Dark Reader for Safari App Reviews


Dark Reader for Safari App Description & Overview

What is dark reader for safari app? This eye-care extension enables night mode creating dark themes for websites on the fly. Dark Reader inverts bright colors making them high contrast and easy to read at night. It perfectly suits to system dark mode.

Choose the best color scheme to fit your display, toggle individual websites.

Before you install disable similar extensions. Activate Dark Reader in Safari Settings. Enjoy watching!

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App Name Dark Reader for Safari
Category Productivity
Updated 21 November 2023, Tuesday
File Size 2.61 MB

Dark Reader for Safari Comments & Reviews 2024

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reliable and functional. I have relied on this as my dark reader plugin for Safari for a while now, and it works great! It has just enough configurability for me to tune it to work nicely on virtually every website I visit, and for many websites I don't have to tune it at all. It just works.

Fantastic. I have used this extension for several years on Chrome/Edge and would consider it best in class for its community, intelligence in adaptation, and developer responsiveness. With this latest update it now even supports automatic conversion with light and dark mode on the system. So happy to finally have it available on iOS.

Feature parity. Extension wasn't updated for over a year and was painfully behind other platforms (despite being the only paid version). Recent update finally fixed compatibility/feature-gap issues. Hopefully extension maintenance will not be neglected again. Doesn't collect any data. 1 star

Best dark mode extension. Dark reader is the best extension for PC, MAC and now IOS! There are many options to fine-tune your experience, from a pitch black filter to grey and blue, and you can also disable for specific websites. It’s clear that the developer has the best coding for universal dark mode browsing and it’s definitely worth supporting him

Best Dark Mode plugin for Safari, but could be better. This is hands-down the best Dark Mode Plugin for Safari. Compared to the other plugins I've tried, the quality of the rendered page is just worlds better in Dark Reader. Very good results. Still, this extension could be beter. While Dark Reader permits the use of domain-specific overrides, there is currently no way to change settings for a sub-page on a site. Also, it costs $5, which is a lot considering this same plugin is free on other browsers, and the fact that the Safari version has a more limited feature set. I'm willing to excuse this to a certain degree because the market for similar extensions on Safari is not very competitive right now. Plus, I'm willing to bet that the Safari version follows a separate development track due to the way Apple structured things.

Start Here!. Dark Reader is the best dark mode for Safari. I tried the free versions first. Take my advice and save the time by skipping the junk and starting here. It's well worth the nominal cost. Added bonus: it's extemely easy to setup a shortcut in Dark Reader's settings to toggle it on and off and does not require reloading the webpage like some of the other dark mode solutions.

Developer explained the confusing Apple message. Works perfectly on Desktop and iPhone, The message Apple inserted into the extensions preferences box is confusing, it leaves the impression that the application is collect passwords, phone numbers and credit card information which the application is not doing.

Been using for awhile, glad it’s on iOS now!. Thanks to iOS 15, this works as a safari extension. I’ve been using the pc browser extension for a long time and I’m so glad it’s on iOS. Right when Apple announced that safari extensions would be a thing, I got so excited and couldn’t wait for dark reader. 100% worth the price.

Would be perfect with one addition. Overall this app is awesome. I love how you can disable it on websites which don't play well with the extension. What is lacking though, is the ability to use dynamic mode vs filter mode on a site by site basis. I use dynamic mode as the look is much more consistent, but on several sites it renders the page blank but filter mode works just fine. I'd like to be able to set these sites to use filter mode as opposed to having to disable the extension for the site which then renders this one bright white website with all others being a nice dark mode. For me, it's the only thing holding this back from 5 stars.

You had me at Vader. Seriously, you had me at the cool Vader icon. I love having it up at the top of the browser. As an extension, it works just as well as Night Eye, but better in many ways. First, the one time price is cheaper than a monthy/yearly greedy developer--so thank you for that. I love that you can make it disabled by default for any new sites I visit but then quickly enable it if I want. Also, it just works. I have the latest Big Sur and Safari and there are no issues unlike Night Eye who's settings I had to keep restarting the extension to see. The only suggestion I have that would make the app better is to be able to control the effects sliders (brightness, contrast, filtermode toggle) on a per-site basis. Currently they get applied to all sites which isn't ideal in most circumstances. And finally, the icon. This one is the best I've tried of all the dark mode Safari extensions out there. Just get it!

Doesn’t work anymore. Old review: I really like this extension and I do recommend it, but just like it happen with other extensions often times when loading a website it flashes the original white background for a fraction of a second. As I mentioned I do think the extension is worth it regardless and I’m confident he devs will fix it sooner or later because many folks are reporting this.

WHAT A RELIEF. I was looking at the bright glare of Wikipedia this morning and realized how bugged my eyes were, so we I went searching for a solution. Sure, like many of you, I was initially put off by the cost of this app. "Why should I fork over 5 of my hard earned dollars - an amount I will happily spend on an afternoon coffee I certainly do not need - for a dark extension that should (1) be built into Safari and (2) is offered for free for Chrome, Firefox, etc. Well friends, as soon as I installed it all the background browsers I'd stopped noticing all went dark, and I could feel my nervous system release. It's remarkable what a difference this makes. Maybe it should be free, I don't care, all I care about now is how much more enjoyable an experience browsing the web is. thanks!

Essential quality of life extension. I have a vision issue which causes dark text on light backgrounds to be difficult to read at times. I’ve used Dark Reader on desktop browsers for some time, but on iOS and iPadOS I needed to use Safari’s Reader mode or system-wide Invert Colors. They worked, but each method has its own drawbacks. I’m very happy to see this make its way to Safari in iOS 15, and also that my purchase of the Mac version carried over to the iOS version. (I was prepared to pay the full price again without hesitation.) This version is somewhat less configurable than the desktop extensions (replacing the static/dynamic/sepia filters with a palette of color themes) but the core function works just as well. My only complaint is that if any other extensions are active, it takes extra taps to activate Dark Reader (once to call up the extension menu, then again to change Dark Reader settings), but I assume that’s an OS limitation.

This extension changed my life.. I'm visually-impaired, and can no longer read "normal" black text on a white background. With this extension I can read most web pages without having to invert my screen or use a screen reader. I'm so used to it that I'm always surprised when I use a browser without it installed. My complements to the developers; having this available across browsers (and especially iOS) is tremendously helpful.

Awesome app with just one missing feature. I use Dark Reader across all my browsers and have been very pleased. I love the fact it is so fast loading and that it allows a bypass for sites that have their own dark mode. The only thing missing to make this a five star app would be allow a per site setting for overriding a sites built in dark mode. That said, I am very please with the purchase and will recommend this app to friends.

A must-have browser extension, but . . .. I live by this extension on my PC. While this is a great extension for my iPad, it only has a selection of pre-configured settings for different view modes. I love all of them but I miss the ability to create my own settings, particularly a lighter sepia with thicker “stroke” settings (to make thin fonts mor “bold.” Developers: please allow for user-created settings as in the desktop extension. Many thanks.

Almost always perfect. It works, and it works great, but there's more than a few times where I'm on a site that doesnt work well with dark mode so I have to turn it off or back on, but when I click the icon at the top, nothing happens. I end up having to right click, hit manage extensions and then remove and re-enable dark reader. It's not too big of a deal, just a minor inconvenience that happens pretty often.

Worth it. This is a premature review but its worth noting. I have a severe light sensitivity, so when dark mode on mac was released, it was a game changer. But the contrast from dark mode screens to sites like google hurt my eyes as if I just looked into the sun. I have been reluctant to purchase this extension but my eyes feel immediately satisfied and relieved. Thank you for making a much needed app work so well!

Crashes very often, devs uninterested. The extension crashes very often, rendering pages unreadable. When you click the extension icon there is no response. This is a problem because it requires closing and reopening my browser in the middle of the day, which derails my work at the worst times. The issue has been reported for years on Github but has gone stale as the developers don't seem interested in debugging or fixing it. The extension doesn't work reliably, but has not been updated in a year. I hesitated to leave this review, but my frustration has won. Unlike Dark Reader's other releases, this is paid software and it is fair for users to expect support.

Dark Reader. This is a very good app for Safari browser and it make reading articles much easier…The only issue I have ran into is when the enduser uses the reader app in the Safari browser, this app doesn’t work in this mode, which is the main reason I purchased this application, which is why I gave it 4 Stars instead of 5 Stars…Something they could fix really easy IMHO..

Fan-freaking Tastic. It's so too bad that you can't darken up pdf's and images, because for everything else, this is perfect. I spend most of my day in a browser, because business apps now mostly run in browsers. Even on google's apps, where you have to make one tweak, this is so much better than any other plugin trying to darken in any other browser. I'm glad I ponied up the $5.00 or whatever it was. Mad props, brother.

Bug Fix. I found that when i do a google search with dark reader on, then click on a result, going back to the google search would cause dark reader to stop working in that tab, but only when going back with the 2 finger swipe gesture. If i just click the back button it remains in dark mode but this is very annoying we love our swipe gestures so this is a must if you guys are to stay on top. Thanks for the awesome great safari plugin.

Got Cataracts?. Having a minor case of cataracts, I have found the MacOS Mohave's Dark Mode a great benifit to help reduce bright glare and ease eye strain. This Dark Mode Safari extension is a welcomed addition for keeping my screen dark. The extension works well for most web sites but it is possible to turn off the dark mode when it doesn't. Dark Reader has greatly improved with the update to Version 1.0.1.

Good Enough. Works really well for what it's intended to do. Not sure if it's the fault of Dark Reader or Safari, but when you're using this plugin, there is an icon at the top of the page that you'd click to configure settings and on/off. If the safari browser has been open for a while (say, an hour or two) clicking the icon fails to do anything, and you need to quit Safari & reopen to toggle dark mode on/off.

It stops working so regularly, that it's pointless to install. I have used this extension on Chrome and Edge and decided to get the paid version on Safari. Sadly, the free version for those browsers work much better than this one. I'm sure it has something to do with the way Safari add-ons work, but it crashes every couple of days. At that point, it's not worth it cause you have to restart your browser every time it stops working.

Even better now with Auto switching. I bought this app and used it for a few days always on, and I loved the look, but wished there was a way to set it to switch automatically with Dark Mode. The app was updated this morning with an update doing just that and it works great! Highly recommend!

Works unusually good. I've had a lot of supposed "dark readers" on other platforms that were clumsy and didn't get the colors right. This one finally got it right. All the colors invert/substitute correctly in a way that makes sense. Even pdfs from webpages are converted. This is like the most useful thing so far on Safari I bought.

Great but one issue came up…. After the 1.1.0 update whenever I leave safari for a while (it doesn’t really matter how long - could be seconds, minutes, hours), when I return to safari the style messes up. Logos on a site are surrounded by white and links are not blue anymore. Reloading the page fixes this, but it is an inconvenience that didn’t exist in the earlier version. If this was fixed again I would give 5 stars for sure. Other than this it is the best dark mode extension for any platform.

Simply Awesome. I've been using dark reader on Chrome for a long time but recently learned that Chrome is causing my MacBook Pro to overheat, so I wanted to switch to Safari to keep my computer cooler. Anyway, I'm so happy I found this extension for Safari. Having dark mode makes being on the web way more enjoyable, especially at night.

Am I Paranoid?. WARNING -- CAUTION -- AFTER you purchase & install Dark Reader it tells you that it will read and capture everything you type! Including Passwords, Credit Card Info, Phone Numbers, Business Information, as well as your browsing history for every website you visit. NOTE: The info published on Safari > Prefrences > Extensions > Dark Reader conflicts with their Privacy Statement published in the App Store! Thier Privacy Statement claims that they never collect data. However, it does declaire that the information is transmited through 'Third Party Services'. Makes me wonder! Personally... I immediatly uninstalled after purchase. Good Luck

Simply awesome.. The new addition of themes is more than a welcomed feature! Pure black backgrounds on white text can be a painful reading experience, but now I can create or use one of many themes to aid my and read for longer! I’ve been using DarkReader since I first heard about it early in 2019 (it’s been around for longer) and definitely loved it for my Mac and love it even more for iPad and iPhone! However, I must add I wish DarkReader would communicate between devices via iCloud to save and load my settings for websites I choose to darken. Other than that, it’s an amazing extension! 10/10 would recommend!

Really the only option for darkmode. Nothing else quite handles darkmode as well as this. I was sad to see the price for the Safari extension but honestly it's worth it. Create yourself a shortcut to enable/disable on each website. There are interesting interactions sometimes but just toggle the site over for a second and switch back. Note - it has an added benefit of showing you some of the interesting choices a web designer made on a particular website since colors get inverted

Extremely impressive, this has maxe a big difference. I struggle with light sensitivity and have difficuly with contrast, so bright background websites are difficult to read. It's an early impression, but this extension has worked on (and made it much easier for me to read) every site I've tested it on. Testing so far was with the default settings, there are a number of user-selectable settings you can adjust. So far, I'm very impressed and wish I'd found this app a whle back.

Great App. Been using the same app on Chrome for a long time. Recently switched to Safari and I'm glad this is on there! Dark Reader is pretty easy to use and makes reading much nicer on my eyes. There might be a few one-off sites that the extension has trouble adjusting to but overall it's very solid. Giving it a 4/5 only because sometimes the extension becomes unresponsive on my Mac. It happens pretty rarely though (would honetly give it a 4.5/5 if I could)

Graeat. I love this app when used on Safari. It works well and does not slow down the loading of pages at all. The dark mode is so much easier on my eyes and I am thankful for this app. The same app on Firefox slows down the loading of pagers to the point it is not usable, but there are no such issues for this version for Safari

Much better than Night eye. Just bought this like 1 minue ago because i was using the free month of pro night eye but then it terminated. This is actually better than night eye in gneral. More customizable, and it actually renders stuff much better without the clors going bonkers. Great app defentily worth the extra 2 buck over some of the other nght mode apps on the app store! also has highest uer base so it is the most likely to get updates and be a better app in general. Keep up the good work!

Great at what it does, but be aware of permissions. Dark Reader is great at what it does, but be aware of permissions issue: As reported by Dark Reader in the Extensions preference pane, it requires full access to webpage contents ("Can read sensitive information from webpages, including passwords, phone numbers, and credit cards on all webpages") and browsing history ("Can see when you visit all webpages"). This should be disclosed prior to purchase. Compare with Content Blocker extensions (e.g., Wipr), whose preference pane reports that it "does not have permission to read or transmit content from any webpages").

Must have Extension. I’ve been using Dark Reader for Safari on my Mac for a while now and have just installed it for iOS. This is by far the best extension available in the App Store, and is a must have. Don’t bother with other similar apps - they aren’t as lightweight, feature rich, or user friendly as this one.

Why didn't I try this sooner?. I had used and liked this extension in Firefox, but for some reason don't think of adding extensions to Safari. When I got tired of being blinded by sites like the Washington Post I gave Dark Reader a try, and couldn't be happier. It works about as well as one could expect such an add-on to work, i.e. not perfectly, but surprisingly well. Disagree about $5 being expensive. I wish more extensions and apps would charge a simple one-time price. It's an extremely good value.

best dark reading extension for safari. Does not slow down web-apps as much as Night Eye, which I was previously using. Easy to turn on and off, and adjust brightness/contrast. Recommend using Filter Mode, which is the fastest mode. Also recommend using gmail in basic HTML mode when using this extension.

Fantastic. This is the best global dark mode I have found, on any browser for that matter. I love that it is instant, and that it's not just a high contrast black everywhere -- it actually has a clean appearance and allows you to customize it per site if you wish. One suggestion: try to make the customize sliders alter the page as the user drags them. Right now I have to let go to see the change.

Seems really buggy to me. There was a recent update that started turning all my pages sepia. Took me a bit to figure out it was a buggy release and not some local setting. After updating things improved. Now the extension has completely stopped working in my Safari and I no longer see the icon in the toolbar. Disabling it and reenabling it causes it to apply dark mode to some open pages, but Dark Reader icon is still nowhere to be found in the toolbar.

Works about 80% of the Time. I estimate that Dark Reader for Safari works for about 80% of the websites I visit. There are 2 main modes, Dynamic and Filter. Dynamic is supposed to look better and Filter is faster. However, I don't find that Dynamic usually looks better, so I've been using Filter. On some websites, Dark Reader inverts everything, including photos so that they look like negatives, which is not good. On other websites, fonts become unreadable because they are the same color as the background. I contacted the developer about this but he has not responded. Lastly, the free Chrome extension contains more options than the paid Safari version, which makes no sense. The developer's website says "Most of the features will be ported soon," but who knows when that will be.

Needs Additional Adjustments options available in Windows. One of the major reasons I made this purchase was to adjust the sepia and use a different background for consistent with the gruvbox style instead of a completely black background, but the option to adjust sepia is completely missing. It's pretty good, but not at the same level as its windows version.

My Favorite Extension This Year. I do a lot of monitoring of financial assets on additional screens, and they are often developed against a bright white background. For assets that run twenty-four hours a day this means that droaning light glaring at me late into the night. In a quest to end the eye pain I was suffering I was led to Dark Reader. It immediately solved my issues ad I was shocked at how well the darkened sites look; it was as if a professional had instantly customized a dark theme, not just some hack that darkend the colors. I love that I can have it darken all sites, or just a list of sites, all while having the ability to toggle the mode with a key combination. I mainly use it in Microsoft Edge, where it has been flawless. I noticed that a site in Safari displays incorrectly, while working fine in Edge. Other than that, I mainly bought the Safari app to support the cool extension because it's that wonderful.

Eyes forever saved by Vader. I have no idea why I put up with NOT using this app for so long. Google finally broke me. It was SO bright, especially late at night. Now everything is nice and dark, and if the formatting doesn't quite fit the website (a rarity) it's really easy to turn off for specific websites. 10/10. I told 4 people about it already.

Well worth the cost. I was a long time user of the free Firefox extension from the same developer and finally decided to purchase it for Safari on my Mac. It has almost all of the functionality from the Firefox version and anything that may be missing, is being added in each update. It also looks way better in this version. Maybe the developer has had more time to "pretty up" this version because it is not offered for free, but either way I love it. It works perfectly with all of my other extensions (ad-blockers, grammarly, and password managers). I wish I gave in sooner and realized it's worth the premium for the Safari edition.

Best dark mode extension!. Dark Reader is definitely the best extension hands down, seems to have the best integration into all websites, including ones that may have some grey or dark text that other dark mode extensions couldn’t filter properly!! Props to you, will continue to use this on iOS, iPadOS and Windows!

Not bad, but could be so much better. I haveen't tried other dark mode plugins for Safari so I can't provide much comparison, but I have used Dark Reader on Gecko and Chromium browsers and the Safari version feels years behind. Most urgent improvements would include adding support for local .html files, determining why some websites simply aren't affected by the extension, and a variety of minor bug fixes leading to some websites appearing mottled light and dark.

Causes Safari to crash on my machine. As much as I want to like this extension, it causes significant problems on my computer. It causes all kinds of issues with Safari and I frequently get messages saying that Safari has suddenly quit working. I disabled every single extension I had, and then used Safari for several days after reactivating them one by one, and no other extension was causing these issues. As soon as I reactivated this extension, Safari started crashing on me again. Again, I really want to like this because the page rendering is beautiful and reliable, but for whatever reason it causes Safari to crash far too much to be reliable.

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Satisfied my Precious Eyes. I just recently installed this and I enjoy it for night time to avoid blinding white lights, it is a llittle pricey ($8) but 100% worth it. I'd highly recommend investing in this as it is one of a kind dark mode reading for safari.

The great work!!. it's instantaneous, magically works !!! Great work by this dude, believe me i've used a lot of apps and this is most underrated app. If developer cut 30% price, i think it will be hugely popular but can't complain as this is only app which works.

Great product. Thank you for saving my eyes in the wee ours of the night.

Awesome app thank you so much. This is fantastic awesome to finally have a system change

Good!!!. Excellent app for use in browsing safari, would love to see you make a dark mode app that makes all apps be in dark mode. Also love your computer dark mode add on

Try Noir or an alternative instead. Even after many updates, the Safari version is terrible on Mac. Recommend that others try alternatives.

Love this for my PC, but this burns my eyes.. Love it, my only gripe is something I am not sure if the dev is able to fix, but due to the screen being closer to my eyes, the screen brightness makes the white text get ‘burnt’ into my eyes - like looking into a light bulb. I had to turn it off the darkest setting to combat this, although I would prefer to have it fully black (for oled benefit).

Finally updated!. I am one of the biggest users of Dark Reader for all of my browsers. It had been a while since the Safari app was updated, which was hampering its use last few months. However, the new update fixes everything! Thanks mate for an excellent app!

like it but:. i wish it had the option to choose accent colours as well, like purple or blue, or to give it a small tint

Works A Charm Instantly. Great app that really integrates dark mode perfectly with all websites – seemingly no issues or missed areas etc. Works 100% as described and does its job perfectly. Thoroughly recommend!

Fantastic!. I was a little sceptical about how well this would work as I have used free extensions in the past and they werent any good. This, however - is fantastic! Well worth the price, just ask my eyes!

good. good, but says app can see websites visited and see passwords and financial information? can someone explain this??

Not recommended. The equation will be blurring into a gred image.

Works perfectly. Bought this app as soon as iOS15 came out and it works perfectly :-) I only wish sometimes pages don’t flash white before loading, but otherwise I love this app.

Its good. it is a good extenstion, but for $8, i would have expected more. It wont work on online word documents, which is the main reason i brought it. It is dissapointing, hopefully they update it soon

Stellar!. Very polished, works great so far. Well worth the modest price.

Amazing. I’ve been using Dark reader on my iMac for about a year now and now being on IOS it’s amazing highly recommend this extension

Without a doubt the best money I've spend. If you desire dark mode on everything. THIS IS FOR YOU! Hands down the best money I've spent in a VERY LONG TIME. Works seemless for almost every website I've used. If your a Google Suite poweruser, this is life saving from the white light. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Now I can go back into my dark mode lair without fear of the light. PS - for the developers - you guys need to sell out to Apple. This would be perfect for the Apple ecosystem as an option. Great product.

Surprising. Starting working straight away. No difficult configuraiton, worked with all the websites i had opened at the time. This review is after 10 minutes of usage, but im feeling good about the purchase already.

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Best 'dark' mode extension out there. This is great! I use it both on chrome and safari. Everything looks better and they've done a fantastic job. Great job! Wish list: Please replicate all the features to safari. Safari consumes much less energy on laptops than chrome and firefox so it's my browser of choice.

Great purchase. I'm using his extension at night time in combination with the dark theme on my MacBook.

Great app, needs more. Please add the option to use different themes on different sites.

fantastic. what makes this so great? being able to enable/disable per site (and it remembers), plus the brightness and contrast controls

Broken, and buggy. Worked great when it first came out, updates to safari over years has made the extenstion very buggy and unreliable. Efforts were made to reach out to the developers a couples of times with no response; Extenstion is long overdue for a update to fix a magnitude of issue. (Should be noted that issues are related to MacOS safari exclusively, mobile app is fine)

Beats out Noir. The default colours are so much better then noirs’ helping legibility immensely! As well filtering around logos seem to be more intelligent.

Amazing extension. I love this extension on chrome. Surprised to see no invert list like on chrome extension. Only downside so far.

Buy it. That's what Google has been withholding to promote their browser. Now, every page's background is black or grey and can be adjusted. Worth every dollar

Blinding Light be GONE. Love the app, and would rate it higher, but the permissions of it concern me "Can read sensitive information from webpages, including passwords, phone numbers, and credit cards." Umm, why do you need to read that information?

Simply perfect. It just works. No issues. Best purchase ever.

By far my preferred dark mode extension. For iPad, the one annoyance I have is that the extension stands/pops out too much in the tab (Safari compact mode for me). Perhaps Safari on iPadOS does not allow an extension to appear transparent nor a placement option right next to the sidebar icon instead, but a slicker icon would be much appreciated, or better yet make an option to hide its icon. If it weren’t for that I would rate it 5 stars like I did for the MacOS version.

missing theme choices from mobile. would be nice to have theme selections like on the mobile platforms

I love it!. Ever since Mojave came out with Dark Mode I have been drumming my fingers waiting to convert all my apps, and since a browser is a huge part of using your computer this was a biggie. I just installed in today and I am over the moon! I haven't used it for more then a couple of hours and so far I haven't found any sites where it doesn't work well. Great job and 5 stars from me :)

Feature set lagging behind. The MacOS Safari extension for Dark Reader lags far behind the feature set available on Firefox, Chrome, et al. It also rarely gets updated. As of July 19, 2023, the extension has not been updated in over a year. This is not great, especially because the Safari one costs money, while the other ones are free; those ones get updated almost weekly. What's up with this? I'd rather the extension not be available than pay for a gimped version.

What happened to the PDF function?. Works great in all other aspects, glad to see a dark app finally and not have to use Chrome anymore. The only issue is that when PDF's load, they are still loading completely white.

Does what it should. Does a really good job of making all sites dark. You can also customize the look of each site. There are some bugs where sites do not load but refreshing usually solves it. There is a bug when the extension is off, loading a site will flash it dark mode for 1 second. This app has access to all your browsing history and can see everything on the webpage, including passwords, credit card numbers etc. Do your research and decide if this app deserves your trust. Lastly, it would be nice if there was a feature to turn it on and off at specific times.

Works a Treat. Works very nicely on my M1 Mac. Lots of useful settings, shortcut options etc. After a morning where it felt like my eyes were being burnt out, this was a great purchase to bring the darkness back to my screen. Note: works just as well on my iPhone/iPad as well.

One of the best dark mode extensions. This is the best dark mode extensions for Safari and Chrome. While there are competitors out there, their extensions are quite buggy (example, articles like medium don't display properly) The only issue with this extension is if I leave Safari open for a while (perhaps even after opening my MacBook again from standby), tapping the extension icon doesn't do anything and I have to quit and reopen safari. Other than this issue this is a 5 star extension!

Best dark theme extension. It is the best dark theme extension on iOS and the Mac. Please add dark mode site detection, so it doesn’t have to apply the dark theme again.

Once again the best "Dark Mode" extension you can find!. The dev finally fixed the big problems last updates had and he release the fix way faster than I expected so it proves he actually listen his costumers. So in short its by far the best dark mode extension you can find for Safari. except for very rare exceptions, websites will look very good by conserving their main design colours but only revert the white background/black text into dark background/white text. It will NOT just invert colours (at least in Dynamic mode) like most of other extension of this kind does. Highly recommend.

buggy as HELL. So I purchased this thinking it's a great little Safari extension for browsing based off positive reviews, but it doesn’t always work, like try 80 percent of the time. Sometimes it’ll darken, sometimes it doesn’t fully darken and leave the web page white… It needs major improvements and is quite buggy. If I had known it was this buggy, I would not have made the purchase. Waste of money. Edit - Since “updating” to the latest version 1.4.0, NOTHING was “fixed” and there was no “performance improvements” made that I noticed. Am I missing something? To the Developer… you might want to re-write the whole extension from the ground up again! Could have been a great little extension and has the potential to be… Edit #2 - Since updating to version 1.4.2, still having issues. One of them is I can not click on the toolbar to disable the extension, as well as YouTube videos are partially blacked out from the bottom half, but the top half is viewable.

we need shortcuts to turn on and off. I enjoyed this for years on Chrome version and I just realized there is no shortcuts to turn on and off on Safari version. I really need it. Devs PLEASE! Thanks for the great app

Not as good as dark mode safari and more expensive. I have to buy other app even though I bought this one at first. The dark mode in here is not very consistent and pleasing to the eyes. For example, if the website is already in dark mode, Dark reader still apply and the result is quite bad. Wish i didn't pay 7$ for this

customize highlight color!. The lastest version of chrome version has added support for customizing highlight color. Really hope that safari can have the same experience as well! (or at least add an beta option?)

Abandoned by developer. I paid for this, and it's now broken on half of the websites. It's no longer maintained by the developer. It's now worse than the free Dark Night app, which is pretty good and is based on the same open source project DarkReader. The official one is dead, the developer forked the project, took the money and ran away.

Exactly What I Was Looking For. The biggest issue with dark mode is the web. This extension did exactly what I wanted, it made the web dark. Websites that didn't auto invert could be customized to do so in the settings.

Great but... This is one of the best dark more apps for safari but I would love it if the devs added a feature to allow the app to switch on and off depending of the time of the day (day or night) for us users who always have our phones on dark mode, but want to see webpages in their original format during the day.

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Bug when using facebook on safari iOS. The facebook website shows a white bar on top when dark readers active. I can submit a video to show it.

The best dark mode extention. I tested all other dark mode extentions but none works like this. The speed,the colors of dark mode is the best. doesn't make websites ugly and mostly works really good that you can not distinguish between native websites dark modes or the extension dark mode because it's really do a good job in terms of coloring.

Better compared to Night Eye App. Faster effect!. Was hoping to have this work as some reviews were skewing my direction, but having a higher user base and some hope this dark mode app gets the job done, works smoothly and fast rendering. Still comfused as to extension saying reads sensitive info?

High quality!! Just odd pricing.... The product thus far has been perfect. Every site I use looks wonderful and the plugin has great customisation. However, the plugin is free on other browsers. I am fine with paying money but 5 bucks is a high price considering its free on chrome and stuff.

More like "Headache" Reader instead of Dark Reader. This extension works THE BEST on every other browser EXCEPT for Safari, literally I cant even count how many times it has given me a headache just because it either breaks the Site, or Brightens the page instead of darkening or The filter mode as to be manually toggled, but Wait !! its not like this version simply had a persite config option that would spare atleast some of my brain cells from this torture.

Available for Safari!!. I had stopped using Safari specifically becuase it didn't support Dark Reader, and this has become a must for my web browsing. Now that my favoriate extension is available, goodbye to Chrome and hello again to my favorite browser!

FINALLY! worth the money. I’ve tried all the apps different browsers and finally found this one that properly does the dark mode. And to be able to set my color how I want omgggg so good. Hyperweb caused too many bugs same with noir.

Great cross platform extension. Bought this extension for my Mac a year ago and am extremely happy with its performance. Was positively surprised to see my earlier purchase allowed me to download the extension for free also on my iPhone and iPad. Thank you to Alexander, the developer, for his work and for being so helpful by emails.

Overall great, but fails with Gmail. Was working great for a while, but the past month or so it has been failing on Gmail, making it almost unusable there, which is too bad because it's the one tab I have open the most.

Thank you!. This was the fastest $5 has ever left my wallet! I have been using your browser extension for years! (Firefox FTW) Finally, I can get the same quality on my phone! Thank you. So much. :)

Do I have to pay again for the phone?. I am enjoying this app, but I am a little concerned. I paid for the app on my mac and was able to download it without paying again on my ipad. But when I go to add the extension to my phone, it is trying to charge me... Is this correct? Am I supposed to pay again? If so I dont know about that... I will update the review if I get some resolve...

2 problems that bother me. There are two usage problems that bother me: 1. Can I choose to reduce the brightness of the picture on the page while turning on Dark Mode? 2 Some websites will show normal mode when turning the next page, and then quickly enter dark mode, which makes the page flickering uncomfortable!

Does the job superbly (especially compared to freebies). Tried using one of the freebie extensions, but didn't really work well. This does the job as well as can be asked, and maybe better.

Love it. Does it need a little work on sites? Sure, sometimes - but you can customize it however you want to For the majority of sites it's fine and definitely better than seeing all white when you're using Mojave at night. Keep up the great work, dev!

I love Dark Reader. It's the best there is for Safari as well as other browser platforms. It's available on Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Brave... My eyes "hurt" when looking at a webpage that is the traditional white background.

Best Dark Reader. This is the best dark reader I've found. It just works well on a variety of website layouts and formats. The color customization options are great as well.

If you use dark mode, you want this extension. This works great for most sites, there are a few that, due to their design and layout don't work as well with a dark mode, but you can easily turn those off.

Functinal and One-time Purchase. Great. In these days, I am tired of subscriptions. Good to see this extension not only functional but also allows one-time purchase. I love this extension.

The toggle function does not work half the time. The dark reader icon located next to the url doesn't open half the time. I have reinstalled dark reader and updated safari but the issue still hasn't been fixed. The only reason you would need to use the icon is to turn off dark reader mode. I have to do this because on half of the websites I go to, the text remains dark and I am unable to know what I am reading or typing without highlighting the text. Garbage app.

Pretty good, but not consistant. As others have noted, for some sites, I have to turn it off, then back on to enable dark mode. If I refresh the webpage, I see the regular version of the page again. Somewhat annoying and I haven't gotten a response from the developer after sending an email.

Lacking the ability to manage & sync site list. Unlike the chrome version, Dark Reader on Safari doesn't provide any options to manage the site list. You cannot manually add URLs to the whitelist or import/export/sync your configs across multiple devices.

Excellent, dependable product. I've been using this extension for at least a couple of years now. It does just what it claims, does it tastefully, is dependable (not buggy), and is intuitive to use. Thank you.

Can you add Detect existing dark mode on a site?. Working great but some sites already got dark mode and with this on it messed things up, can you add a way to detect if the website already have dark mode on and Dark Reader gets turned off when it do?

Happy so far. I got tired of Safari not working with night mode so I bought this. I'm happy with it. It does what it's supposed to do. I would reccomend it to people who use night mode and want to block blinding bright websites.

Best Dark Reader. Extremely excited to see the best website darkening tool come to Safari! There's still some work to bring it to feature parity with Chrome, but my eyes are already shedding tears of gratitude to you for bringing it over!

Great, but not as good as Chrome's. This is a great extension! I'm moving to Safari from Chrome, and this was a fantastic (5/5) extension there. Unfortunately, some websites (GitHub, etc) show that this Safari release lags behind Chrome's, which is unfortunate. I'm hoping the author can get them up to speed!

Great tool. Well worth the money.. I’m a software engineer looking out for the long term health of my eyes. This extension absolutely nails it on 99% of websites and makes it easy to disable on the exceptions that don’t. Great product, and one I will happily financially support.

Developer abandoned app?. Great app, in fact its the only one with these features, but no update in 10 months, sites are starting to break when using dark mode.

mac version is weak comparing to chrome and even IOS. macos safari version is pretty basic comparing to DarkReader for Chrome and even the new Dark Reader for IOS. It does not synchronize settings with IOS or with other mac devices, it has limited options. Given it's not free, I can't give it more than 2 stars despite I Love DarkReader for Chrome and for IOS

Great already, fantastic on iOS and iPadOS–just one request!. Excellent mobile implementation, really completes the browsing experience. One request: iCloud syncing of site preferences. I have to reconfigure sites on four devices now, a good problem, but a problem nonetheless.

The best extension for any browser. I use Dark Reader at work on Chrome. Thrilled to have it for Safari on my mobile devices. Such a wonderful tool! Sincere thank you to the devs.

Nice but needs improvemnt.. For most basic sites, this works. I find issues with sites having more complex, centent. Sometimes form fields and boarders cannot be seen. Also, I do a lot of editing on wordpress and need a reiliable dark mode extensions for multiple browsers. this one gets weird with Safari, and sometimes won't let me load my wordpress site. Works fine with other browsers though

Good at what it does, with one caveat.. I use dark mode at night to help with eye strain. This extension is good at what it does, but there is too much blue in the converted pages, and indeed, the extension GUI itself. Blue light interferes with circadian rhythm and sleep quality, and is the last color an app like this should use. Would much prefer red accents/hyperlinks, but I don't see a way of changing this. Would be a 5-star app otherwise.

Great Extension now for Safari. I don't know WHY this developer is getting so much flack, I've had GREAT experiences on Chrome and Firefox with this extension. This is a way to support the Dev and have the same experience on Safari. What's not to love? The "cautions" in Preferences > Extensions are the same for ANY EXTENSION that manipulates CSS. If y'all are so paranoid then learn to harden your Macs. That means Little Snitch, DetectX, UXProtect, LockRattler and other tools of that nature. The attacks on this dev are UNWARRANTED. If you liked this on other browsers you'll love it here. Tweak away, it works as good as it does elsewhere.

Try the one from windows edge and you won't be disappointed. I love the one from Edge, I like to have grey or brown or yellow background instead of black. Although it costs $4.99 for Apple version but we really have to support the developers!

DIsappointed. Worked super well for a while but hasn't recieved any updates, at all, since I've purchased the app. Safari constantly has issues rendering pages with this extension enabled. Unfortunately, I have uninstalled it on all my devices because of the issues caused by the extension.

Bought for better privacy as noted over other app but.... I read the privacy policy prior ot purchasing. "The Developer does not collect andy data from this app." HOWEVER... when installing I see this: "•Webpage Cotnents - Can read sensitive information from webpages, including, passwords numbers and credit cards. Can alter the appearance and behavior of webpages. This applies to all webpages. And: Browsing History Can see when you visit all webpages."

Works just as well as the desktop version. I’ve been the windows version for a while now and recently gotten this extension. It does the one thing I want, turn websites into dark mode. Especially with a true black option

Found a site that isn’t turning dark. I love this app however, there is one website that is not going into Dark Mode that is the Chicago Sun Times. Could you guys check it out and see if you can have an update so the site is in dark mode?

Parity with Chrome Plugins. Great dark mode extensions for Safari, almost in parity with it's sibling Chrome extension. The missing link is the font override options. Still a 5 stars tho if you compare it to the rest of dark mode extension.

2021. I am also seeing that you have to pay again on ios, even though it is universal. The developer said that I won't be charged, but app store is asking me to confirm payment, so how does that work? Do I click pay or not?

Does not work on some sites. On the reddit site, the main background will go dark and the text will change to white text but the background of the text box says white, so I'm looking at white text on a white background. On the arch linux site, Dark Reader doesn't work at all. I use these sites all the time, making this a waste of my money.

Need to follow with system. Currently its either always on or always off. Please make it so that it follows ios settings Even better: give us an option to manually schedule

Stop Putting your Monitor on Reader Mode. With this extension, you can stop having to lower your monitor brightness or put it on the ugly reader modes. Lowers eye strain without sacrificing picture quality. Haven't experienced any bugs so far. Hope it stays that way!

One of the best tools for browsing. The price was well worth it. It really helps with my eye when I have to spend hours on my devise. Thank you for this app!

Pretty great. Great extension! Would it be possible to add a whitelist feature? Ideally, I only want one particular website to be in dark mode and not affect any other site. UPDATE: YES!!!!!! Thank you so much Aliaksandr! Now I can apply dark mode to only the sites I want.

Disappointed. Switched to Safari for the main browser w/ the new macOS update. Paid for this extension only to find out it's got less features than the free Chrome extension: No ability to change fonts (I used Helvetica because it's easiest to read on a screen) No ability to switch between filter, filter , static, dynamic. On Safari I'm only given filter and dynamic. No text stroke––I didn't use this, but it's still missing. I will say the app animations & rounded rectangles on Safari are much better than the Chrome extension.

Back to the best Dark Mode for Safari. Edit: As of 1.3.1 you can now actually scroll down to change the Sepia whereas previously there were no options to scroll to. Original: Loved the extension until the 1.3.0 update. Now everything is a variation of Sepia no matter how I adjust the contrast an brightness.

Feature Request: Per-Site Theme Settings. Everything else is perfect, but I would love to designate specific themes for specific websites, instead of constantly switching back and forth for frequently used sites.

Near Perfection. This is the best dark mode extension I’ve used so far. Although, I wish images and videos were dimmed so they’re not brighter than the rest of the page.

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Language English
Price $4.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.4.4
Play Store org.darkreader.DarkReaderSafari
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

Dark Reader for Safari (Versiyon 1.4.4) Install & Download

The application Dark Reader for Safari was published in the category Productivity on 10 October 2018, Wednesday and was developed by Dark Reader Ltd [Developer ID: 1438243179]. This program file size is 2.61 MB. This app has been rated by 215 users and has a rating of 4.3 out of 5. Dark Reader for Safari - Productivity app posted on 21 November 2023, Tuesday current version is 1.4.4 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: org.darkreader.DarkReaderSafari. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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Inker Reviews 1 No comment $9.99
Dark Reader for Safari App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Dynamic mode bug fixes.

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