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Watch movies and TV shows recommended for you, including Amazon Originals like Hunters, The Boys, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, and the kids series Tumble Leaf.

App features:
• Download videos to watch offline — anywhere, anytime.
• Rent or buy thousands of titles, including new release movies, popular TV shows, and more (not available in all countries/regions).
• Cast from your phone or tablet to the big screen with Chromecast and Fire TV.
• With X-Ray, view IMDb information about the actors, songs, and trivia for videos as you watch.
• Watch on your Apple TV directly by downloading the separate tvOS app (requires Apple TV 3rd generation or later)

If you subscribe to Prime Video via iTunes where available, payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase and your membership will automatically renew monthly unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the then current membership period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the end of each membership period at the rate of your selected plan. Manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal anytime by going to My Account or through iTunes.
See for the Privacy Policy and other terms applicable to your use of Prime Video.

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- Great app one suggestion

First of all I am using an iPhone XR for any developer reading this. I read a review saying if you pause it with only a few min left then start, it cuts to the next episode. I haven’t noticed that but I’ll keep an eye out. I don’t think they were using Apple devices though. Next thing they suggested was a button to clear watch history for a particular show so you can rewatch it and know where you left off. Otherwise it shows you already watched it all. I agree that would be a great feature. Sometimes we all want to rewatch a good show just to zone out with till we go to sleep. My suggestion is make the phone clock appear while it’s paused. Often I want to just quick check the time while I’m watching a show. I don’t want to have to exit out and go back in every time. I think that’s all for now. I haven’t used it a ton but I usually watch prime on my tv. Update / Edit Idk if it’s a fire stick issue or if the app does it too or maybe it’s just the show (The Glades) but a couple times per episode the audio cuts out for only like 2-3 seconds but it’s a long time when people are talking and I couldn’t hear what was said. I’ll add details if I notice it on a different show or other device.

- Its just ok. Too hard to browse. Too cluttered with ads on screen.

Trying to watch Bosch and it keeps going back to the same old episode I watched, 3, now 4 episodes ago. I can't mark it played. It won't save anything I watch. Keeps starting at same old episode. No help online. I think it's an issue with AutoPlay. It started when I let it play through automatically. This is happening w many shows. That and I hate browsing i it. I want to find a movie in SciFi but have to first scroll and scroll and scroll...... to find the category displayed, if it even is. Why won't they give us a genre option in the tabs or somewhere?. Scrolling endlessly to find things is why I very often stop watching this app. I go to one of the other 3 I have instead. This happens daily. This app is generally frustrating and annoying to use. I wouldn't EVER pay for it. I'll never buy a feature either. That they 'sneak' them in and it looks the same as everything else comes across underhanded and shiesty. Its not like this company is hurting for money. But their customers might be and they have no concern for that.

- Inconsistent - poor communication

I’ve generally had good experiences with the Whole Foods grocery delivery but recently had a bad one. I ordered food almost 24 hours in advance of when it was expected to be delivered. By 10pm when it hadn’t arrived (it was scheduled to be delivered between 7 and 9pm) I reached out to customer service who told me the order would t be delivered because all the items were unavailable. They directed me to a Whole Foods phone number that directed me back to Prime service. When I finally got someone on the phone they told me my order wouldn’t be coming that night but would come the next day. If I hadn’t contacted customer service there would have been no notification that my order wasn’t coming. If I had known earlier I could have gone to the store in person before it closed. Instead I was without food. I had received texts throughout the day updating me on my order indicating a shopper was filling it. The online order status marked it as “delayed but in its way”. I was woken at 1am by a text saying my order had been cancelled with no explanation.

- Channing Tatum mesmerizes, captivating his audience as though he’s spelled us with magic.

What I fail to see is, why Jenna Dewan? She clearly has talent and training; however, Jenna was very, very fortunate that she caught his attention so that he let her share his light — it helped her appear pretty and nearly as fluid, enhanced by his obvious attraction/chemistry, with her. She was featured, no doubt driven by the intensity of his keen interest, but while she managed to keep up with his stunningly intricate choreography, any magic in this film stems from and flows from Channing Tatum. Jenna Dewan owes him for allowing her to bask under and reap the rewards of sharing his spotlight. He’s a gifted, incomparable dancer, and Jenna, frankly, comes nowhere near his level of raw talent. She’s studio trained—he’s unadulterated, raw and naturally gifted. So again, I ask, why her? Jenna’s unremarkable. I would have preferred someone like Juliet Doherty, who is not only gorgeous, but an amazing dancer with her own brand of magical effervescence. There were so many other more gorgeous, better talented dancer/actresses out there. WHY? WTH?!

- Good enough but not great!

I find the layout of the movies a bit awkward. I wish for example when I want to look at my watchlist it would show thumbnails on the entire page of nothing but my watchlist. Same with the different categories of watch next or any other category of movies. I hate swiping from right to left to have to go through a bunch of movies to find the movie I am looking for. Good enough of selection of movies, never enough. Like to see more foreign films and independent films. Also would like to see them get rid of the ludicrous restriction of the prohibition against watching videos outside the country. Why do they care if I watch it in Utah or if I watch it in Japan? I have paid to watch the film. They certainly should be able to work around this legal technicality which is absurd! That’s when I want to watch my movies the most, when I’m outside the country. Also I think they charge for way too many series and films when I am a Prime member. They vast majority should be free.

- Good, but flawed

I love the prime video app overall. For the most part it remembers where you left off on shows from device to device. I can save my favorites, and it recommends shows for me. The first flaw that bugs me, if I pause the movie with around 5 minutes left, and come back to it after the screen shuts off, it always skips to the next episode and cuts off my last few minutes. This happens on my Galaxy, Firestick and iPad, so I know it’s not my device . Drives me crazy. Next flaw is I can’t clear my watch history on just one show. I’m rewatching some shows and lose my place because it shows that I’ve seen all the episodes. I don’t want to clear my entire watch history, then I’ll lose my place in current shows. I wish this was a feature. If this feature exists, I haven’t seen anywhere to click to make this happen. Other than these two complaints, I enjoy prime video very much!

- good selection but poor app experience

i thoroughly enjoy the selection of tv shows and movies prime video brings. add ons, especially the HBO add on just heightens my experience. despite this, the developers have plenty of work to do with the app itself. it works just fine on the tv but the app is another story. often when i start a new episode the pause screen remains while the video continues to play in the background. i try to tap to make it go away and nothing happens. i try to tap anywhere to make it do anything like press back to return the home page or press pause and nothing works. i even exit the app and close the tab and the audio continues to play in the background. even turning off my phone it continues to play for several moments after. at first i thought it was just my ipad since it was an older model and has a history of issues but i continuously had the same issues on my iphone. not the end of the world but certainly annoying

- Prime Video is for movie lovers, WHY???

First, you can get a 5 star rating to see how others are feeling about the movie you are considering. You will see right away the year it was made and who is in the cast. Second and my favorite, You can click onto the the cast and get individual pictures of each cast member and feedback on their film history. How many times have you watched a movie and wanted to know who played that character? Prime has made it easy for you to find out the name of that character you didn't know before. Third, lists other movies that people watched that had watched this movie. Often leading to another movie that was just as good. Fourth and fantastic, I can type in favorite actors, favorite directors, specific countries, to get lists of movies I would like to watch for whatever category reasons I want. Fabulous for anyone who wants to do film studies. You can type in about any subject and find movies that will fall into the category you want to focus on. No other video provider offers as many choices in movies, TV, documentaries, series, and anything else you can think of. They have made a point to cover just about everything a home entertainment app audience tastes and needs could possibly want to find. I am a 68 year old retired elementary school teacher and grandma who happens to be a movie enthusiasts. I hope this helps some people decide if Prime Video is for them.


Basically, everything you want is on here. I love that there are parental controls per the device you’re using and that you can have multiple devices watching prime video without an extra charge. I can sync all my digital movies from here to movies anywhere website, I prefer that over iTunes video any day. I also love the primer discounts for rentals and purchases that they run every so often. It’s about as cheap as red box but lasts longer, sometimes 7 days after the first viewing, and I don’t have to rush out of the house to drop it off by 9pm Kiel redbox requires. Another bonus is I can get HBO and other channels through Prime and cancel at anytime. LOVE that feature. I highly recommend it!!

- Options & Devices

I like the quality, features (on phone, your able to see the music that's playing during a spacific scene and all the main characters. Along with the seasons and episodes your currently on (if it's a TV show)), and I like the modern slick design. I don't appreciate the options (some movies you still have to buy or rent to enjoy) like 'The Grinch' among others for now. They have others available...that came out in 1920s but not the newer ones available! It has been frustrating that I have to watch on my phone for most of the features and am absolutely not able to watch anything on my laptop. I think it would be nice to have the same features available on Apple TV and so on. Lastly, it would be nice to be able to create multiple accounts for multiple people under 1 main account. Hope this helps! I look forward to seeing the changes in the future.

- Too much greed

I don’t mind commercials in free videos, but if I can’t rewind if I miss something what’s the point. Every time I try to rewind It gives me a commercial. I can’t rewind the movie!!! All due to your greed. Like you don’t get enough of my money. We are already pay for the service you would think you could err on the side of the paying viewer, not the sponsor. Show the price of a video free, free with ads, rent or buy without making me go into the movie page just to find out I have to pay if it want to see it. I realize this is another ploy to force more money out of us, but come on. Do you really need to be deceitful for more money? Just tell me in the thumbnail. So I don’t have to explain to my kid why we can’t see the movie he wanted to see, and I thought was included in my prime dues. Put a dollar sign in the thumbnail so I don’t have to waste time going back and forth between the main page and the individual movie pages.

- Was a fan,.. Still am just less now.

Have always loved your app. Was thrilled when you add support for the Chrome cast, love all your originals, and you have a great selection of shows. Then, you did the Netflix thing, asking if I'm still watching after a 2 to 3 episodes,.. Sigh,.. Most obnoxious thing ever. I work from home and have the tv on while I'm working,.. Insanely annoying to have to take my phone out, unlock it, try to remember which episode I was on (as your app only some times plays the right one when I get back on to it, if my wife is watching and she has watched past what I have it just goes to that). Then wait for the app to open, load up, find the correct episode, then start it over, as half the time it just restarts the episode, try to use the tiny bar to fast forward to where I was,.. Sorry,I hate this new update,.. 2 stars off, love everything else.

- Prime video sync flaw

Overall prime is good, but when I purchase a video on my prime account the video does not always appear in my account. I access prime on my phone, tablet, computer and TV and yet sometimes a video I’ve purchased and am watching on my computer, or any other device, may take weeks or months to show up in ‘My Stuff’ on my TV, or any other device. When I try to switch between devices to continue watching a video the film may not be there or may take weeks to appear. I thought this was a one time thing, because it first happen about two years ago, but I’ve noticed it happening since then and again today when I purchased a video on my tablet and then tried to watch the video on my TV, the video needed to be repurchased, which I’m not about to do. I don’t share my devices with anyone so there’s no issue with my account being mixed with someone else’s, it just seems to be a syncing flaw.

- Can’t perform it’s basic functions

Prime Video is terrible as a streaming service. Your account doesn’t sync, so if you watch something on your phone and try to continue on your tv, it has no memory of it and you have to go searching for your show again and find where you were. For shows you’ve never seen before, when you go to start it for the first time the app will randomly try to start you in the middle of some random season instead of at the very beginning of the show. If you stop a show with less than five minutes left and then come back, it’s gone on to the next episode automatically even though you didn’t finish the last one. Lastly, the subtitles randomly freak out and will just flash on the screen for a split second and disappear for huge segments of the show. A ridiculous amount of bugs to fix for such a popular and well financed service.

- Where's my library?!?

I know that you guys just love to introduce Prime content, that's pretty much useless abroad. But removing My Library, you know, movies that I bought and that I own, seems to me like adding a new bug, not fixing anything tbh. Just creating chaos out of the completely fine app. Maybe by intention. ============================== After contacting customer support turned out that since I'm abroad, the app just told to Prime that my country isn't the US anymore. That switched country and bought movies disappeared. Huuuuuuuge bug. Bought movies are just like original DVDs or Blue-rays, played on let's say US Blueray player. They must be playable everywhere. And please don't make automatic software decisions before asking user is that really what user wants. Those are mobile devices that we're talking about, meaning they're moving, sometimes across the world, not only across the US. Something to think about Amazon's PMs.

- doesn’t work like it’s supposed to

So the app is pretty good when it works and it’s worked mostly well for the couple of years I’ve been a prime member. I like that if you tap the screen while watching something you can learn more about the actors or general trivia about the scene. It’s also nice that I could easily pick up where I left off. For a long time the last thing I watched would appear at the top. But I noticed lately that I sometimes have to search the title of what I was in the middle of watching if I stopped midway. It’s especially frustrating if I’m tired and the title doesn’t come to mind right away. The most frustrating problem I’ve had lately is videos not playing at all. I get an error message saying it can’t connect to the Internet. But I have no problems streaming videos or music in other apps or browser. It’ll be hours before it’ll let me watch anything.

- Application was NOT fully tested before fielding

The features of the app that I have checked out, so far, are pretty slick; however, when you run across an important feature that falls flat and simply doesn’t work, it is quite frustrating. It is obvious that the “contact the seller” link that is provided in the order status section wasn’t tested (incompetence), or the engineering leadership identified the problem and released the product with a known flaw (ethically corrupt). When one clicks the link, it does not perform as expected, as it displays the tracking information for the order, not the contact information for the vendor. Having an autonomous and fully automated ordering system is great, but when there is a glitch and you cannot contact a human being to intervene and correct the problem, you quickly realize that Amazon’s goal is to completely eliminate human interaction. FIX THE PROBLEM.

- Love it, but could use some improvements!

Our family loves watching Prime! Access to family friendly shows is what we look for most in our TV viewing. There are some PBS shows where we can see a few episodes or seasons and then others cost too much to buy. Would like to see shows like Murder She Wrote, etc have more seasons added. Also, I enjoy watching Law & Order SVU, so more seasons of that and other similar shows would be great. Would like to see more of the movies for kids be “prime” instead of having to pay for many that we would watch. Overall, use it way more than Netflix....thinking about giving it up, if Prime offers more.

- Not ready for Primetime

App has gotten increasingly more and more unstable in the last few weeks on my 4K Apple TV. App hangs on loading. I have to delete it and reinstall. Auto play on TV episodes is hit and miss as to whether or not it’s going to work. There is no autoplay setting that I can find in the Apple TV app since the addition of profiles. While we are on the subject of autoplay, the “are you still watching” is a nice feature but has horrible execution. The counter is apparently set to trigger after a certain number of episodes instead of on a timed interval. When you have a 4 year old wanting to watch Sarah and Duck and each episode is only 6-7 minutes you end up interacting with the app every 20 minutes or so. It would great if it did a timer/episode which ever is longer.

- My favorite streaming service, but for 1 BIG problem

I love the movie and show selections included in Prime. I LOVE the selection of crime shows from the UK and the shows from PBS. The one complaint, and it’s a pretty big one, is that stream frequently fails/crashes/goes back to the selection screen. This happens several times every week. It also happens on both iPad and iPhone apps. Sometimes it will resume working when it select play, but usually it will continue to fail and Nothing but time will resolve it. When this happens have tried restarting the app, uninstall/reinstalling the app, switching from WiFi to cellular. Nothing I have tried has provided a better solution than time away from the app. Please fix this.

- Bad Experience

After entering the app I was asked to sign-in. Like many people I have my account passwords saved on my phone for ease of use. But, when using this app the fingerprint scan used to verify my identity didnt even appear on screen! By habit I knew what it wanted me to do. Furthermore, after entering the password the app wouldn’t even accept it. I checked to make sure it was the right one and it was, even after manually entering it it still wouldn't work. After a bunch of failed capchas and other little issues I had with this app it finally let me in after resetting my password. Now I have to update it on all my devices... With that being said, my other experiences with the app have been good. The layout out of the is quite nice and I like it more than other streaming apps. Its straight forward, intuitive and dark tones make for a good color scheme.

- Less than user-friendly app.

I agree with the last reviewer in that browsing the library available is very difficult. If you need a subscription to a different channel it should be in it’s own section! Plus, sometimes, no, often when I’ve been watching a series I go back and can’t find it when you would think it would be more like Netflix, sitting there in plain site waiting for you to watch it again, but, NO, you have to remember what it was called and go to search and find it that way. And some of the British shows are just difficult to remember the names of because they aren’t names of shows we are used to hearing about in the US. Overall, I love Prime and it’s originals, but this app needs help! Please people, see if you can do what Netflix does-it’s not that hard!

- I love this app

I have been loving the prime app. As you all know we are mostly quarantined, with that said it is easy to download and pay for a ton of streaming services. I decided to get rid of all of them and keep Prime and Netflix. Since I stoped paying for sling tv I have been impressed with the amount of shows and variety that prime offers. I’m obsessed with true crime and this app has a ton of shows I have never heard of. I also have HBO with my prime subscription and I have not ran out of new and great programs. I especially love the Documentary’s. And I’m pretty sure this is the only place to watch the comedy Brides maids which has to be one of the funniest movies.

- Pretty good

Prime app works great. Overall, it's relatively user friendly, awesome that data syncs to your other devices, and the content is fantastic. However, I have a few complaints: My biggest gripe: I'm not a fan of subscription-based payments, so I believe the monthly Prime membership should include access the ALL content, not just some content. It needs a more functional layout (it's too cluttered looking). Also- the Search function is tedious and time consuming if you don't have a microphone, you have to click letter-by-letter with your remote and pause typing before it will populate matching results. And what's with lack of predictive text here? Finally, I also wish users could make different shareable playlists for other Prime users.

- Great App - Needs Menu Help to be Awesome

Love Prime! It’s my favorite streaming platform. To make it needs a user-defined view for purchased movies/shows! The cataloging views on my phone, tablet and TV are second rate. Let the user define (by different views) how they see their library! I don’t care to see a default chronological sort of what I’ve purchased! I DO care that 4 movies in a series are grouped together so I don’t have to scroll through 300 titles to find one of them. Also, show two or more rows of my purchases. A single row scroll is sooo yesteryear! I have 200 plus purchases and it’s getting harder and harder to find things. Please help. Last comment, allow purchases on my iPhone! Don’t make me log into another device for purchase.

- Buggy McBuggington.

First off, on the Apple TV version, you get a look at the interface... which you can’t interact with and then it pulls you out to a splash/logo screen. Then you get put back to the main screen... when it doesn’t crash, which it often does. When you watch a show, it rarely keeps track of where you are and you will find yourself having to search though episodes the next day to figure out where you left off. This is also true for the iPad/iPhone versions. Maybe Jeff can sell off 1/100,000,000th of this fortune to pay a developer to fix their app and servers so this works. The content is a bit spotty too. Some stuff, like the Expanse is excellent, other shows, not so good, but there is generally enough good on there to keep me happy.


I can’t believe there’s no option to create separate profiles under one account (like Netflix) unless I’m just not able to find that option? Because of this it gives me suggestions based on previous views of anyone who’s watched anything on my account. It’ll suggest content related to me, my husband’s & my kids past views when I have no interest in what they’re into. Even more frustrating is how complicated it is to make purchases from within the app or the lack of ability to make purchases from the app. It’s ridiculous that I have to go online and log into Amazon’s website, pay, then go back into the app to watch. It’s been a while but I believe I am able to make purchases within the app when I’m logged in on my TV.

- Love the app BUT....

The app is great, I'm not gonna lie about that! My only issue & complaint about it right now is that, it just recently had an update & we now have profiles for multi-watchers within the house, which is great -- EXCEPT for whatever reason the new update & AppleTV seem to hate one another!! If you've let your screen saver come on, or you've gone from another app to Prime Video, good luck with getting it to open without having to restart ur entire AppleTV; PV literally sits on the screen that reads "Prime Video" trying to open the app & can't get past that point.. I've gone through everything troubleshooting wise & nothing has resolved it so IDK why it's having this issue with AppleTV but I hope it gets cleared up ASAP.. Once that happens my review will go back to 5 🌟stars!!

- Great but...

It’s great don’t get me wrong but the problem is that sometimes that when I buy something it freezes and when I reload it the show/movie I buy says I have to buy it again but all the stuff I did doesn’t come its nothing big but please get it fixed it is so frustrating when I’m about to buy something and knocks me out please get that fixed it’s so annoying and agitating it might just be that my phone is not the newest kind or that my WiFi isn’t working right then but it is really really frustrating when it happens but besides that all in all I’d rate it 9.5 out of 10 it is still pretty cool

- Chicago Fire

It took very little time for me to get hooked on this show. The characters are well portrayed by the actors and actresses who play them. The story lines are more than interesting, both the fire scenes and the personal ones. They are dramatic and keep my attention at all times, and always leave me wanting more. It’s great the way the characters are written so that you can love or hate them in one episode, and come to feel exactly the opposite way about them in the next one. Even my favorite characters have a not so pretty human side from time to time...just like a family. I love this show. It’s my favorite of all time.

- AppleTV CBS all access commercial break problem

When watching a show with CBS all access on the prime video app on my appleTV. The commercial freezes and the video stop or sometimes goes all black, but the sound continues. You can try to quit the app and go back and it will make you watch a lot of commercials but freeze again, if that doesn’t happen then the time bar get strange, you are at 75% but it is at the start of the show and you can’t fast forward. You will need to restart the appleTV and the. Open the app, start watching the video fast forward to the place you are at... watch all the commercials for the first and second break and the show will start where you left off. Then for each new commercial break it freezes and you have to reboot, it seem like I watch 100 commercials for each episode of Lower Decks. Help

- Stream quality not selectable on VIZIO TV

I like having Prime movies and shows, but I have one issue. When I use the Prime app built into my VIZIO E65 TV it does not have an option to select the stream quality level. So when Prime has a UHD movie available my TV automatically goes to the UHD mode and it consumes a lot of data. The app on my iPad and phone has the ability to select Good, Better Best streaming quality which lets me limit the stream to HD if I want. I found that I can cast from my iPad to limit the stream to HD but I may not always actually be aware a show is available in UHD and I end up using lots of data without realizing it. Please add the stream quality selection to the VIZIO version of the app.

- So far, so good!

Didn't even know this Prime Video was in the PRIME package, so only using it for two months. So far, so good....and got better, much better on December 31 with "Downton Abbey"! Netflix no longer had the rights but Prime bought them. I use DOWNTON ABBEY as a way to wind down, watching it before I go to sleep so when Netflix stopped airing it I was bereft, being an English speaking resident in Italy. Netflix, though, was kind enough to tell me that Prime would be beginning Downton, which they didn't need to do. I thank them. Prime has some great shows and films so between the two, Netflix and Prime, I feel covered! Again, so far, so good! Try "Mrs. Maisel"....also great! Cheers!

- Treat viewers like they have brains, please!

I have been downloading tv shows on this app for about 2 years for offline viewing. Every time I click on a show to watch a show I get the notice about 48 hrs warning and click to continue or cancel!!!!!! Really????? I think EVERYONE knows this by now. Do you need our input at the START of every show for offline watching??? It’s so annoying!!! Why can’t it put that notice in the background??? And I hate that it downloads one episode at a time. Sometimes, it takes 30 min to download 5 episodes. Also, it has been acting strange ever since I upgraded to IOS 13+. It logs me out and deletes all my downloaded shows! I even did a wipe of my iOS device. Problem persists. The app developers are completely tone deaf to the user experience.

- Keeping Me Entertained, But There’s Always a But!

I love this app, but it really could be easier to navigate. The way each season of a series is broken up is odd and unhelpful. I know it’s tricky since some seasons may be included in prime and not other seasons, but it’s not user friendly. Also, a “continue watching” section would be awesome. But, it’s not terrible to navigate and the selection is awesome. There are some really excellent shows and movies available and I love watching while I’m cleaning or working on projects. I’ve found the streaming to be reliable, as well. Thank you for the entertainment!

- Movies and Episodes can be better!

It’s unfortunate to see a number of the programs have not been renewed for a second or third season; for instance Rebel and In Contempt. Both of these movies had beautifully talented black queens playing major roles. Then we watched Sacrifice with Paula Patton, this movie should’ve had an sequel to it as well. Anyone who watched that movie was highly upset just as me and my daughter were to be left with so many unanswered pieces. There are a number of great movies but the programs that have been cancelled for second or third seasons should be taken off, and replaced with new and improved episodes that actually aren’t cancelled within the first seasons.

- The “other” aisles at Blockbuster

I love Prime and enjoy Prime Video. The big issue is that there is just a ton of stuff on Prime video. And I don’t mean just movies and TV shows. There is literally audio visual stuff or junk just floating around in random categories. Which brings me to the next issue, categories and genres. The Movies and TV shows (that aren’t Prime originals) are often tagged incorrectly or not at all and just float in cyberspace until you just search the exact name you’re looking for. Prime Video needs to change up the algorithms they use and clean up this mess. I also recommend setting a long list of parameters that are required to be entered prior to ANY motion picture work being added to the Prime video archives.

- Needs more older kid shows

Prime video is good if you are an adult and good if you are a younger kid, but it definitely needs an in between. Up to 8 you have plenty of shows to watch and 13 and up you are good to go but if your age is between that, then you have about 2 shows to watch and I have watched both. Don’t get me wrong those 2 shows to watch were so good, definitely my favorite but after you watch them a few times they start to get boring. Other than that problem Prime Video is great and I highly suggest it. The only thing I would add if I was the creator is more 9-12 shows. So if you are thinking about getting this app definitely do!!!😁

- Nice app

The app is pretty good. Keeps all films and series in one place and being able to download to watch offline is AWESOME!! (Take that, other similar platforms that have super strict restrictions on watching offline!) Two things annoy me about this app. One, sometimes if someone calls and interrupts a show or movie, when I end the call it takes A LONG TIME for the show to restart. Sometimes I give up and reopen the app and start the show no problems. Secondly, when I watch a series it doesn’t keep track of the last episode I am watching. At the top it ALWAYS says “Continue watching episode 22” regardless of whether or not I’ve recently been watching episode 22.

- Perfect selection for young grandchildren

Contains vast array of choices for kids that are healthy in content. For my needs, it offers plenty of programming from the past which I enjoy much more than what has been created in the last decade. I also enjoy international movies and shows, probably watching in this milieu more than anything else. My one complaint is that they are too slow about replenishing, new choices in the international selections. As this facet is clearly where Prime has an edge over the other popular apps/networks, they should hone in on keeping it refreshed and relevant for the non mainstream viewer.

- Headache

I love being able to watch shows and movies. But there is a big problem in two different departments. One there is no sync between my account on my Apple TV with the app. For example with Netflix whatever I watch, add to my queue etc. is reflected on my account on my Apple TV. In other words what I watch on my Apple TV I can continue on the Netflix app right from where I left off. I Started watching a show on the Apple TV prime video app and transitioned to watching it on my phone but it was as if I was starting over again on the app from season one episode one what a headache. And the other big problem is the Prime Video app more times than not will restart the episode from the beginning when you go back to continue it. Extremely frustrating.

- Good, but not quite great.

I have found many hidden treasures within the video library, but find it lacking sometime in content I want to watch. Most of the good stuff is pay per view and not included in the Prime line up. Also, I’m paying for this service and they keep putting ads for other shows I’m not interested in watching in front of some episodes of shows. That’s really all there is to be dissatisfied with, though. The service streams flawlessly and lets me skip forward without buffering. I just wish most of the Monster movies on here weren’t so cheesy, or low budget.

- Complicated and doesn’t work

Spent over an hour trying to purchase and watch one episode of a show today. You can’t purchase an episode through the app itself, you have to go to the website (what’s the point?). Then when I get to the website to purchase, says I can’t purchase because my card is outside of the United States (I don’t live outside of the United States). I get in the customer service chat to figure out the problem. Very unhelpful. They say it’s an issue with my internet settings, and to unplug my router. I did, and this opened a whole other can of worms and I am currently without. Internet connection and waiting for my cable company to come fix it tomorrow. Then, the chat drops me, and I can’t get back in touch with the people who I was originally talking to. Terrible, not worth the time or effort.

- Good start but clunky interface and network problems

I am based in Europe right now I regularly have videos that start off in low resolution or that have major compression artifacts and sometimes it will happen mid stream (but at the same time Netflix and other streams have no problems). The interface is cumbersome, and inefficient. I don't like not being able to filter out non-Prime shows. Also, the amount of Prime content is less than one would hope for. However, the original content has been amazing and when the streams are running it's been excellent.

- Ok they fixed it

Ok, fine. It’s better now with the latest update. Too bad they don’t tell you what bugs they fix in each update. :/ Anyway, the app is acceptable, I like the download feature, the selection is not terrible (not quite Netflix but not bad at all). It’s nice that it’s included in my Prime membership; that makes the whole deal worthwhile. ********************* The whole POINT of being able to download a video is so you wan watch it without connecting to the internet. Your most recent update makes it so that you can’t access your downloaded content without connecting to WiFi. What is the point of that?? Also, based on how many people are posting movie reviews on the app review section, it seems like it’s at least a little bit not clear to them that they’re reviewing an app. Is that all them or is there some flaw in the process? I don’t know. I came into the App Store with the express intent of writing this disgruntled review because after 45 minutes on the phone I can’t get a reasonable solution to this issue.

- Missing crucial info

This app works well and makes ordering easy. However, there’s a blatant glitch: NONE of my digital video orders shows up in the order history, despite the fact that I can, and do, watch the purchased digital purchases on my device. Here’s the problem: if you cannot ever see the digital orders and costs in your account, how can you know if you’ve bought something inadvertently? How can you tell if you’ve been charged for something you didn’t buy? According to customer service, you have to go to a library, sign on to a computer, and access your digital purchases outside the app. Wow! That’s insane.

- Great app

The only section I would say should be improved is the purchases section. While it being called my stuff is very fitting I’d find it more user friendly if it stood out more by being a different color or including a different color etc. I also struggle to find tv shows so having the ability to select filtering with an alphabetical order or by purchase date would help. Another thing is making it easier to divide all purchases, tv shows and movies so having tabs for each of those in the my stuff section would help a lot.

- Noooo!!! Loading...

This app is amazing and I love that you can watch videos and tv shows, but something horrible is happening to this app. I was finishing a season of just add magic, and I was on the last episode of this season. As I was opening up the app, it glitched. So I was just like okay, no big deal, just a glitch. Then I went back to the screen. Load load load. I sat there for ten minutes straight, waiting for it load up so I can watch the video. No video. To go along with this, the app has some quality control bugs, and these issues need to be fixed. I love the idea of bringing this to an app, but please take this rate into consideration. Thankyou.

- Great app missing a key feature for the iPhone X

Has some great TV shows available along with some great movie , not to expensive to rent or buy. Some Prime tv shows are great others not so much. Not a lot of exclusive movies that are great on Prime but I’m sure that will change as time goes on the only complaint I really have is that there was no HDR/Dolby Vision added in the last update. When Netflix has already added support a while ago. And the Apple TV has also just added support for it but not the mobile version. HDR on the OLED screen makes shows look amazing(even the iPhone 8 and 8+ LCD will benefit)shame it’s not supported yet on the mobile version. Hopefully support will be added for it soon.

- Casting problems, video buffering

I just got this app today, and so far. I am not impressed. I have so far tried to watch two separate movies, and each time, it buffers after 9 minutes and 30 seconds. I then realized that in order to get it to work. I have to stop casting, stop the movie, and then restart/refresh the app completely. This is super frustrating. How am I supposed to enjoy this feature, if it doesn’t work properly. Definitely need to do some upgrades, or/and bug fixes. As far as the options, I think it’s pretty great that you get to watch many newer or popular shows and movies. So that’s the only reason I gave this 2 stars. I think if they fix the problem, then I will be able to give this a better review.

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- Loving it!

Lots of fabulous content for a really great price. I love the convenience of streaming apps and Prime has all the best features of Netflix, like continuous play when watching a series or the download to watch later feature. And for once, I actually don’t mind the advertisements that come on before watching a show, have discovered many other things I’ve enjoyed watching through these trailers. Would highly recommend Prime...👍👍👍

- Good content, great value, basic app

Prime video usually gets 2 or 3 big new movies a month, has some good tv shows, and some AMAZING original content. It is fantastic value for money with a yearly subscription. The video is high quality with no extra charge for 4k. Unfortunately the app really lets it down. There is only 1 user account which makes watching shows more difficult if a family member watches the same show. There is no like/dislike button so the same content shows up even if you already watched it and content that you have no interest in shows in the recommended list. The recently added list shows the same content month after month. There is a lot of bad movies but there are some hidden gems in there, but the app makes it difficult to find. I highly recommend prime video, I just wish the app was better.

- Slow and crashy

It’s a slow app and also crashy on a new Samsung tv. I always get oops something went wrong and then I have reset everything for it to work. Then if I ever airplay something and watch it on another tv it never stores what episode I watched up to. When I watch it from the app again it starts off from the beginning of an episode again. Also when a season finishes it doesn’t go to the first episode of the next season it just ends like there are no more episodes. The app is slow to load and slow to browse videos, the mixing in of paid movies is useless I pay for the content so only show me what’s available to me without paying another $30 to watch another season. Just be more like only the content we are paying to see, I don’t want to rent anything else!

- Show that we’re free but are now not free

So I was watching Spider-Man into the spider verse then I decided to watch it again but it cost money and spider is my favorite so can you just not make spider far from home cost money please I find it quite annoying Netflix you don’t need to pay to watch a show you just need membership but for prime you do need to pay for shows even though you have the membership I think Netflix is then prime plus there is good show for 8+ so I think you should add the amazing world of gumball or teen titans or Johnny test add more 8+ shows I know this will get more people getting prime video

- Great value of money

For the price it’s great. I payed for the year so I saved a bit compared to paying per month. There is a lot to watch and some content is in 4K. Refreshing not having to pay more compared to Netflix. Actually quite hard to justify paying for Netflix when you get great content with any other subscription.

- Where's the subtitles?

How can they release movies that have foreign language for minutes and don't have any subtitles? Sure there are lots of great movies and series but it's frustrating to be twenty minutes into a movie where there's whole conversations not in English and subtitles only show for when they are speaking English. What gives? Other than that Prime I feel is better than Netflix which seems to make so many movies and series with constant blood splattering throughout.

- Please supply Rifftrax movie presentations, with the option to mute the comments.

I would like to offer some feedback, but have found it difficult to do this in the right way. So firstly, as a new subscriber, I am enjoying the service, and can give it a high mark. I recently found that I could watch the cheesy, “The Sword and the Sorcerer”, movie from 1982. Unfortunately for me, it was shown with, what I felt was juvenile and not funny commentary from “Rifftrax”. This movie, when first released, was not meant to be taken seriously. Rifftrax’s comments wrecked the movie, and stepped all over the not at all subtle comedy, and non PC attitude of the original, replacing it with pretentious boorish comments. Whilst I accept that there may be an audience for this, it would be nice if it was possible to watch the original presentation. Thanks.

- Good content, buggy TV app

Loving some of the original shows, but the subtitle bug on Apple TV is an unending source of frustration. The setting doesn’t hold on Auto, and changes to other languages, or sometimes stops working altogether, unless you stop playing, set the subtitles to a different language, then set it back to Auto, exit the video and app, enter again and resume. You need to re-do this process every time you pause the video, or after ever episode. Especially frustrating for shows like Man in the High Castle where you need Auto subtitles on quite a bit.

- Cheap but lacking content

It is cheap and easy to use, but the content is lacking. Also I signed up for the one month free trial and it was an absolute headache on my laptop and I couldn’t get it to work. When I downloaded the app to my phone which worked very easily, I was charged a monthly subscription when I signed in. I paid it as it was only $3.99. However I’m annoyed that I could get my free month and that it worked perfectly only after paying a subscription. I won’t be using Prime again, you get what you pay for.

- why ads?

plenty of old content if you like or miss tv shows from early 90’s through to naughties I don’t like that there are ads or other prime show promotions running between episodes or right after resuming an episode

- Poor memory

Never remembers what episode I’m up to, especially if I go between Apple TV and iPad! It also gets stuck on an episode for 5-10 episodes before it moves on to where I am really up to, I find this really annoying, especially since I am not good at remembering the episode number myself for every show I’m watching. I feel this is a simple feature that should always work regardless!

- Bad content and bad streaming quality

Signed up today. Started watching a show and it took 3 hours to watch a 43 min show. Streaming was start stop despite being on NBN. Other services stream well so this is a waste of money. Will be cancelling tomorrow. Not even worth $6.99. Tried calling them and received the worst customer service with a Filipino who could not speak Understandable English. Please be careful spending money on this. It has near zero unique content. All content can be found on Foxtel or Netflix so there is no point having this

- Customer service??

I tried to sign up for a free trial 48 hours ago. My account was immediately blocked and I am still waiting to get clarification on what the problem is. I have called customer service twice now in 2 days and no one can tell me anything and have been told I need to wait another 24 to 48 hours for someone else to contact me. How hard is it to sign up for a free trial? I just want this resolved so I can delete my credit card details from this account before I get charged for something I can’t even use..

- No directory/index?

What is most frustrating with the whole setup is the impossibility of seeing exactly what movies and programs are available. It is almost as bad as watching broadcast tv without looking at a schedule. It reminds me more of a labyrinth. A selection of programs are displayed, but too bad if you want to see all available choices. It’s easier to spend my money on buying sets of dvds of worthwhile content.

- Feeling left out down here

I love using Prime, the ease of finding something to watch is unmatched, however I really wish there were no global limitations. I can’t watch the same things in Aus, as my friend in the USA. In this day & age I don’t understand why. Please allow us to watch the same programs, no matter where in the world we are.

- Disappointing

Reasonable content, but the streaming is terrible. Constant drop outs throughout a show. I’ve given up trying on a few occasions and watched a different streaming service. Also not a fan of ads before shows, even if they are promoting other Prime shows. Pity they have exclusive shows I want to see, otherwise I wouldn’t bother with this service.

- Decent content but ads are annoying

Listen, we’re already subscribed and paying for the service, we don’t need the unnecessary and annoying time-wasting ads between every episode of a show I’m already watching on the platform. You already advertise successfully on the main interface, any more is indicative of a needy/greedy approach which isn’t conducive to a great use experience. Quit wasting more of our time.

- All those Bollywood movies!!!

I am loving your Hindi film collection!! your app is the only one that I have seen so far that actually drops the latest Bollywood films like “Dabaang 3” and “War”. Also thank you for the English subtitles. My only request is, can we get Hindi tv serials, I’ve been searching for “Dev Ke Dev Mahadev” or “ Mahabharata”. Finding Hindi tv shows with English subtitles is a trial here in Aussie but the Brits have heaps of channels with them. Moving on, when is “Carnival Row” coming back? Anyone debating on whether it’s worth subscribing, my response is “Yup it is” another must have app to your streaming ones😌

- Great app

Had some problems with the latest update, but just reinstalled and everything good now. Big thumbs up to the casting function. Works better than Netflix who have had it much longer. Good show selection

- 30 second skips please

Great content, please make the skip buttons more than 10seconds, it’s terrible trying to rewind, by the time the button has stopped being greyed out 10seconds have gone passed again so you’re just back where you started and can’t get back to what you missed.

- Great!

I like that the app still works on my old iPad. Unfortunately the same can not be said for all streaming services. The app is reliable and the video quality is good. I like the X-Ray option to see the cast and I really like the selection.

- Good but buggy subtitles

The content is great, but the app, specifically for the Apple TV, is very buggy. Subtitles will drop and never come back on both my HD and 4K Apple TV’s. Other languages will work, but add soon as English is selected the subtitles once again go away. The only fix is to reboot the Apple TV, killing the app does nothing to fix it. Has absolutely noting to do with the global settings in the Apple TV.

- Loading screen issue

If there is a low or no network connectivity then app shows loading screen but when same internet connection improves app now can’t do anything. It’s just get stuck to loading screen. Either you have to restart the phone or delete the App and download again. Sometimes downloading from App Store is also very slow even on WiFi.

- Terrible quality on fast internet

I have terrific internet, have never had issues with streaming in Netflix or Stan, but Prime is just awful. It rarely streams in HD. Right now as I’m watching the audio drops out every couple of minutes, it freezes and buffers every couple of minutes. The videos are often pixelated. I get several error messages when watching. I have to restart it several times in a sitting. I won’t be using this service anymore.


I have 100mbps+ connection at home and on either the iPad or iPhone app no video content will play in HD. I have set all the settings to ‘Best’ quality and i am using wifi connection right next to my wifi router (dual band AC router)... everything is grainy and pixelated. Absolute rubbish streaming service!!!! I will be cancelling subscription within my 7 day trial and simply downloading the GrandTour in HD after it airs. You try to do the right thing and pay for a service and it’s useless. Get your act together Bezos!

- Great app, but no cast option makes it not usable

This app is great, but is not really usable as there is no cast option present. I am finding difficult to use this at home, as i am not able to cast to tv which other competitors are providing. If you wish to watch films using small screens or using laptops or other internet connected medias, please go for it.

- Complete junk

The app crashes anytime you try to watch a show. It will work for a bit, then the movie just goes to the info screen, click play it play 2 second then back to info screen. Completely unusable and makes membership a rip off. Restart iPad or re installing app helps for a few minutes and if you change shows it will play for a short while. Don’t get Prime if need to watch on iOS. So annoying.

- Nice Addition to Stan & Netflix

Works fine on wifi and iPad and new Apple TV app has no issues. Only improvement needs to be to account management. An easier to use way to monitor the account and payments is needsd.

- Australians don’t bother

It’s utterly terrible you can’t watch anything because it’s not available in our area. Also asking for extra subscriptions for things like the HBO channel at a cost too big to consider paying for especially because all the best HBO programs also say “not available in your current location”. That is the same for any in app extra subscriptions. Worst streaming app I’ve seen yet. If I could give it 0 stars I would.

- Content downloading in different language

I’ve been downloading episodes of criminal minds to watch when I don’t have wifi and they’re all on a different language with English subtitles! (I think it’s Spanish or Portuguese not sure). Tried contacting help but it won’t go through. The episodes that did download in English, don’t have subtitles (even after I clicked on the option)

- Pretty good

The app works fine and there’s no problems with the downloading or streaming of shows. My only complaint is that the variety of shows is quite limited and apart from prime originals there’s not really any new shows or movies. Great app overall and keeps me satisfied.

- Apple TV app doesn’t work

App works on my iPhone but for some reason can’t sign in on the Apple TV app. When I install and open, it already recognises I’ve previously signed up as it has my profile name ready for me to click on When I go to click on a movie to play, it brings me to the trial sign up page. I sign in, and it just loads forever. I’ll try again and this time it will tell me I’m already signed up. I can’t get past this stage. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled only to end up at the same place, the sign up to the 7 day free trial. Works fine on my phone. I’ve just air played one movie from my iPhone, which I Shouldn’t have to as I have an Apple TV. Can anyone suggest a solution. I’m pulling teeth out here. Thanks.

- Great

I do love this service, so many options which is great. The only little thing I have a teeny issue with is the movies/ programs showing available but I’m unable to watch because I have to pay for it. I cannot purchase the via my app service.

- Billion dollars to spend

And the app is still buggy. Scrolling forward, jumping with the 10 sec button or just doing anything while watching runs the risk of the endless spinning circle. And what’s with the quality throttling on iPad. Bit stream for a relatively small screen can’t be too large to handle for a company that wants to deliver your food with drones for goodness sake. (Oh and it’s not my internet).

- Search not working & movie titles should be sorted with alphabetical

When I search any movie with title , it gives all other results except What I searched for. I don’t think it’s search meant for. And also very hard to identify the latest movie updates (day/month wise) and also it’s recommended to see the titles with alphabetical order, so it’s easy to find a movie.

- Huge fan, dislike the presentation though!

Could make the software smoother. It feels cheap. Plus, If you have all the seasons of a series, why do you constantly post mid seasons as a starting point when you’re looking for things to watch?

- Good original content just let down by bugs and issues with movies

Love the original content provided but constantly have apps crash and movies that are meant to have subtitles in certain spots to translate are missing, the only way to have them is to turn on subtitles for the whole movie

- Few improvements

I enjoy the content. But still miss so many georestricted shows. Also, there should be provision for continue to watch section.

- Sorry I thought this was to review the app

It would be good to toggle the movie info/trivia on or off. It is very distracting whenever skipping parts or going back a few secs. Other streaming services allow double tap on the right to fast forward without dimming and with nothing coming up at all. It’s blissful. Please do it

- No recently watched option- DO SOMETHING about it !

There is no recently watched option if you want to go back to shows/movie that was just being viewed. You have to type the name in the search bar and just hope you remember the name of the movie that you were watching. So annoying and I don’t understand why it’s set up like this.

- Not getting new movies

Prime vedio was good when i joined it but now i can see there are old movies in the option and all other movies are on repeat. It looks like i am wasting money every month. And also there should be movies of persons interest for example bollywood movies are very less in the option and there are more Hollywood movies that i dont want to watch

- The app and TV login is an utter pain

It is really frustrating to get to log in on a smart TV (it won’t even when the correct details are used...... so what is the point) and the App does not like the iPad keyboard for tasks ...... such as writing reviews. The point blank refusal to log in on the smart TV are likely causes of ending my subscription

- No Chromecast?

Started the free trial and immediately found no Chromecast compatibility. I have a very big TV. I’m not planning on watching any shows on a small iPad screen. I’ll spend my money with other apps that are Chromecast compatible. Once you grow a brain and become compatible to this format, maybe spend some money on marketing and get some customers back. Good luck in the meantime...

- The cheapest so far

I've tried all of them and I love this the best due to its movies and tv series . And value for money is excellent too . Don't bother with Foxtel Go it costs you $25 and they still have ads !

- Why do I have to pay again?

I am so MAD right now! i have spent ages looking through Amazon’s library of films and almost all the ones i have been dying to watch you have to buy or rent separately! can you BELIVE that!!!! We pay money every month for their movies, and they expect us to pay them AGAIN? WHAT!! i wanted to give one star but apart from that, they still have some good stuff, i just feel really cheated, ya know?

- Great app but please offer chrome cast streaming!

Great app, great shows and really happy with the price I’m paying for the subscription. The one thing I ask for is chromecast streaming! I’m sick of having to keep watching on my laptop. Please listen to your subscribers developers!

- Download problems

Downloaded several different movies/episodes so I could watch them on the go or in the plane without wifi, went to watch them and nothing worked. Nothing indicated that there was a problem with the downloads beforehand. This happened several times! Needs addressing!

- No Chromecast so can’t watch on my TV

2 stars for have a few Japanese options. But I probably won’t subscribe until I can watch on my TV without having to buy more tech. I want to chromecast just like Netflix and almost every Australian tv stations apps By the way when listing the costs of the subscription when you write A$ do you mean AUD$ as in Australian Dollars

- Don’t bother

Content was poor, and half of it is “not available in your area”. When you do find something you can watch, it constantly buffers and the sound drops out - I have never had problems streaming any other service.

- Ehh...

Prime video is amazing, and has a lot of movies u can like. But the issue is that Prime doesn’t have all of the movies that everyone wants. It has maybe some good Movies but other then that, all the movies have disappeared and no more good movies. I still like Prime and I would recommend u to have it

Payoneer 💰

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- Not available in your current location

The app itself is fine, it does what it’s supposed to, however, the content is a huge disappointment. Why on earth would anybody pay a monthly subscription for a steaming service that promotes amazing shows, only to prompt “not available in your current location”. Seriously, 90% of the shows aren’t available, what’s the point?! Thanks for the free month amazon, but even that wasn’t worth my time.

- It’s ok

It’s good, but having Apple TV support would make this app/service way more useful!

- I can cast to my TV now

App updated so that I can connect to Chromecast. Thank you for updating that feature quickly.

- Ads

I am paying for Amazon Prime TV and yet I am still subjected to ads between episodes. Netflix does not do this. Step it up Amazon, you have a lot of competition, please don’t make people who are paying for your service watch ads. I don’t care that I can skip an ad a few seconds in, the ad is still annoying and disruptive. You have the potential to be pretty awesome but there are some quirky things you are doing that is driving consumers away.

- Decent selection clunky app

The selection is decent and it has good variety but the app is clunky and hard to navigate. Would benefit from being easier to navigate and from a recently watched option.

- Needs chromecast support!

Browsed around content seems great but I need to be able to watch on my TV like all the other streaming video apps.

- Poor aspect ratio on 2018 iPad Pro 11"

The app aspect ratio has not yet been optimized for the 2018 iPad Pro 11” causing black bars to appear on both sides of the screen, with there being no way to make a video actually full screen. Netflix and YouTube have already optimized their apps weeks ago. Prime Video is lagging behind.

- Disappointed

Very disappointing selection for Canada. Definitely not worth the cost. The selection is very limited and you still have to rent or subscribe to different services within the app . Will not be renewing as there is not enough content to justify price when regular tv services offer more selection and content

- Chrome cast

Please add chromecast support! I would use this service much more but I cannot use it unless on my phone. Many shows are on prime which aren’t available elsewhere, however, like Netflix the offerings for Canada are much less robust than those for the USA. Still my kids enjoy it. But I can only use this streaming service from my computer and even then is a tedious thing. Chromecast support would really help.

- No watch history across devices.

Kind of pointless when you can’t view your watch history across devices and family members are not responsible or accountable for their viewing habits. Will return if/when this is addressed. I do not want to CONTROL the household through parental controls. I would prefer transparency instead. If I have to turn on restrictions, I can not justify paying for it.

- Poor interface

It’s tough to re watch a t v show. When I open the app there is no way to continue where I left off and there are also more than one icons for the same show because each season has its own icon but there is no text indicating which season it is.

- No Cast

Disappointed. No option to use with chrome-cast or anything.

- Amazon Stack

Good app with great shows, but if I’m paying for it I don’t want commercials.

- Like Netflix but worse

It’s nice to use from time to time, especially since it’s all included with our prime membership, but it is definitely lacking in many regards. The titles are limited and often older or low quality. The few higher end tv shows or movies that sneak on are extremely over advertised (I was seeing Jack Ryan trailers for MONTHS). I’m not sure if this is due to it being a Canadian account, but Canadian Netflix has plenty of options still. The app is clunky, but works good enough. The option to skip ahead or back with screen taps is nice. It’s a real shame that it isn’t compatible with Apple TV or chrome cast though.

- Advertising platform

It used too be great. Now almost every show is an additional subscription. This is the most expensive video service on the market. Most shows are already available through your cable subscription.

- won’t work anymore..

the app won’t even open on my phone. loads the logo for a few minutes and then crashes. i’ve uninstalled and reinstalled 3x now and it won’t fix anything.

- Rough start. No support for TV

I have a 2G Apple TV. I have two different chrome casts. That should be enough. But it’s not. Amazon needs me to buy THEIR proprietary stick for each of my TV’s

- Feedback

Downloading sucks and takes way too long, even if it’s the smallest size. If I try to download an episode and watch one at the same time, that could be quite interminable, rest assured my Internet was not the issue, also why is every season shown separately on the home screen if I’m watching the same show? that’s dumb, there should only be one icon to tap and from it I can access all the seasons and it should automatically take me to the current season and current episode, having all that clutter is annoying. I do not find the layout user-friendly, especially if I’m trying to jump back-and-forth between downloading and picking episodes, and by the way your music app has barely any music. I do hope you do something with this

- Pre-roll ads are incredibly annoying

This would be great without the ads.

- My review

The selection is decent but the app never remembers where Iam in a season so I have to scroll through the season trying to remember where I left off. Also even tho I’m something like $10 a month to use the app I still have to watch adds for amazon prime original content seems like a cheap move to me. The only thing about the app that is better than Netflix is the selection which still isn’t that great.

- Hate the Advertisements

Hate the non skippable ads.

- Apple TV

Where is the Apple TV App?

- Ads for a paid service

You pay for the service and still get unskippable ads. Completely unacceptable.

- Refreshing!

It’s a nice change in selection from Netflix.

- En français SVP

Le contenu francophone est très limité. Je reçois des alertes de nouveautés avec description en français mais les films sont disponibles en anglais et espagnol seulement. Pourquoi? Ces mêmes films sont disponibles en français sur les autres plateformes. En streaming une série de 8 saisons est souvent disponible 3 ou 4 saisons en français et les autres ne le sont pas. Pourquoi? Déçu.

- Not working

I had the app before and it was working fine but now it suddenly stopped working. It just doesn’t want to open

- App Glitches

I’ve been using the app for about a month now and when ever I get to the last 5 minutes of an episode it stops working. I exit the episode and it doesn’t register that I’ve watched it. I have to fast forward to where I was and it continues to have this issue a few times before deciding to work. Not sure how to fix this problem as it happens every episode.

- Ads

So I’m paying for the service, why am I paying for ads too!? I don’t want to pay for commercials and ads, it’s so annoying!! Imma keep my prime cause I wanna watch out Big Brother but seriously the ads so annoying! Especially when you’re paying $22 a month

- Ads even though you pay for it

We all pay for Prime Video.... why do we still have to watch commercials?

- Not available

Agree with first comment- not available in your area.

- Hard to find a movie

When you search for a movie it will show many examples but many are not included with your prime membership. They are for another service you have to subscribe to via amazon prime. When i search for something on prime don't show me movies which are not included with my subscription

- The app is A DATA EATER I am deleting this app if it does not get lower DATA USEGE

Holy man lower the data used by your app it is getting to big for my phone and it does not need to be so large in DATA usage. FIX IT TO BE LOWER DATA USAGE SHEESH. This needs improvements hugely The app is great but takes up all my data from my phone so stupid this to have it take up all data on phones. Lower data use please

- Amazon prime kinda sucks

There’s good shows but why do I have to watch a 30 second commercial half way thru every episode . If the show is worth watching I’ll watch it later . I’m currently watching rick and Morty why are you showing me an 30 second advert about real housewife garbage . Wish I didn’t pay money for this .

- Takes up memory in phone

Don’t know why it’s about 450Mbs of memory for this app on my phone when Netflix is only 200Mbs! Should have a look at that and try to make the app Mbs size smaller and when you goto a category to add a video or show to watch and hit back arrow it goes right to the start not where you left off with the film you add, it’s so frustrating! Get some better coders!

- Okay

Honestly the sheer variety of movies and shows is fantastic. The one thing that bugs me though is that sometimes movies pop up in the wrong category. Several times I’ve been browsing comedies and an obvious horror movie pops up too.

- Adds

If I wanted adds on my video I would have used YouTube so please for flipping sack SToP the ADDS PLeAsE

- Really Jeffy...

Bro at the billions of dollars you have make the app a little better

- Stop being so sloppy.

Previously had no issues with the app and loved it. Now (on iPad Pro 10.5”) my Date and Time, and Connections and Battery in the top corners won’t disappear when I’m watching something. I’ve tried everything. It’s annoying. Please sort this out ASAP.

- cannot watch any moves

This app has been an absolute waste of my time. The only benefit of downloading this app is legitimately downloading it - to watch the movies you want to watch require an additional purchase after paying more than $100 for amazon prime. This app has been an absolute waste of my time and money and I will no longer support amazon and their delays as as a result of my dissatisfaction towards this app.

- It’s good but very limited

I wanted to see if i can watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure or Dragon Ball (say what you wanna say) It’s not on there. Doesn’t mean there isn’t other good shows it’s just that it is super limited

- Customer service is crap.

I have had nothing but dropped or ignored calls from I’m really disappointed.

- Canada Prime Service

A very small number of videos are available for view in Canada

- Bad quality and waste of money

I didn’t like they have all old no new series

- Gestion des langues déficientes

La gestion des langues est déficiente. Je suis obligé d’écouter des séries en français parce que mon compte est taggué français. Pas de possibilité de changer à l’anglais.

- Ugly app design , ugly app logo,ugly user interface, Nice-ish movies,good deal wit prime

Te He Ugly app design , ugly app logo,ugly user interface, Nice-ish movies,good deal wit prime

- Bad

Half of shows on the app you either need another subscription to watch or you have to rent it on amazon to watch it.

- Don’t waste your money

Even when I am paying for it yet the selection is very limited. Almost every movie I search is not available on Amazon prime. It neither worth my money nor my time. Not going to renew the subscription!!!

- Great

It is a great app and easy to use

- I try before reviewing...

This streaming service is like Cinderella's chariot after midnight. A real pumpkin pulled by rats. Front end is rotten because the backend is garbage.

- Meh...


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- Connect to tv

This app is great! I love it but I think it’d be better if I’d be able to connect it with my chrome cast to watch it on my tv. Like is there a future update where that would be possible? To me I feel it’s better because it’s on a bigger screen and I’d be able to use my phone when I would need to. I hate stopping the show I’m watching and sending a message and then go back like that’s to much of a hassle, I’d rather connect it to my tv and be able to use my phone at the same time like Netflix or CBS. Hopefully that update will come out soon!!!!

- Stop forcing me to watch ads

Please remove the ads that are shown at app start, at least to those of us who already have Prime. I’m perfectly aware that Prime video has a lot of original content and I’m perfectly capable of finding it myself and watching previews for the shows that interest me. I absolutely hate ads on app launch (in any app), especially since I have already paid for the service. I think this is an absolutely despicable thing to do to your paying customers. At the very least you should offer a setting to Prime customers to disable the ads. Maybe the ads will help some customers discover content that they wouldn’t have known about otherwise, but for those of us who actively seek out content that we have access to, we don’t need to have it shoved down our throats.

- Prime video smaller amount of titles but quality content

I recently streamed 3 major video services, but had to cut back to save money. In my opinion, HBO Now was the best, but also the most expensive. Netflix was medium cost and has the most quantity, but the quality was not so good, except for their self-made shows. So I have only Prime video now. Prime may not have as many titles as other providers but most of what they have is good quality and the diverse variety that I enjoy, in movies, my primary reason for streaming. That said, I am all beginning to enjoy Prime TV content, too.

- No CASTING or recently watched section

They care more about their war with Google than they do their own paying customers. I have a Chromecast but can’t cast any Prime videos because they want to force you to give them even more money by buying a Fire Stick. ... Also every time I’m watching something if I exit the app for some reason it’s so hard to find what I last viewed. They don’t have “recently watched” section like Netflix and other streaming services. I had to literally go into the search feature and type in “Iron Man” just to get the movie to come up though I was watching it only moments ago. Trash app from a greedy company that craps on loyal customers at every turn. They know people only buy Prime for shipping so they treat the video section like a “you’re lucky to have it” add on. What creeps.

- Better than cable

We have had this service for about two years and we came to watch it so much more than what was on cable that we cancelled the major tv subscription. The choices are so much better on Prime and the streaming channels keep us entertained and informed. Goliath is one of our favorites and Jack Ryan. The prime originals beat tv hands down. If I have one criticism it that my watchlist sometimes misses shows and I have to hunt them down again. The other thing is that some of the films are rubbish, but we have found some excellent ones as well.

- Super frustrating user experience

When searching for movies or shows to add to your watchlist, the slider bounces back to the far left after simply viewing the details of a movie or show. It also bounces up or down off the category you were viewing. This occurs on the home screen of the app. It used to only happen when adding something to your watchlist, but now happens even when just viewing the details of a show or movie. So, you have to scroll up or down to re-find the category you were looking at and then scroll right and remember the last one you viewed, every single time. Such a time waste and super annoying.

- Offline Mode

I enjoy the app. It offers a great selection of music and so affordable. My only warning is “Offline Mode” If you accidentally select this and try to listen to what you were listening before, it just keeps saying “Error & you are in Offline Mode”. Whatever you were listening to prior to accidentally selecting this is no longer available. There is also no info on what is available in this mode. To make it go away you have to find a location with internet and if that’s not available you have to delete the app completely and reload it. Refreshing the app or restarting the phone does not correct it. Very frustrating!

- Download option

In most areas, definitely a 4 or 5 star app, however there does seem to be some issues with the download option. On occasion when trying to download shows it will not allow you to, telling you that you have already have the maximum allowable number of downloads and that you need to delete some shows prior to downloading more. Problem is that this pops up even if you don’t have anything downloaded. As I want watch shows where there is no signal this can be frustrating.

- Horrible new appearance & annoying

The new design literally makes it impossible to read which season you're trying to select. The monotonous design makes the different buttons I'm trying to select indistinguishable from one another. Before I could just tap on sides of screen to go back but now I have to find the tiny little buttons to tap to go back. Newest design makes it very unuser friendly. Also when I scroll through the various displayed shows it constantly resets so I get to see the same options over and over and over saga in. Looking cooler and more monochrome is not a good trade off for functionality and ease of use. Also, it's so messy and disorganized compared to every other streaming service.

- App needs serious work

Decent movies and shows, could always use more. But the app is incredibly irritating. Under various categories you’ll scroll to the right to see suggested movies, then randomly at some point it glitches and resets everything, losing your place. At times even the category gets moved or removed. It also suggests the same movies under various categories. There is actually a lot more movies available than what is suggested, the app just pushes certain titles heavily. Also beware of false purchases such as season 2 of Yellowstone. Many purchased it only to find out they purchased the trailer for season 2 and nothing else.

- Old & disorganized content

Noticing the available Prime movies have fewer and fewer new-er movies at any given time. Also, in the 3 years of having Prime I can’t figure out their system for displaying available movies within a category. If you’re just scrolling thru a genre you’ll see a finite list, yet if you preview a movie and then look for related you’ll find content you can’t get to otherwise. Searching for a specific actor...well don’t count on the results being 100% accurate. And the comedy category holds lots of drama and action...most anything But comedy. I anticipate this being my last round with Prime sigh

- Some good a lot of unwanted

I generally like what it offers, but I don't like that the the Things you have to pay for are mixed with the ones you don't. It's also very random in the things it chooses to show on the selection screen. Sometimes my sons favorite show is just gone and I have to search for it in the search area because the show is simply nowhere to be found in the shows you can browse through. And there's no way to stop a show that you don't like from showing up repeatedly in the browse screen. I don't like the values in certain kids shows and they keep popping up right at the top where my son sees them and wants to watch them...

- decent app; lacking one key usability feature

looked for another way to provide a suggestion for a feature enhancement; couldn’t find one; so, here goes... think Kindle app for a moment with the ability to create ‘Collections’ for organizing different types of books (e.g., biographies, sci-fi, historical fictions, etc.). think Prime Video Home page with its various categories (‘Action and Adventure’, ‘Sci-Fi’, etc.). that’s what this app needs. when one has literally several hundred videos, organization by user-created groups (like the Kindle app Collections) would make locating videos much easier. it’s *not* that the user can’t search for a video, but if guests want to watch a Rom-Com, then it’s so much easier to just go to a Rom-Com group and show them every Rom-Com in your library that the group can view. you get the idea. ‘nuff said. now, it’s up to the Developers to put legs, so to speak, on this this idea. Shouldn’t be too difficult a feature enhancement. thanks for your time to read this.

- Fleabag

One of the best series I’ve ever seen... Incredible Actors & writing by the Brilliant Phoebe Waller-Bridge... Just a smart beautifully done work filled with relationships and situations that are so hilariously and poignantly presented that it is Utterly magnetic & it’s impossible to stop watching it!!! Very bummed out to read that it will only be the two seasons, however, the two Seasons are so special I will watch them over & over again... Thank you Cast & Crew Of this Beautifully realized Wonderful gift to humanity... Phoebe Waller-Bridge is a Stunner and Wickedly full of fun & depth in every scene!!! Bravo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Good idea bad app

I have no idea how this has so many positive reviews. There is no way I am the only one continually experiencing issues. If I close the app and reopen it, it freezes and crashes all the time (so I have to completely end the app and then reopen). Even though I keep the closed captioning on, it always stops working. It’s still “on” but there are no captions. Have to end the app completely and then turn them on and off to get them to work. And the captions themselves are garbage, there are so many mistakes it’s unbelievable. It’s been this way for two years so it’s not an issue of updating. Also, when I’m in the downloads section (so the content I’ve paid for and own) I don’t think I should be subject to ads, regardless of if I can close them immediately.

- Am Prime Video

The app is a snap to use, and provides enough info for each video to help a person decide how to use the next 90 or 120 minutes. The biggest downside to me is that many of the choices provided to an Am Prime subscriber are really BAD movies: they’re not 'B' movies. No, they barely make it into the alphabet at all. More like 'V' movies or programs. And if there is a 'search' for a particular actor or director, the movies with some depth or interesting plots or where your search turns up movies of your actor choice, the best movies are NOT Am Prime. They may not be 'V' movies, but they miss 'A' and 'B' by a long-shot! And I was surprised at how few choices are Am Prime when I’m looking for work of a particular actor. There may be two, maybe three selections, but that’s it. And those selections are often not 'A' or 'B' either. I chalk up the gaps in decent choices as Am Prime learning how best to use this relatively new and attractive program. And so, I am hoping that there will improvement and more thought behind movie choices and program choices as Am Prime matures.

- The App is frustrating

For IPhone 10: Searching 2020 movies that’s “free to me” is nearly impossible. That option isn’t available. Also when browsing, for example “Popular Movies” you begin to swipe to the left while browsing and you click on a possible move to watch and change your mind and click the arrow back.... it goes to the previous screen but from the beginning and you are forced to swipe to the left and hopefully find your spot but not without it refreshing every few movies. This App is not friendly and easy to use. Stop refreshing when I only go to any page for one second!!! Also when I do want to back out of a movie it’s very difficult to find the “sweet spot” on the arrow to make it to the previous page.

- Works Great, Could Use Improvement

I am very close to rating 5 stars, the app has worked great, I never have any crashes or errors that prevent me from using the app. But I feel that the UI could be improved for a better experience . Scrubbing between scenes should give a little window that shows where in the show/movie you are scrubbing to in order to accurately get to where you want to be. The information you get when you touch the screen that shows actors/actresses in the scene are a nice touch but it takes up too much of the screen, perhaps if there was a better way.

- False advertising with downloading

I was super excited when the app came out with the “download” option, which is great to be able to watch movies or shows on planes, etc., except you can’t download any thing you’d actually want to watch. In the screenshots on the app info page in the App Store, it advertises “download moves to watch on the go” and it shows the entire 2nd season of Jack Ryan downloaded, but you can’t actually download Jack Ryan. The fine print states “certain movies and shows are available for download,” except that none of the shows people actually want to watch are available to be downloaded. Why offer the download option if you can only download shows you don’t want to watch? What’s the benefit of limiting this feature?

- Terrible

CANNOT PLAY ANY MOVIE ON MACBOOK AIR even though updated!! I have tried and tried and tried to get someone to answer an email... or better yet actually SPEAK to someone, impossible! No one helps, no one cares. I need a resolution. You have taken my money But NO HELP!!??? Why!??? What’s the point of having prime if you can’t even use it!! Please explain. What about a phone number easily displayed? Because obviously you won’t answer an email! Frustrating As of 4/6/19 STILL NO ONE HAS RESOLVED MY PROBLEM, No one has even attempted to answer my questions! Your lack of concern and customer service is below the status quo, which today... isn’t saying much. Where are all your service people?? Beware customers : this company will NOT help you. If something changes I will update

- What has happened recently?

I have been watching movies of all types for over a year on Prime Video and all of a sudden, several movies will not load. I am using an iPad Air and have all the newest upgrades. I cannot get The Identical to load, nor Gardens of Stone and just now Case Histories, Part 1. When I click on Watch Now the circle just keeps on spinning around. I have rebooted and still nothing. I have watched some others show with no problems, but something has happened with your newest upgrade. Will you please fix whatever it is? Thanks. I really enjoy my Prime Video.

- New Apple IOS

My family and I enjoy watching some older shows. As an example my wife and I are currently watching season 3 of teen wolf. If we watch it on our iPhone 7+ before current update there was no problem. Now when we try we get kicked within the first minute. So I thought that this was an Apple problem or maybe you had not updated to apples newest iOS. Just to confuse things even more I just used my phone to watch a 2 hour movie and had no problem. So went back to teen wolf thinking the problem was fixed and it still kicks you in 1 min. So this leads me to believe the problem is on your end. Please fix 👍

- I gave it a four star because

I give it a four star because last time I tried to watch Scooby Doo Siri’s mystery Incorporated. It didn’t let me watch the rest of the seasons well it let me watch a season two seasons but on the first season it only let me watch 13 out of the 26 of the arm episodes it was very aggravating because I want to know what happened but even though I didn’t know what happened a long time ago when I used to watch on Netflix I didn’t do this so I forgot because it’s been like four years so get the rest of the seasons and then maybe I watch it again

- Good, but not the best

I share my account with my sister, but it never lets me purchase anything. It just says “How do I watch this?” On just about every purchase button there is. I have to ask my sister to buy it for me, because it doesn’t work. I bought a show a while back, and I wanted to rewatch it. But, randomly “ How do I watch this?” Showed up, even though it was already purchased. I’m not sure if I know have to buy it again. However, I love the quality in its videos and I love the prime memberships. I think this app is really good, just confusing and not helping me very much.

- Almost there

Everything is amazing accept two thing. Number 1, the Apple TV app is frozen at the logo when entering the app. I’ve done all troubleshooting with no luck, so the app is nonfunctional. Number 2 is With the iPhone app. When watching downloaded content, specifically a TV series, once the episode is done and goes to the next downloaded episode it actually go to streaming the episode. So I have to get out and go back to downloads to then select the downloaded version to play. Other than these things, the app is great. I hope to see some improvements. Thanks for all.

- User friendly searches

Some sites won’t even try to ascertain what you’re searching for. They want you to use specific key words and don’t take misspellings into consideration. Prime is so easy to use. I’m technology challenged; so if it’s easy enough for me, it’s easy enough for you. I leave off the last star bc I can’t group a series of movies by year they were made. Let’s use the myriad of James Bond movies. I should be able to type in James Bond and get a result either in order or reverse order. Another example would be any specific actor: Katherine Heigl, Matt Damon, Jennifer Lawrence. You get the idea.

- Terrible organization of catalog - NEVER SUBSCRIBE TO A CHANNEL!

The app prioritizes rent or buy movies to the extent that finding prime movies or movies you’ve purchased is very difficult. If you subscribe to a channel, forget ever being able to access content on that channel. Even if you happen to know the name of a movie or tv show on that channel and can search for it, the app won’t recognize that you’ve subscribed to that channel and so you won’t be able to access that movie or show by searching for it. The only way to get to it is by clicking on the channel, but the channels aren’t listed anywhere. Forget searching for the channel, because that yields the same result as searching for a movie on that channel. Prime has great content but the app is a mess.

- Can’t even sign in

I tried signing into my moms account, I had the email correct and the password and even triple checked with my mom about it all, I couldn’t even sign into the prime video because every time I tried it just froze then told me that there was an error signing in and to try again later. I couldn’t even use the account because the app wouldn’t let me in. And it just froze each and every time I tried. On the tv it works just fine but as soon as I try on my phone it doesn’t work. It was quite annoying since I had plans of watching movies with my sisters on the phone, but instead we had to move everything to the living room where people had fallen sleep on the couch to watch the movies on the floor.

- Restricted

Unfortunately, this app is too limited you gonna purchase the prime plan then only some tv series is available but not all of them even movies are all restricted some old ones maybe u get one to two new. The most racist is like most other apps is that restricted you from watching tv series or movies are available on USA but not allow for other countries to see it. only the thing look good on it is that the name of actors and info related get up on left side that technically is good. And the algorithms used on it its quite enough but not advanced one to check movies according your wishes the other technicians is that tv series is continue as u leave it even if it was pc or mobile.

- Doesn’t work for me

It seems to me that for a mobile device, acres and playability of videos would be of paramount importance, as well as the ability to play those videos offline. By default, the app is set up for streaming, even if you download the videos for offline viewing. My experience was that the app simply did nothing but spin it’s spinner until it finally gave me an error, with the only feedback being “there has been an error”. That was after 13 minutes. Still wAiting for support to contact me, but frankly got this app to relax and watch videos, not to be frustrated with troubleshooting. The iPhone is a closed platform, it should “just work”

- Not a paid reviewer

I just read a review that said the high reviews had to have been written by paid reviewers. I don’t know anything about paid reviewers and I hadn’t considered reviewing Prime Video until I read that one. My opinion surely doesn’t mean much but what are you talking about? Most of the titles are included with Prime. Their original series are top notch, creative, and fresh-better than anything on the old three major networks. There is so much to choose from which drives me a little crazy because I can’t decide what to watch. Check again please.

- Slow to load videos

Can you fix the bug where the video loading screen spins but won’t play the video? I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, rebooted my iPad, and have the latest iOS. However, I still get a black screen with a spinning circle when I tap on an episode of a show that I want to watch. I have no other issues on other video streaming apps. This issue started two updates back. Update: I have updated my iOS, the app, signed off and signed back in and I still get a spinning circle animation when I tap on the episode I want to watch.

- Ready to pull plug

After eight years, I may be ready to pull plug and go to cable or streaming. I hope I can find find my two old Slingbox units and they still work. Two Dish accounts pay over 300 a month and the dish anywhere that I used to love makes me log in every time and screen pair when I’m on the road. Oh yeah, that doesn’t work. I’m in my kitchen and it says that my receiver has lost its connection. I know it hasn’t. I also have a Comcast tv system that might wife insisted on and its remote viewer never fails. I rarely write negative reviews but when I do I always hope that the car maker, service manager whoever will see it and contact me, but they never do. Oh, I also miss HBO and Fox sports but I can always watch Comcast and I stream HBO. Help

- Nice bonus from Prime membership

I had Prime for quite a while before I began to utilize the entertainment aspect, I guess because I didn’t own a fire stick. For an investment of around $35, I can now access all of the Prime movies and programming. Totally blown away by some of the Prime originals. The screen occasionally sticks, especially on PBS and not sure who to blame for that. Did the same on Sling when I had that. I added HBO, Showtime, and a few other networks I like and am saving a fortune from my previous Dish account. And I love the Prime originals.

- Very dump way to rewind/ fast forward that will waste your time

The stupidest streaming app ever! They should reconsider this dump way of rewind/fast forward this app has. So annoying! Why not make it simple like Netflix!? In this app, you have to click on two buttons to do that and you have to do it in the right time to avoid passing on this scene you want to watch again and again! Why not letting people control the rewind/re-forward manually and let us see the scenes while doing that so we know where exactly to pause using one button so we don’t miss the scene we want because we couldn’t switch to the pause button in the right time!? What a huge waste of time! Also it used to be ad-free to prime members! What happened? Got greedy!? Shame

- An appreciative Star Trek fan

When B5 first came on the air I deliberately did not watch it as I thought it was was a rip-off of DS9. I have many friends saying that missed out on a very good show and that I should have given a chance. After DS9 7season concluded, I did watch in order every B5 episode ever made and must now say I was wrong in not watching and supporting this very fine show that showed slivers of storylines steeped in morality and just plain good story telling. I am once again watching B5 and enjoying it for the 2nd time in order.

- Prime video

I like the selection of documentaries that for the most part are carefully rated. I don’t like listening to inappropriate language; mostly words spelled with four letters. I love the selection of foreign films, and overall I like the selection available to me are highly rated films (no matter the category). I like learning about other cultures through thoughtful films. My last favorite part of Prime is the algorithm that knows what I like and places likely films in my queue. Thank you and please add even more choices.

- A disaster

Has lots of trouble routing audio to a Bluetooth headset. Sometimes restarting the app works, others I need to turn the Bluetooth device off and on a few times which 1 out of 2 times results in the app freezing. If I’m watching anything on “free IMDB with ads”, every single time I have to restart the app or go to the phone settings to check Bluetooth connections or just do back and re open the show, I get incrementally more ads in front of my playhead, which means I may have watched 60 seconds of ads, and immediately be forced to dig 78 more, and then 90. Because of the constant issues with the Bluetooth connection, this means I normally spend 5 minutes struggling and playing ads without watching any contents.

- Yes

Yes, yes, always yes. Many people in the review section just have something to complain about more then anything. Not everything is perfect but I 100% love prime. I have a daughter and prime has the best selections or tv shows and episodes for young children. My husband and I love prime because it has plenty of movies to pick from, even ones we have never heard of before. The option to rent or buy is great. It can improve on small things but that’s nothing. Prime you keep doing a great job not to mention I get 2 day shipping.

- Pretty great for something that still needs some more titles

There’s A LOT of great movies tv shows and old blockbusters here. I don’t even wanna know how many legal olympics they did to get the Indiana Jones movies on here when the production company belongs to Disney now. Curb Your Enthusiam is comedy genius. All that’s missing is some quality animated movies that rival what disney/pixar is doing. That’s all that this subscription is missing. If they managed to get more great western animated movies on here this would be the complete package. Something that could rival the upcoming Disney App

- Glitchy Launch

I really like the original shows See and The Morning Show, but the app has glitches. It does not do a good job of tracking where I have paused a show or movies. I rented a movie and paused to eat dinner. When I started rewatching it was 10 minutes or so earlier in the movie. This has continued to happen and when I fast forward the audio is off. I have so lost track of where I am in watching episodes of See and the Morning Show. If Apple fixes these glitches it is 5 stars.

- Love it

Love prime video. By far the best movies. Love the option of renting or just purchasing a movie. Only thing I wish is that the money to rent a movie applied to the purchase if said movie was liked and then purchased soon after. I usually like to rent and if I like the movie enough I’ll purchase. But love the ease of finding our favorite movies and view them without waiting like on Netflix, for them to ship them. Will continue to pay for my prime video. Thinking about getting rid of Netflix all together.

- Missing subtitles, missing episodes

I'd like to give a higher rating but don't feel it would be honest. More than once I've tried to watch a tv series but half the episodes are missing. Some from the beginning, some the middle and some from the end of the series. It's frustrating. Also, the missing subtitles from so very many of the Asian dramas is quite annoying too. Actually there are a million other reasons I can't give a higher rating, but I quit caring about them long ago.

- Downloads

Overall this is a good streaming app but there is one problem. When I tried downloading two movies, one movie ended up having an error so I couldn’t watch it. The other movie I tried watching said I needed internet connection even when I downloaded it. I tried over and over again but it still said I need internet connection. You wouldn’t get that problem in Netflix or other streaming apps. It made me really frustrated so I couldn’t watch while I was on a long trip. Please fix it because it drives me crazy.

- Really limited functionality

First off, it’s annoying that just having a prime membership isn’t enough to watch most videos. You still have to subscribe to channels or rent shows in order to get access to most of the stuff worth watching. There isn’t even a premium package that includes everything, because each network requires its own subscription. But that’s not a problem with the app, just the service overall. The problem with the app is that you can’t even buy/Rent/subscribe to anything through it. You have to open up a browser and access the full site to do that, which makes absolutely no sense. I can’t imagine adding that functionality to the app would be so hard.

- Somewhat a let down

The part that is the most frustrating for me is that you can’t see how much things are to rent or buy on phone you have to go to computer or full version which you can’t do on your phones or at least I haven’t found a way to do it. Then it wasn’t too bad for costs because you could at least watch older seasons of shows without paying. now it’s all of the seasons no matter how many years. The only free ones with prime are really old off the air and even then not as many are free with your prime subscription. I gave 2 stars because it does work nice when you find what you are looking for. Some kids shows are nice as well.

- Apple TV app

The Apple TV app is clunky to use at times. Trying to find new content is sometimes a hassle, if you click on a title and add it to your watchlist, you lose your place when it brings you back to the page you were looking through. For some reason I can only add individual seasons of a show to my watchlist, I’ve tried to find a way to add the whole series, but can’t find out how, if it’s even possible. Also, rewatching a series is a pain because it always tries to start you off where you left off, which is usually the end credits, and the start from beginning button isn’t always there. If those three things were fixed that would earn the app a much higher rating from me.

- stop upselling and fix your AI models

Overall great experience. However far too much promotion for adding other just creates a greedy experience. i already have paid for prime...if you want to upsell offer prime premium or some other method instead of clouding the prime experience with titles that are not part of my plan. on the AI front....if you look at ANY of my purchase or browsing history, there is absolutely NO indication that i am interested in sports, yet there it is taking up valuable screen real estate.....again stop trying to upsell on items that my profile clearly would not suggest.

- Good but needs a couple of tweaks

I enjoy the selection of movies and shows they have, they stream very well and I like how you can pause the video with just one tap in the center of the screen, but I don’t like when I get close to the end of a video and have to pause it (which happens quite often) and when I go back to finish the episode, it thinks I already finished it and wants to play me the next episode. When I try to tap on the episode I was watching, it restarts the whole episode and I have to find the exact spot where I left off.

- Don’t waste your money unless you speak half a dozen foreign languages.

When I first subscribed I was happy to have some new shows to watch. However, after you spend a month watching the 3-5 shows that appeal to you, you will find anything else that looks and sounds good to watch is either in a foreign language, or voice dubbed in English like a bad Chinese movie. Basically, I wasted 14$ letting my service carry over another month. It wouldn’t be such a hassle if the movie or show was labeled as being non English, but they are presented as being in English. So far, I have not found a way to filter my service to show only English movies, but if I could, I suspect it would look pretty bare. I will be canceling.

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Fátima #QuédateEnCasa 🇵🇷

Hey I’m watching El mundo fuera – Alejandro Sanz. Check it out now on Prime Video! ⁦@viajeraindigo⁩

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Amazon prime's interface sucks for binge watching cause you have to close the video and click on the shows homepage again to watch another episode

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Man, why is the #Stargate franchise leaving Amazon Prime Video again?


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Amazon Prime Video 8.19.1 Screenshots & Images

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Amazon Prime Video iphone images
Amazon Prime Video iphone images
Amazon Prime Video iphone images
Amazon Prime Video iphone images

Amazon Prime Video (Version 8.19.1) Install & Download

The applications Amazon Prime Video was published in the category Entertainment on 2012-07-31 and was developed by AMZN Mobile LLC [Developer ID: 297606954]. This application file size is 127.54 MB. Amazon Prime Video - Entertainment app posted on 2020-12-02 current version is 8.19.1 and works well on IOS 12.1 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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