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Watch movies and TV shows recommended for you, including Amazon Originals like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, and the kids series Tumble Leaf.

App features:
• Download videos to watch offline – anywhere, anytime.
• Cast from your iPhone or iPad to the big screen with Chromecast.
• With X-Ray, view IMDb data about the actors, songs, and trivia related to videos as you watch.
• Watch on your Apple TV directly by downloading the separate tvOS app (requires Apple TV 3rd generation or later)

If you subscribe to Prime Video via iTunes where available, payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase and your membership will automatically renew monthly unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the then current membership period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours before the end of each membership period at the rate of your selected plan. You can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal anytime by going to My Account or through iTunes.
See for the Privacy Policy and other terms applicable to your use of Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video App Description & Overview

The applications Amazon Prime Video was published in the category Entertainment on 2012-07-31 and was developed by AMZN Mobile LLC. This application file size is 174.70 MB. Amazon Prime Video current version is 7.6.1 and works well on IOS 9.3 and high versions.

New X-Ray release. Starting today, you’ll have access to the Prime Video exclusive X-Ray feature for select live sports, including Thursday Night Football. This feature brings real-time stats, plays, and team/player information right to your fingertips while you watch. Click the X-Ray button or rotate your device to portrait mode to start enjoying X-Ray.

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Amazon Prime Video Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Applegetic   1 star

Horrible Connectivity and Streaming issues. I don’t know what’s wrong with the prime video app, but while all other streaming services (even apple’s own Apple TV+) stream perfectly fine, prime video either gives connectivity issues or streams yet at VERY low bitrate and buffers all the time! And that’s mostly on Apple TV, but also on other iOS devices... I mean, if amazon wants to offer such a subpar streaming experience for iOS and tvOS, better not offer it! This only makes people hate their service more than like them! Too bad...

Wastintime   2 star

Inconsistent and low video quality. Far inferior to iTunes video and sound quality. The iPhone and iPad apps are awful, you can’t rent or purchase anything, but you can on the PS4 app. 4K purchases won’t play in 4K... very disappointing.

vorticestron   2 star

No “Continue Viewing” queue, line or list?!?! Duplicate, Non-Prime Versions of Many Films. In many versions of iOS as well as this Prime Video app there does not seem to be a continue viewing line or strip, (such as the “watch next” queue). Where is the film I, just a few seconds ago, was watching for the last 1/2 hour?!? Shouldn’t it be in “watch next”? Are you, Amazon, actually expecting paying customers to have to entire the title into the search field for the video they’ve just been watching every single time they have to exit the app or press their phone’s home button? If it’s actually somewhere on the home page or watch next queue than you’ve made it almost impossible to find. I’d rather the truth be that i’m a blind moron and that I have missed something than except the reality that Amazon is a giant, unethical, privacy smashing, bloated corporation, that is too big and profitable to care. YOU HAVE the resources and capital to create and maintain an excellent, stellar, user/customer friendly app. What you shouldn’t have are excuses. There are also many times I’ve moved on and continued searching for a video because it appeared that it wasn’t offered in Prime. Wrong! There have been many instances where there is one Prime version and another non-Prime with the same exact cut and running time, except the non-Prime version is always listed as being released one year later. Are these 4K versions and I’m not seeing it labeled accordingly? The entire Naked Gun trilogy has a non-Prime doppelgänger for each three films. And no, “33 1/3, The Final Insult” wasn’t released in 2019. Bezos- I guess you can’t pay for better developers, coders or programmers, (or whoever the hell’s responsibility this is), if you want to keep your position as wealthiest man in the world. My time and energy are valuable too, stop wasting it. -edit 20191115: Btw, had enough of the disappearing, reappearing “skip intro” button and yes, I do want to read the very relevant information at the end of each Band of Brothers episode before the main credit roll. I’m tired of having to back track by reselecting the episode i was just watching, queueing up to point you people abruptly cut it short and then throw another ad in my face before jumping to the next episode. Please allow viewers to read that information before cutting to the next ad or episode!

Brina34   5 star

Love. I’m truly loving this app so many things to watch and the standup comedy is top notch funny

cbuckeye20   1 star

Lots of Crashing watching NFL. Lasts about 5-10min before crashing

Rockndakota   1 star

Latest Update Lost Chrome Cast streaming.. The previous version of this app worked flawlessly with Chrome Cast. The update from three days ago has caused the Chrome Cast Icon to disappear from the Prime Video start Page when bringing up any episode of a TV program saved in my Watchlist. I contacted Prime Video last night and received a generic response telling me to uninstall their app and reinstall it. I did that. There is still no Chrome Cast Icon as an option.

humblenovice   1 star

Doesn’t allow downloads for prime household. They expect the spouse to have a separate prime membership when traveling. Idiots.

.,.4542   2 star

Avitar the last airbender. Can you please make the last airbender available for prime. That’s the only reason I downloaded the app and I can’t even watch it!!

Rosecal27   4 star

Downloading. Where is the download icon on IOS?

Mr. Wizard!   5 star

Works very nicely. While the Vizio Smartcast app failed miserably ... the amazon Video app shines! Very easy to setup and it plays Amazon Prime video beautifully.

firelightdp   1 star

No Auto Rez between devices/tv. The apps on mobile and smart tv don’t sync the content well. If you select a video on your mobile device... then later you want to select the 4K tv version... it’s not the same video. You have to hunt for the full 4K version separately. Netflix does it.... why not Amazon?! Frustrating when I wee as tech a series and it doesn’t sync across different resolutions. Have to re-find where I left off on 4K version on screen

MistaAntonyo   1 star

What!?. My other devices I can login, why can’t I on my iPhone 11? Now my credit info is being asked. Why?

JawanRoss   1 star

Cannot make in app purchases. I travel ALOT! And the app will not let me make in app purchases so what is the point in having it????

tmackrell5   5 star

Doesn’t work. I had no problem until 24 hours ago. Now when I open the app all I get is a screen that shows prime video. Thanks fir the improvements. Worthless.

AceMoneyMaker#2   1 star

Constant loading circle, since last couple updates.. Fails to stream after last couple updates, it takes about 5 times or more to open up the app itself and closing and then it finally decides to load, whoever is in charge of keeping this app updated is as dumb as bean yep bean brain nice job I deleted this app now because it fails to work on IPhone XR IOS version 13.2. - better fix this soon as it has been weeks lame brain.....................

no happpy   3 star

When it works its good. I have bad experience of not being able to watch when i want to sometimes. Have no problem with streaming other. Not worth money

cobeggs   4 star

Great app but missing something. I love the Amazon Prime Video app and I wish I could give it 5 stars, but the only way to do that is for there to be a MacOS version

NewVersionSucks   1 star

Awful App Performance. Constant crashes and failures to connect to cast. Oh and no HD for the new Jack Ryan. You’re going to have to do better than that Amazon.

chooves   4 star

Very good. I use the app almost everyday and I love it! The only reason why I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is that subtitles for translation are not always correct. I am watching a Korean drama and the subtitles embedded in the video have all sorts of grammar and spelling mistakes, which I find irritating. The dialogs are often translated wrong, too. Aside from that, I’m very satisfied so far.

toolaidback   5 star

Great. Use it while the shops

Baldie1946   5 star

New X-ray release??. Good shows and movies on it and I use it often.....but what is with the last 3-4 updates about the “new” x-ray release?

Smackgiver   5 star

App no longer works. I just updated to the newest version and now it won’t play anything. It lets me select the series and episode, it when I do it just hangs with the circular graphic

Bk63567   1 star

Unprofessional. Stop sending out updates with old descriptions of the purpose of the update!

$#%@#&%#@ Grrrr   1 star

Has commercials. I am not going to apologize when you pay for something and have to sit thru commercials, it’s no better than over the air tv case in point is the fringe free with prime but has 90 seconds of commercials that you have to watch 7-9 times thru a show!

AndyPandylov   5 star

Awesome, Gripping and Compelling Shows. So often you hear Netflix & Hulu but this past week I have watched 5 incredible shows provided through Amazon (the expanse, undone, homecoming, thirteen, and Hanna) all have incredible content that keeps you hooked! Unique and thought provoking material that’s mikes above local channel tv series. Thumbs up

By maxine   1 star

Poor App. This app is great and all just a few mishaps so basically i downloaded this app this summer right? well i have a subscription and I did the free trial, i can’t pay the money that you said i didn’t owe. so i can’t download any apps until i pay the fee. in which i didn’t know there was a fee so thanks, i hope you can fix this for me please

Gadipirro   5 star

New Original Content and Golden Classics. Amazon Prime Video has added new movies, shows and documentaries and still provides the classics. Take a spin down ‘Sunset Boulevard’ (1950) or the South of France with Hitchcock favorite leading men, Cary Grant and Grace Kelly (the ultimate “Hitchcock Blond”) in “To Catch a Thief.” Binge watch dry-witted humor of Emmy award winning BBC “Fleabag”. Or change it up with an Amazon original series of mythological immigrant creatures struggling to coexist with humans in “Carnival Row”; Staring, Orlando Bloom. Don’t forget to catch up on the Historical drama of Downton Abbey. Anytime - Anywhere - Amazon Prime.

kids2   5 star

Pie in the sky. VV

M Hollywood   5 star

Cleaner. Amazing social value in rescuing those who are so alone in their circumstance. Thanks to the producers for airing such super hero story that we all wish to exist some place in this world.

CyndyAH   5 star

Bosch & Jack Ryan. 2 of my favorite shows. All caught up. Can’t wait for new seasons!

Advertorial    5 star

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j27anushan   4 star

Help. It is overall good but my videos are in French instead of English , can u pls help me with it

x user   2 star

Clunky. App GUI needs work. Not as intuitive as Netflix. The video playback selection and quality is as good as Netflix. The features for binge watching are much better then Netflix. Where it’s bad, is it uses just under a gig of storage under documents and data, even if you do not have any downloaded vids. You can’t clear that either. Someone didn’t test the software well.

Donuts244   5 star

Heyyy. Somehow got a free account? but hey that’s awesome. Woohoo!

Amyraebt   5 star

Younger please!. Can you please add the TV show “younger”? It’s not available in Canada anywhere… Update- you added younger!!! Thanks :)

edv2009   1 star

Lots of room for improvement!. First off, you need to fix your subtitles on the TV app! When set to Auto, there are no subtitles, when set to English, it’s every subtitle. Trying to watch the Jack Ryan series, with lots of foreign language being spoken, you’d think being set to Auto would give subtitles only when the foreign language is spoken, but no. Nothing. It’s just weird. Also, can you get the feature to jump ahead of the opening credits?

Optimus prime33   1 star

Amazon literally licks balls. Licks balls

Billy2Boot   5 star

Excellent!. Great shows! Easy to use! Many hours of entertainment! Very pleased and less expensive than Netflix!

Albertoberotha   1 star

Subtitles?. Could you use subtitles all the time? I don’t speak Spanish, or Russian ,or French, etc. It sort of ruins the experience watching a show understanding half of what’s being said. Do it, or I’m canceling my subscription.

Appsforeveryone56   5 star

Amazon video. Some really great series to watch. Highly recommended

MyrediffApp   2 star

Player not good. Fast Forwarding is not like Netflix, the option is slow forward then too fast. Didn’t like that player. Needs improvement compare with Netflix player.

Cripolyn   4 star

Getting better!. The shows used to be very low budget and unknown, and not in a good way. Now the shows are quality and the selection of older programs are great. Only downfall is that you can’t create separate viewing profiles. So if your kid uses it then your history and theirs are both mixed in the same continue watching and watch list.

tocsome   2 star

It could be so much better. It feels clunky, and it doesn’t feel smooth to navigate. It seems like it was thrown together quickly and then no one fixed anything. Another thing is that the selection of movies and shows aren’t the best, you’ll have really old crappy movies and barely any new good ones, it kinda seems like blockbuster. It very much seems like a poorer version of Netflix especially the UI. Also why aren’t any anime’s dubbed, Not only do you have a poor selection of them, none of them are dubbed ? I’d much prefer to be watching my stuff on amazon prime, but it’s just not as good as the other streaming services.

dghuat   1 star

Dumb. It’s the only streaming service that doesn’t allow for playback on your tv...stupid

urhairgoddess   4 star

Wishes. I would’ve given prime 5 stars but what I am able to watch on my phone I cannot always get on my computer. It’s very frustrating. The positives definitely out way the negatives.

ldrover   2 star

Great video, terrible sound. Watching Jack Ryan. No subtitles when Spanish is being spoken. Very frustrating as these scenes appear crucial to the plot.

Mama23Dogs&aKid   4 star

Search needs a serious update. Not impressed with the current upgrade! I’m not interested in sports! Upgrades should be aimed at as many customers as possible not focused on one group! Some good content but no good way to find it! About time the search option got updated. Finding each season of a show is not a great way to see what’s available. I want to watch NCIS but jumping in at Season 9 just doesn’t make any sense! I really don’t like it when I fall asleep watching episode 1 and wake up to episode 6! Love that Prime got it right! Love the 10 seconds forward and back

nisgasa   1 star

Old shows mostly. Not a wide selection. Not enough new shows.

priyanthn   2 star

No support for IPhone 11 Pro HDR. The phone supports HDR but the app doesn’t. Amazon needs to enable this!

movielover2001   4 star

Many good choices. I enjoy the television show choices very much. I wish there could be some good Superhero films like Thor:Ragnarok though.

Tap draw   3 star

Hard to find something to watch. Nice to have amazon prime but find the viewing limited.

Vombere   2 star

Clunky frustrating app. I am surprised at the high rating. The app is one of the most clunky unintuitive video apps around. Nowhere near as good as Netflix. Downloading episodes of series is hit or miss. I recently downloaded 5 episodes of a season. THREE of the five episodes had a "Playback Error" and would not play at all. Strict download limit - expect to download a lot less than Netflix allows.

luv apple TL   1 star

Download is too slow for off line viewing.. Download is too slow for off line viewing.

Dash-mate   3 star

Pv. Not as many titles as expected

mad_elizabella   3 star

English. I want to watch naruto but there are only French and Japanese audio and subtitles please add more

itgvhjgfdd   1 star

The app is garbage. It skips and is jittery. The play back doesn’t work if your using a lightning av Apple cord. The troubleshooting doesn’t work deleting reinstalling. Checking internet all is garbage. VERY DISAPPOINTING! 👎🏼👎🏼two thumbs down! Stick with crave or Apple TV Netflix even.

Moolissa   2 star

AppleTV app sucks!. It freezes then still plays audio but it’s frozen for visual and it doesn’t correct itself. Super annoying to watch. Also, if you buy it on your phone it doesn’t work on the AppleTV and same in reverse...needs work!

Roxybeauty88   5 star

Amazon prime. So much shows on here love it I can down load them and watch it when I have no wifi still waiting for 7th heaven to come on

FlyingFox13   4 star

The Grand Tour EV road trip. Have you ever thought of doing a EV road trip.

24011996   1 star

Bugs. There are lot of bugs in the app because first I am able to see the movies which are added recently and then when I reopen the app again I am not able to see the monies? All those movies are gone suddenly what is this problem called??

rviwkscohpwkvi owcb   1 star

App glitchy. Won’t download video to iPhone. App glitches out sometimes restarting.

Advertorial    5 star

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CowboyBebop07   5 star

It rivals with the best. It’s up there with Netflix and in my opinion it beats Hulu.

suzanne mcdonough   5 star

Rave review!!. It’s a great service!! So many good shows!!

dfeivelson   1 star

TRASH. Commercials when we’re paying for this crap. NOW AS OF iOS 13 can’t airplay or play directly through Apple HDMI Adapter to a TV. We use this while we’re in our RV and now it’s worthless. Will be canceling soon unless they fix it.

CalynnC   3 star

Oh hum. While it would appear prime has unlimited movies & programs. Not so, unless of course you want to pay above and beyond your membership price. Even then with so much out there, it’s very limited

Newtonbell   5 star

Love It. I do

Rotated Screen Plz   3 star

The screen doesn’t rotate. The screen doesn’t rotate automatically like Netflix does

Beemer Owner   5 star

Love it!. Great family friendly shows and a variety of old shows my 83 year old Mother loves to watch.

mickhammlet   3 star

Downloaded movies wont play. More often than not with downloaded Prime Movies as a perk that you’ll get with prepaid services like cellphone service, they wont play and you get an error message, UNLESS you are at the location you downloaded them at then they will play. So what is the point, to waste your bandwidth?

alphawolf3756   5 star

Love it. I can each all of my favorite shows like Big Bang and the offe

WavyGrayyyy   3 star

It’s alright but. Prime needs a better selection rather than just having movies no one wants to watch unless they’ve looked through every other streaming service and finally gave up a

Boss 917   2 star

Disappointed.. Why do I not have episodes to all movies and or seasons listed as a prim e member?

juliereign   5 star

Get Hooked!. I was hooked from very first episode season one! Absolutely nail biting. Extremely exciting and never boring throughout entire seasons. Every episode has you guessing who’s the bad people and you’re almost always wrong. This series is in Russian territory and language but English subtitles so you have to read fast. I missed a lot so I may watch the whole thing over just for fun. Definitely a good watch ...

Ripper731   4 star

Could use a little something more. Like the app but would be cool if added maybe a watch list button for whole series instead of just for a season

suziehrslvr   5 star

I LOVE PRIME VIDEO.. Where has this been all my life? What I love the most is the fact that they keep track of your interests and supply other selections of the same genre.

87Blue   1 star

Ready to pull plug. After eight years, I may be ready to pull plug and go to cable or streaming. I hope I can find find my two old Slingbox units and they still work. Two Dish accounts pay over 300 a month and the dish anywhere that I used to love makes me log in every time and screen pair when I’m on the road. Oh yeah, that doesn’t work. I’m in my kitchen and it says that my receiver has lost its connection. I know it hasn’t. I also have a Comcast tv system that might wife insisted on and its remote viewer never fails. I rarely write negative reviews but when I do I always hope that the car maker, service manager whoever will see it and contact me, but they never do. Oh, I also miss HBO and Fox sports but I can always watch Comcast and I stream HBO. Help

Gb323   4 star

We love prime!😀. 😁😁😁😁😁

reeeeeeeeeeeeeę   5 star

Awesome. It has the Mentalist,psych,24,chuck.

glomoy   3 star

Unable to make in app purchases. I have been getting a message stating unable to make in app purchases on this device. I have never had this issue until recently...please fix this

2Tina   5 star

Silent witness. I have enjoyed Amazon Prime and in particular Silent Witness. Hopefully there will be more episodes! Sister Christine Tobin

Klingster38555   5 star

Awesome. This is an awesome service we have canceled outlet cable and only have internet because of this service

melipeach25   5 star

Modern Love. One of the greatest series I’ve ever watched!!!

whos your nana?   5 star

Jack ryan. That was one of the best shows I have watched in a very Long time. Please continue to release more like that!

Redheade   5 star

Love the App!!. This is my primary way I watch shows!!! Love it!!

stormy skys   4 star

Mobile devices. It’s very frustrating to not be able to rent or buy a movie from a mobile device.

vikpritor   5 star

Modern Love. Brilliant, romantic, and modern. I love it!

Bjbudd   1 star

They billions and. they still raise the fracking price!!

takencarebiz   5 star

Amazing and creative entertainment. Riveting series and movies!

Iwanna Lovitt   1 star

One star until you make this update. The app for IPad does not include the feature to filter prime movies in your watchlist. Why? It is a feature that is available on the IPhone app. I want to browse movies I can watch with my prime membership and not go through all the movies in my watchlist. One star every time it ask me to take a survey until this is corrected.

SweetCarolyn123   1 star

Prone to lagging. Prone to lagging

Love2 Sing   5 star

Prime. I love my prime. It’s just so ridiculous great. I use it all the time.

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