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ProPresenter Remote App Description & Overview

What is propresenter remote app? ProPresenter Remote is the perfect companion for Renewed Vision's award winning ProPresenter presentation software. Using ProPresenter Remote you'll be able to control or observe many key features of any ProPresenter application that's running on your Wi-Fi network.

Brief Highlights:
• Control presentations using the familiar grid layout that you're accustomed to from ProPresenter
• Simplified remote with slide notes to put the controls in the presenter's hands.
• Control and configure your clocks and timers.
• Configure, show, and hide announcement messages
• Change the stage display layout

- A Wi-Fi connection to the ProPresenter machine.

Not all features in ProPresenter Remote are supported by all versions of ProPresenter. If you have a question about a feature/compatibility in ProPresenter Remote for your particular version of ProPresenter, please contact our sales team at

If you are having any issues with the app, please contact our support team at so that we can assist.

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App Name ProPresenter Remote
Category Utilities
Updated 14 February 2022, Monday
File Size 70.08 MB

ProPresenter Remote Comments & Reviews 2024

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More app functions. I low this app. One thing would make it better. Can we make it so that we can search and add bible verses from app?!? I run the program from my pew a lot and sometimes I don't get scripture before service and running back up stairs is annoying.

Much improved. Pro7 was a huge and great upgrade from Pro6, and ProRemote is no exception! All of the (quite many) problems from the old ProRemote have been fixed, and any issues I’ve encountered have been with Pro7, which I can understand considering how old the app is. However, I would like to see controls to switch between Looks that I’ve already created.

Remote. Love this remote! I used to have to stay in our sound booth to control the pastors slides but now I am able to sit with my family while controlling the slide from my seat. The only thing I wish I could do, would be to edit the slides thah I have already created (types and other errors) but other than that.. LOVE it. If they could add this small change the remote, I would deff rate 5 stars

Suggestion. I love this app. It has worked really well for me and has improved a lot since I first used it about 18 months ago. However, there are a few things that I think would make the app a lot more useful. The first suggestion is to have access to my audio bin from the app. This would be very helpful as it would provide more control from the app. The second suggestion would be to have a volume control option. This would further allow a more complete remote control experience. Overall, I really enjoy the app and it’s ease of use. Nice work!

Excited for More Features. It’s a great app but I’m looking forward to being able to control background and the Bible verses from my mobile device. And if there’s a way I can get out of the app and get back in without having to reconnect all over again. BUT! I’m excited to use this app more often now.

Not reliable. When it works it is ok, but having it fail in the middle of use many times. We need it to work reliably. We have an upgraded WiFi network that has zero problems elsewhere so I place my blame on this app! Please make it reliable!

Decent. Overall, this app is decent. However, I’d like to see the ability to edit slides and the ability to open Bible scripture. If these features were added to the app, I wouldn’t need to sit behind a computer.

Great app use it a lot but needs work. Love to use this app but 2 things I see every day that would make it better. That is being able to start and stop a video that’s in pro presenter! Right now you can only do it at the computer not on the app but also being able to use the Bible button on the app too. Right now you have to go to the computer and look a verse up.

Works great but Where’s the bible. Love this app. I use it all the time. I wish I could access the Bible feature from pro remote. It’s a pain when I don’t have a scripture loaded that pastor goes to and I have to walk back to the sound booth computer to bring it up.

Great extension, but needs more functionality. This app is a lifesaver for any church techs on the move. However, one BIG thing is missing: Bibles. You cannot display bible verses from the remote app, so you better hope you have your verses in a playlist beforehand and have no real-time surprises.

Lacking in so many ways. I really can’t believe I convinced my church to purchase the main software and this app. This app cannot fully remote control the software. Things it needs: 1. Ability to do every function in the main software remotely 2. If 1 is not possible then: 2a. Needs to be able to change backgrounds 2b. Needs to search songs and bibles to add to the playlist 2c. Needs to better refresh when changes are made to playlist (currently have to exit completely to refresh) 3. Much easier means to clear the screens. Such as tap on / off slide to display rather than an always on 4. timers could have a display function

Not great at that price. Honestly, given the quality of this app it should be free. The interface is messy, previews are useless. The whole app feels counter intuitive. Despite not being optimized for iPhone X and above, OpenLP remote wins on so many fronts (and is free). Why does screen blanking require so many steps. Keep is stupid simple, it’s a remote!

Not good. Please pay attention to the other negative reviews dealing with response lag or having to restart the app in order to have access to your presentation. We test everything before the service and it works, but 80% of the time the app malfunctions during the sermon. And yes we have it on a separate network and yes we have plenty of speed. Many times the slide itself is visible but the writing is not. In other words, you can see the slide for John 3:16, but you can’t read it from the IPad; you can control it, but not read it. How wonderful is that during a sermon? My advice to the developer is keep it simple. It’s better to do a few things with excellence than to do many things mediocre. Help us fall in love with your app please!

Horrible. Will not connect. I’ve tried manually and automatically. Stuck spinning. None of the documentation online is helpful so far. Program is up to date. All settings match. Nothing! No response from support.

Please fix this app.. Apparently it is going through internet and not network. Can’t get it to connect but I know our network is very fast so there should not be a connection problem. We switched from Media Shout and had no problems with their app connecting or controlling it from their app. We are being forced to keep Media Shout because your app won’t work. Add a option for network connection.

So much potential. One feature. One feature would make this a 5 star app. Continuous playlist view. Why not include the one thing that would make this app infinitely more useful?

A producer’s perspective. I’m gonna say what we’re all thinking. This app is okay, good on a great day even, I’ve ran events not needing to be near my computer because I had this app and know what I’m doing when preparing my playlists and presentations. But let me say, if we could, and I don’t know the logistics or what it would take for this to be the case but, IF we could add, delete, or edit slides and actions for Pro 7 IN THE APP on iPad at the very least, this app would become my ultimate weapon, the ultimate companion app compared to any companion app there ever was.

Pro7 Remote. Love this app. I’m able to help when something goes wrong for my volunteers, without having to actually be in the booth with them. I’d love to see a tab added to be able to access Macros. That’d be a game changer for my team.

Poor WiFi performance/crap app. One day the remote connects to our playlists, next day doesn’t and nothing we do can fix it. Random non-refresh the playlist data. NOTHING else on our network has a single issue on our Nighthawk router, at all, no disconnects nothing. But PP6 can’t seem to figure out what it’s doing when running on a Windows 10 GAMING laptop with 12GB of RAM and a hybrid SSD drive. Terrible program on Windows yet they charge full price. App is garbage.

Solid app. A few missing features. This app works well. I mainly miss the ability to set the background image. For some slides I need to clear the background (this app can do that) but then I need to restore the background. Unfortunately l haven't found any way to do that yet while just using the iOS app.

Problems. Used it for years and continually have problems.

Please add more features. One more useful feature the developers can add to the Remote is the Bible feature. Also the remote needs to be able to add songs from Library to the setlist on the fly

Perfect for church. This app allows me to sit in the church and listen instead of being behind a computer. You can’t edit but I do everything before church starts. Great app and hopefully edit can come soon

LOVE IT!!! Totally worth the $5. I have been using ProPresenter 6 & 7 with my church and school. It’s a very good resource if you need to be able to go through slides very quickly and don’t have a clicker on hand.

Great but excited for improvements!. Like another reviewer mentioned, the slide/click option for moving slides is a little strange and can totally mess with the flow of the presentation when you are accidentally moving back when you mean to go forward. I would absolutely LOVE the option another reviewer stated of being able to see the slide that came before, and especially the slide that comes next on the phone/tablet screen! That is actually why I came to leave a review here! I would rate this app 500 stars if you were able to see your slides, where your at, and how to verbally transition because you can see the slide that’s up next. Great remote, life saver if sound guy doesn’t show, but clunky transitions could totally be fixed with the option of seeing/clicking preceding, current, and next slide.

New an old issue.... ...with the app communicating with ProPresenter on MacBook starting several months ago and continuing today. Not firing the correct slides when clicked on the app. It seems to be the most prevalent when clicking standalone videos. Please advise. Has been a great app with no issues in the past.

Best presenter app. If you use pro presenter ever you need this app. It’s so handy to have. Works extremely well. Renewed vision is also quick to respond with any technical issues.

Clunky. “Clunky,” used by another reviewer. is a good word to describe this app. Let me just focus on the network connection issues that I ran across this morning. It’s very unusual for me not to be able to connect to ProPresenter on my iPhone. When it happened this morning (after a previously successful connection), I canceled the connection. What I didn’t know is that would require me to manually connect once again. (What does pull-to-refresh feature do? It doesn’t automatically connect or show Pro7. The indicator just spins forever.) Annoyingly, my previous settings for the app are not retained when I cancel the connection. I have to type in the IP address, port, and password every time. And the network preference pane in Pro7 doesn’t show my IP address; instead, I have to go to System Preferences. I can troubleshoot the network issue on my own, but I’d sure like some help from Renewed Vision by retaining my settings and providing a little more information in the network pain.

Love this app, but.... I love this app. I use it on a consistent basis for our Worship Experience church services. I would give this a 5-Star rating, but it doesn’t have the capability to run the Bible sections and edit slides on the go. Other than that, I really do love the capability to run this from anywhere in the sanctuary.

Screenshots are somewhat misleading. I have been using this app for about three years now. It has been great across ProPresenter 6 & 7. One thing that I have noticed that has been lacking from Pro7’s remote from Pro6 is that of the group labels and colors. I used to be able to see this, but now, I can’t when running Pro7. The screenshots for the app make it look like you do have those identifiers, but in all actuality you don’t. I’ve actually asked the facebook community about this, and was told that the app simply didn’t support seeing groups, at least in the time being. That’s probably one of the biggest reasons I quit using the app, because I needed the ability to be able to jump from a bridge to a chorus without having to actually read the slides individually. Also, I don’t know if this is true or not, but I was told I also can’t get my arrangements in the app.

Issues with program. The program won't let you use the slides within certain playlists. For some reason it just defaults to the song that you are currently on.

Good not great. Had no problem transitioning slides during the service but I do wish the transition speeds were a bit quicker. Also a feature that I wish they added was the Bible’s. My media guys usually find bible verses on the spot when preaching is going on since the pastor sometimes adds verses on the spot. Would definitely and easily earn 5 stars from me if these were fixed/added.

Potential but needs work. The interface is not that smooth. It is a little clunky and there are a lot of pointless features within the app that they rolled over from the computer software. It needs simplified. For example, if you need to move one slide back you have to slide but sometimes it moves it forward. A simple arrow to tap would be sufficient and much cleaner. Or, if it showed the previous slide and the next slide (three slides on the interface at once) so that you could just click the previous slide if needed. The primary function is for a presenter to move forward or backward. That should be the most efficient part of the app, but it lacks in that area.

Very glitchy. A lot of the playlists fail to load the correct presentation, and it is very slow. When it works it is wonderful, but it very unreliable.

Pretty Good. The app itself is great except there is one thing missing, the video/image section. It would be a 5/5 stars if they add this feature.

Great App! Can you add Scripture Abilities to Remote. This app is great. Have had little to no problems with this technically. The ONLY addition I would like to see is the ability to add and change scriptures with the Remote App. Overall… Excellent Job!!!

Needs an update. The search feature doesn't go through every song so it's almost useless. I'd also love to be able to access my bibles through this app.

Pretty Useless. We went with propresenter for the purpose of being able to use the remote on an iPad for our screens. This app is completely useless. It doesn’t work at all. Will not load anything. Wish they would fix, would be very helpful

Works like a charm when the internet is strong. I use this app all the time to control slides as at times I will be running a camera to record and sitting there with my iPad clicking next on the remote. It’s great and you can see all the slides and do whatever in pro presenter remote. I use it to cue vids and songs as well. Just make sure you do the back work so hitting next and your cues are set up so there are no issues. The only time I’ve had issues is when the internet is strong for example on retreats but we have still managed to make it work with shotty Hotspots! Highly recommend this app and bought it twice so there ya go!

Worked well for my use case!. I bought this app to be able to control a few presentations with video and slides I had prepared beforehand. This was at my sisters wedding and it went very smooth. I didn’t have high hopes since there were some bad reviews, but this worked better than expected and had no issues at all. I used it to cue up different videos and didnt have to sit at the computer the whole time. I was able to easily switch between slides and also clear the screen. Since I haven’t had experience with previous versions, I can’t compare other users experiences. But it does seem like they have been putting in more development to this app recently. Keep up the good work! I’m excited to see future enhancements and features!

Sadly, just doesn’t work currently. Like everybody else is saying, clicking on slides in the app doesn’t always change it on the computer. Very frustrating. For that reason, we can’t even use the remote app now. Had to completely switch over to a wireless clicker remote. I wouldn’t be so concerned if this was a free app, but I can’t help but feel like they’ve run off with my money and left me with a useless app. That’s just not right. Please address the problem and apply a fix.

Great! When it works…. This app is a game changer when it decides it wants to connect. It is fickle when connecting to the computer even when all devices show up as they should. It cannot be counted on by any means.

Junk. I read the reviews. Saw how it might not work or freeze up. Got it anyway. Waste of money. Used it in a sermon, and half way through, it froze and then went to the start up screen. It never moved from that. I’m sure I could’ve fixed the glitch....if I stopped everything and worked on it. Can’t do that. Dear Apple....find an app that works please.

Fine when it works, but VERY unreliable. Our church has been using this app for almost a year, and is hasn’t been updated since. This app should be FREE if it isn’t going to be regularly updated.

Needs improvement.. It would be much more functional if you could see all the slides instead of just two. if you want to go from the first slide to the fourth, you can't.

Used to be AWESOME, now, not so much.. When using the app, you can no longer switch to a different document within the same playlist (like moving from one song to the next). In the app, it'll look like you've done it, but on ProPresenter, it stays within the original song. Contacted support about this issue 3 months ago. They acknoweldged it, but still no fix.

Barely functional. Pro presenter is a premium program. You cannot tell it by the quality of this app. It is almost completely unusable. I say almost because I did manage to get a slide running properly after messing around for about 15 minutes. Please update this app to be functional as it would improve work flow big time.

Will not Connect. I was looking forward to use this app, so I can use my phone to click to the next slide, but it never connects to my computer.

Great idea. Needs work. I’ve used it multiple times as I take photos and run ProPresenter. I connect to same WiFi and the computer. Sometimes it comes up and I can access the playlists other times it doesn’t come up at all.

Worked great at first.... Now, it appears to connect to the host computer just fine but when clicking on a slide, it either does nothing or launches an unrelated slide. Nothing has changed between when it worked and now. No updates that I can tell in either the IOS app or on the host computer.

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Not bad!. Standard features work good. Need to add audio control for starting and stopping music pre and post service. Ease of use is excellent. Layout good. I highly recommend it!

Ok But lack of functionality. This app works well for the limited things it does. As sated with other reviews you can only play what is in a playlist or your library excluding audio. This is a app I haven't used much as it is too limited. For future updates more control for clocks, messages ect would be nice and worth the money. For now I would say unless you has a reason to be away from your computer and need to change the slides this app won't be much help for you at this time.

Awesome start.. From the outset let me say all credit to the team at RV for their awesome product & courage to create the iPhone app. The remote control is ok, good if all you want to do is change within a current playlist, but beyond that some of the core reasons for having a remote have been omitted. In our scenario we use PP to control all of our media for our Children's Church - everything from entry, the main service, games etc - so we push it probably to the limits. Here is an outline of things you can't do: - You cannot access your audio library or backgrounds. You cannot trigger an audo clip, or a background. As you can't get audio tracks into the playlist you basically cannot access this area of the application - so if this is something you want to drive think again. - There is no search functionality - if you have a large library watch out! You cannot trigger a count down - something that would be fantastic to trigger remotely, and also announcements cannot be controlled. - When controlling Media, you are only informed if a frame is an image or video, so if you want to control a number of foregrounds in one media sequence you really need to know what was what because you aren't given a filename, only numbers. This is a little fraught with peril - imagine hitting the wrong item and triggering the wrong media piece! oops (in front of 2000 people).. At a minimum it needs the file names so that you can at least identify what the media piece is. - There is no access to 'logo' or 'camera' feeds either, so if 'in an emergency' a service coordinator needed to throw to a logo - you can't (and this is one of the obvious reasons why a remote is so handy!). - Logging in isn't fantastic - I can understand why they have done it the way they have, but having to enter the password every time (on an iPhone..) is not fun. The apple remote has worked it out - registering once with a system so that there is no requirement in future to enter information. On the positives - it's fast (no serious lag), fairly intuitive and usable. Would I recommend buying it? Absolutely. I've commented above so that you know what you are getting - don't missunderstand this as bagging it out. Many points made above are certainly not being sold by RV as 'included' - so the app does what the vendor says it will do! It is a GREAT app and one I certainly hope RV develops further in the future (stage clocks tied to your play list would be nice :-). If you own and run PP, you would be nuts not to buy this.

It is okay. I too have concerns about the limitations. Mine keeps crashing and or simply shuts after a few Minutes of inactivity would like to use it more, but is proving to be unstable To rely on. Might need to be updated given the price and the problems of use. I have tried on both my iPhone and iPad.

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please update!. Cannot access audio bin. Completely blank and none of the audios lists i have come on screen. Please fix the issues!! And it would be great to add access to bible as well. Without those this isn't worth as a paid app

anon. There should definitely be a way to access search for the library. Also a way to change and access background it makes it very difficult to truly use it as a remote.

Timers not working. Timers stopped working with Pro6. Black box appears instead of dials to change time.

Works, but poorly laid out. The iPad app has a ton of wasted space on the screen. Especially in remote mode, there's two big white squares that don't even seem to do anything except take up space. Could've used that space to make the words way bigger, show more panels, or many other things. Just lacking

Great app!. Only a couple things that should be added: 1. A search function in the library. This is for convenience as some people get frustrated looking through tons of songs and slides at the last minute. 2. Add an option to access the backgrounds folder so we can control video from the remote. 3. And option to send message/notifications only to the main pro presenter controller (computer).

Still problems with the new version.. There were major problems with the first iOS7 version of ProPresenter Remote when trying to control ProPresenter 4 (slides wouldn’t show up). Now the slides will show up (finally) but you can’t switch playlists. Well, you can if you’re okay with only being able to control the second slide in your playlist. Seems to work okay if you only attempt to control a the first playlist you access, although I haven’t tested it extensively yet.

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Arrangements not sticking. When using the latest version, I notice that when using arrangements that it reverts back to the master arrangements and not sticking to the arrangement of a song. Had this issue happen multiple times. It would be a good idea if you were able to create a unique ID that can be synced into the app and the computer (one that stays locked into the computer and the app) so authentication is not and issue. It would also be good If you allow for control over any type of network...not only wifi...but 3G LTE. And long as the computer has an Internet connection. To me that would allow for redundancies so that if a wifi network cuts out. it can always use the mobile provider. That would keep a better solid connection. A platform like Teamview I can control any computer from my phone. From anywhere with little or no lag time. Just a thought. Still love the platform so will give 3 stars.

Cool little app, but.... I can understand those who want more features such as editing text, bible, et.; however, I understand why it's not a feature in the app from the developer's prospective. Besides, it's a remote app not a full functioning edition of this great presentation program. Does as advertised. I wish you could play video's that are in the playlist, this app only allows you to see & control song-sequences that are in the playlist. I would think that if you are able to play set backgrounds from your song-sequence you should be able to play a video clip in the same playlist!?!? Having said that, I've experienced great response time from an iPhone 3G to the screen. Virtually no noticeable lag time. As mentioned b4, you are able to activate backgrounds that are already set for your song sequence and switch backgrounds between songs as long as they are already part of the song sequence. Overall pretty cool especially if your operator is a no show or late and you need to run it in a pinch!!! ;-) Suggestions to Renewed Vision: 1. Allow Videos to be seen and played from playlist (no thumbnail necessary, just the name would suffice), 2. it would be cool if you could run "hot keys" from the remote app as sometimes the band goes in a different direction and you have to scroll to V1 or Bridge or whatever. Hot Keys would make it so much easier.

I’d give it Zero Stars. Wouldn’t even connect to the computer let alone PP7. Kept blaming the network or it just kept spinning for a good 10 minutes. App not ready for in show use. Trying to get a refund now.

Solid, intuitive app works as advertised and is an excellent utility. Taking the product for what it is (a remote, not a replacement for the computer), its features are intuitive, consistent, and effective. The ability to choose and advance slides, work with playlist and media library, and utilize clear functions make this a app robust and a no-brainer for Renewed Vision software customers. While some features are lacking, perhaps to be released in updates (including advanced background management and audio clips), most users will find this to be a good value.

Won't Even Connect to Computer. This app sounds good, but was a waste of $5-I use a wi-fi network through my university and it is impossible to sync my iPhone to ProPresenter on my sync=no remote=no value. It's too bad they don't use another way to establish an initial connection between the devices and that they didn't account for the fact that a user may be utilizing a wi-fi network that is comprised of various routers/access points...I guess I'll remained chained to the booth in the back the old fashioned way. Don't bother with this app if you use a large wi-fi the money and buy a cord to just move your laptop around.

Finally stable, needs Apple Watch App. While using ProPresenter Remote for two years, I had always experienced bugs and glitches that I would have to work around. But, this version finally brings stability, a refreshed UI, and it is incredible. Favorite new feature would have to be the option to automatically connect. It's finally worth the money. This app desperately needs an Apple Watch app or just a glance. This is the kind of software Apple Watch was designed for and is most useful. The app could even be as simple as having the option to go back and forth between slides. Please strongly consider this, it would be highly beneficial.

Needs more features. It would be nice if the app could access the bible. Being able to control the live view would be good too. Unfortunately it doesn't do enough for me to not have to babysit the desktop app. Def not worth the $5 as is, but it could be if they made it more functional. Having a remote app for this type of desktop presentation app necessarily requires lots of functionality to be practically useful and allow someone to be away from the computer. This app does not have this much functionality.

Problem connecting and staying connected. It works nicely whenever it stays connected. Sometimes there is a delay…

Really Nice You Guys. The app works very well. I create an adhoc network from my iMac to use this app either with my iPhone or iPad. It allows me to control ProPresenter during rehearsals when I might have to be on stage, or down amongst the crowd during a presentation/meeting. I feel these things are what it is best used for, but a one man crew may find it useful to use while manning the soundboard all by their lonesome in a pinch.

Missing Functions. On the remote I can't see or control the backgrounds. So you can only control the background from the laptop. But I thought the point of the remote was full-featured control. However, as currently built, once you turn off the background you can't turn it back on. So now you need someone to control both the remote and the laptop. Kinda defeats the purpose of the remote. Update: I was having trouble with the strength of my local WIFI network. It kept dropping the remote. So now I create a local network using only my laptop through the "Open Network Preferences" dialogue. No more problems. I can pick up all over the church now. I'm still looking for background control.

Amazing (much needed) update!. I'm running ProPres 6 on an MacBook Pro and often use remote app to run through my playlist on an old iPad mini or my iPhone 6. This update has solved EVERY single problem I had been having in last few months!! Fixed my biggest issue which was having to retype my password every time my phone or iPad locked. That alone was a big win!! Playing audio playlists huge bonus. No crashing, very little lag or delay, invaluably dependable with this update! Love it!! Great products, great app! Thanks, Renewed Vision!!

What a fun addition to Pro. When the iPhone SDK came out I thought it would be fun to have something like this. I used it to run lyrics in Xtreme (middle school ministry @ North Point) this morning and loved it. I actually stood down in the audience and got a whole new perspective on the service. I have a few suggestions that I will pass along to the Renewed Vision guys but wanted to say what a great app this was. I look foward to seeing what this leads to.

Love it!. Sometimes I find myself needing to check on things that require me to leave the office during rehersal. This App allows me to do just that and no one knows I am not at the computer. I also use it when training so if this get off track then I can take over. Thanks for the update guys I have been patiently awaiting it's arrival

Great, but.... !!Needs fixed!!! Please, PLEASE fix the timers section. The times are not correct and reset whenever the app is open. Past Review The ability to save a connected system with password has been added. However your only able to save ONE system. In a multi venue/campus environment this isn't handy at all. Can this please be added soon!? Thanks!

Loving the freedom.... I have the new iPad. ProRemote integrates wonderfully as a control pad, running our presentation while we are in worship. Led the congregation in a liturgy from dead center, not having to rely on someone else to "read my mind" and decide when to go to next slide. Very responsive, no lag, and we have a pretty large worship space. I can control it from anywhere! Favorite recent purchase for iPad...

This is WAY COOl!. Really nice app! This gives ProPresenter a new level of flexibility. This should make PP very much in demand for business presentation as well as for worship. I had some trouble getting it started-had to call RV. They talked me through it and it was working in no time. They did tell me that a detailed set of instructions would soon be on the website. I am not telling anyone at church, I should have some fun Sunday. Great enhancement for a stellar product.

Works Great!. I read the reviews about this app and had hesitations upon buying it, but after taking a chance and following the renewed vision websites instructions (hint hint about Bluetooth) it has made my life easier not having to have a slide girl back at the computer trying to figure things out! If your having problems, try turning off your Bluetooth on both devices.

Great App!. I am not one to write reviews but my experience with this app is so contrary to other reviews that I felt I needed to contribute. I purchased the app because my need for this feature outweighed all the bad reviews it was getting. I have to say i am glad I did. I am running Lion on a a 2011 Macbook Pro and I have an iPad 1, and an iPhone 4S. I have installed the app on both devices and it works flawlessly. I read the suggestion to turn off Bluetooth on the Renewed Vision website but never had to do it. It was a very simple setup process and the interface with my phone is perfect. This app did exactly what it is advertised to do so I gave it five stars. Thanks Renewed Vision for allowing our church to have that professional touch to our video presentations.

I love ProPresenter but this remote is turrible... Please update and fix this :( never wants to work..

Thanks for the great additions!. I like to see this app growing in functionality. The initial set of tools were good, but having the Producer View and Simple Remote really add to it's overall usefulness. I love that I can now easily hold the remote down by my side not looking at it and click the correct "forward" or "previous" buttons by feel. And showing my slide notes is really helpful - now I can easily glance at those for my talking points. The Producer view is great too if I need to reset a timer or someone forgets to start one. Also love that I can remotely enter and trigger a pre-defined message (such as a nursery call) without having to go to the front-of-house station to tell the operator OR that I can do the same for a stage display message for the band/pastor. Very nice - thanks for the free extras and keep up the good work! ** Thanks for adding back the missing timeline control buttons. They are very useful to have.

Doesn't deserve all the negative reviews. I was very apprehensive about buying this app because of the negative reviews. I just couldn't figure what other type of remote would work properly with ProPresenter, so I thought I'd give the app a try. I have an iPhone and an iPod Touch, and both work flawlessly as a remote for ProPresenter. The only downside that I can see is if I were a speaker using the remote, I may have to look at the "touch" buttons before advancing as opposed to a traditional remote where you can feel the buttons you need to push. Other than that, I was sort of surprised it worked so well for me since there were so many negative reviews.

How it could improve. I use this app frequently, and it generally works quite well. One feature I would love to have would be the ability to adjust the computer output volume from within the app. This would allow adjustments to the volume level when the recording levels for audio and video files differ and there is no one at the sound board to make the adjustments. If you add this feature I would LOVE this app. Thanks!

I'd Give It 5 Stars But...... I like the new looking interface but I noticed that you can't tell when you've selected a graphic or image. In the original app there was a momentary indication that you selected an image or animation to run. The play button temporarily grayed out for an instant letting you know it was selected. This was important because this particular instance of Propresenter was running in another room from where I'm streaming in. That momentary indication let me know that the selection had been recognized by Propresenter. Other than its a really useful app.

Works great for me. This does everything it is supposed to do. It is not "Pro Presenter for iPhone". It is however a good remote control for Pro Presenter. I did have difficulty configuring my Wi-Fi network to work with the remote. So instead I had my media computer iMac create a network and we did computer to computer between my phone and the media center. The Media center computer continued to get its network Internet from ethernet. Since all networks are configured differently you may have to come up with your own solution. There are some things that could be better, for instance I would like to see a larger next and back button option. But overall I think it's a great app.

Great potential but need more features. The app is missing controls for Bibles

Absolutely great app. Using version 1.1 of the app on iPhone 3GS with ProPresenter 3 on macbook pro, the ability to control the presentation completely is absolutely great. Love the playlist style approach, it works really well, and I love the fact that by working across the wireless network I don't have to worry about trying to aim at the infrared or be in range of the USB while speaking or leading music. Wishlist - make a way to start the countdown timer from the app. Hint for Renewed Vision - put a better picture of the app interface here in the app store. The interface for selecting which computer to control is pretty non-interesting - I almost didn't buy the app. If you had put a few screenshots of the Library/Bible/Media/Playlists screen as well as a shot showing the foreground selection screen inside a playlist, that would be much more compelling as it is the strength of the app. Just my thoughts!

Great start!. Nice app. It would be great if the observe mode would follow along to the next song automatically, or even better, give you the option of seeing exactly what is on the screen (like a remote viewer) minus the background. A true observe mode would be great. It's hard to interact with your phone while playing guitar. I played around with it a bit tonight in worship, and it was great. Definitely a good buy if you are a ProPresenter user. Some changes would make it even better, and I look forward to what renewed vision has up their sleeve!

Bible. Wanting to interact with the Bible on the app

Can’t even connect to my desktop. The app won’t connect to my computer.

Can’t use it!. Crashes after 3 seconds of being “connected” …sigh. Waste of money! Pathetic!

Not there yet. Half of the time it gives me an error when I try to login; for both control and observe. I have screenshots. The other half it won't even see the computer when I'm standing beside it (yes, connected to the same wifi). Manual login doesn't work either. One thing I really need/want to be able to do with this is adjust my countdown clocks and select props and show them, not just a nursery call out message (although that is handy-glad its there). It would also be nice to add/show scriptures in a chosen template.

Great app with a few issues. I think this app is great and I have used it several times after just having pro presenter for a few months. As a music director I was directing a choir of children for our school Christmas concert and was using mostly videos that had accompaniment tracks with lyrics for the kids to sing over. It was great to be able to start the videos when I wanted to and not have to cue the video guy to start them. That way I could make sure the kids were in place and ready. The one issue I have with the remote is that when I click my phone off during a part of the service I don't need it for I have to log on again and often have to close down the app and reopen it to login again.

Great start!. It needs some functional improvement -most importantly it needs to stay logged in for a longer period of time. As it is now, it would be ill-advised to use this app as the primary controller- especially if you were the one speaking! It also crashes every once in awhile- so don't be completely dependent on it. That said- it is very useful and has come in handy on more than one occasion.

Stage display!. Need the stage display option to come back!!

App Reconnects Frequently and Often won’t reconnect. Connectivity crashes frequently.

Great app - needs update. Been having significant issues connecting with the new ProPresenter 7.12

What a great addition. Who hasn't run a little short on volunteers... Just installed a large center screen for Christmas and wanted to have different images on it than or normal side screen set up. My media guy this week didn't feel comfortable running the new added laptop to his normal setup. Did not have any extra person to run just the center screen, so I downloaded this remote. Setup was just a minute and then I had full control with my iPhone while running audio at the same time. What a great piece of technology

Difficult to use. The remote is a great feature to presentation programs. However, the ProPresenter remote feels difficult and buggy. There are times when I have a playlist loaded and I'll click on a song, and it will load another song that is in the playlist. I have found no way to remedy this except to just choose the song I want in the Library. The flow is also not user friendly. MediaShout's remote has a GREAT feature in that when you have your playlist open, you can see the entire playlist's slides laid out vertically, making it extremely easy to jump around if you need to. However, I love ProPresenter Remote's ability to open any playlist you have created. Since MediaShout creates separate files that have to be loaded, you can only have the current show that's loaded show up on the remote. Overall, having used MediaShout for the last 3 years, we JUST made the move over to ProPresenter. We really love the program and are glad we made the switch. I'm sure as they continue to develop the remote app it will certainly improve, and these are just some of my suggestions!

Great app.. Pro Presenter 5 is amazing. I love how easy it is to use and this app makes it easy to use on my phone/iPad. The only problem I have is adding notes to the "Remote" setting. You have to repeatedly enter the same message for it to finally accept it. Then do the same for the next slide. All in all. This app is great for those wanting to switch slides while walking around the room.

Timer issue. Remote timer issue is not working correctly. When the app is reopened the timers all reset back to the full time and don’t match the pro presenter computer timer. Needs to be fixed ASAP.

Make it worth the pay. Put the bible.

Garbage. See title

I need bible control. Bought this to control bible from my iPad. No bible control feature. Wasted $4.99. Only buy if you want to control song lyrics

It doesn’t work. I’ve tried multiple ports and passwords. It’s always stuck on connecting. The support page in the App Store goes to a deleted page. I’m going to try and get my money back.

Awesome!. I love this app. I use it morning and evening on Sundays. I preach with it, sometimes lead worship with it, and particularly love controlling the slides instead of relying on our tech to get the cues right or read my mind about when to clear the screen. My only problem is that sometimes it doesn't connect, and once or twice it has stopped working mid presentation, which is a real pain, but I don't know if that's a problem with the app or with the wifi in our building. That said, it is awesome and useful for those of us that have small churches and few volunteers and occasionally have to do it all.

Don't let the other reviews discourage you. They may have legitimate complaints, but I just downloaded this app for my church and it worked perfectly. I started a show in the iMac, and was able to switch to any slide I wanted. All of my library and playlists showed up. The observer display if pretty useless, but the controller display is great!

Freeze and bad product.. It freezes, can’t connect, can’t exit, can’t do anything. Very very bad product. The worst product ever. Freeze, lost connection most of the time

The obvious interface, still missing. This app is slowly getting better, but why no matrix of slides yet, like in ProPresenter? I want to see it as a touch interface to what I see in ProPresenter it's self, so I can even use it side by side with the main app. Not just as a presenter or something... This could become an extension to the main app. Another thing came to mind Sunday, and I did not find it in the app. We should be able to run this as a second way to edit or prep slides, while someone else is running things from the main computer. Lets say I see a typo it would be great to fix it on here. Or I am on stage with the music lead, and they adjust the arrangement. I can see a great potential for this app along side ProPresenter, but it's not there yet.

Some tweaks needed. This release is a big step forward for this app. The addition of Producer Control is a really great feature. A few things I would tweak. Producer mode only works in portrait mode. Adding a scroll option in landscape mode would suffice. Also the addition of the giant next slide remote feature was very needed. Unfortunately it doesn't work with fill in the blank text reveals. Just jumps to the next slide. All in all a lot closer to the mark. Keep up the good work.

Difficulty navigating slides. This app is highly responsive and easy enough to teach to anyone in a matter of seconds. The biggest problem I've run into so far is that when you swipe backwards through the slides, it won't tell you where you are. So unless you've memorized the show's setup and you count exactly how many swipes it takes, you can't be sure the app is even working until you swipe forward to show the slide. Otherwise I'm very pleased with the functionality of the app. We're running ProPresenter 5 and I'm running this app on a 16GB 6s

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Language English
Price $4.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 4.9.11
Play Store com.renewedvision.proremote
Compatibility iOS 9.0 or later

ProPresenter Remote (Versiyon 4.9.11) Install & Download

The application ProPresenter Remote was published in the category Utilities on 17 December 2008, Wednesday and was developed by Renewed Vision LLC [Developer ID: 298127113]. This program file size is 70.08 MB. This app has been rated by 126 users and has a rating of 3.0 out of 5. ProPresenter Remote - Utilities app posted on 14 February 2022, Monday current version is 4.9.11 and works well on iOS 9.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.renewedvision.proremote. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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ProPresenter Remote App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Fixes an issue where the table view didn't show cue labels or colors.

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