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Google One App Description & Overview

What is google one app? The Google One app lets you back up your phone and manage your Google account storage.
• Back up the important things on your phone, like photos, contacts and messages using the 15 GB of storage that comes with a Google account. If you break, lose or upgrade your phone, you can have the peace of mind of knowing the stuff you care about is safe on the cloud.
• See your storage across Google Drive, Gmail, Google Photos, and easily free up space within the app with the storage manager.

Upgrade to a Google One membership to get even more:
• Get as much storage as you need for your memories, projects and digital files. Choose the plan that works best for you.
• Unlock enhanced Google Photos features like Magic Eraser, a new video HDR effect, and more.
• Get extra security features like a VPN that encrypts your online activity and alerts if your personal information is found on the dark web.
• Get exclusive access to Google experts for help with all of Google’s products and services. If you have a question or need assistance, our team of Google experts is just a tap away.
• Share your storage with up to 5 additional people. This gives each person access to more storage from your plan, but not access to each other’s files.

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App Name Google One
Category Productivity
Updated 31 January 2024, Wednesday
File Size 169.71 MB

Google One Comments & Reviews 2024

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Vpn locks up. Iphone xs and iphone 13. The vpn locks up the internet after a few hours. I have to turn off and back on the internet to have the vpn allow it to start working. If I keep the vpn turned off, the phones work as normal. Been like this for months, every update gets worse. When downloading apps it actually prevents its own app from downloading, which stops ALL other apps from being able to download.

Sometime soon or maybe now, everything will be in the cloud.. Convenient clean up for memory space? Convenient storage of data in the cloud? Yes please!

Finally being able to get into my accounts.. Finally able to get into my accounts

I have error messages when using. Hello ; I can't use your application and it shows a server error; I live in Iran and I even used the filter breaker, but it still gives me an error. Please guide me. Thank you.

Google One. The app is nice but needs more options like being able to delete duplicates photos in google photos app.

Doesn’t work. Had to delete multiple times. Wouldn’t let me connect to WiFi or cellular until i deleted it from my phone completely. One of the reason i pay for a google account was because of this feature and i can’t even use it. Unsubscribing.

Doesn’t seem to be very useful. This app doesn’t seem to be very useful. The back up section for pics tells me to go to Google Pic app to back up instead of going there or telling me my pics are being backed up. The VPN is SO SLOW. I tested speeds across WIFIs and found speeds decreased from 400 mbps to 28 on average. I don’t know if I’d get much of a connection on a slower network.

Google One Is Awesome !!!!. I Totally Love Everything About Google One .Lots Of Storage And It’s A Breeze To Organize and Back Up! It’s An Amazing Low Price For All The Storage You Get . I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND GOOGLE ONE 5+ Stars From Me ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and You Deserve This Google One and Google Fi 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

Defective UI for photo access on iOS. Defective UI for photo access on iOS. If you start down the path of selecting photos instead of allow all, but then decide to press cancel and go back, the UI fails to let you choose again and let you pick the allow-all option. Why did such a basic UI design fail get past testing into release? How trustworthy is the security of the rest of the app overall if the app is being coded by beginners and released without testing??

Verified. I have been verified or at least should have and it appears (maybe family members?) have been using my email(s) and that could be the issue with my Google One and Google accounts are not allowing my administrator capabilities to verify. I created all that I built and shared/collaborated. Any ideas? Otherwise, the bundle concept if it stays secure and double checks security and Authenticator rights stay with the right people who did the work and own their property(s). I look forward to continuing in developing, collaborating, learning, and enjoying all Google Companies services and platform!

Unable to Disable VPN until App Ad Fully Loads. Will submit buganizer; but if you have low signal and you open the Google One App to Enable or Disable the VPn, you can’t until the app screen full loads. It seems to want to load my subscription status first, before it will allow me to disable or enable. however, it completely shows “Special Member Benefits” immediately after opening the app. in my situation i was needing to disable the VPN to load a webpage, i had one bar, and the app is just there hanging trying to fully draw the app UI, meanwhile i’m in a rush trying to just shut it off so that i could do what i needed to do, which would have worked with one bar of signal. however, one bar, going through a VPN, just took way too long. i ended up missing my opportunity to do what i needed to do.

Let me change the vpn location. Would be 4 stars but since I can’t change the location of the vpn it doesn’t allow for me to stream content in different countries. Come on google!

Workspace incompatibility and respective monthly fees. Workspace and apple verification has locked me out of my business email for over four months chat supports useless I have paid too much for nothing google one not including you tube ad fee? Why? Dark mode is necessary for some of us otherwise I like all of the options for a Microsoft substitute.

Mostly unhappy. Not happy my google one has just been easy access for fraudulent developer with like over 50 licenses for a storadge APP that never backs up and when you ask questions google photos stores photos so google one Version 1.4 . 3 what is it’s main job

Bug found with VPN. I want to like this app.. but after enabling the VPN feature, it: - Created connection issues on 4G and WiFi. - UNABLE TO TURN IT OFF, enven though I was in the place under settings and the Google one app. The workaround was to DELETE the app. The problem went away for me, but defeats the point.

The VPN is terrible. If you are subscribing to Google One for the VPN, don’t. It’s not reliable. VPN is always disconnecting. I can be on any app, and it will notify me that there is no connection. The VPN icon at the top will suddenly appear and the connection restored. It’s extremely annoying. When I found out VPN was included with my subscription, I was thrilled. Now, it’s a terrible bonus. I’ve been using the VPN on all my devices and it’s the same everywhere. I’ve contacted Google Support. I did all the troubleshooting with them. Same issues. They were going to contact me to check if there were any improvements… they never reached out. While writing this review, the VPN has disconnected and reconnected 3 times. It’s trash.

Good overall but I have an issue. I think google one is a great idea and it is great but 1 main issue for me:when I delete files (for me google photos) the storage is the same it doesn’t go down I’m on a free acc so not much space so other than that I think it’s great that’s it

Good work. Progress is the only real important thing for instance how could we possibly improve without it!

How easy. This is the first time ever had to free up space in my emails and I have to say this was the easiest it’s ever been no confusion no hassle push the button it’s done

A must have option for storage management. I’m slowly learning how to utilize Google one storage manager I’m not very tech savvy but it’s helping me become more savvy

Great. I am so happy with google 1. They are backing up my photos and freeing space that is definitely needed. Every one should get this app. It is worth it.

Virtual Private Network. I really enjoy the secure mobile network capability. To cruise around town on a secure network is awesome and very important to me $ my personal information on all my connected devices.

Awesome program. Got love the storage space then you’re able to share with 5 family members

Google one VPN for iPhone not working yet. I signed up today for Google One to use the VPN. The option is not there in the app. I talked to google one support, which was very nice. However, the IOS version of the google one VPN is not working yet on the iPhone. They assured me it would be ready in the coming weeks. So, I tried to cancel. But I have to wait two or three days for the purchase to clear first. Sigh!!

Google Is The One. I am extremely happy with google one, the support team and the perks are off the chain. I would encourage everyone to give google one and all things google at that. Get googled today!

A LIFE NECESSITY TO KEEP YOUR INFO ALL TOGETHER AND ORGANIZED. Google one is a must have to keep my online personal info together and organized. The platform is super easy to navigate and understand. It helps me keep my emails photos and family all together in one place. LOVE LOVE ITS DEFINITELY A MUST HAVE!!

One hour later is too late for a refund. User beware! If for any reason one or more of google’s features is unavailable to you, it’s your fault! Not only this, if it’s so much as one single hour out of your purchase window, you’re on the hook for the bill and they won’t do a single thing even if it’s a defect on their side that can’t be rectified. Good luck rolling the dice!

One overwrite masking deserves another. In ancient Mesopotamia, where Hammurabi ruled with an iron fist, demanding that all debts and crimes be returned in exactly the same fashion, there may, as it seems to have been, less of an idea of who did what to who, except, when you factor in the passage of time, now and then, indexed with the updating of the worlds technology and connectivity. Although, sometimes the ball bounces funny, ya know?

Confused about backups. I’ve already got my iPhone syncing with my Google account for contacts and calendar. And I’m already using the Google Photos app to backup & sync my photos. So I have no idea what would happen if I also turned on backup for these items in the Google One app. Would it just make another backup wasting unnecessary storage? Or would it do nothing since I’m already syncing my Google account? The app needs to explain this! I did try support chat to clarify, but the rep didn’t seem very knowledgeable, he just said it does a backup, but didn’t say how or if it is smart if you already are using Google photos or are already syncing your Google contacts and calendar (which makes me think it’s redundant for me). In other respects (aside from backups), this app seems like it could be very useful for managing my Google storage space.

I have had Google one for some time now. But as of the past few days my account will not upgrade? Every time I try to click upgrade it just says there are no Google one accounts available for upgrade at this time I have over 62 gb out of 15 I don’t want to loose my stuff what do I do please help

They track your data and voice. No no nope I’m deleting this it has access to everything and I mean everything they upload random photos to google web, they have all your data so there able to spy on you. Read it it will tell you what they are gathering from you and your other websites and you phone. It’s kinda scary DONT DO IT!!!

Google is the worst. I HATE gmail. It wouldn’t let me change my password without the previous password. If I say I forgot my password, how can I enter the one I forgot? Dumb. Yet I get an email telling me I successfully recovered my account without signing it which it wouldn’t let me do. And browsing on Chrome? Littered with lots of ads which you have to delete by choosing a reason why you’re deleting it. THE ABSOLUTE WORST.

Great app for storage. It works great for all the things I do and being able to access what we need as a family. A bit slow initially if you have a lot to upload. But after that it's pretty straight forward.

Have you heard of offline mode?. My goodness I cannot believe that yet again I’ve been thwarted by a google app/service with zero functionality offline. I’ve been using the VPN in google one and fantastically when I tried to join the wifi on a plane the VPN kept trying to connect (but couldn’t since there is no real internet). I wasn’t able to go disable the Google One VPN because the stupid google app does not work at all without internet no way to turn it off (beside deleting the google one app). The VPN just sends constant notifications that it cannot connect. This is the same type of issues that made me throw out my google wifi routers, it seems I will never learn that google products just are worthless

Nice quick access too see a well organized app!. Google email addresses and for my extremely large photo cache Great Dashboard with a high level view for my different Well done Alphabet!!

It’s like going in a never ending circle. First I couldn’t get emails, so I upgraded my plan. Then it didn’t go through, so I tried upgrading again. Then I called Apple (where I have a lot of data) figured out how to delete videos that took up space, and tried to downgrade my plan that I accidentally upgraded because it kept telling me I didn’t have enough space and now I can’t figure out how to downgrade my plan.

Most Features Not In Apple iOS Systems. The best features One offers, in my opinion, are the VPN, the extra photo editing features in Google Photos and of course my 2 TB of storage… However, when using my iPhone or Mac using iOS, the VPN & Editing Add-ons will not work. The storage itself spans across my Gmail, Photos, Calendar and other apps/programs that utilize cloud storage seamlessly and effortlessly. Another positive is, on the rare occasions I need support for Gmail or any Google family of programs/features, the preferred treatment by Google Support is definitely lovely. Lastly, for me, the perks don’t manifest into savings per se. The discounts on hotels are on par with those I received already via booking apps and loyalty programs. Also the retail discounts are negligible at best for how often I have a need for Google retail products. So, while I am not against it, on iPhone/iPad/Mac, Google One is nothing to write home about.

Great but…. There should be a feature to find duplicates on Google Photos because no one wants duplicates same thing with the rest duplicate files are not necessary unless you’re making a copy just in case something bad happens like file corruption. There should be a duplicate manager.

Get my space back. You have helped a lot I have a lot more old stuff to Dump thank you

New member to Google 1. So far since I’ve downloaded this app I was able to retrieve majority of my storage back which is very helpful for me! Before getting this app I was going to purchase more storage space but now that’s not necessary since Google 1 helped me retrieve half of my storage space! Thank you Google 1 forInternally cleaning out my phone! I highly recommend this app to everyone! You won’t regret it!

Safety is top notch just wish it was free lol but it is a bear to pay. Well google and me have had some hard time I hope you get past it wish the was a better way to know if someone else was in your account or a way to look up the computer s you use to be logged in on

VPN not working.. Okay, so I am having such a hard time with Google One VPN on iPhone 15. 1. The VPN keeps disconnecting, I have deleted vpn, and deleted the app, and still unstable 2. CarPlay, wired CarPlay and wireless CarPlay will not work when the VPN is connected, when the VPN is turned off, CarPlay works right away with no issue. 3. Because of reason 1, the VPN is now useless, I am only having this issue with iOS, vpn works like a charm on my Galaxy Tab 5G, with no disconnection or anything like it works like it should.

The one and only. Google one has been cloud storage and account support for over 2 years now, they have never not been able to resolve what ever issue may arise in a pleasant and timely manner. Thanks Google One Team! Wade Moxley Sr.

No upgrade for iPhone. I keep trying to upgrade my storage and i do get charged but i still have the same 100gb so i went to chat and explained a number of times what i was trying to say and was told they are sorry but there is no more storage than 100gb (but there is a lot more) and they are sorry but there is no refund and no way to upgrade. I’m missing emails and photos and google just says “sorry”! Nothing we can do!

Dark Mode, Support for Workplace Account, and More Sync Options. The current app does not support dark mode. If also needs to have more options for back up. Right now, it only allows to back up calendar, contacts, and photos. I know Apple doesn’t allow other cloud services to back up iPhone’s whole system storage, but that needs to change. Maybe it should start with google. In addition, the app right now does not support Workplace accounts to use this service. I wonder why not? It’s not like workplace accounts don’t pay for the same service if not more expensively.

Love it. Love google 1 I am a current iPhone user and I wanted to back up my phone with iCloud but I needed to get the subscription but when I used google 1 I backed up my phone for free!! And and yet I have tons of storage left

Broken VPN.. The point of getting the VPN is null if the service refuses to work. I download and redownload and the only thing that happens is i get multiple notifications that the VPN cannot connect- meanwhile i’m left with no wifi OR LTE connectivity. I tried to talk to google support and they said to update the app…..when i’m downloading the app everyday to try again. the joke is on me for getting my hopes up that google would have this functioning.

One of the best Managing of your Stuff App!. I think that this is a good app because it make seeing all storage or things you need to organize and makes it simpler to see. I don’t have to go through settings to see what I need to fix or move around when I can click this app and boom I can see things. Life made easy without the hassle, stress, and confusion so get the app if you need help with organizing on your phone!😉📲

Love this app. I really love the google 1 app it is very much appreciated to have all the photos stalled with out charging. I would like to invite everyone to join this app .

I keep trying to write a review. And it keeps disappearing google used to be my every day all day go to and now it’s just a huge disappointment and it makes me depressed because I’ve lost so much personal information private information I’ve lost like a lifetime of memories to this crap app it’s supposed to be for the every day user is supposed to be easy and they have just gone to far there’s no real person behind anywhere to help you in which case your account is compromised again and again and again it’s all a bunch of blah blah blah

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Yeh, nahhh. From their marketing doco : “ 2You won't be able to change your IP location to view content that is not available in your region.” While I understand this is a piracy protection, there are MANY other legitimate reasons to need to be able to choose your VPN exit location. For me, this restriction would seem to severely reduce the value of this VPN service.

Qi. Excellent App for back up Easily a 5 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️ review Very pleased with this service

Accurate. Has been working as a breeze fast and convenient.

Great apps. I like it , Great apps

Dark mode. This is a good app, just kindly requesting dark mode. Not that important.

Don’t do it for iOS. Google tried to back up all my calendars and contacts. Then re added them all and messed with my perfectly curated address book. On another note, I spent two hours trying to fix a different Google issue. It went through 5 departments. Love google but this app is poor

Phone back up. Just tried to back up my phone, after a while app says I don’t have enough storage.. I have 2tb of Storage

Not happening. First step after downloading, is to back up your files. Sadly it crashed and after five attempts I’ve deleted the app! Love google but this isn’t happening

Love this app!. Probably the only back-up app I trust at the moment- I use google photos, iCloud backup, OneDrive- and none of them have saved my photos in a high quality- not to mention its extremely frustrating & a mess trying to then get the photos back on your phone/laptop - from those apps. Google one has made backing up a breeze!

Most Unstable VPN. By integrating your shoddy VPN into this app, you run the risk of bringing your app rating down. Google One VPN is - by far - the WORST and most UNSTABLE VPN I’ve ever used. It constantly drops out, then reconnects - over and over - which mean submissions and uploads are infuriatingly interrupted. Fix this immediately.

Unstable VPN. Google one VPN constantly disconnects and sometimes even struggles to reconnect

Allanc. Best email system ever

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I ❤️ Google 1 !!!. Gives me lots of space to store my pics, contacts, emails, files, etc. It’s a great app😃

Technique Google. Bonjour pas facile compris technique fonctionne?

Lacks common functions. Lacks common functions offered by competing vpn services and simple functions like picking certain networks to activate the vpn on and which networks not to.

Interfering with Wifi. I was dealing with constant fallout with my WIFI networks on a new iPhone 15 pro max, thinking it might be the phone. Turns out it was the google one VPN, or at least some kind of bug with the new phone not sure…

Educational. I downloaded this app because I want my phone to use my Google contacts. It turns out I didn’t need this app to do that, you can have it done natively. But, the app shows you how to do it which was nice of them. Outside of that I had no idea what this was. If you use Google Workspace at work, this is basically that except for personal accounts - probably with different features.

Data hog. It used 3.6gb of data in 5 days. More than all other apps combined

Awful. No way to change my membership, chat function doesn’t work.

VPN. I only use this app for the VPN. I wish that it would load faster and not bug out if I don’t have wifi or data connections. Maybe like a standalone google vpn app

Heads Up. Great app, downloaded for the VPN, however I don’t see a way to set to the country server you want to use. Someone please let me know if I’m missing the obvious. Also, it slowed my download and upload speed by roughly 30% and that’s using an iPhone 14 Max on a 1gig up and down fibre optic internet service from Bell Canada. Cheers.

Google One. Excellent work

I wish I could give Google One App a dear John letter. 😞. This app sucks on an iOS platform. It keeps on glitching and resets my network.

Great app. Integrates my google one benefits, except that I would like google vpn to be available on iOS.

Terrible, Terrible experience. I have done everything to try to pay for a subscription but nothing seems to be working and I can’t do anything with my Google accounts because my storage is full. This is exhausting

Free 15gb is subtracted from plan amounts. Just Purchased a 100gb plan for additional storage space but found out that the courtesy 15gb free offered by Google gets subtracted from all plans as the total amount and I find that misleading because nowhere does it mention that as a side note. So be aware of buying additional storage keep in mind the -15gb off the amount suggested. Other than that the app and service seems to be ok for now.

Ok. 👍

Beware. Not all Enhanced photo editing features are available on iPad Air 2 because it does not have 3 GB of ram, although the ad below said “works on this iPad.”

Terrible. I subscribed so that I could use the VPN while traveling and using public wifi. The VPN prevented me from using offline Google maps (using the VPN caused Google maps to only work while I was using data, which used enormous amounts of data), and common public wifi would not work (Starbucks, Walmart, etc). Could not turn off the VPN after discovering these issues, I had to delete the app to turn off the VPN. Google One help chat was completely useless. Shocked that this app was such garbage, incompatible with other Google apps, and created so many headaches during my traveling.

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Great having a VPN…. …but it blocks everything to the point where it’s basically pointless. Won’t load CNN, ESPN, bank sites, etc. What’s the point of whitelisting sites you have to log in to??

Confusing. Hard to find. Paying for extra storage. Appears to duplicate apple storage for which i am also paying

Good work. Progress is the only real important thing for instance how could we possibly improve without it!

Clean up your phone!!. I just installed Google 1 APP and I already love it! I’m getting red old emails and other junk! Try it!!!

Love Google One. I really like that I can talk to someone from Google thanks to Google One

Storage not allocated properly. I purchased 99 GBs of space sometime ago but it does not show up for my GMAIL, etc. still shows me with 15 GBs. I’ve complained but nothing gets done. I’m not able to receive or send mail

I don’t like it.. But I understand now a little, I think I would like it if it wasn’t the way it is, I don’t know.

Still needs a lot of improvement.. 1. Doesn’t support traditional Chinese well. Even though the language of my iPad is set to traditional Chinese, I still see a lot of simplified Chinese in the app. 2. Except backup your photos, there’s nothing much you can do with the app now.

Google one. Google one app is so easy to use, saves a lot of phone space. Thanks

Google. This is a great means of clearing unwanted documents and information.

Google 1. I have a new I-phone and I’m liking having 2 ways to store all my stuff.

Let me change the vpn location. Would be 4 stars but since I can’t change the location of the vpn it doesn’t allow for me to stream content in different countries. Come on google!

Kinda wish there was a google two but otherwise pretty good. Google two would be pretty good.

Google one rocks!. Fast easy and helps clear up my storage!

Disconnection issue. Keep disconnecting and couldn't use my phone and restarted it to try again and its still having the issue not sure if its because I'm using cellular data

My accounts that have google drive/ Photo through apple don’t allow me to buy google 1!. My accounts that have google drive/ Photo through apple don’t allow me to buy google 1!

Google one on iPhone SE 2nd Gen. Quick efficient space cleaner and cloud transfer

Lot of bugs. Enabling vpn makes the wifi connection unstable. Sometimes it does not even switches to wifi from mobile data automatically. I have to restart phone or turn vpn on-off to connect to wifi.

VPN disconnects every few minutes. The VPN disconnects often causing issues with connectivity on the latest iPhone 15. I previously had this app running on a iPhone 12 with no issues. I will be deleting it.

Pointless App. Umm, this app doesn’t do anything worthwhile. It just gives the same options as the “settings” does in every other google app!? Not sure who thought this was a good idea.

VPN issues. VPN doesn't work right in iPhone 15 Pro. I used to be able to use it with CarPlay on my last iPhone. Now I have to toggle it off every time I get in the car. Lately it's preventing me from connecting to WiFi and occasionally even cellular.

Doesn’t work. Had to delete multiple times. Wouldn’t let me connect to WiFi or cellular until i deleted it from my phone completely. One of the reason i pay for a google account was because of this feature and i can’t even use it. Unsubscribing.

Bish. Google One Subscription is absolutely necessary + recommend 🤘🏽✨💯™️💥✔️

Easy and now I have so much more space. It’s wonderful. Took no time

Useless...what is the point?. All of the data that this app is supposed to back up is already backed up in my Google account using other apps. So why have this app? I would have liked to back up my text messages without using icloud, but that's not an option. Useless.

Learning. I'm still jumping hoops trying to fully understand so I will need to come for a review 🙏🏼

Needs 2 things:. 1. Needs VPN for iOS and Windows 2. Needs to be able to share with only some of family members, not all. Other than that seems pretty good.

Google App. This app gives u extra storage, keeps your email all cleaned up, I must say I love it!! Very happy…..

Product amazing. Easy to use

Despite Announcement - VPN Functionality Missing. Despite Google’s announcement that the VPN fearure was coming to iOS , the app does not yet include the VPN ( which briefly had options appear - then disappear ).

Google One. Saves all my stuff in one place. Can transfer wherever I need to as well as needed.

Reviews. Usually all services google offers is pretty good!!!!!!

Google. Google is better than the best for everything I need! Thank you Google!

Google One App. This App is definitely a must have.

Useless VPN. Excluding the VPN, it has other useful features. I tried the VPN twice over the course of a month. It worked fine for a few days. Then froze my cellular. And I could not turn it off as it reconnected immediately and continued freezing my cellular.

I was lost. Before Google 1 I could not use my account! It had saved the day

Stars. This rating should be for after you have used it for a time of at less a week then ask for a rating? Not before using it the first time! At this time I can only give you one star!

Interested. This is great app I don’t have to go to google photo, docs, slides, etc. to delete some things

best storage manager by far. Simple as clicking on the category And then selecting what you Want to delete. Good job Google!

Great option. Great Option same iCloud but mor space in cloud.

VPN is unusable on iOS. 5-6 times a day, the vpn will silently fail and block all traffic. It shows as enabled but I have to kill the app, then stop the vpn, then start it again to get it working. While it’s in this broken state all my messages don’t come through which means I’ll randomly go hours missing important emails.

Makes you pay for help. Got this app because i needed help getting into my email that google locked me out of just to find out you have to pay for them to help you with the problems they create.

VPN feature is terrible and slow.. Decided to use the VPN feature with the cloud features, but the VPN is horrifically slow even when the Internet speeds are decent, the app frequently disconnects, it’s unusable. I guess it’s time to shop for a real VPN service and move all of my data from Google to iCloud.

Good App, Bad for Battery. This app is good, just a slight load time delay on initial load to be expected to establish connection. Battery life definitely drops quicker when using VPN versus not.

I really wanted to like this. I’m in the Google ecosystem so I was hoping this would work for me. Unfortunately about half the time when I connect, my internet throttles down to unusability. I have to turn it off to browse. So what’s the point?

Good app. I wish there were so many diff apps to manage my google account.

Current version gets a ⭐️. Tried to back up my contacts and it deleted my text message contact photos. Still haven’t got them back so will probably have to put them back myself. The app itself seemed fine. Deleted app until it gets fixed.

I have had Google one for some time now. But as of the past few days my account will not upgrade? Every time I try to click upgrade it just says there are no Google one accounts available for upgrade at this time I have over 62 gb out of 15 I don’t want to loose my stuff what do I do please help

Get my space back. You have helped a lot I have a lot more old stuff to Dump thank you

Being hacked. Since I’ve been hacked stemming from all Google services on an iPhone ( knew better ) this app is what they ( hackers ) are using to get into my accounts I hate Google and everything it stands for it’s a great app for the dark web to defraud people

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.68
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

Google One (Versiyon 1.68) Install & Download

The application Google One was published in the category Productivity on 09 November 2020, Monday and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This program file size is 169.71 MB. This app has been rated by 22,348 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Google One - Productivity app posted on 31 January 2024, Wednesday current version is 1.68 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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Google One App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Performance improvements and bug fixes.

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