Necrophonic [Utilities] App Description & Overview

Necrophonic is an ITC app used for spirit communication and EVP research.

8 Sounds Banks:

The audio has been mastered in a way to bring out various sound properties .
Using Pro Tools I was able to enhance high, mid, and low range frequencies. I also applied
other filters to create unique sound characteristics to help layer the audio and create an
environment suitable for spirit communication.

The audio itself is made up of phonemes,
partial words, reverse audio, foreign languages, and other parts of speech that can help
spirits communicate. Besides some basic phonetic sounds such as na, no, da, do, di, ma, may, etc.
there are no real words of phrases contained in the banks.

These sounds banks play in a similar
way to that of my other app "Spiritus Ghost Box" but instead of 4 sound banks Necrophonic has
8 active sound banks.

White Noise Sound Bank:

This app also has an optional 9th sound bank called "White noise".
This bank can be used alone or with the other 8 giving you a total of 9 sound banks. This
audio is taken for the internal sounds of the famous DR60 recorder that is known as the
"Holy Grail" of EVP recorders. This is not a White Noise Generator, this is a normal sound bank like the others but this one contains white noise from the DR60.

Audio Effects:

This app does contain Echo and Reverb audio effects. These have been proven
to be the best effects to apply to ITC sessions. The echo can create audio that can be
manipulated within the echo itself. Echo can also help in live, real time communication by
repeating the audio and allowing you to better hear whats coming through. Reverb can be
applied to the audio to create a spacious sound environment that will enhance audio manipulation.

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Necrophonic Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug Fix: Reverb enabled at start and not indicated

Necrophonic Comments & Reviews

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- I’m just not sure

I bought this app after seeing others use it. I wanted to contact family that had passed. I read a lot of reviews an some say they get one or two words others say they get nothing for a while an others say they get nothing at all. I opened the app an hit start an it doesn’t stop there’s so many voices coming threw an they say so many words some two or more an Iv even asked questions an bit answers. Names have come threw that I never said but it also says things I have said. I know not everything that is said is spirit but with so many different voices an them saying sometimes the same thing when I ask a question 👋🏻I was wondering if anyone new if this app can hear what we say an I guess repeat it?👋🏻 Iv head some of my family’s voices come threw this thing an my kids hear them to so I’m not crazy but is this for real??

- Serves useful and is legitimate! One thing though....

First, the price is incredibly high. I was originally gonna get this and found that it was nearly 10 dollars. That’s very concerning. Second off, when I decided to get the app, it had done me well. The app is quite relevant and knows spirit communication well. I got clear and concise answers. I do, however, need to address a concern. There is no need for the app to have the screeching sounds. They take away the experience of a true evp session. It makes me anxious and hurt my ears. I did not like that aspect. It may create a dark mood, but it also creates more of a divide between me and the app. Please remove the screeching and loudness. It seriously does not serve a purpose. It makes me not want to use it. Besides that, I see myself definitely using this app often. My name is Ravi and had no clue how it knew my name. It started repeating it. When I used the app, I did keep hearing “devil”, over and over. Don’t know if that is anything to worry about! To everyone who uses the app or wants to purchase it: BE CAREFUL. Surround yourself in a white light. This app is nothing to joke with. It provides in depth what spirits are thinking and feeling. I’ve been seeing way more activity in my house after I used this app. I heard heavy footsteps down my hallway when no-one was home. Be careful! P.S.: put your volume in a low/ medium setting. The app is loud!

- First time using this app Wiccan story

Okay so I thought this app wasn’t real at first me and my boyfriend are into supernatural things including tools for supernatural, so when I downloaded he wanted to try it out . No joke I’ve never mentioned anything about zoey which is my older sister guardian name and it was his voice then it said “hey you boo” and that’s honestly how my guardian Telly would say to as a kid !! Okay so we paused took a minute and I’m Wiccan to so I wanted to be safe with it so we stay silent just listening to is and the next thing we Hurd was a loud woman screech that gave me chills after that I ask what’s out name it clearly said “kass” CLEAR! Like no joke I haven’t felt this much before that gave me a joking in my throat we waited 20 minutes because it was 1:00 am ps never do this during 3am ! If you don’t have the special tools to close a door from the other side ! We’ve Hurd so much that gave us chills and yes the atmosphere has changed a lot but heavy no we didn’t not hear anyone say “devil “ or “satan” so I believe this app is real and what vibes you give to make sure it’s positive energy and also it would go quite for a minute ! No lie that just caught us off guard we Hurd a woman crying ... so later on I go ahead and read how this app was created and no choke he DID NOT put any words only syllables ! After reading how he made this gave us an eye opener !

- So worth it!!

Honestly, I had low expectations and downloaded the app because the reviews convinced me I may have some luck. At first I was mad bc I couldn’t get it to work (doesn’t work if your phone is on silent lol). Once I figured that out, the constant noises made it seem gimmicky. I asked some typical questions, including “what is my name?”, which it did answer correctly and clearly. I still wasn’t convinced. UNTIL THIS HAPPENED...I work at a small hospital. I used the app with a coworker in the OR while we were the only ones in the entire hospital. I asked several questions if a spirit is present and I got a clear “yes” and “I’m here”. I asked “if someone is here, what is her name” and I pointed to my coworker. It responded with her name!!!!!! Clear as day!!! I was surprised and really excited, especially bc I have it all recorded too. I am struggling to understand any other longer responses I might be getting despite recording and playing it back. Most of the time it is hard to decipher answers from just random sounds. BUT to be fair, I’ve only used my phone to record, not with an actual recorder. That’s my next plan. Real or not(I’m still not 100% convinced), it’s been fun and worth the $10 and definitely beats having to spend $400 on an ovilus.

- Yes, it’s legit

I’ve had this app for well over a year. I have been clairaudient since childhood. This app has helped me feel, which clairaudients question quite often, like I’m not “crazy” or imagining things. Infrequently, I have gone to mediums. A particularly name kept coming up in my readings, Thomas. Interestingly, well after these readings, Thomas comes often to make his presence known by himself saying hello or stating his name, as well as other spirits introducing him. Often in my sessions using the app spirit asks me to “call the light” to help them cross. That is something I’ve been doing since my early youth. It is comforting to hear confirmation of spirit getting the help they asked for and will often say words that correlate to me asking my team to bring the light and helping them to cross. Words such as “help, light, up, ascend, angels, gone, peace, etc.” are often heard in my sessions which is very comforting. I definitely recommend guidance on grounding techniques and creating a safe space for yourself (protection), before using this or other apps of this nature. I have found this app to be most successful other than my old faithful Sb7, although I don’t truly need either. Hope this helps!

- Life is beautiful, death is pure.

I work as a removal technician for a funeral home in Seattle, Washington. I am a ghost hunting fanatic, I have been since I was a little girl. I frequently use this app to connect. It works, honestly. It’s accurate to the bones. The voices you hear are from the dead, in real time. I don’t know how it’s possible but they are able to speak with this form of technology. It’s very cool. I have heard the voices of friends and family of mine who have passed come through this app and it’s given me peace. It sounds crazy, I know but it’s the truth. I wouldn’t say anything at all if I didn’t fully believe it works. It does. It’s definitely worth paying for if you have the courage to connect with spirits in real time. Be careful what you open yourself up to. Use your intuition. Stay strong in the light of love, love is the key. Protect yourself. I have used this app with friends of mine who are completely skeptic and it has blown their minds. I’m in love with it. It’s the best app I have ever purchased. It’s inspired me to build my own spirit box. Thank you, for helping me connect me with the other side. It’s given me confirmations beyond my wildest dreams. Incredible, absolutely amazing.

- It works

I can definitely confirm that this app works! I was able to communicate with my boyfriend that passed away. I wanted to test the app so I asked my boyfriend what his last name was and he said it ( to make sure the app didn’t hear me I did not say it) Also I work at a retirement home, I was able to get a lot of evidence from there. The residents were playing bingo in the other room from me and I asked the spirit box can you tell me what they are doing in the other room? And the response was bingo. one of our residents fell down the other day and I asked the spirit box if they could tell me what happened downstairs and it said fallen, fell, hurt it was amazing!! I asked them if she was ok and they said yes. Sure enough she came back home from the hospital a few hours later. The app is legit, I don’t know how it’s even possible. But if you are doubting getting this app, just do it. Just be careful, take precautions. Talking to spirits can be addicting and that’s what causes them to latch on to you. I always say a prayer before and after I have a session I don’t know if it works but nothings happened to me so far 🤷🏻‍♀️

- Patience

This app is the real deal but let me fill you in on the reality of what’s going to happen and it is very clearly stated in the app description. You’re not going to open the app and have full conversations with spirits. You need to take your time and really listen to understand the vocabulary. You may get multiple responses or none. Be patient! Also, recording your sessions are key because they’ll spit out words so quickly that you don’t even hear it. Review your responses a few times. Start off with simple questions that can be answered with a yes or no an then progress to 1 word answers, etc. I feel $10 for this app is very reasonable. It’s a 1 time fee. Be cheap and spend $6 less- you get what you pay for. Think about how much money you spend on coffee or energy drinks every week... it’s probably more than $10. Remember, this is your phone not an actual spirit box you’ve seen on tv. If you’re into spirit communication and curious to find out more this app is an inexpensive and great way to get started. 5 stars all the way

- Necrophonic , The best For my Spirit Sessions

I don’t have any problems communicating with Spirit when I’m using Necrophonic.💞 I get smart conversation and intelligent answers xx I have made a name for myself in the Spirit world and spirit calls me by name through Necrophonic. For a person with the GIFT. All this is way too easy . for me. I have a friendly relationship with Spirit through Necrophonic. I have found out what Spirit likes and dislikes. What bothers them . Like my friend that talks way to much. Music , what band Spirit likes. One Spirit likes The Band muse. All with Necrophonic. Spirit warns me about trouble for me and tells me who to be weary of. I record all these and clean up the recording my self. Wholly 💩 I could go on and on. For recording I use a regular voice recorder. I don’t use any settings on my Necrophonic, all I do is turn it on. Wait for the introduction to shut up and I get a rush of spirit saying hello , giving me names . And like a famous paranormal Dude. I too do 100 💯 percent real Spirit Communication . And my Name is Evie. Sensitive to the Spirit.

- Seems legitimate

So when I first got this app.. it just sounded like jibberish on replay, thought welp that’s $ down the drain but Today ~ about a few weeks later after buying this app I thought about starting it back up again for I dunno what reason... I started listening and then was like what the heck I’ll ask a question.. I asked what am I holding? It CLEARLY said “fruit” & then said “food” I thought woah.. Bc I was holding up a grape and was eating fruit ! but that’s not all. I heard a noise outside my house gate and a voice said “is it mom?” Then I got up to look to see and the voice said “no, truck passing” there was a truck passing!! Mind you I live in the sticks of Texas so getting anyone around is rare. So I get in my bed as my AC kicks on and I grab a blanket.. and the voice said “you’re cold” I was in shock and just said yeah I am cold!... then immediately came to write this review. I’m not sure what the odds are on all that happing and the app being fake... so to me so far it seems legitimate :)

- Wow

This app amazing and really works but I got some suggestions. I would love it if you added a recording option because some spirits struggle to talk through it so even with the features it is still hard to hear them. I also love it if your add more features to help hear them better and remove the creepy sounds too please because it makes me feel its more fake and trying to scare people off the experience when it isn’t scary at all also by putting fear into people it allows these spirits to harm people or it invites dark spirits so please make it a toggle option or remove it completely so that way it invites more spirits of light. This be a wonderful app to help people connect to the light more and gain wisdom off of light spirits. It also be nice if you are able to create a protect for those who want nothing to do with dark spirits. If you guys want I can help create art that keeps the demons away.

- I’m sleeping with lights on

Terrified,I just got a new phone nothing from iCloud was backed up. I never speak about my grandpa who died before I was born i asked what my grandpas name was and they said his full name and my other grandpa recently passed so I asked if he was here and it was his voice saying yes I’m here and I was sweating profusely and had chills. I always pray before and ask to speak to nice spirts and ask others to leave I get a lot of negative energy though so I’m not sure if I’ll use in my house again because before downloading I always felt something starring at me in the darkest parts of my home. My boyfriend who stayed the night was in my bathroom and we were home alone thought I was walking upstairs but I was downstairs for 10 minutes after that occurrence. So I don’t want to be sketched even more lol

- This is not a simulation this is a real deal.

Because this is a Ouija board of the 21century you have to remember about safety! I am bilingual and some of the reviews were pointing out as a joke that ghosts on this app only speak English. Even if so it does make sense to me. You communicate with “stuck” souls and they are probably “local” to this physical area were they spent their life. So I asked if there was somebody who can speak my language, but no, I only heard English. One more thing, you have to be screen recording and later playing back on some movie editing app where you can slow it down a bit. So third session a have a bunch of voices that speak my language!!!! I was shocked. I wish you could do all of those things on one app-record, playback, change the speed. But the clarity is amazing! 5 stars!

- I made contact with the other side.

Please if you are going to use this app do it with screen recording on so you can capture the responses, otherwise it will be hard to go off of based on just the live responses. This app works, I really questioned it before and after purchasing. I have heard responses come through and have Audio proof. The microphone on my phone does not even work so let’s already eliminate that it could even possibly use your mic to record you. The best apart this is that when a response comes through, you’ll know it, it will be clear, especially listening to it on an audio editor app. I’ve tinkered with this a lot before leaving this review and I can vouch this is real, the responses I’ve gotten are u deniable and give me goosebumps and bring tears to my eyes. Love& Respect Bless us all

- Ok

So so far I’ve been using the app for the past couple hours or so and I’m actually quite impressed although I did hear a Sense of repetition from certain words that were constantly spotted out drought the second session and first I’m not sure maybe it’s because of what I’m trying to ask or something like that but either way I do you like the app it’s very interesting and I like it and I’ll like to see more an actual paranormal environment but so far it keeps you on edge so I appreciate it man improvement that will keep voices steady steady would be incredible so far I don’t really think I’ll want a refund but if I don’t feel impressed with it I might other than that it’s actually really good so far it’s pretty entertaining at least so I appreciate it hope to see more from you dude

- Save your money for something legit

I was excited to try this out because I have used an actual spirit box before and had amazing results. With those it's very certain words that come through. This just filters through random sounds long enough and frequently enough that eventually you hear something that pertains to you. I wish I would have saved my money, $10 is ridiculous for an app that doesn't do anything. I guess it will be good to freak out friends because the sounds it uses are genuinely pretty creepy, but don't expect actual results from an app. I wish they would at least advertise it as such instead of of charging $10 for nothing. Jokes on me because I paid for it, but if you see this go experiment with an actual spirit box, not an app that just reuses sounds. I see lots of reviews saying you "need to know how to use it" but that's not true, this just is creepy enough to make you want to believe it but I'm bummed I wasted money on this. I guess hindsight is 20/20 😩


I was skeptical like all of us are but this is 100% real. To do this, take a deck of cards and shuffle them. Next fan the cards out and have a partner pick a random card. Next without looking at it face the card away from you (you don’t look at the card because if you know what the card is you will be listening for that, with this you just listen to whatever it is) Next hold it up and out, away from yourself and ask what card it is. For me it responded with “clubs”, Then I asked what number it was because I wanted to be completely sure. It responded with “two” I flipped the card over and sure enough, it was a two of clubs. My jaw dropped and so did my friend. I recommend this app 100%. Definitely worth the purchase!

- Best sessions with this app

I just want to say first that $10 for this is not bad at all for it’s legitimacy. I use many different tools for communication, but this is definitely one of my favorite. The more I use it, the stronger my connections are each time. I’ve heard so many familiar names of family members that have passed, as well as spirits giving me messages to relay to people. I could say so many positive things about this app. It can be very moving if you decide to use it with good intentions. That being said, I’ve heard the spirits mention that someone is listening and sometimes they shush each other and get quiet. Be very careful with this! Do not let fear take control of your session. Darkness will coexist with light and your fear will only fuel it. Thank you so much for this app!!

- I am really starting to question the credibility of this app

I have noticed over and over again this app is saying things that I have said throughout the day or thing my gf has said. And sometimes it even sounds like my voice or other people i knows voice, which makes me wonder if this app is recording noises/ conversation around me and storing them in the sound banks then playing back fragments and certain words. It was really crazy when I noticed it sounded like my voice in the mix. Also my gf calls me baby and I do the same . I hear baby and my name almost every time I turn this app on. I guess my conclusion is , is that I am just not certain about this being legit. I’d like to Believe but I don’t know.

- The app is great, but I did not mean to buy it.

I’m sorry, I had allowed my little bother to play games on my IPad about a week ago and I ended up having about $10 taken from me. I noticed that this app had been hidden in one of my folders and I’m assuming this was the app my little brother had purchased without my authority. I tended to try it out for a little bit and realized that It wasn’t as bad, but considering that I’m not actually a fan of anything related to paranormal activity and such. I would love to have this refunded. Please and thank you. Ps, I’d advise that any of you who are a bit skeptical about purchasing this app, it is pretty legit. You should definitely try it out if your really looking for something to help you communicate with the dead.

- Strange

Okay so I downloaded this app after I had gotten some evp voices from inside my own house. I had gotten the evps after I heard a human whistle coming from from behind the show curtain. So I sat down in the shower room and simple set my phone down and waited. I recieved an evp of a child saying “” another one saying “hello (my name)” another one of a deep laugh and then another one of something saying “I am god” but in a deep sinister voice. So I went ahead and downloaded this app and the first thing I heard was “Ma Ma” and then I heard “god” then I heard “BLM” which I just went to a protest and heard a voice tell me to get up and run and I told the people next to me to get up and run, move. So I got up and ran and a few seconds later everyone was gassed. This is weird.

- Legitimate

As soon as I turned it on It got interesting . I sat back closed my eyes, concentrated and begin to ask a few easy questions just to get validation and BAM! I asked my for my name...they got it. I told the spirits in around or on whatever plain of existence their on about my dog told them his name and asked to repeat and BAM! They did. I had a few sentences come through about Christmas. Anyway GREAT JOB! I’m truly convinced and I’ve never had bought a more useful app. I notice when I pair it with a Bluetooth speaker I get twice as many validations . I wonder if it has something to do wit more energy intertwined between the two (the app and the speaker) thank you and a completely satisfied customer

- Wow

I played around with this a few times and never would hear a response I could understand. Well last night holy crap, I was getting answers to every question. It was really crazy. I started to freak myself out. I asked how many were there. One voice said 200, asked how they died, one voice said zika, one said accident, one said hanging, then I asked how old they were. So many responses with different ages. I asked where they were from and I got New Orleans, Tennessee, Arkansas. They said my daughters name and my dogs name. I was unsure about this app at first but I am now 100% convinced this is legit. Give it time and listen how the voices come in. I found the echo mode helped.

- It really does work

I have been using this app almost everyday for a few months. I just listened for a while, get use to the sounds and everything for about a week. I recommend recording sessions, sometimes it’s almost a whisper and can miss it. I have had a ton of valid/ intellectual responses to questions. I prefer to only use reverb. Sometimes I get voices that sound as if they are speaking to one another, sometimes I think I hear a word but listen closer and it’s not. I get more than one word answers. There are better forms of doing this, but for a phone app at 10 dollars that actually works... I say it’s worth it and great job.

- Holy Moly!!!!!!

I went through EVERY review. Even the one star reviews. I noticed a lot of people saying everything is on a loop, the words sound broken up or that it's not possible for it to be picking up spirits in areas most people wouldn't think them to be. Here's the thing: I have a spirit of an eleven year old girl named Patty in a doll vessel. I asked her constantly who I was, where she liked her vessel to be, etc. Here's what got me: my shiba inu started barking at the neighbor downstairs as they were leaving and in a sweet, young sounding voice, I heard "Kitsune shhhh." ... Kitsune's name (pronounced Kee-su-nay) is NOT easy to pronounce. Especially for a "fake app." And no. I wasn't just hearing things. My boyfriend and roommate actually pointed it out before I did, but we all heard it at the same time. People can say what they want, I'm choosing to believe because how can I not now? It was so wild!!!!! It was the first time I've heard her voice. Usually I don't hear the voices, I just feel their energy and emotions (I'm an emapth), so this was really cool!

- How do I contact my family and friends?

So I downloaded this app today and I played it with my mom and my mom got scared so I turned it off. I just started it again and it's currently 11:15, after like 2 minutes my cat comes in my room and starts looking at the air like he can see people. He looks all around my room... I don't know how to contact my dad but I would really like to. Also I have a friend who committed suicide and I would like to talk to her as well. But I can't seem to hear them or get clear responses. I have recorded and played in slomo but still nothing. Does anyone have any tips?

- Whoa! Hell yeah! 👍😳

I see mixed reviews on this. I think ITC only works for certain people. My experience is that it does work. You have to use a voice recorder to listen for the responses. I didn't hear it the first go around and when I replayed it the answers were there. I asked, "What's my name?" And a girl replied it. There were other questions and they were answered. Although I did try it later on and I got jibberish. But during that time the tv was on, so was the washing machine and drier too. So if you're not using a recorder most likely you're not going to hear you answer on the first shot.

- Speaks Hebrew.

So I my opinion you are talking to Demons on this app. First time really using this app to see if it’s legit. I am in a park in LA county in the most un israeli/Jewish neighborhood you can find. I began talking in Hebrew while the app was on and I got intelligent responses back in Hebrew and it called me Israeli. If you are wondering if this app is legit well it is. Not to many apps support Hebrew let alone to have this spirit box just come out with full intelligent conversations in Hebrew answering my questions that I asked in hebrew. Now if these are Ghosts? I doubt it. It’s more then likely demons that understand me. Use at your own risk.

- Crazy results!!!

This app is amazing! I’ve had crazy results. Thank you for helping with the sound issue. It was the switch on the side of the iPhone. I work at the Historic Jameson I’m Wallace Idaho. Some of the things that has been said is insane. I was at the top of the stairs and it kept saying “Push!”.. of course I was like hell no I’m not going down the stairs. Then a lady came across and said “you’re protected.” . It says my bosses name all the time. And when I bring fresh flowers they recognize it and talk about them. Can’t wait to try the Spiritus app. Just seen the Steve Huff video! Amazing 😊❤️

- No joke

This app is very real. My brother and I were using it and it’s said our first and last names during the session. Kinda creepy I would say but very interesting at the same time. Should not use this app unless all the lights are on and it’s a bright energy. Heard some women crying and then laughing in the back ground, got me and my brother spooked a little. I don’t think it’s worth $10 but it is a real connection to the spirt world. Have to be patient when using this app may take the spirt longer to communicate at times. Use the app wisely be safe.

- It’s ok...

Ok so I’m not saying that I hate this app, but it could use some improvement. First things first: I can’t tell if I’m hearing spirits or just the random noises that come out of the box. Second, I don’t like the loud buzzing on it because if I do hear something I can’t make out what any of it says at all. I did try to contact my grandpa and I think I did, but I couldn’t hear the voice over the buzzing. So if you could, please fix that feature, so that people can hear it a little bit better. Also I feel like the price on it is a little on the high side.

- Do not waste your money

I bought this for fun just to see what a possibly high dollar ghost app thing had to offer and this is just a bunch of weird noises built into it. I think the other positive reviews are by people who know the person selling the ten dollar app. DO NOT BUY. This is a giant scam. You are paying ten bucks to hear a bunch of weird haunted houses spooky noises. There is nothing to this. I’m interested in ghosts and tried to see if there were apps for it but there isn’t. Don’t be an idiot like I was. If you’re interested in ghost hunting, go look at real devices and don’t buy an app. None of the apps on this iOS App Store thing are worth anything and this one is the biggest offender. The person who made this app knew what they were doing with scamming people.

- Records your own voice

My mother ghost hunts around the country and told me about this app. I was extremely skeptical because of the price but she swore by it so I downloaded it. The first day I asked a question and said my fiancé’s name. Two minutes later I heard my own voice in a softer tone saying only my fiancé’s name. Tested it again the next day and heard my voice twice saying 1 to 2 words in questions I asked. Brought this up to my mother who didn’t believe me, yet when she went back through her recordings she found her voice played back on many different occasions. Why I ever thought a phone application would give accurate results is alarming. Going to figure out a way to get my money back since we have recorded proof of it being a scam!

- It’s real!!

I was very skeptical about getting this app, especially knowing it’s $10. But I decided to try it anyway and opened it up at one of the most claimed haunted museums nearby and was highly impressed. I asked a certain spirit how she died, not truly knowing or have researched it, and everything she said turned out to be true. It does take some time and some of the words that come through are a little hard to hear, but it’s a definite well spent $10 and I will be recommending this app to all my friends!

- Legit paranormal app? Maybe...

I love this app, especially the white noise from the famous dr60 recorder. I’ve gotten responses like “I love you” and even my name. The problem is that, it says that over and over again. I recorded a session and it has said the same words several times! Not sure if it remembers the previous responses or what... but it certainly says words repeatedly. Like I said I enjoy using it, I just would like to know if the white noise is truly just white noise. Not a bunch of prerecorded spirit voices through dr60. Thanks!

- Probably fake

No matter where I go, this thing ‘picks up’ multiple voices. Somehow I doubt every place would be that severely haunted. I was skeptical when I bought this app, so it doesn’t surprise me that much. The voices are also very garbled and difficult to make out, so any response you think you hear could very well be your mind trying to make sense of what you’re hearing, if not your mind imagining something you’re currently thinking of—such as a response to a specific question. I can’t prove that the voices are just programmed into the app, which is why I didn’t give this a 1-star rating. But Necrophonic has given me no reason to believe it’s legit.

- No longer works on iPhone

This app worked great for about 6 months. Then it stopped working on my iPhone 7. I uninstalled it and then reinstalled it. Still not working. When I turn the app on you used to be able to hear some noises come through. Now the app starts and there’s no sound at all. No matter what buttons I push, I don’t hear anything coming from this app. I have tried to reach out to the creators and have gotten no help except to reinstall it. Which I did twice. A little sad that it stopped working. This was a good app and worth the $10. Would be nice to get some further updates or troubleshooting from the creator.

- Kinda creepy

After analyzing this app for a while it’s pretty clear to me that there is no instrument sounds in it so when I heard a feint piano sound I thought maybe I just imagined the piano sound then I got creeped out when it said the word piano not even a minute after this app is pretty cool hard to hear exactly what the spirits are saying at times but I’ve heard my first and last name through this app I heard I love you I’ve even heard sounds I don’t even think are programmed into the app

- Crazy!

So when I first downloaded this app, I tried it at my friends house and it didn’t work at all. I told her she didn’t have ghosts in her house but she wanted to be sure. My sisters house has 2 people that have died here, and they’re very active. Always nice and listen when told to stop closing doors, things like that. So we tried the app today at her house. We asked if they knew our names, and clear as day they said all of our names . I was shooketh.

- (WORKS)Record your sessions

As the head investigator of one of the top paranormal teams in Montana, I can say that this app 100% works. But the really big thing for this app is you HAVE TO record your sessions. If you don’t then most of the time you won’t hear your replies because it happens so fast. Record record record! Make sure to run the app through a orbital psb-7 speaker, or any clear good speaker. This works just like any other real spirit box

- Perfect

Let me start off by saying I have used many apps that uses sound banks that uses trigger sensor in you device to produce random words and it sounds. With this app I experienced hearing complete sentences and complete replies to questions. Extremely entertaining but dangerously scary. Well done. Has anybody else experienced this as well? The app’s name says it all and that’s what you get. Please use this app with caution. And know your strength because they know your weakness.

- Dissapointing scam

I was curious to see how legit this really is. A sound bank is a sound bank. Not much you can get out of it to begin with. However it is disappointing since this is a whopping $10. No way it took the developer long to place random noises from a more expensive legit box into a sound bank. 0.99 cents is one thing, but fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice? Well then I am just as naive as the next fool. Go somewhere else. You want paranormal activity? Your better off just recording or live-streaming a location with activity than waste your time on this application. I warned you. Take your poison.

- Great App

This app works really well for communication. At times I doubt the legitimacy of it, but the spirits have a way of changing my mind pretty accurately taking count of some deer that were entering a field across from where I was having a session. The only thing I wish this app had was the ability to record sessions. It’s really hard to pick up some responses, so having the option to record session so you can play them back afterward would be very helpful.

- Dude immediate response

Everyone has something special and different about them. But you need the tools to even attempt it. Here ya go! I was showed this app by a fellow Ghost hunter who knows the developer and I’m just super impressed with the functions. It’s simple, and filters out the background noise. Echo option and white noise, creeped out but at least I know who’s following me in the basement. They were almost tickled dead to know they had a voice now!

- Amazingly terrifying

I love this..I can clearly hear what is being said..I’m terrified..I do believe in the paranormal..I’m scared of what was said..I don’t think I’m gonna use this too offend..I don’t like what it said..understanding and feeling are too different things..the first time I hear these voices was in my room back in high school and it was the same thing..a bunch of voices saying something..but I managed that differently 😥..great app though 👌

- You have to be patient

You will not get communicative response if you do not mediate your mind with positivity. Be kind and genuine when asking your question. Ask your spirit guide to guide you. Yes, it does work. I asked my spirit guide for a favor and it said favor. They also believe but not in everyone. You need to gain their trust and respect. I have communicated with many spirits. They are all interested as much as we are with them. Trust me

- Best sound for ghost detecting I have found!

I thought the price was more than fair considering buying a ghost box which can be anywhere from $30 on up! It’s so worth it! The sound is clear and it works so well! Thank you! I have been want a ghost box for so long but the good ones aren’t cheap but with this app I feel like I found a great way to communicate with the other side!

- Not real

What I found out about the app: I only asked questions such as what color is my shirt, do I have a dog or cat, what color is my cat, what is my cats name, what did I write and what am I holding. It ran through about 4 colors before the right one, never said my cats name nor my name. I realized the more o used it with questions like such, it would store the words I was using to narrow down answers to my questions later on that I’d ask (getting to know me better.) the more I asked about my cat, the more it would say cat between my questions. It does say a ton of randomness between questions also which included cat, girl, boy and door.

- Well worth every penny

I wasn’t sure if this was gonna be just another fake app but after over a week of useing it I can promise you this is legit key thing is always pray before doing so and definitely be respectful to the spirits and you slowly will come into more conversations you have to be open minded and have Patients and always have god In you’re heart 😊

- No sound

I have purchased this app...I am not getting any sound....I have the sound up and have deleted and reinstalled the app...Turned the phone off and on still no sound...Any help would be appreciated..Thank you.....thank you for you immediate response...I did find out what I did incorrectly...It works great on my way to ghost hunt again soon....... THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!

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- Why

Dosent work I have tried and tried

- Sigil of Astaroth

Is it a coincidence or a sly inclusion that the “O” in Necrophonic contains the Goetic Sigil for Astaroth? “He gives true answers of things past, present, and to come, and can discover all secrets”

- Amazing!!

I got this last night and I am blown away by it!

- Works well on my phone but...

...not on my iPad. Any ideas pls?

- Seems sketchy

I’ve done everything I’m meant to, and all I get is what sounds like recorded voices making noise. Not worth the money to be honest. Another scam

- Necrophonic

Doesn’t work, can’t here anything, there’s no settings or even a menu of some kind

- Not worth $11.99

I am in Australia, and it seems the spirits speak American???? Seems to say the same thing a lot ummm???

- No sound

Can’t really review it as it has no sound?? Someone tell me what’s going on?

- Don’t bother

Cannot get it to work at all on iphone xp


This is all fake I asked it a question and it replied with random answers. This is a scam and not worth the money

- Awesome.

1 of the Best app’s out there 👍🏻👍🏻

- Refund

How can I get a refund now please.

- An amazing app

It’s amazing app I do YouTube videos and all that so it’s definitely a good app for me

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- Good but...

You guys should add close captioning to this app

- No Sound

My friend downloaded this app and we loved it. However when I downloaded it there was no sound. Especially where I bought the app I expect it to work. My friend mentioned hers would sometimes work and not. Needs an update.

- Record button!!

You guys should update and add an record button and save option. If people want captions they can use the record button, than save the file and listen. Right now I’m using another phone to record so I can listen back to see if I catch any EVPs.

- Waste

What a waste of money don’t buy it.

- This app is amazing

It’s kinda hard to understand them at first but then if you put it on echo it’s way easier It’s scary because I was talking to my cousin that died from an overdose and I asked it how it died and what was it’s name and it was my cousin

- Fun

So how does this thing work, I turn it on and there are already voices. Is this like fake?

- Very interesting

A lot of people don’t know that there is vowels and the sounds of letters prerecorded and the spirits manipulate those and speak to you just like it does with the radio manipulates the voices through out frequencies. Works great I suggest recording your sessions and re listening back

- Want my money back

How on earth can this app be useful without audio.....especially an app like this? I read thruother reviews that said the same thing and it’s not an issue with my phone. Where’s the bug fix or how do I get my money refunded?

- Don’t buy it

I live in a french city and I also speak french but all of the “answers” I’m getting are in English. It’s not very credible. The sounds that are coming out of the app are also very fake. Don’t waste your money on this app.

- Garage.

Not to be a dick, but this is garbage. No phone has the right sensors to pick up on spirits. There’s a reason why you don’t see auras with a phone’s camera. Same thing goes with audio for spirit voices. $13.99 down the drain.

- Necrophonic

Doesn’t even register in the list of apps on my iPod touch 7thGen under the settings section n no sound as well

- Don’t, waste, your, money!

The app doesn’t do anything except play clips of voices and sounds in the background. It’s nothing but static and sounds! Don’t waste your money. Was hoping for $13 I’d get something cool And fun to play around with. Oh! And the best part even when you’re a talking, the sounds keep coming through. Apple is giving me a refund.

- Just for the serene ambiance, 3 stars

I really haven’t tested it out and I’m not going to be talking to anyone but if anything, it is pretty peaceful to listen to. Very relaxing if you turn on the echo and reverb. I figure, if they’re gonna talk, they’ll talk. They’re probably all around us talking to each other anyway. Maybe this is like a “bug” as we spy into their realm. Those who don’t hear anything. Maybe location is a factor. Mine won’t shut up because I’m sitting in a shed that everyone thinks is haunted. Lol. It isn’t radio frequencies because I tested without the wifi on, so either recorded or real spirits coming through. On that note, there’s not a lot of repetitive words coming through, so interesting regardless. Would be cool to be able to record to an mp3 or a wav file for posterity, but in time. Actually, I have 3 starts here but upgraded it to 5 because this app is already better than the others and I see great things coming if they keep working on this. It’s worth a buy and I’m not even a ghost hunter.

- Not working at all

Just downloaded and it doesn’t do anything. No white noise nothing

- Disappointed

The first few weeks the sound worked. Now all of a sudden there is no sound period. Checked for updates but nothing. Mute/vibrate is off.

- Not a good app

I cannot make anything out I also try to speak to my bf who passed away and I’m just getting a bunch of talking but not him just sounds like the same words over and over

- Great app

Honestly I got a lot of activity and it was fascinating and scary at the same time but I have so many questions and stuff curiosity kills the cat but great app for contacting spirit but use with discretion.

- Fake!

It’s just on a loop and it never responds to any questions but keeps having people talk and not respond. I want my money back :(

- Very cool

I saw this app on one of Steve Huffs YouTube videos and he highly recommended it. If you are interested in spirit communication but don't have the funds I suggest this app. I heard someone say my name in my native language as well as other bizarre things!

- No sound.

I need this fixed. Why am I getting no sound?

- Screwed outta $10

Stoped working after a week no sound at all. Thanks guys

- Hello

Cannot make anything out at all

- À ne pas télécharger

Vraiment ridicule comme application. Coût élevé pour du fake. On entend d’emblée des sons random en l’ouvrant et tout ce qu’on entend sont des mots en anglais alors pas crédible du tout pour mon entourage. Je ne recommande pas et je demande à être remboursé voyons dont, c’est rire du monde!

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Today I'm thankful for: 1. The spirits that came thru via Necrophonic App at 2-4am last night 2. A new spirit named Ian has made his presence known to me (his name came thru many times last night) 3. The spirit who called my cell phone and left a voicemail requesting help

Midnight Paranormal

3 AM Sprit Box session (Necrophonic) via @YouTube

Minalina Alexander

@UGUEbrothers @YouTube Did anyone else see what I saw around 41:49 there a white figure moved below Joe's phone while necrophonic app is running


As the weather continues to warm up, I look forward to returning to my cities cemeteries to do more ghost hunts. My first time at the cemetery was calming and insightful. Hearing spirits say your name is so validating and life changing. Thank u Necrophonic App and those who spoke


Necrophonic App Session at 2-3am last night. I think a spirit guide named John came thru multiple times. The way my body feels after a session is indescribable - a level of peace and serenity only attained thru spiritual awareness. Feeling Energy flowing thru my the Charka points

David S Vingman

@e_sprehe I've done a few Necrophonic sessions with the lava lamp and so has @TheASPGofNH

Medium M.E. Sprehe

@DVingman 🌹💙 You ever thought of using something like a Necrophonic next to it and see what voices comes back? And what’s said?🤔😉 Darkly Blessings!🕯🙏

SS3 Paranormal

Thank you everyone. Please keep sharing for us. New video put today with Jazra the haunted doll from the mystery box. K2 and Rempod go off and we even get replies on the necrophonic spirit box.

SS3 Paranormal

Thank you everyone. Please keep sharing for us. New video put today with Jazra the haunted doll from the mystery box. K2 and Rempod go off and we even get replies on the necrophonic spirit box.

Larry McCoy

In a little bit I may walk somewhere and do a necrophonic session

🇨🇦 FaTaL_Viru5 🇵🇹

I bought a famous app called Necrophonic.... TONS of ghost hunters use ot for evps im debating trying it out on stream lol @pic_tora

Jennasie 🧩

Miki York - Necrophonic - Instagram LIVE - Jennifer the Haunted Doll via @YouTube


@cjfaison Yes I will be to use the necrophonic app to communicate with you LOL


Emily the doll and the necrophonic

Pamela Mars

So I turned the necrophonic app on today & it kept repeating “help” in different voices. So I asked how I could help & I heard “free.” How does this app work?

Necrophonic 1.1 Screenshots & Images

Necrophonic iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Necrophonic iphone images
Necrophonic iphone images

Necrophonic (Version 1.1) Install & Download

The applications Necrophonic was published in the category Utilities on 2018-07-25 and was developed by chris rogers [Developer ID: 1119043156]. This application file size is 176 MB. Necrophonic - Utilities app posted on 2018-07-25 current version is 1.1 and works well on IOS 7.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ChillSeekers.Necrophonic

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