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Govee Home is an app to help you manage your smart devices.
-Check the status of your device in real time
-Connect new devices in seconds -Enjoy exclusive benefits for fans
-Get a first look at new tech and share your ideas
-Fast and efficient customer service

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Govee Home Customer Service, Editor Notes:

1. New scene modes and DIY group control for strip light products;
 2. Adds a "Schedule" function; you can now create lighting timers for the entire day; 
3. Supports viewing other users’ profiles; supports sharing videos, posts, etc., to other social media platforms;
 4. Supports using Tags to view Govee Community posts;
 5. Supports changing registered email addresses;
 6. 20 new scene modes have been added to RGBIC strip light products;
 7. Supports including DIY links in posts;
 8. And so much more!

Govee Home Comments & Reviews

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- H5075 Indoor Thermometer-hygrometer

The thermometer itself works great and communicates data to the app. The only problem is that the app does not allow one device to act as a hub and allow for other devices to read the data being sent by the “hub”. I have a device that is always connected to the thermometer via Bluetooth and that device is also connected to WiFi. The app itself should communicate the same data no matter what device it is installed on if they are all signed in under one account. However, that is not the case - each device has to be within range of the thermometer in order to read the data. This makes no sense and is useless to me when we are away from the home. Can the app be modified so that multiple devices can sign into the same account and see the current temp reading from whatever device is reading the data??

- Not functional on iPad. I want a refund for this expensive lightbulb.

Update: they have now fixed the app scaling for the 15in iPad Pro. THANK YOU! I’m now happy with this bulb and the app. Update: this app is now 100% unusable with 15inch iPad Pro. After the update it was crashing on open. I was able to get that to stop by deleting and reinstalling but it’s now impossible to get my light added back in because of the scaling issue. YOU SHOULD AT LEAST REMOVE IPAD FROM THE COMPATIBLE DEVICES LIST IN THE DESCRIPTION. didn’t care about the colors or modes or any of the fancy things this light bulb could do. I simply wanted a bulb that I could turn off from my iPad without having to get out of bed. It was ok at first even though the app had scaling issues. But, Over the last two updates the scaling issue got worse, Now there are connection issues where it does not even connect to the light unless I put the app in the background and reopen it. I’m about ready to see if I can get a refund since the app developers seem to be consistently making the app for controlling these lights worse. A smart bulb is just a very expensive lightbulb without competent app developers. Fix this app for iPad please!

- Was Good, now Great!

Update #2 - This app continues to get better and more stable, as do their products. I have many strip lights and bulbs in my home, one of which stopped connecting to WiFi. Excellent Customer Service! After a few unsuccessful emails to try resetting etc, they are shipping a new one, free of charge. Can’t ask for more than that!!! Update: Since my previous review below this function has been added so you can now control any number of sets of lights together using the scene function. This completes the app for me and is now 5 stars. Shout out to Govee for updating their app regularly and not just abandoning it like lots of others do. This app is overall very good and easy to use and set up, however, it lacks one critical function. You can not link multiple bulbs or LED strips so to change colors or anything you have to do each one individually. It’s unnecessarily painful. There is a work around using Alexa routines but still very tedious. I hope the developer reads this and others similar requests as this would be an easy 5 stars if they added this function.

- Disappointing

I had asked for the Govee as a gift with WiFi and two temperature/humidity sensors. I found it a little bit of a challenge to get things to connect over WiFi, but not too bad. I put one sensor inside and one outside between a window and screen. I really like that I do not have to use Bluetooth on my phone and that I can check temp. and humidity from anywhere I have a signal. The first problem I had is that the app will periodically loose the sensors and I have to look up my password and re-login. I also found the help through the app to be not much help, especially when a phone call would be significantly more efficient and effective. So problem is still not solved. Now both sensors report a fault. One then started working. I replaced the batteries on the other and it still showed a fault. So I deleted its connection to add it back manually. Just to find out there are no instructions to add the sensor back manually. I was give these for Christmas 2019. It is now May 3rd, 2020. Needless to say I will not buy more for the rest of my house or recommend to family. Very disappointed.

- Lightbulbs cannot sync in mic mode

It’s very cool, and playing around with it has been fun, however, I noticed that when you create a scene you also limit the amount of functions you can use with the lightbulbs. You can still go into each lightbulb individually and set them to mic mode for example, but even if all are on, only one will work at a time. If they added all of the functions to Scene you could control all of the lights in your light fixture with the different modes and I feel that really needs to be added. ALSO, turning on the mic function automatically turns off any music you are playing on your phone and disconnects a Bluetooth speaker. This may be because the mic is set up to come from your phone but if there’s any way to change this, it would be nice to use this problematic function. Otherwise they’re great though!!

- Great app just needs more support

So I got the govee led strips and I connected them to govee home and it was simple and easy, there’s just addition that would be nice and bug, so the bug is when I added a shortcut by long pressing the app(iOS) I saw that there was a shortcut thing so I added it. Now I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but when I go into the app and I see all my devices and click on for one of them it takes a little bit and then says operation succeeded but no lights turned on but when I click it again it works, and I do not own Alexa and do not plan to so I think that it would be great to add in more support for instance the shortcut app like make a shortcut that turns on the lights or changes the colors. Those two elements aside I think you have a great product I would love to see those two worked on.

- Needs work

I purchased several strips of dreamcolor with Alexa capability for my Christmas show. While it’s nice to be able to change the lights via app, it’s frustrating having to change each strip individually as opposed to choosing which ones you’d like to make the same as a group. The grouping feature is pointless as It does nothing other than power on and off the strips. It would be nice to develop a way to change multiple lights at once instead of individually as it is time consuming. It would also be an improvement to see a preview of various light settings before having to set them. Still love the light strips and the settings they do have.

- Bluetooth LED Strips

Bought the Bluetooth ARGB LED strips from Govee. They work very well, get plenty bright. The app works great. You do need an external USB power adapter, though, higher the amp rating, the better. Didn’t work well powered off my TV or with a typical 500mA charger, some effects would cause the LEDs to reset: Swapped it out for a higher power charger adapter. Still get some feint “flicker” at times but not too bad or noticeable unless you’re really looking for it. The app is nice and mostly intuitive. I do wish there were better control over speed, though, not very much difference between high and low. Been running these strips for nearly 2 years without issue once I got the power situation sorted. Bluetooth always connects and is much better than the flimsy remotes you typically get. Don’t know about their other products but happy with the LED strips.

- Overall very good

Overall, this app is very good and does just what it should. I use it for multiple thermometers and linking them and collecting the data is very simple— a lot like downloading my steps from my smart watch. I have two issues that I think would be easy for the developers to address. First, I wish the app worked in landscape mode. As it is, it only works in portrait mode. For our application of this product we use ipads with keyboards, so a landscape mode would be helpful for us. Second, there doesn’t seem to be a way to export the data. If there is, it is not readily apparent. It would be great to be able to export a file with the data that we could then use in other ways. But, if you only use this with a phone in portrait mode and have no need to export the data, the app works great.

- H6104 TV Backlights

Every Question or Review of your backlights keeps asking if you can place the unsightly camera BELOW the TV instead of having that AWFUL Camera On Top of the TV! Many customers, as myself, have placed the camera UNDER the TV And are happy and satisfied with your product. IT IS NOT THAT HARD to CHANGE YOUR APP to ALLOW CALIBRATION ROTATION BY 180 DEGREES. If your app “designers” are so smart to create this WONDERFUL device, a MINOR CHANGE WOULD ALLOW CALIBRATION OPTIONS AT BASIC ANGLES, such as 90, 180, 270 and 360 angle degrees. Such a simple fix! And also a GREAT SELLING POINT! Your sales would GO UP AND UP AND UP!!! When I had my camera at the top of my TV, my guests were impressed, but did not BUY YOUR PRODUCT because of the UNSIGHTLY CAMERA ABOVE THE TV. If you allowed the option to calibrate the camera from those 4 other angles, I’d bet your sales would go up super FAST! Now, can you please, please your customers and ADD THIS SIMPLE OPTION TO CALIBRATE YHE CAMERA AT different angles? You will see your success and sales RISE IMMENSELY! Your attention is much appreciated!!!

- Missed Opportunities

I’m using this app to control a set of the RGBIC LED strips I purchased from Govee. The different lighting features are fun to play with and the diy section is interesting (although limited in that you can’t program diy scenes with static colors for each subsection). The timer for automatically turning the lights on and off is flawed. I was hoping to use this function to gently fall asleep/wake myself up everyday, but you can’t individually program how the lights will look when they turn on and how they will look when they turn off. This means you can really only use the sunrise OR sunset scene (both of which I find quite pleasant, but not when they play at the wrong time). Whatever the settings are when you fall asleep, that’s what you’ll wake up with. But you’re going to have a hard time waking up with the sunset scene in the morning, that’s for sure. I’m surprised they don’t have an option to create multiple scheduled programs for the lights where you can choose from the scenes (and music modes, and segmented color modes) that already exist within the app. In my humble opinion, the automated lighting is not automated enough.

- Amazing user feedback

This app is not only to control lights, but it’s also a community. If you have an idea, or you need help with something, you can make a post and GOVEE will respond to you within the day. The app, although a bit slow (probably due to the Bluetooth connection which cannot be fixed), works perfectly. There are plenty of settings and modes, including music modes, and do-it-yourself modes. If you want to request a new idea, you go to the ideas section, and post it. GOVEE will respond to you within a day or two. I have never seen a company so devoted to spending their time in the community than this one.

- Has more potential

So I thought the Govee app was going to be better then magic home or any one of those. It is but magic home has some features that govee dosent that makes me hesitant. My suggestions: you can’t save diy colors so if you find a real nice color you better remember it, the diy color mode is really neglected. I also I wish the app had pre-made modes like the one on the 44 key remote. Finally I love TikTok but then I see all these videos but then I cant do it. I would like u to add a little button when you can type the rgb numbers. This would get more people to get the app, like my friends would get some govee then. But overall it’s good just needs to add more stuff. Please reply to me Govee

- Support for the TV backlight stripLEDs camera lousy

I bought the Govee smart stripLEDs, which are LEDs you mount on your TV, along with a camera that looks at the TV screen and colorizes the LEDs to match the screen. Cool idea, acceptable (and fairly cheap) hardware, but lousy lousy software. Basic problem is that the camera is a fisheye, meaning that the edges are extremely distorted. That’s fine, but it means that it’s very difficult to see detail (alike what counts as the edge of a TV) at the edges of the fisheye image. The app does nothing to help with this task (very important to calibrate the camera) — it does not allow you to zoom the image, it doesn’t dewarp the image, it doesn’t even offer landscape mode. None of these are especially hard — a competent programmer could do them in a week — but they require a programmer and a manager with some pride in the app. The app feels exactly like what it is — garbage created by a management that thinks it is in the hardware business, not the “experience” business. So rather than treating the app as a comparative advantage that deserves constant on-going TLC, it’s resented as a cost of business that would be ignored and abandoned if possible. So, be aware when you buy a Govee product...

- Great, but one major missing feature - software update?

These lights are overall great. Intense colors, bright and vibrant, adhesive made well, and app is decent. Like I said, overall great. One feature the app is missing, however, is the ability to set groups of lights as individual colors. I use a strip to go around my pc monitor. I wish I could set each corner of monitor to a different color. To match wallpapers with multiple colored corners. App doesn’t have this feature. I understand you’d have to split the entire strip into fourths considering you don’t know how big each customer’s monitor might be, but it should be possible. Is this something you may add in a software update?

- Won’t connect to wifi

I have this app on both my phone and Ipad. When I first bought my led strips all three of the sets worked and I had no problems. After the first two days of using the app one of the led strips would not connect to the wifi. I tried deleting the app of my phone and my ipad and also tried resetting the led strips. The Bluetooth funtionality works on them. Although, it will be able to connect to the light strip for about 5 seconds and then it will disconnect and I would have to close the app just for the light strip to connect to the app again. If you are looking to buy led light bulbs or light strips dont buy them from Govee. What you are really paying for is the UI and with Govee app it is just not. Overall I’m disappointed. Apparently the saying is true: You get what you pay for.

- Can’t even register to use the app

The app will not allow me to sign up rendering the strips I bought entirely useless as they do not come with a remote. Signing up seems to have gone well, I got the page saying I had successfully signed up, was taken back to log in, THEN informed that my email wasn’t registered. Hours later and I still haven’t received an email to verify my address so right now I can’t even use the app. I would have to go behind all my equipment EVERY single time I wanted to turn on or off or even change colors or dim the lighting. If this is the kind of reliability I have to look forward to for a piece of equipment that relies almost entirely on poor software then I will be returning the strips to for a refund. Can’t even use it in Bluetooth mode without signing in to the app.

- Wifi doesn’t work.

The app will not connect to my wifi. I was trying to connect it to my google home mini. I emailed the company about this issue but all they said was make sure the wifi is 2.4ghz (it is) and to unplug the light strip for 5 mins then plug it back in and try again. This did not work. The model is the H6163z. The light strip is still okay because I can use it through my phone but is still very slow with bluetooth but I am fine with getting to turn it off/on. I really just wanted to use it with my google home mini. That is why I gave it 2 stars. There isn’t much point in getting something like this if I got it to use with my google home mini and it doesn’t work. Perfect 5 maybe 4 if it worked with wifi.

- Add more features.

I own a couple of Govee Dream Color Alexa enabled light strips and I love them. The colors are very accurate and the whites look great for being RGB LED’s and not pure white ones. The reason why I am giving three stars is because the app is quite limited considering what the light strip is capable of doing. For example, it would be nice to be able to select parts of the light strip and set them to a color, like have a quarter of it blue, a quarter white, a quarter green, etc. The app could have an interface where you can click on a diagram of the strip and select a part and have the ability to control just that part, sort of like the LIFX Z LED strip. Another feature that I feel can benefit this product is if the Marquee modes were smooth. Currently, selecting Marquee makes the transitions along the light strip very choppy. It would be nice if they were smooth sort of like the beginning of the snowflake theme. Overall, the Govee Dream Color Light Strip is a very great product, but it could benefit greatly from the features I listed above. Thank you.

- It’s not tooooo bad

The app is middle ground when it comes to UI/UX. Not terrible but nothing revolutionary either. It’s got some kinks, like taking forever to connect to lights you’re 5 feet away from, not having the ability to change the individual color of lights in Scene mode, and Bluetooth LEDs being slightly different colors when the same color is selected in the app. I think the last issue is probably a product malfunction rather than a digital problem. If these shortcomings get hammered out I’d have no problem with a 5-star review, but for now, I’d say my experience has been about average.

- One of the best home control apps.

Rate 4.5. I gave it 5 because this app is great and should not be rated 2.7 (April 2020). It is pretty user friendly and very easy to set up to your phone/device. You can use the lights separately or combine them to interact and form separate rooms. The lights are surprisingly bright, does not matter the color. My only issue is with the music feature. The lights don’t necessarily match the music and you can only use one light bulb/led strip at a time for music. Overall, very pleased with this app and products.

- Consistent bugs they don’t bother to fix

I never write a review for an app but this app has caused me such an annoyance that I’m literally taking time away from cleaning my fish tank to write this review. My favorite feature, the DIY, does not work. It hasn’t worked for months. The last time it did work was from an update awhile back only to have it stop working a day later. They obviously don’t know how to fix it. Other than that there’s not many other issues I have but because my favorite and only preferred feature to use isn’t even usable it lacks in pizzazz that differentiates it from other light strips. Until they get their issues together don’t bother buying.

- Very Frustrating but kinda works

I deleted the app because it connected to my lights and would just disconnect a few seconds later only to connect again. The colors and settings work fine but I couldn’t utilize it cause it disconnected every 10 seconds. I assumed it was a WiFi issue so tried connecting to the WiFi multiple times and it either failed to connect or the disconnection screen would interrupt the process and I had to wait all over again.

- Pretty good

I haven’t tried the sync thing yet but i have the lightbulb and i’m going to get the LED light strips eventually one thing i wish they had was an apple watch app so you could just go in there and quickly change the color on your watch or maybe even make it compatible with ipad at least and in the scenes the colors can get pretty dark but the light is still kinda bright even on 1% especially when i want to sleep so maybe somehow make it darker but that’s not much of an issue otherwise it’s pretty good i really like it

- I love ALMOST everything about this app

I bought the led wifi light strips and the app works really well for changing colors and everything. The only thing I really wish they would add is a way to chose colors on the color wheel and make them preset options. There is a diy feature where you can pick any color, however you have to choose a “style” and there is no option to make it a solid color. I find it annoying to have to mess around with the color wheel anytime I want a specific color. Hopefully this will be added!

- Would be cool to add favorite colors...

Just a small somewhat negative review (sorry). Why is there not an option to favorite one specific color? It’s rather tedious using the color wheel to fine-tune my setup, changing the color for a moment, and then having to find the original all over again. Why can we not just save single colors? There’s the DIY section, but you need two or more colors, and DIY doesn’t even work with scenes. Pretty frustrating lack of basic features from this app. Oh, nice complete redesign though—I’m sure that was necessary versus adding useful features.

- love the lights but this is the app review

my wifi enabled lights will just stop being connected to my wifi because the app needs my location. You don’t need my location to work. My lights aren’t moving anywhere they are stuck to the wall. There is no reason to have my location. When using alarms to have the lights turn on it only shows 24 hour clock format. you also have the ability to set the alarm to a certain color and brightness but when it turns on it only uses the previous color and brightness not the one the alarm is set to. Also all light controls should be able to be done over wifi but for some reason it only does it over bluetooth.

- Continuous Requests for Login

For the love of Christ please fix this. I cannot put into words how annoying and frustrating it is for an app to abruptly begin prompting login requests once a week out of no where. Then when you incorrectly attempt a password that you know is correct you are forced to reset your password. Please fix this, if this was a beta version fine but for a functioning app to ridiculous. Other than that I have no issues using this app. If this issue was fixed I’d say 4.5 stars for overall quality but this login issue is a big issue.


This app works good. I never write reviews but adding functionality to the Apple Watch would be huge!! If I could just tab a button on my watch that would turn on and off my smarts light would be an absolute game changer. Just imagine walking into your bedroom to grab something real quick but you didn’t have your phone/ wanted to pull it out and unlock it and open this app. It would be so convenient to have a button right on your wrist especially if your light switch in your room is already at an inconvenient location.

- H5074 Great for humidor!

Update: so this would be awesome if it pushed data to my iPhone at regular intervals. It does not. So it really doesn’t matter if you set the alarms, you will not get a high/low alarm unless you manually sync. If you are manually syncing you don’t need an alert, because you will see it yourself. So the only thing that is good about this unit is that I can manually check the current humidity and temp without having to open my humidor.

- Easy use and customizable

The app, flows well. All the functions are snappy and obvious. You don’t have to wonder what’s going to happen when you click on something. The only down side is I can not figure out how the email is button works but that does by no means affect the actual function of the lights just would be an easy way to contact Govee. Overall the app is very well thought through and functional!

- One idea

Very good lights but I bought a bunch of rgbic lights to put in my room and I put them in scene mode these are the H6127 version and while you can do a lot I still want to have them work with music could y’all possibly add this feature it should work because there all in the same space so they could all pick up music I have two 12’s in my room so my music is very loud thank you. Adding the music option to scene mode would complete the 5 stars from me otherwise very good lights

- Decent product

I bought a strip light system and it’s almost perfect for my application. However I was really hoping to have one very specific lighting effect with this system that currently doesn’t exist. I really need the color follow effect where it appears that one color after another follow each other down the strip, making it appear as though the colors move from the beginning of the strip towards the end. Not a new effect by any means, just not available via the app controls or settings.

- Blown away by the quality/functionality

So happy with my purchase. I have the lights on the back of my ikea desk setup and they’re gorgeous! I love how I can set different lighting zones, and the music sensitivity mode is excellent. And the recent update added the ability to save favorite colors which was my only minor gripe about the app prior to the update. The app loads quickly and changes the lights instantly. I highly recommend these lights.

- This is great..

I love this app! It has really cool scenes for my lights. It even flows with my music. I do have a couple suggestions though. 1. It would be cool to have a scene and music at the same time so it only shows certain colors other than just one or random. 2. Maybe have it flow with the music better I must say it’s pretty cool but it’s not spot on 3. Maybe a chance to create our own color or color wheel I think this would be great for different things! Thank you I truly enjoy these lights!!


I had these led lights and the color choices were limited so I upgraded to the Govee Home Bluetooth lights and IT IS THE BEST!! You can control it with the app and there are a lot of features and now that there’s a new update it is wayyyy better! There are new sciences and now you can control segments of the lights and make every part a different color instead of having the whole strip one color at a time. I can now make a big rainbow with the lights ✨

- Awesome tool to observe hygrometer data from the govee

I use this with the bluetooth Govee meters. Works really well overall. 2 things I would like added... Ability to change the name of the meter in app at anytime would be really nice. Not having to be connected to the internet for the app to work. I have to use the devices in remote locations and WiFi/LTE is extremely spotty. So I have to put my phone in the right place for it to work.

- Awesome! One Suggestion:

I love these lights! I’ve had them in my room for about a week now, and I have two sets of 10m lights. The scene function ties them together, but a big reason of why I bought this brand of lights is because they react to rhythm. However, I can’t find a music sync function in scene, and I’d love to be able to sync both strips to the same music. If the developer would add a music sync function to scene, this would be a 5 star app.

- Lights good but app is terrible

I have had these lights for 3 years. I like them a lot. The lights have work perfectly but the app is terrible. The app will NOT work on IPad as have of the screen is cut off. You just can’t use it on iPad because buttons are cut off. I understand the app is meant for phones but my phone was broken for a couple of weeks. During this time I had to move the lights and could not connect them to WiFi after the move from my iPad so Alexa could not control them. I know that it’s not the app makers fault that my phone was broke but still. To summarize I just think that the app should work on iPhone and iPad.


I love my lights so much I just wish they could add some more really cool modes! My lights recently updated to have more modes and I love it so Much. I did send them an email because on my remote whenever I tap modes, it only shows old ones and not the updated new ones, I wish I could fix it to display the new modes when I hit it, so I don’t always have to use my phone. These really are amazing!

- WiFi issue like everyone else

Garbage app doesn’t work with WiFi so Don’t plan on booking it up to your Alexa because they’re trash techs won’t fix the issue and they’ll tell you you have to have a 2.4hz WiFi connection. Guess what, we all do. Yet we all still have the same issue. Govee is just pure trash. Don’t even buy it if you haven’t yet. They have nice products too. Too bad they’re trash at fixing it up and making it right or they’d make a lot of money. I was even thinking about buying more products too.. not anymore. I’m taking my money else where. Probably WeMo. They’re better anyway.

- App does not work on iPads

I purchased two remote temperature/humidity sensors. They work just fine and U am very happy with them. The app on my iPhone XR works fine and I am happy with it. It is quite annoying however that the app does not work well on my iPad, where it only presents in portrait mode and you only can see part of the data for each sensor at a time. You have to scroll to get the data. So I use my phone, but it is ANNOYING!!!

- Good products, terrible app

These products have a lot more capabilities, but are very limited by the poor app design. Where do I start... No ability to save custom light settings. No ability to have multiple timers on the same light. They have a sunrise and sunset scene, but you can’t set your light to both. You expect the user to leave Bluetooth on all day ( a huge power drain on the phone) and to constantly be messing with an app to alter the state of the lighting. I’d like to automate a lot of this and also have a few big saved custom settings buttons. These are limitations of the app and not the product.

- Music Mode

The app and lights work as expected. The app is easy to follow, just find the lights you bought and connect them. From there it’s choosing how the lights go off. I would prefer if the music mode could follow the song that you’re playing on your phone instead of using just the mic, the light strip i ordered is far away from the speaker in my room and the lights just sort of spazz out when put into music mode.

- Led light strips

App works great controlling my light strips. No problems with set up on either strip or with connection to the app. App works great overall, although the one thing the app is missing is a double timer. I have it set to turn on at night for a few hours which works great, but I would like to have the ability to have a second timer so they can turn on in morning for a few hours.

- New update ruined an otherwise decent app

It used to be great and work flawlessly, however the new update has broken the app as everytime I choose my device each action I make it decides to show the reconnecting screen and quite often fails to connect however if I leave and come back it works for 5 seconds allowing me to change colour quickly, furthermore this makes the app horribly painful to us and essentially renders it useless. Please fix as I used to love the device and app and will re-rate the review once the issue is fixed as generally it is a brilliant app.

- Little overpriced but work well

Lights work great, the colors are awesome, and decently easy to install. HOWEVER, the money you are paying for the amount of lights you get is a bit much AND the app won’t even install on my brand new IPhone XR which means until this problem is fixed I am stuck with paying nearly 50$ for 5 different colors of lights that I have to get up to turn on/off. Update the app pleaseeeee.

- Improved functionality H6102

This app has improved tremendously with the current update. The ability to adjust segments of color within the strand as well as a timer function and wake/sleep function. I use these in my reptile enclosures and have had 0 issues so far. If the wake/sleep functions are allowed to work within the timer parameters, this is a solid 5 star 👍

- Decent app

I love the app and love the lights. I bought the ones that can sync to the music and was a well spent $50. The new update to the app is also great because I can change the colors to certain parts of the lights. I also have a question, what does the gradient part where you can select it do ? Because I have been fidgeting with it for a while and can not figure it out thank you.

- Great product great customer service

I love Govee thermometers for my greenhouse! I have purchased 3 so far and while one of them quit working, the customer service responded so quickly (I have failed to respond to them yet) that I went ahead and purchased another due to the faith I have in the customer service. Good CS is hard to find these days, thank you Govee!!

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- It is a cool application but has some flaws

The app is very good and easy to use but it has some stupid features like if you are 1k away for example you can’t turn your led strips on you have to have a Bluetooth connection to them. The app is very polished and easy to yourself when you have a Bluetooth connection but If you are out of the house it will not work and the Alexa skill is not in australia so I can’t youse my led strips with Alexa so they’re is no point if you will youse them with Alexa

- Very Good

App is really easy to use optimises the Bluetooth connection well and easy to manage. The well layed format made setting up my Google Home with my lights really easy. Definitely recommend getting these Bluetooth lights as this app has everything it needs. Great stuff 👍


Didn’t even receive the product and has been 100 days sense I ordered it. ITS A SCAM!

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- Make a watch Apple app

Make a watch Apple app

- Needs a timer function desperately

Overall like the lights but the app needs a timer function desperately. Would be nice to just set lights to turn on and off on its on with a timer option. Most other app controlled lights have that function (Even cheaper ones). Please update.

- meh

the lights work great buuuut no matter what i do i cannot link them to the app through my bluetooth

- Jumping

If you make it so I can make the jumping really fast then I will give you a five star review

- Won’t connect to app

I have model h6189 and it won’t connect to the app

- How to delete DIY’s?

How do i Delete DIY’s? Ive been struggling for hours.

- Fun!!

This app is awesome, I have the lights on the back of my tv and they work great! I definitely recommend. The only thing is that you need to be really close to the tv for the lights to work.

- Help lol

Sooooo no matter what I do I can’t connect my LED lights to my phone. The lights work fine and the app is pretty good I just can’t connect soooo yuh

- App Doesn’t work

Lights won’t connect to app

- Was 10/10

With the new update there isn’t a good RED feature anymore. The green is fantastic but I wish I could get a deep red back instead of a light white pink :( pls fix reds

- Glitching

For some reason I can no longer open the app? Is this a bug issue? Or something else ? I can’t control my lights anymore 😭

- Love it

Don’t think just get it it’s worth...RMN

- Very good but this app could be perfect if it was compatible with the Apple Watch...

This app is great! There is a variety of effects that are very cool. The app is easy to control and the feature that give you the possibility to share your DIY is so cool. But, I would like that this app is compatible with the Apple Watch. It would be very nice if we could change the colour of our lights, turn them on, off and more just by using the Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi of our Apple Watch. I hope to see this app soon on my watch! Thanks!

- Music settings no longer work after update

Title says it all, I loved these lights for the music setting but after the music sensitivity update it no longer works, tried with 2 sets of the same lights with the same results

- Improvements please

I have seen some YouTubers have extra functionality on there app maybe cause it’s US app or what but here in Canada some functions are missing like Flickering, chasing, Rainbow and crossing. I would love and really appreciate gradients in DIY’s as well, And it will definitely deserve 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Love this led light

I bought these over here at half ago and I love them everything they stopped working but with their app they help me you were very helpful and very nice I very recommend getting the light Love them so much so bright I only got 5m and they were oh good I totally recommend

- Printing is great

Dreamcolour works great for colouring 3D-Printing

- not connecting

this app doesn’t work i lost my remote and they don’t sell new ones for some reason so i thought i could use the app and it won’t connect to my lights. don’t buy lights from govee they don’t know what they’re doing thanks for nothing :))

- App does not give all settings

I did my research before buying these lights and i expected to have all of the DIY settings, but i do not have them all, i have fade, twinkle , jumping and combo, it does not give me circulation, rainbow and all those others, i was so excited but now i’m not sure if i should’ve bought the regular LED lights or just none...

- Amazing Company


- Govee Lights

Hey, the app is great and my lights work wonderful. The only problem I have with your lights is that it can’t connect to my google home mini! I have tried all the ways you can set it up and have watched many tutorials but it doesn’t seem to work at all. If there is anyway you guys can fix that issue with google that would be awesome Overall, very happy with my purchase.

- Finally

Finally I can segment my strips to have parts be on and parts be off, small change in software, but big impact!

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- Nice app not enough options

It would be nice if we could choose which led we want to turn off or the color of wake up Or choose a color to show seperatly after 5 or 10 minutes like an led timer

- Needs work

The light colour is way off. When I select orange, the lights glow green. There seems to be no way to calibrate the colour settings so now I have to guess. The Alexa integration is extremely limited.

- Note

C’est bien mais sa bug un peu

- Best

Best app ever!

- Good

It good

- Cannot find the model I have

The model H6 109 that i recently got on amazon is not on this app. The lights work amazingly fine but I cant setup the music sync because its not here!!!

- i can’t find my led

i have model H6140 and it goes from H6139 to H6141

- Ad supported and not 100% Google Home compatible

App links to Google Home but devices do not show up on Google Home. Would have been good to see them there. The BT pairing and app does work for its intended application but there is nothing special about it. Notifications via the app are quick and the siren is loud but not piercing. Not happy about the links to ad-supported games at the bottom of the screen. I paid for these devices and don’t need ads to tell me to download a stupid game.

- Meh

They lights are better that my old strip lights, I’m having an issue with them right now but I’m waiting on a response from the in app problem reporting thing. The app itself is nice and easy to use but there is a space for me to add a widget to my phone, I tried it out (hard even with the instructions) I finally got it all set up but it still does literally nothing. Anyways, here is to hoping I’m able to get a resolution for my light problem and that they make the widgets just a tad more useful than not useful at all. One thing nice is that the staff does seem to be responding to people’s reviews.

- Ok

I love them but I wish to put them to jump really quick like my old leds, also i dont know how to make it a widget

- So far so good!

Perfect app to customize Govee lights. If you don’t have any, you can buy some in the app or go into competitions and events to get a chance to get some free stuff! Would be better if these services and functions were available: Siri/Siri Shortcuts/Apple HomeKit Thumbs up! Keep up the good work!!

- colour changinh

love the app, its almost perfect, but i have a shade of pink i love, and no matter what i do, it fades into red, to white, to my favourite shade of pink, repeat

- H6138

I have a H6138 and it doesn’t let me connect to the Bluetooth on the app

- Decent

I wish you could shuffle the music options. If there was an option were you could combine all the music effects and play them randomly that would be so much better. Also the lights don't connect to my wifi.

- Literally the best thing ever!

Syncs so well with my lights!!! I love them so much gives such a great vibe to my room! Exactly what I was looking for!!!!❤️❤️❤️

- Won’t connect

I have model H6189 and it won’t connect to the app disappointing:(

- does not connect to google home or alexa

the lights are nice but they won’t connect to my google home or alexa - which was the main reason why i bought them 👁👄👁

- Greyson


- Timer feature

Why is there no timer feature for TV lights? I keep waking up in the middle of the night to my tv that has turned off but my lights still on. Annoying

- Decent not great.

App is workable but not great. Main pet peeve is that once the are backgrounded, it will stop loading the temperature historical data. Also the app is full of advertisy crap that’s uninteresting.

- Great light strip

This are great light strips easy to use

- Excellent, je recommande à tous ceux qui veulent un peu plus de couleur dans leurs vies

Leurs produits sont très biens et, ce qui m’a convaincu d’acheter un second produit (j’avais une lampe intelligente et j’ai ensuite acheté une bande LES) c’est leur interface, facile a utiliser, facile à faire des ajustements et a personaliser ses produits selon besoin!

- Update crash

Recent update opens and crashes on its own

- Cool

Cette application est vraiment cool

- Why

i have the led model H6140 and its not even an option on the app. i deleted it. i mean don’t advertise an app on a box/remote for an app that doesn’t even work for the model.

- Meh

The lights work fine but I can’t get it to work on this app I have model H6190 and it doesn’t even wanna show up when I search for it

- I like it a lot

I like it a lot

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- App usage

The layout of the app is easy to use and navigate. Other than that it’s functionality is lacking some needed updates. Scene mode needs all the features the individual modes have. The Alexa features such as turning on and off work half the time. (and yes I have good internet). Other than that I like where they are going with the community DIYs, and the lighting center. Lights are also very bright for the price.

- Work well, but...

I have two of the temperature WiFi devices. They work great, but for no reason on a regular basis they forget the WiFi passwords. In addition to the frustration of having to regularly check the setup and to input the network details again, it gives me no ability to rely on the notifications I am supposed to receive from the devices when the temperature falls outside the ranges set. Having the reliability of notification is the main reason I purchased the devices.

- Warning -new banner ads, don’t upgrade!

This new version adds an annoying banner ad across the top. There was always an annoying message “turn on notifications” across the top, now there are two things to clear to be able to use it. This app is fully functional standalone so there is no functional purpose for creating/logging into an account, but Govee has always been desperate to scrape data. Wish I’d known that before I bought a bunch of their hardware. Hope you see this warning before you buy their products.

- Horrible

Difficult to set up. The app will suddenly log you out, not recognize your password then not allow you to log in again with no instructions on how to solve the problem/who to contact. You have to wait 24 hours for someone from customer service to email you back. The lights won’t work with all the colors offered. Specifically, the light colors on the color wheel will not work. The scenes are difficult to setup and won’t work. We spent a lot of time getting these lights set up and have been disappointed from day one.

- WiFi Reliability

Can someone over there figure out what the issue is with WiFi connectivity between your devices and app, once and for all... and actually resolve it? With every minor bug fix update, it either gets slightly better or takes a noticeable step back and becomes unreliable again. This most recent update seems to be one of those steps backwards, where attempting to connect an existing devices to the WiFi just results in repeated WiFi setup failure messages.

- WiFi problems

Ever since this new update, I have been unable to pair my lights to WiFi. I have tried absolutely everything , and not matter what I do it will not connect to WiFi. I’ve tried multiple different networks , settings , and devices to see if anything was wrong on my end , but it’s literally just the lights not being able to connect to my network, so in turn I cannot turn them on and off with my google home mini. It was working fine yesterday, until the update came out and not it won’t work at all.

- Super functional and easy

This app is so much better than remote lights and has a ton of cool features and settings. I’m not sure why there are so many negative reviews on this app/ product because It’s honestly pretty game changing. They have soo many color options, lighting options, cool effects, It works so well for me and I’m honestly in love.

- Amazing!

If you purchased the led strip lights and downloaded this app, you’re in for a treat! This app works great for your led strip lights, it tells you how to use them on the app, it gives you modes you can change to, it even lets you make your OWN modes! If you downloaded this app because you bought the led strip lights, you’re in luck. This app deserves 5 stars!

- Syncing

I would have to agree with the other review. I understand the whole mic of my phone being used but it would more convenient for the user to be able to play music and use the lights at the same time from the same device. Also it would be cool to see any new light modes with maybe strobe mode, pulsing, or even create your own custom mode.

- Pretty good

It’s pretty solid but I have one really small request and it’s that let us make our own DIY when we combine them together because right now in order to get the fade to sync up between the 2 I have to set one slightly ahead of the other and then exit out really quickly so I can start the other one at the same point during the color fade

- App developers this is easy to fix listen up

First of all the app has trouble connecting to my WiFi when I have very strong signal. Second of all I bought the 32ft light strips and I see on the App Store there is a screenshot showing sound sensitivity, I don’t have it. Or the other settings I only have on or off. Once this is fixed i will buy another 16ft strip you have my word.

- Music mode is broken after last update

The actual lights updated and now music mode seems to be totally broken. It was working perfectly before that too. Now they sync for a few seconds and then just start fading between colors. I noticed when it’s completely quiet and it detects no sound it’ll just start rotating between colors so if someone is talking it keeps rotating between reacting to some sound then fading. Pleeeease make the music mode work like it was used to.

- Super easy set-up

This is brand new to me so I am only commenting on initial set-up with the iOS app. It took less than five minutes and the print instructions were very helpful. The app interface is clean and easy to understand. I am looking forward to using my new thermometer to monitor temperature variations throughout my home.

- One feature for lights preventing 5 stars

I bought one of the LED light strips and overall the two products work great together; however, one feature I would like is when creating a DIY light setup to be able to have my different colors stay on without having to flash or jump around, like one of the regular single color setups just with multiple colors

- So SAD!

This app is not ready to be used with iPad’s , not user friendly , not able to change from C to F not able to view the app but in one mode this is NOT READY TO BE DEPLOYED ON IPADS JUST DON’T DO IT!!! I wish i knew this before i spent my hard earned $$ on this. GOVEE ....PLEASE UPDATE YOUR SOFTWARE TO WORK FULLY WITH IPADS ...PLEASE!! Should be able to see in in more then one mode.....left to right or top to bottom of to access setting to change from C to F... the hardware is great so far the software not so much... just sayin think twice before spending any $$ on this till it is updated.. if you are using and iPad..

- I love it but

I love everything about the lights and the scenes, the only complaint I have is that some devices have different scenes than others. For instance, my sister also has Govee lights but on her device she has 20+ different scenes to choose from and I don’t come anywhere near that lol. Please try to make every scene available for each device! thank you.

- Can’t turn on in a different mode?

This app is incredibly simple, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, I bought the lightbulb in the hopes that I could have a “red” light at night which automatically turns itself off, and then have the “sunrise” feature automatically turn on in the morning. You can’t do this on this app because the light always turns on in the same mode it turned off. I’m going to have to buy a different light.

- Music sync feature ruined

The music barely syncs anymore. It was just fade in some colors here and there and then sync to the music for like a good 5 seconds and start fading in and out and again. It wasn’t like then when I first downloaded the app two weeks ago, but a few days ago it asked to update my device and ever since then, the music sync has been horrible. I like the new scenes tho the music feature should’ve been untouched though.

- Pretty rad

When I first got this app it was very basic and crashed a lot. But over the past few months they've been doing a lot of updates to the app and it's improved tremendously. It seems like they read the reviews and fix what's broken which I really appreciate.

- It is a outstanding app

I got the led lights and they are amazing!! They have all the colors I could ask for the only thing is they look a bit different in my colored room but it’s nothing to complain about! The app is amazing and functional and I couldn’t ask for a better one.

- Being able to turn lights off when you aren’t home

Hi I want to be able to turn my lights off when I’m not home because when I loose power in my house the lights turn on and if I’m on vacation they will be on until I get home because I can’t turn it off unless I’m in range of the lights. Thank you.

- It’s a great product

I was using these and realized how great they were and that I knew I had to write a review. I think it is a great product but the reviews worried me. Upon reading the reviews I realized it had nothing to do with the product and was all petty issues I like them and they look amazing.

- wifi stopped working

everything ran smoothly the first month but the power in my house went out for literally 2 seconds which disconnected my led lights from the WiFi.. and now it won’t let me connect back to it so i can no longer use alexa with it and my phone constantly disconnects when i’m trying. to change the colors or do anything else

- I don’t think the timer works?

I’m using product H6117 and I set it up last night so it only turns on from 7 pm to 6 am... it seems like it worked, but now I turned the timer off just to play with the app to see what it can do... but when I turn the timer back on to the same time, the lights are still on! Am I doing something wrong?

- Will not work with iPad

As others have already stated, the app screen is only partially visible when trying to adjust any settings. I haven’t tried it with the govee Bluetooth lightbulb yet. I downloaded the app first to see if it was comparable to the Magiclight Bluetooth app. Sadly, this app is not acceptable for my needs, so I will not be purchasing the much cheaper govee Bluetooth bulb (compared to the price of the magiclight bluetooth bulb). And yes, I am more than aware of led bulbs controlled via WiFi, but for using it at work I have to use Bluetooth.

- Love it

So far so good I bought different Govee strips around the house and I’m able to name them and turn them off separately without an issue they are easy to install and easy to control from my phone I am going to set it up with Alexa and see how that works

- WiFi and Bluetooth

The device refuses to connect to WiFi even though I have both 2.4 and 5g WiFi. I tried multiple times to connect to my 2.4 and it doesn’t. Also it disconnects from Bluetooth constantly. I have also read multiple other people with the same complaints. Wished they did what they were advertised to do. Very disappointed with this product and honestly a waste of my money

- Update

I purchased multiple Minger DreamColor 5m LED Strips and I love them. I just find it tedious to select each individual light strip and wait for it to connect via Bluetooth to change the color, brightness, etc. I hope in the future that the app would allow the light strips to sync together as a one whole light strip as an option.

- Great App for Light Strips

This app is one of the best ones for light strips. They are constantly updating the app and the lights strips. The menu is great and easy. They add new effects and features in the app. Really enjoy the support Govee gives to this app. Would recommend this brand, just because of the app!

- Disapponted.

Bought 4 of the 32ft alexa compatible strips. Absolutely ZERO way to make an account. Deleted the app, redownloaded. Even contacted customer support, which btw is one of the worst CS experiences I have ever had in terms of response times. So yeah, can’t create an account because the app’s broken. I’ve tried on 3 different phones and my buddies phone, nothing worked. Can’t create an account on their website, they have it shut off. I’ll be getting a refund if better service doesn’t come soon.

- Review

I gave this a two star review because when I try and change the colors on the app it gives my a lot of options but say I want pink I get green of yellow so any color I try to put on it either shows up as green or yellow and this started happening after the update they had so I don’t know if I really am that big of a fan of this product any more but hopefully you guys can get that fixed

- Bright

Nice lights but could you make the brightness more dim. It’s at 1% but it’s still so bright. my older lights (same length put in the same room) allowed me to dim them pretty low so that i could use it to fall asleep. I always use the timer to turn off after i go to bed but i can’t sleep with those

- Features recently removed

I can connect to devices fine, and the app works for what I need; except an important feature was just removed. I live in an apartment, I wanted the leak detectors but I don’t want them to do the loud alarm. You used to be able to mute the alarm and just get push notifications, for some reason this was removed. Please bring it back.

- Like It, Until.

I love my new led lights I like the Bluetooth features the sound features, color schemes, etc. until I came home and turned my lights on and they were stuck on green. The remote connected the the cord did not work on changing the colors neither did my phone via. Bluetooth. Please explain how to fix it or what’s wrong. Also unexpectedly turns off.

- The app is great!!

I love the app! There are some flaws to it like the widget part of the app. I’m having trouble making shortcuts and I’ve searched a lot and found nothing but this is a great app and I use the H6001 Light Bulb in my room and it’s great. There are so many different things you can do with it like change the colors and add different scenes like rainbow or sunrise and sunset. Totally recommend.

- Fine app but a suggestion

Y’all should put a color option on the timer. I wanna be able to put my Govee on a schedule where it is red low light at night and then automatically turns on to match the sunlight in the mornings, but right now I can only find the on switch

- This app is Amazing (Don’t believe all reviews)

This app is awesome and the lights are so much cheaper. Very easy to connect and I have not had any issues using the app. I don’t know why people are putting such low reviews. This app is excellent! From a developers perspective 😃

- Needs more personalization

This is a good app, however on the timer and sleep settings, you can’t choose your own color and are stuck with a terrible stark white. Who wants to fall asleep/wake up to that? Not me! Definitely needs improvement, but I do appreciate outside of the timer settings, you can save your favorite colors.

- LED Lights

Recently, I purchased LED Lights by Govee for my room. Not only am I impressed with the lights, but this app makes customizing my room so much cooler. And with new themes just launched, I am certainly happy. The app is easy to use. Definitely going to be purchasing from this company again!

- Request to save custom color settings

There should be a way you can save certain color combos and effects. It would be nice to easily create a few options saved to swap between. Instead of changing each light every time. Other than that we love it 😊

- Temp sensors A+

The temperature (and humidity) sensors work extremely well. I have the WiFi model, the Bluetooth model, and the one that comes with 2 remotes and a WiFi gateway. Easy to set up (2.4 G WiFi only), Bluetooth range is fantastic and temperature seems spot-on. The best part is the WiFi models can be accessed remotely.

- Go back to the old version.

After the update we’ve lost a lot of color options such as hot pink, maroon, shades of purple and orange. Can you make the color bar back to how it used to be so we can different variations of our colors. Also the color wheel doesn’t get those colors either so just a suggestion to go back to the old color bar.

- Premium Product, Buggy App

The DreamColor Strips Are very high quality and the many options inside the app are upscale but the app tend to disconnect from the strips often since it uses Bluetooth for FULL Control. If you guys can push a firmware update to these Light Strips or App to support FULL WiFi control, that’s an easy 5 Stars from me and more of your products I’ll buy:)

- One of the best LED apps

I have tried every LED app modifications that is on the market these days but Govee is the most simple one to use easy to set up timers included breath spray using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. I’m looking forward to all the new updates are coming out soon. Israel

- WiFi connection

I purchased this item based on the fact I would be able to control trough Alexa and my iPhone. I hoooked it up and the app just doesn’t connect to the lights. The app doesn’t let me change color or operate any functions. If I change the color from blue to red it jumps back to blue. I’m not able to use any of the functions of the remote app. I’ve reinstalled the app, disconnect my phone and reconnect and still nothing. This app needs major work.

- USED to work great

This app used to be great. However, after the recent update it erased my scenes and constantly pops up a “network anomaly” error. The app says the strips are connected to WiFi, but on further inspection in settings, they are NOT. Timers also stopped functioning completely to automatically turn strips on and off. Will update my review if they fix all of these new issues. Until then, buyer beware.

- I like it

The bulb functions just like you think. The only problem I see is that you cannot set it to automatically play the sunrise scene with a Bluetooth bulb. Another issue is the layout of the iPad app. It’s just the iPhone app shrunk down. Overall, it’s okay, but some work could be done.

- Please add custom color saving.

I’d love to be able to save a custom color so I don’t have to find it in the color spectrum every time. This would also make it easy to calibrate several sets of strips to one color because it seems different lengths of strips have minutely different preset colors from the app.

- Great product

Bought this 3 months ago, basically a good product! Hasn’t failed! Quite a few adjustments to lighting affects. I made a background fire seen, northern lights, police lights, and about 12 other arrangements.. on there DYI lighting I think there should be a blank for a better pause on some effects! It’s a shame you can’t run 2 or more of the remote so they are in sync. But I still like it very much.......

- Just works

Works well. Everything connected up quickly and the app is intuitive and simple to use. The large amount of different “scenes” are appreciated and cool to play around with. I’m happy.

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@Sennah6425 @ZachSaps It should be back very soon on our Govee home website 😊


For those of you discovering our Govee Home app for the first time today, we run in-app contests and activities every month. This week is our #RGBIC Galaxy activity. Go play and win points that you can put towards free Govee products! #LetYourGalaxyShine🪐 #GoveeXmas☃️


@JohnGilleese Yes ☺️ As long as both strips are WiFi or both are Bluetooth, they can then be grouped in the Govee Home app and app-controlled together to appear as the same strip.


@JohnGilleese Sure. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we can help make a recommendation. We have 5m and 10m, Bluetooth/Wifi app control through our Govee Home app, normal RGB or multi-color RGBIC, and voice control compatibility is needed through Wifi (Alexa, Google Home, Siri).😊


@Dec2T @ciarcarlin Bluetooth can also be controlled with our Govee Home app ☺️


@ZachSaps @Hoss00312 @SantaGovee Just look for more info at the top post of the Govee Home Forum ; )


@Hoss00312 @ZachSaps @SantaGovee We have a brand new program that just rolled out in Govee Home. Once you have your lights paired, you can put Zach’s email (same as he has registered in the Govee Home app) as your Govee reference and net him a bucket of Govee points that he can use to get some goodies 😊


It's the new must-have Christmas decoration😄 Brighten up your tree with colorful Govee #RGBIC LED lights! Speaking of decoration, only 2 days left to enter our Govee Home Christmas Decorations Contest with tons of prizes. Find it now in the Govee Home app. #GoveeXmas 🎄


Govee RGBIC Flow Pro lightbars enhance your smart home or Gaming experiences.


@Juicealmighty__ If you have a suggestion, post it on our Govee Home forum. Our app and product teams read the forums every day for new ideas.

Amazon Best Sellers

Govee Smart RGB Led Strip Lights, 16.4 Feet, Works with Alexa, for Home, Party, Kitchen is top trending product in Tools & Home Improvement category now. (Amazon Best Sellers)


For those asking, Govee Home v.3.9.0 is now officially ready and you can update now! 😊 That also mean our full lineup of App Christmas contests, especially your beloved Spin-to-Win, are also officially live again! Full list of new features in the link:


Govee RGB Led Strip Lights, 32.8 Feet with Smart App Control and Music Sync for Kitchen, Home, Party - @Eledonkstore


Govee RGB Led Strip Lights, 32.8 Feet with Smart App Control and Music Sync for Kitchen, Home, Party #SmartHome #Ad #SmartHouse

Amazon Best Sellers

Govee Smart RGB Led Strip Lights, 16.4 Feet, Works with Alexa, for Home, Party, Kitchen is top trending product in Tools & Home Improvement category now. (Amazon Best Sellers)

Govee Home 3.9.0 Screenshots & Images

Govee Home iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Govee Home iphone images
Govee Home iphone images
Govee Home iphone images
Govee Home iphone images
Govee Home iphone images
Govee Home iphone images
Govee Home iphone images

Govee Home (Version 3.9.0) Install & Download

The applications Govee Home was published in the category Utilities on 2018-07-27 and was developed by Shenzhen Intellirocks Tech Co. Ltd. [Developer ID: 1514739340]. This application file size is 140.93 MB. Govee Home - Utilities app posted on 2020-12-21 current version is 3.9.0 and works well on IOS 9.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ihoment.GoVeeSensor

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