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The free Amazon Fire TV mobile app for iOS enhances your Fire TV experience with simple navigation, a keyboard for easy text entry (no more hunting and pecking), and quick access to your favorite apps and games.

It features:
• Voice search (not available in all countries)
• Simple navigation
• Playback controls
• Keyboard for simple text entry
• Quick access to your apps and games


• Multicast-enabled router required
• Designed for simple navigation and playback control of Fire TV streaming media players
• For gameplay, use the remote included with your Fire TV or the optional Amazon Fire TV Game Controller

Amazon Fire TV App Description & Overview

The applications Amazon Fire TV was published in the category Utilities on 2014-12-23 and was developed by AMZN Mobile LLC. The file size is 111.93 MB. The current version is 2.0.1795 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Updates to enable Fire TV Recast customers (US only) to view in-progress recordings and delete over-the-air recorded content.

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Amazon Fire TV Reviews


I hate this app  BerhFaith39  1 star

Have you ever had a sick 2 year old screaming to watch his favorite show (the only thing that will make him feel better while he’s miserably sick) and you can’t turn it on because the app specifically made to connect to your fire stick WONT CONNECT!? I have. I hate it. Same 2 year old spilt water on the original remote so I must rely on this app, which works 5% of the time. I can get it to work more often if I restart the fire stick every time I re-open the app. 🤦‍♀️ And of course buying a replacement remote is almost as expensive as buying the whole firestick kit.

Coconut 298111

Won’t stay connected  Coconut 298111  1 star

Can’t find fire stick. When it does the remote doesn’t stay connected or won’t connect. Fix this !!

over it already 2019

Not satisfied  over it already 2019  1 star

It doesn’t even load. It worked really well at first now it doesn’t work at all


Great app  Tallmoneysl  5 star

Great app served its purpose yea it does have to reconnect from time to time but thats minor for me anyway long as it helps me navigate the menus

Jacob please notice this one💙

don’t get this if you don’t have a remote also in hand  Jacob please notice this one💙  3 star

this app works well most of the time but every once in a while it just does not connect and i have to find me remote


Great app!  |FitzyyFox|  5 star

This app is so helpful when I can’t find my remote 🥴🤤🤗


Works like a charm  Beeebsoo  5 star

Very simple to use and super convenient, dunno why there’s so many bad reviews.


Made me switch to Roku  Jagnos_80  1 star

This app is so horrid, I completely gave up on the Firestick and bought a Roku. Just like everyone else, my actual remote stopped working, so I downloaded the app, but the app never connects, so the Firestick was useless. Amazon, you make waaaaaaay too much money to have such a garbage app.


Worked for me  Lwysock10  4 star

Slow connection but hey, I didn’t have to get up from the couch to get my actual remote, so technically it worked.


Could be better  N$Ain  3 star

It can be time consuming I constantly get the reconnecting popup I have to close and reopen the app to reconnect sometimes it still takes some time. It would also be helpful if I could rearrange all the apps in the app tab page in the Firetv app. I have 76 apps both downloaded on the device and in cloud to available to redownload. And it's time consuming to find the specific app I am looking for. I only use a few. Maybe alphabetize the apps in the page or have my most frequently used apps or last used app on top. For fast switching.


Does not work  Raj_review  1 star

Disappointed that the App does not work. Although the fire TV is discovered, it fails to connect on the same WiFi network. Re-installing the app also does not help.


Now requires sign-in to detect Fire TV, can’t connect anyway  Poulain  1 star

The app now mandates that you sign into the Amazon account associated with your Fire TV to start using the remote functionality. Even after you’ve complied, though, you probably won’t have much luck establishing a connection. In fact, I haven’t been able to successfully use the app since they updated it.


was good until update  Polarkiss  2 star

was working great until recent app update now disconnects and i have to reset either fire tv or phone for it to work if i switch out and go to another app ie instagram or fb when going back to firetv app stops working


Amazon fire tv app  strachanau  5 star

Works well on 1st generation direct stick from iPhone 6s pro


Can’t log in with 2FA  deceit  1 star

Impossible to login on my iPhoneX with google Authenticator. Every time I flip between the apps to paste the code in, this app logs me out and I have to enter in my username and password again.


WORST APP EVER  missbrie_  1 star

Do yourself a favor and never lose the remote to your fire stick because this is hands down the WORST app ever. It never works, always has to reconnect...but can never find my fire stick. It’s worthless.

Fire dipstick

Horrible.  Fire dipstick  1 star

So sick of reconnecting. Not being able to connect. Using your iPhone as a remote. It’s a joke. Billion dollar company and they can’t figure this out... Stick to shipping. Something they are good at.


Alright but could be better  evanwontblievethis  3 star

Nice concept but it lags a bit when actually using it or it disconnects randomly at times as well. Still better than looking for the actual remote though.


READ THE REVIEWS AMAZON!!!  Geraldpsc  1 star

I’m just gonna add on to the bad reviews even though amazon isn’t reading this because obviously they’re not focused on this app anymore but if your trying to use this app loyally around your house good luck because the app sometimes won’t connect and every time u exit the app or don’t use it for a minute you get a “reconnecting” message and pray that it might connect back and also if every tv in your house hold is not connected to the same amazon account your forced to sign out and sign in to another one. Amazon needs to come out with an update to fix the reconnection issues and allow you to sign in to multiple accounts because not everybody’s Fire tv amazon account in their household is gonna be the same.


Terrible  Lindseylillian  1 star

I have had this app for a long time, the bug never get fixed. It always has issues connecting to the fire stick which leads to having to reboot the whole fire stick. My remote quit working and the only other alternative is to buy a replacement remote for 30$!!

hxhnchn xhn j cv. v

Dumm app  hxhnchn xhn j cv. v  1 star

This app will not allow me to use or control my tv


No Connection  30303030  1 star

We can no longer use our Amazon Fire TV Stick because neither my husbands phone app (Android) not mine (Apple) will connect to it. First his stopped working about a week ago and then as of today, mine stopped working. We don’t have a remote for the tv stick and rely on our phones to control it. It’s very frustrating.


Ughh🙄  Wolflover97  2 star

Won’t work I tried getting on I wasn’t tapping a fire tv but it kept saying put in the four digit code over and over no matter what I do!


Good idea poor execution  plasxodollbae  2 star

I like the idea that if I can’t find the remote or ran out of battery that I can use my phone. 10/10. My issue is that recently it’s been VERY glitchy and is always reconnecting and searching.


Won’t connect  Joeblk09  1 star

App has a nice layout. Unfortunately that’s all. It doesn’t work as a remote. I got it to connect once. It worked for a couple of commands and then said reconnecting. Could never connect again until I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Connected for a few seconds the went back to “reconnecting”. It’s no good when an app doesn’t work completely as advertised. It’s terrible when an app does not function at all.


terrible app  EDZ~~21  1 star

probably the worst app in the world. never connects and when it does it says the pin is incorrect


Won’t connect any more😡  Ismokie  1 star


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