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Quantumult X App Description & Overview

What is quantumult x app? Quantumult completely rebuilt from scratch, and includes a lots of awesome new features!

Quantumult X is a powerful network tool for web developers and users who need to customize their proxies.

For web develpers:
- HTTP activity can record the whole HTTP request and response including body(HTTP debug should be enabled).
- The MitM HTTP decryption can work for the traffics from TUN interface(MitM should be enabled).
- HTTP rewrite with URL 302/307 redirect or request header/body modification or response header/body modification(Rewrite should be enabled).
- Customized DNS settings for specific domains(IPv4 or IPv6), only can be edited in configuration profile.

For users who need to customize their proxies:
- Supports shadowsocks proxy protocol.
- Supports shadowsocks with obfs-tls or obfs-http plugins.
- Supports shadowsocks over websocket and tls(server side should be deployed by v2ray-core).
- Supports UDP relay if the server supports it.
- Supports different policies for network request by using customized filters(host, host suffix, host keyword...).

Privacy Policy: https://quantumult.app/x/privacy/
Contact Us: support@quantumult.app

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App Name Quantumult X
Category Utilities
Updated 02 November 2023, Thursday
File Size 38.42 MB

Quantumult X Comments & Reviews 2024

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Need support of VLESS. Great tool. When are you going to support VLESS?

How to configure v2ray?. I couldn’t find where to configure vends in this app. Quantumult can configure vmess in a very easy way.

Please add widget function!. Fantastic app! Nice designing! If you can add widget function in the next update, this app would be really perfect!

Good ss app. 2019Dec4 Easy to use. And very flexible proxy. 2021Jan27 no pull down to test the speed, so annoying. 2021Jan29 Know to test speed by tapping subscribe button,still 5star。

I don’t use it much. I can’t use it .even I don’t know what is this app

The GOAT. The best network tool I’ve meet till now. Hope for better support on m1 MacBook. Thanks!

Automatic Network shutdown. Shut down the network automatically, the software that just downloads, enter the network to visit not, break the network automatically all the time next, do not know how to return a responsibility

serious bug issues. This app has a serious issue will automatically control all your network data flow to go through it with the proxy server in iOS 13.3 , if you disconnect it, your device will not be able to connect to internet at all. If you close the app, you won’t connect to internet either. I tried on my iPhone and iPad . Other bugs Include if turned off the rewrite or mitm , the app will force you to turn on “ always on” saying rewrite is on, but it was off, it is very annoying, and the app force every internet data flow and go through it, and for china servers , it becomes very slow, Pls fix it.

建议增加. It is recommended that the APP add the speed sorting function.

Support more frequent subscription update?. Excellent app except that I have to manually refresh my subscriptions. The limit of 48hrs per update is way too dumb. An hourly interval would be better.

Awful. Bad interfacing, users have to guess the designer’s will. Also the usage relays too much on editing profile directly instead of UI. I can’t believe this app is developed by the same author of Quantumult.

Doesn’t work anymore after recent update. can’t connect to internet anymore after the recent update. Pinging any server gives similar results. Only the first metric shows up and the second one is always “-“

great. Many of these software have been bought, and this one has been used the longest, so I will comment on it. The speed is faster than others, very stable, and the layout is also very good

Powerful proxy app. This is one of my favourite app. Hope you can continuously improve it. Here are some suggestions 1. Please support widget. A quick switch for VPN is very necessary. 2. Improve UI. I'm very impressed with the UI of surge and loon. Hope the UI becomes nicer in future updates!

feedback. When will the vmess protocol be supported? I'm looking forward to it, thanks so much

Xray project?. do you have a plan to support xray-core?or xtls?please!i can't wait~

Need to add support for VLESS. I hope the vless protocol can be supported to make the software more powerful.

thanks. Can you make it the same as clash X? By default, there is no main page, and the dock bar does not display icons. Only the icons are displayed in the navigation bar in the upper right corner of the screen.

nice update. it's great to update a new version. I hope this for long time

No widget?unbelievable!. Why just keep away from the widget? Come on release the widget for quick access

Optimize menu bar. The menu bar cannot directly measure the speed and it is inconvenient to see the node speed. Can you make it the same as clash X? By default, there is no main page, and the dock bar does not display icons. Only the icons are displayed in the navigation bar in the upper right corner of the screen.

Powerful!. The powerful app can achieve so many things! But there is a line, if you want to release all of its power you have to across the line, which is not easy. The line isn’t the barrier which block the app to be a powerful app.

a small suggestion. I hope to separate the configuration file from node subscriptions. Currently, every time I make changes to the configuration file, I have to re-subscribe to the nodes, which is very troublesome!

Need more ez tutorials. i dont know how to add in my subscription url for this newest version after updates. The right top link button is gone on my screen

Widget Required. Awesome App! and can you support Widget, Thanks.

服务态度极差 Very poor service attitude. Quantumult X电报群的管理员素质太低,建议提高你们的服务态度和水平,谢谢! The quality of the administrators of the Quantumult X telegram group is too low. It is recommended to improve your service attitude and level, thank you!

Vmess auto method support?. Failed to import my vmess proxies by subscription so I tried by panel, but there isn’t ”auto” to choose in methods. Idk what went wrong but It would be nice to figure out how to get it work for me.

The app is very easy to use.. The app is very easy to use.

Problem after update. Can’t test the speed of web pages in batches after updating to the new version? Can airplanes and cars be used to express internet speed like quantumult?

Widgets. I hope to develop a widget function.

Safety concern about vmess. It’s good, just wanna know if it uses the newest v2ray core? Concerned about safety problems of the old version.

Question for version 1.0.18. How am I supposed to test connection quality for all my proxies in this version? I used to scroll down the proxy list and it’d be all set, but I couldn’t find anything or gesture to test speed now. Could you help me? Also, I’d be pleased if there was a report channel in the app, instead of in AppStore.

Feedback. I used to click a group of proxies to test the speed of my servers. How can I achieve this function in this version. Or can I create a policy to determine which proxy to use based on the url check. (like available policy, but the fastest one instead of the first available)

Hope to support wireguard. Overall good, hope to support the function: 1、wireguard protocol 2、The mac server supports streaming of applications by process

Release the mux option. The new version of Quantumult-X supports v2ray-plugin, but must set mux=0, which causes incompatibility issues with my device's proxy software, such as shadowsocksx-ng on the mac side, and then Quantumult on the mac version is not support, so I hope that you can release the option of mux; Finally, I don’t want to use v2ray instead.

top and the first. i think its so good and make me know other sky in the network. through it i can give myself more knowledges about js, and so on, just one day but a moment in my thinking. i love it!

Good Performance Poor UI. Faster than Shadowrocket, but really hard to use, so many hidden menus...

Fantastic but need VLESS. I’m a user in China and it’s definitely a fantastic and convenient app for me to get to know the world. Hope the developers add support for VLESS and xtls protocol.

Horrid UI design. App works fine for me, UI is also pretty. But it's the most mindnumbingly unintuitive thing I've come across. It shouldn't be this hard to figure out where to input a new profile

Takes some learning but good overall. Not the most straightforward vpn app out there, but one of the most powerful ones.

The last version cannot support Transferred Trojan. Last month, it’s my first time to use the software. Adding proxy’s node in remote_list, it work very well. last week, it was broken. But using the same profile in shadowrocket, it’s great. Could you support VLESS?

Great app, widget support plz. Nice free upgrade for previous customers who purchased the older version of this app, UI can be more intuitive but after a few learning curves it’s okay, would really appreciate it if the developer can add widget support in the next update, as this is how I use this app most of the time. Thx for the great work!

hope. Hope to automatically select nodes like clash

Encryption. I suggest adding an auto to the encryption method, which will be better

add widget support plz. This is the best proxy app I've used. Powerful and faster than the others. Unfortunately it doesn’t support widgets

The switch. Could u make the switch in app linkage with the VPN switch which in the option of device.

Hello, developer. When will there be widgets?

Fantastic app. Wish to support more protocols, anyway it’s really a good app.

Restricted download problem. What should I do if I buy a new mobile phone and tablet and the software is restricted from downloading

Hope to support no fake ip mode. Hope to support no fake ip mode

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Url latency Benchmark. Could anyone tell me how to use this new feature?

The widget is removed. I used the widget a lot, as the main interface but it is removed in this version. Please bring it back

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Support VLESS please. Please support VLESS. It's been a long time.

软件是好软件,群里大佬人也很好,但是管理太垃圾. Quantumult x 电报群的管理员素质太低,建 议提高你们的服务态度和水平,谢谢! The quality of the administrators of the Quantumult X telegram group is too low. It is recommended to improve your service attitude and level, thank you!

No widget and country of IP. Not worth the price

Great!!!. Wait so long!!!amazing

can not use on my ipad. can not use on my ipad

ios14.2 the problem ofbattery consumption escalated worse. too much battery consumptions trouble using iphone12 normally

Widget needed. Very nice app. It will be perfect if widget is supported.

not support v2ray?. not support v2ray?

Trojan support?. no active development for this app.

we need vless. very good software, but we need vless now

doesn’t support torjan websocket and VLESS. torjan websocket ,VLESS protocol not support,shadowrocket is the best!!! This is my first app to give 1 star

Powerful tool but..... This app is great powerful but one thing missing Plz ADD AUTO SERVER SELECTION. Like QUANTUMULT app

powerful proxy software. vless+xtls please

Please support widget. rt

It’s a good software,but how to transfer the Quantumult to Quantumult Xt. How to transfer the Quantumult to Quantumult X

Add widget please. Add widget please

missing the older interface. how to do batch speed test

please support Shortcuts. :)

Ugly logo. Can you pls change the logo, the one from Quantumult looks great. Thanks

Great app. Please add support widget

Very good. 是一个很好拦截应用内广告的app

Widget Please. Widget Please

No vless or socks support. Please add more support protocol such as vless and socks

Need add new type like…. Trojan-go Vless Xray

not support bless&ss2022. The author is very lazy. He hasn't supported the vless and ss2022 agreements for so long.

Its a great app. Could you please add v2ray vmess+wss support .

i really like this app,but i find a issue. i can't turn on the quantumultx with the vpn switch in setting, this make me inefficient

Icon and name are too ugly. Icon and name are too ugly

perfect. very nice and helpful

request body. can i have method to get request body or modified it

Proxy chain. Is this app support proxy chain!?

vless!vless!vless!. Why doesn't the vless protocol support yet?

support wireguard ?. so many people need this

👎👎👎👎not connecting. Verification failed when I want to connect to surfshark shadowsocks but quantumult is working

We need HTTP&SOCKS5 Proxy Server, thanks!!!. We need HTTP&SOCKS5 Proxy Server on MacOS, thanks!!!

Why not support gR. Why not support gR vemess

i need reality. i need reality

Best UI in proxy tools.. but please add widget support.

I can’t find the server tab on the app. I can’t find the server tab on the app

Help. Need to support WireGuard VPN

SO POWERFUL!!!. Perfect application of network proxy!

Please integrate vless protocol support🥲. 🙏🏻

Mac OS version please. We need a Mac OS version please

So sad that HTTP Rewrite function is limited. As a network tool,Quantumult X should be more open,not more limited.

Can't use vmess&was&tls. Garbage~

DNS over https. Is it possible to support Doh? DNS over https

Direct always. Whatever I configure, it always display Direct to website.(I use converted node of v2ray submission )

hope for adding grpc support. thx a lot

regret. regret buying quantumultx. It's not as good as quantumult in all aspects.

report error. config certificate download+ trust but report error: 未能完成操作。(kCFStreamErrorDomainSSL-9825。)

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Quantumult X 1.4.2 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

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Language English
Price $7.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.4.2
Play Store com.crossutility.quantumult-x
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

Quantumult X (Versiyon 1.4.2) Install & Download

The application Quantumult X was published in the category Utilities on 11 October 2019, Friday and was developed by Cross Utility Ltd [Developer ID: 1252015437]. This program file size is 38.42 MB. This app has been rated by 1,261 users and has a rating of 4.2 out of 5. Quantumult X - Utilities app posted on 02 November 2023, Thursday current version is 1.4.2 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.crossutility.quantumult-x. Languages supported by the app:

EN ZH ZH Download & Install Now!
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Quantumult Reviews 4.3 581 $9.99
Quantumult X App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Bug fixes and other minor improvements.

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