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ForzaTune Pro App Description & Overview

What is forzatune pro app? Now anyone can make tunes for their own builds in Forza. The trick is matching the tune settings to your upgrades, and knowing when to make a few adjustments. ForzaTune Pro makes the entire process easy.

Tell ForzaTune you're driving a Mustang on a specific track, and it creates a tune to match. Or maybe you're building a Supra to cruise the streets of Mexico. This app has you covered with detailed base tunes.

Then use the tune customizer if you want more aggressive or more stable handling. You can set oversteer or understeer in each part of a turn, and ForzaTune works out the new values for you automatically.

There's nothing better than driving a car dialed in how you want it. And a car that's tuned for the specific track and driver is easier to drive faster.

This version lets you tune by specific car and track/surface, and includes extra tuning types for Motorsport and Horizon. You also get an intelligent gearing calculator, the ability to save tunes, and finer control over your tune balance.

Here are the complete specs if you'd like to learn more:

ForzaTune Pro has support for Forza Motorsport (2023), Forza Horizon 5, Forza Horizon 4, Forza Motorsport 7 and also includes most vehicles in Forza Horizon 3 and Forza Motorsport 6.

No matter what kind of driving you like, this tuning app has you covered. Create standard (street/track), drift, drag, rain, rally/snow, and off-road tunes with ease.

Adjust the overall balance, turn entry balance, turn exit balance, ride stiffness, roll stiffness in seconds.

Includes a gearing calculator option that lets you match race and drift transmission values to engine swaps or major power upgrades.

1330+ vehicles covering FM '23 and Forza Horizon 5 back through Forza Motorsport 6.

ForzaTune Pro builds a model of your car using your input and its vehicle and track types to make original, balanced tunes. Formulas are based on race engineering but adjusted for Forza. They are also tested extensively with a gamepad and steering wheel/pedal set.

Save, edit, search and backup all of your tunes. Export and import options let you transfer your tunes to new devices or friends easily without logins or accounts.

Q: Is this for beginners or experienced tuners?
A: Both. Experienced tuners use it to save time. Newer tuners use it to learn how to tune.

Q: How do I use the app?
A: Copy several car details from the game into ForzaTune, hit "Calculate" and copy the results into the tuning menu in Forza Motorsport or Forza Horizon. There is also a series of video tutorials on YouTube to get you started.

Q: What settings and upgrades do I need?
A: You will need racing upgrades like suspension, braking, anti-roll bars, and differential to change the values in the tuning menu. You can also use drift, rally and adjustable stock suspensions when available (like off-road buggies and some trucks in Horizon). You will also have the best results if you disable stability management (STM) and traction control (TCS) for lower class cars. Normal or simulation steering is fine, but simulation steering is recommended in FH5 especially when fine-tuning.

Q: Why is tuning your cars important?
A: When doing upgrades many of the default tune settings will not match the new build. ForzaTune brings it back to a balanced setup. Also, tuning doesn't affect your PI or race restrictions—so this is how you can gain an advantage over other racers.

Make your own tunes, faster with ForzaTune Pro.

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App Name ForzaTune Pro
Category Utilities
Updated 13 April 2024, Saturday
File Size 25.49 MB

ForzaTune Pro Comments & Reviews 2024

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Not sure it works well w/ FH4?. I downloaded this App to see if I could improve my tunes on FH4. Tested a vehicle i upgraded w/ stock tune vs. calculated. Stock tune did average of 0.8s better a lap? So idk if it works well for FH4. Id like to be able to tell it what tires & downforce im using. Another reason I downloaded this App was to see if it would fix the twitchy/wonkiness you get from FWD to AWD conversion; It did’nt. Any tips on how to better use this App would be appreciated!

Drifting and Top Speed. I really like this app. I have used other tuning apps and this one is hands down the best out there. People who think that ANY app is going to give you a perfect tune are insane. You have to tune to your style of driving. I would like to see the Drift tuning become better with the gearing and tuning. It would be nice if there was a setting to find the highest speed possible. Thanks for a great app.

Great for learning tunes!. I had the previous version, now 7 is much faster and still keeps the great tunes with even more customizations, my only “complain” would be to add the new cars in the App faster but I believe this takes some time though, anyways. Thank you guys! Keep up the good job.💪🏼

Great App. I just recently started getting into building my own tunes for drifting and the app has helped a lot. I have never been good at the tuning in Forza games but since I got this app it has helped a lot with tuning cars and I highly recommend it. I really hope it gets updated for Forza Horizon 5

So worth it. Thank you to the developer and the team behind this!!!. I have been playing the Forza 5 horizon game for a couple months and I have even deleted it a couple times because it seemed like I could never compete with the online racers because my car was either slow or just wasn’t tuned properly but this is what they are using…. This app will give you a better tune for you vehicle about 99% of the time. When it doesn’t? The app has already lead you in the right way to tune it, so just play with it and see what works but it is sooooo much better then having to start from 0 and not having a clue what to do. This app has saved my gaming experience with the Forza series. Thank you.

Wow what a difference. Best way to tell it’s working is take the same car before the tune and do some laps. If it’s a short track do 5-6 laps to get the tires warm. Then put in the tune with this app. I shaved my #72 Ferrari BBLM down to 7:09 on the Nurburgring and the R class isn’t maxed out (R836). That’s not bad for me since I’m only using a controller. The steering is a bit touchy but I don’t have any assists on and I probably need to mess with the app some more. I’ve always used these apps for the other forza games and this one for sure doesn’t disappoint either.

Must Have Companion App. I’ve been using ForzaTune since the original app, around the end of 2010! Always grateful the developers keep up with the new games and the new cars released periodically. I’m to the point where I wouldn’t even consider playing Forza without it. Must have! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

It's good but a lot of the tunes are the same.. Well, not the entire tune is the same but the diff settings are identical for cars with the same drivetrain. Still a great way to get a very good tune base and you can tweak it from there. Also, the drift settings are not good, imo... especially the drift gearing. OVERALL, I LOVE THIS APP, just wanted to point out a few things I hope will be improved. Thank you!!

Springs. Anthony, sometimes the app gives me values for rally suspension that’s too low. In other words the app tells me for BMW 2011 X5 M, that the rear springs should be 367.7 and that’s lower than the springs will go. I’ve been using the app for a while and have ran into this a couple of times. I’m tuning for Forza Horizon 5.

Incredibly helpful!. Looking to shave a second off your lap time, or just getting into tuning, this app will help you, it’s helped me, I’ve been using it since Forza 4, and it’s helped me become a better in game driver. With every update, and variation that comes out, it gets better. So if you want to shave time off your lap, or figure out that one little tweak that just isn’t right and never seems to be, or you’ve no idea how to tune your car, or maybe you’re experienced, you know the ways of Forza tuning, I recommend downloading this, I believe this will help everyone from noobie to Forza veteran!

Adds hours of playability. I bought this app around the 40th hour of playtime. Although I was having fun, I realized the only way to go faster was to start tuning. I would say this app is more useful than any available dlc and actually worth the investment. Incredibly easy to use as well.

Lifesaver. I was getting frustrated with a 90 iroc z and figured hey 3 bucks isn’t a lot. I’ll just try it out. I’m so glad I did. I had been tuning that stupid car for hours trying to dial it in, and it took me 15 minutes tops to enter all the info and then set up the tune that it gave me. I shaved off 2 seconds per lap with the base tune, but even better than that is that the car feels much more planted, with a lot less oversteer. I drive on a wheel so most of the tunes that are out there just don’t feel right because they’re made by people using a controller. I’ve been making my own tunes for about 6 months and this algorithm beat my tunes first try. I can’t wait to get into the hoppers with my improved cars. I’m usually not the type to leave reviews but this helped so much that I just had to say thanks.

Wonderful tool and application. I was a little upset at first because I thought this app would help me increase the car’s rating. It wasn’t until I read the app’s tutorials that I realized it improves my setup. With this apps help, I’m now able to tune a car to corner better. My only recommendation is can the error messages be improved to also offer recommendations. I keep being told the acceleration is too low.

I would pay $20 for this app!. To be completely honest. I didn’t think I’d find an app that helps this much. I pre ordered the ultimate edition of forza Horizon 4 and have forza 7. This app works so well. ESPECIALLY DRIFT TUNES! even the worst drifters or those who never played a racing game NEED this app. The only downside is that this app needs to add more and more and more cars OR a basic function that doesn’t require a car model to make a tune. ForzaTune 6 relied on that function entirely and was a fairly good app. Otherwise thanks!

Great for all levels. I love this for getting a descent tune done quickly on a new car and the refinement options (oversteer, understeer, etc) for when I have more time. I would really appreciate iCloud sync so my saves are accessible on my iPhone and iPad. Also the ability to backup tunes to a file for restore later in case my device dies. We also need presets for the new Porsche and other DLC cars in Horizon!

I’ll give it 5 stars. It’s a good base tune app to get u started just wish they would add wheelie tunes for drag. They also need to add forza edition cars so that way it would be easier to adjust the base tune as needed to get the tune just right. I hope to see it added at some point.

Amazing App for FH5 Tuning. I’m so glad that i went to forums looking for advice on tuning for Horizon 5. I just started playing at kept finishing towards the back of the pack. I was informed on this app and i’m so stoked that i found it. Applied the recommended tunes for a couple cars that i like driving and my performance increased drastically. Totally worth the $5. I will be using Forzatune as my one stop shop for tunes!

My Go To App!. The first thing I do when I upgrade any car for any race is to tune it with Forza Tune Pro! I loved it so much I bought it! Now, not every tune is perfect on the first try but I always test the car out and if it needs anything, I use the sliders in the settings to correct the under steering or over steering and the turn in and turn out. I love it! Makes un-drivable cars drivable. I do drag racing with it mostly and it kicks out some impressive drag tunes also!

Amazing app, righteous dev!. I bought this app to help learn how to tune vehicles in Forza Horizon 4, was able to make my own perfect, drivable tunes that fit my needs for some JDM cars. Namely the 85 Toyota Trueno AE86 and 94 Toyota Celica for drift, but also capable of tackling speed and cornering without wobbling out. Anyway, to see the support has rolled over to Forza Horizon 5 almost instantaneously without a new app or adopting subscriptions is respectable and generous. I’ve had tons of similar specialized calculator apps (gear ratio calculators) become abandonware throughout iOS updates or when a new game comes out, a new app (Pokédex apps lol *shakes fist*). Thanks for the awesome continued support of this super useful app!

Worth the Money!!. I rarely buy apps, and never bother to review them. BUT, this app is PHENOMENAL. The guy that makes this deserves major kudos! Completely removes the confusion out of a major aspect of the game where it’s easy to shoot yourself in the foot but not know how or why. Example - I took a car concept I’ve been playing with prior and gave up that it would never work. But then I tried a tune in here for it, and it now operates like a super car. I still can’t believe it.

Hello. Iam not sure if you remember me Seahawktown206 someone a few years ago Broke into my account It took the Police and Fbi through covid to start to get my identity back,But i saw someone say i took credit for tunes thats wasnt the case,Youre apps are great thats why i got them but i never took credit for youre tunes and i do have a Case number and names of all agencies involved i just wanted to let you know since its been a while since ive played Forza Ect

Great Application!. Hey Developers! Hope you get to read this comment, the app works wonders for beginners like myself. Just another satisfied person and would highly recommend this application to anyone starting out!

Something to get you started I guess.... 1. Whatever your opinion is about specifically setting up a tune a certain way to your liking, the fact of the matter is, the tire pressures are way off with this app. Shooting for 33psi warm, this app will almost always make your tire pressure much too low. 2. For a bit more effort, you can read up on using telemetry to set up your car and get a much better tune. 3. Get good first. Use a popular tune and get actually good at the game before wasting your time biting off any tuning. You’ll chase your tail thinking you’re doing some good by tweaking your tune, and you’re only actually putting bandaids on driving issues you need to fix.

Work's well. I had been using ForzaTune 6 on Forza 7 with good results. At least a second per lap. I was skeptical about using ForzaTune 7 and especially since the new tunes are drastically different with less data needing to be entered. I was able to knock off another second per lap with ForzaTune 7!

Not really sure if this works. I exclusively drift in Forza and for Motorsport 7 and the tunes are decent. They’re all EXTREMELY identical, your best bet when choosing a vehicle is to play it safe and choose your typical Silvia or something out of the FD pack, had most success with Matt Fields 240. For Horizon 4 I tried to do a street tune and it was still in a drift configuration so I didn’t try anything else. Not bad for the money but when most of the numbers are nearly the same from build to build, to start to doubt the effectiveness of the app.

Fantastic app. I love this app. I open it up first thing before I try any new car in Motorsport and am constantly tweaking to find the sweet spot using the advanced preferences. I’ve been a huge fan since forza tune 6, and it’s helped me get in the top 20 forza motorsport 7 leaderboard for Nurburgring nordschliefe lap time. My only gripe, and this is probably with the games physics engine rather than the app, is with tuning mid/rear engine cars that have 43% or less weight distribution. They all seem to have suspension issues that cause the car to bounce/skip around under acceleration, even in a straight line, and get upset by the smallest of bumps and lose control. My best examples of this happening would be with the mclaren senna and Porsche 911 #92 GT Team RSR. The senna I have weighing at 2579lbs with performance index of 932. I’ve used the general track settings with suspension raised to maximum and Nurburgring track tune with all settings done to the apps recommendation and yet it still wants to spin out at any given chance. This happens with the Porsche and also the 720s. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated, thank you! But again, this is most likely more game physics than this app. With 99% of the cars I’ve tuned using the recommendations,they’ve been perfect! Thanks again!

ForzaTune Pro. This app is the best. I work full time and don’t want to spend hours tinkering by feel. This app provides everything you need to make every car drivable. As you get the hang of it you can make minor or major changes to over/understeer, etc. I’ve used it for 5 years on all the Forza and Forza Horizon games and it is easily worth its cost.

Worth it. If you’re like me and struggle with getting your tunes correct you need this app. I used to buy tunes on FH4 because mine were always a little too heavy, or too slow, too much under/oversteer, etc. I now make my own tunes that fit my driving style and my driving has improved because of this app. Spend the money it’s worth it!

Pretty good tuning calculator. Inspired me to use RWD, which I never use.. Ive been tuning at a semi pro level since FH3, and it would usually take me a good hour to tune up a car perfectly that i wanted to use. I hated how much time it took, but it got the job done. But recently I had my eyes set on a 2018 Camaro Zl1 1LE, but yet ALL MY TUNES HAVE BEEN AWD. Ive always had a problem with wheelspin in a RWD car, but this has been my first successful RWD setup that can kill a road.....pshhhh once it gets going..smh...... wheelspin is still crazy at a dead stop stop. But i might be able to adjust it, but the app has tune so perfect that im not sure where to adjust it. I dont wanna mess with the gearing because that was tuned by the app.

Still great. Have used for multiple Forza games. Works well in new Forza Motorsport. Having a simple way to tune a car makes a huge difference in your driving experience as well as lap times. Worth it

Wheel users zen. I can really appreciate how far this app has come! Just found out today that base tunes aren’t so “vague” and have a lil more personal per car. For example, differential settings have always been a 60/30 for all base tunes before adjusting sliders, so I can definitely appreciate the attention to detail! I personally use a Logitech G920 and find this app a super useful tool In getting in the right direction on getting all you can out of your car and tunes. If this app could be a lil more wheel user friendly then I see no problem in why anyone shouldn’t own this app! Would’ve 5 starred but nobody’s perfect ;) great app you guys!!

An exceptionally bad product.. If you want to go slower, and have far less control, this app is perfect. I was getting sick and tired of constantly doing math to set up cars. This looks like an app that would do the math for me and maybe even improve some of my set ups. On the cars where I have a plied the set ups from this app, I have went from regularly winning races to coming in 12th by 30 seconds or more. Instead of improving the performance of the cars they’re totally out of control. Like driving on ice. It’s a great idea. I think the developer put in a fair amount of work, but used the wrong mathematical formulas to calculate set ups.

This app is amazing. I bought this app when FH5 dropped but I didn’t really like FH5 as I got burned out from so many hours on FH4. But I started to use this on MotorSport 23 and this app is amazing. It’s simple and get the tune to about 95% for me and then it’s just fine tuning which it doesn’t even really need that. This app is worth every penny and it save so much time. I use it everyone I add stuff to my car especially through the builders cup and it just does what it’s supposed to. If you’re on the fence then just jump it because you won’t be disappointed. Ok now I have Forza Motorsport and this app is a life saver. I can get my car to 95% of where I like it. I build the car with the options I like, put info into the app and tune the car how the app says and go race. Then during practice if I want I can fine tune. But this saves you 99% of the work.

This is great. I’ve used every version of Forza Tune with great success. If you’re already involved with advanced tuning then this won’t really help you, but if you just want to stay competitive without spending all those hours tweaking every setting, ForzaTune will take care of the difficult work for you.

Very helpful. Extremely helpful tool for people that are still learning to tune. Easy to use, and puts out good results. Great for finding a starting place for your tune that you can then fine adjust if needed.

A Trusted Resource. Why would you waste your time with some other tuning application (a sketchy google spreadsheet) produced by someone that drifts exclusively when you can use a refined product like Forza Tune Pro that produces useful and reliable tunes, created by someone who actually races?

Very worth it even for casual players that like better. I dont have any fancy setup, dont even have a wheel and pedals yet, but i spent probably 5 hours messing with the tuning on my own and got like a second and a half on what used to be a 1:45 lap to regularly a 1:43, but using this app, everything else the same but using these tune settings, i was running regularly 1:39s. Being able to turn that much better was immediately noticeable. I love this app. Thanks

Great baseline!. I’ve always had a hard time understanding and adjusting suspension settings so I figured I’d give this app a try. What a difference! It’s really been a huge help. I was way off before. The only tune I’ve adjusted is the Bone Shaker because oversteer on that thing is terrible. The only aspect of the tuner that hasn’t worked for me is gearing. I’m usually able to shave a second or more off the 0-60 and 0-100 time with my own gearing. The gearbox was never the issue for me so the suspension aspect of this tuner is well worth it!

It’s great, except for the actual tunes. Edited review... It’s a great app and very well put together UI wise. I particularly like the gearing; more often than not the gear ranges turn out great. The tunes themselves otherwise take some work to fix. Tires are always really low, cars handle very heavy even when adjusting sliders to account for understeer, and I wish cross country/rally didn’t just default to max ridge height and the softest possible spring setting; I’ve all but abandoned most settings. I think it probably works better for FM7 as opposed to FH4, but the app itself is very well put together and the creator(s) know their stuff.

Not so much for FH4. Good app for road tunes. But not so goo for FH4, makes you choose tracks from FM7 and the drag strips on FH4 have a ton of grip. Also these track don’t really compare to an open world road. Even dirt and snow setting makes you choose a track plus it’s in beta. I really hope this will be updated to work better with FH4 l. Other then that it’s a great app for FM7 been using it since FM4.

A Journey to Glory!!. I stated playing Forza Horizon 4 and for 2 years I built an insane garage worth 500 Million but my biggest issue?? I couldn’t tune at all, only tinkered with Aero and tire pressure. Loved to drift but couldn’t find the perfect tune. Enter Forza Tune pro! Since I got this app in 2 weeks I’ve built 15 Drift monsters Ferraris, Lambos, JDM etc. And have tuned the most insane off-road demons, and racing legends. Today I stared Forza Horizon 5 AND THIS NEW UPDATE JUST SENT ME OVER THE MOON. I’ve already tuned the most insane cars and am just excited for the future!!! Love the app keep up the good work!!!!

Great app. I’ve only ever played Forza Horizon 4, but let me tell you, this app is the best. The first week of playing I was unaware of the timing feature. After I discovered it I disregarded it and simply downloaded tunes. Then I got this app and everything changed. The tunes are awesome. I could not recommend this more for someone struggling to tune a car for any conditions.

Small price to pay for vast improvement in your forza career and driving experience. For the life of me, I can't do the math and tune the cars by myself and this app has made my life so much easier. Obviously this is just a great starting point to have and not rely on solely but!! As someone who has only gotten into cars 3 years back and wants to get into tuning, I love this! I'm fed up downloading tunes and calling it a day, because the car doesn't feel like it's my own. With the app, I'm able to control the amount of under/oversteer I want, how stiff my ride is, how much grip, rain or shine, street! So far I've made 3 tunes that have worked amazing. It's easy to use and I'm so grateful for an app like this. You only need a couple minutes out of your day to make a tune and then make the necessary adjustments along the way. This beats downloading tunes any day. 10/10

Amazing!. This app allows me to tune my cars to match up with all upgrades I install. As I am not an expert when it comes to a lot of the different tuning options. I just wish figuring out your different Torque rpms on the actual horizon four was much easier but I give it the best I can. Lol. Other than that this app is very helpful and I highly recommend anyone whether good at tuning or new to it to use this app!

Tuning with ease. Before this app, I would just download tunes from some of the known “fast” racers. But I didn’t like having the tune locked. After buying this app, I setup a tune on a car that I started messing with (‘69 Fairlady Z) with a WB A700 tune. I started practicing my own tuning on Suzuka because it’s a great technical course with a mix of everything. My tuning specs were close to the Forza Tune specs, but a little on the stiff side. I spent over 50 laps dialing my tune in, and the Forza Tune numbers gave me 0.7 seconds advantage after only 3 laps. I’ve used this on three other cars, a Civic, a 911 GT3, and the Z. Recommendations: I would like to see options for selecting which tire type and size are installed. Also, some variations of tracks would be nice. The Nurbergring is a tune the full circuit, but the short circuit is a completely different course. This is a great app, regardless, and takes a lot of time out of tweaking and testing. Within 6 laps on any course, you can have a well dialed tune.

5 Stars. As someone who spends a lot of time fine-tuning cars very often, it saves a lot of time by getting to near perfect. It gets you very close to a perfect tune. It also gets your gearing pretty close as well but that takes a little more effort to refine. Highly recommend if you are new, and or a veteran player !

A great way to tune!. I’ve been a forza fanatic since fm2. Tuning suspension is pretty complex, at least to me. This app simply gives you the values to use & the tunes are a fantastic place to start! Over time I’ve learned a lot about vehicle suspension systems and while I credit the forza series for that, this app really helped me to learn what certain suspension settings actually do. Even when the app is updated and the tunes are tweaked slightly, the tunes are still awesome, if not better. I’d be thrilled to see optional iCloud sync! I use this on my iPhone and iPad, frequently. Saved tunes on different devices is confusing! The copy/paste backups are great to manually sync, quickly, using Notes. How about automating this via iCloud for us Pro users?

Awesome tool. I’ve been playing Forza since FM1 and I have to say this is the best tuning tool I’ve used so far. I know some are worried about the missing aero option but it doesn’t seem to affect the out come of the tune (so far). I normally tune by feel but that is a long process and I don’t always have that much time this was very fast I was on the track racing in five minutes with a working tune. The sliders are great for fine tuning the car for your driving style as well. For all you new tuners out there I would suggest playing around with the sliders it will teach you what to adjust when dealing with a handling issue. This was an easy 5 stars for me.

Awesome app.. Wow, just as you’ve always been. All of your ForzaTune apps have been great. You still have a few more tweeks to make it perfectly matched to Forza Horizon 4, but it’s really close. Having to match it up with the closest comparable track from Forza 7, that compares to the type of driving and the surfaces you plan on driving on was a great start, and you’ve already improved on that. Nice!!! I’ve been playing Forza since Forza 3 and added 1 & 2 as well. I’ve been using your tuning apps since you began making them. Like Forza, who makes each game better, as well as making the tuning better and more options, you’ve made your apps more user friendly, and more detailed as well. Sometimes I have time to play with the tuning, but even then, your app is not only quicker, but it’s more accurate and creates a better overall tune than I can most of the time. Thanks for creating it and for keeping the price at a reasonable amount. P.S. Just a little FYI. I still have ForzaTune 4 & 5. Actually 6 as well. And I understand it doesn’t make sense to support 4 & 5, and I still have them on my phone, some may not. And I still occasionally play all of the past versions, especially 4 & 5 with the backwards comparability, I play them on Xbox one. But I play 1-4 on 360. But it would be nice if you at least made them available for download. Thanks again.

Ideas and fixes. The App is great Abut it would be better if the car work with the app let’s say you buy one thing for the car you get to choose it on the app and if you switch engines in the game you get to switch engines with the app you understand what I’m saying so it won’t be a little confusing for the app and I’ll be more in control

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Great app. Keep up the good work. Can I make a recommendation, when you press the red button to fine tune, could you make an app adjustment so the app highlights what tune changes we need to make to the car. This would save us going through each setting to see what has changed with the tune.

Works great :). I've been using ForzaTune 6 since its release and the app was amazing, as is the team behind it. After some small kinks were worked out, this app has lived up to its expectations. If you're looking for a tuning app, this is the one to go with!

Remember the Unimog. Pretty helpful app. Only problem I’ve run into is that the RPM redline for the gearing can’t be set low enough for the Unimog

Worth every cent. Super easy to use and gives you that extra edge. I’d rate it 50 stars if I could

Picked up a few seconds yeeeeah!. I seemed to be at the limit of my abilities then you come up with this new tuning and calculator which, for me, is just awesome, mate, thanks for all your efforts it certainly has got my interest back into the game as I can now challenge, and only sometimes beat, some great times and racers. I have the “Keys to Speed” which also helped immensely. I’m far from the fastest out there however this app and course is a must if you wish to take it up a few pegs, just the understanding alone is worth the costs and that internal grin you get when you beat that elusive time. Try all the others out there if you wish but I bet you all come back to this app Thanks fellas🦘 Ron GT FacePlant605

Awesome. Awesome I’ve found the setting for metric units. Can’t wait to test it more Thanks!

It helps understand the basics. Can’t really fault the app overall and has helped me a lot over the past year, even if I don’t like the exact tune settings, It’s something to go off and fine tune yourself. Downside is there’s no option for tuning for race/circuit. There’s standard, drift, drag and rain. So if you’re trying to tune a car for a circuit or sprint, then you’re best of watching a video or if you aren’t fussy, someone else’s tune.

Best $5 I’ve ever spent. If you enjoy playing forza even a little bit this app is essential. Makes tuning so easy and fun. Thank-you devs for making this app.

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Best tuning app. As stated in the title, best tuning app hands down no contest. Been using this app forever and have never had a problem with it, and now that it supports horizon 5 that only makes it that much better!! Race/drift/drag tunes all work awesome, and the interface is very user friendly. Will continue to use and recommend this app for a long time, thanks devs 🙏

Great tool. Great tool for learning how to tune and setting a baseline to how you customize your own tunes.

Awesome. You guys rock ! This app is awesome :)

Thank you for this. The best Forza tune app. I’m finally really enjoying tuning and racing cars. Worth every penny.

Excellent Starting Point. I stated Forza 7 after many years of not playing and I used to play a lot! I was finding it difficult to tune cars and get them to feel good. Found this app and so happy now as I’m no longer frustrated by the cars and can just race and have fun.

Forza 5. The app is great and works way better than I thought it’s worth every dollar. But one thing that has me confused is I don’t know what units the springs are in on the tunes. Other than that every thing is great

Easiest Way to Tune!. By far, the best way to tune your cars to your liking. Also BC with FH3

Amazing. This is by far the best way to find tunes for drift, race, drag, and rally cars. It’s really simple and easy to use and the developer is also really nice and kind, I could not recommend it enough.

App's Incredible!!!. Wanted to tune my 2012 Aston-Martin Vanquish for track racing, but I was never good at tuning in FH4. I found this app through forums and definitely worth the money! The Vanquish is my best track car now thanks to their amazing data!

Amazing. I hope they continue to make these apps when new games come out I will keep buying

Actually is insane. Cars handle beautifully. I never write reviews but I’m impressed. Worth the money.

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Forza tune pro. Love the app so far but you need to update it to include the newest cars that have been added into Forza horizon 4

Drift Tunes. Please add the option for drift tunes for us please!!! Overall LOVE the app

Yes.. Thinking about downloading the app? Well stop and download it already. This thing makes Nalak28 look like a rank 1 tuner.

This calculator is amazing. I shaved a full second off my lap time tuning the suspension!

Fh4 with steering wheel. Used this app for almost 10 years. Using tunes on fh4 with a steering makes the game unplayable. I highly recommend not using this app with Forza horizon 4 with a wheel. Better off with stock tuned every time.

Very Handy. Haven’t used much but so far it’s a very handy tool. So far my only is that sometimes the values for the springs tuning won’t go as low in the game as the app suggests. I’d like to see gear tuning with a preferences such as “max speed” or “ max acceleration “. Overall I’m happy with my purchase.

Absolute must have. Life saving tool. Also rarely need it much as you learn so much after tuning 100 or so cars for hours

Love it very much.. Very good, just no Quartz options yet

Great, but please fix this major issue!. The app and tuning works fine, but every time you reopen the app it’s offset to the side and you have to restart the app each time

Don’t buy.. Terrible app I’d like a refund I was hoping to make my nova faster but instead it became way slower very disappointing. I would not recommend this app to anybody.

Update. This has been a great app for FH4. I was wondering if it was going to get updated for FH5 vehicles since it is almost here?

Not working. So I try to open the app and I am met with the startup logo screen then just a white screen. Would love to give this tool a run for its money.

Forza 8 Update. When are you going to update to use in Forza 8?

Inconsistent. Made a really nice Silvia drift tune with it, but everything else has been pretty weird after that. Gear tuning seems to not be accurate as often times it’ll make acceleration and top speed worse. I thought I was just putting in the values incorrectly but after reassurance it just seems the app isn’t consistent enough to rely on.

Awesome App. I have absolutely no regrets this changes the game completely.

Gears are trash. I bought this for tuning my engine, and tbh you’re better off googling it on a good car, this app is good to get an idea of a basic tune. Maybe for a Honda Civic if your JDM the engine tune might work for the rice engines.

Does just what it says. This app provides customized tunes, and pro goes a step further to let you customize the tune to your preferences- ride stiffness, roll stiffness, balance on entry mid and exit of the corner. Great great application, quick tunes!!

Wonderful. Wonderful just wonderful. Nothing more to say!!!

Great tool. Super tool when you need to dial in your car. Such a huge difference when applying it versus trying yourself.

Nice tuning assistant. Works great for Forza 7, not so much for horizon 4 as advertised. A lot of the values in the app are entirely too high for FH4, and tunes are for F7 not FH4. If that got fixed, this would definitely be a 5 Star app!!

Best app ever. Takes the long minutes of tuning right out of your hands… turns minutes in seconds with this thing.

Great tuning app, but gear tune is wonky. With the latest update, the tunes are really great. The only issue I have is with the gearing. It just seems really off, so I just set it based on the intersection point on the power graph and go the old fashion way. Hopefully it gets worked out.

Awesome App. I’ve been using ForzaTune since ForzaTune 6 and I’ve yet to be disappointed. ForzaTune 7 is very easy to use and the tune outcome is always very good. I highly recommend this app to those who want to learn how to tune your cars or just need a little help!

This app will make you a better tuner. This app will make you a better tuner. I have been playing Forza since the beginning. I love this app.

Amazing tunes. Up to 10k download from using this app now! Waiting for the newer cars after the final update. Really want to get this new 12C done

Questions. Any news on if the in game bug for reversing brake balance has been addressed yet??

Game changer. This app is perfect and so easy to use, definitely worth the price.

Tunes seem too similar. Had it for a few months and it seems like the tunes are similar from build to build. Tried it on FH5 and same scenario. I just use it as a base and tweak as I need it. But realistically I could have just grabbed a tune from the Forza Reddit group and tweaked accordingly. If you got money to burn sure, otherwise learn how to tune yourself.

Really good. I think that it is a good app. It is really helpful when making tunes. The only thing I would criticize was that it cannot make a wheelie tune

Great App!. Just downloaded the update and would prefer ride height adjustment tune to be more specific e.g. (3 clicks above minimum or 3.8 inches) the current ride height value is too vague

Drag racing. Could u do a update on ForzaTune7 where we can as tuners put custom values like final drives and first gears on the cars so we know where the best power and and gearing should be done

I’m no tuner. As stated in the title that’s why I love this app it gets me out on track with a decent base tune in minutes if I had a want it would be the ability to create folders for multiple setups for the same car. Easier to sort.

Great app!. This app has completely changed my Forza experience! It just needs the ‘fix existing tune’ and ‘fine tuning checklist’ features that exist in the free version of the same app.

Forza Motorsport. When are we getting a forza Motorsport update

Not worth it. In order to tune a car. Your gonna need to be the engineer for that type of car. You need to know more stuff for that car than forza 5 has. Even the real cars manufacture!

Hmmm, interesting.. Slightly dramatic rant aside, I look forward to going back through several already tuned cars and seeing the fruits of the teams labours. It’s always good to see a company that listens to customer feedback.

Great. I was hesitant at first with this but I am so glad I bought it. I find that I get understeer but just increase the downforce and put on drift suspension and sticks to the ground.

Perfect app. I’ve been sim racing since the late 90’s. Really. This app lets me take 90% of my work off and gives me a perfect base to tweak off of. The only issue....I won’t tell my buddies...HA

Lego speed champions.. When will we get the new LEGO cars in the app? Awesome app btw. I love it.

Goated. Probably the best tune app in the market. They just need to update it more but great app

Well done!. Absolutely love this app, have been using it for about a year and a half and have only gotten good results. I don’t know how you guys have done it but keep improving and working on it. Love it!

Flat Out Amazing. So specific and very into detail on what you’re looking for, always a good outcome with this and looking at others using it as well , 5 stars , you won’t regret the purchase guaranteed , and I hope soon we can see a downforce Update! Overall great

Bummer. I just lost all my tunes with the new update. Unfortunately a message on the app store page doesn't suffice as a warning. Perhaps an option or warning in the app when launching would allow users to prepare a backup. This was negligent on your part.

Slower than stock tunes. This app is simply a gimmick it has been debunked by multiple people including one YouTuber that tested it with multiple cars and 10 plus drivers! I’ve used it since fh5 started and thought hey this is great. Yet I was never the fastest of the fast!

Stellar App with Great How To Videos. I don't normally take the time to comment on app purchases, but this one is amazing. You've allowed a car novice to enjoy building and running cars in Horizon 4. Thank you. Everything I've thrown together with this app has been a joy to drive!

Best app!. I love this app and while I only got the app a few days ago, it’s already given me tunes that are amazing and getting me 10k+ credits in FH4! However, I noticed that there’s no sharing between devices and saving a tune causes the screen to be unable to scroll.

Do not waste your money if you are looking for drag racing tunes. The drag race tunes are terrible it makes all my personal tunes look fast (they aren’t) the psi is off the gearing is terrible the alignment is a 0/10 if your thinking about using this app to drag I wouldn’t recommend it but if your are using it to track race I would.

Vroom Vroom’s Your Car Perfectly. This app works amazingly at balancing your car to perfection to make it a vroom vroom monster of a machine.

Really good if you know how to figure out height. When there’s 9 clicks total and there’s 20 clicks total on the car 9/20=0.45 When you want 4 clicks high 4/0.45=8.88 which rounds up to 9 clicks high

Not ready for Forza Horizon 4. Calculations for Springs, Rebound, Bump, and a few others do not match up to any selectable numbers in FH4

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ForzaTune Pro 6.4.2 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

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Language English
Price $4.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 6.4.2
Play Store com.flamefrontstudios.forzatune7
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

ForzaTune Pro (Versiyon 6.4.2) Install & Download

The application ForzaTune Pro was published in the category Utilities on 08 May 2018, Tuesday and was developed by FlameFront Studios [Developer ID: 329815590]. This program file size is 25.49 MB. This app has been rated by 287 users and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5. ForzaTune Pro - Utilities app posted on 13 April 2024, Saturday current version is 6.4.2 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.flamefrontstudios.forzatune7. Languages supported by the app:

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ForzaTune Pro App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This is the 80th free content update for ForzaTune Pro! You'll find tuning support for new cars in Forza Motorsport Update 7.0, and the option to select Brands Hatch circuits when making your base tunes. Thank you for your continuous feedback and support!

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