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Keyplan 3D - Home design App Description & Overview

What is keyplan 3d - home design app? Keyplan 3D, our new home and interior designer is built on top of a unique technology unleashing features never seen before on the Appstore.
It is a simple to use, useful and fun App to help you design, build, think and decorate your home or future home from the ground up. Whether you are looking to make alterations to your current home or plan on building your dream house, Keyplan 3D is there to turn this otherwise complicated process into child's play.

Through our beautiful interface, designed with simplicity in mind, you can create amazing content without ever having to worry about complex menus and cryptic options. Create a wall or room by simply using our build button and our smart engine will take care of the rest. Forget about loading screens and unresponsive Apps : with Keyplan 3D you can visualise your project through our gorgeously rendered plans, which are both fully interactive and updated in real-time. Every aspect of Keyplan 3D has been designed to enable you to express your creativity like never before.

Behind Keyplan 3D there is a powerful technology, allowing you to build any shape imagineable, paint, decorate and place more than 350 free unique objects. Feeling proud of your creations? Go ahead and share them with your friends and family on your favourite social media platform.

Main features:
- House builder : creating walls is as easy as drawing a line with a pencil. Any shape is possible with our unique 2D/3D editing features.
- Interior design : Place furniture, windows, doors - edit, change, remove, in either the 2D or 3D view.
- Decoration : A large selection of paints, brick, wood, ceramic, textile to be used on any object or surface. Expect new free objects on a regular basis.
- Many customisation options such as wall width and height settings, inch/meter conversion.
- iCloud synchronisation to enjoy your project on all your devices, iPhone and iPad.
- Sharing : share 2D snapshots and 3D renders of your plan with your friends/family.

Try it out and let us know what you think - we made Keyplan 3D for you and our only goal is to offer you the best experience out there.

A nice video presentation:

For more information, visit us on

Contact us to:

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App Name Keyplan 3D - Home design
Category Productivity
Updated 16 January 2024, Tuesday
File Size 523.27 MB

Keyplan 3D - Home design Comments & Reviews 2024

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Don’t Purchse. The app doesn’t support more than one level, so if you have a loft, mezzanine, second floor, or need to visualize where to put stairs, forget it. In-app purchases for extras are fine, but it doesn’t come with a basic set of furniture for each room, you have to purchase furnishings for each living space separately. Very little documentation, just an FAQ telling you how great it is - it could be great, it’s just meh.

Where did all my purchases go?. Update: Company has been dragging this out for a month now. They have done nothing but ask for screenshots, offered to scam me with a beta offer without any kind of solution for the items I paid for but have lost. Now I am also missing one of the only 2 packs they surprisingly were still there. Dont waste your money because they will scam you too. I have purchased all but one pack since downloading this app. Now they are all gone and are not being restored? Not going to buy the same packs twice!

This app is phenomenal.. Extremely simple for a good start if you don’t know what you’re getting into. Lacks horse power, due to its simplicity. Extremely intuitive. There’s a first person mode I just discovered! That’s what made tipped the scales for me to write this review.

Can’t save projects. First, I would like to say how much I love this app for its utility and ease of use. I’m annoyed that after paying for the app I still had to pay for use of room-specific elements. So, after paying about $10 for this app and the extras that I need I started designing our bathroom remodel. I did this 3 times only to have them not be saved! I then saved the 3rd attempt as all 3 options given (PDF, JPG and KPL) in a file on my iPad. Note - iCloud is turned on. I opened the app, tried to open the saved KPL and once it opened, only the beginning portion of the design showed up. When I tried to open it again the design was blank. I tried to send an email to the company but for some reason it would not send. I’m beyond annoyed. Is there something I’m missing? Saving work should be easy.

3D Features look good. I have been trying out this app, so far so good, takes a little getting used to, finding the editable function without instructions, though once in the swing its pretty smooth… I think it will be worth the purchase…

Awesome app! Until the update two days ago!. I got the lite version to start and fell in love with this app. Very easy to use and just a real neat program. Then the update two days ago. Now every time I try to drag a window or a door in it freezes and crashes. I purchased the full version. Same thing. Tried it on my phone since I could share the design between devices. Still crashes. If not for those issues I’d rate 5 stars quickly. If they don’t fix it then it’s a 1 Star.

Excellent beginning!. As another reviewer pointed out, there’s no roof, no varied wall heights, etc. But what is here is amazing! The interface is very intuitive, easy to use. The choices of furniture, finishes, and colors is broad enough to give a good sense of what the results will look like—and don’t feel limited by the categories: I used a “fabric” finish for the kitchen countertops because it was the right color and texture. Yes, I’d like expanded capabilities and a version for the iMac that will talk to my iPhone, but what’s here gets five stars from me. I’ve tried three other design apps, and none were as clear and versatile as Keyplan 3D.

Almost perfect. I really like to use in the ease of this application. It allows you to do a lot of things like measure and design floorplans for existing homes or projects under construction. I like the way you can manipulate things with ease and edit or customize things even after you finish your design. The biggest thing I would like for it to be able to do is open files from saved or previous versions of the application. I used the lite version Previously and then I upgraded to the full version. However I am unable to open any of the designs that I completed on the previous version with my new version. If this feature was available then I would say this app is perfect.

Easy to use!. Very easy to use while having a lot of design features. I was up and running almost immediately on my iPad. Every item including walls is easy to move, resize, etc. My only complaint is the exterior options are limited and you can’t change colors or flooring, but I’m taking no stars off for that because the app is so intuitive and easy to use it makes up for those minor flaws. We are building a home, and this app has already saved us money by enabling us to see some necessary changes. ****HINT-in 3D mode if you gently keep zooming in the perspective changes to you standing in the room.****

Fix sync. On Keyplan 3D Lite, I received the Leisure pack… but annoyingly, It won’t sync to Keyplan 3D. Also, when I bought Keyplan 3D, it didn’t sync to Keyplan 3D Lite. Your product’s sync is poorly made. Please, fix it so I can enjoy your product the way it’s meant to be enjoyed. Thanks. Landon Withrow

Please fix the issue.. I really enjoy the two programs, I don’t know how I ended up with two of the same apps but I purchased all the packages in each app, however there was one package from each app, campaign in one and garage the other, that will not download. I have contacted them through their support email several times but nothing has been fixed nor have they even contacted me to let me know if they are working on it or whatever the case. I will give 5 stars when they fix the download problem. I really do enjoy the app.

It’s ok.... the quality of the image generated in JPG is terrible, it is not possible to print, it does not have enough resolution to understand the information. Please create in the PDF option also the decorative or humanized floor plan. This should be an option, urgently please Otherwise, the APP is simple and intuitive to use.

CRASHES every time you add window or door. They must have updated this recently and they have not worked out all of the “bugs” now program crashes every time I try to add windows and doors! It worked great before!! Not anymore!

Amazing. The only reason I gave it one star less is because I think it would be better if they had a color wheel for the colors, but otherwise an amazing app

Needs more. I used this app to design our vacation home and it wasn’t far off from the drawings our architect generated from it. My asks are: 1) allow walls to be custom heights; 2) allow flooring to end in wall openings where there are no doors; and 3) fix the bugs that make me reinstall and redownload my purchases. I’ve had to redo my home from scratch twice and it’s frustrating.

the best app in the world!!. this app made my parents get a home in North Carolina which has been my dream state I love North Carolina and cats and dogs and bunnyssssss and cake and pie and basketball and tennis and soccer and Alfredo and florida and Georgia and Virginia and shows and working out and America ninja worie, one day i ‘m gonna go on that show no joke

Simple and easy to use. Application is simple and easy to use, good graphics, reasonable price but adding up with in-app purchases The final price would be same as other home design apps in App Store

No support. Hello. While I’m a novice to 3D technology, this was pretty easy to learn and use. My frustration came when I tried to access additional items like upper cabinets for kitchens, etc. I could actually “see” ghost like images of these items, but there was no way to access them. Tried and tried to find support and sent multiple messages to ask about this, but to date, I’ve received no answers. If any of the creators would be willing to assist me, I would be very happy to write a different review.

Updates broke it for me.. Can’t set wall lengths in some cases. Trying to build a closet. Closet is 6’ x 2’ with a 4’ opening. I can’t draw the two one foot stub walls. It won’t let me draw that short. Also can’t set some lengths because snapping jumps past the desired length. Don’t remember these problems in the previous version. :-(

Removed Features. I purchased the full version a couple of years ago. I pulled up this app a few days ago because I am remodeling my kitchen and was told I needed to purchase the features again. It's nice that they brought out new version and removed ones from this version.

It’s really a great app. I work with construction and this app has helped me tremendously. I can always translate my ideas in a fast and easy way so I can show people and express what changes I mean in a project. 5 stars!!!

Love to Hate. This app was “The Bomb.” I just spent 2 days on a drawing, and about once every 1/2 hour, I had to do a hard shut down of my iPad Pro 12.9”, 4th Gen., because the app would bog down. The last time I did it, I lost EVERY file in the app. I don’t know if the bog down is the fault of the app, or iPadOS, but it is very frustrating. When this issue is corrected, I will change my review back to the 5 stars it used to have.

Needs Help. Love the concept of this app. My husband and I want to build. However, anytime I try to use a certain tool,object,etc. the app suddenly closes out. Definitely a few bugs. Also, needs the option for two stories and stairs. So much like the Sims and I love that I can just build... that’s all I ever really liked anyways. Please give this app a major upgrade!

Halfway works. While it looks like this app has potential, it is very buggy. I think it’s a rip off to limit even basic functionality (like drawing more than one room) and expect people to pay $6 just to find out how many issues this app has. The paint tool frequently paints the wrong object. Using imperial units does not actually give you the size that you entered. Very limited objects in the standard package (only 2 garage doors shown with no other options in any of the packages). No support for multiple levels. I see no option for stairs with a landing, nor any way to modify the number of treads. There needs to be a way to provide overall dimensions. Hopefully this things will be added or fixed in the near future, but for now I have wasted $6.

Great App!. I took a basic architecture course in high school. I am a busy full time college student now, and in my free time I was able to start making detailed floor plans and 3D House concepts super easily with a little practice using Keyplan. The $5.99 I spent on the app was completely worth it! Hats off to the developers of this app. Thank you for giving me an outlet for how to express the concepts in my head onto my phone.

Good but needs a refresh. Once I got used to the general tool of drawing and resizing walls, it’s pretty easy to use. My only request is that the app get a refresh for everything else (e.g. furniture, windows, doors, appliances, etc.). It just needs a few more options to be more “modern” and useful. Overall good app.

Needs improvement. I like the multitude of options in to choose from but i found some limitations on the following: 1. Ability to choose a color palette based on a custom RGB or HEX value. 2. Had some hard time creating a foundation 3. Import a pattern from image as tile pattern

Not impressed. I’m a beginner with designs, but this app is not user friendly and options are limited. When putting in cabinets, it is difficult to get them rotated to orient to the walls. Also extremely limited design options available. There are only 2 garage door options, 2 sink options and what they call “bay windows” are actually sliding glass doors. I paid the $5.99 for this app, but after exploring it for a few hours, will request a refund.

So far the Best. This is the best app if you’re looking for a a quick floor plan, you’ll be able to add, move, delete, add doors, windows, wall openings. You’ll be able to communicate with the support team and they take your feedback and update. I tried all the others apps that claimed to be simple and none of them worked like this app!

Helpful. I enjoy this app. We used it when designing a new master suite. It saved a lot of headaches because I was able to know fir sure what we could fit in the space and get a general idea of how the finished space would look. I’m using it now to determine the layout of a studio apartment so I don;t over-buy furniture.

Why are the measurements upside down?. This is clearly a program written for the European market, with measurements tacked on for the US. And they're upside down. I appreciate that you're labeling both the inside and outside measurements of the walls I'm drawing, and that you always show the measurements. But it's kind of hard to read them if they're always upside down. Also, in the US, we don't do measurements in decimal numbers. We use fractions. It would be great if you could show and calculate proper fractions.

Used to work great, but what happened?. I use this app all the time. It was the best floor plan app out of everything else that I found. I’ve been using it for about three years, but now all of a sudden I can’t access any of my purchases in the app. And when I press on the cart to restore my purchases, it loads forever and it won’t get past the loading screen.

Great Facility dept tool. I use this app to plan out floor plans for egress routes, furniture moves and general planning. Pretty easy to figure out. Never used an app like this I spent 45 minutes drawing out my house in detail as practice.

You should definitely download this app. Keyplan 3d has a lot of choices of furniture and design. Unlike any other games, it’s realistic,non Wi-Fi and for adults and kids. You can build your dream house in this of in real life. You should download this if you like building. You will not regret it.

Great idea. Full of flaws.. This could be a great app. It is relatively intuitive, has good basic functionality if you just want to draw walls. I tried to use this for cabinets.... Labels for object are not fully visible. You have to put the item in 3D to see what they are. Went to email a design, the only thing exported or included in the .pdf was the walls. I could not export or share the design using the tool. The email besides sending a bare floor plan, included the same link as the one in Help. Unfortunately, the link only takes the user to a server error. To me this is a “leave me alone” statement by the developer. The only way I was able to share this with my designer was taking screen shots. Too bad the developer is not more fully committed to this tool. It could be best in class with a little work, despite the in app purchase if you want a better library of objects.

Great but missing some features. Overall a solid program but missing a few key features. You should be able to convert to all inches instead of just ft. Also when drawing lines it’s a bit glitchy. Hard to get down the exact size you want if not using an Apple Pencil. You should be able to click a wall and change the length manually by inputting the numbers. Finally I would like to be able to add a intersecting wall without changing the length of the original. If these changes are made I could see using it in the field over a much more robust program like chief architect.

More robust than predicted. We purchased a rental house needing to remodel, tear out walls, entire kitchen and build an additional master bed and bath. Since it's a vacation rental we also are required to furnish the house. All the above were made extremely easy to prepare and plan. The app took a little getting used to due to how robust it is. Advice tip one: play first. Learn how to manipulate the sizes of walls (length & thickness of studs), furniture, placement and facade. Only then get to serious business. Most tasks are tap, drag then drop (even when painting or texturing.) We loved the edit feature of the furniture and cabinets. Resize to the inch and the cabinet and countertop installers knew exactly what to do. So much more to share about this app saved us big money because we able to show our subs a picture and dimensions. One needs a bit of imagination for finish work but for 6 bucks this app got us there and then some with the workers complete understanding of our final intent. This app is a fabulous tool and great fun also.

Good?!. It’s a good game and it’s fun except that you go through the walls and that you haft to buy lots of the item if you want to use them. You need to buy a two dollar pack for a pool same with many options of items. Plus you can’t add a second layer, but there is a stairs option? Weird!!!!

Good beginning, but needs to be finished. Very easy to use and makes a nice start for a floor plan, but is missing many features: no roof capability; walls can vary in thickness but not in height, no pony walls; no sidewalk or driveway capability; minimal fence options but no gate options; limited vehicle options, no pickup trucks/oversized/RVs; serious problem when modifying window sizes has a floating “void” or white space that overlays the images, it varies in size depending the window that was modified and will come and go as it pleases, it carries over to the image/PDF of the detailed floor plan and the 3D image but does not appear on the blue print image - extremely annoying; no option for A/C units, propane tanks, telephone poles - all require trying to use customized geometric objects; very limited HVAC objects and appear to be based only on European designs; overall it is a good beginning but is very far from a finished product.

Not impressed. Trying to use this for a remodel design. I played with the light version, but it would not show dimensions of the walls as I placed the fireplace on the wall. So I am guesstimating where on the wall to place it instead of measuring and placing it exactly on the wall. Every time I put something in a room I should be able to do measure and place it exactly with from any wall. No tools? I played with the light version and found it limiting and upgraded thinking those abilities were in the upgrade...But both versions are working the same. Nothing additional in the full blown version. Feel cheated. Want my money back.

Great 3D app. I’m impressed with this app. Very easy and intuitive. I was able to generate an accurate plan and resizing doors and windows was easy. Good rough model to understand a space. Wish list of things to make it a 5 star app: eye dropper tool for furniture and finishes, copy room tool, multiple floors, ability to set height of individual walls, add my own materials, group furniture objects and be able to copy those groups, roof tool, better method of organizing objects i.e. all chairs should be in one tab and not split by room type, curved wall tool, and interior lighting.

Unbelievably useful. This app is awesome!!! We were designing a home office/studio and this program gave us all the tools we needed to create the space, make changes and realistically look at what the new space will look like. I was able to take the measurements from my notes and build the rooms in the software in 15 more bites or so.

Nice app. Its a really easy to use app I really like it a lot , but you do have to buy extra props but its at a really reasonable price i would recommend this to everyone!!!

Decent!. I downloaded the app since we’re building a new home, and I wanted to be able to visualize the space but didn’t have the patience for long learning curve since I don’t have any background in graphic design. Super easy to learn, and satisfied by the basic paid subscription. My biggest issue is the lack of customizable colors, and lack of being able to put hanging pendants. The basic library is pretty limited, but I could make it work if I could at least change the colors more specifically. I emailed suggesting they add a color wheel option, but never heard back. I also emailed since I'm having issues syncing my iPhone and iPad, and am waiting to hear back. I know they probably aren’t a big company so trying to be patient. Will update if I hear back!

Excellent!. I love this program, excellent! As with any new program there are a number of things to learn, and with a little experience you will just zip to what you need. So do not be discouraged if it seems contrary at first. I will be posting a remodeling plan in a few days. JoJo

S’ok. From what I can tell so far, the paid version isn’t any better than the free version. Plus, I had to buy all the ads-on packs again. At least you can share a PDF now (in the free version also), so you can print your plan. But, it won’t include things like cabinets and plumbing fixtures… Another big miss is electrical outlets and fixtures (aside from maybe lamps). What about pencil/stylus support? This app has potential, beyond my scathing review of the free version. Focus on what’s happening outside of Asia, where we live in spaces larger than 1,000SF, with multiple stories.

Bought it twice!. I had the app for over a year and bought all of the extra packages, but then it crashed and I had to re-download the app :( I lost all of my prepaid packages and my dozens of floor plans I made which was a real bummer :/ but I love and need the app so much I’m buying everything over again.

Might as well play free. I had the lite version to this app. You can do everything you can on this but close rooms. I just left a small gap in between walls and it did just the same thing. When I paid $6 I expected all of the items to be included in the pictures, which they aren't. You have to pay an extra $15-$20 to get everything. It says nothing about this in the description. This is false advertisement and I want my money back.

Nice floor plans. This is a great product to help with a kitchen remodel. My only reason for 4 stars is there is a limited number os basic items. Standard windows we have slide sideways not up and down. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough. Also, no double oven.

Simple. This is a very simple to use program. You can create floor plans in 2D without problem, have furniture placed and landscape and see it in 3D. I’m not a professional, but like to draw as a hobby, and I found this to be an easy to use program and very complete. Hopefully it can also have the ability to draw roofs also. Besides that I like it

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Good App. This is good app with Apple Pencil.

Can you put in a second story. I don’t understand you have stairs and I don’t think you can build a second floor can someone please help me? It would be really great if you can put a second layer section so we can put in a second floor. That’s if you can’t put in a second floor already. Just a suggestion.

Great app. Love this app once we got the hang of it. It would be nice if it allowed double story houses, driveways and contouring.

Extraordinary. This wonderful architecture app has amazed me, every part of it allows you to design the house in whatever way you want. As incredible as the app is there still is room for improvement. I think to make it a more great app you could add a roof function. I would love for for you to add this to make a even more unbelievably good app.

LOVE IT. I love the graphics in this game. I think this app should be $10000.99 dollars!

Great. Need to have a pack where it has items to build a patio/deck, like steel/wood/concrete posts, balustrades, etc. because at the moment you can only put up walls to simulate a deck, but looks like a room (not open)

Great!. Great!

Good. Good

Nice looking. Would rate it 5 if you weren’t missing a few crucial elements such as a shape for roofing and landfall as I live on a slope but good effort so far

I really like this app.. I really like this app, but it could be improved. An undo button would be a great addition, I've also had a problem with it shutting down and I lost a plan I'd been working on for hours. But despite that I still love this app and spend many an hour on it!

Highly realistic. Very great

The good and the bad. I love the app, make no mistake, but it could benefit by some improvements, such as: - Enabling texture to be resizable when increasing the size of an object - Still when resizing, don't streach the edges of the object, just center of them. - Give the ability to search for colours or textures - Enable lights to work and proper show the room and colours with the correct lighting - please please please, enable 2nd floors to be created and switch the view between them.

Great Design Tool. Even when just doodling, Keyplan can be fun! I use it for initial layout and reasonability checks when setting out new ideas.

Amazing. So easy to use Worth everything you spend

It’s great. It’s a great app when you plan a house because it’s does give you a lot of furniture and options.

Love it. Been so helpful would recommend!

Excellent. Have been using this app for about two years designed bathrooms floor plans general and even a gym and play center !! Love it

Almost perfect. Wish the room size could be adjusted after creation and option to enter exact size of wall

Great. I've only just started trying this, but so far I'm very impressed - best by far of all the apps I've tried

Excellent!!! Easy!. So incredibly easy to use once you get the hang of it!

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Good. Easy to use Suggest adition to add multiple level homes

Love it. Simple app that works

Designer. This app does not save your work. Don't waste your time.

love it. lost all my things…. sad also MAKE MULTIPLE FLOORS!!! ty

Great help. It helped me so much with building my home. I would definitely recommend it to everyone that is planning on building a house. Or if you just want to have fun.

Not loving it anymore. I used to love this app. It was easy and I enjoyed the results but since your last update I have to reload my purchases EVERY SINGLE TIME I open the app. There was no problem before your update so why is there a problem now? Please fix it.

Nearly Perfect For My Needs at an Incredible Price. In preparation for our move into our new condo, which is still more than a year from completion, I needed to “see” how future furnitures will look in each room. Also to measure if some of our existing furniture will integrate smoothly. I couldn’t be happier as to how easy this app works on my iPad Air 4. I really thought that my clumsy finger would have trouble drawing lines. But it was not an issue and I had the condo plan up and running in a couple of hours. The most difficult part of drawing our plan was the angles. It would have helped if the app shows the degrees of a line from the fixed point. I had to guess that my angle was 45 degrees, which turned out to be pretty close, and other walls fitted correctly. * so that’s one feature that I’d like added in future updates. I loved the feature of filling in windows, openings, doors, furniture, decorations, etc. Also, I can resize to my specifications. Our condo has a second story entertainment room with a terrace. * Unfortunately, Keyplan 3D’s stairs feature is limited, and I could not show a stair landing halfway up. So on a separate plan of my 2nd level room, the stairs can only show going up, and not down. Contact with Keyplan 3D told me that this feature is on their “to do” list. So hopefully, it will be on future updates also.

Needs more features. It’s annoying that you can’t manually set your distances or measurements. Needs more options for wall settings etc. Scrolling or searching for common items is tedious.

Almost there. Could you please add multiple levels and customizable staircases as well as rallings.

Simple. Simple et puissant!

Suivi excellent. Beaucoup de plaisir. S’il y a un problème ils sont disponibles, c’est très rassurant. Je m’amuse à créer des plans avec tout un environnement extérieur. Autant une maison à la campagne qu’ une maison de ville.

Bien mais .... J'utilise cette application depuis plusieurs mois déjà et je l'adore. Cette application est bien fait malgré les bugs persistants. J'ai réussis faire mon plan de maison facilement de même faire la décoration intérieur sans mettre aucun sous après l'achat de l'application. Je demande au créateur de continuer à corriger les bugs persistants et je le recommande fortement au futurs utilisateur parfait pour la construction neuves jusqu'à la rénovation de votre maison

Intuitif. Cette application m’a permis de faire des plans pour la disposition de salle pour des soirée-soirée et danse. Je la recommande fortement.

Bug and lost all my work. the software crashed and I lost hours of work. I contacted customer service without answer

Great program!. I use this program to design friends homes. I love it and it’s so easy to use. The add-ons are inexpensive and fun to use.

Awesome. Fantastic app works very well! worth the money

Commentaire. Très utile pour avoir un bon aperçu de ce que sera le projet.

Freezes constantly. It would be fun if it didn't freeze every few minutes. Can barely get started that it freezes. Please fix.

2nd floor. Great app but I really wish it had a 2nd floor and basement feature

Excellent App with MAJOR Flaws. The function provided by the app is great, easy to use and worth the price for the add-ones considering other apps offer this service at a monthly fee. It’s useless until the devs fix the issue with lost save files and purchases not being remembered. This means all your workload can disappear overnight and you will. have to reinstall every single purchase every time you open the app. Sorry, not sorry, that’s just pathetic.

Décevant. Très déçu j’ai travaillé pendant 2-3 jours pour finalement pu capable de rien faire crashs a tout les fois que j’essaie de rajouter quelque pour finalement essayer de le faire sur le ipad de mon conjoint et ne reconnait pas le partage famille j’ai leur ai écrit mais m’envoie toujours leur FAQ sans me répondre vraiment

Could be better. 2.5 stars This app would be great if it didn't crash every ten minutes. Even then, I could live with it if it didn't also erase any recent editing. So, any of those pesky designers out there listening in, please fix this. Or else it was just for nothing. 9$ down the drain.

Génial pour planifier des travaux. J'ai pu assez aisément faire les plans de rénovation de ma maison. L'utilisation est intuitive et le catalogue varié. Petites suggestions d'améliorations : pouvoir effacer un mur, dupliquer un objet et annuler la dernière action.

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Wow. Your game is so much fun I spend hours playing this app

Taking my money. I tried to buy a few of the packs and it takes my money but won’t load in the stuff that I purchased….

The best. So far no complaints

Great. It's a great and user friendly even to someone that isn't technology inclined

This is great. Me and my husband have been using this to make blue prints for projects and we love it it’s perfect

Not bad. Good program for quick simple layout and rendering. Would like to see other features like adding another level or deck creation, sidewalks. Different wall types and customizations might be nice as well.

Decent. Decent product for an over view

2nd Floor?. I like this app, I want to say that right off the bat. It is easy to use. I don’t even mind paying for extra stuff to add to my house. I would like it more if doing porches was easier and if I could add a second floor.

Nice app. I am using this app to start a project new addiction to my home downloaded the light version and now this version.

Love it. I really love this app, but I wish I could add a second story! I can’t figure out how and it’s very frustrating!

Designing. I wish there was a way to put a second story and split what your looking at.

Good, could improve. Easy to use, would benefit from ability to make multi level designs and change heights of individual walls.

Jump right in. Easy fast sketches...some inapp purchase for all the different packages

User Friendly, limited usage. Does a good job to plan home renovations as long as you are not concerned about exact details and finishes.

Love this app. Used this app to plan out my first apartment! You can do so much with it, just waiting for an update to allow upstairs building and maybe some more colors!

Adequate. This is not the most intuitive app I’ve used, but it is adequate for my purposes. The developers really need to add a grand piano object to the app. My primary motivation for buying this app was to design a living room around a grand piano that is limited to only one spot in the room. Now I have to approximate it with shapes.

Not convinced. Really Not a good app I don’t advice it Need too much to be professional

Can’t place windows or doors. I love this. I’ve already designed my dream home but I can’t place any doors or windows. As soon as I place the window onto the wall the app crashes and I have to restart the app. Please fix

Help for my business. Easier app to use and 3D show view help a lot to understand the space.

Good but quirky.. Wish there was more flexibility in printing and viewing layouts. Sometimes one change can wipe out other changes. Make sure you backup your plans.

Money Grabbing. When I bought this for $6 I expected to be able to use the full app, as anyone would reasonably expect. Imagine my surprise when I open the app to find out that I’d have to pay for additional content within the app! NOT HAPPY!

Pls make all of the packs for free. Pls read this I would like if everything was free Bc it needs the free packs feature

Cool so far..... I hope they expand it so you can make a two-story house structure.

Nice program. It’s a easy program to learn it has some things it can’t do but it gets the job done

In app purchases not working. I liked this app a lot and as a person who likes to plan I liked to play around here on my free time. Nowadays I cant do anything because the packages I bought aren't loading in. I tried to restore the purchase and it still doesn't work.

Easy, intuitive.. What more can I say. Great for onsite renderings for my clients. Two thumbs up!!

Great application. So easy to use to have clear ideas and fast

Great app. Was able to whip up plan for a client in minutes

I want my money back. This is so limited it is all but worthless. The furniture selection apperars to ne european as yhere are no larger items like bathroom vanities and smaller interior doors and so much more. The UI is clunkie and poorly designed. The 3D viewing tool is horrible. There are much better apps out there that are free. I want my money back PLEASE.

Great Product. This app does everything you need to plan out a room/floor/house!

Good app. Just wish it came with all the stuff instead of having to buy add ones after all this isn’t the LITE version

Who do you make a basement!!!!!!!!!!!!!. This app is very complex but surely there is the ability to make basements the games is cool though

Wonderful. This is a very good app. It is easy to use and learn. My favorite part is the 3D view.

Love it!. This is great easy to use and is helping me to arrange furniture, use space wisely, and to figure out where to put a garden.

Easy and fun. I use the app for pure creative entertainment. It’s easy to use. Once I figured out how to size objects and use the ‘shapes’ category the creativeness and design detail poured out. I wish it could do two story and roof designs. All in all it’s easy and fun.

Won't open. I just got a brand new iPad. The app worked perfectly fine on my last one, even on my dad's 10 year old iPad. However, I find the app unable to open at all on my new iPad.

Wow!. Makes life a bit easier for the layman. Could save on architect costs.

Good app, but wouldn’t restore my purchases on my new iPad. Would have given it four stars if I hadn’t had to purchase it twice.

Screenshot option???. Since I paid for the app can you add in the ability to screenshot the plan without the extra stuff at the bottom ? I don’t want to see the menu when I share a photo of something. I’ve been waiting months for some type of update but nope. Ruins the fun.

Upgrade free up instead of buying this one. The free packs on the lite version add more, ie I can get the pack leisure for free on the other app while this app I cannot. I would like a refund so I can repurchase the app on the lite version in order to get the free bundle, that is pay only on this app.

Ok app... hard to use for accuracy.. The measurements are off. I set the wall thickness and it changes to a different value. There is no overall size if you have a couple walls. The add on packages for garages don’t work after you buy them. No yard, driveway or even porch can be made but they have patio furniture for some reson.

So far so good!. Still learning, ask me when I’ve completed a plan.

Chicago Realtor. As a realtor a was looking for an app that would allow me to draw basic floor plans of my properties. This app does just that and so much more. Works great for what I need.

Great value!. Works great for the price. Does just what I needed. Using iPad Pro 12.9 with Apple Pencil, but also works fine with my finger as a stylus.

Easy. Easy to use, gives you a good visual of your project. Suggestions : Must have a “RULER OR MEASURING TOOL OF SOME TYPE”to measure in-between objects and walls. Had to create false walls to achieve this which was bothersome. Allow for multiple levels Have staircases that go below grade and staircase railings Exterior siding choices Outdoor Decking and railings choices Create a Larger color spectrum Roof options Electrical device options ie switches, outlets recessed lighting Then you get 5 stars👍🏻

Easy to use. I like this app. I've been using it for about a year and it suits my needs.

I LOVE THIS APP. I love this app, it really helps me since its like my first time designing a house. But there’s one thing I wish for... MAKING 2 STORY HOUSES, in this game you can only do 1 story, and it makes the stairs useless.

Works great. Works great to layout rooms and see sizes, built a lot of things with app customers love to see it in 3D

CRASHES. I love everything about this app EXCEPT it’s constant crashing!! Every time I try adding “large” features like garage doors or archways, it’s crashes!!! Fix it please!!!

Amazing app for the price. Enjoying to plan our ideal home

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Keyplan 3D - Home design 1.8.6 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the Keyplan 3D - Home design app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Quasarts LLC and other users?

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Language English
Price $5.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.8.6
Play Store com.quasarts.Keyplan
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

Keyplan 3D - Home design (Versiyon 1.8.6) Install & Download

The application Keyplan 3D - Home design was published in the category Productivity on 09 October 2014, Thursday and was developed by Quasarts LLC [Developer ID: 850534528]. This program file size is 523.27 MB. This app has been rated by 4,713 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Keyplan 3D - Home design - Productivity app posted on 16 January 2024, Tuesday current version is 1.8.6 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.quasarts.Keyplan. Languages supported by the app:

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Keyplan 3D Lite - Home design Reviews 4.5 47,832 Free
Keyplan 3D - Home design App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Quick bug fix for plan image importation. Several bugs and performance improvements.

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