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This app is a CLIENT for the Blue Iris Windows PC software. In order to make use of this app, you must have Blue Iris version 4 installed and running on a Windows PC or VM. Instructions for connecting this app to the PC software are found in the Networking topic of its Help file.

This app provides a single point of contact to your home camera network. There is no need to insecurely open individual cameras to the Internet. This app connects using a secure and session-based protocol--no passwords are transmitted in plain text.

Remote access does require router configuration, which you can test without the app by using Safari. You should see your Blue Iris login page.

Key features include:

- Manage multiple Blue Iris installations
- Geofencing: set status, send alerts, and more in response to device location *
- Control the traffic signal icon, schedule and profile selection
- Receive iOS push notification alerts when a Blue Iris camera is triggered or there is a critical status message
- Fast H.264 streaming
- Control PTZ, IR and more for any camera that’s also controllable at the Blue Iris PC
- Listen to and talk to any camera that’s also supported at the Blue Iris PC
- Navigate cameras by tapping and swiping
- Review recordings as stored on the Blue Iris PC, up to 64x speed
- Download recorded video from the Blue Iris PC to the iOS device
- Selectively delete recordings from the Blue Iris PC
- Broadcast live video from the iOS device directly into a Blue Iris PC camera window
- Remote control DIO output signals on compatible devices
- Baby monitor functionality: continue to listen to audio with app closed or device in standby **

* Note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
** Note that continued use of audio streaming running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Blue Iris App Description & Overview

The applications Blue Iris was published in the category Utilities on 2012-12-15 and was developed by Ken Pletzer. The file size is 110.08 MB. The current version is 1.59.06 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Fix for missing location services privacy notice, required for geo-fence
Fix for missing photos folder addition privacy notice, required for download/record video

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Blue Iris Reviews


The Best, for me  CG03026  5 star

I didn’t want to implement a stand-alone NVR. This server software that runs on one of my PCs is fantastic and meets my needs. Together the PC Blue Iris software and this App do everything I could ask for. I have configured into Blue Iris cameras from both TRENDnet and SUNBA manufacturers. I have configured all cameras to record continuously - 24/7. But you can establish time of day recordings or motion-triggered recordings if that’s your preference. I have the storage capacity for continuous recording. The PC is loaded with two 1TB SSD drives dedicated to retaining 30 days of content for all of the 6 cameras I have installed into BI. I plan to add a HIkvision doorbell camera as soon as it arrives from ALIExpress (not available yet in U.S.). The server software allows review of saved videos and they can be viewed slowly or at speeds up to 128x. The videos or portions can be exported to .mp4 format. I will say because BI is so robust there is a substantial learning curve to become fluent with all its features. And independently of BI one needs to be experienced with their router, with static IP addresses for the cameras, and proper port forwarding. Basic router/camera stuff. But in the end, using my iPhone and this nifty App, I have full access to all my cameras, video & audio (audio if supported by the camera) from inside the home or from ANYWHERE in the world. The server software is reasonably priced and the App is free. You cannot go wrong.


Great App  Ampd44  5 star

A great app for the NVR of the same name. Geofence fixed with 1.59.05.


Geofence broken  Cyruskayos  2 star

Like other reviewer said. 2 stars without 5 stars fixed! Cannot get geofence radius to save on mobile. It clears every time I exit the menu


Geofence bug  G37x  1 star

Geofence setting does not hold it reverses back to off!


New version broke geofencing  nashaw85  2 star

Love the program and app, but geofencing doesn’t work since most recent app update. Please fix!!! 2 stars with broken geofencing, 5 stars if fixed (and previous version).


Software glitches in iOS 11 - Resolved!  Hopenextversionworksagain  5 star

Update 10/16/17: after several iOS updates now 11.0.3) and iPhone 8plus reboots, all glitch issues have been resolved and Blue Iris is running stable and without issues. Updated review from 3 to 5 stars for this great app. Old review: The app has been great in iOS 10 (5 stars) but the recent iOS 11 release appears to have introduced many software glitches. I hope this will all be back to normal once an update comes out.

Sculptor of light

Working better  Sculptor of light  3 star

Updates too much. Just get it right and leave it alone.

Pi math nerd

Gateway  Pi math nerd  5 star

I like the fact that it is a doorway to the full blown Blue Iris Software. Its simple navigation is easy to use and the cam viewer is a snap to follow within the app. Just remember it's a gateway to the Blue Iris app for Windows and you won't be disappointed.


Works as designed  VinDecent  5 star

Works fine with my Blue Iris desktop software. Fast loading. PTZ works great. Much better than the mobile web browser version.


Zero Support  mocnty  1 star

Downloaded app in March-tells me he can't provide support unless I purchase $30-$60 more on the computer software. Then tells me he won't be able to help walk me through the Wizard on the PC software to hook the app to my home account. Tells me I must hire a network expert to fix the issue. My internet, home wireless, computers, Bluetooth, iPads, printers ALL work perfectly fine on my home router. My blue iris software on the PC works perfect. (The issue is the unfriendly user interface that comes along with the Blue Iris iOS app). Unless you are a computer expert with complete knowledge of networking and computer language-don't bother (unless you plan on spending another $60 to have him actually answer any questions you might have.)


Unreliable, inefficient & complicated  Pinky02  1 star

The app doesn't allow for most controls to be utilised on an iPhone/iPad - don't waste your money paying for the full version! The whole layout has a very complicated feel to it, and isn't user-friendly at all. The only version worth using is the PC one (which defeats a lot of the purpose if you were hoping to use the software/app on a mobile device). Very disappointed.


More than just another IPCam app!  Caingalea  5 star

If you own the Blue Iris PC software, this app is an essential part to monitoring your IPCam system... and it's worth every cent. It provides functionality unfound in other apps which integrates with the PC software for full customisation of monitoring setting, system information and alerts, and user access. I believe this app is reasonably priced and I'm happy to support the developer so he continues to develop, improve and innovate Blue Iris.

G S Hawken

Fantastic!  G S Hawken  5 star

Works as advertised, fantastic addition to BlueIris software (which needs to be running on PC s somewhere) Regular updated. Robust, easy for novices to use & navigate Highly recommended (along with BI PC software) If looking for windows security video monitoring very hard to beat


Great app needs updating  Woolnoir  4 star

Very nice app. Works really well for remote viewing and control. Would be 5 stars if it had iPhone 6+ support.


Excellent App for Blue Iris users  Middlo64  5 star

Excellent app, does all you could want. It has a neat function in that you can set it up examples seamlessly for use internal and external access allowing you to access your server from anywhere. Well done !


Excellent App  Sastol  5 star

Fully functional app that nicely complements the desktop version


Great!  Jamestas  5 star

This app works very well. A great interface into the Blue Iris software and makes simple management a dream. Looking forward to the updates as they come.


AWESOME Blue Iris client!!  McKannic  5 star

This is definitely the BEST viewer/control app I have seen (and used) for Blue Iris, I use this locally through my LAN as well as remotely, mostly to keep a close eye on security around my premises but on occasion to check to make sure I have set the security on the way out, if I have forgotten I can remotely activate Blue Iris. Previously I had to use two apps to be able to view locally as we'll as remotely, not now. I have TOTAL peace of mind with this app.


Great app. Must have!!!  Xtrem8  5 star

This app does everything you need.


Excellent  Tygeray  5 star

A great App, does everything required to keep your home/ business secure. Why pay someone else to monitor your valuables. DIY for the price of this App.


Chelsea Mitchell Kira_musaeva 3 star

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Iris Ramirez iris_jackie97 3 star

@AdelaineMorin: In case you were having a bad day, here's Blue trying to eat a leaf🍁🍂


Kayelle Allen kayelleallen 3 star

Marissa's home was her haven, until Riley invaded her space "Blue As Sapphires" by @ConstanceBretes via @_Iris_B


Amazing Support!  TRVGXP  5 star

Those reviews stating that support emails are being ignored must be using the wrong email link. My emails requesting support or advice or with suggestions for enhancements are responded to within hours at most and in some cases within minutes. Ken literally goes "above and beyond the call of duty" in this age of complacency and entitlement.


Fantastic overall  trichardson621608  5 star

Great fit and works well on my media server. I have 4 cameras currently, and slowly adding more. Worth the money for sure. I'm not stuck with a nvr with specific cameras.


Awesome mobile control  Iowa-kid  5 star

Update: 6/10/2016 Love this app. I have 2 Blue Iris Systems and this app makes it easy to arm/disarm my systems, see alerts and look at current live view. Highly recommend it. I have had Blue Iris running at home for a couple months and recently got the iOS app. I am totally satisfied with both. I am able to easily monitor and control my system away from the house thru the app. The app is far better way to see your cams while on the go than via the browser interface. The browser interface is ok for desktop remote viewing, but the iOS app makes it much easier. I highly recommend getting this addon. It was well worth the price, which isn't bad considering it integrates so easily to access my system.


Sophisticated  myfeetdontstink  5 star

The app works as advertised. I have no issues to report. Although it is intuitive and easy to use it's very sophisticated with excellent features. A very cool and useful feature is that you can select specific push notification sounds for alerts in the Blue Iris server and they will port to this app-- I have four cameras that I have assigned a different sound for each when an alert occurs; this sound is then pushed to my phone via this app making it quick and easy for me to distinguish which camera is producing the alert. Pretty cool. Also, there is about only a 5 second delay from when an alert actually occurs and when the push notification reaches my phone. I could go on about how well the app performs. I'm happy. It's worth the 10 bucks.


Terrible program  Jt36  1 star

The support is non-existent. The software doesn't support the cameras they list and they simply ignore all emails. Choose another product.


Great app, but I'm missing the app on Apple TV  Ullekalv  3 star

Little hard to understand because everything are in plain text, no pictures how it's working.


Awesome implementation!  sunnyhaibin  5 star

The app pairs very well with my home computer running the Blue Iris software. I purposely bought a custom computer (FYI: i7 4790k, 8GB RAM, Gigabyte Z97-UD3H motherboard, GTX 960 2GB) designed to run 6-8 cameras (depends on hard drive size, I'm currently running on 4TB with WD Purple drive). All the cameras run on PoE, and the computer runs Blur Iris 24/7. As long as the computer is using static IP (, and port forwarded to a designated port, my custom "surveillance system" server stays on 24/7, and I'm able to access all the recorded clips and also live views of all the cameras even I'm out of town (with stable internet connection and no power outages of course). The app is awesome is awesome!


Support  androidUser79  2 star

Having issues with broadcast from app on iPhone 5. The email address for support issues comes back undeliverable.


Works great  Mike2006b  5 star

Easy to setup. Swiping between video feeds is super convenient. About 3 second delay from realtime. Good video quality.


Great client on both iPhone and iPad  srk1210  5 star

Blue Iris is a great system for monitoring my IP cams. Ken is always adding new support both on the Windows software and the iOS apps. Shortly after the iPhone 6 Plus came out, I mentioned the scaling size as a side note in a support email about a camera I had. Not only did they help me get the camera going, within a week or so Ken had updated the iOS app to fit more onto the larger 6 Plus screen. All my experiences have been prompt support and quality software.

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