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What is my verizon app? The My Verizon app is the all-in-one hub of your Verizon experience, allowing you to keep track of account changes and the latest offers, easily switch to Verizon, and much more.

With My Verizon, you can:

• Switch to Verizon in minutes (and bring your phone), thanks to auto-detection of your device and the ability to scan your ID for quick setup.
• Check to see which offers you're eligible for.
• View your account in one seamless feed.
• Get on-demand support tools, such as Live Chat and step-by-step troubleshooting instructions as needed.
• Monitor data usage via a control center that lets you see how much data is being used, who is using it and how to get more when you need it.
• Change or manage your account safely anywhere, anytime.
• Switch to a different plan easily or go Unlimited right from your device.
• Make secure payments quickly. Manage and pay your bills easily, or simply enroll in Auto Pay.
• Score rewards, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and exclusive perks from your favorite brands when you register for Verizon Up.
• Shop phones, wearables, smart devices and accessories, and get delivery as quickly as the same day.

Download My Verizon now and control your entire Verizon experience in just one app.

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My Verizon Customer Service, Editor Notes:

My Verizon Version 10.0.228 June 2022

• No more switching between apps for Home and Mobile customers. Everything Verizon, all in one place. • Streamlined navigation to make managing your account easier than ever. • Refreshed, simplified design for your personalized view of the latest tech, entertainment, deals and more..

My Verizon Version 9.8.022 April 2022

Bugfixes & Improvements.

My Verizon Version 9.6.031 January 2022

New this month: • A new Recommendations section on the Wishlist page based on the customer's search history. • An enhanced user experience for unlocked phones. • We've extended the return window from 15 to 30 days after the customer receives their new device..

My Verizon Comments & Reviews 2022

- Verizon has come a long way and I’m very pleased

The app is excellent and easy, there aren’t any glitches that I’m aware of. This is my second time joining Verizon and it’s been at least 5 years this round. Customer service is so good now, I don’t fear calling and having to wait for hours. Though the US is shamefully price gouging us for using a and/or computer... It’s still better under Verizon. I’m glad they worked out the customer service kinks and stopped making us the enemy. It makes it way easier to not feel the price phones it’s all over priced, not treated like the price burn when a company recognizes there product isn’t perfect and neither are the customers. Even though I have no other recent time with any other phone company in which to compare, I do remember leaving Verizon at least 8 years ago for AT&T, as I believe Verizon owns my closest tower, it was the reason for issues. I like Verizon their computer folks aren’t always proficient but I they are nice and seem to help, they don’t come across as used car salesmen at least not the ones around my town. App is easy to use! I wish all apps were this user friendly-I know I sound like a sapp - but I swear i no longer have issues ever.

- 20 days notice??????

I’m tired of getting text messages 20 days before my bill is even due and I get more than 1 notice. I pay by paper billing anyway and shouldn’t even be getting these text. Last month I mailed it in as always the day after I got it, that’s how I pay my bills... then I got “late” notices that according to my bill wasn’t even late for 3 more days so I freaked out and payed it online which I don’t like to do. The next day I checked my checking account and sure enough, the check had cleared that morning so they got paid twice. I got $$$ back but now I get a 20 day “reminder” notice and haven’t even received the bill yet!!!! It’s such a nightmare to even talk to any company about bills. I don’t know why the check took 10 days to get to them, never has before but this text is too much. I’m a senior citizen and it’s just more stress. I spent 2-1/2 hour on the phone, yes that long, with my dental plan letting them know I no longer will be using them, I’m going with a medicare program that’s cheaper and better. Atleast 20 people talked to me and none had me in the system. I’ve had them for about 10 years and never had to even call. I finally hung up, mailed a letter with copy of card and bill and told them to CANSEL me and don’t call... Verizon’s a great company I just don’t like all the reminders. I pay my bills.......

- Ok

Reception is dependable. Customer service is acceptable, mostly. The quality of customer service has declined in recent years as customer base expanded, however I have found if you have the patience to call back when service has been unacceptable, odds are decent that you will receive better service on the second call (sometimes a third try is required). I have stayed for over 10 years because my personal experience with Sprint was worse and AT&T I have found to be less than honest (my personal opinion) in their practices based on my personal experience with home services. AT&T's MO with me has always been to apologize that I was misled yet refuse to take financial responsibility for the misleading representation or relieve me of the resulting loss. Historically I do my upgrades between Black Friday & Christmas and Verizon has had attractive promotions in that timeframe. However I am disappointed in Verizon's holiday promotions for the iPhone so far this year. Hope they get better. The up to $300 off they advertise is NOT a discount because they require you trade-in your current phone. You can sell your phone on any number of sites, Verizon is at best paying what you are owed for your phone, so no discount. I have never noticed this kind of deception (my personal opinion) in Verizon advertising/ promotions before. Trust it won't be a pattern

- Verizon/Verizon service

I lived in Phoenix Arizona for many years and had Verizon there and it worked quite efficiently. I was also working full-time and making lots of money. And that’s what Verizon likes never miss a payment and whatever you do don’t ever fall behind two payments or you’ll find yourself without a telephone in without the ability to work or look for work! Now I live in Oregon, and I can’t get unemployment in Arizona to pay me when they’re supposed to it’s been 2 1/2 months since I’ve had a good payment from them. The Verizon doesn’t care they want their money or you lose the service!! Also speaking of service, up here in Oregon it is terrible half the time you can’t even get a phone call made. Tonight I was trying to talk with a friend of mine in California and we finally just had to hang up because I couldn’t get a signal he’s up saying you’re breaking up you’re breaking up! Many of the people in Oregon says it’s the reason the service is so bad is because the company Verizon won’t put the money into extra towers that they need and I’ve called or service people and their support people 19 times at least and each time I have called, The stories are the same too bad so sad that’s the way it is and you can’t change it. Everybody in Oregon tells me I should’ve gone with AT&T because they have great signals andApparently care about their customers.

- Every year or so

Every year or so I get these texts saying I’m approaching the end of my data? I’ve had a unlimited plan for at least 10 years. This same thing happened just last August. I’d like to have Verizon Act As One Entity, Considering it really is. Every company has different departments. I I don’t know any companies with the same name act as if they can’t facilitate a customer service request. For instance I’ve been paying for a land line at my house for at least 6 months that don’t even work. My modem keeps shutting itself down and even though I should be on my wi fi it constantly fails so hence my data is used up. My cell phone and every cell phone I get is choppy like I have a plate in my head? Every one of them, people can’t hear me but I can hear them. All they hear is a choooy in and out version of what I’m saying. I’ve been paying for HD service at home with my Fios and don’t have a HD box, despite going to the Fios store with my receiver to swap it out, they could not accommodate and told me to do it on line? I pay yous way to much money every month for this customer service to be so shorty. Give me an agent that knows your business not just one portion of it so I can get this remediated please.

- Big corporation cares about the little guy

We have been with Verizon for 19 years, and in all that time I think I may have contact Verizon about 5 times and that is not a lie. Their coverage is second to none. But the real reason I’m writing this review is to let anyone that will take the time to read this know that some big corporations really do care about their customers. I just received an email from Verizon letting me know that I was approaching my data limit. They didn’t have to do that, they could have said nothing and charged me for my overage. But instead they showed me options to upgrade my plan at a reduced price. I took them up on their offer and received an additional 4 gigs of data immediately. Many large multinational corporations really don’t care about customer support and just pay you lip service to keep taking your hard earned money. Verizon is not one of those companies. I would not have stayed with them for 19 years if I thought otherwise. Stick with what works, the grass may look greener on the other side, but that only lasts until the promotion ends. This is an honest review and I have not been compensated to write this review

- Shenanigans on your part.

I seem to be consciously able to use my phone any way possible other than change preferences and making personal changes. I am being redirected from any situation where I could get help with my phone. When I go into to change my settings an overlay screen stops me from being able to see much of the information or make any wanted personal changes. If a third party other than myself have gained access and control of any parts, pieces, apps, programs, data, personal or general information, hiding pertinent information, Government Agencies or hackers are acting against my knowledge and manipulating or controlling any part of this phone that I own outright and have legal control over, I’m telling you to disclose any and all information because any and all information is material to me. Cease and desist any controls I’m being kept in the dark about. It is very material to me and I require any and all information when it comes to others spying on and collecting data in hopes to harm me and my lifestyle. In helping any organization secretly gather information, secretly block my personal legal options and access or deny access to applications within my personality owned phone make you complicit in the actions taken against me my livelihood and myself. This could cause a person to make personal grave decisions in life. Please stop the infringements on me and my property. Thanks, Brett Lund

- Password Reset feature

Your password reset feature has me pulling my hair out. I typically don’t go in the app because you do a good job of emailing me my balance due and date it will be deducted. Over the last few months, my bill has variated so i wanted to log in and check what’s changed. First it wouldn’t accept my password that I KNOW I had on the account, then it said that after too many attempts I was locked out, I went through the prompts of resetting my password following the password guidelines and hit a screen that suggest the password is NOT reset (red boxes around the new password I tried to use that followed the password guideline) without any other insight on why it didn’t work. I then tried to talk to your chat bot, which put me into an endless circle of a conversation about ‘how to reset a password’, it clearly didn’t understand that I had already attempted that. Verizon, step it up! I typically rave that your app is one to beat - it’s features are contemporary, user friendly, the apps modular design is one to write home about - but you can’t figure out the most important component? Letting me get in the app? Come on! I know you can do better!

- Billing / customer service

Absolutely the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. I give it 0 stars . I’ve been a long , loyal , upstanding customer with Verizon for many years , and at the beginning of 2020, I discovered I was being overcharged , and then the pandemic set in . I could not reach a customer rep for months . When I did , I was told I wasn’t switched to the new plan and was overpaying by at least $100- for months . I barely make any money as it is . I was also informed that Verizon cares about their customers and they “ understand” we’ve fallen on hard times , but that the offer to help with plans and payments was expired ? I didn’t even know about this offer ? No one told me until it was too late ? The pandemic is still going , last I’d heard . Gee - thanks. Great caring for your customers ! After making a payment arrangement and sticking to it , I recently learned it wasn’t being held up on Verizon’s end and I was being charged over 100 more than initially agreed upon , and this was following a payment I just made ? Then I was informed I was paying convenience fees ( which I was told I wasn’t ) and then late fees because of late payments ? I wasn’t late !! This is absurd and I can’t get a customer representative who can actually help me and resolve this in a fair and amicable way ! This is an utter disgrace ! I look forward to leaving this company . It’s a shame . They USED to be great ..

- New Phones

I just want to express how upset I am with Verizon. I added a new line to my account and picked my new iPhone 11 Pro Max up from the location in Chipley on Saturday-6 days ago. At this time I also paid my sons iPhone XS Max off and purchased him an iPhone 11 Pro Max with the promotion Verizon was having. It took 4 days for Verizon to fix his new phone so that he can make and receive phone calls. For 4 days his phone would only work on WiFi. Here I am, almost a full week with my new phone, out of town on business, and I STILL can’t NOT make or receive phone calls. The lady in the Chipley location where I picked up our new phones from never followed through with porting my old phone number from Straight Talk and doesn’t even answer my messages to her. I’m very seriously considering turning this whole account off and being doing with Verizon. With as much money and we pay for these phones you would think Verizon cared more for their customers. I have called Verizon Customer Service and get put on hold for over an hour each time with no answers still to date as to why I can’t make or receive calls.

- Verizen Team

I would like to extend a very satisfied customer here based on the warm and compassionate response of (Sylvia )one of your associates who additionally went out of her way to ensure my new add on for (apple music,hulu,verizen cloud and Disney package) was all added and my billing would additionally decrease as a result of me adding the new package to my services , she even made sure i was cleared up with my account and even went the EXTRA MILE TO CALL ME TODAY AND EVEN LATER THIS WEEK! Who does that ? You know who someone who is very understanding and objectively ensures her customers get what they deserve she is a definitely someone in your company you MUST acknowledge her commitment ,loyalty ,and dedication to her job and to her customers she even remembered the names of my grandsons , lincoln ,axle,and judson . She is an exceptional employee and i really hope she is recognized for her exemplary warm personality . Thank you sylvia and thank you verizen for having someone like her i can feel satisfied with her service to me as a customer . I would definitely continue to have her any day when i need to figure out my service or plan on verizen ! Thank you Nancy Joan Trueblood

- Thank you for the great service And everything else

I recommend Verizon service to everyone !!!Verizon service picks up anywhere basement out of state anywhere you go AT&T T-Mobile are used to have AT&T and inside of my house I wouldn’t have service zeeooo!! that’s why I switch to Verizon from all my friends tell me how great it Verizon was 💯 so I decided to change Service was the best thing ever did !!! plus you save $10 if you set up auto pay I am so god Literally no exaggeration Verizon with AT&T it’s literally night and day I was so happy one finally I was able to use my phone in my own home it’s a win-win situation!! No-brainer when I have AT&T my bill wound aways be Different every single $160 $180 $150 and I am by no stupid apps no nothing so there shouldn’t be no reason why my bill would change every single month zero!!🤷🏻‍♂️ so to me it’s a no brainer period and of story!! I have a Rison for over a year not 1 complain as at the time that I have Verizon service my bill may be changed three times but we’re talking about three dollars two dollars nothing at all thank you Verizon!!

- Problem redeeming credits

I have tried redeeming credits twice. The first time, the process worked fine. The second time, the system would not redeem my credit for the offered Starbucks savings. I tried contacting Support, but it seems to be artificial intelligence and did not understand what I wrote. It asked me to use different words. I have, in general, found Verizon Support to be hit and miss. For a recent trip out of the country, two different support staff failed to give accurate information about how to get Verizon coverage. The website information was correct but it was not relayed correctly by staff. May 23, 2020: redeeming points continues to be a problem. Today, I found the offer from Verizon for them to donate five dollars to a kids food program. I went through the process and agreed to the donation. For whatever reason, I continued looking at the information available and found out that I had to go through a second step in order for Verizon to actually make the donation. This seemed to me to be an attempt by Verizon to make it seem that they were going to make the donation without it actually costing them anything. Why would a customer need to say more than once that they wanted Verizon to make the promised donation?

- Registration was confusing

I downloaded the app and tried to register. It wanted my PIN, I guess you are supposed to get one when you get the phone or something. If I had one I didn’t have a clue what it was. So I clicked “Forgot my PIN”, the closest option to “I never had one”. It said to enter my mobile phone number and a temporary PIN would be sent to it. I never got it. Tried a few times then the app said there was a problem, try back later. Later was quite a bit later. Trying to register with app went nowhere so I tried by web, which was very similar. Finally I called the help number and waited for a long time. Got a very nice and helpful lady to walk me through the process. It took a while, explaining the long wait time. The big secret seemed to be, make up a PIN. Maybe that worked because she did something at her end, I think that must have the case since I had to tell her what it was. Anyway I finally got registered (make up a password and have it ready), and was able to pay my bill. I think the main problem is there is no clue where you should have gotten the PIN needed to register. Or that you end up making one up. This was probably the most confusing registration I ever did. Just a bit of added help in the app could have avoided the problem.

- Digital Customer Support

Digital chat and support is fine for many routine matters but there needs to be a better way to handle complicated questions and complaints. I have a 55+ Unlimited plan and got a new iPhone mini and wanted to add 5G and was told it would cost $25, but because this drequired a plan change it cost more than $100. I needed someone to explain this to me and the digital system did not provide this. I should be able to say representative and get someone. Instead I had to go to a Verizon store where a very nice and helpful person explained what happened. I told her I planned to write a letter to corporate headquarters and she suggested I call customer support. After a long roundabout with your digital system that gave no response to my prompt of Computer complaint or 55+ Unlimited but just offered the plans I could change to which did not include 55+ Unlimited. Finally I was prompted to schedule a call. Why wasn’t that suggested to me sooner. So I spent 3 hours to go to the store and return and call digital until I finally got an outstanding employee on the phone who explained the escalation system and resolved the situation in 15 minutes. By the way as a senior on a fixed income I would be forced to switch to a discount source without your 55+ Unlimited. That plan is a real boon for seniors. You should bring it back.

- Great Value and Service!

Sorry, I don’t care what other carriers advertise or how they try to trash advertise against Verizon.... they have been a great carrier for me and our family! I initially went with them because of their signal quality and clarity during a call. And I recently made a trip through the WV Turnpike. I had a signal all the way through the valley, up and down Ghent Mountain and into Ohio. It didn’t use to be that way.... kudos on new towers and transmission beacons. Sprint could take notes on signal strength... I had them as my initial carrier from SC to FL and when I moved to NC. Dropped calls, signal and clarity in my work and neighborhood was marginal. I had enough and went to their office. Complaining about coverage areas and service. The day I left them, complaining about service the store manager tried helping me due to my complaints. Funny thing, he tried making a call because he said it was my phone... he tried calling the office while I stood there..... and he said, “ Hhmmm! No signal. And I was in their office!! I told you so!!!! Switched that day to Verizon and never looked back...

- I’ve been with Verizon for over 21 years, this year might be my last

I’ve been with Verizon for over 21 years, when I was pregnant with my first son I got the big chunky cell just in case, I think they were PacTel then. Jump to this year, my cell phone broke so they sent me a new one, in the box there was no return label and no return envelope. When I went to the Verizon store they gave me a return envelope and a box So I returned it and it came back to my house because the employee put my address on the return label! I have called numerous times and people have told me they will take care of it & they promise since my account was billed over $500 for the phone that was returned. I never received received the credit & they won’t return my emails. I have called numerous times as well and I have been told it will be looked into and yet nobody has credited my account the $500. Even stranger,?my bills are usually auto paid and for some reason they took that off. Here’s the last straw, the last text I got it said I was in collections. Yes, this might be my last month with Verizon. I don’t have the time to babysit them. And I don’t like being told something will be taken care of personally by someone and it doesn’t happen. If rather pay everything I owe them & move elsewhere if I’m not a valued customer after 22 years.

- 8 or 9 mth purchase of an IPHONE 8. I had a 6. The 6 was better than this 8. I always can tell

a nice change and better performance! Not true on the 8. I do not like it. Unusual for me. Also went to Verizon store twice about phone and not charging. First salesman. Novice but very polite. Gave me another one. In a couple of months, quit charging again. Went back to store and after talking to 2 people. My first salesman or WETCALTM told me he was being nice by giving me the charging cable. I asked for the manager and the gentleman told me he should B back to soon from lunch. He was there very soon. I talked to him for a few minutes about the chargers going out He was rude and told me I needed to talk to Apple about my issue, “We don’t handle that kind of thing here”. Will you kindly explain to me why I was not told up front that I had to deal with Apple about the chargers? I’m a big girl! Think I could have handled that. And I hate to complain. I’d rather compliment. How would an average “Joe” know what Verizon covers vs what IPHONE covers. I will never go by this store again! I don’t have to! Elizabeth Wiser

- Don't listen to what they tell you in the store

I have had a few lines with Verizon for over 15 years. I few months ago I bought another two lines using the buy one, get one free plan promotion. My husband and I were at the store for quite a while with the agent discussing the promotion and what data plan to choose. We were given a price for what our bill would be once the promotion kicked in. They also told me that it might take a cycle or two for the credit to show up. After a couple of months I went back to the store. They weren't sure why the credit had not come off but just asked me to be patient. The same thing the next month. I gave up on the store and called Verizon directly, which obviously I should have done from the beginning!!! Now they tell me that the promotion was only good if you have the unlimited data plan. They were all too happy to switch me to the unlimited plan so they could give me the promotion and were somehow surprised that I didn't want to pay an extra $57 a month to get the $30 promotion. I work in a business that honors what our salespeople promote. Obviously Verizon does not care about their customers, long term or not. they also do not believe in training their employees because not one, not two, but three employees told me that I was eligible for the promotion.

- Very unhappy

I plan to pay off phone and cancel service most likely. I have explained this MANY times for a year. When I was getting a divorce, I needed a phone in my own name, called Verizon, but did not pass the fraud test. Went to the store, received my phone, filled out everything *exactly* the way I told them over the phone. A WEEK later (shouldn’t it have been much sooner?) I received another phone in the mail. I called Verizon to see how to return. I was told I was not sent a phone, yet the box clearly came from Verizon. Called the store, same thing - I was never sent a phone. I put the phone in a lock box. I NEVER received a bill, the phone was never activated, and it was not on my monthly bill. I moved to Texas, and a YEAR later, I received a letter from a collection agency for the amount of THAT phone. I called Verizon and they told me that phone was in the name of “Shelline Bonham,” while the other is “Shellye Bonham.” WHAT?!? Why didn’t they tell me that a YEAR ago?!?! I received a text from Verizon saying it was time to upgrade my phone, but when I tried, I was denied because of THAT phone! I told them I have it, it’s brand new, I will bring it to the store, but the customer rep said Verizon denied it. I’m sick of it - all of the calls, doing the right thing from the beginning to be treated this way and want out.

- Verizon customer service is top notch

I’ve only been with Verizon for one month and they have been on top of every question or concern I have with my new phone and my new service. They are a little more expensive then most basic phone plans but I’d rather pay a little extra to have the wonderful customer service that I have experienced so far. I’m south of DFW about 20 minutes and cell service isn’t as good as AT&T as of yet but hopefully that will change because most of the people I know are switching from AT&T just because the customer service alone. If we could just get a little better signal in the area I would be 110% positive this is the only phone service anyone would need and let AT&T move out. AT&T is cheaper but you get what you pay for and an extra $20-$30 a month is well worth having representatives from Verizon there to help you then AT&T is price gouging on everything there name is attached to and offer you no support. Not trying to bash AT&T but the facts are the facts. Thanks Verizon for giving us another quality option in the DFW area

- Old Faithful

I have been with Verizon/Verizon wireless for I think around 35 years give or take. If I were not happy with their services, I would not be a customer. My longevity proves I am very happy. I think there greatest asset is their customer service. That is a number one priority for me. I do not patronize any company with sorry customer service, no matter how much I would save. You get what you pay for at Verizon. Anytime I have had to call them on a problem it was usually solved during the first phone call or I got a return call soon after. I have NEVER had a problem that was ignored or where I had to call back because someone did not follow through. Funny story: My son owns his own business. He was going out of town with my granddaughters. He did not have Verizon because he thought he was saving money. He was trying to get a GPS signal because they got lost. When he couldn’t get one on his service, he ask my granddaughter if he could look at her phone. (On my Verizon account) Taada service! And they were on their way with no delay. He now has Verizon!

- Poor customer service-ON HOLD 2 HRS+

VERIZON IS AN AWFUL COMPANY. If you want any basic customer service, run to any other company. I have 4 Apple devices. Two of them are never used. Plus, I carry devices for my teenage children. I guess that I stay with Berizon out of habit and familiarity. Over the last couple of years I never contact them unless I have a device fail or to purchase a new device. I know that any service issues leave me with stress, a stiff neck, and a coronary. And, all of the Verizon staff are adept at keeping any responsibility on your end. When you finally get them, sometimes they can fair. But forget about getting them to answer when you need them. You cannot reach these guys on chat, phone, online chat, or email. I’m on hold for 2 hours now, my daughters new iPhone quit working. I carry the $50 per month insurance and am willing to pay or do whatever they ask me to do. But, of course, while I am on hold I decided to see if I could sign in and pay the upcoming bill. NO PROBLEM SIGNING IN TO PAY NEXT MONTH’S VERIZON payment, but they will not let me sign in for support. Dumb me, it’s taken me all of this time to realize that this is an intentional customer service design by Verizon. Because I have already paid for the insurance/repair they won’t let me sign in for support. VERIZON IS AN AWFUL COMPANY.

- Bad sales vs actual

Sales manager was awesome and got me a really good deal. The person that I called to set it up erased the deal ended up charging more than what I thought and convinced me I would get the deal once i sent back my phones. None of that was true, or that was what I was told by someone else. To complicate things my iPad and iWatch which has a cell package for some reason no long connect to cellular service once they “cleared it up” and I can’t bring my self to call them and be on hold all day for the fourth time. I bet I’ve already spent 30 hrs talking with sales and customer service. Needless to say I have been a loyal Verizon user but the gimmicks and hoops they make you jump through have turned me off. Now they have Verizon up, but when you read the fine print basically they are giving you a crap deals. I’ll be shopping around when my contract ends to see how others compare with customer service. It’s to bad because everyone that I did talk to was great they just are forced to work in a system that is completely broken and disconnected between their sales and tech team. Leadership has failed these workers, and probably put the cash that people were screwed out into their pockets because like me eventually they gave up and just paid.

- My Verizon (good/bad)

I like the Verizon app. It’s simple, laid out well and gives me the information I want and need. I like the text reminders when my bill is due. I can get into My Verizon easily through the text reminder, pay my bill quickly & be done. The downside is that I am a single Senior paying $113 a month! That is way too much! A ridiculous amount of money. The company is doing well... I live in a good neighborhood, but, I often only have 1 bar. I get dropped calls & often am unable to download. Because of our trees I’m told that 4 houses(mine being one of them) are in a “brown area”? I’m told, whenever I ask for help, (several times a year) that I could buy an antennae from Verizon & install it on my roof for better connectivity. They will sell it to me! I think it is a couple hundred dollars. What?! I pay for their service, but, to get the best service I have to buy and install my own antennae? I DONT LIKE THAT! I think that is pretty stinky. Verizon is ok, but, I’m looking for other service providers that are more affordable & will give me better service.

- Great customer service reversed to horrible customer service

My phone broke, called Verizon received great customer service from VZ Rep-1, she was efficient, courteous and helpful. When the new phone arrived in the mail I had trouble setting kit Up and called VZW back this time talked to VZW Rep-2. She started out very helpful but when she found out Rep-1 didn’t charge me anything for the replacement phone, her attitude instantly changed. She firmly let me know that Rep-1 would be reprimanded. After an hour on the phone with her, she was still unable to help me transfer my data to my phone then blamed my hotel’s network, we were both irritated, me for the obvious reason. I find Verizon’s reps are masters at selling me products and services that I find I don’t really need. The latest was unlimited data, after reporting my sons phone was used by someone else and the data drastically increased. I have been with Verizon for almost 20 years, and for the most part have no complaints, however now, it’s time to shop around for a more competitive provider.

- M M Guy

This is the most worthless app I have ever downloaded. I bought a new iphone7 to replace an iPhone 5s and paid for it with my credit card. I asked Verizon sales agent to text me the shipping info and for a copy of the invoice. He told me I had to download this app to get the information I wanted. Reluctantly, I did as he said. After getting it all set up with account number and password I attempted to retrieve the information I wanted. I was told that I hadn’t purchased anything and I had no account. I repeated this again the next day. This time I was told I had no account, that I had no purchases, and that my next bill would be $68. No account but a bill! I deleted the app and then tried to get the information on line using the Chat option. This also proved impossible. The Chat person kept telling me to download the app to get what I wanted. The only good thing about chat is he knew I had an account. I asked to talk to a real living person who spoke English the way I do but was told that was not possible due to the Corona virus. I finally gave up. I have been a Verizon customer since the early 90’s but it is not looking good that I will be around much longer. Customer Service is just a few mm above Dish and Direct tv at the bottom of the customer service chart.

- Verizon Wireless : King of the Jungle!

I have been with VZW for years and have enjoyed the best network calls and data connections. I cannot wait for 5g, and possibly dropping my home ISP! However, the Verizon backend systems and applications are horrible and have made my life sometimes a living hell. Customer service is top-notch, they have resolved many problems, but they are not always able to override or correct the horrible system issues. For example, auto-pay has been working for months, but decided not to work today, even though I have plenty of money in my account and I was able to make a manual payment using the same payment method. Ugh!! The app has definitely gotten better over the years, but isn’t perfected yet. It is nice to view and manage my account, and all lines on the family account. My corporate discount does not show up when shopping for accessories, and there is no better selection in the app than in the Verizon store near my house. There are still functions that are advertised via email, link to the app, but then are redirected to the website. There was even an infinity loop where the website directed me back to the app.

- Cannot make sense of bill & cannot reach Verizon Help

I cannot get a live person on the phone to explain why our Verizon service is deteriorating and our bill is steadily going up for “add-on” services we do not use or want. The Verizon Smart Family plan has never worked correctly on this iPhone 7 Plus even though Verizon charges $9.99 per month. The 2 Gizmos on the account are no longer active nor in our possession. We do not want Verizon Navigation nor Verizon Roadside Assistance. And, the HUM is no longer on a vehicle in use. We are being highly overcharged. Data Service has slowed down dramatically. Is anyone else in this situation? Our bill is increasing every month and there is no rational reason. We are using 3 older Apple Smartphones and have 1 Apple iPad on our plan. It makes no sense to be making monthly payments nearing $300 for basic service and protection. We are loyal long-standing Verizon customers. I have been working to reach and now waiting for Verizon Account Assistance for nearly an hour - just to pay our bill!

- App is good but buggy

The MyVerizon app is mostly good and does a reasonable job of allowing functionality similar to the main website. However it had two extremely annoying bugs. 1/. It always says that I have a new message that one of my lines is ready for an upgrade (even after clearing it out more times than I have phones). This just makes me ignore messages since it makes the red dot always on with no new info thus defeating the very purpose of the dot which is that there is a new message - yet there isn’t!! That is usually called a lie. It can be a mistake for a while but to leave the mistake unfixed for so long starts to turn it into something else. 2./ The (left of iPhone home screen) widget has recently started to get disconnected from the app. It says to open the app to reconnect but that does not happen. When I log into the account on the app then the widget temporarily updates but promptly disconnects again as soon as the app is closed. This may be an iOS 13.1 driven bug but I would have expected Verizon developers to have fixed this by now since the beta for iOS 13.1 has been out for so long.

- Verizon

We have been with Verizon for years however recently we purchased two new iPhone X from Costco with the trade in promotion. After months of calling and speaking with at least 10 customers representatives and each time being told the credits would be applies on the next billing cycle only one phone was credited. The last Verizon representative stated that the other phone on the trade in promotion did not qualify. The representative went on to say that we had been told by other Verizon representatives that the phone did not qualify. When I told her that was not the case she talked over me and would not let me explain. Finally I was able to ask her why the second phone did not qualify and she could not give an answer. I asked to speak to a manager and she said one would call me in the morning. No one ever called. I don’t trust Verizon any more and will be switching carriers very soon. The customer service is going down hill. Something is wrong with Verizon I suggest others steer clear of this company.

- Cost, tried to add data usage and have had no success

We are paying for iPhone 7’s, 6th ones now between us we can not use for a few months and have not been able to get an address from anyone for hours on the phone for fed ex to ship the last 2 for the upgrade Apple gas given us at no cost. My husband has been written up at work twice over these bad model #’s first time in 30 years. Not good on your errors and we’re having to pay full price monthly like I said. We should not pay at all until we get the 10’s. Also I have tried getting the data plan increased due to being unlimited but yet we still have been slowed down on everything so there’s no unlimited at all. Grandson uses WiFi when at our house that’s what kids do. No luck with that either. Seems nobody wants to work with customers. Been to store and shut out the 3 rd trip 30 minutes away after getting 2nd phones and told his job wasn’t critical enough to see us. Had masks and gloves on as well. This was where we purchased the 1s iPhone 7. I want more data and a deduction on our bill for all of our troubles with hours on the phone. It’s all logged on your computers and recorded so a supervisor of billing should take a look at it for taking care of customers

- False Advertisement

I recently switched to Verizon. I was told by a assistant manager that my monthly bill would be $102 a month with taxes and fees included. That I could get $5 off if I enroll in auto pay. And that I would get a text message when my bill was due. I was also was not made aware of the activation fee on my first bill. After speaking with customer service, I was informed due to my current plan I am unable to receive credit for the auto pay. I was also shocked that my first payment was $140. The customer representative was nice enough to take 50% off of the activation fee. I also was hit with a late payment fee due to not receiving the text that was suppose to inform me of my bill. I thought everything was taken care, until going to pay my bill. Next bill will be $120. The reason I switched was because my payment would be below my personal budget toward a phone. I wanted to switch because it was becoming a safety hazard not having service in place I desperately needed it. Single mom living alone with my kids and driving to school in the middle of no where by myself. You guys are the best for service but handle business horribly. I’m already trying to find a way out of this hell hole I blindly got myself in.

- Easy as pie!

I have had Verizon going on 6 years now and have always been an extremely satisfied customer. The service doesn’t even compare to all other service providers. I can honestly attribute the service to saving my life! Or just making it possible to get in contact with someone in times of desperation. The service has almost always been there even when I’m in the most remote parts of Arizona. Also beyond the great service Verizon provides I also love the great communication they establish through text messages and emails. When I’m getting. Lose to my data limits iam always alerted. When the bill is coming I’m never in the dark. When my account was breached and charges were made that weren’t mine they were quickly addressed and removed. The easy to navigate app also allows you to simply check or change important account details. I plan to always have Verizon because I know with them I’ll be taken care of in more ways then any service out there can. Thank you Verizon!

- Review on Bill

I’m a very satisfied Verizon Wireless Customer and main reason I’ve decided to stay with them is their customer service is wonderful! I almost feel forced to have them. All the other companies either have merging companies joining them them, or advertising specials on all media platforms. Once their at that breaking point , you know they too are struggling. How often do you ever see Verizon Wireless advertising, you don’t . Mainly because they are set straight. The only problem I have is my bill seems to be getting higher and higher. As a loyal customer who has been with the company for all these years it would be nice not to be charged for line fees each month. Expecially when my whole family is with Verizon under one roof. Certain fees in my opinion should be waived once you’ve hit loyal status ( it sure would help now due to the Covid19 hit). Same goes for our local Cable Companies too!!! Overall it’s the wonderful signal and great customer service I’ve experienced.

- App doesn’t work half the time

I don’t understand how they have such great reviews on the app. I have been a customer close to 2 decades. I don’t have many problems with service. The only complaint I have about he company is that they nickel and dime you and won’t fix it. My husband travels for work and gets tiny international text charges anytime he flies to Alaska. He never receives texts or calls international nor does he make them. Verizon can never figure out or prove legitimacy of the charges, yet they are never reversed. Twice we have been told they will block international on his phone, but that hasn’t helped, we still get the charges. But this review should be for the app, which is not good. When I get emails to tell me to check the app for a bill or rewards, it never links. I have contacted customer service from time to time about the app not even opening. I know the troubleshooting and I do it every time it doesn’t open. Still won’t open. It is so frustrating. I usually wait a week and try again and if it still won’t open, I call again. You can’t even access the rewards program if the app doesn’t open! I have an iPad 12 that I use for the app.

- Scam Artists

I was lied to by a salesman and told that there was a promotion on the phone I was buying and I would get a free tablet. He insisted that I take it even though I didn’t want it. He even showed me on the bill that they removed the $300 charge that it would normally cost. On my next bill the $300 charge was there along with a new line charge. I called Verizon and they couldn’t help me because the Verizon store is independent from corporate Verizon. I went into the store and told them the story and asked to return the tablet and get rid of the line. They said I was over the 2 week return policy but they would but in a request with Verizon corporate. Nothing happened so I had to go back again and again and finally they but in the request. The request went to Verizon and they approved it after questioning me at length on the phone. I had to go back to the store to complete the return and then call Verizon corporate to make sure the line was off my bill. After all of that I have a $400 telephone bill! So after 20 years of being a Verizon customer I am done. Do not trust this company! Read the fine print if you do business with them! This company is out to take you for every cent they can get!!!!! They are crooks and scam artists!!!

- Great app!

I love most everything about this app and the super convenience of securely paying my bill early or seeing detailed itemization of billing and individual device status information. 4 stars rating is for two reasons: 1) because I’d like to see more detailed device specs and a device comparison capability within the Shop section instead of going into the ‘upgrade’ or ‘purchase’ processes - or out to the web. And 2) I’m already a loyal customer, you don’t have to ‘sell’ me. Everything seems a beautiful sales gimmick outside of the administrative section of billing. That makes me wary of clicking one tab too many and accidentally purchasing something. Serve me instead with detailed device comparisons, instructional links and how to videos that tell us how to utilize and maximize our experiences with these incredible technological tools. This is a beautifully functional app that has greatly improved over the last couple years. Kudos to the entire development team.

- When It Is Good.....

I just read the review from May. Here I thought I was the only person pulling my hair out with Verizon. I left for Mexico in December. Called to set up a calling plan as I would be there 4 months. My husband does not take his phone so I was told to suspend the service till April. Come Mid January....I get a text saying I am over the data limit. I did not even turn on data as we have Internet. I called International to ask what was going on. It only went down hill from there. Each time I called I got a different solution....all very nice phone people.....but my phone issues were running into the hundreds of dollars a month. Finally, in March, I was told about the Go Unlimited 55 plus loyalty program! Finally, a solution. I too stated that friends in Mexico were not paying anywhere near what I was paying and threatened to change to AT&T. So, what I do find interesting is that if you go to the international Verizon website....there is no mention of this program.....

- Service and charges

I am too dissatisfied with all the hidden charges. Recently I wanted to talk with a real person not an automated response that almost never works. I wanted to get information about my account and after several "screens" and a quite a bit waiting time, got a human being to talk too. I forgot to mention that before I was connected the "wonderful" automated service "told" me that I would be charge 7 dollars in order to talk with someone breathing. I wanted also to change my plan because from an account that cost 65 dollars and change I was told that that was past due and all the other charges were because I ran out of data. I have to be fair and said that I received some notices that my account was going to be charged 15 dollars, twice, for my "excess" of using data. However, was told that I owed an extra 115 dollars more. The "solution" , thought, change my plan to "unlimited" data. I was told "no problem" and was told for a 88 dollars a month, plus probably I will end paying another 88 dollars, for hidden charges, who knows. Also when I have tried to pay at one of their "stores", with cash, I've been told that there is 3 extra dollars. WHAT??? Now T-mobile is looking better and better.

- Not happy

I tried several times to pay my Bill online using the link you sent to me. Each time the message I received said “we are experiencing difficulties completing your request. Error” Originally, the rep at the local Verizon store was totally useless. It wasn’t until I tried to use my account that I found out I wasn’t able to use my Smart Watch. So I called the 800 and got some man named Troy. He said my bill would be $80+ and I said that was too much. He asked if I had been in the military and I said yes. He asked if I was a teacher and I said yes but retired. He said that both of those got me discounts but I’d have to prove it. So he gave me links which I couldn’t get to work because my phone wouldn’t allow me to (the one I had JUST purchased at the local Verizon store!). I couldn’t call or text most people including Troy or the links. I did what I could with my daughter’s help and finally was able to call and text but the links were like a runaround. So I called your 800 number again and she gave me new links. Same result! Nada!!! Then the Bill I get is $129!!! So how do you think I feel about Verizon?????

- Verizon All The WAY!!!!!!!

So, I have been with Verizon since they were Prime Co, with the exception of 2 years. They were the only company working during Katrina and I can attest to that. The App is great! I always use the app to check data, future and current bills, past bills, and pretty much any other information I need. One of the best things about the verizon app is the chat line. I talk with them any time I need them and the customer service is comparable to Chick Fil A, and sometimes better, with the exception of saving calico cats from burning trees in the mountains of west Africa (I like chick fil a 😉). But certainly, if you want to stay up on how much data you are using (it can be added to your news feed in iPhone) and you want to stay aware of your account and pay your bills on time, certainly download the app. Verizon is the best phone company, hands down. I wish I could do their commercials for them! They have given me the best service and discounts every time! Faithful like no other.

- What I don’t like ...

Verizon is expensive but they’re consistently inconsistent. I Have a plan where they take out so much per month to pay off the iPhone I currently use. However when it’s paid off !?!? You cell phone bill never seems to lower by the amount that the payment due is !?? And Verizon is difficult to contact concerning said information. They don’t really care about you once you’re a customer. And I’ve been a customer for decades now. I’m not pleased with them. I don’t care for some of their ways. Be warned. But I will say they’re still better than the shysters at T MOBILE or A T &T etc etc. however I wish they did a better job of letting you know when your cell phone is paid off. They’re not transparent in some regards. Too often these corporate conglomerate types don’t consider the client. If I had a lower priced option. I would take it. But I do rely on this phone and all its features. Am I satisfied with Verizon !?! Not very much. For the price I pay !?! They could & should do better. Caveat emptor. Let the buyer beware. Verizon is a dog with fleas. But you know !!! I can’t go to T MOBILE or A T & T OR THESE OTHER THIRD RATERS. SO I AM STUCK PAYING HIGHER RATES.

- The Very Best Service

Okay so, I’ve been with Verizon for Five years. I have always had the very best call quality. I called the other day, I had literally a Four hour conversation with a very nice lady. We talked about a lot of things. But what I called in for she did perfectly. She even offered hand me over to a specialist in that area I was needing help in. But, honestly she should have been a specialist in every area based on how much she knew. She loves her job and it shows. I have unlimited data/text/call, it never lets me down even when I’m up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I have the iPhone X, and I have an iPhone 7 +, soon to be another X. This iPhone X is one of the best phones I’ve ever had. I’ve had every high end phone too. Verizon made sure I got it in two days. My insurance on it is great. If I accidentally drop it then they’ll come out to my home and replace the screen for 49$. I had AT&T and I can’t say anything bad about them because they are very loyal to their long term customers just like Verizon. But their service isn’t everywhere like Verizon’s. Their data isn’t as fast as Verizon’s either. But they’re a good company. I just wanted Verizon because I travel a lot and I need great service in areas that AT&T doesn’t cover. No regrets in anything I’ve changed in service providers. I also have all my phones and never traded in any of them cause I’ve never needed the money. Thank you Verizon. You’re the best in my opinion anyways. 👌🏼👍🏼🙌🏼🤟🏼

- VIP Service

My name is Ms. Legardy, I have been a customer when the carrier was air touch cellular, cellular one and now Verizon wireless. I have had over 11 phones within the period of 25 years. To be honest when I was a VIP customer they gave me a free phone for Mother’s Day which that free phone was the best phone I have ever had. The iPhones are nice when it comes to technology but the cons of a iPhone is when you drop it! The iPhone crack to easily. I would like to design a bubble(plastic hard form)design if and when the iPhones has a hard impact it bounce on impact and not crack. This will save on costly payments of having to get the iPhones serviced repeatedly from a impact. The pros of the iPhones: You can you it as your PC. I can check emails, type, copy, paste, use for zoom calls etc... Also, I would like to see that if you are a customer for over 25 years the customer should receive a 10% discount. Thank you for your time and great customer service!

- Disappointed in Verizon

My very first cell phone was with Cellular One back in 2000. They were amazing! Excellent service and excellent phones. Then they were bought out by Alltell. This was a horrible company with poor service and products. Finally Verizon bought them up and Wow, what an improvement. Great service and products, very friendly staff. However the service has gone down over the last 5 years, poor cellphone signals , dropped calls, delayed messages, etc. I even spoken with support staff who were rude, and not helpful. Needless to say I’m shopping for a new carrier. Apparently 17 years of customer loyalty means nothing to a big company like Verizon. As the saying goes, “the bigger you are the harder you fall.” I’m seeking another small company like Cellular One who cared about their customers and wants to stay in business. Growth can be a good thing for business investors, but typically is poorly managed and the fallout from it gets dumped onto the customers. When companies go back to being self-sufficient and managing their own growth versus becoming a publicly traded, then service will become the norm and product quality will increase. Sorry Verizon, but you’ve gotten too big for your britches. CMI

- Adding device was terrible experience! 😫

I was trying to add a device to my account. Called and put on hold for 9 minutes and then told he would transfer to another department where I was on hold for another 15 minutes and then transferred to the department that didn’t help me the first time. I hung up and tried my “VZ Chat coach”. After explaining what I needed was told she could help me. She quit texting and I waited another 9 minutes and gave up and drove to a REAL Verizon store. It was closed so I drove to a different REAL Verizon store where I stood outside with 3 other customers waiting my turn...LOL When I complained your employee told me he was following company policy with his mask not even covering his nose. He took a customer in and I waited some more for a employee to come get me. When he did we went inside your 12,000 sq ft store where there was one other employee. It took my rep to handle the ftansfer less than 10 minutes. 10 MINUTES... I had wasted the better part of 2 1/2 hours to do something the first person I talked to on the phone could have done. Your service sucked on this and hiding behind the COVID EXCUSE IS NOT EXCEPT-ABLE!!! My phone BILL has NOT GONE DOWN ANY but YOUR SERVICE HAS. SIGNED UNHAPPY CUSTOMER 😖

- App doesn’t do what it says

I downloaded this app to see why my phone bill went up $100/month after purchasing 3 new iPhones. We didn’t want to renew a plan we’ve been on for 1 year and we bought the phones at the Apple store. So what’s this $100 charge? I’d know if I could get the app to work. When I found the “view bill details” which wasn’t easy it asked me to log on, but it’s already got my name listed on the page header? Okay so I try to log on, not positive I remember my password from their website and since it didn’t ask me to create one for the app I try what I think the password should be and no surprise it was incorrect. The interesting part is after one try I’m locked out and don’t see a way to recover my password. The kicker is that message says I tried to enter the incorrect password 5 times. Did I mention I only typed it once? As if that weren’t enough there’s a page where you can set payments options. My bill is not due until January 7, but I could only pick today’s date. So much for autopay Verizon! Don’t get this app! It wasted far too much of my time for zero benefit. I thought technology was supposed to make my life easier and more efficient.

- Zero Stars

I’ve been a customer for well over 7 years. Today (Christmas Day) was my worse experience to date. I’m currently out of town. Trying to use my phone as a mobile hotspot. The customer service rep somehow managed to CANCEL my existing plan that is no longer offered (unlimited data) while setting up the hotspot. I did not figure out the issue until I received multiple notifications that I had a data overage alert. Called multiple times. Talked to 2 different reps. Both were positive that I was on a 4gb plan and that I should upgrade to save myself money. I proceeded to correct them and pointed out that they should look at my previous bills. Averaging 50+ GB/monthly. I then asked for them to look at the call log. It should show in their history which rep made the switch to my plan and to see that it was not “authorized” by the customer. After 40 minutes on the phone they said that they would have to send a request to corporate for “future tickets” and wait for a response. This could easily end my relationship with Verizon if this is not corrected. I will also cancel the other lines I’m associated with (spouses, work). What a hassle to h e to deal with on Christmas. Thanks Verizon.

- Horrible

This app comes with the option to add restrictions to certain lines and networks. This may sound great to parents however it is not. My parents have used this on my devices both phone and pc and I can tell you that it is an extremely flawed system. I want to preface this by saying I am being genuine and not biased there are many problems the restrictions themselves aside. The main one being it literally breaks the device. I have had this program used on two of my phones. Both have broken as a result. My data no longer works for so reason despite having unlimited and the wifi rarely works and at times simply stops working. These problems are only experienced by me(the only one with restrictions). Recently my parents used this on my pc which was very very expensive and was a gift. Now my pc is experiencing constant problems with internet connection and my ethernet no longer works. It has literally broken two of my phones and a PC. All of which were in perfect condition and functionality before the verizon internet cutoffs were put in place. I don’t know who will see this but seriously it is a terrible system and has made life on this network miserable.

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- How much data used?

There are two limits on my unlimited data plan: 1. 15GB of hot spot 2. 22GB of high speed With the current app, It is impossible to determine the amounts of each that are used or how they impact each other.

- no use

i’m from australia so it won’t let me put my number in, this is useless

- Won't even open

Can't even review this ap properly because it never progresses past the loading screen

- Doesn't work

Can't sign in with the app. Can on the web

- Can't even enter my number


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- The best

The best in North America

- Verizon Rules!!!

Just the best. No bones about it. The best coverage, the best service, and all things considered, the best value

- Change payments

As a Canadian customer it was very frustrating trying to change my credit card information and was impossible to talk to a person to help me through my problems!

- The best company ever

It has always been a pleasure to deal with any person that works for Verizon they do a fantastic job and are wonderful people blue ribbon service all the way thanks

- Read the fine print

I signed up for autopay option in store and surprise! No autopay with credit card. Thanks Verizon for not clarifying that. Any why are you the only service that doesn’t offer the discount on auto pay with a credit card??

- Marlin

App has been locked on me for over a year. No one can unlock it. Can only pay bills on it

- Garbage

App is so completely garbage to use when setting up

- Internet problem

Very slow internet

- Burrow manager

Seems like I am being throttled?

- Easy to use. I like it.

Easy to use. I like it.

- This is not working

This app will not let me add a different credit card for paying my bill

- Verizon

I’m so happy with Verizon the payment and shopping process is first class! So easy to use and to pay. I ordered a few IPhone wireless ear buds.. so easy to place order and to pay.

- Apple Music

What a pain to set this up. Links send you in circles looking for what you really wanted.

- Good service

I’m pleased with Verizon.

- Canadian Customer

The Verizon app has made it so easy to pay my sons phone bill while he is away at school. Thank you Verizon.

- Verizon in Canada and USA unlimited DATA

“In Canada they do not offer unlimited data - So Verizon is The Right Choice” Verizon Network is Excellent I use my I-phone in mainly Florida USA and Ontario Canada works amazingly unlimited Data unlimited calling and texting just an excellent program Canadian carriers don’t offer Unlimited Data!!

- Excellent app very easy to navigate

Highly recommend

- Seamless

Easy, efficient and beautiful design. 👍

- Finally an App that works

App does everything it needs to do quite well. Easy to use, never had an issue.

- Hans Jürgen

Great app. If you live outside the USA but travel to there and have a Verizon account its now so so easy to make a payment. I've been with Horizon since 08' and I'll never go back to a rip off Canadian carrier. They're new unlimited data plan needs to be tweaked as we find out unlimited does not mean unlimited especially once you're outside the USA. They'll figure that out. They are great!

- Problem

I am trying to sign up and it isn't working , I am putting my Canadian phone number but the system wrote the number isn't in our records ,

- Very good!

App is snappy and elegant, while making it easy for me to pay bills.

- Verizone

Good application !

- Happy customer

Verizon day two with your service and website and I am over the moon pleased. Thank you

- Works Great!

Love the app! It's easy to use, straight forward, and holds my information correctly. Thanks for making an app that works for those of us outside of the U.S.

- A must have for Verizon customers.

Great app for keeping on top of usage on multiple lines. Very user friendly and convenient for modifying and making payments to your account.

- Won't work

It worked perfect at first now won't even open. Crap.

- App keeps crashing on 3G

If used on wifi it works well. I like it.

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My Verizon 10.0.2 Screenshots & Images

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My Verizon iphone images
My Verizon iphone images
My Verizon iphone images
My Verizon iphone images
My Verizon iphone images
My Verizon iphone images
My Verizon iphone images
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My Verizon (Version 10.0.2) Install & Download

The applications My Verizon was published in the category Utilities on 2011-02-03 and was developed by Verizon Wireless [Developer ID: 411772703]. This application file size is 118.25 MB. My Verizon - Utilities app posted on 2022-06-28 current version is 10.0.2 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.vzw.hss.myverizon