Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video [Entertainment] App Description & Overview

Watch movies and TV shows recommended for you, including Amazon Originals like Hunters, The Boys, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, and the kids series Tumble Leaf.

App features:
• Download videos to watch offline – anywhere, anytime.
• Cast from your iPhone or iPad to the big screen with Chromecast.
• With X-Ray, view IMDb data about the actors, songs, and trivia related to videos as you watch.
• Watch on your Apple TV directly by downloading the separate tvOS app (requires Apple TV 3rd generation or later)

If you subscribe to Prime Video via iTunes where available, payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase and your membership will automatically renew monthly unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the then current membership period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours before the end of each membership period at the rate of your selected plan. You can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal anytime by going to My Account or through iTunes.
See for the Privacy Policy and other terms applicable to your use of Prime Video.

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Amazon Prime Video Comments & Reviews

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- Cannot stream to Apple TV

The title says it all.

- Grateful for the content, hate the app.

I love the Prime shows, but this app constantly loses sound. It often completely freezes and you have to restart the app and usually lose your spot in your movie or show. Just an all around meager app.

- Cool I guess

It’s a good platform for originals (like jack ryan) but the library of to choose from is small and to watch certain things u need to subscribe to channels. Most shows I can finish before the trial ends but it is something to note. It is free if u already have amazon prime. I really like that.

- buggy

this app has serious issues with the main and only thing its supposed to do, play video. It seems to be randomly deciding when it wants to work. every other streaming video app I use on apple tv works, except this one.

- Amazon Prime itself is fine.

The StackTV add on channel from Corus is garbage. Large chunks of content are listed as "unavailable".

- The Worst video app available.

Why on earth would people pay for a service such as this only to encounter AD’S popping up waaaaaay to frequently during a single episode. We downloaded and paid for Amazon prime video just to watch Vikings. Only to find out we had to pay yet again for StackTV to watch that show. BUT WAIT THERE’SMORE!! Not only did the AD’S pop up ALOT, we didn’t find out until recently the during these AD’S it skips whole sections of the show without you ever knowing. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!! If you try to rewind because you missed something or because an AD caused you to skip a section of your show ANOTHER AD POPS UP AND MAKES YOU SKIP MORE OF YOUR SHOW!!!!! TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE AND FRUSTRATING. ONCE I FINISH THIS SHOW I WILL BE UNINSTALLING PERMANENTLY. Hope this helps :)

- Needs a new look

Love the app has great shows and movies. But it needs a new look like update or upgrade to look better. And take away the feature if thats what it is that shows you every season on your continue watching like i dont need to see every other season on there that i watched just use one pic for all season on ur continue watching part please. Thank you.


So I’ve been using Netflix but this is cree and has way more movies and tv shows that I couldn’t find on Netflix great app 5 stars

- Get google chrome adapter and it will work on your tv


- Ads in movies.

Paying for a streaming service just to have ads every few minutes. Get Netflix, or Hulu instead.

- Shut the front door!

Now I have to watch more of your stupid previews when I launch the app? Give us the ability to shut these off or get rid of it.

- Content

Overall The whole concepts is great but before you even get prime there’s like five times The amount of contests prime so you can actually Watch theme it somehow doesn’t show it

- Prime video

Great selection! Affordable! Amazing entertainment

- Anime

Everything is in franche

- Français

Pas assez de contenus francophones, je trouve.

- bollywood

there is no more and new once Bollywood movie and also Hollywood.

- It’s ok....

It keeps interrupting during movies and not able to put it back. Many movies are just impossible to play.

- Can’t stream anything after 8.1 update

Click, buffering, ads and then back to main page. Shouldn’t update when it works …

- Good content, not great app.

This is getting a worse rating now than it would have a year ago. It has decent content and even some good “prime originals”. What is super annoying for me is it no longer works to watch content on my tv from my iPhone. I used to plug my iPhone into HDMI on my TV using an adapter, one day it just quit. Reading reviews for the last 6 months, I’m not alone. This app doesn’t work when plugging an iPhone into a tv. Says “playback error” and you’re out of luck.

- Bugs

Please fix the bugs, for some reason the video always stops and buffers for long period of time.

- So many great shows

I find here so many great shows here not available on netflix. Originals are good too.

- The interface is painful to use

You would think amazon could invest in making an interface that is easy to use...

- Good but...

You need to have a choice for lower quality for people who stream in remote and rural areas. I can’t get through a 45 min episode without buffering 20 x.

- Great

We have a trial membership at the moment but will be purchasing the full membership. We are enjoying Prime to the utmost right now. If you enjoy some of the classics and older generation entertainment you’ll love it! It’s great for others too! We are just loving the older stuff.

- Little mad

Why would they show movies and TV that you can not access through prime? I don’t believe other streaming services have that feature. It’s super frustrating

- Great but

The content overall is great but some seasons aren’t available on prime for some reasons (not states as a location issue). The app is also hard to navigate... i get that they prioritize their original content but a recently added section is as must!!

- Bad

I can’t even find a movie that i want to watch

- Love it

Great movies and series, can't stop watching!

- This is good subscription

So many good shows and movies three thumbs up and 5 stars

- Nice perk as I have Prime for delivery anyway!


- prime

how do u guys have all the naruto movies but not shippuden

- Excellent

All my favourite movies are present on prime but I am unable to watch terminator 1

- Confusing, ads, and more

In comparison to Netflix the app design is poor, and I don’t appreciate auto playing ads between episodes of a series, even if it is for Amazon shows.

- Good so far with a couple issues

Some really good amazon original movies and series. Looking forward to a few more. Can’t beat the price and the fact that prime and the music app are included. Wish the other video channels were included as well. Connect can be slow sometimes and cause pixilation. Would like to see more high quality movies but The Boys more than makes up for that!! If you haven’t watched it yet do so now!!!

- En Français S.V.P

Les série devraient être tous bilingue anglais/espagnol/français. Il manque beaucoup de films et séries en français. Même Netflix et Disney plus sont pour la plus-pard en français .

- Prime Video

I really enjoy watching all the shows on this app, most of the shows I watch on here aren’t on Netflix so I’m glad they are here! Overall the app it amazing and there’s so much to enjoy and experience on here!

- No chromecast support

??? Ur support page online says theres support for chromecast but theres none one the app

- Goliath

I enjoy this series, even though the language is a little rough, the stories are very interesting and keep my attention to the end.

- downloading issues

the ios app is trash. it won't even complete a download in the background.

- Downloaded content needs data?!!!!!?

I downloaded content to be able to watch it when I don’t have wifi or data available. When I try to watch any episode I downloaded, it says I need wifi? Makes absolutely no sense. Took two stars away.

- Previews

Relentless previews. Thankfully there are other choices.

- Amazon prime

This is not a free trial ....they reserve the first month’s subscription on your credit card or account or you cannot try it! That’s false advertising and a rip off! Sorry you’ve lost my many more apps out there that are much better!

- It’s good not great

Love that I can watch movies and tv on my phone. Don’t love that it seems to not be able to synchronize or remember where I am between my tv and phone. (Samsung smart Tv)

- Prime

Great choices and no cost!

- Hunters

Super great show. A little rough but great story-telling. How much is this show is based on truth? Bloody scary. This definitely I can say, that if it’s based on truth, is much more concerning than the corona virus! (And I wish people would quit catastrofizing the corona virus. Just do some planning ) Love all the actors in this film too. Can’t wait for more episodes! Great job! ❣️

- Good

Lots of choice excellent

- Good but.....

This app is great but there are some downsides to the apps content. I mean Netflix got rid of Full house so I went to Amazon Prime Video to find the show and I can’t find it there, there isn’t really much selection it’s all mostly adult shows and I can’t find older shows from the 80’s 90’s shows

- It’s good but there could be a few tweaks

I’m not sure why, whenever I open a movie, episode or anything, the subtitles are automatically on. So every time I start a new episode, I have to turn the subtitles off. This is occurring on my apple mobile. There is also another thing, when I search something I almost always get everything except for what I searched. I think that if you search something and it is not on the app it could say so, instead of making me scroll constantly just to find what I’m looking for. And if you have movies that are made for prime and prime+ or something, it doesn’t seem nice to have that. Because often when I find a good movie, I tap on it and it says I cannot watch it. Also, you don’t get a good selection of movies and shows, I often see low quality movies and or lookalikes that don’t show as good of quality as the original. I’m sorry if this hurts in any way, other than that the app is honestly really good!

- Film en français

Ou sont les films en français. Je n’en ai trouvé aucun.

- Ads

Stop playing ads when I choose a video or tab back into the app. I pay for this service, make it free if you want to show ads

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- Purchasing through app

I just wish I could make purchases in the app.

- Prime video is awesome!

I’ve had prime video for a year and didn’t know it! Just watched both seasons of Jack Ryan. Couldn’t turn it off. Being stuck at home until COVID-19 clears up I’ll be spending my time watching prime video.....It’s great theatre!!

- Failed to Cast to Android TV

What a shame that this is yet another app that will not cast to Android TV from an iPhone. Don’t even waste your time if that’s what you’re try to do. Also you have to enter your password every time you reopen the app.

- The really lousy commercials

Watching Warehouse 13 with commercials that repeat to alienate me to never ever having anything to do with the advertisers. My monthly fee should allow commercial free viewing.

- Could be better

I don’t understand why customers have to pay monthly to have prime, then there’s plenty of shows and movies that we can’t watch. And it always say can’t be purchased on this device. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ I understand subscribing to the different channels. But not being able to watch the good movies on prime is very annoying. You have no choice but to subscribe to a channel in order to watch the good stuff.

- 👎🏻

Buena app pero no tiene contenido en español o portugués debería como poner mínimo subtítulos en su programación

- Ads.

If we pay for your subscription to watch tv shows and prime movies, I’d at least appreciate to not be interrupted by ads since we are literally already paying you to watch movies and tv shows. I can see if it’s a free subscription to display ads for revenue, but because I’m paying, I’d at least expect to have prime be ad free.

- Unusable. It constantly just stops playing video.

This app just stops playing video all the time. My iPad is fast, my internet is fast, but the app just always stops playing video.

- Lots of options in the library but limited purchasing ability

I think it’s great that there are so many movies to rent, buy, and view with a prime membership. However, a downside of the app is that you can only purchase or rent movies not included in prime using the website, this doesn’t even allow you to purchase using the mobile website. I think it is severely limiting the app to not allow purchases to be made through it. I travelled a lot this year and would have loved the ability to purchase directly through the app on the trips I didn’t bring my laptop. But alas, three stars for the content including some great amazon originals.

- Takes up too much space.

When downloaded it takes up over 800 megs of space; it is the largest app on my phone. It works great but I am always tempted to remove it since iPhones have so little storage.

- Amazon prime well worth the $$.

When you compare amazon prime to cable tv. The cost of amazon is a fraction of the cost and you get more bang for the buck.

- “Included with Prime”

Lists just ”Included with Prime”. If you want to see a movie that is included with your Prime membership great, but if you want to rent a newer movie it is impossible to page through what is currently available. I guess if you knew the name of a particular movie you could search it, but if you are searching for something then the app is terrible. Maybe in one of these updates they will include “Movies For Rent”.

- Multitask mode commercials

I would have given this app five stars but while I’m watching in multitask mode, it won’t let me watch commercials. I have to have a full screen again and put whatever I’m doing on pause every 10 minutes or so for the minute and a half commercial which is frustrating.

- Please fix it

I’m giving it a 3 star because I have an iPhone 11 and can’t watch movies or tv shows. I have to either watch it on my tv or laptop can you guys please fix it where we can use the app in our iPhones thank you.

- Doesn’t work well on Samsung

Crashes consistently on Samsung smart TV. Very few shows included inPrime membership. Lots of commercials.

- Audio gets off

It keeps pausing and then the audio gets off and wrecks the whole movie or tv show if they fix the bug highly recommend because it’s easier than redbox but until then the audio being off ruins the whole experience. I wish they would just fix it.

- Covid-19

Well during this crazy time I can be coranteened but still have a way to watch a movie without going to a movie theater.

- Just horrible

So when I tried to sign in I had the correct password for it,but it kept saying incorrect password or the challenge was incorrect. So that’s why and now I can’t get in so.


Forces autoplaying ads. Has so many that it does it even when you just SWITCH APPS. Apple should revoke this trash until Bezos stops forcing ads whenever you open this trash.

- Terrible

I bought the subscription but everything I tried watching said "only amazon prime subscribers can watch this" on literally everything I tried to watch...I only had this app for 12 hours big disappointment

- Awesome

Nice to have at this time of quarantine. Great selection.

- I’m done

That you would continue to bill me for a service I can’t even access online is unthinkable. What if I don’t have access to the App Store? You ever think of that? Amazon will never again see a single penny of Porto age from me. Of course, I know this means nothing to you. Which only serves to further reinforce my point.

- The worst to cancel better said not possible

I tried to cancel my prime video membership but they won’t let me. When I talked to someon from Amazon they said they can’t cancel it because it’s through Apple so I went to my subscriptions but prime video is nowhere to be find so I can not subscribe it and I noticed that they are charging my monthly fee to a total different card which I don’t use on my Apple Pay so obviously I didn’t go through them. Helpless and none can help me.

- Some very good content....

I do wish they didn’t have to make all the better written movies rated R or worse. Why doesHollywood always feel that to be taken seriously they need to insert nudity, sex , graphic language and violence into movies, most of it irrelevant to telling the story?

- Crap App

Why should I pay the yearly fee PLUS a monthly $9 fee for the app? Greedy Bezos can stuff it where the sun won't shine -- the suckers who fall for it are sad!

- Favorite Service

Happened upon prime video by accident, but have loved it since. Cheap enough to where I can afford it without feeling guilty, enough selection that it’s the only service I have. I’m a thriller junky and they have plenty of it especially war/police shows and movies and good ones. Plus they have Psych I mean come on, no brainer! Never struggle in finding what to watch next, and have had no problems with the app.

- Too Many to Choose From

App is easy to use and so many options. Loving The Restaurant now. So glad we see a few sentences on the films & tv shows. Probably couldn’t live without this now!,

- Fine Offerings

Good selection of quality products

- No múltiple language

I wish this app have multiple language and subtittle options. Like Netflix

- Monster

Well acted reality about prostitution sex survival and corruption in society

- My review is continually deleted

Is it because I criticize the lousy search facility? Or because I complain when films lack synopses and casts when amazon owns imdb? Does this mean someone actually reads these reviews but doesn’t fix all the things that need fixing?

- The Collection

I really enjoyed watching season 1, hopefully there will be a Season 2

- Movies

The movies here are better than any I have ever seen on tv! The film makers have put their heart and soul into them They are so worth it.

- Grhcjnduhhyfkkk


- Subtitles

Watching on my ipad, I cant change the subtitles. Outside of that, everything works great!

- Excellent but....

I love prime video only thing is all movies are not free


Prime video is the best movie show watching app because of this show my mom found it is called Just Add Magic

- Yeah

Has most show I love so

- Prime has Surprises

Without a doubt I am a movie lover. That’s why I first was attracted to Prime Video. But that’s not why I’ve stayed immersed in it’s video selections -PRIME has the best and widest selection of documentaries, Behind-the-music series, and Learning series that I’ve ever seen within one singular entertainment arena. I’ve learned how to start and LLC, how to sell on Amazon, how to play guitar, how to write songs! Prime Video is a visual superdome of entertainment and learning. It Doesn’t get any better than this!!

- Crashes

The latest revision crashes after playing a title for approximately 1 minute...

- Quality Going Downhill

Amazon needs to remove the paywall for many movies and TV shows that are not included with Prime. All I have seen lately for viewing are B movies, old made for TV movies (think Lifetime) and really just a lot of filler. I have Tubi TV and almost across the board it’s a duplication of programming, and their content is free. There is some good original programming but not enough to justify the price of a month to month standalone subscription. Almost everything I want to see is not included, and charging fir PBS programming is just wrong when they probably don’t receive any donations, Amazon should become a corporate sponsor. The Roku interface is s mess as well as the iOS platform. The whole thing seems to be set up as another way to sell people stuff. I’ve used this off and on, but when my monthly subscription ends in April, I will not be renewing.

- Zero Zero Zero

Are you adding more Episodes from the Zero,Zero,Zero tv series?

- The Restaurant

I really enjoyed this first season which was offered on Prime and I watch it on my iPad. But now I cannot watch season 2 or 3. It says not available on this device. This isn’t the first time this has happened,,,, VERY DISAPPOINTING. I hesitate to watch other shows for fear that the same will happen. YouTube and Netflix may be a better option.

- Video Keeps Crashing

Every since the latest app update, it keeps crashing on my iPad.

- Perfect.

I love being an Amazon Prime Member.

- Amazon prime

Love it, absolutely awesome.

- Just add magic

It it is a

- It crashes

The app doesn’t open it just crashes. I’m tired of studying I’m sitting at my desk. I just want to watch previews without putting my pc on line or hunting for the tv remote so I figured I’d watch previews on my phone through the Amazon Prime Video App but nope all it does is crash. I understand the app was just updated but it was updated to crash when opened. 😒 I guess I’ll go back to studying..............

- Prime Video

Prime Video is an great app for kids & adults there are lots of shows and movies I myself love the show Just Add Magic it is not to scary but really cool how you can see people making magical meals that do cool thangs to them.

- I like my favorite shows and they are here


- You pay to get adds every two minutes

Watch your favourite show to be interrupted with adds every few minutes. So disappointed.

- New épisodes

Why are you not showing the new épisodes (seasons)for Chicago Fire and Chicago PD?

- Hunters

Super de bonne

- Inadmissible!

Amazon ou l’art de prendre ses clients pour des pigeons! Tu es inscrit à prime vidéo mais du découvre que tu n’as pas accès à tout le catalogue. Selon les films que tu souhaite voir il faut repayer pour avoir accès aux contenus que l’on te propose. J’ai déjà eu la même surprise sur Amazon music ou si tu veux tout le contenus tu dois payer encore un autre abonnement! Du coup tchao Amazon!

- Misleading

Tells you it has shows then tries to make you pay for it on top of ALREADY paying for the service. Has far less available content than you’d realize. Not worth the money. Stick to Netflix. At least there you actually get what you SEE on there.

- New update

Hi folks! So just wondering about this new update if anyone else has noticed the changes to subtitles. The changes being in the most recent update they took away the subtitle option and I can no longer watch. Thanks

- It’s good exept for subtitle choice

I am a big weeb found that boruto was on prime video, but there wasnt any english option for audio and subtitles, it probabky is too much work but there should be subtitles for most languages on every show

- Buggy

The app often suffers from bugs especially when downloading content. It’s a nightmare!

- Good app

Im loving the app but the ads tuin the services experience :/

- Staying tuned in

Adding on shows is minimal. I find my self having to go elsewhere for viewing.

- Tv app gets stucked

Every time y try to use it gets frozen and it’s so annoying because I have to restart my tv, the interface just sucks and it’s too bad because I like the content a lot.

- Need new stuff

Needs and update on some new shows Other then that it does the job!

- Beau complement de Netflix

J aimerais plus de choix de films et de series sur l app. Amazon.

- They cancelled subscription

They cancelled my subscription when i payed for it.. under apple subscriptions it shows its active for almost another month to go.. but they say the method used or some other nonsense had problems and they didn’t get payment.. tech support is non existent through email.. not everyone wants to talk to a tech person usually not the greatest experience!, emails usually so much smoother... but they don’t seem to have human monitoring of the email tech support option. Been a week since i sent in the tech email.. have asked iTunes to help.. nothing yet.

- Excellent entertainment

Great, diverse collection from many genres.

- Limitations

Total bs I can’t watch a documentary I like as many times as I like

- Improve your fast forward feature

It’s so difficult to fast forward while watching movie. We can’t get at the perfect time while forwarding. Instead you should check the Netflix how they have developed that fast forward feature.

- Needs work to make it work!

This app needs a lot of work. Hangs "all" the time. Doesn’t like to connect with Apple TV, once every 10 try’s maybe if you don’t just give up. It’s really garbage! Not worth getting prime if you can’t watch anything.

- Lower rating

Playback, search, history, liked vids, related vids, associated vids, listing, etc... pretty much every area is not feature or experience rich. I could have developed this for user experience much better (not just the mobile app but also the app used on my TV). As a developer and experienced software architect, your apps are entry level thinking!

- I really like it very happy 👍

I really like

- My issue with prime

I like Prime Video I think the cost good however I don’t like the fact that they’ve stuck in other programming that you have to pay for. I think you should put that somewhere separate from the programming that’s included with prime..... also it’s ridiculous you ask for a nickname because they’re all bloody well taken this is annoying

- Excellent movies but you have to look for them

Prime has excellent movies and series, but you have to look for them by title, artist or gender 😉

- Not

Not enough good content

- Find a better way... take me back to what I’m watching. Watch list is fine for future viewing but I’ve never been able to find my way back to continue watching. Thanks

- Selection of movies and shows is terrible

Terrible selection of shows and movies and wants you to subscribe to other channels after already paying a subscription just to add more terrible shows.

- Buffer, lag, crash

Constant buffer, lag, crash. I get that the latest update was intended to make getting to our stuff simpler but when it takes an hour to get through a mere 5 minutes of program I don’t think the good intentions have panned out. Fix this quickly and I will change my rating.

- Eh

Is ok. You should not buy amazon prime just for this. If you already have amazon prime, it’s worth checking out but I’m my opinion I would rather Netflix, Crave and Disney Plus instead of this

- Good selection, crappy app

The app constantly crashes, lags or can’t play.

- Treadstone

Well written and complicated. Strong acting and lots of twists.

- Worst search engine

The worst search engine I have ever seen in my life and I hope u are aware about that. 5 star for the contents but -200 for the search engine

- Has ad’s on a paid service

Has ads on a paid service

- Subtiles are painful

They can't figure out the subtitles apparently. There is something wrong and in the forums all they recommend for a fix is to uninstall and re install. Which admittedly worked for a moment. Log back in and the subtitles are in their own language all over again. So, I uninstall and reinstall again. This time, no difference. My other issue with this app is it's inability to keep track of the episode I want to watch. If a show is on season three but I want to watch from the beginning, it tries to jump to the current season every time an episode ends.

- There is a bug related to English subtitles

On Apple TV, When you watch a TV show with English subtitles, the subtitles will not show at all if there was an Ad playing before the episode started. I need to keep restarting my episode multiple times. Once the episode starts without an Ad at the beginning, the English subtitles work fine. Please fix it. It’s easy to reproduce when watching TV shows on Apple TV.

- It doesn’t work

Does it only work in the U.S or can it be used in Canada as well?

- Content is good , the UI is terrible

Interface is mediocre at best, the content is pretty good

- Great...

...selection of movies. How about Sea of Love?

- Chromocast problem

App is good but chromocast have a lot of problem with screen before it was good now when updated to new version it always come half screen. All other app are chromocasting properly only this one have problem.

- App suddenly isn’t working on iPad...

App keeps crashing on my iPad Pro, despite deleting it and reinstalling, attempting to restart my device and refreshing the app repeatedly. It works on my phone and my tv without fail and only recently starting having issues. Super frustrating as I often watch it on my tablet!

- Jack Ryan

Excellent series

- Ads? Get rid of them

Before most shows an ad plays. Can it with your ads for other TV shows. It also never remembers which episode is next up. Lots of scrolling to find where I left off. And turn auto-play off, or at least give me time to stop before it kicks in. A couple seconds isn’t enough.

- It’s alright

Nothing to competitive about this app. It’s honestly pretty laggy at times won’t even load movies or tv shows. Not worth the price a month. But I’d give it a 2.5 stars / 5 . It has some decent movies and tv shows to watch. But it has a bad connection problems and the interface and navigational is trash.

- This app is just a money scam!!

First off they should have the option for minus starts this is hands down the worse streaming app I’ve ever tried! This all started when my subscription wouldn’t work so I called customer service to get some help where they first made me pay phone tag between them and apple which was ridiculous enough but I gave them another chance..... BAD IDEA!!! then after all of that calling for nothing I still didn’t get my problem solved so I tried to call once again for help just to be hung up on multiple times. Their customer service is absolutely terrible I will never use amazon again nor will I EVER refer their service to anyone.

- Good but buggy

Good app, decent programming. On Apple TV the subtitles don’t work on “auto”. Have to go in and choose the language so subtitles are on all the time, not just when there is a foreign language on the show.

- Commercials?

Why do I get commercials for a service I pay for? Last year they increased the price of amazon subscription for amazon prime video, this year.. they add commercials to it?

- Pretty good I guess

Love the content. Wish the app wasn’t so clunky

- Limited access to some shows is off putting

Having to pay an additional fee fornaome shows is off outting netflix is better and clearer in this way also why is my writting not showing up in this commentary bix.

- Love it!

Best app for movies, tv shows and documentaries I’ve found yet!

- Amazon

This freaking sucks my parents and brother have so much more to there shows and movies they can watch but I don’t. Getting rid of it.

- Prime video

It works so well but it doesn’t have a lot of films!


I have tired to play to my chromecast integret to my Nexus player .. Error , do you have solution?

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- Unique Series at a Great Price

Many unique gems to watch as well the usual films and series plus a great selection of music, setting Prime apart from Netflix and Sky!

- Advertising

The app itself is fine, my only issue is amazon prime advertising their shows in a trailer before a video I want to watch. Having to pay for the service and still have to skip ads is so frustrating. I understand it’s only shows they create but I do not need it to be played before a show I want to watch, this isn’t YouTube, this is something that I have to pay for and therefore I don’t think I should have to skip ads for shows I have no interest in. Having the banner at the top of the home page is plenty

- Prime Video

I love Prime Video You can always find something to watch on this and yes I sometimes buy the movies comedies and and drama. I make up my own TV and sometimes I watch stuff on there for free what I mean is prime video Yes it’s a good service on and I know its Amazon I love it

- Downloading is buggy

Download quality settings don't seem to make any difference to anything. I've been watching The Expanse and downloading some episodes, streaming others. Download settings set to highest quality. Sreaming always works fine, but downloading, not so much. ONCE I got ONE episode that actually downloaded in 1980p. A couple of times I got hd, but no 1080p indicator, but most of the time the downloads were sd only. The quality was completely random even though the download settings never changed. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling, signing out and in again. Nothing fixes it. It has even updated to new versions but still the same. Netflix's app is so much better in this regard.

- Iceman

What a film keep me there very good

- Amazon has a problem

It’s great exept that you have to buy some things apart from that it’s amazing.

- Fab

Great programs

- Subtitles and audio

Hi, I m Italian, but I m studying English, and I find a bit annoying that often I can’t watch a movie in his original language or anyway in English just because I m a purchasing amazon prime from Italy. It would be nice if for all your titles I could have the option to choose between the languages as I can do on Netflix. Thank u anyway for your services, Have a nice day

- Doesn’t show movies you can rent

The app is generally ok but to see all the movies you can watch I.e ones you can also rent, you have to use the desktop site which isn’t great

- Feedback

To be able to watch season 8 for free

- Since corona they’ve started charging

Since this pandemic they have started charging for stuff that was free before, total disgrace, I certainly won’t be renewing my annual subscription. Spongebob was free before, but now they are charging £26.49 for it. AVOID!! Netflix haven’t changed though!!

- Poor set up.

I really think you need to take a look at Netflix set up and take a few ideas from them for starters. I just decided to get Prime and at first looks. I think my youngest son set it up. You are paying for a service that all most every row asks you to ‘buy or rent’ it’s very hard to navigate through the menus looking for something you don’t have to pay for. There no continue what you were watching or watch again section. I know Amazon is a selling shop but surely when your paying monthly for their movie there should be a free movies page and a separate buy or rent page like the Tv show page, movie page. You literally have a prime free movie row then 3 rows of buy rent. When it shows you some movies it only shows you the rent version but search by name and you find it’s also free ! The menus about 10 years behind all other providers and you might as well be on the Amazon shopping app when looking for a movie to watch.

- Amazing!

Can’t go wrong! Favourite genre is horror and prime has a lot more variety than such apps as Apple TV and Netflix, would recommend.

- Frustrating

Ever since a recent update this program never opens without telling me I have to download the app! It is downloaded! And updated! Grrrr

- Good if it works

Forget this app if you have an Apple TV. Hardly ever plays videos. Shows a spinning icon more often than not. On the occasions videos play it’s been good, but they have been few and far between.

- Weird glitch

So I have been using prime video for a long time and I never had a problem until now there is a weird glitch that if you click not interest on the thing you are watching and leave the page and go back on it’s still there please fix this bug and fast

- Adverts

Interface is not great, adverts despite the subscription, and difficult to tell when your watch list is no longer free. Also finding the next season or the 4K version of something is harder than it should be.

- Can’t watch anything

Says I’m on a proxy or vpn when I can’t do either on my phone model, won’t let me watch anything because of this

- Not enough material for the price!

Expensive for the amount of new material! Enjoying Vikings though!

- Content good, layout rubbish

I prefer every other streaming service to this one, the layout is entirely non-intuitive, it is slow and long to navigate, it is not overly clear what is what on the home screen, shortcut buttons are hidden in the corners, in between every episode I’m shown an advert and not and avert that would be funding prime, an advert for prime! Fast forwarding through anything always goes too far or not far enough (I guess this is why other steaming services use 10second skips). However, the content is good. That’s the only reason for a second star, my rating is for the app far more than the content.

- very authentic.

enjoyed the movie

- Some good films and tv shows

I love Prime video except for the way they have shows that when you click on them you have to already own them or buy them as extras. It’s misleading and makes it appear that there is far more available to a Prime member. Of course they are available, but not included!

- Great but would love to buy films through app

Only downside can’t buy films on mobile app. Otherwise it’s perfect 👍🏻

- The app has become completely unusable

I’ll be watching something and suddenly the app just quits back to the main menu. Once it starts I have to close the app and leave it for a couple of hours. Happens no matter what I'm watching. I've tried restarting the app, restarting my iPad, updating, uninstalling and reinstalling, nothing has worked. It's incredibly frusting

- Free kids films and shows during Covid-19

Hey Amazon With all the children at home how about you giving families free access to children’s TV stuff whilst in isolation? Carl

- Review

The original productions are amazing. But the listing is padded out by so much dross, frankly if it wasn’t for Picard, I’d cancel my subscription.

- Sound app

Never had any problems or bugs.The amazon prime exclusive / originals are amazing . highly recommend the boys and jack Ryan

- Ideal

Very pleased with Amazon Prime Video - the way you can continue watching on other devices is amazing.

- Auto play issues

Auto play next episode is hitting in before the end of the episode, meaning you can’t watch the last 60 seconds of an episode.

- hate being always asked to write reviews

it is about 10 times a day and never stops, so 0 from now on if I don’t choose to review, but am instead endlessly polled

- So annoying

I have to insert email, username password and Otp phone code at all use. Prime cancelled....

- Do not add to watchlist

Annoying feature , spend quite sometime scrolling to find things you want to watch. Find something, add to watchlist and bang you’re scrolled back to the top ... where was I ????

- Chromecast on Nest hub max

App doesn’t recognise chromecast that build into Nest Home hub

- Amazon prime review

Amazon prime would be so much better if there was an option to use without WiFi.

- Prime Video App

Up until a couple of days ago this app was working fine. Now I am having trouble with the subtitles. The app keeps switching them off. The only way to rectify the problem is to delete the app and then reinstall it. As I am partially deaf and need the subtitles, this is extremely frustrating! Apart from that it works fine on my iPad.

- Rubbish

Would be ok if the app actually worked ! I’ve paid for something that says I haven’t got prime ! Everytime you try and speak to someone they pass the blame !

- Subtitles

I wanted to watch a Bollywood film but it didn’t have English subtitles only some have it what a shame big company like amazon but can’t put subtitles on a movie

- Wish list

Wish you put all American pickers

- I really need help

Always says playback error for me and doesn’t work

- Problem with this vision

Dose not want to load to video and when it dose it it knows off again then say no internet connection then straight after that I’ll play another film and plays no problems?

- Love this but...


- Outlander

One of the Best TV series in a while up with the likes of Game of Thrones

- Good

So many crime programs it’s hard to choose from and some have as many as 52 episodes in it Definitely worth the price for what u get I love it and so do my children

- Love Prime

I love prime video. I get to see lots of things that I can’t get on Netflix, so always have access to a host of different genres. I never get bored!!!!

- H

Best and cheaper than Netflix

- Need to update every day on iPad to use it

Need to update every day on iPad to use it

- It’s ok.

Not could do with more content. And not that easy to navigate in terms of genre. Content It could do with more

- New Amsterdam

Really enjoying the series

- Access to good titles and variety.

Great product with good titles and variety, thanks .

- More the service than the app

My grievance is more with the Prime Video streaming service than the app. The layout and design, is very simple and intuitive, although searching by genre is more complicated. I just don’t understand why they feel the need to include things that don’t come with the service. If I’m already paying for a subscription, why should I have to pay additional fees for what is newer and popular, I don’t know another mainstream service like this that does the same. If I’m paying for a streaming service, I want to be able to watch whatever is shown to me, not promised better movies for even further investment. I don’t know, just feels like common sense to me.

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Amazon Prime Video 8.2 Screenshots & Images

Amazon Prime Video iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Amazon Prime Video iphone images
Amazon Prime Video iphone images
Amazon Prime Video iphone images
Amazon Prime Video iphone images
Amazon Prime Video ipad images
Amazon Prime Video ipad images
Amazon Prime Video ipad images
Amazon Prime Video ipad images
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Amazon Prime Video (Version 8.2) Install & Download

The applications Amazon Prime Video was published in the category Entertainment on 2012-07-31 and was developed by AMZN Mobile LLC [Developer ID: 297606954]. This application file size is 102.14 MB. Amazon Prime Video - Entertainment posted on 2020-03-24 current version is 8.2 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions.

Amazon Prime Video Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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