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‘The fastest way to audit on the go’

Site Audit Pro makes auditing simple. Record issues, take photos, add assignees and share customisable reports easier and faster than ever before.

Site Audit Pro helps over 40,000 businesses worldwide improve their productivity by making audits and inspections quicker to carry out and easier to manage. Whether performing a safety inspection, snagging issues, creating a punch list, or providing a quotation, Site Audit Pro will help you collate and share your findings on the go with customised reports to add a personal and professional touch.

- Record issues with a photo, add a title, assignee and comments.
- Annotate photos to highlight important information.
- Organise issues into projects, adding site and client details specific to each project.
- Share a professional audit report instantly, without the need to head back to the office. Share your reports as a PDF via email, Dropbox, iTunes file sharing and more.
- Print reports in an instant with AirPrint support

Customise Site Audit Pro for you or your business:
- Add personal details to your reports; include company name, logo, auditor name and signature.
- Change the content to reflect your industry. Instead of ‘Identified 12 issues’, why not use ‘Found 12 problems’ or ‘Examined 12 properties’? Site Audit Pro is adaptable to a number of industries.
- Choose from and customise a range of 8 professional report designs.

Site Audit Pro is great for:
- Audits
- Inspections
- Punchlists / Punch Lists
- Snagging
- Site Walks
- Checklists
And so much more, whenever you need to capture and report important data, choose Site Audit Pro.

Download Site Audit Pro today to save time, improve productivity and make audits and inspections organised and hassle-free.

Site Audit Pro App Description & Overview

The applications Site Audit Pro was published in the category Productivity on 2011-04-26 and was developed by Veam Studios Ltd. The file size is 79.93 MB. The current version is 5.8.4 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.


• A crash with saving photos to the Camera Roll on iOS 11.

What's New in 5.8.3


• Some users were experiencing a crash when opening the app after updating to iOS 11.

What's New in 5.8.2


• Photos will no longer deselect when adding multiple issues at once.

What's New in 5.8.1

• Large reports should no longer crash when previewing.

What's New in 5.8


• Today View Widget added - You can now view and share your latest report from the Today View screen.
• 3D Touch support - If your device supports 3D Touch you can now preview a Project directly from the Project List and preview an Issue from the Issue List.
• Better support for accessibility features - With VoiceOver turned on you can now get a spoken description of all the buttons, text and features in Site Audit Pro. We have also made changes to make sure that Site Audit Pro is still usable at larger text sizes. 

• Changing text size on iPhone no longer causes a crash when switching between projects.
• Stopped keyboard from hiding cells in the issue list.
• Text in the Settings Tab no longer disappears after changing text sizes.

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Site Audit Pro Reviews


Fantastic App  SF-Vic  5 star

Use it for Architectural punch list reports, easy to use, creates great PDF documents of a reasonable size.


Outstanding  fingercut  5 star

This has been a valuable tool to me as a building engineer. Please keep up the good work, updates, changes etc. One note to developers: Will you consider adding a feature to increase photo size for detailed reports?


Great for Property Audits!  dayvee  4 star

I use this app daily for my site walks. It's a great tool. I just wish it had a way to integrate between devices so I can start my report on my phone (which is always handy) and then add notes etc from my tablet. It's nice that I can view the completed report on any device I send it to, but I would find it much more helpful if I could edit from device to device.


Site Audit pro  Papacho2004  5 star

Estoy muy complicado con esta aplicación


Great App  Tapont71  4 star

I am loving this app. My contractors are living the clean reports. Much better way to communicate. The only reason I gave this app 4 stars is two things...would love to see this have the capability of uploading more photos per issue; also the capability to sync to other phones. However, loving this app purchase yet.


Best Safety Audit Tool Around  Ninjette2135  5 star

I have used Site Audit Pro for 4 years now and I have not seen a better product. I use it for compliance, safety and training audits around the plant and the ease of use and ability to report my findings have lead to an increase in accountability and a drop in issues. My entire organization uses it for audits and inspections.


Great Project Review App.  Mainliner8  5 star

You can take a photo, enter info, go back and edit without any problems. What a great way to document issues at your building project. One fault: The photo is not saved on the phone, only on the project file.


Crusherguy  IYam_yomama  4 star

-Excellent App; my only issues are you cannot magnify photos, and photos are saved in app and do not go to iCloud. Fantastic app otherwise


Great app  Coreycouncill  5 star

Great app for multi unit folks. Great for the visual learners with the pictures.


Good App  Dfcoinc  4 star

Enjoy using it. Would be cool if it had some different pre loaded inspection check lists ex: Construction, warehouse, industrial, factory etc... Compiles a simple to use, great info report!


What an app  Its_brunz  5 star

This app is worth every cent.


GREAT APP  BONY311  5 star

Best app ever, worth every cent!

Pete from Australia

Simple and effective  Pete from Australia  4 star

Have been using for several years. Quick and easy to build short form reports with annotated photographs. Will give five stars once the app data can be shared and edited with other devices.


Excellent  Doyouneedacalculator?  5 star

Very quick, very easy, customisable

Brenda Balaam

RSM  Brenda Balaam  4 star

I have several different issues it gets a little difficult to Keep changing them should be an option built into the settings Ie issues Maintainance Opportunities Etc Thanks


Needs more customisation ability  Nuts'N'All  3 star

It would be great if there was flexibility to add additional fields in the customisation options.

Dc 17390

Do not update  Dc 17390  1 star

The old version was really good, but the update does not work properly, crashes all of the time, and is not as user friendly as the old version!


It works very well  Pat19283729  5 star

Simple and easy to use. Highly recommend this. Gives you the ability to take Photos and make comments that are neatly organised in a professional looking report.


Amazing App  Sir1G  5 star

I have never wrote my feedback on any app before but this will have to be the best app on I have used in its kind. Worth every cent. Congratulations to the developers.


Great app!  Princesskate38  5 star

I work in the construction industry and constantly use the app for site and defects meetings

Juan R Olivarez

Update Fail  Juan R Olivarez  1 star

After the recent 12/11 update, I am not able to copy my project/templates.


No Stars - for being taken advantage of  redstar21  1 star

I have this app for both my iPhone and iPad, use my iPad a lot. Company updated program and took away all the themes that I originally purchased and gave everyone just two different ones. And now they want to charge you for new themes that still don't match what I have been sending my customers. Thanks for sticking it to us. App updates are supposed to improve the app not screw us over.


Great app for documenting everything  Cjohnson6  4 star

The problem with taking photos is that by the time you get back to a computer to put the photos into a report you forget what the photo was and hat was important about it. This app solves this problem. Take a photo and write comments about the photo so you don't forget. The report generator is very nice allowing you to export the photos in a PDF file with all of your notes. There is some flexibility in the format of the report, which is very nice. It is a little pricy for casual use so it seem it is targeted more to business users. There are similar apps, such as Photonote, but this app does not generate as nice of a report. Also this app allows you to annotate the photo and control the image quality. Two very nice features not offered in other apps. One last feature that is nice is being able to not have the app add the photos you take to camera roll. So if you are just taking a bunch of photos for short term use you don't have to clutter your phot library needlessly. All in all a very nice app!

blgaribay's IPOD

Excellent App  blgaribay's IPOD  5 star

I have used this app for quite some time. This app makes my safety inspections seamless. I truly enjoy it. I recommend it to anyone that has to do regular inspections.


Field tech  Wj1893shyp  3 star

No support or help even though there is a help email. Report only ends up being an email attachment, it downloads an useable PDF that will not highlight for copy and paste feature. So if your planning on using this app for adding to a report, save your money.


Site audit Pro  Frank-Memphis  4 star

Great idea and application. I am a field representative with a geotechnical firm, I like the ability to record my observation and inspections for my personal diary. I do not like that after paying 16-17 dollars I still need to pay more to put my company info on the form. I also would like the ability to record the weather conditions for the day.


Use it daily  mburke48  5 star

Love it...I use it every day for daily job reports and all construction site reports, but I love using it for punch lists.

Stealth tech

Useful  Stealth tech  4 star

It app works pretty good and a couple of colleagues also use it. I would like to be able to assign more pics to a single issue. I use the app for site surveys pre-proposal and sometimes send the report to my customers. I have been in contact with their tech support & they are open to suggestions/input which is good.


IEP  cjwhitta  4 star

Several people at our environmental consulting firm use this App every day and find it to be incredibly useful. Updates have been plentiful and they have taken user's advice in making quality additions to the program. Highly recommended as a professional product.

Alex Usera

Needs templates  Alex Usera  4 star

I wish I could save my own templates.

Site Audit Pro Comments

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