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Stash - Rule Based Proxy App Description & Overview

What is stash - rule based proxy app? Stash is the best choice for Clash rules on iOS! Full adaptation of Clash Premium configuration. 
Stash is a rule-based proxy client with multiple proxy protocol support. Support for Rule Set, JavaScript, HTTP Rewriting, MitM, SSID Policy Groups, On-Demand Connections and other new features.

- Handle TCP / UDP / ICMP traffic and forward to any proxy server
- Route traffic to different endpoint by rule of domain, IP-CIDR, or User-Agent
- Support DNS over TCP / DNS over TLS / DNS over HTTPS
- Native UI dashboard to display HTTP / HTTPS / TCP request
- Support for Rewriting HTTP(S) requests using JavaScript
- Decrypt HTTPS traffic with Man-in-the-Middle
- Support for URL Rewrite
- Fully IPv6 supports
- Builtin DNS server with hostname mapping
- Support for overriding some of the settings of the current configuration file using Override

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App Name Stash - Rule Based Proxy
Category Utilities
Updated 19 November 2023, Sunday
File Size 99 MB

Stash - Rule Based Proxy Comments & Reviews 2023

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Error to connect. Since I update my stash, i have trouble to connect it with the below error: Invalid Config File proxy 14: TLS must be true with vless-grpc I’ve searched in net but I didn’t find any useful solution Please tell me how can I fix it!

每次更新app之后,小组件就不能用. 如题,请问,更新app为什么会导致小组件无法使用?如何添加?

Not support reallity. Please support reality

memory warning from OS. [OS] receive memory warning from OS, available memory: 2.5M I just can’t start stash, it says simplifying the rules

待机无法进入休眠模式. I have two devices encounter the exact same issue: while stash running in the background, and i go to sleep for 8 hours like everyone else did. Or I put it screen off for a whole day without touch it. Stash and findmy app will still drain my battery all nite (record captured on settings- battery section) for 20%+ battery on iphone and less on my ipad. it’s a serious Problem

beauty UI,complex function,cheap price. it’s better than shadowRocket, much cheaper than Sugar, it shouldn’t get such low score. a blemish in an otherwise perfect thing, small component often crush with showing blank.

Good。. Very good!

REALITY protocol. So is it on the schedule?

clubhouse没有声音. ..

按需连接不起用. 按需连接不起用,解决一下吧

Very poor program. It does not support any of the vmess, vless formats in any way. Shame on the money I paid to install this program!

不好用. 感觉不如小火箭简单,不如圈和loon好用,都不能自定义分流规则,唯一优点就是有内置的插件仓库,但是loon也有,定价也不便宜,即买即后悔

小组件到底怎么用啊. 没有可用磁贴?

Update. Hope to support vision and reality as soon as possible.

请求支持udp over tcp. 请求支持udp over tcp

对比. 和圈x还有Loon相比,UI做的最好看,顺滑度最好,功能和圈x一个梯队的,有插件Store,不用一个一个去找,有快捷方式,方便。稳定性比Loon好,但比圈x弱一点,定价合理,性价比最高,继续加油!

not stable. This app crash on daily usage time to time, and breaks the network connection. With pretty poor log function, it is not stable enough to run in the background as VPN

Payment. I bought it on the iPad with the same ID. Why do I still need to buy it again on the iPhone?

Important function missed. Need 1. Disconnect when sleep 2. Widgets 3. Fast turn on/off

Reality. Please add support of xray reality.

Do not support IOS14. iOS14的老铁就别买了,根本不能用,一直提示系统内存告警。

cannot use widget in the latest version. I can use widget in the previous version. But in the latest version I can’t use widget anymore, both in iPhone and iPad. Hope you guys can fix it soon. Thanks a lot.

Widget doesn’t work. There is a widget icon which says “long press to select a widget”, but when I long pressed it, it shows a search bar and a phrase: “type file” with no results below. I don’t know if it’s a glitch or just because I set it wrong.

High quality performance. This is indeed the best clash client I found for the iOS system! A tremendous boost to my global internet connection!

Wonderful. Thank you so much for such a useful app, the only feature is missing from old version is I can not see the total network usage anymore.

iOS 16 Problems. I've had a wonderful experience with Stash back in iOS 15. The seamless experiences are really wonderful but it fell apart in iOS 16: the "hide VPN icon" failed completely and the overall experience either in direct or proxy isn't really good. It would be great if u guys can fix it. Best wishes.

垃圾垃圾垃圾. 做不了ios端就算了,什么垃圾玩意,费电,不稳定,还是用回圈x吧

Disappointing bug. The app will change my config to its default for no reason, even I delete default config and only keep mine. That’s really annoying issue, hope developers fix this bug!

This app is incredible. This is one of the most powerful developer tools that exists on the App Store! Thank you so much for building it!

Reality configs. Please Upgrade stash to support reality configs

VPN profile corruption detected. I often encounter "corrupt VPN profile detected" and then need to reconnect, but other apps do not have this problem, usually occurs after the subscription profile is updated

Out of date app. this app doesn’t update

网速太慢了. shadowrocket比stash快了4倍

激活方式显示testflight. 如题。 激活显示无效 已购买 启动之后自动断开 真是奇怪 可不可以退款呢?

A request. Please add support “reality” protocol.

This App is so great!!!!!!. Thanks to Stash and I can access the global internet from Pyongyang!!!

不好用,导入配置文件无法连接. 一点都不好用

Add support for reality, shadowtls…. It was a good app since we need to migrate to the latest methods such vless_reality and shadowtls. I still waiting for developers to add these new and modern protocols.

都很好. 感觉耗电量有点大,但是没有严格测试。只是感觉,有没有和我相同感觉的兄弟?

too much power consumption. too much power consumption

耗电量太大. 手机发热比较严重

Block & Allow. Have a option to block and allow domains

更新后无法使用,要求精简数量. 更新后无法使用。 配置文件格式错误,请检查 收到系统内存警告,请尝试精简规则数量。 这个要怎么解决啊?麻烦告知!

什么时候能支持vless协议呢. 什么时候能支持vless协议呢

Thanks for developers!. It’s the best Clash app in iOS that I ever used!

Almost perfect network utility. This is such a good app and the developer needs more credit for having ported such a powerful app to iOS/iPadOS which is priced very fairly too. It’s as good as Surge but actually accessible to the casual user while also meeting the needs of a lower user. Consider ignoring the many negative reviews here from people who want a haphazard implementation of Reality, citing Shadowrocket having it, while not mentioning how barebones and unreliable Shadowrocket is in comparison. This app is much better, but the angry mob doesn’t see reason.

未适配ARM版Mac. 能启动,能编辑,不能代理流量

No reality support. Still no support for reality or xtls-rprx-vision

Wow. Best proxy client I have ever used. It has most proxy features. It’s fast and reliable. Totally recommend it

建议. 希望能尽快支持vision和reality.

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Premium. There just one thing How do I get the stash/clash Premium

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Can’t open the app at all.. No need to waste your money on it. Can’t even contact someone to get your refund.

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希望购买后同时支持macos. 希望购买后同时支持macos

想试用Mac版 哪里可以呢. 想试用Mac版

远程代理集和远程规则集不会定时自动更新。. 如果只有远程规则集的话,不启用stash的话无法更新代理!

小组件消失了. 小组件消失了

耗电. 用起来耗电占比还是相对其他app较高的,能不能做个优化,晚上待机几乎都在后台消耗电量。

闪退. xsmax打不开,闪退

还行. 主力设备是安卓pc,直接把yaml配置文件导入还是挺方便的,再也不用小火箭了。但是有些方面还不是很完善,希望hysteria协议能够支持端口跳跃

耗电量太大. 手机发热比较严重

DNS泄漏!. rule set规则走代理还触发本地解析

什么时候能支持vless协议呢. 什么时候能支持vless协议呢

支持clash很好用. 直接导入clash配置,很方便好用

问题好奇怪. 明明之前一直用的好好的 突然今天显示什么错误 然后就没有然后了 这么严重的问题为啥不修复…………….

希望能够有锁定出站规则为全局/规则的功能. 由于订阅链接为托管式平台提供,其默认出站方式为规则模式,每次打开都需要手动切换至全局模式,故而希望能够有固定为全局模式的功能

用不了了. 为什么用不了了?

垃圾垃圾垃圾. 做不了ios端就算了,什么垃圾玩意,费电,不稳定,还是用回圈x吧

未适配ARM版Mac. 能启动,能编辑,不能代理流量

无效的 Stash 激活凭证,请先激活 此设备. 不懂为啥,激活失败,当前的购买凭证已达到最大的可激活设备数量。

使用体验不错. 开关切换流畅,稳得很

苹果系全平台通用. 好用不贵!tvOS插上了翅膀!评论太少了,一看就是恶意差评。

好用. 挺好用,ui 也很漂亮。

无法启动,无法使用. ios14,启动就内存警告,怎么精简也是徒劳,不知道评分咋来的

挺好的. 不错还可以

第一次給差評. 各種奇怪BUG,甚至用不了,需要通過重裝解決。 不行就退下!

界面复杂 上手难度大. 较于小火箭,只是有个好看的UI ,较于quanX ,复杂程度甚于它,上手容易度大,充其量给个2星,希望界面有所改进

在iphone上无法启动. 添加节点之后点击启动无反应,请解决这个bug

我换了手机. 这个软件还不错,我说明了情况!然后就解决了问题

能否优化后台耗电过高的情况. 常驻后台的情况下,哪怕手机闲置也一直在后台活动,耗电很高

不好用,导入配置文件无法连接. 一点都不好用

差评. 差评 花钱买了说什么激活失败 用不了 联系邮件也不回复

URL下载报错. 15.6 系统 文件下失败 服务器反馈状态代码404

差评,勿买. 导入reality协议的配置出现错误,在群里反映问题,被管理谩骂并封号,理由是“他认为反馈的问题根本没必要解决,而太多人反馈这个问题”。

垃圾中的垃圾. 非常非常非常非常非常难用的一款代理app

ios13.6不兼容. ios13.6闪退无法打开

按需连接不起用. 按需连接不起用,解决一下吧

请修复一下错误. 每次启动后,它都说系统错误,收到系统内存警告,请更新ios 15+,或尝试精简规则数量

为什么 iOS 端买了 tvOS还要再收费一次😵‍💫. 不是说的购买 iOS 就可以免费下载 tvOS端口吗

iphone8p无法运行. 显示配置文件格式错误,提示系统内存警告,请精简规则数量,用不了!

都很好. 感觉耗电量有点大,但是没有严格测试。只是感觉,有没有和我相同感觉的兄弟?

优雅 优美. 都很好,设计,实用,都很好

耗电太严重. rt

应用是非常好的应用,但是会出现一会断开,不能翻墙的情况. 如题,iphone xs 设备连接上之后,可以翻墙操作,一会后,时间可长可短,会出现无法继续翻墙的情况,有时会比较频繁,几分钟就会出现 这时候重新连接,和开关飞行模式能搞定,希望开发者重视这个情况.

更新后无法使用,要求精简数量. 更新后无法使用。 配置文件格式错误,请检查 收到系统内存警告,请尝试精简规则数量。 这个要怎么解决啊?麻烦告知!

桌面小组件不可用. 设置里也没有找到相关设置,主要功能没问题,改进小组件功能后会回来修改5星

很好用!. 感觉对Hysteria的支持比小火箭完善多了,另一点比小火箭好的就是有用户文档作为参考。总之目前挺满意的,希望越做越好😃!

请求支持udp over tcp. 请求支持udp over tcp

TV版可能会影响homekit摄像头实时查看. 如题,局域网正常,但是在外面的时候仅可以查看10秒一次的快照,无法实时查看摄像头。更换别家app在外面就可以查看homekit摄像头实时视频。

未知原因断网. 刚开始使用正常,过几天只要开着VPN就无法上网,无论国内国外网站。重装stash恢复正常,用几天又断网。

每次更新小组件必失效,必须重启. RT,这么多有小组件的,就你每次更新这样。

更新后连接youtube特别慢. 更新最新版本后使用youtube客户端连接速度特别慢,希望解决。

xr下闪退,突然就断开. 修复修复

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Stash - Rule Based Proxy 2.5.3 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

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Language English
Price $3.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.5.3
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

Stash - Rule Based Proxy (Versiyon 2.5.3) Install & Download

The application Stash - Rule Based Proxy was published in the category Utilities on 10 December 2021, Friday and was developed by STASH NETWORKS LIMITED [Developer ID: 1596063351]. This program file size is 99 MB. This app has been rated by 172 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Stash - Rule Based Proxy - Utilities app posted on 19 November 2023, Sunday current version is 2.5.3 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

EN JA KO MS ZH ES ZH VI Download & Install Now!
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Stash - Rule Based Proxy App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Fixed a minor probability of crash in Network Extension. - Fixed the issue where scheduled scripts may not run on time. - Fixed the issue where switching configurations on the settings page might not refresh the homepage information. - Fixed the issue where the homepage rules could not be accessed in certain cases. - Fixed the issue of repeated notifications for automatic configuration updates in some cases.

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