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TikTok is THE destination for mobile videos. On TikTok, short-form videos are exciting, spontaneous, and genuine. Whether you’re a sports fanatic, a pet enthusiast, or just looking for a laugh, there’s something for everyone on TikTok. All you have to do is watch, engage with what you like, skip what you don’t, and you’ll find an endless stream of short videos that feel personalized just for you. From your morning coffee to your afternoon errands, TikTok has the videos that are guaranteed to make your day.

We make it easy for you to discover and create your own original videos by providing easy-to-use tools to view and capture your daily moments. Take your videos to the next level with special effects, filters, music, and more.

■ Watch endless amount of videos customized specifically for you
A personalized video feed based on what you watch, like, and share. TikTok offers you real, interesting, and fun videos that will make your day.

■ Explore videos, just one scroll away
Watch all types of videos, from Comedy, Gaming, DIY, Food, Sports, Memes, and Pets, to Oddly Satisfying, ASMR, and everything in between.

■ Pause recording multiple times in one video
Pause and resume your video with just a tap. Shoot as many times as you need.

■ Be entertained and inspired by a global community of creators
Millions of creators are on TikTok showcasing their incredible skills and everyday life. Let yourself be inspired.

■ Add your favorite music or sound to your videos for free
Easily edit your videos with millions of free music clips and sounds. We curate music and sound playlists for you with the hottest tracks in every genre, including Hip Hop, Edm, Pop, Rock, Rap, and Country, and the most viral original sounds.

■ Express yourself with creative effects
Unlock tons of filters, effects, and AR objects to take your videos to the next level.

■ Edit your own videos
Our integrated editing tools allow you to easily trim, cut, merge and duplicate video clips without leaving the app.

* Any feedback? Contact us at https://www.tiktok.com/legal/report/feedback or tweet us @tiktok_us

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- TikTok

Are you thinking about gettingTic Tok well don't think about it just get it. I rate this app a 10 out of 10 and here is why. So in Tic Tok you have a home page and it only shows the people you are following you also have a for you page. In the beginning right when you get Tic Tok it asked you to put in what you like to watch so you do that and that is what comes up on your for you page. You can also make you account private or public. When you make videos you can make them about anything Gaming, Drawing, Coloring, Cooking, Baking, Dancing really anything its your choice. You can also choose if you want your videos only to be seen by the people that you followed or only by you. When you make a video and you think it is kind of good but you don't want to post it you can put it in your drafts so if you want to post it at some point it is saved and you can. I got this app because all of my friends had it and it was totally worth it. I do suggest that anyone under 11 should not have this app it. Had some cuss words but the amount seemed to go down. If you really like a song but it has a cuss word in it there is options for if you want t blur it out. Tic Tok is really fun you can also message people but only if you have a phone number. I really suggest this app. I love it and so do my friends. That is why i am rating it a 5 star and 10 out of 10. If you get the app I hope you have fun and enjoy it.


The majority of the videos on TIK TOK are meant to provide some form of amusement and for the most part, they deliver, however some videos involve issues which require mental processing such as contemplation, evolving and action while others will literally tear at your heart’s strings. I enjoy this app quite a lot and wish that I had downloaded it sooner. It provides an escape, something any and all of us can relate to, whether the day has been difficult at home with pressures, aggravation in the workplace or school or whether something unforeseen has happened outside of the realms listed above. The videos can also be politicized with extremist views with I feel are inappropriate especially during this time of uncertainty due to the virus. We utilize the social media stage as a form empowerment and free speech and while our speech is protected under the first amendment, there are soon who will no doubt abuse their privilege, both saying and doing things in which the first amendment doesn’t protect us. I update my phone and apps as needed and have never encountered a problem with it the app. There are some who feel they must utilize their verbiage to inflict pain or mental discomfort and to that and those, who do so or act inappropriate to regarding an issue with a child or someone disabled, WELL BUTTERCUP YOUR DAY IS COMING. It may be big or small, significant or not,but it will happen, MARK MY WORDS!

- Misleading reviews, honest opinion from someone who has 100k

This app has a lot of misleading reviews but I will try to explain everything in detail so you don’t make a bad choice. As someone who has over 100k on the app I can tell you that this app has a lot of things you need to know before getting it. The first major thing is the public and private accounts. If you have a child who wants to download the app, I would recommend they make a private account, so they do not get harassed on their page. That brings me to the biggest problem, the harassment. If you happen to have the slightest different opinion, and are public about the opinion, there will most likely be at least one person who will go onto your page for the sole reason of harassing you. The second major thing is the for you page. This is similar to YouTube’s “recommended” page, but has a heavier algorithm. Your child/teen will most likely see some things they don’t like, or just don’t care for, when they first make an account, but once they start liking or skipping videos the algorithm will start to pander to their beliefs/things they like. For example, if your child doesn’t like dancing, but likes video games, if they don’t like the dancing videos and like the video games’ videos, they will be prone to viewing more video game videos.

- It was great until

Ok so TikTok was great until i would try to make a TikTok and once i was done with it it would delete it and i tried to make like five TikToks with different sounds and it does the same thing i also think that it is annoying when i get off TikTok for like five minutes and then when i get back on it it make me repick what i like to watch and also tell me how to swipe, so i think all it needs to do is fix whatever is happening and all of the other things is good. Oh and i think everybody should be able to go live it is stupid that you have this amount of followers or likes for you to go live and i think you guys are picking who go on the for you page because everyone has a chance to go viral but you are inly letting certain people do that because my stepsister did a TikTok and it was just a remix of different TikTok songs and she said, “whoever can name all of the songs gets a prize!” And then it got like 22k views and like 890 likes but all of her other TikToks get 2-10 likes. Another thing that they need to change is when you are on it for a certain amount of time and them it decides to say your tapping to fast and also that why the heck do you get a notification if someone you aren’t even following is live?? Like why it’s so stupid. So i think TikTok should change a lot of things.

- This is an okay app.

This is an okay app because every time that I delete it and then the next day I try to get it back I have to make a new account on it and get all of my fans and followers back and I hate it!!!!!!! I have to delete it because there is so much bugs and stuff that it glitches me out of the app. Then I have to login AGAIN and then after like 2-3 hours or so it glitches me out AGAIN therefore y’all need to go in and fix it please. About the updates. I think that the new updates are cool and all but....... I hate it that you guys got rid of the emojis I loved them and I was also wondering why you made us clocks/muser’s like why can’t it just be one thing instead of me telling my friend to get the app and her being confused about which name it is. I also hate that you have to reach 1,000 followers to get lively. I fell like lively should be for anyone who has tic toc/musically like come on people. What if someone can’t go viral because they only have 690 followers like not everyone can get that far like me I only have about 30 and getting to 1,000 it’s like “what the heck is wrong I thought that there was no certain amount?” I’m confused and having to buy stuff on lively like that’s stupid I’m sorry but I don’t want to wast my money like why can’t there just be adds. Can you please fix this.

- Great app but a few issues

Tik tok is a great app but when they say 12+ they mean it there is profanity in songs and more..... To me that is fine because i’m 14. But sometimes tik tok does not come to a matter to fix some problems for example suspension has happened a lot lately and A LOT of tik tokers has addressed that during their live streams they have been suspended for no reason which is very annoying since you need 1000 followers to create a live. Lately Tik tok has been glitching, I have liked various videos but they end up in my liked videos, when i’m scrolling through the for you page or a tik tokers account the video was not liked. That annoys me a lot since I need to watch videos that I have liked over and over again another thing that I want to address is perverts there are A LOT of middle age men on the app from the other side of the world looking at very young girls tik toks which i find very disturbing not only they are viewing it and liking it but they are commenting this they should not ever say to a minor and they join lives and say very sexual things. Also, the “your tapping too fast take a break annoys me” I know it’s so people don’t spend too long on the app but IT IS SOOOOO ANNOYING instagram doesn’t tell you how many posts you should like.

- Here’s a review !🥰

I enjoy this app a lot and all the thing that you have added is wonderful! The only problem is when you report someone, it doesn’t do much. I think that you should be able to report someone and they would not be able to go on with doing the same thing they did, though thankfully- more than one person has to report the user, but indeed I have an idea you could add! The person should be active on their account at least 3 days so the same person does not report them with different accounts they are making. I suggest this app for many people that should be at least 10, basically double digits due to multiple swears that are allowed on this app. Maybe more edit options like, example; Camera swinging from on direction to the original video. This app is definitely absolutely perfect for people who enjoy making videos for others to see and enjoy! Though maybe make accounts get to the for you page more since its uncommon people search up a hashtag and find your video. Though I absolutely can’t stand this app, it’s amazing! And for another suggestion you should definitely add, make notifications for people messaging you and not allow spam if that is already added to the app, I suggest this app for you if you are looking forward to getting it! Enjoy 😊

- more to tik tok

i LOVE tik tok so much. i think i speak for most of the population when i say that basically all i do during quarantine is make and watch tik tok. however, there are a few suggestions that i have. my first would be that there should be a dislike button on videos. a lot of the time if there is a controversial video people have to like it to save it which gives that creator more clout. if you put a dislike button, it shows the creator how many people he/she truly upset. i understand why that could be a bad thing but maybe try it and take it away if it gets too bad? this next suggestion is one that i have thought of since i got the app. when i really like a video, want to recreate it, show it to my friends, watch later, etc. i put the video into my favorites. however, i now have so many videos in my favorites that i can’t even find the video i need at the time. for this issue, i wish so deeply that the favorites section had different folders that you could name. this way, when you go to put the video in your favorites it asks which folder, you could name a folder, watch later, dances, show to people, etc. tik tok is a great app but please please please take my last idea into consideration.

- Great App but...

I think TikTok is a great app to be honest! It has help me grow in all kinds of different ways and is kind of addicting in a good way. However, I feel like there is more that TikTok could do to improve the app. For example, you should be able to see who duets a video. I feel like it would be easier if we want to see other people’s reactions and want to share that as well. I also feel like we should be able to have a story that is up for 24 hours so we don’t have to make videos about something we want to share that is really not that important. In addition to that, we should be able to repost videos on our story as well. I saw a really REALLY good danganronpa edit and it was SUPER underrated but I couldn’t share it with anyone because when I duetted it, it only got 2 views in a day. Also, I think we should be able to go live (like a FaceTime on live) with other people. It would be super fun! We used to have a feature where we could pin comments, but we can’t do that anymore? Which is kind of disappointing, but if you can do that again, it would be great! We should also be able to pin videos incase someone is new to an account and people want to introduce themselves. Anyway, I think that’s about all I wanted to share to help TikTok grow as a community and app.

- Good until it bans you for no reason

It is a pretty good app and I loved it. It kept me intertwined until my friend and I took a video together and she was wearing a pretty big sports bra. It cover everything except her stomach. My video got banned even though charli and Addison and other famous girl tik tokers were short shorts and bikinis. I thought okay well I guess that’s okay to get banned. So I kept posting and everything was fine. At that point only one of my videos got banned. I hadn’t posted in a couple days so I decided to post a video of the song “Thank you next”, by Ariana grande, org pictured of horses at the barn I ride at. Just the horses themselves and at the end I put a picture of me and another horse. It was a selfie and you could see a lot of the horses face but a little bit of mine. It got banned and said I was permanently banned from my account. For no reason it should be banned. I was wearing normal clothes and you could only see my face. I have no clue why it got banned and I’m really upset because that was a really good account and every school friend I had and or friend followed me and I got a decent amount of likes on each video. I’m am really mad at TikTok right now. Like did the horse not wear enough clothes. Seriously...

- I wish there was a way to customize things that trigger us

For me, politics are really bad for my mental health. I’ve been trying to put not interested every time I see a video but they still keep coming. I wish there was a way to like block certain videos but just for me. Like I know it’s important to be aware and up to date and all that but it’s not for me. The same way things liek eating disorders or assault or depression and stuff. I don’t think these should be banned for everyone bc some people need that information or should be aware or whatever, but it can be triggering and annoying in a bad way like ur always just reminded even if u just pass by the video for some. And there should be levels to it too. Like one level will be don’t show me any video, then the next be I can handle a few/you. An show me a lil, then I’m ok w seeing these and also I’m interested in this topic. But only w potentially triggering stuff. (Trust me it’ll be overkill if u let them do it w every topic like fashion, or diy or lgbtq, they have to earn their spot in those sides of TikTok) And I know it’s hard/impossible to not show alll the videos in that topic bc it may not have associating words or topics in the hashtag or caption or comments or whatever, but this will def cut down which is still helpful.

- Duet Glitches

hi, my name is makenzie hill. And i’m having some problems with the duets. For example when i want to make a duet with my favorite Creator Jayden Croes, i’ll make the duet then when i look to see how it turned out, it’s like the video will be fine for a bit then it’s like mine goes faster or something, and not in sync in Jayden’s like how i first made it. I noticed it only happens when, i do duets with someone who has a lot of transitions in it. But still, can you fix it, because i’m known for making in sync videos with my favorite creator Jayden Croes, and when i make them on sync it’s like my video will go ahead of his therefore messing the video up, and i keep redoing it but it still happens. next i would love you to add a feature were because i like doing duets with Jayden, he has videos were he records with no hands, and then sets the timers to a certain point for it to end. why, is it that if you want to do a duet with that person you can’t hear were they stopped it at and the second they stopped the music at??? but if you don’t duet the video you can here the sound, and the second but if you duet the video you don’t??? i really hope you fix it because i really love making videos with him❤️ thank you.

- Best app ever!

I’m a teenager who got tiktok and honestly, I don’t regret it. Originally I didn’t want tiktok because it was so overrated, but with so many people using it I decided to give it a try, I have got to say, i made the right choice. I have a LOT of social media, and they don’t even compare. There is so much you can do on tiktok, and it’s actually very easy to get famous compared to other social media’s, because everyone has equal opportunities. Aside from that, when tiktok says trends start here, I used to just roll my eyes, but now I literally see that around 80% of the trends I see are based on tiktok. Anything can go viral there in less than an hour. About age limits, I wouldn’t recommend this app for anyone under 12, because it does have cursing, and content that is not appropriate for younger audiences, however, if it is a parent managed account, parents are able to control what their child watches, what their child posts, they can make the account private, so that only friends can see their posts, and they can even block curse words. If you are thinking about getting tiktok, whether you are a kid, teen, or parent, just do it, and if you don’t like what you see, you can always take it off.

- Bullies allowed to thrive

So overall, I love this app and how creative it’s gotten! This truly is a place where people can share their interests and grow as a community. However, the issue I have is that they are currently doing a very poor job at keeping bullies off the app. Recently, several creators have been harassing and threatening others, the most recent case being from a creator (with a very large platform of 1.1 million followers) who used another’s painful past to promote her own agenda, and telling him that he’s no better than the person who violated him. Videos like that are constantly reported, but it takes less than a half hour for Tik Tok to send back an automated message that the content doesn’t violate Community Guidelines when it very clearly does. This app no longer feels like the safe space it was. I understand there are a lot of users, and it takes a lot to manage such a large platform, however when a video is reported dozens of times for violations and nothing is done, but videos of other people talking about why the original vid was bad are taken down, it gets discouraging for us all. Overall, the app is a cool place, with lots of effects and ways to create and manage videos and comments. However, the harassment and bullying rampant right now almost makes it worth not being on.

- Love the app, but....

Hi, first I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE TikTok and use the app on a daily basis, but I have noticed a few things that bother me. The first thing is when you are uploading a video, you can’t save videos,sounds,etc. This bugs me because there a several times I’m on the For You Page and I want to save a video or sound, but I can’t because I’m uploading a video, and then I will accidentally lose the video or sound and not be able to get it back. The next thing is I only ever see people with 1.5k or more likes on my For You Page, and I would appreciate it very much if it were easier for smaller accounts to get views, because most of the time the smaller accounts work just as hard as the larger ones. The last thing is about the comments. I wish people couldn’t limit the comment section to only ONE person. I understand if it is limited where only friends can comment or if nobody could comment, but I feel like limiting the comment section to only one person could make people feel not welcome and it is a big waste of a comment section. Thank you for making it this far in my review. Once again, I LOVE TikTok but these are just some small things I don’t love.

- The bad side is what makes it horrible.

The people on here are so toxic! Every time I comment my opinion I get attacked and it RUINS my day! Not even gonna MENTION the creeps on here! I’m not an angry mom or karen, but I think if something is innapropriate on there, it should be taken down IMMEDIATLY. I’ve made A LOT of reports, and only ONE of them got accepted. I’ve reported someone who told another to KILL THEIRSELVES and the victim that got told to almost DID! If something looks fishy, then I suggest to take down that account and ban them temporarily. Also, PEREZ HILTON SHOULD BE BANNED!! IDK WHY HES NOT! He litterally wants teens off this app, but the app was MADE FOR TEENS, adults and five year olds just snuck on there. I get like 10+, because that’s the time they start learning, and have health class, but 9- SHOULD NOT, I repeat, SHOULD NOT BE ON TIKTOK WITHOUT A PRIVATE ACCOUNT. My sister is seven years old, and she’s on private, no trouble, but there’s some FIVE YEAR OLDS on here, that don’t have restriction to any nudity or innapropriate stuff, then they think it’s okay to make. The parents find out and blame you, that could get you POSSIBLY SUED! This isn’t a safe app for kids 9-. On the bright side, if there’s a vid that says, “Opinions are available here, no fighting,” I love it. Healthy and strong opinions with no arguments within it. This app is very fun and addicting, but there’s some things to change!

- Overall

TikTok is a fun app for teens and some adults. There are cool trends to follow, fun hacks, DIYS, cooking/baking, technology, dance, etc. It has taught me a lot of very useful things, and has brought a lot of joy and entertainment. However, there are some cons to TikTok. First of all, it takes up a lot of your storage. I would suggest making it so the videos don’t save to your camera roll. Second of all, it takes up your battery very quickly. Third of all, it is very distracting and not so good to be on all day. Fourth of all, it is not included on the App Store for MacBooks which is frustrating because I need it considering my phone might break and I like to post daily or once every two days. Fifth of all there’s quite a bit of inappropriate content around the app, and Finally, there’s a ton of negativity circulating on the app. Which is shocking considering we are all isolated during a worldwide pandemic when we all need a lot of love and support. One thing I do like though is the other side of the people who stand up against the horrendous hate and negativity, and trust me I’ve seen horrendous things. So all of those cons just take away one star, because other than that, TikTok is super fun, and somewhat educational.

- TikTok

TikTok is a great app, but I feel like it would be even better if viewers like me and everyone else who likes to from time to time watch some Tik Toks in a short period of time. For instance: you would like to show a friend something funny that you watched in a Tik Tok, ...unfortunately it was at the end of the video. So now you have to wait to show them the absolute comedy gold. At first that doesn’t seem so bad does it. Although something to take in to consideration is that not everybody has time to watch all of a video just to get to the good part. That’s where my idea comes into play. I think that TikTok should make a feature that includes fast forwarding and reversing the video to the exact point you want it at. Otherwise I love this app. It is a way to be yourself and be creative in your own way. If you don’t want to do that, it’s also a good to pass time or just have a few laughs. Better yet it’s a way to find common ground with other people who like similar stuff that you do. I personally like it a lot, but I know some don’t. And that’s ok with me. And if you decide you like it too. I’ll also be thrilled. In the end it’s you opinion of the app. This is only what I think of it. So what I am trying to say is I like, but don’t feel like you have too.

- Horrible Update And Bugs Got Worse

I have had musically since the app launched and i can honestly say, it was great at first but slowly got really horrible and a toxic community. I cannot use my wifi while on tiktok, i have to use my LTE data. I have tried everything but it simply will not work. Instead of taking down cosplayers sfx make up videos !that have trigger warnings! Down, take down the bullying accounts and sexual pages that have been up for years. I get that the app is meant for 14+ but there are still underage kids on the app that report videos for no reason, or simply because they got offended by the video that had a warning on it. Instead of taking down the video, actually veiw it, then take it down if it doesn't follow community guide lines. Don't take down a video just because a 6-9 yr. old reported it because their parents said not to watch it. They clearly got angry because their parents got on to them. I'm a cosplayer and am personally sick and tired of the youth on the app that report the lgbtq+, cosplay, gamer, etc. videos just because they did not like it. I hope that tiktok actually takes the time to read the reveiws and try to improve the app. I am very dissapointed in how this community has grown. It went from a fun friend making place to a toxic, full of hatred, unfair community in the matter of seconds. I would comment all my complaints but i do not want to tire out the people that read the reviews on apps.

- Love the app but I want the old Version back

I love musically lots but the new update just makes me hate the app. When you try to type in your bio you have a maximum of 20 letters. It is horrible. Sometimes with my bio I tried to change it and it won’t let me I even counted my letters and numbers and it wasn’t even 20 sooo..Another thing is when your scrolling through your feed it goes “Your typing to fast slow down and take a break”. What is that supposed to mean. Transitions are hard to do with the new one and I’m confused with a lot of it. If you do update the app all of your privates go into Drafts. Which you can’t use the audio you saved to your privates anymore. There is an option where you can save your videos private but they fill up your whole feed like on the old musically you could just click on your privates and they would all be together under one thing. One thing that is really making me mad tho is I can’t see how many people have seen my musically when I click on it. It only shows the number of likes but who knows if those are the exact number of likes. The only way you can see how many views is on your main profile page. There is only one good thing about this new update the new filters but other than that that’s it. So for those of you thinking about getting the new update don’t get it. I love musically just want the old version back.

- Great app but alot has changed..

I LOVE TikTok! It made me have better relationships with my friends and it genuinely helped me become a more confident person. But over the past few months things have started to change, and not in a good way. TikTok has stopped put Lgbtq+ and comedy videos on the FYP. (People call this “shadow banning”) Instead of funny videos and videos that make me smile, I find myself feeling trapped on TikTok. I use TikTok to express myself and have a laugh once in a while, but now all I see is politics and inappropriate dancing. There are only a few good videos and everyone hates on them. I miss old TikTok, where if I was sad I could feel happy. If I was insecure, I would learn that I wasn't alone. And I know its great to spread awareness and share the news, but I’m always getting in arguments over who’s political views are correct. This app is mean’t for children and teens. It’s supposed teach you how to spread positivity. Most if the time I learn about dangers in the world faster than my parents. Most if the people on this app are too young to be into politics, including me. (I am 13) And yes, we should know whats going in the world, but not nearly half of the things shown on the FYP (For you page). I loved this app, but I’m starting to drift away because of its new content.

- Best social media platform ever!

I love TikTok. I personally use TikTok to have something to do and talk about to my friends. It’s basically all we do, sometimes it gets out of control and we start making TikToks in the gym of our school during lunch when we can get suspended, but, you gotta do what you gotta do for TikTok. Usually people are really nice and supportive but people can get out of hand with shaming people as a joke when it’s really not funny at all, I’ve even caught myself hating it just comes and goes and I try to stay away from it. TikTok is my most used app and I have 30+ hours on it every week and idek how. There are a few things I would change and it would be that you can have more control who views your videos. I still want my friends and the public to be able to see my videos but also I want to be able to block a specific person from just one video instead of blocking them from my Paige. That would make you feel a lot more comfortable with posting because I’m not the most popular kid in my school and there are kids out there just trying to put you down for fun. But overall great app and I give it a whopping 5 stars even tho there are a few small problems. :)

- Awesome

It’s really fun I’ve been on it for almost 1 year, there’s really inspiring creators on TikTok. But watch out for scammer profiles. But there some mean people too, but there’s people everywhere so. That’s basically it of what need to watch out for. I would highly recommend getting TikTok. It’s a really fun app. And also you have the option to turn off the comments or duet/react and you also can set your account to private or public. And make sure to report scammers if you see any it will really help TikTok fill with more safety and if you see people bully other people please report them too, it really helps TikToks positivity. So when you go to create your first TikTok you can choose all different sounds even make your own. Make to look at the trends to on there. There’s a new challenge everyday. There’s also filters and face filters that you can choose from too. You can also look at the “for you page” and the following page (only people you follow are on there). And if your account is private, people can send you follow requests you can either approve the follow request or disapprove the follow requests. My account is private I only accept the people I know. That’s basically a summary of the app.

- Love it but some problems..

I have joined TikTok last year on my iPad Mini, posting videos everyday. Though I have some concerns that should be brought up. For starters, I am personally dissatisfied about having to wait an hour without liking anyone’s videos, It would be nice to like people’s videos without running into a problem. Another concern is not having enough fans to go “live”. I had hopes to go live a few weeks after I started my account but I haven’t had any progression. Honestly, I think you would need just 100 followers to go live on the app. I also don’t like how TikTok puts all famous people on my “For you” page, I would like to give chances to smaller accounts, such as account with at least 30 followers. It would also be nice if there were less ads. When I first open TikTok on my phone, I see an ad about a trend or another app. I’m also scrolling through the For you page and see some random ad that doesn’t need to be on TikTok, although I know some ads promote movies. Another concern I have brought to attention is the use of cuss words. Cuss words have been found in almost all of the videos I watch. I am disappointed in the sound, and it gets to my head. Other than those concerns, I am proud to be apart of the TikTok community!

- Dear TikTok

I hope TikTok dosent get taken down because honestly this app is amazing... it keeps me busy and it keeps me entertained! When I first downloaded this app I was 15!!! At first it was called musically ! I had at least 400 followers. And then TikTok was made! And I started watching people’s videos and I started making some of my own! I started to gain a lot of followers and I just loved doing TikToks it made me happy! I started to gain more when I got pregnant and having so many people follow my journey.... it was amazing to have so many people watch my belly grow and seeing my baby grow. It’s really touching ! I would love if this app stayed because we need it and we love having all this fun. I love all the TikTokers and it’s fun seeing them all make you cool dances for us to do. So I’m hoping this app stays because there’s a lot of us that want this app to stay for ever.... there’s just a bunch of memories on this app. We can’t take it away from them. And I would be so sad if all my videos and all our hard work went to waste! I have too many h videos of me and my belly growing and just watching all my viedos. And looking back. And see where I got here. So please don’t take away this app. We love it too much(:

- Not so good.

I don’t think this is super good it’s only because I see stuff that make me wanna vomit. And I see violent stuff on here. And there’s people sending messages saying ‘cut you’re ####’. I can’t say it for sure. And there’s people sending disturbing messages and other stuff. Another one is ‘send me #####’. Please fix this, this is not safe for teenagers to anymore. They wanna see teenagers ##### and just no. I’m not letting this app pass without it checked and reviewing. This app is unsafe. I’m sure this app if for 45+. I’m deleting this app forever. I’ll come back in 26 years. This app is just to unsafe. I cannot keep up with a safe app, it became to unsafe and just isn’t for kids & teens. Please fix this app it’s just to unsafe for my age as well. Teens don’t belong in this app to. It’s way to fun, I’m addictive to it. But it is a bad app so I deleted it and now I’m reviewing it. Thanks for this wonderful app though. I mean this app is amazing. The app of truth. Just don’t downland it right now because I don’t like the disrespectful disruptive messages they sent you. Please don’t downland right now until it’s fixed. This app is becoming way way to unsafe and only for 34 year olds or older. So I’m coming back 26 years later. I’m gonna see if this app is fixed and back to normal how to was in the old days. Bye and just reviewing.

- Amazing(a few cons tho)

Ok so i’ve been a muser since 2016, and at first with the Tik Tok update i wasn’t happy at all. I thought i would hate it and a bunch of worse things would have happen. After time i began to love it so much i have over 1k and i have a little issues but i’m fine with this not being fixed “as soon as possibly”. So one of the problems are the for you page, once and blue moon you’ll get on it, (unless your super lucky) and i would work so hard for it and never get on it, i came to think of it as in just not quality video enough for it and that’s alright! Another thing is i like to find random small accounts and like atleast 30 of their videos good or bad, but i can’t do it as often now we have a “limit” on likes and comments (which i think is really dumb). I have one last issue and that is that videos are being deleted for no reason!!! i had a really popular one of mine deleted and it made me super upset even tho it didn’t have anything wrong with it. Same for live streams innocent people get suspended because a 9 year old reported them. Thank you for taking the time to read this! I would love it if you could atleast fix one of these problems!!

- “Under Review”

I love Tik Tok, and I’ve only had it for a few months. It is a great place for me to cosplay, the community is friendly and supportive, and I can do more than take photos now when I’m in cosplay. However, the past month and a half every time I try to post my videos go immediately “under review” and some stay that way. My videos don’t go against any guidelines. I even had videos taken down, and I would message asking why it was taken down, but no response. I would rewatch my taken down videos confused how it goes against community guidelines. Especially because I see similar content on my For You Page. I recommend not harping people like this. Because it’s frustrating to me that I put hours into making TikToks only for them to never be seen because they are kept “under review”. I recommend not putting peoples videos “under review” until someone reports the video for going against guidelines. And send a reason why, that way it will be clearer on why the video was taken down and what the creator can avoid doing in their next TikTok video. I love TikTok and I want to keep using it, but if the server is still going to keep me from posting then I might leave. I’ll try and contact TikTok if the issue isn’t resolved because I know I’m not the only one to have videos constantly under review.

- Couple things...

This is a review that I am adding after being on the app for a long time. Ive made a lot of videos on my account, and Im always making videos that are fun to watch, but go along with the guidlines. However I think the report and appeal system is very bad. I recently made a video that was actually me doing a trend that is on tiktok for halloween. It's a trend where you pore candle wax in water, and it will create the first letter of the person youre gonna marry. I tell you this because its a silly harmless tiktok that everyone is doing. About 3 minutes of me posting the video, someone reported it, and it was immediatly taken down without question. I was given the option to appeal which I did because the video I made didnt go against any guidlines (which I made sure to read to see if I actually did something) about 3 more minutes go by, and I'm told the same message except now it says that my appeal was denied. I understand we need this stuff for actual offensive and dangerous content, but I feel the reporter has too much power which leaves the appealer to have almost no say in the matter whether their video was offensive or not. Please fix this, I've dealt with this before, and many other popular creaters have as well and we're all tired of it.

- I love the app but a few bugs

Hello TikTok, I really love this app I have had it ever since it launched in 2014. I use it on a daily basis with my family and friends; but I really have been wanting to go live and say hi to all my followers! They mean the world to me and it is so sad that I can’t just talk to them and interact! Sadly, I have to have 1,000 followers which in my opinion is a little bit hard to get! I know that TikTok headquarters is really trying to improve this app and I think it is going great and you all fix all the bugs! I just think it is a little unfair that only the people with lots of followers get to go live and none of the people with a average amount get too. If you don’t want to drop the follower amount that is fine☺️! I just want to share my opinion! Another concern I have is the reporting! Half of my videos have been taken down because they are “violating community guidelines” but I strongly disagree, a video of me singing go t taken down! I really put effort into it! It made me really sad! It makes no sense because half naked girls are on there doing who knows what while I’m over here singing but their videos stay up for the world to see please fix this! I really love TikTok and it would be so sad if I decided to delete it because of these issues.

- Great App, Bad Management

The app is very fun to use, especially for cosplay videos being that it is easier to meet other cosplayers on tiktok than ever before. The music is fun, and all in all it is supposed to be a FUN app. However, the app has become littered with 9 year olds that report every video and/or view content that they shouldn’t and that to me is just not okay. The people who work on TikTok seriously need to work more on how they monitor the app. A feature to make your profile only accessible to those 13 and older would be great ( its not like the app started out as a 13+ app or anything, no way, that’s not why there are 7 year olds using it now 🤦🏻‍♀️ ). That way, if a cosplayer wants to make a post with, say, SFX makeup that looks gory someone isn’t gonna come around and report it for no reason, because the profile is 13+. I dunno this feature and a lot of other features could be added to make the app better. Cyber bullying on tiktok is worse than ever right now, and I just hope that the app becomes a safe place to have fun again like it used to be. If you like music, messing with transitions, making new friends rather easily, etc. ... I recommend getting tiktok, if you are easily offended- it probably isn’t the app for you at the moment.

- Downlad this app!!

TikTok DOES take up a lot of space but I 100% think you would like it. There is a way you can be famous and you can see funny videos that Vine never had. So I do have one complaint and that is that tiktok does take up a little more space on my phone then I want but then again TikTok can’t be perfect. There is something called a “For You” spot on the top of your screen people might talk about it a lot they might comment on a video saying something like “FYP!!” They are referring to the For You page. If you open the app it will most likely take you to the FYP, on the for you page there is stuff that tiktok thinks you would like to see.( such as funny videos or art videos) if you double tap your screen on a video then that’s how you can like a video, to follow them you can click the plus under their pfp ( profile picture) then you can go to the “Following” page at the top and there you can see the content that the people you post. Like almost all apps you have to make an account I can’t help you sign in but I can tell you that TikTok is a fantastic app so please consider downloading it. Yes I know this was long but thank you for going to read my review.

- Best app

It’s so much fun to make videos get likes and get followers also I love how you can watch other people’s video's there are a lot of effects and NO GLITCHING OMG BEST APP EVER I would rate this app a 10/10! It’s really well made but I would say make sure you are 11 or older to get this app there are so many fun things and when you first start you can pick witch category you want to see some or the categories are dance 💃 music 🎶 animal 🦒 art 🖼 funny 😁 and so much more and you can pick from more then 1 so I like to pick art animal and funny are my fav but you choose your favs so I highly recommend this app it’s one of the best apps I use it almost everyday and it’s so much fun! Just to scroll through videos and one of my favorite parts of tiktok is when you hit the follow button then go to the next page you can see only the videos of the people you follow I also like this app because some things people say are very nice like.. this person send you this video to say you are beautiful! Witch is so kind and it’s not like you are scrolling through videos that are 20 mins long they only let you film 60 sec or a min or 15 sec for songs so yes I highly recommend this!!

- Please read!

Tiktok is a wonderful app. It’s takes up most of my day. It’s also probably the most entertaining thing I’ve ever been on. Although it does have some down falls. Like videos can be taken down for no reason, videos that clearly do have a reason to be taken down stay up. For example, I made a video doing a dance and my grandma came in and hugged me. Guess what it got taken down?! I was wearing pajamas and she was wearing a baggy shirt with joggers, so it wasn’t clothing related. Here’s where it’s weird bc that got taken down but videos showing inappropriate content gets to stay up. Another thing is that people get told to kill them selfs on a daily basis but they don’t get in trouble. People get body shamed and bullied on this app but nothing gets done about it. Randomly tiktoks get deleted for absolutely no reason. It’s like tiktok is picking and choosing. It’s not fair to the ones to follow the rules in this app and still get deleted. Also live shouldn’t be debated on how much followers you have. Tiktok is an app that everyone has grown to love but it’s not always a place for everyone bc of all the hate and picking and choosing. I love tiktok and thousands of others do too. So please take what I had to say into thought to make tiktok a place for everyone! Thank you. 🙂

- TikTok is great, but...

So, I’m a cosplayer and we’re a fairly big community on TikTok. The problem is, TikTok shadowbans us. Our content is not shown to the world, causing our hard work and efforts to go down the drain. I have to constantly keep making new accounts so people can see my content. You shouldn’t shadowban people for using the same tags over again multiple times. It makes it clear what its from, what character, what the video’s about, etc. I’ve had to take down videos and reupload because you shadowban my account and nothing is shown to anyone. Even after reuploading, it never seems to get anywhere either. I spend SO much money for this and you trash it like it’s nothing. Its cruel how you do this. As much as I may hate the app for this, I still remain on it because of how happy it can make me sometimes. It gets hard to enjoy it when all you do is shadowban and delete my content. It’s unfair and disgusting. At least let us KNOW before you go ahead and block all of our content. Like, give us cosplayers a warning, and then we’ll start using different tags, or calming down on our posts a little. We aren’t spamming the hashtag or making inappropriate tiktoks, we’re making our cosplays known. It’s insanely difficult to do that because of this, and it angers me, as well as many others, a lot. Fix your app, it’s horrible.

- Literally only two complaint from me

Okay so i have only two major problems with this app and that first being that when i have to log out, to keep people from snooping in my phone and getting into my stuff, all my drafts get deleted. Like some im saving for a day when i can’t do anything but i still want to give my content to my fans but i log back in and its all gone. So then i have to get back into those cosplays and redo them. While yes, this gives me a chance to fix any mistakes in the previous cosplays i had, i still want to be able to go back later and see the progress i have made. So can you keep the drafts there just maybe put them under a security thing? So that if you have to lock them in case you get hacked or my situation happens nothing will happen to the drafts? My other problem is that you guys have a set up for notifications from what users we want to see. So i enable the notifications on a few of them but i never get notifications despite seeing their content later. I set up notifs on my gf so i can support her and gets others to support her to but anytime she uploads, i never get a notif. Its usually us chatting later that she asks if ive seen her new tik toks and i am just like shook. So basically please fix the drafts situation and the notifications please?

- ✨I love this app sm✨

So this app is kinda my life. When I bored, I watch tik tok. If I’m in the car driving somewhere, I watch tik tok! You really should get this app. It is filled with people who create amazing content but be warned... 🚨🚨🚨THIS APP IS ADICTING🚨🚨🚨! When I want to go to bed I will be like “ oh, let me just watch a couple tik toks, then go to bed. But that is NEVER the case😂. I just keep scrolling through the videos as the time tiks down. When my mom wants to do chrores and stuff, I always get distracted my tik tok lol! But, if your kid is trying to get this app and you are looking at the reviews to see if this is a good app for your child... IT IS A GOOD APP. There are bad videos but there is bad things everywhere. It’s like saying to your kid, “ I’m so sorry but you can’t go play with your friends today because you might get kidnapped so you can never EVER go ourside again, sorry.” You can sherif your kid from the world. Let them be free!! When I am sad I make tiktoks and it makes me happy. When I am sad, I watch my favorite creators, and it makes me feel so much better. If you have gotten to this point in the review. Then good job. All in all, THIS APP IS AMAZING! Get this app please. It will be worth it😊😊

- Musically

I love musically it’s such a fun app and many ways to express your personality. I love all the filters and the effects for them. But there are some things I would like to bring up and bring back. First, I don’t duet a lot of people especially when there strangers, but I can’t seem to duet with my friends without them tagging me and it’s really annoying because it also does that with my friend to. Second, the privates thing is annoying and u can’t put a video in your privates anymore if I want to duet it. Third, I did some spooky musicallys with the new effects, but they took off this really cool one where everything’s black but it outlines everything and I think that was a really good effect and I was sad when they got rid of it. And lastly, this one isn’t really a big of a deal but Ive started doing redos from my first musicallys but it’s so annoying trying to get back all the way down to the bottom of your account, if u could plz add something to make this easier that would be amazing. But like I said musically is a very fun app and I recommend it 100 percent. Thanks if you read all of this even if your the creator of this app, I’m very happy with this app and I would be disappointed if it got deleted from the App Store.😁❤️😂👍

- Tick-tock

I feel like TickTock is amazing app but to make it less addicting would be great because I knew once you delete it if feels like you need it back and it’s so hard to resist it because you can find suggestions like you might see your friends under suggestions or you can see family members even or even people over on your neighborhood and then it’s like you can see them and once they follow you back it’s like you can kind a text them and be better friends with them so I love that and also I love showing off like what you can do like it’s fun when you can show your talent to other people but I do feel like it is very addicting that is one caution I give to anybody who wants to download it it’s very addicting and once you get it you’ll miss it if you delete it because it’s just like you’ll miss being able to show your talent like the world kind of through your phone and being able to text and communicate in different ways like my videos together and make like a free account and being able to just show your own towel at all of that you’ll end up missing it other than that it’s pretty much a five from when I had it

- I’m having many problems

I’ve had tik tok for about a year now, and it’s one of my favorite apps. It’s got some major issues though. First of all, I don’t have a post button. Where it says drafts, there is just one button, and that’s to add the video to your drafts. I have looked up videos on where it is, because I guess I just don’t have one. I have put a lot of work into making tik toks, but I can’t even post them. Please at least tell me why this is happening, or if I’m just being dumb, tell me. Second of all, whenever I try to search ANYTHING, literally anything, it says “sorry this feature is currently unavailable” and I can’t search up anything AT ALL! It’s just super anoying, again just tell me if I’m being dumb, but I don’t think I am. Also it’s the same thing for writing comments :/ Third of all, I DONT HAVE A “FOR YOU” PAGE!!! I enjoy watching tik toks that are related to the ones that I already enjoy. But I still, have looked through the entire app, but I don’t have a for you page. Please try and fix these issues, because I think that they ruin almost the entire experience for me. (Also I have an iPhone 6s so if that’s something that effects the way that the app works, sorry about that, but I mean idk)

- 5 star app

I LOVE tiktok. It’s not just an app where u endlessly scroll for hours with a blank expression. It’s a community, a family, even. On tiktok, you can see videos that will make you laugh, cry and also make you feel less alone. Everybody on that app goes through things together and we ALWAYS have one another’s back. It’s a safe place. We have inside jokes together, and I think everybody my age on tiktok can universally agree that we are a family. Tiktok helps me get through my everyday struggles. If I’m feeling down about something - tiktok will provide me with thousands of videos of other kids going through the same thing, even videos giving me advice and comforting me. And if I want - I can post a video venting about the thoughts and feelings bouncing around in me. Internet friends will always find it and support you. There are always dark corners on social media apps, but so far, I haven’t encountered a single one on here. People find their community on tiktok, because there’s so many of us here. It is a way for people who live thousands of miles apart to interact and bond like good friends. It connects us all. Thank you, tiktok, Emma

- best app ever⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

i love this app so much it gives me something to do, it keeps me occupied, and overall so much fun to use. i think this app should stay and not get banned, this app lets u express ur creativity and gives u a chance to be famous. this app can help u with ur homework, give u ideas to make videos and overall have so much fun. the quality of this app is absolutely stunning. if we didn’t have this app i would be bored all day and have nothing to do, this app impacts so many young ppl, they can grow up to be influencers if this app stays, taking this app away with scar so many creators. there are many influencers who’s career revolves around this app will then be unemployed, those ppl include charli and dixie d’amelio, addison rae, avani, and all members of the hype house. this app can help show awareness for diseases and disability’s, and help grow a new company, this can also help sponsor people and products. i don’t think this app should go because this app make so many people happy and this app has been around for about 3 years and hasn’t given anyone trouble then so why it happening now? this app is one of the best ones i’ve ever seen before THIS APP SHOULD STAY!!!!!!!💗🥰💓😍🥵⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Sooooo.

Hello! Like many others none of my videos get on the for you page. The first few have. But now I’m wondering why would I even bother making videos if no one will appreciate them?! My account is ham_money. I am very upset about this feature of the tik tok mechanism. I think that tik tok she give every account a chance to be on the for you page of different people. And also I think there should be a dislike button regards sending hate comments. Also the reporting problem. Far to many people report accounts for no reason. A lot of my favorite tik tok creators are suspended because of numerous reports that make no sense. I think before you can ever report you should set out a questions and answers, to see if it’s really serious. I have tried to contact tik tok many times and nothing has happened I would very much like a explanation, AND a answer. I would like you to try to fix all of these problems. Thank you. I understand this may be hard and stressful. Sorry about that. Thank you for taking my time to listen. Oh and also don’t send me the same response you send to everyone. I liked through the reviews. It’s the same exact answers! Thanks!

- The problems with Tik Tok

Tik Tok obviously is not a platform for children to be browsing on, so I don't understand what the problem is with a little bit of adult humor. There are way too many people who get offended by little things. For example, I made a video simply following a trend of doing a certain dance aggressively. Out of nowhere, a ton of people started hating in the comments for "being rude to the creator of the dance" by doing it aggressively. Then in a week or two, the video was "under review" and still has been under review for 4 weeks now. Tik Tok rarely ever responds to reports and also shadowbans way too many good content creators. These content creators are probably the reason a lot of people still use the app, so why shadowban them? They're just helping you expand your platform to multiple types of audiences. Also, the views system must be addressed. I have over 20,000 followers and a lot of my videos maintain a very high like-to-view ratio, yet they don't receive nearly as many views as one would expect that it should get. For smaller accounts, this continues to be an issue. Less views means less exposure, which thus means less followers. Tik Tok also seems to tend to give my less successful videos way too many likes, which have a horrible like:view percentage. These views should instead go to the content that people like more.

- It’s good but not good

Idk why but when u start it only let u like vids and when u make a video it make u put it in drafts and it will not let u search anything or anyone I tryed putting it on my other device on the same account but it said it dose not exist and it will not let u follow anyone or use the same music I used to have TikTok but there was something wrong and I deleted it and then I downloaded it now and it will not let me have the same account with the same video and it used to let me when I had TikTok and before the thing that made me delet it please fix this and it will not let u comment there was a video I did not know what happened so I tryed to see if someone else new in the comment section but it will not let and it will not let u look at there other videos I know it sounds dumb but I can’t tell with how one they posted first and other stuff and I tryed to follow my favorite YouTubers on here that have TikTok but it WILL NOT LET ME! Please FIX THIS the good part it it will let u like videos and watch it and make videos but u can’t POST IT and I like everything else but all the things I just named I did not like anyway please creator respond and fix this

- Love the app but it has some problems

Look I love this app and have made several friends because of it but I recently got half of my videos audios muted and the shadow banning needs to be fixed it’s getting out of hand. The tiktoks I like are being unliked without me doing it. I’m tired of having to save tiktoks I like because of this issue. I’m not the only one having these problems. Several other people on the app are and a lot of them are cosplayers who spend hours getting into their cosplayers before even turning on a camera. This app needs to have major things fixed. Also blocking certain tags is ridiculous one of the tags that used to be very popular for cosplayers was banned and you can’t find it in the search bar. Any tiktok with the tag is automatically deleted. I love this app very much which is why I’m leaving this review here hoping it helps at least a little bit to getting these issues solved. Please fix these issues. I am aware you can’t do much about all the under 13 kids on the app so I’m not going to get angry about that because that’s almost impossible to monitor especially for a free app. Please try to fix these problems. I know I And many other people want them fixed as well.


So one day I saw my cousins and my friend watching TikTok which I was curious to see what TikTok is it’s kinda like musically but musically was kinda cringe not gonna lie or not trying to be rude so I didn’t download TikTok YET. BUT one day I was really curious so I finally downloaded it and- HOLY I- yes this is the best app it’s really entertaining yes I’m kinda addicted yes I love to watch these videos they can be funny sometimes there are so many good creators like Charli, Dixie, Tati, Avani, and many others people which yes mostly all my cousins watch TikTok now xd tbh this is the best social media app I ever seen I go on it everyday because I love this app and I think you did a great job on this app and I’m still wondering how long it took you to make this app and how because I bet it took you so long and you put so much hard work on this because TikTok is a really good app and people if your reading this you should download TikTok yes there can be SOME drama on this app but it’s ok cause like- this app is so good and yes creator you are so talented this is probably the best app of social media because it’s so entertaining and fun and creative and everything. If this app gets banned there is no WAY THATS GONNA HAPPENNNNNN!

- Best app in the world

It is amazing and ever since I got it I’ve been doing way more than befor and I loveeeee ittttttt sooooooo much I totally recommend getting it it is so fun I’ve been doing it for two years and I’m nine years old and that’s a long time so you can sign up to where people can see them vs not but I still like it it has gave me so much inspiration to do more and more everyday and I’m sad that it will be banned but I will have as much fun while I can before it gets banned I love tic tok it is the best and I hate that people are going on the side where they want tic tok to get banned and I don’t want that to happen so please help us to not get TickTock banned because to everybody it is a cool fun app. So yeah please help us then to talk I’ll get banned because everybody loves TickTock is my teachers have it too because everybody loves to talk and nobody wants to get banned but I hate that people are taking their sides and then they wanted to get banned. So please please please help us because we don’t want TickTock getting banned anymore this is been going on for quite a while now so it’s quarantine so yeah please do not get TickTock banned because everybody loves TickTock it helps


However this may seem like a great app to dance to music but you don’t know it’s deeper than you think, tiktok like many other apps can see your location but tiktok takes it to even creepy ways. Tiktok is still running in the background taking information from your phone , it’s takes passwords and different sensitive information in your phone, even the drafts you don’t post are being send to a Secret Account in China leaving it easier for hackers to break in and take sensitive information in my opinion you shouldn’t download tiktok. This makes it harder for you to feel safe in your own home because tiktok is always watching you. And even before you make a video tiktok takes the video and scans your face and they find out who you are and takes that into a data base to secretly watch you which is the creepiest thing I heard all of my life time. Do you parents want to know that your children are being watching by some Middle Aged people taking pictures of your kids. This app also takes your ip Address leaving you unsure of your safety in the place you are in. PLEASE DON’T PUT YOURSELF IN HARMS WAY TO MAKE A VIDEO PEOPLE!!!

- Unfair community guidelines

I absolutely love tik tok. I am so addicted and so are all of my friends. However, I feel that the video review process is a bit odd. Many videos contain curse words, but curse words are counted as a violation of community guidelines when used in captions or comments. Many people post videos of them drinking and will mention in the caption that they are of legal drinking age and that they do not recommend underage drinking, yet will be penalized for it (when many other videos are not). I once posted a video that was inspired by several other videos on the app, which contained short clips of each friend of mine drinking, and then passing the drink to the next person. My video was taken down due to a violation of community guidelines, so I submit an appeal mentioning how everyone in the video was 21. It got put back up but got barely any views, so I reposted it. It got taken down immediately and they did not accept my second appeal? It does not make sense and was not fair considering they accepted my first appeal. I can see that many other people have this problem and I just wonder why they are so strict when some of these videos that violate community guidelines are actually great (and extremely popular) content.

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- The only things I wish to change in future updates

I love tiktok I just wish that small creators could be on the foryoupage because I know some small accounts that deserve to be on the foryoupage. Also videos could have dislike buttons or dislike for comments, even though it would be bad like say if someone made a video and then got a lot of hate then the creator can be hurt. Change the like colour. There should be a setting were you can change the colour of the like button to have it more suitable for you. Anyone should be able to message anyone on dms and you shouldn’t have to use a phone number for it to work. I think you should be able to use the same email over and over yet make a new account because a few times I haven’t been able to get on my account or wanted a new one and I had to make a new email. In the saved videos you can make different folders so say if you saved something sad, you could put it in a folder labeled “sad” or “happy”. There should be unlimited likes, I always like my friends videos and videos I just like, but I always get a notification saying I can’t like anymore which makes me pretty sad. Edit- I also think creators over 2 million or at least 1.5 million followers should be verified. I should be verified(don’t take that seriously that is a joke about me being verified I don’t even have 300 followers :/ Thank you for reading this. - a tiktok user


Ok the reason why the title is called ‘DONT DELETE TIKTOK’ cause people on there is so creative. I love them with my whole heart. I just want tiktok to stay cause I want to meet them one day and make a tiktok and so I can get a follow from my tiktok idol who is Avani Gregg, Charli D’Amelio, Dixie D’Amelio, Addison Rae I wish I could meet them one day. Whenever I’m angry or upset I go to tiktok to watch some funny videos and I start to laugh and forget about what happened but, if it’s getting deleted I won’t be happy cause, there is nothing to make me happy. So DONT DELETE TIKTOK!! It’s something to do and make my day when I’m down or angry so don’t. And another reason i like tiktok cause, I do dancing and I love dancing I like showing people how good I’m at dance. Pls don’t delete it people out there won’t have anything to do if they are bored they will go on tiktok. Please don’t✨D E L E T E✨ tiktok!!! Love you guys for making tiktok but if you are going to delete tiktok people will hate you so don’t!! Thank you💕for reading this and don’t take it seriously for what I said.✨💕

- Review

Tiktok is an amazing app but I have a few things I want to address. Firstly most people post multiple videos with none making any views or likes. They can put all their hard work into making it then no one even sees it. So if you could make it that more people get on the fyp that would be great. Secondly, you can’t go live unless you have 1000 followers. This is crazy since some people don’t even get views and that means they get no followers, it is way too high and I think it should be lowered. Thirdly, you can’t use the same phone number more than once. This is absolutely ridiculous since some people might have more friends an another acc and can’t message them or lost there old acc with their phone number and now can’t message on their new account. You should be able to do it with verification because it is not fair on most people. Fourthly, there are way too many hate comments and posts and yet none of them get taken down even with reports. And there’s just too much hate in general. If you get a report please just ban it because it can lead to people doing bad things, delete the video or even deleting the app. If all of these things could get fixed tiktok would be a much better app even tho it is still great.

- Beware - tiktok isn’t all good

Tiktok might be really fun to watch and something I use everyday to watch videos but there is one huge thing I noticed which I find horrible about it. My 13-year-old friend has had 3 accounts banned because of violations of the community guidelines. Most of them are because she is wearing crop tops or shirts that show a tiny amount of skin. She looks young for her age so when our other friends post videos in bikinis and tiny crop tops they don’t get banned or their videos aren’t reported. I’ve had two accounts myself banned because of community violations. I haven’t worn crop tops or bikinis or done anything sexual or self-harming or any videos against the community-guidelines which I have read multiple times and they get taken down for the craziest reasons like “adult nudity and sexual activity” yet there are people doing the WAP in bikinis that suit that sentence much more than me doing a completely innocent dance in shorts and a shirt. Tiktok should stop this and not take down videos for random reasons that don’t relate to the video at all or just because we long younger. This is one thing I completely hate about tiktok and that I think should be fixed. Also, why I was writing this review, my friends account has just been banned. I am going to delete tiktok now and if you have it I advise you do the same.

- Problematic

So I’ve had TikTok for a bit and the app is really interesting and fun to be on, however if you’re creating content it’s very hard to be come visible to others especially with the term of being “shadow banned”. In addition when you report a problem, like mine being I get no views whatsoever since starting this week, the customer service doesn’t reply or help, which is fairly disappointing. It takes away the enjoyment of the app and makes it no use of producing any content if it won’t be seen by anyone even your followers. In addition it looks like I’m not the only one with this issue but a lot of people in the tiktok community. If there is a problem with our videos then please in detail say what and why, instead of leaving us confused. I even deleted my account and made a new one but it’s still the same, and it seems you can’t make a new account on the same IP address as you’ll still have the same issue which is absolutely rubbish. I’ve given this app many chances but it’s soo frustrating when your hard work and creativity is not even shown or visible to anyone. I wasn’t expecting likes or follows but just how there’s not even one view, just one on all the 5 videos I’ve made, makes no senses when others create and they at the very least get like 5-10. I don’t recommend at all.

- Loving it! But a few problems

In my opinion, I think Tik Tok is a fantastic app! You can watch other people’s videos or create your own videos! I only started making videos for 2 weeks and I already have 500 followers! Although tik tok is great…there is a few problems I want to discuss…First, There are a lot of common Hate comments, for example ‘How’s my form 🤡🤳🖥’ or ‘Imagine playing ……’ It really gives negativity and hurts other people…because of these comments, people are giving up on their tik tok videos because they can’t handle the negativity…Secondly, There are too many Online Daters, It is absolutely Disgusting to see people in the comments trying hit or flirt with the creator and I personally think that you should ban those who online date…lastly, There are too many clickbaits…people send fake videos repeatedly, they post the same video over and over again and these are major click baiters so if you could fix these 3 problems, I am sure that more people would download this app and that tik Tok will be a much safer app…I really want a bright future happening with this app so please make it happen…

- I loved musically before it became TikTok but I still enjoy the app

It’s a fantastic app where cosplayers and artists can “strut their stuff” but I’ve been seeing a lot of them getting their content taken down because there are a lot of youngsters running around and their not supposed to be there. After it transferred to TikTok I noticed a lot more bullying on the app and people (kids) doing duets and making fun/ bullying people and that’s not right. There needs to be a button where people can report an account for inappropriate content/bullying. It seems so tedious just reporting a video and just in the end of it nothing being done to the bullies on here and the people who are being made fun of having to have that video still up. The youngest age to be on here should be at 16 not 13 because all the young ones report people who do fantastic work in their makeup, cosplay and arts because it’s a little different. Those artists spend a lot of time and money doing these videos and for what? Just to be taken down. I still like this app but it is becoming a toxic zone for people who use this app for a safe space.

- Some suggestions

TikTok is very addictive as this world knows, and I’m sure there isn’t a thing wrong but I have a few suggestions that would make TikTok a better community. I recommend giving more people hype, because most Americans are more likely to blow up, not sure why I think it’s a little unfair on the other small creators because some people can make a video that took no effort at all, 24 hours later it has thousands of likes,shares,views etc but for other places they can put hours into videos and only revive maybe a couple hundreds. I’m not sure why or if this can be fixed in any way but I think small creators are much talented then some other creators out there. Not specifically aiming towards certain people, just any small creators need more hype. Other than that I think TikTok is an amazing community and there are certainly some amazing superstars that are life changing and I respect all TikToks authorities thank you for putting time into your day and actually accepting peoples request I love this app and it certainly has changed my lifestyle thank you again TikTok, true legend x

- A Couple Improvements

First off tiktok is AMAZING but there could be a few changes to benefit the community! One of the big things is I love how now we can be logged into 3 accounts at once and switch between but it would be nice if there were a couple more spaces like 5 or so because I have 4 and a couple shared one but find it hard to log out and log back in every time. Second I think with the bio’s you could make them less limited so instead of 80 characters make it maybe 150 characters and maybe 7 row limits so people can fit more I hate having to choose who/what I put in my bio and having to leave stuff out. I know a few people have said this but can we please use the same email/phone number for different accounts because I have had to use my mums and dads phone numbers for extra accounts I want to make. The only other thing I can say is that I get notifications when someone views my account and when I repost a video with a tiktok sound on it just change the sound from mine to the normal tiktok version instead of copyrighting the video. Other than these tiktok is great! I hope this makes sense, thanks x.

- Great app!

Ok so I love this app soooo much, but it’s way too addictive. Like if u go on this app just to check ur notifications u know that, that’s not what’s gonna happen, u know ur gonna end up being on there for 3 hours and when u r on there time flies by, like it could be 5:00 in the afternoon and then I loose track of time and it’s already 1:00, and this app has turned very toxic, mainly towards white ppl, skinny ppl, fat, ppl and James Charles 😐 and the trends can become very toxic, like the hour glass challenge, that is such a toxic challenge and can bring ppls confidence down like 📉📉📉📉📉📉 and it seems like bc of all this “body positivity” stuff everyone is supporting bigger ppl but when it comes to skinny ppl they r not supporting and saying stuff like “anorexic” or “eat a burger” and for some ppl that r on the bigger side that do muck bangs there are ppl duetting saying “ur gonna get diabetes” but that can’t help it bc they have a ed! But over all a good app, very toxic but we can learn that not everyone is gonna be nice and bring a smile to ur face and instead might bring tears to your eyes but y’know that’s fine too ❤️❤️❤️

- Snippets of brilliance brighten up my day

Are you having a bad day, maybe you missed your job search appointment for the 27th time because you keep having panic attacks that paralyse you or maybe when you look at yourself, you think you’re never gonna see a point to your existence? Well Fucghettabowdtt!!! Howww?? Ya mutha, how? I can feel you scream/say Download TikTok onto your phone and then peruse the magnificent variety and enormous amount of tiny shows available to entertain you, and make your mediocre life fade into the background for as long as you need a break from it. There is something for everyone, for every level and brand of sexuality, with performances that range from spectacular to ‘aww at least you gave it a shot bubba’ that only their mothers liked. And should you have a quiet need within, maybe you have never given up wanting to - ‘be a star’ or you have a pair of feet that ‘gotta dance’ then this is the place for you too. Tik Tok is awesome - for me it’s like a hit of fabulous so I can face a boring day.

- Tik Tok is an incredible app, but maybe some new suggestions or ideas 😊

✨ Tik Tok, is an amazing app, when I have a bad mood and feeling a little upset, tik Tok always makes me feel so much better, it gives me a lot of joy and relief some stress. I made a lot of great friends in tik tok which is quite nice 👍 and tik Tok can also help everyone for ideas for something like tricks/hacks for people to learn which is helpful, but maybe some ideas to make it a bit better, 😀perhaps you can maybe decrease limits on comments so people can type more because sometimes it can be a little frustrating but it’s still alright overall! 😊 Also can you maybe try do something about this, sometimes when people block someone from being around their accounts the other person go making fake accounts to look at accounts still which is quite a unpleasantness. Still Tik Tok is a wonderful app and I would recommend you to download it, Ciao!!! 😊😉😌 ✨

- please add group dms and close friends list

ok so i am absolutely in love with tik tok and i am so addicted it’s such an amazing app to express you creativity or find others creativity but please PLEASE add group dms the amount of times i wanted to talk to my friends through the dms but i wanted all of them to just realise that i can’t is so devastating. people reading this might say “oh use instagram they have group dms” yes but some of us don’t have instagram. “oh what about text messages” also yes but i don’t want to give random people (that could be 40 year old men(we never know)) my phone number or email address just so i can have a group chat to send tik toks to or talk to i think tik tok will just be that little bit better if group messaging was added. jeez that was long let’s hope this one isn’t as long. i think tik tok should have kinda like a private story thing where you can chose who can see a tik tok i know you can chose friends only in the privacy settings of the tik tok but that includes everyone you follow that also follows you and for most people that’s not the close close friends that you want seeing your random posts. both of these are only suggestions that i obviously feel very strong about. in no way possible am i trying to give hate as i said before i love this app and use it everyday i just think that these small changes can be benefited by everyone. lol idk 💕 sorry if you read all of that.

- It’s frozen

When I go on Tim Tom there’s a big problem. I can’t seem to watch the ticktocks because I either have to pause and play it or it’s just gets frozen. I’ve had this problem before and the other time it just needed time to recover but this has been going for a week now and, I would like for you to fix it , because it is irritating and I just want to watch tiktoks with out pausing and playing it. The other thing I realize is that it won’t let me tap on the buttons on Tim Tom I don’t know why I think it might be a glitch or something. I actually had to delete my account and make a new one but it didn’t help. The other thing is that I’m not really getting on the for you page and I get that you have to be famous to be on the for you page. But my old account I was loosing followers really quickly, I also have a question for you. How do you go on live? And why do you have to get 1000 followers to go live?

- Why This app is the best

Tik Tok is the best app in the entire world. It allows people to connect with with from all over the world. It also lets people to get a great message out like “black lives matter”. It can also make people feel good about themselves and help them find out their real self. It helps people build back their self confidence by inspiring videos. It also have very funny content that allows you to get something off your mind if you are not feeling 100%. Tik Tok is definitely one of the best social platforms out there. It also allows people from all corners of the world to make amazing content. It can also let people connect from the ages 13+, How amazing is that. I would be glad to say that Tik Tok is my absolute favourite app. So I would most definitely recommend this app to any person from 13+. Therefore, you should definitely get Tik Tok because it is so interesting and inspiring!

- Tiktok review

This app is incredible it really lets us all be ourselves and let loose. The only problems with it is the age group. It specifically says 12+ and makes you do your birthday but seriously how easy is it to just click on the year 2000 and not 2011???? Another thing is that just because someone doesn’t like a person doesn’t mean as soon as they report them a couple of times They get banned A lot of my friends have got banned and let me tell you. There not mean. 😬💀💀 Also the content. 70% of the content on this app is amazing, creative and just fun but others are inappropriate. Your taking down pregnant women’s unique bump trying to share memories of there pregnancy journey. But your not taking down those fully grown women in bikinis shaking there bum on camera and calling children Hoes. How is that to 12 year olds HUH!! But like I said this app is amazing and has built my confidence so much. Thank you so much 😊 just make it a bit more safer and it’s so cool Recommend it to everyone

- Tiktok

Tiktok is an amazing app where you can show your interest and talents but there are som defaults on the app like in inappropriate videos being shared around it can be toxic as well and I think by adding a dislike button people won’t have to hate in others they can just click the dislike button I also think that Tiktok keeps a better eye on what others are posting like inappropriate videos are not getting deleted. I also spent hours on a video that got taken down cause I was showing my midriff but that’s only because I was reviewing clothes and tiktok there are many many videos of people body shamming others so pls keep a better eye on what others post thank you. And lastly I think that smaller creators should be able to get on the fyp and I also think that you should allow people with at least over 100 followers can go live cause thankfully lives get on the fyp which could really help out small businesses increase that’s all.

- Tiktok

I love tiktok but I wish the smaller creators could be on the fyp I would really like to see the second parts of videos if they have multiple parts on the for you page. I don’t like the new set out of the profile page because I can’t see all of my videos and how many have been posted. I wish I could have more freedom with the app with the videos so it would be easier if I could scroll the the bottom of my friends pages or more creators. If a way for you to see the videos that have come up in your following or for you page do you can watch it again in an easier way. A dislike button so if I dint want to see that content I can dislike it. I didn't that that people can who what comments I have liked because it says liked by creators. I would like to have an easier why to find emojis and have Bitmojis in stickers. Thanks for reading this hope this helps 🥝

- An Alarming Amount of Young Children! This must stop!

With all the chatter and sudden interest with this new app, I decided to download it, just to give it a go. I’m a teen. I’ve had Tiktok for over a month now. I can tell you, it’s quite addictive. Amazing, different and inspiring content by influential creators. Though there is one thing that deeply concerns me. It’s the kids. By being on tiktok for a few minutes, it’s plain obvious that this social media app isn’t for youngsters. Severe amounts of sexual references- deeply descriptive as well. I’m not complaining about this however, as most teens (and over) who are the main intended audience are used to this in daily language. I’m complaining about the alarming amount of 6 year olds who are on here watching half naked people flirt and do dirty actions with a sexually explicit song in the blasting in the background. This must stop. I strongly suggest that anyone under the 13-14 age bracket shouldn’t be exposed to what is on here. And this is me saying it, as a 14 year old. On top of my previous point, These kids know nothing about protecting their privacy. Their sick parents may think otherwise, but you don’t need to go far down the comment section without children openly telling strangers what road their primary school is on. For their own god darn safety, these babies are going to have to wait another 8 years until they get the app. I really think you should be more strict about it. Thankyou.


should seriously consider creating a child safe version this app, It is so popular everybody talks about it, so many children have it and completely ignore the age restrictions. Although it is my favourite app it covers some reality’s that innocent children shouldn’t have to process or think about, i’ve seen a 9 year old refuse to eat, starving herself to look more like the popular creators and beauty’s influencers and no ones at fault except the system and I know you guys can’t change beauty standards but a child safe lock changed by parents or something to try and take at least a small step to help at least a few children. It won’t impact your life that much but it can change some kids future, not sure how all the technicals work but i’m high as all heck and i worry for these little kids seeing some stuff i see on my for you page anyways sincerely regarded - the future you

- GRRRRRR 💕 (still love you tho)

I think the age should be upped a little because too many creators are getting their videos removed because 12 year old can’t handle it, also they aren’t old enough to understand that you don’t give out your personal information. What pisses me off as well is that THE SAME 12 year olds reporting cosplayers videos are half naked in theirs and they aren’t taken down. Like idc what you do in your videos as long as it’s reasonable. Popular creaters are getting shadow banned for nothing. I wanna see my fave creaters content but I can’t unless I look them up. Tik Tok FIX THIS! I’ve been on this app since it was musically in it’s FIRST DAYS and I have to say it’s going down hill, creaters are going to end up NOT making content because 12 year olds are getting it deleted for no reason, if you do not stop this you will end up like vine, discontinued because it got BORING. I love Tik Tok, it’s my way to release stress I can’t see it rot away like this. Thank you. 💕

- Tick-tock is the best

Tick-tock is the best app you can ever have like it just shows your real talent and you can have it on private if you don’t want people to like they can just follow you and see all your videos and that it’s just incredible I don’t know how people don’t have is that what everybody should have this app because people with diseases still go on it and some people do say rude things well I blocked those people and everybody should love the people that bully animals about how they look and help people get bullied about how they look it’s disgraceful but tick-tock shows at all it’s incredible and there are a lot of people with disabilities on here it’s just amazing how people can share their real talent some people maybe maybe get a lot of likes on TikTok but it doesn’t mean that they are famous cares if they’re famous at least you’re showing your account talent can I please go live though

- 👎Deleting it👎

I have made the decision to delete TikTok. All the wrong things about TikTok annoys me so much. It glitches, it shows videos on the foryou page about fifteen times and it just it is not good at all. I loved musically it was sooo much fun the sounds had basically no swearing at all. You had private’s not drafts. Drafts annoy me and not just me all my friends to, you can never ever find a sound you want to use when you don’t have internet but on musically with private’s you could find sounds you wanted to use. TikTok glitches turns black on the screen and not just my screen but my friends it has sooo many things wrong with it and what’s up with the name TikTok musically was an amazing name I just hate TikTok. I’d much rather musically but that’s my opinion not anyone else’s. I’m now deleting TikTok saying goodbye to my musically memories and finding something else to do instead of TikTok.

- My Review

I loved Musically. Why on earth did u change the name to Tik Tok?! We used to be musers.. But now we’re CLOCKS!? Anyway, that’s not my only concern for this app.. I enjoy making Tik Toks/Musicallys but sometimes I just like to save them as private’s. It gets so confusing when I look through my account cause all my public Musicallys/Tik Toks are mixed with my private Musicallys/Tik Toks. Please make two separate spaces for private and public Musicallys/Tik Toks. It would be highly appreciated, not only by me but thousands of others on this’s app. I believe just doing little bit changes like that will improve this app a lot.. Everyone on Musically /Tik Tok is complaining about this app, so why don’t u do something about it? This app is getting worse everyday, if ur gonna change it, u need to change it FAST. This app is meant to be a supportive app where everyone can come and have fun. Well guess what??... It’s... NOT!! I can not get over how much bullying is on this app!? It’s disgusting. I’m extremely disappointed with this app. Please make it better soon?

- TikTok is great!

TikTok is one of my favourite apps and I use it a lot, I love how you can chat to friends, dance, share videos and just have a lot of fun with the app, I recommend TikTok a lot. If you are worried about safety, there is an option to make your TikTok account private, which gives you the choice to accept or decline the people who want to follow you. Although if you have a public account your videos can get on the ‘for you page’ which is the way videos are spread around the app. The app is great and I love it, but a lot of people are concerned about how the app has changed, a few years ago, TikTok was called ‘Musically’ and the front cover of the app was different, and the in the app it had a lot of updates too, but some people didn’t like the update as much as others, a lot of people prefer the original app, musically, yet a lot of people loved the update. Apart from that small bump, everything on TikTok is working well and is therefore a great app. 👌🏼

- I love it

I’ve only been on Tik Tok for around 2 months, and so far, I’m in love with it. But i have seen a lot of people complaining about how Musically was better. Personally I think the name sounds better than tik tok. Could you bring back musically to stop them complaining?? You could maybe keep the filters and the layout of the app, but just change the name and the theme colors to musically. I also wish you could go live before 1000 fans, because some people (like me) have private accounts, and they might not want to show their face/location on public. For private accounts, it is hard to get to 1k, as you might not get follow requests often. If you could go live on a private account, it would only be for the people who are following you. Kind of like on Instagram. Please take in these suggestions, as I would love to see the app improved. xx

- Update

So I love musically aka tiktok but when you make a video private you can’t like it and that’s one of the things I really hate. Second when I am liking things really quickly it says slow down and wait a mintue, I wait a mintue and it says it again and I can’t like any videos ❤️. Also with the update there’s so much cool filters out and I don’t have them I update it and still no new filters so why so some people and some cool filters, I have have no new filters it’s just not fair! And when the update came out why did they change the name of the app like it was find just as Musically and why did you change it to tiktok? Everyone is so confused about it so it’s really bothering me. Anyway everything else is good I just wanted to let you know about what’s happening! Sorry also About the messaging friends so when you try To send a message to your friend on tiktok it says you have to do your phone number and you know we are not a robot so why do we need to put in our phone number! It’s really bugging me! And when you post I feel you we should be able to post like 3 videos at the time it’s more quickly and when you leave the app for an hour it goes into your drafts so why do we have to be on the app for it to finish loading! I don’t get it please read this and make an update for this, this will be very helpful. Anyway thanks for reading this and yeah. Alyssa❤️

- Recent update review

To be honest not to be mean but I really hate the new update some things I like but the rest is just confusing like the private/draft you have to click on the folder for a video and when you exit that video you have to go through all the editing and then your back to the videos like why did you have to change that I really liked how you could scroll through the private/draft videos and then press the sound to make another one but now you can’t do that and I really hate it. I have talked to a lot of other people and they really hate the new update as well and they would really like the old one back I mean it just annoys me and I’m considering deleting the app on all my device and so are other people my friends have already started to delete the app because it annoys them I know that you won’t care about all of this and you won’t change it back but that’s just going to make people delete it and I know you won’t want that so please change it back to the old update and do everyone a favour and make people actually enjoy musically again thank you.

- TikTok

It’s the best app I have ever played! It has been fun watching funny videos all day. I often just watch videos and searching for the stuff I like. If anyone gets this app well they are lucky. I certainly would go see this app to enjoy😍 I had fun making videos and enjoyed easter,2020,Christmas,Halloween and lot’s more events over the years. I am now just thinking about tiktok every day! I started last year on tiktok. It took half of a year so I can just be in love with tiktok. I get so overwhelmed when I just look at my mail. It’s full of stuff like someone like my video or liking my comments. it’s just so cool! I rated it 5/5 because I was in love with tiktok. I hope tiktok last for about 14 years! I done not a lot of videos but I have lots of people friend requesting me every day! About 2 or 7 tiktokers friend request me. I hope you love my words😍😍😍

- Tiktok is problematic

Tiktok is a platform that many incredible people are a part of. And many of these wonderful creators are building meaningful communities and connections and using this app as a means to educate people on relevant social issues and spread awareness and positivity. However, Tiktok is continuously shadow-banning and censoring creators for posting BLM, feminist, body positive and lgbtq+ content for “violating community guidelines”. But they are not disciplining racist, sexist or transphobic comments and posts or comments and posts that glorify body shaming, eating disorders, or the objectification and sexualisation of women and girls. Tiktok blocked all queer related tags, using the argument that they wanted to protect queer creators from homophobia and transphobia. News flash: silencing and already oppressed group, during #pride month no less, and refusing to let them share their thoughts, feelings and experiences IS discrimination. Perhaps try removing the hate comments and posts instead of censoring the people they’re targeting. This is unacceptable. This affects big creators and small ones. We are sick of this. Do better, Tiktok. Stop being part of the problem.

- From Oscar

Tik tok is a super fun app and you’re sure to love it you can watch videos on your for you page which show you videos made just for you and if you find someone on your for you page and you love their videos then you can follow them press on who you’re following and they should come up on your following page somewhere or to watch lots of their videos you can press on their channel and scroll through their videos to watch them you can also create yourself a channel and make your own videos on it you have the option of putting your account on private or putting it on public for lots of people to see it although you may scroll past some inappropriate videos if you report them tik tok takes them down so what are you waiting for download tik tok and join in on all the fun 👍

- TikTok

I enjoy TikTok because it sometimes teaches you things that you don’t know and there is a large quantity that I will love it for ever And ever. TikTok sometimes tells me what has happened around me and others just like the news! The last few Years it has teach to me a lot of things and help me grow up a lot. It’s a shame that I don’t have a lot of fans but your app is TREMENDOUS,OUTSTANDING,AMAZING AND FUN! Like I CANNOT THINK about another app that is better then yours because your app is right at the top of my heart and all the other apps are at the bottom of my heart your app has made me happy and be good at school for almost 2 years! I have being bad at school before I have use this app. and now I am sooooo good I have good grades,teaches like me i’m excellent at school or because of this app the one and only tremendous,outstanding,amazing and fun app called TIKTOK🥳🥳🥳🤩🤩🤩

- Amazing

I love this app! My special needs daughter requested help with making an account, so we did. The uniqueness of this platform is absolutely perfect for making dreams come true! My daughters dream has always been to be famous and thanks to TikTok and the positive community that has happened. The only downside to this app is that it doesn’t seem to take bullying seriously , as we have had a few negative accounts / comments that tiktok refuses to remove, which in regards to disabled people can be rather harsh. We would appreciate tik toks ethics and morals to be shown here , and have these things dealt with. We are showcasing her innocence, authenticity and genuine qualities via this platform and the same courtesy would be appreciated. Overall our experience on the app has been wonderful , besides the very few un-dealt with harassment/bullying issues.

- Violation content

I throughly enjoy and love this app. It gives people the chance to express their natural talents in front of billions of people. In return people gain tiktok popularity and a huge confidence boost to continue to keep on putting out great content. Once major problem with this which I have had experience in is the violation of community guidelines. I have posted content which is non violating at all and it gets taken down. I have seen content that is quite violating to the guidelines and yet still stays on the platform and the patrons profile. This is a major issue! Tiktok needs to reconsider what is violating and what’s not! As a content creator I can’t grow and expand in followers who enjoy my content because it reaches out to thousands of patrons and then gets taken down after 10k views. Seriously... Apart from that everything is great!

- I hate it. It brain washes you

I am warning you do not get this app because It Brain washes you , before I loved it but now no. I could not get off it and it started to make me rude. Yeah it might look fun but it’s not , and the name TikTok like what are we clocks huh and like there’s dumb people on there like cool story my dude I hate listening to her or seeing her . And strangers can like talk to you and like you can see people’s faces I am not saying I do not like people’s faces I am saying like some like old creepy old man can see you,re face. Even some people can hack you and look we’re you like it is scary and there’s like cute stuff BUT NO. Sorry TikTok I do not like you jk WHY WOULD I EVER SAY SORRY TO TIKTOK HUHHHHHH , okay I will calm down that’s I hate you might like it like , it was fun doing it with my friends, but I will never change the things that I am saying now.

- Amazing!

This app is really cool! You can show off your dance moves and your talents and not be judged! If you don’t feel confident posting videos of yourself, you can easily turn your account on private where only your friends can see your videos! I personally really enjoy this app very much. Someone of my friends call me addicted.... But there are also some things that don’t satisfy me. You have to have 1000 followers just to go live. They deletes your videos for ‘going against the community guidelines’ which really annoys me. Once I wore a swimsuit on a video and it got taken down. Next thing you know charli damelio and every famous person on the app is wearing bikinis but there videos are still up??? Tik tok you do need to fix on how you treat famous peoples videos compared to people just trying to have a good time. Although the app is good in itself I do recommend this app, go have a good time!

- Hey TikTok! Remember me?

If you remember me which you probably don’t, I reviewed my friends problem on TikTok, she is fine now and now I’m on it! I’ve only been on TikTok for about a month I only follow my friends and this is such a great app. There’s just some things that annoy me, the little kids going on the app that just ruin it and somehow end up on my FYP? This is one of the things that annoy me but the rest are just me problems, I’ve started to really like this app (not as much as my dad though!) and it’s changed a lot since musically. Though, TikTok isn’t for everyone, and it has changed a lot since musically, so if you’re looking at TikTok, BEWARE it has changed. anyway, love your app, it’s incredible how many people use TikTok, hope you’re doing good in this Quarantine we have, and see you next review I have. Enjoy TikTok will ya, luv ya.

- used to be better

my situation: so i recurved an alert saying i was tapping too fast, so i didn’t use the app for 5 hours. i’ve cleared the cache and restarted my phone in the hopes i could use the app normally. it has been updated to the newest update and i can not delete the app because i want to keep the drafts which is inconvenient. this has increased my frustration towards the app, and i am now considering not using tik tok altogether my thoughts: the app used be more pleasurable to use, but changes in tik tok trends and culture and the abundance of wrongly shadowbanned creators has made keeping up with them through the app boring. my suggestions: enable dms for everyone again get rid of the you are tapping too fast alert as it is annoying and currently restricting me from having the full tik tok experience be able to edit comments and captions a function where you can search for effects (like green screen or face zoom) instead of having to guess by the icon or searching it outside of a tik tok which is being made turn drafts into private tik toks you have not uploaded and you can still edit, but ones that also save to your account so you can re-download the app and still be able to keep your drafts create a video and comment upvote and downvote feature playlists for video series - especially if they’re a 20 part series - i don’t want to see everything they’ve posted just to see one series amongst a creators others last but not least PROMOTING BLACK CREATORS

- LOVE IT! but a suggestion...

Absolutely love tiktok, it’s my favourite app and I literally use it for like around 20 hours every week (and yes, I’m a 19 year old full time uni student). One thing I would love to see though would be a section at the bio part of someone’s account where you could see the amount of likes a person gets from their comments just like you can see the amount of overall likes people get from their videos. There are so many accounts I see that don’t post on tik tok but instead comment, and I for one would love to see the amount of overall likes people get from their comments on other people’s videos (as well as be able to flex my own comment likes). It could be comparable to Reddit’s ‘karma’, like a sort of ‘comment karma’ but for tik tok? I hope I explained that well enough!

- the stupidity of banning tik tok in aus

This app is very inspiring, influential (in a good way) and allows people to be free and creative everyday. People have concerns that younger viewers are being exposed to inappropriate content for their age but the age you are allowed to get tik tok is 13 so your 6 year old child should not be watching it anyway. I get so much information and news about Coronavirus, the Black Lives Matter moment, abortion and body image to things like fashion design, architecture and pop news when I am on the app. People have launched careers off this app for example, Dixie D’Amelio has become ‘tik tok famous’ and has since then put out a song called ‘Be Happy’. Tik tok has so many positives to it so my advice is if you do not believe in tik tok or don’t think it is suitable for you or your child, simply don’t download it!

- Good app but a few requests

I think tiktok is a great app that I use pretty much everyday I only have a few requests and they are that u can see who views your videos like clicking on the amount of views to see who has viewed it. Also you can dm if u are under 16 and use an email. Also my notifications are messed up they only send like when they want to and sometimes I get a notification saying someone I am following has posted a new video but it is a video that has been posted ages ago and I have already seen. My final request is that you can post tiktoks to specific people like private stories. I know you can make it so your ‘friends’ can see it but even some people that I am friends with on the app I might not want to see the tiktok or it does lot relate to them and they would not understand but thanks for reading this review 😁😁

- Technical issues - this video is under review

Love TikTok great app overall but lately I’ve had some technical issues that have been affecting the views on my videos. Sometimes when I post a TikTok it won’t actually upload as it says the video is under review. This can last anywhere from 10 minutes to over 24 hours. This has been super frustrating as the amount of views a TikTok gets in the first few hours impacts how likely it is to be on the FYP page. This has happened to me 3 times over the past 2 days and I don’t understand why it keeps happening. This also happened to a video I posted when it hit 10k views. I thought it was all going well and then suddenly the views stopped coming. It wasn’t until my friend messaged me asking where my TikTok was that I realised that it had been put under review. I was really frustrated by this as the TikTok was going well and gaining momentum. This happened 24 hours ago and the video is still under review. I don’t understand why this keeps happening and I hope TikTok can fix this problem soon as I’m becoming dejected every time my video won’t upload properly. Some other features that could be added to enhance the app are: enabling creators to pin comments and having the ability to create folders in Favourites

- Is this meant to happen?

Hello! I have TikTok and it’s truely an amazing app. My last account got banned and I started a new one :( but thankfully I have managed to get over 1k followers now and I’m grateful for all of them. I love posting and watching other peoples content but there’s just one problem. I see you’re allowed up to 3 accounts so I have 2 and I logged out of my 3rd for a bit but now I’m trying to make another one since I can but whenever I do, I get up to the swipe puzzle piece and then it loads and then it comes up with ‘your account has been permanently banned’ and other stuff. This scares the HECK out of me every time so I just get out of the app and reset it. Why doesn’t it work :( I’m too scared to try again and I need help with it! I really want to make a new account and I know what it’s going to be about. So pls change this somehow. Thank you.

- Very good app

OMG OK so this app is a very good but these two things that I want to change first of let's talk about small accounts now some of the small accounts they don't get on the for you page and I have a small account I only have about 50 followers maybe little bit moreI just wish I could get on the for you page yeah secondly they are a lot of scary seems on TickTock and I wish you could remove them straight away because I don't like that stuff and do you want to little kids on the app like me I'm only nine but yeah because I saw a really scary one and I had to report the person because I did not like it and i actually no that's all I want to say but yeah I can I just want those two things change yeah again I give this app five star rating☺️ but I hope you like it and yeah bye

- Tiktok is great

Tiktok is recommended by me, it is good for just browsing, posting videos of dancing, doing voiceovers or random funny videos. The TikTok guidelines do restrict some things but others wise it is pretty ease to navigate through the app. WARNING: When on you for you page 7 year olds might be on it pretending to be fairy’s or make their own mini hype house so I recommend to skip. Tip for parents: TikTok does have swear words sometimes but otherwise is completely safe for your child to use. Plus you can still browse without an account. Plus you don’t need to use a real email to make an account. Finally you can also message people if you follow them and they follow you back, to do that you need to link a real phone number So I highly recommend tiktok for a good laugh and to stop boredom

- Not fair that only some people have the new beauty enhance effect

First I would like to say I love the app! But I’m soo annoyed because I don’t have the new beauty filter?!? Why is it that only some people have got the new beauty enhance feature. The one that you can enhance your whole face not just the beauty on/off one. Some people have said you have taken it down but I never got it. And I dont know why you would take it down even if people didn’t like it because the people that don’t like it could just not use it... and why wouldn’t everyone get it? I want it and every day I look in App Store for updates and I never get it!!! I love the app but I’m devastated that i haven’t got it. I don’t feel like it’s good for your business having people having different versions of the app? It should be the same for everyone, or is this just something for the people with lots of followers? Still love the app but yeah I’m super bummed!

- Disappointing App man

Numerous times over and over kindly and long written essay I’ve used tickets support tickets to contact tiktok. They haven’t fixed a problem not 1. WORST AND MOST DISAPPOINTING OF ALL they haven’t even replied to me once. I also can’t post for 5 days because of someone guideline, I’m new never happened to me and I get treated badly. They haven’t helped me my fans are getting angry I have 4k followers and all my fans want to see live videos and content but I can’t do anything because tiktok don’t even help to bother to REPLY AT ALL TO ME!! IM JUST SICK OF THEM NOT EVEN REPLYING TO ME ONCE! BEST APP EVER THIUGH JUST DONT EVEN REPLY OR HELP OR FIX!” Just really disappointing how it’s been 2 months and never even replied once this app isn’t proving to be so positive and making people’s days all it does is waste your time and not fix your problems!

- Felicity’s review

Ok, tiktok is amazing!!. I love how I can use it whenever I want and it doesn’t cost any money! I also think it’s great because you can express yourself through it!(for example: if your a dancer you can do lots of dancing, if your a cooker you can show people how to cook, if your a makeup artist you can express that!) I don’t like how people can very easily to bully people, even though you can report still doesn’t stop the bullying. I also don’t like how you have to have a certain amount of followers to go live, I don’t think it’s very fair. Also the fact that so many people hardly has any followers and then there’s Charlie with her millions of followers, I don’t think it’s very fair of how it works with the followers. Other wise it’s great. Thanks for making tiktok work! Felicity

- Enjoyable!!

Tiktok is a great enjoyable activity, that is welcoming to all users. There are different types of entertainment to view!! There is comedy, dancers, facts, etc. Which I think is personally great! In my opinion, tiktok is a large community with all types of things, to involve and entertain the audience no matter who you are!! The only problem is the term “ Shadow Ban “ I’ve heard this come across my friends, but have never experienced it. I assume it’s a ban, that stops followers or viewers to watch your content more often. But there is always a reason! You’ve probably done something inappropriate or not right for the ages- so they’ve shadow banned you!! Overall, tiktok is a great community and app! You can even talk about your problems on there, and someone will be there for you!! There are flaws and mishaps but I personally think it’s a great experience to enjoy!!!

- If u want this app read this comment

I really liked TikTok when I first got it which was very long ago bc I was a muser but the only reason why I deleted it because of this it wastes all of your storage and it should just keep the videos on the app and not on your camera roll it’s unbelievable how they waste half of my storage I have 16 GB and its wasted it because of videos that are going to my camera roll instead of my account I personally believe that it should also not let people that follow u and u used to follow them still see ur videos they could’ve been a reason why you unfollowed there could of been a very good reason why they didn’t want to follow that person they could’ve been trying to stalk them or harass them TikTok if you could change anything I will probably get The app back but for now Ithink I’m okay.

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- Carryminati zindabadd

Bakwas app #justiceforcarry

- Please Stop This!

I love this app, I would 100% rate it a 5 but.. There are some users showing vids of them naked, some users(not just some, a lot!) are making porn videos, and I suggest that Tik Tok should either have a specific kid friendly Tik Tok app, specially just for KIDS, OR stop this! Thank you.

- As much as i “love” it, it sucks

Ok so first thing is that its ableist, they have admitted to hiding people with physical disabilities to prevent “bullying.” But that isn't the only ableist thing that is happening, they promoted the “autism challenge” which is 100% ableist and making fun of people with disabilities. Secondly, the for you page is now full of pretty, skinny girls doing the same dances over and over again. Huge lack of creativity if you ask me. They also shadowban people with actual talent like us cosplayers which i dont get?? If you are a cosplayer or artist, we are developing an app just for cosplayers and artist, for more info please check out rec.ordplayer on instagram. They also promote sexualizing minors so keep that in mind.

- Reports not taken seriously

The title is explanatory. Tik tok does NOT take the reports sent to them seriously. I’ve reported a dog being used as an ashtray and the video is still up. I’ve reported a grown man pinning down a baby to a wall while a sexual song was playing.. the video is still up, I’ve reported two grown man talking about daddy kinks when the audience are mostly minors still up. This is an issue that needs to be fixed.

- Child Pornography Issue

Tiktok, why is there child pornography on your app? Users are making their profile pictures a leaked picture of an unclothed girl. Friends and I have reported some of these accounts yet they’re not taken down hours later. Please do something about this.

- Tik tok is the downfall of humanity

Actually the stupidest, most cringe thing that could ever exist. Half the tok toks are only made to get likes, and the other half is people copying videos from YouTube, and 0.00001% that is actually good doesn’t even follow what tik tok was made for: kids doing cringe dances.

- sexism, racism, etc

all this app is now is people fighting over if men or women are better, girls doing absolutely nothing but sitting in front of the camera and getting 7 million likes just for being there, but real talents only get a few hundred, or even thousand. this app allows females to be half naked dancing which is not talent

- :(

This app is very racist, and they shadowban people who try to speak for blm. they also take down a lot of videos that speak out against racism or for lgbtq+. please fix this.

- Real Stupid.

Worst app ever.


Recently people have been getting messages from TikTok saying they know where the person lives. It can access your personal information, it knows what apps you have been on, it tracks your messages you send on there and it can see your search history. There is a lot more. If you want more information then search up “Delete TikTok” on YouTube and select the video with the title “Uninstall TikTok now” by Liyan Channel. Please do NOT get this app if you want you and your family to be safe.

- Racist

this app is racist and homophobic and doesn’t let minorities on the foryou page.

- Too many hate speeches

People are misusing this app

- Worst app ever

Worst app ever

- Bad

Has ruined every song I like

- Exposed

Apple caught them doing some funny things with my your information. You should not download this until it's solved

- Replying to comment with video

sTOP THIS ! I will never like another comment because of this stupid new feature!!! Take it back.

- stop

please make it so you are not able to react to a comment and annoy literally everyone who liked the comment


Tiktok is a Chinese company which steals your information and sells it to other Chinese companies who keep this info about you, that’s super creepy. Tiktok says they don’t share anything but this isn’t true #deletetiktok

- I hate the new version

Go back to the old version because now when I scroll on my for you page I can’t see the videos because they all go black but still play the sound. This sucks switch it backs

- Y’all dumb

Tik tok is silencing creators for speaking up about real life problems that news doesn’t talk about. It’s honestly disgusting, the amount of racism and homophobia on this app is ASTRONOMICAL it is WAYYY too racist and homophobic. Btw happy Juneteenth

- Do not download

This app is racist they put blm on there hashtags because it’s a trend for them but when we talk about it and not be a popular we get shadow banned and when we talk about China in a bad way our post gets deleted and we get shadow banned that’s not all tik tok has your info and tik tok will sometimes post people’s drafts and drafts are things only you are supposed to see

- Terrible

This app promotes sexualizing underaged girls and boys, allows challenges to be posted that threaten lives of the users, and are all around stupid, steals music and more. I used this app for a total of one week out of curiosity after watching a lot of videos on it. I was not impressed, I will never use this app again and I recommend you never do either.

- Bullying and Harassment

I have countless times seen creators be homophobic, transphobic, sexist, misogynistic, and many more horrible things and every time I have reported it, it comes to nothing, TikTok says it does not violate community guild lines, even thought these creators have admitted to rape and told people they should not exist!! TikTok is a very horrible plate form that allows bulling and harassment.

- :(

Racist and homophobic! PLEASE fix this

- toxic app

allows people to be racist,homophobic etc, it’s very toxic and should get deleted because less delete TikTok it’s very bad and rude and racist

- Sucks

Tiktok sucks nothing works

- X

Redditors, assemble.

- Very stoop

This is the reddit army coming to take you down

- We want original

I can’t figure out what is what now and It glitches way to much and now it’s everything’s different we want original backkk pleaseeeee

- Worst app ever I used


- TikTok vs YouTube

TikTok is tatti TikTok walo tomhari banh ka ....

- Disappointed

Your algorithm is disgusting. I loved tiktok when it was genuinely funny content and before you started shoving the rich accounts down everyone’s throats. At this point I’m not even surprised that a big company such as this did it and I hope you get backlash for it.

- Garbage

My friend got banned for no reason at all because apparently she violated community guide lines and its not like they even gave a notice before hand 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡


Not only is the app filled with cringy teenagers the fact that it is owned by a Chinese company that collects all your information such as email passwords IP address etc this information can be leaked and the Chinese government is using it to spy on anyone they please. STAY AWAY FROM TIKTOK

- Tiktok bad

TIktok bad

- Garbage

This app exposes children to inappropriate content. PARENTS DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS FOR YOUR KIDS. If you have or your kids have DELETE IT. Protect them from this garbage

- Tik tok is bad

Lets get tiktok to 1 star.(Unless you want china knowing your whole life)

- Tiktok.. why

Tiktok is arguably one of the worst social media’s if not the, the company itself gathers info about kids illegally and gives it to the Chinese government. On the other hand is the community which is even worse, before I got stopped in the halls being asked to do the “renegade” which was just innocent attempts at fame on the internet and now I’m hearing news stories over challenges such as the “pee your pants” challenge and a new dance solely against people with autism or the ”skull breaker” challenge, all of this is very, very stupid. No matter which way you slice it, TikTok is one of the worst communities on the internet.

- Sucks now

This app used to be awesome then it started getting worse. I completely quit the app after you guys changed the name. Change the name back or I'll never use this app again.

- Trash

Just doing my part reddit

- waste of time .

its an addiction waste of time.. same contact repeating.

- Worst

Worst app

- ‼️tiktok is so sus‼️

i found out that tiktok knows a whole bunch of stuff about you and shares it with other companies. delete tiktok, your account(s) i know it’s going to be hard but i did it so you can too! :) review it one star so we can let more people know‼️

- Sus

If you value your privacy, don’t install.

- Data privacy issue

I don’t like their data privacy policies and they have to share their with their govt i would not recommend this app

- Where do I start with child nudity...

I’ve reported and had videos removed which show teens dancing sexually, or have nipples exposed etc. If the videos don’t have many views they’re usually removed. When they have a lot of views they magically don’t violate any guidelines (although whether they violate laws is questionable). And comment sections full of men saying they’ll be going to jail for watching the videos which just goes to show how much these videos are pushing the boundaries. I can no longer support an app which supports what could easily be considered child pornography.

- Worst app ever

Everyone looks like just copying the trend(trends are also crap), nothing new. And more importantly no credits for original creators.

- Waste

Tiktok is trash, a waste of time and energy, inefficient and creates to many social problems. Tgg f ey even have an algorithm to slow growth of of “ugly” or “poor” users. I would not suggest getting, they snapped all of the 1 star ratings other wise it would be rated 2 stars, not cool at all.

- This app sucks the content sucks

There should be a way to block this app, now I have to let it on my iPad that I share with my son and block via screentime.

- Ooooh I’ve been waiting for this day.

They ban and delete the accounts of activists and educators while nothing is done about pedophiles and sexual predators. People are getting shadow banned for speaking up, they don’t look into any of the legitimate complaints creators and users have while making frivolous big fixes and hashtags. They never give creators any concrete reason why their accounts have been banned even after months of asking and live-streams are being taken down for no other reason than one report from a trolling child. They’re schizophrenic parents when it comes to nudity, allowing mainstream creators to flags their genitalia on camera and not taking it down or giving any type of warning while a trans-male maybe banned completely for showing his scars or binder. If you have experienced anything similar please speak up! They may let 12 year olds take down live streams but trust me when I say one bad review won’t have a single eye batten at it.

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- Stupid but addicting.

Once you get into tiktok it’s a like a little world. But I have some complaints. First off, the lives. Only people over 1000 followers get to go live, which I think is ridiculous. Maybe you should give new users around 25-50 followers when they first start so at least they have something. Secondly, you need to fix your issue where people randomly get suspended by their lives for getting reported. When someone is reporting you should make it a REQUIREMENT to have evidence and if they don’t have any, their complaint is invalid. Thirdly, the age limit. It needs to be where people only up to 20-25 should be able to sign up, minus “thebentist” and the other cool, family friendly tik-tokers that everyone loves. I think this because girls and boys are constantly getting verbally harassed by older people on tiktok, such as the Budday. They are being forced to do things they don’t want to or see graphic things. Or are tricked to give personal info such as their number, email, etc. These are just a few of my complaints. Please work on these because these are universal problems on TikTok. Thanks!

- Live

Tiktok is a great app! But when when it comes to people going live there are some problems. One of my problems is that why are we only able to go live if we have 1000 or more fans. That doesn’t make any sense because if you have a small tiktok page then maybe if you go live you can get more fans. People With 1000 fans or more are not small tiktok pages. I only have about 90 followers so if I go live I could possibly get more fans. But since you can’t go live unless you have 1000 fans or more I can’t get more fans from live. I also have another problem, it’s also about live. So I was watching a tiktoker on live and I left for about 10 minutes and when I got back on the live ended. So I just so happen to see a video of her saying “ I’m so sick and tired of people reporting me for being under age when I’m literally 19 years old” That mad me and her both upset. So you should take off the feature were people can report them for being under age so that the person going live has a far chance to verify that they are not under age. Like I said tiktok is a great app but when it comes to going live things need to be fixed.

- Tik Tok's great but I have a few suggestions

I love Tik Tok! Just a suggestion, if you can't do this already! Since there's the new 5 emojis on the top when you're commenting, i think it would be a great idea if you could just customize them to whatever you want! Then you could have your favorite emojis right there when you need them. Also, allowing creators to go live who have less than 1000 followers would help so much! I miss back on Musically when you could do that. Next, it would be super helpful if in the middle of filming, if you forget to put the time on 15 seconds/ 60 seconds that you can change it. as well as being able to look up filters when you're filming, and using more than one filter at a time. Another huge suggestion is if it's possible, to make it so you can comment pictures/ customizable stickers. Lastly, and I think I speak on behalf of most of Tik Tok when I say this, STOP MAKING IT SO YOU AUTOMATICALLY UNLIKE VIDEOS/COMMENTS AFTER A MONTH OR SO! It's really frustrating when you go through your favorites and discover that the older videos have been unliked. Other than that, I love this app. I spend probably 8 hours on it a day, so I would say it's one of my favorite apps. Thanks! 💗💗

- Racism and Other Things

First of all this app is shadow banning black creators for speaking up about black lives matter. For an app claiming to support the movement you sure have a weird way of showing, I mean shadow banning black creators but heavily promoted your white poster children for talking about. How about we see videos from the point of view of the people actually effected. Not these rich white kids who have never experienced it. Second of all they took down a video warning people about posting about protesting because people are looking at those videos to kidnap and kill the people seen in the videos. Thirdly there has been a massive invasion of privacy. Multiple people have reported the app posting their drafts and private videos without their consent. These videos are posted under ghost accounts and show up everywhere on the for you page. This is happening to one young girl in particular and the app isn’t even trying to help her. Fourthly the issue of the boy who killed himself when he was live. They didn’t terminate the live until a few hours later meaning the boys dead body was on the screen for hours. Then they tried to cover it up. It eventually was discovered a year later and is absolutely disgusting how the app handled it. They didn’t put more barriers on their lives but instead hide it from the public. This is a disgusting app that needs to change.

- Cure for my boredom. But lots of problems

Hey people. So let’s yk just talk about the f boys on tiktok. Why do they sexualize abusive relationships. I have no clue. Do they think what they are doing is attractive?? Because it isn’t. You just look dumb and honestly for you to be making sexual content for your 9 year old fans just shows how weird you are. Tiktok used to be so fun until the algorithm messed up and only giving white racist people clout. I’ve been on tiktok for a long time and tbh I am so upset with what has happened to the people on this app. All you see on your for you page is 16 year old boys grinding to the camera and making sexual povs with inappropriate language. Yeah it’s an app for teenagers but what’s stopping kids from being on the app. They can easily lie about their age and be able to make an account. Then there is girls just showing a little skin like maybe an off shoulder shirt and their video gets taken down. But what about the shirtless boys sexualizing the camera referring to sex at parties. Is this what tiktok us now?? Just f boys doing cringe poses to their phone. Tiktok you need to do better😹Chile anyways Stan elite tiktok because we are so unproblematic

- Amazing

Tik tok is an amazing app I do think there should be a rule on bullying,harassment,impersonating,etc. but overall 4 years ago today it’s kinda like I’ve been excepted into a loving , respecting and overall great community and family tik tok has improved my social life and my self confidence and of course your going to get hate through Time but that’s just apart of life you have to roll through the punches before you can be successful but even then your still gonna get hate once in a while but that’s just because people are jealous because they can be you or apart of your life I’ve posted this on my tik tok a lot so now I’m gonna say this to everyone reading this “don’t Chang who you are for anyone or any reason your perfect just the way you are it doesn’t matter if your white, black, Hispanic,etc. it doesn’t matter about your hair it doesn’t matter if you have a mental illness or if your older or younger poor or rich over weight or skinny you belong and have the same values as anyone else yes there’s net worth but to be honest that doesn’t mean a thing I thought a long time ago it meant everything but I’m more mature and I know better and you do too just remember to enjoy life and roll with the punches Ava “

- Pinpointing and harassment

To whom it may concern,I have a TickTock account under the name Lydia booboo Over the last couple of months I have been banned and videos removed for pornography and sexual content. None of my deleted videos have had sexual content or pornography there is no nudity no sexual content. I have been harassed by you Tiktok for the last four months. I take this issue very seriously as I have a business surrounding my Tiktok platform. Essentially when you were banning me for two weeks at a time I am losing business and I am losing money. I have just been banned again today after just coming off of a band for 14 days. Have thought very carefully of my plans of what to do next since I am constantly being pinpointed on my account and being removed for false reasons. I have contacted my lawyer and I have put on other social media’s and talk to multiple creators who have never had this happen before. I will go through with a lawsuit if this continues to happen. I would like for my Tik Tok account to be unbanned at this moment. I would also like for the harassment and the pinpointing to stop. My business is taking a huge hit and a huge reduction and income because of said harassment. I will definitely be waiting for your response and I hope to have my account Unbanned as soon as possible or you will be hearing from my lawyer thank you so very much.

- Lots of hate and negativity

In my personal opinion it’s a great app however there is a lot of hate and body shaming on this app. I’ve started to notice how people can say words they aren’t supposed to and then blame it on their age and they get a second chance but however when somebody looks like someone famous on the app the famous persons fans will come at the other person and they never let it go. I hate going to people’s comment sections to see all the hate and negativity there is.I absolutely hate going to comment sections and seeing all the body shaming from “You’ve gained weight” to “I can see your ribs” it’s like you can’t post a video of you eating something that “isn’t healthy” or wearing bathing suits without getting body shamed. I hate seeing people turn off their comments because of it, I hate seeing people stop posting because of the hate and I personally think it has got to stop because people start thinking that just because someone started spreading hate that they can do it and it just gradually becomes worse. If I wanted to I could list at least 7-8 people getting hated on or body shamed which I think is 7-8 too many!

- AMAZING app!❤️

i LOVE TikTok a lot! And i’m wondering if you guys could make a new update❤️! We shouldn’t have to see that were following fast there shouldn’t be a limit to how fast your following. it get’s in the way and makes many people unsatisfied and angry. Please let us follow as many people as we desire! if you could do that it would be amazing!!💗 TikTok is a HUGE😱 platform, and I want to help TikTok make people follow as many accounts as they desire. This way we won’t have to be triggered at a such small sign, many of us would LOVE if you could update that! It would be AMAZING!🙏 We are 💯% sure about this decision😁 and by updating TikTok so we can follow as many accounts as we desire we can make more people who are showing us there talent get the actives they deserve!✨ please reply as soon as possible to give me a notification about your reply!🙏 And through out TikTok is very addicting and a age appropriate app for 12+ ages! I approve we should make better update’s for many people to join😱! Image the better updates to improve MORE on TikTok so the TikTok community will be even BIGGER image it! Let’s do this TikTok and make more creators and watchers to join the app!🙏 We’re counting on you TikTok❤️ - @ following_..amazingfpps

- Arianna Gracia

The tiktok app is really fun you get to make videos with really cool filters and get to watch live streams also I think that is pretty cool there are different people doing different stuff there are dancers,cosplayers,meme tiktokers, artists,video editers and other cool stuff you can watch and if you don't feel comfortable posting yourself to the public there is a pravite sittings you can put on and no one can see your tiktoks except you so I think that's good if you don't feel comfortable putting your self in the public and also I really like that if you don't want to finish your video until later or the next day you can put it in drafts and it can save your video for you to finish I really like that a lot because sometimes it gets late and I have to go to bed and so I put it in draft's to finish it the next day but I really recommend this app it's really cool !:)but there are a few changes on this app also hopefully in the future every body on this app can live stream because you can’t live stream until 1,000 fans so I hope they can change that we’re everybody can live stream! But other than that it’s a really cool and fun app!

- I still have the live button

So I lost 1000 followers and have 999 now but I still have the live button :/ and I have a question about it. When you lose 1000 followers in a day do you lose the live button in a day? Or when you lose 1000 does that mean that you already had 1000 so you can still go live just wondering. Also I love your guy’s app it’s just can you please let us get to skip videos if they are too long and also so we can be able to reverse videos easily like imagine there is a button where it says reverse this video and you press it and it reverses the video, it’s just something that came to mind also can we be able to pin comments and make them able to come on the top because I really loved this comment I got and I really wanted people to see it too it made me laugh. Also here is a bug yesterday my nofications broke and I wasn’t getting any nofications when I clearly saw new comments on my video and now all the nofications I get now is just “[insert user] liked you video” or “you got an reply from [insert user]” and I never get any nofications about comments so please fix that although i love this app so much!

- Update

I really love tik tok. I have fallen in love with it because it’s the only app I use since quarantine. But there should be a few changes such as who can see videos. like when you post a video for only your friends to see, but that should be customizable. We should be able to put who can see our tik tok out of our friends. Kinda like Instagram. Another thing is some times I want to make a video so I save the audio. But I save so many I can’t even find it. There should be multiple folders so when you save them for example, dance sounds, challenges sounds, duet sounds, react sounds, ect. Also I’m not sure if this only happened’s to me but when I’m on my FYP then I want to see my following, when I swipe to the left it automatically refreshes my following page. Witch is annoying because I want to see the videos. I should be able to refresh like on my fyp not automatically do it for me. Also one last thing there should be a bigger limit to your bio and caption. Maybe just like 20 or 30 characters more. Thank you I really hope you consider these updates to make not just mine but a lot of the worlds app better.❤️

- Great app but things have happened

This app is so fun but all of a sudden my account got deleted and I couldn’t recover it, I have tried so many times to find my account but I couldn’t find it, so now I have to start all over and I lost all of my followers, likes, and the people that I followed, wish I knew how to find my account but otherwise this app if fun. I would not use this app right now though because all of my content randomly got deleted and I was not doing anything wrong with my videos, I have spent countless hours trying to get my account back and I have not gotten a reason for my account being wiped out. I would appreciate it if I could get my account back. I have put so much work into my videos and I was just starting to get more likes and followers and then today I opened the app and it said I had to log in. At first I thought it was just a glitch but then I could not get my account back so I have lost everything.😭😭. At first I loved this app but now it’s hard since I can’t find my account, I hope I can get an explanation about why my account was deleted. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I was looking at TikToks and all of a sudden it doesn’t work. For everyone’s profile it says no content. I could not see my videos either my profile page is blank. Please fix this.

- Caption

I would like the caption on Tik Tok’s to not have no character limit and not just “Title can’t exceed 100 characters” this really bothers me when I’m trying to explain something, but then having to take it to the comments while it can get lost in the comments and no one knowing the purpose. I would also like to not have a limit because maybe you are trying to explain something to your fans, but not having enough in the caption and also having to take it to the comments. I really think Tik Tok can improve on the caption even though it’s only used to write something very brief, I personally think it can be turned into something where you can write a whole paragraph and not having to take it anywhere else. For example you want to explain why you have been gone for awhile on Tik Tok so you write a whole paragraph and when you post it, it shows a little part of the paragraph to make it look like a caption, and says “read more” in a bold font or is highlighted. But overall I really think Tik Tok is a great place to share your inspiration but just not enough in the caption because some others would like to read or hear your creativity and would like to read a whole paragraph about it (in my opinion). Thank you for reading my opinion! *also I don’t know if any of this made sense but oh well*

- I want musically back! 😣

I like the update, but at the same time I dont. I have to admit, musically is wayyyyy better than tik tok. The things that I like about the update are the different effects and filters. The things I don’t like at all are the glitchy-ness when I’m recording, the fact that I have to either save something as a draft or a private which really got confusing to me once the update launched, and also the fact that when I got the update, all of my previous private videos from musically got deleted from my account which I was very upset about! And please please please do something about all of those little kids reporting literally anything that they find “inappropriate”. Like seriously, it’s honestly gotten out of hand. I am a cosplayer and I have posted many of my videos on my account and it’s one of the things I’m known for but even though this has only happened a few times, people have reported some of my videos because they were apparently “against community guidelines” like seriously what the heck?! There was absolutely nothing and I mean NOTHING wrong with the videos! There was no nudity, no bad language, no weapons of any sort whether real or fake and they were completely harmless videos and I’m really ticked off about it.

- Good bye tik tok

I love this app but it has to come to a end i prayed for tik tok for not to get banned but i had a amazing life and wish that this nightmare doesnt happend never go my dream to get verifed but yeah my account is miabecerraofficial Go follow bit tik tok you will be remember i have funerel and specialy my birthay of tik tok you are todaly amazing we had tons of memories funny sad happy and angry ones but it needed to happend now lets wish microsoft really bought tik tok my freind said its just a app but no its complety a life in this app for me i love all my followers specially the person who showed me this fantastic app i just wanned to say thank you for evrything tik tok we love i love you evryone loves you im not preperd to live with put you but really i love you tik tok plis dont go im litterty crying but you did a amzing job with you app and comunite but its time to say good bye love all creaters in this app anyways this is mia from tik tok and i love i haded this onervand aprotunity to be here and create in this app and this special messegues #staysafe #savetiktok love evry sinhle one of you guys xd why do i type alot my fingers hurt but all creators love you i lov to create in this app but anyways....... BYE TIK TOK -miabecerraofficial

- Pretty Decent

I really love the app, super fun! Love almost all the audios. Though there is lots of negative energy but it’s social media so you can’t expect too much. I just wish my videos were viewed more. Sometimes I would actually dedicate a decent amount of time for the creation of a tiktok only for it to get 20 views and 3 likes... but I do really enjoy watching other creators videos, very occupying and entertaining! I also feel as though videos that were not harmful in any shape, way or form get deleted/taken down and it’s unfair to the creators who may have spent some time on it. During this time, many people are speaking up about the injustices happening (blm) and lots of those videos get taken down when they have not violated any of the guidelines which I personally think is unfair to not only the creator but the people who are also largely invested in the blm movement. But to conclude, this app is very fun for millions and to be honest-for me personally- this app has helped me get through some of my darkest times in 2020. And I feel as though I’m not the only one who really appreciates the joy that comes from many of the accounts on this app.

- under 13/shadowbanning

hi! ive been using tiktok daily for a few months now as a creator, and ive noticed a few problems. firstly, i have about 2,800 followers. all of a sudden kids who look to be 7-10 (for SURE not the minimum age of 13!) are following me more than anyone my age (18.) i cosplay so i dont know if its because they see a cool costume or smthn and just follow, but i dont make content for children and removing child follower after child follower is really stressful! i even have 13+ in my bio :( please try to make sure there are only 13+ ppl on ur app. i understand a lot of it is also the parents fault, but maybe theres smthn u could do :/ also, shadowbanning and randomly deleted videos is a huge issue, especially now that BLM is on the rise. if tiktok really supports BLM, then why do my tiktoks on the topic get significantly less views/likes than all of my cosplay videos, even when my followers support the movement too? and i rarely use tags so i should have the same reach as always. please try to focus more on banning people who are spreading hate instead of the people who are working for positivity. other than these (annoying) issues, i adore this app!! ive made so many friends on it. there are ao many different sides to tiktok, youll for sure find your niche.

- TikTok Review

I really like the app TikTok! It’s a fun and funny app to be on! But this wouldn’t be a review if I didn’t complain. There are a few things about the app that make me mad! I love to make and post videos on TikTok but whenever I make my own sound and I want to watch it the app glitches and shuts out of it... I don’t know if it’s the app or my phone?? However I do love seeing the different dances, cooking, funny, and little vlogs on it! Sometimes it can be annoying when I am around my parents and the person swears or says something inappropriate. But I understand that they have the right to say those words but if a little kid watches your TikTok’s what are they looking up to? Someone swearing? The app is really nice I love the effects and filters and different sounds on there. And I must say (sorry to offend anyone of the app Like) but I see ads for that app and they are doing the dance savage or the Laxed sound! Who came up with that dance was it TikTok or Like I wonder?? TikTok is a complete free app to be on and it great! I definitely rate it 5/5 but it can be frustrating sometimes to edit the videos and stuff but in the end with the effects it totally worth it!!

- Fun

This app is so fun and it definitely gets me through the hard times here. I love seeing everyone come together just to have fun no matter what state you’re in. The only downside I see is muting black and non white creators. I wish the community guidelines applied to everyone across the board. I have seen a lot of white creators steal peoples creations and pass them as their own. Also seen racist comments, videos and sexual assault towards children being reported and being told they didn’t violate any community guidelines you can block that person. Why is this ok when I seen someone threatening to kill a black baby and none of the videos are taken down for not violating community guidelines? Community guidelines should apply to everyone and not sensor those who report those things that are in violation. You have child predators on this app who are openly saying to children I want to sleep with you why are they still on tiktok even a big creator is seen sexual assaulting a girl and it was being reported and he is still a big creator still doing the same thing to young girls. But overall the app is fun I just wish it was equal across the board.

- Downgraded quite a bit...

I got this app a while back like a year or so ago, because my friend made an account and was posting vids and I wanted to support her. And that’s when I started watching some others. I would always see so many cosplay videos and just people goofing around and having fun. Nowadays though I get on and it’s nothing but skinny girls dancing, trying to lipsink songs they clearly barely know the words to, and I’ve seen a lot of vids of people making fun of cosplayers and stuff like that. I miss the old tik tok, back when it was mainly a platform for cosplayers, or at least that’s what it seemed to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love animal vids and stuff like that, but I mean. It’s starting to seem more and more like Snapchat it and fb stories. Like, it used to be fun and diverse, now it’s more just like; one chick on there does a dance move gains a couple thousand followers then EVERYBODY does that dance move and it’s all you see and then they upload another vid with a different dance and the cycle repeats. I understand there are “trends” but seriously. If this app is just gonna be everyone doing exactly the same thing everyone else is doing than what’s the point of having the app? At that point it just becomes “if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ‘em all”, ya know?

- The reason I’m giving it a low rating is...

Ok, just know that I have had this app for over 4 years now. This app is amazing. But I have found out, that some people that I know, are making different accounts, and TikTok is giving them more likes. My friend used to have at least 2 k likes, until she made more accounts and got even more. The second thing is the bullying. Many people are bullying and it’s now getting to the point where I’m wanting to hurt myself. I wish that TikTok would actually listen to reports, instead of saying, “Sorry, there’s nothing wrong with this user”. Then, there’s the part we’re it’s now blowing up your phone, saying, “This persons live” or saying, “You have 12 new notifications”, “This person liked your video”, “This person followed you”, and when it does this, it shows so many notifications, waking me up in the middle of the night when I’m trying to sleep! I’m getting really annoyed with this. One time, I was playing my favorite game, a notification from TikTok turned on, and it immediately logged me out of the game, making me leave my friends game! I really like this app, but this has to stop. This is one of the reasons why I’m failing at math in my school, from being sleep deprived! Seriously, fixed the dang thing.

- Has it’s issues on not providing artist credit but a good app

My generation really likes TikTok, you can do short videos but can also do different parts in order to express a longer thought. It’s ability to allow its audience to turn a normal person into a celebrity just because they like them is amazing. Tiktok allows creators from everything from woodworkers to therapists to find an audience There is of course some miscommunication between what the users of the app want to see improved. Let’s look at for example algorithms that support independent artists, educators, and content creators. A way tiktok could go about this this is looking into customizable fyp or fyp’s that are swipable to from the current fyp/follower video streaming interface For example, the user has the option to swipe to the left or right further on the current following/fyp main screen— this will take them to new, customizable fyp or fyp’s that can be chosen to only show educational videos, only show tiktok marketplace videos, only dancing tutorials, or maybe even to let the user experience things that are in contrast to their normal fyp/follower algorithms

- Really?

I love TikTok and I’ve been on it since the beginning but there are a lot of things messed up with it. Such as people can’t draw men or woman even if there fully dressed up people could almost be naked and that’s perfectly fine. People can tell people they will die if they do something and it’s fine. Many people are fat shamed, being called racist names, people part of lgbtq are caked and treated like trash sometimes. If your strate, skinny, and white you have the world and they don’t stop you from doing what you want. But if your not at least 2 of the 3 you will be banned. People who tell others that if there not a vegetarian would die and go to hell but that’s fine they don’t care, while when people call them out and say that’s wrong to do there the one getting in trouble. People who cosplay can’t just dress up in outfits but woman can run naked on beaches. Again TikTok can be a place to meet people but it needs to find out what’s right and what’s wrong. Especially if it’s for people 13 and up. Again TikTok used to be a amazing place but now it’s just a place to get bullied and treated badly if your lgbtq, a cosplayer, if your big, if you do the right thing to help people, have a mental or physical disability, or watch anime. The list goes on and on. And it really needs to get there priorities straight because there putting people down who are different. 😤😠

- Coming from someone with 170k followers

Hi! so first off I want to say the content within the app is amazing and it’s a really great community! I really enjoy making videos and being able to meet loads of other people from around the world :) however I do have some issues with the app and I feel like you could improve them. First and foremost, your customer support should be either a number or email, not support tickets. One time my live got banned for no reason ( I was literally sitting there drinking almond milk for 10 minutes ) and it took 2 weeks to get my livestream back. Also i recently got a new phone because my other one was damaged completely. I also got a new number. Because of this I can’t get into my account whatsoever and I’ve sent about 5 support tickets trying to get my account back and I can’t. I have 170k followers that I have worked so very hard for and I feel that your support ticket system isn’t a sufficient way to communicate back and forth with your users. It’s extremely frustrating to not be able to make videos anymore or do live-streams. Please make a customer service email ASAP or a phone number. I am begging you. It would be so much more efficient.

- Annoyed?

Hey, huge fan of this app, however, I’ve had 3 accounts total and only use 1 at a time. My first account (a couple years ago) I deleted successfully with no complications. Now that I’m on my 3rd account, I went back to delete my second (made a new one due to my password not working and not being able to login) and had no problems logging in (uggh). But now that I have 2/3 of the accounts deleted and want to login into my main account, it won’t let me due to “wrong account or password” which then leads me to an email section. So I typed in the two possible emails and it still says that the account is wrong... I can’t use the phone number login because my newest (3rd) account was never set up with it because “phone number already used”.. so I’ve never got to have the full usage of the app through the messaging, which is unfortunate. I hopped onto my computer to try to find a support number and couldn’t find anything except an email for business inquiries... lame. So now I’m stuck without an account and don’t plan on making a new one because I just want to use this current account. In the end, I hope to have my current account, email connected and phone number connected so I can actually use the message section.

- Loved it before

I freaking hate this update.1) I hate the new “fast” because transitions are better and look a lot smoother before the update. 2)Also now when I turn it to my back camera there’s no flash. 3) the privates or now they call them drafts were WAY more convenient before the update. Now you have to click on the musically , click on the box, and after you watch it you have to click out, click exit, and then u can scroll to a different private. 4) so let’s say you saved a sound, you go to ur drafts *take a year to get to the editing* and now you can’t just click on the sound circle you have to delete every single segment you can’t reshoot you have to delete segment anytime, which some privates I love the sound but I have to delete every segment to use it and my privates are actual tries so there’s a lot of transitions, I think you can favorite a sound though to prevent this problem but I have no clue how. But if ur still reading this thank you and I love musically the way it was before the update. Yes the new filters are fun and I still do use the app but if it were my design of the app I would keep the face filters te reg filters and the like “soul, illusion, etc.” filters and then take those from the update and add them to the old musically. Anyways thanks for reading (if u still r😂) !!!!

- I love it! and hate it.

TikTok is my family. I haven’t personally met anyone on here but I feel closer to them than I do anyone I personally know. I love that it’s multidimensional and multipurpose but that’s a gift and a curse. People don’t take it seriously because of it’s “fun” stigma. TikTok has evolved and grown. It’s the information autobahn and there are great minds on this app. I wish there was a rebranded version for the serious minded, but we still like to have fun. I gave it a 3 because TikTok does its creators wrong. If someone post a terrible thing like recently some parents discovered that a racist took a screenshot of them and put a knife up to the babies head. TikTok didn’t remove it for community guidelines but when the parents of the child confronted the person who made that horrible image of their child, the parents video is taken down for breaking community guidelines. TikTok definitely let’s racist perpetrators get away with a lot more. They need to answer for that. In this racially charged time we live in, TikTok racists will troll supporters that don’t agree with their president and report their live feed because they said something negative about the president they support and TikTok cuts the live feed and may ban their account for a week. TikTok needs to do better.

- The Best App Since Vine

I absolutely love it. There’s nothing that could ever compare. It’s hilarious and political and overall just...works. The “For You” page is tailored to what you like and who you follow. The algorithm works beautifully. I honestly have no words it’s such a great app. The only time i’ve ever seen it glitch was like, a week ago? And that’s pretty good, considering I’ve had the app for over two years now. It keeps all of your notifications, even if you log out if your account, so you’re always protected. Honestly, even if it was stealing my information and running even when i shut the app out, I don’t care. I open my phone with my finger print. Now, most people open their phones with their faces too. Who cares?? Our information was being stolen by the government in the first place 😹🙈✨ Anyways, i really enjoy the app, 10/10, I’ll use it until it shuts down. I’ve learned more on this app than I have throughout my entire US education....and I’m a sophomore in high school. This app shares information and trends and jokes faster than Ive ever seen and I love it with my whole chest. Thank you TikTok and please never leave 🥺❤️

- Amazing

This app is supposedly going to get banned in the U.S. and honestly I don’t know what I’m going to do. This app is one of the reasons why I’m still here. It’s one of the reasons why I’m still alive. This app has impacted me in such a positive way. It has allowed me to interact with people my age. It has shown me that what ever I’m going through will soon get better. It’s made me more confident in my body. This app is the reason why I laugh everyday. This app makes me laugh, and smile. I don’t know what I’m going to do if it gets banned. This app has taught me to never be ashamed of your past. It has shown me that it’s ok to cry, that it’s ok to breakdown because it will eventually get better. It has taught me to always smile and to always be happy. This app has shown me that people are going through what I went through and that I’m not alone in the world. It’s the reason why I’m still here. This app has saved so many life's. It has stopped so many people from harming them selves. This app has made people love themselves for who they are. This app has made people love their body’s. And it’s not just the app, it’s the people who use it. So please, please don’t ban it.

- Tik Tok is very fun but...

Tik Tok is probably my most used app. Mostly because there is lots of comedy and dances you can learn. But one thing I don’t like about it is the fact that they don’t always take down inappropriate videos, but they do take down wholesome videos for no reason. Like on one Tik Toker, she made a video titled “Bible Stories With Liv”. And guess what? It got taken down. When it was literally BIBLW STORIES. Yes I watched it before it got taken down, and it was very funny and about the bible story. But then I will see videos of girls/boys talking about or showing inappropriate things in their videos, and they might get reported dozens of times, but Tik Tok will not take it down. Another example, a girl posted a video of black lives matter, and, you guessed it. That got taken down, too! I just think that they could try harder. But some pros about the app is you can be very creative and inspiring. You can share your talents without having to be afraid. You can sing, act, dance, draw, paint, and so much more. It is so fun and I definitely recommend it. But if Tik Tok is reading this, please take my word about the taken down videos into consideration. Thanks!

- removing a video of a girl and her little cousin (READ IT ALL THE WAY)

i am beyond upset with what my cousin told me She said that tiktok had taken down one of her videos when literally it was not bad at all!!! This has me very frustrated bc it was a video of her in her swim suit top and shorts in and her cousin a toddler i a t shirt and her underwear i understand you hat u might think a toddler in her undies is not appropriate but if you ask me it is not that horrible as all the other things that go on on this app for example throwing it back yes i might do it myself sometimes in a video with one of my friends but if that is ok to do then why is a video of a toddler in her undies getting taken down and teenage girls are wearing bikinis that show more that they should and that isn’t banned so all i’m trying to say is i know there are rules not wearing such appropriate attire is one of them but this is a toddler we’re talking about i think that’s it unnecessary that you have to take down a cute video of them playing around even tho they made another one just like that but that one didn’t get taken down so if you can stop that would be great oml tiktok 🙄

- review for unsure parents and a few suggestions

i love tiktok and think it’s a very great app. A lot of parents disagree saying it’s inappropriate and bad but have never even had the app. from someone who has had tiktok for a while now i know how strict tiktok is when posting a video. barely any inappropriate content is allowed. one thing i hear from many parents is “random people can see your videos and you don’t know them and what if they are dangerous!”. if you are worried about random people seeing your kid’s videos you can just make a private account. your for you page is based off the videos you like. if you don’t want to see certain types of video you don’t have to. you can say you’re not interested and they will slowly stop showing up on your for you page. the only things i would change is having a “are you sure you would like to refresh the page” button and choosing you your friends only group is. so if you want to have a public account you can but still be able to post a video to certain friends you’d like without having to make two different accounts. hope this was helpful!


I haven’t been on this app long actually due to the PANDEMIC I had no outside contact or interaction... I heard about TikTok and one day I was like wth so I made an account watched a few videos. I felt like oh well I will try it so I made a really simple video just being silly and the love started pouring in I was like is this real I read my comments and I was hooked lol I’ve found so much comfort in this app I’ve met a lot of creators that I respect and I feel like I know them personally EVEN THOUGH I DO NOT but they are like family to me... This in my opinion is the ONE app that is user friendly, not based on celebrities as much ( like everyday ppl don’t matter), unlike some apps seem like it’s so sad and negative “ this app is more positive” and not so judgmental I’ve seen ppl with handicaps get so much love, obesity it not frowned upon it’s embraced, ppl who are trying to lose weight which is very hard get so much love and support on here... I don’t get a lot of likes and I don’t have a big following but I wake up EVERYDAY looking forward to posting videos in hope that more ppl will like and follow and leave me a comment... this is like food to my soul

- Not responding to reported problems!

TikTok. This is a great app! And I even find myself obsessive, very very obsessive. The app is just too hard to get off of, it’s addicting! My problem is, I’ve been hacked. I’ve reported my problems several times to you leaving my phone number to get contacted anytime. I haven’t got any type of response, any text, etc. I really do enjoy this app, but I would like to keep up with trends and make different accounts. I’ve worked super hard for my 2500+ fans, and I would really like to keep them! Also, I feel as if my app is draining a lot of my battery as well as taking up a lot of my storage. I’ve had to offload a TikTok a few times and so has my phone on its own. So basically because of this problem, I only have about two apps and about 68 pictures. I am factory restoring my phone this weekend, but I don’t want to lose my whole Tik Tok account! I’ve asked more than several people to use their phone numbers that they haven’t used already, for Tik Tok. I also think the idea of that only using a phone number once, isn’t a very good one. Once you use your phone number, you have to use a different one! I hope you understand!- @.briannaysabel

- Love this App!!!!

It’s the most addicting app ever! It’s so much fun making videos and watching other people make funny content. In this app you can express who you are . And it’s different from other social media apps which is 👍. I also enjoy how the videos are short and you don’t spend 30 minutes watching one video and I hate scrolling through random photos on instagram, although I still do. In TikTok you just post videos. I also like that you can choose from many videos that express who you are, for example if your into art you watch art videos. If your into comedy you watch funny videos. My favorite thing about TikTok is the dances, you can learn them(which is fun), post them, make your own, and you might become TikTok famous!!! So yeah this is my favorite app, and I hope 🤞 it lasts forever ♾. The only thing is that sometimes there’s this funny part to the video I went to just go to it, at first I try to rewind or skip ahead but it doesn’t work. What I think TikTok should add is a rewind or skip button. Also, I hate when TikTok says “your scrolling to fast” and doesn’t let you like. Just mind your own business !!

- This is a fun app but the hate and racist people are ridiculous

I’m a furry And I really enjoy the app, but it’s really sad that TikTok deosnt do anything about death threats and inappropriate content ect. Furrys have killed themselves due to this hate. Then the “gamers” are happy about it and saying “one done more two go” it’s a HOBBY I think TikTok should get banned if that’s all it’s about hate all I see. Young furries getting death threats racist people, people who do nothing wrong getting their videos deleted but then TikTok deosnt do ANYTHING about the hate. Yes I’ll be sad if TikTok gets banned but then again I’ll be happy since no more hate racism and sexism ect. Are gone on this app I get there is hate on other apps but this is a problem. I’m only one person but popular creators have been hated on and just leave like the ratata guy left because of hate people JUDGE you for who you are it’s insane... I get this won’t be seen by TikTok but please do something about this you should filter comments and more videos that actually need to get banned I also would love for you to ban “Thatveganteacher” since she’s racist and sorta homophobic she’s also very very rude and doesn’t deserve to be on this app please look into it.

- I hate the fact that it’s getting ban and that it’s so dang laggy on iPhone 6 Plus

I don’t like when it lags now tiktok is getting banned I don’t know why! Tiktok has so much downloads tiktok made some people happy! But there’s just too much drama on tiktok too much hate for tiktokers that didn’t do anything wrong some tiktokers get hate for just one little mistake and some people don’t even accept it, and then other fan pages turn into hate fan pages. Tiktokers are now taking really long breaks because of their hate or just their content...it’s so sad to see some much famous tiktokers or tiktokers to get hate and get hate fan pages to take long breaks because of the hate they get. Tiktok isn’t normally like that people are just being like this because for tiktokers mistakes. Some people act like hostages in tiktok. I don’t understand why this is happening in one single app tiktok has gotten big for the past year it’s been two years now tiktok is getting shut down. My rate is a 4 because of the hate and because it’s getting shut down and it’s so dang laggy but that doesn’t matter he only thing hat matters is the hate and racist people on their blm matter thank you for reading this bless you 🙏🏼.

- Hello

I enjoy the app very much but there are a few things I would recommend to get better reviews. First is for the people that don’t have one thousand or more followers should be able to go live! We still work very hard for our followers and Mose small Tik Tok account don’t get on the foryoupage. Next I think that all hate pages should get immediately removed. Some hate pages are not terrible but still are hurtful. But there are other hate pages that say very mean and hateful stuff that can affect other people greatly. I have reported an account countless times and so have my friends. It is still up hurting and affecting people and I just think Tik Tok should be more aware of the people that are just on the app to spread hate. And the very last thing is that more small account should get on the for you page and get more views. For example I have three account and one I get many views and likes and on the other no matter what hashtags I use or what sound I still seam to get 5 likes. I think more small accounts should get attention because most people work just as hard as every other big tik toner and still don’t get the desired likes and views. Please improve these. Thank you!

- I love TikTok

TikTok has changed my life I love it more than any thing in this whole wide world. When I’m scared I just go on there an it makes my forget about it. And TikTok is the most fun app in the word it’s so cool with the cool effects and you get to stream your self and stuff. But there’s no other app were you can do that bc instagram you really only post pics of your self and that’s boring!! TikTok there’s funny vids and funny pranks and I most people love it so muchhh bc millions of people memories millions of dances. And TikTok is like has cool stuff bc when you go live people sent gift points to you. And even the names of the gift point are cool like,I am very rich,TikTok,rainbow puke,concert and other cool things. And when you go live and you don’t want to see the comments and stuff you can swipe to the left. And TikTok has there own emojiiiissss!!!! Even grandmas go on it bc it’s so fun and TikTok gives you special tip like how to skate bord how to fake cry how to do your nails and cool stuff like that and if TikTok gets band i don’t know what’s going to make my life fun and I’m hoping and praying that TikTok doesn’t get band please don’t get band TikTok I love you soooo muchhhhh!!!!

- Make it musically

I hattteee TikTok and I will give you resons: It has sooo many bad words and I don’t like the inappropriate so I deleted it and I want musically everyone hates TikTok it is time for musically to come back and I hate that people do like slow-motion shakes I love that in musically you could express yourself and be a weirdo without getting hate comments now TickTock is for perfect people you know not everyone is perfect that’s what I hate about it you should be able to express yourself but now I’m just getting a comment and you tell me into something I wasn’t so I want to be musically I am not changing my mind until you make a musically because you know what musically is better than TickTock number one the musical sounds were better Number two musically is a cool name and TickTock is a terrible name so I think we should stand strong and delete the app till musically comes back because you know what I hate to talk and I’m pretty sure everyone else in the world does and no one wants to see weird like perfect people trying to be cool and Rich and I’ll be like oh I’ll give you this if you can like share and comment I like that’s so stupid why would you talk to this you know why because tick-tock is stupid and musically is so much better I’m pretty sure everyone who is reading this is agreement me because you know What I am done with TickTock until you make a musically I’m done

- Some... difficulties..

I’ve been on this app since the beginning of musically times. I only have about 1100 followers. On musically you didn’t have to have a vetting amount of fans to go live. I was so exited to be able to go live. But surprise, I can’t. It is honestly so annoying. Also, my FYP is filled with people sitting and doing nothing, hating, or fricken making a VsCo HanGoUt. My friends and I all work very hard on our vids, but only to get 20 likes. Also, the whole “your typing to fast” needs to go jump off a cliff. And the hate is incredible.i know that there is not much that you guys can do about the hate, but it is becoming a huge problem. People are killing them selfs over an app that is supposed to be fill with positive energy. When we report the comments, they never get taken down, unlike some harmless vids. Please just include the feature that when reports a comment, take the time to read it of just delete it. Another thing is the predators. Like all social media platforms, it has scary people. But could you just supervise the inactive accounts, looks at what they comment, and take peoples reports seriously? This app is really fun and def has its pro’s. I would really appreciate it if you would consider some of my suggestions.

- Tik tok 🤩🤪 😐

So tik tok is one cool app! There’s a few problems. I think the videos are too short Bc when people wanna post story times, they constantly have to make more parts and more! I chose 3 stars because it’s a cool app but isn’t the best of them all, at all. But anyways, let’s stick to positive again and go to reasons it’s good. It’s awesome and I love the aesthetic videos that people post! And more videos. All the trends 🤩🤩. But anyways, it’s cool Bc you can watch and make any videos you want; appropriate videos! I recommend this app a lot but you’ll probably get addicted and some not! But otherwise, it has a few problems. •short videos 😐😑 •inappropriate videos that when reported, doesn’t get deleted •somewhat pornography •cussing and F boys •opinionated, yet inappropriately, children (or and teens, maybe adults)! It’s bothering me Bc they say periods are disgusting and that a month or hair color changes your personality—like what?! •inappropriate comments! And that’s all the problems. Just a few..heh 😑😑. I would delete it but the addiction of the app rating is up to 📈!! ~• this is my opinion about the app but some parts are actually true and I’m sorry if this annoys y’all but I asked 10 ppl and they agreed!!•~ that’s all though but I still recommend this okay-ish! Bye •~

- Wow

Tik Tok is so much fun but musically was really fun to you can switch it to Tik Tok it’s fun and all but at least put some things in like all the features and where there was good and kid friendly content but now the “for you page” it has some inappropriate content and very disturbing things. And the private’s are now drafts?? I never really got the point of drafts but the private was better because if you want to post it you can edit it without redoing it but drafts......it’s just weird having drafts. And also where did the BFF go those where so much fun and the crowns are now a verified account???? We loved the crowns so we know they are a famous MUSICALLY person. And what happened to baby Ariel sence the app as change she has change but she was such a icon on Musically but now the icon is Russian princess😥 like you say this is a kid friendly app but if someone post something bad like cursing you should delete it right away cause you say it’s 12 and older so why have parents even elderly people post bad, inappropriate content for the young ones to see😔. Please see this and take it into consideration you, we need to make this app better for people to in joy and not feel disgusted please and thank you.

- Why we should have what ever number followers to go live

I love this app so much and the thing about it is you’re get to post whatever you want and people like share follow and comment really positive things but really what I don’t understand is that Tik tok does not let you go live until you have 1000 followers and I don’t think that’s right to people who don’t have 1000 followers and have worked their way up I feel like it doesn’t matter how many followers you have on this app as long as you are building a community and friendship with this app then everybody’s good to go and everybody can go live whenever they want to The reason why I’m saying this is because I once had an account that almost went up to 1000 followers and before I had almost 1000 followers my account got deleted and now I have to restart everything this is the reason why it doesn’t matter if we have 1000 followers or not we should be able to go live whenever we want to because I really wanted to work my way up and get 1000 followers if you do this Tik tok the world means everything to the people who don’t have 1000 followers or likes

- My opinion on tik tok and some suggestions

Tik tok is an amazing platform but there are some werid people on there but other then that it’s amazing! 1st suggestion make a dislike button for videos not saying so we can bully but for videos that aren’t right like something inappropriate or just out right rude and if there are so many it gets taken down if it is breaking rules of tik tok. 2nd suggestion I know you have check marks and all but it would be really cool for people to try to earn crowns or a fire and there would be there own page for it like the following and for you there would be crowned or lit and how you know you got a crown for the month it would show above your profile picture and to be crowned you need a big fan base and a lot of followers so like a check but not cause it disappears every first of the month you have to earn each month and a lot would be a amount of likes. 3rd everyone over 50 followers should be able to go live so that there’s not scammers and then people who don’t really have a fan base can go live! That’s all and I love the new update with the lives! Keep doing the great work tik tok!!

- I’m sooo addicted

I love this app I’m on it all night and all day. Sadly it might be getting shut down because of all the drama. But I will never forget this app so many memories in this app. I 10/10 recommend. This app is full of nothing but laughs and silly content some is sad to but not very much. A lot of it is dance, acting, fooling around, and pranks but wayyyyy more. It is also full of fun and exciting content. I’ve been in this app for 1 year now and it’s only had one glitch. It was about a few weeks ago. Everyone thought tik tok was getting shut down because it might, but most people were crying for all the memories in this app and all the great people weather you met them or not. Anyway tik tok has enough drama so if you come join us pls song create any more! I love tik tok!!! If it gets ban I just want to know I have almost 100 followers because I’m a small and privet acct but I love them all. More kinds of acc’s are: athetichs , pov’s/acting, lottttts and lotttts of dances, etc. But that’s not the point the point is to watch videos enjoy it get addicted to it😂 like me but also you can explore different content. I LOVE TIK TOK AND SO WILL YOU!!!!!!

- Needs a few changes but is overall and app I love

The only problem I have that gets pretty annoying is that the fyp (for you page) and the following page are now set up so that you can swipe right from the fyp to get to the following page and left from the following page. This seems good at first that you don’t have to click the following or fyp buttons to get there, however if you have had the app for a while you know that it used to be whatever page you’re or (fyp or following) you used to just swipe right to see the persons account and other videos. Which leads to the inconvenience, if you accidentally swipe right you lose the video you are trying to watch and most likely will not be able to find it again. If you do it on purpose and you were trying to look at their page to see if you wanted to give them a follow, then you have to go back to your personal page and go back to your last liked video. Unless you didn’t like it then you will have an extremely difficult time finding again. I find this very annoying, as I do it multiple times a day.

- Great app! But just needs a few changes...

I believe TikTok is a great app! I even have my own account! But something that needs to change. One thing is everyone should be able to go live. I don’t feel like it’s fair to a lot of other people because a lot of people go live when a lot of other people who are watching them live want to try themselves . So they try to go live. But they can’t! Another thing is a lot of sounds, people, and words aren’t kid friendly. There are a lot of people whose parents don’t let them have TikTok because of the language. Even my 18 yr old neighbor isn’t allowed to have TikTok. She gets bullied by that. So I was wondering if you could update and not allow anything that’s like sad, or bad language, or even bad things. And can you please make it so people can’t comment anymore? I see a lot of hate comments, and I thing that is unnecessary and it should really stop. One last thing is you need WiFi for literally everything! To put music in, you need wifi. To shoot a video, needs WiFi. And to comment, it makes you wait SUCH A LONG TIME to load!! So that is some stuff I think about TikTok!!

- Shadow banning is out of control

The number of creators I see talking about being shadowbanned despite breaking zero community guidelines is ridiculous. Not to mention! Most of these creators are people of color, queer, or both. The rest are allies. Anyone who speaks out in favor of the BLM movement frequently gets shot down by the apparently impartial company, despite others posting from the other side facing no consequences. It got to the point where the whole blacklivesmatter tag was blocked. They’ve done this not only to the black community and allies but to any minority group, including but not limited to: indigenous peoples, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, the LGBT community, and the disabled community. It’s honestly disgusting that the company (and that’s what it is, a company. No decision is made by one good hearted person) claims to support these communities while simultaneously silencing them for the benefit of PR. I’m joining the Juneteenth walkout of this app, and I’m happy to do so. They need to understand that their users do have power over what happens to the app as a whole. We write their paycheck. If they want to keep saying whatever they think will calm their consumers while their actions reflect the opposite of their words, they can watch those consumers leave one by one. If they want to keep siding with the oppressor, they can face the consequences. We’re not stupid. We demand to be heard.

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@seaofdixie tiktok is negative period. it’s just bored people being negative for no reason

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