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What is t-mobile app? Keeping things simple yet secure – the T-Mobile app allows you to do it all in one place
· Try the T-Mobile network with Network Pass
· Switch to T-Mobile in minutes with Easy Switch
· Compare network performance with Network Scorecard
· Manage your account, add and remove services, and change plans
· Pay bills, set-up autopay, and payment plan options
· Shop devices and view offers
· Manage international data
· Profile settings
Don’t forget to enroll in bio authentication in your phone settings to easily authenticate while on the go!

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App Name T-Mobile
Category Utilities
Updated 27 July 2023, Thursday
File Size 165.47 MB

T-Mobile Comments & Reviews 2023

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T-Mobile did not give up!!!!. I hav had problems with my phone for about a month and I am in the Philippines. I had a galaxy 6 edge which I used for about 3-4 years, the screen got crack so I submitted a insurance claim, while visiting family in Tennessee I decided it was not one for a new phone. I purchased a i phone8s. The day I was returning to the Philippines I was in such a hurry I forgot that phone. My friend shipped it to me but for some reason it would not make calls. I was on the phone with it’s T-Mobile for hours, they giving me moral support plus trying to help set phone back up, finally on Saturday night an iPhone expert walked me thru set up procedures. She needed to asked for additional so we parted ways, I had the idea swap the sim from the old insurance claim phone that still worked into the iphone. It worked the IPHONE was able to make calls. I called customer service immediately to share the good news and they were just as happy as I was!

Phenomenal Company / App. This is my first time using T-Mobile - I’ve had AT&T for years, and the reason I switched over was because I was able to get an IPhone 14 Pro Max financed through them, and right off the bat it was a great experience - just had to make a down payment and they split up the remaining balance between 24 months, no interest, no ding to my credit which is amazing - I started off with the regular Magenta (which was great in and of itself) but switched over to the Magenta Max after a month because of all the extra benefits / features you get , including Netflix SD for free every month AND Paramount + free for a whole year, and wow! The value is amazing, I just can’t believe how much you get with your plan. Totally worth it, and the fact that tax & everything is included in the monthly price is awesome as well- As far as the service goes, it’s also been just as phenomenal - the 5G is super fast and even though I don’t live in a huge city I get amazing coverage, haven’t had a single issue yet in that regard, and it’s been consistent the whole way through. The app is also super easy to use, transparent, and I love that you can download pdf copies off your bills to your phone. Only been a few months but already I’m giving them a 10/10, well done!

the most joke app on appstore. Sorry to say that but this app is a joke , tmobile make millions of dollars from people but they cant contract o good developer to fix all this mess , even to make a simple payment is a pain , i cant pay from website because the pages trow tons of erros , and a simple look on the address bar show many mess on their side to tri to fix, no way to pay on website , the app keep show we are improve bla bla bla and show a link to go on website that don's work , even the *233 now make you to waiting from a attendant to make a payment , where is the automatic attendant robot? that was simple and fast , like call the robot get in confirm payment digite a card or use that on on file and done , bring that back! I dont want to speak whit a representative every time i want to make a payment . App forget that you guys don't know how to make one , contract a good developer buzines for that. website ? same thing that thing doesn't work also we are tire of many changes on password , stoping make we change password every 6 month , we dont need that there is nothing so serious on that page , if someone gets that the only thing he can do is pay my account , only place we need a lock is on change numbers , a confirmation text message thats it!

T Mobile ROCK!!. I was a 16 year customer of Verizon, and not always happy. I live in the middle of the city. I could rarely get a signal in my own home office in the basement, and sitting in my own living room was a one bar at best proposition. I asked them often about this problem and got no results. Having been thoroughly been indoctrinated to the “We have the best network” mantra, I begrudgingly fulfilled my role as a V-minion. Paying large sums of money for less than expected results, was sticking in my craw. I had a 6 gig data plan and payed handsomely a few times when I exceeded my allowance. When I asked about changing plans I was offered adding more gigs for more money. Putting me at nearly $200/ mo. So I did some research and found T Mobile was tied for 2nd place for best network. I decided to look into their packages. They had one just for me, (the Tech savvy old guy) so I signed up. Hoping for the best. So far, I have upgraded to unlimited everything, got 2 for one deal on new phones for my wife and I, been treated with respect as a customer, and best of all I have 3 solid bars in my living room and 2-3 bars signal IN MY BASEMENT!! Oh the delight in my soul is euphoric. All this, for less than half the price of what I was paying before. Imagine that! So thanks T Mobile, you restored my faith in humanity and gave me a phone service I can use at my home. You ROCK!!

Incompetent and negligent. I don’t usually have issues with my account because I always just pay my bill but T-Mobile has dropped the ball after requesting a service. I called to transfer my line to another account and for the account to assume my bill, which was supposed to be have been completed on February 2, 2023 after a 4 hour long conversation with reps from Regular Account and the business side. On February 28, I received messages stating that my account is past due and I must make a payment to avoid interruption after I made a payment on Feb. 2nd. I was confused and flabbergasted. Basically, the Feb. 2 (4 hour call) that was supposed to have transferred my line, did not complete anything. They released the line but not the bill, which is not I clearly asked for. They do not have any record of what I wanted. They wanted me to complete the whole process again on March 3, 2023. T-Mobile is incompetent and negligent. You must keep records of what the clients wants and write a memorandum. I don’t know why the process was not completed as it was no fault on my end. For a company like T-mobile, they must do what they are paid to do. If the process is not completed, I will have to report it. Thank you

Don’t get into a bind with your bill. We all know things happen beyond your control, I have been with T mobile for Almost 5 years, I had a situation where my Mom died and she let her insurance lapse,so I took my bill money and bury my Mom, than on top of that someone hack my cking account and I had to shut down my bank account after 21 years of the same account, I called them and told them what happen and could I get a week to pay the bill in full was told they could give me 48 hours after the due date, I give them 400 a month for services and just recently has been going thru, never been late until the last 3 months and this the thanks I get for 5 years of services now was told they will be shutting off my service after 48 hours of the due date, so now I will be taking my business somewhere else, talking about kicking you when you already down, I bet no one will see this review, and I have never written a review but this one I had too, my heart is really heavy, thanks T mobile, never had my service cut off in my whole life, but always a first, just like my bank account situation

T-Mobile Is the BEST for International Travel. My wife and I travel internationally 2 to 4 times a year. Haven’t had a problem using text and data at no-charge. The texting mainly helps us keep in touch with each other while we’re traveling, but we also use it to keep in touch with friends and family while away. The data is limited and downloads are slow, but it works well enough for google maps other small downloads. We use wifi in the room to stream video, flight check-ins and heavier research on destinations. We also use Wifi Calling to phone home and other people in the US. We do all of this for no extra charges to our existing plan. In the past, we had Verizon and would have to pay an extra $10 per day for a travel pass for each line. It was a hassle to try coordinate the least amount of days for the charge and we still had a big bill when we got home.

Several major flaws. Recently switched to T-mobile from Verizon because Verizon has lost its way in customer service. This is a review only of the app, not T-mobile. I am very satified with T-mobile service and cost. The app is underwhelming, especially for a large communication company. - i have several notifications from t-mobile that act as the splash screen when i open the app on ipad or phone. The notifications are now all stale. There is no way to remove them. Have been through this with support who acknowledges the inaiblity to delete or clear notifications. - The chat with support option in the upper right hand corner will connect you to a live expert, but gives you know idea how long the wait is. I have waited 15 minutes with no update or information when to expect to be connected. No call or text back option. - Ipad version does not work in landscape mode. No excuse for a company the size of t-mobile. These are not small glitches, but major shortcomings in the app.

Very disappointed. Although I like T Mobile branding and their supposed ethos, and I think they are forward thinking with the eSIM app etc, I am an investor and am very disappointed with their customer support and treatment of me. They advertise “no robots, real people,” but so many times I have been left on a prerecorded loop, is that much better than a robot? This app here has never worked even once for me. I have to get on a desktop to do anything, because the mobile web app isn’t very functional either. The 24/7 chat support doesn’t live up to expectations, Verizon is infinitely better. Finally they advertise that you get a local “team of experts,” committed to serving your needs and that they will “even show you a photo.” Well, after some security concerns in Mt Holly, NC, T-Mobile I did request a photo to put faces to names and they refused. I am pretty sure my SIM card has been compromised by T-Mobile employees themselves. So disappointing because I do like their plan options and they have very good service. It could’ve been a good fit in the long run but they never allowed the relationship to flourish. I strongly advise against using eSIM for T-Mobile. Considering the fact they are owned by a foreign entity, not that I mind Telekom Deutsche having my data anymore than Google or Verizon, but they have different standards and laws and I don’t know to what extent they adhere to ours

New to T-mobile. I went to my pay my bill on the app. It asked “the name as it appears “ good Then it asked for the” cc number “, I put it in. The app doesn’t allow for spaces in between sets of 4 numbers, however it requires it. Therefore, every time I entered my cc # it would ask me over and over for a “valid” cc. It is valid!!!! It is a Visa! I tried several times. I tried submitting it with the rest of the info in tact including the cc #, it just asked again for a valid cc #. I tried to message support, but after waiting 18 minutes to connect, I went to my desktop, signed in to T-mobile on that and was able to space my numbers on that. Please fix the APP. When it asks for the name, the keyboard does allow for spacing, however on the cc # info the keyboard does not. Therefore, I was unable to pay using the APP. Thanks. Hopefully, they can fix the problem with an update. My phone is only 2 weeks old and has the correct software. Thanks again

Great Service Archaic App. I recently switch to T-Mobile, and overall satisfied with Service, Plan, Benefits, but really surprised with how much money T-Mobile spend on Marketing, sometime wasting as they keep targeting me over and over even though I am T-Mobile customer, I strongly suggest T-Mobile management to deeply look into their marketing strategy and technology and digital customer experience. The app is so outdated, buggy, unfriendliest from customer experience stand point, they could probably switch some of the $$ from marketing to innovation and digital experience, i am giving 1 start just due to bad digital experience. Customer service is good, but log wait again due to digital experience is not great, they need to redo their app, make it all native, rethink the UI/UX, I would even suggest to go FinTech and build an app in parallel, and slowly build it up and demise this hybrid crappy app. Yes people want better network, connectivity & customer service but who wants to not able to self service or wait hours on phone to get connected to person. I urge T-Mobile to really think through their digital strategy, it crashes, freezes, lot of opportunities to fix things…

Tmobile business is the business!!. WOW! I can’t believe I can actually be wowed by any company now days it feels as though everywhere I go customer service has died and people out there working in the world are just showing up to their jobs for the money without the customer in mind whatsoever until I had the chance to speak with T-Mobile business customer service skills and personal touch! I am sooooo excited to be a part of this network, not only do I get real-time amazing people that are caring & knowledgeable which is just a cherry on top! I also get amazing international service and rates!! That alone made me switch back into T-Mobile! I was soooo devestated for switching out of it for a better phone deal -so I thought- but T-Mobile stood way beyond and over all my expectations! I am extremely thankful for the support team, insurance team, customer service team and everyone at TMobile business!! I am proud to have my company RozBodyFit LLC do business with you!

Doesn’t support business accounts.. T-Mobile is by far the worst provider for business customers who prefer to perform their transactions online. The app does NOT support business accounts, nor is there a dedicated app for this type of account. Logging into the website from a mobile device is an absolute joke. Zero functionality. Any changes, device upgrades, purchases must be done in store or on the phone. In this day and age? Unacceptable. Literally every other provider is better in this regard. Similarly, if you think you can just hop on a desktop to upgrade, make a change to service, or any other basic function… think again. I had to go into a brick and mortar store today to do something as simple as purchasing a new phone on an existing T-Mobile business line. And in the midst of the transaction, the ENTIRE NETWORK went down, and every customer in the store left after it became clear the network wasn’t going to be restored any time soon. So after going to another location later in the day, I finally got the phone I needed. Nearly 3 HOURS of my day was wasted doing something that should’ve been able to be completed online in a few minutes. So yeah… get your crap together T-Mobile, and get with the times. Give business customers a dedicated app, or at the very least allow us to access our accounts through the existing app. Nobody has time for this nonsense.

Best Phone Company!. I’ve been with T-Mobile for years now and I’ve never been happier with their service! My monthly bill is low and I get UNLIMITED everything. Only thing I would recommend is not buying phone protectors or phone cases from their stores. They are great but they are expensive and they add it to your monthly bill until it’s paid off. But I’m not mad at them for it, it’s a way for them to make more money, and if you don’t have the money to spend on $100 phone case it’s good that you can pay it in monthly installments. Just me personally I’d like to buy my phone case and pay it off all at once, so that my monthly bill is as low as possible. But I will not shed any negativity about T-Mobile because I do honestly love their service. The app is so easy to use and if you’re ever in a tight spot you can always make payment arrangements on your bill! I would recommend T-Mobile to all my friends and family!

T-mobile doesn’t take care of the customers. I made the mistake of switching to t-mobile about 2 months ago and completely regret it on of the worst mistakes I have made I checked with them first on service coverage and they said they have excellent coverage in the area’s where I live and travel . I checked their maps and yes it even says they have 5g coverage where I live I would only be using 4g due to IPhones limit but still they make a commitment just like the customers do! I get home and I have 1 bar of service in my house and outside some areas of town If I am really lucky I might get 2 after numerous calls they send a In home signal booster only to find out it will not port with my Internet router provided by Xfinity so T-Mobile says it’s the ISP fault. Eventually I find out that they have 1 tower in the entire city. And it’s not close enough to be providing any service whatsoever. Now when I tried to call technical support I get a recording that says that they are having technical difficulties please hang up and try calling later. NO KIDDING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES THE ENTIRE COMPANY HAS DIFFICULTIES AND SEEMS DISHONEST FROM THE START.

Register Error. I’ve been with T-Mobile for a couple of months & I must say even though the customer service is pretty okay the developing of the T-Mobile app is disappointing. One reason being is that, after creating a ID loggin & exiting out of the app, you attempt to log back in from the welcome screen “Hi, John Doe” I check mark save password and enter password, you get a error of “you have not yet registered for T-Mobile ID” even after the fact of me being able to gain access through the website into my account!!! Now if I click on the “Not Me”? At the bottom of the app, it redirects to the Welcome page where you enter your credentials and from there you can gain access to your account! It’s a huge pain given you always have to reenter your information! Even inside of the app you navigate to your profile and to settings & then to “Touch ID”, it doesn’t allow me to cycle it on! There’s some huge flaws in the T-Mobile app, like seriously more money needs to be poured into redeveloping this app especially for a company who’s expanding its network!!! Everything needs to flow through & through

Decent app, but it does notification spam. I just got a notification from this app, with an offer for a discount phone. This is a violation of section 4.5.4 of the Apple Review Guidelines (quoted below). I have not opted in, and the app seems to provide no way to opt out. There is a "manage marketing preferences", but that only lets you opt out of email, SMS, and voice calls. (Also, it sent me to my browser, where I had to log in again. That doesn't count as part of the app's UI.) 4.5.4 Push Notifications must not be required for the app to function, and should not be used to send sensitive personal or confidential information. Push Notifications should not be used for promotions or direct marketing purposes unless customers have explicitly opted in to receive them via consent language displayed in your app’s UI, and you provide a method in your app for a user to opt out from receiving such messages. Abuse of these services may result in revocation of your privileges.

Worst app and website.. Their website and app have been horrible for years. Can’t do anything besides pay a bill. Try to add a new line through the app and website, NOPE. Try to change your plan through the app or website NOPE. Try to check your order status NOPE. Forces you to call customer care to do things you should be able to do on the app or website. They literally advertise that you can save money by doing things online. But guess what? You CAN’T. Now they charge for helping you stabling a new line over the phone because they say you can do it for free online. That would be great if their website or app worked. It is almost like a scam at this point. Not sure how a company that says they are so customer focused can have such a poorly executed website or app. Like who is even designing this stuff? Your graphics are so overloaded that they cause the app and website to freeze and crash. I am switching companies after 16 years of being with T-Mobile. It’s 2022 your website and app have always sucked and now I am being charged for my inability to use them, cool. All they want to do as a remedy is give me a bill credit. Not helpful. All the customer service reps I have spoken with say they know the app and website don’t work as they should but there’s nothing they can do about it.

Spectacular company/app. Recently went in to my closest store for a very much needed phone upgrade. I thought that an iPhone 14 Pro Max would be out budget/reach for me but, thanks to a recent trade-in offer that was available, I was able to give my old iPhone XS Max for it. I got bill credit for the old device to be used towards my monthly finance payments for the new device. Their in store customer service is beyond compare, as are their store reps. Needless to say, I left with way more than what I thought I could get before going in. I've been using this phone network for the past 4 years now and have 0 regrets about having switched over from AT&T. I get a TON of data for just $15 more than what I used to pay with AT&T, even with their basic Magenta plan. Even when you used up your entire data cache for the month, the reduced speeds still allow me to watch whatever with no hitch. (Couldn't even dream of opening Netflix to watch something with the old plan I had when I used up the entire monthly data cache) The app is extremely easy and efficient to use if you want to make a payment through there. You can even download PDF copies of your bills to your computer/device if need be. And best of all, they won't ding your credit AT ALL. Definitely recommend T-Mobile to anyone I can.

General T-Mobile experience. Overall I am pleased with T-Mobile. The coverage is good. The app is useful. I can comprehensively poke thru the app and get all the details of my account. If you need anything, go to a corporate store. Do not go to a local outlet store for major issues. I ran into a large problem getting properly credited when we changed phones. One rep told me one thing, sent me to another outlet store where another rep told me something different!! Then we were overcharged and didn’t receive credit due us. I called a rep from the phone number on the app, I believe, she looked all thru our account history, seen the errors, made account corrections and credited us with a good credit. Bc of her diligence, we are still customers. In rural areas, reception is still decent. I have had a lot of questions, issues, etc. Most of the reps in the corporate store in town here are always helpful, knowledgeable, kind. Here and there they strongly suggest an extra package or deal. Lol. I give T-Mobile an 8 out of 10. I am a pest in terms of looking absolutely everything over very carefully. Not a pest in terms of rude or impatient personality. Lol!!! That’s my review.

T Stands For Terrible. Had a 24 month agreement with T-mobile. It was a nightmare! Beginning with them losing my 4 trade ins, sending them to two different states. I had to prove that they existed and it took them a week or so to track them down. My family had numerous issues with their devices and I several business calls and texts dropped lost or just never came through to me. I got tired of calling their customer service for issues because, for one, most of them are foreigners and I couldn’t understand them and they had a hard time understanding my issues, so the language barrier is a huge negative. Finally, when my 24 month sentence was served they tried to charge me an extra 3 months for my devices, when I called them on it, they agreed with me, confirmed I was correct, and told me they corrected the issue. I paid my final bill and went back to Verizon where I receive superb service and reception. Two weeks later I get a bill from T-Mobile saying I owe another month on my devices. Needless to say my final phone call to them wasn’t pleasant, nor did they bother to correct the issue. Again some foreign rep had an issue understanding my explanation. I was on the phone for 41 minutes and the last 15 I was on hold, so I hung up. T-Mobile is the worst carrier I’ve experienced and I’ve had Sprint as well. I put this out there so I can save someone the misery my family and I went through. DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO T-MOBILE.

Tmobile kidnapped my cellphone. Continuarion: It’s been more than 20 days and Tmobile still not able to unlock my cellphone, after waiting for another 72 hours they keep telling me is unlocked and I just have to master reset it and put the new sim, I just did and didn’t work! Now I can’t use my own cellphone that’s already paid and wasn’t even bought at Tmobile! I purchased my iPhone at apple where all their phone are unlocked and T-Mobile locked it, Currently I’ve been stationed in Alaska where T-Mobile doesn’t provide service and when I tried to use another provider’s SIM card, it doesn’t work. In the past 50 hours I’ve spent about 6 hours on the phone with your customer support and they still haven’t solved the issue. Now I’ve been told I have to wait another 24 hours after the 48 hours I JUST WAITED to get my phone unlocked and the supervisor I was talking hanged up the phone! It is unacceptable that I cannot use my own property because you decided to block it without my permission, I didn’t bought this cellphone from you and on top of that it’s already paid, I’ve been a customer for more than 4 years but I’m going to cancel the other 3 lines I have with you if this is not solved in the next 24 hours like I was told

Dark Web Security Breach. I would give this company ZERO stars if I could but have put 5 so it will hopefully get bumped to the top of the list. I have been a Sprint customer since 2012 until T-Mobile bought them out. I had Verizon & T-Mobile previously & switched to Sprint because I kept being overcharged on my bills. Since having Sprint I have never had any connection issues & billing has been consistently the same each month for all those years. T-Mobile buys them out & I’ve already had billing issues. Then I get an email from one of the credit reporting agencies telling me they found my info on the dark web due to a security breach from T-Mobile. I called the company to voice my concerns since I was never notified of this security breach & asked what they would do about it & I was told that they notified their T-Mobile customers & they would not be doing anything since my information was not leaked by them & I should change my password. I am now a T-Mobile customer & was NEVER notified. My personal information including my social security # is now permanently on the dark web. Completely ludicrous, choose a different company!

Incredible Service!!! Recommend to Everyone!. We have been with T-Mobile for a few years now and have nothing but absolutely amazing things to say. Actually, come to think of it, we’ve never even had something bad to say... ever! We have traveled across the U.S. and there are very few places (for example, rural Wyoming) that we had minimal or no service. The customer service reps are always super respectful and accommodating! T-Mobile truly goes above and beyond for their customers. Transparency with prices is key and T-Mobile hits the nail on the head! And it doesn’t hurt that just for being a customer, (no additional fees), Netflix is FREE and there’s an awesome T-Mobile Tuesday’s app that gives away freebies and offers discounts for various places (like FREE Dunkin Donuts coffee, to discounted movie tickets, FREE whoppers, FREE weekly tacos from Taco Bell and more)! We always make sure to recommend T-Mobile to all of our friends and family!!

App is atrocious. Cannot even place a simple order on the app without having to call the main number. Listening for 22 mins of loud speaking person and garbled music I end up reaching a whisperer Lisa in India who overspeaks everything said. Redialed again and waited on hold another 16 mins to get Ariel who gave me the wrong data plan choices and obligated me to call yet again someone else. Super fun to wait on hold another 20 mins and listen to someone gush apologies but still be clueless about the basics of looking up an order. Demanded I provide the order number and wanted me to check my email while on the phone because she didn’t want to waste time looking it up herself!! Because I didn’t place the order on line I was unable to get the free shipping. That was not helpful. App itself is garbage. It repeatedly links to ancient data or completely incorrect data. Looked on app for my order placed today. Clicked for more details and it brought me to an old order from May 14- 3 months ago. Woman said she’d open a ticket and I just laughed. Deleted the app permanently and now will gladly go to ANY other vendor because TMobile doesn’t need my business.

Excellent customer service at T Mobile store. Cannot say enough about the excellent service provided to me by Ken and Joseph at the 4636 East Colonial store this past week in Orlando. They both were terrific examples of perfect representatives for T Mobile. They were friendly yet professional, patient but efficient, helpful but not pushy. Plus they both made me feel as if they cared about my business and then proved it by setting up my military discount, processing my phone rebate, setting up all 3 phones and even setting up the new Iphone when the Apple rep who sold it to me at the Apple store was unable to!! All with a smile! I have met with or spoke to numerous representatives of ATT, Cricket, Sprint, andMobile One during this process of selecting a new cell provider, and None would have prompted me to take this time to recognize their efforts. Please thank Joseph and Ken for me and take notice of these two valuable employees of T Mobile. Thanks guys. A very happy and satisfied customer. Roy Knight

A purchase issue.... We bought two iPhone 8s in Feb 2018 on a BOGO. There was an unfortunate issue with our local store representative during the purchase and we were not give accurate information. After several visits over the next few months to the store, another representative provided us transparency and identified the issue with the original purchase. I spoke with a T-Mobile customer service rep on the 800 phone number and he was most helpful sending me the documents needed to proceed. A few hours later the new store manager called me promised a quick resolution so that we would be satisfied. Through the efforts of a responsive local store rep, the national customer service rep and the new store manager...in less than 24 hrs later our issue was resolved and the financial credit due was applied to our account. We love T-Mobile but love it even more once the correct people found a prompt end to our issue.

App useless, requires calling 611 to make changes to account. The T-Mobile app, and website are completely useless, there are no drop-down menus, or no progress bars, and you’re left clicking or touching things and you have no idea if you have to wait or is anything is loading. On top of that, their app, and website does not allow you to make any account changes, like removing any devices from your account, it only allows you to make purchases or ADD services, not take away services, which is EXTREMELY SHADY. So, my wife and I decided to go to one of the T-Mobile stores, and again, you’re not allowed to make any subtractions to your account, only purchases or additions. SHADY! T-Mobile employees, Are EXTREMELY helpful and sweet. But they have no power to do anything to help you. So, you MUST, I repeat, you MUST call T-Mobile directly to make any changes to your account, did I mention, SHADY?! T-Mobile USE TO BE a great company, but since this new CEO took over, they have some crappy rules. T-Mobile is SUPPOSED to be a TECHNOLOGY COMPANY. Yet, their technology and in this case customer service very much falls short. Goodbye T-Mobile.

The worst service and worst app. I had the misfortune to work in an area that only was serviced by T-Mobile and Verizon. Verizon is, or at the time, was very pricey and T-Mobile was more affordable. But since then, the prices have gone up. The app is deliberately difficult to comprehend. Obviously they took all the knowledge of manufacturing user friendly sites and purposefully sought the opposite at every turn. The app hasn’t improved in over 6 years. At all. Customer service, when you have hours to wait, are very polite. But they know nothing. I always ask, for what I have, and what I need (and I am patiently clear with them regarding my exact needs because they are so polite) am I getting the best price from T-Mobile. They are honest and always say they really don’t know. I’m no fan of any major cellular service. And don’t get me started on how idiotic T-Mobile Tuesdays are. I’m not a teenager so I dont have the time to save a few cents on something I never need in 48 hours or less. But I do need cellular service for an iPad Pro and maybe my Apple Watch. I’d kill digits since I need my phone nearby for the better watch apps anyway. But no one at T-Mobile knows. Anything. Again, kudos for polite staffers, but I was born already too mature for your useless app.

Customer service. I came to T-Mobile 2 years ago after being with Verizon for 20 years! When I signed up a rep in the Manteca ca branch helped me and she was great!! Her name was Marisa!! She was fabulous. She got me up and running and answered every question and every concern I had!! Well 2 years later I went back into the store to see if adding my girl friend to my account made any sense and wouldn’t you know it Marisa was still there!! She remembered me and treated me as if I were a valued customer and I inquired about several things/concerns and Marisa had all of the answers as she made me feel very comfortable about making my decision! So she helped me with the transfer of my girl friends phone with her number at att&t over to t-mobile! I don’t know if I am in the right forum for management to recognize her? But if I am I would highly recommend Marisa for some sort of employee recognition award!! Thank u Marisa!! You are great!!!

So Incredibly Slow. I really don’t understand why others have rated this app so highly. I suspect that many reviewers are confusing rating their T-Mobile service with rating the performance of this app. The cell phone service definitely is very good. I would say that it is as good or better than what I had with Verizon, but for significantly less cost. But we’re supposed to be talking about this app and that, I have to say, is horrible. Most of the time it is glacially slow when it comes to loading any item from the menu. I know that the problem isn’t my new iPhone. I’m pretty sure it can crush any numbers this app has to throw at it. I know it’s not my data rate because that has been great whether in cellular or Wi-Fi data. I suppose it could be that all of my T-Mobile account data is being handled on a backbone of networked Commodore 64’s, but that seems pretty unlikely. So I guess that leaves us with an app that was developed on the cheapest of budgets. Whatever the cause, Commodore or self destructive stinginess, this is a horrible slow app that in no way deserves the high ratings given to it by others.

Improved version better than before. It has improved much better than the previous version that they actually rewrote the app instead of a patchy web-converted version. It also integrated well with iMessage for Chat instead of using the browser chat. It makes the user experience much better. The customer representatives are much better than most other companies in answering the questions with the right answer. They really treat the loyal customers well by offering deals for added features in the plan. It’s a good company to stay with. I think the web team should work on improving the self-help FAQ to provide a link to solve the problem in addition to the answer explain the question, it should provide a link for the next step to solve the problem, such as when the data rate has been exceeded, it would help to provide an option to the link to change plans to increase the data rate.

Invaluable for rural customers. I wish all carriers would do this! Getting to test a network before switching is the right thing for carriers to do. I highly recommend this before switching. Unfortunately for me, this app revealed GLARING differences between T-Mobile’s published coverages and actual coverage in the rural area of north central Massachusetts where I live. Their map shows good 5G coverage, which is not even close to reality. The map shows my home has 5G. Nope. 4Mbps LTE. Very little 5G on rural routes around Winchendon, Gardner, Rindge NH, Ashby, Baldwinville with multiple dead zones… coverage doesn’t improve until you get 45 minutes south or east… despite the official coverage map being almost solid pink. There is absolutely no way I could switch to T-mobile under these conditions… quite honestly, I’m not even sure how they can legally claim coverages are this far from accurate… seems like false advertising. But hey… this is exactly why ALL carriers should provide apps like this. Kudos to T-Mobile for that, anyway.

Great New Phone Upgrade. Marty at the York Commons location was very nice, professional & helpful when I came to TMobile on 9/28 to upgrade my 7plus to a XS Max. I was walking in & he smiled and greeted me. I told him I was interested in upgrading to the XS Max because I really didn’t like how the new 11 Pro looked. He didn’t try to convince me to buy the 11 like some phone companies try to do when a newer version of a phone comes out.. I had a lot of questions and he answered all of them & even showed me the cool new features on the new phone that I was upgrading too. The store closed at 8 & I was there a little after 8 but he never complained about staying after to help me set up my new phone. Long story short, I left the store very happy with the customer service that was provided & even was given one of his business cards. I will definitely be back to this location. Also, the other 2 employees that were there that night were nice as well.

The best Service around. Live chat wasn't at all helpful. None the questions that I asked could be answered and the same prompt message would keep appearing. Additionally the speed at which replies would come through would range anywhere between 1min to almost an hour. Although T-mobile is great and I love the service, customer service in terms of online help is definitely lacking I wouldn't recommend anybody using that method. Instead I'd tell them to call the store directly for help. Other than that I've been a proud member of T-mobile for about 6/7 years. It's the best phone service I have ever had. It's not too cheap nor too expensive. It definitely gives premium vibes. Better than Verizon, AT&T and any other main phone service. All of my friends have T mobile and I always have service except for when I hit dead zones. Areas without any cell towers. Other than that. I'll be a T-mobile member until the day I die. Maybe send me a new I phone 14 pro to review on my Instagram For anybody thinking about making a switch. I have a huge following and I know I can get way more people to switch from other companies over to yours

GREAT!!!. I just recently got service through T•Mobile and I couldn’t be more happier and pleased with the choice I have made. Their customer service is amazing and not once have I had a problem since I’ve made the switch. Their service and reception have been outstanding and just amazing. Not only am I paying way less than I had been when I was with AT&T but I have better service with way more options than I did before I made my switch but also their App is just unbelievably awesome. I love how I can manage my account within the App instead of contacting CSR and if I ever whined up needing to contact them I can do so within the App or better yet have them call me back as well. I couldn’t have made a better choice I just wish I would had made it a lot sooner lol but I’m very pleased and satisfied and I couldn’t be any happier about it. Thanks for such amazing service ya’ll have and for an outstanding CSR department ya’ll maintain.

Very disappointed. I had an account with T-Mobil for 2 days. I cancelled my account because I found a cheaper deal somewhere else. Upon canceling I was told my account was taken off of auto pay by the rep over the phone. When I went to pay my other bills in mid July I found that t-mobile taken out $288 from my account. When I called customer service they were hard to understand and told me they could not help me and I would have to go into the store. The workers in the store were very nice and tried to help me take care of the situation. I was told it be put back into my account but after waiting 3 days it still was not returned. I then got late fees from my bank and bills. I called again to find out they mailed it to a address that I specifically told them was not a mailing address. I even gave them my bank account number and routing number to not confuse them with a mailing address. I am still waiting for my refund and am very disappointed in how T-Mobil operates. Because of them I now have late fees to pay a and still no refund. I would not recommend this mobile carrier to anyone due to poor over the phone customer service. Jessica S.

In regards to the dark web review person.. I’m sorry but that review kinda sounds like fake publicity. I’ve been with T-Mobile for years and one of the reasons I am with them is at the time they were the only company that could give me a exact amount my bill would be every month when nobody else could including sprint. I’ve rarely had connection problems hindering my service. Who knows there’s a lot of outside factors that could of been affecting his service. Maybe it was phone, needed updates, reset, or just to old of a phone but those details weren’t shared. Over all the years (6-7) I’ve had NO surprises on my bill and my plan price has been true to what it was when I first joined them. On top of all that they give away so much promotional subscriptions to various streaming networks quite often. In fact I was too earlier to qualify for one promotion give a discount after 8 weeks. I was t sure on my sign up time so I called and that’s when I found out I was two months prior but they went above and beyond and gave me a better deal that was applied instantly! Honestly I didn’t expect anything out of that deal. I don’t see myself leaving T-Mobile anytime in the near future!!

Sprint to Tmobile. Disappointment. I went to the T Mobile store to get a new SIM card to move my account from Sprint to T Mobile. I spent a long time at the store with a young man named Andrew. He thought of everything did all the steps for me saw I had insurance coverage through Sprint so he had move move the coverage from the Sprint system to TMobile. The problem is this APP. tells me I am a Sprint customer and keeps switching me to Sprint. So I can not use this App even tho I am their customer. I hate hate hate calling customer service on the phone they disconnect me and do not call me back after I waited35 minutes etc. the stories go on. My issue is when I had Sprint they were no issues. I made no customer service calls. But since Sprint was acquired by TMobile. Lots of customer service calls. Unable to get calls to go through. Dropped calls. People can not hear me. They say I sound like I am talk on a tin can with a piece of string. I do not know how that is possible I am sitting the the same chair in my house not moving. No prior issues. But , since I am on TMobile 5G my service is no longer the service I bragged about. 😪😪

Problems with service on my tablet all the time since switching from Sprint to T-Mobile. T-Mobile I believe is limiting my use of Netflix on my tablet and charging me for unlimited use so I can’t use it for what I bought it for. First of all they gave me the tablet with unlimited data on Sprint and Netflix worked fine. Then I switched to T-Mobile with limited data and they charged me pretty much full price for that tablet because I switched even though T-Mobile and Sprint are the same company I believe. How can 5G work so much worse with the same tablet? Then I switched from limited to unlimited data on T-Mobile and requested an exchange on the tablet because it wasn’t working well. Then the tablet came in but strangely my original tablet got Netflix fine when the unlimited started so I did not exchange it for the refurbished one. But after a few days of course my tablet stopped getting Netflix and I’m paying for unlimited but not getting service to use either google or Netflix. Went back in to T mobile a few days ago. Of course the safe mode whatever that is went off and the tech updated all the apps and Netflix and google were fine. Now I went back in safe mode whatever that is was turned on again and I can’t get Netflix or google which is why I even got the tablet. What am I paying for? A useless tablet ever since I switched from Sprint to T mobile. I was very happy with Sprint.

Works well. Updated-I have revised my review to five stars. Apparently all three of the numbers on my family account were linked together, which causes a problem with this new app. If you have a family plan make sure the numbers are unlinked and you will be able to see all of the numbers on your family plan in the app and manage them as you would expect. Original review: The updated t-mobile app Is visually appealing, but functionally worthless. The problems began when it misidentified which account I am using-I am the primary account holder but it recognized my phone as another phone on my family account, and refused to allow me to view or make changes to my account. The app update notes state that T-Mobile is listening, so if that is truly the case, please fix this app and make it more like the old app-which was actually very useful if a little dull in the style department. At this point in time the app is completely worthless and I might as well use the website.

Love T-Mobile, just one thing.... My experience with T-Mobile has been amazing. Everything I could ask for and more. It’s easy to change your plan, set up auto pay, pay early, get stuff with t mobile Tuesday’s, their plan has data and text in Japan for when I visit, and it’s easy to get in contact with a worker for any questions or concerns. The only gripe I have is 70% of the time the t mobile app doesn’t work for me. The app is where you can do most of the things listed above in the palm of your hand. I’ve tried uninstalling it, restarting my phone, and waiting just in case it was maintenance. But this problem has lasted for months for me. Even after upgrading to a new phone it happens. And sometimes when I do get in it kicks me out. I usually end up having to log in on my desktop computer at home. I don’t see myself ever switching to a new carrier after my experience at t-mobile, but I just wish the app was more smooth so everything would work seamlessly.

App is Excellent - Misleading or Fraudulent International Add-Ons. This app provides excellent information and control over service features, as well as a well designed live chat. Their chat group is real support, capable of making changes on your account. Well done. Coverage and speed is excellent and keeps improving. T-Mobile formerly provided excellent international data at fair prices. However they’ve started to enforce hidden limits that make roaming difficult, and they sell upgrades that don’t deliver what’s promised or reasonable. For example, I recently paid $50 for a 15GB international data pass. I used about 6GB of it. When I returned home, I was threatened with service termination because my international usage exceeded my domestic usage. I use mainly WiFi in the US so have very low domestic usage. It seems fraudulent to sell 15GB of data, rigged so that if you actually use that data, your service can be terminated. Other than that, it’s a great company. ;)

Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. I am currently in the process of switching from Sprint to T-Mobile I received an email that my account with t-mobile has been activated but when I tried to type in my email it would not let me log in. I ordered my new phone a couple days ago and should get it in the mail sometime this week I called their customer service line to try to have them help me figure out if my account is activated and what my log in is but they kept asking me the same question (if I have the phone or phone number associated to the account) and I kept repeating myself over and over until I just got so fed up I hung up and basically just said forget it. Then I go on their website to see if I can talk to someone through their online chat option and he was giving me problems and made it seem like he wasn’t even reading what I typed and I had to keep repeating myself over and over again until I finally just gave up again. I thought Sprints customer service is bad T-Mobile is NOT any better T-Mobile is the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced in my life

Near Perfect app and perfect service. I used to be with AT&T prepaid, but that meant that there was no phone payments, benefits, or anything. Wi-Fi calling didn’t even exist. It was about $45 a month, so I’m paying more right now for service, however that comes with Wi-Fi calling, unlimited data up to 50 (FIFTY) GBs unlike their 22 GB speed cap, hotspot, and more. And it’s $90 a month, which includes my iPhone XS payment since they had a trade in deal for my old 7. The service is just as good as AT&T was in my area, and in some places better, our area has T-Mobile’s new “5G” network (I know, it’s not 5G technically) while AT&T’s 5G-E network is not here yet, and phone call quality is light years ahead. I mean, I called my Fiancé (Who I also converted lol) and she picked up immediately, it didn’t even have time to ring. That’s amazing! The app is also amazing, but the only gripe I have is that sometimes the bill doesn’t like to load. But it always does after a refresh or two. I love T-Mobile!

Service is friendly enough. But market leads the the way providing nothing really real in real time I get very poor signal we’re I live there upgrading for marketing,, odd that I down loaded a measuring signal reception to see what service provides the best signal in my area and t mobile was rated the best, I have disconnected service at times rarely get the internet on my phone , there signal booster works some what, guess will check into getting a outdoor antenna signal booster, but need to do more research or eventually maybe go to a different carrier, research the price, et. I use to have cricket service never had difficulty, but wanted more down load speed and the accessory app said t mobile was better so who or what can I believe, customer service is friendly but I got miss leading information which put me into a bind and still not resolved since of October of last year and it is ongoing I say where is my new signal booster as I was to get it in December, but as said I assume I could get a yagi outdoor signal booster probably be better then the t mobile signal booster how do I find out, then it reference to getting a free one or paying for one,,,WOW... so I got various miss leading information then how do I qualify the truth

Liar. More than a year ago, I wanted to add 2 more lines to my account and I gave them a call if they had any promotions going on. I and my friend who wanted to join with my account talked with them on speaker. She said that they had promotion that I could get 2 new iPhone SE just for 2$ each month for 2 years. My friend who sat next to me the whole time said okay let them add 2 more lines to my account. A month passed, they charged me for 16$ instead of 2$. my friend and me just let it go and pay 16$ each month for them. And recently the same friend wanted to cancel one line and just pay off that phone. I called to their customer service and asked them how much I had to pay off the phone. She said I only needed to pay 8$ for last month and the following month. But the following month which is this month I got charged 16$. T mobile is such a liar. Those money is nothing to me but I’m sure they do this to other customers too and I’m not just letting it go. I will share this everywhere and I will write the complaint to their company too. Lastly, I with other 6 lines from T mobile will switch to other carrier. And I will try to convince other people stay away from T mobile too.

New phone. New carrier. I recently went to the T-Mobile store in Hermitage PA I have been a Verizon customer for many years and was treated better in T-Mobile than I ever was with Verizon. The employee named Callen was able to help me switch over to T-Mobile which can be a task on is it on its own. But he also was able to help help another customer while still tending to my needs. i’m assuming he was a manager but I never asked. Because I never used T-Mobile before I was pretty nervous about the whole change but treated like I was. I felt very comfortable to go through with it. So in closing congratulations to T-Mobile for having employees that seem as though they really care about the customer. I felt like I was dealing with someone who was part owner of the company. I’d like to say this is the first review I’ve ever written that’s because it’s the first review that I don’t need it written.

Love it!. I was with AT&T for over 15 years. Had the bundle, cell phones, wifi, Direct Tv... for all three I paid over $500 a month. Called to see if they would upgrade our phones, which they offered for new business not existing. Long story short, they said no so I pulled all three services. Went to Verizon which was really good...but I paid through the nose. Daughter wanted to go to AT&T for rebates on new phones... switched to AT&T got new phones, but everything was wrong.. rebates were next to impossible to get. Got so angry because I swore I would never use them again. Their customer service is non existent. Waited until 90 days passed and switched to T-Mobile... praise the Lord! They are great! Used the bring your own phone and get $600 offer. Every time I call them an actual person answers the phone. At AT&T if you are lucky enough to get someone to answer, they just bounce you from person to person. Verizon is pretty much the same. I LOVE T-Mobile.

Got lied to. This isn’t about the app. I was told I could add a line for free for as long as I was a TMobile customer. I added the line and my bill went up $30 dollars. I brought this to their attention and they fixed it then it kept happening every month. They fixed it as I complained but finally this month they said they could no longer fix it because I wasn’t eligible for the free line in the first place. I told them that the representative assured me time and time again it was free, they said I should of known better because of the documents for the promotion they sent me showed I didn’t meet the requirements for it. I’m just saying in the eyes of T-Mobile I don’t know why I qualify for and what I don’t. When I ask the customer service representative if they are sure and they reassure time and time again that it will be free, it should be free. So after 3 months of arguing I had to cancel the line or pay for it. Again this was all my fault, that’s what they told me over and over. No responsibility taken for the lies the representative told me. Will be looking to switch soon.

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Does not work for prepaid customers. Throws a ‘we’re working on it’ error for prepaid (T-Mobile Connect) customers. Not good enough T-Mobile, come on!

App - Broken. Pay your coders and get someone to fix this app instead of giving a link to redirect to your websites. Some of these reviews saying to fix it are from 2 years ago. Enough said.

Doesn’t work. App doesn’t work. At all. Has never worked.

Garbage!. “We’re not ready for you please use web version”

Past ISO. Requires ISO 14.0 to update it my IPAD isn’t ISO 14.0. Stupid

It does not work at all. One of the worst apps I've ever seen.

What is wrong with T-Mobile?. There is nothing on this app that works. When something does appear to work it links you to the web site which states they are ‘updating and optimizing your experience’. Must be an awesome update because they have been working on it for months. Any idea when your app and web site will actually work T-Mobile?

App won’t pickup geo location. The geo location for the address auto complete my address, but when I submit a request it says it invalid, even when typing manually

Useless limited web browser. Let’s be honest, this is not an app, it’s just the limited iOS sandboxed browser embedded in an app. This totally pointless. Also you talk about Network Pass, I’ve installed the app for that to try it out, and your browser app is asking to download the app to access Network Pass oO? You need more QA, or to revamp your QA process I guess.

Fix this is a shame!!. This app has a lot of issue. Doesn’t work right. One of the biggest phone company shame on you guys. How is possible that a app can only work with your phones. And my factory unlocked iphone? Why i have paid a lot for a phone to be unlocked from apple?!

Keeps signing out every other minute. It Keeps me signing out every other minute Why do I need to login again and again App has very bad user experience

T-Mobile Villa Point KY - Tyler. I went into T-Mobile today at Villa Point Owensboro KY .. to setup a new service Tyler was so friendly and helpful! Help me set up my phone and make sure everything was good to go before I left the store!! The best service I’ve ever had!!! Thank you Tyler

Not working. I can’t even sign on. after entering sign on details the screen keeps refreshing a blank white screen. Please fix this!

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Worst APP. My review is mostly for the app and company itself. I have been with Verizon, Sprint AT&T and T-Mobile. I love T-Mobile customer service as far as face to face. Their plans and prices are unbeatable in my opinion. They’ve always been there to help me and are the only company that when I have a complaint, they don’t automatically assume I’m trying to get over them. They sit, lists, investigate in a very neutral matter. This is really crucial when dealing with their customers. BUT, this app man, has to be the worst thing I’ve ever used. It doesn’t load, half the features or more don’t work. For years now, I have yet to be able to view my detailed bill on the app. I constantly have to contact support. And the chat thing on the app, horrible. By the time they respond to me, I’m always asleep. I don’t even write reviews. My horrible experience pushed me to do so.

Do not like the new design of this app!. T-Mobile as a company and their services are overall fantastic compared to AT&T and Verizon! This review is about the new app design which is not so great—I actually hate it now. The previous version was more intuitive in my honest opinion. This new version doesn’t even show you how many days you have left on your billing cycle like the version before did. Then your account usage is summed up from all the devices on the account now!? You have to expand the voice, sms, and data categories to see who used what and it doesn’t show the numbers of each line in your account. Instead, it shows names which are all labeled as my first name. I like to monitor my kids data usage to make sure they don’t go over 2 GB on each of their lines to ensure I get the $10 kickback which saves me an additional $40 a month, and since I am on autopay, this app is useless to me now. I now have to login online on my computer to get the info I want.

5 star cellular network company. My husband and I are extremely happy with T-mobile, their company, the phone selection and their customer service. We do have (on occasion) problems with loading the app to look at our bill, pay a bill, or make changes to our account from the app. However, no technology is perfect and I have been assured by customer service that they are updating the app to fix this. I recommend this company to anyone and everyone looking to pay a bill each month for cel phone service that is exactly the same unless you make changes to your account. We appreciate this tremendously, as this is exactly why we left our precious carrier (bills kept going up each month and could never get a straight answer as to why). Keep up the good work T-mobile. You’ve got a lifetime customer here!

T-Mobile Needs Work. First off the app almost always requires me to turn off my WiFi so that the app can “talk to their network” why did my Verizon app never require that? Coverage should be better as I have recently learned from a cell phone tower installer that sadly T-Mobile has a lot of towers but their equipment is sub-par and cannot compete with the quality or service a Verizon tower provides. Invest in better equipment T-Mobile and give us the service we deserve rather than Netflix or T-Mobile Tuesday’s. I think I can speak for the majority of us there. Just because you put up a lot of towers doesn’t make your coverage good, you need quality and power on top of it. Within a 12 mile span of flat ground I shouldn’t drop call and have full bars between a few miles, it’s rediculous. Give us the equipment we deserve. There are a lot of bugs as well, whenever I try to go into managing one plus or international it has always said we are experiencing errors try again later... there is no later it has never worked for me.

Once you sign a contract with this company it’s like signing with the devil. I feel like I'm's I just signed a contract with the devil I can't upgrade I can't make a I can't turn in my phone and cancel out the contract there's nothing you can you just talk once you find Finance For phone that's it you're stuck with it until you finish paying I don't know why they charge you extra they take picture with you can upgrade which is all a lie you cannot upgrade you can sure after you pay the phone but when you say upgrade in the middle of a contract you can upgrade what is this new upgrade it's not such thing once you pay your phone automatically you can get another phone doesn't makes no sense so I'm very dissatisfied with that of Tmobile it's all a joke and I have a business account I have no time to be wasted…and any comments of other customers on this review are none of my business… So I don’t care I’m expressing my feelings not other peoples thoughts….

Frustrated New Customer (Nest Secure). Let me first say that I’m not a T-Mobile cell phone customer. My cellular service is with another provider. However, I just took advantage of their partnership with Nest last night in a T-Mobile store and purchased the Nest Secure (home alarm/home security system and indoor camera) and T-Mobile provides the cellular backup, in the event that I lose WiFi. Having said this, I was provided with a T-Mobile phone number and I set up my acct online so that I can monitor my billing and usage. Now all over the website it’s suggesting that I download the app, for easier access; however, when I download and open the app, it says my phone doesn’t have a T-Mobile SIM card, so I can’t access the app at all! What kind of nonsense is this?!?! I still have an acct that’s been registered on the T-Mobile site, which has a phone number assigned to it and password, yet I can’t sign into the app to manage my T-Mobile acct b/c I don’t have a T-Mobile SIM card in the phone I’m using! Simply put, this is stupid and extremely limiting. Rant done!

The Best Cellular Company!!!. I’ve been with T-Mobile for over 4 years now. I liked that I could put a SIM in my phone first and that it was important to them that their network was accessible everywhere! You have your own team to help in Customer service and they call you back. They are always flexible and take care of every need every time and often above the call of duty! They know the phones and answer or find the answers to the little things we want to know about them! I like that T-Mobile also provides software upgrades with the manufacturer. The reps in the store are equally knowledgeable, attend to you, answer and fix your phone concern, transfer files and give you the best possible deal. If you are looking for a provider, you have found them in T-Mobile!!

App/website/customer service is horrible!. Prices for T-Mobile are great compared to AT&T BUT their website and app are horrible! They always have a service error or temporarily down. I am the primary account holder and when I go on the website it tells me I'm limited because there is no primary account holder assigned. Of course I try to assign myself and it tells me the server is temporarily down and to try again later. This has happened since I switched to T-Mobile a year ago. I bought a new phone 2 months ago and was supposed to receive a promotion gift card and have yet to receive it. I went on the website for promotions and that too had errors and was temporarily down. Services like this is what makes me want to switch carriers as much as it's a burden for me. I'd rather go through a one-time hurdle than have to call every time I have one question just for the customer service representative tell me I could have checked on the website or the start phone app - as if I didn't already try before calling.

Ed. Called t mobile to update account. All the lines were busy so I requested a callback. The callback came after half hour like I was told. I answered the call on second ring and received a message stating that my call back was cancelled. This must have been phone rep quickly hanging to boost up their production. I called again this time message came stating call back would be 1 hour. I hung up and waited for callback. It came in about 40 minutes but was tape that put me on hold??? Finally the phone was answered by Kenneth who was very knowledgeable and excellent customer service representative. He completed all request in a timely manner and informed me about blocking scam calls if I was interested. Great customer service T-Mobile hold on to him. Great employee to have working for you. Thank you Edward Sierko

Tmobile is a great company. I have been a Tmobile customer for I’ve 12 years. The company has gone through a major change mostly good but customer service level has gone down just a little bit only because the they are having problems getting it right the first time but hey they mean well and eventually get it right just coast me a little time on the phone with the reps. This was not the case 5 years ago. Still love the company and I will try stay loyal forever. Only reason for 4 stars and not five is that they need to train their new customer reps a little better on products like smart watches and and when changes are made to the plan like monthly credits you will on new purchases. But they really really mean well seems like these changes can be complicated for their reps and need a little better training.

Even worse than Sprint. T-Mobile sold customer's personal information to third-parties for years. When caught, they said they would stop. They continued to sell customer's personal information to third parties for another year, until they were caught again. T-Mobile used the cheapest, most ineffective internet security available, which allowed customer's personal and financial information to be hacked, leaving millions of customers in danger of identity theft and fraud. They also advertise free phones if you add a line, then bill you for full price. They also charge MORE than the cost of replacement phones EVEN when covered under warranty. They also make it extremely difficult, time-consuming, and aggravating to cancel service and port your number to another carrier, even purposely derailing the process in order to retain customers. T-Mobile is a despicable company that would be dissolved and it's directors imprisoned if not for a corrupt, anti-taxpayer government which no longer works for the people.

Home internet. I absolutely am very impressed with the service of my internet but unfortunately the reason I didn’t give a 5 star rating is because I have had a horrible issue with my T-Mobile id I was finally able to make an id but I still can’t access my account due to the fact that it will not allow me to link my phone number cuz it’s thru Qlink it keeps telling me I need to manage my account thru a different site n company all together I’ve tried using the number given to me thru the gateway n it’s only saying oops we got our wires crossed this is extremely frustrating I’m getting to the point where I’m starting to believe this is their way of forcing me into a postpaid service with them plz help someone fix this issue I’m not the only person I have found numerous other people through the community having trouble with this also

App doesn’t load. I have been a customer of TMobile since I was in the sixth grade under my mom’s plan. And I’ve had no problem with the service, but it’s been such a hassle to go through either google chrome or safari just to be able to pay my bill. The app is supppsed to be for not just convenience, but as a quick method to see all your account information without need a web browser to load for eons. Whenever I try to access the app, it stays on the loading screen for well over 10-15 minutes. I’ve restarted the app and restarted my phone multiple times and it just doesn’t load for me on an iPhone SE. It’s to the point where I’ve decided to delete the app until this bug is fixed, because it’s been one for months upon months without any resolve. Rather than spending money on buying chairs or something you don’t really need. Work on fixing the actual bugs like the loading one for instance, rather than the layout of the app. The bugs should be worked on being repaired first as they are an issue, people can learn to use an app layout in a matter of minutes. We just want the bugs to be fixed so we can use the app again. Even after the recent update to the app last week, it still doesn’t load, rinse and repeated all the steps and it doesn’t load. My phone is even updated to the most recent iOS and it still doesn’t work. I give the app one star because this issue hasn’t been fixed for months on end since it started early to mid this year.

Trvlgal loves T-Mobile!. After getting so frustrated with the lack of service from AT&T, I went into the T-Mobile store and it took about 1 hour to change to a much better plan for a lot less money. The service has been great, love winning lots of stuff on T-Mobile Tuesday's each week. Saves me money on movie rentals, gas for the cars, eating out at local restaurants, free ice cream cones at Baskin & Robbins, online cooking classes and so much more. Love the streaming runs from the CEO encouraging us to get more active and never know what he will think of next! Besides loving the great deal on unlimited everything and no extra added charges on our 2 mobiles, I am looking at getting a great deal on the new iPhone 8 plus through T-Mobile. Highly recommend T-Mobile as the best choice for a great experience.

No dropped calls. Since going to T-Mobile my dropped calls are almost non-existent. If you are connected to a WiFi connection and the tower signal is weak my phone automatically switches to WiFi and calls are excellent quality. Neither Verizon or Sprint does that. The only negative as many others have found when calling customer service in too many cases it is extremely difficult to communicate with the person on the other end. I always ask where they are located. I have spoken to people in the Philippines, South America, Central America, and on a rare occasion the US. It is difficult at best to get things accomplished when the person you are speaking to you cannot properly communicate with you. Phone service including calls, text, video calls, and camera I would rate 10/10. Customer Service maybe 5/10 at best.

2 phones were never sent, canceled by phone, & they now want to charge restocking fee.. There should be no restocking fee because the 2 phones were never sent. The t-mobile store manager was going to cancel the phones and he failed to cancel them in the morning on Monday or it would have been canceled Sunday. one was canceled on Sunday. He did not explain that there were any restocking fees if the phones were canceled or that if you bought a phone it counted as a upgrade. We do not agree with your tactics this should all be explained with the new service it appears we are starting out with a phone company that does not explain it’s sales or plans. After all the time we spent changing our plan we feel that all this should have been explained the phones were never sent. We should not pay a restocking fee. Apparently you do not check your computers. You charged us for service on our trackers that did not work and were returned and the cost of them. We returned them the next day they only stayed charged 8 hours. Returned on Saturday. We really question your ethics.

Top Notch App - Not Really. The app seems stable, does not crash but it fails to auto-rotate on my new iPad Pro and there are several functions that the app shoots you out to a website, so you need to login each time less you allow your browser to remember your password. Also, there are items I could not find on the T-Mobile website but I could find it in the app and then the app would redirect me there in the browser. When I needed to update my credit card, I was only able to do that in the app but the app kinda forced me to make a payment five days early, now maybe the card would have been saved without the payment but I did not want to take that chance of ending up with a late payment. Feel free to use this app but just do not expect too much and be ready to log in over and over again if you are someone who likes to secure your browser and not allow it to remember passwords.

Beyond fantastic service!. Mike and I were Verizon For almost 25 years. The cost kept increasing to over $100 a month for one iPhone and one ancient flip phone. Both of them were completely paid for, so no costs associated with monthly phone pricing. We live in a rural area, so our T-Mobile reception was poor. The Customer Service Reps we spoke with were ALL exceptional. We now have 2 new phones, a T-Mobile CellSpot to fix our “spotty” coverage (on loan for FREE) and we are still paying much less than Verizon! You are an incredible company with enthusiastic, helpful staff and we are absolutely thrilled with everything about your company. Thank you doesn’t begin to express our gratitude for actually caring about your customers. Hoping to see you reach the top of the provider list - Most certainly deserved! Debbie Mirenzi & Mike D

This is a review for the App and it’s not good. It seems most people are reviewing the company and not that app. T-Mobile is a great company, but this is the glitchiest phone carrier app I have ever used. I can’t use Touch ID to get in cause it’s broken for my app for some reason. I have to go to the website on my phone to use the customer support chat cause on my app it’s locked in a past conversation and will only let me “end the chat” even though it’s BEEN ended. I have to hit “that’s not me” every time I want to log in cause for some reason it’s stuck thinking the temporary number they gave me when I first transferred over is still the number on my account. So I have to hit “that’s not me” and log in manually with my number and password. It freezes and crashes constantly. It takes ten minutes to load each section of the app and sometimes it won’t let me scroll? It’s all around so glitchy and laggy and bad and no matter how many times I delete and reinstall, nothing changes. Fix your app cause it makes looking at my account impossible.

Returned new phones they continue to charge me. Four months ago I purchased from the deposit that they asked for for taxes and fees they returned the fees from the beginning but yet continued to charge my account $70 a month it has been four months I have tried to call them several times spent 3 1/2 hours with a representative that told me to go into the store spent another two hours in the store told me my refund would be there within 5 to 7 business days it is well over I have received nothing on the phone, again trying to find my refund call the number again transferred to a third representatives because we all know they are experts as they stated over and over again on the phone they’re experts so they I would never have to transfer me over and over again vicious circle I would never represent recommend them to a friend or a family member not matter fact I would say turn around and run WHERES MY MONEY if the shoe was on the other foot boy I bet you they would be crawling up my tush wouldn’t they

Partly upset recently. I’m an IT deskside support tech, with front end, backend development experience. Two weekends ago I ordered an iPad and it was shipped to my old address although I had changed both my billing/shipping during the order. Didn’t save. Shipped to my old address. This week, I ordered iPhone 12 pro max and I had fixed my billing address issue, but during the order I had to change my billing from my shipping address. I look at the order status and found that the iPhone will be shipped to the correct shipping, but the payment will be rejected because my billing never updated to my normal billing address during the order. This disappoints me. Hopefully my credit card won’t reject. The app was not made to accept orders correctly. It needs to be repaired. If I change it during the order, it defaults anyhow. Needs to save all addresses correctly to keep customer appreciation.

I want my Sprint back!!. We just switched to T-mobile from Sprint. Even though Sprint had its issues, in my opinion T-mobile is awful. We ordered 2 watches online from a T-mobile store. The 1st watch is on back order (Understandable). The 2nd watch was either stolen, sent to the wrong address or taken by UPS driver. This is a big assumption. Considering I received a notification stating it was placed in a locker. We Exhausted “ALL” avenues and not one person can help me! Not Sprint, Not T-mobile, Not the manger from the store we purchased the one watch. Not only that, the T-mobile store we ordered our watches, didn’t add the insurance on any of our devices. The T-mobile rep via Customer Service had to add that on. AND to top it all up, T-mobile store gave us the presumption that we could see our receipt via t-mobile. And the t-mobile rep called the store (I was on the line) and the manger said that he doesn’t have a copy of the receipt for the amount paid on the watches. Way to go T-mobile!!! You are dropping the ball already.

My TMobile. I have been a customer with TMobile for 6 years. I love the customer service I receive. The true test of excellence in customer service is when there is a problem. Over the years I have come to respect the caring representatives because they are professionals. I also like the fact that I recognize the different reps I’m working with because they “a team of experts” that are designated to work with me so I’ve gotten to know some of them over the years and that’s great! And, I LOVE the fact that you do not have to punch a bunch to get transferred to a live team member. Instead you are connected immediately. That’s huge. That one feature communicates “you are a valued customer.” The staff consistently projects this attitude and that’s why I call it MY TMobile. I don’t pay attention to any promotions to switch....my attitude “Forget About It!”

Frank aquino’s t-mobile Experience. T-Mobile representative Tofe, Jon, Ray By far the best customer service out of any T-Mobile in the Detroit metropolitan area. Most stores will give you the runaround not only At a lot of T-Mobile stores or other Cellular carrier of stores, but most places in general. If you plan on going to any T-Mobile no matter how far you are this is the place to go hands down! This place especially Ray had lowered our plan by $40 a month after only six days of Having service set up at a different T-Mobile location. They Where patient to help us and also answer 1,000,000,000 questions with all respect from everybody. I could say much much more find out for yourself and stop on in. You will not regret it if you do, and you’ll regret it if you don’t. The only T-Mobile I will ever deal with. Frank Aquino

Improved new design?. Ok so I enjoy the esthetic of the new app design and the tabs at the bottom for navigating. Unfortunately the main page I’m greeted with is essentially worthless. I enjoyed having an overview of my bill usage etc right on the main page. Another feature that has seemingly been removed is the ability to view your actual call and messaging info - ok it tells me how many minutes have been used and how many texts have been sent but I have to ask, who the heck cares? I don’t care how many minutes or texts have been used/sent. Being able to look back at who called when I’m usage history was useful. My biggest gripe however was mention first. I don’t care about T-Mobile Tuesday nonsense and with your plan you get more, I know what I get with my plan thank you. I want to pop into the app and be greeted with a snapshot of my account info such as bill, data usage to date etc.

Pedro from Stonebriar Mall Location. Transferring from Verizon to T-Mobile was such a breeze due to the help and knowledgeable employee Pedro. I was up in the air between AT&T but he sold me with the high speed responses and just breaking down what I needed to know in order to commit to a cell phone company. Two days later I’m loving the company and what I thought would be a problem with services hasn’t been a problem at all, and I was strongly stressing about service wise in the country when I go out of town but it’s been great to me. I also want to recognize T-Mobile location in Stonebriar mall in Frisco, Texas with the quickness of helping each customers and doing it in such an professional way when it was super busy, the wait wasn’t long at all, full of positive individual, I’m very thankful for the crew and Pedro whom made me feel like a special customer.

So pleased!!!. Switched from very expensive AT&T after 13 years and bill just kept going up with no changes in my service. T-Mobile practically did cartwheels to make my transition so easy. Sales reps did everything at the store and even helped me handle AT&T when AT&T tried to give me misinformation about switching. I had a minor phone setting problem after I left then store and T-Mobile fixed it. I encountered a location where I was not getting cell service (dead spot) where I spend so much of my time so I called T-Mobile. Within hours I had service at that location! Customer service has been amazing and cellphone and data service great so far! The family app also saves me money because I do not have to use a third-party service to keep up with families phone activity. I am saving $1,400 a year By using T-Mobile over AT&T!!

Bill payment. I went to the T-MOBILE store on Signal Mountain Blvd. and requested to have my bill pulled from my checking account every due date. Was told it was confirmed and now it was taken care of. WRONG! I called to check to see if all my bills had been pulled out of my account, only to find out that T-MOBILE was the only one who hadn’t. I called their 611 number and was told that it was setup now and they confirmed it was done. Well, guess not. I called a third time and the girl informed me that it had been setup but not put in to be pulled every payment yet. Then she informs me that we can do it but, they would have to pull two months payment in one month to get it set up and regular. And they would have to give me a new due date which is when my rent is due. No ****** way. I’ve been with T-MOBILE for 7 years and in the last 4 years have started having problems with them. I am DONE! Time to move on! They misinform you about everything and no one there knows crap about how to do their job correctly

Agree with Customer Service Comment. Agree TOTALLY with the customer service decline comment. I’ve stayed with this company since its inception simply because of the greatest customer service in the world. No longer, almost every one is an idiot and the company puts no information into their computer system. My husband recently died. Despite explaining the need to remove his # from OUR account I spent over 11hrs. on the phone with different representatives. Each one told me different stories of what needed to be done and how much it was going to cost ME! I kept receiving bills, emails, text messages, about the account that were untrue and to keep re-calling them. It took months to square things away. Get back to your OLD STANDARD MODEL of excellent customer service or you are certainly not going to get new ones. It will be years before I trust the customer service again!

I love T-Mobile and Kay. T-Mobile was just an average phone company until I went to Kay at the Norfork Virginia mall not every stores going to have a cable at this Kay was great she ran out of store got my device that I need it from another store came back set it up put me on the family plan would save me a lot of money put me up with free Netflix because I didn’t know how to do it she basically did everything and beyond that I asked and wanted to make me happy thanks to her I’m at T-Mobile customer so if you listening T-Mobile OK that the Norfork MacArthur mall needs to be recognized because she goes beyond what I expectHer words were it’s my job to make the customer happy boy did she ever do that and then some just get me what I want to save me some money and made me turn my frown upside down Kentucky T-Mobile for the free Netflix

Back at T-Mobile....couldn’t be happier. I was a longtime customer at T-Mobile since they arrived in US market in 2000. In 2010, I was forced to leave due to corporation having a deal with AT&T. They were fine- not great. I also have spent a few years at Verizon, and came back to T-mobile 3 days ago. Despite what is reported, Verizon is the hands down worst coverage and most expensive for being the worst; AT&T had the worst customer service, but slightly better coverage than Verizon. T-mobile has better coverage and customer service than either of these “leaders”...by miles...and miles. They are also the most cost-effective. The apps are now catching up and surpassing those from either of their wireless competitors. Will likely not leave again if I can avoid it- but if I have to- even that is easy w/o contract. WINNING....

Best carrier in the Los Angeles area. We switched to T-mobile about three years ago and are incredibly happy about that decision ever since. We live in Los Angeles where the network is just stellar. T-mobile keeps on surprising us with constant new upgrades and even lowered our monthly bill by $10 while increasing their service. Whether it is T-mobile Tuesdays that get you $4 movie tickets or upgrading your phone through the app that is actually working they keep exceeding our expectations. I don't see ourselves switch away from T-mobile ever. My favorite feature is the ability to use wireless to make phone calls. I have to travel for my job and can call anyone in the U wireless for free. Also while being around the world I can use a very good to 2G or 3G network for free most of the time. I would give six stars if they were available.

T mobile is the next best thing since sliced bread. I left att because they gave the impression that for some reason I need them more than they needed me. I think they forgot that there are other companies out there providing the same services. Not only did I find the same service but I found a drastically cheaper price and top notch customer service. The only difference in the services is now I have 3 times more data before I get throttled down I have experts to help me when I have problems with service (which has yet to happen) and I pay literally 2/3rds less for my phone bill. Now I have 5 bars of cell service in most places I go, with att I only had 2 bars at the most. It’s was a no brained for me. Better cell service, better customer service cheaper plans, and fuller wallet.

Thieves and they get away with it!. I closed my account last year in shop, paid final bill. Turns out when doing my taxes I did have a final payment and this company did not notify me via mail, text, email. Told me I should have updated my address for my already cancelled account. Sent my bill to collections without following their own company policy! Customer service via telephone absolutely useless, two days later still waiting for a 3 supervisors to call me. PR department contacted us, assured us last night “the buck stops here!” we were told! Going to fix it…did nothing! 1 1/2 hours on the phone nothing was fixed. Was told by T Mobile PR they were going to own this mistake. They are liars and thieves. I now have a dent in my credit due to this companies negligence. I have been blocked out of every means of communication to gain access to my account. They are purposely making this impossible for me to reach someone who can actually help me. I will NEVER do a contract with this awful company again. Seeking legal help at this point!

Im so glad ti be a customer of t mobile. When i became a customer the level of service and help i get is phenomenal i can walk into any store and get helped over the phone i am satisfied by the level of service I get I had an issue a few months after I joined a Kool spoke to a representative on the phone and within about a day they resolve the issue and I was able to get the magenta military plan for that level of service I am eternally grateful I’m so happy to be a T-Mobile customer that I had an extra cell phone with another company I just went and switched it to my tmobile plan! 👍🏾Now if we can find a way to stop with this automatic force changing of passwords every so often that would be excellent to because once you get a good password let you know when you can remember the last thing you wanna do is change it unless you have to😀

January tenth in Lincoln Nebraska #GreatRep. What can I say? From one business owner to another. January is a keeper!!! We were in Lincoln Nebraska visiting my daughter and her husband, Who had just opened two new lines, Plus equipment with you two days before. She also gave my daughter information on maybe if I brought my five company lines over we could save more money. So after talking with my daughter I decided to see what January could do. When it was all said and done with a few hiccups, I was able to bring all five of my business lines to you with new equipment and save money, now that’s good business!. January showed patients where most people would have a meltdown! She is smart she is focused and she is very funny! She also has integrity, She told us what she could do and made it happen. When we all look back at this experience we will have a good feeling about it, And save money. 👍 Like I said that’s good business. And when it was over she said thank you and welcome to T-Mobile.

Terrible. Ive always have problems logging back on. I am the primary account holder but the app says im not. I have to always speak to customer service to solve this problem and once they solve it I am not set to as a primary account holder at all. So then I have to do the whole process again with different people and they always told me I am not set, when we do the whole process again I cant even log back in or they require a pin that i have enter and created numerous time but always say sorry theres some issues! And send me to a blank white page. I cannot go any further. I have spoke with so many that they have try to help me and even in their system it says I am the primary account holder with the correct pin but on the app it would not set me as one or let me go any further! They even have to get some people to work on this technical issues and couldnt work it out on their end. I hate this app! Because of this i cant access or manage my billing or edit any of my account information! Terrible app! Its been months and nothing has change! Terrible update and bad app!

Great service!. I had a issue with my bill and a missing tablet that had been used to make 3rd party purchases which upped my bill $88 more bucks. I was so upset and just New this was gonna be a two hour long automated phone call and being transferred and left on hold the majority of the time. I was so thrilled when that wasn’t the case. My call was answered right away and all my questions and problems were taken care of within a 10 minute time frame. Just wow! A total breath of fresh air to talk to a person who is so polite and listened to what I said and explained everything in a way that did not make me feel like he wanted to get this call done and over or make me feel like a idiot. They refunded the 3rd party purchases and helped to make sure it didn’t happen again! Just awesome!

Network Pass. I was looking forward to trying T-Mobile’s network pass to see how the coverage is for my area. Unfortunately when trying to sign up for it using my address I was unable to because my address came up as invalid. So I called customer service and the rep I talked with didn’t know anything about the network pass and asked me what it was. So, I tried to inform her what the pass was and why I wanted to try it. She still didn’t know anything about it and said I was mistaken about it. She then transferred me to tech services and I again asked why my address was invalid and the service tech didn’t know anything about a network pass and wanted my account info. I said I’m not a T-Mobile customer and I just wanted to try the network to see how it is in my area. And I asked why my address was invalid. Got no answer for that and he wanted me to sign up for home internet. I ended up hanging up. What a sad way to treat someone just attempting to sign up for an advertised service. Zero stars.

FAKE Coverage Map!! GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!. I switched to TMobile based on their False Advertisement Maps of coverage. They show my home in their “ULTRA CAPACITY” zone. That would be like “Ultra Wide” for Verizon(who I changed from). T-Mobile also have an “Extended Range” zone that is still 5G but not as fast as ULTRA. That zone surrounds areas outside of my Ultra Zone. SO, I should have no problem getting 5G one would think. NOPE, it’s been 6days and over 12 hours of calls to their operators(the Philippines). I can’t even get over 1 bar of CELL SERVICE! So what am I paying for when they tell me to use MY WIFI to assist the connection🤯😡! Then they say they are upgrading one tower to provide better service but their maps were printed a long time ago and show this zone already haze the STRONGEST AND FASTEST SERVICE! False Advertisement!!! My phone actually goes to “SOS” at times also!! If someone(actually in a position of importance)TMobile reads this please answer why such false representations are being used. I have pictures(screen shots) to show all I have said.

Don’t recommend this carrier / Service & Bills monopoly. I have been with this phone carrier for mor than 3 years and I’m very disappointed with the service and bills charges. Every month I’m always concern on what changes are going to show in my bill due to this company don’t have a contract, they basically play around with your money adding or increasing your phone insurance as if your is brand new, it doesn’t matter for them. Regarding this last issue about the phone insurance, I spoke with one their representative to try to understand if my phone is 3 years old they still charging me as it’s a brand new phone and basically she said that she will contact me back after she discuss my situation with their supervisor and I’m still waiting for her to call me back...it was two months ago... obviously I tried to reach them multiple times and they just keep putting me on hold and bouncing around, I guess until I give up and continue paying the highest insurance for a crappy phone. Also regarding service, it’s the worst, phone turns off, no signal on certain areas, sometimes phone calls do enter or I can call anyone. I have been a customer with Verizon, Sprint and AT&T in the pass and I had never experience anything like this before. Basically I’m decided to pay off my balance of the phone and move back to one of these carrier for a better service even though I would have to start paying a new phone all over again.

This app is almost useless. T-Mobile's app for iPhone is so glitchy and slow. I honestly don't know how this app has 5 stars. The page is often blank when I click on things after I close the app and reopen it without closing it completely so it's not suspended in the background. Most people won't know what I'm talking about but T-Mobile does. This app also has limited features compared to the Verizon app. You can do so much more with the Verizon app. Such as change your phone number when you please, disconnect lines as you please. This app is so limited in functionality. If you ever switched had Verizon postpaid service and used the mobile app you've tried to do these things, you'll know what I'm talking about. The website is also the same way. You can't change do any of these functions on the website. T-Mobile wants full control of what you do and I don't like it. I may be switching back to Verizon soon because of these things. If they get switched with a reasonable amount of time I'll probably stay

BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE. Good evening I hope this review finds you well. So let me yell out about my experience at my local T-Mobile, but I have to start from the top. I’ve have my iPhone 5s for the longest time! Recently I updated the software and it completely crashed. I bought a 6s from my friend then that yesterday wouldn’t turn on and I was like “ugh again I just bought this” so I prepared myself to go to the mall since it’s after holiday returns happening I also run a store in the mall and did want to go on my day off. So I upgraded from pretty much a 5s to an iPhone 8 got a case, screen protector and walked out spending $68 and some change. I was like 😁😆😄 and come to find out I’ve been paying taxes on my bill for over a year so he fixed that to. THANK YOU!!!! I’m a 30 year old that’s now in the loop of technology, I actually know what Facebook live is now. Best I phone of my life

Customer of more than 20 years fed up. I have had my account for over 20 years and I’ve never had an issue. 5 months ago I bought my daughter a watch I still haven’t been able to access bc they never fixed whatever issue they had with me being able to access the app. I recently was told I was getting a BOGO and my bill would only increase by 20 dollars when I went in to upgrade my phone. It went up OVER 100 DOLLARS. I called and they told me on my next bill they would make changes to drop it down closer to what I was promised. I just got my bill and it’s 30 MORE. I was on with them for a full day with no resolution and the promise, like my last call, that next month it would drop. I told them I wanted to cancel it all and they won’t let me return my phone bc you can only return phones 20 days after getting them which was before I got my bill. I hate them. I plan to sell all my devices and to never return. Awful service where they lie to you and fix nothing. Do not move to T-Mobile if you have any other choice.

Help was Given to me from phone call I made this month and I spoke to Latisha. She has been the only agent in your company that went all out to take her time and patient to help me out. Miss Latisha help me with explaining my bill to me because I was so post I was ready to cancell T Mobile and go with another carrier. She also help me Lowell my bill since I’m a senior citizen and I had no idea that T Mobile had this program. She took her time explained my bill because I’m paying for 3 lines and I paid off all 3 Phones plus there were extra telephone numbers which appears in my account and she explained that those lines I was not being charge they were there just in case I added more people those number could have been use. Please give my best to Miss Latisha and my thanks for her helping me out.

Don’t be fooled by they’re promises.. Sprint will promise you the world, lie to you tell you what you want to hear, and then bury you with fees, surprise charges, and empty promises! After paying enough to buy a new vehicle, I finally left Sprint after 30 years of dedicated loyalty. My experience with T-Mobile was awesome customer service by Ken in the Griffin, GA office. He not only was patient, kind, and knowledgeable at his job, but listened to my needs, without trying just to make a dollar. T-Mobile will go farther with me in customer service, and keeping down my bill, than just trying to fill their pockets with greed! Is it more important to be the biggest with more customers, or with more customers that are loyal for a longer time!! Thanks T mobile I look forward to a great relationship with you!

Left for Verizon. I left Terrible-mobile for Verizon a few years ago, and got an email recently. I read the email and saw 3 free months on the app. App stated for me to sign in and setup a few things. I completed the few steps to get it a try, but once completing the steps to get the 3 free months it would not work. I stopped by 2 local stores and both places did not even know of 3 free months on the app. I showed both stores the app, hoping to get help, but typical customer service neither place knew what I should do, so I just left and called customer support through the app. Support answered and I told them also I would try the 3 free months, and again even customer service did not know what I was trying to accomplish. So I guess what ever is on the app you are truly on your own! I literally gave up on trying to switch back, when I have no problems with Verizon! Be careful what is stated on this app, and good luck trying to get it to work properly, and knowledgeable personnel ✌️😬

Tmobile App is Crap! its a rare occasion I am able to get any functionality from e App. The app is most times useless, because its near impossible to get it to work. Plus, trying to pull up my account info in my iPad browser, is also a hit or miss, over the years. I dont even know why I pay for my tablet line, when it it always says throttled, when I turn on DATA to try this long annoying process to get into my account without my computer? It looks like if I just want to shop the sight populates that info. ; but if I try getting into myTmobile, the screen is most often blank and never loads. I use 3 different browsers, and none of them can show my account info; so Every Time I end up using up my DATA trying to access my account to no avail. I have finally decided to save myself $20 monthly and get rid of my useless tablet line; because, for the amount of value I get, or do not get from my tablet line shows paying for a tablet line is just not worth it.

T-mobile Customer Service. I was an AT&T customer that switched to T-mobile and boy let me tell you that I would definitely highly recommend anyone to switch to T-mobile. Thank you Sabrina for your very outstanding customer service and being such wonderful,kind, helpful representative. Thus far, I kid you not T-mobile has the best customer service you will ever come across. They are very helpful and patient with you. They will take you step by step with whatever it is you need done. What gets me the most is that they will not give up on you and will try every method there is to get you whatever it is you may need done, from purchasing a phone, to switching your number over, and etc. Again, thank you so much for all your help. T-mobile is the best people.

T-Mobile is the absolute best. I was a lifelong AT&T customer. For over 15 years, I dealt with terrible customer service, questionable, Byzantine billing practices, and a general attitude that the company was doing me a favor by allowing them to overcharge me and treat me like dirt. Eventually, I had enough. I wound up going to T-Mobile. I hadn’t heard good things, but I figured one company wasn’t much different than the rest. Boy, was I ever wrong. T-Mobile has been, hands down, the BEST company I have ever had the pleasure to do business with. Every call is handled like they actually care about how me. Every problem given a real solution. Every discrepancy either clearly explained, or waived. The experience really was second to none. And then it got even better. When T-Mobile implemented their new system, where each customer is assigned to a single, dedicated team, things went to a whole new level. Not only do these employees treat me like I matter, they actually REMEMBER me from previous interactions! It is customer service like I have never experienced from any large company. I have never been one to gush or submit big reviews, but T-Mobile has earned it. They have made me a believer, and made a customer for life!

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 9.8.0
Play Store com.tmobile.TMOAccess
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

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The application T-Mobile was published in the category Utilities on 05 October 2012, Friday and was developed by T-Mobile [Developer ID: 525560781]. This program file size is 165.47 MB. This app has been rated by 2,413,448 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. T-Mobile - Utilities app posted on 27 July 2023, Thursday current version is 9.8.0 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.tmobile.TMOAccess. Languages supported by the app:

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The T-Mobile app has been updated to ensure our handy features continue to be fast and easy to use, keeping it convenient for you to manage your account.

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