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What is clear spaces app? Clear Spaces allows you to create Transparent Widgets that allow you to move your icons where ever you want.

It starts with taking a screenshot by putting your home screen into wiggle mode and swiping all the way to the right. Import that screenshot into 'Clear Spaces' and it'll crop the image down to fit perfectly and merge into the wallpaper.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at or @clearspaces_ on Twitter.

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How to contact Clear Spaces (Eden Software Limited)?
Find this site the customer service details of Clear Spaces. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Clear Spaces Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Clear Spaces Version 1.5.915 September 2022

- Added support for the iPhone 14 series.

Clear Spaces Comments & Reviews 2022

- Good app, bad instructions

I purchased Clear Spaces to do just what its name implies: create clear spaces on my home screen that would reveal widgets when swiped. But the instructions don't tell you HOW to make that happen. Turns out, you need to locate your widgets where you want them onscreen, THEN add the Clear Spaces widget to each of them to create stacks. Maybe this was obvious to everyone but me, and it works perfectly now that I've figured it out... but it took a lot of online research to get to this point. Just wish the devs had made it clearer in the instructions.

- Decent app

This app does exactly what it says on the tin. The background lines up perfectly for me. The widget customization options are few and fairly simple. It would be cool to have more variety to choose from, but I downloaded this app called “clear spaces” for the clear spaces, and those are solid. The export widget background feature is great if you wanna use other custom widget apps, though having to save each individual widget background to your phone then opening a new app and uploading these individually is a chore. But that’s not the app’s fault, it’s Apple’s and their archaic widget programming which makes all widgets essentially useless anyway. One last thing: the custom text feature only lets me type in one message into the app, which then repeats itself across all custom text widgets instead of letting me choose a different message for each individual widget. This is so hilariously useless and should be corrected.

- Love this app but update added name

Was 5stars if not more. Today there was an update for customization, now all the widgets have the “cs” logo on the Home Screen. Please remove this again! Love your app. Maybe different calendars? Like a 30 day month calendar, just a suggestion. If you need a character to be invisible for the widget name, use this Unicode “space” icon. Copy the “space” between the brackets [⠀]. It looks like a space mark, but it is an invisible character. I use it for my folder names. Another suggestion. But for those interested: This is the best and easiest app, BY FAR, to create transparent widgets. Once they remove the widget name again - oh my, you’ll be in love. Worth it, one of best new apps.

- Whacky and Confusing

The app is confusing to setup. Upon installing it it doesn’t add itself as an widget as you would expect, you need to tell the app what wallpaper your using, seriously? looks like iOS doesn’t have API for that, I get that. It gets better, this app is is just hacks piled up on top of that, after you create a clear space widget you need to tell it its position otherwise the wallpaper you told it about won’t be cropped correctly, I mean seriously? In the end it didn’t work for me, the widget’s cropped wallpaper wouldn’t align with real wallpaper. The wording and the literature that app is using is confusing. The extra things like clock/battery/randomstring overlays on top of a clearspace widget is deviating from what app is supposed to do. Giving a 1 star and refunding, expierience is worse that hacky Linux app written by new developer.

- How Does It Work

I’m screwing around with this thing, and I know I’ll eventually get it to work. But I had to stop here just to acknowledge that this is the worst product documentation I’ve ever come upon for a piece of software. I mean jeez - you can’t even explain how it works? Take a day off to figure it out guys. OK - so now I’ve gotten it working, and I like the concept a lot. But I can’t imagine using it to tell me the time, if it only knows the time after I run it to tell me the time . . . And yet, for me, on my Home Screen, it’s time at a glance that I’d like to see. Dang. Wonderful improvements (v 1.2) to the documentation, with snapshots and a coaching approach to getting started. I don’t understand why the digital clock is only current half a dozen times an hour. Are there other iPhone clock apps that don’t tell time?


I typically don’t write reviews and I wasn’t expecting much but this app is AMAZING. I have been constantly trying to make invisible widgets but I use the default apple rainbow wallpaper and was stuck. All you have to do for this app is screenshot your screen both light and dark mode and then you’re done. It’s fast, easy, and looks super clean!!! I also need to mention they have removed the word under their widget which is a super minor thing that makes me the happy person ever, it actually makes the widget full on invisible. So, so happy I spend my money on this.

- Creative but Time didn’t update

I didn’t realize when I downloaded the app that it was essentially doing what I was doing with color widgets where I take a picture of the part of my wallpaper and use that to give a transparent effect. It does this in a much easier way than I had to and with updates and the addressing of the only major issue that I ran into, this would be a nice little app. I think it does say somewhere that the time and/or date updating regularly on the widgets has something to do with the way apple allows apps to do that however I have had any issues with my color widgets app updating the time regularly in the couple years that I’ve used it. What this means is the large clock that I had set was not updating and was giving me incorrect time which for me is a deal breaker. If you want to just use this to make spaces on your home screens for custom effects than this is definitely something you’ll want and I can recommend it for. For my use of wanting time and date though I just can’t recommend it.

- Worked perfectly and was super simple to setup

I've used various "tricks" over the years to customize my iPhone home screen and move icons to the bottom for easy reachability. iEmpty was the first tool I used, then a shortcut tool that did basically the same thing by installing a profile. This was far simpler to use and has the added benefit of being able to use the smart stack widget feature of iOS to hide useful information in plain sight. Best $2 I've spent in quite some time.

- Does what it is meant to. NO name labels!

My desire to push my apps down to the bottom of the screen on my 12PM was so great I had to do something! I found this app and it’s worth the $2! There are many reviews saying the name label is there - NOT ANYMORE! It has been updated so they are removed. Great app and does what it says it will do! The only improvement I personally would like is that they weren’t noticeable when swiping across the Home Screen or unlocking the phone! But this is an iOS thing, not a developer thing.

- Best in Class

Gives the option to “close app on widget tap,” a handy feature since tapping any widget opens its associated app, an inconvenience in the case of an app of this sort. It doesn’t actually prevent the app from opening but does deny it focus, which is something other similar apps don’t offer and earns the price for this feature alone. Developer may want to reword this option so it’s accurate in an update. Works well, and according to an email from the developer, complies with GDPR.

- Great app - want more!

I just downloaded the app and I already love it! It is easy to use, and does exactly what it is supposed to. There is one feature that I would love for you to add, that I think a great many people would enjoy: Multiple Custom Text widgets: this would allow users to customize the text message for each screen and widgets placement. (I would like to use it as a label for the app types on that page, media, social, shop, etc.)


There was a recent update that made the widget have text underneath completely defeating the purpose of clear spaces and then the developers very quickly updated it and came out with a fix to have it removed again. I truly appreciate their work and timeliness on fixing it and making them the clear winner of the best widget app in the App Store in my opinion. I know dealing with apple and their rules is rough, so to know they can get it done so soon is amazing!

- Can’t move a widget to the bottom of my screen?

This app does what it says. It is easy to use and really helps keep my screen, minimal, neat, and organized. However I cannot move a widget box to the bottom of the screen. Only when I have widget to cover whole screen does one move to the bottom. Any ideas? Is this a flaw? I would like a widget at the top, 4 apps in the middle, and a widget at the bottom. Please advise!

- These Reviews Are Lies

The versatility this app has is amazing. If you want a custom layout this is the app to have. You can has clear areas and have a slick look. You have the ability to have important things in the spaces like the time and messages that put a smile on your face. I’m a HUGE fan of this app. I just need a version for my iPad now. You reviewers that are being super critical on absolutely nothing.

- Awesome App!!

This app is awesome! I discovered the app after reading the review from 9to5Mac. Clear Spaces lets me have a blank widget so I can access my apps on the lower portion of my iPhone. I just noticed when switching between light and dark mode the widget will flicker several times before matching the wallpaper. Most times if I click the refresh button it stops, but the problem continues to occur. Hopefully it gets resolved in the next update.

- Great app but needs an update

I love this app because it does what it says it does and it does it well. Most of the time I forget what the app is called because it runs so seamlessly with the rest of my OS. The reason for the low rating is to hopefully get some developer attention to an issue that I think is pretty easily solved. I understand the limitations of the app won’t allow for the dynamic home screens in iOS 16, but with the introduction of focus group Home Screen customization it would be nice to have some more flexibility with this. i.e. I want to have a different wallpaper for my phone normally and in the sleep focus The app currently allows for a light mode and a dark mode wallpaper. I currently run my phone in dark mode all the time. Please add functionality to change the wallpaper of the widget based on the focus group! Thanks devs! Great work on this.

- Exactly what I’ve been looking for

This app is wonderfully simple. I use it to make my wallpaper the focal point of my homepage and push the 8 apps I use all the time down and accessible. I pair this with Transparent App Icons and my Home Screen is *chef’s kiss.* Just read the instructions, it’s not that complicated and totally worth the effort if you want a custom and unique iPhone home screen.

- Works on iPhone 13 Pro iOS 15

It works well enough given the limitations of iOS. You can see it not work as you scroll thru the pages but that is just limitation of iOS and the fact that we even need an app to have this kind of behavior and not a free grid. Works on new iPhones now (at least my 13 Pro) with the latest update.

- Love this app!

Absolutely love this app! It really helps keep my home screen clean, the way I want it organized without there being a bunch of chaos with widgets and apps. It’s nice having a home screen that can breathe a little while utilizing the great new widgets apple has! Would love a little more customization with date format, maybe some different clocks and health info!

- cs at the bottom of the widget?

I bought the app so I could get a CLEAR space on my phone, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get rid of the little “cs” at the bottom of each widget that totally ruins the point of the app. I’d appreciate if someone could help me out on this? *Update* Team hit me with a message and got my issue resolved. Appreciate y’all!!

- More Or Less Does What It’s Supposed To

I got this app because I wanted to redo my phone layout. It more or less does what it’s supposed to do, but I do wish it had more features considering it costs money while many widget apps are free. Additionally, I’ve noticed that if you set one of the widgets to be a clock it doesn’t actually update the time and is just stuck as whatever time you set it.

- Great app

Good price for what it can do, but I ask for a few more options in what you can put in the widgets and allow us to put different texts in different widgets. Also the time is always a few minutes behind and takes a while to change to the correct time can you fix that.

- The app I was looking for, however —

I turn on “zoom display” on my phone (iPhone 11 pro max) that shows larger app icons on my home screens - which in turn do not align with the widgets I create with this app. I’m sad I have to choose between my zoom display or my spaces widgets. Can I please have both?? Please make an update where the widgets work with zoom display!!

- Best cash I’ve spent in a while

Makes my home screen look spiffy. Easy to use and had no issue setting it up. Just set it up which takes a minute and place the clear spots where you want em and done. It sounds simple when I type it and that’s because it is simple!

- The Best Possible

Due to Apple’s limitations on the names being necessary to display for a widget this isn’t a perfect app. But don’t let that deceive you! This app’s interface is easy, and intuitive. Very simple to upload, and get your home screen looking fresh. For the small price of $2.00 you too can have a great looking home screen.

- Pay for empty spaces? Yes

Never thought I’d ever purchase nothing, an empty, blank space. I did and haven’t looked back. Easy to set up and customizable empty spaces. I enjoy the ability to sort and organize all my other apps and widgets separated by empty spaces. Nice clean look on my iPhone and iPad. Probably the best and most used app. 5 stars.

- Works well but needs 1x1 widget

This is the best answer to being able to organize your home screens the way you want given iOS limitations. But Clear Spaces has its own limitations. The most apparent for me is the smallest widget being 2x2. This is too large to allow you to really customize the way you want. I'd really like to see a 1x1 widget in a future release.

- Perfect! Will be a Staple for Me

Sure, it’s $1.99 but it’s worth the money and more. Until Apple lets us move around these icons at will, it will be a great staple for my phone. It’s a little strange at figuring out how to work it at first but once you get the idea, it works absolutely perfectly. Thanks for this!

- Update!

It was perfect before the update. Before the clear space on my screen did not have a label but after the update there is a label “CS”. This is annoying as I wanted my screen to be clean and minimalist without any letter. Please fix. Thanks for fixing it. I loved the app and appreciate the fix.

- Worked perfectly

I needed some blank space for a layout. VERY pleased with how this app works-- I didn't expect to be able to add clocks and such to the blank spots!! I was skeptical about this because of the rating on the App Store but it's working perfectly for me. Thanks for the app!

- Almost perfect!

This is the type of app I have been waiting so long for! The only thing that would make it better would be the ability to have multiple information widgets at the same time. (For example, the date and an analog clock on the same widget. )

- Love it but...

I just got this app, and I do like it a lot. But I think I’m missing something - I can’t figure out how to remove the “cs” symbol from the widget. I would like it to be completely clear, so I wonder if that’s an option. If it isn’t, that would be really helpful.

- Works flawlessly

The biggest thing for me with the iPhone is having to reach to the top of the screen to get to my apps. This allows me to push everything DOWN where my fingers actually are and also allow me to actually see my wallpaper. It’s a beautiful thing.

- Pretty good, one thing not working

I love the app and how I can have my apps at the bottom of my Home Screen. However when using the digital clock, the time does not update and stays the same time until I manually refresh it. Is there something I’m missing? I have a 13 pro max.

- Does not align even after turning off perspective zoom

Not sure why but the widget is still a few millimeters off after turning off perspective zoom and retaking the screen shot. Also unfortunately when you scroll through pages the widget becomes obvious as the background stays but the widget moves. May just have to wait for an update from apple for transparent background widget option

- Doesn’t handle iPhone Pro Max widget sizes

Edit: I don’t have display zoom turned on. On iPhone Pro Max the images on every widget in every placement position don’t come close to aligning with the wallpaper. So it doesn’t work on the biggest iPhone for any wallpaper except a solid color. I’ve tried with the stock wallpapers and my own pics, no dice. Doing testing in production with a new app is fine if priced at $0, and if you’ve covered as many test cases as you can within your team and beta group. For a paid app, expectations are higher and ratings are more important as a signal to encourage or warn potential customers. The app has zero hard value for me for now, but latent value because it’s clear you’re working on trying to solve the issues. I’ve sent screenshots, video, and steps to reproduce last week.

- Got exactly what I paid for

I bought this app after a quick Google search for making transparent spaces. Super happy with how it turned out. The app does have more to offer but it does the thing I was looking for so I’m satisfied. Great job.

- Suggestion for next update

I have a IPhone SE (2nd Gen). It has the zoom display mode which makes the buttons larger, a downside is that it also makes the ammount of space on my Home Screen “smaller” for apps and widgets. Maybe in a later update you could add zoomed display functionality? Thank you :))

- Not life changing. Just life pleasing.

On TestFlight this app was just pleasing to use. It’s not life changing it’s just life pleasing. Using this with smart stacks to have quick access to other apps that would clutter up the zen that is my Home Screen. Pleased to be a beta user now pleased to buy 1/3 of your next cup of coffee.

- Awesome app! Allows for beautiful minimal phone screens!

This app is amazing, seems to be getting some bad reviews lately (maybe some people aren’t sure how to use it) but it works perfectly for me. Wish there was an iPad version too!

- App shows incompatible message.

Although the app was “updated” to support iPhone 14 series and iOS 16. It still displays a message upon opening the app. It says “Incompatible Device Clear Spaces is not compatible with your device. You may not achieve your desired results.” I’ve reached out to the developer for support and have gotten no response whatsoever. My rating today is influenced by my experience so far. You are better off saving your money.

- Great app, a few bugs.

Clear Spaces is honestly the simplest widget app I’ve ever used, I love the transparent widgets, date, time, and other features. There are some bugs that I’d like to go over. - When editing a widget, you have the option to select Top, Middle, and Bottom, if you have previously used another image, it will use that one instead. Overall it’s a great app, I would definitely recommend purchasing it as it’s definitely worth the price. Keep up the good work, Hope to hear back

- Just what I was looking for

Great app. I tried the beta and loved it so I was happy to pay a couple of bucks for the official release. In the beta the app label didn’t show any text but it is now. I commented to the developer on Twitter but they are already working on this, which is awesome.

- Worth every penny

The best you could ask for. It lines up seamlessly and even comes with different fonts for the different widget tools (clock, custom text, date, etc.). Highly recommend!

- Very cool app

So far after the 1.5.2 update everything is going good now. And everything is running as it should be. Anyways is it possible to add a calendar to the widget? That would be really cool thank you! Keep up the good work

- REALLY great!

I’ve been using this app since day one and it’s really awesome. It helps my ADHD to keep my Home Screen clean and minimal. The only feature request I have is support for Focus support so I can have multiple wallpapers set.

- It's great!

This is the best, and easiest, app for creating transparent widgets. My only complaint is the change font option doesn't actually change the font in the text widget. I'll bump to 5 stars when it is fixed. [Used on 12 Pro Max]

- Exactly what was needed

I have always wanted to customize my home screen on whichever iPhone I was using. Until iOS 14 it was very limited on what I could do. Then Clear Spaces was created to take it up a notch. One of my favorite apps this year.

- Very, Very Bad

The app opens to an extremely confusing walkthrough, after which you get to spend about an hour figuring out how to actually create any semblance of the effect you're looking for. Afterwards, you get a slightly distorted and low-res replica of a space on your home screen that looks more like a glitch than an empty space. I've never asked for a refund on the App store, but I wish I could get one for this.

- Want my money back

I purchased the app and it’s not working at all. The image does not line up. I double checked that perspective zoom is off. I restarted my phone. I deleted the screen shots and redid them. I deleted and redownloaded the app. I tried all I could think of. Nothing worked. I attempted to contact support. It opens an email. As soon as I tap to type a message it crashes. I want my money back.

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- Good but needs some improvements

Instructions were a bit vague. It is very limited in what you can do with the widgets. There should be multiple text that you can use, otherwise you are just stuck with one text. Same goes for different styles of time and date Some widgets that are free offer more range than this one

- Lots of good stuff

Lots of interest in that app. I love the battery level being show so big as well as the date etc. Some comments: 1. Your explanations on how to set up the app are utterly useless. I read it three times and never understood it. Even now after setting it up myself, I still don’t get the explanation part. You need to redraft those urgently. 2. Wish we could do both “date in a big format and digital clock”. 3. Currently it is still at its infancy but more widget could definitely be more fun. 4. Being able to change the color and style of anything in the widget is cool too. 5. How did you manage the hide the name of the app?? I just see the logo. Haha.

- Thanks! Excellent

Thanks. Helped me add blank spaces and therefore even blank screens so I never have to see the stupid Apple App Library again. Btw the widget has no text below. That issue has apparently been fixed. So completely hidden especially if you put on a fully black or homogenous wallpaper!

- Good app

Does exactly what it says it will, I like the fact that there is no name under the widgets. My only critique is there are many free apps that do the same things, it would be nice if it had more widget options for different parts of the hone screen, not just the top. That would make it stand out against it’s free competitors.


I bought this app not knowing it doesn’t work in iPads, would be a great feature for them to add in unless I’m missing a setting I need to change, this app seems pretty useless to me

- App keeps crashing

Everything is great except for when i want to put in texts on the widget, as soon as i try to edit the text and the keyboard pops up, the app immediately crashes. Would be great if that problem could be resolved

- Improvement needed

I think this app needs two improvements 1) some sort of transparent/nill image be used rather than a screenshot, so that when you swipe between screens you don't get an image tearing affect, 2) this would also negate the need for a popup that happens frequently and unintentionally when a clear space is tapped.

- Time doesn’t update

Great app mostly, but yeah, as I think other people have said too, the time doesn’t update regularly. Tested it at 11:48, ten minutes later still said 11:48.

- Simple and easy to use but

I wish we could set up multiple custom texts for the widgets. So I could for instance label one widget with the text ‘banking’ and another with ‘games’

- Widget time incorrect

The time on the widget often does not update. Having to keep clicking on the widget to refresh it defeats the point of the widget. Other widget apps do not seem to have this problem

- Ironic.

When you fix the issue of having to display the app name “clear spaces” under each “clear space”, this will be worthwhile. Right now it breaks the illusion and makes the app somewhat ironic.

- Paid for something I can’t even use

Nothing works, I get a message this app isn’t compatible with your device, I found this app in the iPad apps, not “phone only” so it should be compatible I request a refund because, this is just a waste of money…

- Please fix With ios 16

IOS 16 has made this widget really buggy so please fix soon!

- iPad Crossover?

Considered having one for the iPad? Tried doing it on my iPad and didn’t work 😔

- Past beta tester

This is my go to clear widget. Text is distracting but they all do it. Hopefully one day the text underneath will be gone.

- Crashes

This app is okay, but every time I wanna make a “text” widget it always crashes on me. Every other widget works besides the text one and I don’t know what to do.

- The text ruined it

I don’t seem to be able to rename the widget to hide the text, so unless you want to see ‘Clear Spaces’ on multiple widgets. I planned to have a vertical strip of blank icons but I don’t think seeing the name of the app 3 times will be pleasant.

- Doesn’t appear to work on iPhone 13

Bought off a recommendation from a friend. Only warned me that it wouldn’t work after I paid for it.

- .

this is the best app for my set up. but could you please update with an option to add your own pics to a widget

- Doesn’t work on iOS 15

App seems to be abandoned. Last update was 5 months ago. Doesn’t work on iOS15 after following welcome guide. It’s not even close.

- Does not work on iPhone 13/iOS 5

Hopefully an update will fix the issue, but mine does absolutely nothing for $2.99.

- iPhone 13 is incompatible??

I bought this app for my 13 pro max and it says the device is incompatible and not work??

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- Good app but beware

This app is fairly easy to use although if you are using it with stacks of widgets it’s hard to move your sections intoOr onto the stack. Also, after a few months of using it I woke up to someone who had changed my wallpaper twoA very gross image of a dinner. After I changed my Apple password I reached out to the app developersWho seemed not to take my concerns seriously. I am now using a different app.

- A small price to pay for a great app

This app is so useful and very underrated. Meant for people who want to bring out their true aesthetic nature and is essential to make a clean layout. I wish there was more options for the widget functionality

- Worked great then didn’t

My first set up of the app went very well and it worked nicely for a long time. Recently I changed my wallpaper and it hasn’t been able to work correctly. I wrote to the support email but didn’t get a reply, so it might be end of life for this.

- This app works wonders!

I have been using Clear Spaces for nearing 2 months now and it works perfectly. As easy as submitting an image of my Home Screen blank as instructed, then adding the widgets to my Home Screen. I have probably changed my Home Screen picture at least 10 times over those 2 months and I haven’t had any issues at all. I simply submit a new image, press ‘Refresh All Widgets’ and it’s done! I look forward to the new features you bring in the future!

- Did not work at all

I purchased it because I thought for a cheap price, I’ll be able to minimalize my iPhone and I was excited. But when I downloaded it it did appear on my Home Screen as it should, but its missing its name underneath, and when I try to add it as a widget, I can’t find it anywhere. Even if I searched it in the search bar. Now I’m trying to figure out how to ask for a refund. Very disappointed.

- Could be a lot better

The title “clear space” will hopefully be removed soon. You need add 1x4 (single row) option as well. Keep up the good work.

- Fonctionne partiellement

L’application fonctionne partiellement: il est impossible de mettre un texte dans un widget car l’application se ferme immédiatement. De plus aucun retour du support technique. Déçu!!!

- No magic

This app just asks you to take a screenshot of your background and allows to create an empty widget with that image. Smart idea, but does not work super well.

- does not support 1x1 small square

did not expect this limitation

- Fantastic

I love the look, and what it does. But the best thing about it is the support. They put up with my stupid question, helped me quickly and it was awesome. It all works great. 100% recommend it.

- Amazing app but could use more features

I love how my phone looks very nice and clean but I was wondering if any more features could be added? I heavily rely on the calendar widget so if you could add a calendar one with clear background, it would make this app beyond perfect for me!

- Clearly The Best

Clear Spaces is the single best customization APP for iPhone. The APP seemlessly blends into the background. Blank spaces or spaces with information are clear and crisp. This kind of breakthrough creative ingenuity is the direction other widget developers and Apple needs to follow. Thank you for giving my iPhone a look and aesthetic I've been waiting for!


App works flawlessly. The developers removed the name that was appearing below the widget on the home screen. Worth the 2$, buy it now.

- iPhone X incompatible

Why my IPhone X with IOS 14 is incompatible?

- Nice but...

It’s a great app, how ever it sucks that the name of the app is below the “clear space” so it’s not actually clear.

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Clear Spaces 1.5.9 Screenshots & Images

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Clear Spaces iphone images
Clear Spaces iphone images
Clear Spaces iphone images
Clear Spaces iphone images
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Clear Spaces (Version 1.5.9) Install & Download

The applications Clear Spaces was published in the category Utilities on 2020-10-14 and was developed by Eden Software Limited [Developer ID: 1539453033]. This application file size is 18.48 MB. Clear Spaces - Utilities app posted on 2022-09-15 current version is 1.5.9 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.anadeem.homescreenspaces