Necrophonic [Utilities] App Description & Overview

Necrophonic is an ITC app used for spirit communication and EVP research.

8 Sounds Banks:

The audio has been mastered in a way to bring out various sound properties .
Using Pro Tools I was able to enhance high, mid, and low range frequencies. I also applied
other filters to create unique sound characteristics to help layer the audio and create an
environment suitable for spirit communication.

The audio itself is made up of phonemes,
partial words, reverse audio, foreign languages, and other parts of speech that can help
spirits communicate. Besides some basic phonetic sounds such as na, no, da, do, di, ma, may, etc.
there are no real words of phrases contained in the banks.

These sounds banks play in a similar
way to that of my other app "Spiritus Ghost Box" but instead of 4 sound banks Necrophonic has
8 active sound banks.

White Noise Sound Bank:

This app also has an optional 9th sound bank called "White noise".
This bank can be used alone or with the other 8 giving you a total of 9 sound banks. This
audio is taken for the internal sounds of the famous DR60 recorder that is known as the
"Holy Grail" of EVP recorders. This is not a White Noise Generator, this is a normal sound bank like the others but this one contains white noise from the DR60.

Audio Effects:

This app does contain Echo and Reverb audio effects. These have been proven
to be the best effects to apply to ITC sessions. The echo can create audio that can be
manipulated within the echo itself. Echo can also help in live, real time communication by
repeating the audio and allowing you to better hear whats coming through. Reverb can be
applied to the audio to create a spacious sound environment that will enhance audio manipulation.

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Necrophonic App Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

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Necrophonic Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug Fix: Reverb enabled at start and not indicated

Necrophonic Comments & Reviews

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- Overrated

Watching YouTube and everyone praising this app I figured why not give it a try. Then I saw the price and thought you got to be kidding... well it took me about 8 months to talk myself into paying that much for an app. A couple months in, I don’t know what all the rave was about. Seriously, they must have been paid advertisers. I am not impressed at all. For 10 bucks you could spruce the app up give us more than 3 options. I still haven’t figured out what the reverb is and echo echos over anything coming in (if anything does come in). We can’t adjust app volume app speed or app range. If you’re wanting this app, I advise you to wait until it’s been updated and improved.

- The App says DR60 Sound Bank

That’s EXACTLY what this is. It’s a pre-recorded sound bank app. What a joke! This app is no different that an outdoor Halloween decoration that plays scary phrases. The app says words that you’ve previously said. Or as some would say it’s just a huge recording. Fraud, to say the least. ;)

- Doesn’t work

Used it once never worked again I want my money back

- White noise bank?

Used this on 1 investigation so far and got some pretty awesome results!! We will definitely continue to use it! In the description it says there is an optional white noise bank.... how do I turn that on/off? Or is there another app I need?

- It records your voice and plays it

I did this with my friends and we heard all of our voices. Not worth the money.

- All of a sudden Not Working

So I tried this at 3 am in my VERY haunted house. And all of a sudden ... nothing. No prerecorded sound, no white noise, nothing. Deleted and reinstalled app and still it doesn’t work. Really wish I would have just kept my money :(

- Save your money for something legit

I was excited to try this out because I have used an actual spirit box before and had amazing results. With those it's very certain words that come through. This just filters through random sounds long enough and frequently enough that eventually you hear something that pertains to you. I wish I would have saved my money, $10 is ridiculous for an app that doesn't do anything. I guess it will be good to freak out friends because the sounds it uses are genuinely pretty creepy, but don't expect actual results from an app. I wish they would at least advertise it as such instead of of charging $10 for nothing. Jokes on me because I paid for it, but if you see this go experiment with an actual spirit box, not an app that just reuses sounds. I see lots of reviews saying you "need to know how to use it" but that's not true, this just is creepy enough to make you want to believe it but I'm bummed I wasted money on this. I guess hindsight is 20/20 😩

- Garbage

It’s a hoax. The “voices” are pre-recorded. It’s so obvious.

- Records your own voice

My mother ghost hunts around the country and told me about this app. I was extremely skeptical because of the price but she swore by it so I downloaded it. The first day I asked a question and said my fiancé’s name. Two minutes later I heard my own voice in a softer tone saying only my fiancé’s name. Tested it again the next day and heard my voice twice saying 1 to 2 words in questions I asked. Brought this up to my mother who didn’t believe me, yet when she went back through her recordings she found her voice played back on many different occasions. Why I ever thought a phone application would give accurate results is alarming. Going to figure out a way to get my money back since we have recorded proof of it being a scam!

- Way too expensive

This app is WAY too expensive for what it is. It’s hard to tell if it’s actually a useful tool for hunting or if it’s just a soundboard with a bunch of clips that makes you think you’re hearing something from the jumbled mess it is. If you want this thing to have any kind of credibility for hunting, get rid of the voices. Or make the app free. Because, as it stands, I feel ripped off.

- Crazy!

Very real app! Use with caution! ALWAYS REMEMBER TO CLOSE YOUR SESSIONS!

- Waste of money

This app is a waste of money you can not understand anything it says it is horrible

- Super quite

It’s super quite now

- My opinion

App works great, got to talk to Satan personally, was amazing

- ....

Love the app the only issue is that it stopped working all the sudden I can’t hear nothing sound on my phone works everywhere else but not this app! But I do love it

- Fake

This is all Fake Noises. Great for a prank! 😂

- It works

I finally figured out how to get the app to work( take your phone off silent) and the first thing I heard was my name said by multiple people. I’d always felt a presence in my house but I wasn’t expecting anything like this, this just confirmed all the horrifying things I’ve seen through my childhood

- Great App

I initially thought the app wasn’t working. Was given feedback by developer on how to use it.; Was definitely user error. I have used it multiple times and can’t believe what I am hearing!! Highly recommend this app!!

- I need a refund

Hi I need a refund

- Fake app

Please don’t get this app it’s totally fake. Not impressed.

- Not worth it

Random sounds

- Believe it works

At home nothing but random noises, but went to a cemetery, heard my name, and my brothers name who was with me at the time. Said there were two of us. Quickly responded accurately to what I asked. Would recommend to at least check out. Saw omargoshtv on YouTube using it on many videos. Pretty creepy hearing your name clear as day.

- :(

It worked the first time I used it, but then the next day I tried using the app and there was no sound at all

- Umm nope

First time I used it the very first thing I heard was “Rachel” In a female voice. Nope nope nope.

- Best sound for ghost detecting I have found!

I thought the price was more than fair considering buying a ghost box which can be anywhere from $30 on up! It’s so worth it! The sound is clear and it works so well! Thank you! I have been want a ghost box for so long but the good ones aren’t cheap but with this app I feel like I found a great way to communicate with the other side!

- Terrible Fraud

This app is only prerecorded voices and is way too expensive which does nothing else but replay over and over the same thing. I recommend you not to waste your money on this. The app features are absurd and the app itself is dumb. Too bad I can’t get my money back cause this isn’t worth it. Whoever falls for this scam will regret it as soon as it downloads

- Loved it while it worked!

Bought this app like two years ago. Used to work great. Now when I try to use it, there’s zero audio. I’ve checked everything, I cannot figure it out. Ugh.

- App

The sound does not work right now

- Best sessions with this app

I just want to say first that $10 for this is not bad at all for it’s legitimacy. I use many different tools for communication, but this is definitely one of my favorite. The more I use it, the stronger my connections are each time. I’ve heard so many familiar names of family members that have passed, as well as spirits giving me messages to relay to people. I could say so many positive things about this app. It can be very moving if you decide to use it with good intentions. That being said, I’ve heard the spirits mention that someone is listening and sometimes they shush each other and get quiet. Be very careful with this! Do not let fear take control of your session. Darkness will coexist with light and your fear will only fuel it. Thank you so much for this app!!

- Frustrated

No sound at all on any of the options :( waste of money.

- I dont know if its legit or fake

I dont know

- Stopped working entirely

I fell asleep while it was on and chatty, but the next day it completely stopped working. There is no more sound from any of the selection, including the white noise. I’ve tried everything: deleting and re-downloading (several times) and restarting my phone. Nothing with WiFi on or off. Nothing with data on or off. I meticulously tested all the apps available settings on the iPhone... nothing remedied the lack of audio. $10 for a screen saver?

- Awesome app

Seen this app being used by a couple of you tubers that I watch and they always get great responses so I figured we would give it a shot and we are impressed

- Not real

What I found out about the app: I only asked questions such as what color is my shirt, do I have a dog or cat, what color is my cat, what is my cats name, what did I write and what am I holding. It ran through about 4 colors before the right one, never said my cats name nor my name. I realized the more o used it with questions like such, it would store the words I was using to narrow down answers to my questions later on that I’d ask (getting to know me better.) the more I asked about my cat, the more it would say cat between my questions. It does say a ton of randomness between questions also which included cat, girl, boy and door.

- Problems?

The app works great... Until it didnt. Any time I go unto the app now its complete silence.

- All I hear is loud screeching uhg

Hi I’m very disappointed with this app so far,instead of buying the free one first I decided to get it because a well known ghost hunter on YouTube talked me into it because I figured if she was using it and getting good results then I thought I’d like it too but quite the opposite,I paid 9.99 for this app I really would like my money back but it’s too late right?to me ,this app is nothing but a joke ,if I were you (creators)I’d get rid of all that extra sound you added (screeching very loud hurt my ears kind of sounds)and I also read from another reviewer that there is a lot of sounds but I only have 3 or 4 things on mine am I doing something wrong?please refund me my money ?i bought this about a week and half ago if you refund me I will use the free app until I figure it out hopefully I figure it out thanks patty perry

- Thank you omar or omargoshtv

Thank to Omar I can ask question to my dead relatives but do be careful because they can follow you just say before and after using the app “ please don’t follow me home you do not have permission to do so “ always say goodbye and you don’t want to harm or disturb you

- Is it Real?

I ask and said “What’s my Cats name and it said “Kelly” I was surprised and it said go away, even though my house is not haunted or never hear any noises or nothing happens during the Night or day.

- I can’t hear anything.

I downloaded this app out of curiosity and I cannot hear anything. The screen is blurring a lot but there is no sound.

- Great App

This app works really well for communication. At times I doubt the legitimacy of it, but the spirits have a way of changing my mind pretty accurately taking count of some deer that were entering a field across from where I was having a session. The only thing I wish this app had was the ability to record sessions. It’s really hard to pick up some responses, so having the option to record session so you can play them back afterward would be very helpful.

- Strange

Okay so I downloaded this app after I had gotten some evp voices from inside my own house. I had gotten the evps after I heard a human whistle coming from from behind the show curtain. So I sat down in the shower room and simple set my phone down and waited. I recieved an evp of a child saying “” another one saying “hello (my name)” another one of a deep laugh and then another one of something saying “I am god” but in a deep sinister voice. So I went ahead and downloaded this app and the first thing I heard was “Ma Ma” and then I heard “god” then I heard “BLM” which I just went to a protest and heard a voice tell me to get up and run and I told the people next to me to get up and run, move. So I got up and ran and a few seconds later everyone was gassed. This is weird.

- Nothing

Downloaded after experiencing many things for years. Pressed start and I don’t hear a thing. I mean not a sound, no white noise. Nothing! Volume all the way up and using iPhone 11. Yet every review and video shows some type of noise even if it’s not talking. So I feel like I just wasted $9.99.

- No sound

I have purchased this app...I am not getting any sound....I have the sound up and have deleted and reinstalled the app...Turned the phone off and on still no sound...Any help would be appreciated..Thank you.....thank you for you immediate response...I did find out what I did incorrectly...It works great on my way to ghost hunt again soon....... THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!

- This app is terrible

There are no functions to adjust sound and waves. Simply four buttons that don’t work well. $9.99 is ridiculous and I want a refund.

- What a waste of 10 dollars

Don’t buy it because it is a joke. I BBB want my money back!!

- No instructions?

Just wasted $10. How do you use this?

- Money back

Hey i did not mean to purchase this app any way i could possibly get my money back?? my little brother was on my phone and downloaded it

- not sure

i got this app to talk to ghost and i have yet to have it work i feel like they kinda ripped you off with price cause mine is just quite i dont get any voices through it

- Loss of sanity

So I think I had a temporary loss of sanity when I purchased this.... Idk why I spent $10 on a stupid sound bank 🤦🏻‍♀️


I use it for my paranormal videos and it definitely works! Getting clear answers to questions I’m asking! Blown away!

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Necrophonic 1.1 Screenshots & Images

Necrophonic iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

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Necrophonic iphone images
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Necrophonic (Version 1.1) Install & Download

The applications Necrophonic was published in the category Utilities on 2018-07-25 and was developed by chris rogers [Developer ID: 1119043156]. This application file size is 176 MB. Necrophonic - Utilities posted on 2018-07-25 current version is 1.1 and works well on IOS 7.0 and high versions.

Necrophonic Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes

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