Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV [Utilities] App Description & Overview

The free Amazon Fire TV mobile app for iOS enhances your Fire TV experience with simple navigation, a keyboard for easy text entry (no more hunting and pecking), and quick access to your favorite apps and games.

It features:
• Voice search (not available in all countries)
• Simple navigation
• Playback controls
• Keyboard for simple text entry
• Quick access to your apps and games


• Multicast-enabled router required
• Designed for simple navigation and playback control of Fire TV streaming media players
• For gameplay, use the remote included with your Fire TV or the optional Amazon Fire TV Game Controller

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Bug fixes and performance improvements

Amazon Fire TV Comments & Reviews

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- Awesome!!!

Ok so know that this isn’t a perfect 5 star rating because NOTHING is perfect. Take that into account and this app update is awesome. The old swipe feature had its place but this looks more like a real remote and that’s what we’re all used to. The app is easy to pair and comes in very handy because the remotes that come with the Fire Sticks are crap. We have 3 Fire Sticks in the house (2 HD and 1 4K) and only one remote still works. It’s the remote for the 4K Fire Stick and we decided to re-pair it with the bedroom tv. The “d-pad” on the app needs to be smaller, it should be at the bottom of the screen for people with smaller hands like my wife and there needs to be more options that would be on a basic remote (like a sleep button or volume control) but overall this update to the remote app is a HUGE step in the right direction. Adding the remote listening feature, which is available for the Roku remote app (we have two Rokus as well), would be awesome too.

- Easy fix

I usually don’t do reviews but here it goes... this app has always worked great for me especially since I have lost the physical remote. But recently for about a week or so when I attempted to watch anything the app would not let go up,down,left or right I could however click on the setting button and it would immediately take me to settings but again I could not go up,down,left or right and when I clicked the home button it immediately went to the home button but I still couldn’t move around. I came on here in the reviews to see if anyone was having this issue I had attempted to unplug and re-plug the fire stick and I was still have the same issue. Today I decided to contact support through the app and selected call me, so I immediately got a call waited less than 1 minute and they actually helped me. She was able to take control of my screen and see what I was talking about she had me troubleshoot by reinstalling this app on my phone than unplugging the fire stick from my tv wait 2-3 minutes than plug it back in and to my surprise it WORKED i guess waiting before replugging helped because I had unplugged the fire stick before but not that long just like a couple seconds so yeah hope someone can find this helpful.

- It’s very good, but needs improvement

This app was very useful when I lost my fire stick remote (idk how I lost it but I suspect it’s in my room), my mom mentioned it to me, and I reinstalled it. (my mom must’ve had the app previously) It took me by surprise of how good it was! I functioned just like my fire stick! (My fire stick was awesome btw ;-;) But there is two things that irritates me. And one of them is when my phone turns off automatically, it would have a little “Reconnecting” thing. This didn’t bug me much, until now. Now, if you leave the app open for a long time, the “Reconnecting” thing will be a bit long. (Not too long, but enough to annoy me) And, there is the last thing I need to complain about lol. If you leave the app for a long time, the thing I just said above is if your fast enough to come back. If you leave it for a long enough time, when you come back to the app, it shows how to connect to your fire stick TV. Now, this happens a lot, and it’s really stupid cause it takes so many taps just to be lucky and actually connect to it. Let me get straight to the point. Sometimes if I try to connect to it, (which means tap on what my TV is called) it doesn’t work. It’s like a frozen screen, but it’s not. And if I hit the wrong thing, which happens often, It would send me to “Add Devices”. Please fix this, it would be better for me.

- Doesn’t connect to firestick.

I’m always getting a “reconnecting” message or “cannot locate firestick” message and the letters “s” and “r” don’t work on the keyboard. My remote that comes with the firestick quit working so I downloaded this app and it doesn’t work!! I’m spending too much time trying to get the remote app to work and if it doesn’t work I can’t use the firestick. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled but that has not helped. I’m constantly having to unplug my firestick to get the remote app to work. I have problems with the remote app about 6 times a day, every day. I do hope you get this fixed, if not I’m going to have to look into another tv device to purchase because I don’t have satellite or cable. It also may be a good idea to look into the reasons why the remote that comes with the firestick, quits working so soon. I’m very disappointed in the quality of this product. A remote should work longer than 6 months and the remote app should be able to locate the firestick when the firestick is on and playing and the keyboard should allow all letters to be typed in. Thank you for your time. Update:Even with the update and bug fixes it doesn’t work. It won’t connect or it can’t find the device. I’m in the middle of using it and it starts reconnecting then it can’t connect while I’m using it, no stopping just scrolling.

- It’s not just me!

I finally had enough and decided to write a bad review to see if maybe it will get the developers to fix the app, but in reading the very first featured review I saw when I came to the AppStore, it seems you’ve already been told about this problem, and for whatever reason, have yet to fix it. My remote works fine for one button press and that’s it for up to 15-20 minutes. My iPhone app does the exact same thing so if I want to watch a Netflix program, I have literally had to click Netflix with the iPad, then while it’s getting ready to use again I try and type in what I want to watch, then when I’m done with that, I have no choice but to sit and wait 10 minutes for either the iPad or iPhone to work again then repeat the process, till I am finally able to get to a show and push play before it freezes again. Which, being as it’s only job on the world is to change channels and it can’t do that, then you’re quite lucky I gave u two stars instead of one. I gave you two because this used to be a good app. I would like to see it like that again, so maybe pay attention to your 2.8 stars and do something about this.

- Very Convenient/Easy to Use

My dogs chewed up our remote, so I found this app to use in the meantime! It is also super easy to figure out as well. The blank touch pad was a little confusing at first, but it’s not difficult to navigate. I do think the app would attract more users if there was some kind of circle dial similar to the Fire TV remote or at least 4 directional arrows so it’s easy to specify direction you are clicking instead of having to tap on the blank center touch pad. There was another remote app that has this, but it wants you to pay to subscribe and does not seem to be as good as this app. The only major downside of this remote app and other remote apps I’ve looked into, is that they don’t seem to have volume control options, so I’m still going to have to buy an actual remote because of this. If it wasn’t for the volume issue, I would be happy just using this app from now on.

- Remote does to frequently

The app itself gets 4 stars. But the TV/TV Remote definitely a 1 star. App is great to fall back on when tv/tv remote not acting right. Glad we do have an app to assist. Thought the idea of this smart tv Element with Alexa was an good idea, so I bought the tv on clearance pretty much half price. I really realize you get for what you pay for. To keep up with the modernization of what is going on, they just push items out way too fast. Usually I look at reviews before I purchase something but this was on a whim. I feel like I’m changing batteries in this remote once a month, why is the question? I feel like I have an defective tv and remote. I have only had this tv for 4 months within the first month I had to have the remote replaced, so I’m on my second remote. I just give up with this tv

- This app is a NO ...

This app is convenient especially for me because my remote disconnected from my firestick and completely malfunctioned. (Only reason i gave it 2 stars for the convenience) So the app came in handy for me to be able to watch my firestick (for a moment). However it continuously discounts from my television and then won’t reconnect, so then I’m disabled from watching on my firestick again. I’m just glad I have an actual remote being delivered because this app is trash. The accuracy of the touch of buttons and big screen in the middle to portray the up down left right is completely off. I really wouldn’t suggest the use of this app unless you desperately need to, like I had to because of my remote malfunctioning. But I CANT WAIT to get my remote in the mail because I can’t keep trying to reconnect this app to the tv, and the only solution it says is “make sure you’re signed in under the same account as your firestick tv” 🙄 I am but it still won’t reconnect. A waste. I suggest to do some modifications update/upgrade on this application

- Practically Unusable

In the modern age where everything is a tap or button press away, I never thought I’d be forced to use such a nonsensical, awkward, and simply inoperable tool to flounder my way through an app which I’d previously thought unintuitive enough, but the mobile remote function is about as far from convenient as it gets. Its design is painfully obscure to use, making menu navigation maddeningly impossible. Inexplicably, neither a screen interface appears on your phone nor does a cursor appear on your smart tv. It’s clumsy, offering no reprieve from its terrible mismatched jigsaw puzzle of functions that seem to argue with you as you try them out in vain, systematically destroying your patience and sanity one step at a time. It’s about the only thing advertised as ‘free’ whereupon installing it you realize the steep price was your time and effort, and suddenly looking for the microscopic, equally unlabeled remote lost in the physical world is no longer so Herculean a task. Truly one of the quickest regrets I’ve ever experienced, this app’s utilization, borne from necessity and not desire, will surely cause me to seek therapy.

- Works great until it doesn’t

I use this app because my plastic remote stopped working all of a sudden. It works fine, and I like that it has a keyboard feature so I can type more quickly than searching out individual letters. However, some of the features of the app remote don’t translate to certain fire stick apps, so it can be difficult to maneuver those apps with the slide screen on the remote app. And the app suddenly stops working with my tv and will not work for a day or two at a time before it magically works again. I will be using it to hit play on one show, and when I try to use the remote app a few minutes later it stops working. It shows that you’ve moved your finger on the selection pad, and it shows that the buttons have been pressed at the right time, but nothing changes on the tv screen itself. It’s quite frustrating when this happens, but when this app is great when it decides to work.

- Not the WORST

This app is useful when it needs to be. Like if the remote is across the room and I'm on my phone, it's super convenient that I don't need to stand to grab the remote when I have the same capabilities on my phone (so it's perfect for laziness) other than that, the app has connectivity issues. It takes a few tries before I can connect my phone to the firestick. I need to exit out of the app multiple times to reset it and hope it connects. Took me about 6 tries just now? Yesterday it connected instantly on the 1st try. Other days it's all over. Inconsistent. The only complaint I have other than the connectivity (which I can get over) is the fact that you can't control your TV volume. They should have a volume feature built into the app itself to allow manual control of the volume instead of using the TV's volume functionality. I used to use certain players that have volume adjustments built in so I know it's possible. Anyway, not a bad idea just executed poorly.

- Bad connection

I first discovered the app when a girl friend connected it to change what I was playing, I thought this could be handy! A few months after I got my fire stick the remote stopped working, I thought it was strange, changed the batteries but nothing. That’s when I really started using the app. It worked great at first but as days went on it would take a long time to find and connect to the fire stick. I tried my controller again which magically worked again. About a year later my dog chewed the controller so only the up and left button worked as well as the other so I couldn’t use it on the home screen since the down and right button didn’t work. Again same problem with the app, it can connect right away at times. Sometimes I have to try and connect 3-5 times meaning closing and opening the app. Other than getting connected the app works great! I like the keyboard feature which didn’t work for my iPhone 6s until the 11 generation update.

- This Is Terrible

The main problem for me is the fact that my phone will connect to the tv, ok? Good so far then I go to watch my show and can’t fall asleep... I then go to open the app back up to see that my tv isn’t popping up so I can’t connect to it. Very frustrating BUT THERES MORE! I go to restart the app by swiping up then turning WiFi of and on and reconnecting to WiFi then I go back to the app and it still won’t connect so I hard reset my phone to go back into it then, THEN it’ll keep continuously keep doing this and that’s why I spend hours trying to find my remote rather than using this app. And then I’ll end up watching some sort of like 10 hour documentary that I can’t stop watching because THE PHONE REMOTE DOESNT WORK and the only way I have found to get it to work is deleting it then re downloading it and signing back in and all just for it to happen again and I hope you don’t download this app it’s a waste of time and you should find a different app even in the time it took to write this it still doesn’t work

- Updates seem to be more of a problem

Over the years, this app has been less and less effective. As of this version, I constantly have my app opening with the UI, it’s responsive but it does not control any devices. I cannot exit out of the UI to select a fire device. When I close the app and open it again, it quickly shows the devices and opens the UI of the remote again. I also reset a FireTV, 3 or 4 generations ago, and I could not connect, even the plastic remotes had a difficult time. Thankfully one of them worked or I would have had a new paperweight. I bring this up because after the fire tv reset it, when it was turned off and the app was working, my device wasn’t available, after the reset and the device turned on, it showed in the app, couldnt connect to it though. Also could not setup any older type devices. Not sure how this app works but it needs a lot of work

- App is awesome. But, there are glaring issues that need to be addressed.

Great app. I love being able to use my iPhone to type and search while surfing Netflix. The one issue I am having difficulty with is that, and this is strange, but, the r and s letters do not type out on screen. What I mean is if I type SEARCH into any field, this is what it looks like EACH because the S and R are not being in-putted on-screen. My phone works fine. It’s the app that won’t translate those letters. Fix this and I’ll change my review to a positive 5 stars. Also, I’m taking a star off because I’m sick and tired of this fragile app not allowing me to use my phone. Doesn’t happen every time, but enough times and of course at the most inopportune moments. My batteries in the remote died. Tried using my phone to navigate the options of the app. Huh. The fire stick isn’t showing up on the available fire stick options. Guess I’ll have to unplug it yet again. Seriously, that’s the ONLY WAY TO RECONNECT. It’s not my phone either. This issue reaches across multiple devices.

- iOS 13 update breaks Fire TV Recast setup flow

We recently moved to a new home and I needed to setup my Fire TV recast in a new location. I had all sorts of problems connecting from the Fire TV app on my phone (iPhone XS, iOS 13) so I assumed I needed to reset the Fire TV Recast and start from scratch - no big deal (I thought). After trying and failing to connect, then rebooting, reconnecting, etc. the ‘NEXT’ button kept freezing during setup within the iOS 13-compatible Fire TV app during the “connect to the device WiFi” step during setup. I tried and repeated this step for 30+ minutes before giving up. I then tried to set up the Recast using my wife’s phone which was still on iOS 12 (Fire TV app for iOS 12 on iPhone 7+), which worked immediately on the first try. [note: other than Fire TV Recast setup issue on iOS 13, the other features/functions worked after we set up the device from another phone]

- An option for desperate times

Our dog chewed up our fire stick remote twice now... both times, we were grateful we live in an age where we can control our TV via our phones. However, for some reason on my phone (iPhone 8, iOS 13), once the phone screen locks (like if it goes idle while we watch a show) it disconnects from the TV and the app seems to freeze or become unresponsive. I’ve tried closing the app completely and restarting it, but it doesn’t connect again until I download the app from the App Store and pair it with the TV again. Meanwhile, our firestick plays continuously with no way of stopping it while we try to get the app to work! It’s too bad this isn’t just a little better at maintaining its connection, otherwise it seems like a great option for controlling our TV, but at this point in time I would definitely only recommend this for desperate times since it is not at all reliable.

- hey other people, wassup?

I don’t really know why my little fire stick remote broke but it did. I did not mishandle it. I keep it full of fresh batteries and still it doesn’t not want to do anything. This app works pretty good, I wish I could say that this is a sign that we are living in good times, but of course, you know, we are not. But if your little remote breaks you should download this and you will be just fine. Please if this same fate befalls you do not bemoan all the injustices that went into reducing the quality of your television viewing experience. Sitting down and looking at a screen for many hours as a main source of entertainment is already a pathetic joke.

- Only use if desperate!

This App is great if your batteries on your physical remote go out or if you lose your remote. There are two main issues that I have with this App. The first one are connectivity to the actual fire stick. Sometimes the app doesn’t want to connect to the fire stick or there are issues while using the app. The second issue is the fact that the home button is right above the pause/play button and in order to get the pause/play you have to swipe up from the bottom of your device. The issue is the app automatically times out the pause and play button leaving the home button in the exact same place where you might have wanted to press pause/play. I’ve hit the home button many times thinking it was the pause/play button and it’s so frustrating to be watching a show and get completely kicked out to the home screen. Developers need to please fix that!

- Basically unusable

I’ve had this app since my fire tv remote broke a few years ago. It used to be a really great app so I never bothered getting a new remote. Over the last few months there must have been an update or something bc now it bugs out like CRAZY. If I’m trying to scroll through movies, apps, etc or trying to FF or rewind it gets “stuck” as if it were a real button and just endlessly scrolls to the left or right until there’s nothing left to scroll through. It will skip through an entire movie and when you try to get back to the part you were at it gets stuck again and goes all the way back to the beginning. I get one maybe two good swipes or taps over and suddenly it’s shooting down the end of the list and I have to open and close the app at least twice before it works again. If it’s not doing that it’s because it just suddenly stopped registering touch in the middle of using it.

- Loses Connection 24/7

Horrible. I own 6 Fire sticks and have purchased twice that over the years for friends, gifts, etc. If you lose the remote or it stops working (has happened to 2) this app comes in theory is great. When it works it’s awesome; very simple to use. However, it RARELY WORKS. At this point I don’t know if it’s the app or the version of my Firestick, but it CONSTANTLY loses connection. Usually I click the proper stick and it just never connects, but recently the app itself has connected to the remote and then just timed out. It’ll kick me out, I’ll go back into it and the screen follows my touch, but never translates it to the receiver. I tried to give in and just buy a replacement remote, but $30 for a REMOTE is psychotic. They want consumers to buy more Fire TVs so they make them the same price as a replacement remote. Pathetic that you would rather inflate your numbers in Fire TV sales than sell a replacement remote at a reasonable price.

- Good initially, but overall disappointing.

When I first got it, this was so much easier to navigate through my firestick. Before getting this app, my issue always was me needing to pause whatever I was watching and not able to because I couldn’t find my remote. I got this for my iPad and iPhone and it was great. But two nights ago, something completely random happened and now all of a sudden the app won’t connect to my fire stick, the Sign In button doesn’t work, most buttons on the app won’t work initially either. I deleted the app and redownloaded it and nothing changed. I checked with my firestick tv, my echo, my WiFi/internet and everything was fine, it all came back to this app. I’m really not sure what happened but it’s a pretty annoying let down to say the least.

- The app would be great if it was reliable.

UPDATE: They fixed the bugs and the app worked for a few weeks FLAWLESSLY. Now, the app has stopped working completely. I cannot connect to my fire stick since the latest Apple update. It’ll connect briefly and then disconnect within seconds. Now I can’t get into the controls at all. The app works as it’s supposed to once it FINALLY gets connected... after about 10 tries. God forbid you have to use your phone for anything else because it’ll take 10 more tries to reconnect after leaving the app. I accidentally washed my original remote and rely on the mobile remote for control. Honestly if I can, I just leave the app open and drain my phone battery just in case I need to pause what I’m watching ... because it’ll take 10 mins to reconnect if I don’t. I hope they fix this.

- Bad Remote or Not - This App is Perfect!

Thought the batteries went dead in our Fire TV remote we’d only had a couple months, replaced the batteries, troubleshooted, contacted support, tried everything under the sun to no avail. Discovered this app and was back in business! It’s actually easier to use than the remote because it has a keyboard so saves a lot of time when searching for something, and I love how you can swipe up to fast forward 10 minutes, or swipe right to FF 10 seconds - it’s been SO much better than using the FF button that takes wayyy too long to buffer through everything. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

- App stops responding

I’ve had this app for awhile now & up until recently, it worked reasonably well w/ only minor issues. Around 2 weeks ago, the app would just randomly stop responding. I’d be in the middle of choosing something to watch & it would just stop. I’d have to close it out & reopen it. Even then I’d only have about 10-15 seconds before it would quit again. I found that deleting & reinstalling the app fixes the issue...temporarily. I usually have to delete & reinstall the app at least once a day, if not more. I’ve been searching for another Firestick remote app for my phone & as soon as I find one that actually works, I’ll be deleting this one for good. The only reason I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 is b/c when it does work, I love it. Unfortunately, the work/doesn’t work ratio isn’t waaaaay off.

- Still glitchy

This app works for a short while, I had to download it because I lost my remote. Once it starts getting glitchy however there is nothing you can do to fix it. The remote will refuse to connect to the tv, or the remote won’t respond when you try to use it, and so on and so forth, there’s always a problem. Deleting the app and re-downloading it doesn’t even fix the problem either; it’s still janky. This app only works when it decides it wants to, It’d be nice if developers could fix that problem. Update: the app works better now, however I’m still having problems with it not picking up my first stick even though it’s turned on. It’ll see every tic except the one I’m using, not sure why it does that.

- Pretty terrible.

Title says it all. Sometimes it can’t find the Gen 2 Fire TV Cube (a flagship device!) at all. Sometimes it finds it, claims to be connected, but doesn’t send a single button press/tap to the device. Definitely can’t wake up a sleeping device, and the device itself can’t be configured not to sleep. On top of that, even when it IS working (very rare) the button layout is unintuitive and difficult to use. Why don’t physical volume buttons control the volume? Why are the home/back buttons SO tiny and placed where you can’t reach them? Has anyone on this development team ever seen the Apple Remote app for the ATV devices? Go check it out, we’re all breathless with anticipation for you to see what a functional app looks like. Can’t give zero stars, so here’s one. Time to level up this internship project if the Fire ecosystem wants to be taken seriously.

- Latest update

I have never left a review on any app ever and I’ve had an iPhone since 2013. This app started off great. Our batteries die often in our actual remote so I just downloaded this, back in August I think. As of the most recent update, everything has been crap. Firstly, when I try to search with the keyboard on here, R’s and S’s will not type. Now, the thing won’t connect to my fire stick. It’s been so frustrating because the WiFi connection is absolutely fine. And all apps are working on the firestick with the WiFi, but the app won’t connect to it. Says there’s no internet connection, but there is. It keeps doing this and after about 100 tries it’ll connect, and then disconnect itself. It’s frustrating and this has all only started after the last update. Please fix this.

- Barely works when it even gets past connecting to tv

It’s absolutely hilarious how often this app doesn’t work. I’m constantly closing and opening the app, undownloading and re-downloading it, and turning my phone completely off then on again to try anything to get it to work, for it to still say “connecting” forever when I try to connect to my firestick, and sometimes never get anywhere. I would love to be able to open this app, click on my device name, and just use the remote but unfortunately this app has unbelievable flaws. Reading through other reviews, it seems there’s plenty of others having the same issues. I can’t imagine it’s difficult to make a functional app that connects to a device over the internet in 2019, especially for a company that is so concerned with customer satisfaction normally.

- Pretty good when it’s working

Generally speaking, I like the functionality of the app. Easy to use, fairly straightforward interface... My issue is it flakes out all the time. I frequently lose communication with one or more of my devices, and it has trouble regaining connection. The regular remote still works fine but the app will fail to connect for several minutes or even hours. Beyond the connectivity issues, the app will occasionally freeze up. I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall several times. It is very frustrating. This is true on multiple devices (Fire TV devices and control devices). I’ve checked the network several times too. It’s the app. If it established and maintained connection well, I’d give it 4 stars. As it is, though, I can’t recommend it.

- One suggestion

This is a amazing app for me because I lose my remote all the time and when I don’t feel like looking for it I just use the app. It does glitch sometimes but the developers are human and can always make everything perfect. I have one suggestion that I I don’t know if it is possible or not but could you add the volume buttons and the on and off button my fire tv remote have all the buttons on it but I don’t know if it is possible for the developers to make this happen. If you can make this happen it would be helpful but I do understand that it could be difficult or even in possible :)

- Awful

This app doesn’t work. Most of the time when I’m using it I get a “reconnecting” message over and over again and it can’t locate my firestick. I downloaded the app because my remote stopped working after a short period of time after I purchased the firestick, which is very inconvenient because most remotes are supposed to last longer than 5 months. Even when my firestick is located it won’t even let me click on the option half of the time because for some reason the touch screen won’t work on the one area I need to press to get to the remote. I strongly suggest you get this problem fixed considering a lot of other users in the reviews are having the same issues. I would really appreciate being able to use the firestick I paid for but now I just feel like I’ve wasted my money.

- So glad this exists!!

I'm so glad this app exists and honestly would be lost without it! My fire stick remote stopped working suddenly after owning it for four months. I have enjoyed using it, but once it stopped working I kind of freaked out. When I looked online to search for ways to get it working again I came across this app. This is a brilliant idea and I hope the app is more reliable then the remote itself! I look forward to using this more often and will update if anything new happens. So far I think it works the same as/similar to the remote, I'm pretty pleased with it.

- Works perfectly and replaces the horrible remote

I see a pattern here. The remote controls for the fire stick eventually die out and stop working completely. This has nothing to do with batteries or dropping them or anything else. I’m not sure what’s going on but for whatever reason the remote controls just stop working. So now this app is a total blessing because I don’t have to have another device in my room and I can use this for multiple TVs. Thank you for creating this free app and helping me out. By the way why would anyone pay for a similar app when it’s for free?


I thought I already wrote a review for this lousy app months ago! I was so glad to delete it off my phone, but unfortunately our fire stick remote broke (that’s the second one to stop working, and no, resetting it with the home button doesn’t work). So UNFORTUNATELY, I again have this miserable app on my phone. It loses connection, takes forever to “reconnect”, then it doesn’t even find my device at all even though I’m signed in! Since my remote is broken and i can’t connect to the fire stick with the app, my son can’t watch cartoons this morning like he wants to!!! Tried troubleshooting, restarting both my phone and the fire stick to no avail. Idk what they need to do to fix this but they should figure it out. I’m tired of paying for fire stick remotes every 6 months. At least the app is free.

- Recent update causes app to not work

Have had for probably close to a year now. Works fine majority of the time for me but definitely wouldn’t want to have to rely on only using the app 😬. I still have my remote - it just occasionally gets lost in the bed which is when I use this app. If you are trying to use it in replace of ur main remote and no longer have the main remote, you likely will not be able to use any of the remote apps as you do have to be able to turn on some type of configuration on your fire stick prior to using the app which cannot be done without the main remote.

- Poor Quality

The app works when it wants to. When it does work, it works fine for a free app. It lags a bit but that’s not much of an issue. However, it has issues with connection. If you exit the app and reopen it, be prepared to wait between five and fifty seconds for it to reconnect. But beware, if you exit and reconnect too many times, it will eventually stop reconnecting. Your FireStick will not only stop connecting, but will vanish from your phone completely. I am less than ten feet from my FireStick at the moment and that makes no difference. To it, my FireStick could be an inch or a mile a way and it would make no difference. Use your remote if you have it, save yourself the frustration. Or consider finding another device similar to a FireStick because it works only slightly more than this app.

- only use if you have to

It gets annoying that every time you step off the app you have to completely exit the app and reopen it. It has never reconnected for me and sometimes it will freeze and I’ll have to either wait days or delete the app and re-download the app. It will sometimes it will show that I’m using the keypad but won’t show up on the TV. Some good things about it is the keyboard feature, it makes typing much faster when the remote chooses to work. Also it’s a good alternative to the plastic remote which can also sometimes stop working sometimes. I like that they tried with the Alexa feature and though it works sometimes normally it doesn’t.

- Consistently disconnects and will not reconnect

I have had to use this app for almost two years. I have used it through several ios updates and a couple of different fire sticks. No matter what, this app will disconnect from our fire stick and will not reconnect. I’ve tried closing out the app and reopening it, signing out of my account and back in, and deleting the app and downloading it again. It’s completely random and if I had a choice I wouldn’t even use this app, it’s that awful. Even just this morning, I used this to turn on a cartoon for one of our kids. Our other one asked if he could change it so I opened the app back up and we’ve been trying now for an HOUR to get it to work again. Something needs to be fixed. This app is nothing but inconsistent, and always has been.

- Used to be a lot better

After a lot of digging and countless batteries I discovered that due to the fire stick remote being blue tooth it drains batteries much quicker and this is a known issue with it. With that there truly needs to be an app in lieu of the one provided as many people will continue to have this issue. I started using this app over 2 years ago and loved it! It saved my frustration over the ever dying remote and I could let anyone in the house have their own remote. It never gets lost! Over the last 2-3 months the app is impossible to get it to connect and once you do have it connected it often disconnects shortly after. Please fix whatever bug is causing the issues!

- Used to work just fine, but not anymore

I've been using this app in lieu of the physical remote for over a year. I don't know if there was a recent update or what, but in the past week this app has become impossible to use. Despite detecting my firetv box right away, it takes forever to connect, or just won't connect at all. If I'm lucky enough to get it to connect, it doesn't stay connected for longer than a minute. I've done everything from resetting the firetv, to resetting my modem/router, to uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and I still get connection issues. Please fix, it worked fine before and I prefer it over the hard remote. Also because I can't find the old remote the firetv box came with, basically making me SOL.

- Download Now, Highly Recommended

I have an iPhone 7 and my boyfriend has an iPhone 10 and this app works phenomenally with the fire stick. Easy to use, very convenient, connects easily to all fire sticks allowing you to choose which fire stick you want the remote to connect to, and so far has zero bugs. I’ve had no issues with this app within the past month. Personally, even if I still had the fire stick remote, I would still use the app over the remote any day. Interface is nice, clean, and easy to use, and resembles the remote exactly. If it’s free, why not?

- Works great don’t waste time on other apps

If you lost your remote and have a toshiba fire tv then this app is awesome !! Haven’t needed to hunt down a remote in a while thanks for creating this app/remote for my TVs. You have to have good internet for this to work for the ones who said it won’t connect I’ve have no issues other then it won’t turn turn the tv on . And after having it for a month or more it just starting “glitching” but after re -downloading its good now. But I’m not bothered by the one issue that stays I just get my but over to the tv to hit the power button

- It works... When it’s not broken.

I lost the remote to my Fire TV earlier in the year and I have to get by with using this app to control it. For the most part, it works fine... when it wants to. Sometimes when I open the app it will log me in and open the remote screen, but it won’t actually be connected to the TV at all, and I can’t get rid of the remote screen without closing the app. This problem has been happening ever since the release of iOS 13, and this still hasn’t been fixed. If this glitch wasn’t there, I would give it five stars.

- Horrible remote - initiated factory reset with back button

Our fire stick remote stopped working, so I downloaded this app to use the remote feature. The buttons for home, back, menu were all non responsive. I couldn’t use the pad area for the dial without it moving right about 30 times. Then, I was trying to hit the back button... I pressed it a few times and it somehow initiated a factory reset. It wouldn’t let me select cancel because the button was again unresponsive. I tried unplugging my device from power, but the factory reset took. So now I have a device that is utterly useless because the remote still doesn’t work and I can’t reconnect my phone to the device until setup is initiated. This app has effectively turned my fire tv into a paperweight. Extremely frustrated and disappointed.

- What kind of heaven is this?!

After i lost a few fire stick remotes and I didn’t want to but anymore, I wanted to see if there were any fire stick apps. I came across this heavenly app and thought there were no flaws (it works like a fire stick remote!) Well I bonded and put my heart and soul into loving this app I came across one flaw. Sometimes the app would not want to connect with the fire stick, the fire stick and the app will communicate for a while but then the app doesn’t want to connect, it’s not my internet or the fire stick itself. I’m not sure if anyone else have this problem but pls help, I wanna watch Crunchyroll.


I first downloaded this app to my iPhone for my fire tv, since my original remote caused problems with tv shutting on and off. App worked fine at first, then once off screen and tried to reconnect, never would. Completed unresponsive. Turned phone off and on and app was fine. Had to do this several times due to reconnecting issues. What a hassle. Just received free government phone, USX, app runs perfectly. Better than on iPhone? Who would have thought? Government phone people. App is great. Does almost everything. Better than spending $25 on new fire tv remote.

- Love it

I can’t even begin to explain how happy and excited I am that I got the fire stick 4K TV. We’ve been cord cutters now almost a year and I just can’t say enough about how great it is. Almost all my family members have the fire stick now we all love it, what can we say lots. We save almost $100 a month. My daughter is saving over $200 a month. I’m almost 71 and believe me, if I can do it anyone can. Had great tech support in the beginning, they were very patient with me and that’s a plus with any senior. thank you so much from a very happy family. Julia and Greg

- Please update this app, it desperately needs fixed

I got this app because my original firestick remote broke. It works most of the time, but it often lags, and freezes. This happens quite often and I’m left trouble shooting by deleting the app, signing out and back in again, restarting my WiFi and firestick component connected to the tv (though I’m sure those aren’t the issue.) Typically, I would never review apps on here but I use this one so often and the issues with it are so frustrating that I’m finally to the point of asking for help. So with that being said, please, please fix this app to work better for us. I know I’m not the only one who is struggling with this, so please consider doing the minor bug fixes it will require.

- it is awful.

it’s best to just go out and buy a new remote because this app is nothing but crashes, freezing and failing to load. i have learned that you can’t click anything more then 8 times without the app just crashing. and then let’s get to opening the app. the first time you open it, nothing comes up so i reopen it, when i reopen i know have to reconnect to the tv which doesn’t work if you click connect more then once and you will have to start all over if you. and if it does work then you have to close the app AGAIN and press the connect so the buttons actually work. if you ever open any other app while the fire tv app is open, it won’t work. if you want to rewind apart you missed, you can’t. you need to pause the tv? NOPE. absolute trash for a remote app.

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- Love this app

Works flawlessly for me. I’m surprised how people are complaining. The most convenient control form me is the ability to type on my phone instead of the remote supplied.


Don’t listen to these jerks this app is AMAZING and it is a life saver when you can’t find the control. Just get the app and you won’t regret it The makers of this app are unbelievable so give yourself a pat on the back! PLEASE don’t shut down the app!!!! My last words for this app is... AMAZING GREAT OUTSTANDING GOOD AMAZEBALLS SUPURB GLORIOUS I LOVE THIS APPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!! Thank you for reading Ps. I don’t know how any one can get through this review it’s horrible 🤷‍♀️

- Could be better...

App seems to work ok. Love to see volume controls added so no need to grab the tv remote for that. Would also be great for sound to be sent to AirPods via our iPhones and have access to manage volume.

- Works Great

Works a treat with Amazon Firestick 4K. The keyboard and mouse gestures are a real time saver. Great free app. Thanks

- Why does this exist?

App kinda works. Voice control doesn’t work at all. What’s the point of this app besides controlling your tv with your? That function was good like 8 years ago.

- Awful App

This app used to work but now it is awful. Always not connecting to Fire TV even though it says it is connected.

- Does not work

Disappointed that the App does not work. Although the fire TV is discovered, it fails to connect on the same WiFi network. Re-installing the app also does not help.

- Bad

How can one make such a bad app? Voice thing is bad. It keeps disconnecting and won’t connect back.

- was good until update

was working great until recent app update now disconnects and i have to reset either fire tv or phone for it to work if i switch out and go to another app ie instagram or fb when going back to firetv app stops working

- Doesn’t work with new iOS

Can’t get the app to work with latest iOS

- What is it for?

I don’t know how to use this or what it is for!

- No fire tv 4k

Where is the fire tv stick 4K for australia?

- Hope y have a poo day

U suck can’t get in!!!

- Amazon fire tv app

Works well on 1st generation direct stick from iPhone 6s pro

- Now requires sign-in to detect Fire TV, can’t connect anyway

The app now mandates that you sign into the Amazon account associated with your Fire TV to start using the remote functionality. Even after you’ve complied, though, you probably won’t have much luck establishing a connection. In fact, I haven’t been able to successfully use the app since they updated it.

- Can’t log in with 2FA

Impossible to login on my iPhoneX with google Authenticator. Every time I flip between the apps to paste the code in, this app logs me out and I have to enter in my username and password again.

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- Still can’t login

I’ve not been able to log in since iOS 12.

- 50/50

Please update it and stop the app from being unusable half the time with the screen being unresponsive. I’m using an up to date iPhoneX.

- Turn it up!

If only there was a volume control!!!!!

- Works 98% of the time.

Giving the option of the keyboard makes the app just slightly better than the remote that comes with the device. Seems like I restart everything every 6 weeks or so to get it to reconnect. Don’t depend on the app if you’re watching something above PG and a child walks in.

- It’s good except

Normally I like it but now it’s not recognizing my fire stick

- No option for volume

I wonder why the app doesn’t have the option for increasing decreasing volume...for which one has to find the remote to do it ! It’s Annoying

- Agree

I agree with the fact that when it works it is good- but have the time it doesn’t.... please fix this. This app has the hardest time connecting to my fire stick, and i have tried iphone 6,7,&10. It is just terrible. And you, Amazon, want to charge me the the cost of a replacement remote that is the same cost as the set. Amazon, get it together. Please.

- Please do something about this

Very often the app becomes unresponsive and won’t connect to your fire stick and you will have to uninstall and reinstall it sometimes twice before it works again.

- We cannot seem to get this working

Since we changed the router the fire fav just does not seem to work properly. If you have any ideas would be great. One question do I have to change the password from to new router somewhere or does it just recognize it? Thanks

- So frustrating

It takes forever to load. You have to exit and restart several times and half the time it just doesn’t work. I’ve given up and just spent the money and purchased yet again another remote!

- Doesn’t connect half the time

Was working ok at first. Now it doesn’t connect half the time.

- Connection Issues

The connection issues with the remote connecting to the TV have been worse then usual recently. When this app works it’s great, but unfortunately it won’t connect a lot of the time.

- Bad

It’s lagging

- No volume controls

Good application but no volume control in remote feature

- App for iPhone is absolutely garbage

Lag between typing speed and showing up on the screen causes so many speeding errors, constantly have to erase and re-start.

- Connection not stable

Disconnects in 1-2 mins

- 🤏

It Is A Little Bit Good But It Cuts Out All The Time And Just Stops Working For Long Periods Of Time

- Boo

No longer connecting to our fire tv

- Fire stick app

Awesome app 🔥🔥💪

- Newgod

Worst update ever . Where the arrows ?

- Fire it up

Fire Tv fantastic couldn’t imagine anything else number one pick

- Can’t paste password from Password Manager

It’s ridiculous that in 2020 we're still struggling with not having this basic feature. Everyone is preaching to use strong passwords so now when we’ve gone ahead and used password managers to generate super complex passwords, Amazon is still asking us to manually type out those long passwords. Ridiculous!

- So great

I love it it’s so easy to use I can’t imagine not having it on all my TVs

- For a free app it works really great!

My only concern is that you can’t turn up/down the volume. But even with this little detail I really recommend!

- Volume

Needs a volume setting in the app

- Perfect!!!

The only app that didn’t require a working fire stick remote to change the fire tv settings first so it would work. I downloaded the app and it synced immediately! Has a screen that shows all my apps and games on my iPhone. Has a microphone just like the original fire stick remote. Has a keyboard so it’s easier to search with than the original fire stick remote. Couldn’t be happier with this app!!

- Can’t connect anymore

Tv looks like a little Cloud symbol and can’t connect

- Great remote app

So helpful when the kids lose the remote! However it would be nice if yous offered screen mirroring aswell

- Worst remote app

I’ve had similar app in the past but this is the first time I’ve had to witness something this horrible. You always have to close the app completely or reboot you phone to make it work. At home we have 4 devices (2 different iPads and 2 different iPhones) so we could test it a little further and it’s a catastrophe. It stays a bit handy when you loose the remote but it is a complete pain to use.

- I lost my clicker (remote) so thanks for making this!

It works great it works on my iPad and my moms phone and like I said I lost my clicker\Remote so yeah thanks! But sometimes it does not wanna work☹︎ but its still awsome

- This is Perfect

My 3yo misplaced my remote and I was so happy to find this app. It set up easily and worked instantly. This is amazing for a free app.

- Great tool... when it connects to the FireTV!

Nothing to say about the functionalities or the design, this app is great. Only thing that could make me delete it is that oftentimes I open the app and it just won’t find my FireTV even though I’m logged in on both the app and the FireTV with the same Amazon account and both are connected through the same wifi network, same frequency... Any help with that would be appreciated.

- Good app!

I was having problems until the recent update, now I have little to complain about, thanks for the update!

- Doesn’t work

This never connects to my tv

- Love it

This app works awesome. We lost our remote and we have never had a issue with it 🙂

- Great

I downloaded it and it works just fine. I like that you can actually change apps but I can’t turn up/down the volume.

- Login, watch, turn off, login, watch....

Why do I have to login to the tv and authenticate it every time I use it???

- 73+ MB Waste of Space!

That’s all, folks!

- I don’t look for the remote anymore

Great app Pros: a remote in your hand all day long Cons: slow and laggy sometimes but at least your not looking where the kids hid the remote.

- Often Doesn’t Connect

The app is sometimes difficult and doesn’t work properly. There are times that it is unable to detect or connect any firetv.

- A little bite slower to connect WiFi

Slow connection

- Good when it works

When it works, it’s fine. However, it frequently disconnects and sometimes can’t detect the Fore TV.

- ok

ew no thanks

- Buggy

The first time I downloaded this the remote didn’t even work but I gave it a second chance and reinstalled now it works so guys try what I did to fix it before rating it very poorly

- firestick

The app works good the firestick itself has reliability and quality issues. We have 2 and both are plagued by Periodic disconnects, a remote with a mind of its own and the need to do resets makes me wonder why in the techno world we live in that they couldn’t R&D a product that worked flawlessly all the time.

- Lol

Annoyed to use remote to type with fire stick, hey there’s app woohoo! Install app oh look a keyboard symbol woohoo! Try to use app keyboard, fails with nonsense fake news error message. PRO.

- This is a great app,

It’s so easy to use if I loose my remote and this app is so easy and accessible

- Psycho pig

Love it

- Remote 👎🏻

Cannot get the remote to work

- Slow

Very slow and always takes time on reconnecting

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- When it connects, it’s a great app.

There are many instances when I will open the app, it will auto load my fire TV stick, but then will fail to interface with it. No amount of pressing the X, the menu button, keyboard button, etc., will bring the app back to life. The only thing that seems to work is closing down the app, turning off Wi-Fi, waiting about 30 seconds, turning Wi-Fi back on and then re-launching. It’s a decent workaround, but frustratingly unnecessary and not always effective. I hope it can be fixed, because the app is very useful when this flaw doesn’t present itself.

- Good luck to you

If it were possible to provide a zero star rating, I very well may have. As it stands, I’ve now spent more time deleting and re-downloading the app in an attempt to get it to work than I have enjoying the amenities it has to offer. While I love Amazon’s Echo products and the convenience of a smart home, this particular product is a miss for me. The few times the app works are wonderful, and rare. Those seldom working moments are the only redeeming quality of the app. When it works, it works great, providing you with the freedom to control your tv if, for whatever reason, you don’t have a physical remote. That said, if you’re reading this and thinking you’ve found a solution to spare you the inconvenience of purchasing a replacement, my suggestion is: don’t hold your breath.

- Not working

UPDATE: I downloaded the app again. Now it has been working for two days. Gave it a 3 Star. Up from 2. Working on giving it a 5. Will update next week. I download and worked perfectly for one day. Then it stopped connecting to the one remote, out of three. I removed it and downloaded it again and the one remote that I need isn't showing up. Therefore I can no Looney use this app. It worked for one day. Smh. Please fixed it because neither of my three actual remotes, that came with the Fire sticks. are working which is why I used this one.

- Would be great if I didn’t have to re-download every few days

I use this app because my actual remote stopped working months ago. I found this app and it was perfect but lately it’s been... buggy. So sometimes it just... won’t connect. Or my fire stick won’t show up in possible connections. Or even worse, say it’s connected but just not respond. And yes I close the app and re-open it. Yes I sign out and sign back in. Does it ever work? Nope. The only way to reconnect it successfully is to delete the app and re-download it, then sign back in. And then it works fine. FOR A FEW DAYS. 2-3 days later, the process starts over. I just really wish my remote didn’t stop working so I didn’t have to resort to using this buggy remote app.

- Great App...When it Works

I decided to download this app as a means of convenience and to minimize the amount of usage from the real FireTV remote. For whatever reason, batteries don’t tend to last very long when using the remote provided with the FireTV. Thus, I figured downloading this app would make things a little better. It does make navigating and using the onscreen keyboard easier to use but this comes at the cost of its frequent inability to connect/reconnect with my FireTV device. To work around this I find myself having to close and reopen the app numerous times hoping for success. Why it has so much trouble finding my device is beyond me. Hopefully this problem can be resolved sometime in the future. For now, I’m giving this app 2 stars.

- Reconnecting nightmare

My remote for my fire stick died and I can’t order one online because they are so expensive... so I downloaded this app... it’s works sometimes but it always seems like at the most inopportune time it doesn’t want to connect... either when it says “are you still watching” or when I need to pause it... I’ve tried to rewind before and it was pointless after it took soooo long to Connect. Think I’m going to have to break down and order the remote. Then I can delete this iffy app because it works less often than it doesn’t. Update... started using this app again with my 3rd firestick... it worked great for about a week and now it refuses to connect to my Firestick. I give up... this app is junk.

- Better than nothing, but not by much

We lost the FireStick remote in a move. Unfortunately, new remotes are on back order for the next month. I downloaded this app hoping it would be a good fix-gap. Sometimes, it works okay. Other times, it cannot connect to the FireStick. Even when the stick is connected to the internet and working perfectly well. Every time you need to use the app, it has to re-connect to the FireStick. This is a process that may take 5 seconds, or may take 2 minutes... while you're waiting to pause the show or make a selection. Then there are times that it refuses to connect at all. Extremely frustrating. I'm holding my breath until I can get a new remote next month!

- Poor Connection to Firestick

I’m always having connection issues or the app can’t find my account and no app update seems to help. My app also says reconnecting while in use, or when it starts to act up and I go to select my account for it to connect it always says try again no matter how many times I try so, I always try to uninstall the app on my phone and re-download it, or I sign out and sign back it or I force quit the app to try and reset it, leave it alone for a while or shut down my phone and re-enter the app and try again none of these things work to reconnect the app to the firestick so I can work it as a remote the only thing that does is I have to get up and unplug my firestick and who the h*ll wants to keep doing that when you’re trying to relax and watch TV.

- Forever Disconnecting

This app has incredible potential, but fails in almost every respect. As a basic remote, it is barely capable. It disconnects at least 90% time you switch between apps, forcing you to choose your Fire TV device over and over again. Sometimes, when you choose your device, it still won’t connect, and you have to restart the app before it will let you connect again. Here are a few suggestions for improving this software: - Make connection between the remote app and device seamless (user selects the device ONCE, app remembers which device it connected to last time and automatically connects QUICKLY, and only has to select device again if they wish to SWITCH between devices) - Add private listening (listening through phone), which is available on the CHEAPEST Roku devices, but not the flagship Fire TV Cube device (yes, I know there is support for Bluetooth earbuds, but let me use my phone)! - Add interactivity between what you’re watching/listening to and the remote app (show actors, related content, etc) - Add a recent/suggested page to quickly access shows/channels that have been recently used on the Fire device

- Works great, but only when it feels like it

I like this app. It is easy to use and has the benefit of being able to use the voice feature OR your phone keyboard for quick search. However, sometimes it gets a bug up its port and just decides not to work. You’ll be using it one minute and then pick it up the next only to find that none of the buttons respond to you. A day later (or after it forgives you for your mysterious transgression against it) it starts working again. It usually stops working at a really crucial moment too, so anyone who wants to skip the dirty scenes in good movies to preserve your kids innocence... maybe don’t rely on this app.

- It was fine until recently

Has anyone else been experiencing difficulties with the app? Like it used to work really well and connect to my tv every time. Then it would have reconnecting problems every once in a while, but recently it’s been pretty wack. It’ll connect to my tv and I’ll use it just fine but next thing I know it it’ll be on the remote screen and I’ll try to push the home icon to go to the main screen on my tv but nothing happens? I’ll literally try to push everything on the remote screen to get it to work on my tv but I’ve had to re download this stupid app about 7 or 8 times TODAY. I hope this can be fixed because the remote my fire stick set came with hasn’t been working.

- Poor replacement for a remote

At first I thought it was nice because it gives you more buttons and you can use a keyboard (the remote is the absolute worst for typing). It loses connection constantly and sometimes kicks you back to the beginning. Between episodes on Netflix it takes more time to get it back alive and hit skip than to just wait it out, and a new episode will start before you can cancel exit. That’s not so bad though. The really silly part is once the stick goes to sleep, you can’t reconnect. They didn’t think of having any WiFi feelers our while it’s in standby like with the BT remote apparently. So you basically have to unplug it and plug it back in each time you want to use it. I’d give it one star except it’s technically better than throwing the hole thing away when your remote suddenly decides to quit working. Yeah, my remote just gave up the ghost. I assumed the batteries were dead (even though it’s supposed to alert you of low battery), but no, in between episodes one day it just decides to say that there is no remote connected to the stick and that’s that.

- Okay but not great

My real remote quit working so I downloaded this app. At first it worked great, way better than the real remote actually. But I've had it about a month now and it's starting to get really glitchy. It doesn't like to connect to the fire stick anynore, sometimes taking me 20 minutes of trying to get it to finally connect. And here in the last week, several times it has started clicking all over the place and randomly selecting things. As I don't have another remote and this is the only app, I don't have a choice but to deal with the glitchy app. I'm about to cave and spend the money on a new remote. It would be nice if the developers would update the app so it would work better.

- Constant frustration

As many other review have said, the app is great, when it works. I got the app because we lost our fire tv remote. So the app is the only way we have to control our tv. The features are all nice to have. I especially like the keyboard function. However, the app constantly stops working. It will work fine one minute, then the next it just stops. It seems responsive but it no longer controls the tv and it won’t exit out to the device selection screen. Even after closing the app and going back into it, it continues to not work. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it so many times. It is extremely frustrating because I cannot control my tv most of the time.

- Started off great...

This app was a life saver when my actual fire stick remote started to not work. I had no problems connecting and it eliminated the issues of a lost remote or dead batteries. Within the last few months I’ve become very frustrated with the issues this app has had. It has become almost impossible to connect to the TV device and if you do connect on the 100th try the remote app will disconnect itself after a few minutes. PLEASE FIX THIS and make our lives easier. The only reason I’m giving it 3 stars is because it once worked. Now the app is completely useless, as it doesn’t serve it’s only purpose.

- Works then it doesn’t

I thought this was a great solution to my useless fire stick remote that just stopped working under a year of having the fire stick 😒 had problems with it but it Always ended up working again. ANYWAYS we got the app thinking great solution... and it works for a minute then stops working it’s like a forever battle I can’t even pick something to watch without having it go inactive while in the process of using it. Now I’ve turned off the fire stick by unplugging for about a minute then plugging back in and then restarting My phone as well... sometimes this works but most of the time it doesn’t. This is probably the most frustrating app I have ever seen. I’m SO annoyed all I want to do is use my fire stick and I can’t even do that!!! 😑

- Works fine, could use a widget for quicker access

This app is awesome when my remote is lost in the recesses of the couch or (god forbid) all the way on the other side of the room. The only reason I don’t replace my constantly remote with this app altogether is because it takes a minute to open the app. Every time you have to switch back to the app, it has to reconnect to the stick. I feel like it would benefit users so much to have a widget and have the app constantly connected when in use (if possible) so we could just slide over to pause, etc.

- Only giving 2 stars for convenience.

Incredibly frustrating to use. Scrolling using the touchscreen is difficult to get used to - practice has made it a little less frustrating. The scrolling is really at the bottom of my list of complaints at this point. When it’s not freezing up, it’s refusing to connect to my device. I’m constantly forced to exit out of the app repeatedly (in an attempt to get it to unfreeze/connect to my device). I’ve also had to delete the app and reinstall it several times (this has only helped once). Most of the time, when it’s acting up, I have to switch back to cable and come back to it later. Only reason I gave 2 stars is for convenience.

- Good idea, terrible execution

I love the idea of having the remote on my phone but the app has serious problems. I downloaded the app because my remote stopped working but I ended up purchasing a new remote because this app was so bad. I use my tv stick for Netflix and whenever I have to pause or anything it has to reconnect to the tv stick. This would be fine if it actually connected. Every time I try to use it, it never reconnects it says it cannot connect which is annoying because my show would still be playing. The only way to get it to work is restart my phone (which only sometimes works) or unplug my tv stick to fully restart it. It’s such a good idea but it doesn’t work well at all. They seriously need to fix the connecting issue.

- It's ok but...

So I have the fire stick remote and am happy with it. But I'm wondering if you have thought to develop a remote that is more accessible to the elderly who have difficulty with the regular remote. It's very small and the buttons are not labeled other than the play, stop, pause etc. symbols. For example, my mother had a stroke about 2 years ago and is unable to use the remote and she can't use Alexa because the stroke affected the language center of her brain so her speech is poor. Someone always has to sit with her and find something she wants to watch. She doesn't understand the functionality of the remote. However, if she could see pictures of what was available, to watch (on an iPhone/iPad remote), she could select the one she wants. Then, the remote could display what she is watching, with the play, stop, rewind, forward functions. It would also help to have the name of each function next to it. She can usually understand the words. I don't know where this information goes but it would be really great to see something like this. Thanks!

- Works only about 10% of the time

Unfortunately our fire tv smart tv remote was chewed up by our dog; and our particular fire tv remote has been discontinued and none of the replacement fire tv remotes work. So imagine my delight when I found this app to work my TV. However this app works only a fraction of the time it will usually find my tv and connect than not control anything or have a severe delay. That’s if the app even locates my tv at all. I find it ironic that my 4 year old Alexa can control my smart tv and this app that was just downloaded works 10% of the time. Please come out with a replacement remote option for older fire edition smart tv’s mine is a 2018 model and it is really annoying that I can no longer find ANY remote that will work with it.

- Very frustrating

I’ve been using this app for a while, every now and then my remote goes missing and I use this until it is found. But recently I completely lost the remote. So for the past week or so I’ve had to rely on this. It was easy to connect but I’ve found that it looses connection so frequently. It’s extremely frustrating. I’ve had to unplug my firestick to get it to reconnect, or delete the app and have to reinstall. It happens multiple times a day. I used it to pause a show and then about 5 minutes later when I went to play it was disconnected again. I would love it if this could be fixed. The same thing happens on my iPad so I know it’s not just my phone.

- Great except for the time-consuming disconnects

I use it daily because our remote was lost long ago. The app is great when I’m interacting with it, but if I put my iPhone aside or spend time using another iPhone app while watching, the FireTV app soon disconnects. When I switch back to the app, it can take a long time to reconnect, and frequently it just can’t unless I restart the app. I wish the app would stay connected for as long as the iPhone and FireStick are still able to communicate on the local WiFi network. If that’s too much to ask, then at least it shouldn’t disconnect when the FireStick is actively streaming content.

- Horrible scrolling

I broke my fire remote in the middle of watching something, so I downloaded this app to help. I was very happy with how quickly it recognized my device and paused. The arrow keys are horrible. Instead of a wheel and center button like the remote, the app has a blank box with no intuitive use. Tapping ANYWHERE in the box has the same effect as a center click. The double arrows jump to a new page in the menu. I figured out that pressing and holding the center box brings up a very small circle which scrolls extremely fast. It is very frustrating and difficult to move to different menu items individually.

- App needs improvement

My firestick remote stopped working after 6 months. Replaced the batteries, followed instructions on how to pair to no avail. Found this app and it worked fine for a bit however it continues having difficulty connecting to the Firestick. At first I thought it was my IPad however I downloaded the app to my phone and still having the same difficulty. As popular as this device is, I would have expected that significant improvements would have been mad e already however I see the remote issue is a common problem! Would not recommend this to a friend until the product improves.

- Rarely connects and scrolling arrow is awful

This app rarely connects to my fire cube. It shows as an option, but doesn’t react when press on it, like a dead link. And the scrolling/mouse dot is horrific! If I need to click on one button I have to scroll all around it, and it usually goes past where I need it to be. Sometimes it will move in even little moves (but too much to get to where you need to go) or suddenly it will scroll all the way across the page. It's very aggravating.

- Good.. When it works

Listen, I never write reviews but I’m very disappointed with the app. My remote stopped working within a month of purchasing my Fire TV Stick so I downloaded this app. This app actually works about 20% of the time and I think that’s being generous. When it works, it works great, the other 80% of the time that it’s not working I’m stuck at either the “Connecting to Fire TV Stick” page, or the actual controller with no feedback on the actual TV. You’d think that a multi-billion dollar company could create a decent app nonetheless remote that doesn’t break so fast. My suggestion, just download a third party remote app and pay the small fee they charge if you need a remote.

- The only app that works!

First of all, I’ve literally never written a review on an app. Our dog ate our fire stick remote. After downloading multiple suggested apps, this is the only app that doesn’t call to go into the firestick settings to allow connectivity (which is difficult to do when you don’t have a remote). With that being said, if you absolutely have no way of using your remote, this is the app for you! It connected easily and we are extremely thankful! It’s very easy to use as well.

- App not connecting!

I’ve had two fire sticks in the past two years. The remote on the most recent one stopped working on me out of nowhere and even with the remote app on my phone, I have trouble connecting. For some reason it won’t connect to my fire stick even when it is turned on and connected to the wifi. When it does connect, the signal only last for a couple of minutes and when i try to change a show or episode, it takes up to five minutes for the app to connect. I can’t even use the fire stick anymore because i get so frustrated with the bad connection. It’s gotten so bad to the point that I made the switch to the roku and i’m so glad i did.

- App is very good

Unlike that people that brag over a app just get a new app like prime video or something like just STOP BEING MAD OVER A APP but this is very useful because I lost my firestick and it works this app is very good you should get the fire stick thing so you can watch any movie you want in kodi idk if I spelled that wrong but ok and I can now not worry to buy stuff to watch my favorite movies anymore like “ Charlie and the chocolate factory “ and “ teen wolf “ and “ the Adams family “ I recommend for you to download this app if you have fire stick.

- Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t

Seems to work when it wants to. When it does work it’s amazing but it is so frustrating when you can’t get it to work. I got it for my fire tv after the remote just completely disappeared. It picks up all of the fire sticks in the house and will sometimes just lock onto one of them instead of the tv I’m trying to use in the living room. It doesn’t let u close out to pick another device. No matter how many times I close the app it seems to still stay locked. Sometimes it doesn’t work at all. It will locate the tv but just won’t operate it.

- Keeps freezing and disconnecting

The app works fine when you first install it then after a while, it decides to either disconnect itself so you have to manually reconnect it(not the 4 digits option) and when it is connected- It freezes to the area where you can use the remote but you cannot get out, or ACTUALLY use the remote. The ONLY way for you to use it again is to delete the app, reinstall it then reconnect the remote to the fire stick. I’m giving this app three stars because it’s the only one of these apps that allows you to use it without shoving a price for you to pay in your face.

- Finger pad is frustrating

The concept of this app is great but the ease of use is terrible. Continuous logging in and out of the app every time I move into a new app or my phone screen locks is annoying. The worst part of the app which needs to be updated immediately is the use of the finger pad. It’s very difficult to click a tab when surfing the web which usually results in endless and meaningless scrolling. Every software update thus far has not fixed anything mentioned in the negative reviews. I’ll give 2 stars for the effort and concept alone. If the developers put in the work to address the negative concerns then this would easily become a 4.5 to 5 star app.

- Performs poorly

Remote works and stops when it wants to . Very annoying , I see you have other people complaining about the same problems I have . If stops you’ll be lucky if you can either delete app or you have to close app and re open it , and sometimes that won’t help either . I have another remote app I paying for and it does the same thing . Why don’t you do something about it. I would give the free app a 5 star if it would work good .

- What happened?

This app used to be great. Kids would often lose the remote and this app was a lifesaver. But since the latest update, the app will close the whatever you have open on the Fire TV if you do anything other than user the Fire TV app. If you lock the phone, TV goes back to home screen. If you close the app, TV goes back to home screen. If you open another app on the phone, TV goes back to home screen. Connectivity works fine, functions are good, but this issue makes it unusable. I used this app on my phone and iPad to supplement the remote, but I am not dedicating my iPhone to be a dedicated Fire TV remote, but if I don’t, I can’t watch the Fire TV. Very disappointing.

- Works Great if it Worked

The interface is intuitive for the remote it’s replicating. And that is the end of everything good I have to say. This app constantly has trouble connecting to the device, requiring a lengthy reconnect process whenever you switch out of the app or even let the screen dim for a moment. We’re talking minutes. This happens 100% of the time. Sometimes it won’t connect at all! This happens 60% of the time. Sometimes it locks up and requires force quit. This happens 40% of the time. Sometimes it will lock up and just not let you do anything, even when you force quit. Over and over. Forever. Until you uninstall it and write a bad review on the App Store. To be fair, that only happened once.

- Worst app available

This app is basically useless. It will not stay connected to the first stick. It also has an extremely hard time connecting to it in the first place. 9 times out of 10, I can't get a connection even standing right next to it. If are lucky to get it to connect, a lot of the fire stick apps are not compatible with it so it won't matter anyway. Waste of phone space. I'm sure they do this on purpose to force you to buy another remote for 30 bucks... Edit- redownloaded a year later on a whim and it’s still just as terrible as it was the first time I had it. You would think that in a years time they would fix some of the major issues with it, but they haven’t done anything.

- Great concept but many glitches

Although I love the concept that I can use the fire stick to access multiple free movies and watch my beloved Netflix, there are some glitches that are frustrating. A major example is the constant loss of. network connectivity. If I have turned the tv off and try to reconnect the fire stick device it takes a long time to start showing the movies. Often times I have to reboot both tv and fire stick device. It may even take deleting the app and reinstalling it on my phone. Otherwise, great cost efficient concept when cable bills are through the roof!

- Broken remote = only option

When my dog broke my remote, I thought I would have to order a new remote. Thankfully I found out about this app. The idea overall is wonderful and most of the time the app works great! Except when it doesn’t.... multiple times a week I am forced to unplug my fire stick from my TV because my app won’t connect with the TV. Uninstalling the app and reinstalling doesn’t work, logging out and logging back in doesn’t work.... only climbing behind my TV to unplug and replug will secure the connection. Overall great idea!! Just needs to be fixed to allow for better/faster connection.

- It’s so convenient, until it’s not

This is one of the most frustrating apps I’ve downloaded. It’s constantly getting stuck on the remote screen. You would think that’s okay because you need to use the remote anyway, right? WRONG. When it “sticks” on the remote screen, you can press all of the buttons, but it refuses to connect to the TV. I am constantly having to restart my phone or uninstall/reinstall this app and pray to the gods that the problem will be fixed. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. I just have to wait it out til the thing stops glitching. It shouldn’t be a game of roulette whether or not I’m going to be able to use this app.

- Used to be great; not so much anymore.

I’ve used this app for a couple of years now and never had a problem. It was great! Suddenly about a month ago, it stopped functioning properly. I have to delete the app then download again and it’s fine for 5 minutes or so and then goes back to not working. It says I’m connected to device, but won’t control the device. When it does that, I can’t go back to device selection or settings or anything at all. Even closing all the way out and restarting the app does nothing. I always have to delete the app and download again. Please fix the problem! My actual remote stopped working soon after purchase so this has been my only option and now...

- It’s pretty ok

The app is great because I lost my remote that comes with the fire stick, but sometimes the fire stick will not connect to your phone. Then you may google what is wrong, but nothing is wrong. You’re Wi-Fi is on, you’re right next to the tv, and it’s the fire stick you’re trying to connect to. Then you check all of this stuff everything seems to work then you turn off you’re tv and turn it back on still nothing. Overall honestly it’s a good app ,but it’s hard to connect sometimes. Also the home button is on top of the pause button that’s very inconvenient. 3/5 stars☹️

- Works ok most of the time

I use this app because my Fire TV remote destroyed the batteries that were in it really quickly and now the contacts are corroded. I’ve read online that this is a common issue. *Awesome* that they don’t make those remotes anymore. And apparently Fire Stick remotes don’t work for Fire TV. Anyway, the app works most of the time, but I had a few days where it refused to connect to my TV, meaning I couldn’t use my TV at all for a while. Another issue is that sometimes (like just now, which is why I’m writing the review), I try to adjust the volume a few clicks, and it’s like the digital button sticks. I clicked the volume up button twice, the app crashed and I had to just watch as the volume kept increasing to maximum. I’m sitting here yelling at Alexa to pause the video while trying to get the app to restart and let me control the volume. Really annoying sometimes, but usually it’s an acceptable workaround for a self-destructing remote.

- Horrible

Im glad I’m not the only one. This app is trash. What’s the point of having an app for a remote when it doesn’t work most of the time. It always says that it’s “connecting” or it can’t find my device for some reason even though I’m connected to the same WiFi network. This app doesn’t work. I’ve tried signing in and out of the app, no luck. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, still no luck. It has been like this for about a year and I’m finally tired of getting frustrated at this app. When it does decide to connect (which is once in a blue moon), it works great. But most of the time when I have tried to use it, it doesn’t work. The “big fixes” don’t do anything. This needs to get fixed.

- Works when it wants to

I give this app 2 stars for being convenient (at times) & that’s me being generous. This app only works when it wants to and that’s not often enough. I’ve had Fire Sticks for years and this problem has not been fixed since I started using it. Sometimes it pops right on and sometimes I have to unplug the device and close out the app for it to reboot. DO NOT RESET YOUR DEVICE IF THIS YOUR ONLY REMOTE! You can’t set up a new device with the app. We went without our Firestick for months because we couldn’t connect the app after a reset. I wish it would just connect when I need it to. It was kind of the point of me downloading it. Hmph

- How is this still not fixed???

Update: Seriously why hasn’t this app been updated and fixed??? It hasn’t worked on my phone for at least 2 weeks. It’s ridiculous!!!! Previous review: The app is useful and easy to navigate WHEN IT WORKS, which it only does about 50% of the time. The other 50% of the time, it will either be unable to connect to the fire stick OR it will connect/open and allow “buttons” to be tapped but does not control the tv at all. It’s extremely annoying and not fixable by closing & reopening nor uninstalling & reinstalling. It just randomly starts working again, sometimes after 2-3 days of not working at all. If it worked even 80% of the time I’d be happy...

- Great, when it works..

Second update: working better recently. Still have to occasionally close and launch app to connect while using Update: Haven’t been able to reliably connect in days. This app is worthless When the app/remote is connected it works great, love having an alternate when the remote goes missing. However, when i switch apps and come back it hardly ever reconnects to the firestick, and sometimes it takes opening, closing out, and relaunching several times for it to connect initially. This constant connection issues get in the way of enjoying the app

- So frustrating

This app is truly awful. The concept is great and WHEN it wants to work, I love having it. But there are constant connectivity issues between the app and the fire stick. It’s not my WiFi or anything else... I never had this issue with the regular remote. I got this bc my remote was lost and I was hoping this would be sufficient but it isn’t. Every time you want to use it it has to reconnect and most of the time it says it can’t. Then when/if it finally does connect, I click a hundred times and nothing happens. So disappointing! Can’t even watch TV anymore bc of it and a replacement remote is going to take weeks to come in bc it’s out of stock.

- Not great

After my dog chewed our remote I went ahead and got this app. It worked fine for a few months then it started giving me a horrible time. Despite being connected to the Firestick I was using I wasn’t able to do anything anymore. It’d be on the remote function however I couldn’t press any button. It wouldn’t do anything at all. I’d close the app and try again, still absolutely nothing. It was definitely connected too. Wifi was fine. So I had to delete the app and reinstall it. Worked after the second install but who knows for how long. Super annoying.

- Ugh

First I’d like to say I’m really grateful for this remote simply because without it, I would not be using my fire stick I’d like to say this remote is so stupid it better be glad it’s also my cellphone or it would end up across the room. If you do not remain in the app it doesn’t always reconnect and when you restart the app it will not recognize your device. Often I have to close and reopen it to get it to reconnect properly. I’ve reinstalled this app atleast 10 times!! And as I write this review, it is not working and leaving me with an unwarranted marathon of Fresh off the Boat! But again I will work with it until it wakes tf up, bc it is all I have.

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Amazon Fire TV 2.1.1076 Screenshots & Images

Amazon Fire TV iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Amazon Fire TV iphone images
Amazon Fire TV iphone images
Amazon Fire TV iphone images
Amazon Fire TV iphone images
Amazon Fire TV iphone images

Amazon Fire TV (Version 2.1.1076) Install & Download

The applications Amazon Fire TV was published in the category Utilities on 2014-12-23 and was developed by AMZN Mobile LLC [Developer ID: 297606954]. This application file size is 134.75 MB. Amazon Fire TV - Utilities app posted on 2020-11-18 current version is 2.1.1076 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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