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Site Audit Pro [Productivity] App Description & Overview

What is site audit pro app? ‘The fastest way to audit on the go’

Site Audit Pro helps thousands of businesses worldwide improve their productivity by making audits and inspections quicker to carry out and easier to manage. Whether performing a safety inspection, snagging issues, creating a punch list, or providing a quotation, Site Audit Pro will help you collate and share your findings on the go with customised Reports to add a personal and professional touch.



- Record Issues with an Image, add a Title, Assignee and Comments.
- Annotate Images to highlight important information.
- Organise Issues into Projects, adding site and client details specific to each Project.
- Share a professional audit Report instantly, without the need to head back to the office. Share your Reports as a PDF via email, Dropbox, device file sharing and more.
- Print Reports in an instant with AirPrint support.



- Add personal details to your Reports; include Company Name, Logo, Auditor Name and Signature.
- Change the content to reflect your industry. Instead of ‘Identified 12 Issues’, why not use ‘Found 12 Problems’ or ‘Examined 12 Properties’? Site Audit Pro is adaptable to a number of industries.
- Choose from and customise a range of 8 professional Report designs.



- Audits
- Inspections
- Punch Lists
- Snag Lists
- Documenting various items

And so much more!

Whenever you need to capture and report important data, choose Site Audit Pro.

Download Site Audit Pro today to save time, improve productivity and make audits and inspections organised and hassle-free.



Site Audit Pro Cloud is our subscription service that allows you to store your projects in the cloud and access them from the web. Whilst the subscription does give you access to some of the more advanced features and access, it is not required to use and generate Reports. The features below are what you would gain access to by subscribing, whereas the features above are what are already included in the base app.



Create, edit and share Reports from our web app. Using the new website allows you to quickly type up comments using your computers keyboard as well as accessing your Projects from any browser.


You can now show more than one Image for each Issue. This is useful for showing several angles of the same Issue, or to compare before and after Images.


Sync your projects between devices. Start your project with your iPhone, type it up on an iPad, and do final editing on your PC or laptop. Reports can be generated from any location.


Organise your Projects into Folders. Place several Projects for one property in a Folder. Name your Folders after the area, client, group, site or anything you want to keep organised!


Add a site address for each Project, as well as a Project photo to give the finishing touch to your Report’s cover.


Give Issues a Due Date so your Assignees know exactly how long they have to complete any tasks required.


Mark your Issues as completed. If all your Issues are completed, you can now even mark the whole Project as completed.


In addition to these new themes, you can now set up your own colour scheme! Prefer to use a blue that matches your company’s logo, over the default red in a theme? Now you can!


*** Subscription Information ***

A monthly or annual purchase will be applied to your iTunes account at the end of the trial. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless cancelled within 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can cancel anytime with your iTunes account settings. Any unused portion of a free trial will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription.

*** Subscription Terms ***

You can find the terms and conditions of the subscription here:

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Site Audit Pro Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Site Audit Pro Version 8.2.318 November 2021

#### **Fixed** - Title, Assignee and Comments fields for Cloud Projects now save correctly. - Images added from the Photo Library now conform to the "Use Square Images" setting. - Annotation Images no longer zoom in when attempting to add annotations. - "Prepared For" Report cover text no longer shows if the Project Clien t field is empty. - Timestamps setting in Report options now saves consistently. - Adding multiple Cloud Issues will now no longer occasionaly duplicate Issues. - Reports using the Corporate theme will now use the custom 'Issue' wording if one has been set..

Site Audit Pro Version 8.2.216 August 2021

#### **Fixed** - A bug where the filename extension was sometimes missing from Reports..

Site Audit Pro Version 8.0.029 June 2021

### New - Widgets: A new selection of widgets to help you quickly access your Local Projects and Reports on iOS 14. - Annotations: You can now zoom into an Image to add more detailed annotations. - Annotations: The new blur tool lets you hide areas of the Image that you may not want to display. - Cloud: The number of Incomplete Issues now shows on Reports. - Cloud: It is now possible to hide Completed Issues on the Issue List so you can focus on just the Issues that need attention. - Cloud: Need to add mutliple Images to a single Issue? Now you can add any number of Images when selecting from the Photo Library. - Cloud: Sometimes an Image will take some time to upload which can cause an incomplete Report to generate. The number of Images waiting to upload is now displayed on the Project Summary of each Project. - Cloud: Duplicating a Project is now temporarily disabled if a Project is still waiting for an Image to upload. As soon as the missing Images are uploaded duplicating becomes available. - Cloud: Generating a Report while offline should now be much more consistent. - Cloud: Reports without Images will now generate correctly. ### Fixed - The zoom level should now be set correctly when viewing Reports. - Minor UI bugs and inconsistencies. - Cloud: Project and Issues will now save their data as soon as they're changed. - Cloud: Deleting an Issue will now update the remaining Issues so they will maintain the correct ordering. - Cloud: Signing out on an iPad will no longer occassionally interfere with the Project List. - Cloud: Previewing a Project from the Folder List will no longer cause the app to crash..

Site Audit Pro Comments & Reviews 2022

- Perfection, professional and simple.

This app is amazing. As an owner of a cleaning company this app is perfect to coincide with our own auditing systems. The app is so simple to use and the end result is extremely professional with a bunch of themes to choose from. My clients think I spend hours putting reports together when it’s only takes minutes! The time stamps on the pictures are a great way of making my employees prove that they were at an exact place at an exact time. This is not just an app for auditors. I would recommend this app to any employer/manager that values checking the work that their teams are doing. Well done to the developers!

- #1 of many....It’s A Great App...but it needs to be tweaked/improved

The pictures on my iPad are organized in a certain order. When I go to insert my pictures into site audit pro and I navigate to my folder where my pictures are on my iPad to bring them into the application they are all out of sequence/order. This is causing me to spending more time putting them in the order I want by cross referencing the pictures on a separate device and choosing them in order. They need to make it so when you are importing pictures that they are in the same order in which they are from wherever they are coming from. The application cannot seem to copy the original order in which they are. This would be a big help. This is a great application but it needs many improvements as I still am spending a lot of time creating an audit since its capabilities are limited. I hope it gets better!! Because I like it!! They should allow you to combine projects after they are created. Basically the organizational method of the projects should resemble that of an email platform/structure.

- Best punch list app

This app is fantastic. The best punch list app that doesn’t come with a crazy expensive project management packaged software. Simple to use, great customization, great pdf reports, and best part is the file size it generates is so small that I can actually email the final Punch list out to people. I have a variety of wish list items that would make this app indispensable. The only reason for 4 stars is the lack of multi-device support. You must complete the entire report on the same device, and any customization you add only applies to that device as well. If there was the ability to edit te same projects and reports on multiple devices, including a desktop, I would never use another app for these reports

- Customization

This app is useful for what it is intended for. I am, however, using it in a different way and with the right amount of customization, I feel like it would be the most powerful app for my small business. Keep up the good work. - developer responded quickly! Love you guys. Can’t wait to see this app grow. I will respond soon with some customization capability requests

- Great App with some important limitations

As an Architect I was seeking an easy to use app that could quickly and efficiently help me prepare and submit punchlists to contractors. Site Audit Proc does this well but you should be aware of a few important limitations that hopefully the developer will address as the app gets updated: 1. The PunchList that is generated is not numbered. This is an important omission that would be so helpful when communicating punchlists with contractors and clients. 2. Limit of only one photo per PunchList item. Ideally at least 2 photos can be included. 3. It would be helpful if the app had the option to identify if a PunchList item is still open or completed, with ideally the option to hide any closed items from PDF generation without actually deleting them from the report. At this time you have to permanently delete the item from the PunchList to show that it was completed. Otherwise this is a great app and well worth the modest cost.

- Don’t Buy Cloud

Loved this app on my iPhone, so I decided to purchase the cloud version to help relieve pain in my fingers from typing on my phone. Everything worked great until I finalized my report. The portion I had completed within the iOS app had regular margins, while the portion I completed on my pc didn’t have any margins at all. In fact, most of the information that I had typed just disappeared off the side of the paper. Manually correcting the margins helped bring some of the info back, but some just simply disappeared. No support other than prewritten articles regarding tasks my kindergartner could figure out. Extremely dissatisfied with the cloud service and will be cancelling my subscription

- Very good

This app is a time saver. It may take a while to get used to it, even we have to customize it. Once all done, it is so easy to set projects and add steps (aka issues). Then save it on your device or print it out (several designs are available). I did my complete fire safety for this year in just one hour. Couldn’t be better. Thanks guy, worth every penny.

- Unable to load photos

Ive used this app for 4 years and for some reason the past week has been the most difficult time to use it. I try to add photos to the reports and it goes black and says unable to load photos..? I would like to be able to pick my photos with ease rather than racing to chose them before the screen goes black on me. As well as adding multiple photo duplicates to my reports. I add 30 photos to the report and it loads in 120 for instance.

- Great, but could be greater

This app helps create a professional looking punch list and report in minutes. However, there is no easy way to status an issue as completed, ready for review, rejected, etc. I hope the developers add this in a near term update. Then it would be nice to be able to filter or at least sort based on the status.

- Cloud feature needs work

When using the cloud feature the app constantly freezes. After freezing the only way you can make the app functional again is to uninstall/reinstall. If you try to close out the app and open it again it never makes it past the splash/logo screen. I've lost so many projects using this app. Support is no help at all! Giving up on this app for a better alternative.

- Smart work

If you believe in working smart not hard this is the app for you. I know longer have to walk around with a legal pad and took pictures of everything and then trying to sync up later this app does it all for me it’s increase my productivity 70% when I do a punch list! This is the best app I’ve ever purchased

- Satisfied & Looking Forward to Improvements

Have been pretty satisfied with this app. I do QC observation walks in my role as an Operations Manager and this has been a helpful tool for the price. I would like to see some additional capabilities for adding multiple pics to a category easier as well as web access from my computer. Other than that, this is a good tool!

- Great App

The only thing I would do to improve the app would be making it automatically change the number of the issue when one is either deleted or moved around in the list. Otherwise it is an all around great app.

- Multi-Add feature Stopped Working

The multi add feature stopped working but I contacted the support team and found it it was an device update issue that just needed to be changed in the phone settings. The app works great and I rely on this for my construction projects

- Great app for reporting issues in a very professional PDF file

Brilliant app! It has elevated the way I report issues. It is easy to capture the issues and then very easy to report them in a very professional looking pdf file that is highly customizable. I recommend it fully!

- So much easier

Easier then my previous method , fast looks good Would like to be able to add in missed or forgotten items in report instead of having to put at end most location , would also be helpful to add multiple pictures under one issue

- Cover photo issues.

I love this product and have used it regularly for years. Recently I found you could not use a cover photo that was not already in your report. MST be an issue with the last update. Anyone find a work around?

- Andy

I love the way the reports look with the photos attached giving you a visual as well as an explanation. The only thing that kept it from 5 stars is there is no way to have more than 1 photo per issue.

- Very Good App!

I am in facilities management and use this app very often. The reports look very professional. I often get complimented on them. My only complaint is that you can not apply multiple photos under the same issue. I recommend this for anyone in who conducts inspections.

- Fantastic App

As a safety manager performing daily safety inspections, this app is outstanding! It is simple to use and creates professional reports that can be printed or emailed to my boss as a pdf file. It’s a great tool to identify issues and follow through on corrective actions. Wish I had found this sooner.

- Cloud!

I love the new cloud service! Being able to access from my computer is great. I love you can do multiple pictures per issue. Is there a way to “add multiple” photos to 1 particularly issue? I’m able to add multiple photos to the project, but was unable to add multiple to a given issue. (Had to upload each individually) Second question: is there a way to collaborate site audits with coworkers or in my case my general contractors. For example can we work on the same project together?? I was hoping the cloud service would have that feature.

- Great tool for audits

This makes my auditing so much faster and allows for quick turn around for my clients to review a final report. The annotation feature is pretty quick to use to help grab attention to what my pictures are pointing out.

- Outstanding

This has been a valuable tool to me as a building engineer. Please keep up the good work, updates, changes etc. One note to developers: Will you consider adding a feature to increase photo size for detailed reports?

- Move-out Pics

This app has made my life less stressful. I love how it converts all of your pics and issues for each into a pdf format as well as generates a report that I can easily attached to each past residents account. Love it!

- Love how easy it is

Loving how easy it is to create and then send the report. Helps me to keep track of work done, work missed and work assigned. Life saver. Being able to mark up the photos is another great feature.

- User friendly please!!

Great program but I wish I could change default email address to my work email more user friendly I am struggling to convert primary email from default Apple ID address need more simplified process

- Apartment turns and Projects

This tool is extremely helpful when walking apartments or documenting important stuff. It makes it easy and simple to share with the team.

- Owner

It would be helpful if you could move pictures from one report to another report. Occasionally you can put a phone into one file that belongs in another one and we cannot move them.

- Amazing App!!!

I run a 300 unit community. We use this for all our pre move in, move in, and move out inspections. The only reason I get it 4 stars is I would love a way to move photos from one issue to another seamlessly (drag and drop) for both iOS and Web.

- Great Software for reporting jobs.

The app is great for reporting and sending jobsite surveys to corporate without having to be making crazy email attachments. I would like to see more features, bit otherwise great app.

- Super useful

This app makes physical inspections so easy and painless to share. Extremely helpful for my work. FYI you can configure the photo size by pressing the cog icon on the “Share Report” page.

- Good App

Could be improved by: 1. Ability to Export to excel or similar 2. Need to be able to add additional pictures to entry after initial creation 3. Improve the text formatting, give some improved boilerplates/templates for nice looking text/content. 4. Add a solution entry for a link or picture.

- Need a location key

This is a super easy way to make notation on a photo to share. I was hoping to use this for punchlist of large projects but without a way to reference a set of construction plans, you can have hundreds of photos but it’s hard to communicate where it happens. For $17, I had hoped it would be more comprehensive and of a “professional” tool.

- Great program.

Love it. Only wish is... have an added option to be able to add more than one image per issue. Other than this it’s perfect.

- Good App

Enjoy using it. Would be cool if it had some different pre loaded inspection check lists ex: Construction, warehouse, industrial, factory etc... Should be able to add more than 1 picture to an item, for example, before and after shots or multiple views. Compiles a simple to use, great info report!

- Ease of use

I enjoy the ease of use with this program. I utilize this for preparing deficiency reports on projects that I work on. I find it quick and simple to use.

- Great tool for property management!

I absolutely love this app! Worth every penny, super professional and easy to use! Highly recommend.

- Over all good

Easy to use on the floor. Needs a better way to edit reports on computer. Currently no way to move reports between iPhone and laptop. Means editing on iPhone.

- Picture taking

Can no longer take a picture and edit it

- Simple to use!

I really love everything about the app so far, but is there away to send a report to another employee and them be able to mark a task as completed?

- None like it

This app I uses all the time in my business. It really helps my guys to get work done faster and know exactly what I am referring to.

- Love it

Love it. Will you be offering it for Mac? My iPhone syncs to my Mac which would make typing long reports much easier. Snap a pic, sync create my report on my Mac :)

- Great app

Great app. I love using it for maintenance repairs needed on multiple properties. Only wish it could be edited on a desktop as well?

- Attaching pictures

Would be nice to add multiple pictures to issues.

- Great app that is easy to use!

This a great app for those who have a working knowledge of the various regulations (OSHA, EPA, etc.). I can create a report on the fly or do final edits on my laptop.

- Cancel purchase

I purchased this for work but it’s the wrong app... I’ve been trying to cancel, but it’s not allowing me.

- Pics

Multi-add issues is not working

- Writing on pics

Great tool, I wish you could add text to the pics, it’s kind of difficult to free hand with pen tool.

- Really Nice App

Works well. Make sure you use the ‘Done’ button. Love the program for my consulting business.

- Good product

I would like the one time purchase over the monthly fee

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- Unbelievable App

I am a carpenter by trade and have also been a site manager for a fair few years now. I am not naturally great with technology, however this app makes my life so easy whilst giving my instructions that professional look. It is easy to use and even easier to understand instructions.

- How do you highlight action items when works or defects are complete

Pretty good app. But needs an action/completed column where you can take photos if the same items that may be rectified or completed against the original photos

- Excellent App and Great Customer Service

Been using this app for some time now. Professional reports and clients love them. Continually learning and love the new updates. App is continually improving. Staff are very helpful and listen when you offer suggestions.

- Floor plan point of view

Is there any option to mark a floor plan with ID tags that cross reference to the defect item identified so we can navigate on floor where this point of view is ? Currently it is photos and mark up with description but would be 6 stars if we could have a baseline floor plan import function to enable tagging defects in a numeric sequence.

- Simple and effective

Have been using for several years. Quick and easy to build short form reports with annotated photographs. Will give five stars once the app data can be shared and edited with other devices.

- Cover photo

Still having issues with the size of the company logo or cover photo. X large is not big enough.

- Quick and basic

I find site audit pro great for simple reports on my construction projects as well as progress documenting.

- Review

It’s easy to use, but I would like to see it updated so we can insert files into the report

- Upload PDF plans

Whilst the app works well for logging notes and photos, it would be great if you could upload a plan of the project space and link the defects to ‘pins’ on the plan to display the exact location of the defect.

- Super helpful for setting up work for contractors

I used it all the time to scope work for contractors in my business. Really helpful!!!

- Multiple Photo’s to each Issue

Being able to add more than 1 photo to each issue would be good.

- Awesome App 5 star.

Simple to use and love the custom options to suit your needs or taste. Highly recommend to field workers for easy reporting.

- Sorting

Great app, would be better if you could sort the defects by person responsible though

- Greg

My favourite app, easy to use and produces professional reports send easily from site

- Sensational

This product is so easy to use, very helpful

- Awesome Application for Business

My only gripe is that you can only add one image per entry, other than that it’s a tool I use daily!

- Issues

Need to be able to add multiple photos to each issue

- Site Audit Pro

Used to be able to add a front cover, not anymore??? I did purchase it over a year Avon so maybe I require an update. Not a bad app though, it could do with some refining as it’s quite clunky by today’s standards.

- Awesome app for onsite recording

Love the app, make ease of recording site issues and creating reports

- Worth it.

Great app, worth every dollar. I wish I had the same app on PC.

- Site Audit Pro

Very user friendly.

- Best

This app has been so so good. Makes my life easy .

- Great

So easy to use it's made my job fun.

- Best inspection app

This is awesome. Easy to configure, and to use. Worth every cent.

- Awesome

Awesome app simplifies reporting . Made my job easier

- What an app

This app is worth every cent.

- Best app

Best app out there


Best app ever, worth every cent!

- Great app

I've used this app since it's early days, theres been constant updates and improvements, it has to be the best APP to create quick, smart, professional site audit reports. Many people have commented re reports I have sent them and enquired to the APPs name. The only thing I think it needs is the ability to put more than one photo against any single issue, maybe this is an option I can or should request?

- Great easy to use

We have been using this app for our reporting, we love the simple and easy flow of the app. It's the best we have found. We would love to see the ability to have more than one pic per issue. Also would be a handy feature if we could share our reports with other guys in our team and that report could be added to. This would be handy on large projects that go over a few days and different tradesmen are completing the work. Every step is in the one report

- Amazing

I am a site manager in the construction industry. I have saved so much time, effort and money by purchasing and applying this application to my work. For example defects lists. I am able to generate a professional report complete with picture and person responsible for rectification and then email direct as a PDF or zip file. No more writing things twice and taking pictures and placing all onto my Mac to email. Perfect. Thanks.

- Value plus

This is an outstanding App. That is exactly what we needed to do reports with our quotations to clients. Just wish the Annotations section in the photos has a bit more functionality so there is in-fill etc. (more than just lines) Overall, best $12 I have spent in decades!

- Great time saver

I use this app regularly. It's a simple tool to communicate issues and defects in a professionally presented document. Each time I visit site, I photograph issues I then discuss with my Site Manager, I then spend 5 minutes in the car tapping out a report which I can email to the Site Manager & Project Manager, and occasionally the Architect or Client, before I leave for the next job.

- It works very well

Simple and easy to use. Highly recommend this. Gives you the ability to take Photos and make comments that are neatly organised in a professional looking report.

- EHSR Manager

This simple program is what I have been looking for for many years and is making my job much easier. I use it every time I visit a manufacturing site to provide the site manager with immediate feedback on any environmental, safety or business continuity hazards that I observe. Previously I took many photos and would have to wait until I got back to the office to generate a report. I would often forget why I took the photo and which machine it was from. This app is by far the most useful productivity tool I have.

- Excellent

Excellent product perfect for what we required, use it every day, would love to be able to down load plans on PDF and annotate them and add them to any reports.

- Good stuff

Great app and easy to use. Please add the ability to lace more than on photo gains a single issue and the ability to place a caption on each photo. Also the ability to create drop down boxes so that generic content and legislative referencing can be added would be fantastic!

- Site audit pro

Awesome app easy to use and easy to adjust to what you need. Only thing it would be nice to be able to use colored lettering. This was until the latest update now I have to pay for designs that were included in the original purchase price!!!!!!! Poor form this app is not cheap and the update should not have change the total content.

- Highly recommend

Great App, makes my job so much easier, you can create a report on the go and email it whilst on site, saves a lot of time

- Amazing App

I have never wrote my feedback on any app before but this will have to be the best app on I have used in its kind. Worth every cent. Congratulations to the developers.

- Site Audit Pro

Great App Time and date stamp feature is excellent now after bug fix. Ease of changing style of report depending on needs works well. Annotation easy even using figure text- very clear. Saves me time and presents a great report.

- So easy to use

Saves so much time not having to cut and crop photo's. Paid for itself many times over.

- Building supervisor

Excellent app. Perfect for noting and tracking the progress of defects and rectification works in the building industry. Very easy to navigate and use. Highly recommended. Could benefit by being able to attach more than 1 photo to an issue and maybe a completed box next to each issue that you can highlight when done. Still an excellent app.

- The best

I use it every day and have told everyone about and know at least 20 people using it best manager tool I have

- Great stuff

This app makes me look good every one I have shown loves it I can send stacks of photos in one hit instead of 6 at a time Love it

- Site audit pro

Fantastic app guys I just hope you'll soon be able to add more then 1 pic per issue

- Really useful app!

Really useful app. Would be even better if there was an option to export as an excel spreadsheet.

- Convenient to Use + great time saver

I have been using this app for a while now - extremely handy when doing site inspection/assessment/reporting. Inclusion of pictures & initial notes to be fleshed out later makes report production a breeze. Simple distribution of .pdf repots by e-mail &/or Dropbox adds to the versatility Great app

- Site Audit Pro as a Building Services Audit Tool

SAP certainly bridges the gap between note and photo taking on site and formulating a report back in the office. Report presentation is good with minimal work required.

- Good

Great app. Always room for improvement. One is to ensure issues are encapsulated on 1 page, not split over 2 which happens sometimes

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- I use it weekly.

Excellent product. I have been recommending to my coworkers. In a future update the ability to add in a pdf vs photos could be a nice add in for checklists etc

- Versatile. Reusable. Great PDF reports.

I LOVE the reusable inspections. I can copy old ones to start my new one at a location. UPDATE: Thank you for improving the signature. Next request: multiple device sync... support told me it's coming.

- Great reporting app

This report is easy and simple to use, and most of all gets the job done. It's also very easy to customize for you company.

- Awesome

I use this app at work and love the app! It would be nice if you could customize more though !!

- Love this app

Ive been using this app regularly for several months now without challenges. I highly recommend it for people who regularly visit sites and need to record quality control issues.

- great app, but laptop compatible would be better

Hi, I love using this app for the most part. there is very few programs in the app-verse like it and nothing for iOS. It would be ideal to have it work on my macbook too? its not always convenient to bring both laptop and iPad… when will this be released?

- Waste of Money

Absolute waste of money. Way over priced. Can only have one picture per issue what a croc feeling robbed

- Well done

Very useful in my inspections of equipment at work.

- Great Start

I think this program is really going to help the construction and design industry on streamlining information. My only hopes is that the developer will allow customization of pages and using templates.

- Great!

I've been using this app for work and it's been great!

- Was good.

This app was a good app but. Now crashes all the time with recent updates and no customer support as I did write an email with no response

- Good app, needs more options

I am a building consultant and an architectural technologist. This is a good app for site review and notes. Exports to pdf, however i need to be able to edit reports back at the office. Pdf is awkward to edit. So a doc export format would make this even better and full 5 rating. There have been some issues, but they appear to be fixed now. Good app for the money. Does what i need to do on site.

- Great so far.

Great app so far. Would love a feature added so instead of just drawing on the picture you could put an annotating leader on the picture. The leaders would be numbered so on the note it would be like 1. Issue a, 2. Issue b. Check out the free app cirrus. It does this although the app in general doesn't work. Thnx!!!!

- Not Bad, could be better!

I am an engineer that was doing inspection on an oil process package construction. I was looking for an app that created a punch list or defect list for the fabrication shop to correct. This app did suit the purpose, but a few extra things would help it become a great app. Basically when you find an issue that needs correction you have option of taking a picture or just typing text, giving it a title, and then a text space that you must write some thing in to be able to save that issue to a list. It gives you a mark up pallet where you can highlight on the photo, which is extremely useful. Once the punch list item is done you can only delete the issue when complete or add "complete" in the text box or title. Also the report generated is a nice looking PDF. There are no other formats on generated reports. It would have been nice to see a box that you could customize to "assign" the issue to, such as "Electrical" etc. I was adding this assigning in the "title" of the issue as a quick fix. It would be nice to see a "date created" and a "date closed" with a "sign off" to round this simple app off nicely. And lastly an option of creating a Microsoft Word format would be useful so you can edit format for others to use. Simple app and useful are my last words.

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Site Audit Pro 8.2.3 Screenshots & Images

Site Audit Pro iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Site Audit Pro iphone images
Site Audit Pro iphone images
Site Audit Pro iphone images
Site Audit Pro iphone images
Site Audit Pro iphone images
Site Audit Pro iphone images
Site Audit Pro iphone images
Site Audit Pro iphone images

Site Audit Pro (Version 8.2.3) Install & Download

The applications Site Audit Pro was published in the category Productivity on 2011-04-26 and was developed by Veam Studios Ltd [Developer ID: 410336935]. This application file size is 142.65 MB. Site Audit Pro - Productivity app posted on 2021-11-18 current version is 8.2.3 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.veamstudios.iaudit