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What is cryptotab browser pro app? CryptoTab Browser is an easy-to-use, fast and safe web browser proudly made by passionate blockchain enthusiasts. It combines a smooth and comfortable user experience with some unique cryptocurrency-related features.

CryptoTab Browser Pro brings you a familiar & user-friendly interface, solid security and impressive set of features:

Incognito mode — for more private & secure browsing
Tab gestures — control multiple tabs with just a point of your finger
Pop-up blocking — if you hate pop-ups as we do, you'll love this feature

Add bookmarks, check history, keep a favorites list, open multiple tabs at once — CryptoTab Browser works just as you expect it to. But it also has a sweet cherry on top - with CryptoTab Browser Pro you get a fully functional control panel for CryptoTab services. Check balance, withdraw funds, monitor statistics — all the essential controls are at your fingertips.

Enjoy fast and convenient web browsing with CryptoTab!

PRO Features:
- Dedicated profile for each user — separate browsing history, tabs, login storage, and settings.
- AdBlock to eliminate annoyed promo and banners.
- Protect from sites with harmful content

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How to contact CryptoTab Browser Pro (Cryptocompany OU)?
Find this site the customer service details of CryptoTab Browser Pro. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

CryptoTab Browser Pro Customer Service, Editor Notes:

CryptoTab Browser Pro Version 5.4.424 September 2020

Bug fixes and small improvements.

CryptoTab Browser Pro Comments & Reviews 2022

- Works but….

I’m brand new to this entire crypto/ mining thing, this app does what it says and works well, however I purchased the tab pro and when I click on the dashboard it’s as if there is a black pop up over the main dash board. You can still see but can’t click or change anything. Can someone tel me what I’m either doing wrong or how to fix this. I am using an iPhone 12pro max

- Unrealistic expectations

I see many reviews of people in here that missed the mining boom and now think they can get rich downloading an app. This is not so. This browser is awesome. If you want to make money you need to have affiliates under you doing the same. You will not make money mining on your own people. So if that’s your goal you need referrals. I like the browser , I’m nearing 250 referrals, and I’ll make a living wage only near 1000. However they pay out up to 10 levels so it happens quick if you find motivated people to sign up.

- Purchased the pro version more than a month ago, was functional for inly a few days.

I purchased the CryptoTab pro version for my iPhone, thought I could make some extra BTC on the go. But the pro version was only functional for a few days, after that it became completely dark, I can not even see anything from the browser. I have to go back to the free version, thought it should be fixEd very soon. But waited for more than a month, nothing changed. I am still using the free version. I think I am going to need a refund if this pro version is no longer supported.

- Dashboard is dark and I can’t click any of the options

Like a few comments before this, every time I go to my dashboard it’s dark. I clicked on the tutorial, and after clicking next on the first one it went dark as if it was going to the next step, then the whole screen just stayed dark. I tried closing the tab and closing the whole app and neither helped

- Bought Pro… Got Lite Instead

I bought the pro version but I don’t have the pro browser. Paid $4 for nothing. Until it’s fixed… 3 stars

- No customer support

I have been reaching out to them for days. Does this mine bitcoin, yes. Now that said, in order to really make bitcoin you need to create a down line with their affiliate program, an I started to do that and it does not work most the time. I would be giving this a 5 star but with them not helping me fix and link 6 affiliates I can not give them a good rating. If this gets fixed I would love to change my review. But if you are looking to mine bitcoin with your network think again!

- This is Profitable!! 100%

I’ve made close to $100 in my first three months of stay on time when it comes to clicking on the hour. If your not sure what your doing go a clicking your phone for Bitcoins. Simple way to invite an invest.

- Lots of conusion

So i paid 3.99 and start mining but not sure it is mining… other reviews online says that i need to keep pushing the button every 2-3hours but not sure where the button is.. i thought the “thunder” symbol top right corner is the one but when i click it - it just created another tab… and dont see any difference. And not sure how i can add my macbook to this pro account. What the hell…

- Weird issue

So idk if this has happened to anyone else but I started about a month ago and I’m on iOS my SDP never gets above 62 but all my friends that I know are farming at a rate of 1500. I’m just curious if it’s because they have androids or what because in over a month I’ve only farmed like .50 cents and my friends who started like a week ago are at almost a dollar already

- Cryptotab is Amazing

I have been using cryptotab for years and plain and simple the best free bitcoin mining software that you can get.... They always pay that low review is wrong or it’s an attack on the site and the technology

- Doesn’t work on iPad Air 2 on iOS 14.4.1

Just tossed $3.99 out the window. This app works on my iPhone 7 Plus but not on my older iPad Air 2. I was a version down in iOS and so updated that to the latest iOS 14.4.1. The app just exits to the Home Screen. The “app support” link goes to a badly translated google page that is basically useless. And lastly, I find out that this app will not mine in iOS. Great. #fail.

- Ease of use

This is awesome!! I am able to manage my account on the go!! I do recommend downloading it from your desktop first, that’s where the hardware mining happens!

- Read privacy statement,,,!!!

If you buy this app curious about btc Ming on ios device. Sorry sucker you just wasted your 3$+ on a demonstration of what a browser can do and lots of links to their website explaining how this could be done using your iOS phone device to guide other devices. But no mining on your phone directly… it’s very convoluted and misleading…

- Who do I contact for a refund?

This CryptoTab app refuses to work on my iphone. I would like a refund. I tried to contact customer support over and over again to avail. I just want my money back. Edit: You know there is no ticket ID because your support system is just giving people the run around. Please just give me my money back.

- Earn free Bitcoin

earn bitcoins for free online. You can join open an interest free earn bitcoin account, become an affiliate marketer, and even get paid to mine bitcoin without any specialized hardware. Awesome!!!

- What did I pay for

I’m sorry but I’m confuse you took money for words there’s not providing any service you’re not giving anything selling anything what is the what is this why did you take the money look what am I getting for the money you took can you just take money not provide anything for it can you my money

- Dear developer

Please update the app to let us set it as default browser

- Scam?

The mining hash rate is wayy lower on the pro version theres no reason to buy this just get the free version and make more from there also cloudboost isnt a thing for some reason on iOS also Im pretty sure on andriod it gives 1,500 hash rate for free so theres no point on buying it on ios

- Mining is not an enabled ability on the pro version for iOS

Only CryptoTab browser can mine via IOS minus CryptoTab farm of course the pro version does not mine at all on iPhone

- لقد اشتريت التطبيق لكن لم احصل علي نسخة المحترفين

قد اشتريت التطبيق لكن لم احصل علي نسخة محترفين

- How can you get a refund? Bought on multiple accounts

Contact sends you to Google support page 🤔

- Don’t get it.

It explicitly says in the app once you buy it. That IOS system does not support mining. So if your here for mining, like I was and don’t wanna loss $4. Go somewhere else.

- About mining

Where can I download laptop version .I pay for crypto tab browser pro but I can’t mine because I am a iOS user

- Don’t waste the money

Glitch is that just keeps opening the email confirmation tab. Waste of 3.99

- Don’t waste your money!

Charged me $15, for a $3.99 app that doesn’t work on IOS! Do not buy this in the AppStore, complete waste of time and money

- Pull it

Submitted a request for everyone to get a refund on the iOS platform as this is not allowed to run. False advertising

- Why not in iOS devices

Why can't we farm in iOS device? The sdp rate is so slow in iOS devices. plz fix this

- Do not buy

This does not offer any mining for iOS users. Avoid buying this app and just use the free one. I want a refund.

- Doesn’t work

It doesn't work. I have an iPad Air 2 with iOS 15.1 and the app won't open. Money thrown away

- Refund

How about a refund since you can’t mine on IOS. Should of read the reviews first.

- CryptoTab

Why is this not working for iOS when it says it does? Refund?

- Terrible

This app is not worth $4. I can’t even do anything with my iphone.

- Wow.

This app costs almost 5 dollars just to tell me I have to use s computer and

- Bad!!!!

Just a waste money for this app. Cant use in ios phone.

- Wow

Charges you 3.99 to tell you that mining isn’t allowed on IOS

- Bad review

I paid the 3.99 and it does not give me my boost that I wanted for my iPhones. Garbage

- Errors⚠️

Why isn't working????? 😡

- Cloud boost

How can iOS people get cloud boost

- T

Is bad app I’m no recommended

- Very Bad

I lost $3.99 i want to refund $ 3.99

- weird issue

i was using android and i bought the pro version which was working really well with a 1500 h/s but when i switched to iOS the h/s is not even up to 20.i must say the app is of way more benefit to the android users than it is to the iOS users. why is that? we all deserve to mine and enjoy cryptocurrency!

- Es un timo

No sirve es un timo tardas casi un año en retirar $1 no lo bajen

- Hash rates are so low on iphones

Why can’t u increase the h/s on iphones Its always below 100 h/s and android phone had 1000+ h/s

- cheating hacking

cheating hacking

- Good in Android with over 1,500 hash

I can say that not like on iOS is truth don’t work good, but is perfect on android and I see many YouTube videos and all are running on android, one of my phone is running with 17x with 34-37,000 H/s so this works

- Cloud.Boost

Do not waste your money, I purchase the 10x and they are making the money with these fake assssss boost stuff does nothing do I want my money back No let them keep it with there lies, and don’t watch YouTube they are the biggest lies about the boost. RTrash

- Worst Crypto app ever

This app is just a waste of time on iOS, it’s more functional on android than iPhone. The mining is very slow on iPhone. You scammed me $3.99 and also no cloud boost on my app.

- Can’t mine on iOS

Had to waist money to find out. Only buy if you have android.

- Slowly mining rate

Android mining rate is better than ios mining rate .

- Blocked

I will change the rating to 5 star when my account(S) are unblocked. I did not do anything wrong that broke the rules I have 4 devices with different email accounts since you can’t stack phones on 1 account and I do not link referrals to each other. I do click mine button every 3 hours with a alarm set. PS use android phones to mine over 1500 H/s. IOS isn’t worth mining on

TransferWise 💸

Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!

- Scamming misleading app

They r scammers. No mining option in iOS coz apple doesn’t allow mining in iPhones. Useless App. Paid for cloud boost for mining on Pc. They never activated my cloudBoost and I lost my money. Overall not worth.,

- Not happy

How can I ask my friends to join me in CryptoTab if you keep taking money from me, that twice now that has happened and I was under the impression I would receive money from using your app, what do I say hay! Look you can make money but you will lose it just as fast are they going to join? No their not! A bit angry Maxwell

- I wish my money back

No extra features compared to free version and my hash rate actually dropped!!! Regretful purchase

- Scam browser. Bitcoin mining liar

Where is the mining option on this Apple version? This browser does nothing. Scammer.

- Feel robbed no iOS

Thanks for misleading 50% of the world that are on iPhones

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- Mining

Where in the app can I start mining and watch progress?

- noboost


- Waste of money

Let’s you pay 5.49 for the pro version, then you download and the app says mining not available on iOS devices.

- Paid but not working on iOS

Paid $5 for the app but does not work on iOS. Is this a joke?

- Don’t use this

I just used and it is the same. Plz do not buy it is slow . I waste my money 😡

- ...

On achète l’application et il n’y a aucune raison qu’elle sois payante.

- !!!

Good app

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Mr Aditya queer

Exabit & cryptotab browser pro


@BzcCryptoTab After cloud.boost, mining slowed down considerably. I've a mobile on the free plan x2 boost trial on free Cryptotab on account 1, it mines approx x4 faster than the 2 devices on the pro browser version (x4 and x8) along with an old MacBook Pro on x2 boost mining on account 2.

shakeel nago

CryptoTab Browser Pro APK Free Download for Android (Latest Version) #CryptoTab #CryptoTabBrowserPro

CryptoTab Browser Pro 5.4.4 Screenshots & Images

CryptoTab Browser Pro iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

CryptoTab Browser Pro iphone images
CryptoTab Browser Pro iphone images
CryptoTab Browser Pro iphone images
CryptoTab Browser Pro iphone images
CryptoTab Browser Pro iphone images
CryptoTab Browser Pro iphone images
CryptoTab Browser Pro iphone images
CryptoTab Browser Pro iphone images
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CryptoTab Browser Pro (Version 5.4.4) Install & Download

The applications CryptoTab Browser Pro was published in the category Utilities on 2020-09-21 and was developed by Cryptocompany OU [Developer ID: 1446766939]. This application file size is 115.48 MB. CryptoTab Browser Pro - Utilities app posted on 2020-09-24 current version is 5.4.4 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: pro.cryptobrowser.ios