Oilfield Calendar App Reviews


Oilfield Calendar App Description & Overview

What is oilfield calendar app? If you're an oilfield worker Oilfield Calendar is the easy-to-use calendar and planning app that you just can’t do without. See how easy it can be to keep your life organized! Oilfield Calendar, a simple to use scheduling tool for oilfield families.

• Customize your oil and natural gas hitch with easy to use interface
• Drilling, production, and facility workers, this will be your wives’ new best friend.
• Vendors, know which DSM is on tour to sign your tickets.
• See if important holidays like Christmas or your birthday falls on your days off, plan ahead using month and year views.
• Create and compare multiple schedules, or print and share them in PDF.

How to Use Oilfield Calendar
• Create and change new hitches in the hitch editor.
• Holidays are marked with oil drops in month view.
• Print and share your schedule in year view.

You’ve got your hardhat, steal toes, and glasses, add Oilfield Calendar to essential tools to have when working in the patch. Oilfield schedules can be difficult, now you can manage your busy schedule at home, and at the rig, plan ahead with the Oilfield Calendar app. Keep your life turning to the right.

** Feel free to drop us a line! We’re always listening to your suggestions and strive to improve our apps! If you have any feedback just contact us, support@archimedesworkshop.co **

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App Name Oilfield Calendar
Category Productivity
Updated 27 November 2019, Wednesday
File Size 4.22 MB

Oilfield Calendar Comments & Reviews 2024

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Something is Off. I have enjoyed the Oil Field Calendar for 5+ years and have urged multiple co-workers with the rotating schedule. They all say they love it! It is the best I’ve found. I’m able to look well over a year ahead to schedule events around my work days. However, I noticed this morning that December 2019 doesn’t exist...it is labeled December 2020. I looked for a bug fix, but haven’t been able to find anything. I also tried to sign in for tech help, but it would not connect to the server. It is important for me to have the correct date because I often use a screenshot of my schedules in correspondence to eliminate confusion. Does anyone have any suggestions?

It needs some updating. I’ve had this app since it came out and I absolutely love it. But here recently it’s stopped showing me anything past November 2020 and I have to go look at the yearly view to see it. When will this issue be fixed?

It's flawed but it works. I work a 20/10 schedule and crew change can either be on Monday and Thursdays or Tuesday and Fridays. The app doesn't have this feature. When counting down manually every time you click on a holiday a little window pops up telling what holiday it is pushing the app further away from the mark.

Useful and easy to use. This is a definite app to have for anyone in the field. It's easy to use but comes with a bunch of options so that you can add all the details you need for your day. It loads quickly and the alerts are fast and on time. I highly recommend this calendar app for anyone in the oil field worker.

Super cool. Not a single complaint! When will I be home? Oh on the 3rd, and when do I leave? On the 17th! Sweet let’s go camping and fishing! Easy to use, no syncing with other apps, my wife has it as well as me so all we gotta do is open the Oilfield calendar, it has the entire month even my schedule! Keep up the good work!

This is great. Need to develop scheduling software for for oilfield managers who manage rotational schedules. This app is great would love to be able to use something similar to do my scheduling for my crew.

Year view. What’s the issue with viewing hitches in year view??? I figured they would have this fixed by now but almost a year later same problem

Roughneck calendar. This app has really helped me more than I can explain... as long as one can figure out the settings, you have it made.

I work 14/7. This app is great it separates my hitch from my days off, I have pay periods marked and paydays. It’s been a good tool to use when planning ahead.

Awesome calendar!. Would be nice to be able to add in personal days. other wise i love the hitch calendar. Helps me keep track to plan things on time off with friends.

Well worth it!. Im certain that I am not using the app to its fullest potential, but it has made planning events, vacations, and plane tickets around my hitches so much easier. Well worth the meager $2 that the app costs.

This app is perfect. I work on a tanker barge with a schedule of 30 on 30 off and was struggling finding a good easy to use app and I found it with this oil Field calendar app. The only things that would make it better is if you could share the yearly calendar pdf picture in messenger and text Instead of just email or print.

cool app..,. This app is very important app in our daily life . It is not just a calendar It involes many tools which may used for comparing and sheduling the multiple dates in a calender . which can share in pdf and take print outs.

Awesome!. Great for oilfield wives!!! This app is wonderful if you have a family member in the oil field business. It allows you to see a work schedule for a month or entire year!

Good app. If you like working in the oil industry this is a calendar app you need. It has a beautiful user interface, with sharp texts and bright colors. I have nothing to complain, but a native iPad resolution would be great, I'm using an iPad on the ground.

Won’t print, won’t share calendar. I purchased this app to show family and friends when I would be home and when I would be away. Unfortunately this app won’t allow that. I would like to have this issue resolved or I would like my money returned

Perfect app. This app is packed full of all the features I will ever need and the same goes for anyone in the field. It's convenient has great alerts and is very detailed so I know I won't be missing a thing on the job. I recommend everyone who's in the field to have this app. It's a must have app.

Pay period. Can you make it possible to keep track as to your pay days too?

Only One Like It. My husband works in TX and our new baby baby and I are in CA. We always got the dates wrong when we tried to look ahead so he suggested I see if App Store has anything. Found this app and it’s exactly what we needed! We were able to see that if he made a rig change in middle of current hitch it would help him line up days off perfectly to be Home for our sons first birthday 5 months ahead of time! Love it! He is telling all his rig mates to get the app too.

Great app just one issue. I have used this app for a long time. But recently it has started not showing my schedule in monthly view. I have to go to yearly to see my schedule. Every one else is fine. I really love this app and have recommended it to all my friends and family. My wife loves it too. It helps her keep track of me and her family

Great. As everyone knows, in the work of oil field is a very difficult work. So people in oil field work should be own a planning . Of course, everyone of us should have a plan. So the calendar application is a very useful app. We can use it to specify our plans for the future and life, use it to help us to success. I like it very much !

Great help. This app is great for keeping track of an oil workers crazy schedule. Especially if it alternates between day and night shifts like mine. It's a little tricky to figure out how to set it up though. Wish there were better instructions. Also, it would be nice if you could change the day that the week starts on as my pay period begins on Mondays. Other than that a very helpful app.

Excellent Schedule Keeper. This app works great with all of our families work schedules when planning an event. Just click on the month and at a glance you know if everyone is off on the same day.

I work on rigs in North Dakota. I work on workover rigs in North Dakota, I work 18 on 9 days off. This app is perfect for making my schedule I can look and see what days off I’ll have 12 months from now, great oilfield Hitch app

Must have if you work in oilfield. Definitely worth the purchase. At first after I bought it I thought I wouldn’t use it that much but scheduling doctors appointments and PTO time is so much easier now. Anyone working rotating hitches in the oilfield or where-ever you work 2 weeks on 1 week off or whatever it’s extremely useful.

Great. After two and a half years of everyone I know asking about my schedule but never remembering it, I can now show them and they don’t have to try to remember which weeks I’m gone and which I’m at home.

Great app, but needs more bells and whistles. Great way to track days on/off once you figure out how to set it up. Would like to be able to set alerts for events that get entered and maybe a widget to pin it on iOS. I feel like for the $1.99 charge it should have more. Other then that it’s a good app

Excellent. My husband works in New Mexico, and many times, trying to figure out his schedule, I would miscalculate! This app has made it so much easier. I literally put in his hitch and the app does the rest of the work for me. I would pay for this app again if I had to.

Perfect. This app is perfect since my husband works in the oil field I know exactly when he's going to be home so I can plan our family time schedule

Email Function Fail. App works well except it will not send the schedule in an email. The send button will not highlight even after making sure everything is filled out completely and correctly. I also would like the option to go out further like the complete following calendar year. Otherwise I like the versatility of seeing days off in advance so I can schedule activities for my days off.

Like the app. Would like an improvement. It’s great that it high lights what days you work and the ones that your house fed are blank. Awesome for planning through the year. Would be great if it also showed if you were on nights or days as most of us alternate every other hitch

14/7 friendly!. Big 👍 for this. Great job! Makes it so much easier to see when I'll be off to plan for those days.

Make it better. Why not make it so you plug a date in for the start of your hitch (which you have) BUT ALSO make it so you just plug in the LAST DAY of your hitch rather than going through the rigga-mi-roll of days on days off? For those of us that don’t work “even” hitches this would be most beneficial.

Great app!. If you still have an oilfield job this app is a must have, it is great for figuring out the schedule changes and counting the pay checks per month to budget at home!

Amazing App. Works great ! Perfect for the family and knowing when you're gonna be home ahead of time .

Needs updating. Have used for years and with no problems, several months ago the “month” view won’t display the hitches, the “year” view still works, but you can’t enlarge it and my aging eyes can’t see it

Simple & Helpful. I do see where it would be handy to sync this app, but for me to be able to quickly add employees (and myself), it’s a perfect simple reference. I think it’s very well done.

it seems to like an average calendar app. I have to say that this app just seems to me like a normal calendar app. Pretty much all the features I could have with the native app or with other cheaper ones. The hitch feature is nice but you can achieve a similar thing with the recurrent alarms.

Husbands schedule. My husband works on a tow boat. I use it to keep up with his days and I also put in every other weekend to keep up with when I get my bonus son. It’s a great app! Helps keep me on schedule and able to actually plan out things with my family! Love it!

Can't figure it out and there no instructions. I like the idea of the app and would give it 5 stars if I could figure out if this app lets you do 2 weeks on 2 weeks off with every other hitch being nights. Doesn't help me much with out being able to do that.

So convenient!. I was so tired of having to trace the calendar months into the future when scheduling appointments and most of the time I still miscalculated and scheduled an appointment in the middle of a hitch. Great app!

Easy to use and simple. I would suggest also adding pay dates in the calendar that would help a lot too.. thanks for the app

Great app but.. The app is awesome and very simple. My wife figured out how to use the app as well. THE ONLY THING I HATE IS HOW YOU ARE REPEATEDLY ASKED TO RATE THE APP EVERY TIME YOU OPEN IT. I can't stand that about anything you open or watch, everything is filled with advertising and wants a rating review...

Good app for hitches. Let's me keep track of hitches and figure out days off for future events easily. Would be nice to have it synced with the calendar that is used for everything else.

Great app. Great app! Definitely helps keep track of family & friends schedules. Only thing it needs is a dark mode setting. Besides that it’s good to go.

Just what I needed!. Finally an app that is easy to use for non-technical people like me. I had never found an online calendar that would work with our crazy oilfield schedules. This app is a dream come true for me. No more messing up physical or online calendars, worrying that I’ll mess up a day and miss out in work. Thank you so much for the effort you put into this. It has really helped to put my mind at ease. Btw, I learned of this app via word of mouth from my fellow frac hands.

Great app!!!!!. Nice to open the app and quickly schedule upcoming events around my hubby's work schedule! Love the way it maps out your schedule in a way that is so easy to see!

Nice but not perfect. I think the developers are definitely on to something here! I work offshore and it is nice to be able to look ahead and see when I will be off. However it would be nice to keep up with it on your regular calendar on iPhone that way you wouldn't have to jump back and forth, sync it with your wife's app or with another devices app so no matter where you look it all says the same information. At the same time if you have to make changes then you don't have to go to every device and make the same changes then call your wife to explain to her why or how to change the current schedule. You could also have information on there that is tallied or forecasted on how many days you have worked, how many days you have off, etc. then when making a new hitch or editing a hitch if there was a way to add travel days. The reason I say this is bc I work in Australia and I leave 3 days before crew change and get back 2-3 days after crew change. Then on top of that if it was linked to you calendar you could add flight information and it would update all your devices, your wife's and your calendar. This ensures that she has no excuse to be late to the airport or not know pertinent information concerning your flight home or to work. Overall it is user friendly and has a clean/nice look too it. I would recommend it and would suggest the previous updates to the app.

Amazing!. Can't believe that i can manage my time so easy by Olifield Calendar. My life become organized by this application. Especially i can creat and and compare multiple scheduling, print and share them in pdf, with my friends. And more simple using it as a tool for my family planning. So i really love it..

It's like my third hand. I would tell u how many times I use this app to make plans, but honestly I lost track like a hundred times ago.

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Good for anyone. Good for anyone working shift work. Makes it easy to figure out future days you will/ will not be working.

Thumbs up. Works good for multiple personnel and can edit schedules as needed. No issues.

Love it. I love this app, so simple to schedule future appointments when I can see my hitches on the calendar.

Easy. When you work a 2 and 1 2 and 2 or 21 and 7 this app makes it super easy to plan ahead.. no messin around 🤙🏽🤙🏽

Good. Does exactly what's it's supposed to do. Easy to setup days off/on. Recommend.

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Awesome l!. I love this. But it needs to have easily found settings if our shifts change. Otherwise 5 stars!

Great app. My husband works in 28 days hitches so this app allows me to see his schedule whatever month or year I need too. Great app for oil field and towboaters

Awesome. Makes it easy to plan our lives around his job.

Just wish they’d update it. It’s been three years. Just wish they’d update it. It’s been three years

Best App Ever!!. This app makes my job way easier by far one of the best apps out there.

Looking ahead. Why is the future calendar end . You should be able to look ahead two years or longer if you need to

Decent. It’s good if you just want to know your schedules days on and off. Not so good to keep track of extra days worked, extra hitches or vacations. Add those features and you will have a more complete product

Great App. Like how easy you can scroll through months ahead to see if your off for certain things. Definitely a good app to have!

You will love. Once you figure out how to use. You will love it as it.

Error. Great app except the new year starts a month early. DEC and not JAN.

It’s ok. Just ok.. It keeps a good records of your schedule. But that’s it. Don’t expect any bells and whistles. Still - glad I bought it.

Vacation. Need to be able to put vacation in and have it high light the days like it does your hitches. Other than that it's pretty dang good

Great app. Works fine the way it is

Good. Nice app and very useful tool for oilfields workers and their families. This app will help you to be more organized. Really nice

Excellent. Perfect for any kind of schedule especially oilfield.

Good App. Easy to use and easy to understand

Changes!!!. Need to be 14-7 schedule that changes 2wks of nights 7 off then 2wks of days... then this would be a 5 star app... make this happen!!!

Simple yet perfect!. Love this app! It does exactly what it's supposed to do!!

Just buy it!!. So worth it! Easy to make appointments and keep track of hitches!

Very Useful. Quick go to for days on and off of the rig and can plan things a little more efficiently.

Amazing app!. Great app and easy to use! Very helpful when planning Drs appts or trips! My wife and I both love it!

Simple and useful. I find this app to be really useful. Nothing complicated about it so I find it an enjoyable experience to use.

Love this app. I love this app very useful for my family and me

Oilfield cal. This app is not working. I've paid money for it an everytime I click on it to use it it shows a Derrick an block then backs itself out

Not accurate. I work 14 on 6 off always start on a Wednesday and finish 14 days after, this thing is showing some week days off on a Monday through Friday for some reason.

Emailing schedule crashes app. Works well, but I need to share schedules with employees and the app fails every time the email PDF Option is clicked.

Nice App. Easy and handy, I like that you can email, and print off the calendar.

Almost perfect. Perfect app! Only wish I could change the color of the hitch to alternate day and night shift.

Useful. It is very easy to manage my time with this app. It is good.

It's ok. Wish you could set it up so you could see if you are working days or nights

Works as described. It’s good. I like it. 8 hear service hand and this helps plan things with my family. It’s worth it.

Great app!. Great app that helps me keep up with my schedule.

Useful. Costs half of a Red Bull and takes away the headache of planning for travel, etc. I recommend strongly.

Oilfield worker. Simple and easy to use. Good set up for seeing my future schedule rotation! Well worth the $.99!!!

Great app. I work offshore and this allows me to plan out my next year as well as add other crews hitch schedules.

Nice App!. This calendar app is good, it gives me most of the events, holidays, birthdays of famous people, but before I do not remember it all. i love it!

It is a hitch calendar needs more options. I can’t find how to enter week long vacations nor can I figure out how to stop a hitch in the instance of a hitch swap without seeing the old and new hitch.

Oildfieldwife. Extremely convenient for future planning with oilfield schedules.

Great app. Great app, helps me keep up with my operators working days helps to plan work and schedule.

NOT ANOTHER FAKE REVIEW. Sad. This app so good. Let me plan many day. Pitiful. I was going to give 4 stars. Then the app wouldn't export the information. Deduct 1 star. Total of 3. Then, I notice while reading reviews, that almost all of them are fake. So you lose another star.

Good app. Keeping up with 2 oilfield sons schedule simplified

Towboater. This app helps plan ahead really easy

Great for the family. Great for the family to plan around on/off days.

Excellent App. Excellent app for my needs. Easy to schedule and see what crews are working.

Love it. Helps me keep up when my husband is coming home and leaving

Awesome app. This app is great makes the oil field lifestyle easier! Can finally look ahead and make plans..

Very Handy. Very nice. Plug in your hitch and it lets you plan things out so you know when you will be home for holidays or birthdays. Thank you.

Great app!. No matter what rotation I am working, this app has the ability to adapt and is easy to navigate.

Great app!!. Works great! Helps with plans for your time off, paydays and what holidays you work. Down side it doesn't let you setup a 20/10 schedule.

Easy to use. Very simple to learn; able to put multiple schedules.

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Language English
Price $1.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.4
Play Store com.archimedesworkshop.Oilfield-Cal
Compatibility iOS 10.3 or later

Oilfield Calendar (Versiyon 1.4) Install & Download

The application Oilfield Calendar was published in the category Productivity on 19 April 2014, Saturday and was developed by GoodStamp [Developer ID: 717537129]. This program file size is 4.22 MB. This app has been rated by 1,027 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Oilfield Calendar - Productivity app posted on 27 November 2019, Wednesday current version is 1.4 and works well on iOS 10.3 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.archimedesworkshop.Oilfield-Cal. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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Oilfield Calendar App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Adjustments to the functional interaction with iOS 13.

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