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T-Mobile App Description & Overview

The applications T-Mobile was published in the category Utilities on 2012-10-05 and was developed by T-Mobile. The file size is 60.73 MB. The current version is 4.8.16 and works well on 10.1 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes and improvements.

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Terrible customer service  AdityaVemuganti  1 star

I generally don’t take the pain to write a review, but T-Mobile really pushed me over the edge with their awful customer service. In what was supposed to be a simple change of ownership from my friend to me, I was on call with a T-Mobile Customer Care representative for over two hours and guess what, they didn’t do it. I was transferred to four different teams and they didn’t get the work done. I really hope someone reads this review before it gets taken down, but I would suggest joining any other mobile service provider. I have no idea how their customer service but it’s really hard to be worse than T-Mobile on that front.


Great!  Ismail7179  5 star



Doesn’t load!  vjtinnu  3 star

I just wanted to pay my bill and get on with my day. The app usually works fine but the last few times it was stuck on a blank page after login! Too long of a wait and never loaded! Had to call and pay my bill. Hope you guys fix this issue soon!


Drop calls  1reed6543  3 star

Frequent drop calls while walking, and driving


Good  Mrclausro  5 star



App still doesn’t work!  Dbw16150  1 star

This app has never worked since the refresh! Please fix!! Tired of having to log into the website! Website continues to be loaded with bugs as well!


Happy Customer  J S X E  5 star

This app is great! Straight forward, easy to use and supply’s all the help I need! Thank you!


My experience with TMobile  ErinEThomas  5 star

I have to rave on 2 associates at your North Little Rock, Arkansas (McCain Mall store). Tie & Erica were so patient when my husband & I went in to transfer from a competitor over to you. We were in the store, roughly 5 hours, moving over everything & getting all straightened out. Very attentive to us & our needs. Answering all our questions. They both went above & beyond to help us. Customer satisfaction is definitely a priority to them. Sincerely, Erin Thomas


Ap mobile not working in iPhone  khalil555  1 star

Ap mobile not working in iPhone


Loving T Mobile  gtonut69  5 star

We just switched to T Mobile after being with Att for over 20 years. I am enjoying the great service with T Mobile and I am surely going to enjoy the T Mobile Tuesdays for sure. The app is great to navigate through to check my account out as well.


No Proper Signal  Navi0927  2 star

No Proper Signal for me. Face tine not getting connected properly with data. I stay 3miles from airport. This is sad that we don’t have proper signal at least here.


App broken  eazyearn  1 star

The T-Mobile app never opens for me. I always have to go to the actually website to view my account


Steady course  rtwHS  5 star

Service has been consistent, friendly with answers and no long waits.


Amazing  Mz.CarmelStick  5 star

Tmobile has provided nothing but amazing service

vicky singh gill

👍  vicky singh gill  5 star



Great Service  MianRn  5 star

Awesome, Incredible, uncompareable, Unbeatable, Economical and Super in quality.

Nick Kunze

Loving t-mobile  Nick Kunze  5 star

I had Verizon. They kept giving me hidden charges and my calls were dropping all the time. I got t-mobile and it’s a night and day difference. My calls never drop, I have one simple bill, and I get t-mobile Tuesdays!! I would suggest this to anyone.

Anwaruddins Ahmad

Very good service ofT-Mobile  Anwaruddins Ahmad  4 star

I am satisfied with the service as communication is clear and uninterrupted


App is terrible!  BGarcia24  1 star

Anytime I go on the app itself the only thing I can do is look at my bill! I can’t go into the shopping tab at all! If I could I probably would have already purchased several things including Apple watches series 4 and accessories etc! I also can’t go on the tab that lets me receive monthly deals as well so I hate the app actually! Absolutely no point it should be just for your bill and that’s it’s since that’s all you can use it for!


Super Awesome  Rygozz  5 star

We’ve had literally all the major carriers - hands down T-Mobile has been the best all around so far (we’ve had them for over a year now) From rewards and apps to customer service and price, can’t really go wrong here. The coverage and data speed have been awesome as well.

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