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What is google authenticator app? Google Authenticator works with 2-Step Verification for your Google Account to provide an additional layer of security when signing in.

With 2-Step Verification, signing into your account will require both your password and a verification code you can generate with this app. Once configured, you can get verification codes without the need for a network or cellular connection.

Features include:
- Automatic setup via QR code
- Support for multiple accounts
- Support for time-based and counter-based code generation
- Transfer accounts between devices via QR code

To use Google Authenticator with Google, you need to enable 2-Step Verification on your Google Account. Visit to get started.

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How to contact Google Authenticator (Google LLC)?
Find this site the customer service details of Google Authenticator. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Google Authenticator Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Google Authenticator Version 3.4.001 March 2022

- Added iPad multitasking features and the ability to drag & drop OTP codes - Minor bug fixes.

Google Authenticator Comments & Reviews 2022

- No Cloud Backup

There are many reviews complaining that deleting the app, migrating to a new device, etc… lost access to their 2-factor auth codes. This is exactly what you want from a security perspective! That is precisely why I rated this app with 5 stars. Very few 2-factor apps do not backup to the cloud and this is one of them. No question that cloud backup is extremely convenient but there is often a trade-off between convenience and security and this is a great example of that. This app is for those who choose a bit of extra security (codes only stored on the device) over the convenience of having their codes stored both on the device and in the cloud.

- I Lost Everything

I lost access to my google account I’ve had my entire life after I got a new phone number and had to get a new iCloud account. I didn’t even get a new phone so there’s no “new phone” to get the codes from. In turn I lost access to my google photos account that had over 18,000 photos backed up to it. I lost all of my daughters newborn photos, my wedding photos and countless other memories I will never be able to retrieve. Unless you’re some sort of high level security person you don’t need this app, DO NOT get it. It’s too easy to lose everything. I don’t even remember why I got it because I didn’t need the extra security. I just thought it was a neat feature I guess. Biggest mistake of my life. I’ve also lost access to ALL of my apps and accounts as well. I had to make all new social media accounts and I still can’t get logged back into some apps because I have a new phone number as well. So I’m logged out of my bank app and pharmacy app as well. I’m sick to my stomach. Please just don’t get this app unless you absolutely NEED the extra security. I would give ANYTHING to be able to retrieve the memories and photos I have lost forever.

- Terrible mfa application. The absolute worst.

Use any other MFA app, but this one. It does not save your information. If you change phones or migrate phone platforms, you are completely screwed unless you remove mfa from all your apps before you uninstall the Google Authenticator app. And if you lose your phone, you are just screwed with no recourse. If you use the Microsoft Authenticator, at least it will remember your information while you are on the same phone platform. But Google? Nope. Don’t even bother to ask for help because all you will receive is arrogant script kiddies belittling you for something you didn’t even know you were supposed to do. I’ll be uninstalling many Google apps in the coming month. I can definitely do without you at least Microsoft has support for the products they make. Imagine if GM made you ask other car owners how to use the windshield wipers, or how to change a tire. Google’s arrogance is amazing. I’ll make use of capitalism and find a better mouse trap.

- Essential App, But No Cloud Backup

This is one of the most essential apps on my phone. I don’t know why I trust Google with my 2FA codes (I don’t really) but this is a very useful and important app. It is pretty basic as far as apps go, but it works for the intended purpose. They just added the ability to transfer 2FA codes when upgrading to a new phone. They released this feature less than a month after the second wave of new iPhones came out… so less than a month ago I did the transfer manually, turning 2FA off and back on for my new phone across a dozen services. Some were easy to transfer, others were the opposite. It took over an hour. Their timing with this feature is awful, but at least it’s here now I suppose.

- OCTOBER 20, 2020 NOW IPHONE 11Pro Max 10:47am ho

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- Do not use this app!

If you are in a situation where you are forced to use this app, be sure to keep backup codes so that you can access whatever applications you need to access in the event you lose your connection with Google authenticator. Because of a recent Facebook debacle and not knowing that it was necessary to save recovery codes with Google authenticator, I am now unable to access a 10+ year old Facebook account that includes some business connections. Facebook‘s issues are on them however, since I have a long-standing Google account, I don’t understand how I am unable to recover the connection with my Facebook account to allow me to get back in again. Is google authenticator completely unaffiliated with Google? Very disappointing and in 2021, I can’t believe things are this difficult for the average every day user.

- App Deleted ALL My Accounts - STAY AWAY

This app displayed duplicates for all my accounts. Naturally, I deleted all the duplicates. A few days later I was prompted with the “get started” screen, and to my horror ALL of my accounts were deleted(including crypto wallets and other extremely important things). As it turns out, I am not the only one affected. Simply search “Google Authenticator Duplicates iOS 15” online. I am currently locked out of ALOT of money and several productivity accounts at work and might be completely out of luck. I expected much better from Google and this has only hastened my separation from their products and services. This is inexcusable. Typically I am lenient, but when a product exists to secure your online accounts, it shouldn’t effectively lock you out of them. This is outrageous and it blows my mind that QA did not catch this.


Do not get this app!! I’m sure there are other apps that can safely store your information. I got my phone smashed and haven’t been able to retrieve anything, I thought everything saved to my iCloud but nothing was backed up. I had the screenshots from this app but due to have my phone smashed, I obviously can’t see them. I was never sent an email (as they should confirming this service) and have 0 trace of what I used to create this account. You’d think it’d work with a google account but no, it’s like I never had it. I’ve been unable to reach my passwords to accounts I’ve had for years and I have read every site possible with no solution. Google has no contact number to reach when you need help and if they do they just send you to the most unhelpful links. It’s a really unpleasant experience I urge you to not get this app.

- After 2 years…

After two years using Authenticator I am very disappointed in the lack of communication in the lack of support and basic usage steps. I have lost over 8 accounts, imagine being hassled to set up two factor authentication every time you log in only to lose your accounts if you ever upgrade phones. Not once or anywhere on the app does it say that you will need both phones present to transfer the codes. I run a business through Facebook which generates over 500k in revenue a year. Imagine losing an account with that much value. Luckily I have things in place to keep up advertising. That being said I will be contacting my lawyer and looking into what options are available to me maybe even look into class actions as I see many others are having the same issue

- Risky Choice for 2FA

Using an authenticator app for 2FA is seen as a top choice for securing access to sensitive accounts over other methods. However, when the app stops loading, and instead crashes on open, you can easily lose access to these accounts if you’re relying on the app for 2FA and you don’t have backup methods configured (or physically accessible to you in the moment). This app is quite terrible in terms of its support and user experience. It did work, at one point, and now it doesn’t which means that I can never rely on it again. I’ve been slowing shifting to the Microsoft Authenticator app which has a superior user experience and feature set, is substantially more reliable, and works. I would not use this app if I were you.

- Mixed Feelings

This app succeeds at providing an air of security to users. But, who is going to protect us from Google? Every time you use the app, Google links you and your device at that time and location to the application you are authenticating. So, if you are deliberately trying to stay private, but are forced to 2FA, this app actually may diminish your personal privacy and security. But, of course we can trust Google! They have spent a TON of money telling us that. Still 5 stars. The truth should not diminish a good rating. It should be transparent.

- Do NOT use this app - use any other alternative

The reason I simple: since there is no way to back up your accounts: if the app doesn't start, crashes, or worse, you have NO way to get your accounts back. This is basically what happened to me. First, after upgrading to iOS 15, I noticed that all my accounts got duplicated for no reason. Then, I tried to remove each duplicate, and at some point the app crashed and all my account got erased in the process!!! Thankfully, I had tested - a few months ago - the account transfer feature, to see if I could transfer to my iPad,l. So I had a "backup" of sorts on my iPad and wasn't locked out of my accounts. But if I had not done that, everything would have been lost and I would be locked out of everything!!!

- Wiped all my 2FA codes

Like many other reviewers, it finally happened to me: Last week, I opened the Google Auth app to see all my accounts and codes duplicated. I went through and removed the dupes, and everything was fine until today, when I launched the app to find an empty “welcome” screen and no codes. This is the same phone I’ve had for years, the app hadn’t updated in weeks or months… no clue what caused this, and I’ve used this app daily for years… until this happened out of the blue. User beware - if you use this app, make extra sure you save your backup codes and have a backup auth method on all your 2FA accounts. Personally, I’m using this as an opportunity to migrate to another auth app that allows secure backups and no reports of random resets.

- Finally!!!!!

I just wanted to say Thank you for finally putting a export accounts option to move from device to device cause this was always my more preferred app but due to lack of exporting accounts couldn’t take the risk so I’ve been using the Microsoft version. I did like how there was a Apple Watch version although It was never really that useful anyway. But I hope maybe there might be a Apple Watch version of this someday if not that’s fine then. Please always keep improving this app.

- Won’t start after iOS 14.2 update, v3.1.0 of the app

(UPDATE: it’s working again after app update! The App Store told me there was no update available when I first checked, but now 10 min later there is an update. Problem was Apple, not Google.) I have loved google Authenticator for my 2fa needs: SSH verification and websites. But now the app will not start. I’ve rebooted my phone and checked the App Store for updates but I’m running version 3.1.0 of the app already.

- Is this the update we’ve been waiting for?

I saw with the most recent update Google added the feature to move accounts to a new device. Previously the Authenticator app only moved Google accounts so if it now moves all accounts that are stored in the Authenticator app that would make this app 100% more useful. I only change devices every few years so I’ll need to wait to confirm but this appears to be a major update with a feature that people have wanted for a very long time

- Improvement Suggestion

I think there should be an easier way for me to regain access into my account authenticators that I had on my device before I had refreshed my phone While my phone operates much nicer than it did, and though the accounts that I have yet to regain access to do not have very much money at all and I have access to my accounts that I want, I feel that increasing convenience would be an easier process for account recovery especially because I have everything to prove that I am the owner to all of the accounts that have any money as with the accounts that I have access to now, I went about identifying each account individually Thank you for ensuring that my accounts are secure permitting me to have direct access to what I want - Keean

- Use something else!!! (0 stars if I could )

I recently upgraded my phone and none of my data transferred nor does this app offer cloud backups,I’ve had to contact support for each of my accounts and have them turn off 2FA for me. The fact that this is a google app and I have to use my Gmail to use this app should mean cloud backups for that account. And yeah I get there’s a transfer but that completely useless because you have to have the previous phone data still in tact to even use, when most people just whip the phone and give it to a family member or sell it online. Look for something else I recommend Authy or Microsoft’s Authenticator.

- I can’t get back on my old google Authenticator

There are many reviews complaining that deleting the app, migrating to a new device, etc... lost access to their 2-factor auth codes. This is exactly what you want from a security perspective! That is precisely why I rated this app with 5 stars. Very few 2-factor apps do not backup to the cloud and this is one of them. No question that cloud backup is extremely convenient but there is often a trade- off between convenience and security and this is a great example of that. This app is for those who choose a bit of extra security (codes only stored on the device) over the convenience of having their codes stored both on the device and in the

- Works… could be a lot better!

I lost a lot when my phone died. So I understand the frustration with not being able to backup, and also understand why they chose not to have this option. But this could be safely and easily solved by having a recovery option linked to a phone number. Essentially the same way that emails can have a backup email, why not a backup 2FA? They could do much better allowing for sharing between devises. This is important for teams or even just people more than one device like phone and a tablet. Finally most don’t need this, but some do. So why not have an option for some organization? I give it 4 stars because it does work, and it is a great solution over text massage 2FA which can be very problematic when traveling between countries.

- Basic But Good

Google Authenticator is a good, but very basic Authenticator app. In my view it is missing the ability to 1) make a backup of your keys; 2) sync your keys between multiple devices (you can add a key to multiple devices now but only manually); 3) add a password or otherwise secure the app, so if someone gains access to your device they can’t also get into authenticator. Microsoft Authenticator and Authy both offer these features. Google needs to up its game.

- It’s alright... but they listened to my feedback and improved!

The app doesn’t explain many of its features well and has noticeably less features than the versions on other phones. I sent a detailed feedback message about important features that were missing, and a few weeks later all the features I mentioned were either improved upon or added! It makes me happy that my input was listened to!

- Random 2fa delete.

I had been using this app for a year now I think. Randomly I updated it and my 2FA accounts were duplicated, so I had to delete the duplicated ones. Today I was doing nothing at all with my phone, didn’t restart it, didn’t delete anything, didn’t update anything (I have auto updates disabled) and suddenly when I get into the app because I had to use it, everything got deleted, as if it was my first time using the app. I changed to Microsoft app now, there is no backup method in Google Authenticator. I also had to delete my Sentri account which had an open application because of this app.

- GOOGLE AUTHENTICATOR deleted my accounts, after duplicating them.

One day like any other I decide to enter my GOOGLE AUTHENTICATOR and all my key (accounts) were repeated, so I decide to delete the copy or repetition of each account, and everything remains as always, or as it should be, I leave google 2FA and when I go back in to my surprise all the accounts I had were deleted, therefore I have lost all my 2FA passwords, since Google AUTHENTICATOR made the Serious mistake of duplicating my accounts, and then deleting them when they were normal, I hope it will Somehow the support can help me, since it was the App itself that eliminated them.

- This is utter crap. Locks yourself out

I can’t believe I’m having to write a review. I’ve tried time and time again to work with this STUPID 2 way authenticating crap. The codes don’t work and I’ve tried every troubleshooting instructions I’ve found on the internet and yet nothing works. Because I have a new device, I can’t access my old codes. And now I’m locked out of my own accounts and can’t get in. The only way this is going to be fixed is if you throw this entire process into a fire. Or if you’re lucky, MAYBE someone can help you. I JUST want to get into my accounts! Is that too much to ask?!

- Great app

Easy to use. Functional without significant software issues. This app would also be very handy to have a widget which was present when I swiped left on my iPhone so that I would not have to click into the app every time as my current organization requires two factor authentication every time I login.

- Bad Design

Google, just because you’re user base is FORCED to use this product doesn’t mean you should do the bare minimum. Did the developers think we would only need to store 10-20 accounts? One star review until there is a way to organize accounts by folder/category and export more than 10 accounts at a time. Come on! This is basic UI/UX stuff here. When you have a lot of accounts loaded it takes forever to find anything. And why would anyone only want to backup 10 accounts at a time? You should allow backup of All accounts or select accounts.

- Lacks Functionality

This authentication app will work but lacks functionality when being used as MFA for multiple sources. While some of the issue is with the sources not setting up their QR Codes and/or URLs correctly and either leaving a default name or email address this app also doesn’t have the ability to rename the authentication tokens. This makes it harder to locate the correct for accounts not normally used or when you have both private and corporate accounts for the same source.

- No Apple Watch app

I need this to work from my Apple Watch. The position I have my online website asks for the Authenticator almost every 30 Minutes and anytime you don’t click the screen for 5 minutes. I can’t keep getting my phone out or using the one on google and you can’t have both set up. The Watch app would be easier for me to look over and have it easily assessable.

- The worst Authenticator app ever. Tokens get removed by themselves.

You have all heard of complaints that the app does not allow you to migrate your Authenticator tokens over to a new phone or other device. This is unfortunately expected with this app. Use Authy if you need to be able to back up and transfer 2 factor authentication tokens. The real issue came in after the iOS 15 update. The app decided to add duplicate tokens to my Authenticator app. Meaning I had 2 codes for 1 account. Logically as one would I removed one (1) token out of the app and continued with my day. 2 days later the app randomly decided to delete ALL 6 of my tokens. Meaning I had to re set up 2 factor authentication on 6 different websites and services. TL;DR this app is broken. Tokens (2 factor authentication accounts) get removed by themselves magically. The app has not been updated in months and the developers lack the brain cells to update it and fix bugs.

- These validators make things worse

After my Apple phone reinstalled the system, the account in the Google authenticator was gone, and the website that required two-step verification could not be opened. Please, is this a normal situation? Once the app is uninstalled, the website that has previously undergone two-step verification will not be opened. So, what is the meaning of these autoencitors?

- FINALLY we can import into a different device

Before I think the biggest issue was having to manually deal with moving your accounts. Now it does this for you. Not sure about the security of this process, or Google in general. But I’ve been using it for years without issue.

- Just trash.

Thanks to this trash app, whoever designed it and to whoever “maintains” it, I can’t access my Nintendo account with all my points and rewards. The fact that I have to save the backup codes and Google couldn’t be arsed to sent them to me on an email, means I can’t access my account anymore. Why do I have to save the codes? What if I lose my phone??? Why do I have to save them?? Google really couldn't sent them to me on an email or, god forbid, save them on a cloud?!?!?! The codes the app generates in the fly don’t work. Nintendo keeps telling me they are incorrect.

- Huge liability!!!

when I migrated to a new phone it deleted all of the different accounts, and now my Econ business is not able to sell or advertise on the meta-apps including Facebook or Instagram whatsoever. There is no warning about this issue and therefore it is extremely risky, and likely that a business owner is going to get locked out of numerous accounts. The Facebook problem is gargantuan, and there is absolutely no way to fix it on the Facebook side, I have been talking to their High-levelTeam for three weeks. Huge huge huge problem I can't overstate

- All my authenticator setup despaired after upgrading to IOS 15

I have upgrade my iPhone to iOS 15 and after that all authentication codes and setups on my google authenticator app duplicated and when i delete the each of extra setups my original setups also gone as well and this issue made a lot of problems for me

- Love the app. But…

Love the app, it is perfect for my use. However, I need it frequently. So frequently that it would be very beneficial if there was Apple Watch Support for this application. If I could gain my codes from my watch. Thank you developer team, let me know if there is any progress or plans for this added feature.

- Had to leave this review

If your phone breaks or is lost, just know if you use these apps and are not a profitable business for Google you will loose your accounts too. Not a bit of support online to get you back into your accounts if you don’t have the original device that used the 2FA. The technology is not ready yet and should not be used if you rely on your accounts for business. Just use insane passwords and change them frequently. You’ll go through a headache at one point or another using garbage like this.

- Absolutely the best MFA app out there

This is the best MFA by far among other ones that we use today. I use DUO and Microsoft Authenticator as well for work purposes but this one from Google is the best one. When you have a new phone, you simply export it to the new phone by taking a picture and that’s it. No other apps does this!!

- No Backups or Recovery methods

In 2021 it boggles my mind that there is no way to restore accounts added to this app. If you have to restore your phone for software issues or lose your phone then any account linked to this app is a total loss. You have to manually save backup codes for accounts or else they are lost. I have 2 other Authenticator apps that were able to restore accounts just fine. Terrible software by Google. Use ONLY if it’s the only option, other apps are much more user friendly.

- What would be really cool.

An app or website that required the use of Two-FA. Being able to set up, reset or do anything other stare at it. I have all these wonderful options available to me if I could just follow the instructions. Which seems not work, no reset. No removal. If only money wasn't involved because then I would not have retry this every few weeks. In theory, App would be wonderful. If there tools, explanations and instructions. All those wonderful things. It's great to follow video as well.. till you get To the point of wow. 🤬

- Thank you for adding a search function!

This was my review before the search was added: I have enabled 2FA in a lot of websites, sometimes is not easy to find the one I need by just scrolling through all of them. A search function would solve that.

- Untrustworthy app

I relied on this app to ensure two factor authentication to my various accounts and about three days back when I checked the Authenticator app I saw two entries for each of my accounts. I was uncomfortably surprised but then I decided to clean up the duplicate entries. Now when I logged in , I see that even my original accounts have been deleted. Some idiot decided to push a config change across all sites to purge the duplicate entries without thinking of cases like mine. Will move to Microsoft. The standard is low by google scale for this app.

- Risky Choice for 2FA

Google Authenticator works fine as long as you have access to the app, but there is no cloud option to get codes. If your phone is lost, stolen, or otherwise unavailable (e.g. water damage) you cannot access your Authenticator app to get codes which basically means you are locked out of your accounts. I am going through the hassle of re-establishing access to my accounts now since I can no longer access Authenticator through my phone. Chose an authenticator service that has a cloud feature.

- 2Factor Authentication

This is what we need. It adds a layer of protection. It's a constant battle these technologies get hacked that's why updates is so important. Even then we are vulnerable. The Internet was not designed for security. That is a weakness of it. God bless. Let us all keep freedom. Because we have freedom we take more risk. If we reduced risk we reduce freedom

- Works as expected with a hitch

Yeah I upgraded my device and was quick to wipe the old one. Then found out oops. Luckily I had most of all my protected accounts still logged in on other devices. But that moment when you think “what have I done?!? Dread dread dread… loosing access to all my stuff.” I hope you never feel that. Otherwise a great app!


Setting this up with Instagram was the stupidest thing I’ve done in a while. iPhone glitched and factory reset which wiped my Google Authenticator App, I had diligently saved my back up codes but they don’t work. There is no way to “re login” to your Google Authenticator App. I have regained access to all my other accounts but because neither Google or Instagram has actual human support I am indefinitely locked out of instagram until they respond to me which since they don’t have human support may never happen. DO NOT USE.

- If you’re getting a new phone, remember to export your information

I now use Microsoft Authenticator, because I thought the 2FA was connected to your google account. However that was not the case. Microsoft Authenticator layout and GUI is convenient to use compared to Google Authenticator. I understand the 2FA is used for security purposes, but there should at least be an account associated with it for recovery purposes. The software should also warn you if you’re migrating to a new phone you may have to export your information.


God forbid your phone breaks or you lose it there is no way to transfer any old passwords to new phone. I can no longer get onto half my apps when I upgraded. You will have to contact each company one by one and get them to reverse it and let you in. Google won’t even try to help you. Use literally any other app. They will claim that you need to have your old phone with you in order to transfer but unless you knew that before hand (which is not made obvious or clear) you are out of luck.


Unbelievable how this works… If you break your phone, lose it, or upgrade it, you’re dead out of luck. (Who doesn’t upgrade there phone often these days anyway?) There is no way to recover your codes once your use a new device, even if back up and restored. The help forums mention back-up codes, however Authenticator never gives you any when you begin using it. Can’t believe this was overlooked. Incredibly frustrating. Locked out of any service right now that used Authenticator.

- Barely half baked still!

Sure I’m down with everything Cupertino but love all things Google as well! However, this Authenticator is still years behind others. Not only should they have already had dark mode in place when they had it in place with all the other apps they produce BUT THEY SHOULD HAVE THE ABILITY TO LOG IN FROM A DIFFERENT DEVICE AND ALL YOUR ACCOUNTS ARE THERE! I personally had an old device stolen from me and when I set up my new device I was screwed b\c all my 2FA numbers were on that old device. This *NEW* feature still doesn’t address this issue b\c you need THE OLD DEVICE! How’s that going to help me??! I still can’t get into my Dashlane Password Manager b\c that 2FA was linked to that stolen device’s Google Auth. I finally discovered Authy and haven’t looked back! It’s free and does every exact thing i want or need! Get on the ball Google!!!!

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- Just don’t wipe your accounts

A lot of 1 star reviews come from people who wiped their accounts on their old phone and can no longer authenticate their accounts. But if you don’t do that then this app is totally secure and does what it’s supposed to, and it’s safe to ignore the very low rating for this app.

- iOS 15

After upgrading to iOS 15 all accounts are duplicated. However, deleting the duplicates also deletes the originals, locking you out of your accounts permanently unless you’ve saved your recovery codes. The solution is to uninstall & reinstall the app instead of deleting the duplicates. This is the second time this app has broken after an iOS update. Very scary. I expect much better from the one of the most successful software companies in the world.

- A quick and fast way to lose your keys

Avoid this application as there’s no off-device encrypted backups. It’s on you to manually manage every single key manually. An upgraded handset can hard lock you out of anything this application is touching if you assume that app data will transfer across. Have already spent 10’s of hours arguing with support staff on multiple platforms and incurring unforeseen costs recovering accounts. Google’s documentation for the service is sparse and inconsistent; complete fail for what should be the gold standard for an authenticator.

- iOS 15 update !

After updating to iOS 15 it duplicated all my accounts and when I deleted one it deleted them all (duplicates and original) possibly locking me out of all my accounts! Very frustrating, do better google!

- After iOS 15.0.1, accounts duplicated then access was lost

After updating my iPhone, I opened the app and noticed duplicates. I deleted these and the next time I used the app it had reset (no accounts listed and was guiding me through the set up procedure). This is a horrible oversight. I lost access to work and private accounts and it severely impacted my workflow. It is also incredibly worrying from a security perspective. This experience is making me consider using a new 2FA app as I have to reset everything anyway.

- Add a watch app

The Authenticator is great and I can’t fault it really except that I think it would be handy to be able to access it from my Apple Watch. There are often times where I use a computer to log in and I might not have my phone near me and have to get up to get it. If I could access the Authenticator from my Apple Watch it would be more convenient

- how to lose all your accounts 101

It’s simple! get 2FA on all your accounts using google authenticator then buy a new phone and make sure your old phone is reset and bam! you lost all your 2FA codes and have been completely locked out of all yours accounts with no way to get in! you think google will help resolve this problem and get your accounts back? think again! they are absolutely useless when it comes to getting your accounts back :)

- Updating new device

Only issue with this app is when you buy a new device and have to transfer the linked programs

- Transfer Accounts to New Phone

I got a new iPhone and it was made simple to transfer information from on phone to the other


you lose your phone and you’ll lose every account you enabled 2fa on using this app. They do not let you log back in on a different device without using your old one. No customer service whatsoever either.

- Unable to login to accounts

This app was fine until I needed to get a new phone. Even after transferring everything from a backup, I can’t login to accounts like FB, IG and messenger. Google also provides zero customer support, making it impossible to recover login codes. Apple have me a contact number to a disconnected phone line. I Would never have downloaded it if I knew this would happen.

- So easy to use

I am enjoying the authenticator app it’s so easy to use & easy to transfer from one device to the other

- Not much reason to change

- Included in iOS backups so no getting locked out - Can’t export to other TOTP apps without a large amount of work but easy to copy to another phone which also uses this app - Just works

- App locks you out of Facebook

This system has terrible flaws. If you lose, damage or break your phone you can’t access your Facebook account because the 2fa codes are stuck in the old phone. This is a total nightmare for a business to recover their profiles when the authentication app is physically inside Facebook rather than a link to authenticate. I do not recommend this service

- Updating to iOS has removed all my accounts

I have permanently lost access to accounts and services that used the Google Authenticator app for 2FA (two factor authentication) after updating to iOS 15. After removing the duplicates that popped up, the latest update for iOS15 has wiped ALL accounts linked to it. These accounts are now lost to me forever. How could Google not test this before releasing it? Truly negligent.

- Very insecure

There should be a way to get codes from all platforms when you install this app to a new phone with the same email I’d but no. I had to restore my iPhone because the new update iOS 14 would not take my passcode and said it’s wrong and I had to reset it. Now I can’t access any of my investment portfolio. What started as a security is the most insecure thing out there.

- Easy to use

With a small business, this app helps with several staff accessing sensitive information

- Fantastic product Google!

Fantastic product as usually from Google teams! Keep up the good work and keep improvising! Thank you! 👍

- Don’t use, it doesn’t back up your accounts!

If you change phones and don’t follow their transfer procedure, you lose all your sites and they can’t be retrieved. Choose literally any other authenticator, because almost all of the others do back up. Better yet, authentication is now built into iOS’s password management, so use that.

- Great for keeping accounts secure

So much better than printing out old codes or receiving text messages!!

- Locked out

The app spontaneously deleted all my accounts. Now I am locked out of everything with no support to assist!

- Backup

I lost my login to several sites and still haven’t been able to recover one. This was after I factory restored my phone. What is not emphasized is that it is critical that you save all authenticator backup codes somewhere safe. Without them you may never be able to log into some sites again.

- Easy security

This app make two factor identification a breeze. Love how easy it is to set up and knowing that my accounts are secure.

- Discord

Love the app so easy to use just download enter the key and a name and it testers every short while very easy to use great idea 👍👍👍

- Absolute joke

You need this app to log into any of your accounts yet it doesn’t work you think with such an important release the company would have thought to see that it at least works but no they just leave me and countless others locked out of there accounts with no way to rectify

- I wish I could rate this 0

After getting a new phone, I can’t switch devices because the 3 dots in the top right simply aren’t there (fully updated iOS & app). For such a large company, it is an incredibly janky app. 0/10 would STRONGLY recommend you NEVER USE this if you ever want to be able to recover your accounts.

- iOS issues

Same as others here - it’s quite outrageous when updating all accounts are duplicated. I deleted duplicates and now have lost all accounts. Extremely frustrating. I will attempt a reinstall.

- Help please

I had this app on my old phone with my snapchat codes and I bought a new phone and forgot to download it on my new phone first and reset my old phone and now all my codes are gone and I can’t have access to them so please help me get access to my codes I can provide any id proof please

- Does the Job

Simple, neat interface. Supports a wide range of apps and reduces the need for too many AUTH apps on your phone.

- Easy way

Very easy and convenient way to vet 2fa codes highly recommended app

- Excellent works as expected.

Excellent works as expected. Transferring account to new phone is a breeze

- Beware: if you lose or upgrade your phone. You are screwed

If you upgrade your phone to a new model then wipe your old phone, you can no longer access your Authenticator codes so good luck getting into your apps.

- Sad

I love this app because I have a lot of people try to hack my accounts. I bought a new phone and already got rid of everything on my old phone. Now I’ve lost everything and can’t long in. How can I fix this ?

- Just does what it says

I use this app for authentication on a number of websites. It just works.

- Lost everything

Since updating to IOS 15, all accounts have been deleted from the app. Meaning I no longer have anyway of logging into these accounts. Updating the app, uninstalling and reinstalling and contacting admins for help have not fixed the issue. Terrible app.

- Simple excellence

The best out there! Highly recommended - it simply works!

- GA all accounts were lost after I update the app

Couple of days ago I updated all useful apps on my iphone, including Google Authenticator, but when I open it today, it showed nothing, the GA was empty! All accounts were lost, including my money accounts!

- If I could give it no stars I would

What a complete pile of snot this app has become - update is a joke , it was annoying before no won’t even work . Will never use this again . Just another google product that’s half baked

- Terrible

This app doesn’t work. I have it on my iPhone and it’s never worked. The company that tells me to use it says the time must be synced. And to go to “settings “ and do a sync. Well.... there’s NO SETTINGS option. Why can’t they fix this? Useless app!

- Great app easy to use

Works every time

- No instructions

Told I had to down load this for a two factor authentication. For those not tech savvy like me this is nothing but random numbers with no clear meanings or directions on this app will delete very soon ☹️

- The best

I used this to get my old fn acc that got hacked back I really suggest using this

- Security

Keeps me safe and In control

- Authentication fail

I have an IPhone and can’t use 2FA as this app does not have a time correction for codes. It was working and now it’s not, I even deleted and re downloaded and entered the seeds for my apps. Still does not work. I need it to collect my investments.

- Google Authenticator

Just installed and will see how it goes. )

- Authenticator

Absolutely great easy to import. Thank you so much.

- Brand icons

Can we make it easier to find a platform, ie icons instead of text?

- Waste of time

Spent 10 minutes trying to use this and did not work. Downloaded another app and worked in 20 seconds and the steps were exactly the same. 0/10

- Different difficult to get recovery of phone gets stolen/or reset

It is extremely difficult to recover your Google Authenticator if your phone is stolen or reset due to many factors. Very short sighted design with little support

- What the !!!!

I am in the same situation as the rest here loosing all my investment accounts, about 8. How the hell are we suppose to log into our investment accounts like Binance, Coinspot etc etc?????? There is no recovery or anything!!!! You’ve just made my life and so many others miserable. Don’t just sit there and read our comments, (I doubt you even do that) fix your godd** App up, or delete it from the App Store!! My reall rating is -5 stars!!

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- Don’t listening to all the reviews

Legit almost all the reviews are from dumbasses not remembering the backup code websites give you just in case you lose your phone or it gets broken. This is one of the best authenticators out there you can use.

- Phone Change/broken old phone

I changed my phone 4 days ago and was not able to export Authenticator from the old phone because it was the last day for the return. Now i can not export that phone even though i. Cleaned everything. And due to this i cant use my accounts.

- Awesome app

Extremely safe guard all the time , I love it.

- App won’t work!

Had this app for a couple years and all of a sudden it won’t open. Can’t play my game without entering my Authenticator code. Please fix this.

- ???

Lost all my old codes because of this update, thanks a lot google, great job

- Export and Import of accounts

I changed my mobile phone recently without knowing how to export my existing accounts in the Google Authenticator app to the new device. The process is like a breeze, taking 10 seconds 👍🏻.

- it’s good

I like it it’s really good app

- Absolute piece of garbage trashcan app

Updated to ios 15, got duplicate entries, deleted the duplicates. ALL my 2FA is gone. Beyond mad this is absolute trash.

- Lost all my codes

I opened the app today and magically all codes are gone and the app is asking me to “Get Started”. Now I need to go through the process of resetting all 2FA protected services. Thanks google.

- Does the thing it does, but

Wish it also had an Apple Watch function. That’s be the bee’s knees.

- Good

It works amazingly and is consistent I think most low ratings are people who don’t know how 2fa work

- What’s not to love?

Has worked flawless every time I’ve ever had to use it, and currently have it set up to authenticate 5 of my various accounts. 2.3 out of 5 stars? Harsh.

- Top Notch

I was about to give 3 stars, since the app lagged the most needed feature, “Unlock by Face ID”, I saw there’s an update to the app, which surprisingly added this feature. Here’s, 5 Stars. To the people giving bad ratings, Probably have “password123” as their password or are just wondering how the app works.

- Works well

It works well, I haven’t had any issues with it.

- ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I installed and tried it and nothing was wrong, I don’t see why everyone hates it so much, it seemed pretty easy to use...

- Functional and straightforward

Easy to use it works and it adds another layer of security. Really appreciate that it’s free. Thank you Google for providing a valuable service.

- I’d Give Zero if I Could

The app itself works but after getting my phone replaced and restored from an iCloud backup it does not keep the codes. Almost all of my accounts are inaccessible , including my Snapchat with years and years of memories. I don’t ever write reviews but I want to prevent someone else from going through what i did. Do NOT use this app. Use any other form of 2FA; there isn’t even customer service.

- People

People who doesn’t know how 2 factor Authenticator app works, and didn’t get to learn how it works before they lose their account, blames the app. -1 to Google, -5 to people.

- dont get this

worse app ever.

- Smooth and easy to access

Works as expected and has access to a wide variety of apps.

- Annoying

Only thing that didn’t automatically transfer over to my new phone. Locked out of all my accounts now and I’m screwed. Thanks google.

- No back up

My cell was roasted by heat in car. Lost access, back up restore codes useless, I tried them all. Cloud back up useless was blank nothing backed up. Where is the email restore function? Why mess with something that worked. Now lost access to a system where I have money invested. Now that is a lost because of this crappy restore options. I would use a different system rather than google authentication which sucks. Nuff said

- Convenient centralized authentication app

Honestly, it’s extremely useful receiving authentication codes in one place instead of fishing them from different places of being inundated with text messages. The app is easy to use, automatically generates codes quickly and seamlessly. I love it!

- This is so cool

I like this app

- Agree with GhostlyHoots…

Have been using this app for ages and works really well. Easy to set up. Easy to add new keys. Read the 1 star reviews carefully. Not all Google apps are as good as this one, but this one is great!

- Bad

I changed my phone and cannot access the right codes anymore! Can i get help i cannot lose my accounts

- Good Authentication App!

this app is pretty good, as i've been using it for over a year, and is secure af!

- Facebook forced me to download this app

Facebook literally forced me to download this app to do two factor authentication. I was randomly signed out of Facebook and it required two factor to sign back in. It claims you have the option of a text message rather than this app, but a text never comes after attempting on 2 devices and 3 different browsers.

- Junk

It’s garbage.

- Only works with one email address

Impossible to say to this stupid software you are the one who has also a gmail address.

- No idea

No idea how to use it or why codes are not working at all!!!!

- Very good app thank you Google for your help

Very cool and secure app

- Horrible - locked out of everything

Nightmare. All of a sudden not working. Can’t get back in. Can’t get codes. Nightmare.

- Autenticidad

Excelente app

- Copy from old phone to new phone

It was so easy to do this and I am thrilled to restart using the accounts Diamond

- Was not made aware of backup codes when first downloaded

When I downloaded this many moons ago I was never made aware that there were backup codes or a QR code to be able to have to transfer this to a new device. It was deleted off my old device for space and that device is now gone. I thought I would just have to sign in order for it to be working again on a new device (I don’t even recall having to sign in when I originally downloaded, I just recall downloading it and the codes started generating), but complete no go. There’s no way to contact any support about this. Any “help” online just has you going in migraine inducing circles.

- transferring to a new phone is a hassle

Tried to transfer from one iOS device to another and it was a headache scanning the QR code. The QR code won’t pick up properly.

- The worst

I can’t get back into it or understand what it wants me to do. SO user unfriendly, and now I can’t see my work pay statements.

- ♾

Google & Max

- I created an authentication code yet it got erased

I made an Authentication code for my discord, it signed me out & then the app says “get started” even though I already did Total garbage

- Could be better.

Would be great if I can use the app, while I am on safari to scan the authentication without logging onto my computer.

- Parfait 10/10

Très bon app

- Transferred really nice to new device.

Easily transferred to new phone.

- Want to get locked out of your account? Use this

Codes are not automatically backed up to your Google account nor are you made aware of having to manually export your codes and manually back them up. If you wipe your phone there is no way to recover your ability to receive codes unless you knew to regularly export and manually backup the codes. There is no way to get the reinstalled version of this app to generate codes without importing a backup file. You are not made aware of this when you install the app. This app does such a good job protecting your accounts even you won’t be able to access them if you wipe your device. The only Google product I ever had a major issue with is this one. Be aware.

- Works great

This authenticator app works fantastic. Simple. Efficient. It does everything you want it to do

- It works. 👍

It’d be neat if it supported notifications for when particular services request an auth code (LastPass Authenticator does this, for instance), but I’m not sure the tech works that way. I assume this system is more passive in supplying the codes than active in fetching requests.

- Trash recovery

If you lose a phone this app makes it impossible to recover so many codes… this is real life people get phones stolen and Google makes it impossible to recover without old device! Even on computer you can’t recover old phrases…

- As good as it gets in a centralized system…

…but seriously, seek a decentralized option as soon as they become viable as power corrupts.

- Partly my fault

I was using this for 2FA on Discord but I decided to just delete discord cuz I didn’t have a use for it anymore so as long with discord I deleted this app. And now I want to go back on discord but when I try and log in it says I need the code, but when I go onto this app I can’t sign in to the account or whatever I had before so I can’t get the code for my discord account so we’ll I’m just kinda stuck.

- Very poor instruction

Very hard to follow instructions. I’m trying to set up the Authenticator on my iPad after having installed it with great difficulties I might add. They ask for a QR code…but from where? Right now I’ve used an export feature to transfer codes using QR to the iPad it worked so it seems but asked me to delete the account from my phone?

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Google Authenticator 3.4.0 Screenshots & Images

Google Authenticator iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Google Authenticator iphone images
Google Authenticator iphone images
Google Authenticator iphone images
Google Authenticator iphone images
Google Authenticator iphone images
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Google Authenticator (Version 3.4.0) Install & Download

The applications Google Authenticator was published in the category Utilities on 2010-09-20 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 26.2 MB. Google Authenticator - Utilities app posted on 2022-03-01 current version is 3.4.0 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: