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What is x app? The X app is the trusted global digital town square for everyone.

With X, you can:

- Post content for the world to see and join public conversations
- Stay up to date on breaking news and follow your interests
- Stay better informed with extra context from Community Notes
- Go live with Spaces for audio or stream live video
- Communicate privately with Direct Messages
- Subscribe to X Premium to expand your reach, get a blue checkmark, and more
- Earn a living creating exclusive content for your paid subscribers and share in the ad revenue generated in replies to your posts
- Create and join Communities around topics and interests, from sports to music to technology
- Upload and watch videos up to 3 hours in length
- Write and read long form posts like essays and blogs
- Connect directly with your customers to help your business grow

Privacy Policy: https://x.com/en/privacy
Terms and Conditions: https://x.com/en/tos

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App Name X
Category News
Updated 10 June 2024, Monday
File Size 257.78 MB

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Elon ruined Twitter. I used to use a good amount but slowed down a few months ago prior to Elon acquiring it. And let me tell you when I went back on I was left w an awful taste in my mouth. This nepotism baby that has bought his way to any recognition and has grifted on his so called “ intelligence” and influence has single handedly ruined an app that has been a major campus of pop culture for more than a decade now. He’s shown how much of an imbecile he actually is and how most of his money he makes of the work and backs of other people much more intelligent and capable than he, and how narcissistic he is to not be able to run a platform like Twitter in a way even resembling unbiased. He claims to be for freedom of speech while suspending people he doesn’t agree w and he’s so out of touch he doesn’t even know what Twitter users want. Do us all a favor and slowly back away from mainstream media because every time we here ur name an “ugh this guy” follows. I have never been one to encourage bullying but it clearly would have done him some good to humble that narcissistic ego he’s got going on and I pray for his kids that making a public fool of themselves isn’t hereditary. Deleting the app or probably never coming back thx for ruining it Elon.

The replies feature of this app is horrible. Sometimes there is a post that I am genuinely interested in, but when I click it to read the replies, literally none of them are relevant to the post. Some are people replying with other random memes to try and piggyback likes off of a viral post, and others are promoting their only fans/porn links/actually posting videos of porn. I know the age requirement for this app is 13 or older but I don’t think it’s appropriate for a 13 year old looking at a meme to suddenly stumble upon multiple videos and links to porn in the replies section. If they were relevant to the original post it would be more acceptable but these people are just spamming links to their only fans trying to get attention on a viral post. This issue is why platforms like Reddit seem superior for having any sort of meaningful discussions about a post. If you actually put effort into filtering out the spam replies I think X would be a more successful application. But as of now it seems that the priority is to put any verified accounts posts at the top of the replies, and that system is causing the quality of content on your app to decrease.

Utter Garbage. “Oops something went wrong. Please try again later,” is the typical response you get when trying to resolve an issue. Twitter’s arbitrary software allows some users to abuse others with impunity, while innocuous posts or singular instances of merely “liking” a post may get you suspended. When you try to resolve the issue, good luck. You will rarely get a human to look at your issue, only an endless circle of useless articles and login tasks which may be impossible if you run both a business account and a private account. The “appeal” option is little more than a memory hole from which you will never get a response, or sometimes an automatically generated instant denial. Twitter does little to control spam or bots. It will disable an account but still send you email notifications linking to it, yet not permit you to login simply to unsubscribe. Deleting arbitrarily suspended accounts is nearly impossible. The user-generated content is poorly and capriciously monitored, often laden with the worst sentiments and epithets so-called humanity has to offer. If you anger someone by promoting human rights or legal reform in the wrong country, you will be locked/suspended without warning. It is a time-wasting garbage app run by those who profit from toxicity and spit on the very ‘rules’ they comically established.

“Blocking” Thanks Elon. In my opinion a “Tweeter” should not be able to “Block” someone just because someone challenges their tweet. Example: I was following Larry Sabato, UVA Center for Politics a few years ago (I had a child who was attending UVA). I disagreed with many of Sabato’s statements and opinions regarding politics and I said so without threat or offensive language, just my opinion. He “Blocked” me because I challenged his narrative. He never bothered to challenge my opinion or thought, simply eliminated any challenge by Blocking. Some say Sabato is a smart fellow, if so, you would think he could have easily taken me to the intellectual wood shed, told me how I was wrong, and others could have learned from the exchange. On the other hand, perhaps my thoughts and opinions had validity and others could have learned from my challenges (I mist assume that was Sabato’s primary concern). By allowing a user to block a follower just because they are challenging someone’s tweets obviously limits debate. I don’t have a solution, just identifying a problem or concern. Thanks. Jim

A shadow of its former self.. Since the sale of Twitter the owner has inflicted his whimsical and arbitrary standards and practices. It is inconsistent and often if anything the host application for conspiracy theorists and sometimes dangerous disinformation. The fact that I have to pay extra to be able to edit my posts and have the space required to fully explain a statement is not worth the extra money and frankly it’s interpretation of free speech often is based on the owners personal lexicon and point of view du jour. The medical disinformation is eventually going to result in deaths and disabilities that could become of tragic magnitude. The fact is that it is just another toy for the owner and I really don’t have any further interest in playing. Within a few days I will cancel my blue check mark and allow my account to become inactive. I don’t intend to close it because occasionally I will come back to counter some of the dangerous political statements that are allowed for select political celebrities because they are getting attention. Apparently the application subscribe to the adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Eventually the platform is probably going to become something else entirely or wither away and die.

Bad app for a great service. I LOVE Twitter as a service and have loved it for over a decade. The Twitter app, however, is just bad. It stutters when scrolling, jumping between lists does not save my position at the last read tweet, and the app tries to force annoying accounts/others’ insignificant interactions down our throats. Third party apps were of great benefit to the service and made it better - additionally many third party features were eventually copied by Twitter (Twitter even bought a third party app called Tweetie and rebranded it as their own app many years ago). Elon has decided to ban third party apps like Tweetbot, which unlike Twitter’s app was a marvelous piece of software. Twitter thinks this decision will push users to their sorry software but really, at least in my case, I will be using Twitter significantly less. I know that many small developers’ and companies’ livelihoods depended on these apps and Elon decides to unilaterally bar these innovative apps from accessing Twitter entirely. I will truly miss using innovative software and navigating Twitter in a coherent way. I continued hoping for the best for Twitter since Elon purchased the company but I’m beginning to see these big, rash decisions are not conducive to longterm success.

Twitter, A Dominant Era Of Once A Failing Platform. As we turnt the bend amongst the ages, stars above twinkling & the humans carrying onwards, large amounts of money were being funneled through the ex-‘Twitter’ whilst having hired, wether known or unknown Federal Agents of ‘GOV’ who transpired to modulate the algorithm to inspire political change, many men ‘donating’,“money” to ensure that the Media & Narrative of the United States was pushed forward; whilst this was effective in it’s efforts Twitter the platform itself had lost it’s way unto the various media & social interaction amongst community it had previously stood for. Elon’s efforts into Reestablishing it’s Prominent Promptitude for others to interpret & interact properly was key to its current success, having adjusted the business model alongside reducing the overall operational costs associated with such. Elon has done an excellent job, as per usual. I hope that the upcoming app that he is working on carries the same idealisms & messages of the prior work, whilst establishing a fair means of relationship between networks. Best Of Luck Elon.

Severely degraded/disfunction-able version of Twitter. There is almost a complete lack of unbiased and timely news and information once so plentiful and reliable on the previous platform. What once was a vast array of diverse subjects and topics both interesting and informative is now nothing but a political party battleground of anger and angst, where actual discussion, debate, and dialogue has been reduced to name calling, trash talking, and one upmanship . Vital and functional features of the app have been removed and/or replaced with useless non-social-media pay for/pay wall related garbage extensions, verification schemes, etc and subscription schemes designed to monetize the platform. Algorithm for X is highly slanted towards the right-wing MAGA agenda. Reporting of (what are we supposed to call them now) posts no longer includes the ability to report political attacks or blatantly misleading information/ lies. Most reports for vile posts/comments go unanswered. Lots of hate speech allowed/condoned under the guise of “free speech”. Even the owner of the company participates in posting/reposting vile content. Appeals for wrongfully reported posts go unanswered for months. This leaves no other recourse other than users must accept the strike to regain access/remove restrictions and it appears that the appeal is totally dropped at that point leaving a permanent strike on the user’s profile.

Divine Rights of People to Freedom of Expression. Twitter as a public venue to express people’s various opinions is very valuable source of meeting different ideas that come objectively to the truth of the issues presented. Particularly at this difficult times when Political and Ecclesiastical theater showed us its bold and impudent drive to usurp power in very unaesthetic way. The major illegality and Sin of monopolistic industries of Banking and Pharmaceutical dictatorships is marginalizing people to below their human capital value, thus putting them into defensive mode, which it will not contribute to rational solving of the human condition. This present jungle competition between Nations is Lawless and Godless. If ancient people understood Divine Law as expressed in Genesis 9:13 Rainbow in the clouds as a covenant between people of this Earth and the God. The Divine Entity provided His real signature of Aesthetics, beautiful thoughts and actions of every human being is respectfully required. #Liberty of Expression is most important part of #DivineLaw it is granted upon people as their Divine and Sovereign Right that no public actor can challenge or take it away from individual actor.

Only a 5 star for more exposure. By far one of the worst apps i’ve ever seen and used. If you expect to use this app to just chat about your interests, maybe Video Games, TV Shows, any sort of hobby, you will not be able to do that. This platform has become nothing but a breeding ground for hate speech, with absolutely NO strides towards fixing this issue. The person who REBRANDED X, Elon Musk, is racist himself. You will need to block HALF of the people on this app before you get videos pertaining to your interest, until you get gorey shootings and fights, which when you open the comments, will be more racist comments, alongside hundreds of bot accounts posting videos that have absolutely no correlation to the original post. X is seriously bad. I’m surprised that Apple has even allowed this app stay up this long. I thought their whole deal was less exposure towards 18+ content and racist content, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Do not download this app.

Twitter wasn’t ever good, but X is still worse. Twitter has always been a great app for keeping up with sports, events, and people you’re interested in. It’s technically still that nowadays, but the experience has worsened so much ever since Twitter became X. More specifically, ever since you could pay $8 to boost your account and take over the top spots of replies. Spam is more visible than ever because of this, ads are everywhere whether you pay for premium or not, and there’s huge privacy concerns regarding new implementations like calls. I still use this app because I can still do what I always wanted: keep up with my interests. I can do the same on Reddit and Meta platforms in some cases, but Twitter serves a purpose in my routine of this. It’s not a free speech platform and there is a bunch of misinformation that is spread here (but that’s nothing new). Elon had some interesting ideas but the approach with everything has been disastrous and disappointing. I can no longer properly recommend this service to anyone. It’s full of spam, ads, misinformation, and bots. Not to mention that if there’s ever a case of you being harassed or if you see any other form of rule breaking, support will do nothing to assist you even if you pay for premium. That subscription isn’t worth it and this platform is not worth your time.

So glad I deactivated my account. Elon turned this app into a literal dumpster fire. The man is so childish. He spent all that money on it just to run users off of the app all cuz he really didn’t want it in the first place. Since he fired most of the staff, the app barely functioned as a social media app. Notifications did not work. If u reported someone for bad behavior such as calling others racial slurs, threatening to harm others, etc the report would go no where or the system would tell u that their was no problem with the tweet u reported and that the company would do nothing. Elon will let anyone say anything on this app. He does not care. He will reinstate anyone no matter what they did in the present or in their past. He would let a known sex trafficker use his app to prey on others as long as they pay him for his blue check mark. I didn’t think Twitter could get any worse until Elon bought it. Twitter hasn’t always been a great app. It had its issues but at least under the previous owners made u feel like they were actually reading ur complaints and even though they didn’t always agree, u still felt like any issues were acknowledged. Elon just encourages those who remained to not even open the report.

Take away 30-day deactivation = deletion limit. I am a professional ceramic sculptor and have had 17 Instagram accounts deactivated on false reports, mod bias, and hackings, so to say I cherish the freedom on this platform not found elsewhere is an understatement. However, Twitter has put other restrictions on my account that arose from nowhere, probably due to competitors and their incessant spam of reports in attempts to get my work taken down so that theirs can appear like the original. Three stars because due to their 30 day policy of account deactivation prior to deletion, an account with almost 2K followers was accidentally deleted with me forgetting to re-login while overseas. It also doesn’t make the platform look good to have users who post content that gets hits elsewhere be unable to grow a following like before on their platform. I’ve been back on Twitter with a new account (post ig deactivation of an account) for 3 months, post several times a day each day, and have only around 50 followers due to my account not being searchable and the professional option removed and no way to appeal and reach support. If these issues can be fixed, naturally the app rating could be as well.

Bad bad bad. Twitter went from being my number one place for news that I checked every morning to a barely working, right wing capitulating garbage dump of an app. Elon gutted the number of people working for Twitter, mostly to soothe his ego, and now the website regularly breaks and has little to no support. My account was banned months ago, for a very silly reason. I sent many messages to support but each was responded to by a bot telling me they would not reinstate my account or even hear what I had to say. I’m not that hurt over it- maybe they would’ve still left me banned. The part that was insane to me was that I couldn’t reach a real person under ANY circumstance! The only people who have access to speaking to support of any kind have to be highly notable, rich, famous, etc. what kind of website is that? No support, little to no maintenance on the app itself that regularly breaks, constant boosting of ads that are deliberately inflammatory or mass botted, blue check marks being elevated so that the top tweets are no longer creative, interesting or popular- but simply from people who pay $5-$20 a month for an app that has always been free. A slew of horrible, dumb decisions from a guy with a silver spoon in his mouth who desperately wants you to find his boomer memes funny. Uuuugh

Easy to tweet, follow, get notified BUT……. not useful. I can only use Twitter for direct messaging & getting notified of some of my selected accounts in my followed set for notifications.. No one ever sees my tweets. I used to get interactions but none in more than a year of daily tweets. Now the app keeps logging me out taking so much time to log back in each time since latest IOS updates. Annoying without Touch-ID sign in & having to enter long passwords. Getting ready to stop tweeting & getting notifications elsewhere that I can rely on. Also, after writing this review no support or willingness to help even if I send a DM to Twitter support, not wanting to tweet something nasty! I am not sure who is designing, supporting or what goals the developer has for this app but I wish another developer would offer a better app to use for Twitter, not wanting to have to log in to my account every time I want to post, view notifications details or just look through my feed.

“We made improvements” BOLD faced lie.. The constant degradation of this app, then lying about it is insulting. Twitter has been going down hill for quite awhile now so it’s not entirely Musk’s fault, but boy has he escalated things. It’s clear that this app is no longer in service of users, but advertisers. Every. Single. Change implemented lately has ONLY benefited advertisers or paying users, and even then BARELY. I’ve been using this app since 2009 and can say this is easily the worst it’s eve been. It is clear Musk wanted his own app, but didn’t want to invest the time, development, and audience building a new app needs, so he bought one with a built in audience. Which honestly, is not a terrible idea… Until he made numerous changes that only service paying users, inhibit non-paying users from using basic functions, then lie about why he’s doing it. Oh and he changed the name, throwing away years of viable well known brand recognition in a matter of days. A LOT of people have come to depend on this app, gaining followers to support their livelihood. These changes are dangerous for a lot of people, not to mention major turn offs, especially when they are taking away simple quality of life things like taking away the ability to DM anyone for free users.

Solid policies, essential impact. As a human being and citizen of the United States, I fully support, respect, and appreciate all of the new policies under way at Twitter. It is unlike most social media platforms, because their policies are publicized clearly and are VERY easy to find and understand. One policy Twitter has been actively changing is privacy options for its users. Privacy on social media (and everywhere) has been a concern for quite some time. I like how as each adjustment is made, it is clearly explained, step by step, within the platform by the company and Twitter CEO himself. It is explained in such detail, and helps the user understand it’s policies very clearly. Along with publicizing its privacy settings adjustments, Twitter is making some needed adjustments to the previous algorithm, settings, and procedures. Those adjustments are also publicized and clearly explained from the company in the app. Talk about being informed!!👍 ***This does not go unnoticed by me in any way. Information awareness and understanding by users and citizens is essential in EVERY aspect of our world you can think of. As an added bonus for me, Twitter is a big piece of the fun in this harsh world. Its humor is truly a gift that keeps on giving. 😂 I can’t think of anything more critical at this time. Looking forward to what comes next! Thank you Twitter for the continued breaths of fresh air, and for the important protection of our freedoms!🦅 You’re making a difference!

Opinionated. Tweeter is a place where you can have an opinion. Your opinion is not what everyone else may like or agree with, but it’s yours. It will expose you as a person of high or low character and that’s not either good or bad. We live in a society that has welcomed people from all around the world and it will take time to trust and appreciate each other. It’s what we do with the time that matters! I use to think Tweeter was a great place where everyone could express their opinion, but since it has changed hands and ownership I feel it has lost credibility. Everyone should be able to express themselves as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. I hope that truth is more important than greed and power. I still like the platform that use to be Tweeter, but I am saddened by the negative controversy that came with the new owner. The country is being torn apart by self absorbed individuals who think everything is about them. It’s not about one individual and no one human being is God. We can make the world a better place if we recognize our limited time on earth. Let’s embrace humanity and work for the betterment of mankind.

Twitter’s inevitable decline. I never liked Twitter before Elon but gosh, he some how made me hate it even more. The reason for this review specifically, however, is the glitch(?) that happens when attempting to change your display name. I personally have 5 twitter accounts (personal & business) so the inconvenience of being locked out of one of my more insignificant ones isn’t that bad. However, after troubleshooting, logging out, logging back in, even changing my password, I’ve still been unable to regain access to my account. This wouldn’t be much of an issue if I could log into one of my other accounts, but I can’t. There’s a blank screen with the only button being “options”. When selected the options are “help” and “sign out”, which I’ve already attempted. This issue never happened before Elon, at least not to me. The increase in promotional tweets, ads, and paywalled features that were once free have resulted in the downfall of twitter as a whole. I was able to log back into one of my other accounts briefly by opening a dm that was sent to it. As soon as I tried to re-add the account I’m locked out of, the same black screen appeared. I knew of this issue prior to attempting to change my display name. I had changed my display name on another one of my accounts since hearing about it so I didn’t think it would affect me. All in all, my experience with Twitter has been disappointing at best.

Security is a key. I was not much of a twitter user previously. I have been on the “x” platform flow for a bit. I was slow getting started with the app only because of personal things in my life. I am finding “x” is much like any other social media platform like FaceBook and LinkedIn. I like the face that there are blue check marks showing the verified accounts. This keeps the information more secure and you know that the information being provided is from a legitimate source. I personally experienced over the past 6 months a breach of my security and information. Knowing there is a way to easily see the verified content posters now is key for me. While I personally don’t have funds to pay become a verified user at the moment, I would definitely pay for the validation once I have the funds available to me. As stated before, I was hacked and trying to still recover. The hack because I clicked on someone’s information that was not verified opened me up to all my information appearing in the dark web, locking me out of all of my accounts l and loss of everything that was important in my life including everything that was in my clouds that I can no longer get back especially since there are no hard copies anymore after the hack cost me my home. I don’t use X much personally for social interaction with others, but I like to read the content and if I see an ad I would like to know more about I will click it, but only from a verified account.

Twitter Review. I enjoy the platform on a whole. The other accounts really make it interesting and fun. What I DONT like: The platform has OBVIOUS BIASES. I have had my account restricted SEVERAL times because I defended myself against an obvious troll in the site. These troll accounts- no matter how harassing- racist- bulling they are - still remain. I get told that I “violated” some rule.. Whereas the person harassing me hasn't violates anything. The biases about Covid and people’s right to choose to vax or NOT.. is also obviously against your policy- when discussing medical choices and options- users should be able to discuss a pandemic publicly- because of Social distance social media is some people’s only form of socialization or feedback.. how unfair to take that away because your site is behind vaxxing obviously. Your political biases are also showing like a little girls panties- You obviously support Insurrectionist and liars over decent Americans.. I won’t even get on what it’s like for “Black Twitter”.. people of color on Twitter get treated just like they do in the world.. You look for ANY reason to shut us down.. forever. So, in short.. it’s your other users that keep me.. not Twitter itself.

Elon, don’t change the stuff that doesn’t need changing. After Mr. Musk bought Twitter, things have honestly been feeling like they’ve been going downhill a lot faster than before, especially due to the unnecessary/unwanted changes <-(such as renaming Twitter to “X”, and said letter tends to be used to refer to a different website, which results in making video links on Twitter sound kinda questionable/suspicious) and some pretty bad ideas for changes <-(like how you were considering to completely remove the option to block accounts [even though it’s something that’s required for a social media platform], saying something along the lines of “the option existing/being-a-thing makes no sense and that it serves no actual purpose” when really it does make sense that it-exists/it’s-a-thing and it does serve an actual purpose, anyone with common sense would agree. And those who think that the option existing/being-a-thing makes no sense and say that it serves no actual purpose are likely people with ulterior motives). And now I hear that things from accounts labeled as 18+ are being effected now too. You may wanna rethink that before it’s too late and Twitter ends up like Tumblr, and nobody wants that to happen.

X is out of control. I like Elon Musk, but this app is not good for humanity. I was on the app for 4 minutes and I saw a guy get jumped by 6 people, a guy run a red light deliberately, and another fight at a restaurant. How is this good for humanity if everything going viral is violent, illegal, and harmful. This encourages more of this. I get life isn't all sunshine and rainbows, but viral content should be harmful. Bad things happen, but it doesn't mean we should promote it and encourage this behavior by it getting traction. I love Tesla and space X, but X is a depressing nightmare and it feels like it even affects Elon Musk as we heard on his earnings call. This app can still turn around and a way to do that would be to eliminate any viral content that is fighting, running red lights, and robbing people. Ya I saw someone get robbed on the app and it's so sad, but that stuff should be private or else now we have encouraged bad behavior. On another note twitter isn't the only one to blame. I got off Tik tok after the day I saw a dog get swallowed whole by an alligator. It feels like that's where X is heading right now so I'm deleting both of them off my phone. I also have bought the 8 dollar verified and to me it's still not worth it to just be at the top of a fighting viral video.

What Happened To Twitter?. This app used to be a staple for news and content. Unfortunately it’s now a hardcore censorship engine that evolved the app into a propaganda machine for specific political points of view pushed by Twitter Corporate Office. They’ve watered down the Timeline, show popular recommended Tweets instead of Latest Tweets, they have partisan Trending News only showing terrible things about the United States President, constantly (who would allow such a thing other than foreign enemies of the USA), and the settings now filter content on a second level (hidden) which you have to shut-off to see your preferred content (outrageous).. All trending news is always slanted to favor One political party promoted also by the Twitter CEO daily. News corporations, who even claim alien spaceship parts are in Las Vegas (2017 NY Times) are given priority over citizens to ensure the broadest brainwashing of political propaganda with an emphasis on hating the United States President. Who remembers when the internet was a melting pot of diversity? Freedom of speech? Not so much anymore. Great work Twitter!

The algorithm is manipulated by Elon. Elon’s presence has magnified the worst of X while suppressing the best of Twitter. His own example is now typical of what he allows other posters to see. Since Elon fired Twitter workers, I’ve stopped seeing posts from the people I follow. I see very few posts from women & people of color. Ads are more frequent than in the past. Racism, antisemitism, threats of violence, misogyny, sexism, inappropriate comments about children, & other nasty posts are no longer removed by moderators … making this experience not pleasant. The free exchange of ideas has been replaced by nastiness & fake news that is destructive. Attacks on teachers, reasonable public leaders, the environment, healthcare, & support for LBGTQ people are regular, hateful, & involve presenting false information as fact. Bots & bot networks abound and are never removed. Nothing about X supports the first amendment … the algorithm suppresses ideas not supported bybElon. It’s nothing more than the worst of right wing attacks & money making ads. Elon’s idea of “citizen journalism” is a joke shown in proliferation of lies, attacks, & hateful rhetoric with the intent of suppressing anything that was good before his tenure. In summary, X has become yet another tool of Elon & other extremists to promote harmful propaganda.

A “town square”, but for who?. Twitter was already not that great, but it feels as if it has gotten worse over the last few months. All you see now are far-right extremist talking heads, Elon’s sycophants, or the most annoying scam bots for t-shirts, porn, and crypto. Elon says this is the “digital town square”, but honestly he’s just constantly propping up known racists, conspiracy theorists, and maniacs. Now that these creators can be paid based on comment counts, ads etc we’re seeing these creators up the ante in just how insane their posts are getting in order to cause further reach. I went from using this app regularly to maybe checking once a week and have been playing with the idea of just deleting my account in general. Changed the name to X which is just stupid, changed the API policy which makes 3rd party apps totally useless, and anyone who knew what they were doing either quit or was fired. Paying for the app feels pointless as it honestly doesn’t do anything for you other than you have a check mark, which you can hide btw because they realized people were getting laughed at for subscribing to Twitter. The alleged benefits aren’t worth the money. Editing can only be done within a specific window after posting the tweet, and you get 2FA through text. All in all it just isn’t a very engaging or interesting app unless you feel like laughing at goofy people, and even then it gets old quickly.

Twitter has lost all of its charm.. Deleted my original twitter account a couple years ago, just recently redownloaded and made a new account- after logging in for the first time I was suspended for 12 hours before I was able to tweet anything. It has now worn off but I still can’t log in because it keeps asking for a phone number instead of email. I have messaged support multiple times over the weekend and I still have yet to be helped. Twitter just isn’t worth the headache. edit: A few days later and support is still useless and I’m still being forced to put in a cellphone number when I do not have service. At this point, I wouldn’t give them a phone number even if I could. Evidently, phone numbers are a requirement to use this platform instead of email as it used to be. How very disappointing. edit: Now a couple weeks later and I can confirm that twitter is an absolute mess. They have absolutely no human support staff, just useless automated messages that don’t help in the slightest. What a ridiculous joke of an app. edit: been months now and twitter is still a useless, flaccid, rancid garbage fire with absolutely no support. Thankful that Reddit exists as they actually have customer support.

ZERO STARS. TERRIBLE USER SUPPORT & TREATMENT.. I have been trying to get help with a hacked account for two weeks. You think this would warrant a certain urgency to maintain a secure platform. But no. I have been waiting TWO WEEKS FOR HELP. I've been in it trying to get help from 'x'. I've submit multiple cases through the contact us option. Multiple times, I have gotten AI responses that make ZERO SENSE. I mention that I have already deactivated my account (but the hacker reactivated it) and I get stupid dumb AI response for "help with deactiviting account". WHICH I HAVE ALREADY TRIED. I haven't heard from a human, robot, or ANYTHING that can delete or immediate deactivate my account! This is piss-poor treatment for your users. Twitter has FALLEN OFF, at least I could get help with my account from a person before some idiot took it over. elon musk let me leave your stupid platform, why is your user support dragging its feet for help I urgency NEED. I am stilling waiting for help, 4 cases later. I just need confirmation my account is gone, so I know there are no hackers getting more of my personal information. I have not recieved this at all. This experience has told me all I need to know about your company. You never care about user and help is never, if barely, available.

X-celente. X has been an absolute game-changer for me! The user interface is super intuitive, making navigation a breeze. I've used plenty of services before, but the seamless integration and the responsive design of this platform really stand out. It's just so easy to find what I need, and everything loads lightning-fast. Plus, their customer support is top-notch – friendly, quick, and super helpful. They've gone above and beyond to answer my questions and solve any issues, making me feel valued as a customer. Not only is the platform efficient, but it's also incredibly versatile. Whether I'm looking for entertainment, education, or just to connect with friends, it's got it all. The variety of features and tools available is impressive, and they're always updating with new, cutting-edge options to keep things fresh. I've connected with some amazing people through X, and it's enriched my daily routine in ways I didn't expect. Five stars all the way – I can't recommend it enough!

Free speech from but sides of the street. I was always brought up this was the home of the free in the land of the brave and someone should be able to speak their mind and speak their piece as long as it was not in a derogatory way towards another people race religion. With Yahoo and Google it before with Twitter if you disagreed with someone you couldn’t say that you disagreed with them now on Twitter at least you can peoples difference of opinion is what made this country great when one political party or want to leave is dominant with Yahoo and Google it before with Twitter if you disagreed with someone you couldn’t say that you disagreed with them now on Twitter at least you can peoples difference of opinion is what made this country great when one political party or one belief is dominant above all others it’s not right. And just because someone is different doesn’t make them any better or any worse than anyone else but they shouldn’t feel that they should be given special treatment because of race creed color gender stop having your hand out or the respect that you want.

Uncensored Beats Being Censored. I quit using Twitter a few years ago, prior to Elon Musk taking control, because every time I left a conservative message that exposed the lies being told during the Trump presidency, the Twitter police would take it down. Nothing vulgar, just exposing their lies. After Elon took control, I decided to give it another try. I believe in free speech and so does Elon Musk. You will not always like what you see, but it didn’t give them the right to remove free speech. Again, never anything vulgar, hateful, or inciting violence, you know, the way liberal politicians do. I’m so glad we have this platform back and I look forward to many years of fact checking other posts and exposing the lies. For me, X has been a stable platform. Not sure where the one star reviews are coming from, unless it’s just more of those liars that are out there trying to degrade a great app for sharing free speech. I guess those people have weak minds, preferring Government censorship and thought control. That’s pretty sad.

loved it but currently frustrated. I NEED BACK INTO MY ACCOUNTS! I’ve contacted support but essentially, I had my phone reset and restored and as a result, I had to re-login in to my accounts. I set up 2-factor authentication months ago for the accounts but the app i used I guess also reset with my phone because there are no saved codes for twitter. So i can’t get into my accounts and support won’t respond to me about how to get into to them like if there’s a way to verify that it’s still me so I can get in and then disable the two-factor authentication. Also, I had another account I was able to get into and starting using more frequently and got LOCKED OUT less than 36 hours later. X WILL NOT LET ME UNLOCK MY ACCOUNT. It just shows a white screen with a blue loading circle. Then it says “error please reload data” and so i click it and then it just loads indefinitely. I need back into to all 3 of these accounts and am very frustrated that there is no one that I can talk to immediately about this over the phone. I’m scared i’m going to lose the first two accounts simply with how long it could take for a reply from X.

Our freedom of speech is so important!. I went off big tech because I couldn’t trust them when fact checkers was kicking anyone off that didn’t go along with the left on all their craziness. I think Elon has done good putting truth out and proving what we was all saying was 100% true. We was being silenced and that’s our Constitutional right to have freedom of speech. It was so bias and still is on Fakebook and Instagram is still pretty bad, and Utube a little too. I got on Truth, Gettr, Rumble, Telegram and seen what I was missing! It’s nice getting facts and truth and open discussion! I’m coming back to Twitter hoping it’s a fair platform now and things will be so much better when truth isn’t being fact checked as untrue. Somebody needed to shut the fake fact-checked down. Thank you, Elon for all you do to make social media better for all! Oh and when you wanting to know if you should stay on as CEO, I tried to vote for you too, but it wouldn’t let me:( Hope there aren’t still enemies around in Twitter that aren’t good honest people.

Why this app still gets 5 star reviews is beyond me.. Ok, first of all, what happened to my initial review? Was it not to Elon’s liking because it contained legitimate criticism? Did Musk’s sycophants mass report me? Who knows. Second, why did you change Twitter to X? What does “X” have to do with social media? Also, “Blaze your Glory”? Really? What does that too have to do with social media? Now for the most critical part: Elon Musk’s inability to distinguish the difference between free speech and dangerous speech such as hate speech and the difference between moderation of dangerous content and censorship has caused the platform to be overrun with Anti Semitism, Islamophobia, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny. The platform that used to be known as Twitter is now the most toxic platform to ever exist. Musk has effectively made Twitter into a multi billion dollar version of 4chan. Elon Musk has even embraced Anti LGBTQ and Anti Semitic conspiracy theories and happily interacted with those of peddle them. Why this app is still getting five star reviews is beyond me. It is like people are so enamored by Elon Musk’s personality that they refuse to see the devastating flaws plaguing the platform under Elon Musk’s poor leadership. There is only one solution: Leave. Start leaving. Leave this site and everything on it.

Just deleted it after 10 years. So I got Twitter, about 10 years ago when I was in high school and I didn’t really do much on it except for follow friends but also follow all the major news sites so that I can get breaking news as quickly as possible and for the last 10 years it’s worked so well I would get the breaking news is something important happening before the notification for my news app or anywhere else however, in the last year my notifications have become so idiotic and useless. The notifications I get are so dumb and don’t even come from major news sites or official journalists and all I get are just notifications of someone spreading hate, commenting hateful stuff. The site has been riddled with incels and “anti-woke” people (which that phrase is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard). And now even the major news sites don’t tweet anything important anymore, it all has become click bait and such. To this end, I really have no reason to keep this app. Additionally the buying blue check mark thing has really been giving people a false sense of importance and make them seem like they know everything and people just say the most horrible hateful things with no consideration.

It is actually 5 stars. Why rate it 5 stars? Because it is actually 5 stars. I’m referring to X, not Twitter, I have had some problems with Twitter. Elon Musk took over and he implemented some changes that upset the accounts that got special treatment - now everyone gets equal treatment and can contribute to X to get features while supporting the platform. I have loved using this platform, it has given me even further reach, less spam, less crock posts from unknown accounts, and more discussion. I like how politicians and celebrities and their accounts aren’t the main focus of attention on X. For example, on Twitter you would have like a celebrity’s post show up (even when you weren’t following him/her) and then you would hide them because they weren’t of interest, same with any other politicians, and they’d still haunt you. X actually listens and I believe that is the source of the anger of the media and the unknown accounts when they make a ton of noise about Musk and his platform. I would recommend this platform for anyone looking for actual communication and an equal chance - not some chance given only to those of some “social status”.

Hope lost, updates have made the application user-unfriendly. You’d think with a new owner, the application would be better than it was, I was hopeful. The application has gotten infinitely worse. Why should we get recommended people we dislike (apolitical people getting force-fed Andrew Tate, “End Wokeness”, and “Libs of TikTok” despite never clicking like on their posts), shown interests we don’t have (getting force-fed NBA posts when we don’t even follow basketball), and taking away everyone’s verification badge so now we have to double-check everyone’s page to ensure they’re the real person? Politics aside, even both Donald Trump and Joe Biden lost their verification badges. It seems the new retention method for Twitter users now is evoking the emotion of anger, to debate and slander: but it won’t work on me. While Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat aren’t much better, they aren’t as bad as this. For users looking for an alternative or looking for something better, I’d suggest TikTok. A company who actually cares about the user experience, doesn’t hide critical political news such as the French protests and riots, and is filled with comedy-gold. That is particularly why this inept government wants to ban it, and why cringelords like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg lobby such bans.

Littered with bugs, obvious inconsistencies, and continued issues.. Twitter as an iOS app has had continued issues since the change of ownership. This ranges from UI to UX experiences. The most egregious of which are notifications within the app that do no reference actual accurate information. An example would be the horribly implemented and terribly unoptimized Community Notes. Where your rating says one thing but your profile says another. You will be suggested and recommended to begin writing notes but when you attempt to you will then be informed that your rating displayed is not the same rating internally which prevents you from writing notes. This notification error has existed for months now and has been reported by me for months. Twitter support seems to not understand what the screenshots or screen recordings indicate or are willfully ignorant. This previous issue extends to Twitter Blue implementation where you will see in the notifications tab that you have been approved however this does not reflect accurately to your account for upwards of 1 week or more. Against Twitter support does not seem to understand screenshots or screen recordings of this being shown/demonstrated or are willfully ignorant. All messages to support or confusingly misunderstood or outright ignored going unread.

I’m sorry everyone hates you Elon. I feel so bad for Elon, most of these reviews hate him and I don’t get why he deserves it, he didn’t inherit wealth, look it up. he smoked weed on a talk show, cool he’s human. He has his own political views, isn’t that also why you all hate him, because you all also have your own political views? Maybe everyone hates him for exposing so many lies, I know the media hates him. Why does everyone think Elon wants world domination, I think he’s a smart guy who wants to make a name for himself, and be memorable while at it, and I personally think he’s funny. Living a life managing so many things can be boring and extremely stressful, he barely has time to do anything, he runs all day on 6 hours or sleep and he said it himself! Try doing that. And on another note, I’d like to thank Elon for changing the world, and making it possible to be yourself while making huge accomplishments, something we all brag about but hold others back when doing so. Thanks for reading.

Great except………. At first it seemed like this was such a great place to share thoughts and opinions then I quickly realized it was a great place for SOME PEOPLE to share their thoughts and opinions while the rest of us have their posts(tweets?)go into an “Algorithm Limbo” where you might be lucky if 10 people actually see their tweets. Tweets I may have spent more than an hr fact checking and finding the perfect photo to accompany it go completely unnoticed much of the time. I have been on X for about 2+ yrs and have about 4k followers and almost 5k I’m following. I would spend ALot more time and energy on the site but most of the time I feel like I am screaming into the wind on a rowboat on the mighty Pacific Ocean. I feel lucky if I get 4 or more likes for a well crafted, thoughtful and often clever/humorous tweet with just the right photo, then I see someone respond to the same post and just say something like “screw those guys!!” And they get THOUSANDS of likes and reposts in one day!!???? Much like FakeBook it is a bit of a popularity contest. And the more ignorant, confrontational MAGA voices seem to get amplified and ruin actual constructive, intelligent discussions.🤷‍♂️

Very problematic. I use Twitter a lot to follow artists and friends, but it’s very difficult to keep track of everything when the options are so limited. I see advertisements and promoted tweets way too often. There’s no Twitter Pro that I can buy to not have to see ads. The tweets I see are time-stamped, but they’re always out of order (2 minutes, 5 hours, 5 minutes, 2 weeks ago) and there’s no way to filter the tweets I see on my dashboard. I would love to be able to see only pictures or only text posts, but there’s no way to do this except for searching on a specific Twitter page. On top of this, once you scroll down a certain amount, you can’t scroll anymore so you can’t know what you missed unless you go through Twitter pages manually. I’m most disappointed about the ads, but all of the problems here are very inconvenient, annoying, and time consuming. The only reason I’m here is because all of the good artists moved here from Tumblr

TRYING TO CONVERT ME. I've been using Twitter for a good, solid amount of time but recently a bunch of religiously motivated Tweets have been showing up on my Timeline under 'Based on your likes.' I'm not religious and have not been since I was 10 years old (did not have Twitter at this time). I tried reporting these as Tweets I was 'not interested' in many times and they continue to show up. I'm not going to stop showing Tweets 'Based on my likes' because usually these are cats and bunnies and I like those. However the amount of religious propaganda I'm experiencing is seriously disturbing to me. Even if I did accidentally like a single religious Tweet that should not be cause for them showing up every other scroll. Additionally this should cease to happen after I report that I do not want to see these kinds of Tweets anymore. What kind of sick game is this? As a society it's important to not only respect our individual differences but celebrate them. If everyone operated with the same mindset we would never evolve as a community. Stop trying to not so subtly influence people into adopting an entire different set of spiritual beliefs. It's disrespectful and it's concerning. Please practice common decency and responsibility.

Just allow editing. Just put in an edit option. You hit delete and sometimes the edit function comes up, sometimes it doesn’t deleting everything you wrote. Now everyone has to copy and paste before making an edit making the entire process tedious. Apparently getting suspended on here for to stupidest thing while people get away saying tons of stuff with no moderation on twitters part. Seems very one sided. Appealing a suspension also takes longer than the actual suspension. Bravo Jack. Bravo. 👏🏻a 12 hr suspension is now a 96 hour suspension. It’s pretty obvious how bad the censorship is getting. Also if having a conversation is important, why silence the other side? Great way to divide a nation. Maybe jack is getting paid by China. Oh no, I might get suspended...also trump got modded and banned while people are out there stoking hate and Twitter turns a blind eye because it’s their side. No mods or bans. Twitter is ok with people spreading disinformation and one sided reporting as long as it’s from the left. Double standard. Now the Soviet Union 2.0 is spreading tyranny and violence and Twitter is ok with that because of their communist views. Also if you post something and get suspended for it, you can always screenshot what got you banned and post it. Twitter seems that acceptable.

I tried to like it.. I have always used Twitter for news and general comedic relief. It’s has its downfalls over the years, but in general provided a legitimate site for me to find information and a reprieve from life’s day to day stuff. Ever since the purchase, I’ve remained hopeful the app would stick around. I really tried to continue liking and using the app, but I just can’t anymore. I can no longer trust any news from the site because of how much impersonation there is. There’s also so much political rhetoric that it’s frustrating. Elon, I don’t care about your political views. You misguidedly been trying to use this app as a way to push your political agenda. You’re not different than the last head of Twitter - you just simply have a different political agenda you push. I normally wouldn’t care about one meaningless billionaire’s opinions… but all I see if Elon’s tweets all over my page. Even after I muted him, my whole feed was just people talking about him. Maybe in a few years once things calm down and Elon gets rid of Twitter, I’ll come back. But right now, I don’t trust the content on the app, nor the verified user strategy. At the end of the day, I don’t care what Elon thinks. I just want news and comedy. I can get that on Tik Tok and the news apps for now. :)

Your Go-To for Real Unsensored News. The X app is a game-changer for getting uncensored news fast. What really makes it stand out is the Community Notes feature. It lets users add info or corrections to news, helping fight fake news and making sure what you’re reading is legit. I love how fast news hits X, way before traditional media. It gives you raw insights from people actually there, without the usual media bias. This means you get the full picture and can make up your own mind. X is also great because it doesn’t censor news. You get to see everything, which is rare these days. It’s like a breath of fresh air, offering different viewpoints from around the world. Plus, being part of X feels like you’re in a global community. Everyone’s connected, sharing news and views, making you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action. Bottom line: If you want news that’s fast, true, and wide-ranging, X is the way to go. It’s straightforward, no fluff, and keeps you in the know.

Terrible since new management. I loved Twitter for years, it’s been an integral part in helping me find like minded ppl when I’ve struggled to find them in real life. It’s a platform that has truly helped me transcend country barriers to find lifelong connections. But since Elon has taken over, I’ve been using it so much less, the least I’ve used it ever since I’ve had it as a late teen. I’m almost 26 now. He consistently shows he doesn’t listen to the populous and what we actually want/need from this platform. Every change he’s made, for ex), this Twitter blue fiasco and now making views known for every tweet is ridiculous. Twitter blue divided all of us not to mention caused other problems which led to him getting rid of it for a while😂 How he couldn’t anticipate those issues from arising is beyond me, but you do you man. The tweet views thing is actually mentally draining, I’ve come across so many tweets where ppl have said they feel alone, with so many views and no likes for ex). Don’t you realize how damaging this narrative is? At least make it optional, but we all know he just does things like this as a power play, if he actually cared about ppl’s preferences, it would be optional. Not to mention the interface is messy. I will probably deactivate soon, barely tweet at all anyways now.

Twitter to X. Hello, I enjoy using the app,”X” before it was called “X”. Since I joined in high school this app has been my news source and constant connection to hobbies and topics I love. I enjoy keeping up with my EDM community and upcoming events as well as interacting with my favorite DJs and Producers. Also, when there is a very popular television or movie premiering, people interact and comment on each other’s post to share their opinions on topics they are interested in such as Game of Thrones for example. People were live tweeting and commenting each scene during the final episode. The registration process was extremely easy, and I loved picking a header for my Twitter page. Since I am a loyal user before Twitter became rebranded as “X”, recently I noticed Instagram and TikTok took the lead for most used social media app. I am currently doing a research project on this app and trying to figure out how to target Gen Z users to increase their usage on X. My group project barely uses “X” but besides me, so I guess they barely go on their which means they are not a part of a target market like me. Twitter/X has always be reliable for me and rarely crashes. The increase of Ads and lack of monetarization is dangerous but also overwhelming to look at when I did not follow those pages.

Account Suspension since March 2023 Need Resolution ASAP. My account is still suspended for no reason. Been suspended since March. Keep sending multiple appeals and followed on how to un suspended my account that shows on the website for my account to be active again. No resolution and after sending the appeals kept saying will notify by email for more info no email but a notification from Twitter app. Apparently the reason was that I have broken the Twitter rules. I haven’t broken any Twitter rules I read what determines the Twitter rules. Twitter says under review of my account it was suspended but can see my profile and activity that I didn’t harass anyone nor made inappropriate content nor comments. I can’t even access my previous posts for evidence if needed. I don’t know why my previous posts aren’t accessible I saw them before. There’s no Spam accounts under my account. I also asked for proof on Twitter Inc based on this decision. I want this to be escalated because I didn’t do anything wrong. I have been very patient and kept appealing for a resolution. The only notification I got from my email was that how was the customer service in June. I gave it a bad review due to not getting the required proof nor assistance of activating my account multiple times. I want my account to be active asap.

Repression. I don’t like repression, being held down by people who are more powerful than me. I don’t like it when they have something nice and I like to play with it but then they use it against me. They’ll take it away from me because I don’t play how they like to play. Or keep from bring active for accidentally breaking a rule. My “mistakes” cost my voice, but I must be heard because words are important. Free people should be free to speak so we can decide if they are worthy of be heard or no. One day there maybe no one to listen to because everyone worth hearing has broken the law and has been silenced. The ones that can be heard still have also broken the same laws I have broken, however, the people work for the service provider or they are friends with the service provider so they receive higher regard and are not susceptible to the same punishments I am at my lower valued station in this arrangement. How much more wealth does a Twitter employee gain by silencing their fellow Americans?

It’s gone down hill. I used to really enjoy this app but now it is my least favorite app. my biggest issue is the spam bots! you get atleast 100 bots following & messaging you every day you go to report them & nothing is done about it what’s even worse is they don’t even notify you when these bots follow you which makes it seem like they are apart of it which leads to you putting your account on private which decreases the amount of interactions you get on the app! also the for you page is another added feature I dreaded… very copy catish why would I want a whole page dedicated to see people’s tweets that I don’t follow??? Meanwhile they limit how many tweets you can see on the following page a day unless you have the blue check which is dumb! the amount of pornography on the app is crazy I understand they do allow it but it should have sim restrictions the premium or subscription option really took the authenticity and joy out of the app and I also don’t like that you can no longer look at your previous tweets from years ago it only allows you to go back so far noticed it happens after some update back in April of 2023 overall the app has just flopped 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

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Used to love it, but no longer. Edit Aug 2021: Latest update is even worse than before, with the feed jumping randomly every time it refreshes, with even bigger jumps, so hard to find where you were. But tapping the home button twice no longer updates the feed, have to drag it down to do a manual refresh, which is a backwards step. Also hate the new font, although glad that fleets are gone. Original review: Since apple’s upgrade to ios13, twitter has been broken, and still not fixed. The main problem is that my feed jumps up to the top every time it updates itself, so I lose where I was and have to scroll down pages and pages. And although twitter is aware of the problem and claim they’ve released fixes, I’m still having this problem. The other terrible thing is the introduction of ‘topics”. I used to be able to see Australian news, Australian politics, Australian journalism and Australian non-profits when I tapped on search. Now they’ve disappeared, and a whole lot of random, irrelevant topics have appeared. When I log into personalised topics for my twitter account online, there are a multitude of irrelevant topics selected. Who knows how the algorithm is selecting them, but it’s getting them completely wrong. And if I scroll through them all, de-selecting all the irrelevant ones, a week later a whole lot more irrelevant subjects have appeared in their place. I hate it, and just want to go back to seeing Australian news, politics, journalism and not for profits shown.

Elon ruined this app. Prioritising verified users in replies has made those who support the website have their voice heard above the rest. Now it's just created a vacuum of people that think they're opinion matters more than the rest because it gets more engagement. The rebrand from something iconic to something generic a high school kid would think looks cool makes absolutely no sense, much like most changes that have happened since the takeover. The for you page is garbage, the message limit on normal accounts has impacted small businesses, and a year on there is still no substantial benefit for purchasing verified over the previous verification check system. I was on board with him taking over at first, but the longer he's got a say in the website, the more I think he just bought it to amplify his own opinions.

Depressing. Twitter is an excellent vehicle for communicating and stating all manner of free views and opinions. For me, I quickly became aware that there are millions of armchair warriors out there who are, in general, quite opinionated, very often polarised, inflexible in their views, unwilling to listen to others, and appear to hold the view that their Twitterising is changing the world. Unfortunately, it is not changing anything, but simply contributes to a massive collection of opinions that in fact impact nothing and do not create any change whatsoever. The corollary is that any community contribution or activity (or the like) that these folks might have otherwise undertaken in life, never happens, because they mistakenly (and probably without realising it) think they are contributing in equal measure ‘electronically’. Sadly, they are not, and the world is significantly worse off.

A dying star. X the social media site previously known as Twitter is slowly dying it's lost its brightness & will eventually become a black hole . At its best X was the place to go for inside information news from people who where there at the scene. There was good argument & debate on a wide range of topics. Unfortunately it has become a source of misinformation & instead of debate we have abuse. Those of a particular political persuasion gather together to bully & castigate their political opponents or those naive enough to make statements without checking their facts. It has allowed the racists & the far right to find each other & claim some form of legitimacy. It's a pity but really it's a microcosm of life humans are a nasty bunch give a man an inch & he will take a foot give him a yard & he will want a swimming pool installed.

Include Additional Features. I love using Twitter, but what I find is missing is the DM voice message function. I know this function is being trialled in a few countries at the moment, but please consider bringing in as a permanent function globally. While it offers to everyone yet is a disadvantage. You will find many users will appreciate and utilise this add-on. What’s also missing? You also need to incorporate an ‘edit’ function when tweeting and sending DM’s. This will also put you in alignment with many other Apps who already incorporate these functions.

Widow of Walcha. Amazing detail in this book. I listened to it almost without stop. The cold blooded calculation of this woman is frightening. Emma Partridge carefully and methodically builds the true picture of this woman who pretends she is so sweet and loving but has an ultimately sinister side that destroys a loving, generous human being by taking his life in a carefully thought out evil plan to make it look like suicide. The level of manipulation is incredible. She catches her ex husband Colin in a sticky web of lies and stories and manipulates him Into looking after her children and her. She seems to know what these men wanted more than anything else and be that for them. They both wanted a partner / wife and family. Her level of ruthlessness is mind blowing. She is one very scary person. Unpredictable and a very good actress. Just a narcissist who believes everyone else is stupid. A great read …

If I could I would Rate it -10. The mere fact that Twitter are so up themselves, that they believe they have the right to Censor what people think, say and tweet, demonstrates that they are out of Control, just like Facebook. To arbitrarily suspend or close accounts for no other reason than the Account holder breached Twitters so called Community Standards is Authoritarian and shows them for the fascists that they are. They claim they are all about Freedom of Expression yet demonstrate on a daily basis that they believe in exactly the opposite. Everything is fine as long as you play by their rules, but exercise your right to express an opposing view and it’s game over for you! The Twitter Nazis are a disgrace & the sooner Twitter disappears from the Internet the better.

Support is a joke. My account was hacked by someone and twitter suspended my account (acceptable) and I lost access to all my followers and friends. The hacking was resolved but my account has stayed suspended with an inability to get support to reactivate my account. It is SUPER FRUSTRATING It has been months!! I am unable to create a new account as my mobile number and email is connected and twitter has some smarts when I try to go around this process. Twitter support has not read any of my multiple attempts to resolve this issue so now I am stuck using a sub-par account with no followers or friends. Worst support I have ever experienced in my life to date.

Zaff Chevik for Elon. Jack had the twitter for decades, served anyone but His people. It took a African American migrant Elon to make it free for all in Less then a 60 days. Reading a lot of comments from sarcastic and narcissistic people have no idea how to run their household or maintain a relationship are giving advice to someone runs a Spaceagency, Most advanced car industry and lots of other things how to run a 40 Billion dollar enterprise. Sad things is you Americans don’t even understand the value of voting is. For you it’s Donkey or Elephant symbols. Ones a greatest country in every aspects in whole world is now can’t afford a decent dental care, behind the decent education lost the respect and credibility and now loosing your identity as what is mean of an American. Worst part is this is coming from a non American not living in US. Thank you.

Unhelpful. Don’t bother. I have had no issues with Twitter until about 2 weeks ago when Twitter sent a message saying someone hacked into my account from their end. Next thing I was logged out or the app. I have emailed them the proof 5 times now to get an automated message to keep sending the info and or find the email address that the hackers changed it to. Obviously hackers change all your profile details and emails and passwords to lock you out so the automated message of “please use the email associated with the account. We cannot help you any further than this.” It’s not good for the platform as they have an absolute obligation to the platform regarding all our information. If I don’t hear back from them with a resolve this time I will take things further.

Trends not displaying properly - still. I have noticed from other people’s screenshots that my worldwide trends are not showing up properly. I’m on an iPhone 7 and I have updated twitter to its recent update... please look into this Addition: they are still not displaying properly. They now have the numbers now but they are in the middle of the screen, and still in large boxes. It has no other information, except the hashtags that are all in lowercase. This is really frustrating and I can see from the Desktop Version that most of the time they aren’t even the correct trending hashtags. PLEASE FIX THIS.

Declining User Experience. The app now has some serious bugs, and it seems to be worsening over time. Frequently, an attempt to scroll back to the top, or selecting from the sidebar menu is unsuccessful, necessitating the frequent force-closing of the app. The audio from videos tends to persist even after transitioning to the next post, resulting in a jumbled cacophony of sounds from different videos. The ads, apart from being intense, are also monotonous. Attempts to block an ad often lead to it opening instead, which makes me suspect this could be an intentional design feature to boost revenue. The nature of posts has grown increasingly negative, with random users often making derogatory comments. Once an avid Twitter user who accessed the app multiple times daily, I now use it only a few times a month.

Layout Change Boned It. The Twitter experience has steadily been going downhill, but the newest layout change has really solidified it’s descent into hell— and with no way to revert or switch, it’s begun to look like a path of no return. Between insisting on displaying tweets in non-chronological order (you have to switch to this, and it resets for no discernible reason,) randomly suppressing tweets from people you follow (you can go for months without a tweet from somebody actively tweeting appearing on your timeline,) ‘ghost notifications’ and missing crucial features like editing and a proper scroll, twitter ignores it’s userbase more and more with every day that passes. Between deciding who deserves to be on your timeline, making irreversible changes and switching your home view away from chronological, Twitter seems to think it knows your experience better than you. None of these ‘features’ have ever given me anything but frustration. I would implore developers to seriously consider the requests users have been making for years. At the very least, allow users to revert certain changes for accessibility’s sake. Unfortunately, I can’t think of a single instance where Twitter as a platform has listened to the needs of the userbase, instead pumping out needless and usually cumbersome aesthetic changes, like many titans before it. It truly is as the saying goes: You either die a MySpace, or live long enough to see yourself become a Tumblr.

Loving Twitter. Twitter has had its ups and downs in the years it has been running but overall its a fantastic way to meet people from all walks of life and to interact with everything people are up to. The political Tweets some Americans tweet are annoying but they are entitled to their opinion and I find Twitter a great way to express my opinions on life and to tweet my thoughts and feelings. Overall Twitter has had not many outages in the last few years but when they do discover problems it gets fixed ASAP.

Experience X. It’s been a few months now that I joined X and I find it fascinating how other countries and people in general think about issues that we all face. I’m waking up that there are certain topics that we don’t dare cross yet it’s amazing how certain things that people post don’t get called out and they might make people feel uncomfortable and angry but that seems to be normal. My opinion and other people’s opinions are different and this social interaction I find fascinating , they can’t change me and I can’t change them, it’s kind of addictive to say the least but generally X opens your eyes to what’s happening now and for this I’m grateful. Keep up the good work you guys at X because without free speech we’d all be lost in these testing times, peace and love to all on X

Show the whole feed. The latest tweets and the “home” tweets appear to have been split. If latest tweets is selected, it doesn’t show liked tweets. Perhaps people I follow haven’t liked something in a while but I don’t think that is the case, however, I have taken a small amount of time to check and this is what I have noticed. My latest tweets feed is very empty. Also, as many others have stated, I don’t care what you think I should see or what you think I’ve missed but the reason twitter has done so well was because of the up to date, unfiltered content. The only reason I joined was because the feed was chronological, now I don’t really see the point to it. It’s basically Facebook lite at this point. Maybe start with not trying to force people to see what you think is appropriate or important, because most of the time its wrong.

Positive impact on my career (one decade on the platform). Twitter helps me grow in my career; I can ask questions to thought leaders, follow the industry trend, and stay in touch with friends I met in the industry. Twitter also helped me getting two jobs that supercharged my career. I have been on the platform for a decade and I am still enjoying it. Overall the platform is fun and contributed to my knowledge growth. I would recommend Twitter to any professionals in the tech industry, but with moderation as there is no need to spend hours on it every day. 30 minutes every two days does the trick.

Twitter and me. I like this app very much. I have found the most amazing friends from far and wide. I enjoy the days I spend scrolling through my feed. I do however have some concerns with your tweet policy. I think if you are going to control decency and kindness, you need to rebook at your own policies. If I want to swear and get it off my chest, I will. If I want to call someone a rude name because they deserve it I will. I’m just a little old lady (71) who has found a place to hang out and enjoy the company of my many friends Thanks Clarinda

An Elon Musk Company…. Been with Twitter for ~10 years, or seems like it, and it’s probably the least useful app on my phone. It used to be great for news and local events, but after 2015, as personalities became afraid to talk, and egotistical children were propped up and given tools to abuse conversations, Twitter “Trust and Safety” acting as Ministry of Truth made Twitter a worse experience for the majority. Sarcasm gets you banned, so the celebrity and popular voices stopped in fear of saying anything that could be misinterpreted as something incriminating, to non-existent people. The fear drove people out, locked their tweets from replies, and archivists started data mining for hate speech against women and minorities. Then the US election shifted the politics. Money became the context for corruption and ideology. All I can realistically say is, Elon arrived to the garbage fire late, but he still chose to do something for the greater purpose of helping humanity from becoming tyrannical and authoritarian. Wait and see what 2024 is like.

Cant even get into the app. I have downloaded, put in all the information asked for, been authenticated as a human….and everything stops there…cant get past this point so there are gremlins working in this app…something needs to be fixed. Until then…no ratings from me. I wrote this yesterday and I still cannot get into the app. There is a major bug I think. In the meantime Ive removed the app, downloaded it again 3 times, everything good, authentication good….and everything stops again. I dont even get to the point of putting in a password! If you have bug killers there, can you please kill this bug & fix the problem? Ive never had Twitter, I thought I would give it a go…but apparently not, X-Twitter doesnt want the app to work on my iPad.

Humanity need to Evolve. The nice thing about bacteria is that they multiply really fast. But useful if you want to see how evolution works. Put antibiotics on a Petri dish with enough bacteria, and a few days later you’ll find that a lone bacterium, one that happened to be resistant to the drug's effects is now recolonizing the plate. It’s natural selection in action. The reality is that every single living thing on Earth is constantly evolving, at least to some extent. But in species that don't live and die as rapidly as bacteria, it’s hard to see the process in action. Tweeter SM in general another form of Human evolution...

Twitter needs to be a platform for all.. Suspending the account of the US President? So his 88M supporters will probably leave as well. Trump is the most talked about person in the world. He will find a voice. He will probably start his own media organisation and it will be unbelievably successful. Twitter never was representative of the ‘real’ world. Politicians would use what was important on Twitter to develop policies and then fail miserably. Real people aren’t on Twitter. It’s just a safe space for confirmation bias. But, only if you’re on the left. It’s important to know what everyone is thinking. Most conservatives were moving to Parler, but of course that was shut down. If this was happening to left media organisations there would actually be street violence. This is going to fester now and the US could actually implode. There’s probably 100M Americans who feel completely disenfranchised and that’s dangerous.

Not what l thought it be. Got banned from posting anything after 3 days for some unknown reasons. I can’t work out any violation of the rules after reading them and sent a message asking why l have been suspended without any response after nearly a week and still being restricted l just keep getting a generic message in my feed telling my l violated twitter rules and it could take more then a week for it to be lifted without any explanation. After scrolling through the feed for a few days and seeing some of the things that people say to each other and post lm start to think the rules aren’t applied fairly to everyone because every few post violates it rules in some way if you go to the letter of them. I cancel facebook a long time ago and if this is the way this is run l won’t be here long ether but in saying all that it’s been a good time waster why l been stuck at home with a broken arm that’s the only reason it got 2 stars.

Idk. The way the update stays vauge with “making things better” when objectively the app has increasingly worse from tweet limits, dms not sending or receiving notifications and messages, gifs or images not being sent. The time lines are annoyingly overloaded with crypto, or fake business ads or random men boosting their nobody accounts. Randomly removing features or implying or threatening to remove features that are pivotal in users controlling their engagement just makes the user base panic ever other day and consistently backing out of “improvements” just proves how spineless of a direction the app has in a towards trajectory. The rebranding is lazy and despite what Elon thinks only the worse side of the internet think X sites are cool 🙃 there is nothing that’s been improved, and anything that does add new features or changes to the app is overshadowed by the failure rate

Dip In Quality. I’ve used twitter for a long time to follow some of my favourite artists but I feel like it’s taken a huge dip in quality. From questionable layout/site choices to terrible bugs like 5 second videos on playing the first 2 seconds over and over. Feeds used to be a lot more personalised but now it just feels like scrolling through a trending page. Bots are everywhere, and comments are no longer filtered through the most liked but verified people will show at the top. I can sort of understand these choices (people paying money should be rewarded somewhat) but in comparison to old twitter it just strikes me as very odd choices. Wouldn’t recommend it cause it really doesn’t have anything that other social apps have.

An Honest Review (since Musk takeover). Twitter allows me to stay in the loop with both sides of politics, enjoy memes and ofc the #twitterfiles Since Elon took it over and gave free speech a red hot go, and you know what, it’s getting there. I would’ve given the app a five-star but it’s not perfect yet, I think that’s why Elon bought it. 1. For free speech 2. To improve the software and user experience. I would love to see; a culture where videos are uploaded to Twitter. Where you can have Twitter creators, like Instagramers, Tiktokers and YouTubers. Where writers, entrepreneurs, teachers and the average Joe, all have a way to promote their content in a genuine way. There’s definitely space for it and I think is possible. A website with creators to help the eco-system is free advertising because they want people to come to twitter. I am fine with all the smaller changes currently happening, it’s good to test things out and see if it’s better or worse. All in all - Twitter is a great app and it has significantly improved since last year - I appreciate everything that the blue bird now stands for and will continue to enjoy using it.

New Name RIP Twitter. I liked it better when it was called Twitter. Now when I update its called X which just confused me and made me feel like my phone randomly installed an app. Didn't know it was Twitter rebranded as 'X'. Talk about confusing. And this is one of many changes that I believe will start to upset many people/Users whom are already not happy. There was nothing wrong with the name of the site. Nothing wrong with its 'blue tick' system. Now the site feels like its trying to be new or 'relevant'. Sadly all things come to a end. But systems that worked shouldn't have been changed! Again I have no issues with the site personally. I have no qualms with Musk. I just don't like the changes on the site that have been made - that is all. And sometimes I agree change is needed but why do any of this when the system worked...I just can't understand. Sorry for ranting, and all but I really don't like the name change at all, as it was kinda out-of-the-blue.

The Epitome of Social Networking Excellence. Twitter deserves an unequivocal five-star rating for its unmatched social networking experience. With its user-friendly interface, vibrant community, and diverse features, Twitter sets the gold standard for connecting, engaging, and staying informed. From real-time conversations to multimedia sharing, Twitter seamlessly blends creativity, information, and global connectivity. Its commitment to inclusivity and combating harassment creates a positive and welcoming online environment. Whether on desktop or mobile, Twitter's accessibility and continuous improvements make it the epitome of social networking excellence.

I lost my Twitter account. To App Store/Twitter I was on Twitter when an account that I’ve had for 3 years has only just been locked for being underaged even tho my age fits the requirements to use Twitter and when I tried to contact Twitter Support they didn’t help me! This is totally unfair and so I hope you can understand why I am rating it a 1 star and I hope that they actually recover it after they see this! This is so frustrating because they said that they couldn’t identify that I own the account which in my opinion I think that they didn’t even try to fix it which is absolutely BS, the eventually closed the case that I sent and then I sent another and got “there is a current case on this issue in progress, please make sure the current one ends” even though it already did so I am having a hard time trying to process how they think I do not own the account and why they didn’t feel the need to help them as after all it is a developers job to look after the people that use it, right? All I want is my account back and then I might consider changing my 1 star to a 4 star!

Zero stars would be generous.. Zero stars isn’t possible, so a begrudging one star. What a nightmare Twitter has become under Musk. He’s taken something that worked but treated it as his latest toy, and in doing so he’s torn it down, just to stroke his ego. What kind of name is X? It sounds like a porn site. What will the next iteration be called? Y? Users used to tweet, but what are they doing now, x’ing? Actually, users are now X’iting. The rebranding was done on a whim, again just to stroke his ego, and it has proven to be a disaster. Did Musk not consult with anyone who understands the importance of branding? Apparently not. The X logo, and the management of the platform is extremely amateurish. It has become a cesspool for RWNJ’s, and bloated with advertisements. Functionality changes like the weather. Nefarious actors now have free rein to spout whatever they want (as long as they don’t upset Musk). Doesn’t Musk have EV’s to develop? Who is in charge of the rockets? Doesn’t he have people working for him who can do the day-to-day operations? Micromanaging everything and everyone. If one of his employers made such a disastrous effort they’d be sacked. Let us settle it as you want to do with Zuckerberg — win or lose, I am prepared to bring you back to reality in a similar manner. *** I dare you. ***

Political censorship is rife & one-sided. Twitter is no longer an impartial platform. It has become a tool for propaganda and suppression. I am interested in views from all sides of the political spectrum and like to share interesting posts for discussion from every side... Twitter increasingly censored everything from a certain side, coming to a peak late last year. The abusive violent speak and backlash towards me personally that would accompany any conservative retweets, - never progressive or indeed far-left that I would share, violated their standards regularly yet would never be taken down or flagged by Twitter. Yet in the end my own profile was shut down after sharing posts which spoke impartially about all factual perspectives from both sides to a hot debate late last year. This sort of blatant political censorship is Orwellian, manipulative, brainwashing and infringes on human rights. Sadly, Twitter just simply cannot be trusted anymore, it is best to find an alternative that does not have a political agenda or which seeks to influence or limit your access to information that doesn’t fit in with their personal political views.

Improved, But Room for More User Control. Twitter's new ownership has made notable strides in the right direction with its algorithms, especially for those like me who primarily use it as a sports news hub. The platform now does a better job at tailoring content to my interests. This is a significant improvement over the previous management, which often flooded my feed with left-leaning political content, despite my clear preference for sports news. However, despite these improvements, there are still a few kinks that need ironing out. I've noticed that the app tends to revert from the 'Following' tab to the 'For You' tab. While the 'For You' tab is more refined now, it occasionally throws in content that's not aligned with my interests. In the future, I would appreciate more user control over what I see, allowing for a fully customizable Twitter experience that stays consistent with my preferences. All in all, Twitter's latest updates are promising, but there's room for improvement to make the user experience truly personalized and user-controlled.

Significant loss of usability. Used to be able to get up-to-date news and tweets from people on the ground at big events and moments, now all my “For You” is at least a day old. The number of ads is overwhelming and completely irrelevant to my interests (many advertisements look shady too, like I may be scammed) and I am fed a lot of content from conservative and even far right people and organisations, even after indicating “not interested” or even blocking. Now saying they will take away the “block” function which was there to help keep people safe and allow them to have a say on who and what they interact with online. This all on top of elevating the voices of those who paid for a free service, ensuring inequality in the “town hall”. Have to scroll through all the blue check comments to find a real person who has something to say. Spend less and less time on here, have moved to other apps unlikely to download the latest updates to X. What would be the point? To get less functionality?

A sensational platform. I have been using Twitter for over 6 years now and it is a cross-functional platform with numerous uses. I have connected with so many wonderful and engaging individuals over the years and it’s amazing to see the invaluable work people are doing. I love to say “hi”to my followers when time permits as it is important to give back and see what they are doing ( they’re all extremely bright, creative and dedicated ) and come from all walks of life!. It’s also an invaluable platform for people engaged in animal welfare as well as environmental issues as people tweet in real time. This permits people to cross engage and help one another at great speed. The sharing of world news is also pertinent as it allows countries to quickly dissect all the bits that matter. And there’s quite a few bits on that front!. Twitter has been an incredibly reliable platform for many years that I always look forward to using. I love all the new buttons and features and I look forward to using them most of the time all the time, hopefully to enhance my work. Thankyou Twitter! A sensational platform!

Cafes closing early in aust. We use to own a cafe in melb & it was a very busy place, but the complains were always about closing early. I now believe it’s true. Not just with cafes but all shops. During the night it would be a good idea to have many places opened till late. Esp the big shopping centres. Take the weekends why can’t they be opened for late night shopping. Tourists must be annoyed with this system. Aust is very backwards in this area & more opening hrs should be extended. Make the city more lively & adventurous. When I go overseas I find so much night life whereas here it’s very boring & annoying. Introduce more market places & street entertainment.

App features. I love Twitter, have been a user for many years however the recent update that has made most app features inaccessible for iPhone 5s/6 users is really disappointing.. I will continue to use Twitter, but like many other users that are upset on the app right now, I would like if Twitter would make the app functional for all its users again, all we want is to be able to read replies and view profiles again, we literally can’t even view are own profiles because of this problem on the app. We’re not asking for a lot, don’t care about any fancy features on the newest version of the app, just want to be able to use Twitter normally again, be able to tweet, read replies, open threads and view accounts/profiles ect..

Questionable new moderation. While I appreciate Twitter’s attempts at moderating things more closely, it seems that instead of human moderation, Twitter are just running a keyword search over tweets and suspending based on that. My best friend had her whole account deleted for playfully calling her brother a wh**e, and when she raised this as a concern she was immediately shut down and essentially told “too bad, so sad, get off our platform”. Meanwhile, there are people that engage in targeted harassment directly towards me WITH malicious intent, and despite being reported were just warned and they’re still allowed to be active and hateful. Also on a petty note, I keep selecting “latest tweets” for my timeline, and they keep reverting it back over time. I’ve had to switch to “latest” countless times. Please remember my preferences, and stop trying to push your curate timeline onto me.

Screen shifting. Hey I just wanna alert you that during the usage of the app, momentary shifting of the timeline would happen spontaneously so it’d be nice you could fix that. It wasn’t always like this before and it seems like many are experiencing the same inconvenience as I am. And the new tweet bell in our notification tab, it’s annoying since i can be notified just by the blue tab that pops up when people I follow tweet. Thank you however for making this app better and better each day, hope you take these points into consideration.

If it wasn’t broken it didn’t need “fixing”. Should have just been left alone but I can see why it is now called “X”! X clearly stands for bad juju which is now what has become of something that was good!! Firstly let’s address the issue of giving us users the option of disabling the most annoying freaking chirping sound effect when you refresh a page (if your gonna change Twitter to X and take away the logo and name why add the sound?!??). Secondly spaces has got to go it’s just as annoying as the chirp sounds but when they randomly pop up at the top of your feed and won’t go away straight up does my head in who wants to hear people talk about absolute nonsense 🤷🏼‍♀️ i could go on but im not gonna because no matter what we say nothing changes..!

Twitter has the worst customer service of any company. I tried to start a promotion and ended up making a mistake and got charged over $400 by twitter. Completely shocked I tried to enter into a conversation about why this had happened and why I was charged so much. They would not answer messages and were not willing to provide any reasons beyond ‘we have investigated and reviewed and you owe the money.’ Twitter is an atrocious company and the irony is that despite inadvertently spending over $400 my ‘promoted’ tweet did not get even a single reaction. Do not use a Twitter to promote anything ever!

Strange suspicions. Twitter has bugged me several times. My first account was taken down after being hacked by my cousin, and I was locked out of my account, while my name was being dragged under the mud because of his actions. That was unfair, and I told Twitter, I was then rudely told that any further reply I give to them will be considered spam. They didn’t even put my account on private when he was trolling the way he did. Twitter did not care to hear what I had to tell them, and so my account was left the way it was, with people assuming I was the person responsible for all the trolling. This new account that I have now wants my phone number, but I can’t use it because I used it before on my last account. Now I can’t log myself back into Twitter. It is a very unfair social media platform, not to mention the random suspicions Twitter has when you follow a lot of people. I was just starting my account, so of course I’m going to follow heaps of people. Very overrated platform

LISTS!!!. I follow a lot of people and it’s hard to keep up with everything I see on my feed. On Instagram, I would have to create multiple accounts to follow people to have my feeds more organised. On Twitter in the other hand, I don’t need to do that as there are lists. Lists are feeds where you are able to add profiles onto it and all their tweets will appear in that list. It’s like creating a separate feed and choosing what you see in it. It’s the best way to organise what you see on social media and I am in love with it. I have a music feed where I chose to add artists I love in there and I can just go there anytime to see what’s going on in their world, and then I have another list for Films. It’s great and this one feature alone made me give this app 5 stars. Twitter has everything else that all other social media have, but even more features.

Best source of real and current news. I’ve become a huge fan of X since it became an honest and open forum for all sides of the political isle to share their views. It’s also a great place to get accurate news, especially with the advent of Community News where X members get to inform the X community of false or inaccurate statements. So many other features continue to be added over time too that make it so much better, such as long form posts, video uploads, polls, etc. I look forward to watching it get better with time.

FREEDOM. Since the controversial Musk take over of twitter, the app has has become one of the most important tools to share information and fight against establishment censorship. The priority of truth and freedom of press is truly a fresh breath of air. The inability to access information through means of social media was becoming a big problem. Many of the legacy social media apps utilised the Trojan horse of “hate speech” and “misinformation” to censor information and views opposing that of the establishment, but musk has bought us an app wherein we can truly access the world. Thank you Musk 10/10

Free speech is back baby!. Now that the DNC doesn’t control you and you let the people not the minority have their say, look at the results. The crazies don’t run this planet the majority does, just like the Berlin Wall, eventually the masses will revolt and the people will take it down and take back the power. Welcome back to the real world Twitter. The people always prevail, maybe you should read some history books while your stuck in that echo chamber you all locked yourselves in. And stop complaining, if you disagree with something lay down a valid counter point, no one saying you can’t have your say, the only thing that has changed is now you need to be exposed to opposing opinions, that’s healthy for humanity, you would think all you college educated geniuses would know that.

Amazing but there is a problem. Since yes I have a phone and stuff but it expired and I can’t go out and get one my parents don’t allow that now bc I logged out of Twitter on accident i can’t log back in cuz it needs my phone number yesterday was fine I wrote this problem once in here but here we go again please fix this ik it’s keeping hackers away but I haven’t even put my phone number hackers can easily put their phone number and what’s the point of it now I can’t log back in I won some giveaways (games stuff) and now I can’t join more and can’t claim >:( I’m kinda angry but overall nice app

The good but main problem. See it’s pretty good and I like it’s Fortnite update news especially but in some ways it doesn’t give me the power straight away on what I want to control like I don’t want to see weird posts from people who are not so right and write down some very unfriendly jokes or show some very inappropriate or gruesome parts! Personally I was actually horrified at how opposite the app could get me in some ways! Overall it’s not bad because it does help me but I just wish there was an easier way of finding the main things wanted to be looked at and a better way of getter the opposite out of the system permanently for those who are very so much not into that stuff and do not want to see it!

THANKS ELON- FREEDOM. So good to be able to leave a comment on a post that is a true representation of how I feel and it not be deleted. Im not being censored in my opinion or algorithm. Yes there are still post that pop up on my feed that I don’t like or agree with fair enough, but I feel like it’s a true representation of my actual likes not what’s being pushed at me! Elon Musk has truly brought freedom of speech back to the Internet, conservatives and right thinking people are now allowed to express their opinions without being stifled and told that’s wrong. my preferred app I don’t even go to the others on a daily basis anymore

Hate it. I hate this app so much. I can be scrolling through Tweets to catch up on stuff from overnight, go and get a coffee and when I come back the app has jumped to the immediate moment. So I have to scroll back 6-8 hours of Tweets to see what I’ve missed. Sometimes, I can’t find the original Tweet/article I was looking at. How? It is so unintuitive to use, so full of spam and so featureless that it has become a joke. Many accounts I used to follow have left because it has become a hellsite. The lack of useful innovation compared to the other Twitter apps that were available is just a joke. I have a lot more free time, because I spend less than half the time that I used to on here. Wait,… that’s actually a good thing. Thanks Elmo!

Frustrating to use. As a new member, twitter firstly encourages you to follow accounts but if you follow too many it thinks you are a bot and stops you tweeting or following anyone else. There is no contact person to report this too. Every time you search help all you get is automatic replies and none cover this topic. Today I was able to tweet and follow, but after about 2 tweets and 2 follows I was restricted again. All info says you can follow up to 400 accounts a day. I only have 90. So very frustrating. I’m enjoying the content I can read but so annoying especially for new members who clearly don’t have twitter experience

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RIP Twitter. This thing's a dumpster fire, burning money, fun to watch lol

Hate the update. Lost my previous settings, which makes the trend way less interesting. Some part are in French, don't understand why.

are you serious. this app has had more bugs in the past 3 months it has in the past 4 years i've been using it. the app constantly crashes, videos don't play, tweets never load and the updates are trash? twitter constantly taking a away and adding new features with zero notice is so irritating. when you update the app and see VIEWS, likes retweets and comments all switched up, MAYBE LET USERS KNOW AND EXPLAIN WHY? and now they've brought but cropped images. who asked for that? who wants to click on a picture (which also increases the likelihood of a crash) every time they see a photo? so annoying

Bro huh. “Blaze your glory” 😭😭 Hell nah what does that even mean?? ☠️

elon is no good. aside from his wealth, Elon is the opposite of what every man should strive to be

update. new update sucks. rebranding for what? what was the point? it was a useless waste of money. twitter was fine before. and what is with elon’s obsession with x? he named his rocket ‘x,’ his company ‘x,’ his kid ‘x,’ and now twitter? like come on.

elon sucks. man child

Musk has completely destroyed Twitter. That's all. It's not even Twitter anymore. It's X, the nothing app. This is perhaps the largest act of pure corporate vandalism in modern history. Leave. Try Threads, or Mastodon. Or talking with people in person. Anything's better than lending any of your time and attention to this smoking ruin of an app.

RIP Twitter. After 16 years I finally deactivated my account this week. Rest in peace.

trash. deleting accounts for nothing

Simple, fair and it WORKS!. Absolutely love this default of an app already on my iPhone. It is extremely user friendly, easy to tweet and I absolutely love the position of the navigation bar through all Apple apps. What a thoughtful idea, always judgemental about the user experience. I have had purchase two other Twitter related apps, which I no longer use by the way as they proved to be complicated browse, post multiple tweets and then some, and user friendly at the least.

Elon sucks. Elon is slowly destroying this app

This app is now ruined. X. Twitter was literally one of my all time favourite apps but with the full rebranding of the whole thing and it being called X now is just ridiculous. Elon musk ruined something so simple and made it bland and boring. He’s killing what made Twitter one of the best social media platforms.

Just a grown manchild’s playground. Twitter needs a complete managerial upgrade. The man that runs this app is a narcissistic baby who paywalls a supposedly free speech platform and labels blatant false tags on profiles he deems annoying. It’s pitiful, unprofessional, and down right disappointing. I will never pay to use a free speech platform and anyone who does, is a sucker.

𝕏. The most expensive Midlife-Crisis I’ve ever seen

X Out. I won’t be updating to “X” or whatever this app is called now. If Twitter is gone then so am I.

X is a stupid name. Bring back twitter

Stop censuring. We’ll go ALL at Parler if You continues to censure the people. Go it! Better close... Twitter don’t look professional at this time.

Blaze your glory!. Literally the most embarrassing rebrand of all time.

No fleets!!. Remove fleets!!!! Twitter is not Snapchat!!

Freedom. Stop censoring

STORIES. the stories are so ugly and irrelevant PLEASE get rid of them PLEASE

What is this ugly app?. I didn’t install it. The logo looks like it was selected by an annoying 15 year old who has somehow gone through a humiliating divorce. I opened it up and it’s like a Twitter clone, except all the accounts with a VIP badge are people you’ve never heard of, and their opinions are so bad they had to pay money to make their posts appear above the popular ones. If you somehow have this mysterious app on your device too, I recommend you delete it.

Rebrand is so stupid. He is an idiot and this rebrand is moronic. What an a hole. Deactivating my account and never touching this dumpster fire again. Good riddance.

Suspension. Twitter suspends someone for a spelling error but doesn’t respond to an appeal sent more than a week since suspension Very arrogant and unrealistic to anyone who has joined this platform.

What’s up Elon. Why must this app be just about him, like HE made it. Childish behaviour and to throw away a popular logo that everyone recognizes and appreciate for years for an X? Grow up lol

Stop censoring, Twitter!. Stop censoring or hiding tweets

0/10. I hate this hell hole. It was all fun till Elon musk took over. Even if he wasn't running it, it would still be a hell hole but at least it was fun and funny. Now cis is a slur and you have to pay to get twitter blue. 0/10 please don't download

Needs moderation. People are so stupid on this app. They say they want free speech, but the things that they say are terrible. They’re the type of people to insult a gay person for something THEYRE BORN WITH (your “opinion” about gay people won’t change science) then get mad that they get banned. You need to understand that there’s free speech AND hate speech. The worst thing is that it’s mostly GROWN ADULTS that insult people for their opinion, and then when THEY get insulted it’s the end of the world. I’m not even liberal of republican, I am not taking sides and I see terrible stuff from both sides. People need to stop using their political views as if they were their whole entire personality. But obviously that won’t happen because people on this app have an IQ of -739, can’t show empathy towards anyone, and just want to hate because they’re too self centred to have a life purpose that isn’t insulting people with a different opinion.

Twitter Fake news. Twitter news part is so biased and false that even a five years old child gets that it’s biased. It’s disrespectful cuz they think they own your mind and can change your opinion and brainwash you. I myself boycotted any ads I see on Twitter, believe in opposite of what they say, and never buy stock from them.

Gay sex?. The new update looks like some gay dating app.

Double standard and Censorship!. For all Conservatives/right-wing types, just to make you feel better, us lefties get censored too by Twitter.

bruh. the logo looks like an app for misogynists

X. Why on Earth would you butcher an iconic app by changing its name to a single letter. X? Why!? So ridiculous. Not to mention letting go half the team that actually made this platform great. It used to be a nice beautiful blue theme with a bird, we coined the terms “tweets” and “retweets”. Why throw all that away and change it all to a black “X”? This is the worst. Terrible. Bring back Twitter.

Terrible Platform. Very controlled. Too much censorship. Too politically biased. Very corrupt. I hope Jack Dorsey goes to jail.

elon musk is the worst thing to ever happen to this app. have been using it for YEARS but all his unnecessary changes have convinced me to find a better app

Bring back Twitter. Change the X logo back to the twitter bird and change the name back.

Twitter is too iconic. what in the world is X? Why did they change Twitter to X??

Musk’s Destruction. Was a great app until Musk took over. Now, bigotry and hatred run rampant, racists and homophobes not only get spotlights shone on them, they get paid for their tweets via Paid Verification and botted views/replies. Too many bugs, too many issues, too much hatred. Elon Musk is a disgrace to business and humanity itself; his choices not only on this app, but through his personal life and the people around him (like his trans daughter who he ignores and instead spreads lies about trans people) are so abhorrent and foul. He has positively ruined Twitter as a whole. Firing people and then finding out why they were integral to this business when it fails, simply proves how incompetent and ignorant Elon Musk truly is. As soon as BlueSky is out of beta, I strongly recommend new users to migrate to that app.

Rip bird. Lil bro got evicted 😔

Censorship. I have been on Twitter off and on since it started. It’s censorship is not right and not fair. I will no longer be a part of their lying.

Twitter Should Be Sued. Given that twitter blocks conservatives and truth, it should be class action sued.

I can’t do this anymore. been on twitter since 2012, new management (you know who I mean) has totally destroyed it. Most content I see is sponsored/suggested, but there’s no longer any indication of that (besides not recognizing/following the account). Absolutely virulent vibes from hateful users everywhere.

Censorship is the name of the game for the libs. I have no respect for Twitter and the censorship it is guilty of.

bring ‘twitter’ back.. this is not even twitter anymore. bring the blue bird back. ‘x’ is such an odd name smh.

Looks like a porn app. This is twitter not X

Hate speech central. X or Twitter, has become a haven for hate speech and threats. Soon you will not be able to be block people making those threats.

Elon Musk has made it worse.. Since Elon Musk took over Twitter it has been disgraceful. It’s enabled right wing troll and paid bots spreading hate and lies. He has personally lied about and attacked my country’s Prime Minister while supporting an attempt by foreign interests to undermine our democracy. He’s called our PM a dictator and tyrant. Our PM has a minority government. It cannot be a dictatorship under those circumstances. I loathe the new name X but maybe it’s more appropriate for the decline of decency on the platform.

Bring back the worldwide trends. Quality has been decreasing over the years. They force content you don't care about into your feed and call it "trends for you". I don't appreciate this app trying to force me to use the Home format instead of Recent Tweets every time I log on. The last straw was the removal of Worldwide Trends. Twitter is a global app. If I cared only about what was happening in my country, I would watch the news. But I care about what's happening all over the globe, something Twitter doesn't seem to understand. They've taken away the only feature that made their app unique and with it, my desire to use this platform for one of my main news sources.

Sad to see it go. It’s was twitter, no longer the same when it was ruined by “the new owner”…sadly I’m deleting it and not looking back!!!

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Elon is a Hypocrite (Update 2023). First off, Elon has managed to bring in tons of hate speech and far-right activists into the platform. He brought back Trump, Tate, and Kanye (for a brief moment), and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. He makes verification checkmarks $8/11 even though the point of the checkmark is to VERIFY YOURSELF. People with checkmarks get to have their posts be a #1 priority, which inhibits the reach of everyone else’s posts. This brings me to my next gripe. Elon says he’s bringing free speech to this platform, but all I’ve seen is him blocking certain free speech and allowing hate speech. That’s false advertising. That’s punishable in a court of law, and he doesn’t care. Time and again, Elon has proven to be a liar, a hypocrite, and an enemy of true news. Elon has caged the bird. We must free it. Nobody download this app. And if you do anyways, do not buy anything there. Update: Twitter is dead and is being replaced by X. He does realize that’s the reason he was fired from Paypal, right? If his goal is to steer everyone away from the app, he’s succeeding. The app is misleading at best, unusable at worst. And that’s including paying for free speech. If there was a way to give it zero stars, I would.

Reports are actually being read now. Before Elon fired all the useless people, people were allowed to Doxx you, harass you, throw racial insults at you, etc but not anymore. Once you report someone for threats and abuse, they get their account locked almost immediately. I love that. I also love the community notes because now people can’t post fake news without the community notes calling it out for being fake. I also like the new limit. It takes over 2 hours to read 1,000 tweets. No one needs to be on any social media that much. But if you do, there’s the option of the blue check mark. I wouldn’t do that ( I have too much of a life) but I don’t blame Elon for taking advantage of Twitter addicts. People were saying they’re going to leave this app once the blue check started costing them money yet those people are still there and more and more people are buying blue check marks.

Free speech is back finally. I will thank Elon Musk and others for making social media platforms open for both left and right sides to express the different view points that people have without the one sided view points pushed. Having open debates and thoughts is what American values are supposed to be . Please now Work on taking back fake news outlets with real reporting then some fake one sided reporting with only showing their false news reporting pushing the corrupt government narrative. I believe with fair and Balance reporting the people can make fair and reasonable decisions on what is right and what is wrong. I like to see mainstream media reporting the truth and being honest about what real news reporting and investigation the facts Correctly. I no longer what them anymore knowing they pushed false information and they are not going to own up to it. They are not worth their advertising money anymore since no one believes them anymore.

Society will never progress if Censored by Gov.. If we truly have the right to Free Speech, and if we truly care about making the world a better place for everyone, then an outlet where new ideas can create an incubator to change the world for better— is a necessity. How can we blindly accept that ideas, theories, and data-backed studies that are censored by ( insert _-those who are in power’s-) agendas, are reputed as a matter of false for no reason other than that they go against the propaganda for profit? People were executed in the past for believing what challenged the accepted narrative, no matter the facts that supported them… then, later, after they were dead, we approved the thing we all agreed with (or cancelled) as truth. (ie harmful effects of pharmaceuticals, women were intelligent, not witches, or that world is round, ie) What other platform are all these ‘crazy’ ideas allowed to exist? Natural medicine over pharmaceuticals.

TWITTER. I’m having a blast interacting with the liberal thinking democrats on Twitter. You know we are all human beings, living in this cruel, cruel world. And regardless of our political affiliation we need to learn how to be civil with one another. It shouldn’t take another country or aliens to attack us on our soil, to bring us all together. Thank you Twitter for recognizing the censorship that has been taking place on your watch. Someone had wrote a very nasty message to me, so in a very polite way I answered them back, only to have a message show up, questioning me, “do we have this right? And do you want to change it, or post it?” I guess my question is why someone at Twitter didn’t question his attentions, and allowed his post. These are the reasons Elon Musk wanted to buy Twitter, which has never shown a profit, and maybe the reason he backed out. I just ask that Twitter continue to improve in its structure!!! Thanks again & Peace Out!!!

Best in Communication and engagement.. Twitter can be a love or hate relationship but all depending on how you use Twitter and all of its features. It’s a social media powerhouse! Our groups love it! We are engaged and our specific hashtags #CRE #CREcommunity #CREfam #womenincre #retwit etc., and, the several lists that we’ve created over the years keep us in the know and connected worldwide. We’ve shared our commercial real estate deals, we’ve applauded our Wins and the Wins of our community, and shared our frustrations with deals not done, who we are in business and life. We have our #CREinfluencers who take it to the next level with additional engagement, Summits, take-aways, and the like. How could we possibly do all of this #engagement without Twitter? Other apps have not provided the same exposure and daily interactions as well as Twitter has for communication, being seen and heard in our daily feeds…just follow the #hashtags. 👏👏👏😘

PLEASE LET ME FOLLOW MORE PAGES!!!!!!!!!!. STUPID TWITTER TEAM ALWAYS HAVE TO DO FOLLOW LIMITS BECAUSE WE FOLLOW WAY TO MANY ACCOUNTS TO FAST! UGH why make it hard to have to wait before you can have FREEDOM and follow as many accounts that you’re interested in and not have to unfollow some just to follow a page that you’re not following!!!! TO THE TEAM at TWITTER PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX YOUR STRICKED RULES and take away the following: .Every Twitter account is able to follow up to 400 accounts per day. .In addition to the daily limits, there are follow ratios that go into effect once you’re following a certain number of accounts. .Every Twitter account can follow up to 5,000 accounts. Once you reach that number, you may need to wait until your account has more followers before you can follow additional accounts- which what’s the point I don’t know if any of my friends know I’m on Twitter and/or have followed me back every other day it been people I don’t know and that dose not have any mutual connection. .This number is different for each account and is automatically calculated based on your unique ratio of followers to following. I like Facebook and IG more because they don’t have follow/like limits

Sad just sad... What was once an enjoyable experience has turned into, as others have said, a hellscape… every person I’ve blocked for their political views, get shared by other people, so I cannot miss pretty much any of the worst pieces of filth and garbage that Elon has allowed back on the site… Well, you wanted to know what I thought, the only thing good about the site is that it’s retained it’s ease of looking at, but sadly what I’m looking at, I am not happy with, Plus I spend as much time looking at things as blocking people, and for the most part I quit reporting them, because apparently what I find offensive un-American, unpatriotic, and pretty much fascist, is the rule of law, now on Elon’s folly, the chief twit has proven his title, correct. He wasted 44 billion so he could have his ego stroked and instead of making it better he made it worse and he literally dropped the value of its stock by what I read the other day at least a third good going Elon, and I heard your driverless cars keep crashing… perhaps you should’ve spent his money on his automobiles, as opposed to a way to out himself as a fascist piece of … You asked.

New accounts after being suspended. Throughout my time on twitter (now as X), I have never seen a app so broken where if you get permanently suspended, you should not be able to create a new account or jump to a alternate account but seeing people create alternate accounts after getting suspended just shows that this app needs work. I have seen people get suspended 4-5 times for violent comments and threats but as soon as they get suspended, they jump on a alt and continuously saying the same thing they got suspended for. I feel like the best way to make sure nobody can create a alternate account after being permanently suspension is to device ban by the user who is currently trying to log into another account through another device or ban by IP Address. Also the impersonators who gets millions of followers and thousands of likes just pretending to be someone else is at a all time high and is ruining X. Last but not least, the limit should be removed and give everyone the option to put in their phone number or face recognition…

Best App ever. Seriously. How is it possible that so many other apps, social media or not, get so many things wrong and this app just gets better with every update. More like upgrades. Can’t wait to see what else we will be able to do. Trade and hold crypto coming soon. Content creators are making tons of money. It’s so entertaining informative and addictive without all the nonsense. Blue check is the way to go, worth every penny, filters out a lot of the ads and nonsense, but that things are on all social media apps, it’s no different here. The difference is the information is real, the people are real, the excitement is real. Everything you need to know about what is going on in the world is here and now! Can’t wait for the next update. Thanks to the team at X, breaking boundaries and barriers, with less then half the original staff. This is how history is made!

Cesspool. It is just a nasty place with the worst people all circle jerking each other. The “conservatives” or what ever they call themselves are just fascist hiding behind a image of a cat. and the right cheers catturd2 opinions as gospel while the coward refuses to reveal who they are. There are more poso, mgt, Charlie Kirk, all with the exact same talking points with no actual fact. “Biden left a Marine in Russia” well no…Biden left a discharged convicted Larson and social security number stealer in Russia that was once a marine sure. They are reactionary douche bags. All coming together to shine a logout on the new CEO Elon, who “values” free speech but only complements. He has never created a single original thought, Tesla isn’t his creation the cyber truck is a flop, and spaceX wouldn’t be a thing with out government funding. My account was locked a few years ago contrary to what conservatives believe. Liberals were suspended under the old management. The Twitter files btw are nothing new. You mean to tell me a private citizen contacted a company to silence unflattering story’s….wow shocking. Go on Twitter and post the news about how Elons dad got his step daughter pregnant. Let’s see how free speech is.

It’s not worth it anymore. I’m going to be completely honest. I don’t keep up with the new owner of Twitter because I’m just not big on following personalities. I enjoyed Twitter for the community I was able to access and connect to. That’s become increasingly difficult. I’ll explain. Any and all meaningful connections I’ve had, we’ve exchanged contacts and we keep in touch that way now. The issue is that so many blue checks (which are now just paid members) smother my feed. Even on just the “following” tab, I see more and more blue checks budding into the mentions of people I follow and trust. That wouldn’t be a problem if they were nice interactions, but people with a blue check seem to have a chip on their shoulder. And I’ve reported the nastier interactions, but nothing has really come of it which is a shame. Twitter used to be a place where I could not only find good community but was a trusted source of information for a moment in time. I don’t know what it’s shifting to now, but it’s nothing that kept me or my friends on it for as long as it did. If anyone has any alternatives please let me know!

God Bless you Mr Musk. Twitter has instantly become an instrument for restoring American’s constitutional rights. Freedom of speech. I admit and respect Elon Musk for doing the right thing. I am a Vietnam vet. I volunteered for the war when I was 17 years old. I had to get a parent’s signature because I was too young to volunteer on my own. I love my country. I never thought the day would come when we would lose our constitutional rights. Today we are facing unconstitutional vaccine mandates, vaccines passports, being fed lies constantly by the media and our government officials. We are in serious danger of losing our country to the globalist, Marxist, billionaires who are controlling practically every aspect of our lives. In many ways, we have already lost our country. If it wasn’t for patriots like Elon Musk and President Trump I don’t think we would have much of chance to take our country back. Thank you Mr Musk! May God bless you and your family. God Bless American! Sincerely, Russell Hickenbottom

Taking over tweeter freedom of speech given back. By Elon musk . conscious is what god gives us we maintain it to steer us in our journey shifting through all the wrong and then there’s the right decisions that we choose that make us who we our godly people righteous people or dark side hateful deceptive heartless greed sinful people ! You can stay in the grey or keep sitting on the fence BUT IF YOU DONT DECIDE THERE WILL BE SOMEONE AT THE END OF THE DAY THAT WILL DECIDE FOR YOU HOPEFULLY WE ALL GET IT BEFORE ITS TO LATE ! Free will is a choice that each and everyone will have to make ! In Jesus name amen ! Note : thank god Whoopi is gone all she did was cause hate upon hate spread lies and rumors lack of respect for where we all have come from HISTORY IS A FASCINATING TIME SHE CAN KNOW FOR THE SECOND TIME GET EDUCATED AS A ACTRESS SHE WAS OK THEN SHE VOICED HER PERSONAL OPINIONS BIG MISTAKE. HOPE SHE DID NOT GIVE HER DAY JOB UP IM NO LONGER A FAN AND HAVE NO DRUVE TO EVER SEE HER PERFORM ! She definitely killed that route ! Thank you mr musk so very very much ! May god bless you and your precious family in Jesus name amen 👍🙏🏽😇

App worst than ever. Pushing bigotry and recommending hate accounts. I heard that Twitter had been going down the drain but thought nothing of it since I barely noticed a difference aside from bugs and that terrible Twitter blue service. But lately my feed has been 50% people I follow, and the the other 50% horrible accounts from people I don’t follow or interact with. The worst of it was an account called “Blacks Taking L’s” which was just a racist account stereotyping black people as horrible. What pushed me over the edge was I started get “PUSH” notifications from these accounts I don’t follow or interact with (emphasis on don’t interact with). First it was that horrible misogynist Andrew Tate, but today it recommended that creep Matt Walsh and his homophobic movie that I heard about on the news some time ago. What’s worst is Twitter says the movie is a documentary when it’s clearly some sort of political propaganda against LGBTQ people. That’s was the final straw. Overall the app has just been horrible with bugs, and an increase in hateful people being recommended to me. Avoid this app and site.

Twitter, a very useful tool in media and mass communications. Although there are many people on Twitter I do not agree with, at all in fact, those who might choose to connect with have a proven to be very helpful like-minded people and the people at Twitter have made it possible for the software to connect me with these other human beings of a like-minded nature. Twitter is fast, organized, and is also a very useful and valuable tool in terms of dispensing information from all sources and points of view. Twitter also is a very useful business and advertising tool, because of Twitter I’ve been able to increase sales on eBay in an exponentially prosperous way, the software which allows one to advertise their eBay sales and auctions on Twitter are fast well organized and are able to reach target demographic much easier and faster than you typically see on other media outlets on the Internet.

Got suspended for no reason at all.. I simply made my account only to like Genshin impact Content ONLY. I never cursed to anyone I never caused trouble I never posted inappropriate things I have never cause trouble on social media but I get suspended for no reason but I’m not even that active on there! and I finally go on my account today and I see that I’ve been permanently suspended FOR NO REASON. I literally did nothing wrong I’m very irritated at Twitter for pulling this crap on me so I will never support it and I will tell others to stay away from Twitter because it’s trash. And if I did do something honestly I don’t even know what it could be I didn’t do anything I was barely even active on there all I did was like Genshin impact posts fanart and follow Genshin impact people. i’m irritated that this happened and if I did do something very small and minor I apologize but I doubt I did anything they just banned me for no reason.

Twitter Censorship. I’m pretty sure my reach is still limited. I don’t know why. I’m a Conservative artist who has posted caricatures in the comment sections of leftist politicians. Especially in the 2016 election. My account was suspended for many years after last election. Again I don’t know why. So, in many ways, Twitter is my nemesis. I had a t-shirt and poster art website where I sold my art. Twitter was my means of advertising. That’s why I posted my art. I also think it’s why I was banned. Not because it was distasteful, but because, at that point before Musk’s purchase of it, Twitter was the greatest left-wing censorship machine on planet Earth!! So, even though I’m STILL throttled like we live in George Orwell’s 1984, Musks Twitter Twitter us still our nations greatest hope in battling the Fake News, political demonizations, false flags, and censorship that comes from Leftoid “power.” So I give it 5 stars only to fight the insanity of the alternative.

I’ve had Twitter since Oct 2007… Essential App. Apple should not even consider the thought of removing this app. Like Signal, Telegram, and other apps, Twitter is a necessary medium of communication. If execs like Schiller are at all signaling that the app will be removed due to new ownership and expanding freedom on the app. I think this would be a big mistake. It will have a chilling effect on Apple users. I got my first Mac in 1998 and have had hundreds of macs and iOS devices (yes, hundreds). I will start the long process of migrating to something else if this is what the Gatekeepers intend to do. I have also been a dedicated Apple Evangelist. But, I would also start the process of detaching people from the ecosystem if Apple intends to become god in this information war. I just don’t want Apple nor Microsoft nor Google telling its users what they can and cannot read. Stay out of it. Twitter has NOT even changed and this silly reaction is growing. I LOVE Twitter.

TRYING TO CONVERT ME. I've been using Twitter for a good, solid amount of time but recently a bunch of religiously motivated Tweets have been showing up on my Timeline under 'Based on your likes.' I'm not religious and have not been since I was 10 years old (did not have Twitter at this time). I tried reporting these as Tweets I was 'not interested' in many times and they continue to show up. I'm not going to stop showing Tweets 'Based on my likes' because usually these are cats and bunnies and I like those. However the amount of religious propaganda I'm experiencing is seriously disturbing to me. Even if I did accidentally like a single religious Tweet that should not be cause for them showing up every other scroll. Additionally this should cease to happen after I report that I do not want to see these kinds of Tweets anymore. What kind of sick game is this? As a society it's important to not only respect our individual differences but celebrate them. If everyone operated with the same mindset we would never evolve as a community. Stop trying to not so subtly influence people into adopting an entire different set of spiritual beliefs. It's disrespectful and it's concerning. Please practice common decency and responsibility.

Twitter Team!. I had completely left Twitter for Truth Social. But after the brilliance of Elon, I have decided to give it another try. I am extremely happy that I did. First know that I have been following Q since the very beginning. I have watched as conspiracy theory has been proven more factual than the actual news. I’m a true Maga Trump supporter. But I am also a human being, raising two little girls. Truth Social may very well be the truth and exactly how I feel. But it can also be extremely exhausting. Knowing the truth is a good thing, and fixing our broken country is a must. It is also extremely important that we avoid the rabbit holes in life. Thank you Elon for what you are doing to improve the Twitter community. It is not only becoming the people’s place for news, but also the people’s place for Truth. Your son is a lucky little man, who will one day say..” that’s my dad”. Keep up the great work, it’s what we leave our children that is valuable. Sincerely, QandMe

Uncensored and BUT Blocked by the FDU aka FBI. Hello Twitter has asked me Sylvia aka Via0076 first of all I was banned by them during the Election and they’ve been blocking me for years as I’ve been trying to connect with fellow Americans and Patriots alike Pro Americans and Pro Conservatives I live in Blue State SoCal the OC I feel for those jailed during the so called insurgent on Jan 6 they play dirty they are dirty they do not care about America I can not wait for the truth to come out so The people can see what they’ve done. I’m grateful for Elon Musk who bought Twitter got rid of this Bastard bought and paid for FDI federal dept of injustice workers owned by Hellary. I’m still banned on my desktop it uses old algorithms it’s odd. Elon Musk u are a Hero to me and I do hope u buy Coca kola and make it Real again with Coca Plants or leaves whatever they do!?! Beware they try to put GOP against GOP do not Fall for Soros ‘s tricks they will try to manipulate the next election they’re already starting here in CA but I see right through them!?!

Elon! Make small businesses great!. Offer a subscription to small businesses to receive request for their products or services. Big biz search controls what you see. Paying for clicks only benefit LARGE companies because the small cannot compete. Searchers should have access to all, and all businesses with a subscription should receive an unrestricted request that fits their profession or product they offer. Imagine a consumer looking for a specific product or an inventor seeking a manufacturer. A search only finds those with deep pockets. A Twitter request from a business that has a subscription could offer the consumer many of options. Options create competition and efficiency. As a General contractor I spend lots of time seeking out sourcing. Very time consuming, you have the platform to change that. Make America more efficient while helping small businesses have a level playing field against the huge companies.

Huge Racism Problem. This app used to be so diverse and kind, with people expressing creative ideas, showing their talent, writing funny tweets, etc. But when Elon showed up everything went to a downward spiral. People on this app are allowed to say the most racist things about black people and other ethnic groups, the use of the n word with the hard r has grown so big since he took over the app. Elon has let people abuse freedom of speech on this app. I would like to point out how there are so many white supremacist accounts on this app talking about how they want to make America a white country again and send all the other races back to where they came from. The use of derogatory terms against black people has risen on this app. They’re are literally national socialist on this app who praise hitler and perpetuate black stereotypes. Someone from twitter needs to see this and get back to me as soon as possible, and the other people who see this review needs to boost this and show others how much harm twitter brings. This app also has a huge pornography problem that needs to be fixed as well. This is not the same app I downloaded years ago.

Conservative circle jerk, baseless conspiracy platform. Although the whole time I’ve been using “X” or Twitter, it has been a misinformation platform, it has gotten much much worse since Elon took over and applied his version of “free speech.” It’s just complete trash and I scroll past the most ludicrous people and statements. I’m flooded with imbeciles, and it’s just nonstop politics. This platform literally seems like what social media would be in the movie Idiocracy. Not to mention Elon literally is compulsively making very stupid decisions that were not obviously thought out. You can smell his narcissism on the platform as you will see all of his posts whether you follow him or not, unless you block him. Not to mention you have to pay just to have the privilege to send a limited number of messages. All credible and verified accounts have been made obsolete, all you need now is 11 dollars a month and a phone number and you can say whatever you like. The only beauty in this platform is how gullible the general audience is so it’s easy to just make up an anti communist anti liberal and extreme conspiracy theory and post it without any proof and gain a cult following over time and you will make money for spreading misinfo.

Freedom of speach. Thank you Elon! I just downloaded twitter after you became Boss! Congratulations and thank you again! If there’s any openings at twitter I would love the opportunity to apply instead of selling copiers for Konica Minolta in a dying economy in Florida. I would love to work for someone/company that is on the path to making the world a better more responsible place. My last job was breakthru beverage/premier and they took away our bonus during the pandemic and had the highest grossing year in history with barely any employees because they furloughed them. I wasn’t furloughed and kept on getting told I’m lucky to have a job, then march of this year they cut our pay to half after we worked our selfs to death for them thru the pandemic. Such a bad company. But since the company had to pay higher taxes due to the new administration they just past it down to us so they could still show higher profits as out stocks continue.

Unnecessary ideas and changes.. X previously known as Twitter has had a rocky unstable history with declining popularity and losing money for sometime now but was still enjoyable to use.. However since the acquisition by Elon Musk the site has had a clear downfall with each idea introduced being worst than the last. Examples: Having blue subscribers tweets having priority interactions which pushes content from non paying members farther down. 2. Removing which device a tweet was made from this was unnecessary and added no value. 3. Adding limits to tweets you can view in a set time frame. 4. Not to mention worst choice of them all completely rebranding the site to a monochrome logo with no meaning or brand recognition or relevance. This change was made just for the sake of it and honestly probably out of the manipulative, egocentric, and self praised attitude of the new owner who wanted it change “just cause” at this rate this once recognized and respected app along with its community will slowly seep into obscurity and it is sad to see it happening. They are other ideas made this app worse but this review is long enough.

So grateful for Elon Musk. I joined Twitter in 2019 after I temporarily retired due to shoulder surgery. Then Covid came and I had extra time. Fortunately, I followed Alex Berenson and he educated me about the Covid hospitalization and death inflated numbers, the inadequacy of masks for an airborne virus and the danger of the experimental mRNA vaccines. Because of all of the important, even lifesaving, information that I was getting on Twitter and not getting anywhere else, I valued Twitter immensely. Then the censorship came. Alex got suspended and then banned. Many others followed. I saw a free Twitter and a heavily censored Twitter. Then Elon rescued Twitter, exposed the Twitter files, hired Linda, changed the name and is helping X to evolve. I confess I am an ardent admirer of Elon, very grateful for him and I will support him every way I can. I expect X, Tesla, Space X, Boring and everything else he manages to be enormously successful and benefit all of us in major ways. Go Elon! We are cheering for you! (BTW, Thank you)

Review 1. Enjoyed my time on Twitter, I’ve made great friends. However ! Shadow banning, and other levels of censorship are frustrating to say the least. Our mark on this world can only be attained in a limited time frame. You’ve made that battle exponentially greater for conservatives....perhaps a reversal of those positions will right the wrongs. I see progressive tweets daily how conservatives/Trump supporters should be added to list, and sent to re-education camps. Many many conservative accounts are suspended daily for tweeting far less. The glory of our beautiful nation is diversity of opinion and ideology without fear of retribution. Please take time to make everyone’s experience on Twitter fair. In addition, I’ve reported accounts due to pornography, how can that happen ? The A.I. technology should auto delete these disgusting actions. In closing, thank you for opportunity to share this review. Kind regards J-

Twitter is a Useful Communication Tool If Used Properly. I began my journey on Social Media on MySpace and now I’m on several different platforms. I spend about equal amount of time between Facebook and Twitter. I use FB for local and National issues and politics as well as communicating with friends. Twitter for me is used almost explicitly for expressing my views and opinions about political issues, including local, state and federal matters. Social Media can provide excellent platforms for education, news gathering, entertainment and communication but too often censorship is interfering with free speech which will in time render these useless to the populace. At one time Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. were all ideas that became realities. Now ideas for new ways to communicate are being explored and coming into fruition with the promise of free expression. If Twitter and Facebook want to stay competitive and remain leaders in this industry my humble opinion is to return to the policies that made your platforms great.

I want to come back. Dear Elon, Thank you for defending free speech. I am on Truth and love it. Yet, I would love to also partake in Twitter under the new and improved standards of operations. I had been on Twitter when our President Trump was on Twitter, and only for that reason. I was part of the Great Purge —when President Trump was removed, I was removed. It was evident back then that bots were ruling Twitter, manufacturing perspective that we who loved freedom from tyrants, and we who wanted to protect our children, were outnumbered by antiAmerican antiFreedom accounts. We knew better. The lie has been strong, but thank you for weakening it. More importantly, thank you for bringing light to the dark shadows of Twitter. I am praying we are able to purge our minds of all the brainwashing that has been happening for decades, and just be human beings again, living in a free country and prospering and growing as human beings—down with transhumanism! As for AOC, she is a fraud and hypocrite. Please don’t allow her to convince you that she is datable. She is not well. I can’t vote right now, but you disabled CNN and others for endangering your life—those that endanger others lives should NEVER be allowed back on unless they admit how wrong they were without clown language to confuse the reader. Plain English works. I would love to work for you. Are you hiring? Peace and Love, Elon. Let Twitter bird sing.

Search feature ruined. When I search something specific for example "iPhone 13 Pro Max" I want to see top tweets about the iPhone 13 Pro Max, instead all of the tweets that come up are about Apple BUT not even the company Apple... any tweet with the word Apple in it so the I'm getting tweets about fruit, I'm seeing tweets about football player Eli Apple, I'm seeing tweets from people who have Apple in their name, I'm seeing tweets about Apple pie and all Apple products... literally everything related to the word "Apple" which is NOT what I search. I also tried searching a specific team, if I type in "Miami Dolphins" guess what, every tweet is about the entire NFL and every team or the animal.. barely any about the team Dolphins, it's all about the 49ers, Chiefs, Rams and Bengals. Horrible search features. If I want to read about the entire NFL and random teams I would follow the NFL topic or search NFL.. I don't need twitter forcing the search on my especially for broad things like when I type in a specific phone and I have to see tweets about freaking fruit when I didn't even type the word apple myself.

Insecure man child ruins a notorious brand.. Twitter or “X”, was one of if not the most popular and well known social media platforms. However after elon bought it things slowly went downhill. They added twitter blue which allowed anyone to get a blue checkmark for 8 dollars. Previously a blue checkmark meant the account was officially who they said they were, however after this new feature people could make parody accounts seem legitimate. This meant you have to be a lot more careful about who made the tweet. This started a cascade of horrible decisions that ruined the platform. Twitter then added a limit to how many tweets you can view. Then in one of the worst decisions ever made elon decided to rebrand Twitter to “X” which was the last straw turning a once globally recognized company with one of the most recognizable names and logos into an app that has become such a cesspool of hatred and misinformation. Now they are removing the ability to block users making this officially one of the worst social networking sites around. TL;DR Twitter was ruined by a spoiled egotistical billionaire who has no idea how to run a business without ruining it to fulfill his wet dream fantasy about the letter X.

No. TLDR I don’t like the image change or the new icon, the tools bar doesn’t work at times and also it keeps uninstalling itself if I don’t touch it for an hour. I’ve been in Twitter since 2010, I got used to its easy and intuitive layouts and UI and everything. Ads became more common, sure okay. Algorithm messed up my timeline so I can’t see my friends? Ok! Just make an account only for friends! NFTs became special avatars, okay sure. I can even get along with the dumb subscription service. But this? This? Feeding the AI with our words? Limiting what we can see? Limiting DMs? The image change???? What is going on through the owner’s head? I don’t like it, at all, but I have been here for a long time and want to stay. I really do! But the tool bar, where you access notifs and DMs and everything else just refuses to work unless I restart the app, AND THEN IT KEEPS UNINSTALLING ITSELF. I left it alone at night and it just went bye! Then I reinstalled, and within 2 hours it was gone again! I’m tired, I love this place where I scream into the void and hope someone sees but I’m not here for the engagement, I’m just here to be able to read things and I can’t do that if tHE APP UNINSTALLS ITSELF.

“Sensitive warning”. I usually use the app to post art and random stuff, just silly memes and art so I won’t get banned innocent stuff. But, I post art about a band I like when they’re moving on to the next era and the very next day, I checked my account only to see that there’s a sensitive warning on every post I make that involves a picture. I was very confused, so I just checked on the rules to see if I break anything, nothing. It’s funny that it says no nudity or anything that might be problematic when people are posting animated porn, CP, or pictures of either a dead person or animal and it’s fine, but when there’s a picture of a drawing of a pink projector with a pink skeleton and a fan made non detailed eyeball for something for Halloween it’s a problem? Complete irony. I said “okay, let me update it” same problem, I filled the form, nothing. The complements I could say that it gives a great quality for people who draws unlike Instagram and I get to interact with my favorite artist and start a dialogue with them about their opinions.

Twitter 2.0. Twitter has became exponentially better since Elon took over. As always, there’s room for improvements, but in comparison to pre Elon days it’s phenomenal. The only direct request I would have outside of keep doing what you’re doing would be, bring back Vine. As someone that has been fighting the nonstop misinformation, censorship and banning game on TikTok it would be amazing to see that wretched app outlawed and have an equivalent with American values. I consistently lose hundreds of thousands of followers for simply saying things like, "All 50 states provide abortions if the mothers life is in danger" that single statement will get every comment you make on your page mass reported before their bot farms go back through and report every video. You cannot monetize a conservative platform there due to always having an account warning. I currently have 60,000 conservatives that would echo this story to some degree and gladly abandon TikTok tomorrow for an Elon ran alternative.

This rebrand is incredibly misguided. I’ve been using Twitter for about five years now and I’m quite seriously reconsidering ever using the app again. It used to be a relatively enjoyable experience in comparison to other forms of social media but it is growing increasingly devoid of functionality and purpose. It should go without explanation that a social media company should be dedicated to creating a space that encourages socialization but the incompetent buffoon who has recently taken its helm seems to have created the world’s first anti-social media app. Forget lively conversations with friends and mutuals through direct messaging because you’ve reached your daily limit. Try again tomorrow. Want to pay for verification? No you don’t. Previously verified celebrities refuse to shell out trivial amounts of their notable wealth for a feature that has become entirely meaningless. Frankly, what Twitter has become makes Tumblr look far more relevant. In my personal opinion, the only social media apps that matter anymore are Snapchat and TikTok. Meta has always been a cheap imitation of the rest and now Twitter seems to be slipping deeper into the grave Tumblr has been trying to claw its way out of.

Americas free. Of course we know America is not free free is when everybody has a chance to live free is for everybody to speak out their mind freedom of speech is only based on truth or lies freedom of speech freedom of speech can move nations we all need to think Elon Musk for his $44 billion that was spent very well for our liberties our freedom to speak but this man should not be the only one that pays for this it should be the government‘s responsibility I would want someone to do a fund me page I’m too old to figure it out but instead of the government giving Ellen back his money let’s all just go fund me page until we get his money back he keeps his company and he’ll do wonders with that money my tax dollars I don’t know where they go but at least we’ll all see it goes to something that we all understand it’s freedom of speech you don’t have to listen to this message but just be aware we’re not the billionaires the elite the top one percent

Ken. I am so happy thankful for all that Elon Musk did for all of the great people in We The People’s Republic Americans I am so grateful blessed to know that all the evil from the communist regime that’s in power we know there for one reason it’s too destroy Our Republic Of America that hates our God Given Nation communist party hates our constitution’ freedoms’ capitalism’s our God & Our Savior Jesus Christ So obama soros pelosi & communist party is still working to reach their goals AND THEY TRULY THINK THEIR SMARTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE INCLUDING OUR GOD VERY WRONG AMERICAN’s knew obama ordered the dominion voting machines then obiden couldn’t get two hundred people at his rallies just like Venezuela obiden got near one million votes more than obama only in the Democratic Party so funny look 👀 hard at American midterms America Only God The True Heavenly Father can heal our American no other god can do what I God And His(God’s) Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ Can Do American true justice will only come When We The People Pray Pray Then Pray 🙏🏻

Elon Musk Ruined Twitter. A message I received from a gay rights advocacy organization to twitter staff "We will not be attempting to make another account on Twitter because your algorithm unfairly seems to be targeted towards anyone criticizing the right wing or conservative ideology and has multiple times over multiple accounts blocked me, my friends, our groups from your platform. It seems Elons new twitter is determined to create a new playground for hate, bigotry, far right propaganda and misinformation and silence anyone who opposes these ideas. I wish your staff good health and pray for anyone who supports this hateful speech against these individuals who continue to suffer while Maga right wing is free to spew anything it wants daily" I fear for public safety under Maga and Elon running twitter when hate speech is welcomed and tolerated freely throughout the platform by giving a microphone to the loudest most hateful voices the craziest amongst us will take that to mean go forward with action. I tried to copy it but, got this weird outline! I hope Apple morality wins out and on behalf of black, women, and other groups who are hurt by Musks decisions I, we fairly request that Twitter be removed from the App Store at this time.

Certified Accounts for Government officials.. Certified accounts for government officials and anyone seeking any elected office should be prohibited on Twitter. From the POTUS all the down to the bottom rung of local government; elected, appointed, contracted or volunteered officials who are in a position to influence, or seeking to influence anything regarding public policy should not be permitted to convey their opinions, thoughts or messages via this platform. Why? If Twitter reserves the right to cancel accounts for a perceived violation of community guidelines then this platform is using its social media reach to influence public opinion. Which is fine, however it should be available to them all. If it isn’t, then it should not be available to any. This also includes any Government agencies or publicly funded services. Official web pages should be the only platform permitted to communicate with the public. Twitter should in no way be an official communication platform for any public agency. Unless those agencies and their agents are exempt from censorship by the platform. There is no middle ground or gray area. If the were vetted to receive the certified designation then they are exempt from censorship until they are no longer in that position.

Take over by a racist to the core.. Money can buy you a lot of things but I cannot buy you class or education if you choose not to. Seeing the changes in Twitter shows how many uneducated, racist……why I do not know because there is more crime committed by white people every day than blacks and I am white and watch it nightly on the news from both sides. This degradation and divisive Ness is what is going to take America down. You people should be focused on the issues and making them better. If you are such a wonderful, wealthy man Mr. musk, you should take some class out of your pinky finger and apply it to your new purchase. I will never use Twitter again and all of the people I know said the same. I never used it anyhow I just download it after hearing how low it got. I will now remove the app and hope you get some education in class as to who we are really at war with. You people want a Civil War it seems like. We won another loss of hundreds of thousands of lives because you can’t get along With people based on their melanin level. What next, you are going to start checking peoples blood types? Grow up, read some books and see what you’re really doing to our country!

Review Update, Great App, Just Needs Some Tweaking. I previously gave a low review because I couldn’t get answers through the ticketing system for my bug, so I was frustrated, however, I was able to get my issue resolved through the app itself in comments. I had an issue where my navigation buttons would stop working constantly in my iPad app, but it was fixed with an update. The team let me know when the update was ready, which was very much appreciated, and after downloading it, my app was back in working order. I’m rating 4 stars because the app isn’t perfect yet, but I know they are still working on it and it seems to be a complicated undertaking. From a technical standpoint, the app works great now, so in that aspect, I give it a 5. From a features standpoint, I give it a 4 for now, but once they implement video time stamps and bookmark search, I will give it a 5 overall, since those are my most wanted features. Anything else will be a bonus.

ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED. I am absolutely disgusted by Elon Musks Humpty Dumpty on the wall attitude. I was banned immediately after mass Amnesty was granted? Then without warning, immediately banned, even though I deleted any tweets suggestive to violate community standards. Now I have to scroll Twitter feed, I can’t even delete the loud mouthed jerk. He deems himself Unblockable, and Unmutable? While his little algorithm treats me like I’m no one? While I am out and about trying to bring peace to nations and healing to broken bonds across the world, I AM BANNED and he flaunts his wealth??? I can tell you something, Elon Musk, you are in for a rude awakening, when my story hits the News and Goes viral on Facebook, I assure you, that your words will come to stab you in the back. You just blocked, muted, and slammed the door in the face, of a Son of God, the one who gave you your lofty seat. I now rebuke you in front of God and Man, and I will delight in seeing Apple destroy twitter. You think yourself so great but I know what Apple is up to! You are the fool, and this will cost you billions. Treating me and everyone like me as no one, while you sir, are the no one, with a borrowed gift. Shalom, short live! short live the king!

downhill. this app is going downhill. Ever since Elon musk bought the company, things have been going nothing but downhill from this app. This guy literally just added a new rule that we can only view between 300–1000 post a day if you're not verified. after you reach the threshold, you'll only get notifications that say things like "rate limit exceeded. Please try again later." Or you'll get some thing like "try again later" when looking at QUOTES. you can't view your own profile, you can't view other peoples profiles, you can't tweet, like, or even retweet, or even quote retweet. All of your posts just end up getting thrown to drafts or being automatically deleted. This app has become useless and barely 48 hours. What am I supposed to do now? how will I properly get updated about important things, like things are happening in my area, or updates about when someone's going to release music? It's a scrolling app for crying out loud. Why should I have to pay extra money to view more tweets? It's a SCROLLING APP. If you're seriously making me spend my money me to get updated on a freaking social media app, then maybe it shouldn't exist!

Solid policies, essential impact. As a human being and citizen of the United States, I fully support, respect, and appreciate all of the new policies under way at Twitter. It is unlike most social media platforms, because their policies are publicized clearly and are VERY easy to find and understand. One policy Twitter has been actively changing is privacy options for its users. Privacy on social media (and everywhere) has been a concern for quite some time. I like how as each adjustment is made, it is clearly explained, step by step, within the platform by the company and Twitter CEO himself. It is explained in such detail, and helps the user understand it’s policies very clearly. Along with publicizing its privacy settings adjustments, Twitter is making some needed adjustments to the previous algorithm, settings, and procedures. Those adjustments are also publicized and clearly explained from the company in the app. Talk about being informed!!👍 ***This does not go unnoticed by me in any way. Information awareness and understanding by users and citizens is essential in EVERY aspect of our world you can think of. As an added bonus for me, Twitter is a big piece of the fun in this harsh world. Its humor is truly a gift that keeps on giving. 😂 I can’t think of anything more critical at this time. Looking forward to what comes next! Thank you Twitter for the continued breaths of fresh air, and for the important protection of our freedoms!🦅 You’re making a difference!

Going Downhill. I’ve used this app for years. Under the new management, things haven’t gone well. Of course, there’s still some funny content, and it’s a good place to form a small community of friends, which is why I continue to use it. I’ve forged some great friendships. However, the new DM limit that has been implemented is insane. Before, you could message someone for hours. Don’t expect to be able to have a private conversation on this app. It’s also disappointing how bots have been handled. Some of my favorite “daily” accounts used software to automate posting (not spam), but most have been wiped out due to new policy. The verification system has also been ruined. Before, accounts would be verified for free for celebrities and official governments and organizations, etc. Now, to be verified, you must pay, and anyone can do it. Those accounts are often pushed to the top of your feed and replies. Many of the new policies have been highly disappointing, and the user experience (at least, for someone there for laughs and not politics) just isn’t as nice as it used to be.

Worst Social App. I truly believe that twitter happens to be the worst (popular) social media app. It’s the most frustrating thing when you have random accounts popping up in your feed that you never followed or searched to begin with. There’s also nothing but ads and suggested accounts. There’s no easy way around this either! The only thing I could think of was to block every single account that comes up in my feed, but c’mon, how feasible is that? I wanted to try twitter, but I can never open it now because of how much my feed is filled with accounts and activity I don’t follow/ am not interested in; opening the app and seeing all that stuff now just ticks me off. I also get notifications for tweets and accounts that I don’t care about/never interacted with! I searched and searched for how to work around both of these extreme nuisances but found no quick and or easy fix. It’s a shame… it has potential to be a great app, but their features and the way they designed everything is pure trash, the way they force ads and other peoples account activity into your feed. Imagine following 10 people but seeing 20 people or more in your feed…

Twitter is so much better than before !!!!. I finally have an opinion, even if it’s not liked by the few Socialist Boot Licker followers sporting their Hate America Agendas. Who believe that everyone owes them. All I’ll say is just keep taking your Soros money for selling out your Country, and your Soul for the lies you sputter. You will never be satisfied in this life, because you can’t have enough, destroy enough or hurt enough good people to satisfy your lazy, empty, bottomless black Pit and mindless, hate filled rhetoric which only shines a light on your own wasted life.I don’t hate you though, I only pity you for wasting the gifts God has given you and the Blessings of being born an American. Go and live in China for a week and see how their government treats their own people. I’ll be here, waiting for your apology. That is, if China doesn’t first sell your body parts for money to the highest bidder. Maybe you should get Right with God first, before you leave on your Chinese Holiday. Good Luck.

Free speech isn’t hate speech. When the app was bought by musk, the only hate speech I saw was people hating on him for buying Twitter and people defending him. The existence of this conflict and others is called free speech, two sides to an argument, a new concept these days. Anyway, I’ve noticed a huge reduction in harmful speech within two weeks of the takeover. This is an important and needed platform!!! If you’re offended by someone’s thoughts which are different than your own, lucky for you and your delicate, fragile mind there are now filter options provided by musks team to protect you! Just like the elimination of natural selection has protected you for so many years! Yay!! On a more serious note, if Apple removes Twitter from their App Store, I and millions of others will literally never buy an apple product again. Not because I love twitter that much but because it shows that Apple stands against free speech and is a political entity.

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