So if they stopped counting restored content as a violation that would be better for so many. Also stop taking videos of ppl defending themselves against bullies down and then calling them the bully because that’s mean. Maybe if you let me get views and actually let me a creator I could make better content but you push my videos to people who hate me rather than my own followers or ppl who would be more interested in my content and then bo one likes anything I post because they send my stuff to old white racist men who don’t like me and that’s not fair either. We also need to stop putting automatic sounds on the filters that’s annoying! We need to be able to have harrassing commenters get punished rather than punishing the creators video! Punish the abuser ! The commenter the reporter! I’d really like this app if it weren’t so biased and allows so much hate but the second we do anything to defend that hate we get called the bully and our video is taken down. Soemthing needs to be done

Rant-ish. I feel giving 4 stars is right because of all the mistakes on this app , stuff like the reporting system , the fan base ,exc, I have been hacked and threatened on TikTok and I just feel that TikTok let’s there fan base get away with too much , I just wanna complain about the reporting system and how it works because my cousin got her 70k account deleted because she was “underage” somehow and just recently she has gotten her 20k account deleted after just re gaining her followers and doing good , and before they even deleted her account they gave her no time to send an appeal or do anything to get her account back ?? And once you send an appeal it is already to late and nobody has responded to your appeal and ur account that u have worked hard for is gone , I just feel that TikTok only worries about the more popular side of there app more than the normal people who get there accounts deleted for doing nothing but just being themselves and doing what they like and then getting there accounts felted because some child decided to ruin what that person has built for themselves by just writing a small sentence and saying that they are underaged I just think that someone should monitor the account before making the decision of deleting it , There is also Aton of other issues like filters not being open to some people in certain places and TikTok being weird with updates and more.

Catered education, entertainment, and activism. TikTok for myself is first and foremost an entertainment app. What’s amazing about it is how it’s algorithm will personally cater your feed to your interests and inevitably lead you to educational content that you are genuinely interested in and want to know more about. With plenty of opportunities to go down any rabbit hole you receive well paced breaks from related content and even have moments when the app, get this, suggests you take a break and come back later. What started as an app teaching an entire generation how to express themselves in dance has turned into self help, political activism, crowd funding, mental health care, and an amazing fluid way to transfer ideas and of course the most amazing pet and animal videos that will take you on a well regulated entertainment journey. Thank you for your contributions to supporting the LGBTQIA and minority communities via your app and for promoting a more worldly perspective. We are all on this one planet together and I hope Tik-Tok can help us all band together to protect it, educate ourselves, and share ourselves and our ideas with each other! Truly this is my favorite app on my phone and I encourage everyone to take advantage of this amazing algorithm! Find your people and follow your curiosities!

I’m having many problems. I’ve had tik tok for about a year now, and it’s one of my favorite apps. It’s got some major issues though. First of all, I don’t have a post button. Where it says drafts, there is just one button, and that’s to add the video to your drafts. I have looked up videos on where it is, because I guess I just don’t have one. I have put a lot of work into making tik toks, but I can’t even post them. Please at least tell me why this is happening, or if I’m just being dumb, tell me. Second of all, whenever I try to search ANYTHING, literally anything, it says “sorry this feature is currently unavailable” and I can’t search up anything AT ALL! It’s just super anoying, again just tell me if I’m being dumb, but I don’t think I am. Also it’s the same thing for writing comments :/ Third of all, I DONT HAVE A “FOR YOU” PAGE!!! I enjoy watching tik toks that are related to the ones that I already enjoy. But I still, have looked through the entire app, but I don’t have a for you page. Please try and fix these issues, because I think that they ruin almost the entire experience for me. (Also I have an iPhone 6s so if that’s something that effects the way that the app works, sorry about that, but I mean idk)

Ok Social Media App for sharing video. The app could definitely use better customer support. If you own the right to audio material and it is flagged as copy written by mistake the audio will be removed and appealing the decision usually does not result in the mistake being corrected. Terms of service are often violated due to inexplicable mistakes on behalf of whatever algorithm TikTok uses to filter content. The app has a problem with illegal content that is harmful to minors surfacing and being widely shared before it is reported and taken down. There is a problem with the algorithm favoring White content creators over Black content creators. When you report racist material that targets African Americans it is usually not removed or addressed but if you make a video addressing aforementioned racist content as an African American content creator your response is often taken down due to violating the exact terms of service you are trying to bring attention to. Overall the app has potential but the racism on the platform and content that is dangerous to minors means that users need to be monitored by parents or guardians if they are not adults. Hopefully there will be a similar app with a much better algorithm that will surface in the near future and replace this one making TikTok obsolete.

I love it!!!. Tiktok is my number one reliance when I’m sad, happy, curious, or wanting to see what my friends are doing. Tiktok is so fun to use and I love making videos!! Tiktok has made me realize the good in everything! And there’s LOTS of content on tiktok, you can even choose what you watch! By adding a video to your favorites, you can save it and watch it again! Same for you liked videos! When you follow someone, you can see their videos! If you’ve made a video and don’t want to post it yet, or you want to edit it/save it for later/finish the video later on, you can save it to your drafts! The only person who can see it is you! If you don’t feel comfortable with everyone seeing your posts, you can set your account to private and only your followers can see your posts. You can make a profile picture, a bio to share a bit about yourself, and follow your friends! When you’re confused about a trend, you can click the search button and look it up! You can make audios, videos, live-streams, and more! I think tiktok is suitable for anyone above the age of 10, but that depends on parent options of course! Tiktok is a great app, and I think you’ll enjoy it too! GET TIKTOK!!! 💗🫶 thank you for everything, creators!

it’s okay.. i’ve just downloaded tiktok again because it wouldn’t let me log in even though all my information was correct. i researched online to see what the problem with logging in was, and the top statement was to delete it, so i did. i tried doing that about 3 times in a row and it still kept saying “unable to authorize”. at this point, i just restart my phone and after that it logs me in my account. the problem now is that when i want to search, watch videos, create tiktoks, the app always says “no internet connection” or “no network connection” and i’m super annoyed by this because i’ve tried turning my phone on and off, i tried turning my WiFi on and off, i tried having my cellular WiFi on, and yet, no luck. i research about it more, and it says to delete the app or update it. i cant update it because it already is, so i delete the app. i tried over 3 times to log in, and i finally do. the super big problem is that i cant watch or do anything because of my “internet” causing this problem. although, my ipad has tiktok and is connected to the same account information, WiFi, and everything and it works great. i can search for this on tiktok fine, i can choose sounds fine, i can make tiktok’s fine, but on my iphone i cannot. anyone let me know if you have any tips or tricks i can do to solve this problem without me having to delete the app. :)

I like tiktok a lot better than Fb. I can say what I feel about what I don’t like about what the president is doing to our country without being band from my account. I can say how I feel about my love for Jesus and not get band. I can say how I feel about my fears of the Covid and without getting band from my account. I can say how I feel about my fear of getting the vaccine shot without getting band from my account. At first I was completely against getting the shot, but after I was aloud to hear all sides . I decided to get them. I was completely against them to start with simply because Biden ,dr foulice ,( I know I didn’t spell his name right but I don’t care) and Harris are soo dishonest , with us , and flat out lied to the American people so much that we couldn’t and can’t trust a word they say! Then he starts to demand us to get it while letting everyone at the border walk in with nothing. He has shown the American people that he doesn’t care about us at all, if we live or die while he gives everything to anyone coming in at the borders. So thank you for letting me be able to make videos expressing how I feel! I am a Born again Christian, and I love my God given Freedom of speech! I’m 70 years old so I’m ready to go to Heaven, it’s a shame Biden isn’t! Thank you so much tiktok

Review Erased?. I did submit a review and I never did see it pop up on here and then I looked again and saw it was gone. I have been waiting a couple days now since my life was banned. The reason they banned me was far from the truth as I do not drink and I do not smoke and I do not have any artillery. It seems that you were guilty until proven innocent and they really don’t respond to you whenever you submit anything to support and asked to know why or what happened so you know what it was. People can have a vendetta against you or they can feel threatened and then just report you and then you’re just shut down. This happened to me two Sundays ago and then it was removed and seeing that nothing was done on my part and then sure enough another week rolls around and on another Sunday the same thing happened and now it has taken days on the appeal. There needs to be a better process and I don’t think that it’s fair. I do think that TikTok is an excellent platform but they really need to work on customer service and personal interaction. I do agree with one review that I saw on here, where they said that they believe that if they don’t like you for whatever reason whether it is personal parents or whether you’re able to entertain the executives; or whether you’re able to bring in money, then this happens quite often until you are completely banned forever. What is society. What a horrible society.

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Some things i would wish to be included more. There is only really one main thing and it is to get all small creators videos on others for you pages, because people have amazing content ideas, but once posted, they only get a small amount of views to none, and i feel bad for them. Even, me myself, have tried making accounts and i don't really get views. I would just like for you guys to make it so everyones accounts get views, so they can feel proud of their hard work, because they deserve it. I have seen many small accounts and their videos are absolutely AMAZING, but they only get a few views and I feel extremely bad. All i’m asking is for anyones videos to get views, so people you have that sort of taste in videos, can find the perfect account to binge on well feeling down or something, because every small i account i meet, they are always extremely kind, and make amazing content. But sometimes they get hate and thats what makes me feel even more bad. They make such good content, and don’t get the love they deserve. I know it may be a big one thing to ask, but i’m doing it for my fellow small accounts. THANK YOU SO SO SOOO much for taking in my review, and i hope you can try all you can. Thank you - fellow tik tok-er

Signing in problem. I would like to Address the fact that for no reason I was signed out and unable to sign back in no matter what Gmail I use I would like this to be fixed for now on my FYP is trashy and I can’t even try on filters. I am 13 and still can not access the app. My parents finally let me download it with their permission and I can’t even enjoy it. Until this issue is fixed you’re going to get rid of the one star. I would also like to address the fact that one of my cousins videos were taken down for no reason it was just that like mean thing where you were covered in powder and they would pretend to cut you open or I can orange and then orange juice will come out of your mouth. I had a very innocent account that had nothing wrong with it and it was just one date band. I can no longer access signing. No matter what Gmail are use the matter what age. At one point I set my age to 21 but still didn’t work. My account had no problems. No I don’t get how inappropriate videos don’t get banned but I do. There’s a problem that really needs to get fixed I want my account back. My sister also has this problem it didn’t have a face on it and it was a private account. And for some reason she got banned to please fix this problem. It is ruining the entire app experience for some people.

guidelines. this is honestly getting on my nerves. i have seen many people do the trend where they show via a drawing and you draw on where you have SH and haven’t gotten them taken down and they are PUBLIC. mine was in private videos where i can only see and it still got taken down when no one can see it. now tiktok, please make this make sense to me real quick. i do a trend that is currently trending on tiktok and i put it in private but when people have so many likes on a video that is revolving around THIS trend it doesn't get taken down? please make these guidelines actually realistic as it is not fair for the videos i have seen been done around fighting, showing their body off (naked/half naked, in revealing clothes, SHOWING THEIR CHEST NAKED WHILE BREST FEEDING), nude pictures of a animated character and etc. i get taken down for being in a SPORTS BRA, a fight video to make awareness off me getting assaulted, harassed and stalked and a photo trend revolving around drawing on where you have SH, how much you love a family member/friend, where you would like to be touched via a random stranger, family member, best friend and S/O, which parts of your body are you insecure about and etc. if you do not like other people doing these trends it is not fair that people with no likes or very little likes have them taken down but people with such a huge following and likes don’t get taken down. please make these “guidelines” actually realistic to the public.

Tiktok. I love tiktok but I wish the smaller creators could be on the fyp I would really like to see the second parts of videos if they have multiple parts on the for you page. I don’t like the new set out of the profile page because I can’t see all of my videos and how many have been posted. I wish I could have more freedom with the app with the videos so it would be easier if I could scroll the the bottom of my friends pages or more creators. If a way for you to see the videos that have come up in your following or for you page do you can watch it again in an easier way. A dislike button so if I dint want to see that content I can dislike it. I didn't that that people can who what comments I have liked because it says liked by creators. I would like to have an easier why to find emojis and have Bitmojis in stickers. Thanks for reading this hope this helps 🥝

A problem to do with a false ban. I have been on TikTok for about 3 years and the way TikTok deals with crossing the “community guidelines” is unfair and stupid. I have had an account and have gained nearly 50,000 followers and it is on the verge of disappearing like that 🤌🏻. Back in 2022 I had posted a video regarding a fight I had been in over Snapchat censoring the names to share awareness for cyber bullying. The next day I had gotten the video taken down from TikTok, saying around the words of “Sexual and over 18 content banned” or something on those lines. (And I have over checked the message fight and there was NOTHING over 18 or sexual in that fight) I had a warning and the next day I had appealed the video ban. It was appealed saying there was no problem regarding my video and that TikTok had made a mistake. I then reposted the same video and once again it was taken down! Then after that I was given an account warning stating I had broken the TikTok community guidelines TWICE! When the previous ban was lifted a day before. Now for nearly an entire year I have had the ACOUNT WARNING ⚠️ on my profile. Which is so irritating and is scary because in the future if I make a mistake I will be banned because TikTok hadn’t fixed its previous mistake. If you have reached the end of this I would like to thank you but anyone who works for the app Tiktok I would like to inform you that there is a problem and this needs to be fixed A.S.A.P thank you for your time

Stop being blind to racist and stop shadow banning cosplayers. While this app has a lot of good qualities the biggest problem it has which is the massive reason a lot of us are wanting to leave the app, is how the block cosplayers and anyone who identifies as a part of the lgbtq+ community from having their video seen but gladly shows other people’s videos that do violate guidelines, I have encountered racist, child predators and even people admitting to being at the capital attack & have done everything I was told to do by tik tok themselves to report them but every time I get told they don’t violate guidelines. While myself as a cosplayer who is apart of the lgbtq community I so much as even mention slightly mature words my videos get shut down, I show a tiny slither of cleavage I get shut down for nudity, I tell off someone who is being racist or making a child uncomfortable I get shut down for being a “bully” back in 2019 this app loved us cosplayers we were even used in their commercials promoting the app. The “hit or miss” trend that was started by a cosplayer! But now in 2020 and 2021 now that the app is really popular, the cosplay community feels like we are being treated extremely unfairly by the app that we once loved and we are ready to leave the app and let it go broke cause why love and help out an app that clearly shows that they do not love its creators

A+. Not sure how the world will survive without this amazing app. All of us is on stressful time of our lives but this app made easier for everyone to just get on with everyday lives♥️♥️♥️best app ever! I was suffering from anxiety and depression before, I’ve got no energy to do things at all, TikTok made my life better & better I met a lot of amazing friends and I am so so much happier now as I can show everyone who I really am through dancing. Although things are getting back to normal where I am and I’m getting busier now, I will still find time to participate in this.❤️❤️❤️ who ever created this app, u’ve changed my life for the better!! Thank you! Getting busier at work, haven’t got much time to make videos but I’m not ready to say goodbye yet as this changed my life big time, I became happier in life, so I’ll post something when I can, loved this app! LOVED THIS AMAZING APP!!!!!! Enjoying too much despite of another lockdown!!! TIKTOK!!!! U’r everyone’s LIFE SAVER!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️HAPPY 2022 TIKTOK!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️just want to Thank this app for giving me confidence & encouragement to show people who I really am. LOVE U TIKTOK!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Thank you Tiktok, u made my life happier💯👍🏿

Banning for random reasons. I joined tiktok at the beginning of 2019. At first things would go really well and I had my account for almost a year. I started to grow a large following and get more views. I was never posting anything inappropriate or harmful to myself or others… until one day I posted a video wearing a swim top and track pants, may I just mention neither of which were revealing but for some reason I got banned, meanwhile women are out here shaking there buts in tiny bikinis and they don’t get banned. The most hateful things can be said and they won’t get banned. Since then I’ve made several accounts ON PRIVATE that are still getting banned even though I didn’t do anything. I personally am begging to not want to be on tiktok anymore due to random banning and hate. You need to change this tiktok because it’s not fair. The hate needs to be stopped. I see so much body shaming on this app it’s ridiculous. Not only is this rude it can also trigger people and make them feel extremely bad about themselves. STOP THE HATE. being on this app used to bring joy to people but now it can be detrimental for one’s health and self confidence.

Tiktok aids Sh suicide and mental health romanticism. Tiktok pushes and enables sh suicide and Ed behaviour and mentality onto youth. I have seen my 13 year old cousin repost countless videos which encompass these themes. I report them constantly yet tiktok always keeps them up. The fact that she reposts so many means tiktok has seen what videos she likes to watch and therefor they feed her videos once again with the same themes. Tiktok is teaching and enabling mental health culture which is dangerous to youth and teens. I have experienced the effects of suicide on a close community and I believe in some essence tiktok along with other social media platforms can be held partially accountable. Tiktok needs to remove videos that glamorise this culture, they don’t raise awareness or acceptance they fuel a bandwagon on mental health and suicide that arrives at the worst possible destination. Tiktok also needs to adapt its algorithm so that sh and suicidal tiktoks are not reintroduced into the for you pages of everyone let alone children. It hurts me so much to see a large company aid and give a platform to the romanticisation of such a harmful issue. I highly suggest to keep urself and ur children away from this platform in a attempt to hold them back from a rabbit hole that teaches them that they should feel depressed and suicidal and does nothing to prevent this void of reinforcement.

Great app!. Ok so I love this app soooo much, but it’s way too addictive. Like if u go on this app just to check ur notifications u know that, that’s not what’s gonna happen, u know ur gonna end up being on there for 3 hours and when u r on there time flies by, like it could be 5:00 in the afternoon and then I loose track of time and it’s already 1:00, and this app has turned very toxic, mainly towards white ppl, skinny ppl, fat, ppl and James Charles 😐 and the trends can become very toxic, like the hour glass challenge, that is such a toxic challenge and can bring ppls confidence down like 📉📉📉📉📉📉 and it seems like bc of all this “body positivity” stuff everyone is supporting bigger ppl but when it comes to skinny ppl they r not supporting and saying stuff like “anorexic” or “eat a burger” and for some ppl that r on the bigger side that do muck bangs there are ppl duetting saying “ur gonna get diabetes” but that can’t help it bc they have a ed! But over all a good app, very toxic but we can learn that not everyone is gonna be nice and bring a smile to ur face and instead might bring tears to your eyes but y’know that’s fine too ❤️❤️❤️ I ALWAYS GET BANNED FOR NO REASON

Please can Australia have speak text. Hi TikTok so recently there’s been a lot of filters that are only available in certain countries and usually not Australia or most of it and when we’re finally givin the filter it’s no longer a thing and turns into something that’s no use to us, I think I can speak for Australia when I say we’d really appreciate it if we got the filters close to first but not last . I’d also like to talk about the likes, after just a few videos we loose the opportunity to actually like said video which can get a bit fustraighting. One last thing. I’m so sorry but I find it so incredibly annoying how people’s accounts have been taken down for “child nudity” like one of my friends accounts for example they’ve made several accounts and they’ve all been taken Down for child nudity when there’s no actual child nudity and how people’s videos get taken down for premoting body positivity and also videos of guys and girls with scars videos get taken down even if they put a TW anyways thank you for reading this - TikTok user - _azrasivakmays_

Recommend. I highly recommend this app for those parents wondering if this is a safe app if you don’t feel that your kids are safe on this app you can definitely switch your kids account to private so only the people that you look at. Can Only see it will come up in the thing that says recommended followers you can go on the account and look at their account and think this is an abrasive account so you can decline it or if you feel that feel safe here kids then you can definitely accept any and more followers and more likes so yes this is a very highly recommended app you can express your kids on it and your kids can watch on people on it. Now kids this is an amazing app and to teenagers and to adults you can express how you feel on this app you can dance and cook 👩‍🍳 you can do anything you want on it except for inappropriate stuff every time I’m on tiktok I can see varieties of videos and much more it is so much fun and you guys will like it too if you’re having ups and downs with a TikTok maybe you need to update it which isn’t hard at all or contact the person Who runs a TikTok or contact your friend I know you guys will like it so have fun at tik tok stay safe

Do better. Tiktok is pretty good. I have found a good community and it's a good way to interact with people and to get content out to others. There are a few issues though. Creators, especially BIPOC and LGBTQ+ creators are getting banned for no reason and you're also taking down videos for reasons that have nothing to do with the content of the video. Not only that, but creators that are actually problematic and who have caused harm are still allowed a platform while people who speak out on issues get shadowbanned. On a less severe note, I think that limiting comment sections and making duets or stitches unavailable to minors is annoying. Maybe make it so that there has to be a parent contact who can set up rules for that sor of thing if you want it to be safer. A lot of creators on the app are minors but lie about their age instead just to be able to access these functions. My final point is about captioning. I think it's good that you added captions because it makes tiktok more available to those who are deaf or HOH. But if you want to make the app more accessible, give everyone access to that feature. Let everyone be able to see it on the for you page and let everyone have access to it when making videos. If you do, then the app will be able to have a greater audience reach.

Playlist feature. I love TikTok but they are very slack when it comes to updates. Some people will have a new filter or new profile feature and people from other countries get the same thing 5 months later. The playlist feature was made to categorise videos into different sections and I can see playlists on other accounts and can view the videos in them yet, I am not able to use this feature myself! The playlist feature has been out since about August 2021, it’s now mid January 2022 and I still don’t have it! I’ve made sure I have a business account and still nothing! I have reported this multiple times in app and haven’t gotten any response. Some people are saying you have to have at least 1k followers to get this playlist feature but I have seen accounts with about 300 followers have playlists on their account! Regardless, I have 4k followers on one of my accounts and still nothing! I understand it can take a while for updates to be out for everyone but it has been months. I can view other people’s playlists yet, I cannot make my own! To be honest, this isn’t the first time I’ve missed the opportunity to try and grow my accounts because of viral filters and trends that haven’t been available in my region until months after the trend is over. TikTok needs to keep up with its updates, if you’re going to release a feature in some countries, why not all?

Live. Tiktok I love how it was made but i want to say a few things i wish there wasn't an amount of people you can follow for that moment because i followed everyone back on my account after and it kept saying you are following too fast, going live with going live i wish that you could go live even if you had 1 follower i would like that because i want it to be fair, fyp on your fyp i would like tiktok to add a fyp symbol e.g if your video got on the fyp it would have a symbol somewhere saying fyp, and also i want to say that every place/country should get the updates at the same time because for me personally we get the new updates like 3 min videos and the add to text speach last and it just doesnt seem fair because i see 3 min videos all over my fyp and i just want to do a 3 min video, you should also get a notification if your video got on the fyp so like you get a notification saying your ‘video got on the fyp goodjob do you want to see how much people viewed it?’ from tiktok like that. Thank you so much for reading my suggestions hope you can create some more cool updates tiktok.

TikTok Official. This app has been created by the Chinese department of entertainment, I would love to mention that if you are using this app enjoy it whilst you can since it might be getting taken down is what people have been saying in other countries. Especially in India as TikTok has already been banned in there. I want to mention that this app is amazing and that I definitely recommend using it. Seems fun and using not much of your battery, in fact it helps with my battery percentage and longer life. I am not lying since I have been using this app for 2 years and my CPU on my phone has only gotten stronger. This could be because I am not using any other apps much, other things I want to say is that it makes you very entertained. If you want to use this app and don’t know what to look for it has an option at the start of what you are most entertained about, you can choose anything. If you like comedy you may click comedy. Thank you for reading I was joking at the start I am not the official TikTok but this app is amazing and it’s FREEEEE SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??????? Good luck my friends ;)

Needs serious improvements. Great social media platform, however, let me ask one question. WHY DOES AUSTRALIA NOT HAVE THE LATEST FEATURES? I know that rolling out features to all countries at once can be a problem but god, it has been about 5 months and I still don’t have the playlists feature, we got the new text to speech voice about 2 months after its release. I’m a creator with over 20 thousand followers and the lack of features other creators have, my page becomes less noticeable, playlists would usually make it easier for people to look at my videos but since I don’t have them I cant actually sort out my content for those that want to watch different things on my page. And playlists is just one thing. Pinning the video would also be good. Also the auto reply feature, where is it? I changed to a business account and I don’t have it? Is Australia a joke to you? And don’t even get me started on the creator fund trouble I had to go through only to find that it’s not available in Australia, are you kidding me? Atleast respect people who make you relevant?!

Problematic. So I’ve had TikTok for a bit and the app is really interesting and fun to be on, however if you’re creating content it’s very hard to be come visible to others especially with the term of being “shadow banned”. In addition when you report a problem, like mine being I get no views whatsoever since starting this week, the customer service doesn’t reply or help, which is fairly disappointing. It takes away the enjoyment of the app and makes it no use of producing any content if it won’t be seen by anyone even your followers. In addition it looks like I’m not the only one with this issue but a lot of people in the tiktok community. If there is a problem with our videos then please in detail say what and why, instead of leaving us confused. I even deleted my account and made a new one but it’s still the same, and it seems you can’t make a new account on the same IP address as you’ll still have the same issue which is absolutely rubbish. I’ve given this app many chances but it’s soo frustrating when your hard work and creativity is not even shown or visible to anyone. I wasn’t expecting likes or follows but just how there’s not even one view, just one on all the 5 videos I’ve made, makes no senses when others create and they at the very least get like 5-10. I don’t recommend at all.

tiktok drafts. hi tiktok! The app is great i just have a slight problem with the drafts. For someone having a new phone or phone storage is full, delating drafts is what you have to do. But it is hard doing it because of the way its layout. You have to click on every video and then the video goes to the top of the page, but for someone who has over 500+ drafts its very time-consuming and hard to use. I reckon for the next update, tiktok should make the drafts layout more efficient and easier for users. My idea is having a similar layout to our phone photos so its easier to access and use. Or maybe having a swipe feature, for example, you click on a video and if you want to go the next video you simply just swipe (like the photos layout). Anyways just an idea for a quick and a easier way to go through drafts because some peoples drafts have special significance. most people give up and delete all of their drafts, i know i have done it! But i love the app, keep up the good work tiktok!!

A Couple Improvements. First off tiktok is AMAZING but there could be a few changes to benefit the community! One of the big things is I love how now we can be logged into 3 accounts at once and switch between but it would be nice if there were a couple more spaces like 5 or so because I have 4 and a couple shared one but find it hard to log out and log back in every time. Second I think with the bio’s you could make them less limited so instead of 80 characters make it maybe 150 characters and maybe 7 row limits so people can fit more I hate having to choose who/what I put in my bio and having to leave stuff out. I know a few people have said this but can we please use the same email/phone number for different accounts because I have had to use my mums and dads phone numbers for extra accounts I want to make. The only other thing I can say is that I get notifications when someone views my account and when I repost a video with a tiktok sound on it just change the sound from mine to the normal tiktok version instead of copyrighting the video. Other than these tiktok is great! I hope this makes sense, thanks x.

It’s awsome BUT. When I first downloaded this app I was ok with everything and even started to gain a few followers. However the new update has its toll on this app. For the record I enjoy making high edited vids and I like to upload them with my own original sound. Now when I upload something, this app instantly mutes them and says the sound isn’t allowed in Australia?? Even though it’s just music. Plus I understand the age restrictions however it is nice to NOT have a account that’s private if your under 16 because there’s a lot of underrated tiktokers who put lots of effort in their videos only to have them put under PRIVATE CONDITIONS. I would recommend to lower the age restrictions to under 10 years of age. Because therefore it makes a lot more sense. Also might want to remove the following limit because it’s always nice to follow someone back even if there are too many followers to download i still highly recommend to remove the 10k following limit to unlimited, Thank you for reading this and I hope you understand my level of concern about the new updates and such.

Load of Bs. Don’t get me wrong I love tiktok and all, I spend most of my day on it but stuff like this gets me mad. For instance in the past month I have probably gone through close to 20 accounts on tiktok because I keep getting banned for going against the guidelines. I turned 13 at the start of this year and decided I would like to get an account. But I can’t even post a video in a normal t-shirt without getting banned, I have to change into a massive tshirt and jumper before I make a tiktok which is wasting time and clothes. I don’t even get a warning I just start scrolling and 10 minutes later I get a message saying “your account has been permanently banned”. Like that’s ridiculous this needs to change cause I’m so sick of it. These guidelines are a load of bs. It needs to change quickly or I’m not gonna continue, and I’m glad I’m finally making this review because, all of my friends and family are experiencing the same and I’m sure a lot of other people are too. Step up your game tiktok seriously, or your gonna start losing people like me downloading your app.

Live screen sharing shouldn’t require 18,000 followers. I have given TikTok a 5 star review as it is a great app, but I have an issue with the live screen sharing conditions. The reason I have an issue with this is because you’re required to have 18,000 followers to screen share which is an issue because not everyone can achieve that goal (like me) A. Because not everyone’s videos get on the fyp and B. Not everyone is gonna like your content. Another reason I have an issue with this is because how are people dreaming of being a big streamer gonna get noticed if they cannot start what they want to do on an app with trillions of people where they can have a chance to get noticed when you require a huge amount of follower’s just to screen share on live. This is my issue with TikTok and thank you for reading, TikTok please lower the required follower count for live screen sharing to the live-streaming follower requirement instead of keeping it at 18,000.

Beware - tiktok isn’t all good. Tiktok might be really fun to watch and something I use everyday to watch videos but there is one huge thing I noticed which I find horrible about it. My 13-year-old friend has had 3 accounts banned because of violations of the community guidelines. Most of them are because she is wearing crop tops or shirts that show a tiny amount of skin. She looks young for her age so when our other friends post videos in bikinis and tiny crop tops they don’t get banned or their videos aren’t reported. I’ve had two accounts myself banned because of community violations. I haven’t worn crop tops or bikinis or done anything sexual or self-harming or any videos against the community-guidelines which I have read multiple times and they get taken down for the craziest reasons like “adult nudity and sexual activity” yet there are people doing the WAP in bikinis that suit that sentence much more than me doing a completely innocent dance in shorts and a shirt. Tiktok should stop this and not take down videos for random reasons that don’t relate to the video at all or just because we long younger. This is one thing I completely hate about tiktok and that I think should be fixed. Also, why I was writing this review, my friends account has just been banned. I am going to delete tiktok now and if you have it I advise you do the same.

Loving it! But a few problems. In my opinion, I think Tik Tok is a fantastic app! You can watch other people’s videos or create your own videos! I only started making videos for 2 weeks and I already have 500 followers! Although tik tok is great…there is a few problems I want to discuss…First, There are a lot of common Hate comments, for example ‘How’s my form 🤡🤳🖥’ or ‘Imagine playing ……’ It really gives negativity and hurts other people…because of these comments, people are giving up on their tik tok videos because they can’t handle the negativity…Secondly, There are too many Online Daters, It is absolutely Disgusting to see people in the comments trying hit or flirt with the creator and I personally think that you should ban those who online date…lastly, There are too many clickbaits…people send fake videos repeatedly, they post the same video over and over again and these are major click baiters so if you could fix these 3 problems, I am sure that more people would download this app and that tik Tok will be a much safer app…I really want a bright future happening with this app so please make it happen…

Some suggestions. TikTok is very addictive as this world knows, and I’m sure there isn’t a thing wrong but I have a few suggestions that would make TikTok a better community. I recommend giving more people hype, because most Americans are more likely to blow up, not sure why I think it’s a little unfair on the other small creators because some people can make a video that took no effort at all, 24 hours later it has thousands of likes,shares,views etc but for other places they can put hours into videos and only revive maybe a couple hundreds. I’m not sure why or if this can be fixed in any way but I think small creators are much talented then some other creators out there. Not specifically aiming towards certain people, just any small creators need more hype. Other than that I think TikTok is an amazing community and there are certainly some amazing superstars that are life changing and I respect all TikToks authorities thank you for putting time into your day and actually accepting peoples request I love this app and it certainly has changed my lifestyle thank you again TikTok, true legend x

I just don’t get it. Look there is an account on tik tok that is FULL of ANIMAL CRUELTY over 100k people have seen that video of a dog ripping another dog apart like it’s a chew toy! THIS STUFF ISNT RIGHT!! And your taking small creators accounts down for doing NOTHING WRONG! I HAVENT POSTED A SINGLE VIDEO and most of my accounts have been PERMANENTLY BANNED! I have not done ANYTHING WRONG! THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE HAVE REPORTED THE ACCOUNT! Almost 3 WEEKS from the worst one came up and tik tok, you STILL haven’t done anything!?!? Look the app is pretty good and educative, kinda, but also people go there as their safe place, to watch funny videos, to check up on their friends see how they’re doing, to post stuff on their page, they don’t want to go on their FYP and see a dog RIPPING ANOTHER DOG APART, I just opened he app and all I see is a dog ripping the skin off another dog that’s on a leash waiting for it’s owner to come back! I don’t intend on tik tok being taken down, it’s just Tik tok needs to look closely on the accounts that have been reported MULTIPLE TIMES and just ban them like from the first second CHILDREN on this app would be TRAUMATISED from seeing that, you need to take the account down IMMEDIATELY you’ve already lost a lot of downloads, and you will lose more

DONT DELETE TIKTOK!!!. Ok the reason why the title is called ‘DONT DELETE TIKTOK’ cause people on there is so creative. I love them with my whole heart. I just want tiktok to stay cause I want to meet them one day and make a tiktok and so I can get a follow from my tiktok idol who is Avani Gregg, Charli D’Amelio, Dixie D’Amelio, Addison Rae I wish I could meet them one day. Whenever I’m angry or upset I go to tiktok to watch some funny videos and I start to laugh and forget about what happened but, if it’s getting deleted I won’t be happy cause, there is nothing to make me happy. So DONT DELETE TIKTOK!! It’s something to do and make my day when I’m down or angry so don’t. And another reason i like tiktok cause, I do dancing and I love dancing I like showing people how good I’m at dance. Pls don’t delete it people out there won’t have anything to do if they are bored they will go on tiktok. Please don’t✨D E L E T E✨ tiktok!!! Love you guys for making tiktok but if you are going to delete tiktok people will hate you so don’t!! Thank you💕for reading this and don’t take it seriously for what I said.✨💕

I love this app butttt……. This app is truly amazing! I’ve met a lot of cool people and i even have a account (brookiynnewebb). The thing I just hate the haters and the hackers, when someone’s doing nothing wrong they get hate- and they don’t even get banned. There always gotta be someone who’s hating on someone bc there supporting a person or doing something they like. Also I hate the hackers bc they always got to hack lots of account for no reason. I had a account and it got banned ( 2 years of hard work ) and I was absolutely devastated. I got banned for no reason and there other people out there who are extremely rude and haven’t been banned. I’ve emailed tiktok to get my account (michellecutrie) or (mxchellecutrie) back! They never reply and it’s really annoying. I spend effort on my videos they only get 3-10 likes, like why can’t we stop shadow bann? Other people put no effort and they get loads of likes! Other than else this is app cool and great, u can make ur own videos, trends and make new friends!

Feedback. I love the app to be able to create epic content and also meet people all over the world. I’ve made some incredible friends that I’ll be forever grateful for. However, the guidelines I must admit are very double standards which affect so many people. Some of us getting reported or weekly bans when others are getting away with the same thing which is really frustrating. If people are getting warnings do it for ALL accounts not just some. A lot of us are on here for fun and for mental health and the guidelines on here are probably more frustrating on here than any other app. Fair enough if someone was actually nude or severely bullying and it is really hurting people. I also know people with kids who are harmlessly posting pics and vids Getting removed. This app has allowed me to help people and also help my mental health through a really rough year. I’d like to see some improvements in guidelines and less bans/warnings for people. The app will continue to get used more if it becomes fair for everyone 🥰 Happy new year tiktok xx

Continuously getting banned. Last year I reached 870 or so followers. Words couldn’t describe how grateful I was. I saw a funny tiktok of a man using the time warp filter so I stitched it. The next day I woke up and saw that my account was permanently banned! I didn’t know why. It didn’t have an explanation on why my account was banned or anything! I made another account, got to 500 followers and boom, I was banned... again. So I made another account and posted a TikTok about my back walkover progression and it was banned. My account wasn’t banned, the video was. And it said it was for child abuse. I wasn’t getting abused and no one in the background was either. So they took the TikTok down and then yesterday I posted my back handspring because I had just gotten it on my trampoline and my account was banned when I woke up this morning. My friends accounts have also been banned recently. I won’t go into too much detail about my friends accounts because I don’t know if they were good reasons or not. But my point is that TikTok keeps randomly banning accounts and not even telling us why.

The things that should change. I like TikTok a lot but it was way better before all the new updates. For example: adding stories and ten minute videos completely ruined what TikTok is all about. It’s supposed to be an app where you can watch short videos and follow creators that you like and support small businesses. Almost every social media app has stories now and I just don’t see why TikTok added that feature because it just makes it more like the other apps and not many people even use them. TikTok was an app strictly for watching videos that are a few minutes long, so why change that and add ten minute videos? No one wants to sit through that. I also don’t like how you ban, remove peoples’ videos and shadow ban creators when there wasn’t anything wrong with them or their videos. You also leave videos up that actually have a problem with them, but just ignore it and let the person continue doing Terrible things. It’s just so much worse now.

I got banned for being underage but i’m over the age of the requirement?. Hey tiktok! I really love this social platform and it helps me to reduce stress after days. It is my habit to check on my account everyday and it is a very fun thing to do after a stressful day but now it gives me more heart attack and stress when I suddenly got banned without any warning before that. My stomach drops and I was and still so panicked of what just happened. The reason was that they assume I am 12 years old so they just ban me right away. I’ve sent many emails and feedbacks proving that I’m eligible for owning my own account but I apparently don’t even know when I will get the reply back. I only have 4 months to do something before everything will be deleted forever permanently! Even tho I don't have that much followers but that is my hard work and passion on it and it means a lot for me. Losing everything in a sec is so unfair! I did nothing wrong and I meet the age requirement! Please check through the feedback and emails and help return everything back to me before everything being deleted over of nothing! Thank you!

Stop banning people for no absolute reason. Don’t get me wrong i absolutely love tiktok, but there is one thing that annoys me a lot, and when I say a lot I mean A LOT. I have made several accounts on tiktok just for them to get banned, meaning all my followers, my favourited sounds and my favourited videos, all gone. All my hard work gets put into the bin and I have to start all over again. Once I reported a girl for being rude to my sister and guess what, I got banned instead and I had over 900+ followers. I like my old tiktoks since I go though them sometimes to catch up on some memories but once tiktok bans me, they’re all gone. Just a couple weeks ago I made another account in replace of the account that got banned at 900+, I gained about 300+ followers in the first couple weeks but then I got banned. I did not violate any rules, I wasn’t even posting for the past few days before I got banned. Tiktok please stop banning people for no reason, imagine your whole business being sued and all your hard work being gone, that’s exactly how it feels to get an account banned. If you guys keep banning my accounts I don’t even know what to say anymore.

Banning people for random reasons. I love tiktok it’s an amazing app don’t get me wrong but there is one thing wrong with it. BEING BANNED FOR NO REASON. I had an amazing tiktok account and I had 500+ followers and 56k likes on only one video but then I got banned for “age” bro one I’m 14 so that’s the age and two I didn’t even show my face so how would you know. The same thing happened with my main account. They got banned on the same day for the same thing. I am the right age but apparently I’m too young wth tiktok. All my drafts, favourited videos, my actual videos, all my favourited sounds, my friends. And now I have to start all over again I can’t find the same sounds I had too many and same with the favourite videos. I now have to gain followers again and follow all my friends when they probably won’t know who I am. And I tried to post a video saying who wants to join a Snapchat group chat and it got taken down for “minor safety” when I see people doing the nasty on tiktok and you approve it. I’m sick of it! If I get banned one more time I swear I will deleted tiktok forever when I have been a loyal tiktoker from musically all the way to tiktok to now! Oh and it’s not just me it’s many other people getting banned for no reason 😒

TikTok is the worst thing in the whole wide big world. Tic Tok is the worst thing in the whole world and you know why cause it puts bad influence into young peoples mind. You might have seen the dumb adds about Ticktok and see all the Teddy’s and jumping gym girls but really it’s non of that. All you TicTok fans you need to understand that TicTok is inappropriate, bad and it has lots of swearing like LOTS. young people that are like 8 are using TicTok and are like posting the most ridiculous things. TicTok is not like instagram or Facebook it’s much more than that TicTok is the worlds most stupid social media platform ever!!! So you see TicTok may seem nice well really if you think that than you are definitely weird. Please please please DELETE YOUR TICTOK AND THINK ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU HAVE CHANGED IN YOUR ATTITUDE AND MIND! oh and plus those dances does tictokers do please they are horrible. Life would be more peaceful without TicTok like literally! Hey you have seen the age rating on TicTok yup you know who you are if you are younger than the standards yes you do! Terrible inappropriate crazy troublesome outrageous killing app here and when I say killing I mean like killing your brain. TicTok you have a lot going on you know please think about it😡😡😡😡😡

The only things I wish to change in future updates. I love tiktok I just wish that small creators could be on the foryoupage because I know some small accounts that deserve to be on the foryoupage. Also videos could have dislike buttons or dislike for comments, even though it would be bad like say if someone made a video and then got a lot of hate then the creator can be hurt. Change the like colour. There should be a setting were you can change the colour of the like button to have it more suitable for you. Anyone should be able to message anyone on dms and you shouldn’t have to use a phone number for it to work. I think you should be able to use the same email over and over yet make a new account because a few times I haven’t been able to get on my account or wanted a new one and I had to make a new email. In the saved videos you can make different folders so say if you saved something sad, you could put it in a folder labeled “sad” or “happy”. There should be unlimited likes, I always like my friends videos and videos I just like, but I always get a notification saying I can’t like anymore which makes me pretty sad. Edit- I also think creators over 2 million or at least 1.5 million followers should be verified. I should be verified(don’t take that seriously that is a joke about me being verified I don’t even have 300 followers :/ Thank you for reading this. - a tiktok user

It was Amazing! Until..... TikTok has been literally the most entertaining app I have ever used and I have been using it for a long time now. Everything was going so well until TikTok was updated. The new update puts many restrictions on users under the age of 16. I am aware that the TikTok community cares about young teens’ safety, but in my opinion this update is very unnecessary. Only my followers can view my videos, only followers can interact with it, I can’t DM any of my TikTok friends, etc. can this be fixed? For example you could maybe ask for permission from young teens’ parents or guardians and make sure they are aware of what their children are doing online and see if they’re okay with it, then, IF the parents don’t allow that, you could restrict things on teens’ accounts. Even though, TikTok overall is a pretty safe environment and if anything sketchy happens, the TikTok community takes care of it immediately. Thank you for reading and hopefully this will be fixed as many TikTok users are complaining about it too.

Community Guidelines. I love this app, it’s fun and allows me to escape reality for a little bit every day. but your guidelines are a load of absolute bs. my videos on my PRIVATE account where i have just under 30 followers who are my close friends, keep getting taken down for violating the guidelines. some have been for nudity (i was wearing a sports bra and track pants??) some for bullying and harassment (i was making jokes about my trauma as it’s how i cope with it and MILLIONS of other tiktok creators do it as well) and now, the sounds i’m using keep getting muted because of a little ‘language’. this, i find absolutely absurd considering half the things i see on this app, there are people who genuinely are breaking these guidelines who you need to be keeping an eye out for. not my private account and many other private accounts that aren’t causing any harm to anyone. fix your appeal system as well! if one of mine gets denied appeal one more time, i want the email of the person or group of people that made that decision and i’d like to have conversation with them. cause at this point, it feels like the bigger, more famous accounts can get away with murder on this app. people like me with a private account with under 50 followers keep getting the short end of the stick and i’m sick of it. Get your priorities in order.

love it but some things need working on. I’m literally obsessed with this app iv had it since it was called musically and it’s the only thing I do every day is just sit on tiktok laying down and all. but I make accounts and follow my friends and have fun but they literally get banned for no reason and it’s so sad becasue I work so hard for all of them I’m over the age limit but once I hit 10k of just something they ban me. it’s so so annoying. or sometimes your videos don’t post you get shadowbanned and then it just says your account has been permanently banned due to multiple vialations of community guidelines. when none of the videos have been taken down. I post a vid with my stomach showing and my whole acc gets deleted there’s literally people on that app half naked with just g strings and stuff and you ban people for having fun. like come on it’s not getting fun when u get banned and have to start all over again and do all of your sounds and follow all of your friends and earn for you likes and that it’s really disappointing I hope you can do something about it bc I love tiktok and I always get my accounts banned

please read.. tiktok is so good, it is a part of me and i love the environment and the vibes from it. i spend a lot of my time on tiktok and honestly, it’s my favourite app. how ever there is something wrong because i got my account permanently banned today for violating community guidelines. problem is that i haven’t posted in a month. so i made a new account not even an hour ago but as i was scrolling a thing popped up saying that my account was permanently banned AGAIN. i don’t mind about the second account but the first account i have had for three years and has those three years documented on it. all my friends, 426 drafts, posted videos, favourite videos and sounds are all gone. and i cant get my fyp back to how it was before. it’s really disappointing. my family friend was diagnosed with cancer last year and i have some videos on my account of her but now they are all gone. she literally 7 and all the videos are gone. it’s not just happening to me but it also happened to my best friends too. so if you download tiktok be careful.

ANGER IS RIGHT HERE⬇️. I used to love musically and then one update changed my whole perspective of it. You basically couldn’t use hashtags and it unfollowed some people you were following. I tried to get in to my account today for the first time in about a month and I couldn’t my videos were deleted on both of my accounts, my profile pic/vids were gone EVERYTHING GONE. I had some really amazing memories on there and being honest the only reason I went on there was to save them to my camera roll before deleting this horrible app but now they are all gone every single one of them floating in cyber space. For example there WAS some of my dog that passed away not that long ago (that was the only videos I had of her), I had great times with my friends that I know I recorded but can’t remember them and I was looking forward to seeing them but no I can’t. For musically/tik tok I hope you can find a way to make the app more enjoyable before you lose everyone on there.

request.. hey tiktok! just a request to add a dislike button to be used on videos underneath the like button, this request is due to much racism and homophobia on tiktok for selfish people. and yes i’m aware you can just skip the video or click ‘this is not for me’ but I just thought to request it anyway, because i know others have also possibly requested this specific thing but that’s all! and i know you’re busy and all but another request is that could you possibly make younger and small creators on the foryoupage more, just a request because I know they also deserve to be on the fyp. and I also know that they try and spend their own time on creating them and get half of the likes they were wishing for. well, that’s all and I hope you have a good life!!, and thank you for taking your time on reading this, and what you do is amazing!!, :D and just after remembering I was also wondering if you could add group chats and allow to add pictures on tiktok messages, thank you!,

Review. Tiktok is an amazing app but I have a few things I want to address. Firstly most people post multiple videos with none making any views or likes. They can put all their hard work into making it then no one even sees it. So if you could make it that more people get on the fyp that would be great. Secondly, you can’t go live unless you have 1000 followers. This is crazy since some people don’t even get views and that means they get no followers, it is way too high and I think it should be lowered. Thirdly, you can’t use the same phone number more than once. This is absolutely ridiculous since some people might have more friends an another acc and can’t message them or lost there old acc with their phone number and now can’t message on their new account. You should be able to do it with verification because it is not fair on most people. Fourthly, there are way too many hate comments and posts and yet none of them get taken down even with reports. And there’s just too much hate in general. If you get a report please just ban it because it can lead to people doing bad things, delete the video or even deleting the app. If all of these things could get fixed tiktok would be a much better app even tho it is still great.

Fighting for our freedom. At the moment we can still have a say on here. We are trying to fight back for our freedom and rights as human beings. We all need to go and study the laws of our rights as human beings and our rights on how to remove a corrupt government. Australia is a country that can run its self with out any kind of importing products, fuels, ex. Australia is one of the eseyest countries to defend. There are only two ways to get here. Fly or boat. And we can defend both. So if we have the right to remove all the standing government and appoint a (I can’t think of the legal term i will just say person for now) until all investigations are over, them we can vote for a new government. We all need to know our real rights and the real laws. Because we are being lied to and pushed over. And they don’t want us to know what is going on. And they don’t want us to know the truth. And I would stand up for the people of Australia and remove the corruption greed and the new world order.

A few improvements. So I just want to address a few things so like today when I deleted my acc then got a new and I put down April the 13th 2008 but it said sorry your not eligible for TikTok but I am bc I’m like 13 years old and it’s saying I’m younger and the other thing is that some people have different filters and I was just hoping that you could change that like some people have brew and sunset and things like I would like that too. Also 2 more things can you actually look at the videos because sometimes on my other accs I get banned community guidelines And stuff but i know I obayed ALL of those rules so can you actually look at the videos because I know I didn’t disobey any of those rules. And one last thing can you please get rid of shadow ban it’s just really annoying and I like videos going viral and stuff and I wish I could have 1000 followers or something because it’s my dream and well … I can’t get 1000 followers because of shadow ban so can you please fix that and yes I know you don’t want some accs doing all that because it’s a lot of pressure but can you please make that happen, because it’s kind of making me mad and annoyed… Thank you

The guidelines are very strict. I’ve had tiktok since the start of 2019 and since then, my accounts get banned for the most minimal things and videos getting taken down for nothing. I had a tiktok of me making a harmless joke last year and my account got banned for hate speech. I wasn’t bullying anyone or was talking about anyone in the world and i get banned. I also posted a TikTok last night and it got kinda viral with 23 thousand views and it got banned the next morning. I’ve seen people do this and I’ve seen people do way worse and yet they don’t target them. The age for getting TikTok is 12+ so you can’t expect 7 year olds to get TikTok but yet they do have the app and they made a guideline “minor safety” so young people don’t see bad things even though they’re not allowed to be on the app since you have to be 12 or over. I just want my video to be back on my profile because people under the age of 12 shouldn’t have TikTok and they shouldn’t be the reason my harmless video gets removed for “minor safety”.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

2 year problem. a couple years ago i decided to make a second account, my first account was doing too well in terms of popularity and views. my second account on the other hand did amazingly, one of my first videos got over 300k views. after being on that account for no longer than a month, my videos/comments started getting reported. i was a little confused but maybe thought i HAD violated the guidelines in some way. but another month later, 3 of my videos had been taken down and i was permanently banned. back to the account that doesn’t get any views. i was on my main account for about 7 months, constantly reporting what had happened to my previous account so it didn’t happen to me or anyone else. after about 7 months i decided to make a 3 account, nothing to fancy all my videos, get around 1-2k views. for context i’m 18 almost 19. 2-3 weeks ago, a video got taken down of me sitting on my couch holding a porcelain bowl filled w/ herbs. i understand why tiktok may think that’s bad, but i was able to prove to them that it wasn’t any illegal substance. no reply, videos still down. LAST NIGHT i post a video right before bed, i was wearing a top and pj bottoms, honestly, more clothes than what half the people on tiktok wear. and it gets taken down, no reason this time. just removed. and i’ve written OVER 20 reports in the past two months and yet i’ve seen NO reply.

A lot more characters….. I have said it before and I have asked so we can have a lot a lot more characters to write in our messages I am sick and tired of not having enough characters to write the messages that I would like to write as it stops me from continuing writing messages because we are stopped . Please allow us to have a lot more characters to write our messages thank you … is anyone going to listen to my feedback I have spoken to you people before about my concern about not having enough characters to write messages to people as it stops me from writing the messages that I like we need to have more characters so we can write the great messages that we want to compliment to people on the videos and posts that they put on tick-tock Why doesn’t anyone read my messages we need to have more characters when we write back messages you people aren’t reading my messages this is really getting me really angry as no one is reading my messages !!!!!! WHY SHOULD I BOTHER SENDING MY THOUGHTS NO ONE READS MY MESSAGES NO ONE !!!!!! Can someone please my long message that I have written before thank you 😎👍🏻

please add group dms and close friends list. ok so i am absolutely in love with tik tok and i am so addicted it’s such an amazing app to express you creativity or find others creativity but please PLEASE add group dms the amount of times i wanted to talk to my friends through the dms but i wanted all of them to just realise that i can’t is so devastating. people reading this might say “oh use instagram they have group dms” yes but some of us don’t have instagram. “oh what about text messages” also yes but i don’t want to give random people (that could be 40 year old men(we never know)) my phone number or email address just so i can have a group chat to send tik toks to or talk to i think tik tok will just be that little bit better if group messaging was added. jeez that was long let’s hope this one isn’t as long. i think tik tok should have kinda like a private story thing where you can chose who can see a tik tok i know you can chose friends only in the privacy settings of the tik tok but that includes everyone you follow that also follows you and for most people that’s not the close close friends that you want seeing your random posts. both of these are only suggestions that i obviously feel very strong about. in no way possible am i trying to give hate as i said before i love this app and use it everyday i just think that these small changes can be benefited by everyone. lol idk 💕 sorry if you read all of that.

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Ok listen.. This app changed my friend. She isn’t famous on tik tok and decides to pull off her anger on the whole class. I feel bad for the poor class. And thanks to this you ruined every single song if I play one song at school they do a cringy tik tok dance. What else? Musia.ly was my favourite app before now it changed to this app where people make up rumours to scare kids and they also bully people and people are also racist and inappropriate on this app! You should delete this app and bring back musica.ly.

Worst app ever I used. Worst

M. Your shadow baning blm vids and black creators but when I report accounts for having racial slurs as their name or in their videos you don’t do anything

PROTEST!!!. Stop Shadowbanning LGBTQ+, Black and Cosplay Creators. Join the protest by rating one star and telling them to stop shadowbanning If you want to do even more temporarily delete the app

Tiktok bad. TIktok bad

Fix it. Every time I do one it just turns off FIX IT to the original version please

Too many hate speeches. People are misusing this app

Sucks now. This app used to be awesome then it started getting worse. I completely quit the app after you guys changed the name. Change the name back or I'll never use this app again.

Racism, sexism, homophobia.... There are so many racist, sexist, and homophobic vids on TikTok that goes viral. People are reporting them but yet they are still up there and the users who make this type of vids are getting famous from being racist, sexist, homophobic etc... It is absolutely disgusting to see such things happening on this app. I really hope it gets fixed and that I don’t see or heard no more vids of hate speech that goes viral. Please do your thing!!!

DONT DOWNLOAD TIKTOK. Please don’t download tiktok. The Company DOES NOT protect their users. Why tiktok got clout was because there was child predators on the platform. And now there are even more children on this app. TikTok has absurd challenges like the nutmeg challenge, bright eye challenge, seizure challenge, FOREIGNER CHALLENGE, and more. please take your children off the app at ONCE. A girl KILLED HERSELF on a tiktok and this company called PR instead of the police, then proceeded to hid this incident from everyone. Also does even censor anything on tiktok comments because this app has became so toxic Madison Beer has to take a break off it. Girls who want make tiktok in a bikini for fun suddenly they are body shamed like “did she get fat of a sudden” “she’s too skinny” and famous women are getting body shamed because they’re “too fat” and “too skinny.” Please DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN COME ON THIS APP!!!!

Toxic AF. OK, everyone knows about TickTock. They say it’s so fun and so amazing. But that’s not the case, it is the most toxic social media app out there. Please don’t get it. Toxic. Toxic. Toxic.

Sus. If you value your privacy, don’t install.

Sucks. Tiktok sucks nothing works

Reporting system is garbage. Children run around this app Half naked, making inappropriate videos despite the age limit. Not only that they attack their creators, ban them for absolutely no reason. My live was suspended permanently while I was fully clothed making a stuff toy. A STUFFED TOY. Yet it was reported for “serious pornography”. They don’t look at what they ban they just remove it and have no way to even attempt an appeal. It’s garbage

if i could give 0 stars i would. Don’t get this app, it ruined my mental and physical health, tiktok let’s people post things that encourage eating disorders, self harm and suicide. They also love to silence poc/lgbtq+ creators by banning their accounts and putting videos under review for no reason, tiktok rarely takes down accounts encouraging eating disorders, drugs, suicide, self harm and racism though. There is many other things wrong with this app but i cannot make them all.

Actual bruh moment. Not good don’t get it unless your a 13/18 year old girl that is a e thot

Worst. Worst app

Kinda racist. TikTok is shadowbanning black creators, people who are talking about black lives matter, the lgbtq community, and people who are “ugly”. TikTok is also deleting videos about protests.

Malware. They track everything

Body positivity. At first, I thought tiktok was a great app. Until I realized that ever since I got tik tok, I started to feel more depressed and self conscious cause every one on my fyp was pretty and perfect and it made me discover new insecurities about my self that I never had when I didn’t have tiktok.

waste of time .. its an addiction waste of time.. same contact repeating.

Don’t get Tiktok. It is addicting, a scam, and it takes all your information. It’s a bad app that made me get mental health issues.

This app sucks the content sucks. There should be a way to block this app, now I have to let it on my iPad that I share with my son and block via screentime.

Animal abuse. Promotes animal abuse and claims that it doesn’t violate their rules. Ridiculous. Watching videos of rabbits being bred by the hundreds, thrown around, abused, dropped from heights, and then later slaughtered, should not happen and certainly has no place being shown on the internet under the guise of “cute bunny videos”. Won’t ever use this app again after trying to report this behaviour multiple times with no changes.

Unimpressed. TikTok use to be a place to express yourself but now TikTok is shadow banning/ taking down videos of anyone they find ugly, fat, LBGTQ+, cosplayer, apart of the BLM movement, different. It’s taken down so many wonderful videos because they “violate community guidelines” when that isn’t true at all. They also refuse to respond to emails about it. I find this behaviour horrible from an app company, please stop this. You are hurting people

Amazing. I love TikTok, I find people that I can relate to and it has helped a lot with my mental health. I feel like I belong when I am on tik tok!

BLACK LIVES MATTER. don’t shadow ban black creators

This app turns people into sheep. This app turns people into sheep


Girls dancing get more likes than real content. Literally something funny will get 20 likes and something stupid will get 2 mil

Stop shadow banning. The reason I gave tik tok a 1 star is because I am noticing that they are hiding awareness posts and especially BLM CONTENT that needs to be seen by people around the world exposing truth. Give people the right to shine light on what’s actually happening in this world...

TikTok = The Worst Thing Humanity Has Created. TikTok shadowbans BLM supporters, people dancing get more likes than actual good content, people are very disrespectful and rude with such things like “Autism Challenge”, there is a lot of inappropriate content, and TikTok can spy on you. These are just a few things to name. Do not download TikTok/uninstall TikTok and if you don’t mind, please write a review talking about these things to help this cause. I learnt this by others’ reviews and I hope you can learn something from mine. Thank you for reading.

Toxic community. Lots of harassment and hate

I hate the new version. Go back to the old version because now when I scroll on my for you page I can’t see the videos because they all go black but still play the sound. This sucks switch it backs

Collecting personal information from children?. Why are you collecting information about children, including their location? That is alarming behaviour and I question the intentions behind this predatory behaviour. Is tik tok run by child molesters? Because that’s who collects this kind of information from children.

bruh. This app brainwashed a whole generation 💀💀

Waste. Tiktok is trash, a waste of time and energy, inefficient and creates to many social problems. Tgg f ey even have an algorithm to slow growth of of “ugly” or “poor” users. I would not suggest getting, they snapped all of the 1 star ratings other wise it would be rated 2 stars, not cool at all.

Chinese spyware. Caught copying contents of clipboard on iPhone.

Tik Tok is horrible and you should not have it. I made a video of me saying I’m Canadian and drank syrup and my video got taken down while people are saying kill all men but there videos are fine and spreading false information like saying why vaccines are bad for you but they are fine

We want original. I can’t figure out what is what now and It glitches way to much and now it’s everything’s different we want original backkk pleaseeeee

Terrible app. It’s a Chinese spyware app. Also really toxic platform.

My Sincere Review. Tik Tok has definitely been my outlet for dealing with my depression & anxiety. It’s definitely made me feel happy & that I’m able to show my passion for learning dances. However, I feel like the app could definitely use some improvement. For starters the live streams. I know of many people who have been permanently banned for age restriction when they’re well over their 20s.This is really unfair because it’s the children on the app that are reporting us older folks because they’re jealous they can’t go live themselves. I’m 25 and I’m able to go live but I get anxiety on my live because I feel like someone will ban me when that shouldn’t be the case. This is something that definitely needs to be taken more seriously! Another issue are my views. Since 2021 started my views have gone significantly down. I feel like my ex boyfriend has something to do with this too because he keeps reporting my videos trying to get my tik tok account “banned”. This isn’t even fair at all for me. Also the tik tok gifts ! I feel like tik tok is taking more money than they should. I know tik tok takes atleast 66% from the gifts we earn, but i feel like they are taking more than that, when it should be the other way around. I know no one will probably read this but whoever does thanks for your time and I hope you take what I said into consideration. Have a blessed day😀

Why. Good reputation. Came out horrible. Just ban it

BLACK LIVES MATTER. Tiktok is racist. Fix it.

Worst app ever. Worst app ever

Censorship to the max. They will not let us speak for human rights in Palestine and censor everything and deleted Palestinian accounts. Since when was going against colonialism terrorism? Oh that’s right. Nelson Mandela and so many more. You silencers are on the wrong side of history. Do not silence the truth. Remember your silence and your input in stopping us in fighting for human rights. Also TikTok is hella racist and need to be pressured down for enabling racist Zionists.

b l a c k l i v e s m a t t e r. always

Essentially malware. App takes far too much information

stop. please make it so you are not able to react to a comment and annoy literally everyone who liked the comment

Nah man. Bring Vines back

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GET TIKTOK. I recommend TikTok, here’s why. TikTok is a great place for socializing. Better than other apps, TikTok asks what you like then shows it on your fyp, you can also customize what creators and specific content is on your fyp by liking videos and following creators. There are fun trends to follow, with cool filters as well! You can have 8 accounts in total and they won’t be connected to the others, (so if you want a secret account, no one will find you). You can favorite sounds and videos, comments, etc. That was Tiktoks good features! Now for the not so great ones. These are the reason TikTok got a 4/5 from me. So, TikTok has something called community guidelines, to keep every young child on the app safe and just cyber bullying under control in general, but the thing is, these guidelines are commonly false. For example, I got banned on a account with over 1000 followers for bullying even though I was duetting myself saying I was improving. And dumb things get removed on TikTok, such as videos, accounts, and comments. But then there are some cases where someone is doing something so wrong and it doesn’t even get removed until it gets over 1000 reports. That’s messed up. Other than that, tiktok is a great place! I recommend it! Just watch out for those guidelines! 😬👍

Good app, but somethings could change. Overall Tiktok is a really good app in general, however there are just some minor bugs that are pretty annoying. For example sometimes the audio just starts glitching and sounding staticky if you’re recording a video. Another thing is that recently my videos have been delayed after i post them. So i would assume it’s airpods delay however all my videos are delayed now and that’s including ones i posted months ago. Also there are a few things that could make the app better like, when you stitch a video instead of the audio not carrying over, you can have a choice on whether you want to continue it or not. I feel that it would be more efficient and a lot easier if you want to finish an old transition you posted or anything else you might need. I also personally liked the old drafts layout, but it’s fine as is. Another problem is when you’re watching a video and a text or something may be covered by a profile or the caption or anything else on the side, it’s hard to see or read anything so I feel there should be a feature where you can swipe to the left and all those buttons would go away sort of like how it is on a live stream. That’s all I have for now, but Tiktok is a really fun and enjoyable app.

addictive , and very bad to my mental health. I downloaded this app during Covid, and used it mostly positively. I enjoyed the content I was seeing , and it helped keep me entertained during the many months of being stuck bored at home. However, when life did start returning back to normal, my usage of the app didn’t decrease. I was stuck scrolling many times throughout the day, and by the time classes returned in-person, i would still find myself scrolling…even during class with an earbud in. i dealt with some personal issues during 2021 and my feed was beginning to change, relating more closely to what exactly was going on in my own life. i felt lonelier, sadder, and my attention span was becoming terrible- it was affecting how well i performed in school exams, how long i would spend practicing music, and long films became harder to sit through. i felt engrossed with this addictive never-ending cycle of scrolling through short videos…and i decided to finally pull the plunge and straight up delete the app, and delete the THOUSANDS of videos saved to my camera roll, (which i never even re-watched in the first place), and i could almost instantly see an improvement in every aspect of my life. this app literally changed the way my brain worked for quite some time, and now i feel like a new person without it. Please be very aware of the psychological impact this addictive app has on your life…and consider stepping away from its influence.

Tik Tok and saved me and my family. My life was terrible, my parents died in a car accident and my wife while she was pregnant was killed in a shooting. My 5 year old daughter died from ligma(a rare form of tuberculoses) he last words were”ligma balls” this happened last week and I greif her passing. I currently work at “Sugonma’s Burgers” and I make $4 an hour. I was staying at the creepy old man’s house but he died of Sawcon so I have nowhere else to stay anymore. I couldn't take it anymore. I found my dad’s old hunting rifle and I was going to shoot myself. I thought about my entire life for 1 brief moment. The last words that came out of my mouth were “ Hey guys, I guess that’s it”. I pulled the trigger but the Top G Andrew Tate was taking bullets out while I was thinking about my life. He told handed me an iphone 13 ultra pro max with unlimited battery with a bugatti car key on it. He then said “breath air, you don’t need a vape”. He then vanished into heaven. I looked at the phone but there was only one app. It was Tik Tok. It was a gift from the gods. A god named Andrew Tate. I was hooked to it. A month later my family came back to life and I got 420 million dollars. I now have 69 Bugatti's. I thanked and worshipped Andrew Tate with my family as we shaved our heads.

Terrible.. Tik Tok never loads. It just takes up space on my device. I can’t watch videos or see comments. It just says to check my connection. I have tried to make another account. Didn’t work. I log out of my alt and try to log into my original account but it says it is “Timed Out” I try to make one more account after deleting and downloading the app again, Only to find that I have been “using service too much” or something like that. Also, the people on Tik Tok are very toxic. It doesn’t do anything about videos or comments that are homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist etc. The content can be extremely inappropriate, too but they do nothing about it. A lot of people on Tik Tok are bad examples. It has lots of perverts and there is a concerning amount of swearing on the app. A lot of kids watch Tik Tok and start swearing or doing inappropriate dances. There aren’t always trigger warnings on videos, either. I have seen some people traumatized bc of some Tik Tok with dead kids in it. There are videos of people doing inappropriate dances. I know people that have being banned for no reason. You ban them yet you keep up the videos of women dancing in their undies? Tik Tok is a terrible app and it should be removed off of the App Store.

Amazing. Amazing app for so many things. But beyond the obvious entertainment aspect of it, it gives the user a sense of community support. Feeling connected. supporting each other. Making friends. And also it gives the user tools to be able to create and design , as well as star in their own content that is seen by up to millions of people potentially. This app is also getting families a chance to be involved in something together. Especially in a time like 2020 (to current day) and quarantine happened, people moved 6 ft apart but because of TikTok we remained connected. And in the case of the family at home during quarantine, TikTok made a way for families to grow closer, engage in fun challenges and videos together. To learn more about each other, grow deeper connections and have fun together. Also, this app has helped people feeling down, alone, and possibly having self harm ideation, to find comfort in other on the platform. To find others who have felt or feel the same way. TikTok gives opportunities to those to find support or comfort or laughter in what it is they are seeking. I believe TikTok is amazing. I just began using a few weeks ago and I am amazed. I am also not being paid to say this.

Concerned. Hello I don’t have much talent when it comes to you know making videos and what have you what I do have a talent for is listening and understanding and then trying to come up with a solution rather than throw fuel on the fire. I’ve noticed that a lot of the creators on TickTock that are of African dissent get in trouble for bullying and other things you feel are a violation. If we respond as an African-American woman if we respond to someone bullying us who are you two criticize and chastise us four verbally handling someone who is being disrespectful willfully disrespectful to us. This just shows me that you who are in control of TickTock are showing your true colors and maybe have blinders on if you can’t see or here what some Caucasian creators are saying about black people I’ll have you know I don’t look like a monkey nor do I sit out on the porch but yet and still this is what we are called porch monkeys you have to know that the God you serve had a son that has skin of amber and hair of sheep‘s wool his feet were like burnt bronze this man is of color stop being disrespectful to black creators and let them speak their minds without being put in what they called and I quote tick-tock jail thank you so much for listening

I really wish that there was no such thing as shadow banding or algorithm altering. I never see my videos I get a few likes and I have over 5000 friends on Facebook and it seems like I’ve did a research on Reddit Instagram Facebook anything on by meta-and you guys participate in algorithm alteration it’s not right it’s not fair I’ve done nothing to nobody if someone unlike suppose for me it doesn’t mean you guys put me in an algorithm into outer space that’s their personal opinion they’re like it’s not Golden I’m putting a post out here because I have things to accomplish in my life and you are blocking me on social media it’s just that a block and then you guys say you’re not doing it however I put several test videos on your platform and they did just what I suspect it went into a black hole somewhere I have relatives all over the world and I asked them oh have you seen the new post that I put up there like what post I asked friends and they say the same thing what post what are you talking about so can you please reset my algorithm so that I get a fair chance when I post things or when I do advertising with you and I literally pay for it out of my pocket that the world can see it 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸♥️♥️♥️♥️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Definitely A Great App But...... Okay, here’s my review. This APP IS WONDERFUL. But there are some down sides to it. So, I deleted this app once but I wanted it back so I can use it on my spare time. So I just got it back and apparently I can’t get back into my old account. I saved all the data but the password doesn’t work. I’ve tried a bunch of times. It’s probably a bug. Anyways, my second “but” is that even if you don’t want an account and your trust trying out the app, don’t pull up the pop-up that says “SIGN UP” or “LOGIN IN”. I honestly don’t want an account for many reasons. Bullying, mean comments, inappropriate things, ext. At this time-period, you don’t have anywhere to be, or anything to do besides hang with your roommates (roommate), family members, or yourself. Trust me, it’s tough. But at this point social-media is our life now to figure out things and to learn more. (This probably has nothing to do but I’m trying to give ideas and my opinions). Sometimes I try to not open this app up because I don’t want to see the pop-up where it says to “SIGN IN” or to “LOGIN IN”. Please don’t get me wrong but this app is incredible because I use it on other devices. But this device I use daily needs this app! Thanks for letting me share my review. Hope it’s well enough for ideas. Stay safe! Happy Holidays!!! -Your fellow TikTok Fan.

Spam EVERYWHERE. I have had my fair share of issues with many websites when it came so spam, scams, and horrible content that shouldn’t be allowed on the platform, and for the most part they are good at detecting spam accounts and fake content… not great, but most of the time it gets done or at least worked out. TikTok does none of this, and instead plugs its ears and says there’s no problem. A majority of the accounts that like my posts or bookmark my videos are fake porn accounts trying to steal private information, and in spite of making multiple emails to TikTok and filing over 100 reports towards these fake sex accounts, they have told me there’s nothing they can do about it. Furthermore there are constant issues with e-beggars who steal other people’s content begging for cash or straight up pirating movies and making money off of them, as well as multiple pornographic posts that have been reported and TikTok has insisted don’t violate their TOS. Even many of their ads are scams or spam as well, leading to fake sites pretending to “go out of buisness! We have 99% off sale on product!” or “We’re hiring! Click link below for more info!” I have never ran into so much spam on any other social media platform in my life, and I have never had this many issues with the company refusing to listen to me when I show them the problems at hand. Not worth your time and effort when all the engagement you’re getting are from bots and fake accounts.

Love the app, but..... Hi, first I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE TikTok and use the app on a daily basis, but I have noticed a few things that bother me. The first thing is when you are uploading a video, you can’t save videos,sounds,etc. This bugs me because there a several times I’m on the For You Page and I want to save a video or sound, but I can’t because I’m uploading a video, and then I will accidentally lose the video or sound and not be able to get it back. The next thing is I only ever see people with 1.5k or more likes on my For You Page, and I would appreciate it very much if it were easier for smaller accounts to get views, because most of the time the smaller accounts work just as hard as the larger ones. The last thing is about the comments. I wish people couldn’t limit the comment section to only ONE person. I understand if it is limited where only friends can comment or if nobody could comment, but I feel like limiting the comment section to only one person could make people feel not welcome and it is a big waste of a comment section. Thank you for making it this far in my review. Once again, I LOVE TikTok but these are just some small things I don’t love.

love hate relationship. I’ve loved this app more than anyone could ever express, It’s been there for me on the darkest and happiest days, but not today. Today is the worst day of my entire existence. Tiktok suspended my account. FOR NO REASON!!!! Back about a few months ago my main tiktok account got banned, for no reason. I didn’t care that much though, because I had other accounts and I used them more often. About a month ago my friends tiktok got banned, for no reason, along with her spam and her cousins account. She also brushed it off, even though it hurt she just made a new one. Today I get home from school and the worst thing I could ever possibly imagine happened to me. MY TIKTOK GOT SUSPENDED ALONG WITH THE SAME FRIEND. FOR. NO. REASON. Our other accounts also got banned. We can not log in. Our tiktoks are glitchy it wont let us click on anything. This has caused so many tears. Do you know how many memories went with these tiktok pages. No you don’t, and don’t you dare call us dramatic because you will never understand our pain until you’ve been put in our shoes. So if you call us dramatic I wish this upon you. Maybe if I just would’ve used those stupid subliminal stuff on there. What did I do to deserve this. 😢

Tik tok. It’s just a really fun app to watch and for all those parents out there who say that their child shouldn’t have TickTock well guess what if you set your child’s birthday as the real birthday if they’re under 12 years old so put a child lock on and you just have to put in your email so you can watch your child’s activity on their account and if they are 12 years old and you still don’t want them to have it then put in a younger birthday so you can still watch their account tick-tock is a really fun app you can see videos follow friends and if you’re bored TickTock will not upset like it’s honestly really fun just to lay down and watch it even you can download TickTock so you can have fun there’s this thing called the for you page and then following whatever you follow someone it goes to the following page whenever you don’t follow someone so it’s just random people will be on your for you page whatever you like so basically if you double tap a video you like it and the for you page customize his videos you like to put more time on your for you page basically the customizesSo what you like so everyone’s for you page will look different from another persons for you page

4 stars for fun, but…. There’s no denying how entertaining this app is. And if you’re just watching TikToks, not posting, this is probably going to be a 5-star experience for you. As a content creator, it’s been a bit different. I’m enjoying the success I’ve had in the short amount of time since I created my account, but I gotta say the auto-moderation is just awful. Nobody should ever have a ban enacted on them or a video automatically removed just because the mod AI picked up a no-no word without context, or because people who simply don’t like the content reported it instead of scrolling. And there’s no real way to talk to a human being if you’d like to discuss issues like this. I’d love to have actual humans deciding what happens to my content and my account. And I’d love the option to speak to an actual human when I need to hash out account-related issues. I mean, I like being here so I bend over backwards to try and meet community standards while still retaining the humor that brought followers to my account in the first place. But these auto-disciplinary things still happen, often for no really good reason, and that is super frustrating. Otherwise, it’s a really fun app and I like it. Obviously I’m still around. Just wish we could get this one aspect actually fixed.

Not for anyone under the age of 16. Do NOT let your kids on here.. As a 21 year old I honestly enjoy this app, I’ve been using it since I was in high school. It can be great entertainment and a great place to learn about different things and topics. HOWEVER the biggest issue I have with this app is nudity. I have seen probably 20 videos where men had their penis in full view or slightly out of view in the last 2 months. And they do NOTHING about it. I’ve reported so many videos and they always say it “doesn’t violate guidelines” and you can’t get them to reconsider. You can’t write anything to help them know what the report is exactly about to help them see the issue, if it isn’t in full view right at the front of the video they don’t care. It’s honestly infuriating. It’s actually insane. They aren’t even hidden well, any person with eyes can see it but they just don’t care! It’s disgusting. The videos will get mass reported and called out for the nudity and nothing happens! They say this app is for 12+ and you can’t have an account if you aren’t at least 13 but that’s not fool proof. And even then 13, 14 and 15 year olds shouldn’t be seeing that. It’s disgusting. Their team is extremely lazy and terrible moderators. Don’t let your kids on here for their own safety. Not to mention all the pedos, I know they can’t necessarily do anything about that. Don’t let your kids post and don’t let them use the app.

TiktOk. TikTok is a fun app to watch dancing, comedy, cooking, hacks and many more videos. I would 10/10 recommend getting it if you haven’t already. If you are a parent figuring out if your child should be able to get TikTok just know that some songs and some dances are a little inappropriate for the younger kids. If your child is 11+ I would say they will be fine. The app itself is organized very well, so you save videos and sounds to look at later. You are allowed to have a private or public account depending where n your comfort. A private account means that you have to send a request to follow the user. This also means that you have to follow the user in order to watch their videos. Having a public account means anybody can follow you and anybody can sit and scroll through your account. You can remove followers. When having a public account, your videos may also be on the for you page. The for you page is videos you can scroll through of content that is recommended for you based on what you like and save. This is how many videos go viral. So an overall rating on this app, 10/10 would recommended, it keeps you busy all day and there is a video out there that will make you laugh.

About the app. Ok now are these creators allowed to ask for money or gifts on this app? I don’t think so like these creators make the person feel bad if they don’t have the money or anything to give them I think you need to check into that a little bit more. Did u ever check it for one is beautybykatilyn and her husband they want you to subscribe to the TikTok channel and wall I don’t think that’s right they shouldn’t be doing that if anybody wants to donate or subscribe that’s their business. TicTok I didn’t get a reply from you please reply I want to know 😊 I absolutely love this viral video. It puts everybody in a good mood. Thank you Adam Lambert.♥️ Tictok you need to give pinky her live back that girl don’t bother nobody she’s a young women with health issues she’s a great person plz put her love back thank you I have a question why do you allow the creators to only have subscriptions to comment on a video that woman Kaitlyn is a woman that’s always asking for money and gifts she’s the only one on here that I see that does this she is a rude obnoxious person. I think it’s terrible for the people that can’t afford it. I’d like to know why you allow this she’s beauty by Kaitlyn and KNC_PUNKIN_Patch kaitlyn Buchanan I think she’s a rude creator that people they can’t afford it and want to see her or comments on videos chance oh, she wants his money from people and if you don’t have money to give her she cut you off

Good until it bans you for no reason. It is a pretty good app and I loved it. It kept me intertwined until my friend and I took a video together and she was wearing a pretty big sports bra. It cover everything except her stomach. My video got banned even though charli and Addison and other famous girl tik tokers were short shorts and bikinis. I thought okay well I guess that’s okay to get banned. So I kept posting and everything was fine. At that point only one of my videos got banned. I hadn’t posted in a couple days so I decided to post a video of the song “Thank you next”, by Ariana grande, org pictured of horses at the barn I ride at. Just the horses themselves and at the end I put a picture of me and another horse. It was a selfie and you could see a lot of the horses face but a little bit of mine. It got banned and said I was permanently banned from my account. For no reason it should be banned. I was wearing normal clothes and you could only see my face. I have no clue why it got banned and I’m really upset because that was a really good account and every school friend I had and or friend followed me and I got a decent amount of likes on each video. I’m am really mad at TikTok right now. Like did the horse not wear enough clothes. Seriously...

Lack of a real Support Team & Lack of Consistency in Updates. These issues began fall of 2021.I don’t know if it’s favorites or if other people are paying to push their LIVEstream. It feels like they’re mimicking Instagram “pay to play” for LIVE. I just noticed you can select who in your followers list to notify if you go LIVE instead of it being automatic. In order to do that you have to pay to advertise to your followers your going LIVE. It’s not pushing out to all my followers even though their notifications are on. (-1 star) Received community guideline violations without specifying what went against guidelines while on LIVE. No rhyme or reason other than possible mass reporting by spam accounts or trolls. There’s no warning message that my account is temporarily banned from going LIVE. Then if you get another ban within a timeframe your account gets removed completely. Be clear about why the account was temporarily banned and permanently banned. I don’t want to guess why; please tell what went against the guidelines in order to dispute it. I get no response from a real person from support. (-1 star) For update features I wish it was more consistent throughout accounts. Some accounts have stories but some don’t; some accounts see 3 different things like comment bar in the video instead of the description or the moving bubble comments and likes. (-1 star)

Updates are bad. Hello, I’ve had tik tok sense 2018 and I have always loved it. But recently there have been a lot of updates mainly focusing on the drafts and the draft button and I just wanted to point out how much everyone hates it. The draft button went small and now the size is back to normal just because so many people complained about it. But now the drafts are weird. Just stop messing with the drafts it was good how it was before. Another thing, we can’t screen record drafts anymore? Whoever came up with that idea is obviously a very dumb person. Some people don’t like posting their tik toks and would rather screen record them to post in snapchat. Another thing I wanted to write about concerns the lives. I’m 15 and I like going live all the time, my lives however are always getting banned. You guys may be too old to realize this but a great majority of the tik tok population is under the age of 15, and it gets me so frustrated when I see a bunch of other lives with people doing way worse stuff than me not getting banned. It’s just not fair, instead of focusing on things that are actually bad going on in tik tok you guys are focusing on banning 15 year olds for joking around and going live.

Amazing. I wanna go into EVERY detail that makes this app amazing and some things I don’t like,for example there are some toxic people on this app such and zonuts AKA Zoe’s fandom, also Zoe,Charlis haters and everything,now a lot of the people on this app are nice but some make very toxic jokes and stuff that should not be on here,I love the idea and stuff but after all quit being toxic,and the thing is is that when you get banned FOREVER that really makes a person upset,and spamming people’s videos and getting shadow banned and all that stuff should not be a feature on this app,also being able to block someone is very amazing because if someone is hating when you block them they can’t see your content and you can’t see theirs,now let’s go into the hate comments,I see these EVERYWHERE now when someone leaves a hate comment they either turn there account private and never let anyone else follow them or out their comments to followers only or freinds only or delete their comment and content period,now I love this app because you can turn your account private and public and a lot of other stuff,this app is by far the most amazing app that I spend ALOT of my time watching tiktok and stuff,and overall it’s a amazing app

SO ANNOYING. OK I keep trying to write this with you but it keeps not letting me so I took one store away from it because I was going to rate it 2 stars but now I’m rating it 1 start and the reason why the rating so low is because I TikTok will not let me follow anybody anymore. Every single time I try to follow an account it always says you’re following people too fast. Which is not even true because I haven’t followed somebody in a long time and I’m only following 112 people right now it has been saying this since like 415 which is ridiculous. Normally I would right it’s a 10 out of 10 or a five star out of five stars. I just want to follow these accounts but it’s not letting me and that is why I am upset so yeah. Update from me 3 years in the future: I was recording a little video for fun that I was NEVER intending to post trying out a new filter and when I went to watch the video tiktok glitched and made me post it to my story, before it was all the way done posting I left the app and powered off my phone on hopes that it would not post and just save the video to my drafts. I waited a minute then powered my phone back on swiped out of TikTok then got back on it and my daft was POSTED. I am very very upset because I know that people will see that TikTok EVEN THOUGH ITS ALREADY BEEN DELETED. I know this because sometimes tiktoks will come up on my fyp and then when I try to like it it will say that the tiktok is deleted but I still saw it!!!!! I am EXTREMELY upset.

I love this app but….. This app is awesome! You can edit make post to make people happy, and it’s just the absolute coolest. All though…It’s the how much banning you guys have. I made this account where I was about to reach 1M! Tiktok ended up banning it because someone said “My videos are bad” and they banned me. You see, I have two younger siblings, One is turning 13 this year and one is turning 14. I don’t understand why you ban for no reason especially for one spall report it’s just not believable! I had that account since 2017 and it got taken away. I have spammed Tiktok through Instagram DM’s they answered but never gave me my account back. I’m starting to think my account isn’t enough. Tiktok, I also found out ur banning more black people than white, hispanic,Mexican,and mixed people. It came across when I went to pages that were black and it said it was banned for Violating the community guidelines. You also have been taking down a lot of videos of mine when I am in swimsuits. Yet there are girl that are on a two piece bikini twerking. In my opinion, this app is not fair but it is a great way to bring people together and make alot of new friends. I cant seem to understand why your banning but it has got to stop. Yeah I get it if they are like bullying or something but for no reason? You have got to do better. Thank you for reading my review.

Tik tok 🤩🤪 😐. So tik tok is one cool app! There’s a few problems. I think the videos are too short Bc when people wanna post story times, they constantly have to make more parts and more! I chose 3 stars because it’s a cool app but isn’t the best of them all, at all. But anyways, let’s stick to positive again and go to reasons it’s good. It’s awesome and I love the aesthetic videos that people post! And more videos. All the trends 🤩🤩. But anyways, it’s cool Bc you can watch and make any videos you want; appropriate videos! I recommend this app a lot but you’ll probably get addicted and some not! But otherwise, it has a few problems. •short videos 😐😑 •inappropriate videos that when reported, doesn’t get deleted •somewhat pornography •cussing and F boys •opinionated, yet inappropriately, children (or and teens, maybe adults)! It’s bothering me Bc they say periods are disgusting and that a month or hair color changes your personality—like what?! •inappropriate comments! And that’s all the problems. Just a few..heh 😑😑. I would delete it but the addiction of the app rating is up to 📈!! ~• this is my opinion about the app but some parts are actually true and I’m sorry if this annoys y’all but I asked 10 ppl and they agreed!!•~ that’s all though but I still recommend this okay-ish! Bye •~

Love tiktok. I love tiktok …it’s my go to happy place when I’m sad So many funny vids on there. I can stay up all night long and watch tiktok. I’m also a Cindy ent creator and love it. Just wished tiktok would stand behind the creators more. We get a lot of hate when we are known and popular. Always getting reported for things that aren’t against guidelines. And being reported multiple times no matter you appeal is and they put it back up every time. They will delete your account for multiple reports and that is not fair at all. I feel they are a bit biased as well. What the young ones get away with us older ones do not. I’m on my third page and I do nothing wrong. I can help I’m so gorgeous..god made me this way. Otherwise i love the app I love all the wonderful people I’ve met from all over the world and friends I’ve made along the way. They have come along way with their filters and tools to edit. Great music to choose from and so much more. I would recommend Tiktok 100% Just be careful there are lots of scammers and hackers on the site. But that’s everywhere these days. And Tiktok please stand up for your creators!! If one’s been reported 100 times for having pedicures don’t delete the page lol makes no sense.

Great app but needs serious improvements regarding censorship. TikTok has easily become the most prolific social media app among all different demographics ranging from prepubescent to geriatric. It’s a wonderful platform to learn new information that is engaging and can even teach you new skills. I love that about this app but the one thing that I cannot and will not ever go along with is their censorship protocols and how their algorithm is trained to be extremely sensitive to look for keywords, phrases, names and places. TikTok will flag your video and remove it for a “community guidelines violation“, however, they failed to tell you which community guideline you have “violated“. Within the past year, TT updated their T&C to include a specific “community guideline“ that you “violated“. For a couple of months it was being implemented but now it has gone back to just a notification that your video was removed and one option to press one button, “appeal“. You cannot write or attach any supporting documents when appealing a video that supposedly “violated“ their community guidelines. Having easy access to information from all around the world is what average every day citizens want but that is not beneficial for the mainstream media so censorship is the “go to”. TikTok has a lot to work on regarding censorship even though they are a Chinese owned app.

Please don’t overuse this app. I’ve had this app for over 4 years and it’s been a problem, most of the community on this app pushes this mentally ill mindset and I know some people can just ignore it but it’s EVERYWHERE. When you see that stuff so much for that long it starts to get to you. TikTok has changed my generation so much, (hear me out I know this sounds like something your grandpa would say), there’s just something wrong with all of us, I think it is because TikTok is so addictive. The short videos on this app make our patience way shorter, and our attention span. The addiction of TikTok keeps you on your phone 24/7, when you are addicted to something you put it above all else, even other human beings, real people with feelings. I’m not making this up, I am seeing it happen to people I know, I’ve seen this generation get meaner and meaner everyday, it could be because of the mental illness trends or the selfishness the addictions push. And the terrible racist algorithm is another reason people are so upset on TikTok, POC creators are getting banned way more than white creators are, and POC creators barely get any reach. In conclusion, please don’t overuse this app, it’s very easy to get addicted to so I suggest not getting it at all.

TikTok supports ads that are scams. Recently on the app I came across an ad for pens, that were only a dollar. Since I want to have a nice pen for fun and stuff I decided to get one. What I did not realized that the scam company would automatically sign me up for a membership without my knowledge. I did cancel the member ship as soon as I found out about, I don’t even know if the pen will look like it did in the picture I saw. I’m just mad about the fact that TikTok let that ad on there website probably knowing that it was a scam, there had been a video posted 3 days after I saw the ad explaining that’s it’s a scam. I know TikTok may have not seen it yet but it still bugs me that TikTok could have prevented this scam and they didn’t. There are other ads similar to the one I clicked on, and those have been on there for awhile. If they are scams why isn’t TikTok doing anything about it, why are they ignoring this, what is wrong with them if they are ignoring it. I just don’t want to fall for anymore scams or have anyone else fall for. I hope TikTok just thoroughly check ads and their websites to make sure they are not scams before allowing them on the app, but I kinda doubt that they would do anything about this. Other then this I quite like enjoy the app, so I wouldn’t think trust most of the ads on TikTok anymore. There are some you can trust, but other then that don’t trust them yet.

I like tiktok but got randomly banned. Tiktok is a very great app that I like and I never hated it until now. Ever since 2020 There’s a lot of racism in the app that hasn’t been stopped a lot of inappropriate info that hasn’t been stopped, but small accounts or accounts that have done nothing are getting banned. Today for no reason I uploaded a video showing the evolution of my pictures, after that i edited my bio and switched accounts. when trying to switch back to my main i couldn’t and it told me that I was permanently banned for violating the community guidelines. I couldn’t Appeal at all I wasn’t underage and I have never posted an rude or racist video that would have caused me to get banned, tiktok has not only banned me but they have also banned my friends for no reason. I just want to know why I was banned and if I can appeal. that part of my review was in 2020. i am on my 4th account now because i was banned over and over again. they don’t tell you why, and just ban you when you have a height following. i just reached 3k after a year of trying to grow my account. i spent hours crying and figure out why i was banned and they told me it was because of minor safety. i’m 13 and i still get banned for that reason. they said that anyone under 13 is banned but im not. people over 13 just have certain limits. i give them this rating because if they way they treat their users.

Drafts Button. I love this app. I think it’s a great way to connect with people of similar interests and create a unifying experience for everyone. I’ve always thought of the app as very easy to use and accessible to all people (especially with the captions added to the app), but the new update that caused the drafts button to shrink has been a big problem to many creators. People are fond of their privacy, yet they still love the idea of making videos. This leads to many creators making little cringy videos that they would then just save to their drafts to post later or to just save the sound. Many have that muscle memory of just automatically clicking the middle of the drafts button, but because of this new update, they have been accidentally posting their drafts. Not only is this a nuisance to mentally check every time that you are not posting a draft, but it can be very compromising to creators who need videos to be only saved in their drafts, away from their followers. These people would be minors or others who are uncomfortable with their face being public, Islamic women who like making videos with their hair but cannot show their hair to the public for religious reasons, and others who make videos for themselves and not for the public eye. This new update has caused a lot of frustration in the community and as an enjoyer of this app, I, and the whole community, would please like it if the drafts button was changed to its original size.

My acc got banned. so this is no hate at all but my acc got banned for no reason at all. My last vid was of me and my friend doing a dance together. I don't know why that happened. Then like 2 hours later i was on my other acc then it got banned! just one got banned but i cried for hours and i was in a state of depression. I think my vid gotten taken down bc it was my last vid and i am soo close to 100 followers and idk what happened so i tried to get back into my main acc that gotten banned and then it said ACCOUNT PERMANENTLY BANNED!!!!! my friends got their accounts banned before but only for like 3 days but mine is permanently banned but in all this app deserves 5 stars!!! pls tell me what i did wrong TikTok. Ps. My access Galaxymaewolf. They did it again its very annoying i am 13 and my acc then gotten banned AGAIN its soo ooo annoying!!! This time i had my acc for not even a week and ITS BANNED!!!!! free both galaxymaewolf and thegalaxymaewolf2 !! its too annoying and i did rate this 5 stars bc the whole app besides the YOU NEED TO BE 13 YEARS OR OLDER TO HAVE AN ACC!!!!!! Which i am 13 btw!!!!! Unban these accs and others that are older or 13 yrs older that are banned! Except the creepy weired ppl! So pls if u r reading this pls spread the word! Ps my acc had 340 followers!

Here’s a review !🥰. I enjoy this app a lot and all the thing that you have added is wonderful! The only problem is when you report someone, it doesn’t do much. I think that you should be able to report someone and they would not be able to go on with doing the same thing they did, though thankfully- more than one person has to report the user, but indeed I have an idea you could add! The person should be active on their account at least 3 days so the same person does not report them with different accounts they are making. I suggest this app for many people that should be at least 10, basically double digits due to multiple swears that are allowed on this app. Maybe more edit options like, example; Camera swinging from on direction to the original video. This app is definitely absolutely perfect for people who enjoy making videos for others to see and enjoy! Though maybe make accounts get to the for you page more since its uncommon people search up a hashtag and find your video. Though I absolutely can’t stand this app, it’s amazing! And for another suggestion you should definitely add, make notifications for people messaging you and not allow spam if that is already added to the app, I suggest this app for you if you are looking forward to getting it! Enjoy 😊

‼️Stolen content‼️. When one of my videos gets posted I want people to enjoy them; not steal them!! I posted a video a while back and I accidentally tapped on the sound button for it (it's my original sound too) and I see another video so I tap on it and it's my video, my edit, that I worked for hours on, cropped and shared on someone else’s platform, when I went to report it for “intellectual property infringement” it won't work, I would like to report that some stole my edit and didn't give me credit or ask permission to post my edit let alone cropping out my watermark! And the button to report that problem won't work!! Because other people are seeing that video and they are telling the person who posted my edit cropped to look like theirs “wow this is so good”. I realized someone tagged me in the comments of that video and said the original belonged to me which was very nice to do, but the damage is already done because other people are going to think they worked hard on that edit when all they did was a 20-second crop. NOT COOL!! It is wrong and they need to see that what they did was wrong. And I hear many other people have this problem too!! You need to fix your reporting button so I can report “intellectual property infringement”!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this!! That person needs to learn their lesson.

Kicked out of my account. Kicked out of my account after I put my birthday in. I’m 29 years old. I put my birthday in under my account info. It then said “you are 29 years old” I said yes. Then it said you weren’t eligible for an account when you created your account. This makes no sense, I was 27 or 28 when I made my account. It says the app is for 12 and older so I’m really confused as to what is going on, I was literally 12 in 2005 and tiktok did not exist then lol Now everytime I try to get on tiktok a thing pops up that says I can get my videos emailed to me or choose to have tiktok delete them. I created a lot of memories on there, videos with my kids that I made so they could see one day when they are older, I don’t have a lot of followers but my account is still important to me. I also enjoy watching videos on tiktok I don’t want to have to start all over. Just a warning to anyone don’t put your birthday in under your account , this definitely seems like a glitch or flaw in there system. I hope they can fix this so I can get back into my account. I contacted support twice but haven’t heard anything back yet , hoping some fixes this soon as I am really bored and would like to get on tiktok lol

I love TikTok‘s algorithm. I’ve been on many platforms, but I have to say that TikTok’s algorithm is the most forgiving for someone with dyslexia or those of us that may have a learning disability. It’s not the fault of a computer program, but it’s hard to program a computer to not show favoritism or bias towards those with exceptional abilities. I’ve experienced great things with TikTok. Thank you! And may you have success too ❤️🦋🙌 TikTok representative: Please give clear guidelines on how to follow and Unfollow. Use positive reinforcement instead of negative reinforcement to teach people what the guidelines are. • How can a content creator follow back 1000 people that liked their video in one day? • How are creators supposed to only follow only 30 people an hour when trying to create content and still maintain a job that pays real money? Consequation is a full-time job with all the risk and only hope for a reward at the end of the tunnel. • why not create automatic tools in the creator portal, that are simplifies and makes it easier to use for a dyslexic content creator to handle these tasks, to free up more time so they can do what they do best spending that time on creating content. It’s a win-win for both TikTok and for the creator. Thanks!

Great concept- inconsistent access to features. Very disappointing.. Once every 1-2 weeks the app will switch on its own to the newest update from the older version. Then I’ll have access to post Stories, Tiktok Now photos, and use other features but the moment I close the app- sometimes if I just switch apps for a moment all the new features disappear and the app reverts to a previous version. When that happens, I can’t see anything I created with those new features.. This issue has been going on for more than a year. I’ve asked for answers from Tiktok support, done all their basic troubleshooting, and sent them screenshots and videos of the issue. All I get back are the most irrelevant, unhelpful copy/paste responses from support staff that aren’t even trying to understand the problem. It’s extremely disappointing to know that an app with virtually unlimited resources can’t manage escalating issues like these to the appropriate departments to get answers to users. Even if nobody knows why I’m having this issue, they could just say that. But the way they respond to user issues truly gives the feeling they’ve gotten so big they don’t care about every users experience. Aside from algorithm and censorship issues with creators getting videos taken down and accounts wrongfully banned, this is something Tiktok really needs to work on. The user experience is lacking.

Decent content but awful interface and creator issues recently. Ever single time the app reloads I have to tell it not to use my contacts and not to turn on notifications and go into the settings to switch it to dark mode. Every time. I’m tired of having to do that and it makes me want to delete the app because I only ever use it for a minute or two at a time and I spend all of that just trying to get to the normal for you page. On top of that, if you make the mistake of opening the newer friends tab, it just switches between an “add contacts” pop up and a “your friends are on TikTok” pop up. There’s no way to exit out of it fully and you can’t even just go back to one of the other tabs, you have to fully exit the app which, again, almost always completely resets everything for no apparent reason. A lot of these issues are recent, but for the love of god please fix them because right now the app is borderline unusable. Also the way it treats its creators with recent content violation rules is absolutely awful and tends to target already suppressed voices. I’ve seen countless completely fine videos be stripped because of the auto-report system, it’s a major issue. In general, there needs to be less content suppression for having more controversial themes, especially since the app markets itself as a way to stay up to date. You can’t really be up to date if TikTok is completely sugarcoating the news that it gives you.

Poor updates. I’ve had this app for three years now, and one thing that remains consistent is how every update has made the app worse in one way or another. In one of the latest updates, the ability to search up videos was removed, and I just don’t see this benefitting anyone or anything. How does this make the app better? How is this improving the app? How can I feel comfortable updating this app when it’s highly probable I’ll end up regretting it, and the odds are NOT in my favor?? After discovering this feature was removed, I went to the App Store and saw that there was another update available. Thinking this would fix the issue and very poor choice on the devs’ behalf, I updated the app. Opened it and the format is completely ruined. There is now a seemingly pointless dislike button attached to each comment and ruining the formatting of the comments, the favorites button is now taking up an unnecessary amount of room on the screen, and there is a new “Friends” tab on the bottom of the screen that just isn’t useful. What’s the point of any of this? Why add these useless and hindering features, and yet continue to take away the things that make the app more accessible, the things we truly need? As an avid user of Tik Tok, I am fed up. It hurts to see this happening, and I don’t know how much longer I can put up with it and use this app. I hope this message reaches the right person, and my voice (among many others) can be heard.

App problems. Ok so I've been using TikTok since 2018 and the system back then was great, Like I loved how everything was back then. But ever since like May 2021 the app's been doing some strange things like out of nowhere people are getting their MAIN accounts with like over 10K followers banned cause of some troll accounts. Also the app has been banning people off the LIVE access because they disobeyed the community guidelines like not being able to go LIVE because they're 15 and younger (In order to go live apparently is 16 with a license). Most of the app's community is 15 and younger and the app is letting all these sexual and violent people go live and then I go on the app some of the people I see going live are like 7 year old kids playing fortnite and is getting spat on by their viewers for the game they play "it's not the person it's the game". Also like last week out of nowhere I've been seeing people make meme videos about the drafts button being smaller than the post button, and me trying to avoid the update actually gets the update without manually doing it. I don't see the point in that and I don't know if the app wants to think that it's a good thing. No it's pushing buttons towards other creators that think the video they just recorded wasn't good so they have to draft it. Now I wish TikTok was banned in the U.S. one update I do have to give them though is the skip video option. anyways that's all I wanted to blabber about.

TikTok is THE BEST social media app!. Like so many others, I talked crap about TikTok & how it was just “a silly dancing app for teens🙄”. One day I downloaded the app and made an account to watch my kid’s videos they made, and in less than 24 hours I was hooked. The algorithm is awesome, the community is awesome, it’s always there when I need a good laugh, and sharing TikTok’s with family has become a great bonding time, tbh. Now with the STEM related FYP having been added, it’s even better! Based on the amount of likes on some of the STEM videos it’s clear that the entire world enjoys “nerdier” videos, too. You learn something new every day on TikTok, and I think that above all else is my absolute favorite thing about it. If heaven forbid they ban TikTok, I will definitely not be going back to old social media like F📖, T🐦, S👻, or I 📸, they are worse than TikTok will ever be when it comes to invasion of privacy or promoting dangerous things to minors AND adults. As an American I cherish every ounce of my freedom, and I like my social media like I do my life, and that’s censorship free. If this rambling of a review doesn’t convince you to try TikTok for yourself then I don’t know what will. I do know that you’re missing out on something really cool if you don’t😎💖

My favorite go to. I recently went through the roughest sickest I’ve ever been in my life (with Lyme disease), I was bedridden 3 months; and nothing lifted my spirits like TikTok. I was too sick to be social, post or like; but I still wanted entertainment. Somewhere I could see comics, musicians from around the world, new artists - mindlessly - but only TikTok of all available apps, had “Take a Timeout” commercial to suggest a break for you when I spent too long online. Where every other app is attempting to force me as a user to do things their way (changing format to keep people on, forcing other users other than your friends into your Feed whether wanted or not, or were just becoming repetitive to me); with TikTok, within days, I was watching my favorites, along with suggestions for others; and the algorithm helped find exactly what I was looking for; all by scrolling or amount of time spent watching. It became my reward, when I was getting treatments or a having a really awful rough day; I could lose myself in old & new becoming favorites that had a built in post on self care, saying do something else besides be on their app. I can’t name another app that does this, and I am hoping that it won’t be taken down.

Please fix this.. Look, I love tiktok and I have been using it o n multiple accounts for the past few years, but recently I broke my phone and I got a new one and everytime I tried to sign into my account it would tell me that the password was wrong (It wasnt I had it written on my notes.) and when I pressed "forgot password" and I completed the thing and pressed sign in, it said "login failed" or "login error" or something like that. I had already made a different account I was just trying log back into it because I had a lot of saved/favorited videos but then it logged me out of my other account which I had already started. I was very frustrated but I thought it was a bug so I just created a new account and went on with my day. A few days later, my friend gifted me her old account even though I had made a new one after that incident, and when I tried to log into that one, it logged me out of my account. I still thought this was a bug until one week ago. I had made 2 accounts on 2 different devices and instead of flipping through them because of notifications, I was gonna sign into one of the accounts using one of the devices. But guess what happened, it logged me out. Im really frustrated and I hope tiktok fixes this bug.

This app is completely biased and treats certain types of content creators horribly. TikTok has TOS and community guidelines that only work if you are either making them money, or if you conform to what they want. Not only this they will make up bogus violations against certain people that are not even real violations of terms or guidelines. For example they will ban accounts of people just for eating. And worse than that they don’t always review stuff and when they do it’s just personal opinion on their part if they like it or not. Also they will suppress content creators like cosplayers or just ban their accounts all together for no reason. They also claim to have rules and stuff against bullying and harassment yet instead when someone comes to them about being bullied or harassed TikTok will punish the person being bullied by suppressing their account and making it so their videos don’t get seen as much rather than dealing with the actual bully, and they also will do this same suppression and content hiding on people who they don’t find attractive, people with disabilities, and people who they think are overweight. Some people don’t have these problems because TikTok just picks and chooses who to cause problems for. The list of problems goes on and on. People need to be aware that TikTok is a horrible app and is not user friendly to certain people just because it doesn’t like them. These problems need to be made public and need to be fixed.

LET ME FOLLOW USERS. I was really excited to start using TikTok about 2 weeks ago. As an app, I absolutely love it. I did prefer the older version of tiktok, without the “find relatable content” at the top of every tiktok and without your caption sliding upwards every time someone likes. But, as soon as I tried following ONE person, I wasn’t able to. It unfollows them as soon as I leave the page. I’ve researched this problem, and A LOT of users experience this. Sometimes it goes away, but after MONTHS. I figured they might be verifying that I’m a real person for the first few days, but it’s been TWO WEEKS. I logged out, logged back in, created a whole new account (still didn’t work), cleared cache, updated the app, deleted other apps, uninstalled TikTok and installed it again, and reported a problem through the app TEN TIMES. Every time, it’s just an automated bot reply, saying that there was suspicious activity. I verified my email, checked my settings, yet still nothing. This is incredibly frustrating, because I’ve never spammed anything in this account. There’s no way to reach any real people or agents so it’s just unfair. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to follow anyone ever, or if it’s going to go away and when. I genuinely enjoy TikTok, I think it’s the funniest app HANDS DOWN, and the comments are always the funniest. But, to not be able to follow other users is incredibly frustrating because there’s no email or phone number you can reach out to.

Thoughts. I love watching TIKTOK It is very enjoyable to me. I don’t participate in lots of plat forms but I enjoy watching. The ones I d participate in is always fun. We have some very nice people on here and lots of very rud ones also. I am on here to met people from all over and love to watch the different things such cooking, giving advice, make up, doing, hair, and just have fun. Their are plenty of things to watch so if you don’t like something that you see just scroll on by. That is what I can’t understand is why many people can’t understand that. My favorite thing to watch is the elderly people who are having dementia . It is sad but very interesting how their mind works and how the caregivers can handle them. They are so cute and blessed to have family to take care of them. I would like to thank the makers of TicTok for having this so we can have something to enjoy. I am a widower and I watch this instead of TV and get so much enjoyment out of it. Their a few things that seem a little unfair at times but I don’t know the whole story so I can’t know who is right or wrong. There are so very riska things on here but I just watch what I want and keep scrolling. Thanks again for giving us some entertainment that we can enjoy. Silent watcher

Please fix actual problems on the app. Recently TikTok has been rolling out a lot of really bad updates to their app. The new inbox system is really confusing and unnecessary. I have to click through a few different tabs before I can see my notifications. It’s just tedious and confusing as the “activities” tab is not immediately obvious or easy to see. The other thing that irks me is that when I’m trying to preview a video in my drafts there is now an overlay over the video that is no longer collapsible. This doesn’t make any sense at all because the point of previewing a video is so you can see what it looks like on its own without all the buttons and overlays and what have you. Now there’s a big red “post” button that cuts off the bottom half of my video so I can’t even see what’s going on. Not only does it just not make sense to have a post button in a preview window, it’s just bad design. I’m convinced TikTok is just rolling out new updates that make the user experience more complicated instead of making it better and more enjoyable. There are numerous other problems like algorithm and report system they should focus on but they keep updating things that don’t need to be fixed and ultimately make the experience on the app harder and less fun. I hope they undo these unnecessary updates before people start leaving the app in favor of something like Instagram instead. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Awesome, but some complaints.. Tiktok is a fun and creative platform that I’ve grown to love. I like that when I’m bored I can hop on my phone and watch a 15 second video instead of watching an entire movie. But I’ve tried to report for multiple reasons. Do I get listened to? No. Tiktok doesn’t even read the reports. I spend my time writing reports to keep the environment on tiktok safe. They will not listen to any of them so I will be posting on here my complaints instead. I have a few complaints regarding blocked accounts and adding new accounts. My account, 17._.Brook._.17 was blocked a few months ago. On that account I had countless memories and would’ve liked to keep some videos. Instead all of the videos were taken away and I couldn’t save any! I have made a new account but would still like to have the videos from my old one. Also I have been trying to add another account under the same phone number or email as mine but it will not let me make more than two accounts. I would like to be as creative as I can and I can’t do this without being able to create more accounts. I love tiktok, but I want to share my ideas and creativity and right now I can’t. It would be very helpful if you looked into these and fixed some of them. Thank you! <3

Good app but needs some fixes.. Tiktok is a good app for wasting time scrolling for hours. It’s a ton of fun. But there’s a lot of details and settings that need to be fixed. These features really bring down the experience for me. For one, Every other video is in another language. I’ve checked and redone my language settings, and I’ve clicked “not interested” for every one. I’m still somehow on Russian tok or Arabic. Another small thing is the favorites tab. All your favorited videos are in the same place with one problem. You can favorite thousands and have no way of finding that one video from a couple weeks ago. The app desperately needs organization. Favorites should have a sorting feature to group videos manually. That’s a feature I’ve been praying for over the last few years. An odd thing tiktok does is review the videos you post to “only visible to me” and deletes them. It isnt right to go through personal videos not meant for the public eye. Of course I don’t mean people post explicit or inappropriate videos there, but just like drafts, as long as the video is private like that, it shouldnt be reviewed by tiktok. There’s plenty more I could list off, but i believe those are the ones that bother me the most. I hope these issues will be taken seriously and solutions will be, at the very least, considered.

Trash app permanent ban for no reason. I loved this app until recently I ran into complications. One day I say a video and thought it was funny and shared it to my friends. Didn’t realize that none of them were being sent and it was because it was saying that every time I sent a message that it was violating the community guidelines. I even sent the letter “O” and told my girlfriend “I love you” and those were immediately taken down too. I did an appeal and they all came back and said it was a mistake. Then it would happen again. Today I went to log into TikTok bc for whatever reason I was logged out and it said that my account was permanently banned because of multiple violations of community guidelines. This is me coming back for being inactive for several days and just and apparently it banned me just for logging back into the app bc I wasn’t banned according to my girlfriend and my emails until I logged in again. Never have been banned before but yeah permaban right out of the get go and the best part is that it didn’t even give me the option to appeal just let me request to download my data whatever that means. So yeah years of memories down the drain bc of that dumb bug. Trash app. Unless I get my data back I’m never using it again because that’s a waste what’s to stop it from happening again anyways? I’m not the first and they didn’t get their accounts back either and apparently they never even got called back just ignored so yeah I’m done.

Well…. The app is ok. Definitely has potential to be a great marketing tool EXCEPT for the fact that it upholds a racist infrastructure. White content creators often are allowed to be blatantly racist and spew *actual* racist propaganda and slurs while Black, Indigenous and other POC communities have to walk on egg shells just to keep their accounts from being flagged or banned. Also, the apps algorithm allows white creators to flourish while actively suppressing Black creators’ content. This creates a disparity when it comes to money to be made because more often Black CCs set the most popular trends and receive little to no recognition from the app or other non-Black, specifically white CCs—especially after the trend/sound has become viral. There is also the apps (those who work for/regulate) involvement in the conspiracy to suppress historical and currently relevant information. It does a great job at censorship. If it were not for the app taking constant punitive measures against anything Black and POC CCs make that doesnt directly uplift & support white supremacy and comfort, then this would be a cool place to be. Right now, theres a Black woman follow train trend happening. Not only are we seeing the vitriol from angry white women who are offended they werent centered in a Black space (shocker), we are also experiencing delays and outright deletion when requesting or accepting our Sisters. Do better Tik Tok!!

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 30.5.0
Play Store com.zhiliaoapp.musically
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

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The application TikTok was published in the category Entertainment on 02 April 2014, Wednesday and was developed by TikTok Ltd. [Developer ID: 1322881000]. This program file size is 386.38 MB. This app has been rated by 15,328,595 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. TikTok - Entertainment app posted on 26 July 2023, Wednesday current version is 30.5.0 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.zhiliaoapp.musically. Languages supported by the app:

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