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The Xfinity app is the easiest way to activate your Internet service, get online in minutes, and set up your home network — no technician needed. Never miss a moment with tools to improve your connection like speed test, troubleshooting, and more. Check network status, view your plan details, and even pay your bill, all from the palm of your hand. And get always-on support with 24/7 real-time help and support right from the app with Xfinity Assistant.

Plus, customers with an xFi Gateway get a powerful, more secure connection for your home with exclusive xFi features included in the app:
• Protect your network. Help keep your loved ones safer online with Advanced Security, included at no extra cost.
• Enjoy the ultimate control. Create your own WiFi name and password, assign user profiles, and view and control connected devices.
• Have peace of mind. Pause WiFi for family time, set kid-safe browsing and much more with powerful parental controls.
• Help improve WiFi coverage. Assess the strength of your WiFi and even order an xFi Pod, right from the app.

Getting started is simple. All you need is your Xfinity ID and the password you set up when you signed up for Xfinity Internet.

Need help signing in?
- If you don't have an Xfinity ID yet, create one here:
- Look up your existing Xfinity ID:
- Or reset your Xfinity password:

Learn more about your options related to 'California Civil Code §1798.135: Do Not Sell My Info' at

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Xfinity Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We’re always improving. This update eliminates bugs and reduces errors to give you the best experience.

Xfinity Comments & Reviews

- When I am connected everything is great

I received a letter saying my current box as having problems ( I didn’t notice any- and it’s probably less than a year old), and that you were sending a new one. Well I got it and installed it per the instructions on the app- easy btw- it seemed to work. At first it looked like it was working, but the phone wouldn’t connect, and the internet light wasn’t on. Later on in the day we couldn’t connect our devices to the network, so I restarted it, and then reinstalled it. I reinstalled it again in the evening. The app told me it couldn’t connect to restart, so I just reinstalled it as a new device. The next day - no problem. Then around 5:30 the kids told me the internet wasn’t working. Sure enough the app wouldn’t connect. When I finally got to log in, I reinstalled again. So far, so good. I am hesitant to return the old box. Trouble shooting did not work during this process. I will go to the physical store this week. Maybe someone there has a solution. ☹️


xFi protection is the most amazingly powerful easy to use WiFi security app. I’ve always been skeptical about using my WiFi do to Securiity threats. Now with xFi I can enjoy my high speed WiFi connection with amazing security features at ease. xFi is very easy to use with understanding instructions. With xFi I was able to instantly get protected. Most of all I’m able to see who’s on my WiFi. I had no clue anyone with Little knowledge could steal your WiFi and use it to read your private information even use your internet data at your expense. I had about 6 threats removed from my WiFi connection literally 10 seconds after installing xFi security app. I’m now able to see who’s on and off my WiFi. Now I can stop any unknown phone, laptop, computer most of all spy technology and more at a push of a button. With xFi security I can now speed up my WiFi connection also run a connection test on any device. There’s easy to use troubleshooting for any device having trouble connecting to your WiFi. xFi has much more features to get that stress of being hacked off your shoulders. It’s a must have security app. I recommend anyone having troubles or not having any troubles to prevent any threats and all to install xFi security app. This amazing security app from xFi is a huge relief to me and my family. Thank you xFi for a job well done. Regards Mr. Santiago

- Terrible app, by a terrible corporation!

Where do I even start? We first got Xfinity years back for homeschooling, it was $10 a month for around 15Mbps. Very reasonable at the time, but the internet has changed, and obviously 15Mbps is nowhere near fast enough today. So a few years ago I upgraded to 50 Mbps, and was charged somewhere around $50 a month. Fine, the internet was fast enough for my needs. But 12 months later, the price doubled. So, I called and got a better deal. Again, 12 months later, price was bumped up. Same thing, except this time they forced me to sign up for a tv service I didn’t want or need in order to get a lower internet price, which ended up being more expensive than before. Now, for the problems with the app. First impressions after downloading it, VERY confusing. No clear way to set up a home, way too many options. This last month I went over 250 GB and was charged an extra $40. Absolutely ABSURD. Nowhere on the app or Xfinitys website is there a spot to see what device pushed me over. I usually never use more than 800GB in a month, but somehow this month I am pushing 1500 GB?! Xfinity is a greedy, corrupt, monopoly corporation that puts profits first. I live in a large city, and Xfinity and Satellite are the only two options. If Xfinity’s competitor from the county next to mine served our area, we would have no data limits and the price would be less than half of what Xfinity charges! SHAME ON ALL GREEDY CAPITALIST MONOPOLIES!

- Okay. Could be better. Please add a data usage feature.

So, this app is great for being able to change wi-fi settings in your xfinity modem/router. But, at times it seems like when I apply new settings things can get chaotic. Such as the wifi restarting itself and the settings not applying. Now my biggest complaint is within the app you can see how much "usage" everyone has been doing on the internet. Now when I say usage I mean, how much time everyones spent using the internet. I'd much rather be able to see just how much data everyone has been using or how much each device is using in data because of Comcasts new 1000 gigabyte internet plans. Going over the 1000 gigs you have to pay an extra $10 for another 50 gigabytes. So instead of knowing how much everyone's using the internet, you get to see the amount of "usage" or who's been using the internet more which doesn't help because someone could just be we surfing but be on the longest and show up as the one who's using the internet the most. So please, PLEASE, add a feature that allows you to see just how much each person or each device on your network is using so you can keep track of who's using to much data and so you don't go over your restricting 1000gb bandwidth limit and charge your loyal customers more. But Comcast/xfinity usually only seems to be about the money these days.

- Can’t access any of the main menu features on the app

It’s very irritating that the app refuses to exit out of the virtual chat when I open it. I’ve been having connectivity issues with my WiFi and xfinity isn’t able to do a thing every time I call. They make it virtually impossible to talk to an actual representative and when you’re finally able to get in touch with someone they blame it on a local power outage and they give you a time frame when it should come back up. Mind you that I was told 4 different time frames each time I was able to “chat” with someone and that I would receive a text and call for when the internet would come back up. It’s been almost 2 days since my internet has apparently been down with a supposed timeframe that it would be up by the end of the first day and no such text has arrived. The only way I have somewhat of a connection is if I restart the gateway from xFi app. It gives me internet for a few hours give or take before I have to do it again. However when I click on the app to restart the gateway, I can’t access the main menu or any settings on the app because when I open it, it forces me to either activate a new gateway ,speak with the virtual robot, or sign out. There’s no way for me to exit out of these options. Please fix this issue at least because you can’t even resolve an internet issue.

- Features in app

Love the app overall. Bug fixes needed. I tried to use the app to let them know there are bugs but the computer assistants doesn’t want to let me. 1.bug: I pause a device or group of them but within 24 they are unpaused again. Tried then to set time limits but each day is different so this doesn’t help. 2.bug. They have been able to unconnected on their device and they reconnect to the 2nd line and get on even though I paused them. (Sneaky 9 yr olds.) 3. No a bug but needed. I want to be able to have my kids earn their time so instead of a set limit I wish I could set a timer. You earned 1 hr. If you just keep changing the quantity of time they get you can do this but it is a hassle. I will update review if they fix the pause feature so it doesn’t reset everyday. This would move it up to a 4 of 5 star because I really do love the app. It makes me a witchy mom but school comes first not everything else. I can shut everything down or school and work wouldn’t go on. We have on average around 40-60 devices going at a time and they seem to keep up. (Work involves finding bugs on devices) That’s an average of 3.5 devices per person. If I can shut some down and keep them down then our usage goes to others. Thank witchy mom.

- Poor customer service

We have experienced intermittent internet service since we upgraded modem and speed to 600. Last week, our service was interrupted on 2 occasions for several hours each time. I have contacted customer service a few times. Again, I had occasion to call the other day. I was on the phone with service rep for 25 minutes before she hung up on me. I informed her I had restarted modem twice prior to calling. I also informed her I ran a speed check etc. She asked which device caused the problem. I explained it was the internet connection not any device. She placed me on hold several times. I suggested a technician check connection outside my home. Again I was placed on hold as she stated she was scheduling a day for technician to check for problems. I informed her that since upgrading and adding extra speed etc, we had experienced problems. She ended call with me, which was most definitely unprofessional. She did not contact me after the fact, hence the negative review. The customer service was unacceptable, there was no resolution and no technician came to check anything. I have now awarded 1 star as I have received no response or assistance from anyone. I would like to escalate to a manager, but have noticed other individuals have also received negative customer service. Thank you.

- Want more freedom on....

I love the app. But I gave it three stars because it only lets you set the sleep time for pre-adjusted times. I’m not able to set my own sleep and wake times. Which would be very, very useful if I could. Like for example with the pre-adjusted time I have the Wi-Fi paused at 9:30pmand I can only have turned back on all the way up to 8:30am. I would like to be able to set my own sleep and wake time. Like for instance I have my children’s Wi-Fi paused at 9:30 PM and I would like to have it un-paused at 5:00pm the next day. Because my room is on the other side of the house so I have the Wi-Fi paused at 9:30pm to make sure my children are not getting on their games, phones etc. after I go to bed. In the mornings my children get up and go to school. Well sometimes I’m not always home when they get home from school. They know they are to do their homework before playing on the games, phones etc. but as anyone should know any teenager is not going to follow through on what they are supposed to do especially when a parent is not home to make sure they do as their told. That’s why I would like to be able to set the sleep and wake time as to what fits my lifestyle.

- Assistance with new modem activation

After much disappointing WiFi service and speed in my home, it was suggested to swap in my modem at one of the Xfinity’s stores for another which I did yesterday afternoon. By evening, I did not have things right because nothing was working and now, no phone line active. I elected to “chat” for help (now 10pm) and was connected to a tech savvy person, Prathamesh. Thank goodness! What a kind and patient employee who started the process of getting me activated. After an hour, I lost Prathamesh from the several browser drops and had hoped it would get resolved. By the time I finished my evening, I went back to check the modem and I was fully up and running!!! I was thrilled and so grateful to Prathamesh for continuing on and completing the process for me! I commend and kudos to Comcast/Infinity for having such an outstanding and totally Customer Service oriented employee in your company! It has turned my opinion of the Customer Service Dept around. Because of Prathamesh, I will continue to be one of Comcast/Xfinity’s customers. Thank you, Cherie Alley

- Thank you

We are thankful for the ability to ensure our children are safe while on the internet and being able able to have security with wireless internet. Having the ability to to as the parents of our children to be able to set limits on our children’s time spent on internet games and all access to internet websites . Having the great security system in place in our home as well being able to go to bed at night knowing we are all safe and sound with our cameras and in our in home and outside security system really gives our entire family peace of mind knowing we are all safe from intruders and and those that may try to do harm through internet systems and and in home our outside intruders. Thank you xfinity for keeping our children and family safe from all the the things we try as parents to and family safe everyday. We hope that we will continue to have your security system and your internet security system in the future.

- Horrible internet issues

Update: I posted the below email and got a response to go to a forum with a link for more help and when I try to click on that or copy the link it is impossible to do so. Seems to be another way Comcast just messes with you. Thanks again!!! I have been paying for the highest speed of Internet, and for the last seven months have continually had intermittent Internet connectivity, which is even more frustrating now that we are all working from home as we get constantly kicked off of our VPN. I have spent over eight hours talking to Comcast people on the phone and through their stupid chat line, and have yet to get any resolution. They make it so difficult for you to troubleshoot and speak to anyone to get the problem fixed, that you end up just getting frustrated and giving up. I am not giving up, but I am so frustrated and I’m looking for other Internet services other than Comcast. In a society where customer service is the most important thing that we produce these days, this company has absolutely no idea what they are doing, and have done everything in their power to make it difficult to receive any customer service. Comcast if I could give you zero stars I would!!!

- App hasn’t worked in over a month

I previously moved out over a month ago , the app worked fine before then, when I got to my new address the app tells me to text an agent so we can get you up and running. I text the agent , the message says we have found multiple addresses associated with my mobile number and to determine my proper location and to enter my house number. I text the right address ,then It says we’re going to call you. Comcast customer care has transferred me 4 times trying to figure out why I cant sign in. I tried deleting and re-installing the app, they checked to see if i’m at the right address which It was ,I still can’t sign in. I can sign into the “my account” app and also the xfinity website, my modem is working fine I have over 200 mbps. Comcast customer care tried nothing that I didn’t try , asking me if i’m using the right account and password , its incredibly frustrating when I need to use this app for the XFI pods, when they go down theres nothing I can do about it, I can’t check their status nothing , It shouldn’t be this difficult to figure out considering it was working fine at my last address, i’m using the same modem I had before makes zero sense.

- Alert sound not consistent

A waste of time and frustration. Just go to your admin page through your browser. Absolutely zero help with app flaws. While I appreciate being able to see unauthorized devices connecting to my network. I am dissatisfied and disappointed that the alert notification does not always work. How effective of a app is it, if it’s basic alert system does not function properly all the time? I am constantly having to check for myself to catch the unauthorized devices connecting, to pause them. I have spent since April 2020 trying to get Xfinity to address the unauthorized devices ability to keep connecting no matter all the menu actions I repeatedly take, and switching out my modem 4xs so far, and still I have unauthorized devices reconnected within a week or two. Why does Xfinity have a app to find issues, but it’s like pulling teeth to get anything but basic help for the issue instead of actually diagnosing why it keeps happening? Very frustrating. I like the app, but Xfinity customer support is time consuming to get them past just the basics each time. Customer support is in bad bad shape. Who are their Trainers? Epic fail! The app is great, but fails to notify consistently.

- My new xfinity system doesn’t work still

So on July 9th I was excited for my supposed new great system from Comcast. I was told I would have faster internet, reliability would be excellent.... Well after install that night my bedroom tv wouldn’t work on any channel . I was told to reboot my new less than 10 hour installed system. It worked for about 30 minutes and froze again. Because of my busy schedule it was 6 days later before I could meet a second technician to resolve my issues. He worked hard my living room tv seems to work better and my internet seems to work better, but my bedroom tv still freezes and needs the box to be reset every couple of hours. Don’t know what the problem is but I still don’t have a dependable system. The people are willing to come out in a couple days but the fact is I still need to clear my schedule to let them in and free time is not a luxury I really have. Not sure how to feel about the whole situation other than angry and frustrated at the same time. But they still are sending me a bill for an in dependable service that I can not seem to use when I actually can sit and relax after my 16 hour work day.

- Trapped?

Had a Netgear router with which I had all sorts of problems stemming from what appeared to be Dos attacks. Kept asking for a new IP address and Comcast wouldn’t do it. Their instructions to shut off the router didn’t work, even if shut down overnight. So I pretty much had to go with Comcast’s gateway if I wanted consistent access to the internet. So now I’m trapped with a gateway that allows me access to the internet, but is not customizable at all. I can’t shut down access to everyone, unless all devices are assigned to the same profile. Not very helpful with young kids that need parental controls to filter content. Parental controls are advertised, but they’re really Comcast Controls, and parents have no input on what content is filtered. And the Comcast Control does let pornography through. Not my idea of good parenting. Overall not happy with my extremely limited choices here. Choose my own gateway that Comcast seems to do whatever they can to prevent it from working, but is customizable and controllable, for those intermittent periods of time that I get internet access. Or, get internet access with with no control over content. Really thinking I might cancel it all-together.

- Great, but could use...

Overall, this app is solid and does what it advertises. I noticed, however, that unlike other routers, I’m unable to create a dedicated guest network to keep my devices and guest devices from interacting with each other. I normally setup my routers in this manner as a sort of extra security measure — never know when a friend may bring a virus-infected laptop over! I think the guest network option is missing because it is reserved for the public ‘xfinitywifi’ network...? If so, then it would be really cool if the devices connecting to my home network, but which are assigned to the Guest profile, could be logically treated as being on a separate network so home and guest devices couldn’t communicate with each other. Or, if a dedicated guest network could be made available again and have any devices connecting to it automatically placed in the Guest profile. Either way would satisfy the need while also still allowing customers to monitor usage of and manage guest devices.

- So Far So Good

Switched to the 250gig level modem about a month ago. Since that time we have consistently gotten speeds between 250 and 300 gig. Then three days ago I got an email stating after a review of our account, we qualified for free WiFi extender pods. Received them today and they installed without a hitch. Now my three floor home has excellent signal strength everywhere I have measured. I appreciate that for the most part, we receive consistent service with very little downtime. I own all XFINITY services(TV, WiFi, VOIP, Home Security and wireless Phone) and although by no means cheap, we receive ours services with little disruption which in this day and age I feel is the number one measure of service. If I was asked for criticisms, I would list their automated phone system which I find cumbersome and the fact that they utilize customer service representatives who have English as a second language and for me, are difficult to understand.

- Love the control but internet drops a lot

We love the control you have with the new xfinity app and WiFi. Being able to set time limits on specific devices or turn off a device is great. Also being able to see how much someone is on a device is a great feature. The problem is more with the internet itself. It drops for no apparent reason for a few minutes here and there and this seems to happen daily. Comcast says it’s when the system runs an update but it’s at different times of the day sometimes multiple times a day. We’ve purchased their pods to try to extend the WiFi throughout the house as they recommended. We even exchanged our router twice at their suggestion but nothing seems to help. The WiFi speed is phenomenal; we are able to have 6 devices connected at the same time with no problems other than when the WiFi decides to drop. It’s usually back up in 10 or 15 minutes but the drops are really frustrating when trying to be on a webinar for work and all of a sudden your internet drops!!

- Crooks & conmen in cable providers clothing

The amount of data taken by your app is invasive and inappropriate consider the prices already paid to have the service. Your selling and profiting from your customers data & personal information customers who you are already over charging since you’re lowering the quality of the content you offered when they joined or upgraded replacing that content with something you own and therefor don’t have to pay a licensing fee for. Why you’re not put in check is beyond me, oh right you already practically have a monopoly and all the money you’re saving is going towards buying support in Washington to make sure laws aren’t passed that do something insane like pass laws that limit your abilities to exploit your customers or even employees and make sure that you can profit from capping data & charging insane amounts in overages during a global pandemic when many Americans are forced to attend school in online classrooms and work from home using the internet to remain connect or even access online web portals to their employers. It’s too bad cancel culture isn’t ever used to cancel corporations.

- Internet outage

Back around the first of August we reported a problem with our system, internet and TV( the HD side. They tried numerous times to correct the problem and could not, so they scheduled a technician to come out. He did some work in the protector and said that the service pedestal needed some rehad(cleanup work), he would put an order in to have that done. Seems that every night when the sun would go down and temp drop my internet and tv would go out and I could not use it. I call last Thursday and talked with the service center and they tried to reset to no avail! I got a call to set an appointment for 9/7/19 I said that was not acceptable have someone on 9/3/19. They sent me a text confirmed I was the #1 position for 9/3/19 between 1:00 - 3:00 pm. Then this morning I got a text that that appointment was not available and they could not do anything other than 9/7/19. Still having trouble with system. Have filed complaint with the IURC, not happy with service at all!

- Awesome Customer Service

So I’ve been without internet connection for the past 3 days now and couldn’t quite figure out why. My bill was a little late and I figured that once I paid it, everything would go back to normal. I was wrong. After getting upset I finally decided to reach out to representative and luckily they provide a chat room option because if you’re anything like me, I hate talking on the phone with people about these kinds of things. Vachan came online and was very friendly and patient with me as promised me that he would help get my service back up and running. After about 25-30 minutes of troubleshooting, he was able to get my service back up and online and everything ran smoother than before! He was awesome and extremely helpful and it’s because of representatives like him that keep customers satisfied and wanting to continue services with them!

- Good user interface, some tweaks needed

As an above average IT guy, I like easy to use interfaces. I don’t mind the complexities of devices such as Cisco but I’d prefer easier to use UIs. That’s why I like using the XFI app. You can see all wireless devices on your network including offline devices and you can edit the WiFi settings including channel and width without having to connect through the web on a computer. You can even reset the router even while on cellular data. I can also check the peak data usage at specific times, change the logical names of those same devices, but one addition that I’d like to see added would be the ability to view what device was utilizing so much data at that time. Seems like my peak usage was at 3 AM over the last 24 hours. I was in bed, asleep by 10:30, and I don’t have kids. Perhaps I was sleep gaming? Anyways that would be my only complaint.

- No details on Usage

I’m new to Comcast and they let us know about all the awesome features with the app. Being new to Comcast we got two courtesy months to see our potential usage would be. First month (December) we went over by 10% on a 1TB of data. The month of January last courtesy month and this month I had some family out of the country for 3 weeks so less devices and less time being home throughout the month and by the 20th of Jan. We were notified we used 125% of data. (So we went over) called customer services they can’t see and not very helpful. Unable to tell me why or how we went over all I see is the several devices connect and 1-17% daily use which doesn’t tell me how many gigs or usage is actually being used. To top this all off we were notified if we wanted to upgrade we can go unlimited for $15 more so I decided to use my own modem and return there which even out because of their $13 device fee. But soon to find out it’s $50 extra to go unlimited if we use our own modem which not disclose by a rep or on our contract paperwork.

- I use to Love this App

I loved the XFi app and how i could manage devices at a certain time. I loved how I could still use the Internet even though my children could not, just by switching their profile’s off. I don’t know what happened though. I can’t access the xFi app anymore. I get to the start page that says view Wi-Fi name and password, troubleshoot issues or log out. I can’t do anything past that page. I tried going onto the My Account app and changing my Wi-Fi password and I get the same answer it says we are unable to access this at this time try again or do manually. The My Account app at least allows me to see that I am connected, where as my favorite part about xFi no longer exists along with any other part of it. I tried logging out logging back in, deleting the app and nothing works. I would like to know if this is just me or if it’s an actual bug in the system. I feel like it’s something that’s going on with just me and there’s no way to fix!! I tried doing this from the actual web also and it doesn’t work either for the Xfi.

- Bad directions

Superb offering from Comcast and in the first months it performed flawlessly! Now the overall cost has risen significantly ... I guess Comcast thought forcing large price increase was the best way they could deal with at the peak of COVID pandemic! After those sweet first few months my service from Comcast service suddenly got far more ‘in your face’ instead of keeping a well oiled machine operating smoothly with no interference with customer! Now it’s all about interacting actively with customer with screen messages (that block content being played) like ‘are you awake’ or ‘are you there?’ After you dealt with the question Comcast then most often ignores your response and takes the interruptive actions it wants do or at a minimum grants you permission to continuing viewing with a CARRYON. Well thanks! Worst of all is the things done inwardly hours of morning, like sending loud noises over normal broadcasting including some damaging signals!!! I am having to replace one of my tvs. As the industry catches up with great Comcast innovations and Comcast’s descent into customer harassment I look forward to my contract termination date!!!

- Customer service

Customer service is mediocre at best when it comes to the TECH SUPPORT DEPARTMENT! I’ve had Xfinity/Comcast over 10+ years, so this review is coming from someone dealing with the tech support department for a really long time and I’ve never made a review about them but maybe this review will bring about much needed change! Usually 85% of the time I end up having to issue out a tech worker to come out and they say it’s nothing I could’ve done on my end but for whatever reason these cable boxes will say no signal and they always refer to the HDMI cord but it’s never my cord, and always keep a 6 pack of HDMI cords handy for this very reason. Now as far as the tech support agents, it sounds like they have a heavy foreign accent and it’s very hard to understand their English. The most frustrating thing is they will charge you to come out and do a repair or a replacement for your system on top of all the other money they charge for monthly. IT’S EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE AND THEY MAKE DIFFICULT TO MAINTAIN THE SERVICE WITH ALL THE ADDED MONTHLY CHARGES WHICH SEEM TO COST MORE AND MORE EVERY MONTH!

- Good but with considerable annoyances

There are many nice features with the tv aspect. With the remote it is easy to navigate, but the order of channels is random. There are many levels of packages, but rather than group the stations by packages, their arrangement seems random. One nice aspect is that the remote control is voice activated. The biggest weakness is customer service, there is essentially none. Probably to save money they use AI with a computer system to handle customer service, no options to talk with a human. Almost everything I enter as a problem, the computer tells me to restate my problem using different words. I have subscribed to MLB Extra innings, but the programmers do not understand the difference between teams. They show the logos of the teams, but often the broadcast is for the opponent team. Again there does not appear to be any manner to report the problem. The computer seems to know only one manner of fixing a problem - reboot the system.

- Good idea, poor execution

The concept behind this app is wonderful but there are many places where the usefulness needs a lot of help, in priority order: Comcast has started charging us when we go over a monthly limit, and I'm bumping up to that limit every month. It's great that they have the ability to show % bandwidth utilization by device or by profile BUT this is where usefulness is severely lacking. In short, we need a way to debug bandwidth hogs % bandwidth is useless by itself, we need to know actual bandwidth used, and not "low" or "very high" need to be able to see top devices across the entire network, not just top profiles need to be able to drill down from each profile to see top devices Why can't the device name default to the host name, i spent WAY too much time going to each device with its useless default device name, (see UI complaints below). A simple fix would have been to just use the hostname as opposed to some combo of manufacturer (where known) and MAC address UI navigation is just awful, I spend way too much time scrolling down to where I was before when I select an object and then click the back arrow ... figure out a way to remember where I was in a scrolling list before I made a selection (probably the #1 issue that made changing device names so time consuming). There are many more usability comments that I can make, but the next on the list would be to create an iPAD version of the app, or one that can use the iPAD additional real estate.

- Horrible

First off I want to say is I hope that nobody uses this WiFi service! It’s sooo bad!! I’m am furious right now!! I need to let my anger out! This WiFi is ruining my life! I’m a gamer. As a gamer you need a pretty good connection to have a smooth game. Now that this whole corona thing is happening I’m taking it more seriously. But I can’t! Because of this stupid WiFi! Never in my life have I had such bad WiFi! These people that give good feedback are there a.i! They are clearly lying to you! All the things they say are not true! There the opposite! First the staff is horrible! They are rude to us! They bearly do anything! They came to our house 3 times in one week! And still didn’t do anything to help us! One time they even stood us up! We had to wait an extra 2 day for them to finally come! There probably getting so many calls they have no time for us! That’s how bad it is! I travel a lot in my life! And I have NEVER seen such BAD WIFI! I’m sooo mad right now!!! Please switch to a different WiFi service! This is probably going to be deleted so you don’t see the truth behind these people!

- Solved: This app hasn’t worked for months!

Rebooting the Gateway modem seemed to make the app work again. I downloaded this app to set up the x-fi pods we bought to extend coverage throughout the home. The pods randomly reset regularly, disrupting internet service. Sometimes they just don’t seem to be working at all. I would need to get into this app to look at what’s going on with them. But every time I’ve opened the app for the last several months it will start to open then says “Sorry we’re having some trouble. Please contact us at 1-800-xfinity.” I’ve deleted and re-downloaded multiple times, but always the same message. I’ve been putting off calling since I know it will take more time than I want to spend. But we bought the pods to make up for xfinity’s spotty internet. Always dropping out. They don’t work. The app to manage them doesn’t work. Very frustrated! I will call and hope they will fix it but a lot of wasted time!

- Wow - Really?

First I get a random past due bill when I signed up for autopay and that should never happen. Then after spending two days trying to talk to someone, I randomly see on a bill that my account has been closed and they’ve given me a new account number and not bothered to transfer the amount due or transferred over the autopay information and no human that worked for them could see what had happened. And then, all of a sudden, my Internet stopped working. I spent three days trying to find a human to talk to and filling out the “call me back” feature over and over and over and never getting a call back and then they kept telling me that my Mac device had changed when it had not and when I asked them to set it back to the one that I was using, they kept saying, “Yeah, sure, we can do that.” But they never did. And I still haven’t found a human to talk to about not having to pay for the three days where I had no Internet. How are these guys still in business? How is this the best the twin cities has to offer for internet Providers?

- Corporations are too big to fail

I have dealt with this company for so long and had had so many issues and found out they were taking extra money out of my auto pay I had to call probably 70 times each time they assured me my money would go back into my account and I would have the same bill that I had originally and then I would not have to call next month or I would not even have to check I could feel safe… Nope every single month plus the technicians or a little creepy and I don’t know what they are doing but it seems like they’re up to no good also these corporations you let into your house and you feel like you can trust them by setting up an auto pay so you can make sure you pay themAnd everything is OK and then you find out basically They are thief s I just want to get out of this company and find a different cable package after we went through everything after a year and finally she said this would be it come to find out again I was charged extra money I’m so done with this company is awful

- Nice app but needs improvement

I really like this app but there are two major problems that I really think should be solved: 1) Improve Performance: when I tap "People" or "Devices" I often have to wait 10 seconds+. It might be because I have too many devices but I'm sure the smart engineers at Xfinity can make it faster. 2) Allow Me to Set a Timer when I UNPAUSE a device: when I pause a device, I get an option to set a timer after which the device is auto unpaused. But when I unpause a device I don't get the same timer option so the device will be paused automatically after a certain period. This is particularly frustrating because if we have to set timers to remind us to manually pause our kids devices e.g. after a hour. And if we forget, the kids have internet access for the rest of the day. Seems like such a simple fix and I wonder why the decision was made not to have a timer option when you both pause and unpause a device?

- After going to the Xfinity store to get a replacement Gateway, xFi finally worked

I spent 2 days trying to setup xFi and three xFi pods with my existing Gigabit DOCSIS 3.1 Xfinity gateway. I am a bit disappointed that I had to make 4 phone calls before they finally told me my gateway had hardware issues and I needed to have a service call or exchange it at the store. I chose to drive to the Xfinity store and spent 30 minutes waiting after checking in. They politely swapped out my broken gateway for a new one. I brought it home, plugged it in and within 15 minutes I had the xFi gateway and all 3 xFi pods setup. I linked my smart home gadgets quite easily: an Ecobee 3 thermostat, six IP security cameras, wireless window open/broken alarm sensors and WiFi door locks. While there are a lot of features unavailable from Xfinity residential service, and the new bandwidth caps are terrible, you get what you pay for.

- There’s no option to add XFi Pods!

Hey dummies! You forgot to add your own devices as an additional device! Ordered XFi pods to boost coverage while kids are home (school started virtually due to pandemic). Followed instructions once pods arrived “download XFi app; click the ‘More’ button in bottom right corner; select ‘Add aDevice’; selects ‘Xfinity XFi Pods’.” Simple enough, right? There’s no ‘More’ button. Hmmm, ok but figured out which one to choose just based on the location—bottom right corner. Selected “Add a Device”. And the only options are 1. Xfinity Camera, 2. Lightbulb, or 3. Thermostat. No option for your own device—XFi pods! Brilliant, idiots!We even went to the website and the option for Add a Device crashes the page every time you try to access it. So now having ordered the devices they’re useless to us because you can’t design an app to include your own device. Thanks. Bottom line: if you’re downloading this app because like us you wanted to boost your WiFi to accommodate increased usage during online learning, save yourself aggravation and money and DON’T BOTHER WITH THIS APP!

- Not bad but needs improvement.

Nice to quickly check and monitor your network and devices connected to your network. Although I do find myself needing a few other options to keep a exploring child at bay and to make things a little easier with a one touch option. I would like to be able to pause the entire router and be able to make a group for all the kiddos so I can pause them all at once. Another thing I would like to see is a new device blocker so when you block an IP it will block the entire PC from just creating another and rejoining the network under that new IP. Makes it hard to put a curfew on something when there is just another way around it. A blocker so that no new devices can access the network without that blocker being disabled would fix that issue. I would also like to see the password tab deleted. I see no reason for that and feel my LAN would be much more secure without it.

- Decent...but could use more

This app is decent and has helped us stay on top of our data usage by not going over the stupid data cap. Being able to pause our devices when we aren’t using them has been beneficial but also a bit of a hassle. I wish there was a better way to view each devices usage, numerically would be more helpful. Zero to very high doesn’t tell us much. We don’t have TV so we stream everything, something that gave a better breakdown would help us understand more why there may be a jump when streaming through the same app for a couple hours. I also wish there was a way to see the amount of data used for the month so far in this app. Currently I go back and forth between this one and the Xfinity app to view that. A little frustrating when this app is literally controlling our devices using WiFi, we should be able to see all data information here as well.

- Holiday Disappointment

I rarely leave a 1 star review, and I try to be mindful that we are in a global pandemic, but this has been the most disappointing and downright frustrating customer service experience. I have been back and forth on the phone with Xfinity for the last week, trying to get my wifi installed. The customer service representative that I initially spoke with listed my account under a completely different name, so I am unable to login to anything to complete the self-installation process. On top of that, when I reach out via phone and chat to correct it, I am routed to a robot that directs me to the app (that I also can't login to, because again, you all listed my account under someone who is not me). It is impossible to reach a real person who can actually help or correct the incorrect account information. At this point, I am ready to cancel my service. This is a horrible user experience, a disorganized and illogical customer service management system, and an all around bad time. Would leave 0 stars if I could.

- Still can't use it!!! Not worth it! Buy your own router!

Update: finally got it working. Loved it. But....Only worked for a month and it suddenly stops!! Really??!! Get your act together Xfinity! What type of company are you? Takes several phone calls, escalations to get to an ENGINEERING team who can't figure it out, takes 6 days to call me back, I'm not home so when I call them back 3 days later they've closed my ticket and I have to start all over again!!??? No discount. No compensation for MY wasted time or inadequate product. Not worth it. Going to buy my own router with parental controls this weekend and stop paying them their monthly fees. Everyone should do the same. 1st issue: Same issue as reviewer below....upgraded all of our equipment to be able to excitedly use this app. Only to continue to stay in a continuous loop of " upgrade your equipment to use this app" and web page that says "your equipment has been upgraded". Reinstalled app, restarted phone, logged out/in. Customer support cannot resolve it either. Quite disappointed Comcast!

- Couldn’t even delete

Okay so, this app never worked for me, I’ve been trying to give my children no freedom whatsoever, and the internet blocking feature doesn’t seem to make them happy, one of them ran away (still gone to this day), and the other one somehow always knows my password. And then on top of that, my connection is extremely slow, and the ADS inside this app are UNBEARABLE. I understand it’s free, but come on. This app also has no fun things to do, it’s just boring menus after boring menus. So my goal was to make my kids have no freedom, but now I AM ending up feeling like I have no freedom. We adults are superior to underdeveloped children, we shouldn’t have to put up with this!! This app is awful, it was hardly even letting me uninstall it. I would tap uninstall, AND THE ERROR MESSAGE WAS A DIRECT INSULT ABOUT MY LOOKS!! Terrible, the app makers have no business about how I look. Thankfully after stealing my only child’s life savings, I was able to buy a brand new iPhone 12 and not install the app, but I do not recommend anyone get this!

- Receiving my new modem and setting up.

Travis the Xfinity Tech was so helpful and explained everything I needed to do . He also reviewed my xfinity account and found ways to save me money on my services. He was awesome and was very helpful and made me feel comfortable and that I was satisfied. There should be more employees like him. Making sure that I had the fastest internet and more benefits to access during this time of uncertainty. Financially I have been struggling and it’s nice to know Travis and the rest of your Staff were concerned and assisted me to help me save money on all my services, as well as assisting me when I was financially challenged to help me to stay connected without interruptions to my cable services means so much. Especially with spending more time at home. Thanks for all you have done to assist me during this time.

- Great for families

Love the app and how easy it is to setup. I’m a pediatrician and a mom, so Kids safety is at my priority. There are many apps and gadgets to help with internet safety, and even for a computer savvy person like me, they are overwhelming. Having rules for screen time is important and difficult to tract, but this app let me review the use in the last week, setup rules and sleep times. I can even pause an electronic in the moment and from far away from my iPhone. Assigning the electronics to a group, person or house, helps to leave other electronics running. Changing the password of your WiFi and finding is anyone is trying to connect with alerts, hep with security control from the outside hackers. I recommend in a daily basis preventive measures for kids, so I’m recommending this app to friends, family and patients.

- Excellent Functionality!!

Even as an “IT snob,” working in the industry, I have to admit that I love this app. It truly does make home network security a breeze! It’s intuitive, loaded with options and customization capabilities; however, it remains easy to use and intuitive for non-technical folks - like my wife - to use 👍🏻. Yay. Small miracles. Anyway, I wish I could give it 5 stars, given how awesome and stable it is; however, I just reported a fairly substantial defect in the statistics data on paused va. active devices in the “People” (profiles / groups) tab of the app. I reported this in details, with steps to reproduce, and would imagine it would be fixed ASAP. Other than that, I would give this app 5 stars. I almost NEVER write reviews; however, I appreciate them and rely on feedback just the same is a review folks! Thanks - Ryan.

- Comcast/ Infinity

You will be let down and you will be charged regardless. If your internet goes down this app is worthless. If the internet is up is does nothing an app should do and only hyperlinks you to a browser. You will not talk to a live person. You will be disconnected via phone calls, and ignored via app assistance if their prompts are not followed. Your problem will be assumed and any answer you provide will be discounted if in conflict with prompts. Less than 60 days with the provider, over a dozen outages. Charged $40 for a technician to come, not step inside my house, and stare at lines on their end of the fiber optic feed. I fixed the problem in the external box myself. So, just to recap the worthlessness of this company I will provide a wrap up of the areas that have proved the least productive. -customer service via telephone -app -app assistance -technicians -business model -equipment -timeless of anything The one area I have not had issues even though they have spliced my line with my neighbors ( I guess they thought I wouldn’t notice) is the speed. Of course, in order to measure that speed your service needs to be working, and so far, about 22% of the time, it is down. I miss Time Warner. This has no comparison to them. Update: after 8-10 hours of being completely disconnected from services, zero customer service contact, a worthless app, we got internet back. This lasted about 2 hours before it started jumping in an out again.

- Unreliable Internet - Poor Customer Service

9 months of calls to Comcast, more than $600 in hardware because Comcast Customer Service (phone &chat assistant) advises the trouble is my hardware. Finally advised that if I rent a modem router from them that my inconsistent service issues will be resolved. Interesting sales tactic and completely wrong and/or unethical but I did as they advised and now I have unreliable internet and dont have sufficient service throughout my house even when the internet works. Internet signal did go out 6 to 10 times a day for less than 30 minutes at a time. Now it goes out for a couple of hours at a time a few times a day and I’m renting a modem/router at $15/month. The local Comcast store (closing soon - sadly at least they are honest) advised the trouble is the lack of capacity to serve their customers and they are receiving a lot of negative feedback from customers experiencing the same problem. I wish we had an alternative- I would never choose Comcast over another provider!

- My opinion

We have had cable on and off for many years but I must say you guys offer so much more now. Sometime it is too much to understand. I am not happy with the package I have now . The reason being that I wasn’t aware I was going to have limitations on my internet. I find it to just be another way for XFINITY to take more money from hard working people. Also you do not offer any senior discount. It would be real nice if you offered a senior discount. I am unable to change company’s at this time only because I am paying for 2 phones which require me to have internet until paid in full. I think you are a good company to have but your prices are getting ridiculous and very hard for people like me to keep on. Thank you for your time and I hope you have a blessed weekend.

- Bugs Everywhere!

My parents used to have this app and sometimes when they turned our phones on to allow us on the WiFi it would take about 30-45 minutes! Sometimes it wouldn’t let us on the WiFi at all and we would be sitting there shutting our WiFi off, then turning it on, then shutting it off, then turning it on and still NOTHING would change. There were even times when this app just randomly shut our WiFi connection off even though we weren’t at our designated time limit. Often I would find that I got three hours on the app but my phone would tell me that I only got a bit over an hour. Luckily my parents got rid of this bothersome app because it brought too much stress on them after a long day. It took too long to get into, you had to click on a million things before any of the setting could be changed or navigated through. I mean... I wouldn’t wanna be my parents with this kind of app! They were miserable every time they used it. Sorry... but that’s the truth.

- Problems unpausing devices

I keep all my devices paused when not in use because our household reaches our data allotment every month due to kids at home doing virtual school during the pandemic and me working from home. I frequently have issues unpausing devices. I will unpause in the app but the device remains paused. I sometimes have to pause/unpause 5 or 6 times to get it to recognize that the device is unpaused. Sometimes it doesn’t work at all. I once had all my devices paused for over 24 hours because no matter how many times I tried in the app they would not unpause. Customer service wouldn’t even give me a credit to my bill because they said technically my service was working, but it was the app that wasn’t working. The app is part of your service!! Bottom line, it’s good when it actually works, but I have issues with it not unpausing devices every single day.


Having lived all over the world, and the US, I can confidently say Xfinity is the easiest and most comprehensive service provider I’ve ever had. Recently moved to Denver where the two main options are Xfinity and Century Link. Admittedly, we tried to go with Century Link, as it was a less expensive service with similar speeds. After a week and a half, and two no shows by the install tech, we called an told them to refund our deposit and cancel our request. We walked into the Xfinity store, walked out 30 minutes later with our modem/router (complete with cables and guides), plugged in at home, and had amazing speeds within 15 minutes. Add to that the Xfi app, which has amazing features and interface. Worth the extra money ($20 per month). Overall Customer “Xperience”: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Nailed IT!!

- Self Service Troubleshooting

I honestly hate calling Comcast. Often you get an overseas office using a dictation sheet to “troubleshoot” wasting an hour or more of your time. I loved the ability to restart my device from the app and troubleshoot on my own before wasting time calling in. Now I can’t do that! When I attempt to, I face a screen asking me to log in (AFTER I chose the device to troubleshoot so clearly I was logged in!!) and then I get a screen that is blank with “choose which tv device you want to restart” with two buttons that are grayed out - perhaps because we don’t HAVE tv devices!! I chose my internet device to restart. In a recent app update this was supposed to have been resolved but it isn’t. We pay for blast speed and are not getting that! I feel like Comcast charges a lot and makes obtaining help difficult to deter our interest in actually reaching out. The failure of the app to do the troubleshooting should be expected I suppose.

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- Awesome and fast!

This is definitely the best cable

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- Great network


- Worst customer service ever

The Automated assistant just takes you to an endless loop of frustration.

- Lacking transparency

This app is totally lacking in transparency. Transparency to show when payment periods are due. Transparency about what data plan we have. Data usage is hidden in the settings. It’s not a settings guys, it’s relevant information and probably what interest people the most. I get a message asking me to enroll to auto payment which I already have but I doubt I would receive a message telling me my data plan is about to go overboard.

- Jo syl

Parfait simple et efficace

- Worst app ever

This app sucks and never works.

- Malade!


- Code

I have downloaded this app. But it’s not sending me code on my phone to get it started. What should I do?

- Is good

I say go by. It is good.

- Like it so far

I am canadian living in the states, just got xfinity network set up, love this app so far.

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Jen Duenas

@Xfinity @comcast What's going on with everyone's data usage? I switched over from AT&T in September, no data issues for September, October & November & all of a sudden in December, my usage is almost at the 1.2 TB cap, makes no sense when usage habits hasn't changed!

Sir Elk

Xfinity screwed me on recording the Liberty vs Coastal Carolina game. Showed it was recording until 11:30 PM CST, but stopped recording after regulation as I was watching on DVR. I see Liberty won.. pfft


@SirJJThe1st Hello. Our team would be happy to help. Can you send us a DM with your first and last name and the full address where you receive our Xfinity services? -AY

Darius Goodman

@Daniel_moore021 @Xfinity @ATT Listen. I understand. They gotta run some lines soon. Try chatting with them about the struggles. Maybe they can get something done in 2021. Its always worth a shot.

NASCAR Schedule Bot

Yes! It's about time NASCAR Xfinity went to Springfield!

Ryan Amos

@Jsann_Derulo I just have the xfinity one lol


#comcast #xfinity worse service and sickening policies

Ryan Amos

Xfinity WiFi is some ass

Fro Milli

Xfinity keep slowly raising my bill like I won’t cuss somebody out.

Daniel Moore 🇺🇸

@ReporterDarius @Xfinity @ATT If I’d known this when I bought the house I would of never bought the house.

Darius Goodman

@Daniel_moore021 @Xfinity @ATT Yikes that's a problem.

deborah 🍷🐍

@DamianVegaJr @HoustonRockets 1070AM? Channel 39 for Xfinity


I really wish @Xfinity would fix thier service already. Trying to stream tonight, and I'm just dropping frames. Turns out my upload is 1Mbps... I pay $178 per month for this garbage. @comcastcares, any clue? And please don't ask me to restart my modem. I've done it 4x now.

Daniel Moore 🇺🇸

@ReporterDarius AT&T only offers DSL to me. They don’t even have fiber lines ran in my area. Virtual school sucks the internet can’t support it. So we have to load kids up and drive a hour to their grandparents for the day. You’d think it’s 2020 almost 2021 @Xfinity @ATT would have options.

Sandra Franklin

@Xfinity I don’t understand why just my area is experiencing a three day outage of services. According to the outage map only 500-1000 are affect.

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The applications Xfinity was published in the category Utilities on 2017-04-18 and was developed by Comcast [Developer ID: 298960160]. This application file size is 199.06 MB. Xfinity - Utilities app posted on 2021-08-26 current version is 3.40.0 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: