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Google Authenticator works with 2-Step Verification for your Google Account to provide an additional layer of security when signing in.

With 2-Step Verification, signing into your account will require both your password and a verification code you can generate with this app. Once configured, you can get verification codes without the need for a network or cellular connection.

Features include:
- Automatic setup via QR code
- Support for multiple accounts
- Support for time-based and counter-based code generation

To use Google Authenticator, you need to enable 2-Step Verification on your Google Account. Visit to get started.

Google Authenticator App Description & Overview

The applications Google Authenticator was published in the category Utilities on 2010-09-20 and was developed by Google LLC. The file size is 22.14 MB. The current version is 3.0.1 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

• iPhone X support
• Minor bug fixes

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Google Authenticator Reviews


How do I set it up?  648395746  2 star

No idea how to get it going. What bar code? Zero instructions. Bad dog.


Excellent  qwicc  5 star

Works excellent


No backuos  Matttail  1 star

I assumed the account were backed up, but when I moved to a new phone I lost everything. I'm now going through a very painful process to recover my accounts. Use any other app that includes backups. Duo, LastPass, Microsoft authenticator... Anything but this.


Having issues  Dee47410  2 star

I was once an android carrier until just today when I purchased my first IPhone. Had been using 2-factor authentication to log onto my Facebook acct, using the codes generated thru this app to complete the log in. Worked fine on my android, but with the IPhone the codes are not being accepted! Very frustrated because I am effectively locked out of my own Facebook acct! Help!!!


Want to get f-ed over?  Litisgod  1 star

This app isn’t supported by google. Lets say you get a new phone... all your codes magically disappear and you cannot retrieve them. Now, all the sites i used this 2fa generator will not let me in without lengthy exams that require hours, days of time waiting. Sometimes making it impossible to retrieve account access.


Mad🙄🙄🤬🤬  YSNMeqz  1 star

The codes didn’t work now I can’t sign into my epic games account


Serious flaw (no backups)  SeizeTheBeat  2 star

This app takes no cloud backups. I got a new phone and lost all my Authenticators I had stored. Spent weeks submitting paper work to get into my business accounts. I love google and their products, but this thing is an absolute joke. Even if your iPhone takes backups it will not restore the codes. Why is this not synced in a personal cloud or to google directly??? I suggest you use one that has an account sync, or one that’s integrated in a password manager (like 1Password’s “one-time password” feature). Google, I know you can do better than this.


Absolutely horrible  JwshBnkr  1 star

This app is absolute garbage, I can’t even get codes to play games I bought because it won’t get them. The app only gives me the codes I have from google from getting it set up on my pc to get help. If I could give this less than a star I would made this review destroy their ratings


Good app!  JoyousCaribou48  5 star

It was quick and easy! I tried using it on a older Samsung phone before but it didn’t work. It works fine on my current iPhone.


thanks for keeping this updated  wiwwowisp  5 star

ive been using this app for a very long time and its cool that it still works


Empty after device swap  Fguev  2 star

App works fine until you upgrade to a new phone, if you do you will lose all your tokens, the app will be empty! I have other authenticator apps in my iphone and they kept the data, GA was the only one empty after an iphone upgrade. I deleted thiis app and started using Authy for all my tokens. GA ahould be able to automatically mantain an encrypted backup of its data in iCloud, like many other apps do.


Feature request  TM8807  4 star

So I really like it for what it is, obviously you need to have your backup codes before you get a new phone or uninstall the app. It would be great if there was a version I could run on the Apple Watch though.


Setup too confusing  Oreland827  2 star

I felt like I was in a revolving google door. Google app, google sign in via safari, can’t find the code, forget it


Dangerous app to use as your 1st 2FA  Rortiz77  1 star

Most people who start don’t know this, but Google Authenticator does not let you see the ID that generates the code after it’s been setup. Meaning, you can’t back it up. If your phone is lost or wiped and you have not made a backup, your screwed. You’ll want to do this now if you have not already. 1. Open every single website you have a 2FA and start over with a new ID. 2. Back up that ID in a safe place like LastPass. 3. Use a different 2FA app like Authy.


Cool  GameEthan  4 star

The only reason I have this app is for My Nintendo.

bKx KrIsscrOSs

Cumbersome  bKx KrIsscrOSs  1 star

Just another devices that robs us of our autonomy


Dumb  mmish6291  1 star

Why the codes keep refreshing they keep giving me new codes when I already have one.


Can’t access codes on new phone  Jimroseland  1 star

Used the app for a long time with no issues. Then Tried to use the app with my new iphone but nothing transferred over even with a full iCloud backup. Waiting to gain access on one google account I can’t log into now, and there appears to be no other resolution for every single account I use with authenticator. Terrible.


Lost all my 2FA  Adriankeith  1 star

Had a few services connected to Google Authenticator and one day when I went back to use it, it was like I had never used it before. It asked me to log in and set up new 2FA codes. As you can imagine, resolution to gain access to my accounts tied with authenticator took forever as all of those services wanted emails with proof that I owned those accounts. It doesn’t inspire confidence when your account can just disappear out of nowhere. This is probably a one off for GAuth but it was enough to turn me away and have me look at Authy just now. Thanks but no thanks. TouchID still lacking makes this feel like any other Google product that eventually falls off and loses support. If you’re concerned with your security and require a solid 2FA app, look elsewhere.


It’s an “okay” app. Needs some improvement.  101ToonLink  3 star

The Google Authenticator app is a convenient app to use for Two-Factor-Authentication. (2FA) However, there is still some work to be done to the app. First of all, we need biometric authentication before you can open the app so that if you leave your device unlocked, someone can very easily access the 2FA codes without much trouble. As someone else pointed out, this is a really big security hole that needs to be dealt with. But other than this, it’s a pretty good and simple little app. Just needs a bit more security put in.


Lost access to accounts...twice  KcSembos  1 star

Get my accounts back, you sore losers!!! I can't access important accounts now thanks to the fact that your stupid app wiped clean the 2FA for them, twice!!!


All keys lost if device is replaced  kevpatts  1 star

This is a crucial app when used with business applications. Apple provide all the functionality to securely store the keys in the keychain but they are still lost to the app if you iOS device needs to be replaced. Poor integration.


What the frak!! Account wiped!!  blackdoe  1 star

What the frak Google, did you not perform upgrade testing on your software before releasing it, a basic necessity for all developers. What's the point in employing the worlds best and then pull an M$ type live beta trial. FFS!!!!

Donal Mulcahy

Update cleans history!  Donal Mulcahy  1 star

Updated this morning cleaned my stored accounts. Spent the last couple of hours trying to sorted it out. Also doesn't indicate differences between accounts if same email used. Please do not update until they sort this out


Lost codes  GreenCandy  1 star

Update lost all my codes! Good app though, needed an update.


Do not update  Tombrosa  1 star

I updated to the newest version, I never should do this: the authenticator whipes the accounts. Well done Google, I'm not able to access anymore.


Update reset  Toirneach  3 star

Updating clears all previous settings, locked me out with no authenticate, otherwise very handy little app


Good  RichT42  4 star

Good app but needs iPhone 5 support.


Good security but not pretty  Jrdxure57gj38  5 star

It's not the most beautiful of apps but it works well and adds extra security to your account.


Exellent  m7mmd77  5 star

I do not know how we could managed to live all those years without this high level of protection and security. Well done!!

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