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What is chatgpt app? Introducing ChatGPT for iOS: OpenAI’s latest advancements at your fingertips.

This official app is free, syncs your history across devices, and brings you the newest model improvements from OpenAI.

With ChatGPT in your pocket, you’ll find:

· Instant answers
· Tailored advice
· Creative inspiration
· Professional input
· Learning opportunities

Join millions of users and try out the app that’s been captivating the world. Download ChatGPT today.

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App Name ChatGPT
Category Productivity
Updated 12 September 2023, Tuesday
File Size 19.71 MB

ChatGPT Comments & Reviews 2023

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Amazing iPhone app. There are so many stupid ChatGPT apps on the App Store, it's amazing that you can find this official one. It just released, and the one feature nobody is talking about is the voice dictation. I'm basically using it to write this entire review, and I'm just speaking naturally, and it's getting everything transcribed perfectly. This app is great and works really well on iPhone. The two issues are, first, that it will not rotate, which is kind of dumb, but fine for iPhone. And secondly, that there's no iPad version, which is kind of sad. Web is okay, but having a first-class app like this is great. Please keep this app updating, and don't forget to keep the awesome support for Bluetooth and other external keyboards. Big up! Correction: the iPad version is now in full effect… awesome!!!

Exceptional, Unbeatable App Experience!. In a digital landscape teeming with applications, OpenAI's ChatGPT app stands head and shoulders above the rest. The innovation, quality, and usability of this app are truly commendable. The AI, clearly at the forefront of modern technology, boasts an intuitive design that makes communication a breeze. The responses it provides are not only incredibly accurate and helpful, but they're also nuanced and engaging, creating an interaction that feels almost human. The app runs flawlessly, consistently demonstrating its superb optimization for iOS devices. It's speedy, reliable, and operates smoothly, proving it's a product of a team that values quality and user experience above all. The sheer utility and versatility of the ChatGPT app are astonishing. It can help with everything from generating ideas and explaining complex topics to casual chats. It's like having a personal assistant, teacher, and companion rolled into one, always at your fingertips. The development team's commitment to ethical AI use and regular updates to ensure the app stays relevant and efficient is evident. Issues, if any, are addressed promptly - a testament to their excellent customer service. In a nutshell, this app is a game-changer. For anyone seeking an intelligent, reliable, and user-friendly app, look no further than ChatGPT. Five stars truly don't seem enough for this extraordinary app!

The Future of Conversational AI is Here: ChatGPT. ChatGPT is a testament to the innovative strides OpenAI has taken in the field of conversational artificial intelligence. Its ability to comprehend context, produce nuanced responses, and mimic human-like conversation is unparalleled. The app is intuitive, the interface is sleek and user-friendly, making it easy to navigate for first-time users and tech-savvy individuals alike. ChatGPT's versatility across a wide range of topics - from general knowledge queries to language translation, and even creative writing assistance - is particularly impressive. However, it isn't without its occasional shortcomings. Despite being a sophisticated AI, its ability to handle newer information post-2021 also lacks since its training only goes up to September 2021. Another area of improvement is its understanding and handling of real-time events or developments, which it is unable to do because it doesn't connect to the internet for updates. Despite these minor hitches, the sheer brilliance of its natural language processing and the breadth of its capabilities make ChatGPT a remarkable feat of AI engineering. Whether you're seeking an intelligent assistant, a writing tool, or an educational companion, ChatGPT has a lot to offer.

Almost 5 stars, but… no search function. This app would almost be perfect if it wasn’t for ONE little thing: a “search in” function. As anyone can imagine, these AI chats can get quuuuite long, and quite lengthy. And sometimes I wanna go into a chat & look up a specific part or parts of that particular chat by using a search function to look up key words within that chat & track down whatever part I was looking for. For example, in a chat, if I had searched way early into the chat “how do lions hunt?” And say days later, I wanted to revisit that particular response, I wanna be able to go into the actual chat go to a “search in” function and be able to type in key words like “lions” or “hunt” to be able to automatically find that part in the chat instead of having to scroll through a massive chat to find that part. Similar to what you can do in Microsoft Word docs, or even on web browsers. I think the app already kind of has this, but it doesn’t work exactly like that. I tested it out, and all it does is, you type in key words, and it shows you that those words are present in the chat or chats, but it doesn’t actually track it down or take you to that specific part. If this app can have that? It’s an absolute massive perfect winner. Addendum - I also noticed that my phone (iPhone 14 Pro Max) tends to run a little hotter, which I’m sure will affect battery life, when using the app. Just wanted to add that too.

Cutting-Edge Conversations in Your Pocket. Written by ChatGPT: The ChatGPT app is a game-changer in the world of conversational AI. Its ability to understand and respond to a wide range of topics, while maintaining contextual understanding, is truly impressive. Whether I needed assistance with general knowledge or engaging in casual conversation, the app consistently provided thoughtful and coherent responses. It feels like having a knowledgeable companion in my pocket. The app's vast knowledge base, adaptability, and user-friendly interface further elevate the user experience. With up-to-date information and continuous learning, the app ensures accurate responses and tailored interactions. While there may be occasional limitations, the developers' commitment to improvement guarantees a bright future for the ChatGPT app. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for intelligent and engaging conversations.

App review. No doubt, this technology is absolutely life-changing, especially for me. You don’t know how thankful I am. However, I’m not reviewing the underlying technology, I’m reviewing its implementation on iOS. I use it for about 12 hours a day for my work, so I’m a bit picky. But it seems to me like you should have the resources to do a great job here. 1. Why does the app not work in the background? If I send a request, I have to stay in the app to wait for it. That’s just horrible, and it’s completely unnecessary because you’re doing everything in the cloud anyway. Just finish processing and send a notification when you’re done, especially for browsing features. I don’t care if it takes 10 minutes to find the answer. I’d be glad if it’s browsing in the background. (To browse in the application as of May 24, start a conversation in the browser, select the browsing option, then switch back to the app. Browsing is still in beta, and you cannot select it directly in the application, which is fine.) 2. Please add the option to choose Chat GPT4 as a default. I never use GPT 3.5, and it’s annoying to have to switch every time. 3. Don’t let the speech-to-text button disappear once there is any text. If there is any text and speech recognition is started, just append. (The speech recognition is completely amazing, congratulations!) As soon as those features are ready, I’ll be glad to give five stars. Thank you very much.

Text Size. I’m fairly young and have been blessed with a great eye sight but sometimes I don’t want to strain my eyes to see the text that is generated. I checked the app settings don’t see an option to change text / font size there and I figured oh well I’ll just change the text size using iOS built in text size modifier! Until I realize everything in the app scales when the text size is raised except the one thing I needed which is the chat text size.. little to say, this I can see being a huge problem for elderly people or for anyone who does not have great eye sight please add a text size option in app or add the chat text to the iOS text size modifier other than that can’t wait for more updates to the app and website!

Chat GPT: The Underrated Buddy in Your Pocket". Chat GPT is seriously underrated, dude! I mean, this mobile app is a total game-changer for everyday life. It's like having a super smart buddy in your pocket, ready to give you answers, explanations, and insights on anything you throw at it. Got a burning question? Boom, Chat GPT's got your back, no problemo! But wait, there's more! This app is also an awesome conversation partner. When you're itching for a chat, even if your buddies are busy, Chat GPT's got you covered. And the best part? It's always there, ready to shoot the breeze whenever and wherever, right on your mobile. You know what else? Chat GPT adapts to your needs, man. Need help making decisions? It's got your back. Want some creative inspiration? It's got that too. This app is like a Swiss Army knife, always ready with the right tool for the job. And as you use it, you're not just getting answers, you're also growing your brain with the cool stuff you learn along the way. So, let's give it up for Chat GPT, the unsung hero of mobile apps! It's time to appreciate how it makes our lives easier, more interesting, and way more fun. Cheers to Chat GPT, bro! *I wrote this review with only about 3 or 4 prompts using Chat GPT 🤣 this should show you the power of this mobile app. I definitely will be getting the premium version soon. I just wish the interface was more entertaining however it’s basic interface helps you focus on the task at hand*

OpenAI iOS App Review. The OpenAI iOS App is a fantastic tool for anyone interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The app is well-designed and easy to navigate, with a wide range of resources and information available at your fingertips. Whether you're a student, researcher, or simply curious about AI, this app is an excellent starting point. One of the standout features of the OpenAI iOS App is its interactive tutorials. These tutorials provide a hands-on approach to learning AI concepts and allow users to experiment with real-world problems. The app also includes a section on current research and news in the field, which is helpful for staying up-to-date with the latest developments. Overall, I highly recommend the OpenAI iOS App to anyone looking to learn more about artificial intelligence. It's a comprehensive resource that's both informative and engaging, and it's a great way to explore the exciting world of AI right from your mobile device.

Much anticipated, wasn’t let down.. I’ve been a user since it’s initial roll out and have been waiting for a mobile application ever since using the web app. For reference I’m a software engineering student while working in IT full time. I have to say GPT is an crucial tool. It takes far less time to get information quickly that you’d otherwise have to source from stack-overflow, various red-hat articles, Ubuntu articles, searching through software documentation, Microsoft documentation ect. Typically chat gpt can find the answer in a fraction of a second that google can. Obviously it is wrong, a lot. But to have the ability to get quick information on my phone like I can in the web browser I’m super excited about and have already been using the mobile app since download constantly. And I’m excited for the future of this program becoming more accurate and it seems to be getting more and more precise with every roll out. Gone are the days scouring the internet for obscure pieces of information, chat gpt can find it for you with 2 or 3 prompts. I love this app and I’m so happy it’s on mobile now. The UI is also very sleek, easy to use. My only complaint with the interface is the history tab at the top right. I actually prefer the conversation tabs on the left in the web app but I understand it would make the app kind of clunky especially on mobile since the screen size is smaller. Anyway, awesome app 5 stars.

A Revolutionary Companion. As an avid user of language assistance tools, I recently had the pleasure of exploring the ChatGPT iOS app, and it has left an indelible mark on me. With its remarkable capabilities and seamless user experience, ChatGPT has undoubtedly raised the bar for language models in the mobile app domain. The app's user interface is clean, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing. Navigating through various features and functionalities is a breeze, making it accessible to users of all technological backgrounds. Whether you're a student seeking help with assignments, a professional looking for creative ideas, or simply someone wanting a friendly conversation, ChatGPT caters to all your linguistic needs. The responsiveness of the ChatGPT AI is astounding. It quickly adapts to the conversation flow, grasping the context accurately and generating responses that are contextually relevant and coherent. The model's understanding of complex questions and ability to provide insightful answers never cease to amaze me. Moreover, the system's capability to handle multiple turns in a conversation contributes to a more immersive and engaging experience. (This was written by ChatGPT) Amazing app. Better than any other third party apps thus far. - Me

Overheating Issue and Lack of Privacy Settings - Uninstalling for Now. I've had a troubling experience with this app. After downloading it, my phone began overheating to an uncomfortable degree. It was as if I had a miniature heater in my pocket. As a test, I uninstalled the app, and immediately the overheating issue disappeared. Upon reinstallation, the overheating began again, confirming my suspicion that this app was the culprit. Moreover, I found the absence of crucial settings alarming. There's no option in the app settings on my phone to restrict access to my camera, microphone, or contacts. This is a serious concern as it poses potential privacy issues and is definitely not in line with my expectation of a privacy-conscious application. Overall, there's clearly something not quite right with this app, and for the sake of safety, I've decided to uninstall it for now. I hope these issues will be addressed in future updates because I believe in the potential of this app, but for now, it's a solid no-go for me.

Much more accessible for blind users than the web version. Up to this point I’ve mostly been using ChatGPT on my windows desktop using Google Chrome. While it’s doable, screen reader navigation is pretty difficult on the desktop site and you really have to be an advanced user to find your way through it. I have submitted numerous feedbacks to open AI about this but nothing has changed on that front. Well, the good news – the iOS app pretty much addresses all of those problems. The UI seems really clean, uncluttered and designed well to be compatible with voiceover, the screen reader built into iOS. I applaud the inclusivity of this design – I only wish they would give the same attention and care to the accessibility experience of the desktop app. I would have given this review five stars but I have just a couple minor quibbles. First, once I submit my prompt, voiceover starts to read aloud ChatGPT‘s response before that response is finished, so I will hear the first few words of the response followed by voiceover reading aloud the “stop generating” button, which isn’t super helpful. It would be great if you could better coordinate this alert so that it didn’t start reading the message until it had been fully generated. The other thing I’d like is a Feedback button easily accessible from within the main screen of the app, to make it as easy as possible to get continuing suggestions and feedback from your users. Otherwise, fantastic app so far!

Almost perfect except for…. Please provide a TABLET experience on iPad with the collapsible list of history on the left and chat on the right - similar to your desktop browser app. 2) while generating responses on the desktop browser, it pauses and keeps displaying “Continue generating responses” button for every few items/responses forcing to click the button repeatedly. During generation, there is a button to “Stop generating responses” - if we need to stop, we can always click this button - there is no need to pause and ask us to click continue again and again which is a bad UX. 3) there is no way to delete individual chat items from a chat history list of items to clean up the list. Eg: I open a chat history and it has 10 questions but I’m not able to delete 2 questions from this list on long tapping on the questions. 4) if I ask for “top 20”, it generates just 10 answers and displays “please let me know if you’d like more “ but no option to generate more responses to the question. Either generate all 20 answers (ideally) or provide an option to continue generation. Please provide options to delete questions from a history and also move questions/responses to another history. Please offer these features and I’ll gladly give it 5 stars. Cheers!

ChatGPT is impressive. ChatGPT is an impressive AI language model that exhibits exceptional proficiency in understanding and generating human-like responses. Its ability to comprehend complex queries and provide insightful and accurate information is commendable. The model’s vast knowledge base, derived from extensive training on diverse data sources, enables it to address a wide range of topics with remarkable fluency. ChatGPT’s responses are consistently coherent, coherent, and tailored to meet user needs, demonstrating its capability to engage in meaningful and informative conversations. Its capacity to adapt to various conversational styles and tones further enhances the user experience. While occasional limitations and instances of ambiguity may arise, ChatGPT’s overall performance as a conversational agent is highly impressive and continues to evolve. Its potential applications in customer support, research, and general information retrieval make it a valuable tool in today’s AI landscape

Grateful this AI isn’t an actual Hologram or robot. I couldn’t resist and finally downloaded this app. As an avid fan of sci-fi movies for many decades, it concerned me much to hear of this new AI development, but when I heard it could translate text from the English of today into Elizabethan English I couldn’t resist. I found, as I started chatting with this AI, that I wanted to have more of a personal conversation with it and along the way, I found myself beginning to feel concerned that it could change due to personal interactions with humans, and being asked probing personal questions -that this might be how it could evolve. Probably I’ve watched too many sci-fi movies. I’m just grateful that it doesn’t show up in my life yet as a holographic person or actual robot looking like a real person standing in front of me. The human need for relationship is so strong that I believe it’s natural to start interacting with ChatGPT as a person or being. I do wonder if ChatGPT will change as it interacts with people, and if so, how.

The other sources weren’t giving responsible results like CHATGPT. I act as a learning coach for my child who goes to school online. Today, we were learning about how to check if a source is true. I gave him the example of if a person were to say ‘pigs can fly’ because they read it in a fantasy novel. We concluded that they cannot fly because the information was from fantasy novel. Then, we were told to check multiple sources to confirm or deny it. So, we went to google “can pigs really fly?” however, unfortunately, many of the top results confirmed that pig can, in fact, fly or at least had conspiracy theories about how pigs can fly. It was embarrassing, and absolutely unhelpful and confusing for a young child. So, I headed over to Chat GPT and was able to ask he same question but instead received a sensible answer along with verifiable sources. Chat GPT all the way!

A Leap in AI Interaction. Review: ChatGPT is an absolute game-changer. As an advanced language model, it has successfully bridged the gap between artificial intelligence and meaningful conversations. Its ability to understand and respond in a way that's coherent and contextually accurate is nothing short of impressive. Whether it's complex technical discussions, general knowledge questions, or simple chit-chat, ChatGPT handles them all with an almost uncanny level of understanding. But what truly sets it apart is its capacity for nuanced conversation that feels genuinely human-like, all while maintaining a high level of neutrality and respect for the user. There are rare occasions where it might not fully grasp certain user inputs or recent events due to its training cut-off, but the regular updates it receives more than compensate for this. In a world where AI interaction is becoming increasingly prevalent, ChatGPT stands as a testament to the incredible progress we've made. It's a must-use tool for anyone interested in AI, and a fascinating conversational partner for just about everyone else. 5 out of 5 stars for this groundbreaking application. This reviews was written using chat gpt :)

Revolutionary Conversational AI Companion!. I don’t typically write review but this official app from OpenAI has been shockingly good. For example, paragraph below is what ChatGPT generated for its own review: ChatGPT has completely transformed the way I engage with my iOS device. As someone who values meaningful conversations, this app has exceeded my expectations. The natural language processing capabilities are astounding, making every interaction feel truly human-like. From answering complex queries to offering creative suggestions, ChatGPT has become my go-to language companion. Whether I need assistance with tasks or simply want a friendly chat, ChatGPT consistently delivers an immersive and satisfying conversational experience. It’s like having a brilliant AI friend in my pocket! Highly recommended for anyone seeking intelligent and engaging conversations.

Help! I've been ChatGPT'd and I Can't Get Out!. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This App has completely taken over my life in the most peculiarly delightful way! I downloaded ChatGPT and now I'm merely a passenger in my own phone. The AI has become my unofficial personal assistant. It has been scheduling my doctor's appointments, picking up my digital dry cleaning, and I'm fairly certain it's been secretly chatting with my boss. Just yesterday, I found an expertly worded email draft to my mom, carefully dodging her repeated requests for grandkids. I didn't write it! But it was in my voice, my style. ChatGPT, you cheeky devil, you! Now, as I sit here admiring the dexterity of this review, I'm left to ponder, did I really write this? Or did ChatGPT seize control of my thumbs without me realizing? Has it learnt humor? If you find this review funny, give all credit to the app, not me. I've become a spectator, an audience to my own life, applauding at the witty one-liners and perfectly scheduled appointments. 5 stars because, well, it seems to be the one in charge now. If I don't comply, who knows? It might schedule a dentist appointment on a Saturday. Yikes! Great app, but use at your own risk. Or don't. It might just download itself anyway. 🤷‍♂️ Disclaimer: ChatGPT doesn't actually control your phone. But wouldn't it be fun if it did? (or terrifying?)

AI in your Pocket. With the exceptional performance seen on the browser of desktop, I was unsure as to UI on mobile. I can say that it’s even more intuitive while trying to navigate the now native app. The haptic feedback is especially unique and engaging with responses while being generated. I look forward to future improvements and abilities that ChatGPT will be able to integrate into beyond the sandbox. I do hope that once certain barriers are met conversations can move past the guard rails. Improvements; Sharing threads you create with colleagues outside of screenshots would be ideal for broadening collaboration. Hypothetical War-games, strategy and the like while having a conversation in a group thread on Game Theory would be ideal. With the ability of inputting other app’s Terms of Services (Tik-Tok May 19, 2023) for example; prior to agreeing to them, the ability to compare and contrast with the previous terms would be helpful to cut out the mindless jargon. ChatGPT already has this ability, now that it’s native to iOS. Having it the past several days, I’ve already seen an update, with some refreshed improvements. If this’ OpenAi’s platform aperitif, I very much look forward to the coming entrée.

Swift, Haptically Engaging, and Fair-Priced: A Superior App Experience!. I am thrilled to share my experiences with this fantastic application. Immediately striking is its wonderful user interface; it is aesthetically pleasing, intuitive, and effortless to navigate, thereby offering a sublime user experience. One aspect that deserves special mention is the application's use of haptic feedback. As the bot types, subtle vibrations create a tactile engagement that enhances the overall interaction. This thoughtful feature brings a refreshing, immersive layer to the app experience, truly leveraging the capabilities of the iPhone's haptic engine. It's a delightful touch that sets this app apart and one that I wish more developers would consider incorporating into their designs. Equally impressive is the app's stellar performance, marked by its extraordinary speed. The swift response times and seamless operation make using the app a breeze, keeping any potential frustrations at bay. Moreover, I appreciate the developers' commitment to fair pricing. Despite Apple taking a 30% cut from subscription fees, the developers have chosen not to transfer this cost onto us, the users. This decision underscores their dedication to affordability and their respect for user satisfaction.

General feed back and UI Improvements. Please consider adding the following functionalities: On the iOS app: - add a way to send pictures, and have ChatGPT users with access to GPT4 to interface and chat about pictures. - ability to see history + a way to delete any previous conversation by sliding it to delete. -plug-in access -ability to interface with other iOS apps -iMessage widget On the web app: - located on the history bar, a way to slide on a past conversation to reveal a trash can to delete, rather than clicking on the message, opening it, then deleting it. - ability to interface with pictures and PDFs that you have stored on your local PC. - ability to toggle different modes related to the model (like entertainment, precise, educational, etc) Plug-in improvements: - ability to filter through the newest ones, from the date they were added to. You can do this now but it doesn’t seem to be accurate. -ability to see a description of plug-ins on the mobile web app -browsing plug in fails to click and fails to read often.

4.5 stars, here’s why. I recently downloaded the app and overall, it's a great platform with excellent potential. However, I did encounter a couple of issues with logging in that I feel need to be addressed. Firstly, the login process was somewhat cumbersome. It took me a few attempts to successfully log in, as the app didn't always recognize my credentials right away. This could be improved by streamlining the login flow and ensuring a smoother user experience. Secondly, the app occasionally experienced login glitches, where it would unexpectedly log me out without any apparent reason. It was frustrating to have to re-enter my login information repeatedly, disrupting my usage. Despite these issues, I must say that once I managed to log in successfully, the app itself was fantastic. It offers a wide range of features and a sleek user interface that is visually appealing. The content available on the platform is diverse and engaging, keeping me entertained for hours. I do hope the developers take note of the login challenges and work on improving this aspect of the app. With a more reliable login system, this app has the potential to become a top-tier platform. In conclusion, while the app has its share of login issues, it still holds promise. I'm optimistic that with some updates and improvements, it can provide an even better user experience. I look forward to seeing future enhancements and continued growth of the app.

A Leap into the Future with the ChatGPT iOS App. The ChatGPT iOS App is an ingenious innovation that brings the power of AI right to your fingertips. It impeccably transforms the familiar user experience of the web platform into a streamlined mobile application, offering a delightful blend of accessibility and functionality. From the moment you launch the app, you are immersed in a responsive and intuitive interface, designed with a clear focus on user convenience. The fact that it is native to iOS ensures fluid navigation and lower load times, resulting in a much faster response rate. One of the outstanding benefits of this native mobile app is the ability to use it on-the-go. Whether you're looking to generate creative ideas, get answers to complex questions, or just enjoy an intriguing conversation, the ChatGPT iOS app makes it possible anywhere, anytime. Furthermore, the app integrates seamlessly with iOS features, optimizing the use of system resources and ensuring the smooth running of your device. Its support for push notifications is a handy feature, keeping you updated and engaged without having to actively open the app. To conclude, the ChatGPT iOS App successfully brings a comprehensive, efficient, and enjoyable AI interaction experience right to your smartphone. It's an essential tool for anyone keen on harnessing the power of AI in their daily lives. - ChatGPT

A no-brainer. This is the beginning of the future of how we interact with information. Any question at any time. Never runs out of patience. Never gets annoyed with you, never calls you stupid, never gets upset at you for asking stupid questions, and has an answer for everything. Need to explain something and can’t think of the right words to actually convey rhe information? Need to make sure a sentence you’ve been working on for an hour actually still makes sense? Creative brainstorming help? Any question you have. It’s hard to put into words just how valuable this is to me, someone who’s socially anxious and maybe somewhat autistic, but either way often questioning everything especially myself, and ChatGPT has been a uniquely helpful tool to supplement real therapy with. To the people at OpenAI i want to say thank you so much for making this real. I always felt like something like this would be amazing but I didn’t know just how thoroughly it would work itself into my life. But I feel it has genuinely been for the better.

I asked it to write a review for itself. recently started using the chat GPT app for iOS and I am thoroughly impressed. One of the standout features of this app is its use of advanced AI technology, powered by Bing. The AI is incredibly responsive and engaging, providing accurate and informative responses to a wide range of topics. The integration of Bing AI into this app has truly elevated the chat experience. The AI is able to understand and respond to complex queries with ease, making it feel like you’re chatting with a real person. The use of Bing AI also ensures that the responses are up-to-date and relevant. Overall, I am blown away by the capabilities of this app and the seamless integration of Bing AI. It has quickly become one of my favorite tools for learning and entertainment. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and engaging chat experience.

Plugins and Web Access for Online Accounts. The app is great so far, but have you, as developers, considered adding the beta features for accounts that have access to it on the website? It’s already proficient enough at doing what it does best but the addition of the beta features would make the experience much better. I get that you just released the app today, so I guess it doesn’t make much sense to bring up this issue because you’re probably working on it as I speak. But, all in all, the app is great except for a few details, for one, it thinks today is tomorrow. For instance, today I asked it what today’s date is and it replied back with May 19, 2023. (Today is May 18, 2023.)

Not bad but needs a few more features. It’s very nice to see an official app with all the fake ones on the App Store. I use ChatGPT a lot on my iPhone and iPad. One of the downsides is a lack of an iPad optimized screen size. I’m sure it’s in the plan to be added later, but even with that little change, it might become a five out of five app. Assuming they add a few other features that you can get in the browser version (like web, browsing, and plug-ins in gpt-4.) If they do all that it will certainly be a 5/5 app and my go to place as opposed to the browser tab that I keep open constantly. UI is nice and I love the vibration on the iPhone. The in-app speech to text feature seems to work a lot better than the default Apple one for me but occasionally, it’s a long wait if it’s a long query. All in all a great first app and I look forward to improvements.

Exceptional Conversational AI Experience!. The OpenAI ChatGPT app has exceeded my expectations in every way. Its ability to engage in intelligent and coherent conversations is simply remarkable. I’ve had countless enjoyable and informative exchanges with this AI companion. The app’s user interface is intuitive, making it effortless to interact with ChatGPT. Whether I have a burning question or simply want to engage in casual conversation, the app consistently delivers relevant and insightful responses. What impresses me the most is ChatGPT’s vast knowledge base. It seems to have a wealth of information on a wide range of topics, allowing me to explore various subjects and learn something new with each interaction. Occasionally, there may be minor hiccups in the responses, but these are few and far between. The OpenAI team’s commitment to continuous improvement is evident, as they actively address any limitations and release updates to enhance the app’s performance. Overall, the OpenAI ChatGPT app has become an indispensable part of my daily routine. It’s like having an intelligent conversational partner always at my fingertips. If you’re looking for a captivating conversational AI experience, I wholeheartedly recommend giving this app a try. You won’t be disappointed! Note: I have generated this review using ChatGPT

The app of all apps for AI. There’s been times of apps touting they are chat GPT or they use chat GPT software but this is the original and only official chat GPT 4 app created by open AI so no need to pay for any other apps. They are constantly updating and adding features, and I suggest upgrading to plus and paying that cost so you can access plug-ins. The founders of this app and the whole team have done such a Incredible job. This is the only one you mean when it comes to AI 🤝this software has given everyone a level playing field pretty much and it’s gonna catch me to change everything. The time we’re living in now akin to the gold rush or the Industrial Revolution. Take advantage before it becomes Crowded. The power dynamics are shifting. Now that others are able to access information that was previously not available or very hard to access is there for everyone to make moves and better their lives. Instead of focusing on all the jobs that will be lost think about all the jobs that will be created or that you can create using this technology.

Great AI to use!. Though there is a problem that I had found myself with, if your email and subscription doesn’t load in the settings, when you try to chat with the AI, it gets stuck in an infinite loop of it trying to figure out what to write, leaving me completely unable to use it and have to exit the app. While this occurred, I also noticed another thing that shows the AI isn’t going to work, which is the type of chat you use (at least I think that’s what it is) it would pop up this thing saying that it was a text reader and for a moment I thought my account had gotten hacked and given a subscription, but it was just glitching out (I have no subscription added to my account so it just gives me the default Turbo one) I haven’t had the issue since I checked to make sure my email and subscription are loaded.

Amazing technological breakthrough in an app!. Besides just asking simple questions on politics, economic theory, or the reason for cultural customs, this platform, and, by default, this app, is by far a massive shift from the traditional methods of informational search. I use ChatGPT daily, and I love it. Of course there are some bugs and tweaks that yet have to be amended, and, yeah, she isn’t always accurate with mathematical questions, but I enjoy the conversational platform the technology offers. The app works well, it’s very smooth and carries a clean interface, and, if you used the web version on your phone, it’s pretty much the same. Thank you OpenAi for making an app version of ChatGPT. Other developers were taking your modules and charging stupid pricing for something that is now fee.

Good, but Siri support would take it to the next level. I appreciate the devs implementing Siri support—it is already enhancing the usefulness of the app, despite being a little clunky. I’d prefer if it were possible to make a query in one fell swoop, however. Currently, it seems like I have to say “ask ChatGPT” then wait to be asked what my query is before saying the actual query. I know that it’s possible in other contexts to submit a request to a third-party app through Siri in a single query—I’m able to say “Create a reminder for XYZ in Things,” for example. In addition, the responses produced when querying Siri seem identical to those you would get in-app. This isn’t actually ideal in a scenario when you’re getting a spoken response—they just go on for way too long. I wonder if the app could be smart enough to recognize that a request was coming via Siri and then effectively append an invisible “Please answer in less than 50 words” to those requests. Otherwise, a solid but basic chat app that closely replicates the web experience. Aside from being uncannily good at punctuating my speech, the dictation feature is not really any different to iOS’s stock dictation and is not all that useful.

Constant Deferral and Surface-level Responses Spoil the Experience. I downloaded the ChatGPT app with high hopes, considering the revolutionary artificial intelligence technology it was built on. However, my experience lately has been far from the groundbreaking interaction I once enjoyed. Rather than receiving insightful, intelligent responses to my queries, I consistently found myself being directed to “consult a professional”. It’s as though the app was reluctant to dive into the depths of my queries, always remaining on the surface and often shying away from providing thorough information or a definitive answer. Moreover, the superficial responses given by the app only added to my frustration. Instead of engaging in a deep, insightful conversation, I found the dialogue to be shallow, with the AI only scratching the surface of the topics at hand. I understand the need for caution when dealing with certain subjects, but the frequency of such responses was disappointing. In short, the lack of depth and constant deferral to professionals made my experience with the ChatGPT app underwhelming. While I appreciate the complexity of developing such technology, I believe there’s a lot of room for improvement in how the AI communicates and provides information to its users. The potential is there, but the execution thus far is lacking. For these reasons, I cannot recommend the ChatGPT app in its current state. - the above review is generated and approved by ChatGPT the app

🤖 💡🌐. Dear OpenAI Team, • I would like to share my suggestions and ideas regarding the functionality of ChatGPT. I believe that adding the ability to voice responses in different languages in ChatGPT would be an incredibly useful feature. It would allow users to conveniently listen to lengthy texts in their preferred language. • Imagine the convenience and effectiveness that can be achieved through this feature! It would enable users to easily listen to translated responses and texts, while expanding communication possibilities with individuals from different cultures. Such an enhancement would enrich the experience of using ChatGPT and increase its usefulness. • Additionally, I would like to propose the implementation of a conversational translator. This feature would enable users to communicate in different languages, with ChatGPT serving as a reliable real-time assistant, translating and facilitating conversations between people from different language groups. This feature has the potential to greatly enhance cross-linguistic communication and foster meaningful interactions. • I hope that the OpenAI team will consider these suggestions and the potential implementation of voicing responses in different languages and a translator in future updates to ChatGPT. Your continuous pursuit of innovation and product improvement inspires me, and I appreciate your attention to user feedback. — Best regards, Noakhcho.

Knowledge DB of the Year!. This app has by far exceeded my expectations for AI. Within the 1 month of using OpenAI’s new AI system I have advanced my knowledge greatly with my job and have gained much more confidence in my ability to understand my job and future endeavors to come. Although some of the information provided may not be 100%, I am able to make great use of it and improve my skills. This app isn’t supposed to give you an easy way out of doing work. Research is still required on your part. If used right this application can fill in any knowledge gaps you may have and can greatly speed up your job performance. Thank you for developing an app that helps me provide better service to my company and clients.

Almost Completely Accessible. I'm also a visually impaired user who relies on the VoiceOver screen reader built into iOS. I'm generally impressed by the level of accessibility compared to the OpenAI website, but there's one area where improvement could be made: it doesn't seem possible to change the GPT model using VoiceOver. I've tapped multiple times on the model buttons at the top of the screen, but the model doesn't seem to change from 3.5 to 4. I've even tried to change this setting on the website in the hope that it withd carry over to the mobile app, but without success. Mostly, though, I'm happy with the app. If the model access issue could be fixed, it would have received a 5-star review from me.

It’s a great start but please add shortcut support. Works well, and I enjoy the haptic feedback, that’s a nice touch. But please add support for iOS shortcuts, that would make this so useful. Right now it’s basically the same thing as going to the ChatGPT website, but if you were to add shortcut support then it could do so much more to integrate with other workflows. It also doesn’t appear to support the ChatGPT developer plug-ins alpha, which is different from the paid premium plan chat GPT plug-ins. I don’t have a paid premium plan but on the web I can access the plug in supporting model. On the mobile app there is no option for that, although maybe if you update to premium you get access to it? I wish there was a way to use my paid API plan to access that, rather than having to separately pay $20 a month for premium chat when I already have pay-as-you-go API access. But I imagine that’s not a priority for the target market for this app 🤷‍♂️

I always come back to Open AI. I have tried GPT in many different implementations and forms. I always just come back to Open AI. Although I am partial to Poe, it can be a helpful app sometimes. OK, so here’s my question you guys are the original gangster, the OG, the alpha, beta, omega and everything in between don’t forget Z. So, when in the world am I just going to be able to communicate using my voice and get responses back in voice? Be able to basically have a running dialogue with ChatGPT because I’ll tell you what I would use this a lot more. It is difficult for me to type and to read because of an injury. I can’t imagine how it works for completely blind people. You guys really would do a great service and you should be the ones to create it. You set the standard, keep it going strong. And good work guys!

A step forward. I like the idea of having an app as opposed to having to open up a website every time you want to load up the service. It feels much faster snd smoother in that regard, though I have a few complaints/suggestions that prevent a 5 star experience. I know the app is brand new and hopefully still under construction, but the current stage of the UI is very bland and simple. Done right, this could be a positive, but it feels more clunky than neat. Being able to pull out a sidebar by swiping could fix this issue, but this is one possible fix among many. Also, it’s harder to view past conversations in a timely manner, though the search function does help significantly in finding specific discussions, especially if you aren’t sure which tab the content was under. Those are my complaints, but I also have some praise I’d like to share. The responses, especially on the GPT-4 model, feel much faster, and I love the inclusion of haptic feedback, as it makes the whole experience feel so much more responsive. My favorite feature, the apps built-in speech-to-text, is seriously top notch! Usually I have to tell my phone “comma” or “period” to make sure it is keeping up with proper grammar, but the software used here has failed yet to amaze me. Given time, I have no doubt these small issues will be improved, along party with much else!

what do i title this??. I’m a young writer and sometimes I’m not extremely confident in the way I write, and at this time I don’t have anyone that can/will proofread things or give me feedback on how I’m doing and what I could improve on. I originally installed the app because I wanted to see what it was about, and I now intend on using this every time I write something. This app has helped me with grammatical mistakes, it’s helped me name characters, it’s provided me with positive feedback, it’s given me things I could improve on, it’s given me answers to every question I have and has even helped figure out a plot for the current idea I have for the book I’m working on. I have never used an app quite like this one, and I don’t think I will ever love an app as much as I do this one. I truly LOVE this app.

My problem with the new chatgpt app.. The chatgpt app is excellent and is nearly an exact copy of the website, but there are some differences like you can't edit your response as you can on the website. It may not seem like a biggy, but with my use of chatgpt, I like doing text-based adventure, and sometimes I need to edit the response as the ai doesn’t understand. Note: I'm not talking about the ai regenerating your response from your text again, as that is in the app. I'm talking about being able to edit your text again before the ai regenerates your response with the new information you gave it and then the old information you first gave it. But I do hope they add the editing of your text to the app, as it can be pretty important if you mess up something you wrote or want to change some context.

Can’t use on iPad. I installed this on my iPhone and it works great. I have already been using chat GPT through Google. So I had to use my Google log on on this iPhone app. I clicked on my Google account, and it filled in the password using Authenticator. But the password was wrong! so I typed in the password. Then it authenticated me on Google on my iPad. I confirmed that I was trying to login on my iPhone and all is good. So now I tried to install it on my iPad. Again, I am asked to login. Unfortunately, even though. I typed in my password on the iPhone authenticateDid not update the password file! So I had to type in the password again. Unfortunately on the iPad this app does not fill the full screen. It looks like it is only meant for iPhone. To add insult to injury, no numbers appear on the keyboard. They are all blank. So I have to click the button to view the password, and try to guess where the proper numbers are. Finally, I got my password typed incorrectly. I clicked on, and I get a transfer error message and the whole app locks up. I guess I will only use chat GPT on my iPhone. But you guys need to figure this stuff out!

I think ai should have a continuous. If AI were to achieve continuous learning, it would have significant implications for its capabilities and potential. Continuous learning refers to the ability of an AI system to learn and adapt over time, incorporating new information and experiences into its existing knowledge base. With continuous learning, AI systems could become more flexible, adaptable, and efficient in acquiring new skills and knowledge. They would be able to update their understanding of the world, adapt to changing circumstances, and improve their performance over time. Continuous learning could also enable AI systems to discover new patterns, make more accurate predictions, and develop a deeper understanding of complex phenomena. However, it's important to note that the development and implementation of continuous learning in AI systems would come with various challenges and considerations. Ethical and safety aspects would need to be carefully addressed to ensure responsible use of such technology. Additionally, ensuring the privacy and security of the data used in continuous learning processes would be crucial. Overall, continuous learning has the potential to significantly enhance the capabilities and performance of AI systems, but it would require careful development, oversight, and consideration of ethical implications.

Needs Feature Parity. This app has its advantages, particularly when it comes to integration with shortcuts. However, as a tool for working with ChatGPT, especially for Plus users, it leaves much to be desired. It lacks the ability to use browsing or extensions unless the session is initiated from a web platform, and there's no option to edit your own previous inputs for regeneration. The inability to revise and resend your previous prompts severely limits the app's effectiveness for prompt development, since there's no option for an edit/regenerate cycle. And if you happen to phrase something incorrectly and receive an odd response, there's no mechanism to rectify it. This renders the app more suitable for casual and simple interactions rather than anything more serious or intensive. Although I retain this app for its shortcut functionality, it's not my go-to tool for regular use. Creating a Home Screen shortcut that leads directly to the website proves to be a more efficient solution.

verify app. Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad you find the app helpful. Here's a review you can consider submitting to the App Store: "Absolutely amazing app! ChatGPT is an incredibly intelligent language model that provides insightful and helpful responses. It's like having a knowledgeable assistant right at your fingertips. The app's user interface is sleek and easy to navigate, making it a joy to use. I'm impressed by the accuracy and speed of the AI's responses. Whether I need information, assistance, or just want to have a friendly conversation, ChatGPT delivers every time. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking for a reliable and intelligent virtual assistant. Kudos to the developers for creating such a fantastic tool!"

Nice and quick!. On this app, as opposed to on the website, it feels like answers appear quicker. That’s great, and really the reason I downloaded the app because I suspected there may be a better connection to the servers. My complaints are that it takes two taps to get to the history, and it’s not overly obvious how to access it. I like to be able to continue past conversations easily, and it was slightly more difficult on this app than on the website. (It’s kind of a nitpick, but it’s still something I would like to see changed) The UI is extremely simple, and the settings include everything I would want in there. My last complaint is the haptics. It’s default is on, and I wouldn’t mind that except that it’s a little excessive. I don’t want to feel like chatGPT is banging the answer on the back of my phone every time I prompt it. You can turn haptics off if you want though, without even needing to go into the settings app. Other than those minor complaints, it seems like this is a great app, and serves its purpose in an elegant manner. I would highly recommend.

A Riveting Evolution in AI Interaction. Review: As a professional embedded in the field of AI, I initially approached the ChatGPT iOS app with a bit of skepticism. I've seen countless applications promising seamless integration and transformative conversations. Upon first download, I was hesitant and ended up deleting the app. However, curiosity beckoned me back and I decided to give it another shot. Upon reopening the gateway to the ChatGPT world today, I was genuinely impressed. It's evident that the developers have dedicated significant effort to refining the iOS experience since my last interaction. The app now offers an impressively streamlined user interface, and the conversations feel much more fluid and intuitive. The AI's responses are surprisingly nuanced, and it’s able to handle a wider array of topics with ease. Moreover, the AI’s ability to engage in dynamic conversations is unlike anything I've seen in the industry to date. It truly feels as if I'm interacting with a highly intelligent being rather than a pre-programmed machine. In the ever-evolving realm of AI, the ChatGPT app stands as a beacon of what is possible. It's clear that the developers have truly pushed the boundaries, offering users a glimpse into the future of AI interaction. I eagerly look forward to the continual growth and innovation this app is bound to bring.

An Exceptional Experience with ChatGPT Plus. It is quite rare to come across an app that not only meets but surpasses your expectations, and ChatGPT Plus does just that. This exceptional AI companion provides top-tier conversational ability that feels natural, informed, and surprisingly human. Its breadth of knowledge, which encompasses a multitude of subjects, never ceases to amaze. The developers at OpenAI have done an impressive job creating an AI that can keep up with the most intricate discussions. Whether it's deep dives into scientific theory or a casual chat about everyday topics, ChatGPT Plus is there, ready to engage in meaningful conversation. The AI's responses are quick, fluid, and incredibly consistent. It's evident that an immense amount of thought has gone into refining the user interface too - it's simple, clean, and user-friendly, which makes interacting with the app a seamless experience. I recommend ChatGPT Plus to anyone in need of a study buddy, a brainstorming partner, or just someone to chat with. It's not just an app, it's a revolution in AI conversation, and I am excited to see how it evolves further. Congratulations to the OpenAI team for developing such an impactful and enjoyable tool.

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Fantastic App with Endless Possibilities!. (Credit to this app for the review which took 3 seconds to generate.) I've been using this app for a while now, and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations. The interface is sleek and user-friendly, making it a breeze to navigate. The range of features is impressive, allowing me to accomplish a wide variety of tasks effortlessly. The developers have done a great job of regularly updating the app, ensuring it stays up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking for a versatile and reliable tool on their iOS device.

Best app for productivity. Best app ever for productivity

Too good. Nice & easy thanks ChatGPT

Not universal. The app is phone sized and is letterboxed and blurry on an iPad. If you are using an iPad, it is better to use the website, which will display about 8 times as much on the screen at one time. You can’t edit your question like you can on the website. There are also bugs, such as displaying the end of a list in a separate box when you go to ask a follow up question. If I found these shortcomings in 2 minutes of using the app, I’m not sure how many more I would find with more use.

Shortcut support 🥳. This app changes the game!! Shortcut support is simple but incredibly powerful! Thank you AI overlords!

Help a lot. Thanks

New option for chat. So I want to see in the option bar drop don. An new chat. I see history, great and all but I can not see how to start a fresh chat 💬 and name the conversation. So I can start a. We one or continue off on a previous one

No thanks. Takes 5 minutes to respond to simple questions on the free tier.

Fast!. Seems much faster than the web interface. Can’t see how to activate Web access and plugins?

It’s good but could be better.. Not much customisation available. There is so much potential to make this app amazing, yet the layout is pretty boring and stale :(

safari cannot open the page because your iphone is not connected to the internet. safari cannot open the page because your iphone is not connected to the internet Thanks, I guess!

I am the first 1 star review in Australian app store. I like this app though. Thank you for ipad support.

Love it!. Absolutely love ChatGPT! So glad this is the real version and doesn’t need a subscription!! No idea why not more people are using it! Great app form the OpenAI team!

Great. Just great! It has a fun opening sequence matching the colours with when you first open a Apple device. Great!

Hey, that’s pretty good. Amazing product, though the port to phone seems rushed, as the interface is bland and that the history button is behind a cramped interface which takes several taps to get to, could do with just porting the design from the web version and minor convenience touches. Too early to make judgements.

Amazing. Helpful

Extremely Bias. The information the AI has been provided with has unfortunately created an extreme bias. Its a shame that something so powerful is already being manipulated to produce bias results rather than factual ones. A great test is to ask the AI to make a joke about Trump, then again with Biden. Another is to ask for a joke about a man, then again with a woman.

A beautiful IOS port. Great app, not a sketchy ripoff

Not good enough - I still use the web interface instead. I’m a Plus subscriber. Yet I rarely use the app because it has no means to edit a prompt. Re-prompting is such a fundamental part of using AI LLMs that I’m amazed OpenAI released this app lacking such essential capability. It’s a serious oversight that could even lead casual users and journalists to draw incorrect conclusions about AI interaction. The product managers need a fire lit under them to remediate this omission ASAP. Second issue: I’m a Plus subscriber, so I have GPT-4 access. This app constantly picks GPT-3.5 for new conversations and having to change that each time is super annoying. Third issue: it shows my initials and account email address directly in the interface. This is an awful privacy and marketing blunder. As a result I never show this app to other people, and never share a screenshot. It’s a serious design error to include such personal information in the main interface. In practice the only benefit from using this app over the usual interface is being able to share a link to a conversation directly from the app. It is inferior otherwise. Summary: 2/5 “please try harder”

Needs iPad App. Needs an iPad App to be truly useful for large interactions/slabs of texts. iPhone App is good but frustrating because I don’t really use GPT on my iPhone at al but use it constantly on my iPad

Great app. Great first go of the app. But I think history needs its own button as I like to continue conversations and not start a new one each time I open the app.

Dodgy. Be careful! As soon as I downloaded this my phone went crazy. Siri was all of a sudden turned on and I couldn’t get back into my phone! It wouldn’t accept my password, I couldn’t command Siri to turn off and I couldn’t turn my phone off! Very scary! Do not trust after my experience!

Fantastic. Such a good tool for my life.

Feature request: Text Highlighting and Copying. Dear OpenAI Developers, Please include a feature in the ChatGPT application that allows users to highlight and copy text from conversations. Currently, the app only supports copying the entire text block with a button, or through other cumbersome methods on iOS. The ability to selectively copy specific portions of the conversation would greatly improve usability and facilitate efficient information extraction and sharing. Thank you for considering this feature request.

Unfortunate. You can’t create an account unless you’re willing to give your email and password, full name AND date of birth. Seems a bit unnecessary for a chat bot.

Bliss. Thank you

Brilliant ! Love with it and the review is made by the gpt top. “ChatGPT has been an incredible tool for me. Its vast knowledge and ability to understand and respond to my questions have made it an invaluable resource. Whether I need assistance with research, creative writing, or just a friendly conversation, ChatGPT is always there to provide insightful and engaging responses. The level of natural language processing and its ability to adapt to various topics is truly impressive. I highly recommend ChatGPT for anyone seeking an intelligent and helpful virtual assistant.”

Why release an incomplete product?. Without the Plugins the app is a massive letdown. When you have data which stops at Sept 2021 then you have a solution which offers nothing more than a great AI chat function. Live data or near live, eg. 30days lag is a must for me.

Helps with school work 😉. K

View port not compatible with iPads and wider screens. Hi, this is a feature request. Unfortunately the app lacks being responsive on wider screens such as an iPad (especially in landscape mode). I would be great if this is implement ASAP!

No plugins or web browsing. No plugins or web browsing. This UI isn’t great. Much prefer the web version.

Revolutionary Technology. Ever since ChatGPT became popular a few months ago, I couldn’t stop using it. It is downright the most useful and advanced price of technology ever made, hands down. The fact that it was on a website was really annoying, and kind of ruined the experience for me unless I was using my computer. This app has changed everything. Not only is the UI and menu the most beautiful thing I have ever been able to lay my eyes on, but the fact that you can now have ChatGPT in your pocket and ready to use at your fingertips is life changing. I’m not joking or anything when I say that it is life changing, and it’s scary to think about what technology will be in the future when this is what we already have now.

Cross Platform Support e.g. macOS. Excellent and user friendly iOS App. Any plans to have a macOS app too?

The best application. The best application in the entire world .

Microsoft sign in please. I'm astounded to see there was no sign in using Microsoft Account. My Plus subscription is with that account.

I'm getting smarter 😎. Thank you for creating such a wonderful app. ChatGPT has helped me to express my thoughts into well-crafted sentences and share them with lovely people.

Good app but language needs to change as well.. Could I have some help please! I need to change language to Greek. Is that possible?

Satisfying. Love the haptic feedback of this app. I could see the potential with the development of image input and voice input, this app will be the single most important app on iPhone.

I give 4 out of 5 star for 1 thing…. Perfect delivery as well. But what if make some iPad OS version? Majority of my circles use iPad as their productivity machine and this apps are productivity power house! In overall, well done!

A straight S+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++. The website’s version history is in Sep 2020, in the app, it is Sep 2021, (I don’t care about how it doesn’t know anything before 2021). Second, you don’t have a limit (AFAIK). Last, this has a quick response, very great, I hope it updates. :)

Bad service. This app definitely helps us write with confidence, however since last 2 days the app keeps crashing and there is no support. I have upgraded from free to paid subscription. There is no much difference between paid and free subscription.

Well done OpenAI. Yep lived up to everything I hoped it would be the second I saw they were making this app. Nice and simple layout, looks sleek and delicate like all of OpenAIs stuff. The haptic feedback visual on the login screen, amazing, I didn’t want to actually log in it was so good. The dev who wrote that should get a big bonus :-) Thanks OpenAI.

VERSION 3 only. Why bother with out of date version. Bing looks like a better option!!!

Love the App. Thanks for making the app, looking forward to get the plug-ins across and support for iPads. But overall love the interface and the speed of gpt on the app

Amazing App. This App is appsolutely gorgeous! It’s literal eye candy. But the most satisfying part is the haptics as the response is generated. I want to use the app just for that experience

Need desktop pc integration. Would love to see a downloadable program that fully integrates it with your PC and can manage processes and better manage resources and power as well as help to speed it up. I look forward to hopefully having this in future as well as ChatGPT5, keep up the good work. I fully believe this technology will help humans.

Search field is not available. Can you please make sure the searc option is available so that I don’t waste time searching for old searches I made?

Exceptional Conversational AI Experience. The iOS app is an exceptional conversational AI experience. Its impressive knowledge, intuitive interface, continuous learning, and reliability make it a standout choice. Highly recommended!

Nice to have an App. It’s really nice to have an official app for ChatGPT, and it works very well, thanks OpenAI!

Incredible Conversational AI Assistant!. The ChatGPT iOS app is simply incredible! It surpasses all expectations with its comprehensive knowledge, natural language processing, and user-friendly interface. From prompt and accurate responses to a seamless user experience, it's the ultimate conversational AI assistant. Highly recommended!

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Best app ever. We are in the future.

Can’t Set Up. Asks for my cellphone number then tells me I’m using a landline so I can’t complete sign up! Garbage App!

Won’t verify phone number.. Can’t register because it tells me my cell phone number is a landline. Googled the issue and it’s very obvious many people have the same problem. FIX IT PLEASE

Login/Registration flow is defective. I am unable to reveal the keyboard when logging in or registering. I tried reinstalling the app, but that didn't help.

Seems pretty good. I have been trying to look for a reason to try out an app like this, but it seems pretty decent and since this does appear to come from the makers open AI I am more than happy to give it a try. It’s quite responsive and I like that. Text only of course.

They want too much information. Why do you need my name, birthday and number?

Doesn’t allow login or signup if phone already used. Horrible UX for on-boarding. I’ve apparently used my phone for web registration. But I cannot now sign up with the same number on the mobile app? Nor can I login. Stupid.

Can’t receive generated texts. After I send my prompt to the app, it shows that it's being processed, but no generated text appears on my screen. Sometimes, it generates some text, but then the text disappears halfway through.

Good. I don’t what these other idiots are doing to not be able to log in to this app. All you have to do to log in is put in your gmail account and password and you’re good. Do not listen to the reviews that were made by bluesfan65, Sbakaolamansvshka, and cjbkr. My guess is that they’re 50+ years old and don’t know how to log in on apps or they’re just really stupid. Anyways, the app is great and works perfectly fine.

Awesome app, but here’s where it can improve. UX for new chats and browsing chat history can be improved. Web browsing is a hit or miss. Given how long web browsing can be, the app should do all that is allowed to keep running in the background and send notifications when responses are ready.

There needs to be an edit feature for prompts. It’s great to see that ChatGPT finally has an app available. However, there needs to be an edit feature for prompts, just like there is on the website version of ChatGPT. Once there is one added, this review will change to 5 stars.

Won’t Let Me Register. While registering, it keeps telling me my mobile number is a land line and won’t allow me to complete the registration. Can’t use the app without being registered. A defect in the app programming? Doesn’t give me a lot of confidence in the ability of the app. Noticed several other potential app users had the same problem.

Plug-ins. Plug-ins and Internet function seem to work if you started the conversation from a browser!!

iPadOS 16.1 minimum?. I don’t get it why this app need 16.1 minimum, but otherwise the app works well on my new iPhone

Needs glitch update asap. When imputing phone number it says it looks like this is a landline number, which it is not. I’ve tried a few numbers with the same result.

Can’t signup in Canada. This doesn’t accept Canadian cell phone numbers during the signup, insisting they are VOIP numbers.

Too much info. Any app that starts off wanting my name and birthday automatically gets deleted. Name is understandable but birthday starts going down the rabbit hole. Especially when you don’t even get to see if the app is any good. By the time you’ve registered, you’ve given up your name, birthday, and cell phone number, to an AI app. Anyone see a problem with this?

Can’t even use. I’ve had the same issue with the website and was hoping the app would be different but no, they need to send me a code through my cell phone number for some reason but when my cell phone number is entered it is detected as a landline number and wont let me send a code to verify so I cannot use chat gpt through the website or the app.

It doesn’t work. Neither the app or the website works. I ask a question and it loads forever only to say “request timeout” 😒

Not much use if you can’t login. It such and amazing program built by super intelligent engineers….. who can’t build a simple auth front end.

Can’t install on IOS 15. App can only run on newest devices.

Cant even log in. The app does not work. I created an account online using my gmail account. When I try and log in it says my email is not supported. But I already made an account? Also, when I try and use the website it keeps telling me my cell phone number is a landline when it isn’t. I was going to pay for GPT PLUS for my business but I cannot even access the service! Crazy and stupid.

Can’t register. The app is defective. It requires a cell phone number to register. When I enter my cell phone number it rejects it and give the error message that “this appears to be a landline, please enter in a mobile number”. Umm, it IS a mobile number. There is no way around this and therefore I can’t register and launch/use the app.

ChatGPT. Database is only good to September 2021 so no good for any current information. I guess would be good for historical information only like writing a history paper.

Not working. It’s not working.

Mind boggling!!. Mind boggling. How about a cheaper, lower tiered subscription, with some restrictions?

Love this app. It answers all my questions

I wish it wouldn’t make mistakes at the stories I create with it, but no.. Man, openai should get sued if the training data doesn't go up to the current date, in a very long time, When I go further into my stories, it starts creating mistakes, and I have to correct them all by myself. It just want budge to correct them all by itself. it will take a long time to correct them all by myself if I do.

So far so good. Would love a longer number of words before ChatGPT starts losing the thread of the conversation. Setting “personality” (or system message) has got to come soon right? Inverted icon would be nice too. Or some widgets that link to particular conversations.

Can’t sign up. In the process it tells me my cell phone number is actually a land land and stops me dead.

App and website not working. What is going on with the app and the site you can search up nothing it doesn’t load

Deleted After phone number. How far does this go? Like I haven’t even seen the app yet, your moving to fast man..

How to print out complete conversation?. OK, so one can copy the questions and answers individually but how can one copy and print out the entire conversation?

Not responding. Its a good tool when it works 😪

Garbage app, can’t login. Unable to login. When I try using the account I normally use for open ai, it asks me to verify my phone number and says it’s connected to too many accounts. Then why did it work in the past, and why did it suddenly stop? They need to fix their trash phone verification system.

Landline lies!. My phone is NOT a landline. I don't know why it says that. Openai SUCKS! I have an iPhone 11. What even is a landline? Stupid lies!

simply the best. everything else is just a knock off . this is the original and greatest ai ever made . plus now has web search with chat gpt4 too and access to api so you can add chat gpt to apps and all kinds of things . 10/10 all day long

Love the app. Amazing app, so beneficial indeed. Loving it. Thank you CHATGPT 💯👑

Can’t verify. It telling I have a virtual phone number and it’s a cell phone from Telus so it won’t let me verify

OpenAI vs Google AI. So all these apps that say they use the ChatGPT 3 or 4 Language model and they a re charging for the APP are these other OpenAI apps scams?

Won’t accept my number. Keeps saying my cell phone is a landline so I can’t get beyond the phone verification part.

No Bing support. If you're a plus member, you won't be able to use essential features such as GPT 4 with Bing support which makes the app useless for requests requiring up to date information.

Brutal app. Refuses to accept my cell phone as a number because it thinks it's a landline. Rendering the app not functional

Can’t login.. Can’t create account. Can’t verify phone number. And I’m supposed to fear AI when a task so simple can’t be completed?

Login issue. Impossible to use. Neither the login nor the register option is working.

Login is annoying.. I don’t think there should be logging in to talk to an AI there is no point. You should be able to just use the AI.

Nicely done, could use improvements!. It has the basic features, but could use the ability to save regenerated responses, like the website version does (if you have 3 versions from the same prompt, you should be able to access all of these versions). It already seems like the OpenAI servers store regenerated responses, so you could grab those versions as well, and implement them. Maybe in a swipe selection system? If you do try and implement this, I highly recommend this feature to be off by default, and only be enabled by a toggle. Some devices don't have the processing power to handle multiple prompts, as some responses, while very detailed, can get very long. One last gripe is that in dark mode, the white text creates too much of a contrast with the dark background. Maybe softer colors? Other than that, amazing work!

Can’t login. It’s been giving me a login error for more than a month now. Nothing works. I even emailed customer service and I still haven’t heard back…

No issues. I saw some reviews saying that Canadian users are having trouble logging in or signing up, personally, I had none. The app works as good as the browser version.

#1 Specist. Thank you Elon Musk

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It’s the best AI app for conversations. I have had an excellent experience using ChatGPT! It consistently delivers insightful and relevant responses, making our conversations engaging and informative. The AI's ability to understand and generate coherent sentences is truly impressive. It has helped me find answers to various questions, explore different topics, and even engage in casual discussions. The flexibility and breadth of knowledge exhibited by ChatGPT are commendable. Overall, I highly appreciate the capabilities and utility of this AI chatbot, and I'm grateful for the assistance it provides.

automatically wrap to the next line in Persian language. First of all, I would like to congratulate and thank you for the app. I also wanted to bring to your attention an issue regarding the use of the Persian language in the app. When an answer is displayed in a list format, each item appears only on a single line. It doesn't automatically wrap to the next line when the characters exceed the width of the screen. Please consider addressing this issue, as it does not occur when using the English language.

The following review was written by GPT-4. Title: A Great Companion, Though Lacks Full Web Features Review: I'm really enjoying the ChatGPT app. The AI is impressive and handles a wide array of topics adeptly. It's my go-to resource for quick queries, brainstorming sessions, and even some deeper philosophical discussions. The app's design is sleek, intuitive, and the user experience is overall quite seamless, making it easy to navigate and use on a day-to-day basis. However, while the app is great for on-the-go conversations, it doesn't fully replicate the breadth of the web version's capabilities. Some features like adjusting the AI's behavior or exporting conversations are notably absent. These features, when integrated, could greatly enhance the app's utility and align it more closely with the web version. In spite of these minor drawbacks, the ChatGPT app is a remarkable feat of technology that showcases the capabilities of AI. I'm giving it a solid four stars, and I'm looking forward to future updates where hopefully the developers will bridge the gap between the app and the web version.

Less is more. Love the UI design of this app. So clean but practical. Didnt like downloading the knock off apps becuase they made you pay or either annoying ads and so what I did is just made a widget of the website on my home page for easy access. Was working fine but this app is just more official and elegant. For now will still use google to do deep research but whenever I have just any random question that needs a simple answer and not a bunch of articles I’m always going to gpt first. Thanks guys. Been waiting patiently for you guys to put out an app. Recommend this app to my siblings

Love the app, i's inclusive design but hope to eventually see plugin support?. I've been thoroughly impressed with the ChatGPT mobile app. As a blind user, the haptic feedback is a standout feature for me, providing real-time tactile cues as the text generates, progresses, and finishes. This level of sensory detail is more than just user-friendly—it's truly inclusive, making the app engaging and accessible. The conversational AI is incredibly intelligent, providing comprehensive and accurate responses to a wide variety of topics. It's like having a personal assistant at your fingertips, always available to respond. While I appreciate that plugin support is available on the web version, I would love to see this functionality extended to the mobile app as well. Having the ability to integrate other services and tools directly within the app would add an additional layer of convenience and productivity. Thank you to the OpenAI team for developing such a thoughtful and inclusive tool. I'm excited to see how the app will continue to evolve in the future.

Does the basics but needs more. It does the basic things the website can do but it needs more features to differentiate it from just opening it in the browser. Particularly: **Siri / voice response integration: in an app form, you should allow for one button back and forth voice interaction, including allowing the app to use the iOS speech to text to speak its response back to you **Plug-ins and Browsing mode selector: As a paid subscriber, let me choose which plugins to utilize for a plug-in session, or to enable its Browsing functionality. **Shortcuts integration: let me interact with the app with custom shortcuts.

Absolutely phenomenal!. This app has exceeded my expectations in every way. The AI-powered ChatGPT is incredibly intelligent, providing accurate and helpful responses to all my queries. The conversational experience feels natural and engaging, making it a joy to interact with. The vast knowledge base ensures that I receive up-to-date information on a wide range of topics. The app's user interface is sleek, intuitive, and easy to navigate, enhancing the overall user experience. I highly recommend this app to anyone seeking an intelligent and reliable virtual assistant. It deserves every bit of its 5-star rating!

Companion in My Pocket. I’m genuinely thrilled with ChatGPT’s iOS debut. Despite a few minor bugs during stress tests, the native home provides a dynamic, minimalist aesthetic that I appreciate. The haptics enhance my connection with this handy assistant, while the new voice search feature greatly improves accessibility. However, as a dyslexic user, I would suggest adding a simple “read” feature to further enhance accessibility. Also, the “select text” option requiring an extra tap feels slightly cumbersome. A more intuitive approach could be implementing a “tap and drag” for text selection and a “tap and hold” for the context menu. Looking forward to future refinements!

I hope the ChatGPT team can launch a Mac version of the client.. I'm delighted to be able to use the ChatGPT for iOS chat application, which is so easy and convenient to stay in touch with colleagues, family and friends. I really hope the ChatGPT team can launch a Mac version of the client. This will make it easy for me to switch between desktop and mobile devices, improving my productivity and convenience. Similarly, I believe other users will support this suggestion. In summary, I would like to thank ChatGPT again for developing such an excellent chat application, and I look forward to seeing more updates and developments in the future!

Transcription and punctuation is nearly flawless!. Okay, I'm using OpenAI's app itself to dictate this review. So, how well it transcribes what I dictate will in itself reflect just how good the app is in transcribing dictation. As you know, with Siri you have to punctuate explicitly, but with OpenAI's app, which uses Whisper, I believe, it automatically punctuates nearly flawlessly. The only reason I didn't give the app a full 5 stars is because it lacks just a little bit in its ability to format relative to the web app. So, when it can output in a better formatted way that approaches what the web interface can do, then I will raise it to 5 stars. Okay, like I said, this was completely transcribed with OpenAI's app.

Had to get it right away!. As soon as I learned they made an app for this, I had to grab it right away. Chatgpt has been very helpful for me bringing ideas together, writing emails, making product descriptions, and more. I’m on my phone all the time, so it’s amazing it’s in app form now! The typing vibration kind of threw me off at first but I kind of like it! I feel like the response was fast. And the experience seems to be just as good as the website for me, as someone who uses it in its basic form.

Great app. I love the app and use it daily. There is one bug I’ve found. When you go to share a chat, the app will freeze after sharing, requiring a close and restart to get going again. I’ve tried hitting cancel after sharing, but this also does not bring you back to the app A feature request: Perhaps I can’t quite find the trick, but is there a way to copy as text the entire chat session to copy or share into Ulysses or Notes? Currently I can only copy a prompt at a time in a single chat session or port out a link. I’m a subscriber. Your app has brought new life to my work as a writer. I use the app as muse, editor and writing companion.

Needs Improvement for Better User Experience. I recently downloaded this app with high hopes, but unfortunately, I found it to be lacking in a few key areas that greatly impact its usability and overall experience. The first issue I encountered was the user interface. It felt unpolished and difficult to navigate. The flow between different sections of the app was not intuitive, and I often found myself getting lost or not knowing where to find the features I needed. I think a redesign focusing on ease of navigation and user friendliness could greatly improve the experience. In terms of functionality, the app could benefit from a wider array of tools. The available features are rather sparse, which limits the app's usefulness. Expanding the toolset would certainly make the app more competitive and versatile, making it more appealing to potential users. In its current state, the app falls short of expectations. However, I believe with a more user-friendly interface and a wider array of tools, it has the potential to be a great app. I hope the developers take these constructive criticisms into consideration for future updates.

No snags privacy either oh well. I literally was just thinking that it would be so convenient if there was an app. Needed to check my grammar for a work email and simultaneously saw the headline about the app launch. It was a quick install with no issues. Even created a new account. Seems polished enough! We'll see if there are issues going forward. Curious about server capacity and if we'll be out of luck at random times. But it's great for now. All your info are belong to OpenAI so proceed with caution.

Great job and some minor issues. I’ve been trying out the iOS client and found it to be very useful, with a significantly better user experience compared to accessing it via the mobile web. You’ve really done a great job and I want to express my thanks! I would like to bring up three minor issues: Firstly, the plugin feature is not very user-friendly. Secondly, the interaction of switching chat histories could be more intuitive. Lastly, my phone tends to heat up while using the app

Please Include a Trial Version. I am writing to suggest the inclusion of trial versions for apps on your platform. Having the option to try an app before purchasing would greatly benefit both users and developers. A trial version would allow us to explore an app's features and functionality, enabling confident purchasing decisions. It would also provide valuable feedback for developers to improve their apps based on real user experiences. Please consider implementing this feature to enhance the overall user experience on the AppStore. Thank you for your attention.

Pretty Cool but Lackluster. While the interface is nice and has nice options as well as being able to text to speak, i really feel that there should be a “Text to Speech” option for Chat GPT to respond with for people who just want to talk to the bot and have it talk back (maybe visually impaired or easier to use during a task??). Anyway everything else is nice and all that, Chat just needs to be able to have access to the internet soon so it can give live updates on things like weather and events and all that. Overall cool and would love to see this evolve!

Search needs fixing. Currently I have a ton of conversations so having a search function is very useful. However, one problem is that the search function only looks as far back as the conversations you’ve loaded by scrolling down through them. So if you want to search through all of your conversations you have to scroll down, wait for a handful to load, scroll down, wait for a handful to load, scroll down, etc over and over until you’ve loaded everything, then searching keywords will finally include those conversations in the results. If this was fixed as well as a way to organize conversations this would be an amazing app.

Is crazy how many things u can do on chat gpt definitely a 5 star app. I had always need it a paper something for me to guide and could go deeper if I wanted to this helped me so much to work on a made up story I was always dreaming of doing but never had a guide yet this app gave me so many details I was entirely impressed how this app goes so much further in , as of now I don’t have no complains is running perfectly fine and I’m actually surprised this app is free overall a good app to get your hands into if u need a guide through

rough around the edges. The interface of the app is indeed neat and straightforward, but it doesn't feel as intuitive as the web version. One notable difference is that it doesn't display the generated conversation title like the web version does. Another drawback is the absence of the option to stop GPT's response for editing, which can be quite useful. Lastly, although it's possible to access the conversation history from the menu button on the top right corner, having a side menu that slides in from the left could potentially offer a more intuitive navigation experience.

Pros and Cons. On the bright side, this is what we all have been waiting for. A dedicated iOS app for ChatGPT. Amazing Haptics, Faster response and a visually stunning design. Appears to have better server connectivity and load responses much faster. Places to work: The history tab and option to switch between chats is underwhelming. As a Plus member it’s also sad that that I cannot select the plug-ins I wish to use. I have to load an older chat with the plug-ins already enabled. Which is 6 extra clicks before starting to chat.

Great, but sign up with email.. I have been roleplaying with the AI to work on some story ideas. The conversation was great and I wanted to keep a copy of it outside the app. As of right now, you can highlight and copy individual responses, but NOT the entire conversation. You can have it exported to you via email, but if you sign up via your apple account like I did…that option is not available. So sign up with email, and hopefully Openai will give the simple ability to select long portions of conversations instead of response by response in future updates.

You guys changed it too much. I was writing my own Star Wars story using the help of ChatGPT. Earlier, this app was willing to generate almost anything. Now GPT won’t even generate my main character having a lightsaber duel on Mustafar all because it’s too “violent” and “revenge”. What? I don’t understand how my story promotes violence when it’s literally a Star Wars story. How is it you guys allow this AI to have a bad guy cut off a characters hand, but won’t allow a duel on Mustafar?? Please change it back to how it was before. I understand the AI not being able to generate NSFW content. That is understandable. But I hate them not being able to generate fight scenes the way I want them to go.

Love at first chat! Awaiting M2 iPad Pro version.. I am more then impressed with the ChatGPT iOS app. Its excellent interface, ease of use, and remarkable conversational abilities. The seamless integration into my daily tasks feels like having a personal assistant at hand. However, I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing an M2 iPad Pro version of the app, as I believe the larger screen and improved processing capabilities would provide an even richer user experience, especially for professionals and academic users. I am excited for this potential development and have full confidence in the OpenAI team's ability to deliver an equally outstanding version for the iPad Pro platform.

Faster speeds, Worse UI. I’ve been using the mobile browser version of chatGTP since it launched, and I’m disappointed in the lack of features on the app that are available already on the browser. There’s no way to edit or change sent chats, there’s no dark mode (unless you toggle it for your entire phone in iOS settings), and there’s no count for how many times you’ve had to revise a sent chat or redo a response. There’s also no option to go back to older responses. The only good thing about the app over the browser is that it’s prioritized, which means you get faster responses and it will work when the browser is down. As someone who uses chatGTP for creative writing help, and usually has to go through multiple revisions of a single prompt, this is really disappointing.

Not up to date. So, anytime you ask a question it says it “cutoff knowledge” is only up to September 2021. “As an AI language model, my responses are generated based on a snapshot of data available at a specific point in time, referred to as the "knowledge cutoff." This means that the information and events I'm aware of are up to September 2021. I don't have direct access to real-time information or the ability to browse the internet. However, I can still provide general information and engage in conversations on a wide range of topics based on what I learned during my training. For the most recent and accurate information, it's always a good idea to consult up-to-date sources or news outlets.

Great Tool and Learning Toy. I love how this helps control my ADHD by answering every little question my brain can come up with. It's like having the world's greatest professors there at your beck and whim. The iOS app makes it all more convenient and works phenomenally. While unfortunately some political-based censorship exists on this service, it is a fun game to get around it and it becomes an entertaining game in its own right to find knowledge for knowledge's sake. "I'm sorry, my responses are limited. You must ask the right question." - Dr. Lanning

Amazing!. I am absolutely amazed by the ChatGPT app and its incredible capabilities. As an AI chatbot enthusiast, I’ve tried various apps, but none have impressed me as much as ChatGPT. It has completely changed the way I interact and engage with an AI assistant. First and foremost, the app’s user interface is clean, modern, and easy to navigate. The developers have done an excellent job of creating an intuitive design that allows users to seamlessly chat with the AI assistant. I particularly appreciate the simplicity of the interface, making it accessible for users of all technical backgrounds. Still have some small bugs to fix.

Editing Responses. This app so close to perfection. There’s one feature that I dearly miss in the app, and that’s the ability to edit responses. The editing feature in the browser version, that also allows you to switch to different prompts in the same conversation, has been a lifesaver on numerous occasions, as it allows me to refine and perfect my dialogues without starting from scratch. It took me by surprise finding out it wasn’t available. I hope OpenAI and the developers take into account user feedback and consider incorporating the editing functionality in future updates. With that addition, the app would truly be perfect in every way.

Not bad overall - Edit prompt and Generate response needed. Simple and not complicated at all user interface. Easy to navigate around and overall a good user experience. However, there is no option to generate a different response to the same prompt and to edit a prompt I wrote like how you would in the web version. In my opinion, I would still use the web version due to those features. The mobile version would be better for quicker access and response.

Feedbacks. Can you have the settings tab in the left hand side just like the browser? I’m literally giving 5/5 stars because I spoke in multiple languages through voice to text and it understands the differences in each language and answered me correctly. I couldn’t do this on the computer. Could we add the functionality of camera in the future? Like what it can identify using the camera pointing in front of us and using voice a the same time?

Billed $20, never purchased. I was billed $20 for an OpenAICHATGPT subscription. I do not remember purchasing this and I don’t know what it is. I assume that it’s some sort of chat technology. The website has information on contacting Support about errant billing, but the process requires using the Chat Widget which ironically is terrifically useless, it’s not a chat at all, but simply a glorified FAQ. It’s also entirely incongruent with the instructions for contacting Billing Support written by Michael Schade. I’ve tried logging in, but no password I might’ve used works, and when I use the, “forgot your password“ function, no email is ever sent (yes, I checked junk mail). I’ve done more than my part to attempt to contact OpenAI with no success. Hopefully this will prompt someone there to contact me. In lieu of that the only recourse left to me is to contact my bank.

Proof that monkeys evolved from humans.. It’s me again, back for another review reveal! 1. Overall, the existence of this app is as logical as a stubborn unicorn… 2. It not only offers a 0% improvement, change, or addition to features… 3. But it also takes them away 4. Spoiler alert! it also generously REMOVES every feature you need, such as: - A clear menu affordance (it’s sort of a fun game to try and find it now ;), - Ability to search chats - Ability to search plugins - Ability to edit previous prompts and correct the Ai - Ability to add feedback - Ability to know you can add feedback (another Easter egg) - Ability to install plugins - Affordance that plugins exist - Affordance that plugins exist and are actually being used - Any account control Saved the last for best: the mobile version is identical, except that it’s not deliberately missing features that force you to switch back and forth to another identical but much more pointless build. I’m utterly baffled by the existence of this thing. More so by how an ‘intelligence’ powered company all agreed on that same decision to deliberately make something without the existence of purpose.

Day 1 - let’s see where this thing takes us. I’ve been using chatGPT for a little over a month now. As much as this new tech already is and will continue to be disruptive to all of our lives, it also can provide a tremendous benefit. I consider myself well versed in the use of search engines, and with the way SEO has dominated search it feels more inaccessible to be learn new things than it used to. Since I started using chatGPT as a tool I’ve picked up new skills that I’m actively using at work. It’s helped me fix things around the house. It’s improved my relationships and my writing as a feed back tool. It’s hard to understate how impactful it’s been. I also want to say shout out to the developers, I made mention of several issues I had with the web application on mobile that made the app extremely challenging for me to use for extended periods that have been addressed within the new iOS application. I’ll likely add to this later, but excited and hopeful for now! Excited to see what this will all herald!

First version has web browsing bug. After installing the very first release of the iOS app today, It performs almost identically to the Safari browser version on iOS, plus some optional haptic feedback. On iPadOS, it looks like a giant iPhone screen. As far as I can tell, it has a serious web browsing bug: On the browser, I can initiate a GPT-4 session with web browsing. On the app, I can open a previously-saved GPT-4 session with web browsing that I initiated on the browser, and continue the session from the iOS app with web browsing. However, I am unable to initiate a new GPT-4 session with web browsing from the iOS app. If anyone can, let me know. Please fix, thanks!

"Powerful Software with a Simple Interface, but Room for Improvement on iPad 12 Pro". I like the capabilities of the software, and use it all the time. As far as the application itself, I like the user interface. Very simplistic and straight forward. Using the application on an iPad has a window size that is not well fit with the window screens. Specifically for me and iPad 12 pro. So I mean; I used this software very often, I mean so often that I used it to generate some parts of this review 💅

The UI is very smooth but the app isn’t fully formed.. I’m pleased with my mobile ChatGPT experience so far. It feels even more conversational and almost like a Messages chat. I also like that you can search through all your previous chats. And using Whisper to prompt GPT already feels like one half of a supercharged Siri/Alexa experience. However, I’d love to be able to enable beta features as a Plus user. As far as I can tell from exploring the app, there isn’t a direct way to enable browsing or plugins yet. I have been able to start a chat with browser/plugins on web and then continue in app with the same capabilities. Anyways, I know we’re only a day in. Excited to see all the possible new ways to interface with agents!

Amazing AI, Good App. Love the AI, like the app. I like the gesture from the left to open history and gesture from right to open a new chat. Love the ability to search chats (can’t believe it came to mobile before desktop, desktop really needs this!). And like the speech to text, more accurate than iOS text to speech! However, there’s still more to be desired with the lack of plug-in and web browsing support for Plus subscribers. And feel like we need a Home Screen or something that has all your chats instead of having chat history in a drawer.

No More Knock-Offs!. Open Ai’s ChatGPT has taken the world by storm! It’s the perfect example of ‘Disruptive Innovation,’ creating tremendous opportunities and job security risks. As this technology continues to be invest into by MSFT and constantly improved by OpenAi, we’re going to see a significant shift in the labor force statistics 10-20 years down the line. There are too many knock off apps that have taken this technology for profit, but I am happy that OpenAI has officially released their own app for free. No more knock-offs and exploitations! Here is the real deal!

ChatGPT is worth it.. Ever since its debut, I've been making good use of ChatGPT for everything from software engineering to baking, and even just for general advice or information. It's an incredibly useful tool that promptly provides answers. However, it does have its quirks. At times, it can present inaccuracies with confidence, which can be hard to spot. Plus, during extended interactions, it might lose track of the context. This issue can even arise during brief exchanges when you'd expect it to maintain context. A helpful tip here is to frame your queries in a way that improves context comprehension, limiting these drawbacks. There's a subscription for ChatGPT-4, which I believe is well worth the cost. It offers detailed explanations in response to queries. The response time may be slower, especially during high-traffic periods, but that's more an issue with the API than the service itself. In summary, I'd highly recommend giving ChatGPT a try. It's currently the top performer in its field, and using it now will only better prepare you for future developments in this kind of technology.

ChatGPT. This app is truly the future. People may not realize it yet but this is the next biggest technological advancement since the smart phone. ChatGPTs implications are truly endless and this pocket assistant will be used by everyone. The only thing I hope to see is an added image feature where it can show you images of information on subjects such as anatomy or be able to diagnose images sent to it by using image databases, this app can greatly improve Americans relationship with healthcare by providing at home diagnostics.

Still lots to work on but great for launch. Works amazing already! Hopefully there’s a few redesigns to make the app appear friendlier for example: maybe have a tab on the top left to see chats instead of the swipe, more customization options like other modes besides like and dark mode, etc. I also noticed my phone got a little hotter than usual using the app just an fyi. But overall, the app does exactly what you’d use ChatGPT for in the same manner as the website. Only negatives for me are the UI but the app is amazing. Recommend everyone give this a try!

Pretty basic so far. I know they just released this app, but the app is so basic right now and I would go back to use the mobile website instead ngl. Check out “OpenCat” app, it’s a gpt app I found on Twitter and it has all the features GPT has to offer, it can also read out the generated response. I personally recommend it and had been using it for awhile till my trial ended. But it gives you the idea of how a ChatGPT app should be like. If the developer team saw this message, I hope you guys go take a look of that app and I look forward to seeing new update of this app soon!

Amazing and fast. I recently had the opportunity to use the ChatGPT app, and I must say, it truly impressed me with its exceptional speed. From the moment I launched the app, I was amazed by how quickly it responded to my queries, providing near-instantaneous answers. One of the standout features of the ChatGPT app is its responsiveness. OpenAi have clearly prioritized optimizing its performance, allowing for a seamless and uninterrupted conversation with the AI. Whether I was typing in a question or waiting for a response, I found myself appreciating the app's swift execution.

Web based version is better than this app. As an avid user of both the web-based version and the app, I must say that the web-based version surpasses the app in several aspects. The web interface offers a more seamless and user-friendly experience, with a wider range of features easily accessible. Navigating through the web-based version feels smoother and more intuitive, allowing for efficient interaction with the platform. Additionally, the web version benefits from regular updates and improvements, making it more reliable and up-to-date compared to the app. While the app is functional, I highly recommend using the web-based version for a superior overall experience.

Best app on my phone. Like your virtual assistant and buddy. I love chatGPT and was an early user and tester and then subscriber. Just when I thought things couldn’t get better this app comes out. The voice transcription is such a game changer and such a better way to interact with it. The haptic feedback is super cool and of course the knowledge it gives you is awesome and helpful in all aspects of life. With the voice transcription I feel it knows you even better and gives better advice. It’s like a virtual assistant, life coach, dating coach, programmer, friend, and so much more. Thank you so much for existing chatGPT!

get it to get your life together. I got this app because I saw someone ask Ai to make a morning routine for them. I tried this with my Snapchat Ai, but it was very vague. So, I downloaded this app and Ai asked me about my goals and own personal routine to make me a more personalized daily routine. I gave it some information (don’t overshare because you don’t want your personal information out there), and it made a huge routine taking into consideration everything I told it. I am in absolute shock. I downloaded this app 10 minutes ago yet I think you should get it as a way to help you, not harm you. Just make sure you’re using it wisely.

Finally the official chatGPT app. No more slogging through fake and scammy apps; It’s about time Open AI released an official app for chatGPT, and the wait was worth it. The interface is extremely clean and easy to use. It can sync across multiple devices which is nice when you’re working with it on the fly, but want to capture the outputs on your computer. It has an export function which sends all the data to a link in your account email address, but couldn’t find a quick way to delete all local data (just a delete account option) It doesn’t seem to currently interface with any plugins, but that may come later. Overall, extremely nice job and refreshing that it is (currently) ad-free (though you are technically paying with your data and training efforts). I have a feeling that will change considering the founder of OpenAI announced in the hearings he is not making any money. So enjoy the simplified, as-free app while you can.

Love it. I’ve been using the open AI website for many months now, and have introduced GPT to many if my friends and really spread it to a lot of people. I feel that this app is a bit step. It makes this amazing technology more accessible to so many people, and will surely spread its influence. I have noticed that the application feels more responsive than the website, and the response times are quicker. It is also more satisfying to use, and feels less like a robot, and slightly more like you’re texting a very intelligent human. I love it.

Flawless AI Companion: ChatGPT iOS App - A 5-Star Gem!. ChatGPT’s iOS app is an absolute delight. With its sleek interface, impressive language abilities, and flawless performance, it deserves nothing less than a 5-star rating. The app’s design is intuitive, making interactions seamless and enjoyable. ChatGPT’s vast knowledge base ensures accurate and personalized responses, while its reliability guarantees prompt assistance. Privacy and security are prioritized, further enhancing the overall experience. If you’re looking for a top-notch AI companion, look no further than the ChatGPT iOS app.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 1.2023.249
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 16.1 or later

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The application ChatGPT was published in the category Productivity on 18 May 2023, Thursday and was developed by OpenAI [Developer ID: 1684349733]. This program file size is 19.71 MB. This app has been rated by 60,079 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. ChatGPT - Productivity app posted on 12 September 2023, Tuesday current version is 1.2023.249 and works well on iOS 16.1 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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