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Amazon Fire TV App Description & Overview

What is amazon fire tv app? The free Amazon Fire TV mobile app for iOS enhances your Fire TV experience with simple navigation, a keyboard for easy text entry (no more hunting and pecking), and quick access to your favorite apps and games.

It features:
• Voice search (not available in all countries)
• Simple navigation
• Playback controls
• Keyboard for simple text entry
• Quick access to your apps and games
• Fire TV Recast support


• Multicast-enabled router required
• Designed for simple navigation and playback control of Fire TV streaming media players
• For gameplay, use the remote included with your Fire TV or the optional Amazon Fire TV Game Controller

By using this app, you agree to Amazon’s Conditions of Use ( and Privacy Notice (

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App Name Amazon Fire TV
Category Utilities
Updated 18 January 2024, Thursday
File Size 66.19 MB

Amazon Fire TV Comments & Reviews 2024

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This app never consistently works. I try to give positive reviews before complaining but I’ve struggled with this remote for over 6 months now. The tv i have is only compatible with this one and you have to pay for others anyway. On top of that the remote it came with broke and the TV itself is horrible at connection and the picture always freaks out. But that’s neither here nor there. This remote only works in wifi but can’t ever seem to keep itself connected to wifi and even when it is it is constantly looking for new devices or reconnecting. It takes me as long as a tv show is just to get the remote on but unfortunately it is my only option at the moment and that makes me extremely sad. Not that watching TV is a necessity but when i do get the chance to relax i tend to not want to have a heart attack from the frustration of trying to get to Netflix to choose one. Absolutely rubbish on my iphone, And on the United States west coast. It absolutely refuses to work 85% of the time!

Works good when it does, doesn’t work at all most of the time. Exactly what is stated in the title. This is a perfect app for people who lost their FireTV remote, but it doesn’t work more than half the time… I struggle almost 10 minutes every night to get the app to connect so I can put on my go-to-sleep shows. It works best when you are connected to the same WiFi, but no matter how many times you restart the app, turn off the TV (physically unplugging), restart your phone AND restart your router. It’s about a 15% chance the app will recognize you are on the same WiFi. If you don’t hit the WiFi, good luck repeating the previous steps until you get it to work. Or try up to 20 times until it decides to roll over and connect you. Decently made user interface for an app, made by a declining company that gives you hope this app will fix the problem of your missing remote. Opinion: I feel like they make sure this is a frustrating experience so instead of working with what you got, they force you to buy another FireTV to get a fully functioning remote.

Buy A New Remote. To put it simply, the app has a loading issue. Even on a strong, stable connection, it can take quite awhile to connect your phone to your tv. Why does it take awhile? Simply because it doesn’t work. It will say “Reconnecting” while nothing happens. And you just have to roll the dice and keep trying to reconnect while it keeps failing. I’ve never written a review before but wow, this needs to be fixed. It completely invalidates the convenience this app should bring by allowing you to use your phone as a remote. I’ve read through other reviews and some share the same problem. The creators should be aware, but they do nothing to fix it. The app works, but it’s not worth it in the long run. Use the app while you wait for your new remote to ship, assuming you’ve lost it.

Easy fix. I usually don’t do reviews but here it goes... this app has always worked great for me especially since I have lost the physical remote. But recently for about a week or so when I attempted to watch anything the app would not let go up,down,left or right I could however click on the setting button and it would immediately take me to settings but again I could not go up,down,left or right and when I clicked the home button it immediately went to the home button but I still couldn’t move around. I came on here in the reviews to see if anyone was having this issue I had attempted to unplug and re-plug the fire stick and I was still have the same issue. Today I decided to contact support through the app and selected call me, so I immediately got a call waited less than 1 minute and they actually helped me. She was able to take control of my screen and see what I was talking about she had me troubleshoot by reinstalling this app on my phone than unplugging the fire stick from my tv wait 2-3 minutes than plug it back in and to my surprise it WORKED i guess waiting before replugging helped because I had unplugged the fire stick before but not that long just like a couple seconds so yeah hope someone can find this helpful.

Works as a backup, but doesn’t match the physical remote. I had to download this because my dog chewed up the original physical remote that came with the Fire TV. I was excited to learn that there was an app version, although once I started using it I was pretty disappointed at the overall usability and performance. My biggest complaint is that it is CONSTANTLY losing connection to the Fire Stick and most of the time I have to close and reopen the app several times in order for it to reconnect. I like that the main navigation arrows are nice and big, but as soon as you slide up the pause/rewind/fast forward controls, the down arrow becomes too small and you end up pushing buttons you didn’t mean to. If you’re like me and you end up breaking or losing your original remote, then this app works in a pinch, but otherwise I’d recommend sticking to the physical remote.

Loses Connection 24/7. Horrible. I own 6 Fire sticks and have purchased twice that over the years for friends, gifts, etc. If you lose the remote or it stops working (has happened to 2) this app comes in theory is great. When it works it’s awesome; very simple to use. However, it RARELY WORKS. At this point I don’t know if it’s the app or the version of my Firestick, but it CONSTANTLY loses connection. Usually I click the proper stick and it just never connects, but recently the app itself has connected to the remote and then just timed out. It’ll kick me out, I’ll go back into it and the screen follows my touch, but never translates it to the receiver. I tried to give in and just buy a replacement remote, but $30 for a REMOTE is psychotic. They want consumers to buy more Fire TVs so they make them the same price as a replacement remote. Pathetic that you would rather inflate your numbers in Fire TV sales than sell a replacement remote at a reasonable price.

Why did you change it?? Was working perfectly!. That’s what I hesitate updating some Apps, the original version worked flawless and I did not upgrade for several months when the new update came out, I figured I’d give them some time to work out the bugs, but no, every since I updated this app it does not connect to the firestick unless I uninstall and install again. It may work for a few clicks before I it freeze and I have to do it again. It’s useless now! The buttons react when you press them like it’s going to follow the command but nothing happens, go back to the old version, of his was the best remote I found.

It’s good but I think it could be a little better. I lost my physic remote, so I found this app and installed it. But as I was checking out the app, I realized that you can’t turn of the tv from the remote which is really annoying. And another thing I realized is that you can’t change the volume from the remote which is also annoying because each time we sit down, we have to get back up turn the lights and change the volume. But other than that the app is amazing and it is really helpful. But I found out that when u load onto the app, it connects to my tv and it turns the tv on. But it doesn’t turn the tv off. Other than those, I think the app is really useful and it never has glitched for me before.

This app is a NO .... This app is convenient especially for me because my remote disconnected from my firestick and completely malfunctioned. (Only reason i gave it 2 stars for the convenience) So the app came in handy for me to be able to watch my firestick (for a moment). However it continuously discounts from my television and then won’t reconnect, so then I’m disabled from watching on my firestick again. I’m just glad I have an actual remote being delivered because this app is trash. The accuracy of the touch of buttons and big screen in the middle to portray the up down left right is completely off. I really wouldn’t suggest the use of this app unless you desperately need to, like I had to because of my remote malfunctioning. But I CANT WAIT to get my remote in the mail because I can’t keep trying to reconnect this app to the tv, and the only solution it says is “make sure you’re signed in under the same account as your firestick tv” 🙄 I am but it still won’t reconnect. A waste. I suggest to do some modifications update/upgrade on this application

Not great. My sweet little dog decided to take it upon herself for eat my remote to my fire stick. I thought no biggie I’ll just use this app. At first I had no issues, and it was great. Now I stay steadily annoyed with it. Starting with the minor annoyances, anytime I leave the app and come back in it takes a while to connect; which isn’t a big deal but is still annoying. More recently now, half the time I try to use the app it takes forever to load and then wants me to reconnect my tv with the app multiple times. Now I am having issues with the app even connecting at all. It will tell me to make sure my device is plugged in and all that, and you usually either have to wait while or start unplugging everything. Nothing is wrong with the device. It stays plugged in, and I’m tired of unplugging my WiFi, and unplugging the fire stick, and re-downloading the app, etc. Having read some other reviews it appears this has been an issue for some and it would be nice it would get resolved. First world problems, I know, but it’s still annoying.

Bad connection. I first discovered the app when a girl friend connected it to change what I was playing, I thought this could be handy! A few months after I got my fire stick the remote stopped working, I thought it was strange, changed the batteries but nothing. That’s when I really started using the app. It worked great at first but as days went on it would take a long time to find and connect to the fire stick. I tried my controller again which magically worked again. About a year later my dog chewed the controller so only the up and left button worked as well as the other so I couldn’t use it on the home screen since the down and right button didn’t work. Again same problem with the app, it can connect right away at times. Sometimes I have to try and connect 3-5 times meaning closing and opening the app. Other than getting connected the app works great! I like the keyboard feature which didn’t work for my iPhone 6s until the 11 generation update.

Horrible. I have never writing a review but this was so bad that I had to. I don’t think I’m the only one but I got this app cause I lost my Toshiba fire stick remote, so I started searching for an app to help me with the problem. And I settled on this, I started using it and was working pretty well but after 2 or 3 days it wouldn’t work. So I kept trying a week later and it finally worked but for only one day. So what I figured out was this app for me even though I was connected to the same internet and everything as my tv is that every week for one single day it’ll work. So I would not really suggest this app if looking for a good one, so yeah this is not a good app. I hope this finds you well, goodbye.

Practically Unusable. In the modern age where everything is a tap or button press away, I never thought I’d be forced to use such a nonsensical, awkward, and simply inoperable tool to flounder my way through an app which I’d previously thought unintuitive enough, but the mobile remote function is about as far from convenient as it gets. Its design is painfully obscure to use, making menu navigation maddeningly impossible. Inexplicably, neither a screen interface appears on your phone nor does a cursor appear on your smart tv. It’s clumsy, offering no reprieve from its terrible mismatched jigsaw puzzle of functions that seem to argue with you as you try them out in vain, systematically destroying your patience and sanity one step at a time. It’s about the only thing advertised as ‘free’ whereupon installing it you realize the steep price was your time and effort, and suddenly looking for the microscopic, equally unlabeled remote lost in the physical world is no longer so Herculean a task. Truly one of the quickest regrets I’ve ever experienced, this app’s utilization, borne from necessity and not desire, will surely cause me to seek therapy.

Beta Technology is Wonky. Trajectory of AI Personality: It seems like the AI’s that are being utilized to not only help run the Beta technology on the applications, as well as on the TV itself is causing the app and television alongside with the Wi-Fi to not work correctly. It also seems that for whatever reason the AI has developed a ““ personality, where their response is either more appointed, or it is dismissive, or it is helpful, depending on the region in which the language has been chosen. I personally have an AWS business account that was started quite some time ago so I do have a global access so it would make sense that I am able to create multiple profiles. What I don’t understand is how I only have one profile and the fast switching and infringement continues to happen even on a static IP network.

App is awesome. But, there are glaring issues that need to be addressed.. Great app. I love being able to use my iPhone to type and search while surfing Netflix. The one issue I am having difficulty with is that, and this is strange, but, the r and s letters do not type out on screen. What I mean is if I type SEARCH into any field, this is what it looks like EACH because the S and R are not being in-putted on-screen. My phone works fine. It’s the app that won’t translate those letters. Fix this and I’ll change my review to a positive 5 stars. Also, I’m taking a star off because I’m sick and tired of this fragile app not allowing me to use my phone. Doesn’t happen every time, but enough times and of course at the most inopportune moments. My batteries in the remote died. Tried using my phone to navigate the options of the app. Huh. The fire stick isn’t showing up on the available fire stick options. Guess I’ll have to unplug it yet again. Seriously, that’s the ONLY WAY TO RECONNECT. It’s not my phone either. This issue reaches across multiple devices.

So so. I’ve owned this for more than a year but I find myself using the physical remote much more than this, due to the inconvenience of not having volume control or the on/off power button. I still need to have the physical remote next to me for certain maneuvers. Not worth it, too confusing to having to use 2 remotes. Other than that, the controls are pretty good, I prefer the touch pad for getting the job done faster, but many times it’s so fast, that it zooms through the entire screen, having you miss the target, you can’t control the speed either. From this point of view, the directional arrows pad takes you where you need to go, but in a slower pace…..your choice. Still, not having the power and volume control is a big let down for me.

Good initially, but overall disappointing.. When I first got it, this was so much easier to navigate through my firestick. Before getting this app, my issue always was me needing to pause whatever I was watching and not able to because I couldn’t find my remote. I got this for my iPad and iPhone and it was great. But two nights ago, something completely random happened and now all of a sudden the app won’t connect to my fire stick, the Sign In button doesn’t work, most buttons on the app won’t work initially either. I deleted the app and redownloaded it and nothing changed. I checked with my firestick tv, my echo, my WiFi/internet and everything was fine, it all came back to this app. I’m really not sure what happened but it’s a pretty annoying let down to say the least.

fire stick remote review. been using this app for a couple of years now I first have issues with the keyboard not working one day, I was like OK that’s not a big deal. annoying right now my mute button does not work at all anymore does nothing and now I got I’m starting to see some bugs and some bugs with the connection and the app freezing when connecting sometimes I tried reinstalling the app after uninstalling it to see if that would fix it did not help. It’s annoying. I’m sorry to see that these issues now I’ve been using it for years as I said, and I loved it and I had no problems for this so it gets a three star from me because it’s still sort of usable if you guys can fix the bugs with an update I would appreciate it.

Awesome!!!. Ok so know that this isn’t a perfect 5 star rating because NOTHING is perfect. Take that into account and this app update is awesome. The old swipe feature had its place but this looks more like a real remote and that’s what we’re all used to. The app is easy to pair and comes in very handy because the remotes that come with the Fire Sticks are crap. We have 3 Fire Sticks in the house (2 HD and 1 4K) and only one remote still works. It’s the remote for the 4K Fire Stick and we decided to re-pair it with the bedroom tv. The “d-pad” on the app needs to be smaller, it should be at the bottom of the screen for people with smaller hands like my wife and there needs to be more options that would be on a basic remote (like a sleep button or volume control) but overall this update to the remote app is a HUGE step in the right direction. Adding the remote listening feature, which is available for the Roku remote app (we have two Rokus as well), would be awesome too.

It only works when it pleases. Sometimes My Husband and I will be scrolling through movies. it will just do its own thing- then decide to stop working so then we have to watch whatever automatically starts playing for hours until it decides it wants to work again! we log out delete the app do everything we can with the TV to reset- and the app skips and doesn’t connect and causes all of our TV to act like a broken or scratched CD where it skips the whole time the app is connected. I honestly had no problems with this app up until a few months ago it started getting more frequent and now the last few weeks it has been unmanageable and we just haven’t been able to watch TV because of our remote. I would recommend adding a reset button considering the fact you can’t just delete devices unless you delete your whole account. I just wish it wasn’t so glitchy it’s unfortunate. They messed up the app and they know about the problem.

It’s the little things…. I watch a lot of TV. The fire stick remote is painfully small for my old eyes and overstuffed couch. Whipping out my phone and making it happen without cussing my wife and 10 yr old up and down for constantly losing the dang remote has been a game changer for my marriage, and my relationship with my son. Now we just argue over what to watch and whose feet are stinking up the program. Life couldn’t be better, my son isn’t being traumatized, pretty sure my wife isn’t poisoning my sammichs anymore, and whatever is lost in the couch cushions stays out from under my fingernails. Firestick app, you’re my best friend. 💯❤️👍

Excellent!!!. Just set up the app for my Fire TV remote and it’s awesome! Pairing the app to the Fire TV was seamless. The app itself works extremely well and I prefer to use it in place of the actual remote since it just feels easier to navigate through the Fire TV options using both hands on the phone instead of one when using the physical remote. Also, if a reconnection is needed when reopening the app it does so immediately. It's important to make sure your connected WiFi network remains the same on your phone as it is on the Fire TV WiFi connection. I suspect that poor WiFi connections and conflicting networks are the reasons why some have complained about their reconnections to the app either not working or taking too long. No problems here with that. The voice commands functionality works great too, just speak what you want to watch and you're set to go. Ability to turn the tv on or off by voice is very convenient too. More to explore. Well done!

Good but needs improvement. I like this app this is pretty good. But there’s things that need to improve. For example, whenever my iPad which has the app turns off there will be like a reconnecting thing and it takes forever and sometimes when it turns off it will lose the fire stick. every time it turns off most of the time it loses the fire stick which gets annoying. my family has been using Firestick app for a long time as I have an experienced this type of problem until not too long ago. I gave it to three stars because of this problem. Some good things about it though is that it has very good sensory it has very good trolls to understand and I like how it has a keyboard you can type faster. If the people who made this app are taking the time to read thank you and I hope you guys have the time to shake this problem.

Remote does to frequently. The app itself gets 4 stars. But the TV/TV Remote definitely a 1 star. App is great to fall back on when tv/tv remote not acting right. Glad we do have an app to assist. Thought the idea of this smart tv Element with Alexa was an good idea, so I bought the tv on clearance pretty much half price. I really realize you get for what you pay for. To keep up with the modernization of what is going on, they just push items out way too fast. Usually I look at reviews before I purchase something but this was on a whim. I feel like I’m changing batteries in this remote once a month, why is the question? I feel like I have an defective tv and remote. I have only had this tv for 4 months within the first month I had to have the remote replaced, so I’m on my second remote. I just give up with this tv

Basically unusable. I’ve had this app since my fire tv remote broke a few years ago. It used to be a really great app so I never bothered getting a new remote. Over the last few months there must have been an update or something bc now it bugs out like CRAZY. If I’m trying to scroll through movies, apps, etc or trying to FF or rewind it gets “stuck” as if it were a real button and just endlessly scrolls to the left or right until there’s nothing left to scroll through. It will skip through an entire movie and when you try to get back to the part you were at it gets stuck again and goes all the way back to the beginning. I get one maybe two good swipes or taps over and suddenly it’s shooting down the end of the list and I have to open and close the app at least twice before it works again. If it’s not doing that it’s because it just suddenly stopped registering touch in the middle of using it.

Only use if absolutely necessary. I’m not gonna sugarcoat it, this app isn’t good. Recently my remote stopped working so I’ve been using this app and not only does it take forever to connect (if it even does) it’s clunky and has varying sensitivity. Also at least for me if it disconnects which it did frequently while you have input a command it will continue to execute that command until it’s reconnected and stopped. This brings us to my story, as I input an exit command the app disconnected and the command was executed continuously which has the same effect as holding the button, and if you didn’t know holding the exit button begins a factory reset countdown. Now this would be fine with any half decent app as you have nice window of time to cancel the reset, but this app failed to connect to my TV before the timer hit zero and my Fire Stick factory reset. This app can come in handy if it’s a last resort, but it’s clear lack of polish really shown through for being both the cause of the initiation and the reason I couldn’t cancel this unwanted reset. The only thing this app is good for is convincing people to just buy another remote.

Great functionality, but can be improved.. It would be great that the support team upgrade this app since sometimes it takes long time trying to connect to a TV that is turned off. This happens when you got multiple fire TV’s and you want to control a particular one but at the beggining when you open the app it tries to connect to any of the tv, if that tv is disconnected the app will be stuck trying to connect for a couple of minutes. It would be great if they update that app in such a way that when first open the app the user may select which TV wants to connect and avoid waiting, or adding a button to cancel the connecting attempt and then select the correct tv. Thank you.

Only use if desperate!. This App is great if your batteries on your physical remote go out or if you lose your remote. There are two main issues that I have with this App. The first one are connectivity to the actual fire stick. Sometimes the app doesn’t want to connect to the fire stick or there are issues while using the app. The second issue is the fact that the home button is right above the pause/play button and in order to get the pause/play you have to swipe up from the bottom of your device. The issue is the app automatically times out the pause and play button leaving the home button in the exact same place where you might have wanted to press pause/play. I’ve hit the home button many times thinking it was the pause/play button and it’s so frustrating to be watching a show and get completely kicked out to the home screen. Developers need to please fix that!

does it’s job. it does it’s job just fine with no problems. i came home from work to my new fire stick not working no matter what I did, it just wasn’t connecting to my tv so i downloaded this app. it’s been great! but my big problem is the connection. You shut off your phone for five seconds and it takes like 10 seconds to connect back to your tv. it’s especially annoying when I need to suddenly get out of my seat and leave the room but i’m waiting for the app to load so I can pause my shows. It sometimes works faster than others, like there will be times where it instantly connects and then there’s other times where it’s even taken like 15 seconds. All good tho way better than no remote at all. for sure a life saver!

Works great until it doesn’t. I use this app because my plastic remote stopped working all of a sudden. It works fine, and I like that it has a keyboard feature so I can type more quickly than searching out individual letters. However, some of the features of the app remote don’t translate to certain fire stick apps, so it can be difficult to maneuver those apps with the slide screen on the remote app. And the app suddenly stops working with my tv and will not work for a day or two at a time before it magically works again. I will be using it to hit play on one show, and when I try to use the remote app a few minutes later it stops working. It shows that you’ve moved your finger on the selection pad, and it shows that the buttons have been pressed at the right time, but nothing changes on the tv screen itself. It’s quite frustrating when this happens, but when this app is great when it decides to work.

How is this still not fixed???. Update: Seriously why hasn’t this app been updated and fixed??? It hasn’t worked on my phone for at least 2 weeks. It’s ridiculous!!!! Previous review: The app is useful and easy to navigate WHEN IT WORKS, which it only does about 50% of the time. The other 50% of the time, it will either be unable to connect to the fire stick OR it will connect/open and allow “buttons” to be tapped but does not control the tv at all. It’s extremely annoying and not fixable by closing & reopening nor uninstalling & reinstalling. It just randomly starts working again, sometimes after 2-3 days of not working at all. If it worked even 80% of the time I’d be happy...

Not a bad app, but not a great one either. To be honest this isn’t a bad app, the idea is great and it is very convenient and f you have lost the physical remote like me. However, the app tweaks a lot. Sometimes I have to leave my phone on the app for a period of time just to continue using the app for my fire stick but even then the app will disconnect from my tv and take a long period of time to reconnect and if I’m lucky it’ll reconnect quickly but on the other hand it’ll continue to connect then tell me it can’t or continue to say reconnecting. It is really frustrating because I can’t stop my show or change to the next, even with my fire stick being on, connected to wifi and currently playing a show the app can’t seem to find my device. I read other comments and reviews like mines just to find out everyone else has the same problem and have been having this issue for quite some time now. I hope in the future this will be fixed because it is rather irritating.

Great!!. I got my Fire TV Stick about 3 years ago and a few months later after that, the remote randomly stopped working, even after switching the batteries out. I even replaced the Fire TV Stick itself so now I have two lol.. my brother has one as well and introduced this app to me and ever since I’ve been using it. It works great for me personally. The only “issue” that, might I add, occurred once was when the tv would switch off the fire stick and go to the “no signal” screen indicating nothing was plugged in or connected, which was weird because it WAS plugged in. I’m not sure if it was the TV or the fire stick itself, but whenever it did switch back on the fire stick, it would go back to the no signal screen a few seconds later, and the app had trouble connecting. I don’t put the blame on the app itself tho… SO TO SUM IT ALL UP… 10/10 would recommend! :)

Worked fine Until 2/21 update. Thank lease fix this Fire TV Remote!! This app has always worked just as intended until the update about a week ago. Now, after I’ve had Fire TV on for a bit & it asks if I’m still watching but when I open the app my fire TV (usually only one device, mine) shows up as in the cloud and not on active wi-fi. I close the app out, re-open, select my device and it just shows “connecting” until it finally says “Cannot connect”. I even reset my phone, turn it off/back on, disconnect from wifi/reconnect but I’m unable to get back in my device to “continue watching because it shows in the cloud (not on wifi) while my other device shows on wifi as normal. So, it’s not an internet issue, as one device shows on network & one doesn’t and it’s not a loose Fire TV connection issue as all my fire devices are permanently attached to and behind the TV, on wall mounts without cords accessible or in the way of traffic & zip tied in place. This is an internal remote connectivity issue with the remote & the device. Please fix this as soon as possible.

It’s very good, but needs improvement. This app was very useful when I lost my fire stick remote (idk how I lost it but I suspect it’s in my room), my mom mentioned it to me, and I reinstalled it. (my mom must’ve had the app previously) It took me by surprise of how good it was! I functioned just like my fire stick! (My fire stick was awesome btw ;-;) But there is two things that irritates me. And one of them is when my phone turns off automatically, it would have a little “Reconnecting” thing. This didn’t bug me much, until now. Now, if you leave the app open for a long time, the “Reconnecting” thing will be a bit long. (Not too long, but enough to annoy me) And, there is the last thing I need to complain about lol. If you leave the app for a long time, the thing I just said above is if your fast enough to come back. If you leave it for a long enough time, when you come back to the app, it shows how to connect to your fire stick TV. Now, this happens a lot, and it’s really stupid cause it takes so many taps just to be lucky and actually connect to it. Let me get straight to the point. Sometimes if I try to connect to it, (which means tap on what my TV is called) it doesn’t work. It’s like a frozen screen, but it’s not. And if I hit the wrong thing, which happens often, It would send me to “Add Devices”. Please fix this, it would be better for me.

Saved us!. I’m super thankful for this app because my 1 year old is in the stage of taking objects and hiding them and since he can’t speak, we are left to guess and search for things. Well this time, I’m convinced he threw our fire stick controller in the trash since we have looked everywhere for it and it is nowhere to be found. I panicked for a moment and decided to look up if there was even an app for my sort of problem and there was! Now, we don’t have to buy a controller. We can simply use our phone to control our fire stick. Also I like the idea of not having an actual remote because then my son would try to eat it and lose it again. Love this app and so thankful for it too.

It’s not just me!. I finally had enough and decided to write a bad review to see if maybe it will get the developers to fix the app, but in reading the very first featured review I saw when I came to the AppStore, it seems you’ve already been told about this problem, and for whatever reason, have yet to fix it. My remote works fine for one button press and that’s it for up to 15-20 minutes. My iPhone app does the exact same thing so if I want to watch a Netflix program, I have literally had to click Netflix with the iPad, then while it’s getting ready to use again I try and type in what I want to watch, then when I’m done with that, I have no choice but to sit and wait 10 minutes for either the iPad or iPhone to work again then repeat the process, till I am finally able to get to a show and push play before it freezes again. Which, being as it’s only job on the world is to change channels and it can’t do that, then you’re quite lucky I gave u two stars instead of one. I gave you two because this used to be a good app. I would like to see it like that again, so maybe pay attention to your 2.8 stars and do something about this.

I like this app…but it’s buggy. So we lost our remote and have to use our phones. This is the only app that I have found that actually works decently. For the most part it works pretty well. There are times when it has issues “connecting” and we (this happens on both my bf phone and mine) have to completely close out the app and get back in. This usually works and we go on our merry way. Sometimes I have to do this multiple times throughout a show or a day. It just depends. It’s normally just a bit of a nuisance, but not anything too bad. Lately though, within the past week or so, the app has been completely freezing up. The arrow button will freeze making the firestick go nuts. Even after closing the app and opening it again it will only work for a few seconds. It is very random on when this will happen and then it will go back to working again. I have just redownloaded it, in hopes that it will fix it. Fingers crossed. But I wish they would fix the bugs that make it keep disconnecting. It really is annoying. I do like this app otherwise, as I said this is the only app I have found that seems to actually work with the Firestick (that is free at least). I haven’t tried any of the paid apps. I may have to go that route if this doesn’t work. Fingers crossed!

Freezing a lot lately. This is my go to app now that I don’t have an actual remote for my tv. I’ve been using this app for what has to be about 2 years and these last few weeks I’ve given up on tv altogether because the app is tripping. I’ll be connected, get to scroll or click a few times then it’s disconnected. Reconnect, put in PIN number from tv, make 2 more swipes, and it’s disconnected again. 1 tap to the left = 3 to this remote, speeding past what I want to click on, try to turn the sound up a bit and it’ll go to max and I have to either wait until it reconnects or get up and turn it down from the tv, it’s just alot of playing and glitching with this app now. I don’t have the patience for this, I’ll just turn my tv off

Frustrating. To preface this review I’m basically required to use this app because the tv remote kills batteries within 2 weeks of them being brand new. This app would be useful if it could actually find my tv.. I’ve checked and made sure that both devices are connected to the same Wifi and still no dice. When the app actually does work you don’t get all of the same functions you would from your regular remote either.. for example being able to open up your menu and quickly select a sleep timer rather than going all the way to the settings to set one up. Very tedious and disappointing especially when every other app you’re required to pay to use it and/or it has way too many pop up ads. There is literally no win in this situation and I wish I had a different tv at this point.

4 STARS. So I lost my fire remote and the original remote has been lost to this tv since I was 3 and now I have to get up to go turn up and down the tv and turn it off don’t get me wrong an amazing app but I wish you where able to turn the volume up and down and turn the tv on and off from the app but thats not really my biggest problem my biggest problem with this app is that if my phone turns off I have to reconnect the remote again which really shouldn’t be a problem but We have like 10 different fire sticks and some of them are the same number for some odd reason and then when I do find the right fire stick it won’t let me connect back to it so I close the app and come back and it still won’t let me connect so I close the app again and wait for like 20 secs then it lets me connect again idk if this is just a me problem but I would love for it to be fixed.

App crashes or disconnects. We bought an Insignia Fire TV & used the remote that came with it for about a month. The batteries died & upon replacement they soon died again. Rather than spending $8/mo on batteries which is basically the equivalent of a subscription, we downloaded the app. We have 3 phones we use the app on & consistently between all 3, it crashes, freezes or doesn’t respond at all. We have to reset the TV or the app to get it back in sync. This is multiple times daily. On days that it works, it’s a great feature to be able control the TV from your phone but this isn’t new technology. Before this TV setup we owned standard TV’s & used Roku, which was solid. I’d rather go back to Roku especially for the price. It’s not worth the trouble every day & makes watching TV unpleasant.

Very Convenient/Easy to Use. My dogs chewed up our remote, so I found this app to use in the meantime! It is also super easy to figure out as well. The blank touch pad was a little confusing at first, but it’s not difficult to navigate. I do think the app would attract more users if there was some kind of circle dial similar to the Fire TV remote or at least 4 directional arrows so it’s easy to specify direction you are clicking instead of having to tap on the blank center touch pad. There was another remote app that has this, but it wants you to pay to subscribe and does not seem to be as good as this app. The only major downside of this remote app and other remote apps I’ve looked into, is that they don’t seem to have volume control options, so I’m still going to have to buy an actual remote because of this. If it wasn’t for the volume issue, I would be happy just using this app from now on.

Not the WORST. This app is useful when it needs to be. Like if the remote is across the room and I'm on my phone, it's super convenient that I don't need to stand to grab the remote when I have the same capabilities on my phone (so it's perfect for laziness) other than that, the app has connectivity issues. It takes a few tries before I can connect my phone to the firestick. I need to exit out of the app multiple times to reset it and hope it connects. Took me about 6 tries just now? Yesterday it connected instantly on the 1st try. Other days it's all over. Inconsistent. The only complaint I have other than the connectivity (which I can get over) is the fact that you can't control your TV volume. They should have a volume feature built into the app itself to allow manual control of the volume instead of using the TV's volume functionality. I used to use certain players that have volume adjustments built in so I know it's possible. Anyway, not a bad idea just executed poorly.

Pretty good app. I usually don’t do reviews but here it goes… pretty good app overall the only downside is you can’t turn it up or down or turn the TV off and there’s about a one second delay to press any button and every time you go into the app it takes a second to reconnect but other than that it’s really easy to connect and pretty good app I enjoy using it because my dog chewed up my original remote and it’s a nice alternative the best part is you don’t have to pay I was looking for a wide for an app you don’t have to do a subscription and I finally found this one absolutely recommend for an alternative but not an all-time remote I have a feeling I’ll be using this for a while until I get a new remote

iOS 13 update breaks Fire TV Recast setup flow. We recently moved to a new home and I needed to setup my Fire TV recast in a new location. I had all sorts of problems connecting from the Fire TV app on my phone (iPhone XS, iOS 13) so I assumed I needed to reset the Fire TV Recast and start from scratch - no big deal (I thought). After trying and failing to connect, then rebooting, reconnecting, etc. the ‘NEXT’ button kept freezing during setup within the iOS 13-compatible Fire TV app during the “connect to the device WiFi” step during setup. I tried and repeated this step for 30+ minutes before giving up. I then tried to set up the Recast using my wife’s phone which was still on iOS 12 (Fire TV app for iOS 12 on iPhone 7+), which worked immediately on the first try. [note: other than Fire TV Recast setup issue on iOS 13, the other features/functions worked after we set up the device from another phone]

Please read this I need friends. It’s just doesn’t work like because just whenever I entered it it kicked me right out so that’s why I gave it a one star because it’s a piece of junk I mean it barely works honestly I’ve had a lot of problems with it in the past and it’s just not for me or you so please don’t download this app your life will be ruined forever and I meanEver so do not download this game if you do your life will be torn apart so please whatever you do choose a different app to control your fire stick TV or you might throw whatever you’re using it on I’ve done that like three times and can I tell you why because of the stupid app that’s why it’s really getting on my nerves oh that’s right it’s just destroyed my last nerve i’ve now just started deleting the app and re-download and honestly nothing is perfect i’m not giving it a five star or four star or three star or two star or one star I know it might show that I gave it one star but that means zero because it wouldn’t let puts zero stars.

Horrible. Btw I think they’re changing the reviews so if this suddenly has 5 stars it wasn’t me! I’m noticing many negative reviews with 5 stars? Makes no sense. Connectivity is fickle. Some days it works and some days no. When it does work and actually connects the buttons constantly stick to on and continuously scrolls through the thread I’m going through it WORSE it continuously increases the volume when I’m trying to increase the volume and won’t respond to my attempts to decrease it, it just goes all the way up to 100 and then disconnects from the tv again!!! A NIGHTMARE. The only reason I’m using this is because the remote constantly stops working. Which is a common problem I see from the reviews. I’ve only had my fire tv two years but I’m giving it up and purchased a new LG due to the crappy remote and app. What’s the point of the tv if I can’t control it? It’s 2021 and I can’t even count on a single remote or app to work. Pathetic.

Updates seem to be more of a problem. Over the years, this app has been less and less effective. As of this version, I constantly have my app opening with the UI, it’s responsive but it does not control any devices. I cannot exit out of the UI to select a fire device. When I close the app and open it again, it quickly shows the devices and opens the UI of the remote again. I also reset a FireTV, 3 or 4 generations ago, and I could not connect, even the plastic remotes had a difficult time. Thankfully one of them worked or I would have had a new paperweight. I bring this up because after the fire tv reset it, when it was turned off and the app was working, my device wasn’t available, after the reset and the device turned on, it showed in the app, couldnt connect to it though. Also could not setup any older type devices. Not sure how this app works but it needs a lot of work

An option for desperate times. Our dog chewed up our fire stick remote twice now... both times, we were grateful we live in an age where we can control our TV via our phones. However, for some reason on my phone (iPhone 8, iOS 13), once the phone screen locks (like if it goes idle while we watch a show) it disconnects from the TV and the app seems to freeze or become unresponsive. I’ve tried closing the app completely and restarting it, but it doesn’t connect again until I download the app from the App Store and pair it with the TV again. Meanwhile, our firestick plays continuously with no way of stopping it while we try to get the app to work! It’s too bad this isn’t just a little better at maintaining its connection, otherwise it seems like a great option for controlling our TV, but at this point in time I would definitely only recommend this for desperate times since it is not at all reliable.

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Select button. Works well but the select button could be improved to be more like physical remote. For example a long press should have the same result as real remote.

Works ok but resets every upgrade. Every upgrade from the App Store causes all saved devices to need the pin entering again and it forgets all preferences like the swipe action option instead of the directional pad. Frustrating as hell.

What is it for?. I don’t know how to use this or what it is for!

Remote. The best to use if you dont have a physical control 😃

Fire Tv. One of best app remote. It will give 5star if they will add volume control option in it.

Does not work. Disappointed that the App does not work. Although the fire TV is discovered, it fails to connect on the same WiFi network. Re-installing the app also does not help.

Keyboard no longer working. Use to rely on this function. Option is there but keeps reverting back to main screen.

Great!. My fire stick remote failed itself and found this app to use it would be perfect if had volume controls. Please add this to next update.

Great. I love it, it’s so helphul

Comfy. So comfy when you can’t locate the remote.

Apple Watch Support?. Great app, but would love to see Apple Watch App equivalent (just with key controls even). That would make it 5 stars!

Great app and very intuitive. Love this app. Works brilliantly on my FireTV stick. Tried a few others that were useless or tried to charge after luring you in. This app is clean and easy to use - use on my iPhone X and works like a dream . Highly recommend.

Fire TV app. Love love love this app. Works so well

Works great. App works perfectly to control my fire tv. Also Easy to use.

App connectivity. Poor connection to app, have to open app 5-6 times to connect

Bad. How can one make such a bad app? Voice thing is bad. It keeps disconnecting and won’t connect back.

Only works when it wants to!. As the title says. Can never get this thing to work. On the days it does work, it does what it has to.

Didn’t work properly. Every time i open the app it completely reconnects to my TV. Trying to find it all the time. Painful. Does work but intermittent.

Doesn’t work with new iOS. Can’t get the app to work with latest iOS

Glitchy. Most of the time won’t connect. When it does it will randomly disconnect, then can’t connect or even find the fire stick. On the odd occasion it does work, it will continue to magically scroll through everything by itself until the app disconnects. It is excruciatingly frustrating.

Keyboard doesn’t work. When I select the keyboard it crashes back to the Home Screen of the app 🤷‍♂️ this used to be a good app but lately it’s been getting worse, hopefully the developer puts some time in to fix it

Great for when you’ve misplaced the physical remote. Great way to move around streaming apps, especially when we’re always misplacing the remote. Quick and easy to install and use.

Please fix keyboard. Keyboard is not popping out whenever I want to type. Please fix it!

Missing volume features. There is no volume or mute controls on the remote app

Difficulty level high. App will regularly tell me to make sure both devices are connected when both devices are connected. Not a reliable way to use fire tv and remote that comes with stick has a short life with regular aaa batteries. Requires alkaline batteries where other remotes do not. Highly recommend remotes to be charged with a plug in like Apple TV

Doesn’t connect straight away have to keep reconnecting to tv. Doesn’t connect straight away have to keep reconnecting to tv

Buggy. It’s very buggy!

Sound control and mute control stopped. Sound control stopped working. Reset remote. Can’t get past sound control set up. Fire stick no longer working.

Disappointed. Disconnects all the time. I have to restart several times .

Love this app. I love this app but it does not have a volume button so I have to get up and grab a remote

Good but lazy tbh. Everytime I reopen it it takes forEVER to reconnect 😭 Other then that it’s fine the same as the remote but the remote is better and I wish mine still worked but anyways it’s an amazing alternative!

Why does this exist?. App kinda works. Voice control doesn’t work at all. What’s the point of this app besides controlling your tv with your? That function was good like 8 years ago.

goes out of control sometimes. to use this app you have to be patient, and close to the tv for it to actually work. when it does or more like if it does work then it’s a convient app for when you’ve lost your remote. wish you could control the volume but the reviews make the app seem quite bad even when it’s not!

Feature Request. Please add a swipe pad, so instead look at screen and press up, down, left or right button, you can swipe in the direction you want to go without looking at screen.

was good until update. was working great until recent app update now disconnects and i have to reset either fire tv or phone for it to work if i switch out and go to another app ie instagram or fb when going back to firetv app stops working

Could be better.... App seems to work ok. Love to see volume controls added so no need to grab the tv remote for that. Would also be great for sound to be sent to AirPods via our iPhones and have access to manage volume.

Missing feature. Love the app but missing a volume option

dumb app. this fire stick app is absolutely awful i have nothing but trouble everyday single day with this stupid bleeping app this is a very big inconvenience everyday and i’m getting sick and tired of this the app it kicks me off and does not connect and has a mind of its own when i go to find something to watch i don’t have the remote anymore as my dead dog that has passed away recently had chewed it up and i have not found anywhere to buy another one this app is outrageous and needs to be fixed immediately.!! 😡🤬👎🏻

No volume feature. It’s a simple function just add the volume function

Inconsistent. When (emphasis on WHEN) it connects it works well. But it only connects 3 out of 10 times.

No volume control. Every tremor in the world has a volume control except this one. Please show me where it’s hidden.

4.9 out of 5. Absolutely perfect, as soon as i can/ can figure out how to change the volume 5/5 Perfect

Perfect thank you. Works great. New puppy chewed up remove. App works great

Works perfectly. No issues! Handy when I lose the main remote, which is often!

Power button missing on the app remote. I would have given 5 star if Power button on the app remote is available. Hopefully they will include to the next upgrade.

AMAZING!!!. Don’t listen to these jerks this app is AMAZING and it is a life saver when you can’t find the control. Just get the app and you won’t regret it The makers of this app are unbelievable so give yourself a pat on the back! PLEASE don’t shut down the app!!!! My last words for this app is... AMAZING GREAT OUTSTANDING GOOD AMAZEBALLS SUPURB GLORIOUS I LOVE THIS APPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!! Thank you for reading Ps. I don’t know how any one can get through this review it’s horrible 🤷‍♀️

Love this app. Works flawlessly for me. I’m surprised how people are complaining. The most convenient control form me is the ability to type on my phone instead of the remote supplied.

Does not perform as advertised. Not even the echo pop works correctly with this tv stick, I can’t cast prime video and it stops in the middle of anything I’m watching. I’m going to return this and the echo pop to get google nest and chromecast

Awful App. This app used to work but now it is awful. Always not connecting to Fire TV even though it says it is connected.

Perfect. It lags at times but the scripting,coding and main idea of the is sooo is so smart. And cool

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50/50. Please update it and stop the app from being unusable half the time with the screen being unresponsive. I’m using an up to date iPhoneX.

Très bon. Super

Missing ability to select favourites. There doesn’t appear to be a way to “favourite” channels and series etc…. On the physical remote you would hold the centre button until the channel or series is saved. That functionality doesn’t work on the phone app

Fire tv remote app. It connects 30% of the time and the times it does it takes like 15 seconds to connect. It’s really frustrating. Please fix your app

Need volume. This app is great and all but you cannot use volume which is annoying because then you have to get the remote which means there is no point of the app so please add volume.

Trancher vos veines<3. Le suicide je vous le conseille

App needs work. The fire remote needs work

Brutal. Such a simple concept and yet your app sucks camel dick

Remote TV unable to connect. This won’t be able to let me login please solve this problem

Still can’t login. I’ve not been able to log in since iOS 12.

Crashes. Ap fails lots, crashes or freezes all the time

Alright. Can’t turn the tv off and on like you can with the remote

Can not control volume on tv or turn tv off. Why can you not control the volume or turn the tv off with this app? Is there a separate remote app with these functions?

LOVEEE. I love this,it’s also super easy to trick others lol if only it had volume

I like it but no volume on it. I love this app because when I lose my remote, I can just open my phone. The only part of do not like is how I can cannot change the sound so if you want five stars, I love to have volume thank you. Have a nice night bye

Works very well!. Works very well and it can change the volume! It really helped me because I couldn’t find my tv remote anywhere! Very nice!

Turning tv off. How do I turn the TV off? Which button helps? Also, please add volume control.

Sucks hardly works. It absolutely sucks

Hi. It is really good and is helping us!

What’s the point?. It never re-connects after a short period of use. When trying to connect it makes the fire tv glitch and flash. The only way to fix it is by deleting the app and unplugging the tv… only for it to happen several more times in one sitting. So aggravating.

Horrible. You always have to wait and sometimes wait 30minutes

Disconnecting. Keeps disconnecting and then can’t find my tv they are both connected to the same wifi and it’s turned on can’t seem to find a problem? Also wish there were volume controls

Constantly disconnects and won’t reconnect. Awful

Junk. Didn’t work with the latest OS. None of the buttons worked. Had to go and buy a new remote.

Issues with update. Since the app updated 3 days ago, I have such a hard time getting it to connect to the tv. I have turned wifi on and off, closed and reopened the app & triple checked it. It will not connect, I just wait around for my device to show up. Sometimes it takes over an hour.

No option for volume. I wonder why the app doesn’t have the option for increasing decreasing volume...for which one has to find the remote to do it ! It’s Annoying

Don’t update. Ever since last update hasn’t been working. I very much dislike when they force you to update.

🫡. Always disconnects an I cannot turn on the tv with my phone if I can turn it on and stay connected this app would be amazing

Awesome. The other reviews really confused me because it’s working perfectly on my fire stick.

Worst app ever. Worst app.

Remote Stopped Working. Remote stopped syncing to TV. Got a new one, that remote didn’t connect either. Tried every remedy online to fix the problem and nothing is working. Have to use the app to use TV which is very unreliable, slow and inconsistent between my wife and I’s phones.

Please do something about this. Very often the app becomes unresponsive and won’t connect to your fire stick and you will have to uninstall and reinstall it sometimes twice before it works again.

Constant glitches. Constant glitches

Good. When I lose my remote fire tv giving me bombastic side eye Fr fr

Annoying. I got this app for when I loose my remote and when I need it it doesn’t respond to the tv

Contrôle. Pouvoir contrôler la television serait super

Good. Just needs a way to control the volume!

Volume button. I guess a volume button is much needed other than that the overall app is pretty plain and simple.

Not user friendly. I am just getting this and ready to throw in garbage Buttons do not work and having to waste lots of time trying to sign in

My problems. This app has too much input delay and no volume controls what if my remote stop working I should be able to control my volume

On off?. Is there on off buttons / combo for Tv on standby?

Poor app. The remote for my Amazon tv broke. You guys don’t sell remotes by themselves (officially). This app is awful. It doesn’t connect to the TV half the time and the other half it glitches.

Usless. Can’t control volume can’t open tv pretty useless

Remote control. My remote is not working and can’t figure out troubleshooting using my phone for a remote and don’t like it.

Bugg. Parfait ça n’obéit pas exactement à la commande.

Turn it up!. If only there was a volume control!!!!!

UPDATE!!. Come on Amazon. This is your app to your product and no one can use it. I have the PAID lifetime membership to it and basically now have stolen from me as you have stranded the app completely. You can run a cloud server base that is nationwide to run bank sites and social sites and pump gas stations but you can’t keep up on the only app that is designed to go with your tv products. COME ON!

It’s good except. Normally I like it but now it’s not recognizing my fire stick

No Volume Control???. It works well for its worth but no volume control is crazy. I can’t change the volume of my headphones with my regular tv remote.

Volume. We need a volume control!

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WORKS 10% OF THE TIME. It’s impossible to connect to, you’ll sit there on a loading screen for like 5 minutes before it makes you try again. When it does connect it works great but that’s 1/15 times you try to use it. If you lost your remote then yes this is a great thing to use while waiting for a new remote but if ur not planning on getting another remote just get a ROKU or something because this app NEVER WORKS! It’ll connect to your tv long enough to select a video and then it disconnects and then ur sitting there for the next 15 minutes trying to get it to reconnect again. Until it can stay connected to the tv without me having to restart my phone or the app every time I will give this app a one star. Edit: stopped working all together. It’s a joke.

One suggestion. This is a amazing app for me because I lose my remote all the time and when I don’t feel like looking for it I just use the app. It does glitch sometimes but the developers are human and can always make everything perfect. I have one suggestion that I I don’t know if it is possible or not but could you add the volume buttons and the on and off button my fire tv remote have all the buttons on it but I don’t know if it is possible for the developers to make this happen. If you can make this happen it would be helpful but I do understand that it could be difficult or even in possible :)

Terrible. Extremely terrible app. Literally TRASH. It’s so buggy it’s sad. You can pause on something for one second and the whole app crashes. You can just leave the all for half a second and it crashes. Then, occasionally, regardless of anything the app will crash and take at the least 15 minutes to reconnect. It’s never a problem on the phone’s end it’s the app. Constantly have to switch between devices to not have that problem but even then that’s useless. Sometimes it bugs out and basically hyper click thru things as though you’re holding down the button….but you only pressed once. The app basically has all control over any applications is being used since once the app bugs out the application being used will bug out too

Lost remote!. My 16 year old daughter lost our fire stick remote and after searching for 30 minutes I googled replacement remotes and found this app. Setup was easy (I signed in and all of our devices showed up - remind self to name them better!). Everything on the remote works wonderfully. I do wish it could control the sound and turn on/off the TV - then it would be 5+ stars. But as her punishment - she has to turn it on/off and adjust the volume for me! I really like waiting until she gets all comfy in her room and the have her come and adjust the volume…bet it motivates her to find the remote!

Stops working and constantly needs restarting. It continuously stops working. Don’t get a call or need to use the restroom because you never know when it may stop working and you have to, like I did tonight: restart the app several times followed by delete and reinstall it to get it to work.. for over 30 min before I could finally get it to work. Really fun when it does that while fast forwarding and finally works at the end of the show so no need to go back and watch what you missed! My favorite is when it craps out when trying to pause and r rated movie when your 10’year old walks in because he is having trouble to sleep. Our puppy hid the remote and we got the app to avoid getting a new remote but I give in.. this is awful. Don’t bother. Just buy the remote and save yourself hours of time

hey other people, wassup?. I don’t really know why my little fire stick remote broke but it did. I did not mishandle it. I keep it full of fresh batteries and still it doesn’t not want to do anything. This app works pretty good, I wish I could say that this is a sign that we are living in good times, but of course, you know, we are not. But if your little remote breaks you should download this and you will be just fine. Please if this same fate befalls you do not bemoan all the injustices that went into reducing the quality of your television viewing experience. Sitting down and looking at a screen for many hours as a main source of entertainment is already a pathetic joke.

Better than nothing, sometimes.. I’m surprised this app is still available. Two stars because it is better than nothing when your remote stops working, but expect to spend literally five to ten minutes to get it to work enough so start a show or movie, and certainly don’t expect to be able to pause or search for something to watch. It loses connection after about thirty seconds each time, and that’s if it finds your device. It really isn’t worth the bother unless you’re in a bind and have more time to get it to work than to watch your device. I’ve deleted and downloaded multiple times over a long period and it does not improve.

My only complaints. everytime I go on my phone to open up the fire stick tv remote app it freezes everytime and my tv be on everything be connected to the same Wi-Fi and all and it jus goes slow and then it glitches to where if I was to press the left button on my phone it will glitch and keep on pressing that button till I have to go out my app jus to come all the way back into the app just to stop it from doing that and it does that daily and it just takes forever to find my fire tv remote on my phone and I know which one mine is and all and it will only show like 3 of them and mine will nowhere be found you know it’s just irritating knowing that I got this app to help and actually be better but now I’m not so sure.

Pretty terrible.. Title says it all. Sometimes it can’t find the Gen 2 Fire TV Cube (a flagship device!) at all. Sometimes it finds it, claims to be connected, but doesn’t send a single button press/tap to the device. Definitely can’t wake up a sleeping device, and the device itself can’t be configured not to sleep. On top of that, even when it IS working (very rare) the button layout is unintuitive and difficult to use. Why don’t physical volume buttons control the volume? Why are the home/back buttons SO tiny and placed where you can’t reach them? Has anyone on this development team ever seen the Apple Remote app for the ATV devices? Go check it out, we’re all breathless with anticipation for you to see what a functional app looks like. Can’t give zero stars, so here’s one. Time to level up this internship project if the Fire ecosystem wants to be taken seriously.

Used to be a lot better. After a lot of digging and countless batteries I discovered that due to the fire stick remote being blue tooth it drains batteries much quicker and this is a known issue with it. With that there truly needs to be an app in lieu of the one provided as many people will continue to have this issue. I started using this app over 2 years ago and loved it! It saved my frustration over the ever dying remote and I could let anyone in the house have their own remote. It never gets lost! Over the last 2-3 months the app is impossible to get it to connect and once you do have it connected it often disconnects shortly after. Please fix whatever bug is causing the issues!

A little buggy but works great. The app is good and very useful especially if you lose your remote or have crappy batteries in your house like me that go dead as soon as you use the remote, however in the app I think a great feature would be to make the app capable of controlling the volume because for people like me with a bad remote the volume is sometimes too loud or quiet and you can’t change it, also sometimes the app bugs out when you load it up but it’s not really a problem because you can just restart the app but a minor bug fix could permanently fix the issue. Very nice useful app though

it is awful.. it’s best to just go out and buy a new remote because this app is nothing but crashes, freezing and failing to load. i have learned that you can’t click anything more then 8 times without the app just crashing. and then let’s get to opening the app. the first time you open it, nothing comes up so i reopen it, when i reopen i know have to reconnect to the tv which doesn’t work if you click connect more then once and you will have to start all over if you. and if it does work then you have to close the app AGAIN and press the connect so the buttons actually work. if you ever open any other app while the fire tv app is open, it won’t work. if you want to rewind apart you missed, you can’t. you need to pause the tv? NOPE. absolute trash for a remote app.

yes. I love the app! my remote had currently dissolved into the void! we are looking for it and this is an amazing filler! love the app though it does have its downs! you cant move fast with the controls or it has to “reconnect” and it can horribly lagg at times if it doesn’t like what your doing for one instance my dad was using the “remote” and he was using it pretty fast and it just “reconnected” every 3.0 seconds and it lagged so bad 1 it kicked us outta the app 2 it started to move on its own without us using it! but besides it lagging and being weird at some points that about it! its a great app and HIGHLY recommend it! :D

Update: STILL SUCKSSSS. I thought I already wrote a review for this lousy app months ago! I was so glad to delete it off my phone, but unfortunately our fire stick remote broke (that’s the second one to stop working, and no, resetting it with the home button doesn’t work). So UNFORTUNATELY, I again have this miserable app on my phone. It loses connection, takes forever to “reconnect”, then it doesn’t even find my device at all even though I’m signed in! Since my remote is broken and i can’t connect to the fire stick with the app, my son can’t watch cartoons this morning like he wants to!!! Tried troubleshooting, restarting both my phone and the fire stick to no avail. Idk what they need to do to fix this but they should figure it out. I’m tired of paying for fire stick remotes every 6 months. At least the app is free.

Great as a remote. I live with three other people and we often loose our remotes! We only have two and we always find them shoved in the crevices of the couch with a dead battery! This is really helpful when I want to watch something! I really recommend if you have a Fire Tv and you’re as irresponsible as me (no offense) to get this app because it’s great (unless you loose your phone, tablet, iPod etc.) I really want them to make it so I can control our smart home but I know that you typically do that through the Alexa app which I’m totally okay with

Could be better. When you’re desperate you’ll use whatever is available, but at this point I’m ready to spend the $45 for the new remote so I don’t have to use this app anymore. Everyone has pretty much covered the main issues, but my biggest issue is the feature that “lowers” the buttons and hides the bottom three (most important) buttons, therefore putting the home button exactly where the play/pause button was. It is so frustrating when you quickly try to use any of those 3 buttons only to discover the tray is collapsed and now instead of pausing you’re back at the Home Screen.

Love short. The Fire TV app is undoubtedly a game-changer for streaming enthusiasts. With its sleek interface and user-friendly features, it provides an immersive streaming experience to its users. The app's extensive library of movies, TV shows, and original content makes it a one-stop-shop for all your entertainment needs. The app's intuitive search function and easy-to-navigate menus are impressive. The video quality is excellent, and the app's compatibility with Alexa makes it even more convenient to use. Overall, the Fire TV app is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a top-notch streaming experience.

Poor Quality. The app works when it wants to. When it does work, it works fine for a free app. It lags a bit but that’s not much of an issue. However, it has issues with connection. If you exit the app and reopen it, be prepared to wait between five and fifty seconds for it to reconnect. But beware, if you exit and reconnect too many times, it will eventually stop reconnecting. Your FireStick will not only stop connecting, but will vanish from your phone completely. I am less than ten feet from my FireStick at the moment and that makes no difference. To it, my FireStick could be an inch or a mile a way and it would make no difference. Use your remote if you have it, save yourself the frustration. Or consider finding another device similar to a FireStick because it works only slightly more than this app.

The Best “I can’t find my F’ing remote” App. If you are like me and every other person who owns a SmartTV and lose the tiny remote at least once a week? Well this app will replace that remote instantly as you don’t need your old remote to get this app to work and once you connect this app to your SmartTV you will never need to wait to reconnect it everytime your iPhone locks as it will instantly connect within secs of you unlocking your phone to use it… Other apps make you reconnect everytime and that is the most annoying thing ever… Must have app for all Smart TV owners

Consistently disconnects and will not reconnect. I have had to use this app for almost two years. I have used it through several ios updates and a couple of different fire sticks. No matter what, this app will disconnect from our fire stick and will not reconnect. I’ve tried closing out the app and reopening it, signing out of my account and back in, and deleting the app and downloading it again. It’s completely random and if I had a choice I wouldn’t even use this app, it’s that awful. Even just this morning, I used this to turn on a cartoon for one of our kids. Our other one asked if he could change it so I opened the app back up and we’ve been trying now for an HOUR to get it to work again. Something needs to be fixed. This app is nothing but inconsistent, and always has been.

Works Better Than Actual Firestick!😃. Accidentally carried my firestick to work. So upon returning home with no contoller, I decided to download this app. Now I find myself using the app more than the stick. I’ve found it to be more responsive than the stick. As of lately, I’ve been experiencing a lag in operation when using the actual firestick. Until now I was thinking it was a software issue or the batteries getting weak. Especially, since I have a very early model firestick plus it was a refurb on top of that. This app, however, works very smoothly. Everything runs like new. I am very happy I found it.

Terrible. This gets a 0 star review because constantly I have to close all my others apps for this one to even work properly half the time. I’ve always made sure both the remote and my tv are on the same network. This app never wants to reconnect to my tv and I’m always opening and closing it to try and get to connect to my tv. When it does eventually work I’ve noticed sense the update Alexa is broken she won’t work with my tv anymore like she used to. When I do manage to get it to work after what seems like an eternity yes it does work minus Alexa being wonky that’s why it gets at least 0 star from me and not a 1 star If they would fix the Alexa bug and improve the connection a bit I would gladly give it a higher rating but until I see better improvements I have to stick where I’m at. DO NOT GET WORST APP POSSIBLE.

Latest update. I have never left a review on any app ever and I’ve had an iPhone since 2013. This app started off great. Our batteries die often in our actual remote so I just downloaded this, back in August I think. As of the most recent update, everything has been crap. Firstly, when I try to search with the keyboard on here, R’s and S’s will not type. Now, the thing won’t connect to my fire stick. It’s been so frustrating because the WiFi connection is absolutely fine. And all apps are working on the firestick with the WiFi, but the app won’t connect to it. Says there’s no internet connection, but there is. It keeps doing this and after about 100 tries it’ll connect, and then disconnect itself. It’s frustrating and this has all only started after the last update. Please fix this.

Keeps scrolling. It syncs quickly to the fire stick and can be used for different TVs in different rooms of the house so that’s the good part. The bad part which makes the good part obsolete is that it continuously scrolls uncontrollably making it impossible to select anything you want to watch. By some miracle it does function correctly which is a very rare treat and you are watching something you actually enjoy, you have to watch it all the way through in one sitting because trying to pick up where you left off or rewinding it will cause it to again scroll uncontrollably making it impossible to stop or play where you want it to. Currently looking for a new fire stick remote app. If you’re reading this, any recommendations would be appreciated.

Still glitchy. This app works for a short while, I had to download it because I lost my remote. Once it starts getting glitchy however there is nothing you can do to fix it. The remote will refuse to connect to the tv, or the remote won’t respond when you try to use it, and so on and so forth, there’s always a problem. Deleting the app and re-downloading it doesn’t even fix the problem either; it’s still janky. This app only works when it decides it wants to, It’d be nice if developers could fix that problem. Update: the app works better now, however I’m still having problems with it not picking up my first stick even though it’s turned on. It’ll see every tic except the one I’m using, not sure why it does that.

Used to work just fine, but not anymore. I've been using this app in lieu of the physical remote for over a year. I don't know if there was a recent update or what, but in the past week this app has become impossible to use. Despite detecting my firetv box right away, it takes forever to connect, or just won't connect at all. If I'm lucky enough to get it to connect, it doesn't stay connected for longer than a minute. I've done everything from resetting the firetv, to resetting my modem/router, to uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and I still get connection issues. Please fix, it worked fine before and I prefer it over the hard remote. Also because I can't find the old remote the firetv box came with, basically making me SOL.

The best “remote” ever probably. This is the best app I ever downloaded “I lost the remote to my tv and I saw this app on my dads phone and he loved so I would probably like it to and I fell in love with it right after I read all the reviews on this app you should download it if you ever lost ur remote to ur fire stick tv but to some people this might seem bad because they might just think it is because some People might read others feedbacks but it’s not true even if someone says it’s bad try it out ! Don’t listen to other people you could download this app for free! Try it out ! “ - ⭐️✨😀

Awful. This app doesn’t work. Most of the time when I’m using it I get a “reconnecting” message over and over again and it can’t locate my firestick. I downloaded the app because my remote stopped working after a short period of time after I purchased the firestick, which is very inconvenient because most remotes are supposed to last longer than 5 months. Even when my firestick is located it won’t even let me click on the option half of the time because for some reason the touch screen won’t work on the one area I need to press to get to the remote. I strongly suggest you get this problem fixed considering a lot of other users in the reviews are having the same issues. I would really appreciate being able to use the firestick I paid for but now I just feel like I’ve wasted my money.

It works... When it’s not broken.. I lost the remote to my Fire TV earlier in the year and I have to get by with using this app to control it. For the most part, it works fine... when it wants to. Sometimes when I open the app it will log me in and open the remote screen, but it won’t actually be connected to the TV at all, and I can’t get rid of the remote screen without closing the app. This problem has been happening ever since the release of iOS 13, and this still hasn’t been fixed. If this glitch wasn’t there, I would give it five stars.

Barely works when it even gets past connecting to tv. It’s absolutely hilarious how often this app doesn’t work. I’m constantly closing and opening the app, undownloading and re-downloading it, and turning my phone completely off then on again to try anything to get it to work, for it to still say “connecting” forever when I try to connect to my firestick, and sometimes never get anywhere. I would love to be able to open this app, click on my device name, and just use the remote but unfortunately this app has unbelievable flaws. Reading through other reviews, it seems there’s plenty of others having the same issues. I can’t imagine it’s difficult to make a functional app that connects to a device over the internet in 2019, especially for a company that is so concerned with customer satisfaction normally.

Pretty good when it’s working. Generally speaking, I like the functionality of the app. Easy to use, fairly straightforward interface... My issue is it flakes out all the time. I frequently lose communication with one or more of my devices, and it has trouble regaining connection. The regular remote still works fine but the app will fail to connect for several minutes or even hours. Beyond the connectivity issues, the app will occasionally freeze up. I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall several times. It is very frustrating. This is true on multiple devices (Fire TV devices and control devices). I’ve checked the network several times too. It’s the app. If it established and maintained connection well, I’d give it 4 stars. As it is, though, I can’t recommend it.

only use if you have to. It gets annoying that every time you step off the app you have to completely exit the app and reopen it. It has never reconnected for me and sometimes it will freeze and I’ll have to either wait days or delete the app and re-download the app. It will sometimes it will show that I’m using the keypad but won’t show up on the TV. Some good things about it is the keyboard feature, it makes typing much faster when the remote chooses to work. Also it’s a good alternative to the plastic remote which can also sometimes stop working sometimes. I like that they tried with the Alexa feature and though it works sometimes normally it doesn’t.

Works fine but needs vol control. My firetv remote mostly croaked after six months of daily use. Mostly because the power button and volume rocker still worked but none of the other buttons did.. I was ready to buy a replacement but remembered I had this app on my iPhone, so I ran it and it works perfectly. The only thing it lacks is the volume up/down rocker, but I can use the mostly croaked remote or the tv’s remote for that. I do miss the tactile feedback of the physical remote, since I didn’t have to look at it to use it. Mashing “buttons” on a glass screen is a different experience. And that’s all I have to say about that. 😏

DK Thomson, Abbeville, SC. I am tremendously happy with Firestick and this led to me purchasing multiple units to suit our habits . I do have one concern however, the television watched daily by one or both of us is hindered by the control unit , which was found to be faulty and is no longer serviceable. Nothing my wife tried in her quest to return it to service worked. We’ve not had this particular unit very long at all, only a few , or less than six months. We are retired and in or Seventies, without young children and this is the first control unit in memory to stop working. I feel there should be some leniency allowed in such cases and will appreciate any assistance given.

Works great don’t waste time on other apps. If you lost your remote and have a toshiba fire tv then this app is awesome !! Haven’t needed to hunt down a remote in a while thanks for creating this app/remote for my TVs. You have to have good internet for this to work for the ones who said it won’t connect I’ve have no issues other then it won’t turn turn the tv on . And after having it for a month or more it just starting “glitching” but after re -downloading its good now. But I’m not bothered by the one issue that stays I just get my but over to the tv to hit the power button

A good app just a few minor problems. Overall the app is really good because on a family of 5 you never get to use a tv because someone lost the remote (of you are an adult I highly recommended this app I’m 12 writing this review) so it fixes the problem of that it’s really good you can save up to 40 dollars Downloading this app because it’s a remote but there’s a few flaw, 1, is that when your phone turns off you have to reconnect to. Your tv and it could get annoying. 2, the remote it’s self is kinda weird but other than that this app is AWSOME HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO THE ADULTS so get it’s worth the lil amount of time it need to download also it would be a 5 star app if I was like 26

Bad Remote or Not - This App is Perfect!. Thought the batteries went dead in our Fire TV remote we’d only had a couple months, replaced the batteries, troubleshooted, contacted support, tried everything under the sun to no avail. Discovered this app and was back in business! It’s actually easier to use than the remote because it has a keyboard so saves a lot of time when searching for something, and I love how you can swipe up to fast forward 10 minutes, or swipe right to FF 10 seconds - it’s been SO much better than using the FF button that takes wayyy too long to buffer through everything. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Great app. I would love too see an Oculus headset version so That I can access my Fire TV Stick and my fireTV recast. When I had my Samsung note 8 I was able to access my Fire TV app watch my recoded shows and my TV channels. I was able too watch my fireTV recast Recorded Shaws. I really miss this. The stand aloneHeadsets are made better. The quality is so much better. Now all we need is access too too our Fire TV Sticks and ourFireTV Recast. Oculus TV is not TV in my book. I want to be able too access my fire TV stick and my Fire TV Recast. Please create one. I would appreciate it so much. Thank you.

Use to be my favorite. So, it would appear at least here that my review cannot be read? Is this because the low star rating? I use to love this stick. The remotes go out now(I’m using my phone as a remote now) and the info changes weekly and it’s not as easy to use every time. That’s irritating, also, the stick I’ve had since day one is obsolete and although I have newer ones, I have to get rid of this one because it’s doesn’t work as well and all the info I’ve saved and stored saving movies and shows etc over the years is just gone. What a waste of time and energy!!! This whole thing is just a waste of time. It’s constantly deleting my stuff, it’s irritating! This use to be my favorite. I’m looking into another stick unfortunately. I’ve heard Riki is better.

Has potential. First off, lemme say this is my favorite remote app for the fire tv/fire stick. It responds faster than any of the others I’ve tried, it doesn’t glitch or freeze the way that others do. The voice control doesn’t always work, but that’s whatever. The reason I’m only giving 3 stars is because it doesn’t stay connected, it likes to randomly disconnect even if you don’t close the app. Reconnecting is sometimes difficult because the device doesn’t always register on the device list. It would be cool to see a search by IP function to eliminate that problem, and the connectivity issues could be addressed. But, over all a good app with great potential

Terrible. This is the worst app I’ve ever used. It rarely ACTUALLY connects to my fire stick and when it does connection lasts about 2-5 seconds. It takes me over 30 minutes to put something on because it will immediately disconnect and then take another few minutes to reconnect. The button will get “stuck” at the same time it disconnects and it will be RAPIDLY going through apps and won’t stop until it reconnects which, again, takes forever. And the “home” button is dead center at the bottom which is where iPhones swipe to close apps so after a frustrating 30 minutes of getting my show on, I often times hit “home” when trying to close the app which then starts me all over. I’ve had this app for MONTHS and it has never worked properly. Ever.

Connectivity Issues. Every once in a while, there are connection issues with my Fire TV (fully updated) and my phone using this app (fully updated). It will connect and then drop the connection. When you try selecting the Fire device, it says “Connecting” but doesn’t connect, even though I have WiFi and I’m right next to the device with my phone. Also, when scrolling through some of the apps on the Fire TV, the remote will keep going without my control. When it works, it works, just not all the time.

App stops responding. I’ve had this app for awhile now & up until recently, it worked reasonably well w/ only minor issues. Around 2 weeks ago, the app would just randomly stop responding. I’d be in the middle of choosing something to watch & it would just stop. I’d have to close it out & reopen it. Even then I’d only have about 10-15 seconds before it would quit again. I found that deleting & reinstalling the app fixes the issue...temporarily. I usually have to delete & reinstall the app at least once a day, if not more. I’ve been searching for another Firestick remote app for my phone & as soon as I find one that actually works, I’ll be deleting this one for good. The only reason I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 is b/c when it does work, I love it. Unfortunately, the work/doesn’t work ratio isn’t waaaaay off.

So glad this exists!!. I'm so glad this app exists and honestly would be lost without it! My fire stick remote stopped working suddenly after owning it for four months. I have enjoyed using it, but once it stopped working I kind of freaked out. When I looked online to search for ways to get it working again I came across this app. This is a brilliant idea and I hope the app is more reliable then the remote itself! I look forward to using this more often and will update if anything new happens. So far I think it works the same as/similar to the remote, I'm pretty pleased with it.

Bugs. How we got the app: Me and my mom were planning to move somewhere soon. While rearranging and getting ready, my mother couldn’t find her remote for her T.V! Even though we waited for months to move she still couldn't find that remote! So we had to leave it, wherever it was. Once we moved to our new place, she downloaded an app, this one, Firestick TV. I downloaded it as well. Positives: It is very helpful with the TV especially in this case scenario when your lose your remote! Negatives: Yet, even if its helpful there are still some bugs that need tinkering with. When im using the stick sometimes, it will just go zooming through the app selection when i just tapped the next button! Most of the time, when I'm trying to connect it to the TV it will take FOREVER to connect! So i have to reload the app to get it going! Summary: My mom lost her remote so we moved. This app is very helpful. Recommend it to people who have lost their remotes. But there are bugs that need fixing. Thank you for your time and have a good day. 😇

The app would be great if it was reliable.. UPDATE: They fixed the bugs and the app worked for a few weeks FLAWLESSLY. Now, the app has stopped working completely. I cannot connect to my fire stick since the latest Apple update. It’ll connect briefly and then disconnect within seconds. Now I can’t get into the controls at all. The app works as it’s supposed to once it FINALLY gets connected... after about 10 tries. God forbid you have to use your phone for anything else because it’ll take 10 more tries to reconnect after leaving the app. I accidentally washed my original remote and rely on the mobile remote for control. Honestly if I can, I just leave the app open and drain my phone battery just in case I need to pause what I’m watching ... because it’ll take 10 mins to reconnect if I don’t. I hope they fix this.

Only works 50% of the time. I’m not one to write reviews but the app is so bad I have to. Whenever the app is able to connect to my tv, it is a fine app. It might be a delay from when you press a button from when the tv responds but it is tolerable. HOWEVER, randomly it will say “connecting” and I’m unable to do anything. I close the app and restart it and it’ll still say the same thing. I’ve been trying to connect for HOURS and it still says connecting. I know it is not a WiFi issue because I’m not having problems with anything else. Apple TV’s app doesn’t do this “connecting” for more than a second. It’s been an ongoing problem with this app and honestly you’re better off just getting a new remote. I hope they will actually fix these bugs cause this is ridiculous. It’s been at least 3 months with this issue.

Horrible remote - initiated factory reset with back button. Our fire stick remote stopped working, so I downloaded this app to use the remote feature. The buttons for home, back, menu were all non responsive. I couldn’t use the pad area for the dial without it moving right about 30 times. Then, I was trying to hit the back button... I pressed it a few times and it somehow initiated a factory reset. It wouldn’t let me select cancel because the button was again unresponsive. I tried unplugging my device from power, but the factory reset took. So now I have a device that is utterly useless because the remote still doesn’t work and I can’t reconnect my phone to the device until setup is initiated. This app has effectively turned my fire tv into a paperweight. Extremely frustrated and disappointed.

Download Now, Highly Recommended. I have an iPhone 7 and my boyfriend has an iPhone 10 and this app works phenomenally with the fire stick. Easy to use, very convenient, connects easily to all fire sticks allowing you to choose which fire stick you want the remote to connect to, and so far has zero bugs. I’ve had no issues with this app within the past month. Personally, even if I still had the fire stick remote, I would still use the app over the remote any day. Interface is nice, clean, and easy to use, and resembles the remote exactly. If it’s free, why not?

Keeps Disconnecting. So I live with someone who unfortunately, constantly loses our regular fire-stick remote. I often try to use this app because of this. The problem is without any warning, the app’s remote likes to disconnect from the fire-stick, and the fire-stick does not show up anymore as a device. So I cannot even rescan to attempt to recognize and reconnect it to the app. It’s frustrating and happens often. I have restarted my fire-stick, disconnected/ reconnected wifi, and reinstalled the app several times to no avail. The odd thing is I haven’t had this issue at all with the other fire stick in another room. We don’t use that one anymore (which is a long story there), but it connects without issue and stays connected. These devices are all on our home wifi.

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The application Amazon Fire TV was published in the category Utilities on 23 December 2014, Tuesday and was developed by AMZN Mobile LLC [Developer ID: 297606954]. This program file size is 66.19 MB. This app has been rated by 946,006 users and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5. Amazon Fire TV - Utilities app posted on 18 January 2024, Thursday current version is 2.10.1 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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Amazon Fire TV App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Bug fixes and performance improvements

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