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Just Press Record is the ultimate mobile audio recorder bringing one tap recording, transcription and iCloud syncing to all your devices. You can even start a new recording completely hands-free with Siri!

Life is full of moments we would rather not forget - like your child’s first words, an important meeting or spontaneous idea. Capture these moments effortlessly on iPhone, iPad or for ultimate convenience, Apple Watch.

• Use a Siri Shortcut to start a new recording.
• One tap to start, stop, pause and resume recording.
• Unlimited recording time.
• Record discretely in the background.
• Choose to record from the built-in mic, AirPods or external microphones.
• Start and stop recording from the Lock screen widget, with a 3D Touch Quick Action or via the URL scheme.
• Record independently on Apple Watch and sync later.

• Seek backwards and forwards during playback.
• Adjustable playback speed.

• Turn speech into searchable text.
• Edit your transcriptions right inside the app.
• Support for over 30 languages, independent of your device's language setting.
• Format as you record with punctuation command recognition.

• Share audio and text to other apps on your iOS device.
• Share to iTunes on Mac or PC via the Lightning Port.

• View recent recordings or browse your library by date and time.
• Search by filename or transcription content.
• Dedicated tab for quick access to recordings made on Apple Watch.
• Peek and Pop the contents of folders in the Browse tab.
• Rename recordings.
• Slide Over and Split View support on iPad.

• Choose to store recordings either in iCloud Drive or locally on-device.
• Recordings stored in iCloud Drive automatically sync across all your devices.
• Transcriptions are stored within the audio file.

• Support for high quality external microphones connected via the Lightning Port.
• Customizable Audio Settings to enhance your recording experience.
• File types include WAV, AIF or standard iTunes M4A (ACC).
• High quality audio up to 96kHz / 24-bit.

• VoiceOver support throughout the app.
• Magic Tap gesture to start / stop a recording.
• Dark Mode makes the app more comfortable to use in the dark.

Just Press Record includes an Apple Watch app that gives you the freedom to record anywhere, even when your iPhone is not around.

• Start recording with a single tap on the Complication, or just ask Siri!
• Record discretely in the background.
• Unlimited recording time.
• Recordings automatically transfer to iPhone for transcription and iCloud syncing.
• Listen to recent recordings through the built-in speaker or AirPods.
• Adjust volume with the Digital Crown.
• Pause recording with a downward swipe.
• Accessibility support with VoiceOver, reduced motion and support for the extra large Complication template.

• Transcription requires a good, clean audio signal. Avoid recording in noisy environments and ensure the microphone is positioned close to the source.
• Recording from AirPods is not available on Apple Watch.
• Just Press Record for Mac is available as a separate purchase on the Mac App Store.
• URL scheme implemented by Just Press Record can be found on our FAQ page.

Just Press Record App Description & Overview

The applications Just Press Record was published in the category Utilities on 2015-09-21 and was developed by Open Planet Software. The file size is 6.78 MB. The current version is 3.3.7 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

This update contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

Just Press Record will never interrupt you to ask for a review - we don’t like being interrupted either! However, App Store ratings and reviews are important, so if you are enjoying Just Press Record and have a spare minute, we’d be delighted if you could leave a rating or review on the App Store. Thanks!

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Great Start But Lacking Features  Coffeeroastman  3 star

When taking podcast walks, I use my watch to record ideas from the information I listened to. Unfortunately, when using AirPods, the app will not record using the AirPods microphone. Hope they will update this soon. If using iCloud as a backup, it would be a great feature to auto-send email links or texts with links to the recordings that upload to iCloud. An option for transcript of the recording along with the email or text would be a bonus.

Keep going Hans

Excellent enhancement for Apple Watch  Keep going Hans  5 star

Great enhancement to Calendar and Notes. Instant recordings on the go from the complication shortcut on the watch and use as reminders, when you are back in the office or at home. Your own voice is a lesser risk of misunderstandings or misspells.


Bummed!!!  thinkman  1 star

The ONLY reason I bought this App was for the Watch complication. Wish I’d read the reviews first as a number of others discovered that it appears to be incompatible with the series 4 since it doesn’t install the Watch complication as advertised. Hopefully the developer will fix this SOON after which I’ll revisit my review. In the meanwhile, I highly recommend not buying it!


Stressless Capture  Danlandrum  5 star

I know we all want to Siri to be great, but it isn’t. This app is. It is a great example of the power of a simple app that does one thing well. Just press record and start speaking, don’t worry if you need to pause to think about what you want to say, just relax, think, then say it. Removing Siri’s AI from the mix is freeing.


Unreliable App - Buyer Beware  Mysticurls  1 star

This app has on at least 3 occasions failed to save an event I recorded. Each time it appeared to be recording. And each time a new recording appeared on my list of “recent” recordings. But when I attempted to play those recordings nothing happened. What’s more, once I closed out of the app those recordings disappeared. This app is far too expensive to be so very unreliable. I could’ve used the built-in recorder that came with the iPhone for free and gotten better results. Buyer beware. Don’t waste your money.


Doesn’t work  igotskittles7  1 star

Was really hoping I found a way to transcribe the meetings in my second language better but keep getting an error message each time I try to transcribe it... really disappointed and a waste of money


Transfer to phone not working  byarg85  3 star

Could someone please help me out with the transferring to watch part? I hold down on the recording on my watch and hit transfer to watch, but after an hour of waiting with no “transferring” or anything notification to see, it still has not appeared in my app under watch or even the list of regular phone recordings... please help thanks.


Doesn't work on XS Max  Stuey021  1 star

Worthless app. Doesn't record ANYTHING.

Hang 2

Seems promising except for random recordings  Hang 2  2 star

This app seems to randomly start a recording on my Apple Watch. Two hours later and I’m wondering why my watch battery is drained. Now I know. Hopefully this will get fixed soon and I will update my review


Reliable, Thoughtful, please make renaming easier!  danoz73  5 star

This app has become my go to recording app. My primary reason for using is the clear foldering and saving to the cloud. Additionally, the renaming of files is less buggy than Apple's app, BUT I'd love it if renaming a file could be done easily, for instance in the home screen with a long press and an option menu pop-up that highlighted the whole name so I could quickly rename from the home view. Thanks for all your work!

Cam Knox

Absolute trash for the price  Cam Knox  2 star

For $8 I was expecting the app to be at least be semi literate with the transcriptions. It spits one one continuous line of text which has no punctuation or capitalising at all and has to be edited before it can even be readable let alone make sense. Random words and completely inaccurate transcription is an utter waste of time. I’m genuinely angry I paid money for this. Would be easier to record with the normal iPhone voice recorder and manual transcribe.


Email Recording  t3x0z  2 star

The recording function works well. The transcription against my Australian accent was completely useless. I did have some humour value but was so far from what was said to be easier to sit and type it from scratch. Then I thought I would email the recordings .... big mistake ..... after it had sent 12 of the same email I hard rebooted my phone. The entire phones data was corrupted and 4 hours later after restoring from backup I got my phone back... so not real happy.


Just perfect  Owl1263  5 star

Easy to use at the touch of a button & it’s on my wrist... Love the convenience!!


Very good - needs one improvement  Lethal123  3 star

This is a great app and works as advertised. The only problem is with the Watch complication. The complication only requires a single touch to start the recording. As a result of this I am getting numerous, unnecessary and annoying recordings throughout the day. It’s extremely easy to unintentionally or unknowingly touch the complication, which then results in a recording. This often happens 5 or 6 times a day. Operationally, it would work better if you tapped once on the complication to open the app and then a second tap to actually start the recording. For anyone who is a fan of starting the recording immediately that you touch the complication, there should be an option for this in the settings menu. Then you have a choice. Otherwise a good app.


Complication not on Apple Watch  austese  1 star

I bought this app specifically for use on my watch, but it has not appeared on my watch. Why not?


Provides security so I can feel safe  2880cjk  5 star

Just Press Record Application. Available for Mac also iPhone and iPad plus Apple Watch. Great for security purposes having a recording device on your wrist especially after having been in a domestic violence altercation with my father. If something happens again I will have the option to record him so he can not deny what he did to me.


Fantastic App!  Famma  5 star

Best and simplest app out there. It just works so well.

poombi p.

Near perfect  poombi p.  4 star

Would be perfect if it had two things: 1. If it didn’t show the pink banner at the top of the screen when recording and the app is minimized. This is an impediment if you want to be stealthy. 2. If it showed, for the length of the recording, a plot of the audio’s loudness. That way if I am making a long recording i can simply skip to the audio spikes, which would signal there is talking etc. instead of having to listen through the entirety - even when nothing is being said or happening.


Not worth it  Jason15863582  1 star

The transcription feature is worse then just having auto dictation on your phone


Record  divagirl75  1 star

This would be good for me as I’m always recording my neurologist appoints then when get home to listen and too fast to listen to write down on paper


Great interface awful transcription  basiceagle  3 star

I got this to help with note taking for work meetings but the transcriptions are effectively unusable. Even with minimal accent English speech at “normal” conversation speeds the transcript is horribly inaccurate!


Good app “except”  TATTOOMIKEY88  4 star

The only thing that would make this app GREAT is if you could rename your files(recordings) to what you wanted. Other than that the app is good and does what it says


☆☆☆☆☆LOVE☆☆☆☆☆  BCSurvivor_Mel  5 star

◉EXCELLENT APP◉◉VERY NICE◉ ☆☆☆☆☆STARS☆☆☆☆☆ ((NO DOUBT)) 100% all the way!! ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Truly the best app I’ve ever owned : ) U can’t get any better than this!! AWESOME job to the developers & designers who’ve made this happen for myself as well as so many others! There isn’t a day that goes by that I don't not use it! Definitely what I’ve wanted but couldn’t ever find❌⭕️ I honestly use it religiously ((daily)) & not once have I ever had a single problem or any issues no matter how frequently it’s used (&) how often I'm constantly putting it to use nonstop! THANK YOU to all the magnificent & intelligent individuals who’ve done a outstanding job at creating a unique useful & absolutely the 100% easiest app because it’s definitely awesome & I mean crazy awesome just superb I really couldn’t believe how simple it is from the 1st time I had used it & all the hundreds of times I’ve since then Job well done!! You’ve made my life so much more & allowed me to do more than before I began using your app!! It’s such a simple app to use & U’re a happy person every time it’s ever put to use!! Truly a wonderful app💟 Overall my experience has only been a great lil touch of reality which isn’t typically close to being able to be in any compassion to what you’ve done with this app! As we know all too well this kind of overall result isn’t a easy task & rather difficult to find!! I’m totally grateful but I’m also just in love with it as crazy as it sounds : ) To all who designed & developed & made the BEST app ever I can’t say thank you enough! It has simplified my life and has helped me in a major ways!! I love it!! Incredibly awesome with a extremely good simplicity overall & I really appreciate it!! Not once has it ever let me down!! I swear… I’m totally your biggest advocate & always referring to everyone I know! Y’all ROCK!!! THANK U THANK U THANK U Your #1 Biggest Fan •••💝••• Melanie Anderson 🎗TNBC🎗 🎀SURVIVOR🎀 Great App! It’s definitely the BEST APP & it’s so incredibly AMAZING & AWESOME!!!


Being charged  Wronged!!  2 star

Although this app probably works well, it was listed in the App Store as being free. It is not free. I’m being charged and didn’t give consent to be. Beware!!!

Rebeka Steel

ALMOST!  Rebeka Steel  3 star

Great clarity but, does not work during phone calls. It will stop recording. Fix this for 5 stars!


Watch app doesn’t work  Daustin2  1 star

I figured I’d shell out the $5 for an app to support my fellow developers and ensure I was buying something that has regular support and would continue to work - continue being operative word as it hasn’t worked from the start. I have an Apple Watch 2 with the latest iOS and even took the jump to 12.1.2 on my iPhone last night, risking losing cell data given Apple’s bad updates, to get the watch recordings to sync to the phone Nothing works. Useless app that steals $5 and hours from your life. I feel like I’ve gone back to Android!!

every nm is taken

Disappointed  every nm is taken  1 star

After installing on my iPhone it will not install on my Apple Watch 3.

Got laid a bunch 3456

Just records not much more  Got laid a bunch 3456  1 star

I was pretty excited about this app however it came short of expectation. It is better than the app that comes with iOS but not by much. The good: -it records -it can upload files from watch or phone The bad: -transcription could make comedy show highlights. So bad that even the topic of conversation cannot be identified. -the app is slow and takes a bit of time to playback on XS. Renaming files takes multiple attempts and typically I give up. -user interface and playback features are limited. Would be nice to have better options for fast forward, rewind and perhaps clip and bookmark.


Simply perfect  digibud  5 star

My most favorite app.


Awesome app!  SisterDawn7  5 star

This is a convenient app, with a lot of great features. Wish I had known about it before.


Excellent app  Staccato123  5 star

Excellent app and the developers don't hog you with ads or any nuisance emails. I dont know how many apps i have deleted because of this... bravo guys!!

DJ N!tro

Amazing!  DJ N!tro  5 star

Very simple but essential app, I can start audio recording right from my wrist on Apple watch. Highly recommended!


Great- simple, intuitive, does what it says on the tin  Ningynangynoo  5 star


Herr Daly

Excellent App 🇮🇪  Herr Daly  5 star

Excellent App 🇮🇪


Reliable from all devices  StephenMcFarlane  5 star

Sync great from Watch to iPad etc and lovely simple interface.

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