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The original AdBlock - the last ad blocker you'll ever need. We've been blocking ads on iPhones and iPads since 2012 - we know our game :)
AdBlock allows you to block ads on your iOS device. Get rid of 99% of annoying popups, banners and video ads. Protect your privacy, limit bandwidth use, speed up your device, save battery and drastically improve your day-to-day iOS experience.

The most important advantages of AdBlock are:
• AdBlock works with Wi-Fi and cellular networks. You don't need to set it up separately for every network you use.
• AdBlock has a local DNS proxy service built in. Use it to see which domains you're device is contacting. Create your own rules and assign any IP address to any domain right on your device.
• AdBlock has enhanced DNS proxy rules export and import function. Share DNS proxy rules with other users, easily import rules found on the Internet.
• AdBlock allows you to create your own list of domains and synchronise your rules between all your devices using iCloud.
• AdBlock allows you to protect your privacy by blocking mobile trackers. Prevent Internet trackers from recording of your activity.
• AdBlock does not send your Internet traffic through any remote server. All of your connections stay direct, fast and secure. Ads are blocked on your device.
• Setting up AdBlock is very simple! Just download the app, and follow the tutorial to set everything up.
• AdBlock automatically updates to the latest version of the filters on every app run. We keep the ad servers database up-to-date for you.
• AdBlock comes with a very handy widget to quickly enable or disable DNS proxy on your device.

Looking for support? Contact our dedicated support line at [email protected]

AdBlock App Description & Overview

The applications AdBlock was published in the category Utilities on 2014-03-16 and was developed by FutureMind. The file size is 18.04 MB. The current version is 4.1 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

In this release we've improved DNS proxy rules import and export. You can now easily share your rules by long pressing on the IP or any group assigned to it. When exporting an IP or group, the export format will now include information about contained domains and how they are organised into groups. Now you can also import rules from hosts files, coma and new-line separated lists and our own format (.adblock file extension). You can import DNS rules into AdBlock from URL or directly from other apps like Files or Dropbox. We've also improved the Safari Content Blocker with better rule handling and duplicate rule detection.

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AdBlock Reviews


Great app  lamqduong  5 star

Love this app so helpful


bad  Jalelz  1 star

doesnt work

dєєz nutѕ

Not working  dєєz nutѕ  3 star

For some reason it just stopped blocking ads for me and I don’t know how to fix it


Doesn’t even work!!!!  blauhana  1 star

Don’t bother wasting your money, this app is a piece of crap!!! Dose not block ads as it claims it does.


Like  Fahadqqq  5 star

Best Ad block in the worlds


Does not block any adds on apps.  JakeFlood  1 star

Only blocks on safari, pretty much useless. I want my money back.


Doesn’t work for games  nickchubb03  1 star

It doesn’t work for my games

AwesomeSauce11 the fourth

Perfect in progress  AwesomeSauce11 the fourth  5 star

Blocks all ads and I love having that option, replied about certain apps and am glad to hear.


Hi  dvyhgjkkjdbkdkdnnrb  4 star

Won’t block YouTube ads


I thought this would work on chrome iOS - nope  Kramerican  1 star

Didn’t stop any ads while using chrome. Tried going to all-recipes and forbes and was bombarded with ad-cancer. What does this even do if it can’t block the most toxic websites ads outside of safari? A free Adblock works just the same. Save yourself the money.


It doesn’t block YouTube ads  playsyaiton  5 star

It used to block YouTube in video ads but doesn’t seems to work anymore.


Disconnects Too much  Zebayee  3 star

Hi, so i have just bought this app and its amazing when it works (I must say). The VPN just keeps on disconnecting from time to time and does not retain


First adblocker I've tried on IOS...didn't work ;(  toadnode  1 star

Installed, got a DNS error when enabling.... Disabled and re-enabled no error reported on second attempt but didn't seem to block anything. Restart phone try again,still the same. Remove app and reinstall,no different. I guess it's just not working on ios 12.1? How do i get my money back?


Why is it not working  753728/86473  1 star

This adblocker is very bad I was using a free adblocker and that was better than this. It is not blocking ads on my phone.


Still see ads.  hdhyehhehd  1 star

I still see ads, honestly I can’t see any difference between this and Adblock plus which is a free app.


Waisted :(  ceationist  1 star

I didn’t realise this app only works for safari, and doesn’t even work for YouTube in safari... total waist of money :(


Doesn’t work  Drfgfrb  1 star

Activated according to instructions, does not block any ads in any apps. Switched to a different ad blocker, which works perfectly. Don’t buy.


Very good  Nicknick168  5 star


Hunaidi Jad

The best 2.99 investment ever  Hunaidi Jad  5 star

This app is amazing it blocks almost all ads everywhere.

hello conan123

It not work like I expected it to  hello conan123  2 star

I downloaded this app for the purpose of blocking advertising but it didn’t do anything adds still around when I browse the net and when listen music or playing games.....


Broken and a violation of privacy  Nans84  1 star

It’s doesn’t block ads. If that wasn’t bad enough, they lie about the DNS Proxy and install a VPN profile that uses your localhost and their server address. This can be used to spy on all your traffic. This app should be taken down from the App Store and a class action lawsuit should follow.

jack stupid nickname

Doesn’t work.  jack stupid nickname  1 star

Doesn’t work. Followed instructions and added a as content blocker to safari settings and now I don’t get any WWF games. Won’t let me write a review - all nicknames appear to be taken


Useless  Argh12  1 star

It doesn’t work. Don’t bother wasting your money or time thinking it will work.


Disappointed. If I could give ZERO stars, I would  lovenews  1 star

Ads ads ads all over the place. This app does absolutely nothing to block anything anywhere. I want my money back 🤬. Totally and honestly frustrated with this app. Developers have to be held accountable.

Judy Stein

Judithk  Judy Stein  3 star

Ad block is not blocking ads on my iPads. I think I never connected it properly. If I’m paying for this you need to remove it or whatever you have to do.


No!! No!!! No!!!!  Desertdwllr  1 star

This app actually worked two years ago, but they then rolled out AdBlock Plus, and that doesn’t work, either!!! Don’t bother with this!! Or AdBlock Plus!!! I want to give them ZERO stars, but Apple is the ones who shut their ad blocking capabilities down, and that’s the real reason why none of the ad blockers work!!! Stop with it already, Apple!!


Works sort of  wq_s78  1 star

Works for safari but not in ads, even when dns lists are imported. Also it sometimes randomly disconnects and will take forever to reconnect. Sad I spent money on this.


Not working  Chris.D.M  1 star

Still get google ads served in Chrome and other apps, only got the safari extension to work. When installing the VPN configuration I get an error “VPN configuration is invalid” and then the VPN gets installed still, however no ads are blocked. If I remove and reinstall the VPN through AdBlock, eventually it install without the error but still no ads blocked in any app except Safari.


Virusware  Mrcusanelli  1 star

Does what it says but brings all network activities to a crawl. Don’t download this trash. 3rd world developers; 3rd world quality.


Good...With drawback.  EzEarl  4 star

This is the best and most effective ad blocker you will find for free on iOS. It not only blocks ads in safari, but other apps as well. The only drawback I’ve experienced is it does slow internet down some. However, given its effectiveness, for me it’s worth it. That’s the only reason I gave it four stars instead of five.


Under rated AdBlokker  J10irl  5 star

Works flawlesly not only while browsing, but in all applications. Good piece of coding boys and girls! Many thanks.


Love it  Codey2428  5 star

Very good


Scammed  RSMike10  1 star

Waste of money on IOS 9.3, advice is please update to IOS 10, how do I do that on an iPad mini?


VPN  User3674  1 star

VPN only

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