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What is tp-link tether app? TP-Link Tether provides the easiest way to access and manage your TP-Link Router/ xDSL Router/ Range Extender with your mobile devices. From quick setup to parental controls, Tether provides a simple, intuitive user interface to see your device status, online client devices and their privileges.
- Setup SSID, password and Internet or VDSL/ADSL settings of your devices
- Block unauthorized users who are accessing your devices
- Manage permissions of client devices
- Parental control function with schedule and URL-based Internet access management
- Find the best location to place your range extender
- Automatically turn off the LEDs at specific time
- Manage most of TP-Link devices simultaneously

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To learn how to find the hardware version of your device, go to
More devices supported by Tether are coming soon!

Important Notes
● Upgrade firmware is required. Go to the download page to choose the correct version and download the latest firmware:
● TP-Link Tether does not work when connected to guest network
● For any issue, please contact

● Privacy Policy:

● Terms of Use:

● HomeShield Subscription Service Agreement:

● Auto-Renewal Service Agreement:

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App Name TP-Link Tether
Category Utilities
Updated 31 March 2024, Sunday
File Size 499.34 MB

TP-Link Tether Comments & Reviews 2024

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If you updated & can’t access router without being on WiFi…. I updated tether and after that I could only access router while on WiFi at home. I was frustrated and left a negative review. Upon further playing around in the app, I found, somewhere in the app (sorry, I can’t remember just where it was), a place to login to cloud service. I forgot my password, but clicked on “forgot password” and was emailed a link to reset password. I did this, and can now again access my router from anywhere. So the reason ppl can’t access their router away from the routers physical location and can access only on the system’s WiFi must be because we’re no longer logged in after the app update. I hope this helps others having this problem after updating their app. Shame on TPlink for forcing customers to go through all this.

Was great until it failed to login to router. UPDATE: The issues described in my original review were caused by a faulty firmware update. The newer firmware release resolved the issues and the app is fully functional again. I used the app successfully for three years until I updated the router firmware and am now blocked from logging into the router. I’ve tried 20-30 combinations of deleting and reinstalling the app, resetting the router to factory defaults, and checking the router configuration to make sure the settings weren’t blocking my access. No success. Support forums are filled with many posts from others who encountered the same problem and there’s no resolution. Fortunately I can still manage the router through the web interface but bummed I can no longer use the app. It was handy while it worked.

Thrilled with accessibility. When my old router died, I Purchased a TP Link product, and have really enjoyed the ability to set up the router independently. I am totally blind, and use voice over, The screen reader for Apple products. The TP link router packaging included a card with temporary access ID and password, which I was able to place on my scanner and read with Kurzweil 1000. The set up through the Tether app was both very accessible and straightforward. I cannot seem to find a way to make smart connect work. Thank you so very much for including accessibility and your products from the ground up, it was a very pleasant surprise, and while I had some technical folks answer a few questions, it was a really wonderful experience to accomplish this task on my own.

It’s nice but has some bugs…. I’ll start by saying I’ve been using this app for a few years now and it’s been fine. Not amazing or like revolutionary, but sufficient. I just hopped on to do a network reboot and realized I hadn’t set up new device connection alerts or known device connection alerts. All seemed to go well as I set up different alerts for a few devices, until I left the app, went to another app and then returned to the Tether app. Now all devices in the alert list show as an asterisk. If one of them disconnects or connects, I get an alert for that device. That’s great - but in the list itself, if I wanted to modify any device, I’ll never know which device I’m actually modifying because it doesn’t show the MAC address either. Maybe fix that?

RE650 First TP-Link and it did not dissapoint. I have always used D-Link for extenders and Huawei for routers. I never considered TP link before my RE650, and when I did buy it, it stepped up to my challenge. It provided dual channels (2.4 & 5Ghz) with ease. I put it under-load as I shifted more and more device to it to stress test it. In total I used 23 devices all connected at the same time and it went through them with no hiccups. I touched the device to see if it started to heat and it was normal temperature. I like how the app made it easy to set up and connect both dual channels like it was a game of candy crash. The app also always me to monitor all devices connected to RE650 and also my Host router through the discover function. I can rename devices so I know which is which in the app and I can disable or block devices connection with a button press. It shows me connections separate for 2.4 and 5Ghz which is nice. I also can configure the LED on its face to on, off or on & off as per a time of the day schedule. All in all I loved the device and the app and now I am a fan of TP-Link. Highly recommend their devices and app.

Pretty Solid. I just got this router about a week ago now and it’s been pretty solid. I got it to replace the network router my ISP provided cause it kept dropping signal when I’d play my games and I just got tired of it. Me and my son use a lot of network when he play his ps4 and I play my PS5. Since I have gotten it my signal haven’t dropped once and I love the extra parental control it come with. Also love the reports it give weekly, though I wish it were a little more detailed (I just want to know every little detail about my network), they still provided a lot of valuable information about my network. I will comeback and give an update after a while of using it

Still trying. I’m still trying to make the RE505X extender function. All the indications through the Tether app say it’s connected except for one thing. There’s a red dot on the main Netwerk icon when I first connect to the extender. Whenever I try to use the extended networks, I am told it is not connected to the Internet. My main router is a Netgear AC 1900 and I can connect to it from a distance away and get Internet so the blockage is with the Tether app controlled IP link extender. I get occasional emails asking me if I followed the advice of the last email. I have it but there’s no change in the operation of the extender. And then a few days later I’ll get another email asking me if I’ve done what was asked in the last email. The last email was asking if I had followed the advice of the last email. So far this is an unbroken chain. I never get advice or suggestions on how to make this thing work. I’m only asked if I followed the advice. I definitely would not recommend anything that requires the Tether app.

Empowering. This is was truly wonderful! I have never had setting up WiFi be so incredibly easy! No spectrum rep, no help from parents! It was so easy my fiancé who knows nothing about electronics was able to set it up with me! We just plugged our modem and routers in and followed the instructions! This app isn’t getting enough hype! Thank you TP for making my fiancé and I’s life so easy! Amazing app! I also love that I can control who is on the wifi, which device gets connection precedence, and even turn on game acceleration through your TP link GX90 while other things are going on in the house and we still don’t lose connection! Truly wonderful!

App is Buggy, limited features, frequent crashes. Homeshield can only be setup through the app, but it’s very buggy. Constantly crashes when attempting to view reports. Device monitoring is limited and shows inaccurate data, doesn’t actually show top visited sites or accurate online time for most days. Usage time is usually off as a result so good luck limiting network access for kids or whatever. Almost no functionality for configuring Wi-Fi settings from the app, requires you to setup most features via a desktop web interface. Device names are often missing or inaccurate making it difficult to identify connected devices, there should be an option to label devices or rename device names associated with MAC addresses. This is also a problem in the desktop web ui too. Setting up the router was actually very time consuming via the app with a lot of false starts. Also no dark mode, so be prepared for your eyes to be blinded at night. I probably wouldn’t bother with the app, just use the desktop local web ui to setup and manage the router. TPLink Router seems good though. Wish the app was modernized and more feature rich.

Solid Wireless Devices. I want to give it a 5 if I’m rating the app. Like the options and user interface and seems have various troubleshooting options and how you can have it connect to an extended setting connection if you disconnect. There’s a lot more I could say but just check it out 4 if it’s the devices I’m not sure if it’s that perfect, but they have been good products thus far. I would would’ve been better if the wireless router I got didn’t have to be plugged into the ISP Router since I wanted my own router in my room. I do like the signal extender and the fact that it has a wired port. Wonder if I find my Ethernet extra ports box if I can expand it to the other gaming systems in my room.

Not as bad as everyone makes it sound. I haven't had a single technical issue with this app so far. It does everything it's supposed to do without giving me any problems. Maybe I have a newer version than the people who already posted a review for the app? However, like everyone says, it doesn't have a whole lot of features. But I think that's how it was intentionally designed. They clearly advertise what the app can do... So they are aware of its capabilities. I think it was intended to be a simple app with some basic features and a user friendly interface. Not necessarily a replacement for the router's built in settings page that you get to from a browser.

AD7200 ~ Tether. I don’t know why but this software forgets my white-list and waits until I reboot to recognize devices on 5 GHz. The ones constantly streaming don’t have a problem staying connected. 60 GHz doesn’t connect to any common device on the market (yet). My ISP or the AD7200 is dripping 2.4 GHz and unusable. It’s in a central location and not heated. This app doesn’t give you full access to the (other) things that matter; logs & white-list (Client List). Yes, PSK’s are crucial to security too and offer that control in-app now. Yes, the interface is easy to use. The ability to change each icon on your client list is helpful in remembering devices purpose. For full functionality, this app is not needed after setting up your hardware. Go to their website/router address instead. 我不知道为什么,但这个软件忘记了我的白名单并等到我重新启动才能识别 5 GHz 的设备。 那些不断流媒体的人保持连接没有问题。 60 GHz 尚未连接到市场上的任何常见设备。 我的 ISP 或 AD7200 下降到 2.4 GHz 并且无法使用。 它位于中心位置,不加热。 这个应用程序不会让您完全访问(其他)重要的事情; 日志和白名单(客户名单)。 是的,PSK 对安全性也至关重要,现在可以在应用程序内提供这种控制。 是的,该界面易于使用。 更改客户端列表中每个图标的能力有助于记住设备用途。 要获得完整功能,设置硬件后不需要此应用程序。 而是转到他们的网站/路由器地址。

Very usable and easy interface. I don’t have a very complex setup but using this to connect to my FiOS router and 2 other ‘one mesh’ extenders has really worked out well for us. In particular what has helped me is that I can have the router automatically run security, ring doorbell, and other smart home devices on the 2.4 GHz channel and everything else on 5GHz channel. Now, to be fair, my old net gear setup up did the same thing but this software and user interface seems to make it easier for me so I have to say I’ve been impressed with TP-Link and the tether app. The VPN and port forwarding is very responsive and easy to control from tether app. I would like to see them have widgets for iOS in the future that let you check which devices are connecting and how much band width they are taking on the network.

Best router for my Verizon Fios. I'm only giving 4 stars because they should offer the security and parental control etc for free not as paid subscription. Nevertheless I does a very good job. To my surprise I had a seamless and smooth transition from the original Fios router G3100 I downloaded the app and followed the steps in less then 10 minutes I had all up and running. Hint to avoid having to change on all smart devices and smartvs to the new network what you do is put the same network name and password at least for the 2.4ghz so automatically they will reach the "same network" but coming from your new router. You're welcome !

The Website is a complete mess. While I do appreciate the solid WiFi performance, navigating the website is a nightmare. 100% nightmare. There’s nothing user friendly about it, changing payment methods isn’t easy at all. First you have to find the option, then you have to figure out if it saved the new method and then figure out how to use it to pay your bill. You get notifications that you have a bill but then interpreting the charges, let alone the total amount due then selecting your new payment method creates positively stroke inducing rage. It takes more time just figuring out all the technical jargon that doesn’t apply to you at all, than is necessary. I’ve considered switching back to normal providers just so I can interact with the user interface without my blood pressure rising by 30 points each time. PLEASE CREATE A USER FRIENDLY INTERFACE!!!

Wifi for the dummy’s. So I sent my son to the store to buy a new WiFi router. He came home with this monstrosity of a thing. Said look mom you can set it up from an app on your phone. As I have no actual plugged in computer in my home anymore. I was very skeptical but plugged it all in and downloaded the app. Super easy! I had it up and running in five minutes. You can see every device connected to your internet. Love that I can turn off the WiFi to my kids individual devices, I do it just for fun now ;) wish I had this when they were younger and grounded from using the internet... ohhh and my WiFi now works all the way down my street, my man child son may have over done it in man fashion but we are up and running again!

Easy setup and device works great. My only snag was that I bought this from Target and I guess someone had returned it so when I tried the initial setup, I had to use the Reset feature to new a brandnew setup. Luckily I realized the problem straight away so it only took me a total of 20-30 min altogether to get everything setup. I had a previous TPLink account, so that part was faster. So if setting up new TP link account maybe add 5-10 min… speeds are great I think its good for adding wifi for extended family (for example I set this one up at my mother in laws house to fix her “dead spots”).

The whole get your information at all cost again.. Had my fill with this shenanigans. The constant update app require account and then remove update and not require account and pull the same thing again. I am tired of the circles they keep going in trying to get everyone to create an account. Normally you are forced to when you buy their mesh system but with other systems that came before it, one should still be able to manage it. So why should I create an account for something I could manage for years with the app with no account on my own local network in my own home? Do you pay my internet bill to monitor my traffic and get advertising data? This B.S. to try and bundle stuff to sell you why also uploading telemetry and other data to their services about you won’t happen here. Will go out and pull the trigger on the Asus that will hold me over to proper Wi-Fi 7s coming out. But make no mistake, it’s the end of tp-link for me. Scummy practices like this is flat out annoying.

Works great!. This clever little device enable me to enjoy better WiFi coverage throughout my condo. You might think that an apartment of condo doesn’t need more coverage because it’s a small place. BUT haven’t you noticed that every broadband connection is inevitably installed in the corner of your home?!? Doesn’t matter if it’s a mansion or a college apartment; the “modem”/router is always placed in the corner of your place, and on the floor. So half of your WiFi coverage is aimed at the ground (or the sky if you’re on the top floor), and another half is pointed outside your home, so you’re really getting only 25% of the coverage you’re paying for. This little fella fixes that! It takes your current WiFi signal and boosts it so that your whole place is getting good signal. It’s so clever that it’s even designed so you can still use the other plug in the outlet you choose for this device! Very smart engineering.

Very Frustrating. For the most part the app is easy to use and self explanatory. However, I am unable to manage clients because the app continually says “no clients” when we have active devices running on the wifi (macbook, playstations etc.). If it does generate the list of clients I have about 5 second before it “times out” or it will say it “can’t connect” giving me an option to Cancel or Retry which send me right back to my router device. A constant vicious circle. I am extremely frustrated because I want to label devices to do parental controls which, BTW, is the same type of Limbo. I have power-cycled my modem and router as well as deleted and reinstalled the app. I am just stunned that the app is not working at top notch.

Slickest wireless network setup I've ever done!. I installed version 2.11.1 just 9 hours after the most recent update was available and it worked great! Setup for my new Archer C1200 was really fast and simple (for me). Sharing the password with family members automatically (with approval) worked nicely. I only have one suggestion for a future update, and it's really a minor thing. It would be great if you could register for the cloud services through the app instead of needing to open a browser and do it via the website. But that's not a big deal - I'm very satisfied and glad I used this app to setup my new wireless router.

Good parental control. Tether is easy to set up and use. In general design is good that I can specify which device will or will not be allowed accessing wifi in specific hours. The downside is that the max “time limits” is 8 hours. My kids are teenagers. They have virtual learning during the day, then they need to do homework and play game after virtual learning. 8 hours max does not work. So I just set up internet allowed time. However there are multiple times my kids continue to play their games after the “internet allowed time”, and once I turn on “time limit” their game stop — I can tell bcz kids coming out of their room soon after allowed time is used. As such, I suggest to increase “time limits” from 8 to 16 or 24 hours so that users can choose from a wider limits.

Dumb as a brick. Every update the app and the router interface becomes more & more dumbed down. I used to be able to manage network devices down to the minute and choose the time my kids’ devices shut down for the night. Now, I can only choose hour increments. There is also no longer an option to choose what bandwidth and amount of data to assign to particular devices. It’s either a priority device or not - on or off. It’s completely bricked this router for my needs and I’m disgusted with how dumbed down they’ve made it. I’ll never buy another TP-Link device after using this one for a couple years and it becoming worse over time. I highly recommend buying a gaming router such as Netgear if you have any network knowledge whatsoever. This one is for morons.

Good quality and connection. If you run your WiFi off a WPS capable router, this is super easy to install. I have a Google WiFi router with no WPS button so it wasn’t easy to connect it at first. The instructions and app for this device also aren’t clear. I ended up using an Ethernet cable straight to the router and connecting with my WiFi settings on my phone and that got the app going. I had to reset the device once as well. I then realized that plugging this thing into a wall outlet means not being able to use the other outlet on that set. It’s too big and the plugs aren’t positioned so you can used both power outlets. Other than those things, it works great and fairly securely. If you just use your combo cable modem and router, with a wps button on it, this will connect super easily. That WPS link will allow things past your routers firewall though as it’s not as secure as others.

Seriously - ALMOST PERFECT!. Just got my CR1900 and self-activation through my cable company (Mediacom) was #brilliantly simple and automatic - which made discovery and setup in the App very fluid and nearly painless! The only headaches I ran into were the constant log-outs and ins after making WiFi changes that didn't affect the SSID I was on to config them with. Maybe it's not possible to stay connected when a guest SSID is changed, but it's the perception of seeing the login routine over and over again that gets old. My suggestion is to have the App reconnect us transparently, as soon as the network is back up, and allow us to navigate the App and make locally-cached changes to other settings while it's logging us in behind the scenes. Also, I'm not seeing very many advanced options like speed testing, HomeCare or the ability to define a channel, width, or other advanced options many of us use to fine tune our signals. Maybe I've overlooked a setting like Parental Control, which I don't plan to use, but if these options ARE hidden there, that's more confusing than beneficial. Either way - GREAT JOB ON THE APP! It's amazing easier than the junk ARRIS forces on their Surfboard owners, and I can see that your developers care enough to listen and release regular updates to improve it.

Would be higher but been having too many new random problems. Originally when I purchased my RE605X too boost my current speeds, overall connection, and latency issues it was night and day difference compared to without it. But the past few weeks I’ve been having terrible and I mean absolutely terrible if not worse connection issues than why I originally had purchased said product. The app is lack luster and doesn’t really have or give you many “advanced” and or extended list of options referring to making a network change, from when I first downloaded the app and even went online and logged into the router/extender using the IP address followed by admin Id and password I’ve noticed, “UpNp” and “DMZ” settings aren’t within the interface or options anymore, no port forwarding options, just generally no significant Wi-Fi options to actually help out my connection/latency issues just a dull interface with dns, dhcp and subnet mask/ip settings. 3/5 stars on a once self opinion biased 5/5 star device and app that once was helpful especially in comparison to price compared to its other rivaling company’s that produce the same product if not 10/10 better and significantly more options to help YOU WITH YOUR INTERNET EXPERIENCE.

Better than some, needs better QA. I may revise this later, as I'm new to TP_Link Tether. However, here on the 1st day, a "gotcha" emerges: I see _no_obvious_way_to_log_out_! This could be just annoying, but at a certain point, when I wanted to do something beyond logging in and looking around, it advised me that I'd reached Tether's limits, and I should go to the webpage, a link to which it helpfully provided. However, when I got to the webpage & attempted to log in, it informed me that my device allows only a single admin user at a time. Alright, so HOW DO I LOG OUT? Bit of a "gotcha", eh? The other thing that could use refinement is handling passwords. I would think this would be a prime UseCase for a router interface, deserving of easy visibilty, but apparently I am mistaken. I see no obvious way to manage passwords -- creation, updating, etc. My guess is that both of my complaints are trivial to the insiders who use it every day and programmed this tool. For those of us "outsiders", however, it occasions some head scratching. What do you say, guys, want to let the rest of us use the tool as easily as you do?

Needs landscape mode and advanced settings. I am configuring my wifi using a spreadsheet of all of my MAC addresses, another spreadsheet with a wifi signal heat map of locations all around my house, and the TP-Link Tether app. However, I am doing so on an iPad Pro with a smart keyboard attached, in landscape mode. This app only runs in portrait mode, which is sideways from my keyboard. This is unacceptable. Also, where are the advanced settings? Since this is the only way to administer the device without performing web browser voodoo, this device threatens the security of my primary router by not allowing me to enable MAC address filtering. I just don’t understand how this thoughtless app landed in the App Store and on my device without more careful consideration of your responsibilities. I will most likely have to give up on this device and return it.

Ok app when it works. Like some have said, my Archer C9 router will be working perfectly fine. The issue is that it seems like every few days (or every week or so), connectivity to this app, and the local website for that matter, will not work. You will still have internet at your place, you just can't manage it. The only way to remedy this is to reboot the router (short network outage) to regain access. I have made sure I was on the latest firmware and the issue still persists. Again, I love the router and everything about it, but something like this happening constantly is a turn off when thinking of when I want to upgrade routers in the future if it doesn't get fixed.

It just works...!. Having left “Windows World“ a long time ago and having lived in “Mack world“ since then, anytime I have to cross back into non-Apple territory makes me anxious. I have been redoing and expanding my home network recently. For that purpose I bought the TP Link ArcherC2300, and although all the reviews that covered setting it up seemed to indicate a straightforward process, I was not really looking forward to it. However, this was truly a breeze. The TP Link app guides you through the process step-by-step, and the device actually does exactly what the app says it will do. So, I was up and running within two or three minutes of plug-in the devise into a power outlet, and this included the time it took to bind my phone to the router via Internet, which required creating a new login with their website. Great job TP Link!

Great Capabilities, Difficult to use. I really like the design and layout of this app, but don’t know why it seems to be constantly resetting or refreshing, losing any progress I made while I am trying to change a setting or view a report, I get sent back to the beginning again, to try to navigate to the setting I was trying to edit again. Each step seems to take a while to load as well. This happens even more from my browser based attempts to edit settings, so perhaps this all doesn’t have to do with the app itself, but the software running on the router, or relayed through the tp-link website and interface.

Extremely basic app, good for non-tech people. The app is helpful for people who do not come from a tech background. Tether makes it extremely easy for the mass to manage their router setup and network access management via a decent UI. The diagnostic feature helps identify whether the ISP is the problem or the particles device is having problems accessing internet. What I particularly was looking for is in-depth diagnostics which would tell how much of network bandwidth is being used by each client. This is particularly useful in situations where you struggle to identify which device out of 10 connected is hogging the bandwidth. Overall worth of this in my opinion is 2/5 stars. That does not mean it is not useful. For most folks it will be a pleasant way of managing the router and access. But I anticipate much more features to be exposed through this.

The buddy system. Everything has been working fine. I still haven’t binded my system because I am connected to the main house. I have a hardline approximately 150’ that tethers this box to our main provider. I had read that I could possibly end up shutting the main system down from its ability to provide a wifi signal. All the devices in the main house run off wifi so I’ve decided to leave well enough alone. It doesn’t seem to be losing its signal because twice now I lost it once because the main errored and again today. I had to unplug this end to reboot it. Other than that Spectrum ran a promotion a few years back giving a 2G network for 15 dollars to the senior citizens. Promised never to go up. The bill went up and we mentioned it. They said they needed the flyer to prove what they said. Periodically I notice a change in the address going from 2d to 1d. And we pay more money.

Sweet Vengence. Didn’t realize how much I’d love this app and router until i went through a breakup. My ex girlfriend claimed all my stuff in the house was hers thru “shared ownership” and decided to keep my thousands of dollars of electronics i bought us though the years while she blew her money on concerts and weed. Once i realized i could control the router remotely via this app, i can now lock out every device on the network from anywhere i please including the 3000 dollar gaming pc i built shes using, and the 500 dollar tv. God i love technology. 10/10 thank you tp link would recommend. Keep this installed and enable remote access if your relationship is on thin ice!

Parental Controls Not Working. I bought a specific TP-Link router times 3 to have control over my children’s screen time at the touch of my phone. Everything worked great for a couple months until last update when parental controls went kaput. I have spend nearly $600 to have this control and be a responsible parent. I have turned the bug in multiple times and was not helped once. The answer from the tech support is find a phone that didn’t update and use it until we can release a bug fix. Well no dice. On iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 6S the same bug exists. You can hit the up address directly and access parental controls that way but that is cumbersome, time consuming, and not at the touch of an app. If on Apple devices and wanting to use parental controls, don’t bother with this app.

Works well but needs work. As a parent of a 13-year-old, tech savvy teenager, I find this app to be useful with parental controls, however with technology changing constantly it needs to catch up. Devices are now coming with a standard setting which changes the MAC address for that device whenever connecting to a specific network. There isn’t a feature on this router to automatically detect a device of the same name, and merge it with a child profile which has downtime and limited time settings. There also isn’t a way to delete old devices that have been identified in the past, which causes there to be many devices of the same name showing as devices to add or delete from a child’s profile. This is quite confusing. There should also be a way to go into a specific device client connected, and see reports on the app of time spent online and browsing history.

Great price and easy setup. Ok let me start off by explaining my situation and why i got this. My room is the farthest away from the router as possibly could be, so my playstation would barely get anything and it would disconnect every 5-20min from the wifi. So i went to the store and got the wifi extender for $30… THIRTY DOLLARS! That was so cheap compared to the other things that were available. Its very budget friendly. I got home, plugged it in, and downloaded the app. From there it took less than 10 min to set it up. It was so easy. Perfect for a teenager like me. I’m writing this review after playing my play playstation for an hour or two. I had no connection issues whatsoever. If you need a wifi extender i HIGHLY recommend the AC750 wifi range extender. Like i said, this app is so easy to use and it is so simple to set up any device. Have a great day to anybody reading this

Great app to remotely control a great router (Archer A7). This app, with auto-login, makes it incredibly easy to access every setting of your router as if you were on your hard-wired PC. TP-Link got it so right on both the app and the router. The Archer A7 is the first router I’d seen with “Mesh” technology. If you’re not familiar with this, it simply means that your 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands (signals) are “meshed” together and the router leaves it up to the client to decide which band it not only the fastest, but also for which band it is compatible. Meaning no more having to manually choose 2.4GHz for a device that requires that band. And the app lets you see which clients are connected to the 2.4 or 5GHz bands, plus gives you control to set up instantly disconnect a device that should not be connected or you no longer want connected, such as the “Guest” network, which also uses Mesh technology. Obviously, highly recommend the Archer A7 and this companion app.

App Has Its Limits Currently. I really like the features and functionality of being able to see devices, locating repeater feature, and several others. However, it doesn’t have / utilize “Face Id” and every time I login the app rejects my password, no matter what I do as far as retyyor changing, it rejects them and threatens to lock app for 10 mins. VERY FRUSTRATING! Please get these bugs fixed as soon as possible. Lastly, the TP-Link AX-3000 repeater has worked great so far during the past initial use of 2 weeks! It offers 2.4G & 5G at the same time and it looks like the equipment that links up pics the band it needs. As far as the installation, download this APP and follow instructions, just that EASY! I needed this product boost my WIFI signal from my home to my guest house that is approx. 40 ft. away from my garage which is the closest point to position repeater that has a 110vAC outlet. I get a full set of bars on 2.4G and 3 bars on 5G signal. No buffering on 2 TVs, 1 computer, and 2 cellphones while also allowing additional equipment in my main home to access this repeater. AGAIN, so far it is working perfectly! Just get a couple of the items I mentioned earlier and it will earn 5 stars. Current price is reasonable given the service expectations met.

Better than some but missing features the web page version has. It’s really rather annoying that the router I own keeps pushing this app. If anything has changed connection wise, the web page changes to this you should use tether app and nothing else. Then the tether app can log into the device, but you can’t see information you are looking for, like what the current wan ip address is to see if it’s no longer configured properly. There are a bunch of other features that logging in through the local ip address in a web page has, that the app either doesn’t or has buried in a different location. Of course the “use tether” web page presents it like tether will have more features than logging in through a web browser, that just isn’t the case at all and is quite the opposite.

Struggles to recognize its own device. Difference between your Tether app and TP Link passwords? Stupid instructions telling me to reset the router to reset pw and oops, now no internet. Where to go back to my chosen pw... all this to try to measure the wifi speed of the router since it must be throttling down my Comcast new modem speed by 1/4!. A 400 speed plan gets me 100 download speed on your pretty new router. And customer support...where are you? NO INTERNET FOR YOUR FREAKING ONLINE CHAT SO SHUT UP ABOUT IT. Pick up the call. OLDER Ah, you don’t know if tether supports a tp-link router I had it linked to before? Just because I had to reset it up? So now the message is it is an unknown device it might not work with it? Can’t your software play nice with your own HW router for crying out loud?

Parental Controls doesn’t work right. I’d like to see a way to add a bulk list of blocked websites to the parental control profiles (instead of one by one) and to be able to add new devices to those profiles after they have been initially created. I created a profile in parental controls w/2 devices. When I tried to add more devices to that profile, I was not able to. All the devices were selected, not allowing me to unselect any of them. I figured I’d add them all, then remove the devices not intended for that profile. But when I tapped done, NONE of the devices were added to the profile, even though they were all selected. Having 4 children, constantly online due to school, homework and socializing, it’s very important to be able to block many unsuitable sites on their devices and those of friends who come by. It’s not useful to have to create a new profile for each new devices. Especially when that profile includes over 20 blocked websites. Please fix this problem. Thanks.

Functional but very SLOW. I like this app. I wish it duplicated the web console ‘advanced’ features much more comprehensively. But it’s designed for inexperienced consumers, so I get it. The biggest issue I have, and the reason why I don’t expect to be using it unfortunately, is that compared to often-laggy web admin console, the lag in this app is actually significantly worse. I had really hoped for the opposite: that by removing the overhead of the web server processing on the router, the app would offer a more direct path to update settings in the router. But sadly no. In particular, every time I save a settings update, it displays a ‘waiting/loading’ popup spinner, which freezes-up and spins forever. The workaround is to close the Tether app from the app switcher, after each settings ‘save’, and then restart the app to continue changing other settings etc. But it’s a really, really, really annoying workaround!!..

Has gotten worse with every update!!. Every update that comes through for the App and for the firmware on my router has made more and more connection issues!! Router isn’t even that old and is giving me half the speeds it gave before the last app update and firmware update!! Overpriced garbage router!! Won’t ever waste money on a TP link product with the amount of issues I have had over the less then 2 years of owning this product! Non stop connection issues, terrible wifi antennas inside especially the 2.4ghz channel which is almost useless to even use, weak signal after the last few updates on both of my 5ghz channels, even wired connection issues on my PS5 with Cat 8 cables!! Was sold a dream with this router that has more then failed to live up to its expectations of being an amazing gaming router and turned out to be the opposite producing lag issues during game play! Very inconsistent bandwidth! ISP shows full signal coming to my modem but is lost in translation after my modem!

Tether v 3.3.14 Update to 3.3.16. Update #2: iPad version 3.3.37 still requires a cloud account. Lose two ⭐️s. 👎 Update: TP-Link updated the app and made cloud account registration optional again. 👍 ⚠️ On startup you will see the cloud account login screen. 👎 Select “Sign Up” and on the sign-up page select “Skip.” The app will then operate as it did before v 3.3.14. Revising rating from 1 to 4. Lose a ⭐️ for unclear startup page. The cloud account requirement in Tether v 3.3.14 is unwelcome and has no purpose other than for marketing. To Apple: require that TP-Link either make its cloud registration voluntary, as in earlier versions, or provide Sign On With Apple. Update #3 Well we’re back to this again. With the update to 4.0.5 someone forgot to put the “Skip” control on the sign-up page. 👎 Lose another ⭐️ for continuing to try and force consumers to enroll in a cloud account in order to manage a small local network.

Great for initial setup but lacking in network management. First, I really enjoy the router and the initial setup with this app. The setup was very easy—set up an account, network name, & password. For most things beyond that (including any “advanced” network setup), this app isn’t so great. For example, if you want to change the DNS settings or port-forwarding, that’s only through the web interface. This app is limited to seeing what’s connected, sharing your password, and rebooting the router. It’s good at doing that; I just wish the marketing about what the app is for was more clear. There are also some other minor issues that keep the app from functioning as intended. It only connected to my router locally the first time. Now it always connects to it as a “cloud device” and takes several seconds and network requests to load anything. It also hardly ever keeps my session, so I have to log in basically every time. Finally, sometimes it loses my session when I’m in the middle of rebooting the router so I need to wait on the router, login to the app, then connect to the router again. It’s not terrible but is basically always smoother to do through the web interface.

Easy and it works well.. My expensive big router failed after it was shocked by a few rapid on off power failures. The rest of the system was working after some careful analysis. Located a C-7 at my local Home Depot picked it up and went home to install it. Downloaded the app onto my phone. Went through the setup procedure and bingo I was on my new WiFi network. There were a few small glitches, but easy to understand and move forward. In the end got all my devices working really well. Used both 2.4 and 5.0 channels with out a problem. The C-7 cost one third the router it replaced. Works very well maybe better than before. It is a modern design with up to date features that are uncomplicated and straight forward. Very good product.

Terrible integration with iPad!!!. When I am on my home network, I use my iPad for all of my networking activities. I, like many iPad users, have a keyboard/touchpad case that allows my iPad to be used like a laptop with the iPad positioned in a landscape (widescreen) position. Since iOS 13, the iPad allowed the use of Bluetooth mice and keyboards in an effort to allow users the option to use as a laptop. I find it truly shocking that TP-Link, a company that presents themselves and their products as being for the home networking user, has failed to integrate their flagship app to be used on iPads with keyboard/touchpad cases without having to awkwardly turn sideways with the keyboard positioned vertically to use! What a disappointment! After all the work done to build this app, why would they not put in the minimal additional effort to allow that functionality that would benefit so many of their users?

Works great, wishing for bandwidth use data. This device works great. During Quarantine, my family of 6 has put a lot of pressure on the home network, sometimes running 5 Zoom meetings at a time on Comcast 300 Mb/s cable connection. The router has performed well. Setup was a breeze. Everything just works. I’m subtracting one star for a feature that this system really ought to have: better data on bandwidth data by device and cumulatively. I’m not a systems engineer, but in the past I’ve had to sleuth around the house trying to figure out which device is causing overall system bandwidth to lag. Why can’t this device more clearly report the instantaneous and time history of bandwidth use by each device. I note also that the readout of instantaneous bandwidth usage is not accurate; while on a Zoom call, the display often showed my use speed was 0 for my computer.

App always gets timed out before finishing. The app always has a “timed out” error message during the setup process. It find the router through Bluetooth, but once you select it, the app eventually times out on every attempt. I had to set my router up using the Ethernet method because I couldn’t get the app to work. Once inside the browser based setup, the password that I set for the device had been changed by the app, so you can’t use the default password to get in. All of the network Wi-Fi bands will still have the default password until they are changed manually in the browser interface. This app is worthless, so I plan to delete it immediately. Buyers should just make sure that they have a laptop with an Ethernet port and an Ethernet cable nearby, as the app is useless and will just waste their time.

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Works if you’re lucky. 90% of the time won’t tether, won’t let you do anything. Have tried everything we can to get our TL-WA850RE to connect. It will connect for about 5min then drop out again. Says it has full signal but won’t stay connected. I have been trying for the last 18mths to get it to work even slightly. I can’t work from home without the extender as the nbn box was put in the shed by the previous owner and we are only renting. So extenders is what we are relying on. Was told tp link was better than dlink and so we went with this. I can’t afford the $600+ to move the nbn box either.

Easy. Is very easy to setup. You might need internet before to download the app. Follow instructions. Very intuitive.

Great Work. Worked perfectly for me. WPS link up didnt work, downloaded App, followed instructions. 👍Now full WiFi signal whole house. Very impressed. Thankyou.

Poorly thought out password system. You may wonder why you can’t log in to your router. Turns out the long password you set via a browser actually gets trimmed off at 15 characters. So you can log in via the browser, but then you’ll be pulling your hair out with this app wondering why the same password from the same password manager doesn’t work. The phone sends the full password, larger than 15 chars, deemed incorrect. The browser only accepts the first 15 characters. Companies dealing with networking infrastructure should know better.

Easy set up. Not being a tech head I thought this too hard but the app worked through successfully

Could be so much better. It’s easy to set up and mostly user friendly. Wifi Detective in the Tether Lab displays fewer clients than the page for my router and it identifies so few clients with the majority just listed as “generic” and there’s no way to identify each one when you’ve a lot of lights and other smart devices on the network. Finally, it shows my phone as being a wired connection when it’s definitely not. I don’t pretend to be a technical person (I have networked my own home and utilise every resource available on my children’s devices as well as my home network to monitor and regulate their internet exposure so I’m not a total idiot, I hope) so I’ve no idea how difficult it would be to fix the issues above, I just wish I could label all of the clients to ensure everything is working as it should be and be confident nothing is hijacking my connection for other purposes.

Really useful. I find tether really useful and well designed from a user’s perspective. It is fun and simple to use and makes setting up wifi networks easy.

Simple but it works perfectly. I’m an IT professional but comfortably ignorant of network tech. This app, together with a cheap TP-Link extender, handles the setup and ongoing management without a hitch. I haven’t needed to use the browser setup interface at all. Signal is now extended throughout the house.

Very basic app, but nice and easy to setup. Quickest and easier network extender setup I’ve used. I’ve got a network that’s got to cover a large area and only a small budget to make it happen. I’ve ended up with 3 different extenders from different brands each with a different way to set it up, 2 have apps & 1 needed a browser. Using the tether app I was able to setup the TP-Link extender so quickly and easily that I was sure it had missed something, but it worked 1st try and when I had to reset the network it was just as easy the second time. Not so many bells and whistles or extra controls, but when all we need is to extend the wifi, keep it secure and block anything unrecognised this does exactly what we need

Good app. I honestly don’t know why it only has 3 stars this is one of the easiest apps to use. Very user friendly and quick

Works perfectly. Works as it should. I can manage the router from anywhere and can then on parental control when needed :) perfect for little kids and their wifi iPad devices

Useless. Buggy. Not worth setting up.. This router app is literally useless and does not have any real use. There is nothing more added to this app that the online setup cannot do. It would however open the backdoor for potential hackers to get through. The app devs did not listen to my last review re adding any important features, and therefore this app is dead in the water and is not being utilised properly. You are also not able to use this app when there are parental controls set up. No push notifications informing of anything, no way of being able to monitor bandwidth. The router I also use is a TP Link Archer C1200 Router, and there are indeed major flaws in this router maintaining a connection with our ISP (as sometimes it will just disable for a day completely, but the ISP States that everything is fine on their end!), there has not been a firmware update for like forever via the router - which goes to show the obviously non existent firmware development team for TP Link (let alone the app dev team!), plus the wifi can be very poor in parts of the house. Would Not recommend!

Login now required. The latest update requires you to have a TP-Link Account to connect to the router. This wasn’t required previously and I was perfectly happy with the functionality of the app otherwise - in fact it was very polished compared to some other router interfaces I have used. 1 star now because I won’t create a TP-link account that I dont need and don’t want the features associated with it.

Difficult to setup. Not sure about ANYTHING with this App; it keeps pulling me into further setup procedures when I thought I was all done.? This is the third brand of Extender I’ve tried; why is the Setup SO effing complicated and unclear? What is wrong with you people? Have you no boundaries and no requirements? If, in my work, I created equipment like you do I’d be in jail. I think you are designing for yourselves and not your customers; you’re forcing us into your language and your level of digital/computer skills - you assume we will make the right decisions with the numerous ambiguous/unscripted choice steps that are thrown up. No! Bad dog! Bad programming. Stop assuming and start serving.

Not as good as we thought. We bought a set of cameras for the house and when we bought them we new we needed an extender to work the wireless cameras we bought I set it up from the start as it says in the manual. The extender has been offline with our wifi more than its been online this makes it so frustrating as we can’t see through our cameras.

Extender Device is Horrible. Countless times i have had to restart and reset my wifi extended just in order for it to work for a day or two. The wifi it is extending is working perfectly within its range but the wifi extender fails to provide a dependable wifi connection. Would not recommend for purchase to anyone, severly disappointed in this product 👎

Location, location, location. Amazing products, amazing quality as long as you know how to play with the locations frequencies,Signal Strengths and bandwidths.

Works perfectly fine!!. I don't have no problem using this for my TP-Link #RE:450 just works and extends my Home internet around my place. App works just fine! Thanks for making a fine and easy app. Merry Christmas!

Best tool available to parents. I only bought this router for the amazing parental control functionality! Would love to see the individual device data usage.

Limited. 1. You need a tplink online account to be able to log into this app to be able to connect to your device. So if your device isn’t already on the internet you can’t use it. You can create an account from your mobile though. 2. Very limited functionality. Okay for the basics, anything more detailed you’ll need to log into your device through the web admin portal. 3. Does not work if your device is set up as an access point rather than a router. 4. App only works in portrait mode on iPad, so your can’t use it with a folio or a smart keyboard or a magic keyboard etc.

Too Basic. The app is basic and does all it needs to do. I’m not impressed by the fact that on various pages it openly shows my wifi password to anyone who cares to open the app. Don’t know who writes your programs but hiding passwords is programming 101.

Ideas for improvements. This basic App works ok but provides minimal features and it would be nice to implement more features to make it more useful, here are some ideals; - Ability to monitor period usage per device - Sorting/Grouping the device list - Add option to specify smart home devices with suitable icons and add ‘Other’ as a device type Get rid of the annoying message ‘the device is not bound to any tplink id’

Basic but good. Could do with more features akin to the ASUS Router app, and a dark mode, but it is simple to use and works well. The live per-device usage is also fantastic. Only gripe is it seems to reconnect most times when you leave and then reopen the app. Note that their web admin controls are fully featured and also well laid out though, so I can highly recommend using that.

Wow. Super clean UX/UI Slick experience and interface. 5 minutes of my time setting up well spent. Will come back if anything changes.

Amazing App and Product. Super easy to connect. Both app and product are easy and friendly. Thank you.

Forced to create an online account to manage your local device.... So, here is a gem these geniuses didn’t think about. You are there, looking at your router as you need to check why your internet is down, fish out your iPad to tether your router and now, you are requested to create an online account to be able to use the app... on the flipping device you are trying to connect to the internet. Probably this was some kind of senior marketing manager thinking “I got the perfect way to increase our reach ability and user engagement, let flipping force them to sign up to use any of our devices that are meant to be providing internet. HaHaHa marvellous idea! What a big dock head am I !HaHaHa! I swear there is zero reasons I can think off to buy one of your devices in the future. Great way of shooting yourselves in the foot I hope whoever came up with this outstanding idea will be looking for an outstanding place to work when you realise the f-up you just made

Quite good. I use this a lot, it can handle both a main router and a slave. It’s not perfect , I would like to see it cleverer at managing devices on the network, ,Ike a warning when a new device connects or a device connects which has not connected for some time. But overall it’s very useful, especially for parental controls, although it can parental control the slave , only the main . 4 stars

Very disappointing. It was super easy to set up, perfect for what I needed, was very happy with it! But after only a few weeks, after no problems at all, it suddenly dropped out and nothing I tried would fix it. No support by phone, and the online tech support was completely useless. Kept asking the same questions like they weren’t paying attention to my responses and when their few suggestions didn’t work they seemed to give up. Very long response times so that the chat would time out. Extremely disappointed, it was a waste of money.

Bad product. It doesn’t work they even make your problem bigger as I was trying to connect my extender to the wifi and it didn’t work, in top of that I had to delete the app in order to connect to my normal wifi!!!! What type of app is this? Are they trying to hack you or smt like that? Won’t buy again thanks.

Can’t set date n time. This app works well except it cannot set date and time. Its permanently on jan 1, 2020. And its about 10 hours out when i set my locality. Even if i change the locality to Rangoon which is “close enough” time, a reboot sets the time back as it was (but not the locality, oddly). If only it were possible to set a manual date and time, i could use the power saving sleep settings easily.

Shocking very bad. I purchased the ac2600 extender and it worked for all of two mins and the software was so bad I could not even connect using the app on my iPhone and mac2 A horrible experience and my money was stolen. Tried getting online support and it never happened. Not happy and all family and friends and work colleagues will feel the same

Mr Unhappy. Have no idea if this app is good because it doesn’t support my modem wifi router - Archer VR1600v. Why can’t this be supported in this app. It only works through a web browser. Doesn’t matter if it’s old or not. Why should I have to buy a new Router just so I can use it in the app? Come TP-Link … it seriously isn’t that hard … is it?

Tether App for TP-Link AX72 works but One Mesh not so?. This app work for the normal Wifi internet IP address configuration but ,One Mesh DOES NOT seem to be accessible unless on goes via first principles via the Browser and it a pain to restart again.I have at least 4 POWER LINE wifi interconnects and I can seem to get them to connect in the In Smart network [ middle portion between Wireless and Guest Netork

A brief Tether review. I have been using tether to connect to my modem and range extender for over 12 months flawlessly. Tp link’s software not only makes sense but is intuitive and functional. Please don’t bother with other brands like net gear and their woeful applications. Do yourself a favour and get a tp link.

Definitely worth buying. Bought a ac5400 great internet speed app is so easy to use no dramas got full control of over 15 devices all at once

Very basic app not worth it. The app is so basic you actually get more info from the router display lights. The app is basically stuck in basic mode. If you log into the router using the IP address then you can use the same basic mode as select advanced and actually do stuff such as see you SIM card network connectivity. It’s just too basic to waste your time. Well unless you just want to change your wireless network name or password. A whole app just for that. Even then it does not always work, even though it says that it has.

Excellent Extender. Very easy to setup and manage. Has quite a few features/smarts that enable this device to easy to use and has excellent coverage.

Fantastic!. I love this router! It’s amazing! Exactly what we were looking for! With 5 kids at home all with iPads and an attitude the fact that I can disconnect individual people from the net is fantastic!! Highly recommend this app!! And highly recommend the TP Link router!

Powerful product.. Lovely product. Always stable. Haven’t given me any issues so far.

Now requires TP-Link account. Latest update (May 2020) still requires users to sign up for a TP-Link account and then log in with a TP-Link ID. If TP-Link actually provided some decent justification for the account requirement, I’d probably be okay with it. But the lack of communication and transparency is disappointing. _____ [original review] Hey TP-Link, no idea when this change occurred but I used to just open the app and have access to my router’s settings. Now whenever I open the app, a log in screen appears — and not the router’s log in screen, but rather a generic “TP-Link ID” log in screen. What benefit does the requirement to have a TP-Link account offer? I guess I won’t be using the app anymore... Please consider removing this hurdle. I’ll still give the app 2 stars given that — account requirement aside — it was/is quite useful!

One little thing.. Overall I like the convenience of this app BUT you cannot set the time from it and if you use the schedule power off function after setting the time via the web portal you are back to square one and the year 2020. Also happens if there is a power outage of course. One little thing to fix. Thanks.

Simple to use. That’s the app I been looking for. I can access a lot of options and control anywhere.

Room for improvement. The app is good but there is issues with mesh devices showing wire connections and sometimes other devices don’t show when connected to mesh device (mainly wire connections) Even if I turn dhcp off and manually assign ip with the mesh on it’s own static ip devices simply don’t show up or show up once than never show up again. (Specifically the wired connections but also when you have other devices connected to mesh it says it’s the same ip as the mesh device, even tho it has been assigned it’s own IP and is showing its own IP address) This is more of a visual problem as the devices ARE working. This is a visual glitch where you can not see the wired connections to the mesh device since the last firmware update but they are connected and working… There needs to be a fix for mesh devices showing as the same ip as the mesh extender despite having its own IP assigned, maybe there is also a dhcp problem with the mesh.

Brilliantly simple. I was following Japanese written instructions on paper with English instructions in the app, but everything was smooth.

Works like a charm. Easy to set up and now I get full connection in every room in the house - and them some,

super easy setup. This app makes it super quick and easy for anyone with or without the tech know how

Easy and Super Functional. Best router I’ve had but also the best management app! Everything at my fingertips - simple, quick to use, logical layout Thanks TP-Link

No idea what I was doing but.... ...this app made me look like a pro! No issues at all (so far). Tether really helps out the novice user. Seems to be reasonable user friendly and above’s simple. You’re not overwhelmed with information. Great job!

Too Easy. This must be a stitch up. I’ve never used an app this easy to use before. Amazing, I feel like a tech guru this was so simple.

I want make a repayment so i can use the wifi back. I want make a repayment so i can use the wifi back

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Easy as pie!. We had a wi-if pod from our internet provider that didn’t always connect, this extender worked like clockwork. At first it didn’t seem like it was going to connect, but I just had to wait a few extra minutes.

Super facile. C’est un produit top niveau

Great device. Thanks

Love this company and their trusted products. It’s so fast and easy to use. I recommend to anyone looking for actual online security from your router.

Working great. Works great and easy to setup via the app

Wonderfully simple setup. Set up the whole system was a breeze compared to a competitor’s that I have had to replace after a short time.

Good. Easy to do Worked first time

New install. Easy set up!

Great. See title

Needs a bit of work to be almost perfect. Manual configuration would be a great feature. Otherwise, love it!

Bon produit. Le booster fait un très bon job

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Latest update promised bug fixes. Unfortunately what they meant by bug fixes is to drop support for various devices that used to work prior to update and route you over to the website which appears to be broken.

Impossible to connect. Since the last update, the application can no longer connect and the loading spins indefinitely without being able to connect. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app but it still doesn't work.

Good app. Its easy to use and its so convenient for user!

Best ever. Extremely proud to announce that is the best!!

Awesome. Took a little time but works great! Thanks Ken

6 Months so far. Love this app and router so far. Love the control and ease of use. Most importantly the security is great at identifying potential attacks on cameras and other security hacks and stopped them. 5/5 from me

OK brother. Me to expectations

Forcing you to register. To use my own device I have to register. What a cheap move.

Love it. Love it

Useful. Wow I am not very familiar with TP Link however after purchasing several devices I do adore the utility the company offers. I really really love my super tiny personal wifi transmitter and after purchasing a couple Archer routers I am onboard with the utility of TP Link. I will also be opting into the smart switches and outlets also.

Range extender. Works great

Best. Best app ever!!!!

Account required?. I purchased a Mesh Wi-Fi Extender and went to set it up so I could access my network throughout my house but I open the app and cannot do anything without an account. Why is it necessary to have an account to implement a device into my local network? I know that D-Link product equivalents do not require accounts. I'll be exchanging this for a D-Link this evening.

Great. Very good device very handy

Great app. Easy setup and great speed

Slow speed relay. Only getting 1/4-1/2 speed or less from main modem. This is a small house. Kind of useless. Rarely use it as main modem provides me with better results at a distance. This was supposed to boost or give me access to same speed as main modem. Have reset a number of times always same results.

Nice router. This was the easiest set up ever . Thank you

Used to work good... Ever since my last update I can not connect to my device at all.. Might as well buy a different device now with a different brand beings I can’t use the app for it to control anything..

Excellent. Easy installation

Why does this latest version require a TP-Link account?. No complaints with previous versions but this latest version unnecessarily requires signing up for an account to use it. Is that a “bug fix” or is it a “stability improvement”? Guess I won’t be using this app anymore until they remove this useless requirement.

Facile. Oui il faut juste suivre les instructions.

Bon travail. Merci et bonne journée

Easy and quick, good overall. Extender was easy to setup, range is good… recommend to anyone interested in boosting their signal

Easy and solid setup. Zero fuss !

Wow. Thanks for making this easy enough for a non tech person to use:)

Worst app. It has no parental controls that actually work! Block means nothing. It is a nightmare to manage the network when it does not do what it is saying it is supposed to do. I tried the pro, no difference, i refuse to pay for basic functionality. Not worth it, it was a waste of money. They used to have much better software, all the new ones are junk. Time to switch to another brand.

Broken. Doesn't seem to block clients anymore. As reported by others, has trouble connecting to routers, having to try logging in several times before it will allow access. Try getting the current functionality to work better before trying to add new features.

Review. It’s was quite easy to get everything working. I found no difficulties

Awesome Router. Easy setup, awesome features. Rock solid device

To-link tri band 6 E router. Follow the instructions is not hard to connect ! Good experience ! Thx 🙏 😊

Awesomeness. Set up with Starlink. Took under 5 minutes for everything to be up and running. Archer 300 provides lightning fast wifi.

Easy install. Took 10 minutes to setup and working fine.

Unnecessary Signup/login requirement. Disappointed with its mandatory sign-up or login requirement. While I appreciate the convenience of router management, forcing users to create accounts feels unnecessary and inconvenient. TP-Link should reconsider this barrier to enhance the app’s accessibility and user-friendliness.

Misdirecting. Transparency is not there in the current state of the app. Having the app constantly update, log me out, and force me to manually factory reset my link is a nuisance. I wouldn’t have a problem if they marketed this as a cheap, temporary solution to a problem. However I thought this was a high quality product, and spent money only to be disappointed. If you need a quick solution to an internet issue, use this while you save up enough to buy something worthwhile.

Apps. Good apps

Installed. Very easy too setup

Connection keeps losing, i don’t recommend it. It doesn’t keep the connection consistent and connected to a basic google mini speaker or doorbell, however in the app it shows the connection is strong and extender location is perfect but …

Easy setup. Strong signal in front of my house where I needed it - 5 starts so far!

New setup. To early to tell but setup went well.

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Love this!!!! But it needs this!!!!. Love the app, but would love to see some new features added. Like when using browser, you get more functionality,like ip & MAC address binding, vpn client settings and vpn host settings. Display MAC address and ip address in the same place with the clients name and allow icons to clients depending on device type. And last but not least, probably most important. Have a feature to enable dark mode for the app. On/off/follow device settings! Not a complaint by no means. But

Updated and now can’t configure router without a TP-Link sign in.. This was working fine (well, it lets you do basic configuration tasks, but it left a lot to be desired) until the latest update. Then, it suddenly requires a non-skippable tp-link sign in. I don’t want that. I don’t want to register my email with them just so I can use an app to configure the device I paid for and own. I just want to be able to configure my router while on the local network. I don’t want anyone, including me, to be configuring it from outside. That means no need for running through their service. I feel like this is just a grab for my personal information, something I absolutely do not want to share with them. I’m done with this app now.

Parental controls constantly revert to default schedule. This app is intended to allow parents to limit schedule (I.e. 8 am - 9 pm) and time (90 min or 4 hours, etc) for specified devices. Problem is the app is constantly defaulting the selections to a different time. I have RE-set the schedule dozens of times and it only saves my changes for some days , some of the time, and eventually shifts to default times all the time. VERY annoying and source of frequent family squabbles when kids get knocked off Wi-Fi in middle of activities. I recommend purchasing a different brand router that does not use Tether.

Great! One suggestion only.:). Awesome product! Love it! Works like a charm! I only have one suggestion: add a feature where you can set a bandwidth for every individual MAC id of all devices you have connected. And also a easier way to prioritize them. I think there is a way to do it but its for all the devices at once, or maybe not but you could make it much simpler to simply pick the mac id you need, give it a limit for bandwidth and put it in a list of what priority you want the router to treat it in. All from the app, would be great!!! Thanks!!

Meh. This is 4 plus years of ui dev? Ugh. The interface for the app is old and wonky. Very few of the features are useful for much … and when they are, the ui is still lacking. Heck, just improving the color scheme to have more readable contrast would be a step up. And why do I have to register a user ID account at TP-Link so I can use the app with a consumer router at all? It's pretty junky compared to say ASUS offering. I can only think of one feature that this app does better than the ASUS app… and for my 10yo old ASUS router, I've got better control of that old router, better tools in the app ui, etc, etc.

Got huge potential but holding back. More device related info can be added i.e the data consumed by each device connected, limit data use etc etc 3 stars cause of a bug that haven't been fixed in a long time. I manage 2 tplink devices through teether, the issue is I cant switch between the two i.e if I go into my router management, I cannot revert back and cannot enter the other device (an extender). I keep clicking on the devoce icon but it just doesnt do anything and stays on the router area.

Practically Useless. I wanted to use this app with my WR802N travel router, but Tether fails to connect to it in router mode unless there is a good LAN connection. Tether also fails to see the WR802N at all in WISP/hotspot mode, even with a working hotspot connection. This makes Tether useless for mode switching or configuration in many situations. Imagine going from a hotel with no WiFi only Ethernet to a hotel with WiFi only and no Ethernet. Router mode used in the first must be switched to WISP mode in the second but Tether can’t do it. This has happened to me multiple times. Once Tether connects it works OK, but it’s much easier to use your browser to connect in the first place. Safari always works even with no LAN or hotspot connection.

Easy to install, operation is good. 2nd day.. I installed a A20 and an AX21 router. One for my house and one for my detached workshop. Installation was easy( I read both instruction books first over and over) I had everything ready as per the books, installed them and set them up and they both work great. This is the 2nd day, but I expect good results. My old routers where wimpy and about 10 years old and in need of updating. Crossed fingers.

Sterling Application: Exceeds my expectations. Thank you. I’ve been using TP-Link equipment in my home lab for years. I didn’t expect this app to provide information and services that I’d normally get from some of the giant corporate entities. Wow! I have top of the line TP-Link routers in my home and the Tether app gives me the manageability I need and want to control them and the various tech items attached to my networks. I could not have asked for me. Again, “Thank you”.

Great for determining who's connected.. At first, I was extremely frustrated because the app wouldn't connect but after a firmware upgrade to the AC3200, I have no problems. A complete turnaround and now use the app to determine who's on, what band they are using, and most importantly, to block my sons XBox when things start getting out of control. I would suggest two improvements. The app should provide information to upgrade router so it's not a research project to figure out what's wrong and the devices listed should use the descriptions entered into the static IP reservations instead of making us retype that information.

Made set up and control so easy... I was able to change all the thermostats, doorbell cams, tv’s, phones, ect… It was easy. Using the app let me avoid dragging out computer😂 for set-up. I can control guest network, 2.4 or 5g and see what devices use what and how much.. Even allows me to set “priority” devices so they take precedence over not as important devices.. I upgraded a 10 year old router, and wow.. Just wow. Don’t forget to keep your wifi routers up to date ppl!! It was the “choke” point.. Was.

Easy Set Up, Basic Controls. Set up my Archer AX10 easily. It was having connection issues but I was able to update the firmware via Tether and it’s been working perfectly every since, getting the full 200mbps down I pay for. For advanced settings obviously you need to type in your IP into a browser to access admin settings but this app is perfectly capable of doing basic set up. 5/5

Great router. The app is really great for quick set ups and configuring. I really like the fact that it sends notifications when any device joins the network. You can quickly block any device, also prioritize other devices. If you wanted more control, you can do so through the web portal. This is a great addition to a standalone modem. Having a separate router gives you greater control, more security, and the ability to really define your network settings.

TP link log in. The router works great so far I bought it about almost a week ago and it’s been working good. Now my only issue is I can’t log in into the tp link device. Keeps telling me that I’m using guest network or parental control but I’m not and I’ve checked in the FAQ and I’ve tried what it suggested for me to do but nothing has work. I’ve sent them an email haven’t heard a response back, send them another one today. So I’m just waiting around for someone to reply... other than that it’s working good☕️

Good good good. We live in an upstairs room, sharing att WiFi, in a house with 13 people! So the WiFi gets a little crowded at times. I’m also on the opposite side of the house from the router, so my WiFi in particular when I want to play CoD is no good. I got this device and (while I still have some lag and longer loading times) I’m actually able to play the game. The device is a life saver. 10 out of 10 would recommend👌🏼

It’s fine. Better than no app. I went from an AMPLIFI Alien to a Tp-link AXE300. Amplifies app was way more polished and actually figured out what your devices were and either set icons automatically or let you pick. It actually has device icons not just generic images. I wish TP-link would get on that. The app is nice but having 50-60 devices on the network and over half are unknown. Even though most would show a generic name on the AMPLIFI app letting you know what the device is. Otherwise the routers been good. This app doesn’t even have all the features in it and you have to go to the web address to change other features. Could be great but it isn’t.

Why changing MAC addresses???. Okay, the app is relatively decent, if you're too lazy to do the paring using WPS, that works better than the app. Other than that, it usually can't find its own device on the network if you aren't connected to the extended network of the extender. What the heck are you looking for TP-Link? Another part of the review is more towards extenders, RE380D particularly, with the latest firmware that's still not working. Okay, why the heck you're changing devices MAC address? That confuses router's DHCP and forces it to unnecessary issue new IP address that's already issued, but because of changed MAC that's new device. So instead of moving between networks without even notice it, you're on new IP address and that's not good. At least add control in Networking part "Don't change MAC address of connected devices", if anyone really wants to reserve 2 IP addresses on router's DHCP for the same device. Or whatever crazy scenario anyone wants to do with extender, not the router itself. Firmware update TP-Link, ASAP. You don't need a fancy app that doesn't support everything as web interface of the extender. Totally useless app. Better spend time and money on the firmware that works, that on fancy, unnecessary app.

Deco app > Tether app. I upgraded to the AX55 router after being very happy using Deco M5 extenders. Upgrade was needed only because I wanted to port forward to a virtual IP (M5 didn’t support that) and I wanted Wifi6. The AX55 router works fine for that need, I just wish the Tether app didn’t defer to the browser for maintaining advanced settings like port forwarding. That ability already exists in the basic Deco app for the M5 extenders. I don’t understand why TPLink has two apps for router/wifi management and I’m very surprised the Tether app for the router is more limited than the Deco app for the M5 extenders. If I need to manage the router in a browser I might as well stick with the much more powerful pfSense andI use the AX55 just for a WIFI6 access point. I did like managing the Deco M5s through the Deco app with 2-factor auth in front of it. Bring these features to Tether or merge the two apps and you have a winner.

Tether. Had a significant dead spot in our house, even while using a fairly formidable Archer C7 router. Researched this product, very simply installed it, got it up and running on my laptop, then with the Tether iOS App. All very simple so far. Plugged it in about half way from dead spot to our router, checked the location with the app, said everything was looking good. Logged onto the Wifi extender SI and boom, easy as that, no more dead spot, and still great speeds. Would recommend this to anyone with similar circumstances!

Great but needs work. this is a really helpful tool but could be better every time I go into the app i have to find the extender and it takes up to 5 mins at times and i wish you could have more than one person logged in at a time and there is no way to log out so needs some work but otherwise the set up is easy it’s self still needs some work though

I should have bought this a long time ago. I think the Wi-Fi ext works great! I had a weak connection out to my garage on opposite side of house where my modem/router is. I put the Wi-Fi extender half way between and now I have an excellent connect. My garage door now works on my network without failing. The setup using the smartphone app made setup super simple, I had it working in less than 10 minutes. I even get a excellent Wi-Fi connection outside in my yard. Just in time for summer.

App is exactly what it needs to be. Just talking about the app here, this does everything I need it to and exactly like I want. If I want to change the name or password of my network it’s right there. I can see how many devices are using my network and can even block some if needed. I’m sure there’s other more technical things the app can do, but for the layman user, I think the app is excellent. Just don’t forget the password to your router itself!!!!! It’s different than your network password!!

So far so good, I think. I bought this device to connect my Honeywell standby generator to my WiFi modem. I had a 0 rating signal strength for connectivity when first installed. After connecting this device, I now have a 10% rating signal strength for connectivity. I don’t know how much of a rating percentage I require, but it appears to be in contact with my generator and my modem, although I was able to read the generator info even at the 0 percent rating. Like I said, I really don’t know what I should have for reliable service.

Gets the Job Done. I would like to have the same access to all of the configuration options that are available via the web UI. Regardless, this app is good enough for the type of users it’s designed for and the types of tasks it’s meant to facilitate. It’s most definitely a step up from the Airport Utility and Netgear Genie apps I’ve used with past routers. I can tell that TP-Link put a lot of thought into this app’s LAF, stability and performance. It’s easy to share the complex password for my guest network with friends. The quick setup and basic configuration management seem like exactly what non-advanced users would need. This is a great basic app for the simple management of TP-Link’s fantastic routers. If the app’s dev team reads this review: Please do consider exposing in this app some or all of the advanced configuration options in one way or another. And, please consider building out functionality for IFTTT.

Why. I like the wireless portability of the unit; but my only problem is every time my Wi-Fi goes out for longer then a minute I have to set it all up again in the app. Then that means reconnecting all of the items back on to TP Link. This is a pain because I have pull my cameras in from outside to try and connect them. This has happened over 4 times in one month. I have a different kind of extender that I also use and it never wipes it out when the Wi-Fi goes down just reboots when the Wi-Fi is back up.

Need this feature. Okey the reason why I gave this four instead five it’s because there’s a feature that can be useful that I hope you add it in that feature is the app tells you if there is any new device or connected device connect to the router I have with someone he’s my relative and living with me he knows the WiFi password and to all of his friends without telling me and I had such a net for a while until I noticed there’s devices that are connected to my WiFi please add this feature I’m not asking much thank you

TP-Link R220. My R220 was very easy to set up for the first time. I use Spectrum internet and was concerned after reading some other reviews but it is working flawlessly with it. The R220 is giving me the WiFi signal I was needing at the other end of my fairly big house. I am very pleased with it. I also used the extended network it gives me to set up a Casa Pebble that Sprint sent me, to improve my voice signal strength, which is also working well with the TP-Link extender.

Inconsistent. 1.Just rebooted an extender using the app; app started complaining about “can’t reach” that network before it was anywhere near done rebooting. App running on device connected to main network, so don’t give me excuses about device losing connection to main network. 2.I have two of the exact same extenders, bought at the same time from the same place. One just claimed it needed a firmware update - did that, now at 1.0.9. Checked the other, said it was already up to date, but it isn’t the same revision - it’s the original factory 1.0.0 revision. Didn’t anyone bother to test this?!? FIX. THIS. NOW. Otherwise I’m returning the extender.

Great. Coming from a Netgear router, I was a little nervous but I’m glad I switched. Netgear’s interface looks like something from 1998 but tp-link has this awesome interface. I wouldn’t recommend setting things up in the app just because typing all the passwords and then fighting with my password manager would have been easier on my computer. Although it was actually pretty doable on my phone. Nice job 👍

Best router I’ve ever owned. I am a conservative shopper. I look for the best I can get for the cheapest price. Never bought a router online and wasn’t sure I’d be pleased but for the price I had to try. It has been the best router I have ever owned. We have echo dots in our kids rooms and one would not stay connected to our old router due to the distance and the obstructions. But with TP-Link we don’t have a problem and all of our devices work all the time. If something should happen to this router I will definitely be replacing it with the same.

Works, but there’s a catch!. I have the TL-WR802N and the setup of the device is very convenient using the app. The problem is that I need to use Hotspot Router mode and the app doesn’t seem to support this! I did a reset and the app found the device without problem but when I tried to set the operational mode to Hotspot Router, it was unavailable. I switched to the web interface and configured the mode, thinking I could switch back to the app to do the rest of the configuration and it says “unknown device” now and directs me to the webpage. If you’re going to link to this app from the admin page, make sure the app supports all of the BASIC functions of the router!

App works and the router too. This is really easy to use and controlling your router/network accessibility remotely from your phone is a nice feature. But it’s not 5 stars because I wish you could toggle the router’s WiFi signal off/on from your phone by using your mobile data plan to access your router via the internet. You have to go and push the button manually. So if I am in my bedroom and I want to turn the WiFi off at night for better sleep, I have to go to the room with the router to manually turn off the WiFi. If you could use your phone data to do that then this app/product would be perfect.

Priority QOS. It would be great if they put back The QOS prioritization to low, medium and high since doing it by hours to me isn’t great at all because it locked to be a high prioritization to that specific hour and I have a slow internet since where I live in almost a jungle doesn’t have great high speed internet and it is a pain since it’s always high and cannot use other stuff for that specific hour if I put it in that way.

Latest version blocks Zoom. I set up parental controls for my children’s school-issued chromebooks using the previous version of this app a few weeks ago. After getting the latest app update 4 days ago, they suddenly could not connect to Zoom for their remote schooling. The school IT department could not figure out the problem. Since our other devices can connect to Zoom, I decided to check the parental controls settings. Even after changing the settings to only block “pay to surf”, “gambling”, and “adult content”, the connection to Zoom was still unsuccessful. I had to completely turn off the parental controls to make it work. This is unacceptable. Parents should not have to give up the ability to restrict internet access to enable school tools to work. What changed?

Range Extender feature. Just bought the WR841HP today and using it as a range extender. This app is great at showing host network info but is very slow in picking up clients. Logged one of my phones onto the network but Tether app showed it about an hour later after repeated 'refreshes'. It's also not showing my fire TV stick as a client at all even though it's connected to the same extender/router. Secondly, there's no feature to block any client from using the range extender. It advertises it does so why isn't it there? Looking forward to a response from the developers

Great. I really like this app. I like that you can add multiple devices and see what’s going on. We were trying to set up a new device and it wouldn’t work, I didn’t realize there was new firmware because my notifications were off. But I love that there is a notification option for this! My old arris router was dual and the router portion stopped working and jr was pretty difficult because it would go out and we had no idea why. My brother recommended TP Link. It’s affordable, easy to set up and overall great !

Wow! Super easy setup.. This App + router has been a real easy adjustment into my new apartment! You are easily able to locate your router once it’s connected. Once you are In you can chance the WiFi Network name , password very easily. When i hooked up my newer iMac I was surprised to see notification asking if I wanted to allow the iMac on my network. No passwords required! I would recommend this to anyone that is skilled with internet use or not.

Useful but..... It's missing so many key features like setting of WiFi channels and their widths. It lacks a LAN section. After today's new firmware update, I can no longer access my router's advanced settings that this app lacks via any browser or device. All I have access to is this app which is limited in options. I don't understand why the app is not more comprehensive. I would add to my wish list a history of bandwidth usage by device to see if any one person or device is going overboard on data downloads abs uploads. It's a useful app but it doesn't include all of the features I need.

I like it. I’ve had my TP for two years. All good. Covers my whole house. 2-story with dead spots before. TP solved that. Just had Frontier out and they bumped up my speed but now I can only use my TP if I run it off the Frontier router ( which I don’t want or need ). Not sure why it won’t work now on its own but I’m calling Frontier tech to help me out. I’m sure it will work. Solved all my speed and dead spot problems when I 1st bought and would buy this brand again.

Just purchased. Just bought this from Micro Center. I have to say I am so glad I did. I had bought the Netgear WiFi 6 ($199) wireless router from Costco and was disappointed. It was hard to set up (and all that I’ve owned before was a Netgear) and the connection was spotty. I was able to hook this up FAST and the connection has been excellent. I have dreaded setting up WiFi in the past, but not so with this. I wish I had moved to TP-Link sooner. This was with the extra money!!

So Far So Good. Just purchased the Archer AX72Pro (TP-Link AX-5400). Not sure why the two different names? Anyway, the setup was pretty easy, the Wi-Fi coverage seems about what I expected, and so far all my devices appear to be connected, and no drops! This app is definitely simple to use, but as others have stated, it doesn’t really do much other than allow you to see which devices are connected. But that’s all I was expecting… so far so good!

Don’t forget, it’s just an app.... I use it to simply monitor what’s connected to my network, which side it’s on (2.4 or 5), and to rename devices. Also setup my TP-Link AC1200 WiFi extender with the Tether app. The process was very simple and was completed in minutes. I can then arrange how they and where they connect to optimize bandwidth for video streaming devices and my home security system cameras. Works great for what I want/use it for. Don’t expect the world at your feet out from a free app.

Better than Before. Tether has provided me the ability to answer my iPhone and work on my desktop. Office is in basement and my calls kept dropping plus desktop was unable to keep wifi connection. Son in law bought Tether, husband connected it. I can now work from basement with less calls dropped & desktop staying connected to wifi. Thank you Tether, I can’t say ‘no more dropped calls,’ but my connection is better than before.

Functional App with some minor flaws. The app works well and allows you to manage your router, but they need to do a few minor quick upgrades to fix annoyances: - Why only 8 iconss, there should be 32 like orher tether devices - When you change device name or icon, it doesnt show until you restart app. - The menu system is not intuitive, you have to just search around until you find what you are looking for - Why are some controls/features that you can only access in web control, not app? - it would be nice to have the speed test show real time speed instead of at the end. - There should be a network monitor or connection log These are simple fixes. If you are going to sell expensive routers, at least have competent software.

Solid Network Equipment at Fair Prices. As a power user of the internet since the AOL dialup days, back when you could get AOL CD-ROM installation disks from a bin outside of the department store by the truckload, pre-56k modem days ;-) (young folks have no idea what I’m talking about), I must say that TP LINK’s networking equipment is spot on. I have WiFi router, 2 Ethernet switches and 2 extenders and have not had a problem out of anything. All for a decent price. A good value for your hard earned money. I recommend them for sure. … now back to my chat room…

Extremely Satisfied. Upgraded from a different brand which was a couple of years older without Wi-Fi 6. This made a huge difference in the distance that I can get full download/upload speed. Was having trouble at the far end of my house previously but now I can use Wi-Fi in the far corners of my house and even outside in the yard with the same signal strength as the room it’s connected in. Excellent!!!

Great device and app. This was a great way to help improve and control the WiFi in the house. Overall I’m very happy with the ease of accessibility and range of coverage. I would like to see the time schedule options available on the app. I’m downloading the new update and I’ll see if this helps with the IP mismatch that happens sometimes when a blocked user try’s to rejoin the network and then you unblock them the IP is not configured correctly. Overall I’m happy with this product and would definitely recommended and easy way to extend range of WiFi coverage for a great price and user support options.

Tether. The instructions in the box were extremely sparse. A link to a webpage with more detailed instructions would be very helpful. Of particular interest with be a explanation of the LED indicators on the face of the router, the various status possibilities and the related color. Additionally, during the setup, Tether offered a different name for the SSID of the 6 GHz band from the other 2 bands. I thought the goal was to name all bands with the same SSID and to let SmartConnect decide the appropriate band for each device. Otherwise, the setup was easy and quick.

WiFi the easy way. My how far we've come. I've been putting off getting a new router because I hate faffing about setting them up. I've been a techy person my whole life and as it turns out, with this TP Link router and the Tether App, I've never had an easier time setting up a new networking device. Absolutely brilliant. Instead of spending upwards of an hour setting it up and then getting all the devices amon line, I think with the help and ease of this app, it took me literally 5 min to get the router set up and maybe another 10 to get all the devices back online.

Lack of functions. My first tplink Ax3000 lasted from February 2021 to July 2022. Nothing obvious, it just stopped working. They couldn’t help. Obviously the warranty was up. So 1) if you have a tplink router you can still return, do it now. 2) don’t buy another one like I did. There customer service convinced me their products weee good and mine was an anomaly. I bought another, but I didn’t buy the same model. Now I don’t have the same functions on the app. They punish you for not buying the most expensive by reducing the app functions. For example they could include a remote speed test with every model. They don’t. Only the pricier ones. Not because they can’t but to make you spend more.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 4.5.11
Play Store com.tplink.tether
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

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The application TP-Link Tether was published in the category Utilities on 17 May 2013, Friday and was developed by TP-LINK GLOBAL INC. [Developer ID: 1713842892]. This program file size is 499.34 MB. This app has been rated by 23,374 users and has a rating of 4.3 out of 5. TP-Link Tether - Utilities app posted on 31 March 2024, Sunday current version is 4.5.11 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.tplink.tether. Languages supported by the app:

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TP-Link Tether App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Fixed some bugs and improved the stability.

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