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Photo Measures App Description & Overview

What is photo measures app? Photo Measures is the most elegant and the easiest way to save measures on your own photos on iPhone and iPad!

Architectural Digest - "Very useful when shopping or meeting with contractors" - "It's perfect for your own work around the house, and handy for creating plans to bring to a contractor"
AppSafari - "So incredibly convenient"

Featured on the front page of the AppStore under New & Noteworthy and Staff Favorites in more than 70 countries, including the US, France, Germany and Canada.

Recommended by many reference magazines, websites and blogs all around the world: Architectural Digest,, This Old House,,, etc...


Constructing a house? Engineering a new project? Moving to a new place?
Take some photos and note down the dimensions on the photos to remember the exact layout, and to make sure that everything will fit easily.

Need to keep in mind the exact dimensions of an object? Just take a photo and quickly write them on it.

Are you decorating? Want to buy a new frame or a new furniture but not sure it will fit?
No problem since you can have all your house dimensions always with you!


You are a real estate agent?
A contractor?
An engineer?
A designer?
Working in the construction industry?
Someone who wants to keep his house's measure easily accessible?

Whenever you need to save dimensions, sizes, angles or write down a detail you need to remember, Photo Measures will help you to be more efficient and more accurate.


Photo Measures helps you to:
. Take a photo and directly draw measures on it
. Zoom into and out of your photo when you need more precision
. Edit your measures with a very intuitive interface
. Quickly add text as comments when measures are not enough
. Native support for angles
. Save your measures in imperial or metric units
. Easily organize your photos by category
. Export your dimensions in high resolution by email or to the photo library
. Export as PDF or JPG
. Import photos of any size and aspect ratio
. Support Retina display

Keep posted, a lot of new features are planned for the next versions!

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App Name Photo Measures
Category Productivity
Updated 27 November 2022, Sunday
File Size 25.46 MB

Photo Measures Comments & Reviews 2024

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great measures app. I am a window treatment consultant take pictures and write all the measurements, I wish I could export pictures to one drive or I cloud instead of using Dropbox.

Browsing. Very useful and easy to use although browsing photos is awkward. It should be easier to move from one picture to the next.

So far so good!. This app is a tool for me to notate field measurements directly on photos for our design team. While I am still getting a handle on all I can do, seems to be exactly what I am looking for.

Best On the Fly Documentation App. I have been Measures for about 5 years now for my contracting job. The ability to create folders, snap photos, annotate photos (with text boxes, arrows, measurements, font, colors), and to send out via email or text in jpeg or PDF format all in seconds is a great thing. I can easily go back to my files and recall what I had seen and share the info with my technicians prior to them visiting any project site. After 24 years of contracting and lugging a notebook around I have ditched the notebook and simply carry my IPhone to all my meetings and project site job walks. I recommend this app for all contractors. What a great simple to use app.

Lame App-No bluetooth, Old Technology. Can’t send measurements from laser measuring tool (Bosch GLM50C) via Bluetooth. I bought this app assuming it would be better than Bosch’s FREE app, but it’s not. With the Bosch tool, measurements automatically transmit, thereby saving a great deal of time to enter manually. Mistakes are ofter made keying in data to a picture of a window or wall. Use the Bosch Measure and Document free app and prevent keying mistakes in your projects.

Useful in so many ways. I don’t write many reviews, but I have used this app for years now. In the military, I would use it to quick label staging areas for garrison field ops. In the civilian sector, I would use this to label where I had concessions locations within a football stadium. In construction it helps describe what you’re seeing in the field for the inside office. It takes a bit of playing around to understand it, but being able to create a quick photo with notes/labels/dimensions and email right away is too valuable. Well worth the money for the PRO version 10/10 would recommend for anyone or anything, you can find a way to use it to help you

Absolutely Wonderful. Latest updates keep improving this app. This app is simply wonderful. Take a photo and then draw on the photo. It is so easy to use. Previously I would take measurements using a text app with my notes containing the measurements. A picture is truly worth a thousand words and that's what makes this app so nice. I also use Dropbox indirectly with this app. I have an older iPad, so I take the photos with my digital camera or iPhone, then I download the photos directly to Dropbox. From there I simply add the photos to my picture library on the iPad. TO THE DEVELOPER: this app gets 5 stars right now. Adding Dropbox support would be a terrific addition. After that you would deserve more stars, but 5 stars is tops. Nice work... And thanks!

Fantastic app. This App keeps on getting better and better been using over four years now. Love the position placement for the numbers and adding imperial inches symbol among others available. Keep up with the fantastic upgrades!

Love this app. I have a tile install and slab fabrication company - i use this app every day for Work and even personal use like Pictures if documents with notes for easy access

One of the best Apps. 250+ Apps on my iPhone & iPad and if I had to get rid of 3/4 of them, this app would stay. I use it almost every day for projects around the home. My iPhone is my memory on steroids👴

Great app. Remodeling my basement and this has help keep track of everything. No more searching for paper and losing it. Pair this with a laser measuring device and your good to go.

Awesome. Use everyday in the construction industry. Great app to keep record of issues and changes. This app will hold up on court. If it goes pay I’m buying!

Design Measurements. I appreciate being able to use this app and being able to keep my measurements available on designs I am working on. Often times I have to refer back to my measurements. It has saved the day. My only wish is that I wish I could measure with my phone.

A bit finicky. but it really helps communicate with other people about specifics and keeping track of the dimensions.

So easy for drawing measurements. I'm moving into a new house and just wanted to take pictures of the model home and put measurements on it so that I knew how my furniture and other household items would fit. This app is super easy to use and doesn't get involved with all the auto measuring tools that many of the other apps use. It seems a bit pricey to me, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it now that I've purchased it. I wish it had the ability to do freehand drawing with a pencil/paintbrush tool or had a circle tool, but hopefully that will come out in a future release.

Wonderful app!. It works very well and is easy to use. One star off because there is not an option to put text on the pictures like it says it does. Not happy about that! Other wise, a fine app! iPhone 6s

Good memory or measurements. I really like to us this app, as many times I take the time to take the measurements at home, and by the time I get to the hardware store and look at the measurements, I get a little confused with my picture. This makes it really easy to get the right measurement with the right piece.

Very Handy. Does all I need for my cabinet shop & being able to easily email the PDF files to my computer is a true bonus.

First Class. Use to have two apps that performed this function, not being sure which to keep. This one’s updates through time solved that decision and the other app is deleted. I use this ALL the time... no better way to hit the builder’s store with all the info you need, understandable at a glance. Plus once you have measurements for a room or a closet, no reason to delete them when the project is finished and you’ll always have them with you in case your out and see something new an wonder if it will fit.

Five stars because free, but annoying if using multiple devices. Works great, and it’s free, so 5 stars. The sync is through Dropbox, not iCloud. Sync is slow, doesn’t really sync (won’t delete files) and frequently makes duplicate files across machines. Still, great for free!

Marking. I find the program works well but figuring out how to do a lot of features is hard until you figure out how. Help on using some features is difficult to understand.

Really Nice App!. I purchased your app recently and wanted to say that it is great! I manage a Facilities department for a large company and your app is a great tool to capture issues with and to post either comments or measurements (or both) to help relay or address the projects and issues that come my way on a daily basis. I have also applied this tool to set up for projects around my home. It is both easy and quick to use. I hope that you keep this app updated and active for many years to come.

Great!. Combines site photos and notes in a way that makes both more useful. I just figured out how to make project names and photo names. I’m unstoppable!

Invaluable tool!. I love this app. It is fantastic when you are decorating a house as you can take photos with measurements. Then you can go anywhere and find items to fill the space and you always have the measurements and a visual to hand! Easy to use too. WONDERFUL thank you!

Great Way to Remember Measurements!. I have used this periodically to take pictures of household appliances or changes that I either needed to document or else to have to reference for sizing. It still works great after having had it for years now. Just take a picture and then add in your measurements.

Does the job. Good app for recording measurements. Wish it was possible to add photos to different categories after taking them

Ideal Home Improvement Helper App. This is the app to use to archive your decoration and remodel ideas. Pictures with dimensions of walls, floors, yard and garden. Text boxes are easy to add and, the size is adjustable. NEVER will you ever be without the information needed to make the spur of the moment buying decision. It permits you to dimension out the object and ideas you want to copy because, with the picture, there is total recall and no mistakes. Ever improving. Ever useful. What a special and useful app for the dreamer, shopper and home owner.

Great for contractor. I LOVE this app. Instead of trying to remember or writing down measurements I can take a pic of the exact thing I’m measuring and have a photo of everything I need.

Gets the job done but clunky and annoying UI. Feels like software designed in 1999. Not intuitive. Not elegant. Slow and annoying to work with. Gets the job done well but not fun to use. Also - missing a feature to change units for the whole image at once. It would be super helpful to be able to toggle from say inches to feet and inches, or to meters.

Time to expand. I’ve been using this app for several years on my phone and iPad. It’s time to take this up a notch and make this app Mac compatible, trying to add a lot of measurements on a small screen is tedious and difficult

Measure. One of the best tools you can have, the app does a lot more than what you think on the surface.

Fantastic App. I work for an architectural office and we do a lot of remodels. It saves so much time to have the measurements on a photo so that there are no misunderstandings and time consuming back & forth visits to sites. Time is money. This app is a must!

Really nice..... Terrific and responsive. I needed some quicktime shots before the carpenter got here. Photo Measures gave me just what I needed. You'll walk around the house snapping pictures....hey, that’s not a bad idea to have a record for insurance purposes. You know how you've intended to do that since you found out how really mean insurance companies are? Take pictures of the serial numbers on your appliances too, and of the plate on the fuse box, too. Photo Measures is really good. Look around on the drop boxes once you’ve downloaded. You can 'gift' the app to your carpenter, maybe he'll give you a better price!

Very useful app. Just just started using this app, and it has been helpful in doing projects and looking at new furniture and appliances.

Very convenient app!. I've really learned to love this app! As an interior designer, I'm always measuring something and this makes it so much easier than switching from phone/camera to notepad. Being able to refer back to the details of the photo for drapery jobs has been priceless!

Very handy. It’s great to have a way to take and save dimensions in the field, and then be able to send them too. Sometimes I get frustrated by being unable to reaccess a line to move it, but I don’t use it consistently enough to remember how to do some things.

Great tool.. I use this for home projects and my day job in construction. Not over burdened with layers of features, simply a good tool to add dimensions and notes to a photo and then share if needed.

Incredibly useful measuring app. Love this app. No need to do drawings anymore of existing things, be it a room, a window or a car, or light fixture. Just snap a photo, draw the lines needed and plug in the relevant dimensions.

Custom Builder. Amazingly easy to use, professional results. This app has replaced my note pad on site visits for estimates and inspections. I wouldn't want to be without this tool!

Tool. This is a great product. You're able to see what the measurements are being used for and have a better understanding of what could fit.

Photo measures. Excellent program app. Works very well for both indoors & outside projects. Would like to see more options like colors, fonts, circumference, square size, and better symbols. That said, I highly recommend. Duplication tool would be superb. Maybe duel measurements for longer lines might be considered.

An essential tool for architects working on renovations and additions. I've been using Photo Measures for just a week or so and now I wonder how I ever worked woot it! It's simple, intuitive and responsive. I wish the text would have the same orientation as the arrows but this is a nearly perfect app for measuring existing areas for my projects. Well worth the price.

Outstanding App !. Super easy to use; Intuitive, compatible with everything.

Good recovery red keeping. I've been using this app for about a year and has been stable and useful for keeping record and comparing floor plans

My favorite. I have been any apps and I have paid for a few. This is one of the best it has been useful for our remodeling, buy furniture, and for the every day run to Home Depot for the fix-it projects. Make sure it’s in your phone learn how to use it.

Great useful App. One of the most useful and intuitive apps available. The more complex the area you are dealing with the more useful this app becomes. Highly recommend.

Love this app!. I work at a skylight/roof hatch manufacturer and this app helps me keep all my notes in one place and I'll NEVER lose it. Discard all the paper notes! It lets you do lengths AND angles. Very nice.

Most useful app I’ve ever downloaded. I did a lot of engineering and design work and needed an app when I was in a jam. I download this one and I have used it consistently for at least 4 years now and a lot of my Coworkers have asked me which app I was using to send them dimensions. Not only have I used it for work, I’ve used it for many home projects, and even for my boat when pricing out work to be done. I felt compelled to write this review. The programmers did a great job.

Great except.... I used to think this was a 4.5/5 star app. Until I accidentally deleted a measurement and came to realize there is no undo function anywhere to be found. Perhaps my fault. Sure. But what a drag it was to have to drive back to the job site just for that simple mistake. PLEASE ADD AN UNDO BUTTON!

Bugs on last update. We can not see the different narrows . I have @ 50 photos if I want to see a photo #35 but I am not sure if this is the photo that I am looking for , I have to closed the photo and it goes to the beginning !!! And I have to go down again ! Not great at all ! Thank you

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Mr. The $10 version does not seem to be any different from the free version. Waste of $10

Happy User. Great app on tablet or phone. Been using it for years with great success. Don’t know what we did before this technology.

Awesome. Easy to use. Quick. Customisable Good for my business and home use

Awese app!. This app has changed the way I know measure up jobs and now I don't miss those little measurements on jobs.

Extremely useful App. Working in delivering engineering infrastructure, this App has been extremely useful, yes it occasionally crashes or does it own thing, but with each update the developers iron these events out. The app itself has been used for site surveys, concept design, practical completion. I honest recommended it to anyone in this industry - well done

Magic. A very useful tool in the building game, having the ability to take actual photos of the job and then adding in measurements means I no longer have to sketch diagrams

Great app. I use this app multiple times a day for work. It is great, however I wish I could sync projects between my iPhone and iPad versions of the app.

Great app. Easy, intuitive I use it every day, highly recomended !!

Fantastic App. This app makes sending dimensions etc. to work colleges so much easier. No more sketching drawings, then scanning & Emailing them. All you have to do is snap a pic and draw in the details, hit send and it's done. We use it on a daily basis. Awesome app.

Not quite what I expected. What would make this app invaluable is if it could calculate distances based on a single measurement. If you traced out the lines it should be able to calculate any data you dont enter, such as angles or distances. THEN it would be a really useful app. Take that a step further and give the ability to 'stich' photos together to form a room, and it could then generate floorplans!

Good Rating. I found this program to be very useful in my work as a safety investigator, it helps me in many ways to get the detail across and prosecute those responsible. Shayne

Best. The best app use it almost every day thanks

A picture says 1000 words.... ...and when you can add dimensions and annotations, the result is an app that is indispensable for everything from buying furniture to fit your room, to getting a quote for a fish tank. I absolutely love this app, because it is so much more that a sketch on the back of an envelope, and just as quick to do.

Must-have for renovations. This app is simple and neat - very handy for measuring parts of the house before heading out to Bunnings or Masters. Especially love that it's easy to sync between my iPhone and iPad. Great!

GH. Great little App very handy and can't wait to see it develop, it has tremendous potential.

ml. Just downloaded it and seems great, i can tell i'm going to use this app a lot.

Great App. Easy to use, excellent email function for sending multiple pics.

Great app.... BUT. Please add support for copy and paste or import of bulk (more than one at a time!) photos from photo album

The simplest most effective we have used.. We have tried a few different apps that have similar functions, but this is the most robust and simple we have used!

Love it. This is great! Will you be updating for iphone 5 screen? That would make it perfect!

Great App. This App along with Tradies App, Defects App would have to be the 3 best construction Apps out there. These Apps turn the Ipad into great business tools.

A game changer. As a professional A/v installer this App has changed the way I work. Combined with a Laser tape it makes sizing and quoting jobs so much easier. If measurements are important to your business, you need this App.

The best. Most useful app I've ever used. $8.99 well spent. Saves heaps of time and effort especially being a project manager. Well done guys.

Easy to use. I’m not keen on learning how to use more technology but this is simple And easy. Well done

Perfect. Easy to use. Had “My Measures” till they cocked it up. Tried this and will never, ever go back. Simply too easy to use. Great work MR Developer! Plenty of instructions if you need them, help if you need it. Happy chappy!

Great app, great support. Asked a question, very prompt helpful courteous reply. App is very easy to use and just what I was looking for.

Really easy to work with.. Very convenient when your I Ikea and you want to know if something will fit or match

Great App. Fantastic app however it could do with some extra tools like being able to make oblong shapes to take into account perspective within a photo.

Love it. As a licenced builder, this has been really helpful. Easy to island self-guiding. Definitely worth paying for.

Mr pakistani. Nice app really made it easy for me i just take photo of things and masure it really nice worth of money trust me

Albany Doors. Excellent App use on site every day. Everyone that sees me use this app takes its details from me.

Does everything you need. Great app for everyone because at one stage or other you're going to need this!

Awesome. This is a time saver and well worth getting for any tradies ,project managers as well

Really good. I love it I can take a quick photo then overlay the measurements. Can't go wrong. A picture explains things to clients so much easier.

Gold!!!!!. As a builder I am now able to take photos on site and send them to trades with specific instructions to quote. And its simple to use, I practised last night and today used it for a bathroom renovation. The owners were very impressed, i came across very professional and the trades understood my instructions wellmenough to give me quotes. Well done you've improved my business.

Measures is timesaver. Congratulations this app is a winner, I have been using it since mid 2011 great then and now even better with all the up dates to feb2012 this app has a permanent place in both iPhone and iPad of mine. Just love it keep up the good work and thank you folks at measures.

Freehand tool?. This app would be perfect with a freehand tool for when you are in a hurry and want to make quick notes

Great app. My first ever app review This one is great and intuitive, love it Everyone should have if handy

Very useful app. Best for editing photos for documents

Really intuitive - winner!. Yep, I'm a technophobe and this is easy to use, you can get the arrows to pinpoint exactly where you need the measurement seen: spot on!

Measures. Great app

Fantastic. This app is brilliant!! As a Building Supervisor this app has helped make life so much easier!! I highly recommended it to anyone who ever needs to use measurements with photos!

Excellent. Love app very fast to load. Can let you write in photo. Easy to use recommended

Great Product. Have been looking for something like this for a while - works a treat.

Handy App!. Great, handy app using your own pics & measurements! Simple! Beats scraps of paper with scribbled numbers!

Quick and easy. Still haven't explored all the aspects but looks great so far. Although sadly the diameter is represented as a straight line to be drawn across the subject. Why not a target circle with two perimeter grabs to drag to radius then 'off square' axis? 3 grabs in all.

Great!. Great app, would be even better if you could import PDF files to site measure on plans.

Very useful !!!. Great app that makes the trips to Bunnings a lot more product as I buy the right sized goods !!!

Great measure tool. Great app! Have used this for a wile now and I'm very happy with it. Good for emailing measurements and to make picture notes for construction.

Great A+++. What a great app strongly recommend it to any boilermakers or fabricators or just anyone who has to quote jobs. Great!!!!!!

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App feedback. Great application, saves time and final product always professional

Easy and useful. An essential app. User-friendly and you can be very precise about what measure you're putting in. Excellent!

Great. Use it. Customers will be impressed.

Estimation of dimensions terrible. I purchased the app with the understanding that the app will provide dimensional estimates for photos taken, however, what it really does, is to allow you to “input” the dimensions manually. Then I saw the estimation option, tried it, and the measures are off by miles. Save yourself the $10 bucks.

Huge part of my workflow. I've been using this app for years now. It's such a great way for me to communicate scale to my clients. Super versatile. Aside from Dropbox support, which is nice, what's missing is iCloud support. The ability to have categories and measures synced between devices. Would love it if my files were shared between my iPhone and iPad.

Excellent. Excellente application, très simple à utiliser

Pratique. Très bonne application, facile d'utilisation et très pratique pour les rénovation. Un must pour les bricoleur.

Messures. Excellent

Fix the way you move the text. I like the app and I just bought. However it is so annoying when you have to move the text. Please check the way other apps do it.

Garbage. Developer only interested in making money off you. Did a bunch of measurements in the lite version to try out app then exported them. Found out you need the full version to be able to do that without watermarks. Fine. Upgraded to full version for $7.99. Now I can't open the photos created in lite version. Give me back my money because you clearly don't know how to develop useful apps. Fail.

Not what I thought. I thought the app would calculate the measurements for you from a photo. However it simply allows you to add notations of measurements you've already taken. Unless they add functionality to calculate measurements, this app simply isn't worth the price.

Vraiment génial. Une application essentiel pour tout les contracteurs en réno. Enfin mettre des images sur les mots et les dimensions.

Very Handy. As a drafts person is really appreciate being able to add dimensions to photos. Then I can go to store and find the right sized item. This program is fairly easy to use. Sometimes touching the arrow or dimension that you want can be a bit finicky (finger size) but overall it works out.

Easy to work with. 1 word “Fantastic”

A must have app. I have been using this app for a few years. I love it. It means when I am out I can refer for exact measurements for pictures to be framed. Handles to be bought. All the household measurements I will need for that perfect compliment to my future plans.

I use this app all the time. At work and play to annotate my photos. It's great!

Bonne application!. Un atout dans les travaux d’aménagement

Thank you for the update!. It was already a great app but to be able to move the text box so quickly is such a great convenience! For those who are hesitating - buy it, you won't regret it! For the developers - keep up the good work and keep the updates coming! :)

Graet PM tool. This app is a great tool to help manage & report on projects and my #1 app to create consultant and management reports, always on my dock. Take a picture of the site condition, add dimensions and comments. You're now ready to share your findings or add them to a report, simply export as a pdf or jpg. Pictorial history of your efforts, undeniable and irrefutable.

Good for homeowners. Just got it for my new condo. Tested at home, seems very handy.

My favourite app. Every time I get to use this app I love it all over again. Professional results and easy to use.

So useful. This app is great for combining photos with masurements. I use it every time I have a project!

Good app. I really like it in the field, as a landscaper. Would have give 5 stars for sure if only it would sync through iCloud. That’s the only drawback.

Wow!!. APP très bien fait et facile à utiliser.

Excellent.. Simple and easy. Well done.

love it. works best on my iPad but handy as heck on iPhone too

Great. We are building a house and this app have been a staple. Very useful and friendly to use.

Best app. This is the best app for documenting the measures of new homes on the floor plan. PleaSe keep up the great work thanks so much team. Very happy to see the app still here after iOS update!

Measurement App. I first got introduced to this tool almost two years ago. It has become a very useful part of my day to day operation of my garage door business. I use it often to document projects at the time of the sale which will undergo changes before we return for the final installation. I have found many ways of using this app to make my life much easier. I highly recommend this to any tradesman who uses a tape measure.

CaMesure en ta!. J’adore cet outil de travail. Une image vaut 1000 mots. En plus on ajoute les mesures exactes. C’est Génial.

Photo measures. Great app. Easy to use making notations on your pictures.

Great for Engineers site review report. As a Mechanical Engineer I find this very useful for site visit report. It is very handy and quick. Some suggestions: it should have support for one drive, google drive and export to one note. Also, support for iPhone 6 plus needed.

Measures. Apps parfaites pour prise de note de projets Mecanique et suivi de révision de dessin en usine.

OK, but syncing is poor. I wish i could reliably take photos with my phone and edit them with my tablet, but this app routinely says the images are corrupt or simply refuses to synch no mater how long I wait. I’m using a regular Dropbox account and very fast WiFi and it’s just not very good.

very useful. this app is great! easy to use and very functional. as a contractor, i use it almost daily and it really helps in pricing jobs and tracking materials. it's great to have photographic reference. does exactly what it claims (make sure you read the description, though!)

Forget paper design notes!. When building a fitted piece for my distant daughters poace, this is a valuable tool. Forget crappy hand sketches ( I am not an artist) and show a marked up picture of the existing components. The ability to edit measures anytime is just what I need as well. Highly recommended.

photo mesures. simple a utiliser, le classement un peu laborieux, mais pour des petits projets, c'est super!

dont buy it! it did not auto measure. this app only allow u to input the measurement yourseld. it does nothing

Love this app!!. I love this app because it's laid out well, though would like to see multiple photo uploads to Google drive

Great tool. It’s become a indispensable tool for professional take off of space prior to interior glass work ! Clarifying infos from job sites to drafting team!

Très bon achat !?!. Merveilleusement intuitif. Précis. Très utile pour mon boulot si j'arrive a exporter les photos. Sûrement un détails mais je trouve pas

Un outil a avoir. Je l'ai acheté au mois de janvier et depuis elle m'est très utile. L'apps est mise à jour régulièrement avec de nouvelles options, j'adore

As described. Works great

Très bon outil/ Very usefull apps. Cet apps est incroyablement utile pour rédiger des textes et mesures sur uns photo. Bravo Miche T

Brilliant!. Before I found this app, I was in and out of at least 2 apps, sometimes 3 if I had to convert units. This app is quick, easy to use and easy to organize.

Très bien. Fonctionne très bien. Seul chose à améliorer c'est de pouvoir ajouter du texte à l'image pour identifier des section de l'image ...

Very good app. I've been using this app for years. It works great. I now see room for improvements, however. 1) Allow export to the Messages app; 2) Reconfigure the export function to be easier (from the opened image itself).

Very Handy. I do renovations and a lot of different projects in my house and around. This app saved me hours of time. Used it for trims, new baseboards, laundry renovations… Highly Recommend to everyone!

Excellent. Excellente application afin d’inscrire des mesures à partir de photos.

Love this app!. Exactly what I wanted and needed. Allows me to measure and document interiors and exteriors of my clients homes with ease.

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Doesn’t measure anything. I thought this app would help me get measurements. It doesn’t. All it does is take a picture, then you can write on it to add the measurements you take on your own. Not worth $7! You can do it for FREE with the regular iPhone camera, then edit and markup the photo. Don’t waste any money on this!!

Worth every cent. Title says it all

I can't download the app. I payed yesterday and I still haven't yet the app.. I'll change the review as soon I have in my phone.

Works well!!. Good job!!

Great. Great app easy to use. Complicated enough to measure out large projects

App improvement. Please make this app able to measure the actual length by itself. Measuring the object on the screen with ruler and writing values manually is not what I was expecting in this app.

Field worker-surveyor. Simple and quick to use With a professional appearance

Locks up now. Never used to have a problem but now it locks up after any type of exporting. Needs an update for the new iOS maybe?

Convenient. It’s everything I need for what I do.

Excellent. I've just started using Measures and so far love it. Used to use doodle draw (I think that was its name) and this is far superior.

Great for construction. Great simple app for measuring (always double check regardless), very helpful

Easy and intuitive. I use it more than I thought I would.

Best way to know how much space you have!. Without this app I would be in trouble & it's free hello

After years of working, it has died. The app no longer works to input words, numbers or anything other than drawing arbitrary lines. Really disappointing. My company depended on this.

Solid. Easy to use. Would probably be very useful for a trip to the store. Currently using for survey work

Great App. As a construction manager it's been great tool to communicate and show field conditions with team members, Architects not in the field. Thanks

Miss leading. I wanted to have an app that would measure items in the photo. This app requires you to make the measurement and input it into the app.

Drum Akustic. Formidable! I use it all the time to take measures on site before elabora-te the blue prints

Great App!!. We specialize in custom orders for high in homes and this app has make my life easier. I highly recommend this app.

DOES NOT MEASURE - note taking app. This app doesn’t measure anything - it allows you to draw measurements onto photos. You will still need to get all measurements by hand or by another App!

Great App. This is a great app, easy to use and works wonderfully

Field Measurment made easy. No more mistakes due to forgotten details Accuracy taken to the next level Thanks for a great app GFarias

Perfect App. Use it all the time.

Easy. Effective

Well worth it !. It's the only app I ever had that impressed me.

GET THIS APP. 1 of a handful of apps that i like so much ive gifted to others.. its that good!!

Deceptive Marketing. When I purchased this $7 photo measure app I assumed that it would calculate the measurements in the photo. Silly me. It does not. It merely allows you to take a picture, draw lines, and enter your own measurements. This is something that can be done with any basic photo editor for free. Don’t waste your money.

Awesome Utility. Never forget a dimension again. Easy to use. Does what its supposed too.

Don’t know how I’ve managed without this!. This is a complete game changer. Most definitely my favourite app of all time.

Awesome App!. This app really comes in handy and is extreme easy to use. Great purchase.

Best app for kitchen remodeling. Best app for kitchen remodeling Would only add a single arrow Great App! *****

Fantastic !!!. Easy to use & looks great for presentation.

Ease of use. I enjoy this app and find it very helpful the only difficult thing I find is DELETING the pictures when finished. Steve S

Great AP , but…. I have loved this AP for years, but lately it developed a glitch. Reached out to developers and crickets. Can’t see my lines. Useless unless you can see lines. Straight, arrows, angles nothing.

Awesome. Im a welder/fabricator. I love the app great help when in the field and the boss doesn't know how to measure.

HRM. Can’t go without it. Life saver

Photo measure. I bought the app for $6.99. Every time I measure a photo it gives me a ?? Please help or refund me. When it’s prepared I’ll give you a better review.

Measures. Works very well as single app for annotating photos.

One of the best apps out there. Great app,love it !!!

Grate. Use it all the time like it

3D Touch doesn't work...😡. 3D Touch doesn't work on my iPhone 6S Plus...otherwise it's a 5 star app...

It's pretty much an iPhone essential especially in this Age of the DIY.. Get it, even if you're not the diy'er but I bet one of your friends are.

Needs update. This app is becoming more and more dated and difficult to use as it hasn’t been updated to accommodate any new iPhone screen sizes starting with iPhone X. I’m looking for a replacement.

Simple and Fast. This simple app is easy to use and does everything I need it to do.

Great app. I survey facades of buildings and this is great for managing my measurements!

Great app. This is a great app for all kinds of things including home audits. The developers are very nice to work with. Super App!

Roof measurements. Doing everything I need it to do. 5 stars

No delete button or I couldn’t find it. I took a wrong picture but app didn’t let me delete that picture, I had to delete the app to get rid off that picture, can I get my money back?

Do not buy! Doesn't actually measure. This is a total fake app and I fell for it. It doesn't actually measure anything, it simply allows you to input measurements you've already taken.

Really handy. This is a fantastic app—I use it for remodeling and to document my work

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Photo Measures 4.6 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the Photo Measures app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Cubent and other users?

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photo measures ipad images 3
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Photo Measures 4.6 Apps Screenshots & Images

Photo Measures iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $6.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 4.6
Play Store com.bigbluepixel.photomeasures
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

Photo Measures (Versiyon 4.6) Install & Download

The application Photo Measures was published in the category Productivity on 20 January 2011, Thursday and was developed by Cubent [Developer ID: 1385727984]. This program file size is 25.46 MB. This app has been rated by 463 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Photo Measures - Productivity app posted on 27 November 2022, Sunday current version is 4.6 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.bigbluepixel.photomeasures. Languages supported by the app:

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Other Apps from Cubent Developer
App Name Score Comments Price
Photo Measures Lite Reviews 1.9 27 Free
Photo Measures App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thank you all for your very positive feedback! In this version: - We added support for the latest version of Dropbox - We improved the overall look and usability of the app - We did a lot of minor improvements

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